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Perceptions of e-cigarettes among smokers and non-smokers in households with children in rural China: A cross-sectional study

Appalachian youth e-cigarette harm perceptions and tobacco use

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Knowledge and Beliefs Regarding Harm From Specific Tobacco Products: Findings From the H.I.N.T. Survey.

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How did beliefs and perceptions about e-cigarettes change after national news coverage of the EVALI outbreak?

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Effects of brief exposure to misinformation about e-cigarette harms on twitter: a randomised controlled experiment

Developing and validating measures of absolute and relative e-cigarette product risk perceptions: Single items can be surprisingly comprehensive.

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Reducing the smoking-related health burden in the USA through diversion to electronic cigarettes: a system dynamics simulation study

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Prevalence and Factors Associated With Youth Vaping Cessation Intention and Quit Attempts

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Hypothetical flavour ban and intention to vape among vape shop customers: the role of flavour preference and e-cigarette dependence

Tackling Smoker Misperceptions About E-cigarettes Using Expert Videos

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Early evidence of the associations between an anti-e-cigarette mass media campaign and e-cigarette knowledge and attitudes: results from a cross-sectional study of youth and young adults

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