Journal of the American Chemical Society
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Journal of the American Chemical Society
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J. Am. Chem. Soc.

Journal of the American Chemical Society
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Full Journal Title Journal Abbreviation
Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • J. Am. Chem. Soc.
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    Abbreviation of Journal of the American Chemical Society

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Journal of the American Chemical Society is J. Am. Chem. Soc. . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

    ISO4 Abbreviation of Journal of the American Chemical Society

    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Journal of the American Chemical Society should be cited as J. Am. Chem. Soc. for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Journal of the American Chemical Society is 
                                        J. Am. Chem. Soc.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society
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    Journal of the American Chemical Society | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    The Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), founded in 1879, is the flagship journal of the American Chemical Society and the world's preeminent journal in all of chemistry and interfacing areas of science. This periodical is devoted to the publication of fundamental research papers and publishes approximately 19,000 pages of Articles, Communications, and Perspectives a year. Published weekly, JACS provides research essential to the field of chemistry. The Journal of the American Chemical Society (also known as JACS) is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 1879 by the American Chemical Society. The journal has absorbed two other publications in its history, the Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry (July 1893) and the American Chemical Journal (January 1914). It publishes original research papers in all fields of chemistry. Since 2002, the journal is edited by Peter J. Stang (University of Utah). In 2014, the journal moved to a hybrid open access publishing model.

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    The ISSN of Journal of the American Chemical Society is 0002-7863 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

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    ISSN (Online)

    The ISSN (Online) of Journal of the American Chemical Society is 1520-5126 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    American Chemical Society

    Journal of the American Chemical Society is published by American Chemical Society .

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    Publication Frequency

    Journal of the American Chemical Society publishes reports Weekly .

    1879 - Present

    The Publication History of Journal of the American Chemical Society covers 1879 - Present .

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    Open Access

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    Publication Fee

    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Journal of the American Chemical Society. Journal of the American Chemical Society is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


    The language of Journal of the American Chemical Society is English .

    United States

    The publisher of Journal of the American Chemical Society is American Chemical Society , which locates in United States .

