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Et Ce sentence examples within angiotensin converting enzyme

Characterization of cardiac autonomic function in COVID-19 using heart rate variability: a hospital based preliminary observational study

Single-swab sampling for suspected COVID-19 cases: a time-dependent function?

Et Ce sentence examples within glutamic acid decarboxylase

Insulin/insulin glargine/thioctic acid

Plasmapheresis as an Early Treatment for Severe Hypertriglyceridemia, Acute Pancreatitis, and Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Et Ce sentence examples within drug delivery system

Smart Drug Delivery Systems

INTASYL self-delivering RNAi therapy specifically dual-targeting BRD4 and PD-1 to elicit complete tumor responses and evidence of synergy in a subcutaneous Hepa1-6 model of murine hepatoma in C57BL/6N mice.

Et Ce sentence examples within inflammatory cell infiltration

Role of LncRNA H19/miR-93-5p/Orai1 axis in the regulation of human bronchial smooth muscle cell functions and airway remodeling in murine models of asthma

Deficiency of voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 aggravates ovalbumin-induced allergic lung asthma in mice.

Et Ce sentence examples within severe acute respiratory

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 as a potential cause of type 1 diabetes facilitated by spike protein receptor binding domain attachment to human islet cells: An illustrative case study and experimental data

hnRNPA1 regulates early translation to replication switch in SARS-CoV-2 life cycle

Et Ce sentence examples within le taux de

Écart de mobilité : estimation des seuils de mobilité requis pour maîtriser le SRAS-CoV-2 au Canada

Courbes de croissance fœtale non ajustées et personnalisées: une étude comparative dans une population du Sud du Sahara

Et Ce sentence examples within natural killer cell

Stochastic model of T Cell repolarization during target elimination (II)

Expression patterns of CD180 in the lymph nodes of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Et Ce sentence examples within tight junction protein

Colon Innervating TRPA1 Positive Nociceptors Influence Mucosal Health In Mice

Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide modulates gut microbiota and immune cell function to inhibit inflammation and tumorigenesis in colon.

Et Ce sentence examples within au sein de

La correspondance numérique des enfants placés

Fixing holes in the Plan: maintenance and repair in Poland, 1945-1970

Et Ce sentence examples within major histocompatibility complex

CAR-T Technology and New Opportunities for Tumor Treatment

Probing the Conformational Dynamics of Affinity-Enhanced T Cell Receptor Variants upon Binding the Peptide-Bound Major Histocompatibility Complex by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry.

Et Ce sentence examples within la question de

Violence in the Hebrew Bible. Between Text and Reception Old Testament Studies 79 Jacques van Ruiten and Koert van Bekkum (eds)

Maropéen.nes. De l’altérisation à la négociation des appartenances

Et Ce sentence examples within la mise en

Influence de la variabilité spatiale sur la probabilité de défaillance aux ELS de structures en béton armé soumises à la corrosion par pénétration d’ions chlorures

Incidence des programmes publics de vaccination contre le rotavirus sur les enfants canadiens

Et Ce sentence examples within cell viability assay

The mechanism of the growth inhibitory effect of paclitaxel on gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mechanisms of the Growth Inhibitory Effects of Paclitaxel on Gefitinib-resistant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells

Et Ce sentence examples within la qualite de

Vers une meilleure compréhension de la relation entraîneur-entraîné(s) : une revue systématique de la littérature issue du modèle des 3+1Cs

Impact de l’immunothérapie orale à l’arachide sur la qualité de vie de l’enfant

Et Ce sentence examples within tumor necrosis factor

Type 1 Cytotoxic T Cells Increase in Placenta after Intrauterine Inflammation

Anti-tumor effects of vascular endothelial growth factor/vascular endothelial growth factor receptor binding domain-modified chimeric antigen receptor T cells.

