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Chiral-dissipation-assisted generation of entanglement and asymmetric Gaussian steering in a driven cascaded quantum network

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Measure and control of quantum correlations in optomechanics

Optomechanically induced Faraday and splitting effects in a double-cavity optomechanical system

Enhancement of Upper Second-Order Sidebands Based on Optomechanically Induced Absorption in a Double-Cavity Optomechanical System

Tunable high-order sideband generation in a coupled double-cavity optomechanical system.

Optical normal-mode-induced phonon-sideband splitting in the photon-blockade effect

Temperature-resistant generation of robust entanglement with blue-detuning driving and mechanical gain.

Optomechanically induced nonreciprocity based on mechanical driving

Wide-range precision temperature measurement with optomechanically induced transparency in a double-cavity optomechanical system.

Ground-state cooling of mechanical oscillator via quadratic optomechanical coupling with two coupled optical cavities.

Distinguishing photon blockade in a PT-symmetric optomechanical system

Optomechanical properties of a degenerate nonperiodic cavity chain

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Double Cavity Optomechanical