    Selected Articles

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    Full Title Authors
    Porosity Properties of the Conformers of Sodalite-like Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Bo Su · Taegyo Lee · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    Photoswitching of DNA Hybridization Using a Molecular Motor Marco Di Giovannantonio · José I. Urgel · Uliana Beser · Aliaksandr V. Yakutovich · Jan Wilhelm · Carlo A. Pignedoli · Pascal Ruffieux · Akimitsu Narita · Klaus Müllen · Roman Fasel · Roman Fasel · Roman Fasel
    Cellular Uptake of Gold Nanoparticles Triggered by Host–Guest Interactions D. Matthew Peacock · Quan Jiang · Patrick S. Hanley · Thomas R. Cundari · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    Supramolecular Assemblies for Transporting Proteins Across an Immiscible Solvent Interface Jingfang Zhang · Jieyu Liu · Lifei Xi · Yifu Yu · Ning Chen · Shuhui Sun · Weichao Wang · Kathrin M. Lange · Kathrin M. Lange · Bin Zhang · Bin Zhang
    Discovery of Unprecedented Hydrazine-Forming Machinery in Bacteria Alan R. Healy · Seth B. Herzon · Seth B. Herzon
    Site-Specific Incorporation of Selenocysteine Using an Expanded Genetic Code and Palladium-Mediated Chemical Deprotection Faizan Raza · DaBin Yim · Jung Hyun Park · Hye-In Kim · Su-Ji Jeon · Jong-Ho Kim · Jong-Ho Kim
    Simultaneous Opto- and Spectro-Electrochemistry – Reactions of Individual Nanoparticles Uncovered by Dark-Field Microscopy Björn Rahn · Olaf M. Magnussen · Olaf M. Magnussen
    Magnetically Bistable Nitrenes: Matrix Isolation of Furoylnitrenes in Both Singlet and Triplet States and Triplet 3-Furylnitrene Tomoyuki Kosai · Takeaki Iwamoto · Takeaki Iwamoto
    Tunable Thermosetting Epoxies Based on Fractionated and Well-Characterized Lignins Hendrik Göddeke · M. Hadi Timachi · Cedric Aj Hutter · Laura Galazzo · Markus A. Seeger · Mikko Karttunen · Enrica Bordignon · Lars V. Schäfer · Lars V. Schäfer
    Enhanced Photosensitized Hydrogen Production by Encapsulation of Ferrocenyl Dyes into Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Jin-Ke Bao · Jin-Ke Bao · Zhang-Tu Tang · Hee Joon Jung · Ji-Yong Liu · Yi Liu · Lin Li · Yuke Li · Zhu-An Xu · Zhu-An Xu · Chunmu Feng · Haijie Chen · Duck Young Chung · Vinayak P. Dravid · G.H. Cao · G.H. Cao · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Superbase-Catalyzed anti-Markovnikov Alcohol Addition Reactions to Aryl Alkenes Hai-Jun Zhang · Alexander W. Schuppe · Shi-Tao Pan · Jin-Xiang Chen · Bo-Ran Wang · Timothy R. Newhouse · Liang Yin · Liang Yin
    Supported Au Nanoparticles with N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands as Active and Stable Heterogeneous Catalysts for Lactonization Elvis Wang Hei Ng · Kam-Hung Low · Pauline Chiu · Pauline Chiu
    Catalyst-Directed Guidance of Sulfur-Substituted Enediolates to Stereoselective Carbon–Carbon Bond Formation with Aldehydes Tan Yan Bing · Tsuyoshi Kawai · Junpei Yuasa · Junpei Yuasa
    Detecting and Visualizing Reaction Intermediates of Anisotropic Nanoparticle Growth Anouk S. Lubbe · Qing Liu · Sanne J Smith · Jan Willem de Vries · Jos C. M. Kistemaker · Alex H. de Vries · Ignacio Faustino · Zhuojun Meng · Wiktor Szymanski · Andreas Herrmann · Ben L. Feringa · Ben L. Feringa
    Asymmetric Nanopore Electrode-Based Amplification for Electron Transfer Imaging in Live Cells Bridget A. Connor · Linn Leppert · Matthew D. Smith · Jeffrey B. Neaton · Jeffrey B. Neaton · Hemamala I. Karunadasa · Hemamala I. Karunadasa
    Nongenetic Approach for Imaging Protein Dimerization by Aptamer Recognition and Proximity-Induced DNA Assembly Jesús Mosquera · Malou Henriksen-Lacey · Isabel García · Miguel Martínez-Calvo · Jéssica Rodríguez · José L. Mascareñas · Luis M. Liz-Marzán · Luis M. Liz-Marzán · Luis M. Liz-Marzán
    In Situ Visualization of Assembly and Photonic Signal Processing in a Triplet Light-Harvesting Nanosystem Jingjing Gao · Bo Zhao · Meizhe Wang · Mahalia A. C. Serrano · Jiaming Zhuang · Moumita Ray · Vincent M. Rotello · Richard W. Vachet · S. Thayumanavan · S. Thayumanavan
    Precise Antibody-Independent m6A Identification via 4SedTTP-Involved and FTO-Assisted Strategy at Single-Nucleotide Resolution Claudio Gioia · Giada Lo Re · Martin Lawoko · Lars Berglund · Lars Berglund
    Formation and Diffusion of Subsurface Adsorbates at Electrodes Kunihiko Morihiro · Nicholas Ankenbruck · Bradley Lukasak · Alexander Deiters · Alexander Deiters
    Photosensitized Membrane Permeabilization Requires Contact-Dependent Reactions between Photosensitizer and Lipids Yueqi Li · Naomi L. Haworth · Limin Xiang · Simone Ciampi · Michelle L. Coote · Nongjian Tao · Nongjian Tao
    A General Strategy for Aliphatic C–H Functionalization Enabled by Organic Photoredox Catalysis Noritake Murakami · Hideaki Miyake · Tomoyuki Tajima · Kakeru Nishikawa · Ryutaro Hirayama · Yutaka Takaguchi · Yutaka Takaguchi
    N-Alkynylpyridinium Salts: Highly Electrophilic Alkyne–Pyridine Conjugates as Precursors of Cationic Nitrogen-Embedded Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Chaosheng Luo · Jeffrey S. Bandar · Jeffrey S. Bandar
    Strategies to Explore and Develop Reversible Redox Reactions of Li–S in Electrode Architectures Using Silver-Polyoxometalate Clusters Rong Ye · Aleksandr V. Zhukhovitskiy · Roman V. Kazantsev · Sirine C. Fakra · Brent B. Wickemeyer · F. Dean Toste · Gabor A. Somorjai · Gabor A. Somorjai
    Cu-Catalyzed Three-Component Carboamination of Alkenes Maria C. Arno · Maria Inam · Zachary Coe · Graeme Cambridge · Laura J. Macdougall · Robert Keogh · Andrew P. Dove · Rachel K. O’Reilly · Rachel K. O’Reilly
    Efficient Hydrogen Evolution on Cu Nanodots-Decorated Ni3S2 Nanotubes by Optimizing Atomic Hydrogen Adsorption and Desorption Chen Zhang · Yingfeng Xu · Ping Lu · Xiaohua Zhang · Fangfang Xu · Jianlin Shi · Jianlin Shi
    Modulation of Charge Recombination in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Films with Electrochemical Bias Yongwoo Kwon · Tae Yong Kim · Gihun Kwon · Jongheop Yi · Hyunjoo Lee · Hyunjoo Lee
    Rh(III)-Catalyzed Redox-Neutral Unsymmetrical C–H Alkylation and Amidation Reactions of N-Phenoxyacetamides Scott E. Crawford · Christopher M. Andolina · Derrick C. Kaseman · Bo Hyung Ryoo · Ashley M. Smith · Kathryn A. Johnston · Jill E. Millstone · Jill E. Millstone
    Energetics of van der Waals Adsorption on the Metal–Organic Framework NU-1000 with Zr6-oxo, Hydroxo, and Aqua Nodes Alexander Roloff · Andrea S. Carlini · Cassandra E. Callmann · Nathan C. Gianneschi · Nathan C. Gianneschi
    Kinetics and Mechanism of the Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Arylating Carbocyclization of Allenynes Adam M. Kabza · Brian E. Young · Jonathan T. Sczepanski · Jonathan T. Sczepanski
    Ligand-Directed Reactivity in Dioxygen and Water Binding to cis-[Pd(NHC)2(η2-O2)] Zhengxing Qin · Katie A. Cychosz · Georgian Melinte · Hussein El Siblani · Jean-Pierre Gilson · Matthias Thommes · Christian Fernandez · Svetlana Mintova · Ovidiu Ersen · Valentin Valtchev · Valentin Valtchev
    Layered Halide Double Perovskites: Dimensional Reduction of Cs2AgBiBr6 Shuming Chen · Yu Zheng · Tianjiao Cui · Eric Meggers · K. N. Houk · K. N. Houk
    Ligand-to-Ligand Interactions That Direct Formation of D2-Symmetrical Alternating Circular Helicate Hui Ma · Wei Ma · Jian-Fu Chen · Xiao-Yuan Liu · Yue-Yi Peng · Zhe-Yao Yang · He Tian · Yi-Tao Long · Yi-Tao Long
    Controlling Photochemistry via Isotopomers and IR Pre-excitation Carlo P. Ramil · Maoqing Dong · Peng An · Tracey M. Lewandowski · Zhipeng Yu · Zhipeng Yu · Laurence J. Miller · Qing Lin · Qing Lin
    Synthesis and Applications of Unquaternized C-Bound Boron Enolates Kun Lan · Yao Liu · Wei Zhang · Yong Liu · Ahmed A. Elzatahry · Ruicong Wang · Yongyao Xia · Dhaifallah Al-Dhayan · Nanfeng Zheng · Dongyuan Zhao · Dongyuan Zhao
    Surface-Engineered PtNi-O Nanostructure with Record-High Performance for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Tharushi A. Perera · Eric W. Reinheimer · Todd W. Hudnall · Todd W. Hudnall
    Phenylsulfinyl Radical: Gas-Phase Generation, Photoisomerization, and Oxidation Yunhe Jin · Lunyu Ou · Haijun Yang · Hua Fu · Hua Fu
    Discovery of an Antiperovskite Ferroelectric in [(CH3)3NH]3(MnBr3)(MnBr4) Yu-Xia Wang · Yinina Ma · Yisheng Chai · Wei Shi · Young Sun · Peng Cheng · Peng Cheng
    Hetero-oligomeric Amyloid Assembly and Mechanism: Prion Fragment PrP(106–126) Catalyzes the Islet Amyloid Polypeptide β-Hairpin Elise Malek-Adamian · Dale C. Guenther · Shigeo Matsuda · Saúl Martínez-Montero · Ivan Zlatev · Joel M. Harp · Mihai Burai Patrascu · Donald J. Foster · Johans Fakhoury · Lydia Perkins · Nicolas Moitessier · Rajar M. Manoharan · Nate Taneja · Anna Bisbe · Klaus Charisse · Martin Maier · Kallanthottathil G. Rajeev · Martin Egli · Muthiah Manoharan · Masad J. Damha · Masad J. Damha
    Field-Induced Antipolar–Polar Structural Transformation and Giant Electrostriction in Organic Crystal Frederick A. Rubino · Sujeet Kumar · Natividad Ruiz · Suzanne Walker · Daniel Kahne · Daniel Kahne
    Sterically Shielded, Stabilized Nitrile Imine for Rapid Bioorthogonal Protein Labeling in Live Cells Jie Gao · Jun Li · Wen-Chao Geng · Fang-Yuan Chen · Xingchen Duan · Zhe Zheng · Dan Ding · Dong-Sheng Guo · Dong-Sheng Guo
    Enantioselective, Lewis Base-Catalyzed Sulfenocyclization of Polyenes Jian Li · Wenhao Zhang · Fei Zhang · Yu Chen · Ang Li · Ang Li
    RNA Control by Photoreversible Acylation Matthew J. Harper · Matthew J. Harper · Christopher J. Arthur · John Crosby · Edward J. Emmett · Rosalyn L. Falconer · Andrew J. Fensham-Smith · Paul J. Gates · Thomas Leman · John E. McGrady · John F. Bower · Christopher A. Russell · Christopher A. Russell
    Degradation Chemistry and Stabilization of Exfoliated Few-Layer Black Phosphorus in Water Johannes Diesel · Anastasiia M. Finogenova · Nicolai Cramer · Nicolai Cramer
    Gold with +4 and +6 Oxidation States in AuF4 and AuF6 Elizabeth Elacqua · Kylie B. Manning · Diane S. Lye · Scott K. Pomarico · Federica Morgia · Marcus Weck · Marcus Weck
    Highly Selective and Sharp Volcano-type Synergistic [email protected] Hydrogen Evolution from Ammonia Borane Hydrolysis Caterina Barzan · Alessandro Piovano · Luca Braglia · Giorgia A. Martino · Carlo Lamberti · Silvia Bordiga · Elena Groppo · Elena Groppo
    Sequence and Surface Confinement Direct Cooperativity in Catalytic Precision Oligomers Lizhong He · Jinyun Yuan · Nan Xia · Lingwen Liao · Xu Liu · Zibao Gan · Chengming Wang · Jinlong Yang · Zhikun Wu · Zhikun Wu
    Putting Cocrystal Stoichiometry to Work: A Reactive Hydrogen-BondedSuperassemblyEnables Nanoscale Enlargement of a Metal–Organic Rhomboid via a Solid-State Photocycloaddition Vidya S. Shivatare · Sachin S. Shivatare · Chang-Chun David Lee · Chi-Hui Liang · Kuo-Shiang Liao · Yang-Yu Cheng · Gannerla Saidachary · Chung-Yi Wu · Nan-Horng Lin · Peter D. Kwong · Dennis R. Burton · Chi-Huey Wong · Chi-Huey Wong · Chi-Huey Wong
    Fluctuation in Interface and Electronic Structure of Single-Molecule Junctions Investigated by Current versus Bias Voltage Characteristics Hao Wang · Zibo Bai · Tangqian Jiao · Zhiqiang Deng · Hua‐Rong Tong · Gang He · Qian Peng · Gong Chen · Gong Chen · Gong Chen
    Doubly and Triply Charged Species Formed from Chlorobenzene Reveal Unusual C–Cl Multiple Bonding Yusuke Nakakuki · Takashi Hirose · Hikaru Sotome · Hiroshi Miyasaka · Kenji Matsuda · Kenji Matsuda
    Primary Transfer Step in the Light-Driven Ion Pump Bacteriorhodopsin: An Irreversible U-Turn Revealed by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-Enhanced Magic Angle Spinning NMR Kensuke Kobayashi · Sachio Horiuchi · Shoji Ishibashi · Youichi Murakami · Reiji Kumai · Reiji Kumai
    Role of Ligand-Driven Conformational Changes in Enzyme Catalysis: Modeling the Reactivity of the Catalytic Cage of Triosephosphate Isomerase Peng An · Tracey M. Lewandowski · Tuğçe G. Erbay · Peng Liu · Qing Lin · Qing Lin
    Laser-Induced Bipolar Electrochemistry—On-Demand Formation of Bipolar Electrodes in a Solid Polymer Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell Yingbo Zhao · Lei Guo · Felipe Gándara · Yanhang Ma · Zheng Liu · Chenhui Zhu · Hao Lyu · Christopher A. Trickett · Eugene A. Kapustin · Osamu Terasaki · Omar M. Yaghi · Omar M. Yaghi
    Spatial Isolation of Carbon and Silica in Single Janus Mesoporous Nanoparticle with Tunable Amphiphilicity Robert Pollice · Marek Bot · Ilia J. Kobylianskii · Ilya G. Shenderovich · Peter Chen · Peter Chen
    Enzymatic Assemblies Disrupt Membrane and Target Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) for Selective Cancer Cell Death Ross S. Firestone · Vern L. Schramm · Vern L. Schramm
    Uniform Ordered Two-Dimensional Mesoporous TiO2 Nanosheets from Hydrothermal-Induced Solvent-Confined Monomicelle Assembly Zhonglin Tao · Kevin A. Robb · Kuo Zhao · Scott E. Denmark · Scott E. Denmark
    Quantifying Visible-Light-Induced Electron Transfer Properties of Single Dye-Sensitized ZnO Entity for Water Splitting Willem A. Velema · Anna M. Kietrys · Eric T. Kool · Eric T. Kool
    On-Surface Synthesis of Indenofluorene Polymers by Oxidative Five-Membered Ring Formation Taiming Zhang · Yangyang Wan · Huanyu Xie · Yang Mu · Pingwu Du · Dong Wang · Xiaojun Wu · Hengxing Ji · Li-Jun Wan · Li-Jun Wan · Li-Jun Wan
    Arylketone π-Conjugation Controls Enantioselectivity in Asymmetric Alkynylations Catalyzed by Centrochiral Ruthenium Complexes Prakash Chandra · Alain M. Jonas · Antony E. Fernandes · Antony E. Fernandes
    Reductive Elimination from Phosphine-Ligated Alkylpalladium(II) Amido Complexes To Form sp3 Carbon–Nitrogen Bonds Qianli Chu · Andrew J. E. Duncan · Giannis S. Papaefstathiou · Tamara D. Hamilton · Manza B. J. Atkinson · S. V. Santhana Mariappan · Leonard R. MacGillivray · Leonard R. MacGillivray
    Single-Atom Au/NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Electrocatalyst: Probing the Origin of Activity for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Yuji Isshiki · Shintaro Fujii · Tomoaki Nishino · Manabu Kiguchi · Manabu Kiguchi
    Atomistic Mechanism of Large-Scale Conformational Transition in a Heterodimeric ABC Exporter Felipe Fantuzzi · Benedikt Rudek · Wania Wolff · Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento · Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento
    Unique [Mn6Bi5]− Nanowires in KMn6Bi5: A Quasi-One-Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Metal Qing Zhe Ni · Thach V. Can · Eugenio Daviso · Eugenio Daviso · Marina Belenky · Robert G. Griffin · Judith Herzfeld · Judith Herzfeld
    Copper-Catalyzed Vinylogous Aerobic Oxidation of Unsaturated Compounds with Air Yashraj S. Kulkarni · Qinghua Liao · Fabian Bylehn · Fabian Bylehn · Tina L. Amyes · John P. Richard · Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin · Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin
    Direct Room Temperature Welding and Chemical Protection of Silver Nanowire Thin Films for High Performance Transparent Conductors Kaushik Dey · Manas Pal · Kanhu Charan Rout · Shebeeb Kunjattu H · Anuja Das · Rabibrata Mukherjee · Ulhas K. Kharul · Rahul Banerjee · Rahul Banerjee
    Photoconductance from Exciton Binding in Molecular Junctions Zhenpin Lu · Henrik Quanz · Olaf Burghaus · Jonas David Hofmann · Christian Logemann · Sebastian Beeck · Peter R. Schreiner · Hermann A. Wegner · Hermann A. Wegner
    Radical Deuteration with D2O: Catalysis and Mechanistic Insights Aaron J. Boutland · Ashlea Carroll · Carlos Alvarez Lamsfus · Andreas Stasch · Laurent Maron · Cameron Jones · Cameron Jones
    Lipidated Peptide Dendrimers Killing Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria John J. Kiernicki · Matthias Zeller · Nathaniel K. Szymczak · Nathaniel K. Szymczak
    Magnesium Catalyzed Polymerization of End Functionalized Poly(propylene maleate) and Poly(propylene fumarate) for 3D Printing of Bioactive Scaffolds Judith P. Klinman · Adam R. Offenbacher · Shenshen Hu · Shenshen Hu
    Pd-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation Reactions: Strategies To Increase Catalyst Lifetimes Qi-Sheng Liu · De-Yin Wang · Zhi-Jun Yang · Yu-Xin Luan · Jin-Fei Yang · Jiang-Fei Li · You-Ge Pu · Mengchun Ye · Mengchun Ye
    Acid-Assisted Exfoliation toward Metallic Sub-nanopore TaS2 Monolayer with High Volumetric Capacitance Wang Bo · Liu Yunpeng · Jiao Rui · Feng Yiqing · Li Qiong · Chen Chen · Liu Long · He Gang · Chen Gong · Chen Gong
    Rim-Differentiated C5-Symmetric Tiara-Pillar[5]arenes Yuan-Yuan Tang · Peng-Fei Li · Wan-Ying Zhang · Heng-Yun Ye · Yu-Meng You · Ren-Gen Xiong · Ren-Gen Xiong
