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Out-of-Facility Multimonth Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment: A Pooled Analysis using Individual Patient Data from Cluster-Randomized Trials in Southern Africa.

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Organizational Acceptability of Implementing SBIRT for Adolescents in Primary Care

Patient education booklet to support evidence-based low back pain care in primary care – a cluster randomized controlled trial

Age-based targeting of biannual azithromycin distribution for child survival in Niger: an adaptive cluster-randomized trial protocol (AVENIR)

Testing the effects of a prenatal depression preventive intervention on parenting and young children’s self-regulation and functioning (EPIC): protocol for a longitudinal observational study

Comparative effectiveness of team-based care with a clinical decision support system versus team-based care alone on cardiovascular risk reduction among patients with diabetes: Rationale and design of the D4C trial.

Characteristics Associated with Choosing Long-Acting Reversible Contraception in Rural Guatemala: A Secondary Analysis of a Cluster-Randomized Trial

Risk-Based Selection of Individuals for Oral Cancer Screening.

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Improves Retention of Pediatric Resuscitation Skills Compared With Postsimulation Debriefing.

Digital adherence technology for tuberculosis treatment supervision: A stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial in Uganda

Prevention of sick leave at the workplace: design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial of a problem-solving intervention among employees with common mental disorders

Maintenance of Training Effects of Two Models for Implementing Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment.

The Impact of Pair Programming on College Students’ Interest, Perceptions, and Achievement in Computer Science

CV benefits of finerenone in T2DM and CKD

Can probiotic supplements improve the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in children?

Matching in cluster randomized trials using the Goldilocks Approach

Recruiting Under-represented Individuals in a Double Pandemic: Lessons Learned in a Randomized Control Trial

Protocol: A multi-modal, physician-centered intervention to improve guideline-concordant prostate cancer imaging

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A public health intervention package for increasing tuberculosis notifications from private practitioners in Bandung, Indonesia (INSTEP2): A cluster-randomised controlled trial protocol

Evaluation of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Effectiveness in Ghana (TyVEGHA) Using a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Phase IV Trial: Trial Design and Population Baseline Characteristics

Effect of Salt Substitution on Cardiovascular Events and Death.

Impact of IgG response to malaria-specific antigens and immunity against malaria in pre-school children in Ghana. A cluster randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Methods for dealing with unequal cluster sizes in cluster randomized trials: A scoping review

CAS and CEA have similar risks and benefits

Inference for the treatment effect in longitudinal cluster randomized trials when treatment effect heterogeneity is ignored.

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Delivery of home-based postpartum contraception in Southwest Trifinio, Guatemala: reach, adoption, and implementation in a cluster-randomized trial.

From informed consent to adherence: factors influencing involvement in mass drug administration with ivermectin for malaria elimination in The Gambia

Cluster-randomized trial comparing organizationally tailored versus standard approach for integrating an evidence-based cancer control intervention into African American churches.

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Efficacy, feasibility and acceptability of the OptiMEDs tool for multidisciplinary medication review in nursing homes.

Women’s empowerment, intrahousehold influences, and health system design on modern contraceptive use in rural Mali: a multilevel analysis of cross-sectional survey data

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Effect of a Physician/Pharmacist Collaborative Care Model on Time in Target Range for Systolic Blood Pressure: Post Hoc Analysis of the CAPTION Trial

Measuring the effects of a personalized music intervention on agitated behaviors among nursing home residents with dementia: design features for cluster-randomized adaptive trial

Use of standardized brief geriatric evaluation compared with routine care in general practice for preventing functional decline: a pragmatic cluster-randomized trial

The “Haves, Have Some, and Have Nots:” a Latent Profile Analysis of Capacity, Quality, and Implementation in Community-Based Afterschool Programs

MyTEMP: Statistical Analysis Plan of a Registry-Based, Cluster-Randomized Clinical Trial

Effect of a Community-led Total Sanitation Intervention on the Incidence and Prevalence of Diarrhea in Children in Rural Ethiopia: A Cluster-randomized Controlled Trial.

