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A Framework for Relative Biosignature Yields from Future Direct Imaging Missions

The Solar System as an Exosystem: Planet Confusion

A Framework for Relative Biosignature Yields from Future Direct Imaging Missions

The Effect of Core Formation on Surface Composition and Planetary Habitability

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The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs

Exoplanet detection in starshade images

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The role of planetary interior in the long-term evolution of atmospheric CO2 on Earth-like exoplanets

Flight mask designs of the Roman Space Telescope coronagraph instrument

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Optimal Spacecraft Orbit Design for Inertial Alignment with Ground Telescopes

Starshade rendezvous: exoplanet sensitivity and observing strategy

One Year in the Life of Young Suns: Data-constrained Corona-wind Model of κ 1 Ceti

The Solar System as an Exosystem: Planet Confusion

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The polarization-encoded self-coherent camera

Combining focal plane wavefront control, coherence differential imaging and spectral differential imaging with the Spectral Modulated Self-Coherent Camera (SM-SCC)

Evolution of Earth-like extended exospheres orbiting solar-like stars

Optical experiments and model validation of perturbed starshade designs

LUVOIR-ECLIPS closed-loop adaptive optics performance and contrast predictions

Technology maturation of key component-level technologies for ultra-stable optical systems

Demonstration of deployment repeatability of key subsystems of a furled starshade architecture

Integration time adjusted completeness

Planet matching and orbit determination in multi-planet systems for exoplanet direct imaging

The need for a multi-purpose, optical–NIR space facility after HST and JWST

Planetary transits and oscillation of stars (PLATO) focal plane assembly (FPA): prototype assembly and integration verification

Exoplanet Habitability: Potential O 2 /O 3 Biosignatures in the Ultraviolet

Scaling Relations for Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres from Baroclinic Criticality.

Modern Wavefront Control for Space-Based Exoplanet Coronagraph Imaging

Modeling a Carrington-scale Stellar Superflare and Coronal Mass Ejection from κ 1 Cet.

Flux and polarization signals of Earth-like exoplanets covered by sub-solar clouds

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SVEEEETIES: Singular vector expansion to estimate Earth-like exoplanet temperatures from infrared emission spectra.

Earth as an Exoplanet: A Two-dimensional Alien Map.

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Erosion of an exoplanetary atmosphere caused by stellar winds.

The Impact of Stellar Surface Magnetoconvection and Oscillations on the Detection of Temperate, Earth-Mass Planets Around Sun-Like Stars

High-contrast imaging stability using MEMS deformable mirror

Role of planetary obliquity in regulating atmospheric escape: G-dwarf vs. M-dwarf Earth-like exoplanets

The Role of N2 as a Geo-Biosignature for the Detection and Characterization of Earth-like Habitats.

Simulated Direct Imaging Detection of Water Vapor For Exo-Earths

Advancements in precision edges for a starshade external occulter

Optical modeling and testing of the Deformable Mirror Demonstration Mission (DeMi) CubeSat payload

Efficient wavefront sensing for space-based adaptive optics

Demonstration of 1e-10 contrast at the inner working angle of a starshade in broadband light and at a flight-like Fresnel number

Simulations of a High-Contrast Single-Mode Fiber Coronagraphic Multi-Object Spectrograph for Future Space Telescopes

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