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Repetitive TMS over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex modulates the error positivity: An ERP study

Time-Resolved Directional Brain–Heart Interplay Measurement Through Synthetic Data Generation Models

Impact of sound stimulation during different sleep stages in patients with tinnitus

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Denoising of electroencephalographic signals by canonical correlation analysis and by second-order blind source separation

Supervised Relevance Analysis for Multiple Stein Kernels for Spatio-Spectral Component Selection in BCI Discrimination Tasks

Characterization of Visuomotor/Imaginary Movements in EEG: An Information Theory and Complex Network Approach

Cyber-Physical System Control Based on Brain-Computer Interface

EEG model stability and online decoding of attentional demand during gait using gamma band features

Understand and characterize mental effort in a programming-oriented task

The Method to Obtain the Rise and Fall of Anxiety, Estrogen, Progesterone and EEG Signals and Their Coincident Frequencies

Workflow Designer - A web Application for Visually Designing EEG Signal Processing Pipelines

A Dynamical Phase Synchronization Based Approach to Study the Effects of Long-Term Alcoholism on Functional Connectivity Dynamics

Brushstrokes of the Emotional Brain: Cortical Asymmetries for Valence Dimension

Artificial Neuroplasticity with Deep Learning Reconstruction Signals to Reconnect Motion Signals for the Spinal Cord

Classification of Cortical Signals of Spatially Distributed Auditory Stimuli

Wearable Sensors for Evaluating Driver Drowsiness and High Stress

Tracking Students’ Mental Engagement Using EEG Signals during an Interaction with a Virtual Learning Environment

Measuring depth of anaesthesia using changes in directional connectivity: a comparison with auditory middle latency response and estimated bispectral index during propofol anaesthesia

Electroencephalogram Microstate Abnormalities in Early-Course Psychosis.

Development of a Software and Hardware Anthropomorphic Robotic Appliance Interacting with a Student by Means of Electroencephalographic Signals for Teachers

Automatic Selection of Frequency Bands for Electroencephalographic Source Localization

EEG acquisition and analysis to improve stochastic processes and signal processing understanding in Engineering students: refining active learning dynamics via interactive approach in teaching

Experimental Model of a Robotic Hand Controlled by Using NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile Headset

Cortical Correlates of Locomotor Muscle Synergy Activation in Humans: An Electroencephalographic Decoding Study

Fusing Acoustic and Electroencephalographic Modalities for User-Independent Emotion Prediction

Deep Learning Models for Subject-Independent ERP-based Brain-Computer Interfaces

Abnormal visual sensitivity in eyelid myoclonia with absences: Evidence from electrocortical connectivity and non-linear quantitative analysis of EEG signal

A Comparative Study of Time and Frequency Features for EEG Classification

Longitudinal quantitative electroencephalographic study in mono-hemispheric stroke patients

Comparison between Different Classifiers Used in a Motor Imagery BCI

Simulation of a BCI System Based on the Control of a Robotic Hand by Using Eye-blinks Strength

A modified grey wolf optimization based feature selection method from EEG for silent speech classification

Quantum nature of consciousness - Double slit diffraction experiment in medicine.

Parallelization of an Algorithm for Automatic Classification of Medical Data

A Synergistic Concealed Information Test With Novel Approach for EEG Channel Selection and SVM Parameter Optimization

Analysis of the Emotions’ Brainwaves

Development of a closed-loop BMI for elbow movement assistance based on kinematical decoding

Blunted Neural Reward Responsiveness in Children With Recent Suicidal Ideation

Alcoholic EEG Analysis Using Riemann Geometry Based Framework

Novel Spatiospectral Features of ERPs Enhances Brain-Computer Interfaces

Design and Optimization of a BCI-Driven Telepresence Robot Through Programming by Demonstration

A New Graph Based Brain Connectivity Measure

EEG acquisition and analysis to improve stochastic processes and signal processing understanding in Engineering students: refining active learning dynamics via interactive approach in teaching

Results and Conclusion

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Activity in Functional Cortical Networks Temporally Associated with Postural Instability

Multiscale Functional Clustering Reveals Frequency Dependent Brain Organization in Type II Focal Cortical Dysplasia With Sleep Hypermotor Epilepsy

EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface for Control of Assistive Devices

The Role of Physical Fitness in Cognitive-Related Biomarkers in Persons at Genetic Risk of Familial Alzheimer’s Disease

Frequency cluster formation and slow oscillations in neural populations with plasticity

The metastable human brain associated with autistic-like traits

Assessment of phase-lag entropy, a new measure of electroencephalographic signals, for propofol-induced sedation

Wearable Sensors for Evaluating Driver Drowsiness and High Stress

Estimation of brain connectivity through Artificial Neural Networks

Intermittent Absence of Control during Reinforcement Learning Interferes with Pavlovian Bias in Action Selection

Hierarchical clusters in neuronal populations with plasticity

Multi-class Classification of EEG Spectral Data for Artifact Detection

Chinese guqin music and calligraphy for treating symptoms of primary insomnia

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