Adapting a safe water storage container to improve household stored water quality in rural Burkina Faso: a cluster randomized trial

Effects of a Teacher-Training Violence Prevention Program in Jamaican Preschools on Child Behavior, Academic Achievement, and School Attendance in Grade One of Primary School: Follow up of a Cluster Randomized Trial

Cost-effectiveness and Feasibility of Conditional Economic Incentives and Motivational Interviewing to Improve HIV Health Outcomes of Adolescents Living with HIV in Anambra State, Nigeria

Comparison of School vs. Home Breakfast Consumption with Cardiometabolic and Dietary Parameters in Low-Income, Multi-Racial/Ethnic Elementary School-Aged Children.

Less daily oral hygiene is more in the ICU: no

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The Compliance of Ready-Made Spectacle-Wear and Custom-Spectacle-Wear in Refractive Errors Screening

Effects of Including Epidemiologic Data in Lumbar Spine Imaging Reports on Prescribing Non-Opioid Medications for Pain

Providing Hospitalized Ulcerative Colitis Patients With Practice Guidelines Improves Patient-Reported Outcomes

The effect of physical exercise on fundamental movement skills and physical fitness among preschool children: study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Effects of different invitation strategies on participation in a cohort study of Iranian public sector employees: a cluster randomized trial

Using social contact data to improve the overall effect estimate of a cluster‐randomized influenza vaccination program in Senegal

Role of geospatial mapping in the planning of HIV programs

Effect of Real-Time Feedback Devices on Primary Care Patient Experience Scores: A Cluster-Randomized Trial

Design and analysis of a 2-year parallel follow-up of repeated ivermectin mass drug administrations for control of malaria: Small sample considerations for cluster-randomized trials with count data

Assessing Reduction of Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute, Non-Complicated Infections in Primary Care in Germany: Multi-Step Outcome Evaluation in the Cluster-Randomized Trial ARena

Trial design and pilot phase results of a cluster-randomised intervention trial to improve stroke care after hospital discharge – The structured ambulatory post-stroke care program (SANO)

Making the invisible visible: Developing and evaluating an intervention to raise awareness and reduce lead exposure among children and their caregivers in rural Bangladesh

Caregiver-oncologist prognostic concordance, caregiver mastery, and caregiver psychological health and quality of life.

Maternal physical, socioeconomic, and demographic characteristics and childbirth complications in rural lowland Nepal: Applying an evolutionary framework to understand the role of phenotypic plasticity.

Racial disparities in acute coronary syndrome management within a universal healthcare context: Insights from the AMI-OPTIMA trial

Sustained effects of the INFORM cluster randomized trial: an observational post-intervention study

A Health-Literacy Intervention for Early Childhood Obesity Prevention: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Physical Activity Levels among Preschool-Aged Children in Family Child Care Homes: A Comparison between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Children Using Accelerometry

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Three School Meals and Weekend Food Backpacks on Food Security in Virginia.

Patient Education Booklet to Support Evidence- Based Low Back Pain Care in Primary Care – A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Norms and Social Network–Centric Behavior Change Intervention (Nam Nalavazhvu) for Improved Toilet Usage in Peri-Urban Communities of Tamil Nadu: Protocol for a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Determinants of Plasma Ferritin at 3 Months of Age Among Rural Bangladeshi Infants From the JiVitA-3 Trial

Effect of a Short-Message-Service (SMS) and Inter-Personal Communication (IPC) Strategy on Maternal and Child Nutrition Outcomes: A Factorial Design Cluster Randomized Trial

Three-Year Outcomes After Brief Treatment of Substance Use and Mood Symptoms

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Large learning gains in pockets of extreme poverty: Experimental evidence from Guinea Bissau

Adherence to community versus facility-based delivery of monthly malaria chemoprevention with dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the post-discharge management of severe anemia in Malawian children: A cluster randomized trial

Impact of daily-supervised administration of a package of iron and folic acid and vitamin B12 on hemoglobin levels among adolescent girls (12–19 years): a cluster randomized control trial

Impact of mhealth messages and environmental cues on hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Community-based intervention for cervical cancer screening uptake in a semi-urban area of Pokhara Metropolitan, Nepal (COBIN-C): study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Strategies to Prevent Serious Fall Injuries: A Commentary on Bhasin et al. A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Strategy to Prevent Serious Fall Injuries. N Engl J Med. 2020;383(2):129–140

Ultraviolet-C Light Evaluation as Adjunct Disinfection to Remove Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms.

