Journal of Power Sources
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Journal of Power Sources
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J. Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources
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Full Journal Title Journal Abbreviation
Journal of Power Sources
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    The ISO4 abbreviation of Journal of Power Sources is J. Power Sources . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

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    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Journal of Power Sources should be cited as J. Power Sources for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Journal of Power Sources is 
                                        J. Power Sources
    Journal of Power Sources
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    Journal of Power Sources | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    Journal of Power Sources is the journal for researchers and technologists interested in all aspects of the science, technology and applications of sources of electrochemical power. Journal of Power Sources publishes original research and reviews about the science and applications of primary and secondary batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors and photo-electrochemical cells.Topics considered include the research, development and applications of nanomaterials and novel componentry for these devices.Examples of applications of these electrochemical power sources include:• Portable electronics• Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems• Storage of renewable energy• Satellites and deep space probes• Boats and ships, drones and aircrafts• Wearable energy storage systems The Journal of Power Sources is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of electrochemical energy conversion (like fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, and photo-electrochemical cells). The current editors-in-chief is Stefano Passerini, According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2017 impact factor of 6.945 and a 5-year impact factor of 6.496.

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    The ISSN of Journal of Power Sources is 0378-7753 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

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    Journal of Power Sources is published by Elsevier .

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    Journal of Power Sources publishes reports Quarterly .

    1976 - Present

    The Publication History of Journal of Power Sources covers 1976 - Present .

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    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Journal of Power Sources. Journal of Power Sources is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.

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    The publisher of Journal of Power Sources is Elsevier , which locates in Netherlands .

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    Full Title Authors
    Current distribution of parallel-connected cells in dependence of cell resistance, capacity and number of parallel cells Hongyun Yue · Yange Yang · Lan Wang · Zhiyuan Dong · Yanhong Yin · Zhaoxiang Wang · Shuting Yang · Liquan Chen · Liquan Chen
    Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of sodium powder as electrode additive to improve cycling performance of sodium-ion batteries Xiangang Zhai · Jianping Gao · Xiaoyang Xu · Wei Hong · Huan Wang · Fuming Wu · Yu Liu · Yu Liu
    Highly disordered hard carbon derived from skimmed cotton as a high-performance anode material for potassium-ion batteries Yong Wang · Guorong Hu · Zhongdong Peng · Yanbing Cao · Xiangwan Lai · Xianyue Qi · Zhanggen Gan · Wei Li · Zhongyuan Luo · Ke Du · Ke Du
    Erratum toSemi-empirical master curve concept describing the rate capability of lithium insertion electrodes[J. Power Sources 380 (2018) 83–91] Niloofar Ehteshami · Aitor Eguia-Barrio · Iratxe de Meatza · Willy Porcher · Elie Paillard · Elie Paillard
    Performance tuning of lithium ion battery cells with area-oversized graphite based negative electrodes Yang Hui Deng · Cui Ye · Bai Xiang Tao · Guo Chen · Qing Zhang · Hong Qun Luo · Nian Bing Li · Nian Bing Li
    High-performance hybrid supercapacitors enabled by protected lithium negative electrode andwater-in-saltelectrolyte Andrew W. Thompson · Andrew W. Thompson
    Monolithic electrochemical cells for overall water splitting Xian-Zong Wang · Triratna Muneshwar · Hong-Qiang Fan · Ken Cadien · Jing-Li Luo · Jing-Li Luo
    [email protected] nanofibers-based yarn electrodes Bei Liu · Mei Yang · Hongbiao Chen · Yijiang Liu · Duanguang Yang · Huaming Li · Huaming Li
    Single cell analysis of lithium-ion e-bike batteries aged under various conditions Yue Dong · Lu Wang · Lin Ban · Wei Du · Xiaojun Feng · Peng Chen · Fei Xiao · Shuai Wang · Bi-Feng Liu · Bi-Feng Liu
    Corrigendum toOn the optimal sizing of batteries for electric vehicles and the influence of fast charge[J. Power Sources 384 (2018) 312–317] Williams Agyei Appiah · Joonam Park · Seoungwoo Byun · Inseong Cho · Attila J. Mozer · Myung-Hyun Ryou · Yong Min Lee · Yong Min Lee
    3D interconnected Bi2S3 nanosheets network directly grown on nickel foam as advanced performance binder-free electrode for hybrid asymmetric supercapacitor Qian-Ting Xu · Jia-Chuang Li · Huaiguo Xue · Sheng-Ping Guo · Sheng-Ping Guo
    Comparison of chronoamperometric response and rate-performance of porous insertion electrodes: Towards an accelerated rate capability test Xuan Liu · Shizhe Liu · Jilai Xue · Jilai Xue
    Influence of Li substitution on the structure and electrochemical performance of P2-type Na 0.67 Ni 0.2 Fe 0.15 Mn 0.65 O 2 cathode materials for sodium ion batteries Minle Chen · Yi Cheng · Shuai He · Na Ai · Jean Pierre Veder · William D.A. Rickard · Martin Saunders · Kongfa Chen · Teng Zhang · San Ping Jiang · San Ping Jiang
    Adiponitrile-based electrolytes for high voltage, graphite-based Li-ion battery Xuxu Wang · Xuxu Wang · Hongjin Xue · Hongjin Xue · Zhaolin Na · Dongming Yin · Qian Li · Chunli Wang · Chunli Wang · Limin Wang · Gang Huang · Gang Huang
    One-step chemical transformation synthesis of CoS 2 nanosheets on carbon cloth as a 3D flexible electrode for water oxidation Fan Haimei · Huang Renkun · Yan Guiyang · Yan Guiyang
