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Atomic Pyridinic Nitrogen Sites Promoting Levulinic Acid Hydrogenations over Double-Shelled Hollow Ru/C Nanoreactors.

Fabrication of Mesoporous [email protected] Hollow Spheres as Carriers for pH-sensitive Drug Delivery

Enhanced removal of toxic hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by magnetic [email protected]: performance and mechanism

Converting Organic Wastewater into CO Using MOFs-Derived Co/In2O3 Double-Shell Photocatalyst.

Double-Shelled L12 Nano-structures in Quaternary Al–Er–Sc–Zr Alloys: Origin and Critical Significance

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θ-Solvent-Mediated Double-Shell Polyethylene Glycol Brushes on Nanoparticles for Improved Stealth Properties and Delivery Efficiency.

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A High-Symmetry Double-Shell Gd30Co12 Cluster Exhibiting a Large Magnetocaloric Effect.

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Rational construction of well-defined hollow double shell SnO2/mesoporous carbon spheres heterostructure for supercapacitors

Development of near-infrared sensitized core–shell–shell upconverting nanoparticles as pH-responsive probes

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Enhancement the anticorrosive resistance of epoxy coatings by incorporation of CeO2 @ polyaniline @ 2-mercaptobenzotiazole nanocomposite

Magnetic Fe2O3–SiO2–MeO2–Pt (Me = Ti, Sn, Ce) as Catalysts for the Selective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde. Effect of the Nature of the Metal Oxide

A [email protected] shell-structured PBO composite with excellent dielectric properties and high heat resistance

Visual degumming process of ramie fiber using a microbial consortium RAMCD407

One-pot fabricating rambutan-like nitrogen-simultaneously-doped [email protected]@TiO2 double shell composites with superior sodium storage for Na-ion batteries

Litchi-like Core-Shell [email protected]@PDA Microparticles for Polymer-Bonded Energetic Composites with Low Sensitivity and High Mechanical Properties.

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