Comparing the effect of a consult model versus an integrated palliative care and medical oncology co-rounding model on health care utilization in an acute hospital – an open-label stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial

Physical Activity Level Following Resistance Training in Community-Dwelling Older Adults Receiving Home Care: Results from a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Understanding adherence to reactive treatment of asymptomatic malaria infections in The Gambia.

Case Report: Typhoid Fever Complicated by Ileal Perforation in an Urban Slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Evaluating performance of covariate-constrained randomization (CCR) techniques under misspecification of cluster-level variables in cluster-randomized trials

Factors associated with soil-transmitted helminths infection in Benin: Findings from the DeWorm3 study

Differences in maternal and early child nutritional status by offspring sex in lowland Nepal.

Prevalence and correlates of maternal early stimulation behaviors during pregnancy in northern Ghana: a cross-sectional survey

Preparing a financial incentive program to improve retention in HIV care and viral suppression for scale: using an implementation science framework to evaluate an mHealth system in Tanzania

Evaluating implementation of LEAPS, a youth-led early childhood care and education intervention in rural Pakistan: protocol for a stepped wedge cluster-randomized trial

The effect of offering a third-trimester routine ultrasound on pregnancy-specific anxiety and mother-to-infant bonding in low-risk women: A pragmatic cluster-randomized controlled trial.

Glass hybrid (glass ionomer) versus composite for non-carious cervical lesions: Survival, restoration quality and costs in randomized controlled trial after 3 years.

Using Geriatric Assessment to Guide Conversations Regarding Comorbidities Among Older Patients With Advanced Cancer.

Prevalence and associated risk factors of asymptomatic malaria and anaemia among school-aged children in Dara Mallo and Uba Debretsehay districts: results from baseline cluster randomized trial

The impact of postpartum depression and bonding impairment on child development at 12 to 15 months after delivery

Integrated Smoking Cessation for Smokers With Serious Mental Illness: Protocol for a Convergent Mixed Methods Implementation Evaluation Study

Facilitating communication for critically ill patients and their family members: Study protocol for two randomized trials implemented in the U.S. and France.

Increasing smear positive Tuberculosis detection using a clinical score - A stepped wedge multicenter trial from Africa.

Process Evaluation of a Faith-Based Multicomponent Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Stroke Risk in Mexican Americans in a Catholic Church Setting: The SHARE (Stroke Health and Risk Education) Project

Long-term Impacts and Benefit–Cost Analysis of the Communities That Care Prevention System at Age 23, 12 Years After Baseline

Baseline malaria prevalence and care-seeking behaviours in rural Madagascar prior to a trial to expand malaria community case management to all ages

Postpartum infection, pain and experiences with care among women treated for postpartum hemorrhage in three African countries: A cohort study of women managed with and without condom-catheter uterine balloon tamponade.

Simple compared to covariate-constrained randomization methods in balancing baseline characteristics: a case study of randomly allocating 72 hemodialysis centers in a cluster trial

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Comparison of Improvement of Quality of Life After Using Ready- Made Spectacles and Custom-Made Spectacles in Junior High School Students in Bandung District

Adjuvanted influenza vaccine and influenza outbreaks in U.S. nursing homes: Results from a pragmatic cluster-randomized clinical trial.

Cost-effectiveness and feasibility of conditional economic incentives and motivational interviewing to improve HIV health outcomes of adolescents living with HIV in Anambra State, Nigeria

Effectiveness of Smartphone-Based Community Case Management on the Urgent Referral, Reconsultation, and Hospitalization of Children Aged Under 5 Years in Malawi: Cluster-Randomized, Stepped-Wedge Trial.

Community Hand-Dug Wells for Trachoma: A Cluster-Randomized Trial.

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