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Seismic Behavior of Stone Pagoda Structure by Shaking Table Test

Seismic Behavior of Stone Pagoda Structure by Shaking Table Test

Unsaturated seepage–stress–damage coupling and dynamic analysis of stability on discrete fractured rock slope

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Structural, Morphology and Optical properties of Ag-doped Nanostructured CdS thin films

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Study of Effect of the Chrome Additive on the Structural, Morphology and Optical Properties of Nanostructured Titanium dioxide Thin Film

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Searching for multistage sliding surfaces based on the discontinuous dynamic strength reduction method

Random Error Characterization of Nonsmooth Parabolic Reflector Antennas With Gore-Faceted or Discontinuous Surface

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The effect of a novel pillar surface morphology and material composition demonstrates uniform osseointegration.

Phase measuring deflectometry for obtaining 3D shape of specular surface: a review of the state-of-the-art

3D Measurement of Discontinuous Objects with Optimized Dual-frequency Grating Profilometry

In-process Measurement and Geometric Error Fusion Control of Discontinuous Surface Based on Bayesian Theory

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A DIC-assisted fringe projection profilometry for high-speed 3D shape, displacement and deformation measurement of textured surfaces

Syn- to post-rift alluvial basin fill: seismic stratigraphic analysis of Permian-Triassic deposition in the Horda Platform, Norway

Evaluation of Stability and Deterioration Characteristics for the Rock-carved Standing Buddha Triad in Gyeongju Seoak-dong, Korea

High Definition Metrology-Based Quality Improvement of Surface Texture in Face Milling of Workpieces With Discontinuous Surfaces

Measurement of the Three-Dimensional Shape of Discontinuous Specular Objects Using Infrared Phase-Measuring Deflectometry

High accurate three-dimensional shape measurement of discontinuous specular surfaces by stereo direct phase-measuring deflectometry

Optical design of multi-material, general rotationally symmetric GRIN lenses

A FEniCS implementation of the phase field method for quasi-static brittle fracture

Prediction of surface variation field in face milling via finite element model updating with considering force-deformation coupling

Theoretical Solutions of Dynamic Responses of Cancellous Bone

Bed separation backfill to reduce surface cracking due to mining under thick and hard conglomerate: a case study

Three-dimensional shape measurement of specular object with discontinuous surfaces by direct phase measuring deflectometry

Temporal phase unwrapping using deep learning

Evaluation of mountain slope stability considering the impact of geological interfaces using discrete fractures model

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More Discontinuous Surface sentence examples

Study on Transmission Characteristics of Microwave Narrow Pulse in Waveguide Devices

Effects of State-Dependent Impulses on Robust Exponential Stability of Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks Under Parametric Uncertainty

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A meshfree generalized finite difference method for surface PDEs

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