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Combined effect of menopause and cardiovascular risk factors on death and cardiovascular disease: a cohort study

Association of Serum Potassium Levels with Mortality and Cardiovascular Events: Findings from the Chinese Multi-provincial Cohort Study

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Association of menopause with risk of carotid artery atherosclerosis.

Association between cumulative blood pressure and long-term risk of cardiovascular disease: findings from the 26-year Chinese Multi-provincial Cohort Study-Beijing Project

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[Association between apolipoprotein E-containing HDL-C and coronary heart disease risk: a community-based cohort study].

High sdLDL Cholesterol can be Used to Reclassify Individuals with Low Cardiovascular Risk for Early Intervention: Findings from the Chinese Multi-Provincial Cohort Study

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[The association between plasma levels of 20 amino acids and risk of diabetes].

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