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Design and Implementation of One-Leg and PI Control Single-Phase H-Bridge Current Regulated Inverter

Smart and sustainable technologies for recycling photovoltaic panels

Closed-Loop Controlled Photopolymerization of Hydrogels.

Predicted Threshold for Seated Stability: Estimation of Margin of Stability Using Wearable Inertial Sensors

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DQ-Frame Admittance Estimation of Three-Phase Converters with a Wide Range of Operating Points

Asymptotic Stability of Controlled Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Considering the Dynamics of Sensors and Actuators

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Closed-loop platoon simulation with cooperative intelligent transportation systems based on vehicle-to-X communication

Static Weight Perception Through Skin Stretch and Kinesthetic Information: Detection Thresholds, JNDs, and PSEs

Self-Sensing and Control of Soft Electrothermal Actuator

Adaptive Practical Fixed-Time Tracking Control With Prescribed Boundary Constraints

Reliability of nonlinear stochastic controlled systems considering the dynamics of sensors and actuators

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Braking intensity recognition with optimal K-means clustering algorithm

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Fault Isolation and Identification of a Four-Single-Gimbal Control Moment Gyro On-board a 3-axis Stabilized Satellite

A Hybrid Learning Method for System Identification and Optimal Control

Closed-loop controlled compensation of thermal lensing in high-power thin-disk lasers using spherically deformable mirrors

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Design and preliminary experimental results of 5 MW-NBI arc power supply for HL-2M tokamak

Command filter-based adaptive fuzzy decentralized control for large-scale nonlinear systems

Optimization of thermal model and prediction of crystallinity during the laser-assisted tape winding process

One-thousandth-level laser power stabilization based on optical feedback from a well-designed high-split-ratio and nonpolarized beam splitter.

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[Closed-loop neuromodulation technique brings new opportunities and challenges to acupuncture and moxibustion therapies].

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Current Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation in Doubly Fed Induction Generator

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Investigation of the closed-loop control system on the DFIG dynamic models in transient stability studies

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Accuracy assessment methods for physiological model selection toward evaluation of closed-loop controlled medical devices

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Event-triggered dynamic output feedback control for networked Markovian jump systems with partly unknown transition rates

Motion characteristics of untethered swimmer with magnetoelastic material

Automatic Extraction Tracking and Control of Robotic Based on Mean-shift

Quality Control of Continuous Wort Production through Production Data Analysis in Latent Space

Towards a Novel Continuous HME-Tableting Line: Process Development and Control Concept.

Twisting sliding mode control of an electrostatic MEMS micromirror for a laser scanning system

Diagnosis of Open-Switch and Current Sensor Faults in PMSM Drives Through Stator Current Analysis

The contributions of skin stretch and kinesthetic information to static weight perception

Takagi–Sugeno Model-Based Sliding Mode Observer Design for Finite-Time Synthesis of Semi-Markovian Jump Systems

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Free finite horizon LQR: A bilevel perspective and its application to model predictive control

On-Line Detection of Stator Faults in DTC-Driven IM Using SC Impedance Matrix Off-Diagonal Term

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A Closed-loop Controlled Neural Stimulator with High Voltage Compliance in 0.18-µm Low Voltage CMOS Teachnology

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Design of a Constant-voltage Output Wireless Power Transfer Device

Sensorless PMSM Drive Implementation by Introduction of Maximum Efficiency Characteristics in Reference Current Generation

Three-Step Switching Frequency Selection Criteria for Symmetrical CLLC-Type DC Transformer in Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid

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Thermal-Inertial Odometry for Autonomous Flight Throughout the Night

Bipartite Consensus in Networked Euler–Lagrange Systems With Uncertain Parameters Under a Cooperation-Competition Network Topology

Credibility Evidence for Computational Patient Models Used in the Development of Physiological Closed-Loop Controlled Devices for Critical Care Medicine

Identification of Timed Input/Output Relationships For Industrial Automation Systems Using Timed Interpreted Petri Nets

Experimental Study into the Torsional Friction between AGV Wheel and Various Floors

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Assessment of current and voltage signature analysis for the diagnosis of rotor magnet demagnetization in five-phase AC permanent magnet generator drives

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