    Economic implications of lithium ion battery degradation for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2X) services Mathias Fingerle · Christoph Loho · Thimo Ferber · Horst Hahn · René Hausbrand · René Hausbrand
    Achieving ultrahigh corrosion resistance and conductive zirconium oxynitride coating on metal bipolar plates by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition Sicolo Sabrina · Fingerle Mathias · Hausbrand Rene · Albe Karsten · Albe Karsten
    Hybrid TiO 2 -Graphene nanoribbon photoanodes to improve the photoconversion efficiency of dye sensitized solar cells C. Heubner · C. Lämmel · A. Nickol · T. Liebmann · M. Schneider · Alexander Michaelis · Alexander Michaelis
    Internal resistance mapping preparation to optimize electrode thickness and density using symmetric cell for high-performance lithium-ion batteries and capacitors Mark W. Verbrugge · Charles W. Wampler · Charles W. Wampler
    Zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 derived zinc oxide/ carbon nanofiber as freestanding electrodes for lithium storage in lithium-ion batteries Ye Zhiguo · Li Tao · Ma Guang · Peng Xinyuan · Zhao Jun · Zhao Jun
    Monolayer standing MnO 2 -Nanosheet covered Mn 3 O 4 octahedrons anchored in 3D N-Doped graphene networks as supercapacitor electrodes with remarkable cycling stability David Oeser · Andreas Ziegler · Ansgar Ackva · Ansgar Ackva
    Mg-Ca binary alloys as anodes for primary Mg-air batteries Xu Fenghua · Yu Fangli · Liu Chao · Han Pengde · Weng Baicheng · Weng Baicheng
    Surface engineering by a novel electrochemical activation method for the synthesis of Co 3+ enriched Co(OH) 2 /CoOOH heterostructure for water oxidation Xiaoyu Li · Guodong Fan · Ke Pan · Guo Wei · Chunbo Zhu · Giorgio Rizzoni · Marcello Canova · Marcello Canova
    Enhanced electrochemical properties of the Cd-modified LiNi 0.6 Co 0.2 Mn 0.2 O 2 cathode materials at high cut-off voltage Zhang Xu · Wang Yujie · Liu Chang · Chen Zonghai · Chen Zonghai
    Self-templated fabrication of micro/nano structured iron fluoride for high-performance lithium-ion batteries Sang Ho Lee · Yong-Ryun Jo · Yuseong Noh · Bong-Joong Kim · Won Bae Kim · Won Bae Kim
    Dynamic charge-discharge phase transitions in Li 3 V 2 (PO 4 ) 3 cathodes David Peralta · Jeremie Salomon · Jean-François Colin · Adrien Boulineau · Frédéric Fabre · Carole Bourbon · Benjamin Amestoy · Elise Gutel · Didier Bloch · Sébastien Patoux · Sébastien Patoux
    Constructing self-standing and non-precious metal heterogeneous nanowire arrays as high-performance oxygen evolution electrocatalysts: Beyond the electronegativity effect of the substrate Mingjin Cui · Shaochun Tang · Yujie Ma · Xiling Shi · Junaid Ali Syed · Xiangkang Meng · Xiangkang Meng
    Electrochemical and interfacial behavior of all solid state batteries using Li10SnP2S12 solid electrolyte Kazuaki Kisu · Kazuaki Kisu · Shintaro Aoyagi · Haruka Nagatomo · Etsuro Iwama · Etsuro Iwama · McMahon Thomas Homer Reid · McMahon Thomas Homer Reid · Wako Naoi · Katsuhiko Naoi · Katsuhiko Naoi
    Power capability prediction for lithium-ion batteries using economic nonlinear model predictive control Jialiang Tang · Daniel Kyungbin Kye · Vilas G. Pol · Vilas G. Pol
    Parametrized control-oriented mathematical model and adaptive backstepping control of a single chamber single population microbial fuel cell Rusoma Akilimali · Gurpreet Singh Selopal · Gurpreet Singh Selopal · Daniele Benetti · Inés Serrano-Esparza · P. A. Algarabel · José María de Teresa · José María de Teresa · Zhiming Wang · B.L. Stansfield · Haiguang Zhao · Federico Rosei · Federico Rosei · Federico Rosei
    Change of self-discharge mechanism as a fast tool for estimating long-term stability of ionic liquid based supercapacitors Xiaodong He · Jia-Ying Liao · Zhong-Feng Tang · Li-Na Xiao · Xiang Ding · Qiao Hu · Zhaoyin Wen · Chunhua Chen · Chunhua Chen
    Low-cost and sustainable corn starch as a high-performance aqueous binder in silicon anodes via in situ cross-linking C. Heubner · J. Seeba · T. Liebmann · A. Nickol · S. Börner · M. Fritsch · K. Nikolowski · M. Wolter · M. Schneider · Alexander Michaelis · Alexander Michaelis
    Electrochemical and structural investigation of Mg-doped Li 3 V (2-2x/3) Mg x (PO 4 ) 3 Tim Dagger · Johannes Kasnatscheew · Britta Vortmann-Westhoven · Timo Schwieters · Sascha Nowak · Martin Winter · Falko M. Schappacher · Falko M. Schappacher
    Na3NH2B12H12 as high performance solid electrolyte for all-solid-state Na-ion batteries Ming Zhang · Sho Makino · Dai Mochizuki · Wataru Sugimoto · Wataru Sugimoto
    A fast estimation algorithm for lithium-ion battery state of health Yunchao Xie · Chi Zhang · Xiaoqing He · Tommi A. White · J. D. Demaree · Mark H. Griep · Jian Lin · Jian Lin
    Submicronic LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 synthesized by co-precipitation for lithium ion batteries - Tailoring a classic process for enhanced energy and power density Wenyu Shao · Mike Tebyetekerwa · Ifra Marriam · Weili Li · Yongzhi Wu · Shengjie Peng · Shengjie Peng · Seeram Ramakrishna · Shengyuan Yang · Meifang Zhu · Meifang Zhu
    Graphene-like porous carbon nanosheets derived from salvia splendens for high-rate performance supercapacitors Sun Tianhua · Li Zhangpeng · Liu Xiaohong · Ma Limin · Wang Jinqing · Yang Shengrong · Yang Shengrong
    A coupled chemo-mechanical model to study the effects of adhesive strength on the electrochemical performance of silicon electrodes for advanced lithium ion batteries Molla Tesfaye Tadesse · Kwok Kawai · Frandsen Henrik Lund · Frandsen Henrik Lund
    Effective combination of FeS 2 microspheres and Fe 3 S 4 microcubes with rGO as anode material for high-capacity and long-cycle lithium-ion batteries Jinhui Zhu · Jun Yang · Jingjing Zhou · Tao Zhang · Lei Li · Jiulin Wang · Yanna Nuli · Yanna Nuli
    Discharge performance of the magnesium anodes with different phase constitutions for Mg-air batteries S. Siracusano · V. Baglio · S.A. Grigoriev · Luca Merlo · V.N. Fateev · A.S. Aricò · A.S. Aricò
    Online estimation of thermal parameters based on a reduced wide-temperature-range electro-thermal coupled model for lithium-ion batteries Jarosław Wojciechowski · Łukasz Kolanowski · Andreas Bund · Grzegorz Lota · Grzegorz Lota
    Lithium sulfur battery exploiting material design and electrolyte chemistry: 3D graphene framework and diglyme solution Myeong Seong Kim · Seong Min Bak · Suk Woo Lee · Byung Won Cho · Kwang Chul Roh · Kwang-Bum Kim · Kwang-Bum Kim
