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A salience misattribution model for addictive-like behaviors

The neural and computational processes driving maladaptive decision-making in addiction

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Clinical Outcome and Striatal Dopaminergic Function After Shunt Surgery in Patients With Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Effect of polygenic load on striatal dopaminergic deterioration in Parkinson disease

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Interactions between hippocampal activity and striatal dopamine in people at clinical high risk for psychosis: relationship to adverse outcomes

The relationship between grey matter volume and striatal dopamine function in psychosis: a multimodal 18F-DOPA PET and voxel-based morphometry study

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Midbrain atrophy related to parkinsonism in a non-coding repeat expansion disorder: five cases of spinocerebellar ataxia type 31 with nigrostriatal dopaminergic dysfunction

Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Dysfunction and Altered Functional Connectivity in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder With Mild Motor Impairment

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Dopaminergic impact of cART and anti-depressants on HIV neuropathogenesis in older adults

Dopaminergic hypo-activity and reduced theta-band power in autism spectrum disorder: A resting-state EEG study.

The Mysterious Case of Missing Food from the Fridge: Sleep Eating on a Combination of Melatonin and Eszopiclone

Differential Influence of Amyloid-β on the Kinetics of Dopamine Release in the Dorsal and Ventral Striatum of Rats.

Effective Connectivity and Dopaminergic Function of Fronto-Striato-Thalamic Circuitry in First-Episode Psychosis, Established Schizophrenia, and Healthy Controls

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Functional parcellation of human and macaque striatum reveals human-specific connectivity in the dorsal caudate

The connection of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to the development of depression.

Symptomatic and preventive effects of the novel phosphodiesterase-9 inhibitor BI 409306 in an immune-mediated model of neurodevelopmental disorders

Hybrid PET-MRI for early detection of dopaminergic dysfunction and microstructural degradation involved in Parkinson’s disease

Combining CRISPR/Cas9 and brain imaging: from genes to molecules to networks

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The effects of aging and dopaminergic inhibition on large scale maze learning in rhesus monkeys

Advances in the Neurobiology of Food Addiction

Striatal dopaminergic alterations in individuals with copy number variants at the 22q11.2 genetic locus and their implications for psychosis risk: a [18F]-DOPA PET study

Dopamine, Serotonin, and Structure/Function Brain Defects as Biological Bases for Treatment Response in Delusional Disorder: A Systematic Review of Cases and Cohort Studies

Dopaminergic dysfunction in the 3xTg-AD mice model of Alzheimer’s disease

A Role for Xanthurenic Acid in the Control of Brain Dopaminergic Activity

Nurr1 repression mediates cardinal features of Parkinson’s disease in α-synuclein transgenic mice

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Istradefylline – a first generation adenosine A2A antagonist for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Neuromelanin-Sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Schizophrenia: A Meta-Analysis of Case-Control Studies

Ultra-sensitive surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor for in-situ monitoring of dopamine release using zipper-like ortho-nanodimers.

Sarcopenia and Neuroscience: Learning to Communicate.

Enlarged Area of Mesencephalic Iron Deposits in Adults Who Stutter

Multimodal Detection of Dopamine by Sniffer Cells Expressing Genetically Encoded Fluorescence Sensors

Inhibition of Vascular Adhesion Protein 1 Protects Dopamine Neurons From the Effects of Acute Inflammation and Restores Habit Learning in the Striatum

[ADHD during childhood and subsequent psychotic disorder: A link?]

Role of COMT V158M Polymorphism in the Development of Dystonia after Administration of Antipsychotic Drugs

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Dopaminergic Dysfunction