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Child stunting concurrent with wasting or being overweight: A 6-y follow up of a randomized maternal education trial in Uganda.


The association between dietary diversity and development among children under 24 months in rural Uganda: analysis of a cluster-randomised maternal education trial


Longitudinal assessments of child growth: A six-year follow-up of a cluster-randomized maternal education trial.

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Impact of complex, partially nested clustering in a three-arm individually randomized group treatment trial: A case study with the wHOPE trial.


The Mental Status Exam Through Video Clips of Simulated Psychiatric Patients: an Online Educational Resource


The neglected issue of sleep: A curricular and home-based intervention for improving sleep patterns among sixth-class children in an Irish urban school with high levels of poverty


029 Time equals brain – retrospective analysis of thrombolysis in regional australia to determine factors which influence door to needle time


Rapid Weight Gain and Feeding Practices in the First 6 Months of Life Are Associated with Dysbiosis of the Gut Microbiome in Toddlerhood (P21-032-19).


Digital Education in Health Professions: The Need for Overarching Evidence Synthesis


Abstracts Presented at the SMART STROKES 2019 Conference, 8–9 August 2019, Hunter Valley, NSW


Continuity With Patients, Preceptors, and Peers Improves Primary Care Training: A Randomized Medical Education Trial


Multi-institutional Surgical Education Interventions: A Scoping Review.


Nutrition, Hygiene and Stimulation Education for Impoverished Mothers in Rural Uganda: Effect on Maternal Depression Symptoms and Their Associations to Child Development Outcomes

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