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The role of Ames dwarfism and calorie restriction on gut microbiota.

Implementation of an antibody characterization procedure and application to the major ALS/FTD disease gene C9ORF72

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Who is more stressed! Mothers of normal children or fathers of children with special needs ?

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Family-based prevention programmes for alcohol use in young people.

Differences between sons and daughters in the intergenerational transmission of wealth

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Postsecondary Education Impact on Intergenerational Income Mobility: Differences by Completion Status, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Type of Major

Parental and health visitor assessment of children development and factors affecting children development assessment in Hungary

A Mobile Genetic Element Promotes the Association Between Serotype M28 Group A Streptococcus Isolates and Cases of Puerperal Sepsis.

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Parent training programmes for managing infantile colic.

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A cross-sectional survey of parental attitudes towards Human papillomavirus vaccination exclusion categories in Brazil

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Feasibility study of a preventive parenting program with mothers of children born preterm

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Parenting Activities of Mothers from Three Regions in Mexico

Job lock, retirement, and dependent health insurance: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act

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