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Perception of injustice and embitterment in the context of social reference systems

The double-edged sword effect of psychological safety climate: a theoretical framework

Pushing occupational rehabilitation – implementation of a therapy diary in the outpatient aftercare of psychosomatic rehabilitation may promote the occupational reintegration process: a survey of therapists and patients

The Development of a Short Form of an Irrational/Rational Beliefs Scale

Animal Models for OCD Research.

Internet and Pornography Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Presumed Impact and What Can Be Done

When Love Just Ends: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Dysfunctional Behaviors, Attachment Styles, Gender, and Education Shortly After a Relationship Dissolution

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Therapeutic filmmaking e Disturbo dello Spettro Autistico. Un caso studio

Study Crafting and Self-Undermining in Higher Education Students: A Weekly Diary Study on the Antecedents

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Prevalence of burnout among nurses practicing in the surgical departments of a Moroccan university hospital

Eating disorders during COVID-19 pandemic: the experience of Italian healthcare providers

The effectiveness of short-term cognitive behavioral therapy in the complex treatment of idiopathic restless legs syndrome with chronic insomnia

Does Virtual Reality Increase the Efficacy of Psychotherapy for Young Adults With Mild-to-Moderate Depression? A Study Protocol for A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial

Reconstruction of Performance Measurement Models for Islamic Bank

Parenting behaviors associated with youth AD diagnosis vs. youth ADHD diagnosis

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A State-based Extension to STPA for Safety-Critical System-of-Systems

Early maladaptive schema, emotion regulation, and general health in prisoner and non-prisoner men: A comparative study

Confronting our beliefs about poverty and discipline

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Personality traits and risky behavior among motorcyclists: An exploratory study

A Multimodal Robot-Driven Meeting Facilitation System for Group Decision-Making Sessions

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Art Therapy in Preventing Social Exclusion According to Students and Teachers

Behavior Indicators for Sensemaking of Online Discussions

Model-free or muddled models in the two-stage task?

A study on treatment sensitivity of ecological momentary assessment in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Neurodevelopmental heterogeneity and computational approaches for understanding autism

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Intensive treadmill exercise increases expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 1&agr; and its downstream transcript targets: a potential role in neuroplasticity

A violência em categorias de base do futsal no Rio de Janeiro: um mergulho no universo dos pais e treinadores

Correlates of childhood trauma in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder spectrum: A preliminary study.

“I’m Uncertain: What Should I Do?”: an Investigation of Behavioral Responses to Everyday Life Uncertain Situations

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