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The Z-scheme g-C3N4/3DOM-WO3 photocatalysts with enhanced activity for CO2 photoreduction into CO

Rational design of Co nano-dots embedded three-dimensional graphene gel as multifunctional sulfur cathode for fast sulfur conversion kinetics

Study on preparation, stability, thermal conductivity, and viscosity of silver nanoparticles-decorated three-dimensional graphene-like porous carbon hybrid nanofluids

Novel microrecycled ZnO nanoparticles decorated macroporous 3D graphene hybrid aerogel for efficient detection of NO2 at room temperature

Flexible MXene/rGO/CuO hybrid aerogels for high performance acetone sensing at room temperature

Promoted lithium polysulfide conversion and immobilization by conductive titanium oxynitride-carbon architecture design for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries.

Facile fabrication of binder-free photoelectrode for sensitive glucose sensing.

Ni-decorated Fe-/N- co-doped carbon anchored on porous cobalt oxide nanowires arrays for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution

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The design of a polyaniline-decorated three dimensional W18O49 composite for full solar spectrum light driven photocatalytic removal of aqueous nitrite with high N2 selectivity.

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