    Direct Observation of Carbohydrate Hydroxyl Protons in Hydrogen Bonds with a Protein Yuno Lee · Dave Thirumalai · Changbong Hyeon · Changbong Hyeon
    Preparation of Quaternary Centers via Nickel-Catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling of Tertiary Sulfones Harekrushna Behera · Nandita Madhavan · Nandita Madhavan
    Quadruple H-Bonding Cross-Linked Supramolecular Polymeric Materials as Substrates for Stretchable, Antitearing, and Self-Healable Thin Film Electrodes Guocan Li · Matthew D. Brady · Gerald J. Meyer · Gerald J. Meyer
    Orbitally Matched Edge-Doping in Graphene Nanoribbons Weijun Ke · Pragya Priyanka · Sureshraju Vegiraju · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Ioannis Spanopoulos · Chan Myae Myae Soe · Tobin J. Marks · Ming Chou Chen · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Possible Existence of α-Sheets in the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by a TTR105–115 Mutant Bogdan Barz · Qinghua Liao · Birgit Strodel · Birgit Strodel
    An Organometallic Cu20 Nanocluster: Synthesis, Characterization, Immobilization on Silica, andClickChemistry Adam J. Proud · Brendan J. H. Sheppard · Jason K. Pearson · Jason K. Pearson
    Synthesis of Enantioenriched Allylic Silanes via Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Cross-Coupling Allyson M. Freedy · Maria João Matos · Omar Boutureira · Francisco Corzana · Ana Guerreiro · Padma Akkapeddi · Víctor J. Somovilla · Tiago Rodrigues · Karl Nicholls · Bangwen Xie · Gonzalo Jiménez-Osés · Kevin M. Brindle · Andre Tiago-Marques Neves · Gonçalo J. L. Bernardes · Gonçalo J. L. Bernardes
    X-Shaped Oligomeric Pyromellitimide Polyradicals Megan N. Jackson · Seokjoon Oh · Corey J. Kaminsky · Sterling B. Chu · Guanghui Zhang · Jeffrey T. Miller · Yogesh Surendranath · Yogesh Surendranath
    Achieving High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Polycrystalline SnSe via Introducing Sn Vacancies Mohammad Rafiee · Fei Wang · Damian P. Hruszkewycz · Shannon S. Stahl · Shannon S. Stahl
    Dopant-Free Tetrakis-Triphenylamine Hole Transporting Material for Efficient Tin-Based Perovskite Solar Cells James A. Dawson · Pieremanuele Canepa · Theodosios Famprikis · Christian Masquelier · M. Saiful Islam · M. Saiful Islam
    Pathways of Amyloid-β Aggregation Depend on Oligomer Shape Daniela Hofmann · Loïc Salmon · Gerhard Wider · Gerhard Wider
    Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of Propargyl Amides through Rh-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydroalkynylation of Enamides: Scope, Mechanism and Origin of Selectivity Andrew Proudfoot · Dirksen E. Bussiere · Andreas Lingel · Andreas Lingel
    Revealing Electron–Electron Interactions within Lewis Pairs in Chemical Systems Yonggang Zhen · Kento Inoue · Z. H. Wang · Tetsuro Kusamoto · Koji Nakabayashi · Shin-ichi Ohkoshi · Wenping Hu · Yunlong Guo · Koji Harano · Eiichi Nakamura · Eiichi Nakamura
    Strong Electronic Coupling of Molecular Sites to Graphitic Electrodes via Pyrazine Conjugation Daiki Kashiwagi · Seunghyun Sim · Tatsuya Niwa · Hideki Taguchi · Takuzo Aida · Takuzo Aida
    N-Hydroxyphthalimide-Mediated Electrochemical Iodination of Methylarenes and Comparison to Electron-Transfer-Initiated C–H Functionalization Aaron R. Navratil · Mikhail S. Shchepinov · Edward A. Dennis · Edward A. Dennis
    Tuning the Swing Effect by Chemical Functionalization of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Tianhan Kai · Min Zhou · Zhiyao Duan · Graeme Henkelman · Allen J. Bard · Allen J. Bard
    Interfacial Synthesis of Highly Stable CsPbX3/Oxide Janus Nanoparticles Tiancong Ma · Yi Hou · Jianfeng Zeng · Chunyan Liu · Peisen Zhang · Lihong Jing · Dihua Shangguan · Mingyuan Gao · Mingyuan Gao
    Pourbaix Diagram, Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer, and Decay Kinetics of a Protein Tryptophan Radical: Comparing the Redox Properties of W32• and Y32• Generated Inside the Structurally Characterized α3W and α3Y Proteins Alan Deng · Steven G. Boxer · Steven G. Boxer
    Atomic-Scale Influence of Grain Boundaries on Li-ion Conduction in Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries Dong Luo · Xue-Zhi Wang · Chen Yang · Xiao-Ping Zhou · Dan Li · Dan Li
    Activity of Tumor Necrosis Factor α Is Modulated by Dynamic Conformational Rearrangements Bowen Huang · Gilles Frapper · Gilles Frapper
    Acid-Responsive Conductive Nanofiber of Tetrabenzoporphyrin Made by Solution Processing Shuxing Bai · Qi Shao · Pengtang Wang · Qiguang Dai · Xingyi Wang · Xiaoqing Huang · Xiaoqing Huang
    Surface Single-Cluster Catalyst for N2-to-NH3 Thermal Conversion Minjie Guo · Xuemei Wang · Caihong Zhan · Paul Demay-Drouhard · Wenjiao Li · Ke Du · Mark A. Olson · Han Zuilhof · Andrew C.-H. Sue · Andrew C.-H. Sue
    Bidentate Ligand-Passivated CsPbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystals for Stable Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield and Efficient Red Light-Emitting Diodes James A. Wilson · Derek Luong · Alex Kleinfehn · Sahar Sallam · Chrys Wesdemiotis · Matthew L. Becker · Matthew L. Becker
    Helically Locked Tethered Twistacenes Yukiko Nagai · Yusuke Tsutsumi · Naotoshi Nakashima · Tsuyohiko Fujigaya · Tsuyohiko Fujigaya
    Reversible Twisting of Primary Amides via Ground State N–C(O) Destabilization: Highly Twisted Rotationally Inverted Acyclic Amides Prem Lama · Leonard J. Barbour · Leonard J. Barbour
    Toward Direct Protein S-Persulfidation: A Prodrug Approach That Directly Delivers Hydrogen Persulfide Mina C. Nakhla · John L. Wood · John L. Wood
    The Key RuV=O Intermediate of Site-Isolated Mononuclear Water Oxidation Catalyst Detected by in Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Pritam Ganguly · Pablo Boserman · Nico F. A. van der Vegt · Joan-Emma Shea · Joan-Emma Shea
    Electrocatalytic Reduction of Dioxygen to Hydrogen Peroxide by a Molecular Manganese Complex with a Bipyridine-Containing Schiff Base Ligand Zhichao Lu · Xiaojun Zeng · Gerald B. Hammond · Bo Xu · Bo Xu
    1H NMR Spectroscopy of [FeFe] Hydrogenase: Insight into the Electronic Structure of the Active Site Andrew T. Brusoe · Konstantin Troshin · Justin Y. Wang · Marc Font · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    Titanium-Oxide Host Clusters with Exchangeable Guests Barry M. Trost · Elumalai Gnanamani · Jacob S. Tracy · Christopher A. Kalnmals · Christopher A. Kalnmals
    mRNA-Initiated, Three-Dimensional DNA Amplifier Able to Function inside Living Cells Rose C. Hadley · Derek M. Gagnon · Megan Brunjes Brophy · Yu Gu · Toshiki G. Nakashige · R. David Britt · Elizabeth M. Nolan · Elizabeth M. Nolan
    Chiral Coalition in Helical Sense Enhancement of Copolymers: the Role of the Absolute Configuration of Comonomers Hiroyuki Asakura · Saburo Hosokawa · Toshiaki Ina · Kazuo Kato · Kiyofumi Nitta · Kei Uera · Tomoya Uruga · Hiroki Miura · Tetsuya Shishido · Junya Ohyama · Atsushi Satsuma · Katsutoshi Sato · Akira Yamamoto · Satoshi Hinokuma · Hiroshi Yoshida · Masato Machida · Seiji Yamazoe · Tatsuya Tsukuda · Kentaro Teramura · Tsunehiro Tanaka · Tsunehiro Tanaka
    Singlet Fission Involves an Interplay between Energetic Driving Force and Electronic Coupling in Perylenediimide Films Samuel E. Dalton · Lars Dittus · Daniel A. Thomas · Joao Nunes · Jacob T. Bush · John P. Evans · Thilo Werner · Marcus Bantscheff · John A. Murphy · Sebastien Andre Campos · Sebastien Andre Campos
    Programmable Payload Release from Transient Polymer Microcapsules Triggered by a Specific Ion Coactivation Effect Daichi Kato · Kenta Hongo · Ryo Maezono · Masanobu Higashi · Hironobu Kunioku · Masayoshi Yabuuchi · Hajime Suzuki · Hiroyuki Okajima · Chengchao Zhong · Kousuke Nakano · Ryu Abe · Hiroshi Kageyama · Hiroshi Kageyama
    Trimethylamine N-oxide Counteracts Urea Denaturation by Inhibiting Protein–Urea Preferential Interaction Masaya Matsuki · Teppei Yamada · Nobuhiro Yasuda · Shun Dekura · Hiroshi Kitagawa · Nobuo Kimizuka · Nobuo Kimizuka
    Mechanism of the Ullmann Biaryl Ether Synthesis Catalyzed by Complexes of Anionic Ligands. Evidence for the Reaction of Iodoarenes With Ligated Anionic CuI Intermediates Torben Sick · Alexander G. Hufnagel · Jonathan Kampmann · Ilina Kondofersky · Mona Calik · Julian M. Rotter · Austin Evans · Markus Döblinger · Simon A. Herbert · Kristina Peters · Daniel Böhm · Paul Knochel · Dana D. Medina · Dina Fattakhova-Rohlfing · Thomas Bein · Thomas Bein
    Biochemical and Spectroscopic Observation of Mn(II) Sequestration from Bacterial Mn(II) Transport Machinery by Calprotectin Dhananjay M. Bhandari · Dmytro Fedoseyenko · Tadhg P. Begley · Tadhg P. Begley
    Dynamic Behavior of Rh Species in Rh/Al2O3 Model Catalyst during Three-Way Catalytic Reaction: An Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study Karthik Nadendla · Simon H. Friedman · Simon H. Friedman
    Selectively Targeting the Kinome-Conserved Lysine of PI3Kδ as a General Approach to Covalent Kinase Inhibition Ping Yuan · J Nielsen Robert · Goddard William A. · Goddard William A.
    Ferroelectricity and Piezoelectricity in Free-Standing Polycrystalline Films of Plastic Crystals Bin Zhang · P. J. Baker · Yan Zhang · Dongwei Wang · Zhe-Ming Wang · Shaokui Su · Daoben Zhu · Francis L. Pratt · Francis L. Pratt
    Exploration of Crystallization Kinetics in Quasi Two-Dimensional Perovskite and High Performance Solar Cells Lauren M. Loftus · Ao Li · Kathlyn L. Fillman · Philip D. Martin · Jeremy J. Kodanko · Claudia Turro · Claudia Turro
    Nonpolar-to-Polar Phase Transition of a Chiral Ionic Plastic Crystal and Switch of the Rotation Symmetry Julian Böhnke · Holger Braunschweig · J. Oscar C. Jiménez-Halla · Ivo Krummenacher · Tom E. Stennett · Tom E. Stennett
    NFGAIL Amyloid Oligomers: The Onset of Beta-Sheet Formation and the Mechanism for Fibril Formation Patrice Batamack · Thomas Mathew · G. K. Surya Prakash · G. K. Surya Prakash
    Cobalt and Vanadium Trimetaphosphate Polyanions: Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Evaluation for Non-aqueous Redox-Flow Battery Applications Colin W. Anson · Shannon S. Stahl · Shannon S. Stahl
    Mechanistic Studies on Tryptophan Lyase (NosL): Identification of Cyanide as a Reaction Product Renee W. Y. Man · Michael W. A. MacLean · Olena V. Zenkina · Matthew Zamora · Lisa N. Saunders · Alexander Rousina-Webb · Masakazu Nambo · Cathleen M. Crudden · Cathleen M. Crudden
    Quantum Spin Liquid from a Three-Dimensional Copper-Oxalate Framework Zhoutong Sun · Lian Wu · Marco Bocola · H. C. Stephen Chan · Richard Lonsdale · Xu-Dong Kong · Shuguang Yuan · Jiahai Zhou · Manfred T. Reetz · Manfred T. Reetz · Manfred T. Reetz
    Half-Sandwich Complexes of an Extremely Electron-Donating, Redox-Active η6-Diborabenzene Ligand Pengfei Ji · Yang Song · Tasha L. Drake · Samuel S. Veroneau · Zekai Lin · Xiandao Pan · Wenbin Lin · Wenbin Lin
    Interfacial Deposition of Ru(II) Bipyridine-Dicarboxylate Complexes by Ligand Substitution for Applications in Water Oxidation Catalysis Alessandro Piai · Jyoti Dev · Qingshan Fu · James J. Chou · James J. Chou
    Structural and Computational Insight into the Catalytic Mechanism of Limonene Epoxide Hydrolase Mutants in Stereoselective Transformations Jianfeng Zhou · Bingqian Xu · Yonatan Dubi · Yonatan Dubi
    Direct Asymmetric Ruthenium-Catalyzed Reductive Amination of Alkyl–Aryl Ketones with Ammonia and Hydrogen Veerle Van Meervelt · Misha Soskine · Shubham Singh · Gea K. Schuurman-Wolters · Hein J. Wijma · Bert Poolman · Giovanni Maglia · Giovanni Maglia
    Dendrite-Free Li-Metal Battery Enabled by a Thin Asymmetric Solid Electrolyte with Engineered Layers Yang Liu · Maixian Liu · Mark T. Swihart · Mark T. Swihart
    Titanium(III)-Oxo Clusters in a Metal–Organic Framework Support Single-Site Co(II)-Hydride Catalysts for Arene Hydrogenation Xue-Lu Ma · Jin-Cheng Liu · Hai Xiao · Jun Li · Jun Li
    All-Fullerene-Based Cells for Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries Guitao Feng · Junyu Li · Fallon J. M. Colberts · Mengmeng Li · Jianqi Zhang · Fan Yang · Yingzhi Jin · Fengling Zhang · René A. J. Janssen · Cheng Li · Weiwei Li · Weiwei Li
    Oxidation States, Stability, and Reactivity of Organoferrate Complexes Yasunori Minami · Yuta Noguchi · Tamejiro Hiyama · Tamejiro Hiyama
    Determining the structural and energetic basis of allostery in a de novo designed metalloprotein assembly Fangyu Fu · Changlong Wang · Changlong Wang · Qi Wang · Angel M. Martinez-Villacorta · Ane Escobar · Hanbao Chong · Xin Wang · Sergio Moya · Lionel Salmon · Eric Fouquet · Jaime Ruiz · Didier Astruc · Didier Astruc
    Lipidomics Reveals Dramatic Physiological Kinetic Isotope Effects during the Enzymatic Oxygenation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Ex Vivo Hyunbum Kim · Kwangsoo Shin · Ok Kyu Park · Daheui Choi · Hwan D. Kim · Seungmin Baik · Soo Hong Lee · Seung Hae Kwon · Kevin J. Yarema · Jinkee Hong · Taeghwan Hyeon · Nathaniel S. Hwang · Nathaniel S. Hwang
    Redox-Neutral Photocatalytic Cyclopropanation via Radical/Polar Crossover Sandip Kumar Das · Satyajit Roy · Hillol Khatua · Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay · Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay
    Total synthesis of isodihydrokoumine, (19Z)-taberpsychine, and (4R)-isodihydroukoumine N4-oxide Runchen Lai · Chaodan Pu · Xiaogang Peng · Xiaogang Peng
    Electronic and Steric Tuning of Catalytic H2 Evolution by Cobalt Complexes with Pentadentate Polypyridyl-Amine Ligands Xu Liu · Jiaxu Zhang · Li Yang · William L. Hase · William L. Hase
    Total Syntheses of Thailanstatins A–C, Spliceostatin D, and Analogues Thereof. Stereodivergent Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Dihydro- and Tetrahydropyrans and Design, Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Discovery of Potent Antitumor Agents Chongjian Zhou · Yong Kyu Lee · Joonil Cha · Byeongjun Yoo · Sung-Pyo Cho · Taeghwan Hyeon · In Chung · In Chung
    Micro- and Nanomotors as Active Environmental Microcleaners and Sensors Kailong Wu · Kailong Wu · Tao Zhang · Zian Wang · Lian Wang · Lisi Zhan · Shaolong Gong · Cheng Zhong · Zheng-Hong Lu · Song Zhang · Chuluo Yang · Chuluo Yang · Chuluo Yang
    Simplest MOF Units for Effective Photodriven Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Saiful M. Islam · Lintao Peng · Li Zeng · Christos D. Malliakas · Duck Young Chung · D. Bruce Buchholz · Thomas C. Chasapis · Ran Li · K. Chrissafis · Julia E. Medvedeva · Giancarlo Trimarchi · M. Grayson · Tobin J. Marks · Michael J. Bedzyk · R. P. H. Chang · Vinayak P. Dravid · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Structural and Computational Bases for Dramatic Skeletal Rearrangement in Anditomin Biosynthesis Yiding Chen · Philip R. D. Murray · Alyn T. Davies · Michael C. Willis · Michael C. Willis
    Remarkable Acid Catalysis in Proton-Coupled Electron-Transfer Reactions of a Chromium(III)-Superoxo Complex María Tejeda-Serrano · Marta Mon · Bethany Ross · Francisco Gonell · Jesús Ferrando-Soria · Avelino Corma · Antonio Leyva-Pérez · Donatella Armentano · Emilio Pardo · Emilio Pardo
    Second-Sphere Effects on Methane Hydroxylation in Cu-Zeolites Wei Zhang · Peter M. Waddell · Margaret A. Tiedemann · Christian E. Padilla · Jiajun Mei · Liye Chen · Brad P. Carrow · Brad P. Carrow
    Ir-Catalyzed Intramolecular Transannulation/C(sp2)–H Amination of 1,2,3,4-Tetrazoles by Electrocyclization Aruni P. K. K. Karunanayake Mudiyanselage · Qikun Yu · Mark A. Leon-Duque · Bin Zhao · Rigumula Wu · Mingxu You · Mingxu You
    Metal-Coordination-Induced Fusion Creates Hollow Crystalline Molecular Superstructures Caiyun Geng · Jilai Li · Jilai Li · Thomas Weiske · Helmut Schwarz · Helmut Schwarz
    On-Surface Reactions in the Growth of High-Quality CdSe Nanocrystals in Nonpolar Solutions Vu T. Nguyen · Hang T. Dang · Hoang H. Pham · Viet Nguyen · Carsten Flores-Hansen · Hadi D. Arman · Oleg V. Larionov · Oleg V. Larionov
    How a Solvent Molecule Affects Competing Elimination and Substitution Dynamics. Insight into Mechanism Evolution with Increased Solvation Joseph A. Izzo · Pernille H. Poulsen · Jeremy A. Intrator · Karl Anker Jørgensen · Mathew J. Vetticatt · Mathew J. Vetticatt
    Defect Engineering for High-Performance n-Type PbSe Thermoelectrics Indranil Dutta · Sudhir Yadav · Abir Sarbajna · Subhabrata De · Markus Hölscher · Walter Leitner · Walter Leitner · Jitendra K. Bera · Jitendra K. Bera
    De Novo Design of Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Emitters via a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Channel Andrea Testa · Xavier Lucas · Guilherme V. Castro · Kwok-Ho Chan · Jane E. Wright · Andrew C. Runcie · Morgan Stuart Gadd · William T. A. Harrison · Eun-Jung Ko · Daniel Fletcher · Alessio Ciulli · Alessio Ciulli
