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Complications in the Interpretation of F8T2 Spectra in Terms of Morphology.

Triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion with reversible emission-tunability induced by chemical-stimuli: a remote modulator for photocontrol isomerization

Comparative study of rare-earth doped low-phonon fluoride and chloride crystals for mid-IR laser potential

Quantitative dynamic near-infrared fluorescence imaging using indocyanine green for analysis of bowel perfusion after mesenteric resection

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Simultaneously measuring carbon uptake capacity and chlorophyll a fluorescence dynamics in algae

Subradiance of Cold and Dilute Atomic Ensembles Excited by Resonant Pulsed Radiation

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Utility of Indocyanine Green Angiography to Identify Clinical Factors Associated With Perfusion of Paramedian Forehead Flaps During Nasal Reconstruction Surgery.

Strong plasmonic fluorescence enhancement of individual plant light-harvesting complexes.

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Enhanced 2.0 μm emission and lowered up-conversion emission in Ce3+/Yb3+/Ho3+ tri-doped Na5Y9F32 single crystals

Application of intraoperative FLOW 800 ICG videoangiography colour coded maps for microsurgical clipping of intracranial aneurysms.

Estimation of microvascular perfusion after esophagectomy: a quantitative model of dynamic fluorescence imaging

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Fluorescence dynamics of an ensemble of cold atoms

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Synthesis of Aryl-Substituted Pyrrole Derivatives with Tunable Emissive Behaviors

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Comparative studies on picosecond-resolved fluorescence of d-amino acid oxidases from human with one from porcine kidney. Photoinduced electron transfer from aromatic amino acids to the excited flavin.

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An application of the spectral Radon?Nikodym approach to fluorescence dynamics study of cold atomic cloud ensemble

A Bayesian Framework for the Analog Reconstruction of Kymographs From Fluorescence Microscopy Data

The Application of FLOW 800 ICG Videoangiography Color Maps for Neurovascular Surgery and Intraoperative Decision Making.

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Praseodymium doped nanocrystals and nanocomposites for application in white light sources

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Jupyter Notebook: a system for interactive scientific computing

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