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Personality and Individual Differences is primarily devoted to the publication of articles (experimental, correlational, theoretical, expository/review) which enhance our understanding of the structure of personality and other forms of individual differences, the processes which cause these individual differences to emerge, and their practical applications. Accessible methodological contributions are also welcome. The Editors invite papers that focus on the genetic, biological, and environmental foundations of individual differences, and possible interaction effects. While we recognize the importance of questionnaires for the measurement of individual differences, we encourage their link to experimental and behavioural measures. Ultimately the editors of PAID view human beings as bio-social organisms and that work on individual differences can be most fruitfully pursued by attending to both these aspects of our nature. Personality and Individual Differences is a peer-reviewed academic journal published 16 times per year by Elsevier. It was established in 1980 and is the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. The editor-in-chief is Donald Saklofske. Previous editors include Philip A. Vernon and Sybil B. G. Eysenck. The founding editor was Hans Jürgen Eysenck.

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Personality and Individual Differences is published by Elsevier BV .

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Personality and Individual Differences publishes reports Bimonthly .

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The Publication History of Personality and Individual Differences covers 1980 - Present .

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There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Personality and Individual Differences. Personality and Individual Differences is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


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The publisher of Personality and Individual Differences is Elsevier BV , which locates in United Kingdom .

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Full Title Authors
Utilizing Five Factor Model facets to conceptualize counterproductive, unethical, and organizational citizenship workplace behaviors Sophie E.M. Truijens · Ivan Nyklíček · Jenny Van Son · Victor J. M. Pop · Victor J. M. Pop
Experiencing anger in a social interaction: The role of personality Sara J. Bartel · Simon B. Sherry · Martin M. Smith · Vanja Vidovic · Sherry H. Stewart · Sherry H. Stewart
The examination of behavior inhibition system sensitivity, experiential avoidance, and sex in relation to post-traumatic stress symptom severity: Comparison of a moderated versus mediated model Christopher Marcin Kowalski · Radosław Rogoza · Philip A. Vernon · Julie Aitken Schermer · Julie Aitken Schermer
Type D personality and cardiovascular reactivity in active performance situations: Gender and task-specific influences Melissa J. Bond · Nicole Strauss · Robert E. Wickham · Robert E. Wickham
Conscientiousness is associated with improvement in visuospatial working memory and mood following acute physical exercise: A randomized controlled trial Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi · Tom Johnstone · Tom Johnstone
The relationship between exposure to adverse life events in childhood and adolescent years and subsequent adult psychopathology in 49,163 adult prisoners: A systematic review Terry Purton · Charlotte Officer · Bianca Bullivant · Deborah Mitchison · Scott Griffiths · Stuart B. Murray · Jonathan Mond · Jonathan Mond
Corrigendum toLife history strategies and procrastination: The role of environmental unpredictability[Personality and Individual Differences 117 (2017) 23–29] Tamara M. Pfeiler · Hannelore Weber · Thomas Kubiak · Thomas Kubiak
Psychopathic Traits and Politics: Examining Affiliation, Support of Political Issues, and the Role of Empathy Kostas A. Papageorgiou · Kostas A. Papageorgiou · Margherita Malanchini · Margherita Malanchini · Andrew Denovan · Peter J. Clough · Nicholas G. Shakeshaft · Kerry Schofield · Yulia Kovas · Yulia Kovas · Yulia Kovas
Influence of loneliness and rejection sensitivity on threat sensitivity in romantic relationships in young and middle-aged adults Peter K. Jonason · Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Virgil Zeigler-Hill
Dark personality, interpersonal rejection, and marital stability of Chinese couples: An actor–partner interdependence mediation model I Benzi · Emanuele Preti · Rossella Di Pierro · John F. Clarkin · F Madeddu · F Madeddu
Maladaptive personality traits and psychological distress in adolescence: The moderating role of personality functioning Santokh Singh · Sally D. Farley · John J. Donahue · John J. Donahue
Grandiosity on display: Social media behaviors and dimensions of narcissism Luigi Leone · Mauro Giacomantonio · Riccardo Williams · Desirée Michetti · Desirée Michetti
Investigating the link between trait emotional intelligence, career indecision, and self-perceived employability: The role of career adaptability Joshua S. Bourdage · Anna Goupal · Tessa Neilson · Eden-Raye Lukacik · Naomi Lee · Naomi Lee
Seeing the world in black or white: The Dark Triad traits and dichotomous thinking Chloe A. Ripper · Mark E. Boyes · Patrick J. F. Clarke · Penelope Hasking · Penelope Hasking
Expectancy biases underneath the Dark Triad traits: Associations with optimism, pessimism, and hopelessness Gabriel Lins de Holanda Coelho · Roosevelt Vilar · Paul Hanel · Renan Pereira Monteiro · Maria Gabriela Costa Ribeiro · Valdiney V. Gouveia · Valdiney V. Gouveia
Psychological skills, mental toughness and anxiety in elite handball players Charlie L. Reeve · Michael D. Heeney · Michael D. Heeney
Emotion regulation and mindfulness in adolescents: Conceptual and empirical connection and associations with social anxiety symptoms Martin M. Smith · Simon B. Sherry · Megan E. McLarnon · Gordon L. Flett · Paul L. Hewitt · Donald H. Saklofske · Marianne E. Etherson · Marianne E. Etherson
Genetic and environmental contributions to the association between violent victimization and major depressive disorder Or Duek · Golan Shahar · Yamima Osher · Ora Kofman · Ora Kofman
Role of self-criticism in reward and punishment probabilistic learning Marni Kras · George J. Youssef · George J. Youssef · Joshua B.B. Garfield · Joshua B.B. Garfield · Murat Yücel · Dan I. Lubman · Dan I. Lubman · Julie C. Stout · Julie C. Stout
At least David Cameron resigned: The protective effects of just-world beliefs for counterfactual thinking after Brexit Tobias Altmann · Marcus Roth · Marcus Roth
Tattooed man: Could menstrual cycle phase and contraceptive use change female preferences towards bad boys? David D. Vachon · Donald R. Lynam · Sarah E. Schell · Nicole S.J. Dryburgh · Paul T. Costa · Paul T. Costa
Are survivalists malevolent Ericka Rutledge · Julie L. Crouch · David P. Valentiner · America L. Davila · Joel S. Milner · John J. Skowronski · John J. Skowronski
The Dark Triad of personality and infidelity intentions: The moderating role of relationship experience Bin-Bin Chen · Bin-Bin Chen
Conscientiousness and occupational prestige as independent predictors of the change of tobacco use in adulthood Janko Međedović · Mina Šoljaga · Ana Stojković · Ivana Gojević · Ivana Gojević
Revealing complex relations between personality and fitness: HEXACO personality traits, life-time reproductive success and the age at first birth Yael Sela · Michael N. Pham · Justin K. Mogilski · Guilherme S. Lopes · Todd K. Shackelford · Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Virgil Zeigler-Hill
What are the most powerful predictors of charitable giving to victims of typhoon Haiyan: Prosocial traits, socio-demographic variables, or eye cues? Maria Cyniak-Cieciura · Bogdan Zawadzki · Jan Strelau · Jan Strelau
The relationship between rejection avoidance and altruism is moderated by social norms Kia Gluschkoff · Elli Oksman · Ariel Knafo-Noam · Henrik Dobewall · Taina Hintsa · Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen · Mirka Hintsanen · Mirka Hintsanen
Investigating the relationship between optimism and stress responses: A biopsychosocial perspective Víctor B. Arias · Cristina Jenaro · Fernando P. Ponce · Fernando P. Ponce
Is general intelligence responsible for differences in individual reliability in personality measures Julan Xie · Zhiqing E. Zhou · Yanping Gong · Yanping Gong
The role of trait extraversion in shaping proactive behavior: a multilevel examination of the impact of high-activated positive affect Mary Moussa Rogers · Cliff McKinney · Kia Asberg · Kia Asberg
Structural analysis of the PCL-R and relationship to BIG FIVE personality traits and parenting characteristics in an Hispanic female offender sample Stephen Nowicki · Genette Ellis · Yasmin Iles-Caven · Steven Gregory · Jean Golding · Jean Golding
Why do women regret casual sex more than men do Maja Parmač Kovačić · Zvonimir Galić · Mitja Ružojčić · Mitja Ružojčić
Testing the generality of the general factor of personality: An exploratory bifactor approach Rhiana Wegner · Ashlin R. K. Roy · Kaitlyn R. Gorman · Kayla Ferguson · Kayla Ferguson
The shape of self-extension: Mapping the extended self with multidimensional scaling Amanda Ravary · Mark W. Baldwin · Mark W. Baldwin
The role of emotional intelligence in the maintenance of adolescent dating violence perpetration Adrian Furnham · Adrian Furnham · Helen Cheng · Helen Cheng
Substance use predicted by parental maltreatment, gender, and five-factor personality Shuo-lin Jiang · Shu-bin Li · Jiu-bo Zhao · Lai-quan Zou · Lai-quan Zou
Ill get there because Im great, or am I? Narcissistic Vulnerability Moderates the Narcissistic Grandiosity – Goal Persistence Relationship Julie C. Bowker · Miriam T. Stotsky · Rebecca G. Etkin · Rebecca G. Etkin
Facet Benchmarking: Advanced application of a new instrument refinement method Claudia Manzi · Michele Roccato · Fabio Paderi · Sara Vitrotti · Silvia Russo · Silvia Russo
Association of the COMT Val108/158Met genotype with professional career and education: The Val-allele is more frequent in managers and in enterprising occupations Benjamin P. Chapman · Lewis R. Goldberg · Lewis R. Goldberg
Is the use of humor associated with anger management? The assessment of individual differences in humor styles in Spain Angelina R. Sutin · Yannick Stephan · Antonio Terracciano · Antonio Terracciano
Conservative Syndrome and the understanding of negative correlations between religiosity and cognitive abilities Nabiha Chaudhary · Laith Al-Shawaf · David M. Buss · David M. Buss
The relationship of perfectionism to suicide ideation and attempts in a large online sample Rebecca L. Badawy · Brooke A. Gazdag · Jeffrey R. Bentley · Robyn L. Brouer · Robyn L. Brouer
Core self-evaluations are associated with judgments of satisfaction with life via positive but not negative affect Umair Akram · Sarah Allen · Kristofor McCarty · Alice Tan · Daniel Villarreal · Emily Bilsborough · Grace Dooher · Grace Gibbs · Jess L. Hudson · Rachel Mills · Viknesh Subramaniam · Asha Akram · Asha Akram
A dimensional understanding of borderline personality features in adolescence: The relationship between the MMPI-A PSY-5 scales and PAI-A borderline features Jing Li · Mengxi Lu · Ting Xia · Yongyu Guo · Yongyu Guo
Perceived personality and campaign style of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Karolina Miłkowska · Anna Ziomkiewicz · Andrzej Galbarczyk · Andrzej Galbarczyk
No relation between digit ratio (2D:4D) and visual attention patterns to sexually preferred and non-preferred stimuli Nadia Chowdhury · Salpi Kevorkian · Sage E. Hawn · Ananda B. Amstadter · Danielle M. Dick · Kenneth S. Kendler · Erin C. Berenz · Erin C. Berenz · Erin C. Berenz
Attachment, relationship communication style and the use of jealousy induction techniques in romantic relationships Glenn D. Walters · Glenn D. Walters
Dispositional mindfulness moderates the relationship between depression and posttraumatic growth in Chinese adolescents following a tornado Jennifer Murphy · Katharina Wulff · Caroline Catmur · Geoffrey Bird · Geoffrey Bird · Geoffrey Bird
Olfactory identification ability is associated to emotional states and expression in individuals with schizotypy Christie Tan · Beatrice H.H. Ng · Sarah S.R. Chin · Clara Chua · Ryan Y. Hong · Ryan Y. Hong
Susceptibility to the gambling near-win effect in optimists versus pessimists: An event-related potential study Anton Aluja · Ferran Balada · Eduardo Blanco · Joan Fibla · Angel Blanch · Angel Blanch
Distal and proximal predictors of food personality: An exploratory study on food neophilia Radosław Rogoza · Ramzi Fatfouta · Ramzi Fatfouta
Personality and crime: Mediating the agreeableness–offending and conscientiousness–offending relationships with proactive and reactive criminal thinking Maria Preißinger · Harald Schoen · Harald Schoen
Alexithymic traits, independent of depression and anxiety, are associated with reduced sleep quality P. Frosina · M. Logue · Angela S. Book · T. Huizinga · S. Amos · S. Stark · S. Stark
Experiential permeability: Associations with schizotypy and related symptoms Evita March · Tayla McBean · Tayla McBean
Twenty candidate genes predicting neuroticism and sensation seeking personality traits: A multivariate analysis association approach Gayle Brewer · Gregory Louis Carter · Minna Lyons · Jessica Green · Jessica Green
Normal and pathological communal narcissism in relation to personality traits and values Sampada Karandikar · Hansika Kapoor · Sharlene Fernandes · Peter K. Jonason · Peter K. Jonason
Entity and incremental theory of personality: Revisiting the validity of indicators Fabio Fasoli · Fabio Fasoli · Peter Hegarty · Anne Maass · Raquel António · Raquel António
New evidence shows self-esteem moderates the relationship between narcissism and selfies Karim Bettache · Chi-yue Chiu · Chi-yue Chiu