    Multistates and Polyamorphism in Phase-Change K2Sb8Se13 Xi Liu · Xi Liu · Chaohong Zhang · Chunhui Duan · Mengmeng Li · Zhicheng Hu · Jing Wang · Feng Liu · Ning Li · Christoph J. Brabec · René A. J. Janssen · Guillermo C. Bazan · Fei Huang · Yong Cao · Yong Cao
    Direct Copper-Catalyzed Three-Component Synthesis of Sulfonamides Baihua Ye · Jie Zhao · Ke Zhao · Jeffrey Mckenna · F. Dean Toste · F. Dean Toste
    Isolated Fe(III)–O Sites Catalyze the Hydrogenation of Acetylene in Ethylene Flows under Front-End Industrial Conditions Yuya Tanaka · Yuya Kato · Tomofumi Tada · Shintaro Fujii · Manabu Kiguchi · Munetaka Akita · Munetaka Akita
    Electron-Rich Metal Cations Enable Synthesis of High Molecular Weight, Linear Functional Polyethylenes Thomas C. Malig · Diana Yu · Jason E. Hein · Jason E. Hein
    Genetically Encoded Catalytic Hairpin Assembly for Sensitive RNA Imaging in Live Cells Alan Kwun-Wa Chan · Maggie Ng · Kam-Hung Low · Vivian Wing-Wah Yam · Vivian Wing-Wah Yam
    Thermal O–H Bond Activation of Water as Mediated by Heteronuclear [Al2Mg2O5]•+: Evidence for Oxygen-Atom Scrambling Daiana A. Capdevila · Katherine A. Edmonds · Gregory C. Campanello · Hongwei Wu · Giovanni Gonzalez-Gutierrez · David P. Giedroc · David P. Giedroc
    Highly Regio- and Stereoselective Catalytic Synthesis of Conjugated Dienes and Polyenes Ken-Ichi Otake · Yuexing Cui · Cassandra T. Buru · Zhanyong Li · Joseph T. Hupp · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha
    Isotope Effects Reveal an Alternative Mechanism forIminium-IonCatalysis Angelica Mariani · David A. Russell · Thomas Javelle · John D. Sutherland · John D. Sutherland
    Double Dehydrogenation of Primary Amines to Nitriles by a Ruthenium Complex Featuring Pyrazole Functionality Zhichang Liu · Marco Frasconi · Wei Guang Liu · Yu Zhang · Scott M. Dyar · Dengke Shen · Amy A. Sarjeant · William A. Goddard · Michael R. Wasielewski · J. Fraser Stoddart · J. Fraser Stoddart
    3-Fluoro-4-hydroxyprolines: Synthesis, conformational analysis and stereoselective recognition by the VHL E3 ubiquitin ligase for targeted protein degradation Hendrik Frisch · Jan P. Menzel · Fabian R. Bloesser · David E. Marschner · David E. Marschner · Kai Mundsinger · Christopher Barner-Kowollik · Christopher Barner-Kowollik · Christopher Barner-Kowollik
    Morphology Optimization via Side Chain Engineering Enables All-Polymer Solar Cells with Excellent Fill Factor and Stability Cory M. Weinstein · Glen P. Junor · Daniel R. Tolentino · Rodolphe Jazzar · Mohand Melaimi · Guy Bertrand · Guy Bertrand
    Chiral Diaryliodonium Phosphate Enables Light Driven Diastereoselective α-C(sp3)–H Acetalization Evan A. Doud · Michael S. Inkpen · Giacomo Lovat · Enrique Montes · Daniel W. Paley · Michael L. Steigerwald · Héctor Vázquez · Latha Venkataraman · Xavier Roy · Xavier Roy
    Dopingof Polyyne with An Organometallic Fragment Leads to Highly Conductive Metallapolyyne Molecular Wire Mayukh Bhadra · Jung Yoon C. Lee · Ryan E. Cowley · Sunghee Kim · Maxime A. Siegler · Edward I. Solomon · Kenneth D. Karlin · Kenneth D. Karlin
    Direct Assessment of Nanoconfined Water in 2D Ti3C2 Electrode Interspaces by a Surface Acoustic Technique Maria Chiara di Gregorio · Priyadarshi Ranjan · Lothar Houben · Linda J. W. Shimon · Katya Rechav · M. Lahav · Milko E. van der Boom · Milko E. van der Boom
    Pore-forming monopeptides as exceptionally active anion channels Benjamin E. R. Snyder · Pieter Vanelderen · Pieter Vanelderen · Robert A. Schoonheydt · Bert F. Sels · Edward I. Solomon · Edward I. Solomon
    Versatile Control of Directed Supramolecular Assembly via Subtle Changes of the Rhodium(I) Pincer Building Blocks Sebastian Reiter · Daniel Keefer · Regina de Vivie-Riedle · Regina de Vivie-Riedle
    Palladium-Catalyzed Regiocontrollable Reductive Heck Reaction of Unactivated Aliphatic Alkenes Tarali Devi · Yong-Min Lee · Wonwoo Nam · Wonwoo Nam · Shunichi Fukuzumi · Shunichi Fukuzumi · Shunichi Fukuzumi
    Nanostructured Materials via the Pendant Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Crystalline Random Copolymers Shuxing Bai · Lingzheng Bu · Qi Shao · Xing Zhu · Xiaoqing Huang · Xiaoqing Huang
    Exploring the Role of the Third Active Site Metal Ion in DNA Polymerase η with QM/MM Free Energy Simulations Hao Jiang · Jiangtao Jia · Aleksander Shkurenko · Zhijie Chen · Karim Adil · Youssef Belmabkhout · Lukasz Weselinski · Ayalew H. Assen · Dong-Xu Xue · Michael O’Keeffe · Mohamed Eddaoudi · Mohamed Eddaoudi
    Selective in Situ Assembly of Viral Protein onto DNA Origami Paola Estrada · Maho Morita · Yue Hao · Eric W. Schmidt · Satish K. Nair · Satish K. Nair
    Hydride-Doped Gold Superatom (Au9H)2+: Synthesis, Structure, and Transformation Carolyn N. Valdez · Murielle F. Delley · James M. Mayer · James M. Mayer
    A Vinylogous Photocleavage Strategy Allows Direct Photocaging of Backbone Amide Structure Xiaoxi Huang · Alexander J. Shumski · Christina W. Li · Christina W. Li
    Controllable Supramolecular Chiral Twisted Nanoribbons from Achiral Conjugated Oligoaniline Derivatives Joseph K. Swabeck · Joseph K. Swabeck · Stefan Fischer · Stefan Fischer · Noah D. Bronstein · Noah D. Bronstein · A. Paul Alivisatos · A. Paul Alivisatos
    Abrupt Europium Valence Change in Eu2Pt6Al15 around 45 K Daniele Mazzarella · Giacomo E. M. Crisenza · Paolo Melchiorre · Paolo Melchiorre
    Rotating Catalysts Are Superior – Suppressing Product Inhibition by Anchimeric Assistance in Four-Component Catalytic Machinery K. C. Nicolaou · Ruofan Li · Zhaoyong Lu · Emmanuel N. Pitsinos · Lawrence B. Alemany · Lawrence B. Alemany
    Radical Cascade-Triggered Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization of Macrocyclic Monomers Solomon D. Appavoo · Takuya Kaji · John R. Frost · Conor C. G. Scully · Andrei K. Yudin · Andrei K. Yudin
    Protein Labeling via a Specific Lysine-Isopeptide Bond Using the Pilin Polymerizing Sortase from Corynebacterium diphtheriae Yahong Chen · Guoliang Ke · Yanli Ma · Zhi Zhu · Minghui Liu · Yan Liu · Hao Yan · Chaoyong James Yang · Chaoyong James Yang · Chaoyong James Yang
    Multicomponent Pt-Based Zigzag Nanowires as Selectivity Controllers for Selective Hydrogenation Reactions Lauren R. Holloway · Paul M. Bogie · Yana Lyon · Courtney Ngai · Tabitha F. Miller · Ryan R. Julian · Richard J. Hooley · Richard J. Hooley
    Enriching the Reticular Chemistry Repertoire: Merged Nets Approach for the Rational Design of Intricate Mixed-Linker Metal–Organic Framework Platforms Jin-Dong Yang · Pengju Ji · Xiao-Song Xue · Jin-Pei Cheng · Jin-Pei Cheng · Jin-Pei Cheng
    A Single Amino Acid Switch Alters the Isoprene Donor Specificity in Ribosomally Synthesized and Post-Translationally Modified Peptide Prenyltransferases Cyril Charlier · Joseph M. Courtney · T. Reid Alderson · Philip A. Anfinrud · Ad Bax · Ad Bax
    Cation Effects on the Reduction of Colloidal ZnO Nanocrystals Tomohiro Nagai · Asahi Takiguchi · Masayuki Ueda · Kazuma Oda · Satoru Hiroto · Hiroshi Shinokubo · Hiroshi Shinokubo
    Systematic Control of Redox Properties and Oxygen Reduction Reactivity through Colloidal Ligand-Exchange Deposition of Pd on Au Hongsuk Kang · Hongsuk Kang · Zaixing Yang · Ruhong Zhou · Ruhong Zhou · Ruhong Zhou
    Broadband Sensitization of Lanthanide Emission with Indium Phosphide Quantum Dots for Visible to Near-Infrared Downshifting Mirko Mikolasek · Maria D. Manrique-Juarez · Helena J. Shepherd · Karl Ridier · Sylvain Rat · Victoria Shalabaeva · Alin-Ciprian Bas · Ines E. Collings · Fabrice Mathieu · Jean Cacheux · Thierry Leïchlé · Liviu Nicu · William Nicolazzi · Lionel Salmon · Gábor Molnár · Azzedine Bousseksou · Azzedine Bousseksou
    Asymmetric Photocatalytic C–H Functionalization of Toluene and Derivatives Gregory Isaac Peterson · Ki-Taek Bang · Tae-Lim Choi · Tae-Lim Choi
    Total Synthesis and Full Structural Assignment of Namenamicin Chengdong Wang · Guanlin Xiao · Tao Guo · Yalan Ding · Xiaojin Wu · Teck-Peng Loh · Teck-Peng Loh · Teck-Peng Loh
    Development of Endocyclic Control Elements for Peptide Macrocycles Changliang Ren · Fei Zeng · Jie Shen · Feng Chen · Arundhati Roy · Shaoyuan Zhou · Haisheng Ren · Huaqiang Zeng · Huaqiang Zeng
    A Synthetic Light-Driven Substrate Channeling System for Precise Regulation of Enzyme Cascade Activity Based on DNA Origami James P. Phelan · Simon B. Lang · Jordan S. Compton · Christopher B. Kelly · Ryan Dykstra · Osvaldo Gutierrez · Gary A. Molander · Gary A. Molander
    Tandem Reactivity of a Self-Assembled Cage Catalyst with Endohedral Acid Groups Netanel Shpigel · Mikhael D. Levi · Sergey Sigalov · Tyler S. Mathis · Yury Gogotsi · Doron Aurbach · Doron Aurbach
    Recent Advances and Advisable Applications of Bond Energetics in Organic Chemistry Jeff Kerkovius · Michael A. Kerr · Michael A. Kerr
    Monitoring 15N Chemical Shifts During Protein Folding by Pressure-Jump NMR Ping Wang · Guangchao Liang · M. Ramana Reddy · Melissa Long · Kandria Driskill · Christian Lyons · Bruno Donnadieu · John C. Bollinger · Charles Edwin Webster · Xuan Zhao · Xuan Zhao
    X-Shaped Cyclobutane-Linked Tetraporphyrins through a Thermal [2+2] Cycloaddition of Etheno-Fused Diporphyrins K. C. Nicolaou · Derek Rhoades · S. Mothish Kumar · S. Mothish Kumar
    Lanosterol Disrupts Aggregation of Human γD-Crystallin by Binding to the Hydrophobic Dimerization Interface Jemish Parmar · Diana Vilela · Katherine Villa · Joseph Wang · Samuel Sanchez · Samuel Sanchez
    Complete Set of Elastic Moduli of a Spin-Crossover Solid: Spin-State Dependence and Mechanical Actuation Ting Liao · Liangzhi Kou · Aijun Du · YuanTong Gu · Ziqi Sun · Ziqi Sun
    Mechanochemical Degradation of Denpols: Synthesis and Ultrasound-Induced Chain Scission of Polyphenylene-Based Dendronized Polymers Yu Nakashima · Takaaki Mitsuhashi · Yudai Matsuda · Yudai Matsuda · Miki Senda · Hajime Sato · Mami Yamazaki · Masanobu Uchiyama · Toshiya Senda · Toshiya Senda · Ikuro Abe · Ikuro Abe
    A Revised Mechanism for the Kinugasa Reaction Mikayla A. Yoder · Zheng Yan · Mengdi Han · John A. Rogers · John A. Rogers · Ralph G. Nuzzo · Ralph G. Nuzzo · Ralph G. Nuzzo
    Functional Role of Solvent Entropy and Conformational Entropy of Metal Binding in a Dynamically Driven Allosteric System Liang Yue · Shan Wang · Sivan Lilienthal · Verena Wulf · Françoise Remacle · R. D. Levine · Itamar Willner · Itamar Willner
    Hexa-peri-hexabenzo[7]helicene: Homogeneously π-Extended Helicene as a Primary Substructure of Helically Twisted Chiral Graphenes Wenhao Zhang · Ming Ding · Jian Li · Zhicong Guo · Ming Lu · Yu Chen · Lianchao Liu · Yun-Heng Shen · Ang Li · Ang Li
    Dearomative Cascade Photocatalysis: Divergent Synthesis through Catalyst Selective Energy Transfer Yaxin Wang · Xiafei Hu · Cristian A. Morales-Rivera · Guo-Xing Li · Xin Huang · Gang He · Peng Liu · Gong Chen · Gong Chen · Gong Chen
    Pseudaminic Acid on Exopolysaccharide of Acinetobacter baumannii Plays a Critical Role in Phage-Assisted Preparation of Glycoconjugate Vaccine with High Antigenicity Michael Ryan · Joseph R. Martinelli · Shannon S. Stahl · Shannon S. Stahl
    Diastereo- and Enantioselective Formal [3 + 2] Cycloaddition of Cyclopropyl Ketones and Alkenes via Ti-Catalyzed Radical Redox Relay Dillon T. Gentekos · Junteng Jia · Erika S. Tirado · Katherine P. Barteau · Detlef-M. Smilgies · Robert A. DiStasio · Brett P. Fors · Brett P. Fors
    Unified Total Synthesis of Pyrroloazocine Indole Alkaloids Sheds Light on Their Biosynthetic Relationship Wei-Qiang Liao · Yuan-Yuan Tang · Peng-Fei Li · Yu-Meng You · Ren-Gen Xiong · Ren-Gen Xiong
    Evidence for Ion-Templation During Macrocyclooligomerization of Depsipeptides Swechchha Pandey · K. Vipin Raj · Dinesh R. Shinde · Kumar Vanka · Varchaswal Kashyap · Sreekumar Kurungot · C. P. Vinod · Samir H. Chikkali · Samir H. Chikkali · Samir H. Chikkali
    Catalysis of Methyl Transfer Reactions by Oriented External Electric Fields: Are Gold–Thiolate Linkers Innocent? Wei-Shen Wu · Wei-Shen Wu · Wei-Chieh Cheng · Ting-Jen R. Cheng · Chi-Huey Wong · Chi-Huey Wong · Chi-Huey Wong
    Structure–Property Relationships for Tailoring Phenoxazines as Reducing Photoredox Catalysts Terry L. Price · Harry W. Gibson · Harry W. Gibson
    Pushing Nonlinear Optical Oxides into the Mid-Infrared Spectral Region Beyond 10 μm: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of La3SnGa5O14 Hai Bi · Carlos-Andres Palma · Carlos-Andres Palma · Yuxiang Gong · Peter Hasch · Mark Elbing · Marcel Mayor · Marcel Mayor · Joachim Reichert · Johannes V. Barth · Johannes V. Barth
    A Rational Design of Highly Controlled Suzuki–Miyaura Catalyst-Transfer Polycondensation for Precision Synthesis of Polythiophenes and Their Block Copolymers: Marriage of Palladacycle Precatalysts with MIDA-Boronates Ivan V. Tereshchenko · Ivan V. Tereshchenko · Dmitry A. Aksyonov · Oleg A. Drozhzhin · Oleg A. Drozhzhin · Igor A. Presniakov · A.V. Sobolev · Andriy Zhugayevych · Daniil Striukov · Keith J. Stevenson · Evgeny V. Antipov · Artem M. Abakumov · Artem M. Abakumov
    Epimerization of Tertiary Carbon Centers via Reversible Radical Cleavage of Unactivated C(sp3)-H Bonds Frank C. Hendriks · Florian Meirer · Alexey V. Kubarev · Zoran Ristanović · Maarten B. J. Roeffaers · Eelco Titus Carel Vogt · Pieter C. A. Bruijnincx · Bert M. Weckhuysen · Bert M. Weckhuysen
    At Long Last: Olefin Metathesis Macrocyclization at High Concentration Sandra K. Hess · Natalie S. Schunck · Verena Goldbach · Daniela Ewe · Peter G. Kroth · Stefan Mecking · Stefan Mecking
    Cu-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative N–N Coupling of Carbazoles and Diarylamines Including Selective Cross-Coupling Jin-Hu Dou · Lei Sun · Yicong Ge · Wenbin Li · Christopher H. Hendon · Ju Li · Sheraz Gul · Junko Yano · Eric A. Stach · Mircea Dincă · Mircea Dincă
    2D Intrinsic Ferromagnets from van der Waals Antiferromagnets Konstantin V. Bukhryakov · Richard R. Schrock · Amir H. Hoveyda · Charlene Tsay · Peter Müller · Peter Müller
    Guanidinium-Formamidinium Lead Iodide: A Layered Perovskite-Related Compound with Red Luminescence at Room Temperature Xiaobin Mo · Timothy D. R. Morgan · Hwee Ting Ang · Dennis G. Hall · Dennis G. Hall
    Quantum Yields, Surface Quenching, and Passivation Efficiency for Ultrasmall Core/Shell Upconverting Nanoparticles Wei Hao · Johannes H. Harenberg · Xiangyu Wu · Samantha N. MacMillan · Song Lin · Song Lin
    Transfer Hydrogenation of Alkenes Using Ethanol Catalyzed by a NCP Pincer Iridium Complex: Scope and Mechanism Fedor M. Miloserdov · Mariia S. Kirillova · Michael E. Muratore · Antonio M. Echavarren · Antonio M. Echavarren
    Base-Independent DNA Base-Excision Repair of 8-Oxoguanine Suzanne M. Batiste · Jeffrey N. Johnston · Jeffrey N. Johnston
    Cooperative Assembly of Magneto-Nanovesicles with Tunable Wall Thickness and Permeability for MRI-Guided Drug Delivery Rajeev Ramanan · David Danovich · Debasish Mandal · Sason Shaik · Sason Shaik
    Thermal, Catalytic Conversion of Alkanes to Linear Aldehydes and Linear Amines Blaine G. McCarthy · Ryan M. Pearson · Chern-Hooi Lim · Steven M. Sartor · Niels H. Damrauer · Garret M. Miyake · Garret M. Miyake
    Total Synthesis of Hybridaphniphylline B Haichao Lan · Fei Liang · Xingxing Jiang · Cong Zhang · Haohai Yu · Zheshuai Lin · Huaijin Zhang · Jiyang Wang · Yicheng Wu · Yicheng Wu
    Membrane Potential Is Required for MurJ Function Kyeong-Bae Seo · In-Hwan Lee · Jaeho Lee · Inho Choi · Tae-Lim Choi · Tae-Lim Choi
    Biomarker Displacement Activation: A General Host–Guest Strategy for Targeted Phototheranostics in Vivo Naihua Miao · Bin Xu · Linggang Zhu · Jian Zhou · Zhimei Sun · Zhimei Sun
    Correction toTotal Synthesis of Longeracinphyllin A Olga Nazarenko · Olga Nazarenko · Martin R. Kotyrba · Martin R. Kotyrba · Sergii Yakunin · Sergii Yakunin · Marcel Aebli · Marcel Aebli · Gabriele Rainò · Gabriele Rainò · Bogdan M. Benin · Bogdan M. Benin · Michael Wörle · Maksym V. Kovalenko · Maksym V. Kovalenko · Maksym V. Kovalenko
    Oxidative Addition, Transmetalation, and Reductive Elimination at a 2,2′-Bipyridyl-Ligated Gold Center Christian Würth · Stefan Fischer · Bettina Grauel · A. Paul Alivisatos · A. Paul Alivisatos · Ute Resch-Genger · Ute Resch-Genger
    Nickel-Catalyzed Enantioselective Pyridone C–H Functionalizations Enabled by a Bulky N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand Yulei Wang · Zhidao Huang · Xuebing Leng · Huping Zhu · Guixia Liu · Zheng Huang · Zheng Huang
