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Anticoagulation Clinical Pharmacist: Anticoagulation Care between the Headset and the Dial Pad

Successful emergency surgery in a patient on dabigatran, after reversing the anticoagulation effect using Idarucizumab – A case report

Implementation and Evaluation of Virtual Anticoagulation Clinic Care to Provide Incessant Care During COVID-19 Times in an Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Improving anticoagulation in sub‐Saharan Africa: What are the challenges and how can we overcome them?

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Stroke and thromboembolism prevention in atrial fibrillation

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Creating an Interprofessional guideline to support patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy: a Delphi exercise

More Anticoagulation Care sentence examples

Awareness campaigns of atrial fibrillation as an opportunity for early detection by pharmacists: an international cross-sectional study

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Research Abstracts of the Anticoagulation Forum 15th National Conference on Anticoagulant Therapy

Comparison of Patient‐Reported Care Satisfaction, Quality of Warfarin Therapy, and Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation: Findings From the ORBIT‐AF Registry

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