Cross-cultural comparison of the association between trait emotional intelligence and emotion regulation in European-American and Japanese populations Lazar Stankov · Lazar Stankov · Jihyun Lee · Jihyun Lee
Sensation-seeking in women does not affect their preference for Dark Triad male faces Damee Choi · Damee Choi · Haruna Tsuji · Shigeki Watanuki · Shigeki Watanuki
Predicting moral decision-making with dark personalities and moral values Bradley T. Conner · Ryan L. Rahm-Knigge · Abigail L. Jenkins · Abigail L. Jenkins
Who wants to sound straight? Sexual majority and minority stereotypes, beliefs and desires about auditory gaydar Jingguang Li · Yajun Zhao · Li Lin · Jing Chen · Song Wang · Song Wang · Song Wang
Destroying things for pleasure: On the relation of sadism and vandalism Peter K. Jonason · Stephen A. Fletcher · Stephen A. Fletcher
The populist effect: Threat and the handover of freedom Guofang Liu · Xiaoxiao Niu · Lin Lin · Lin Lin
Association between oxytocin receptor gene rs53576 polymorphism and behavioral inhibition/activation system (BIS/BAS) sensitivity Otto Waris · Anna Soveri · Anna Soveri · Karolina M. Lukasik · Minna Lehtonen · Minna Lehtonen · Minna Lehtonen · Matti Laine · Matti Laine · Matti Laine
Revision and clarification of the sensitivity to punishment sensitivity to reward questionnaire Yuki Nozaki · Yuki Nozaki
The freedom to persist: Belief in free will predicts perseverance for long-term goals among Chinese adolescents Pengcheng Wang · Li Lei · Xingchao Wang · Jia Nie · Xiaoyuan Chu · Shuining Jin · Shuining Jin
Agentic and communal behavioral biases in the Dark Triad traits Michelle F. Wright · Michelle F. Wright · Bridgette D. Harper · Sebastian Wachs · Sebastian Wachs
Gender moderates the effect of darkness on ethical behaviors: An explanation of disinhibition Katarzyna Hamer · Marta Penczek · Michał Bilewicz · Michał Bilewicz
Working memory and the Big Five Alsedig Abdalgadr Al-Shahomee · Saleh El-Ghmary Abdalla · Richard Lynn · Richard Lynn
Shame is bad and guilt is good: An examination of the impaired control over drinking pathway to alcohol use and related problems Dominika Karaś · Jan Cieciuch · Jan Cieciuch
Perceptions of organizational politics, knowledge hiding, and employee creativity: The moderating role of professional commitment Sarah J. Ward · Laura A. King · Laura A. King
P3 amplitude and psychopathic traits in youths: Distinct contributions of the grandiose-manipulative and daring-impulsivity traits Samuel McKay · Jason Skues · Ben Williams · Ben Williams
Situation contingent units of personality at work Adrian Furnham · Adrian Furnham · Luke Treglown · Luke Treglown
Cross-national differences in risk preference and individual deprivation: a large-scale empirical study Sebastian Schindler · Sebastian Schindler · Jan Querengässer · Jan Querengässer
An actor-partner interdependence analysis of cognitive flexibility and indicators of social adjustment among mother-child dyads Adam D. Pazda · Christopher A. Thorstenson · Christopher A. Thorstenson
Situational perception and affect: Barking up the wrong tree? Nicholas J. Moberly · Joanne M. Dickson · Joanne M. Dickson
The indirect effect of self-concealment on distress through psychological inflexibility in Asian American, Black American, and White American college students Veljko Jovanović · Ingrid Brdar · Ingrid Brdar
Risk as Reward: Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory and Psychopathic Personality Perspectives on Everyday Risk-Taking Takayuki Goto · Yuya Ishibashi · Shogo Kajimura · Ryunosuke Oka · Takashi Kusumi · Takashi Kusumi
Trait emotional intelligence and attentional bias for positive emotion: An eye tracking study Romana Kadzikowska-Wrzosek · Romana Kadzikowska-Wrzosek
Coping with sadness - How personality and emotion regulation strategies differentially predict the experience of induced emotions Kojo Mintah · Shelley E. Parlow · Shelley E. Parlow
Extraversion predicts a preference for high-chroma colors Enrico Rubaltelli · Sergio Agnoli · Irene Leo · Irene Leo
Goal conflict, ambivalence and psychological distress: Concurrent and longitudinal relationships Andrew M. Naber · Stephanie C. Payne · Sheila Simsarian Webber · Sheila Simsarian Webber
The cross-national measurement invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale in a sample of undergraduate students Kevin B. Meehan · Kevin B. Meehan · Nicole M. Cain · Michael J. Roche · John F. Clarkin · Chiara De Panfilis · Chiara De Panfilis
Belief in free will indirectly contributes to the strategic transition through sympathetic arousal Jennifer K. Vrabel · Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Gillian A. McCabe · Angela D. Baker · Angela D. Baker
Self-regulation and bedtime procrastination: The role of self-regulation skills and chronotype Elvira Prusaczyk · Gordon Hodson · Gordon Hodson
Are you flirting with me? Autistic traits, theory of mind, and inappropriate courtship Joshua D. Wright · Monica F. Tomlinson · Monica F. Tomlinson
Emotional intelligence impact on half marathon finish times Adam M. Perkins · Renata Cserjesi · Ulrich Ettinger · Veena Kumari · Nicholas G. Martin · Rosalind Arden · Rosalind Arden
The relative influence of trustor and trustee individual differences on peer assessments of trust Shauna M. Bowes · Ashley L. Watts · Thomas H. Costello · Brett A. Murphy · Scott O. Lilienfeld · Scott O. Lilienfeld
Rejection sensitivity and interpersonal behavior in daily life Pengcheng Wang · Xinyue Wang · Yingqiu Wu · Xiaochun Xie · Xingchao Wang · Fengqing Zhao · Mingkun Ouyang · Li Lei · Li Lei
Pathological personality traits and immoral tendencies Ilan Shrira · Arnaud Wisman · Kenji Noguchi · Kenji Noguchi
Left-right differences in abortion policy support in America: Clarifying the role of sex and sexism in a nationally representative 2016 sample Chester Chun Seng Kam · Gabriel Hoi-huen Chan · Gabriel Hoi-huen Chan
Personality profiles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Fooled by your own politics Ansley Bender · Rick E. Ingram · Rick E. Ingram
Corrigendum toPersonality and occupational markers of solid citizenship are associated with having fewer children[Personality and Individual Differences (2013), 55, 871–876] Tianxin Mao · Weigang Pan · Yingying Zhu · Jian Yang · Qiaoling Dong · Guofu Zhou · Guofu Zhou
Psychopathy and entertainment preferences: Clarifying the role of abnormal and normal personality in music and movie interests Eugene Y. Chan · Eugene Y. Chan
Social networking sites addiction and adolescent depression: A moderated mediation model of rumination and self-esteem Robert E. Wood · Robert E. Wood · Nadin Beckmann · Damian P. Birney · Jens F. Beckmann · Amirali Minbashian · Rebecca Chau · Rebecca Chau
Diversity of historical ancestry and personality traits across 56 cultures Jane Hyde · Rachel Grieve · Rachel Grieve
Connecting attachment style to resilience: Contributions of self-care and self-efficacy James Moran · Kelsey Salerno · T. Joel Wade · T. Joel Wade
Self-control mediates the relationship between personality trait and impulsivity Jeroen Bruinsma · Rik Crutzen · Rik Crutzen
The relationship between perfectionism and mental illness stigma Rosanna G. Lea · Pamela Qualter · Sarah K. Davis · Juan Carlos Pérez-González · Munirah Bangee · Munirah Bangee
Person-task fit: Emotional consequences of performing divergent versus convergent thinking tasks depend on need for cognitive closure Kristi Chin · Lorne Campbell · Lorne Campbell
Negative correlation between salivary testosterone concentration and preference for sophisticated music in males Hadrian Mendoza · Erin C. Tully · Bradley Goodnight · Jackson M. Gray · Akihiko Masuda · Akihiko Masuda
Does personal distress enhance empathic interaction or block it Logan M. Steele · Genevieve Johnson · Kelsey E. Medeiros · Kelsey E. Medeiros
Self-compassionate and apologetic? How and why having compassion toward the self relates to a willingness to apologize Christina Ewert · Benjamin Gaube · Fay C. M. Geisler · Fay C. M. Geisler
A gender role view of the Dark Triad traits Ricky Green · Karen M. Douglas · Karen M. Douglas
A psychometric investigation of the Assessment of Sadistic Personality Walid Briki · Walid Briki
Looking beyond the generation of creative ideas: Confidence in evaluating ideas predicts creative outcomes Anthony A. Volk · Katerina Schiralli · Xiaoyang Xia · Junru Zhao · Andrew V. Dane · Andrew V. Dane
Gender differences in two motivational pathways to political conservatism Kai T. Horstmann · Matthias Ziegler · Matthias Ziegler
The mediating role of emotion dysregulation as a transdiagnostic factor in the relationship between pathological personality dimensions and emotional disorders symptoms severity Jessica R. Peters · Jessica R. Peters · Tory A. Eisenlohr-Moul · Laura M. Smart · Laura M. Smart
Dispositional self-compassion impacts immediate and delayed reactions to social evaluation Tyson J. Florence · Robert G. Kent de Grey · Bert N. Uchino · Sierra Cronan · Sierra Cronan
Anxious attachment and belief in conspiracy theories Gabriel Lins de Holanda Coelho · Renan Pereira Monteiro · Paul Hanel · Roosevelt Vilar · Valdiney V. Gouveia · Gregory Richard Maio · Gregory Richard Maio
Why do exercisers with a higher trait self-control experience higher subjective well-being? The mediating effects of amount of leisure-time physical activity, perceived goal progress, and self-efficacy Vincent Egan · Natalia Brand · Tom Brand · Tom Brand
Understanding the joint effects of perceived parental psychological control and insecure attachment styles: A differentiated approach to adolescent autonomy Jingjing Zhao · Fangxing Song · Qi Chen · Min Li · Yonghui Wang · Feng Kong · Feng Kong
Examining how the personality, self-efficacy, and anticipatory cognitions of potential entrepreneurs shape their entrepreneurial intentions John S. Kubinski · C. David Navarrete · Peter K. Jonason · Peter K. Jonason
Adolescent bullying and personality: A cross-cultural approach Hirokazu Doi · Ilaria Basadonne · Paola Venuti · Kazuyuki Shinohara · Kazuyuki Shinohara
A longitudinal analysis of coping style and cardiovascular reactivity to laboratory stressors Anna Cabak Rédei · Joost van de Weijer · Joost van de Weijer
Psychometric parameters of an abbreviated vengeance scale across two countries Amy Shannon · Joel O. Goldberg · Gordon L. Flett · Paul L. Hewitt · Paul L. Hewitt
Obituary of Chris Brand (1st June 1943–28th May, 2017) Natale Canale · Alessio Vieno · Michela Lenzi · Mark D. Griffiths · Douglas D. Perkins · Massimo Santinello · Massimo Santinello
Linking shyness to loneliness in Chinese adolescents: The mediating role of core self-evaluation and social support Timothy Curran · Timothy Curran
Handedness and religious beliefs: Testing the two possible accounts of authoritarianism and belief updating Marilyn A. Cornish · Lydia Woodyatt · Graham Morris · Anne Conroy · Jessica Townsdin · Jessica Townsdin
The dark side of emotion at work: Emotional manipulation in everyday and work place contexts Philipp Süssenbach · Jonas Rees · Mario Gollwitzer · Mario Gollwitzer
A factor analytical investigation of the Japanese translation of the Cheek-Buss Shyness Scale in support of the three-component model of shyness Joshua D. Isen · Laura A. Baker · Melissa L. Kern · Adrian Raine · Serena Bezdjian · Serena Bezdjian
High parental investment in childhood is associated with increased mate value in adulthood Aleksandra Pilarska · Aleksandra Pilarska
Error value tradeoffs in social decision-making, and beyond: Do personality values consistently map onto tradeoff preferences? Amanda M. Clevinger · Erin B. Tone · Erin B. Tone
Testing the left hemisphere activation hypothesis in psychopathic offenders using the Stroop task Kevin Cokley · Steven Stone · Nolan Krueger · Marlon Bailey · Ramya Garba · Ashley Hurst · Ashley Hurst
The effect of response cost on instrumental performance in higher and lower schizotypal participants Satoru Kiire · Satoru Kiire
Early predictors of trait extraversion in adulthood: Findings from a nationally representative sample Kagan Kircaburun · Peter K. Jonason · Mark D. Griffiths · Mark D. Griffiths
Accidental Brothers: The story of twin exchanged at birth and the power of nature and nurture İlyas Göz · Hasan G. Bahçekapili · Onurcan Yilmaz · Onurcan Yilmaz
Interpretation bias toward ambiguous information in burnout and depression Mariam Chrdileli · Tim Kasser · Tim Kasser
In the eyes of the law: Associations among fear of negative evaluation, race, and feelings of safety in the presence of police officers Mohsen Joshanloo · Mohsen Joshanloo
Are immediate-oriented people unlikely to adopt a healthy lifestyle? The moderation effect of prevention focus Christopher A. Pepping · Megan Duvenage · Megan Duvenage
Self-esteem as a mediator of the link between perfectionism and the impostor phenomenon Kaite Yang · Joan S. Girgus · Joan S. Girgus
Afastlife history strategy affects intimate partner violence through the Dark Triad and mate retention behavior Anton Aluja · Olga Malas · Ignacio Lucas · Fernando Worner · Ramon Bascompte · Ramon Bascompte
The sensitive, open creator Nicole Barbaro · Scott M. Pickett · Scott M. Pickett
Narcissism and creativity Yuanyuan Liu · Xi Zhao · Yeyi Liu · Yeyi Liu
Sensitive individuals are more creative Ashley C. Helle · Hilary L. DeShong · Gregory J. Lengel · Neil A. Meyer · Jaiden Butler · Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt · Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt
Romantic relationship and appearance-based rejection sensitivity: A moderated mediation model of self-rated attractiveness and appearance-contingent self-worth Reza Abdi · Razieh Pak · Razieh Pak
Anger rumination is not uniquely characteristic of obsessive-compulsive disorder Marta Katarzyna Wronska · Aleksandra Bujacz · Małgorzata A. Gocłowska · Eric F. Rietzschel · Bernard A. Nijstad · Bernard A. Nijstad
Inhibition, friend or foe? Cognitive inhibition as a moderator between mathematical ability and mathematical creativity in primary school students Ao-Si-Ka Li · Tian-Yi Hu · Tian-Yi Hu
Genetic and environmental etiology of stability and changes in self-esteem linked to personality: A Japanese twin study Axel Grund · Stefan Fries · Stefan Fries