    Kernel Tuning and Nonuniform Influence on Optical and Electrochemical Gaps of Bimetal Nanoclusters Andrea Kreppel · Iris D. Blank · Christian Ochsenfeld · Christian Ochsenfeld
    Unprecedented Role of Hybrid N-Glycans as Ligands for HIV-1 Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Kuikun Yang · Yijing Liu · Yijing Liu · Yi Liu · Qian Zhang · Chuncai Kong · Chenglin Yi · Zijian Zhou · Zhantong Wang · Guofeng Zhang · Yang Zhang · Niveen M. Khashab · Xiaoyuan Chen · Zhihong Nie · Zhihong Nie
    Palladium-Catalyzed Amide-Directed Enantioselective Hydrocarbofunctionalization of Unactivated Alkenes Using a Chiral Monodentate Oxazoline Ligand Xinxin Tang · Xiangqing Jia · Zheng Huang · Zheng Huang
    Magnetically Sensitive Radical Photochemistry of Non-natural Flavoproteins Adrian Sytniczuk · Michał Dąbrowski · Łukasz Banach · Mateusz Urban · Sylwia Czarnocka-Śniadała · Mariusz Milewski · Anna Kajetanowicz · Karol Grela · Karol Grela
    Donor-Acceptor-Collector Ternary Crystalline Films for Efficient Solid-State Photon Upconversion Qiuyi Yuan · Hieu A. Doan · Lars C. Grabow · Stanko R. Brankovic · Stanko R. Brankovic
    Single-Atom-Based Vanadium Oxide Catalysts Supported on Metal–Organic Frameworks: Selective Alcohol Oxidation and Structure–Activity Relationship Alexander J. E. Rettie · Christos D. Malliakas · Antia S. Botana · James M. Hodges · Fei Han · Ruiyun Huang · Duck Young Chung · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Total Synthesis of Salimabromide: A Tetracyclic Polyketide from a Marine Myxobacterium Jianguo Liu · Suppachai Krajangsri · Thishana Singh · Giulia De Seriis · Napasawan Chumnanvej · Haibo Wu · Pher G. Andersson · Pher G. Andersson
    A Light-Releasable Potentially Prebiotic Nucleotide Activating Agent Brittney E. Petel · William W. Brennessel · Ellen M. Matson · Ellen M. Matson
    Mixed-Valence Superstructure Assembled from a Mixed-Valence Host-Guest Complex Sean F. McWilliams · Eckhard Bill · Gudrun S. Lukat-Rodgers · Kenton R. Rodgers · Brandon Q. Mercado · Patrick L. Holland · Patrick L. Holland
    Photochemistry in Confined Environments for Single-Chain Nanoparticle Design Chia-Hsin Chen · Daphna Shimon · Jason J. Lee · Frédéric Mentink-Vigier · Ivan Hung · Carsten Sievers · Christopher W. Jones · Sophia E. Hayes · Sophia E. Hayes
    Highly Ambiphilic Room Temperature Stable Six-Membered Cyclic (Alkyl)(amino)carbenes Amanda S. Byer · Hao Yang · Elizabeth C. McDaniel · Venkatesan Kathiresan · Stella Impano · Adrien Pagnier · Hope Watts · Carly Denler · Anna L. Vagstad · Jörn Piel · Kaitlin S. Duschene · Eric M. Shepard · Thomas P. Shields · Lincoln G. Scott · Edward A. Lilla · Kenichi Yokoyama · William E. Broderick · Brian M. Hoffman · Joan B. Broderick · Joan B. Broderick
    In Situ Formation of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Bound Single-Molecule Junctions Elodie Chaudan · Jongwook Kim · Sandrine Tusseau-Nenez · Philippe Goldner · Oscar L. Malta · Jacques Peretti · Thierry Gacoin · Thierry Gacoin
    Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding Enhances Stability and Reactivity of Mononuclear Cupric Superoxide Complexes Vladislav Vasilenko · Clemens K. Blasius · Lutz H. Gade · Lutz H. Gade
    Semiconductor Nanomembrane Materials for High-Performance Soft Electronic Devices Jae-Hyun Kim · Hye Jeong Hwang · Joon Suk Oh · Stefano Sacanna · Gi-Ra Yi · Gi-Ra Yi
    RNA Environment Is Responsible for Decreased Photostability of Uracil Michelle Chen · Youn Jue Bae · Catherine M. Mauck · Aritra Mandal · Ryan M. Young · Michael R. Wasielewski · Michael R. Wasielewski
    Intercommunication of DNA-Based Constitutional Dynamic Networks Zhaohong Lu · Xiang Zhang · Zhicong Guo · Yu Chen · Tong Mu · Ang Li · Ang Li
    Ag2Se to KAg3Se2: Suppressing Order-Disorder Transitions via Reduced Dimensionality Emily R. Cross · Stephen Sproules · Ralf Schweins · Emily R. Draper · Dave J. Adams · Dave J. Adams
    Oxygen-Atom Vacancy Formation at Polyoxovanadate Clusters: Homogeneous Models for Reducible Metal Oxides Marcus Blümel · Shota Nagasawa · Katherine Blackford · Stephanie R. Hare · Dean J. Tantillo · Richmond Sarpong · Richmond Sarpong
    Effects of N2 Binding Mode on Iron-Based Functionalization of Dinitrogen to Form an Iron(III) Hydrazido Complex Seungkyu Lee · Hans-Beat Bürgi · Hans-Beat Bürgi · Sultan A. Alshmimri · Omar M. Yaghi · Omar M. Yaghi · Omar M. Yaghi
    TheMissingBicarbonate in CO2 Chemisorption Reactions on Solid Amine Sorbents Youxin Fu · Hai-Hao Han · Junji Zhang · Xiao-Peng He · Ben L. Feringa · Ben L. Feringa · He Tian · He Tian
    Paradigm Shift for Radical S-Adenosyl-l-methionine Reactions: The Organometallic Intermediate Ω Is Central to Catalysis Jiayu Wang · Junxiang Zhang · Yiqun Xiao · Tong Xiao · Runyu Zhu · Cenqi Yan · Youquan Fu · Guanghao Lu · Xinhui Lu · Seth R. Marder · Xiaowei Zhan · Xiaowei Zhan
    Polarized luminescence of anisotropic LaPO4:Eu nanocrystal polymorphs Donghoon Kim · Jianjian Shi · Yuanyue Liu · Yuanyue Liu
    One-Pot Sequential Kinetic Profiling of a Highly Reactive Manganese Catalyst for Ketone Hydroboration: Leveraging σ-Bond Metathesis via Alkoxide Exchange Steps Junzhou Wu · Maureen McKeague · Shana J. Sturla · Shana J. Sturla
    Monodisperse Magnetic Silica Hexapods Dali Wang · Chunyang Yu · Li Xu · Leilei Shi · Gangsheng Tong · Jieli Wu · Hong Liu · Deyue Yan · Xinyuan Zhu · Xinyuan Zhu
    Singlet Fission in Covalent Terrylenediimide Dimers: Probing the Nature of the Multiexciton State Using Femtosecond Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy Matthias Schmid · Matthias Schmid · Adriana S. Grossmann · Thomas Magauer · Thomas Magauer
    Total Synthesis of Aplysiasecosterol A Taku Ogawa · Masanori Hosoyamada · Brett Yurash · Thuc-Quyen Nguyen · Nobuhiro Yanai · Nobuhiro Yanai · Nobuo Kimizuka · Nobuo Kimizuka
    Controlled tuning of the properties in optoelectronic self-sorted gels Michael J. James · Jonas Luca Schwarz · Felix Strieth-Kalthoff · Birgit Wibbeling · Frank Glorius · Frank Glorius
    Rearrangement of Hydroxylated Pinene Derivatives to Fenchone-Type Frameworks: Computational Evidence for Dynamically-Controlled Selectivity Tilo M. Zollitsch · Lauren E. Jarocha · Chris Bialas · Kevin B. Henbest · Goutham Kodali · P. Leslie Dutton · Christopher C. Moser · Christiane R. Timmel · P. J. Hore · Stuart R. Mackenzie · Stuart R. Mackenzie
    Impact of Disordered Guest–Framework Interactions on the Crystallography of Metal–Organic Frameworks I-Ming Lee · Feng-Ling Yang · Te-Li Chen · Kuo-Shiang Liao · Chien-Tai Ren · Nien-Tsung Lin · Yu-Pei Chang · Chung-Yi Wu · Shih-Hsiung Wu · Shih-Hsiung Wu · Shih-Hsiung Wu
    Photocontrolled FluorescenceDouble-CheckBioimaging Enabled by a Glycoprobe–Protein Hybrid Gaia Neri · Paul M. Donaldson · Alexander J. Cowan · Alexander J. Cowan
    Effect of Isomerization on High-Performance Nonfullerene Electron Acceptors Hong Zheng · Kazuhiko Semba · Yoshiaki Nakao · Shigeyoshi Sakaki · Shigeyoshi Sakaki
    Substantial Impact of Charge on Electrochemical Reactions of Two-Dimensional Materials Xingzhong Zhu · Hang Kuen Yip · Xiaolu Zhuo · Ruibin Jiang · Jian-Li Chen · Xiao-Ming Zhu · Zhi Yang · Jianfang Wang · Jianfang Wang
    Nucleotide-Resolution Genome-Wide Mapping of Oxidative DNA Damage by Click-Code-Seq Xiongjie Jin · Yu Koizumi · Kazuya Yamaguchi · Kyoko Nozaki · Noritaka Mizuno · Noritaka Mizuno
    Nucleoside Analogue-Based Supramolecular Nanodrugs Driven by Molecular Recognition for Synergistic Cancer Therapy Chenxiao Wang · Junlai Zuo · Lifang Tan · Mengqi Zeng · Qiqi Zhang · Huinan Xia · Wenhao Zhang · Yingshuang Fu · Lei Fu · Lei Fu
    Protein Nanotube Selectively Cleavable with DNA: Supramolecular Polymerization ofDNA-Appended Molecular Chaperones Brent A. Koscher · Joseph K. Swabeck · Noah D. Bronstein · A. Paul Alivisatos · A. Paul Alivisatos
    Dual-Ratiometric Target-Triggered Fluorescent Probe for Simultaneous Quantitative Visualization of Tumor Microenvironment Protease Activity and pH in Vivo Mathieu Arribat · Emmanuelle Rémond · Sébastien Clément · Arie van der Lee · Florine Cavelier · Florine Cavelier
    Rotaxanes as Mechanochromic Fluorescent Force Transducers in Polymers Yu-ki Tahara · Douglas S. Auld · Debin Ji · Andrew A. Beharry · Anna M. Kietrys · David L. Wilson · Marta Jimenez · Daniel King · Zachary Nguyen · Eric T. Kool · Eric T. Kool
    Tunable self-assembly of YF3 nanoparticles by citrate mediated ionic bridges Timothy A. Barendt · Ilija Rašović · Maria A. Lebedeva · George A. Farrow · Alexander J. Auty · Dimitri Chekulaev · Igor V. Sazanovich · Julia A. Weinstein · Kyriakos Porfyrakis · Paul D. Beer · Paul D. Beer
    Boron Analogue of Vinylidene Dication Supported by Phosphines Wusheng Guo · Rositha Kuniyil · José Enrique Gómez · Feliu Maseras · Arjan W. Kleij · Arjan W. Kleij
    Markov State Models: From an Art to a Science Keti Vezzù · Ashley M Maes · Federico Bertasi · Andrew R Motz · Tsung-Han Tsai · E. Bryan Coughlin · Andrew M. Herring · Vito Di Noto · Vito Di Noto
    Selective Dehydrogenative Coupling of Ethylene to Butadiene via an Iridacyclopentane Complex Wenwen Lin · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Oleg Y. Kontsevoi · Zhifu Liu · Yihui He · Sanjib Das · Yadong Xu · Kyle M. McCall · Bruce W. Wessels · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Core–Shell [email protected] CoP Nanoparticle-Embedded N-Doped Carbon Nanotube Hollow Polyhedron for Efficient Overall Water Splitting Lena Simine · Heiko Lammert · Li Sun · José N. Onuchic · Peter J. Rossky · Peter J. Rossky
    The State of the Art in Azaborine Chemistry: New Synthetic Methods and Applications Matthew R. Golder · Yivan Jiang · Paul Teichen · Hung V.-T. Nguyen · Wencong Wang · Nicole Milos · Seth A. Freedman · Adam P. Willard · Jeremiah A. Johnson · Jeremiah A. Johnson
    Multiple yet Controllable Photoswitching in a Single AIEgen System Katsuhiro Maeda · Daisuke Hirose · Natsuki Okoshi · Kouhei Shimomura · Yuya Wada · Tomoyuki Ikai · Shigeyoshi Kanoh · Eiji Yashima · Eiji Yashima
    Orbital Control of Photocurrents in Large Area All-Carbon Molecular Junctions Mari Shibata · Hideto Ito · Kenichiro Itami · Kenichiro Itami
    Programmable Nucleic Acid Nanoswitches for the Rapid, Single-Step Detection of Antibodies in Bodily Fluids Alexander J. Burckle · Bálint Gál · Frederick J. Seidl · Vasil H. Vasilev · Noah Z. Burns · Noah Z. Burns
    Active Site Revealed for Water Oxidation on Electrochemically Induced δ-MnO2: Role of Spinel-to-Layer Phase Transition Jimmy Lawrence · Eisuke Goto · Jing M. Ren · Brenden McDearmon · Dong Sub Kim · Yuto Ochiai · Paul G. Clark · Tomoya Higashihara · Craig J. Hawker · Craig J. Hawker
    From Alloy-Like to Cascade Blended Structure: Designing High-Performance All-Small-Molecule Ternary Solar Cells Du Jun · Du Zhonglin · Hu Jinsong · Pan Zhenxiao · Shen Qing · Sun Jiankun · Long Donghui · Dong Hui · Sun Litao · Zhong Xinhua · Wan Li‐Jun · Wan Li‐Jun
    Rhombohedral to Cubic Conversion of GeTe via MnTe Alloying Leads to Ultralow Thermal Conductivity, Electronic Band Convergence, and High Thermoelectric Performance Lukoyanov Dmitriy · Khadka Nimesh · Yang Zhi‐Yong · R Dean Dennis · C Seefeldt Lance · M Hoffman Brian · M Hoffman Brian
    Anion-Mediated Photophysical Behavior in a C60 Fullerene [3]Rotaxane Shuttle Mingshan Zhu · Sooyeon Kim · Liang Mao · Mamoru Fujitsuka · Junying Zhang · Xinchen Wang · Tetsuro Majima · Tetsuro Majima
    Fully Conjugated [4]Chrysaorene. Redox-Coupled Anion Binding in a Tetraradicaloid Macrocycle Kevin M. Szkop · Andrew R. Jupp · Douglas W. Stephan · Douglas W. Stephan
    Chemically-defined antibody- and small molecule-drug conjugates for in vivo tumor targeting applications: a comparative analysis Kevin G. M. Kou · Svitlana Kulyk · Christopher J. Marth · Jack C. Lee · Nicolle A. Doering · Beryl X. Li · Gary M. Gallego · Terry P. Lebold · Richmond Sarpong · Richmond Sarpong
    A Domino Process toward Functionally Dense Quaternary Carbons through Pd-Catalyzed Decarboxylative C(sp3)–C(sp3) Bond Formation Yilei Wu · Jiawang Zhou · Brian T. Phelan · Catherine M. Mauck · J. Fraser Stoddart · Ryan M. Young · Michael R. Wasielewski · Michael R. Wasielewski
    Interplay Between Hydroxyl Density and Relaxations in Poly(vinylbenzyltrimethylammonium)-b-poly(methylbutylene) Membranes for Electrochemical Applications Pablo Garrido-Barros · Carolina Gimbert-Suriñach · Dooshaye Moonshiram · Antonio Picón · Pere Monge · Victor S. Batista · Antoni Llobet · Antoni Llobet
    Cu2I2Se6: A Metal-Inorganic-Framework Wide-bandgap Semiconductor for Photon Detection at Room Temperature Sara A. M. Wehlin · Ludovic Troian-Gautier · Guocan Li · Gerald J. Meyer · Gerald J. Meyer
    Fluorescent Proteins Detect Host Structural Rearrangements via Electrostatic Mechanism Camilo Aponte-Santamaría · Jan Brunken · Frauke Gräter · Frauke Gräter
    Stereochemical Sequence Dictates Unimolecular Diblock Copolymer Assembly Jonathan M. Goldberg · Karen I. Goldberg · D. Michael Heinekey · Samantha A. Burgess · David B. Lao · John C. Linehan · John C. Linehan
    Direct Detection of Hardly Detectable Hidden Chirality of Hydrocarbons and Deuterated Isotopomers by a Helical Polyacetylene through Chiral Amplification and Memory Jianan Zhang · Yang Song · Maciej Kopeć · Jaejun Lee · Zongyu Wang · Siyuan Liu · Jiajun Yan · Rui Yuan · Tomasz Kowalewski · Michael R. Bockstaller · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
    C–H Arylation of Phenanthrene with Trimethylphenylsilane by Pd/o-Chloranil Catalysis: Computational Studies on the Mechanism, Regioselectivity, and Role of o-Chloranil Dubey Kshatresh Dutta · Wang Binju · Shaik Sason · Shaik Sason
    Enantioselective 1,2-Anionotropic Rearrangement of Acylsilane through a Bisguanidinium Silicate Ion Pair Katja Barth · Susanne Hank · Philipp E. Spindler · Thomas F. Prisner · Robert Tampé · Benesh Joseph · Benesh Joseph
    Reprograming the Replisome of a Semisynthetic Organism for the Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet Dipankar Sahoo · Changho Yoo · Yunho Lee · Yunho Lee
    High Drug Loading and Sub-Quantitative Loading Efficiency of Polymeric Micelles Driven by Donor–Receptor Coordination Interactions Hao Lu · Helmut Lutz · Steven J. Roeters · Matthew A. Hood · Arne Schäfer · Rafael Muñoz-Espí · Rafael Muñoz-Espí · Rüdiger Berger · Mischa Bonn · Tobias Weidner · Tobias Weidner · Tobias Weidner
    ATP Site Ligands Determine the Assembly State of the Abelson Kinase Regulatory Core via the Activation Loop Conformation Hui Wang · Dingyu Yong · Shichuan Chen · Shenlong Jiang · Xiaodong Zhang · Wei Shao · Qun Zhang · Wensheng Yan · B. C. Pan · Yi Xie · Yi Xie
    Chemical Design of Both a Glutathione-Sensitive Dimeric Drug Guest and a Glucose-Derived Nanocarrier Host to Achieve Enhanced Osteosarcoma Lung Metastatic Anticancer Selectivity Tzia Ming Onn · Matteo Monai · Sheng Dai · Emiliano Fonda · Tiziano Montini · Xiaoqing Pan · George W. Graham · Paolo Fornasiero · Raymond J. Gorte · Raymond J. Gorte
    Enzymatic Cleavage of Branched Peptides for Targeting Mitochondria Tao Liu · James T. Frith · Gunwoo Kim · Rachel Nathaniel Kerber · Nicolas Dubouis · Yuanlong Shao · Zigeng Liu · Pieter C. M. M. Magusin · Michael T. L. Casford · Nuria Garcia-Araez · Clare P. Grey · Clare P. Grey
    Total Synthesis of (+)-Pleuromutilin Saheed Bukola · Ying Liang · Carol Korzeniewski · Joel M. Harris · Stephen E. Creager · Stephen E. Creager
    Synthesis and Characterization of the Most Active Copper ATRP Catalyst Based on Tris[(4-dimethylaminopyridyl)methyl]amine Samuele Cazzamalli · Alberto Dal Corso · Fontaine Widmayer · Dario Neri · Dario Neri
    Organic Mixed Valence Compounds Derived from Cyclic (Alkyl)(amino)carbenes Zheng Zheng · Xianli Su · Xianli Su · Rigui Deng · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Hongyao Xie · Wei Liu · Yonggao Yan · Shiqiang Hao · Ctirad Uher · C. Wolverton · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Xinfeng Tang · Xinfeng Tang
    Impact of Backbone Pattern and Residue Substitution on Helicity in α/β/γ-Peptides Julian C. Cooper · Chaosheng Luo · Ryohei Kameyama · Jeffrey F. Van Humbeck · Jeffrey F. Van Humbeck
    Catalytic Dehydrogenative Stannylation of C(sp)-H Bonds Involving Cooperative Sn-H Bond Activation of Hydrostannanes Zhen Wang · Xiangwei Zhu · Jianqi Zhang · Kun Lu · Jin Fang · Yajie Zhang · Zaiyu Wang · Lingyun Zhu · Wei Ma · Zhigang Shuai · Zhixiang Wei · Zhixiang Wei
    Universal Approach toward Hysteresis-Free Perovskite Solar Cell via Defect Engineering Pei Gan · Jennifer Pitzen · Pei Qu · Scott A. Snyder · Scott A. Snyder