    Pre-oxidizing the precursors of Nickel-rich cathode materials to regulate their Li + /Ni 2+ cation ordering towards cyclability improvements Daniel Schloffer · Salar Bozorgi · Pavel Sherstnev · Christian Lenardt · Bernhard Gollas · Bernhard Gollas
    Comparing calendar and cycle life stability of redox active organic molecules for nonaqueous redox flow batteries Jianfeng Mao · Jianxin Zou · C. Lu · Xiaoqin Zeng · Wenjiang Ding · Wenjiang Ding
    The critical relation between chemical stability of cations and water in anion exchange membrane fuel cells environment C Bhosale Amit · S Meenakshi · C Ghosh Prakash · C Ghosh Prakash
    Highly efficient transition metal and nitrogen co-doped carbide-derived carbon electrocatalysts for anion exchange membrane fuel cells Park Sieun · Kim Ketack · Kim Ketack
    Hot topics in alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells Alexis Dubois · Sandrine Ricote · Robert J. Braun · Robert J. Braun
    Improving optimal control of grid-connected lithium-ion batteries through more accurate battery and degradation modelling Jingjing Luo · Jianbin Zhou · Dan Lin · Yi Ren · Kaibin Tang · Kaibin Tang
    Molecular simulations of electrolyte structure and dynamics in lithium–sulfur battery solvents Dekang Huang · Shu Li · Xin Xiao · Minglei Cao · Lin Gao · Yonggang Xiang · Hao Chen · Yan Shen · Yan Shen
    Electrochemical behavior of LiV3O8 positive electrode in hybrid Li,Na–ion batteries I. A. Bobrikov · N.Yu. Samoylova · N.Yu. Samoylova · S.V. Sumnikov · S.V. Sumnikov · O. Yu. Ivanshina · O. Yu. Ivanshina · R.N. Vasin · A.I. Beskrovnyi · A.M. Balagurov · A.M. Balagurov · A.M. Balagurov
    Multi-modal porous microstructure for high temperature fuel cell application Jieting Ding · Shan Ji · Hui Wang · Julian Key · Daniel J.L. Brett · Rongfang Wang · Rongfang Wang
    Incorporation of Co into MoS 2 /graphene nanocomposites: One effective way to enhance the cycling stability of Li/Na storage Ling Wu · Yong Hu · Xiaoping Zhang · Jiequn Liu · Xing Zhu · Shengkui Zhong · Shengkui Zhong
    Investigating continuous co-intercalation of solvated lithium ions and graphite exfoliation in propylene carbonate-based electrolyte solutions Marius Dillig · Thomas Plankenbühler · J. Karl · J. Karl
    Power capability evaluation for lithium iron phosphate batteries based on multi-parameter constraints estimation Guowei Wang · Xue Ma · Shengnan Wei · Siyi Li · Jing Qiao · Jun Wang · Youtao Song · Youtao Song
    Development of coin-type cell and engineering of its compartments for rechargeable seawater batteries Shuyu Fang · David H. K. Jackson · Mark Dreibelbis · T. F. Kuech · Robert J. Hamers · Robert J. Hamers
    The interfacial evolution between polycarbonate-based polymer electrolyte and Li-metal anode Nurettin Sahiner · Nurettin Sahiner · Nurettin Sahiner
    Enhancement of the interfacial reaction on mesoporous RuO 2 for next generation Li batteries Maeyoshi Yuta · Miyamoto Shohei · Noda Yusaku · Munakata Hirokazu · Kanamura Kiyoshi · Kanamura Kiyoshi
    Superior long-term cyclability of a nanocrystalline NiO anode enabled by a mechanochemical reaction-induced amorphous protective layer for Li-ion batteries Jingjing Zhang · Jinhua Huang · Lily A. Robertson · Lily A. Robertson · Ilya A. Shkrob · Lu Zhang · Lu Zhang
    Highly porous single-ion conductive composite polymer electrolyte for high performance Li-ion batteries Zhang Dongdong · Zhao Jianghong · Feng Chong · Zhao Rijie · Sun Yahui · Guan Taotao · Han Baixin · Tang Nan · Wang Jianlong · Li Kaixi · Qiao Jinli · Zhang Jiujun · Zhang Jiujun
    Active, durable bismuth oxide-manganite composite oxygen electrodes: Interface formation induced by cathodic polarization Trask Jason · Anapolsky Abraham · Cardozo Ben · Januar Eric · Kumar Kylendra · Miller Michael · Brown Roy · Bhardwaj Ramesh · Bhardwaj Ramesh
    Metal organic frameworks route to prepare two-dimensional porous zinc-cobalt oxide plates as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries Han Jianping · Zhang Bo · Bai Xue · Wang Liying · Qi Yongxin · Lun Ning · Bai Yujun · Bai Yujun
    Regulation of energy levels and kinetics in dye-sensitized solar cells: Synergistic effect of N,N-bis(9,9-dimethyl-fluoren-2-yl)-aniline and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene Yu Luo · Wenying Li · Yixiang Shi · Ningsheng Cai · Ningsheng Cai
    Nano-scale Monte Carlo study on liquid water distribution within the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell microporous layer, catalyst layer and their interfacial region Jiazhi Hu · Yikai Wang · Dawei Li · Yang-Tse Cheng · Yang-Tse Cheng
    Liquid organic hydrogen carriers for transportation and storing of renewable energy – Review and discussion M.I. Gillespie · R.J. Kriek · R.J. Kriek
    Surface-amorphized TiO 2 nanoparticles anchored on graphene as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries C. Heubner · T. Liebmann · C. Lämmel · M. Schneider · Alexander Michaelis · Alexander Michaelis
    Charging processes in the cathode LiNi 0.6 Mn 0.2 Co 0.2 O 2 as revealed by operando magnetometry Sun Fei · Gao Jihui · Pi Xinxin · Wang Lijie · Yang Yuqi · Qu Zhibin · Wu Shaohua · Wu Shaohua
    Anion exchange membrane fuel cells: Current status and remaining challenges Qiyu Zhang · Yuefeng Su · Lai Chen · Yun Lu · Liying Bao · Tao He · Jing Wang · Renjie Chen · Jing Tan · Feng Wu · Feng Wu
    Ethanol based fuel cell on paper support Mosaddek Hossen · Kateryna Artyushkova · Plamen Atanassov · Alexey Serov · Alexey Serov
    Relationship between H2 sorption, electrochemical cycling and aqueous corrosion properties in A5Ni19 hydride-forming alloys (A = Gd, Sm) Xie Lishuai · Li Jinshan · Zhang Tiebang · Song Lin · Kou Hongchao · Kou Hongchao
    Effects of adhesion and cohesion on the electrochemical performance and durability of silicon composite electrodes Ganguli Anurag · Saha Bhaskar · Raghavan Ajay · Kiesel Peter · Arakaki Kyle · Schuh Andreas · Schwartz Julian · Hegyi Alex · Sommer Lars Wilko · Lochbaum Alexander · Sahu Saroj · Alamgir Mohamed · Alamgir Mohamed
    Scalable hydrogen production from a mono-circular filter press Divergent Electrode-Flow-Through alkaline electrolysis stack Su Huaneng · Xu Qian · Chong Junjie · Li Huaming · Sita Cordellia · Pasupathi Sivakumar · Pasupathi Sivakumar
    Padding molybdenum net with Graphite/MoO 3 composite as a multi-functional interlayer enabling high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries Yu Jie · Zhong Yijun · Zhou Wei · Shao Zongping · Shao Zongping