The Dark Tetrad traits and problematic online gaming: The mediating role of online gaming motives and moderating role of game types Fieke M. A. Wagemans · Mark Brandt · Marcel Zeelenberg · Marcel Zeelenberg
Testing evolutionary and cultural theories regarding mate selection in Turkey Andrea Ceschi · Arianna Costantini · Riccardo Sartori · Joshua Weller · Annamaria Di Fabio · Annamaria Di Fabio
Guilt, shame, and apologizing behavior: A laboratory study Marije Stolte · Evelyn H. Kroesbergen · Evelyn H. Kroesbergen · Johannes E. H. Van Luit · Johannes E. H. Van Luit
Dimensions of decision-making: An evidence-based classification of heuristics and biases David Bridges · Haline E. Schendan · Haline E. Schendan
Gender differences in the predictors of life satisfaction across 150 nations Sarah C. Jessup · Kelly A. Knowles · Hannah Berg · Bunmi O. Olatunji · Bunmi O. Olatunji
Weirdness of disgust sensitivity items predicts their relationship to purity moral judgments Øyvind Lund Martinsen · Jan Ketil Arnulf · Adrian Furnham · Ole Christian Lang-Ree · Ole Christian Lang-Ree
Individual differences in social hypersensitivity predict the interpretation of ambiguous feedback and self-esteem Yanhe Deng · Yunxiang Chen · Xiangping Liu · Xiangping Liu
High potential personality and intelligence Nicola S. Schutte · John M. Malouff · John M. Malouff
When the going gets tough, individualizers get going: On the relationship between moral foundations and prosociality Vanessa Marchegiani · Fabio Zampieri · Mila Della Barbera · Alfonso Troisi · Alfonso Troisi
Big-Five personality and aspects of the self-concept: Variable- and person-centered approaches Chao Miao · Ronald H. Humphrey · Shanshan Qian · Shanshan Qian
Sex differences in 30 facets of the five factor model of personality in the large public (N = 320,128) Christopher J. Kilby · Kerry A. Sherman · Kerry A. Sherman · Viviana M. Wuthrich · Viviana M. Wuthrich
Self-esteem and depression among Chinese adults: A moderated mediation model of relationship satisfaction and positive affect Yongqiang Jiang · Yongqiang Jiang · Yaxuan Ren · Qunjun Liang · Jianing You · Jianing You
Anxiety profiles and protective factors: A latent profile analysis in children Katarzyna Leźnicka · Marta Niewczas · Mateusz Kurzawski · Paweł Cięszczyk · Krzysztof Safranow · Maria Ligocka · Monika Białecka · Monika Białecka
Sociosexuality in Brazil: Validation of the SOI-R and its correlates with personality, self-perceived mate value, and ideal partner preferences Michael D. Barnett · Jenna M. Moore · Brittany A. Woolford · Shelley A. Riggs · Shelley A. Riggs
Within-person variations and between-person differences in self-control and wellbeing Qing-Qi Liu · Zongkui Zhou · Xiu-Juan Yang · Fanchang Kong · Xiaojun Sun · Cui-Ying Fan · Cui-Ying Fan
Evidence that makeup is a false signal of sociosexuality Joseph H. R. Maes · Isabel Woyke · Inti A. Brazil · Inti A. Brazil · Inti A. Brazil
Personality types: A twin study Niki M. Knight · Eric R. Dahlen · Emily Bullock-Yowell · Michael B. Madson · Michael B. Madson
Epistemic rationality: Skepticism toward unfounded beliefs requires sufficient cognitive ability and motivation to be rational Jaap Munneke · Jaap Munneke · Sylco S. Hoppenbrouwers · Bethany Little · Karen Kooiman · Erik Van der Burg · Erik Van der Burg · Jan Theeuwes · Jan Theeuwes
Dispositional envy inhibits prosocial behavior in adolescents with high self-esteem Pascal Antoine · Bruno Dauvier · Eva Andreotti · Anne Congard · Anne Congard
Psychopathy-related traits and decision-making under risk and ambiguity: An exploratory study Andrew A. Abeyta · Clay Routledge · Clay Routledge
The HEXACO model of personality and Dark Triad in relational aggression Daniela Troyer · Tobias Greitemeyer · Tobias Greitemeyer
Comparing the response modulation hypothesis and the integrated emotions system theory: The role of top-down attention in psychopathy Jenna L. Clark · Melanie C. Green · Melanie C. Green · Melanie C. Green
Individual differences in the effects of a positive psychology intervention: Applied psychology Sarah L. Ferguson · Darrell M. Hull · Darrell M. Hull
The need for meaning and religiosity: An individual differences approach to assessing existential needs and the relation with religious commitment, beliefs, and experiences Dominick Gamache · Claudia Savard · Véronique Maheux-Caron · Véronique Maheux-Caron
The impact of attachment orientations on empathy in adults: Considering the mediating role of emotion regulation strategies and negative affectivity Dana Alfasi · Nirit Soffer-Dudek · Nirit Soffer-Dudek
Dark triad traits and romantic relationship attachment, accommodation, and control Rachel Saef · Sang Eun Woo · Jordan Carpenter · Louis Tay · Louis Tay
Personality profiles: Using latent profile analysis to model personality typologies Marina Beléndez · A. Gómez · S. López · G. Topa · G. Topa
French adaptation of the Short Dark Triad: Psychometric properties and a head-to-head comparison with the Dirty Dozen Nathan C. Cox · Andrew P. Hill · Andrew P. Hill
A diary study of appearance social comparisons and need frustration in young women Bojana Dinić · Anja Wertag · Anja Wertag
Fostering socio-informational behaviors online: The interactive effect of openness to experience and extraversion Vita Droutman · Ilana Golub · Ani Oganesyan · Stephen J. Read · Stephen J. Read
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale (CSES-SP) Dana A. Weiser · Sylvia Niehuis · Jeanne Flora · Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter · Vladimir Santiago Arias · R. Hannah Baird · R. Hannah Baird
Trait perfectionism and attitudes towards people with disabilities Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose · Katarzyna Boroń · Katarzyna Boroń
To go or not to go: Personality, behaviour and neurophysiology of impulse control in men and women Alison M. Bacon · Philip J. Corr · Liam Satchell · Liam Satchell
Effects of Dark Triad and HEXACO traits on reactive/proactive aggression: Exploring the gender differences Pere J. Ferrando · David Navarro-González · David Navarro-González
Development and initial validation of the Adolescent and Adult Mindfulness Scale (AAMS) Mitchell L. Cunningham · Heather Douglas · Simon Boag · Simon Boag
Not materialistic, just neurotic. The mediating effect of neuroticism on the relationship between attitudes to material assets and well-being Annabel Bogaerts · Laurence Claes · Margaux Verschueren · Tim Bastiaens · Erin A. Kaufman · Dirk Smits · Koen Luyckx · Koen Luyckx
A reinforcement sensitivity theory explanation of antisocial behaviour Laura Picconi · Chris J. Jackson · Michela Balsamo · Marco Tommasi · Aristide Saggino · Aristide Saggino
Global and contingent self-esteem as moderators in the relations between adolescent narcissism, callous-unemotional traits, and aggression Zhaoquan Yu · Jian Hao · Baoguo Shi · Baoguo Shi
Narcissism and mate value: Is beauty in the eye of the narcissistic beholder? Tomas Ståhl · Tomas Ståhl
General mental ability moderates the link between confidence and integrity test scores Maxime Résibois · Peter Kuppens · Iven Van Mechelen · Philippe Fossati · Philippe Verduyn · Philippe Verduyn
Curvilinear effects of personality on safety performance: The moderating role of supervisor support John C. Loehlin · Nicholas G. Martin · Nicholas G. Martin
The relationship between identity processes and well-being in various life domains Cornelia Pocnet · Jean-Philippe Antonietti · Philippe Handschin · Koorosh Massoudi · Jérôme Rossier · Jérôme Rossier
Narcissus the innovator? The relationship between grandiose narcissism, innovation, and adaptability Ibrahim Arpaci · Mustafa Baloğlu · Şahin Kesici · Şahin Kesici
With risk may come reward: Sensation seeking supports resilience through effective coping Thorana Grether · Julia F. Sowislo · Bettina S. Wiese · Bettina S. Wiese
Understanding procrastination: A motivational approach Jacob Israelashvili · Jacob Israelashvili · Rachel Karniol · Rachel Karniol
Maximizing versus satisficing in the digital age:disjoint scales and the case forconstruct consensus Gilles E. Gignac · Kristof Kovacs · Matthew R. Reynolds · Matthew R. Reynolds
The many faces of personality: The DSM-5 dimensional and categorical models and the five-factor model William Revelle · Joshua Wilt · Joshua Wilt
The relationship among individual differences in individualism-collectivism, extraversion, and self-presentation Rosanna Francis · David J. Hawes · Maree J. Abbott · Daniel Costa · Daniel Costa · Daniel Costa
Top-down or bottom-up? Prospective relations between general and domain-specific self-efficacy beliefs during a work-family transition Annika M. Svedholm-Häkkinen · Sini J. Ojala · Marjaana Lindeman · Marjaana Lindeman
Individual differences in the effects of baby images on attitudes toward getting married Raffaella Misuraca · Barbara Fasolo · Barbara Fasolo
Testing alternative models of dispositional empathy: The Affect-to-Cognition (ACM) versus the Cognition-to-Affect (CAM) model Alison M. Bacon · Lindsay Lenton-Maughan · Jon May · Jon May
High ANGER and low agreeableness predict vengefulness in German and Chinese participants Menelaos Apostolou · Marios Shialos · Elli Kyrou · Artemis Demetriou · Anthi Papamichael · Anthi Papamichael
The mediating role of intolerance of uncertainty on the relationships between perfectionism dimensions and psychological adjustment/maladjustment among mothers Dominic Vasturia · Russell J. Webster · Donald A. Saucier · Donald A. Saucier
On love and darkness: The Dark Triad and mate retention behaviors in a non-Western culture Matthew Sarraf · Matthew Sarraf
Examining the structure of subjective well-being through meta-analysis of the associations among positive affect, negative affect, and life satisfaction Xiao Yuan · Yongjuan Li · Yaoshan Xu · Naixi Huang · Naixi Huang
The challenge of starting and keeping a relationship: Prevalence rates and predictors of poor mating performance Virgil Zeigler-Hill · David R.C. Trombly · David R.C. Trombly
Demons with firepower: How belief in pure evil relates to perceptions and punishments of gun violence perpetrators Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik · Catrin Finkenauer · Catrin Finkenauer · Wiebke Bleidorn · Wiebke Bleidorn
Assessing the quality and usefulness of factor-analytic applications to personality measures: A study with the statistical anxiety scale Matthew J. W. McLarnon · Richard D. Goffin · Mitchell Rothstein · Mitchell Rothstein
Mindfulness and sleep quality in adolescents: Analysis of rumination as a mediator and self-control as a moderator Ellen S. Dulaney · Verena Graupmann · Kimberly A. Quinn · Kimberly A. Quinn
Prejudice in the wake of terrorism: The role of temporal distance, ideology, and intergroup emotions Berenika Kuna · Andrzej Galbarczyk · Andrzej Galbarczyk
Relationships between perceived risk of terrorism, fear, and avoidance behaviors among Pakistani university students: A multigroup study Emi Sato · Kouhei Matsuda · Bernardo J. Carducci · Bernardo J. Carducci
Coping mediates the association between empathy and psychological distress among Japanese workers Irene C. Mammarella · Enrica Donolato · Sara Caviola · David Giofrè · David Giofrè
The person-specific interplay of melatonin, affect, and fatigue in the context of sleep and depression Philseok Lee · Sunhee Lee · Stephen Stark · Stephen Stark
Psychological flexibility moderates the relation between PTSD symptoms and daily pain interference Joshua Wilt · William Revelle · William Revelle
What, I′m not good enough for you? Individual differences in masculine honor beliefs and the endorsement of aggressive responses to romantic rejection Geng-Feng Niu · Zongkui Zhou · Xiaojun Sun · Feng Yu · Xiao-Chun Xie · Qing-Qi Liu · Shuai-Lei Lian · Shuai-Lei Lian
Relationship satisfaction and similarity of personality traits, personal values, and attitudes Eric Stenstrom · John B. Dinsmore · Jonathan W. Kunstman · Kathleen D. Vohs · Kathleen D. Vohs
Finding middle ground between intellectual arrogance and intellectual servility: Development and assessment of the limitations-owning intellectual humility scale Harsha N. Perera · Helena Granziera · Peter McIlveen · Peter McIlveen
The roles of hedonic and eudaimonic motives in emotion regulation Marija Pajevic · Tatjana Vukosavljevic-Gvozden · Nikola Stevanović · Craig S. Neumann · Craig S. Neumann
Extraversion and job satisfaction: The role of trait bandwidth and the moderating effect of status goal attainment Rui C. Campos · Ronald R. Holden · Berta Caçador · Ana Sofia Fragata · Cristina Baleizão · Cristina Baleizão
How do you self-categorize? Gender and sexual orientation self-categorization in homosexual/heterosexual men and women Phillip Ozimek · Hans-Werner Bierhoff · Stephanie Hanke · Stephanie Hanke
Openness and Intellect differentially predict Right-Wing Authoritarianism Megan C. Haggard · Wade C. Rowatt · Joseph Leman · Benjamin R. Meagher · Courtney Moore · Thomas A. Fergus · Dennis Whitcomb · Heather Battaly · Jason Baehr · Dan Howard-Snyder · Dan Howard-Snyder
Social anxiety is related to dominance but not to affiliation as perceived by self and others: A real-life investigation into the psychobiological perspective on social anxiety Lucas J.A. Kelberer · Morganne A. Kraines · Tony T. Wells · Tony T. Wells
Examination of the heterogeneity in PTSD and impulsivity facets: A latent profile analysis Hyunju Cho · Seunghye Noh · Sung Hyun Park · Seokjin Ryu · Ven Misan · Jong-Sun Lee · Jong-Sun Lee
Do vulnerable narcissists profit more from Facebook use than grandiose narcissists? An examination of narcissistic Facebook use in the light of self-regulation and social comparison theory Julie Aitken Schermer · Richard D. Goffin · Richard D. Goffin
The development and validation of the Lovingkindness-Compassion Scale Tomomi Noda · Yusuke Takahashi · Toshiya Murai · Toshiya Murai
Optimism, hope, and attention for emotional stimuli Omer Farooq Malik · Aaron C. H. Schat · Muhammad Mustafa Raziq · Asif Shahzad · Majid Iqbal Khan · Majid Iqbal Khan
