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Pinprick Evoked Potentials-Reliable Acquisition in Healthy Human Volunteers.

Group-Level Neural Responses to Service-to-Service Brand Extension

A Statistical Inference Framework for Understanding Music-Related Brain Activity

Does noise sensitivity mediate physiological measures of listening effort

Temporal Modulation of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials

Proactive neural processing of native and non-native speech

Pre-attentive Mismatch Response and Involuntary Attention Switching to a Deviance in an Earlier-Than-Usual Auditory Stimulus: An ERP Study

Cortical Tracking of Vocoded Speech Streams with a Competing Speaker Based on Attentional Selection

Event-related potentials to single-cycle binaural beats and diotic amplitude modulation of a tone

Effortful Processing Reduces the Attraction Effect in Multi-Alternative Decision Making: An Electrophysiological Study Using a Task-Irrelevant Probe Technique

Steady-state visual evoked potentials in photosensitive patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsy

Late cortical tracking of ignored speech facilitates neural selectivity in acoustically challenging conditions

Behavioral and physiological assessment of liquid nitrogen cryoablation to prevent horn development in dairy calves

Unsupervised Spectral Clustering of Music-Related Brain Activity

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Electroencephalographic Response