    Synthesis and characterization of high performing Fe-N-C catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in Alkaline Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Canavar Murat · Timurkutluk Bora · Timurkutluk Bora
    Dynamic-temperature operation of metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells Mohammad Ali Azizi · Jacob Brouwer · Jacob Brouwer
    Remedies of capacity fading in room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries Tomita Yasumasa · Kimura Noritaka · Izumi Yusuke · Arai Juichi · Kohno Yoshiumi · Kobayashi Kenkichiro · Kobayashi Kenkichiro
    The effect of gradient boracic polyanion-doping on structure, morphology, and cycling performance of Ni-rich LiNi 0.8 Co 0.15 Al 0.05 O 2 cathode material Yi Li · Mohamed Abdel-Monem · Rahul Gopalakrishnan · Maitane Berecibar · Elise Nanini-Maury · Noshin Omar · Peter Van den Bossche · Joeri Van Mierlo · Joeri Van Mierlo
    Intensive investigation on all-solid-state Li-air batteries with cathode catalysts of single-walled carbon nanotube/RuO 2 Bangrun Wang · Jun Jin · Kun Rui · Chenxi Zhu · Zhaoyin Wen · Zhaoyin Wen
    A hybrid sodium-ion capacitor with polyimide as anode and polyimide-derived carbon as cathode Nataly Carolina Rosero-Navarro · Akira Miura · Kiyoharu Tadanaga · Kiyoharu Tadanaga
    Electrochemically synthesized nanostructured iron carbide/carbon composite as a low-cost counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells Diwakar Kashyap · Hanan Teller · Alex Schechter · Alex Schechter
    Improving thermal stability of nanoporous platinum cathode at platinum/yttria-stabilized zirconia interface by oxygen plasma treatment Song Zhang · Song Zhang · Wei Su · Kexun Li · Di Liu · Junjie Wang · Pei Tian · Pei Tian
    A pressurized ammonia-fueled anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell: Power performance and electrochemical impedance measurements Xiao-Di Zheng · Yan-Li Zhu · Yalun Sun · Qingjie Jiao · Qingjie Jiao
    Thermally driven convection in Li||Bi liquid metal batteries Jiamiao Xie · Wenqian Hao · Fenghui Wang · Fenghui Wang
    Effects of methylene blue and methyl red mediators on performance of yeast based microbial fuel cells adopting polyethylenimine coated carbon felt as anode Xinmei Hou · Qun Li · Liqin Zhang · Tao Yang · Junhong Chen · Lei Su · Lei Su
    Recent progress of advanced binders for Li-S batteries Xiangru Song · Jia Liu · Qing Jiang · Youpeng Qu · Weihua He · Bruce E. Logan · Yujie Feng · Yujie Feng
    Photosensitization of zinc phthalocyanine bearing 15-crown-5 ether moieties on carbon nitride for H 2 production: Effect of co-existing alkali metal ions Limei Sun · Wurigamula He · Wurigamula He · Suriguga Li · Lele Shi · Yijia Zhang · Jinghai Liu · Jinghai Liu
    Scalable synthesis of hierarchical porous Ge/rGO microspheres with an ultra-long cycling life for lithium storage Guozhu Chen · Ruyue Wang · Wei Zhao · Baotao Kang · Daowei Gao · Cuncheng Li · Jin Yong Lee · Jin Yong Lee · Jin Yong Lee
    One-step preparation of one dimensional nickel ferrites/graphene composites for supercapacitor electrode with excellent cycling stability Shuo Bao · Shaohua Luo · Zhiyuan Wang · Sheng-xue Yan · Qing Wang · Jia-yu Li · Jia-yu Li
    Composite cathode prepared by argyrodite precursor solution assisted by dispersant agents for bulk-type all-solid-state batteries Xiao-Guang Yang · Shanhai Ge · Teng Liu · Yongjun Leng · Chao-Yang Wang · Chao-Yang Wang
    Highly active Pt x Pd y /SnO 2 /C catalyst for dimethyl ether oxidation in fuel cells Jocelyn E. Zuliani · Shitang Tong · Charles Q. Jia · Donald W. Kirk · Donald W. Kirk
    Metal organic framework-derived Co 3 O 4 /NiCo 2 O 4 double-shelled nanocage modified activated carbon air-cathode for improving power generation in microbial fuel cell Keeyoung Jung · Hee-Jung Chang · Jeffery F. Bonnett · Nathan L. Canfield · Vincent L. Sprenkle · Guosheng Li · Guosheng Li
    Hydrothermal synthesis of MoS 2 with different morphology and its performance in thermal battery Ali Eftekhari · Dong-Won Kim · Dong-Won Kim
    Interface strength analysis of the corrugated anode-electrolyte interface in solid oxide fuel cell characterized by peel force Alexandra Ploner · Anke Hagen · Anne Hauch · Anne Hauch
    Electrochemical fabrication of ultra-low loading Pt decorated porous nickel frameworks as efficient catalysts for methanol electrooxidation in alkaline medium Min Fu · Wei Chen · Xixi Zhu · Qingyun Liu · Qingyun Liu
    New perfluorinated ionomer with improved oxygen permeability for application in cathode polymeric electrolyte membrane fuel cell Qingwei Liu · Jinming Wang · Dong Liu · Renjie Li · Tianyou Peng · Tianyou Peng
    The multiple effects of potassium doping on LiVPO 4 F/C composite cathode material for lithium ion batteries Ki Yong Oh · Bogdan I. Epureanu · Bogdan I. Epureanu
    Constructing T -Nb 2 O 5 @Carbon hollow core-shell nanostructures for high-rate hybrid supercapacitor Jie Liu · Qian Zhang · Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
    Structural evidence for Mg-doped LiFePO4electrode polarisation in commercial Li-ion batteries Shi Wang · Ailian Wang · Chengkai Yang · Rui Gao · Xu Liu · Jie Chen · Zhinan Wang · Qinghui Zeng · Xiangfeng Liu · Henghui Zhou · Liaoyun Zhang · Liaoyun Zhang
    Mesoporous, conductive molybdenum nitride as efficient sulfur hosts for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries Yoshiaki Matsuo · Junichi Taninaka · Katsuki Hashiguchi · Toshiyuki Sasaki · Qian Cheng · Yasuharu Okamoto · Noriyuki Tamura · Noriyuki Tamura
    A novel material of nanoporous magnesium for hydrogen generation with salt water Bin He · An-Hui Lu · Fei Cheng · Xiao-Fei Yu · Dong Yan · Wen-Cui Li · Wen-Cui Li
    A hybridized solid-gel nonflammable Li-Battery Shao Ing Wong · Jaka Sunarso · Basil T. Wong · Han Lin · Aimin Yu · Baohua Jia · Baohua Jia
    Urea-based hydrothermal synthesis of LiNi 0.5 Co 0.2 Mn 0.3 O 2 cathode material for Li-ion battery Jingjie Feng · Zhenming Xiong · Long Zhao · Chunmao Huang · Huatao Liu · Siyuan Chen · Zhen Wang · Quan Kuang · Youzhong Dong · Qinghua Fan · Yanming Zhao · Yanming Zhao
    Iron-based heterogeneous catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction; change in perspective from activity promoter to active catalyst Songmin Zhang · Jiawen Wu · Jitong Wang · Wenming Qiao · Donghui Long · Licheng Ling · Licheng Ling