Profiles of teacher personality and relations with teacher self-efficacy, work engagement, and job satisfaction Bruna da Silva Nascimento · Paul P.H. Hanel · Renan Pereira Monteiro · Valdiney V. Gouveia · Anthony C. Little · Anthony C. Little
The Dutch Self-Concept and Identity Measure (SCIM): Factor structure and associations with identity dimensions and psychopathology Amy B. Brunell · Melissa T. Buelow · Melissa T. Buelow
Emotional reactivity, intensity, and perseveration: Independent dimensions of trait affect and associations with depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms Mickey B. Smith · Brian D. Webster · Brian D. Webster
The role of intra-sexual competition in attitudes towards immigrants Peter K. Jonason · Peter K. Jonason
Corrigendum toLife history strategy as a mediator between childhood environmental unpredictability and adulthood personality[Personality and Individual Differences 117 (2017) 215–219] Ana Altaras Dimitrijević · Zorana Jolić Marjanović · Aleksandar Dimitrijevic · Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Detecting the dark side of personality using social media status updates Gregory Louis Carter · Minna Lyons · Gayle Brewer · Gayle Brewer
Bright lights, big city: The Dark Triad traits and geographical preferences Yuta Kawamura · Yuta Kawamura · Takashi Kusumi · Takashi Kusumi
Is anxiety sensitivity a risk factor for or complication of alcohol misuse? A meta-analysis Alexander D. Stajkovic · Albert Bandura · Edwin A. Locke · Dongseop Lee · Kayla Sergent · Kayla Sergent
Whichever intelligence makes you happy: The role of academic, emotional, and practical abilities in predicting psychological well-being Edward C. Chang · Edward C. Chang
Lifetime offspring and the Dark Triad Ivana Perunicic Mladenovic · Goran Knezevic · Goran Knezevic
The Dark Triad and the self-presentation variables of socially desirable responding and self-monitoring Jacob S. Gray · Judith J. Pinchot · Judith J. Pinchot
Relationships between two types of reputational concern and altruistic behavior in daily life Patrick Mussel · Johannes Rodrigues · Stefan Krumm · Johannes Hewig · Johannes Hewig
Test of three conceptual models of influence of the big five personality traits and self-efficacy on academic performance: A meta-analytic path-analysis Bing Chen · Youxia Zuo · Yufang Zhao · Yufang Zhao
Relationship between loneliness and symptoms of anxiety and depression in African American men and women: Evidence for gender as a moderator☆ William E. Holdorf · Jessica Marie Greenwald · Jessica Marie Greenwald
Faking amoralism: An ability elusive to both measures of substance and style Ugo Pace · Alessia Passanisi · Alessia Passanisi
Predicting health from self and partner personality Elise Carrotte · Joel R. Anderson · Joel R. Anderson
The convergent validity of five dispositional greed scales Margit Gramer · Julia Haar · Marleen Mitteregger · Marleen Mitteregger
The relationship between subjective social class and aggression: A serial mediation model Dorota M. Jankowska · Iwona Omelańczuk · Marta Czerwonka · Maciej Karwowski · Maciej Karwowski
Toward a taxonomy and unified construct of responsibility Odelia Elkana · Nina Yaara Krueger Bustanai · Rona Louzia-Timen · Einat Kodesh · Motty Franco · Glen M. Doniger · Glen M. Doniger
Maladaptive personality traits and thinking styles among adolescent regular gamblers: A moderator mediation model Hongdan Zhao · Limin Guo · Limin Guo
A systematic review of the relationship between trait self-objectification and personality traits Kanako Taku · Matthew J. W. McLarnon · Matthew J. W. McLarnon
Exploring links between creative abilities, creative personality and subclinical autistic traits Ibrahim Arpaci · Süleyman Barbaros Yalçın · Mustafa Baloğlu · Şahin Kesici · Şahin Kesici
The trickle-down effects of creative work involvement: The joint moderating effects of proactive personality and leader creativity expectations Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir · Arna V. Erlingsdóttir · Geir Sveinsson · Jose M. Saavedra · Jose M. Saavedra
Posttraumatic growth profiles and their relationships with HEXACO personality traits Victoria K. Hambour · Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck · Sarah J. Clear · Susan L. Rowe · Elbina Avdagic · Elbina Avdagic
The fundamental social motives that characterize dark personality traits Andrew S. Warnke · Samantha M. Nagy · Scott M. Pickett · Nicole L. Jarrett · Jillian A. Hunsanger · Jillian A. Hunsanger
Big Five personality relationships with general intelligence and specific Cattell-Horn-Carroll factors of intelligence Reece Akhtar · Dave Winsborough · Uri Ort · Abigail Johnson · Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic · Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic · Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
The psychometric assessment of alexithymia: Development and validation of the Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire Bin-Bin Chen · Zeyi Shi · Shijin Sun · Shijin Sun
Retrospective time travel in life satisfaction judgment: A life history approach Ainzara Favini · Maria Gerbino · Nancy Eisenberg · Carolina Lunetti · Eriona Thartori · Eriona Thartori
Associations between personality and distress tolerance among trauma-exposed young adults Georgi Yankov · Georgi Yankov
Sex differences and similarities in negative creativity Igor Kardum · Jasna Hudek-Knezevic · Nermina Mehić · Melane Pilek · Melane Pilek
Harder, better, faster, stronger? Mental toughness, the dark triad and physical activity Jingguang Li · Li Lin · Yajun Zhao · Jing Chen · Song Wang · Song Wang · Song Wang
Teenagers as temporary psychopaths? Stability in normal adolescent personality suggests otherwise Ernst Olav Botnen · Mons Bendixen · Trond Viggo Grøntvedt · Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair · Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair
A profile-based approach for investigating the values-personality relationship Nicholas Kerry · Damian R. Murray · Damian R. Murray
The effects of similarity in the dark triad traits on the relationship quality in dating couples Soyeon Choi · Eunkook M. Suh · Eunkook M. Suh
Body dissatisfaction, narcissism and self-esteem in young men and women: a moderated mediation analysis Huan Yuan · Huan Yuan · Kelong Lu · Ning Hao · Ning Hao
Grittier Chinese adolescents are happier: The mediating role of mindfulness João Carlos Graça · João Carlos Graça · Maria Manuela Calheiros · Maria Manuela Calheiros · Abílio Oliveira · Taciano L. Milfont · Taciano L. Milfont
Individual differences in sociosexuality predict picture-based mobile dating app use E. Santens · Laurence Claes · Eva Dierckx · Koen Luyckx · H. Peuskens · G. Dom · G. Dom
Strong personalities: Investigating the relationships between grip strength, self-perceived formidability, and Big Five personality traits Kfir Ifrah · Geva Shenkman · Dov Shmotkin · Dov Shmotkin
Interactive effect of motivational motor action and emotion on divergent thinking Karl Schweizer · Stefan J. Troche · Thomas Rammsayer · Thomas Rammsayer
Why are women less likely to support animal exploitation than men? The mediating roles of social dominance orientation and empathy Olivia C. Preston · Joye C. Anestis · Joye C. Anestis
Personality profiles in substance use disorders : do they differ in clinical symptomatology, personality disorders and coping? Eva Langvik · Ottar Bjerkeset · Jonas Vaag · Jonas Vaag · Jonas Vaag
How does sexual orientation relate to openness to experience in adulthood Zhongquan Li · Shiyu Xia · Xiaoyuan Wu · Zhaoyu Chen · Zhaoyu Chen
Personality profiles and adolescents maladjustment: A longitudinal study Sergio Agnoli · Laura Franchin · Enrico Rubaltelli · Giovanni Emanuele Corazza · Giovanni Emanuele Corazza
Does processing speed exert an influence on the special relationship of fluid and general intelligence Rebecca Nowland · Rebecca Talbot · Pamela Qualter · Pamela Qualter
Personality traits and the use of manual, alternative, and mental healthcare services and medication in Norwegian musicians Bin-Bin Chen · Wenxiang Qu · Wenxiang Qu
Analytical thinking style leads to more utilitarian moral judgments: An exploration with a process-dissociation approach David Preece · Rodrigo Becerra · Ken Robinson · Justine Dandy · Alfred Allan · Alfred Allan
The emotionally intelligent use of attention and affective arousal under creative frustration and creative success David C. Osmon · Octavio A. Santos · Dmitriy Kazakov · Michelle T. Kassel · Quintino R. Mano · Ashten Morth · Ashten Morth
Longitudinal associations between narcissism, mental toughness and school achievement Jan Antfolk · Lina Johansson · Minja Westerlund · Urszula M. Marcinkowska · Pekka Santtila · Pekka Santtila
Development and validation of the Kernis-Goldman authenticity inventory-short form (KGAI-SF) Fahimeh Dehghani · Fahimeh Dehghani
The moderating effect of gender in the relationship between narcissism and selfie-posting behavior Chang Liu · Jianling Ma · Jianling Ma
Linguistic markers of moderate and absolute natural language Ingwer Borg · Ingwer Borg
2nd to 4th digit ratio (2D:4D) but not salivary testosterone concentration is associated with the overall pattern of color preference in females Bojana Dinić · Snežana Smederevac · Snežana Smederevac
Explaining sex differences in existential isolation research Robert L. Matchock · Robert L. Matchock
Drinking motives as mediators between personality traits and alcohol use among young French people Eriona Thartori · Antonio Zuffianò · Concetta Pastorelli · Laura Di Giunta · Carolina Lunetti · Jennifer E. Lansford · Kenneth A. Dodge · Ainzara Favini · Maryluz Gómez Plata · Gian Vittorio Caprara · Gian Vittorio Caprara
Differentiating everyday lies: A typology of lies based on beneficiary and motivation Georgios Bozionelos · Nikos Bozionelos · Nikos Bozionelos
Optimism scale: Evidence of psychometric validity in two countries and correlations with personality Astin C. Cornwall · Kaileigh A. Byrne · Darrell A. Worthy · Darrell A. Worthy
Evening chronotype is associated with a more unrestricted sociosexuality in men and women Hirokazu Doi · Kazuyuki Shinohara · Kazuyuki Shinohara
The interactive effects of maternal personality and adolescent temperament on externalizing behavior problem trajectories from age 12 to 14 Christopher Marcin Kowalski · Katarzyna Kwiatkowska · Maria Magdalena Kwiatkowska · Klaudia Ponikiewska · Radosław Rogoza · Julie Aitken Schermer · Julie Aitken Schermer
Trait emotional intelligence and social capital: The emotionally unintelligent may occasionally be better off Menelaos Apostolou · Yan Wang · Jiaqing O · Jiaqing O
Gender differences in preference for reward frequency versus reward magnitude in decision-making under uncertainty Shagini Udayar · Marina Fiori · Amber Gayle Thalmayer · Jérôme Rossier · Jérôme Rossier
The Dark Triad traits and intelligence: Machiavellians are bright, and narcissists and psychopaths are ordinary Bojana Dinić · Boban Petrović · Peter K. Jonason · Peter K. Jonason
2D:4D digit ratio and its relations to cross-sex and same-sex friendship choices Katarzyna Cantarero · Wijnand A.P. van Tilburg · Piotr Szarota · Piotr Szarota
Do men prefer women who are attracted to women? A cross-cultural evolutionary investigation Liat Netzer · Tony Gutentag · Min Young Kim · Nevin Solak · Maya Tamir · Maya Tamir
Avoidant attachment style and conspiracy ideation Peter K. Jonason · Maria Sitnikova · Atsushi Oshio · Atsushi Oshio
When you say aggressiveness, what do you mean by that? Similarities and differences between aggressiveness/agreeableness scales from personality inventories Peter K. Jonason · Atsushi Oshio · Tadahiro Shimotsukasa · Takahiro Mieda · Árpád Csathó · Maria Sitnikova · Maria Sitnikova
Serbian adaptations of the Dark Triad Dirty Dozen (DTDD) and Short Dark Triad (SD3) Mo Luan · Lisha Fu · Hong Li · Hong Li
Evaluations of emotions: Distinguishing between affective, behavioral and cognitive components Dustin Wood · Graham H. Lowman · Peter D. Harms · Seth M. Spain · Seth M. Spain
Personality, equity sensitivity, and discretionary workplace behavior Ilan Dar-Nimrod · Asha Ganesan · Carolyn MacCann · Carolyn MacCann
The Dark Triad traits and views of time in three countries Julie A. Patock-Peckham · Jessica R. Canning · Robert F. Leeman · Robert F. Leeman · Robert F. Leeman
Do maximizers maximize for others? Self-other decision-making differences in maximizing and satisficing Yu Gao · Wei Zhang · Hedwig Eisenbarth · Annis Lai Chu Fung · Matthew Lu · Adrian Raine · Tatia M. C. Lee · Xiaobo Li · Xiaobo Li
Coolness as a trait and its relations to the Big Five, self-esteem, social desirability, and action orientation Charles G. Lord · Christopher J. Holland · Sarah E. Hill · Sarah E. Hill
Parent and child antisocial problems: Moderation by emerging adult religiosity and gender Tianna Loose · Tianna Loose · Didier Acier · Ghassan El-Baalbaki · Ghassan El-Baalbaki
The moderating influence of idea sequence: A re-analysis of the relationship between category switch and latency Donald F. Sacco · Mitch Brown · Mitch Brown
Type D personality and life satisfaction: The mediating role of social support Paweł Łowicki · Joanna Witowska · Marcin Zajenkowski · Maciej Stolarski · Maciej Stolarski
Development and validation of the Chinese social media addiction scale Nicholas Kavish · Eric J. Connolly · Brian B. Boutwell · Brian B. Boutwell
A note on the positive manifold hypothesis Jing Zhang · Jing Zhang · Lijun Zheng · Lijun Zheng · Yong Zheng · Yong Zheng · Yong Zheng
A systematic review of the state of literature relating parental general cognitive ability and number of offspring Jing Li · Jian Hao · Baoguo Shi · Baoguo Shi
Why Does Socially Prescribed Perfectionism Place People at Risk for Depression? A Five-Month, Two-Wave Longitudinal Study of the Perfectionism Social Disconnection Model Christina G. McDonnell · Amy K. Nuttall · Amy K. Nuttall
Time to believe: Disentangling the complex associations between time perspective and religiosity Selcuk Acar · Mark A. Runco · Uzeyir Ogurlu · Uzeyir Ogurlu