    Transport-Relevant Protein Conformational Dynamics and Water Dynamics on Multiple Time Scales in an Archetypal Proton Channel: Insights from Solid-State NMR Ji-Song Yao · Jing Ge · Boning Han · Kun-Hua Wang · Hong-Bin Yao · Hao-Lei Yu · Jianhai Li · Bai-Sheng Zhu · Jizhong Song · Chen Chen · Qun Zhang · Haibo Zeng · Yi Luo · Shu-Hong Yu · Shu-Hong Yu
    Amorphous Metal-Free Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Small Molecules with Multicolor Photoluminescence via a Host–Guest and Dual-Emission Strategy Carlos Palo-Nieto · Abhijit Sau · M. Carmen Galan · M. Carmen Galan
    Robust Organic Radical Molecular Junctions Using Acetylene Terminated Groups for C–Au Bond Formation Jia-Wei Liu · Lei Feng · Hai-Feng Su · Zhi Wang · Quan-Qin Zhao · Xing-Po Wang · Chen-Ho Tung · Di Sun · Di Sun · Lan-Sun Zheng · Lan-Sun Zheng
    Pulsatile Gating of Giant Vesicles Containing Macromolecular Crowding Agents Induced by Colligative Nonideality Xiaofan Xu · Wei Wang · Dongliang Liu · Dandan Hu · Tao Wu · Xianhui Bu · Pingyun Feng · Pingyun Feng
    Mimicking the Key Functions of Photosystem II in Artificial Photosynthesis for Photoelectrocatalytic Water Splitting Qinglai Yang · Zhubin Hu · Shoujun Zhu · Rui Ma · Huilong Ma · Zhuoran Ma · Hao Wan · Tong Zhu · Zhengyan Jiang · Weiqiang Liu · Liying Jiao · Haitao Sun · Yongye Liang · Hongjie Dai · Hongjie Dai
    Multiscale Kinetic Modeling Reveals an Ensemble of Cl–/H+ Exchange Pathways in ClC-ec1 Antiporter Yameng Ren · Danyang Sun · Yiming Cao · Hoi Nok Tsao · Yi Yuan · Shaik M. Zakeeruddin · Peng Wang · Michael Grätzel · Michael Grätzel
    Ni-Catalyzed Carbon–Carbon Bond-Forming Reductive Amination Shane S. Galley · Alexandra A. Arico · Tsung-Han Lee · Xiaoyu Deng · Yongxin Yao · Joseph M. Sperling · Vanessa Proust · Julia S. Storbeck · V. Dobrosavljevic · Jennifer Neu · T. Siegrist · R. E. Baumbach · Thomas E. Albrecht-Schmitt · Nikolas Kaltsoyannis · Nicola Lanatà · Nicola Lanatà
    Oligonucleotide–Peptide Complexes: Phase Control by Hybridization Daniel James Tindall · Christophe Werlé · Richard Goddard · Petra Philipps · Christophe Farès · Alois Fürstner · Alois Fürstner
    Highly Luminescent Encapsulated Narrow Bandgap Polymers Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole Aaron W. Feldman · Emil. Fischer · Michael P. Ledbetter · Jen-Yu Liao · John C. Chaput · Floyd E. Romesberg · Floyd E. Romesberg
    Sustainable Polyester Elastomers from Lactones: Synthesis, Properties, and Enzymatic Hydrolyzability Morgan B. Vaughn · Jianyu Zhang · Thomas G. Spiro · R. Brian Dyer · Judith P. Klinman · Judith P. Klinman
    Reworkable Polyhydroxyurethane Films with Reversible Acetal Networks Obtained from Multifunctional Six-Membered Cyclic Carbonates Jinfeng Liu · Jinfeng Liu · Jinfeng Liu · Jason Swails · John Z. H. Zhang · Xiao He · Xiao He · Adrian E. Roitberg · Adrian E. Roitberg
    Surface Chemistry in Cobalt Phosphide-Stabilized Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Cédric Bourgès · Yohan Bouyrie · Andrew Supka · Rabih Al Rahal Al Orabi · Pierric Lemoine · Oleg I. Lebedev · Michihiro Ohta · Koichiro Suekuni · Vivian Nassif · V. Hardy · Ramzy Daou · Yuzuru Miyazaki · Marco Fornari · Emmanuel Guilmeau · Emmanuel Guilmeau
    Total Synthesis of the Caged Indole Alkaloid Arboridinine Enabled by aza-Prins and Metal-Mediated Cyclizations Lu Wang · Lu Wang · Hai Xiao · Tao Cheng · Youyong Li · William A. Goddard · William A. Goddard
    Ce3+-Doping to Modulate Photoluminescence Kinetics for Efficient CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals Based Light-Emitting Diodes Hao-Yi Du · Si-Cong Chen · Xiao-Jun Su · Lei Jiao · Ming-Tian Zhang · Ming-Tian Zhang
    Anisotropic Assembly of Ag52 and Ag76 Nanoclusters Max M. Hansmann · Mohand Melaimi · Guy Bertrand · Guy Bertrand
    Pushing up the Size Limit of Metal Chalcogenide Supertetrahedral Nanocluster Jordi Martínez-Esaín · Jordi Faraudo · Teresa Puig · Xavier Obradors · Josep Ros · Susagna Ricart · Ramón Yáñez · Ramón Yáñez
    Donor Engineering for NIR-II Molecular Fluorophores with Enhanced Fluorescent Performance Thomas G. Ribelli · Marco Fantin · Jean-Claude Daran · Kyle F. Augustine · Rinaldo Poli · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
    A Stable Blue Photosensitizer for Color Palette of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Reaching 12.6% Efficiency Wei Lu · Yongxin Li · Rakesh Ganguly · Rei Kinjo · Rei Kinjo
    Uncovering the Origin of Divergence in the CsM(CrO4)2 (M = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu; Am) Family through Examination of the Chemical Bonding in a Molecular Cluster and by Band Structure Analysis Brooke E. Husic · Vijay S. Pande · Vijay S. Pande
    Structure and Reactivity of Half-Sandwich Rh(+3) and Ir(+3) Carbene Complexes. Catalytic Metathesis of Azobenzene Derivatives Yang Gao · Thomas J. Emge · Karsten Krogh-Jespersen · Alan S. Goldman · Alan S. Goldman
    A Tool for the Import of Natural and Unnatural Nucleoside Triphosphates into Bacteria Yuan Pan · Yuan Pan · Kaian Sun · Shoujie Liu · Shoujie Liu · Xing Cao · Konglin Wu · Konglin Wu · Weng-Chon Cheong · Zheng Chen · Yu Wang · Yang Li · Yunqi Liu · Dingsheng Wang · Qing Peng · Chen Chen · Yadong Li · Yadong Li
    Activity-Related Microsecond Dynamics Revealed by Temperature-Jump Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements on Thermophilic Alcohol Dehydrogenase Zachary X. Giustra · Shih-Yuan Liu · Shih-Yuan Liu
    A Coupled Ionization-Conformational Equilibrium Is Required To Understand the Properties of Ionizable Residues in the Hydrophobic Interior of Staphylococcal Nuclease Peifa Wei · Jingxuan Zhang · Zheng Zhao · Yuncong Chen · Xuewen He · Ming Chen · Junyi Gong · Ho Yung Sung · Ian D. Williams · Jacky Wing Yip Lam · Ben Zhong Tang · Ben Zhong Tang
    High-Performance Thermoelectric Bulk Colusite by Process Controlled Structural Disordering Amin Morteza Najarian · Akhtar Bayat · Richard L. McCreery · Richard L. McCreery
    Pb-Activated Amine-Assisted Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Organic–Inorganic Perovskites Alessandro Porchetta · Rudy Ippodrino · Bruna Marini · Arnaldo Caruso · Francesca Caccuri · Francesco Ricci · Francesco Ricci
    Redox-Active Ligand Assisted Multielectron Catalysis: A Case of CoIII Complex as Water Oxidation Catalyst Ye-Fei Li · Zhi-Pan Liu · Zhi-Pan Liu
    Universal Relationship between Molecular Structure and Crystal Structure in Peptoid Polymers and Prevalence of the cis Backbone Conformation Yang Li · Jianfeng Li · Jianying Zhang · Hai-Bin Song · Chunming Cui · Chunming Cui
    Unusual Rearrangement of an N-Donor-Functionalized N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand on Group 8 Metals Steven M. Fatur · Samuel G. Shepard · Robert F. Higgins · Matthew P. Shores · Niels H. Damrauer · Niels H. Damrauer
    Size-Dependent Hydrogen Atom Attachment to Gas-Phase Hydrogen-Deficient Polypeptide Radical Cations Hiroyuki Matsukizono · Takeshi Endo · Takeshi Endo
    Red-Light-Driven Water Splitting by Au(Core)–CdS(Shell) Half-Cut Nanoegg with Heteroepitaxial Junction Qi Zheng · Laia Vilà-Nadal · Zhongling Lang · Jia-Jia Chen · De-Liang Long · Jennifer S. Mathieson · Josep M. Poblet · Leroy Cronin · Leroy Cronin
    A Spectroscopic Study on the Nitrogen Electrochemical Reduction Reaction on Gold and Platinum Surfaces Liang Feng · Shuai Yuan · Liangliang Zhang · Kui Tan · Jialuo Li · Angelo Kirchon · Lingmei Liu · Peng Zhang · Yu Han · Yves J. Chabal · Hong-Cai Zhou · Hong-Cai Zhou
    Stereodivergent Allylation of Azaaryl Acetamides and Acetates by Synergistic Iridium and Copper Catalysis Fei Jin · Nadezhda B. Tamm · Sergey I. Troyanov · Shangfeng Yang · Shangfeng Yang
    Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer in Chemical Reactions: A Mechanistic Tool for NMR Detection and Characterization of Transient Intermediates Yusen Qiao · Dumitru-Claudiu Sergentu · Haolin Yin · Alexander V. Zabula · Thibault Cheisson · Alex McSkimming · Brian C. Manor · Patrick J. Carroll · Jessica M. Anna · Jochen Autschbach · Eric J. Schelter · Eric J. Schelter
    Bis(dinitrogen)cobalt(−1) Complexes with NHC Ligation: Synthesis, Characterization, and Their Dinitrogen Functionalization Reactions Affording Side-on Bound Diazene Complexes Joseph F. DeJesus · Michael J. Trujillo · Jon P. Camden · David Jenkins · David Jenkins
    The significant role of Mg stoichiometry in designing high thermoelectric performance for Mg3(Sb,Bi)2-based n-type Zintls Marcus J. Giansiracusa · Eufemio Moreno-Pineda · Riaz Hussain · Raphael Marx · María Martínez Prada · Petr Neugebauer · Susan Al-Badran · David Collison · Floriana Tuna · Joris van Slageren · S. Carretta · T. Guidi · Eric J. L. McInnes · Richard E. P. Winpenny · Nicholas F. Chilton · Nicholas F. Chilton
    Control of Amphiphile Self-Assembly via Bioinspired Metal Ion Coordination Stephan Sinn · Liulin Yang · Frank Biedermann · Di Wang · Christian Kübel · Jeroen Johannes Lambertus Maria Cornelissen · Luisa De Cola · Luisa De Cola
    Mechanistic Insight Facilitates Discovery of a Mild and Efficient Copper-Catalyzed Dehydration of Primary Amides to Nitriles Using Hydrosilanes Xiaolong Sun · Tony D. James · Eric V. Anslyn · Eric V. Anslyn
    Transition-Metal-Free Suzuki-Type Cross-Coupling Reaction of Benzyl Halides and Boronic Acids via 1,2-Metalate Shift Jacob M. Dixon · Shunji Egusa · Shunji Egusa
    Physical Biology of the Materials-Microorganism Interface Jorge Albalad · Heng Xu · Felipe Gándara · Mohamed Haouas · Charlotte Martineau-Corcos · Charlotte Martineau-Corcos · Rubén Mas-Ballesté · Sarah A. Barnett · Judith Juanhuix · Inhar Imaz · Daniel Maspoch · Daniel Maspoch
    Signatures of a Conical Intersection in Adiabatic Dissociation on the Ground Electronic State Arismel Tena Meza · Thomas Wurm · Lewis Smith · Seung Wook Kim · Jason Zbieg · Craig E. Stivala · Michael J. Krische · Michael J. Krische
    N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as a Robust Platform for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Lutan Liu · Byul G. Kim · Ujala Feroze · Robert B. Macgregor · Tigran V. Chalikian · Tigran V. Chalikian
    Tundrenone: An Atypical Secondary Metabolite from Bacteria with Highly Restricted Primary Metabolism Yugo Kuriki · Mako Kamiya · Hidemasa Kubo · Toru Komatsu · Tasuku Ueno · Ryo Tachibana · Kento Hayashi · Kenjiro Hanaoka · Suguru Yamashita · Takeaki Ishizawa · Norihiro Kokudo · Yasuteru Urano · Yasuteru Urano
    Self-Sorting of Heteroanions in the Assembly of Cross-Shaped Polyoxometalate Clusters Peter R. Schreiner · Peter R. Schreiner
    Synthesis of Hollow Biomineralized CaCO3–Polydopamine Nanoparticles for Multimodal Imaging-Guided Cancer Photodynamic Therapy with Reduced Skin Photosensitivity Jingjing Jiao · Chunxia Tan · Zijian Li · Yan Liu · Xing Han · Yong Cui · Yong Cui
    Creating Hierarchical Pores by Controlled Linker Thermolysis in Multivariate Metal–Organic Frameworks Sayan Kar · Raktim Sen · Alain Goeppert · G. K. Surya Prakash · G. K. Surya Prakash
    Steering the Geometry of Butterfly-Shaped Dimetal Carbide Cluster within a Carbon Cage via Trifluoromethylation of [email protected](6) Kacper Skakuj · Shuya Wang · Lei Qin · Andrew Lee · Bin Zhang · Chad A. Mirkin · Chad A. Mirkin
    Understanding and Controlling the Emission Brightness and Color of Molecular Cerium Luminophores Yoshimitsu Sagara · Yoshimitsu Sagara · Marc Karman · Ester Verde-Sesto · Ester Verde-Sesto · Kazuya Matsuo · Yuna Kim · Nobuyuki Tamaoki · Christoph Weder · Christoph Weder
    Measurement of Magnetic Exchange in Asymmetric Lanthanide Dimetallics: Toward a Transferable Theoretical Framework Mark Burgess · Kenneth Hernández-Burgos · Jonathon K. Schuh · Jasmine Davila · Elena C. Montoto · Randy H. Ewoldt · Joaquín Rodríguez-López · Joaquín Rodríguez-López
    Templated Formation of Luminescent Virus-like Particles by Tailor-Made Pt(II) Amphiphiles Zhaowen Dong · Katja Bedbur · Marc Schmidtmann · Thomas Müller · Thomas Müller
    ArrestingLoose BoltInternal Conversion from –B(OH)2 Groups is the Mechanism for Emission Turn-On in ortho-Aminomethylphenylboronic Acid-Based Saccharide Sensors Mithun Paul · Shaunak Chakraborty · Gautam R. Desiraju · Gautam R. Desiraju
    Conformational Change-Induced Fluorescence of Bovine Serum Albumin–Gold Complexes Sangen Zhao · Xiaoyan Yang · Yi Yang · Xiaojun Kuang · Fengqi Lu · Pai Shan · Zhihua Sun · Zheshuai Lin · Maochun Hong · Junhua Luo · Junhua Luo
    Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Postsynthetic Modification of a Metal–Organic Framework via Ozonolysis Daniel W. Terwilliger · Dirk Trauner · Dirk Trauner · Dirk Trauner
    Amphiphilic π-Allyliridium C,O-Benzoates Enable Regio- and Enantioselective Amination of Branched Allylic Acetates Bearing Linear Alkyl Groups Shanshan Yang · Yudan Su · Ying Xu · Qiong Wu · Yuanbo Zhang · Markus B. Raschke · Mengxin Ren · Yan Chen · Jianlu Wang · Wanlin Guo · Y. Ron Shen · Chuanshan Tian · Chuanshan Tian
    Probing the Ionic Atmosphere and Hydration of the c-MYC i-motif Andreu Tortajada · Ryo Ninokata · Ruben Martin · Ruben Martin
    Establishment of Molecular Design Strategy To Obtain Activatable Fluorescent Probes for Carboxypeptidases Shanshan Liu · Shanshan Liu · Huanxiang Yuan · Haotian Bai · Pengbo Zhang · Fengting Lv · Libing Liu · Zhihui Dai · Jianchun Bao · Shu Wang · Shu Wang
    Correction toTunneling Control of Chemical Reactions: The Third Reactivity Paradigm Chaofeng Zhang · Zhipeng Huang · Zhipeng Huang · Jianmin Lu · Nengchao Luo · Nengchao Luo · Feng Wang · Feng Wang
    Design and Assembly of Chiral Coordination Cages for Asymmetric Sequential Reactions Jie Yang · Alexander J. Dear · Thomas C. T. Michaels · Thomas C. T. Michaels · Christopher M. Dobson · Tuomas P. J. Knowles · Si Wu · Sarah Perrett · Sarah Perrett
    Integrative CO2 Capture and Hydrogenation to Methanol with Reusable Catalyst and Amine: Toward a Carbon Neutral Methanol Economy Craig I. Hiley · Helen Y. Playford · Janet Mary Fisher · Noelia Montserrat Cortes Felix · David Thompsett · Reza J. Kashtiban · Richard I. Walton · Richard I. Walton
    Water-Assisted Hole Trapping at the Highly Curved Surface of Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst Ziliang Dong · Liangzhu Feng · Yu Hao · Muchao Chen · Min Gao · Yu Chao · He Zhao · Wenwen Zhu · Jingjing Liu · Chao Liang · Qiao Zhang · Zhuang Liu · Zhuang Liu
    Quantitative Visualization of Salt Concentration Distributions in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes during Battery Operation using X-ray Phase Imaging Aaron W. Puri · Emily Mevers · Timothy R. Ramadhar · Daniel Petras · Darren Liu · Joern Piel · Pieter C. Dorrestein · Peter Greenberg · Mary E. Lidstrom · Jon Clardy · Jon Clardy
    Biosynthesis of Long-Chain N-Acyl Amide by a Truncated Polyketide Synthase–Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Hybrid Megasynthase in Fungi Esra Bozkurt · Marta A. S. Perez · Ruud Hovius · Nicholas John Browning · Ursula Rothlisberger · Ursula Rothlisberger
    Photocontrolled Reversible Guest Uptake, Storage, and Release by Azobenzene-Modified Microporous Multilayer Films of Pillar[5]arenes Lingliang Long · Meiyu Huang · Ning Wang · Yanjun Wu · Kun Wang · Aihua Gong · Zhijian Zhang · Jonathan L. Sessler · Jonathan L. Sessler
    Membrane Allostery and Unique Hydrophobic Sites Promote Enzyme Substrate Specificity Carolyn S. Higman · Daniel Luis do Nascimento · Benjamin J. Ireland · Stephan Audörsch · Gwendolyn A. Bailey · Robert McDonald · Deryn E. Fogg · Deryn E. Fogg
    Conformational Coupling and trans-Inhibition in the Human Antigen Transporter Ortholog TmrAB Resolved with Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy Alexander W. Schuppe · David M. Huang · Yifeng Chen · Timothy R. Newhouse · Timothy R. Newhouse
    Direct CO2 Addition to a Ni(0)–CO Species Allows the Selective Generation of a Nickel(II) Carboxylate with Expulsion of CO Erik Andris · Prokopis C. Andrikopoulos · Jiří Schulz · Jan Turek · Aleš Růžička · Jana Roithová · Lubomír Rulíšek · Lubomír Rulíšek
    Calcium-Induced Molecular Rearrangement of Peptide Folds Enables Biomineralization of Vaterite Calcium Carbonate Christopher E. R. Richardson · Lisa S. Cunden · Vincent Butty · Elizabeth M. Nolan · Stephen J. Lippard · Matthew D. Shoulders · Matthew D. Shoulders
    Oxygen Vacancy Mediated Exciton Dissociation in BiOBr for Boosting Charge-carrier-involved Molecular Oxygen Activation Emily E. Robinson · Regan J. Thomson · Regan J. Thomson
    Smart Pd Catalyst with Improved Thermal Stability Supported on High-Surface-Area LaFeO3 Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition Qingong Li · Kun Zhao · Anssi Peuronen · Kari Rissanen · Dieter Enders · Yefeng Tang · Yefeng Tang