    A coupled model on energy conversion in laser power beaming Andrea Rolfi · Andrea Rolfi · Claudio Oldani · Luca Merlo · Daniele Facchi · Riccardo Ruffo · Riccardo Ruffo
    Development of the cold sintering process and its application in solid-state lithium batteries Yijie Liu · Bojie Li · Zhu Cheng · Chao Li · Xiaoyu Zhang · Shaohua Guo · Ping He · Haoshen Zhou · Haoshen Zhou · Haoshen Zhou
    Erratum to A quick on-line state of health estimation method for Li-ion battery with incremental capacity curves processed by Gaussian filter [J. Power Sources 373 (2018) 40–53] X.T. Li · H. Lei · C. Yang · Qingkai Zhang · Qingkai Zhang
    A large-size, bipolar-stacked and high-safety solid-state lithium battery with integrated electrolyte and cathode Qinglan Zhao · Dongfang Yang · Andrew K. Whittaker · X. S. Zhao · X. S. Zhao
    Six-arm star polymer based on discotic liquid crystal as high performance all-solid-state polymer electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries Jin Kim · Jin Soo Kang · Juwon Jeong · Yoon Jun Son · Myeong Jae Lee · Jiho Kang · Ahyoun Lim · Ahyoun Lim · Hyun S. Park · Yung-Eun Sung · Yung-Eun Sung
    Effect of oxygen contents in graphene like graphite anodes on their capacity for lithium ion battery Kang-Yu Liu · Jong Dae Baek · Chee Seng Ng · Pei-Chen Su · Pei-Chen Su
    Fabrication of high-energy hybrid capacitors by using carbon-sulfur composite as promising cathodes S.S. Shy · S.C. Hsieh · H.Y. Chang · H.Y. Chang
    Towards enhanced energy density of graphene-based supercapacitors: Current status, approaches, and future directions Paolo Personnettaz · Pascal Beckstein · Steffen Landgraf · Thomas Köllner · Michael Nimtz · Norbert Weber · Tom Weier · Tom Weier
    One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of Na x V 2 O 5 · n H 2 O/KB nanocomposite as a sodium-ion battery cathode for improved reversible capacity and rate performance Marcelinus Christwardana · Domenico Frattini · Grazia Accardo · Sung Pil Yoon · Yongchai Kwon · Yongchai Kwon
    Tunable preparation of chrysanthemum-like titanium nitride as flexible electrode materials for ultrafast-charging/discharging and excellent stable supercapacitors Jinhao Meng · Mattia Ricco · Anirudh Budnar Acharya · Guangzhao Luo · Maciej Jozef Swierczynski · Daniel Ioan Stroe · Remus Teodorescu · Remus Teodorescu
    Enhanced electricity generation and effective water filtration using graphene-based membrane air-cathodes in microbial fuel cells Xiangdong Kong · Yuejiu Zheng · Yuejiu Zheng · Minggao Ouyang · Languang Lu · Jianqiu Li · Zhendong Zhang · Zhendong Zhang
    The high performance mushroom-like [email protected] 2 /Ni foam electrode for H 2 O 2 reduction in alkaline media Ceilidh F. Armer · Ceilidh F. Armer · Joyce S. Yeoh · Xu Li · Xu Li · Adrian Lowe · Adrian Lowe
    Effect of Ru crystal phase on the catalytic activity of hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane Minglei Cao · Leiming Tao · Xiaowei Lv · Yi Bu · Man Li · Hong Yin · Ming-Qiang Zhu · Zhicheng Zhong · Yan Shen · Mingkui Wang · Mingkui Wang
    In operando optical study of active three phase boundary of nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia solid-oxide fuel cell anode under polarization David A. Langlois · Albert S. Lee · Natalia Macauley · Sandip Maurya · M. E. Hawley · Sung Dae Yim · Yu Seung Kim · Yu Seung Kim
    Ultrafast hetero-assembly of monolithic interwoven V2O5 nanobelts/carbon nanotubes architectures for high-energy alkali-ion batteries Lin Gao · Si Chen · Lulu Zhang · Xuelin Yang · Xuelin Yang
    Improving intermediate temperature performance of Ni-YSZ cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells by liquid infiltration of nickel nanoparticles Dzmitry Hlushkou · Arved E. Reising · Nico Kaiser · Stefan Spannenberger · Sabine Schlabach · Yuki Kato · Bernhard Roling · Ulrich Tallarek · Ulrich Tallarek
    Interactions between a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and boost converter utilizing a multiscale model Dongjiang Li · Dongjiang Li · Hu Li · Dmitri L. Danilov · Dmitri L. Danilov · Lu Gao · Jiang Zhou · Rüdiger-A. Eichel · Rüdiger-A. Eichel · Yong Yang · Peter H. L. Notten · Peter H. L. Notten · Peter H. L. Notten · Peter H. L. Notten
    Lithium ion battery separator with high performance and high safety enabled by tri-layered SiO 2 @PI/m-PE/SiO 2 @PI nanofiber composite membrane Jonathon Duay · Maria Kelly · Timothy N. Lambert · Timothy N. Lambert
    Numerical modeling of visco-elasto-plastic hygro-thermal stresses and the effects of operating conditions on the mechanical degradation of PEFC membranes Jiebing Wu · Jiebing Wu · Youlong Xu · Youlong Xu · Xiaofei Sun · Xiaofei Sun · Chao Wang · Baofeng Zhang · Jing Zhao · Jing Zhao
    Ion transport limitations in all-solid-state lithium battery electrodes containing a sulfide-based electrolyte Yuxun Ren · Haoran Jiang · Tianshou Zhao · Lin Zeng · C. Xiong · C. Xiong
    A novel approach for the quantification of inhomogeneous 3D current distribution in fuel cell electrodes Edmund Samuel · Bhavana N. Joshi · Min Woo Kim · Yong Il Kim · Sera Park · Tae Gun Kim · Mark T. Swihart · Woo Young Yoon · Sam S. Yoon · Sam S. Yoon
    Highly loaded manganese oxide with high rate capability for capacitive applications Michael C. Tucker · Michael C. Tucker
    Quantifying gas generation from slurries used in fabrication of Si-containing electrodes for lithium-ion cells Min Deng · Daniel Höche · S.V. Lamaka · Darya Snihirova · Mikhail L. Zheludkevich · Mikhail L. Zheludkevich
    A rejuvenation process to enhance the durability of low Pt loaded polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells Lu Liu · Yingqing Ou · Di Gao · Lin Yang · Hongmei Dong · Peng Xiao · Yunhuai Zhang · Yunhuai Zhang
    Self-supported Na 0.7 CoO 2 nanosheet arrays as cathodes for high performance sodium ion batteries Yongxiang Chen · Yunjiao Li · Shuyun Tang · Tongxing Lei · Shiyi Deng · Longlong Xue · Guolin Cao · Jie Zhu · Jie Zhu
    The influence of void space on ion transport in a composite cathode for all-solid-state batteries Jingru Zhai · Zhengyu Lei · David Rooney · Huaguo Wang · Kening Sun · Kening Sun
    Temperature-dependent cycling performance and ageing mechanisms of C6/LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 batteries Arora Shashank · Shen Weixiang · Kapoor Ajay · Kapoor Ajay
    Evaluation of a ceramic separator for use in rechargeable alkaline Zn/MnO 2 batteries Monnighoff Xaver · Friesen Alex · Konersmann Benedikt · Horsthemke Fabian · Gruetzke Martin · Winter Martin · Nowak Sascha · Nowak Sascha