Consistency in preferences for masculinity in faces, bodies, voices, and personality characteristics among homosexual men in China Ronald R. Holden · Christine E. Lambert · Genevieve Bianchini · Robbie E. Wong · Shahrukh Towheed · Christy Yeung · G. Cynthia Fekken · G. Cynthia Fekken
From moral judgments to prosocial behavior: Multiple pathways in adolescents and different pathways in boys and girls Cyril Forestier · Philippe Sarrazin · B. Allenet · Aurélie Gauchet · Jean-Philippe Heuzé · Aïna Chalabaev · Aïna Chalabaev
The broad autism phenotype and emotion regulation: The mediating role of autobiographical memory specificity Yuki Miyagawa · Junichi Taniguchi · Yu Niiya · Yu Niiya
Religiosity moderates the relationship between time perspective and life satisfaction Peter J. Helm · Lyla G. Rothschild · Jeff Greenberg · Alyssa Croft · Alyssa Croft
Response surface modeling of how love mitigates the association between a need to belong and suicidality Katarzyna Sekścińska · Joanna Rudzinska-Wojciechowska · Dominika Maison · Dominika Maison
Are you in full possession of your capacity?. A mechanistic self-control approach at trait and state levels to predict different health behaviors Daiana Colledani · Egidio Robusto · Pasquale Anselmi · Pasquale Anselmi
Can self-compassion help people regulate unattained goals and emotional reactions toward setbacks? Shahnaz Aziz · Shannon Zamary · Karl L. Wuensch · Karl L. Wuensch
Preferences for facially communicated big five personality traits and their relation to self-reported big five personality Fuschia M. Sirois · Aarti Iyer · Aarti Iyer
Relationship between measures of impulsivity in opioid-dependent individuals Manila Vannucci · Carlo Chiorri · Carlo Chiorri
Individual differences in time perspectives and risky financial choices Miho Nakajima · Keisuke Takano · Yoshihiko Tanno · Yoshihiko Tanno
Development of a new abbreviated form of the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised Aneta Przepiorka · Malgorzata Sobol-Kwapinska · Malgorzata Sobol-Kwapinska
The endless pursuit for self-validation through attainment: An examination of self-esteem in relation to workaholism Melanie Stearns · Cliff McKinney · Cliff McKinney
Individual differences in self-consciousness and mind wandering: Further evidence for a dissociation between spontaneous and deliberate mind wandering Peter K. Jonason · Joshua D. Foster · Árpád Csathó · Valdiney V. Gouveia · Valdiney V. Gouveia
Contradicting effects of self-insight: Self-insight can conditionally contribute to increased depressive symptoms Qiong He · Yuchen Wang · Yaxin Xing · Yue Yu · Yue Yu
The pros and cons of having a meaningful life Robert Vaughan · Gregory Louis Carter · Danny Cockroft · Lucia Maggiorini · Lucia Maggiorini
Physiological tests of the cheater hypothesis for the Dark Triad traits: Testosterone, cortisol, and a social stressor Katharine Louise Bowen · Manuela Jarrett · Manuela Jarrett · Daniel Stahl · Andrew Forrester · Andrew Forrester · Lucia Valmaggia · Lucia Valmaggia
The interaction between school poverty and agreeableness in predicting educational attainment Prarthana Franklin · Kimberley C. Tsujimoto · Margaret E. Lewis · Ayda Tekok-Kilic · Jan C. Frijters · Jan C. Frijters
Second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D), tomboyism, and temperament Mohsen Joshanloo · Mohsen Joshanloo
Why neurotic individuals are less prosocial? A multiple mediation analysis regarding related mechanisms Zoi Manesi · Paul A. M. Van Lange · Niels J. Van Doesum · Niels J. Van Doesum · Thomas V. Pollet · Thomas V. Pollet · Thomas V. Pollet · Thomas V. Pollet
Self-esteem vulnerabilities are associated with cued attentional biases toward rejection Yuta Kawamura · Takashi Kusumi · Takashi Kusumi
Are implicit personality theories associated with parental reactions to child transgressions Michael T. McKay · John L. Perry · Jon C. Cole · Jon C. Cole
An evolutionary life history approach to understanding greed Jaap Nieuwenhuis · Jaap Nieuwenhuis
Further evidence for the domain specificity of Consideration of Future Consequences in adolescents and University students Anna Stone · Mark R. McDermott · Aisha Abdi · Brittanie Cornwell · Zsofia Matyas · Ruby Reed · Rebecca Watt · Rebecca Watt
Why do people disparage May–December romances? Condemnation of age-discrepant romantic relationships as strategic moralization Gerald Matthews · Lauren Reinerman-Jones · C. Shawn Burke · Grace Teo · David Scribner · David Scribner
Parental educational attainment and offspring subjective well-being and self-beliefs in older adulthood Qingke Guo · Peng Sun · Liang Li · Liang Li
The development of the revised version of the Formal Characteristic of Behaviour – Temperament Inventory FCB-TI(R) Jennifer N. Baumgartner · Tamera R. Schneider · August Capiola · August Capiola
The early roots of compassion: From child care arrangements to dispositional compassion in adulthood David Navarro-González · Pere J. Ferrando · Andreu Vigil-Colet · Andreu Vigil-Colet
Development and validation of the multi-dimensional questionnaire of scientifically unsubstantiated beliefs Ying Wang · Christian Ang · Zhou Jiang · Chia-Huei Wu · Chia-Huei Wu
Sex differences in self-regulatory executive functions are amplified by trait anxiety: The case of students at risk for academic failure Hedwig Eisenbarth · Sandy Krammer · Bethany G. Edwards · Bethany G. Edwards · Kent A. Kiehl · Kent A. Kiehl · Craig S. Neumann · Craig S. Neumann
Nationalism, personality, and decision-making: Evidence from an SJT for military multi-national teaming scenarios Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair · Joy P. Wyckoff · Kelly Asao · David M. Buss · Mons Bendixen · Mons Bendixen
The influence of personality and coping style on the affective outcomes of nostalgia: Is nostalgia a healthy coping mechanism or rumination? Adam Karbowski · Dominik Deja · Mateusz Zawisza · Mateusz Zawisza
Integrating molecular genetics and evolutionary psychology: Sexual jealousy and the androgen receptor (AR) gene Ofir Turel · Antoine Bechara · Antoine Bechara
Why attractive women want gay male friends: A previously undiscovered strategy to prevent mating deception and sexual exploitation Lee Ellis · Lee Ellis
A critique of the construct validity of active procrastination Ming-Zhong Wang · Wu Chen · Chen Zhang · Xue-Li Deng · Xue-Li Deng
Psychological processes common to social conservatism and terrorism Wenling Liu · Yangu Pan · Xiaoman Luo · Lixia Wang · Weiguo Pang · Weiguo Pang
Emotional intelligence and cortisol responses: Can laboratory findings be replicated in classrooms and using other EI measures? Mohsen Joshanloo · Mohsen Joshanloo
Personality and health: Impacts of romantic relationship characteristics Ofir Turel · Ofir Turel · Ofir Turel
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Should I say thank you? Gratitude encourages cognitive reappraisal and buffers the negative impact of ambivalence over emotional expression on depression Hyun Jung Park · Tavleen Kaur Dhandra · Tavleen Kaur Dhandra
The associations between callous-unemotional traits and emotional awareness in youth Vilfredo De Pascalis · Paolo Scacchia · Paolo Scacchia
Association between a functional polymorphism on the dopamine-β-hydroxylase gene and reward dependence in two independent samples Sharon Horwood · Jeromy Anglim · Jeromy Anglim
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A polymorphism of serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2AR) influences delay discounting Jesus Alfonso D. Datu · Mantak Yuen · Gaowei Chen · Gaowei Chen
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Relationship between proactive personality and marital satisfaction: A spillover-crossover perspective Wei Xu · Wei Xu · Xu Ding · Pei Hwa Goh · Yuanyuan An · Yuanyuan An
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Trait self-control: Why people with a higher approach (avoidance) temperament can experience higher (lower) subjective wellbeing Hansika Kapoor · Hansika Kapoor
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An increase of intelligence in Libya from 2008 to 2017 Menelaos Apostolou · Christoforos Christoforou · Christoforos Christoforou
Beauty stereotypes affect the generalization of behavioral traits associated with previously seen faces Arezoo Shahnaz · Boaz Y. Saffer · E. David Klonsky · E. David Klonsky
Why do middle-class couples of European descent adopt children from Africa and Asia? Some support for the differential K model Sukkyung You · June Lee · Yunoug Lee · Eui Kyung Kim · Eui Kyung Kim
Body dysmorphic disorder patients: Their affective states, personality disorder functioning styles and body image concerns Gioia Bottesi · Marta Ghisi · Anna Martignon · Claudio Sica · Claudio Sica
Same-sex attraction and contact in an opposite sex partner: Exploring sex, religiosity, porn consumption and participation effects Natalio Extremera · Lourdes Rey · Lourdes Rey
Mate competition in Pakistan: Mate value, mate retention, and competitor derogation Igone Etxeberria · Itziar Etxebarria · Elena Urdaneta · Elena Urdaneta
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Are all impostors created equal? Exploring gender differences in the impostor phenomenon-performance link Louise Schinckus · Hervé Avalosse · Stephan Van den Broucke · Moïra Mikolajczak · Moïra Mikolajczak
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Personality, politics, and denial: Tolerance of ambiguity, political orientation and disbelief in climate change Alessandro Nai · Jürgen Maier · Jürgen Maier
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Materialism as compensation for self-esteem among lower-class students Laura K. Dane · Peter K. Jonason · Marlene McCaffrey · Marlene McCaffrey
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Between universalistic and defensive forms of group attachment. The indirect effects of national identification on intergroup forgiveness Wenxin He · Chanchan Shen · Chu Wang · Yanli Jia · Jiawei Wang · Wei Wang · Wei Wang
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Implicit Association Test for Aggressiveness: Further evidence of validity and resistance to desirable responding Aybars Tuncdogan · Aybeniz Akdeniz Ar · Aybeniz Akdeniz Ar
The effect of cognitive load on nonverbal behavior in the cognitive interview for suspects Stefan Pfattheicher · Johannes Keller · Goran Knezevic · Goran Knezevic
Thinking Styles: Distinct from Personality? Bryan Fuller · Yan Liu · Saleh Bajaba · Laura E. Marler · Jon Pratt · Jon Pratt
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Unmasking the association between psychopathic traits and adaptive functioning in children Hwan Kim · Sumi Han · Sumi Han
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Formal-informal musical learning, gender and musicians personalities Renzo Bianchi · Eric Laurent · Irvin Sam Schonfeld · Jay Verkuilen · Chantal Berna · Chantal Berna
Coupled individuals adjust their ideal mate preferences according to their actual partner Kerry Jang · Kerry Jang
g, mutualism, and development: Cross-sectional evidence from Iranian schoolchildren Adrian Furnham · Adrian Furnham · Helen Cheng · Helen Cheng
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A Longitudinal Study on the Stability of the Need for Cognition Atsushi Oshio · Kanako Taku · Mari Hirano · Gul Saeed · Gul Saeed
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Future-outlook mediates the association between self-compassion and well-being Seyed Rouhollah Shahabi · Francisco J. Abad · Roberto Colom · Roberto Colom
The Dark Tetrad traits and problematic social media use: the mediating role of cyberbullying and cyberstalking Radka Kučerová · Zsófia Csajbók · Jan Havlíček · Jan Havlíček
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Examination of the validity of instructed response items in identifying careless respondents Jan Antfolk · Agneta Sjölund · Agneta Sjölund
Does alexithymia moderate the relation between stress and general sleep experiences Martina Knežević · Martina Knežević
Backward and forward serial recall across modalities: An individual differences perspective Marsha Simon · Youn-Jeng Choi · Youn-Jeng Choi
Personality and online environment factors differ for posters, trolls, lurkers, and confessors on Yik Yak Giorgia Zamariola · Olivier Corneille · Olivier Luminet · Olivier Luminet
Cognitive mechanisms for worry in early adolescence: Re-examining the role of high verbal intelligence Taishi Kawamoto · Taishi Kawamoto · Kaichiro Furutani · Kaichiro Furutani
Male brain type women and female brain type men: Gender atypical cognitive profiles and their correlates Jaakko Aspara · Kristina Wittkowski · Xueming Luo · Xueming Luo
Trait emotional intelligence and social deviance in males and females Razieh Chegeni · Roshanak Khodabakhsh Pirkalani · Gholamreza Dehshiri · Gholamreza Dehshiri
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Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married: Large-scale empirical evidence for evolutionary theory Matthew Sarraf · Matthew Sarraf
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Men with more masculine digit ratios are partnered with more attractive women Alejandro Vásquez-Echeverría · Mirko Antino · Mirko Antino · Lucía Alvarez-Nuñez · Alfredo Rodríguez-Muñoz · Alfredo Rodríguez-Muñoz
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Dark side correlates of job reliability and stress tolerance in two large samples Jared R. Ruchensky · M. Brent Donnellan · M. Brent Donnellan
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The heritability of implicit self-esteem: A twin study Sindhuja Sankaran · Joanna Grzymała-Moszczyńska · Agnieszka Strojny · Paweł Strojny · Małgorzata Kossowska · Małgorzata Kossowska
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Cognitive ability and authoritarianism: Understanding support for Trump and Clinton Andrea Baroncelli · Benedetta Roti · Enrica Ciucci · Enrica Ciucci
