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Optimization of fluorescent aptamer sensor for ATP detection

Target-driven switch-on fluorescence aptasensor for trace aflatoxin B1 determination based on highly fluorescent ternary CdZnTe quantum dots.

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Label-free fluorescence aptasensor based on AuNPs and CQDs for the detection of ATP

Novel label-free fluorescence aptasensor for chloramphenicol detection based on a DNA four-arm junction-assisted signal amplification strategy.

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Gel green fluorescence ssDNA aptasensor based on carbon nanotubes for detection of anthrax protective antigen.

A novel label-free terbium(iii)-aptamer based aptasensor for ultrasensitive and highly specific detection of acute lymphoma leukemia cells.

Turn-On Fluorescence Aptasensor on Magnetic Nanobeads for Aflatoxin M1 Detection Based on an Exonuclease III-Assisted Signal Amplification Strategy

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