    Demonstration of high current densities and extended cycling in the garnet Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte Marco-Tulio F. Rodrigues · Stephen E. Trask · Ilya A. Shkrob · Daniel P. Abraham · Daniel P. Abraham
    Towards zinc-oxygen batteries with enhanced cycling stability: The benefit of anion-exchange ionomer for zinc sponge anodes Dong-Yang Feng · Zhen Sun · Zi-Hang Huang · Xiang Cai · Yu Song · Xiao-Xia Liu · Xiao-Xia Liu
    Comparative studies of zirconium doping and coating on LiNi 0.6 Co 0.2 Mn 0.2 O 2 cathode material at elevated temperatures Antonio Bertei · Antonio Bertei · Vladimir Yufit · Farid Tariq · Nigel P. Brandon · Nigel P. Brandon
    Low-complexity online estimation for LiFePO 4 battery state of charge in electric vehicles Daniel Stock · Saustin Dongmo · Kohei Miyazaki · Takeshi Abe · Jürgen Janek · Daniel Schröder · Daniel Schröder
    Novel P2-type concentration-gradient Na 0.67 Ni 0.167 Co 0.167 Mn 0.67 O 2 modified by Mn-rich surface as cathode material for sodium ion batteries Na Wang · Gaoyi Han · Hua Song · Yaoming Xiao · Yanping Li · Ying Zhang · Hongfei Wang · Hongfei Wang
    A look into the voltage plateau signal for detection and quantification of lithium plating in lithium-ion cells Xiaokang Ju · Hui Huang · Hongfei Zheng · Pan Deng · Shengyang Li · Baihua Qu · Taihong Wang · Taihong Wang
    Contribution of surface oxygen groups to the measured capacitance of porous carbon supercapacitors Qi Zhang · Liang Fu · Liang Fu · Jingyi Luan · Xiaobing Huang · Yougen Tang · Hualin Xie · Haiyan Wang · Haiyan Wang
    An advanced Na-NiCl 2 battery using bi-layer (dense/micro-porous) β″-alumina solid-state electrolytes Tong Zhang · Willy Porcher · Elie Paillard · Elie Paillard
    Sodium-ion batteries: New opportunities beyond energy storage by lithium Sang-Hyung Kim · Dae Hee Lee · Dae Hee Lee · Cheol-Ho Park · Dong-Won Kim · Dong-Won Kim
    Classical statistical methodology for accelerated testing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Siyang Liu · Zhiyan Dang · Da Liu · Congcong Zhang · Tao Huang · Aishui Yu · Aishui Yu
    Fault diagnosis and quantitative analysis of micro-short circuits for lithium-ion batteries in battery packs Nathan J. Taylor · Sandra Stangeland-Molo · Catherine G. Haslam · Asma Sharafi · Travis Thompson · Michael Wang · Regina Garcia-Mendez · Jeff Sakamoto · Jeff Sakamoto
    Nanocrystalline silicon embedded in an alloy matrix as an anode material for high energy density lithium-ion batteries Nico Kaiser · Stefan Spannenberger · M. Schmitt · M. Cronau · Yuichi Kato · Bernhard Roling · Bernhard Roling
    Electrospun vanadium-based oxides as electrode materials Zhenjun Jiao · Naoki Shikazono · Naoki Shikazono
    Phosphorus-doped TiO 2 -B nanowire arrays boosting robust pseudocapacitive properties for lithium storage Hui Yang · Xiaolin Wei · Juexian Cao · Liwen Yang · Paul K. Chu · Paul K. Chu
    Integrated flexible supercapacitor based on poly (3, 4-ethylene dioxythiophene) deposited on Au/porous polypropylene film/Au Yanchen Lu · Paul Joseph Gasper · Uday B. Pal · Srikanth Gopalan · Soumendra N. Basu · Soumendra N. Basu
    A facile method to hunt for durable high-rate capability Na 0.44 MnO 2 Liangfei Xu · Liangfei Xu · Po Hong · Chuan Fang · Jianqiu Li · Minggao Ouyang · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert
    Surface engineering induced core-shell Prussian [email protected] nanocubes as a high-rate and long-life sodium-ion battery cathode Jian Liu · Yanbo Liu · Wenxiu Yang · Qian Ren · Fangying Li · Zheng Huang · Zheng Huang
    Towards practical sulfolane based electrolytes: Choice of Li salt for graphite electrode operation Mehdi Mehrtash · Ilker Tari · Serhat Yesilyurt · Serhat Yesilyurt
    Oxygen reduction reaction of ([email protected]): A nitrogen and phosphorus dual-doped carbon electro-catalyst derived from polyphosphazenes Feng He · Kai Li · Cong Yin · Yingchun Ding · Hao Tang · Ying Wang · Zhijian Wu · Zhijian Wu
    A combined theoretical-experimental study of interactions between vanadium ions and Nafion membrane in all-vanadium redox flow batteries Ronny Genieser · Stefania Ferrari · Melanie Loveridge · Shane D Beattie · Richard Beanland · Houari Amari · Geoffrey D. West · Rohit Bhagat · Rohit Bhagat
    A multi-electron redox mediator for redox-targeting lithium-sulfur flow batteries Zehua Pan · Qinglin Liu · Renzhi Lyu · Ping Li · Siew Hwa Chan · Siew Hwa Chan
    [4,4′-bi(1,3,2-dioxathiolane)] 2,2′-dioxide: A novel cathode additive for high-voltage performance in lithium ion batteries V Reshetenko Tatyana · Artyushkova Kateryna · St-Pierre Jean · St-Pierre Jean
    CuMn1.8O4 protective coatings on metallic interconnects for prevention of Cr-poisoning in solid oxide fuel cells Yasuoka Shigekazu · Ishida Jun · Kishida Kyosuke · Inui Haruyuki · Inui Haruyuki
    The effects of gas diffusion layers structure on water transportation using X-ray computed tomography based Lattice Boltzmann method Mukherjee Santanu · Schuppert Nicholas · Bates Alex · Jasinski Jacek · Hong Jong-Eun · Choi Moon Jong · Park Sam · Park Sam
    Natural graphene microsheets/sulfur as Li-S battery cathode towards >99% coulombic efficiency of long cycles Jung Gyu Jin · Lee Yongho · Mun Yoo Seok · Kim Hyeongwoo · Hur Jaehyun · Kim Tae Young · S Suh Kwang · Kim Ji Hyeon · Lee Daeho · Choi Wonchang · Kim Il Tae · Kim Il Tae
    Validating and improving a zero-dimensional stack voltage model of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Hou Jie · Bi Lei · Qian Jing · Gong Zheng · Zhu Zhiwen · Liu Wei · Liu Wei
    All-solid state symmetric supercapacitors based on compressible and flexible free-standing 3D carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) sponge electrodes Ying Yang · Yimin Zeng · Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz · Jing-Li Luo · Ning Yan · Ning Yan
    The electrochemical behavior of poly 1-pyrenemethyl methacrylate binder and its effect on the interfacial chemistry of a silicon electrode Carmen de la Torre-Gamarra · Giovanni Battista Appetecchi · Ulderico Ulissi · Alberto Varzi · A. Várez · Stefano Passerini · Stefano Passerini
    High-performance carbon-coated ZnMn2O4 nanocrystallite supercapacitors with tailored microstructures enabled by a novel solution combustion method Liangfei Xu · Liangfei Xu · Uwe Reimer · Jianqiu Li · Haiyan Huang · Zunyan Hu · Hongliang Jiang · Holger Janßen · Minggao Ouyang · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert
