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A Modified Method to Isolate Circulating Tumor Cells and Identify by a Panel of Gene Mutations in Lung Cancer

A Simulation Study on the Growth of Oviduct Mucosa Cells in the Uterine Cavity Microenvironment

A novel ratiometric fluorescent probe from a hemicyanine derivative for detecting NAD(P)H in a cell microenvironment.

One-Step Detection and Classification of Bacterial Carbapenemases in 10 Minutes Using Fluorescence Identification of β-Lactamase Activity

Ultraviolet Fluorescence as a Field-Applicable Screening Tool for Lesions Consistent with Ophidiomycosis in Lake Erie Watersnakes (Nerodia sipedon insularum)

Prognostic signatures associated with high infiltration of Tregs in bone metastatic prostate cancer

A novel magnetic fluorescent molecularly imprinted sensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of 4-nitrophenol in food samples through a dual-recognition mechanism.

Fluorescent sensing system based on molecularly imprinted phase-change microcapsules and carbon quantum dots for high-efficient detection of tetracycline.

Non-Invasive Monitoring of Functional State of Articular Cartilage Tissue with Label-Free Unsupervised Hyperspectral Imaging

A novel method for measuring cake porosity by ions detection technique in a conventional coagulation-ultrafiltration process

Novel Diarylethene-Based Fluorescent Switching for the Detection of Al3+ and Construction of Logic Circuit

Abstract 3982: Isolation, culture & characterization ofthe circulating tumor cells from breast cancer patients’ peripheral bloodin vitro

Rapid and efficient isolation and detection of circulating tumor cells based on ZnS:Mn2+ quantum dots and magnetic nanocomposites.

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