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Land titling as a conflict remedy or driver? Analyzing institutional outcomes through latent and manifest conflicts in China’s forest sector

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China’s forest land use change in the globalized world economy: Foreign trade and unequal household consumption

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Development evaluation of nature reserves under China’s forestry department: A spatiotemporal empirical study at the province level

Evaluation of Forestry Ecological Efficiency: A Spatiotemporal Empirical Study Based on China’s Provinces

An Ecological Development Level Evaluation of the Forestry Industry in China Based on a Hybrid Ensemble Approach

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Third-Stage Dispersal Juveniles of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Can Resist Low-Temperature Stress by Entering Cryptobiosis

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Carbon flows from trade in harvested wood products using different accounting approaches

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Research on green plant development and forest asset accounting based on GIS system data

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Spatial distribution patterns of soil total phosphorus influenced by climatic factors in China’s forest ecosystems

Price Volatility Transmission in China’s Hardwood Lumber Imports

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Construction of eco-efficiency accounting model of forest resource based on green development

Research on Provincial Forestry Investment Efficiency in China

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Multiple environmental factors regulate the large-scale patterns of plant water use efficiency and nitrogen availability across China’s forests

Spatial Agglomeration of China’s Forest Products Manufacturing Industry: Measurement, Characteristics and Determinants

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The three-dimension zonal pattern of soil organic carbon density in China’s forests

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Chinese forest fire occurrence prediction based on machine learning methods

Climate and litter C/N ratio constrain soil organic carbon accumulation

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