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Did China’s bank ownership reform improve credit allocation?

Research on Environmental Issue and Sustainable Consumption of Online Takeout Food—Practice and Enlightenment Based on China’s Meituan

Immunogenicity and Safety of Inactivated Enterovirus A71 Vaccines in Children Aged 6-35 Months in China: A Non-Inferiority, Randomised Controlled Trial

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Trends and variability in snowmelt in China under climate change

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Interaction between ecosystem services and rural poverty reduction: Evidence from China

Modelling and assessment of climate change and policy response – the distribu tion and area of Kobresia meadow in the Three-River Headwaters Region, China

Spatio-Temporal Variations in Phytoplankton Communities in Sediment and Surface Water as Reservoir Drawdown—A Case Study of Pengxi River in Three Gorges Reservoir, China

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Evaluation of industrial green development and industrial green competitiveness: Evidence from Chinese urban agglomerations

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The impact of green energy infrastructure on firm productivity: Evidence from the Three Gorges Project in China

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Local government competition and regional innovation efficiency: From the perspective of China-style fiscal federalism

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Regional energy-growth nexus and energy conservation policy in China

Rural Resilience in China and Key Restriction Factor Detection

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Tobacco, Cigarettes, and Women’s Status in Modern China

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Study on the Evolution of the Source-Flow-Sink Pattern of China’s Chunyun Population Migration Network: Evidence from Tencent Big Data

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