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Enantioselective Resolution Copolymerization of Racemic Epoxides and Anhydrides: Efficient Approach for Stereoregular Polyesters and Chiral Epoxides.

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Alternative total synthesis of dendrodolide-L

Chiral porphyrin imine manganese complex as catalyst for asymmetric epoxidation of styrene derivatives.

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Evaluation of the Katsuki-Sharpless Epoxidation Precatalysts by ESI-FTMS, CID, and IRMPD Spectroscopy.

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Chiroptical Protocol for the Absolute Configurational Assignment of Alkyl-Substituted Epoxides Using Bis(zinc porphyrin) as a CD-Sensitive Bidentate Host.

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New heteroaryl carbamates: Synthesis and biological screening in vitro and in mammalian cells of wild-type and mutant HIV-protease inhibitors.

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Recent Advances in Bioinspired Asymmetric Epoxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide

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