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Adenovirus Vectors Expressing Eight Multiplex Guide RNAs of CRISPR/Cas9 Efficiently Disrupted Diverse Hepatitis B Virus Gene Derived from Heterogeneous Patient

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Tetrasomy 21 pter→q21.3 due to an extra +dic(21;21)mat in a severely psychomotor-retarded female patient without down syndrome phenotype.

Environmental Conditions May Shape the Patterns of Genomic Variations in Leishmania panamensis

ZW Sex Chromosomes in Australian Dragon Lizards (Agamidae) Originated from a Combination of Duplication and Translocation in the Nucleolar Organising Region

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Detection of fetal duplication 16p11.2q12.1 by next-generation sequencing of maternal plasma and invasive diagnosis

Genetic differences between C57BL/6 substrains affect the process of testis differentiation in YPOS mice

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Chromosome Derived