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Parental empowerment as a buffer between parental stress and child behavioral problems after family treatment

Epigenetic Modifications Associated with Maternal Anxiety during Pregnancy and Children’s Behavioral Measures

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Self-regulation as promotive for academic achievement in young children across risk contexts

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Caregiver burden and related factors in caregivers of patients with childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus

Anxiety, Coping Strategies and Resilience among Children and Adolescents during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review

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Paternal childcare in early childhood and problematic behavior in children: a population-based prospective study in Japan

Students’ Physical Activity Profiles According to Children’s Age and Parental Educational Level

Parental concerns during COVID-19-related school closures: Children’s behaviors and media usage

615 Sleep Restriction Leads to Fewer Prosocial Responses to Ambiguous Social Vignettes among School-aged Children

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Children’s Behavioral Agency within Families in the Context of Migration: A Systematic Review

Evaluating the Feasibility of the Incredible Years Attentive Parenting Program as Universal Prevention for Racially Diverse Populations

Childhood Personality Assessment Q-Sort (CPAP-Q): A Clinically and Empirically Procedure for Assessing Traits and Emerging Patterns of Personality in Childhood

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Physical, Mental, and Financial Stress Impacts of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Educators

Problem and Effectiveness of Parenting Style on Children’s Behavior

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Perinatal maternal depressive symptoms and risk of behavioral problems at five years

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DDAA and Maternal Reflective Functions

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Brain structure is linked to the association between family environment and behavioral problems in children in the ABCD study

A Latent Profile Analysis of Problematic Media Device Use and Its Association With Executive Function and Behavioral Problem Among Children: A Population-Based Study

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Intrusive Psychological Control and Children’s Behaviors in Chinese Multigenerational Families: Role of Children’s Temperamental Reactivity

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Parental Physical Illnesses and Their Association with Subsequent Externalizing and Internalizing Symptoms in Children

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Listening Difficulties in Children With Normal Audiograms: Relation to Hearing and Cognition

Be My Safe Haven: Parent–Child Relationships and Emotional Health During COVID-19

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Authentic assessments: a method to detect anomalies in assessment response patterns via neural network

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Paternal Childcare In Early Childhood and Problematic Behavior in Children: A Population-Based Prospective Study in Japan

Did Affiliate Stigma Predict Affective and Behavioral Outcomes in Caregivers and Their Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?

Daily Stress and Behavioral Problems in Chinese Children: The Moderating Roles of Family Functioning and the Classroom Environment

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Children’s Behavioral Challenges in Head Start Classrooms: Links to Teacher Well-Being and Intent to Leave

Can Playing with Toy Blocks Reflect Behavior Problems in Children?

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Association between self-reported caffeine intake during pregnancy and social responsiveness scores in childhood: The EARLI and HOME studies

The Role of Mental Health of Mothers of Children With Learning Disabilities in the Relationship Between Parental Stress, Mother-child Interaction, and Children’s Behavioral Disorders

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Factors affecting the behavior of children with ASD during the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Postpartum Depression, Complications During Pregnancy, and Offspring Behavior Problems in Early Childhood

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Schools: Health Promotion in Primary Schools with the Use of Digital Methods

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Mental well-being during the first months of Covid-19 in adults and children: behavioral evidence and neural precursors

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Using Prevent Teach Reinforce for Young Children to Manage Challenging Behaviors in Public Specialized Early Intervention Services for Autism

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The Implications of Early Marital Conflict for Children’s Development

Are Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Infants and Children Aged Younger Than 7 Years Related to Screen Time Exposure During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Confinement? An Exploratory Study in Portugal

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Parental Stress and Home Activities for Young Children during the Stay-at-home Quarantine Time in China

Moral Development of Preschooler’s Rewarding and Punishment Behavior to Environmental Actions

Does Maternal Mental Health and Maternal Stress Affect Preschoolers’ Behavioral Symptoms?

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Parents’ Beliefs and Attitudes on Their Children’s Distance Education Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greek Preschool Settings

Associations Among Parental Caregiving Quality, Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Expression-Based Polygenic Scores, and Infant-Parent Attachment: Evidence for Differential Genetic Susceptibility?

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The effects of maternal depression on their perception of emotional and behavioral problems of their internationally adopted children

The Effects of TIME-IN on Emotion Regulation, Externalizing, and Internalizing Problems in Promoting School Readiness

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Direct and Indirect Associations between Family Residential Mobility, Parent Functioning, and Adolescent Behavioral Health

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The Role of Target Behaviors in Enhancing the Efficacy of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation

Co-parenting Mediates the Influence of Marital Satisfaction on Child Adjustment: The Conditional Indirect Effect by Parental Empathy

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Racial Differences in the Relationship between Neighborhood Disorder, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Child Behavioral Health

The Effectiveness Companion of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions and the Sensory Processing Styles Training on Behavioral Problems in Children Aged 7-12 Years


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Caregiver engagement in the behavioral health screening and assessment for child welfare-involved children: child welfare and behavioral health workers’ perspectives

Interpersonal violence during pregnancy: Enduring effects in the post-partum period and implications for the intergenerational transmission of risk

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Characterizing behavioral health-related emergency department utilization among children with Medicaid: Comparing high and low frequency utilizers

Parenting by lying

Mothers and Toddlers Exposed to Political Violence: Severity of Exposure, Emotional Availability, Parenting Stress, and Toddlers’ Behavior Problems

Early Maternal Employment and Children’s Later Depression: A Reverse Goldilocks Phenomenon

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Diversity of practices in telerehabilitation for children with disabilities and effective intervention characteristics: results from a systematic review

Long-Term Impact of Parental Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms on Mental Health of Their Offspring After the Great East Japan Earthquake

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Change and Predictability of Children’s Behavioral Adjustment in Tanzanian Pre-primary Schools

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Coparenting and Chinese preschoolers’ social-emotional development: Child routines as a mediator

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Linking Sleep to Externalizing Behavioral Difficulties: A Longitudinal Psychometric Survey in a Cohort of Italian School-Age Children

Rasch Validation of the Arabic Version of the Behavioral Intention to Interact With Peers With Intellectual Disability Scale

The effects of a maternal personality, children’s behavioral characteristics, and parenting styles on the dental anxiety of 3- to 6-year-old children

The Longitudinal and Bidirectional Relationships Between Cooperative Coparenting and Child Behavioral Problems in Low-Income, Unmarried Families

Parenting Interacts With Plasticity Genes in Predicting Behavioral Outcomes in Preschoolers.

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Paternal Self-efficacy, Fathering, and Children’s Behavioral Problems in Korea

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Therapeutic mentoring: extending psychotherapy with psychodynamically informed community engagement

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Measuring follow-up care between primary care and specialty behavioral health settings for children and adolescents

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Preschool teachers’ perspective on how high noise levels at preschool affect children’s behavior

Studi kualitatif faktor yang mempengaruhi orang tua dalam pemberian makan anak autis

Maternal adverse childhood experiences, current cumulative risk, and behavioral dysregulation among child welfare involved children

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