Determinants of financial loss aversion: The influence of prenatal androgen exposure (2D:4D) António Macedo · C. Marques · Vasco Quaresma · Maria João Soares · A.P. Amaral · Ana Isabel Araújo · Ana Telma Pereira · Ana Telma Pereira
An empirical study on the motivations underlying augmented reality games: The case of Pokémon Go during and after Pokémon fever Malachi Willis · Rosemery O. Nelson-Gray · Rosemery O. Nelson-Gray
Private self-consciousness in daily life: Relationships between rumination and reflection and well-being, and meaning in daily life Andrea Czibor · Zsolt Péter Szabó · Daniel N. Jones · Andras Norbert Zsido · Tünde Paál · Linda Szijjarto · Jessica R. Carre · Tamás Bereczkei · Tamás Bereczkei
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Extending the Dual Factor Model of Facebook Use: Social motives and network density predict Facebook use through impression management and open self-disclosure Nathan A. Ryckman · Anthony Lambert · Anthony Lambert
The impacts of Val158Met in Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene on moral permissibility and empathic concern Roos Delahaij · Karen van Dam · Karen van Dam
Establishing the distinctiveness of relationship variables using the Big Five and self-esteem Kun Zhao · Eamonn Ferguson · Luke D. Smillie · Luke D. Smillie
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Emophilia, sociosexuality, and anxious attachment: Approach and inhibition differences Doo-Hun Choi · Doo-Hun Choi · Dong-Hee Shin · Dong-Hee Shin
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Rising up to the challenge? The role of need for closure and situational appraisals in creative performance Angel Nga Man Leung · Natalie Wong · Jo Ann M. Farver · Jo Ann M. Farver
Sex differences in achievement: Distributions matter Yuliya Kotelnikova · Thomas M. Olino · Daniel N. Klein · Elizabeth P. Hayden · Elizabeth P. Hayden
Mothers want extraversion over conscientiousness or intelligence for their children Lazar Stankov · Lazar Stankov · Lazar Stankov
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2D:4D and Lifetime Educational Outcomes: Evidence from the Russian RLMS Survey Y. Muraki · Y. Muraki
Organizational deviance via social networking site use: The roles of inhibition, stress and sex differences Yang Wang · Zhonglin Wen · Yuanshu Fu · Liling Zheng · Liling Zheng
Mediators of the relationship between externality of happiness and subjective well-being Tomasz Grzyb · Dariusz Dolinski · Jakub Trojanowski · Yoram Bar-Tal · Yoram Bar-Tal
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A snapshot of person and thing orientations: How individual differences in interest manifest in everyday life Wu Chen · Xiao-Chun Xie · Fan Ping · Ming-Zhong Wang · Ming-Zhong Wang
Active procrastination and creative ideation: The mediating role of creative self-efficacy Adam Chuderski · Adam Chuderski
Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Measure of Empathy and Sympathy Mohsen Joshanloo · Mohsen Joshanloo
Cognitive structuring and obedience toward authority Iliane Houle · Frederick L. Philippe · Frederick L. Philippe
Outside the box: Epistemic curiosity as a predictor of creative problem solving and creative performance S. Kamalou · K. Shaughnessy · David A. Moscovitch · David A. Moscovitch
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Maternal availability and adolescent dependency as moderators on the relation between personality and ER strategies in a Turkish sample Bernadette Gold · Jörg-Tobias Kuhn · Jörg-Tobias Kuhn
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Exploring political compromise in the new media environment: The interaction effects of social media use and the Big Five personality traits Eldar Eftekhari · Alex Tran · Ian McGregor · Ian McGregor
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The moderating effect of dispositional mindfulness on the relationship between materialism and mental health Michelle R. vanDellen · Matthew K. Meisel · Bridget P. Lynch · Bridget P. Lynch
The advantages of partialling perfectionistic strivings and perfectionistic concerns: Critical issues and recommendations Nancy L. Segal · Nancy L. Segal
Theory based gender differences in psychopathy subtypes Nishant Uppal · Nishant Uppal
Factor structure and criterion validity of original and short versions of the Negative and Positive Affect Scale (NAPAS) Michael D. Barnett · Lyndsey K. Fleck · Arthur D. Marsden · Arthur D. Marsden
Religious variations in fundamentalism in Malaysia and the United States: Possible relevance to religiously motivated violence Se Gardner · Lucy R. Betts · James Stiller · Janine Coates · Janine Coates
Trait and goal similarity and discrepancy in romantic couples Dilek Saritas-Atalar · Ayşe Altan-Atalay · Ayşe Altan-Atalay
Need satisfaction in episodic memories impacts mood at retrieval and well-being over time Jacob S. Gray · Jennifer V. Coons · Jennifer V. Coons
Sexual semantics: The meanings of sex, virginity, and abstinence for university students Jerica X. Bornstein · Michelle R. vanDellen · Anne Shaffer · Anne Shaffer
Examining the consistency and coherence of values in young children using a new Animated Values Instrument E.A. Giammarco · R. Lewis · Julie J. Carswell · Julie J. Carswell
Receiving support, giving support, and self-reassurance: A daily diary test of social mentality theory ☆ Joan Barceló · Joan Barceló
Social anxiety and threat-related interpretation of dynamic facial expressions: Sensitivity and response bias Guozhao Wang · Li Liu · Xuyun Tan · Wenwen Zheng · Wenwen Zheng
Who uses emoticons? Data from 86 702 Facebook users Sarah Le Vigouroux · Céline Scola · Marie-Emilie Raes · Moïra Mikolajczak · Isabelle Roskam · Isabelle Roskam
Dynamics of self-control in egocentric social networks Adam W. Hanley · Eric L. Garland · Eric L. Garland
Electrophysiological study of the violence inhibition mechanism in relation to callous-unemotional and aggressive traits Thomas Rammsayer · Olivier Pahud · Stefan J. Troche · Stefan J. Troche
Decomposing the functional relationship between speed of information processing in the Hick paradigm and mental ability: A fixed-links modeling approach Ambrose Ty · Derek G.V. Mitchell · Elizabeth Finger · Elizabeth Finger
Neural correlates of trait resiliency: Evidence from electrical stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dLPFC) and orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) Anna Oleszkiewicz · Anna Oleszkiewicz · Maciej Karwowski · Katarzyna Pisanski · Katarzyna Pisanski · Piotr Sorokowski · Boaz Sobrado · Agnieszka Sorokowska · Agnieszka Sorokowska · Agnieszka Sorokowska
Strategically out of control: A self-presentational conceptualization of narcissism and low self-control Zsuzsanna Kövi · Veronika Odler · Sára Gacsályi · James B. Hittner · Krisztina Hevesi · Andrea Hübner · Andrea Hübner · Anton Aluja · Anton Aluja
Sex differences in cognitive abilities: Analyses for the German WAIS-IV Mathew D. Marques · Brad Elphinstone · Christine Critchley · Martin E. Eigenberger · Martin E. Eigenberger
Bleeding-heart conservatives and hard-headed liberals: The dual processes of moral judgements Kristi Chin · Kristi Chin · Breanna E. Atkinson · Hana Raheb · Elizabeth Harris · Philip A. Vernon · Philip A. Vernon
The use of multimethod impulsivity assessment in the prediction of ADHD, conduct problems, and callous-unemotional symptoms Chao Miao · Ronald H. Humphrey · Shanshan Qian · Shanshan Qian
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Perfectionism, rumination, and gender are related to symptoms of eating disorders: A moderated mediation model Gabriel Nudelman · Arie Nadler · Arie Nadler
Self-presentation mediates the relationship between Self-criticism and emotional response to Instagram feedback☆ Melanie C. Green · Geoff Kaufman · Mary Flanagan · Kaitlin Fitzgerald · Kaitlin Fitzgerald
Extraversion and adaptive performance: Integrating trait activation and socioanalytic personality theories at work Robert William Martin · Andrew Cooper · Andrew Cooper
Depression and emotion regulation predict objective smartphone use measured over one week Andreas Wihler · James A. Meurs · Daniela Wiesmann · Leander Troll · Gerhard Blickle · Gerhard Blickle
The Dark Triad across academic majors Pablo Romero-Sanchiz · Raquel Nogueira-Arjona · Antonio Godoy-Ávila · Aurora Gavino-Lázaro · Mark Freeston · Mark Freeston
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Replicating future orientation: Investigating the constructs of hope and optimism and their subscales through replication and expansion ☆ Julie Rivière · Céline Douilliez · Céline Douilliez
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Does the acting with awareness trait of mindfulness buffer the predictive association between stressors and psychological symptoms in adolescents Honglei Gu · Zhonglin Wen · Xitao Fan · Xitao Fan
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To what reference point do people calibrate cost-free, third-party punishment? ☆ Moshe Zeidner · Gerald Matthews · Gerald Matthews
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Humanum ignoscere est. The relationship of national and supranational identifications with intergroup forgiveness Suejung Han · Suejung Han
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Development and validation of the State Contentment Measure Liria Fernández-González · Esther Calvete · Izaskun Orue · Ainara Echezarraga · Ainara Echezarraga
Development and initial psychometric assessment of the Childhood Religious Experience Inventory – Primary Caregiver Kinga Kaleta · Justyna Mróz · Justyna Mróz
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Metrics for individual differences in EEG response to cognitive workload: Optimizing performance prediction Petra Netter · Juergen Hennig · Juergen Hennig
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Letter-Number Sequencing, Figure Weights, and Cancellation subtests of WAIS-IV administered to elders Kate A. Barford · Kun Zhao · Luke D. Smillie · Luke D. Smillie
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Metacognitive beliefs mediate the relationship between mind wandering and negative affect Heiner Rindermann · David Becker · Thomas R. Coyle · Thomas R. Coyle
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Does your résumé photograph tell who you are V. Ilmarinen · V. Ilmarinen
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Safe harbor: Personality and the acceptance of online piracy Joseph L. Nedelec · Joseph L. Nedelec
Making amends: Neural systems supporting donation decisions prompting guilt and restitution Caroline Faur · Jean-Claude Martin · Céline Clavel · Céline Clavel
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Female student leaders: An examination of transformational leadership, athletics, and self-esteem Harry Manley · Harry Manley · Ross Roberts · Stuart Beattie · Tim Woodman · Tim Woodman
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Loneliness Predicts Insensitivity to Partner Commitment Matt C. Howard · Matt C. Howard
The dark side of romantic jealousy Shahrzad Izadpanah · Maren Schumacher · Sven Barnow · Sven Barnow
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The role of anger regulation on perceived stress status and physical health Mons Bendixen · Kelly Asao · Joy P. Wyckoff · David M. Buss · Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair · Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair
Before and after: Personality pathology, childhood conditions, and life history outcomes Lijuan Zhang · Shupeng Zhang · Ying Yang · Caina Li · Caina Li
Sensation-seeking and factors related to dangerous driving behaviors among Iranian drivers Jacqueline K. Deuling · Lawrence R. Burns · Lawrence R. Burns
Body image, impulse buying, and the mediating role of negative affect Matthew R. Moore · Elizabeth A. Franz · Elizabeth A. Franz
The multidimensionality of pathological narcissism from the perspective of social ostracism: A study in a sample of Italian University students Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Avi Besser · David K. Marcus · David K. Marcus
Perfectionism and work-family conflict: Self-esteem and self-efficacy as mediator Margery Lucas · Elissa Koff · Elissa Koff
The prospective associations between bullying experiences, body image shame and disordered eating in a sample of adolescent girls Sarah M. Haas · Karen J. Derefinko · Daniel A. Waschbusch · Daniel A. Waschbusch
A measurement invariance investigation of the differences in shyness between adolescents and adults Andrea Fossati · Antonella Somma · Serena Borroni · Serena Borroni
Can personality traits predict musical style preferences? A meta-analysis Cristiana Duarte · José Pinto-Gouveia · R.J. Stubbs · R.J. Stubbs
Increasing emotional intelligence to decrease healthcare expenditures: how profitable would it be? Maria Magdalena Kwiatkowska · Radosław Rogoza · Radosław Rogoza
The Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale for adolescent athletes Zahra Rahemi · Zahra Rahemi · Neda Mirbagher Ajorpaz · Mehran Sharifi Esfahani · Mohammad Aghajani · Mohammad Aghajani
Act-frequency signatures of the Big Five Thomas Schäfer · Claudia Mehlhorn · Claudia Mehlhorn
A bifactor-ESEM representation of the Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Wellbeing Moïra Mikolajczak · Sébastien Van Bellegem · Sébastien Van Bellegem
Psychometric properties of the Youth Anxiety Measure for DSM-5 (YAM-5) in a community sample Darren Britton · Emma Kavanagh · Remco Polman · Remco Polman
Individual differences in forecast effectiveness of 5 negative affect repair strategies M. Sach · Sören Enge · Anja Strobel · M. Fleischhauer · M. Fleischhauer
Are Impostors playful? Testing the association of adult playfulness with the Impostor Phenomenon Keiko Ishii · Masahiro Matsunaga · Yasuki Noguchi · Hidenori Yamasue · Misaki Ochi · Yohsuke Ohtsubo · Yohsuke Ohtsubo
A meta-analysis of emotional intelligence effects on job satisfaction mediated by job resources, and a test of moderators Quanlei Yu · Qiuying Zhang · Shenghua Jin · Shenghua Jin · Jianwen Chen · Yaxin Shi · Yingying Li · Yingying Li