Et Ce sentence examples within de plus en

Les géants du Net face aux États

Understanding the Emotions of Those With a Gambling Disorder: Insights From Automated Text Analysis

Et Ce sentence examples within polymerase chain reaction

Exopolysaccharides from Lactobacillus plantarum NCU116 Facilitate Intestinal Homeostasis by Modulating Intestinal Epithelial Regeneration and Microbiota.

Rhubarb extract relieves constipation by stimulating mucus production in the colon and altering the intestinal flora.

Et Ce sentence examples within proliferating cell nuclear

Maternal Antibiotic Treatment Disrupts the Intestinal Microbiota and Intestinal Development in Neonatal Mice

Boron Modulates the Barrier Function, Antioxidant Activity, and Epithelial Cell Proliferation in Rat Jejunum

Et Ce sentence examples within increased villus height

Dietary sophorolipid accelerates growth by modulation of gut microbiota population and intestinal environments in broiler chickens

Dietary Glutamic Acid Modulates Immune Responses and Gut Health of Weaned Pigs

Et Ce sentence examples within de la maladie

Réponse immunitaire sérique chez les patients rétablis de la COVID-19 dont le résultat à un test subséquent est positif

Évolution du dessin du bonhomme dans la maladie d’Alzheimer lors d’un programme de stimulation cognitive

Et Ce sentence examples within dans le cadre

[L9, a novel and promising monoclonal antibody against Malaria].

Danièle Linhart, L’insoutenable subordination des salariés

Et Ce sentence examples within small molecular weight

CytokineLink: A Cytokine Communication Map to Analyse Immune Responses—Case Studies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and COVID-19

CytokineLink: a cytokine communication map to analyse immune responses in inflammatory and infectious diseases

Et Ce sentence examples within effective delivery system

Use of Nanoparticles in Delivery of Nucleic Acids for Melanoma Treatment.

Difference in the lipid nanoparticle technology employed in three approved siRNA (Patisiran) and mRNA (COVID-19 vaccine) drugs

Et Ce sentence examples within la production de

Série ou collection? Notes sur le roman-photo

Validation des lignes directrices de pratique clinique

Et Ce sentence examples within immune cell infiltration

Catestatin regulates the colonic mucus layer in inflammatory bowel disease


Et Ce sentence examples within en fonction de


Dynamiques sociospatiales du quartier et parcours scolaires

Et Ce sentence examples within de la recherche

Corps souffrants

Éditorial : se réjouir d’inclure

Et Ce sentence examples within de la vie

Formation des enseignants d’informatique au Maroc : Un regard critique

Qualité de l’emploi et défi de l’articulation travail-études chez les jeunes étudiants québécois : une question de précarité ?

Et Ce sentence examples within simple columnar epithelium

Histology of the small intestine in the common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus): A scanning electron microscopy, histochemical, immunohistochemical, and stereological study

Morph‐anatomic and histochemical study of ileum of goose (Alopochen egyptiacus) with special references to immune cells, mucous and serous goblet cells, telocytes, and dark and light smooth muscle fibers

Et Ce sentence examples within blood brain barrier

Endosomal escape cell-penetrating peptides significantly enhance pharmacological effectiveness and CNS activity of systemically administered antisense oligonucleotides.

Substance P containing peptide gene delivery vectors for specifically transfecting glioma cells mediated by a neurokinin-1 receptor.

Et Ce sentence examples within stem cell derived

Restoring normal islet mass and function in type 1 diabetes through regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Immune Protection of Stem Cell-Derived Islet Cell Therapy for Treating Diabetes

Et Ce sentence examples within chimeric antigen receptor

speedingCARs: accelerating the engineering of CAR T cells by signaling domain shuffling and single-cell sequencing

Abstract LB105: In vivo CAR T therapy: targeted in vivo gene delivery of a CAR using a CD8-specific fusogen results in tumor eradication

Et Ce sentence examples within de cet article

Nationalism, Secularism, and Ethno-Cultural Diversity in Quebec

Une pédagogie innovante

Et Ce sentence examples within zinc transporter 8

A Rare Cause of Diabetes: COVID-19

Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young Masquerading as New Onset Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Et Ce sentence examples within mediate intercellular communication

Role of Exosomes in Prostate Cancer Metastasis

Circulating exosomes in ophthalmic disease: novel carriers of biological information circulating exosomes in ophthalmic disease.

