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Neural Fuzzy Inference

Prediction of Suspended Sediment Load Using Data-Driven Models

Neural Fuzzy Inference

Hydrodynamics of river-channel confluence: toward modeling separation zone using GEP, MARS, M5 Tree and DENFIS techniques

Neural Fuzzy Inference

The implementation of univariable scheme-based air temperature for solar radiation prediction: New development of dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system model

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Neural Fuzzy Inference

The applicability of Generic Self-Evolving Takagi-Sugeno-Kang neuro-fuzzy model in modeling rainfall–runoff and river routing

Neural Fuzzy Inference

A Temperature Control Method for Car Room Based on Single User Personalized Comfort

Neural Fuzzy Inference

Dynamic evolving neural fuzzy inference system equalization scheme in mode division multiplexer for optical fiber transmission

Neural Fuzzy Inference

Dynamic modelling of customer preferences for product design using DENFIS and opinion mining

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An Overview of Dynamic Evolving

Dynamic Evolving