The association between life history strategy and mate preference in men Filip Uzarevic · Vassilis Saroglou · Magali Clobert · Magali Clobert
A closer look at personal values and delinquency Chao Miao · Ronald H. Humphrey · Shanshan Qian · Shanshan Qian
Are atheists undogmatic Donggun An · Martha Carr · Martha Carr
Economics meets psychology: Experimental and self-reported measures of individual competitiveness Christina A. Jackson · Andrew F. Luchner · Andrew F. Luchner
Perfectionism and depressive symptoms: The effects of psychological detachment from work Helen Cheng · Adrian Furnham · Adrian Furnham
Exploring the hook-up app: Low sexual disgust and high sociosexuality predict motivation to use Tinder for casual sex Ingwer Borg · Dieter Hermann · Wolfgang Bilsky · Wolfgang Bilsky
Subjective well-being in a remote culture: The Himba Werner Bönte · Sandro Lombardo · Diemo Urbig · Diemo Urbig
Agentic Traits are Associated with Success in Science More Than Communal Traits Barış Sevi · Tuğçe Aral · Terry Eskenazi · Terry Eskenazi
Towards a measure of kindness: An exploration of a neglected interpersonal trait Hui Jing Lu · Kam-chuen Wong · Lei Chang · Lei Chang
Early indicators of self-esteem in teenagers: Findings from a nationally representative sample Laura R. Ramsey · Laura R. Ramsey
The effect of apology on forgiveness: Belief in a just world as a moderator David V. Canter · Donna E. Youngs · Miroslava Yaneva · Miroslava Yaneva
The validity of the Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale in a Chinese sample: Tests of measurement invariance and latent mean differences across gender and age Jon D. Elhai · Mojisola F. Tiamiyu · Justin W. Weeks · Jason C. Levine · Kristina J. Picard · Brian J. Hall · Brian J. Hall · Brian J. Hall
Implicit and explicit assessment of materialism: Associations with happiness and depression Kia Gluschkoff · Marko Elovainio · Mirka Hintsanen · Sari Mullola · Laura Pulkki-Råback · Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen · Taina Hintsa · Taina Hintsa
Attachment orientations and dispositional gratitude: The mediating roles of perceived social support and self-esteem Stephanie E. Stacy · Mary K. Lear · Carolyn M. Pepper · Carolyn M. Pepper
A simulator of the degree to which random responding leads to biases in the correlations between two individual differences David Blackwell · Carrie Leaman · Rose Tramposch · Ciera Osborne · Miriam Liss · Miriam Liss
The importance of origin: Differences in interpretation of self-inflicted versus environmentally-inflicted scars Liliana Alejandra Chicaíza-Becerra · Mario García-Molina · Mario García-Molina
Development and validation of the Triarchic Model of Grit Scale (TMGS): Evidence from Filipino undergraduate students Yohanan Eshel · Shaul Kimhi · Mooli Lahad · Dmitry Leykin · Dmitry Leykin
Random intercept exploratory factor analysis of the multidimensional model of Māori identity and cultural engagement Joshua D. Bazzy · David J. Woehr · David J. Woehr
The dark triad and intimate partner violence Paul J. Geiger · Jennifer N. Morey · Suzanne C. Segerstrom · Suzanne C. Segerstrom
Emotional reactivity and perseveration: Independent dimensions of trait positive and negative affectivity and differential associations with psychological distress Michael R. Andreychik · Eliza Lewis · Eliza Lewis
Beliefs about savoring in older adulthood: Aging and perceived health affect temporal components of perceived savoring ability Nicholas Clarke · Nomahaza Mahadi · Nomahaza Mahadi
Psychopathy in Lebanese college students: The PPI-R considered in the context of borderline features and aggressive attitudes across sex and culture Margaret Ormiston · Elaine M. Wong · Michael P. Haselhuhn · Michael P. Haselhuhn
Will you help me to suffer less? How about to feel more joy? Positive and negative empathy are associated with different other-oriented motivations ☆ ☆☆ Tom Buchanan · Tom Buchanan
Good at school = successful on the job? Explaining gender differences in scholastic and vocational success Michael V. Bronstein · John F. Dovidio · Tyrone D. Cannon · Tyrone D. Cannon
The significance of mutual recognition respect in mediating the relationships between trait emotional intelligence, affective commitment and job satisfaction Minjie Lu · Helene H. Fung · Bertjan Doosje · Bertjan Doosje
Self-assessments of memory correlate with neuroticism and conscientiousness, not memory span performance Marie-Anne Issa · Diana M. Falkenbach · Gabriele F. Trupp · Julia G. Campregher · Jennifer Lap · Jennifer Lap
Both bias against disconfirmatory evidence and political orientation partially explain the relationship between dogmatism and racial prejudice Frank D. Mann · Laura E. Engelhardt · Daniel A. Briley · Andrew D. Grotzinger · Megan W. Patterson · Jennifer L. Tackett · Dixie B. Strathan · Andrew C. Heath · Michael T. Lynskey · Wendy S. Slutske · Nicholas G. Martin · Elliot M. Tucker-Drob · K. Paige Harden · K. Paige Harden
Intergroup conflicts: When interdependent individuals feel less dialectical than independent individuals☆ Jesus Alfonso D. Datu · Jesus Alfonso D. Datu
Assessing impulsivity: Relationships between behavioral and self-report measures in individuals with and without self-reported ADHD Reinout E. de Vries · Reinout E. de Vries · Raghuvar D. Pathak · Jean-Louis van Gelder · Gurmeet Singh · Gurmeet Singh
Exploring the relations between self-monitoring, authenticity, and well-being Scott Reed · Jennifer Meggs · John T. Manning · John T. Manning
Testing construct independence in the Short Dark Triad using Item Response Theory Jan Antfolk · Monica Ålgars · Linn Holmgård · Pekka Santtila · Pekka Santtila
Sensation seeking and high school performance Frederick S. Barrett · Matthew W. Johnson · Roland R. Griffiths · Roland R. Griffiths
Association of personality profiles with depressive, anxiety, and cancer-related symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy Peter K. Jonason · Rookaya Abboud · Jordi Tomé · Melanie Dummett · Ashleigh Hazer · Ashleigh Hazer
A longitudinal study on the stability of self-estimated intelligence and its relationship to personality traits Sara Ahmadian · Sara Azarshahi · Delroy L. Paulhus · Delroy L. Paulhus
Machiavellianism has a dimensional latent structure: Results from taxometric analyses ☆ Steven G. Ludeke · Erik Gahner Larsen · Erik Gahner Larsen
The predictive power of personality traits on insomnia symptoms: A longitudinal study of shift workers Kosuke Kaida · Naoko Kaida · Naoko Kaida
Assessing childhood personality with the Estonian short version of the Hierarchical Personality Inventory for Children (HiPIC) Kim E. Drake · Rafael Gonzalez · Rafael Gonzalez · Jon Fridrik Sigurdsson · Inga Dora Sigfusdottir · Inga Dora Sigfusdottir · Gisli H. Gudjonsson · Gisli H. Gudjonsson
Borderline personality features, interpersonal correlates, and blood pressure response to social stressors: Implications for cardiovascular risk Myrthe Meere · Vincent Egan · Vincent Egan
Associations between rumination and obsessive-compulsive symptom dimensions Davide Marengo · Fabrizia Giannotta · Michele Settanni · Michele Settanni
Bullying victimization and depression in Chinese children: A moderated mediation model of resilience and mindfulness A. Balakrishnan · D.H. Saklofske · D.H. Saklofske
Need for cognitive closure and attention allocation during multitasking: Evidence from eye-tracking studies Minna Lyons · Amanda Croft · Sian Fairhurst · Katie Varley · Clarissa Wilson · Clarissa Wilson
Vocational interests and dark personality: Are there dark career choices? Andrew M. Colman · Caren A. Frosch · Caren A. Frosch
The reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality in children: A new questionnaire Silvia Bonaccio · Charlie L. Reeve · Jordan Lyerly · Jordan Lyerly
Does biological endowment matter for demand for financial services? Evidence from 2D:4D ratio in the Russian household survey Anne Böckler · Marjan Sharifi · Marjan Sharifi · Philipp Kanske · Isabel Dziobek · Tania Singer · Tania Singer
International sojourn experience and personality development: Selection and socialization effects of studying abroad and the Big Five Kaia Laidra · Filip De Fruyt · Kenn Konstabel · Kenn Konstabel · Kenn Konstabel
Sleeping with the enemy: Anxiety regarding the ISIS threat is related to sleep problems Jeremy L. Grove · Timothy W. Smith · Sheila E. Crowell · Paula G. Williams · Kevin D. Jordan · Kevin D. Jordan
Perfectionism and aggression: Identifying risk profiles in children Amanda M. Raines · Desirae N. Vidaurri · Amberly K. Portero · Norman B. Schmidt · Norman B. Schmidt
Insecure attachment and emotional distress: Fear of self-compassion and self-compassion as mediators Ewa Szumowska · Małgorzata Kossowska · Małgorzata Kossowska
Who we are and how we feel: Self-discrepancy theory and specific affective states Agnieszka Sabiniewicz · Barbara Borkowska · Katarzyna Serafińska · Piotr Sorokowski · Piotr Sorokowski
A comparison of two attachment measures in relation to personality factors and facets Christopher Harms · Lina Jackel · Christian Montag · Christian Montag · Christian Montag
Why people stay single: An evolutionary perspective Ju Ri Joeng · Sherri L. Turner · Eun Young Kim · Seung Ae Choi · Yu Jeong Lee · Jung Ki Kim · Jung Ki Kim
Wake up for the environment: An association between sleepiness and pro-environmental behavior Carol Nickerson · Nicholas J. L. Brown · Nicholas J. L. Brown
PID-5 trait mediation of childhood maltreatment effects Sandra Garrido · Sandra Garrido
Anxiety mediates the relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and insomnia disorder Carmelo Mario Vicario · Carmelo Mario Vicario · Robert D. Rafal · Robert D. Rafal
Using functional fields to formally represent the meaning and logic of behavior: A worked example using Dark Triad-related actions☆ Chizuru Shikishima · Kai Hiraishi · Yusuke Takahashi · Shinji Yamagata · Susumu Yamaguchi · Juko Ando · Juko Ando
Personality and evolutionary strategies: The relationships between HEXACO traits, mate value, life history strategy, and sociosexuality Irina Beyderman · Michael A. Young · Michael A. Young
A Negative Flynn Effect in Kuwait: The same effect as in Europe but with seemingly different causes Vyv Huddy · Nathan Sean Kitchenham · Anna Roberts · Manuela Jarrett · Patricia Phillip · Andrew Forrester · Catherine Campbell · Majella Byrne · Lucia Valmaggia · Lucia Valmaggia
Sex differences in the performance frequency of online mate retention behaviors Ramzi Fatfouta · Ramzi Fatfouta
Unique and interactive effects of impulsivity facets on reckless driving and driving under the influence in a high-risk young adult sample S. Adil Saribay · Onurcan Yilmaz · Onurcan Yilmaz
Assortative mating in personality among heterosexual and male homosexual couples from Brazil and the Czech Republic Richard Bruntsch · Willibald Ruch · Willibald Ruch
Belief in a just world for oneself versus others, social goals, and subjective well-being Lijun Zheng · Lijun Zheng · Yong Zheng · Yong Zheng · Yong Zheng
The role of humor-related traits and broad personality dimensions in irony use Gregory K. Tortoriello · William Hart · Kyle Richardson · Alexa M. Tullett · Alexa M. Tullett
Passive social network site use and subjective well-being among Chinese university students: A moderated mediation model of envy and gender Ying Lin · Peter J. Clough · Jessica Welch · Kostas A. Papageorgiou · Kostas A. Papageorgiou
Corrigendum toMeasuring Traitedness with person reliabilities parameters[Personality and Individual Differences (2017), 109, 111–116] David J. Sparkman · John C. Blanchar · John C. Blanchar
Exploring the relationship between personality and bullying; an investigation of parental perceptions Nathan Nguyen · Xavier Borteyrou · Xavier Borteyrou
Individual visuo-spatial factors and familiar environment knowledge: A structural equation modeling analysis Robbie M. Sutton · Joachim Stoeber · Shanmukh V. Kamble · Shanmukh V. Kamble
The power of the dark side: personality, the dark triad, and political ambition ☆ Qian Ding · Yong-Xin Zhang · Hua Wei · Feng Huang · Zongkui Zhou · Zongkui Zhou
Examining relationships among epistemic motivation, perspective taking, and prejudice: A test of two explanatory models Philip J. Corr · Philip J. Corr
Mating strategies and experience of early adversity in female patients with borderline personality disorder : Insights from life history theory David M. LaHuis · Tyler Barnes · Shotaro Hakoyam · Caitlin E. Blackmore · Michael J. Hartman · Michael J. Hartman
The opposite effects of actual and self-perceived intelligence on racial prejudice Brenna Schroeder · Mary M. Morris · Malcolm J. Flack · Malcolm J. Flack
Emotion regulation in the context of daily stress: Impact on daily affect Veronica Muffato · Enrico Toffalini · Chiara Meneghetti · Elena Carbone · Rossana De Beni · Rossana De Beni
Ruminating on the nature of intelligence: Personality predicts implicit theories and educational persistence Zuzana Štěrbová · Klára Bártová · Lenka Martinec Nováková · Marco Antonio Correa Varella · Jan Havlíček · Jaroslava Varella Valentova · Jaroslava Varella Valentova
Self-construals and the Dark Triad traits in six countries Julie Blais · Scott Pruysers · Scott Pruysers
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Individual differences in mental toughness associate with academic performance and income Qijin Cheng · Chi-Leung Kwok · Forrest T.W. Cheung · Paul S. F. Yip · Paul S. F. Yip
Links between rejection sensitivity and biobehavioral response to laboratory stress in youth Annemiek Karreman · Odilia M. Laceulle · Waldie E. Hanser · A.J.J.M. Vingerhoets · A.J.J.M. Vingerhoets
Endorsement of existence values predicts mate retention behaviors Fares Zine El Abiddine · Hiten Dave · Said Aldhafri · Sofián El-Astal · Fairouz Hemaid · James D.A. Parker · James D.A. Parker
Cross-validation of the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale: Results from an Arabic multicenter study Edward Dutton · Salaheldin Farah Attallah Bakhiet · Yossry Ahmed Sayed Essa · Tahani Abdulrahman Muhammad Blahmar · Sultan Mohammed Hakami · Sultan Mohammed Hakami