    A novel approach of battery pack state of health estimation using artificial intelligence optimization algorithm Jeffrey C. De Vero · Katherine Develos-Bagarinao · Haruo Kishimoto · Tomohiro Ishiyama · Katsuhiko Yamaji · Teruhisa Horita · Harumi Yokokawa · Harumi Yokokawa · Harumi Yokokawa
    Imaging of the Li spatial distribution within V2O5 cathode in a coin cell by neutron computed tomography Lorenzo Carbone · Thomas Coneglian · Mallory Gobet · Stephen Munoz · Matthew Devany · Steve Greenbaum · Jusef Hassoun · Jusef Hassoun
    Application of a mixed culture of adapted acidophilic bacteria in two-step bioleaching of spent lithium-ion laptop batteries Naoya Kurimoto · Ryo Omoda · Tomonobu Mizumo · Seitaro Ito · Yuichi Aihara · Takahito Itoh · Takahito Itoh
    Polypropylene/hydrophobic-silica-aerogel-composite separator induced enhanced safety and low polarization for lithium-ion batteries Carlo Santoro · Mounika Kodali · Sergio Herrera · Alexey Serov · Ioannis Ieropoulos · Plamen Atanassov · Plamen Atanassov
    High conductive, long-term durable, anhydrous proton conductive solid-state electrolyte based on a metal-organic framework impregnated with binary ionic liquids: Synthesis, characteristic and effect of anion Kuaibing Wang · Kuaibing Wang · Zikai Wang · Xin Wang · Xueqin Zhou · Yuehong Tao · Hua Wu · Hua Wu · Hua Wu
    Activated carbon derived from chitosan as air cathode catalyst for high performance in microbial fuel cells Yasushi Idemoto · Takuya Hiranuma · Naoya Ishida · Naoto Kitamura · Naoto Kitamura
    Promoting the ambient-condition stability of Zr-doped barium cerate: Toward robust solid oxide fuel cells and hydrogen separation in syngas Haoran Wu · Keryn Lian · Keryn Lian
    Design of durability test protocol for vehicular fuel cell systems operated in power-follow mode based on statistical results of on-road data Tatyana V. Reshetenko · Jean St-Pierre · Jean St-Pierre
    Strain distribution and failure mode of polymer separators for Li-ion batteries under biaxial loading Zhaoyang Wang · Zhaoyang Wang · Wen He · Wen He · Xudong Zhang · Yuanzheng Yue · Jinhua Liu · Chuanjiang Zhang · Leyong Fang · Leyong Fang
    Microwave-assisted reactive sintering and lithium ion conductivity of Li 1.3 Al 0.3 Ti 1.7 (PO 4 ) 3 solid electrolyte Li Jinhui · Zhang Guoping · Fu Chaopeng · Deng Libo · Sun Rong · Wong Ching-Ping · Wong Ching-Ping
    Stable interstitial layer to alleviate fatigue fracture of high nickel cathode for lithium-ion batteries Min-Hsin Yeh · Yow-An Leu · Wei-Hung Chiang · Yan-Sheng Li · Guan-Lin Chen · Ta-Jen Li · Ling-Yu Chang · Lu-Yin Lin · Jiang-Jen Lin · Kuo-Chuan Ho · Kuo-Chuan Ho
    Hexamethylenetetramine-mediated growth of grain-boundary-passivation CH3NH3PbI3 for highly reproducible and stable perovskite solar cells Mounika Kodali · Carlo Santoro · Sergio Herrera · Alexey Serov · Plamen Atanassov · Plamen Atanassov
    Design and fabrication of highly open nickel cobalt sulfide nanosheets on Ni foam for asymmetric supercapacitors with high energy density and long cycle-life Hiroyuki Koshikawa · Shoichi Matsuda · Kazuhide Kamiya · Masaru Miyayama · Yoshimi Kubo · Kohei Uosaki · Kazuhito Hashimoto · Shuji Nakanishi · Shuji Nakanishi · Shuji Nakanishi
    Erratum toInhomogeneity and relaxation phenomena in the graphite anode of a lithium-ion battery probed by in situ neutron diffraction[J. Power Sources 361 (2017) 54–60] Yang Xia · Haoyue Zhong · Ruyi Fang · Chu Liang · Zhen Xiao · Hui Huang · Yongping Gan · Jun Zhang · Xinyong Tao · Wenkui Zhang · Wenkui Zhang
    Developing porous carbon with dihydrogen phosphate groups as sulfur host for high performance lithium sulfur batteries Jiajie Li · Yumin Zhang · Tangling Gao · Jiecai Han · Xianjie Wang · Benjamin Hultman · Ping Xu · Zhihua Zhang · Gang Wu · Bo Song · Bo Song
    In-situ sulfuration synthesis of sandwiched spherical tin sulfide/sulfur-doped graphene composite with ultra-low sulfur content Chengyong Shu · Yuanzhen Chen · Xiao-dong Yang · Yan Liu · Shaokun Chong · Yuan Fang · Yongning Liu · Wei-Hua Yang · Wei-Hua Yang
    Development of organic-inorganic double hole-transporting material for high performance perovskite solar cells Yongling An · Huifang Fei · Guifang Zeng · Lijie Ci · Baojuan Xi · Shenglin Xiong · Jinkui Feng · Jinkui Feng
    Microporous ceramic coated separators with superior wettability for enhancing the electrochemical performance of sodium-ion batteries Yan-Zhen Zheng · Xitao Li · Er-Fei Zhao · Xinding Lv · Fan-Li Meng · Chao Peng · Xue-Sen Lai · Meilan Huang · Guozhong Cao · Xia Tao · Jian-Feng Chen · Jian-Feng Chen
    Enhancing the electrochemical performance of Li-rich layered oxide Li1.13Ni0.3Mn0.57O2 via WO3 doping and accompanying spontaneous surface phase formation Leopold Hallopeau · Damien Bregiroux · Gwenaëlle Rousse · David Portehault · Philippe Stevens · Gwenaëlle Toussaint · Christel Laberty-Robert · Christel Laberty-Robert
    Comparative study of imide-based Li salts as electrolyte additives for Li-ion batteries Sang Hyun Lee · Sukeun Yoon · Eui-Hyung Hwang · Young-Gil Kwon · Young-Gi Lee · Kuk Young Cho · Kuk Young Cho
    Boron-doped carbon nanotubes as metal-free electrocatalyst for dye-sensitized solar cells: Heteroatom doping level effect on tri-iodide reduction reaction Sergiy Kalnaus · Abhishek Kumar · Yanli Wang · Jianlin Li · Srdjan Simunovic · John A. Turner · Phillip Gorney · Phillip Gorney
    Pectin assisted one-pot synthesis of three dimensional porous NiO/graphene composite for enhanced bioelectrocatalysis in microbial fuel cells Zhihao Sun · Ruofan Wang · Alexey Nikiforov · Srikanth Gopalan · Uday B. Pal · Soumendra N. Basu · Soumendra N. Basu
    Dynamic changes in charge-transfer resistance at Li metal/Li7La3Zr2O12 interfaces during electrochemical Li dissolution/deposition cycles Fontip Jinuntuya · Michael Whiteley · Rui Chen · Ashley Fly · Ashley Fly
    Biomass derived Ni(OH)[email protected] carbon/sulfur composites synthesized by a novel sulfur impregnation strategy based on supercritical CO2 technology for advanced Li-S batteries Yan Zhang · Xiaoyong Duan · Jie Wang · Congwei Wang · Junying Wang · Jianlong Wang · Junzhong Wang · Junzhong Wang
    A confinedmicroreactorsynthesis strategy to three dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene for high-performance sodium ion battery anodes Sebastian König · Michael Suriyah · Thomas Leibfried · Thomas Leibfried