    The Effect of Water on Quinone Redox Mediators in Nonaqueous Li-O2 Batteries Zongyao Li · Yujin Cho · Xiang Li · X. Li · Akihisa Aimi · Yoshiyuki Inaguma · J. A. Alonso · M. T. Fernández-Díaz · Jiaqiang Yan · M. C. Downer · Graeme Henkelman · John B. Goodenough · Jianshi Zhou · Jianshi Zhou
    Selective Proton/Deuteron Transport through Nafion|Graphene|Nafion Sandwich Structures at High Current Density Corey J. White · Amy L. Speelman · Claudia Kupper · Serhiy Demeshko · Franc Meyer · James P. Shanahan · E. Ercan Alp · Michael Hu · Jiyong Zhao · Nicolai Lehnert · Nicolai Lehnert
    Isolation of R6Si6 Dianion: A Bridged Tricyclic Isomer of Dianionic Hexasilabenzene Alexander Eberle · Thomas Markert · Frank Trixler · Frank Trixler
    Combined Iron/Hydroxytriazole Dual Catalytic System for Site Selective Oxidation Adjacent to Azaheterocycles Christopher J. Reinhardt · Effie Y. Zhou · Michael D. Jorgensen · Gina Partipilo · Jefferson Chan · Jefferson Chan
    Correction toA Synthetically Tunable System To Control MLCT Excited-State Lifetimes and Spin States in Iron(II) Polypyridines Thomas Wittmann · Arobendo Mondal · Carsten B. L. Tschense · Johannes J. Wittmann · Ottokar Klimm · Renée Siegel · Björn Corzilius · Birgit Weber · Martin Kaupp · Juergen Senker · Juergen Senker
    Genetic Algorithm Based Design and Experimental Characterization of a Highly Thermostable Metalloprotein Moritz Pott · Takahiro Hayashi · Takahiro Mori · Peer R. E. Mittl · Anthony P. Green · Donald Hilvert · Donald Hilvert
    A Mitochondria-Specific Fluorescent Probe for Visualizing Endogenous Hydrogen Cyanide Fluctuations in Neurons Francesco Manoni · Corentin Rumo · Liubo Li · Patrick G. Harran · Patrick G. Harran
    Chelate-Assisted Ring-Closing Metathesis: A Strategy for Accelerating Macrocyclization at Ambient Temperatures Yafei Gao · Guangyu Li · Liang Deng · Liang Deng
    Total Synthesis of (−)-Xylogranatopyridine B via a Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Stannylation of Enones Daiko Takamatsu · Akio Yoneyama · Yusuke Asari · Tatsumi Hirano · Tatsumi Hirano
    Aurophilic Interactions in [(L)AuCl]...[(L′)AuCl] Dimers: Calibration by Experiment and Theory Shin-ichi Naya · Takahiro Kume · Ryo Akashi · Musashi Fujishima · Hiroaki Tada · Hiroaki Tada
    A Method for Selective Depletion of Zn(II) Ions from Complex Biological Media and Evaluation of Cellular Consequences of Zn(II) Deficiency Kenji Shirai · Gianluca Fazio · Toshiki Sugimoto · Daniele Selli · Lorenzo Ferraro · Kazuya Watanabe · Mitsutaka Haruta · Bunsho Ohtani · Hiroki Kurata · Cristiana Di Valentin · Yoshiyasu Matsumoto · Yoshiyasu Matsumoto
    A Strategy for the Convergent and Stereoselective Assembly of Polycyclic Molecules Yao Yao · Shangqian Zhu · Haijiang Wang · Hui Li · Minhua Shao · Minhua Shao
    Enantioselective Total Syntheses of (+)-Hippolachnin A, (+)-Gracilioether A, (−)-Gracilioether E, and (−)-Gracilioether F Xingyu Jiang · Philip Boehm · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    New Mechanism for Ferroelectricity in the Perovskite Ca2–xMnxTi2O6 Synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering N. Lokesh · Andreas Seegerer · Johnny Hioe · Ruth M. Gschwind · Ruth M. Gschwind
    The Semireduced Mechanism for Nitric Oxide Reduction by Non-Heme Diiron Complexes: Modeling Flavodiiron Nitric Oxide Reductases Jing Shuai · Binghui Ge · Jun Mao · Shaowei Song · Yumei Wang · Zhifeng Ren · Zhifeng Ren
    Revealing the Physicochemical Basis of Organic Solid–Solid Wetting Deposition: Casimir-like Forces, Hydrophobic Collapse, and the Role of the Zeta Potential Abigail S. Knight · Josefin Larsson · Jing M. Ren · Raghida Bou Zerdan · Shay Seguin · Remy Vrahas · Jianfang Liu · Gang Ren · Craig J. Hawker · Craig J. Hawker
    A Ratiometric Acoustogenic Probe for in Vivo Imaging of Endogenous Nitric Oxide Richard Y. Liu · Minwoo Bae · Stephen L. Buchwald · Stephen L. Buchwald
    Probing Interactions of N-Donor Molecules with Open Metal Sites within Paramagnetic Cr-MIL-101 – A Solid-State NMR Spectroscopic and DFT Study Zhiqi He · Feifei Song · Huan Sun · Yong Huang · Yong Huang
    A Non-Canonical Proximal Heme Ligand Affords an Efficient Peroxidase in a Globin Fold Kelsey K. Sakimoto · Nikolay Kornienko · Stefano Cestellos-Blanco · Jongwoo Lim · Chong Liu · Peidong Yang · Peidong Yang · Peidong Yang
    Unconventional Fragment Usage Enables a Concise Total Synthesis of (−)-Callyspongiolide Changjian Xie · Christopher L. Malbon · David R. Yarkony · Daiqian Xie · Daiqian Xie · Hua Guo · Hua Guo
    Ultrafast Observation of a Photoredox Reaction Mechanism: Photoinitiation in Organocatalyzed Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization Yiren Zhong · Li-Chang Yin · Peng He · Wen Liu · Zishan Wu · Hailiang Wang · Hailiang Wang
    Stereodivergent Synthesis of α,α-Disubstituted α-Amino Acids via Synergistic Cu/Ir Catalysis Guilhem X. De Hoe · Michael Thomas Zumstein · Brandon J. Tiegs · Jacob P. Brutman · Kristopher McNeill · Michael Sander · Geoffrey W. Coates · Marc A. Hillmyer · Marc A. Hillmyer
    Structural Insight into the Photochemistry of Split Green Fluorescent Proteins: A Unique Role for a His-Tag Yusuke Azuma · Daniel L. V. Bader · Donald Hilvert · Donald Hilvert
    A Transient Vinylphosphinidene via a Phosphirene–Phosphinidene Rearrangement Felix Hennersdorf · Julia Frötschel · Jan J. Weigand · Jan J. Weigand
    Spin-Crossover Iron(II) Coordination Polymer with Fluorescent Properties: Correlation between Emission Properties and Spin State Wen Piao · Kenjiro Hanaoka · Tomotsumi Fujisawa · Satoshi Takeuchi · Toru Komatsu · Tasuku Ueno · Takuya Terai · Tahei Tahara · Tetsuo Nagano · Yasuteru Urano · Yasuteru Urano
    Elucidation of Excitation Energy Dependent Correlated Triplet Pair Formation Pathways in an Endothermic Singlet Fission System Xu Chen · Hong Jiang · Bang Hou · Wei Gong · Yan Liu · Yong Cui · Yong Cui
    Unprecedented Reaction Mode of Phosphorus in Phosphinidene Rare-Earth Complexes: A Joint Experimental–Theoretical Study Chantelle J. Capicciotti · Chengli Zong · M. Osman Sheikh · Tiantian Sun · Lance Wells · Geert-Jan Boons · Geert-Jan Boons
    Endosomal Escape and Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Machinery Enabled by Nanoscale Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Ruditskiy Aleksey · Xia Younan · Xia Younan
    Polymer Self-Assembly into Unique Fractal Nanostructures in Solution by a One-Shot Synthetic Procedure Hironobu Sakaguchi · Yuta Uetake · Masato Ohashi · Takashi Niwa · Sensuke Ogoshi · Takamitsu Hosoya · Takamitsu Hosoya
    De Novo Design of Tetranuclear Transition Metal Clusters Stabilized by Hydrogen-Bonded Networks in Helical Bundles Weimin Xuan · Anzhi Yao · Peter G. Schultz · Peter G. Schultz
    Interrogating Pd(II) Anion Metathesis Using a Bifunctional Chemical Probe: A Transmetalation Switch Alice M. Bowen · Eachan O. D. Johnson · Francesco Mercuri · Nicola Hoskins · Ruihong Qiao · James S. O. McCullagh · Janet E. Lovett · Stephen G. Bell · Weihong Zhou · Christiane R. Timmel · Luet Lok Wong · Jeffrey Harmer · Jeffrey Harmer
    Unimolecular Reaction Pathways of a γ-Ketohydroperoxide from Combined Application of Automated Reaction Discovery Methods Liang Huang · Xueping Zhang · Qingqing Wang · Yujie Han · Youxing Fang · Shaojun Dong · Shaojun Dong
    Superphenylphosphines: Nanographene-Based Ligands That Control Coordination Geometry and Drive Supramolecular Assembly Yasuhiro Arikawa · Yuji Otsubo · Hiroki Fujino · Shinnosuke Horiuchi · Eri Sakuda · Keisuke Umakoshi · Keisuke Umakoshi
    Screening supramolecular interactions between carbon nanodots and porphyrins Yusuke Azuma · Michael Herger · Donald Hilvert · Donald Hilvert
    Atom-Precise Modification of Silver(I) Thiolate Cluster by Shell Ligand Substitution: A New Approach to Generation of Cluster Functionality and Chirality Michael S. Denny · Lucas R. Parent · Lucas R. Parent · Joseph P. Patterson · Joseph P. Patterson · Santosh Kumar Meena · Huy Pham · Patricia Abellan · Quentin M. Ramasse · Francesco Paesani · Nathan C. Gianneschi · Seth M. Cohen · Seth M. Cohen
    A New Class of Metal-Cyclam-Based Zirconium Metal–Organic Frameworks for CO2 Adsorption and Chemical Fixation Kshatresh Dutta Dubey · Sason Shaik · Sason Shaik
    Remote C–H Hydroxylation by an α-Ketoglutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase Enables Efficient Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Manzacidin C and Proline Analogs Li Jie Cheng · Shahidul M. Islam · Neal P. Mankad · Neal P. Mankad
    Intermolecular Anti-Markovnikov Hydroamination of Unactivated Alkenes with Sulfonamides Enabled by Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Sai Chaitanya Chiliveri · John M. Louis · Rodolfo Ghirlando · James L. Baber · Ad Bax · Ad Bax
    Pore Environment Control and Enhanced Performance of Enzymes Infiltrated in Covalent Organic Frameworks Alan Perez-Rathke · Monifa Fahie · Christina Chisholm · Jie Liang · Min Chen · Min Chen
    Shape-Control of Pt–Ru Nanocrystals: Tuning Surface Structure for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Methanol Oxidation Hoimin Jung · Kijung Jung · Mannkyu Hong · Seongyeon Kwon · Kunsoon Kim · Soon Hyeok Hong · Tae-Lim Choi · Mu-Hyun Baik · Mu-Hyun Baik
    Large Converse Piezoelectric Effect Measured on a Single Molecule on a Metallic Surface Long Zhang · Eduardo Laborda · Nadim Darwish · Benjamin B. Noble · Jason H. Tyrell · Sandra Pluczyk · Anton P. Le Brun · Gordon G. Wallace · Joaquín González · Michelle L. Coote · Simone Ciampi · Simone Ciampi
    Nitrite Reduction Cycle on a Dinuclear Ruthenium Complex Producing Ammonia Kan Sato · Rieka Ichinoi · Ryusuke Mizukami · Takuma Serikawa · Yusuke Sasaki · Jodie L. Lutkenhaus · Hiroyuki Nishide · Kenichi Oyaizu · Kenichi Oyaizu
    Diversification of Protein Cage Structure Using Circularly Permuted Subunits Shuai Wang · Tobias J. Sherbow · Louise A. Berben · Philip P. Power · Philip P. Power
    Multiscale Computational Design of Functionalized Photocathodes for H2 Generation Edmund Leary · Cécile Roche · Hua Wei Jiang · Iain Grace · M. Teresa González · Gabino Rubio-Bollinger · Carlos Romero-Muñiz · Yaoyao Xiong · Qusiy Al-Galiby · Mohammed Noori · Maria A. Lebedeva · Kyriakos Porfyrakis · Nicolás Agraït · A. Hodgson · Simon J. Higgins · Colin J. Lambert · Harry L. Anderson · Richard J. Nichols · Richard J. Nichols
    Choreography of the Reductase and P450BM3 Domains Toward Electron Transfer Is Instigated by the Substrate Liqin Zhang · Cheng Cui · Sena Cansiz · Hao Liang · Cuichen Wu · I-Ting Teng · Weijun Chen · Yuan Liu · Weijia Hou · Xiao-Bing Zhang · Weihong Tan · Weihong Tan
    Synthesis of Allylic Alcohols via Cu-Catalyzed Hydrocarbonylative Coupling of Alkynes with Alkyl Halides Zhen Wang · Zhiqi He · Linrui Zhang · Yong Huang · Yong Huang
    Tilted, Uninterrupted, Monomeric HIV-1 gp41 Transmembrane Helix from Residual Dipolar Couplings Yusuke Azuma · Thomas G. W. Edwardson · Naohiro Terasaka · Donald Hilvert · Donald Hilvert
    Macrocyclization of Interferon–Poly(α-amino acid) Conjugates Significantly Improves the Tumor Retention, Penetration, and Antitumor Efficacy Aleksandr V. Zhukhovitskiy · Ilia J. Kobylianskii · Chung-Yeh Wu · F. Dean Toste · F. Dean Toste
    Mechanism of OmpG pH-Dependent Gating from Loop Ensemble and Single Channel Studies Agustin E. Pierri · Alessia Pallaoro · Guang Wu · Peter C. Ford · Peter C. Ford
    Reagent for Introducing Base-Stabilized Phosphorus Atoms into Organic and Inorganic Compounds Pabitra K. Nayak · Michael Sendner · Bernard Wenger · Zhiping Wang · Kshama Sharma · Alexandra J. Ramadan · Robert Lovrincic · Annemarie Pucci · P.K. Madhu · Henry J. Snaith · Henry J. Snaith
    Understanding the Origin of the Regioselectivity in Cyclopolymerizations of Diynes and How to Completely Switch It Wenjun Miao · Yanchuan Zhao · Chuanfa Ni · Bing Gao · Wei Zhang · Jinbo Hu · Jinbo Hu
    Intensity-Dependent Photoresponse of Biphotochromic Molecule Composed of a Negative and a Positive Photochromic Unit Chen Yifeng · Turlik Aneta · R Newhouse Timothy · R Newhouse Timothy
    CuH-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reduction of α,β-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids to β-Chiral Aldehydes Cheng Xiayun · C Micalizio Glenn · C Micalizio Glenn
    Diffusion-Cooperative Model for Charge Transport by Redox-Active Nonconjugated Polymers Yong Luo · Yuanhong Ma · Zhaomin Hou · Zhaomin Hou
    Charge Order and Negative Thermal Expansion in V2OPO4 Shao-Qing Zhang · Marco Chino · Lijun Liu · Youzhi Tang · Xiaozhen Hu · William F. DeGrado · Angela Lombardi · Angela Lombardi
    Self-Assembly of Chiral Metal–Organic Tetartoid Yuanyue Liu · Wenzhuo Wu · William A. Goddard · William A. Goddard
    Pressure-Induced Polymerization of CO2 in Lithium–Carbon Dioxide Phases Shunsuke Sakurai · Fuminori Kamada · Kazufumi Kobashi · Don N. Futaba · Kenji Hata · Kenji Hata
    Slow Dynamics of Tryptophan–Water Networks in Proteins Ala Bunescu · Trevor W. Butcher · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    Correction toHighly Active and Selective Hydrogenation of CO2 to Ethanol by Ordered Pd–Cu Nanoparticles Hisae Tateishi-Karimata · Keiko Kawauchi · Naoki Sugimoto · Naoki Sugimoto
    Negative Differential Conductance in Polyporphyrin Oligomers with Nonlinear Backbones Xiaoyan Zhang · Zaicheng Sun · Bin Wang · Yu Tang · Luan Nguyen · Yuting Li · Franklin Feng Tao · Franklin Feng Tao
    Addition toEssentially Trap-Free CsPbBr3 Colloidal Nanocrystals by Postsynthetic Thiocyanate Surface Treatment Dan Guo · Yanan Li · Xu Zheng · Fengyu Li · Shuoran Chen · Qiang Yang · H. Li · Yanlin Song · Yanlin Song
    General and Facile Coating of Single Cells via Mild Reduction Chun Pong Tam · Lijun Zhou · Albert C. Fahrenbach · Wen Zhang · Travis Walton · Jack W. Szostak · Jack W. Szostak
    Hydroxide Ligands Cooperate with Catalytic Centers in Metal–Organic Frameworks for Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Shao-Chi Cheng · Kai-Jen Chen · Yuji Suzaki · Yoshitaka Tsuchido · Ting-Shen Kuo · Kohtaro Osakada · Masaki Horie · Masaki Horie
    Chlorine-Incorporation-Induced Formation of the Layered Phase for Antimony-Based Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Aubérie Parent · Alhosna Benjdia · Alain Guillot · Xavier Kubiak · Clémence Balty · Benjamin Lefranc · Jérôme Leprince · Olivier Berteau · Olivier Berteau
    Bioinspired Heterogeneous Ion Pump Membranes: Unidirectional Selective Pumping and Controllable Gating Properties Stemming from Asymmetric Ionic Group Distribution Hao Li · Jian Shang · Zhihui Ai · Lizhi Zhang · Lizhi Zhang
    Phospholyl(borane) Amino Acids and Peptides: Stereoselective Synthesis and Fluorescent Properties with Large Stokes Shift Benedict Kemper · Lydia Zengerling · Daniel Spitzer · Ronja Otter · Tobias Bauer · Pol Besenius · Pol Besenius
    Substrate Sorting by a Supercharged Nanoreactor Brian S. Dolinar · Dimitris I. Alexandropoulos · Kuduva R. Vignesh · Tia’Asia James · Kim R. Dunbar · Kim R. Dunbar
    Tellurium: Fast Electrical and Atomic Transport along Weak Interaction Direction Christian S. Diercks · Song Lin · Nikolay Kornienko · Eugene A. Kapustin · Eva M. Nichols · Chenhui Zhu · Yingbo Zhao · Christopher J. Chang · Omar M. Yaghi · Omar M. Yaghi
    A New, General Strategy for Fabricating Highly Concentrated and Viscoplastic Suspensions Based on a Structural Approach to Modulate Interparticle Interaction Nipa Chongdar · James A. Birrell · Krzysztof Pawlak · Constanze Sommer · Edward J. Reijerse · Olaf Rüdiger · Wolfgang Lubitz · Hideaki Ogata · Hideaki Ogata
    Destabilization of DNA G-Quadruplexes by Chemical Environment Changes during Tumor Progression Facilitates Transcription Chong Chen · Hongqian Sang · Pengcheng Ding · Ye Sun · Manuela Mura · Ying Hu · Lev Kantorovich · Flemming Besenbacher · Miao Yu · Miao Yu
    C–C Coupling on Single-Atom-Based Heterogeneous Catalyst Shyamapada Nandi · Debanjan Chakraborty · Debasis Banerjee · Praveen K. Thallapally · Ramanathan Vaidhyanathan · Ramanathan Vaidhyanathan
    Programmed Coassembly of One-Dimensional Binary Superstructures by Liquid Soft Confinement Kangnan Li · Xinxin Shao · Luke Tseng · Steven J. Malcolmson · Steven J. Malcolmson
    Synthesis of a Nonhydrolyzable Nucleotide Phosphoroimidazolide Analogue That Catalyzes Nonenzymatic RNA Primer Extension Elise Pachoud · James Cumby · Calum T. Lithgow · J. Paul Attfield · J. Paul Attfield
    Reversible Laser-Induced Bending of Pseudorotaxane Crystals Roman Sommer · Stefanie Wagner · Katharina Rox · Annabelle Varrot · Dirk Hauck · Eike-Christian Wamhoff · Janine Schreiber · Thomas Ryckmans · Thomas Brunner · Christoph Rademacher · Rolf W. Hartmann · Mark Brönstrup · Anne Imberty · Alexander Titz · Alexander Titz