Et Ce sentence examples within dose dependent manner

[Preparation of a novel tri-specific T cell engager targeting CD19 antigen and its anti-leukemia effect exploration].

Unraveling the Effects of Trimethylamine N-Oxide on Stroke: “The lower, the better?”

Et Ce sentence examples within short chain fatty

Ovomucin Ameliorates Intestinal Barrier and Intestinal Bacteria to Attenuate DSS-Induced Colitis in Mice.

Carob fruit extract-enriched meat, as preventive and curative treatments, improves gut microbiota and colonic barrier integrity in a late-stage T2DM model.

Et Ce sentence examples within single cell level

Measurements of acoustic radiation force of ultrahigh frequency ultrasonic transducers using model-based approach

Measurements of acoustic radiation force of ultrahigh frequency ultrasonic transducers using model-based approach

Et Ce sentence examples within de la crise

Étude de l’altération de la fonction autonomique cardiaque au cours des crises d’épilepsie

Témoignage et impact psychologique de la crise Covid sur les patients et les soignants en Hôpital gériatrique

Et Ce sentence examples within prise en charge

Apport de l’échographie clinique dans la prise en charge des douleurs abdominales aiguës non traumatiques chez l’adulte dans les services d’urgence : une étude rétrospective monocentrique dans un centre hospitalier général

Analyse juridique et déontologique du dispositif de télésanté en pharmacie

Et Ce sentence examples within height crypt depth

Changes in the growth, ileal digestibility, intestinal histology, behavior, fatty acid composition of the breast muscles, and blood biochemical parameters of broiler chickens by dietary inclusion of safflower oil and vitamin C

Polysaccharides From the Roots of Millettia Speciosa Champ Modulate Gut Health and Ameliorate Cyclophosphamide-Induced Intestinal Injury and Immunosuppression

Et Ce sentence examples within en termes de

L’éducation de base en Afrique de l’Ouest

Biodétérioration de différents liants par le milieu liquide de la méthanisation

Et Ce sentence examples within low molecular weight

A review on the role of chemokines in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Bacteriocins in the Era of Antibiotic Resistance: Rising to the Challenge

Et Ce sentence examples within le risque de

Sensorialité sous kétamine

The Effects of Maternal Age on Neonatal and Post-neonatal Mortality in India: Roles of Socioeconomic and Biodemographic Factors

Et Ce sentence examples within que ce soit

Significations et représentations du prendre soin de soi à la confluence de l’intersubjectivité, des techniques de soi et de la gouvernementalité des vivants

Quels apprentissages peut-on lire dans les traités de peinture médiévaux ?

Et Ce sentence examples within de ce qui

Archive(s) et archivage(s)


Et Ce sentence examples within dans une perspective

Ancrage des pratiques d’innovation sociale dans les entreprises marocaines : Exploration par études de cas

COVID-19 et sexualités : l’émergence d’un nouveau paradigme des sexualités☆

Et Ce sentence examples within cell cell fusion

N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) Retinamide Suppresses SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein-Mediated Cell-Cell Fusion by a Dihydroceramide Δ4-Desaturase 1-Independent Mechanism

SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV Spike-Mediated Cell-Cell Fusion Differ in Their Requirements for Receptor Expression and Proteolytic Activation

Et Ce sentence examples within les liens entre

“Nossos mortos têm voz”

Liens entre les besoins non satisfaits, la qualité de vie et les caractéristiques des survivantes de cancers gynécologiques en Indonésie.

Et Ce sentence examples within central nervous system

Targeting the Corticospinal Tract in Neonatal Rats with a Double-Viral Vector using Combined Brain and Spine Surgery.

Enhanced target cell specificity and uptake of lipid nanoparticles using RNA aptamers and peptides

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