Personality factors and flow affecting opinion leadership in social media Guilherme S. Lopes · Yael Sela · Quésia F. Cataldo · Todd K. Shackelford · Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Virgil Zeigler-Hill
Physical fitness as a moderator of neuroticism and depression in adolescent boys and girls Stephenie R. Chaudoir · Chrystal Vergara-Lopez · Laura R. Stroud · Laura R. Stroud
Authenticity and well-being: Exploring positivity and negativity in interactions as a mediator Michael Minkov · Michael Minkov
Enhancing emotional intelligence at school: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a two-year intervention program in Spanish pre-adolescents So Young Song · Erin Cho · Youn-Kyung Kim · Youn-Kyung Kim
Do narcissists try to make romantic partners jealous on purpose? An examination of motives for deliberate jealousy-induction among subtypes of narcissism Kimberly A. Rapoza · Kimberly A. Rapoza
Believing in other minds: Accurate mentalizing does not predict religiosity Wenjie Yuan · Lei Wang · Lei Wang
Does life stress moderate/mediate the relationship between finger length ratio (2D4D), depression and physical health? Adrianne John R. Galang · Bianca Ysabel C. Ellescas · Jan Marie E. Santos · Maria Aisha V. Locsin · Keena Mayumi D. Sy · Keena Mayumi D. Sy
Construction and validation of the Hong Kong Altruism Index (A-Index) Paul E. Yeatts · Scott B. Martin · Trent A. Petrie · Trent A. Petrie
The welfare trait: How state benefits affect personality Zachary G. Baker · Reese Y.W. Tou · Jennifer L. Bryan · Jennifer L. Bryan · C. Raymond Knee · C. Raymond Knee
Upward social comparison on social network sites and depressive symptoms: A moderated mediation model of self-esteem and optimism Guilherme S. Lopes · Yael Sela · Todd K. Shackelford · Todd K. Shackelford
Associations between empathizing-systemizing cognitive style and mental rotation task performance among homosexual men and women in China P. Viguer · M.J. Cantero · R. Bañuls · R. Bañuls
Unrestricted sexuality promotes distinctive short- and long-term mate preferences in women Bin-Bin Chen · Zeyi Shi · Shijin Sun · Shijin Sun
Speaking about the preborn. How specific terms used in the abortion debate reflect attitudes and (de)mentalization Aaron Adibe Agbo · Christopher Ndubisi Ngwu · Christopher Ndubisi Ngwu
Resilience in refugee and Dutch adolescents: Genetic variability in the corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1 ☆ Andrew R. du Rocher · Alan Pickering · Alan Pickering
Does blindness influence trust? A comparative study on social trust among blind and sighted adults Ruby Jamil · Marcia Gragg · Anne-Marie DePape · Anne-Marie DePape
Emotion regulation difficulties and moral judgment in different domains: The mediation of emotional valence and arousal ☆ Hilary L. DeShong · Ashley C. Helle · Gregory J. Lengel · Neil A. Meyer · Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt · Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt
Perceived social support and self-esteem as mediators of the relationship between parental attachment and life satisfaction among Chinese adolescents Lavinia E. Damian · Joachim Stoeber · Oana Negru-Subtirica · Adriana Băban · Adriana Băban
Personality traits as predictors or outcomes of being exposed to bullying in the workplace Diego Gomez-Baya · Ramon Mendoza · Susana Paino · Margarida Gaspar de Matos · Margarida Gaspar de Matos
Interpersonal relationship mindsets and rejection sensitivity across cultures: The role of relational mobility Alyson Blanchard · Alyson Blanchard
A process-oriented perspective examining the relationships among daily coping, stress, and affect D. Moritz · J.E. Roberts · J.E. Roberts
Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I the greatest performer of all? Narcissism and self-reported and objective performance Mitch Brown · Donald F. Sacco · Donald F. Sacco
Exploring short-term longitudinal effects of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation on environmentalism Wanfen Chen · Dajun Zhang · Yangu Pan · Tianqiang Hu · Guangzeng Liu · Shilan Luo · Shilan Luo
Gender differences in information quality of virtual communities: A study from an expectation-perception perspective Gordon Hodson · Cara C. MacInnis · Michael A. Busseri · Michael A. Busseri
The role of character traits in economic games Nigel Mantou Lou · Liman Man Wai Li · Liman Man Wai Li
Dispositional differences in seeking autonomy- or dependency-oriented help: Conceptual development and scale validation Jennifer L. Bryan · Chelsie M. Young · Sydnee Lucas · Michelle C. Quist · Michelle C. Quist
Bowing and kicking: Rediscovering the fundamental link between generalized authoritarianism and generalized prejudice C. Wahle · A. Praetorius · K. Hochdörffer · F. Schrader · F. Schrader
Relation between dispositional mindfulness and impulsive buying tendency: Role of trait emotional intelligence Sherecce Fields · Rachel Smallman · Joshua A. Hicks · Krista Lange · Sneha Thamotharan · Sneha Thamotharan
Corrigendum to Baby was a black sheep: Digit ratio (2D:4D), maternal bonding and primary and secondary psychopathy [Paid 99C (2016) 67–71] Meredith E. David · William O. Bearden · William O. Bearden
Perfectionism and school engagement: A three-wave longitudinal study Andrew P. Hill · Andrew P. Hill
Taxometric analyses of higher-order personality domains ☆ Wing-Yee Cheung · Constantine Sedikides · Tim Wildschut · Tim Wildschut
Nostalgia proneness and reduced prejudice Thomas J. Bouchard · Niels G. Waller · Niels G. Waller
The social development of right-wing authoritarianism: The interaction between parental autonomy support and societal threat to safety Giovanni B. Moneta · Giovanni B. Moneta
Future orientation as a mediator between perceived environmental cues in likelihood of future success and procrastination Minjie Lu · Takeshi Hamamura · Yuen Pik Chan · Yuen Pik Chan
Discriminant validity of hedonic, social, and psychological well-being in two Italian samples Monica T. Whitty · James Doodson · Sadie Creese · Duncan Hodges · Duncan Hodges
Exposure to workplace harassment and the Five Factor Model of personality: a meta-analysis Cheryl H. T. Chow · N. Nejati · R.J. Van Lieshout · Norman Buckley · Eliza Pope · Stephanie J. Wan · Schmidt La · Schmidt La
Development of attachment orientations in response to childbirth: A longitudinal dyadic perspective ☆ Rachel A. Plouffe · Paul F. Tremblay · Paul F. Tremblay
Facets of the Dark Triad: Utilizing the Five-Factor Model to describe Machiavellianism Richard Hanania · Richard Hanania
The personalities of politicians: A big five survey of American legislators Bin-Bin Chen · Daniel J. Kruger · Daniel J. Kruger
Life satisfaction and delinquent behaviors among Korean adolescents A. Fominykh · N. Zyryanova · N. Zyryanova
Promotion/prevention focus and creative performance: Is it moderated by evaluative stress? Gennady G. Knyazev · Valeriya B. Kuznetsova · Alexander N. Savostyanov · Elena A. Dorosheva · Elena A. Dorosheva
Does collectivism act as a protective factor for depression in Russia Jeremy Goldring · Peter Strelan · Peter Strelan
Effects of motor impulsivity and sleep quality on swearing, interpersonally deviant and disadvantageous behaviors on online social networking sites T. Gerhard Eriksson · Johanna G. Masche-No · Anna Maria Dåderman · Anna Maria Dåderman
Intergenerational patterns of cognitive flexibility through expressions of maternal care Jessica Curtis · Thomas Hatvany · Thomas Hatvany
Mindfulness facets and Big Five personality facets in persons with recurrent depression in remission Michał Bilewicz · Gosia Mikołajczak · Maria Babińska · Maria Babińska
Examining associations among achievement motivation, locus of control, academic stress, and life satisfaction: A comparison of U.S. and international undergraduate students Marieke Sleijpen · Ivo Heitland · Ivo Heitland · Trudy Mooren · Rolf J. Kleber · Rolf J. Kleber
How is personality related to intelligence and achievement? A replication and extension of Borghans et al. and Salkever Anna Oleszkiewicz · Anna Oleszkiewicz · Katarzyna Pisanski · Katarzyna Pisanski · Agnieszka Sorokowska · Agnieszka Sorokowska · Agnieszka Sorokowska
Anger rumination mediates the relationship between reinforcement sensitivity and psychopathology: Results of a 5-year longitudinal study Madeleine A. Fugère · Kaitlyn Doucette · Caitlynn Chabot · Alita J. Cousins · Alita J. Cousins
Item properties and the convergent validity of personality assessment: A peer rating study Shahrzad Izadpanah · Maren Schumacher · Sven Barnow · Sven Barnow
Putting a spotlight on daily humor behaviors: Dimensionality and relationships with personality, subjective well-being, and humor styles M. Kaupp · J. Sutton · J. Sutton
The cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire: Factorial, convergent, and criterion validity analyses of the full and short versions Philip Spinhoven · Marloes J. Huijbers · Yixia Zheng · Johan Ormel · Anne Speckens · Anne Speckens
The Dark Triad and long-term mate preferences in Iranian women Montserrat Gomà-i-Freixanet · Anna Muro · I. Mir · S. Marin · S. Marin
Measurement invariance in the Satisfaction with Life Scale in Chilean and Ecuadorian older adults Mehmet A. Karaman · Joshua C. Watson · Joshua C. Watson
Developmental trajectories of callous-unemotional traits, anxiety and oppositionality in 3–7 year-old children in the general population Clemens M. Lechner · Daniel Danner · Beatrice Rammstedt · Beatrice Rammstedt
The interpersonal domain of alexithymia Ramazan Akdoğan · Ramazan Akdoğan
Pathological personality traits and criminogenic thinking styles Martin M. Smith · Tamara A. Speth · Simon B. Sherry · Donald H. Saklofske · Sherry H. Stewart · Maria Glowacka · Maria Glowacka
Individual differences in mixed emotions moderate the negative consequences of goal conflict on life purpose Talitha C. Ford · Pragalathan Apputhurai · Denny Meyer · David P. Crewther · David P. Crewther
The relationship of trait emotional intelligence with right-wing attitudes and subtle racial prejudice Kristie L. Poole · Ryan J. Van Lieshout · Louis A. Schmidt · Louis A. Schmidt
Trait psychopathy, task performance, and counterproductive work behavior directed toward the organization Emma Onraet · Alain Van Hiel · Jonas De keersmaecker · Johnny R. J. Fontaine · Johnny R. J. Fontaine
A comparison of revised reinforcement sensitivity theory with other contemporary personality models Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Jon T. Mandracchia · Eric R. Dahlen · Rachel Shango · Jennifer K. Vrabel · Jennifer K. Vrabel
Angel on one shoulder: Can perceived organizational support moderate the relationship between the Dark Triad traits and counterproductive work behavior? Jinling Zhao · Nicholas Kirwen · Jedidiah Johnson · Ronaldo Vigo · Ronaldo Vigo

Experiencing anger in a social interaction: The role of personality
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Sara J. Bartel · Simon B. Sherry · Martin M. Smith · Vanja Vidovic · Sherry H. Stewart · Sherry H. Stewart
The relationship between exposure to adverse life events in childhood and adolescent years and subsequent adult psychopathology in 49,163 adult prisoners: A systematic review
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Terry Purton · Charlotte Officer · Bianca Bullivant · Deborah Mitchison · Scott Griffiths · Stuart B. Murray · Jonathan Mond · Jonathan Mond
Psychopathic Traits and Politics: Examining Affiliation, Support of Political Issues, and the Role of Empathy
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Kostas A. Papageorgiou · Kostas A. Papageorgiou · Margherita Malanchini · Margherita Malanchini · Andrew Denovan · Peter J. Clough · Nicholas G. Shakeshaft · Kerry Schofield · Yulia Kovas · Yulia Kovas · Yulia Kovas
Grandiosity on display: Social media behaviors and dimensions of narcissism
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Luigi Leone · Mauro Giacomantonio · Riccardo Williams · Desirée Michetti · Desirée Michetti
Seeing the world in black or white: The Dark Triad traits and dichotomous thinking
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Chloe A. Ripper · Mark E. Boyes · Patrick J. F. Clarke · Penelope Hasking · Penelope Hasking
Expectancy biases underneath the Dark Triad traits: Associations with optimism, pessimism, and hopelessness
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Gabriel Lins de Holanda Coelho · Roosevelt Vilar · Paul Hanel · Renan Pereira Monteiro · Maria Gabriela Costa Ribeiro · Valdiney V. Gouveia · Valdiney V. Gouveia
Emotion regulation and mindfulness in adolescents: Conceptual and empirical connection and associations with social anxiety symptoms
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Martin M. Smith · Simon B. Sherry · Megan E. McLarnon · Gordon L. Flett · Paul L. Hewitt · Donald H. Saklofske · Marianne E. Etherson · Marianne E. Etherson
Role of self-criticism in reward and punishment probabilistic learning
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Marni Kras · George J. Youssef · George J. Youssef · Joshua B.B. Garfield · Joshua B.B. Garfield · Murat Yücel · Dan I. Lubman · Dan I. Lubman · Julie C. Stout · Julie C. Stout
Tattooed man: Could menstrual cycle phase and contraceptive use change female preferences towards bad boys?
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
David D. Vachon · Donald R. Lynam · Sarah E. Schell · Nicole S.J. Dryburgh · Paul T. Costa · Paul T. Costa
Are survivalists malevolent
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Ericka Rutledge · Julie L. Crouch · David P. Valentiner · America L. Davila · Joel S. Milner · John J. Skowronski · John J. Skowronski
Revealing complex relations between personality and fitness: HEXACO personality traits, life-time reproductive success and the age at first birth
Personality and Individual Differences | 2018
Yael Sela · Michael N. Pham · Justin K. Mogilski · Guilherme S. Lopes · Todd K. Shackelford · Virgil Zeigler-Hill · Virgil Zeigler-Hill

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