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Experimental and theoretical investigations of Cs+ adsorption on crown ethers modified magnetic adsorbent.

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Experimental and Theoretical Evidence of Photocurrent Amplification in Hybrid Material Based on Dibenzo-18-Crown-6

Utilization of Anion-exchange Guard Column as an Ion Chromatographic Column of Anions Including Application to Simultaneous Separation of Anions and Cations.

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Ether-Group-Mediated Aqueous Proton Selective Transfer across Graphene-Embedded 18-Crown-6 Ether Pores

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Pyridino-18-crown-6 ether type chemosensors containing a benzothiazole fluorophore unit: Synthesis and enantiomeric recognition studies

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Microfriction correction factor to the Stokes–Einstein equation for small molecules determined by NMR diffusion measurements and hydrodynamic modelling

Synthesis and supramolecular assembly of fluorinated biogenic amine recognition host polymers

Fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular magnesium content in live cells.

Extensive Evaluation of Weighted Ensemble Strategies for Calculating Rate Constants and Binding Affinities of Molecular Association/Dissociation Processes

Impact of molecular packing rearrangement on solid-state fluorescence: polyhalogenated N-hetarylamines vs their co-crystals with 18-crown-6

Biomimetic potassium-selective nanopores

The effect of the second coordination sphere on the magnetism of [Ln(NO3)3(H2O)3]·(18-crown-6) (Ln = Dy and Er)

Stepwise Reduction of Azapentabenzocorannulene.

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Synthesis of New S-S and C-C Bonds by Photoinitiated Radical Recombination Reactions in the Gas Phase.

More 18 Crown 6 Ether sentence examples

Facilitated cation transfer at a three-phase junction and its applicability for ionophore evaluation

Investigation of cation binding and sensing by new crown ether core substituted naphthalene diimide systems

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Intrinsic Flexibility of the EMT Zeolite Framework under Pressure

A new method for the determination of ammonium in the vitreous humour based on capillary electrophoresis and its preliminary application in thanatochemistry

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Production of Potassium Chloride from K-Feldspar Through Roast–Leach–Solvent Extraction Route

Synthesis, Fluorescence and NMR Spectroscopic Studies of a Novel Phosphinoxido-18-crown-6 Ether Containing an Anthracene Fluorophore Unit

Pressure-induced symmetry changes in body-centred cubic zeolites

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Nucleophilic reactivities of Schiff base derivatives of amino acids

More 18 Crown 6 Ether sentence examples

Barium Chemosensors with Dry-Phase Fluorescence for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Application of Molar Volumes Obtained From a Solvent Extraction Method for Estimation of Sizes of Metal Complexes With Crown Ethers in Phases

Infrared multiple photon dissociation action spectroscopy of protonated glycine, histidine, lysine, and arginine complexed with 18-crown-6 ether.

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