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Рентгенофлюоресцентный анализ металлических изделий из скального погребения Узуур-Гялана (Монгольский Алтай)

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Bronze Alloying Practice in ancient China - Evidence from Pre-Qin Coin Analyses

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Lead isotope analysis of tin bronze objects from the Iron Age site at Baba Jilan, Luristan, western Iran

Study on the Middle Bronze Age Disc-Butted Axe Ornament from Archaeometallurgical Point of View

A unique cultic complex of the transitional period from the Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in Western Siberia

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Raman approach to the forensic study of bronze patinas

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The use of Robinia pseudoacania L fruit extract as a green corrosion inhibitor in the protection of historical bronze objects

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The Use of Robinia Pseudoacania L Fruit Extract as a Natural Corrosion Inhibitor in the Protection of Historical Bronze Objects

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μXRF Analysis of XVIII Century Copper Coin: Patina Investigation and “Bronze Disease” Detection

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Archaeology of Igboland, Southeastern Nigeria

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Multiple-scan voltammetry and OCP: Archaeometric tools for dating archaeological bronzes

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A Study on Composition and Manufacturing Method of Bronze Pins from Dia Ardizi of Moorani Iron Age Site, Luristan

Lost in combat? A scrap metal find from the Bronze Age battlefield site at Tollense

The Ancient City of Mokti in the Tenth to Thirteenth Century CE Bagan Period

X-ray tomography and aggregated analysis for Bavay treasure bronze statuettes analysis

Dong Son drums from Timor-Leste: prehistoric bronze artefacts in Island Southeast Asia

Caracterización isotópica y elemental de los metales de Cova des Pas (Ferreries, Menorca). Una necrópolis de transición del Bronce Final al Hierro

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Nuevos datos para el conocimiento de la Segunda Edad del Hierro en territorio cántabro: la vaguada del castro de Las Rabas (Cervatos, Cantabria)

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Hanzhong bronzes and highly radiogenic lead in Shang period China

Development of a hyperspectral imaging setup for the noninvasive identification and mapping of unstable corrosion products in ancient bronze (Conference Presentation)

Urnfields in the middle Oder basin – a perspective of a Lubusz-Greater Polish territorial community

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