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A 2-Channel 136-156 GHz Dual Down-Conversion I/Q Receiver with 30 dB Gain and 9.5 dB NF Using CMOS 22nm FDSOI

A Reconfigurable Passive Mixer-Based Sub-GHz Receiver Front-End for Fast Spectrum Sensing Functionality

An x-band continuous wave saturation recovery electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer based on an arbitrary waveform generator.

The Ultra-Wideband Double Balanced Active Mixer with Integrated LO Frequency Doubler and Frequency Response Correction in the SiGe BiCMOS 130 nm

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Design of Differential LNA and Double Balanced Mixer using 180 nm CMOS Technology

More Double Balanced Mixer sentence examples

Ka-band Single-chip GaAs PHEMT Transceiver MMIC for Ranging FMCW Radar

Enhanced IIP2 Chopper Stabilized Direct Conversion Mixer Architecture

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Double Balanced Mixer