    Correction toEfficient Visible Light Nitrogen Fixation with BiOBr Nanosheets of Oxygen Vacancies on the Exposed {001} Facets Liu Leo Liu · Jiliang Zhou · Levy L. Cao · Ryan Andrews · Rosalyn L. Falconer · Rosalyn L. Falconer · Christopher A. Russell · Douglas W. Stephan · Douglas W. Stephan
    Kinetically Controlled Stepwise Self-Assembly of AuI-Metallopeptides in Water Izumi Yonekawa · Katsuya Mutoh · Yoichi Kobayashi · Jiro Abe · Jiro Abe
    Lanthanide Triangles Supported by Radical Bridging Ligands Charles Lochenie · Konstantin Schötz · Fabian Panzer · Hannah Kurz · Bernadette Maier · Florian Puchtler · Seema Agarwal · Anna Köhler · Birgit Weber · Birgit Weber
    Reticular Electronic Tuning of Porphyrin Active Sites in Covalent Organic Frameworks for Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction Debmalya Bhunia · Prasenjit Mondal · Gaurav Das · Abhijit Saha · Pallabi Sengupta · Jagannath Jana · Saswat Mohapatra · Subhrangsu Chatterjee · Surajit Ghosh · Surajit Ghosh
    Unique Spectroscopic Properties of the H-Cluster in a Putative Sensory [FeFe] Hydrogenase Arya Thampi · Hannah L. Stern · Alexandre Georges Cheminal · Murad J. Y. Tayebjee · Anthony J. Petty · John E. Anthony · Akshay Rao · Akshay Rao
    Superconductivity on Hole-Doping Side of (La0.5–xNa0.5+x)Fe2As2 Aliaksandr V. Yakutovich · Johannes Hoja · Daniele Passerone · Alexandre Tkatchenko · Carlo A. Pignedoli · Carlo A. Pignedoli
    Xanthine Quartets on Au(111) Haiwen Tian · Jianquan Hong · Kai Wang · Iker Del Rosal · Laurent Maron · Xigeng Zhou · Lixin Zhang · Lixin Zhang
    2-Azadienes as Reagents for Preparing Chiral Amines: Synthesis of 1,2-Amino Tertiary Alcohols by Cu-Catalyzed Enantioselective Reductive Couplings with Ketones Suyong Shin · Ming-Long Gu · Chin-Yang Yu · Jongseol Jeon · Eunji Lee · Tae-Lim Choi · Tae-Lim Choi
    Electrochemical and Electrostatic Cleavage of Alkoxyamines Jing Bai · Xiaodan Jia · Wenyao Zhen · Wenlong Cheng · Xiue Jiang · Xiue Jiang
    Reversible Coordination of H2 by a Distannyne Yang Wei · Antonio Tinoco · Viktoria Steck · Rudi Fasan · Yong Zhang · Yong Zhang
    Directed Decarbonylation of Unstrained Aryl Ketones via Nickel-Catalyzed C-C Bond Cleavage Anastasia Leventis · Jeroen Royakkers · Alexandros G. Rapidis · Niall Goodeal · Mérina K. Corpinot · Jarvist M. Frost · Dejan-Krešimir Bučar · Matthew O. Blunt · Franco Cacialli · Hugo Bronstein · Hugo Bronstein
    Formation of 1D Infinite Chains Directed by Metal–Metal and/or π–π Stacking Interactions of Water-Soluble Platinum(II) 2,6-Bis(benzimidazol-2′-yl)pyridine Double Complex Salts Bin Rao · Che Chang Chong · Rei Kinjo · Rei Kinjo
    Palladium-Catalyzed Intermolecular Ditrifluoromethoxylation of Unactivated Alkenes: CF3O-Palladation Initiated by Pd(IV) Hongwei Chen · Hangyu Tu · Chenji Hu · Yi Liu · Derui Dong · Yufei Sun · Yafei Dai · Senlin Wang · Hao Qian · Zhiyong Lin · Liwei Chen · Liwei Chen
    Mixed Sulfur and Iodide-Based Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Meera Mohankumar · Michel Holler · Eric Meichsner · Jean-François Nierengarten · Frédéric Niess · Jean-Pierre Sauvage · Béatrice Delavaux-Nicot · Enrico Leoni · Filippo Monti · Joanna M. Malicka · M. Cocchi · Elisa Bandini · Nicola Armaroli · Nicola Armaroli
    Rhodium-Catalyzed Regioselective Silylation of Alkyl C–H Bonds for the Synthesis of 1,4-Diols Mersedeh Saniepay · Chenjia Mi · Zhihui Liu · E. Paige Abel · Rémi Beaulac · Rémi Beaulac
    Stereoselective Dynamic Cyclization of Allylic Azides: Synthesis of Tetralins, Chromanes, and Tetrahydroquinolines Kui Tan · Stephanie Jensen · Sebastian Zuluaga · Eric K. Chapman · Hao Wang · Rezwanur Rahman · Jeremy Cure · Tae Hyeon Kim · Jing Li · Timo Thonhauser · Yves J. Chabal · Yves J. Chabal
    1,2-Diol Dehydration by the Radical SAM Enzyme AprD4: A Matter of Proton Circulation and Substrate Flexibility Zhuang Wu · Ruijuan Feng · Jian Xu · Yan Lu · Bo Lu · Tao Yang · Gernot Frenking · Tarek Trabelsi · Joseph S. Francisco · Xiaoqing Zeng · Xiaoqing Zeng
    Palladium/IzQO-Catalyzed Coordination–Insertion Copolymerization of Ethylene and 1,1-Disubstituted Ethylenes Bearing a Polar Functional Group Prasenjit Mondal · Paolo Pirovano · Ankita Das · Erik R. Farquhar · Aidan R. McDonald · Aidan R. McDonald
    Metal as Source of Chirality in Octahedral Complexes with Tripodal Tetradentate Ligands Yulian He · Zachary S. Fishman · Ke R. Yang · Brandon Ortiz · Chaolun Liu · Julia Goldsamt · Victor S. Batista · Lisa D. Pfefferle · Lisa D. Pfefferle
    Unraveling Charge State of Supported Au Single-Atoms during CO Oxidation Zhao-Yang Wang · Meng-Qi Wang · Yan-Ling Li · Peng Luo · Tong-Tong Jia · Ren-Wu Huang · Shuang-Quan Zang · Thomas C. W. Mak · Thomas C. W. Mak
    Enantioselective Desymmetrization of Methylenedianilines via Enzyme-Catalyzed Remote Halogenation Jennifer M. Crawford · Elizabeth A. Stone · Anthony J. Metrano · Scott J. Miller · Matthew S. Sigman · Matthew S. Sigman
    Unbiased Molecular Dynamics of 11 min Timescale Drug Unbinding Reveals Transition State Stabilizing Interactions Daniel Saliba · Manal Ammar · Moustafa Rammal · Mazen Al-Ghoul · Mohamad Hmadeh · Mohamad Hmadeh
    Metal-Free Regio- and Chemoselective Hydroboration of Pyridines Catalyzed by 1,3,2-Diazaphosphenium Triflate Mateusz Imiołek · Gogulan Karunanithy · Wai-Lung Ng · Andrew J. Baldwin · Véronique Gouverneur · Benjamin G. Davis · Benjamin G. Davis
    Kinetics of the Methanol Reaction with OH at Interstellar, Atmospheric, and Combustion Temperatures Zhen Yin · Ye Wang · Chuqiao Song · Liheng Zheng · Na Ma · Xi Liu · Siwei Li · Lili Lin · Mengzhu Li · Yao Xu · Weizhen Li · Gang Hu · Zheyu Fang · Ding Ma · Ding Ma
    Cationic Covalent Organic Framework Nanosheets for Fast Li-Ion Conduction Stefan Verhoog · Choon Wee Kee · Yanlan Wang · Tanatorn Khotavivattana · Thomas C. Wilson · Veerle Kersemans · Sean Smart · Matthew Tredwell · Benjamin G. Davis · Véronique Gouverneur · Véronique Gouverneur
    Heteroleptic Copper(I) Pseudorotaxanes Incorporating Macrocyclic Phenanthroline Ligands of Different Sizes Jarett Wilcoxen · Nathan A. Bruender · Vahe Bandarian · R. David Britt · R. David Britt
    Insights into the Structural Complexity of Colloidal CdSe Nanocrystal Surfaces: Correlating the Efficiency of Nonradiative Excited-State Processes to Specific Defects Tian-Tian Zhao · Wen-Hua Xu · Zhao-Jing Zheng · Peng-Fei Xu · Hao Wei · Hao Wei
    Role of Hydrogen Bonding on Transport of Coadsorbed Gases in Metal–Organic Frameworks Materials Liang Wei · Qiao Zhu · Shi-Ming Xu · Xin Chang · Chun-Jiang Wang · Chun-Jiang Wang
    Photoinduced Sulfur–Nitrogen Bond Rotation and Thermal Nitrogen Inversion in Heterocumulene OSNSO Luciano H. Di Stefano · Dimitris Papanastasiou · Roman A. Zubarev · Roman A. Zubarev
    Hydrogen Atom Transfer by a High-Valent Nickel-Chloride Complex Daisuke Koyama · Harvey J. A. Dale · Andrew J. Orr-Ewing · Andrew J. Orr-Ewing
    Hydrophobic CuO Nanosheets Functionalized with Organic Adsorbates Dae-Yong Son · Seul-Gi Kim · Ja-Young Seo · Seonhee Lee · Donghwa Lee · Nam-Gyu Park · Nam-Gyu Park
    Atomically Precise Site-Specific Tailoring and Directional Assembly of Superatomic Silver Nanoclusters Venkata S. Mandala · Martin D. Gelenter · Mei Hong · Mei Hong
    Parameterization and Analysis of Peptide-Based Catalysts for the Atroposelective Bromination of 3-Arylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones Dengfeng Li · Feifei Lu · Jie Wang · Wende Hu · Xiao-Ming Cao · Xiang Ma · He Tian · He Tian
    Crystal Growth of ZIF-8, ZIF-67, and Their Mixed-Metal Derivatives Francesc Bejarano · Ignacio J. Olavarria-Contreras · Andrea Droghetti · Ivan Rungger · Alexander V. Rudnev · Diego Gutiérrez · Marta Mas-Torrent · Jaume Veciana · Herre S. J. van der Zant · Concepció Rovira · Enrique Burzurí · Núria Crivillers · Núria Crivillers
    Selective Radical Trifluoromethylation of Native Residues in Proteins Wan-Chih Su · Douglas L. Gettel · Morgan Chabanon · Padmini Rangamani · Atul N. Parikh · Atul N. Parikh
    Zero Thermal Expansion in Magnetic and Metallic Tb(Co,Fe)2 Intermetallic Compounds Sheng Ye · Sheng Ye · Chunmei Ding · Ruotian Chen · Fengtao Fan · Ping Fu · Heng Yin · Xiuli Wang · Zhiliang Wang · Pingwu Du · Can Li · Can Li · Can Li
    Hybrid Au–Ag Nanostructures for Enhanced Plasmon-Driven Catalytic Selective Hydrogenation through Visible Light Irradiation and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Heather B. Mayes · Sangyun Lee · Sangyun Lee · Andrew D. White · Andrew D. White · Gregory A. Voth · Jessica M. J. Swanson · Jessica M. J. Swanson
    18F-Trifluoromethylation of Unmodified Peptides with 5-18F-(Trifluoromethyl)dibenzothiophenium Trifluoromethanesulfonate Christoph Heinz · J. Patrick Lutz · Eric M. Simmons · Michael M. Miller · William R. Ewing · Abigail G. Doyle · Abigail G. Doyle
    A radical intermediate in bacillus subtilis quee during turnover with the substrate analogue 6-Carboxypterin Jeffrey R. Vieregg · Michael Lueckheide · Amanda B. Marciel · Lorraine Leon · Alex J. Bologna · Josean Reyes Rivera · Matthew Tirrell · Matthew Tirrell
    Conductance Switching in Expanded Porphyrins through Aromaticity and Topology Changes Lu Gem Gao · Jingjing Zheng · Antonio Fernández-Ramos · Donald G. Truhlar · Xuefei Xu · Xuefei Xu
    Probing Conformational Exchange in Weakly Interacting, Slowly Exchanging Protein Systems via Off-Resonance R1ρ Experiments: Application to Studies of Protein Phase Separation Samuel D. Lotz · Alex Dickson · Alex Dickson
    Detecting Mechanochemical Atropisomerization within an STM Break Junction Joyce Pham · Fanqiang Meng · Matthew J. Lynn · Tao Ma · A. Kreyssig · Matthew J. Kramer · A. I. Goldman · Gordon J. Miller · Gordon J. Miller
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    Deciphering the Dynamic Interaction Profile of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein by NMR Exchange Spectroscopy Kristin M. Blacklock · Brahm J. Yachnin · G. Andrew Woolley · Sagar D. Khare · Sagar D. Khare
    Enhanced Targeted Gene Transduction: AAV2 Vectors Conjugated to Multiple Aptamers via Reducible Disulfide Linkages Hengbin Wang · Nathan T. Jui · Nathan T. Jui
    Iridium-Catalyzed Aerobic α,β-Dehydrogenation of γ,δ-Unsaturated Amides and Acids: Activation of Both α- and β-C–H bonds through an Allyl–Iridium Intermediate Kaitlyn M. Logan · Stephen R. Sardini · Sean D. White · M. Kevin Brown · M. Kevin Brown
    Modular Protein Cages for Size-Selective RNA Packaging in Vivo Jian Zhao · Jinhong Gao · Wenting Xue · Zhenghan Di · Hang Xing · Yi Lu · Le-Le Li · Le-Le Li
    Migratory Insertion of Carbenes into Au(III)-C Bonds Pradip Pachfule · Amitava Acharjya · Jérôme Roeser · Thomas Langenhahn · Michael Schwarze · Reinhard Schomäcker · Arne Thomas · Johannes Schmidt · Johannes Schmidt
    Correction toA Luminescent and Biocompatible PhotoCORM Tyler J. Whittemore · Travis A. White · Claudia Turro · Claudia Turro
    Impact of Bi3+ Heterovalent Doping in Organic–Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite Crystals SiRim Kim · Biplab Joarder · Jeff A. Hurd · Jinfeng Zhang · Karl W. Dawson · Benjamin S. Gelfand · Norman E. Wong · George K. H. Shimizu · George K. H. Shimizu
    Iron-Catalyzed Difluoromethylation of Arylzincs with Difluoromethyl 2-Pyridyl Sulfone Zhaogang Teng · Chunyan Wang · Yuxia Tang · Wei Li · Lei Bao · Xuehua Zhang · Xiaodan Su · Fan Zhang · Junjie Zhang · Shouju Wang · Dongyuan Zhao · Guangming Lu · Guangming Lu
    A Facile Ion-Doping Strategy To Regulate Tumor Microenvironments for Enhanced Multimodal Tumor Theranostics Yue Sun · Yue Sun · Shuai Li · Zhixuan Zhou · Manik Lal Saha · Sougata Datta · Mingming Zhang · Xuzhou Yan · Demei Tian · Demei Tian · Heng Wang · Lei Wang · Xiaopeng Li · Minghua Liu · Haibing Li · Peter J. Stang · Peter J. Stang
    α-C—H Alkylation of Methyl Sulfides with Alkenes by a Scandium Catalyst John H. Conway · Tomislav Rovis · Tomislav Rovis
    Computational Design of a Photocontrolled Cytosine Deaminase Eric E. Benson · Hanyu Zhang · Samuel A. Schuman · Sanjini U. Nanayakkara · Noah D. Bronstein · Suzanne Ferrere · Jeffrey L. Blackburn · Elisa M. Miller · Elisa M. Miller
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    Nickel-Catalyzed Stereoselective Arylboration of Unactivated Alkenes Kyle C. Van de Bittner · Matthew J. Nicholson · Leyla Y. Bustamante · Sarah A. Kessans · Arvina Ram · Craig J. van Dolleweerd · Barry Scott · Emily J. Parker · Emily J. Parker
    Upconversion Luminescence-Activated DNA Nanodevice for ATP Sensing in Living Cells Ziqi Hu · Bo-Wei Dong · Zheng Liu · Junjie Liu · Jie Su · Changcheng Yu · Jin Xiong · Di-Er Shi · Yuanyuan Wang · Bing-Wu Wang · Arzhang Ardavan · Zujin Shi · Shang-Da Jiang · Song Gao · Song Gao
    New Ligand Design Provides Delocalization and Promotes Strong Absorption throughout the Visible Region in a Ru(II) Complex Xing Han · Jinjing Huang · Chen Yuan · Yan Liu · Yong Cui · Yong Cui
    Achieving Superprotonic Conduction in Metal–Organic Frameworks through Iterative Design Advances Shan Xu · Zhan-Ming Zhang · Bing Xu · Bing Liu · Yuanyuan Liu · Junliang Zhang · Junliang Zhang
    Deformable Hollow Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica Nanocapsules for Significantly Improved Cellular Uptake Seok-Jin Kim · Javeed Mahmood · Changmin Kim · Gao-Feng Han · Seong-Wook Kim · Sun-Min Jung · Guomin Zhu · James J. De Yoreo · Guntae Kim · Jong-Beom Baek · Jong-Beom Baek
    Regiodivergent Iridium(III)-Catalyzed Diamination of Alkenyl Amides with Secondary Amines: Complementary Access to γ- or δ-Lactams Tairan Yuwen · Jacob P. Brady · Lewis E. Kay · Lewis E. Kay
    Correction toPhotocatalytic Conversion of Nitrogen to Ammonia with Water on Surface Oxygen Vacancies of Titanium Dioxide Victor Chun-Hei Wong · Charlotte Po · Sammual Yu-Lut Leung · Alan Kwun-Wa Chan · Siyuan Yang · Bairen Zhu · Xiaodong Cui · Vivian Wing-Wah Yam · Vivian Wing-Wah Yam
    Inverse Drug Discovery Strategy To Identify Proteins That Are Targeted by Latent Electrophiles As Exemplified by Aryl Fluorosulfates Thijs Stuyver · Mickael L. Perrin · Paul Geerlings · Frank De Proft · Mercedes Alonso · Mercedes Alonso
    Balancing the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, Surface Energetics, and Stability of Metallic MoS2 Nanosheets via Covalent Functionalization Chaohuang Chen · Yixin Luo · Liang Fu · Pinhong Chen · Yu Lan · Guosheng Liu · Guosheng Liu
    Heterologous Biosynthesis of Nodulisporic Acid F Caleb Karmel · Bi-Jie Li · John F. Hartwig · John F. Hartwig
    Endohedral Metallofullerene as Molecular High Spin Qubit: Diverse Rabi Cycles in [email protected] Matthew R. Porter · Rami M. Shaker · Cristian Calcanas · Joseph J. Topczewski · Joseph J. Topczewski
    Interfacial Chemistry in Solid-State Batteries: Formation of Interphase and Its Consequences Wan-Qiu Liu · Patricia Amara · Jean-Marie Mouesca · Xinjian Ji · Oriane Renoux · Lydie Martin · Chen Zhang · Qi Zhang · Yvain Nicolet · Yvain Nicolet
    Chiral 3D Covalent Organic Frameworks for High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Enantioseparation Hina Yasuda · Ryo Nakano · Shingo Ito · Kyoko Nozaki · Kyoko Nozaki
    Enantioselective Regiodivergent Synthesis of Chiral Pyrrolidines with Two Quaternary Stereocenters via Ligand-Controlled Copper(I)-Catalyzed Asymmetric 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions María Carmona · Ricardo J. Rodríguez · Vincenzo Passarelli · Fernando J. Lahoz · Pilar García-Orduña · Daniel Carmona · Daniel Carmona
    Defect-Free Encapsulation of Fe0 in 2D Fused Organic Networks as a Durable Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst Xiong Zhou · Qian Shen · Kaidi Yuan · Wenshao Yang · Qiwei Chen · Zhenhua Geng · Jialin Zhang · Xiang Shao · Wei Chen · Guo Qin Xu · Xueming Yang · Kai Wu · Kai Wu
    Mixed Copper States in Anodized Cu Electrocatalyst for Stable and Selective Ethylene Production from CO2 Reduction Scott A. McConnell · Brendan R. Amer · John Muroski · Janine Fu · Chungyu Chang · Rachel R. Ogorzalek Loo · Joseph A. Loo · Jerzy Osipiuk · Hung Ton-That · Robert T. Clubb · Robert T. Clubb
    Structured Growth of Metal-Organic Framework MIL-53(Al) from Solid Aluminum Carbide Precursor Hanchu Huang · Bohan Sun · Yingzi Huang · Jia Niu · Jia Niu
    Insertion of a Nontrigonal Phosphorus Ligand into a Transition Metal-Hydride: Direct Access to a Metallohydrophosphorane Pronay Kumar Biswas · Suchismita Saha · Thomas Paululat · Michael Schmittel · Michael Schmittel

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