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Establishment and application of oil spill model in inland waterway

Competing magnetic orders in a bilayer Hubbard model with ultracold atoms

Anti-phase relay synchronization of wave structures in a heterogeneous multiplex network of 2D lattices

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On the characteristics analysis and tab design of an 18650 type cylindrical LiFePO4 battery

Optimization of frequency domain impedances for time-domain response analyses of building structures with rigid shallow foundations

Modeling of fast ionization waves in pure nitrogen at moderate pressure

Electrically tunable Feshbach resonances in twisted bilayer semiconductors

Effective narrow ladder model for two quantum wires on a semiconducting substrate

Stripes, Antiferromagnetism, and the Pseudogap in the Doped Hubbard Model at Finite Temperature

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The role of thermal radiation on the boundary layer past a stationary flat plate with constant surface boundary condition

Criticality in a multisignal system using principal component analysis.

Open effective theory of scalar field in rotating plasma

Method for estimating the depth of circulation of thermal and non-thermal waters in the upper crust

Non-Fourier Effects on the Temperature Time-Dependence of a Silicon Igniter

Topological superconductivity in planar Josephson junctions -- narrowing down to the nanowire limit

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Coupled two-dimensional modeling of bed evolution and bank erosion in the Upper JingJiang Reach of Middle Yangtze River

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Effective charge kinetics steering in surface plasmons coupled two-dimensional chemical Au/Bi2WO6-MoS2 heterojunction for superior photocatalytic detoxification performance.

Fracton fusion and statistics

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Second-Order Topological Superconductivity in π-Junction Rashba Layers.

Anomalous Floquet topological crystalline insulators

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Hinge states in a system of coupled Rashba layers

Helicoidal excitonic phase in an electron-hole double layer system

Synchronization of spiral wave patterns in two-layer 2D lattices of nonlocally coupled discrete oscillators.

Dynamics of Sediment Transport and Erosion-Deposition Patterns in the Locality of a Detached Low-Crested Breakwater on a Cohesive Coast

Transition temperature scaling in weakly coupled two-dimensional Ising models

Charge-stripe order, antiferromagnetism, and spin dynamics in the cuprate-analog nickelate La 4 Ni 3 O 8

Dispersion relations in non-relativistic two-dimensional materials from quasinormal modes in Ho\v{r}ava Gravity

Unstructured-mesh Galerkin finite element method for the two-dimensional multi-term time-space fractional Bloch-Torrey equations on irregular convex domains

Creating and detecting ferro- and antiferromagnetic order in 2D materials by proximity effects

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