    Enhanced Fe dispersion viapinningeffect of thiocyanate ion on ferric ion in Fe-N-S-doped catalyst as an excellent oxygen reduction reaction electrode Takanohashi Kazuhiro · Suga Takeo · Uchida Makoto · Ueda Toshihide · Nagumo Yuzo · Inukai Junji · Nishide Hiroyuki · Watanabe Masahiro · Watanabe Masahiro
    Commercial expanded graphite as a low–cost, long-cycling life anode for potassium–ion batteries with conventional carbonate electrolyte K.R. Crompton · Jason Staub · M.P. Hladky · Brian J. Landi · Brian J. Landi
    Enhanced stability of solid oxide fuel cells by employing a modified cathode-interlayer interface with a dense La 0.6 Sr 0.4 Co 0.2 Fe 0.8 O 3-δ thin film Xiao-bo Gong · Zhao Yang · Lin Peng · Anlan Zhou · Yanlan Liu · Yong Liu · Yong Liu
    Hydrolysis of Mg(BH 4 ) 2 and its coordination compounds as a way to obtain hydrogen Barak Shapira · Izaak Cohen · Tirupathi Rao Penki · Eran Avraham · Doron Aurbach · Doron Aurbach
    A simple approach for making a viable, safe, and high-performances lithium-sulfur battery Jinkwang Hwang · Kazuhiko Matsumoto · Yuki Orikasa · Misaki Katayama · Yasuhiro Inada · Toshiyuki Nohira · Rika Hagiwara · Rika Hagiwara
    Four-electron transfer tandem tetracyanoquinodimethane for cathode-active material in lithium secondary battery H. Mögelin · G. Yao · H. Zhong · A.R. dos Santos · A. Barascu · R. Meyer · S. Krenkel · Susan Wassersleben · Thorsten Hickmann · Dirk Enke · Thomas Turek · Ulrich Kunz · Ulrich Kunz
    Mace-like hierarchical MoS2/NiCo2S4 composites supported by carbon fiber paper: An efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction Yang Wang · Justin Roller · Radenka Maric · Radenka Maric
    Investigating the error sources of the online state of charge estimation methods for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles Jin Kyu Kim · Ji Young Ju · Seul Ki Choi · Sanjith Unithrattil · Sun Sook Lee · Yongku Kang · Yongseon Kim · Won Bin Im · Sungho Choi · Sungho Choi
    Controlled phase stability of highly Na-active triclinic structure in nanoscale high-voltage Na2-2xCo1+xP2O7 cathode for Na-ion batteries Mohammed Ibrahim Jamesh · A.S. Prakash · A.S. Prakash
    Tailored porous electrode resistance for controlling electrolyte depletion and improving charging response in electrochemical systems Si Won Kim · Si Won Kim · Yonggyun Bae · Kyung Joong Yoon · Jong-Ho Lee · Jong Heun Lee · Jongsup Hong · Jongsup Hong
    An ion-conductive Li 1.5 Al 0.5 Ge 1.5 (PO 4 ) 3 -based composite protective layer for lithium metal anode in lithium-sulfur batteries Eric Allcorn · Ganesan Nagasubramanian · Harry D. Pratt · Erik David Spoerke · David Ingersoll · David Ingersoll
    Improving cycle stability of SnS anode for sodium-ion batteries by limiting Sn agglomeration Yanjun Chen · Yanjun Chen · Youlong Xu · Youlong Xu · Xiaofei Sun · Xiaofei Sun · Baofeng Zhang · Baofeng Zhang · Shengnan He · Shengnan He · Long Li · Long Li · Chao Wang · Chao Wang · Chao Wang
    Super-hierarchical porous carbons derived from mixed biomass wastes by a stepwise removal strategy for high-performance supercapacitors Guochun Li · Liuqing Yang · Xi Jiang · Tianran Zhang · Haibin Lin · Qiaofeng Yao · Jim Yang Lee · Jim Yang Lee
    Binder-free NiFe2O4/C nanofibers as air cathodes for Li-O2 batteries Haoyan Liang · Jinghuang Lin · Henan Jia · Shulin Chen · Junlei Qi · Jian Cao · Tiesong Lin · Weidong Fei · Jicai Feng · Jicai Feng
    An aqueous all-organic redox-flow battery employing a (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-1-yl)oxyl-containing polymer as catholyte and dimethyl viologen dichloride as anolyte Siqi Zheng · Li Wang · Xuning Feng · Xiangming He · Xiangming He
    Layered oxides-LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 as anode electrode for symmetric rechargeable lithium-ion batteries Xiaofei Bie · Kei Kubota · Kei Kubota · Tomooki Hosaka · Kuniko Chihara · Shinichi Komaba · Shinichi Komaba · Shinichi Komaba
    Novel flame synthesis of nanostructured α-Fe 2 O 3 electrode as high-performance anode for lithium ion batteries Yibo Su · Hongjun Zhang · Peng Liang · Kai Liu · Mingyong Cai · Zeya Huang · Chang-An Wang · Minlin Zhong · Minlin Zhong
    In-situ preparation and unique electrochemical behavior of pore-embedding CoO/Co 3 O 4 intermixed composite for Li + rechargeable battery electrodes Jingjing Zhang · Ilya A. Shkrob · Rajeev S. Assary · Shuo Zhang · Bin Hu · Chen Liao · Zhengcheng Zhang · Lu Zhang · Lu Zhang
    Advancement of technology towards developing Na-ion batteries Shichen Sun · Osama Awadallah · Zhe Cheng · Zhe Cheng
    High-temperature electrolysis of CO2–enriched mixtures by using fuel-electrode supported La0.6Sr0.4CoO3/YSZ/Ni-YSZ solid oxide cells Dong Liu · Jinhua Peng · Zhuoyao Li · Bin Liu · Lei Wang · Lei Wang
    Elimination of active species crossover in a room temperature, neutral pH, aqueous flow battery using a ceramic NaSICON membrane Hee Jung Park · Hee Jung Park
    Efficient and stable CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3-x (SCN) x planar perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient air with low-temperature process Yuesheng Wang · Zimin Feng · Shi-Ze Yang · Catherine Gagnon · Vincent Gariépy · Dharminder Laul · Wen Zhu · R. Veillette · Michel Trudeau · Abdelbast Guerfi · Karim Zaghib · Karim Zaghib
    Correlating the interface resistance and surface adhesion of the Li metal-solid electrolyte interface Tino Hagemann · Jan Winsberg · Mandy Grube · Ivo Nischang · Tobias Janoschka · Norbert Martin · Martin D. Hager · Ulrich S. Schubert · Ulrich S. Schubert
    Ether modified poly(ether ether ketone) nonwoven membrane with excellent wettability and stability as a lithium ion battery separator Xin Zhang · Chengyi Wang · Ya-Nan Chen · Xin-Gai Wang · Zhaojun Xie · Zhen Zhou · Zhen Zhou
    In-situ synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a novel Zn-CNTs-O 2 system Hanifi Amir Reza · Sandhu Navjot Kaur · H Etsell Thomas · Luo Jing-Li · Sarkar Partha · Sarkar Partha
    Power generation in microbial fuel cells using platinum group metal-free cathode catalyst: Effect of the catalyst loading on performance and costs Adam Tornheim · Cameron Peebles · James A. Gilbert · Ritu Sahore · Juan C. Garcia · Javier Bareño · Hakim Iddir · Chen Liao · Daniel P. Abraham · Daniel P. Abraham
    Flexible long-chain-linker constructed Ni-based metal-organic frameworks with 1D helical channel and their pseudo-capacitor behavior studies Dolanc Gregor · Pregelj Bostjan · Petrovcic Janko · Samsun Remzi Can · Samsun Remzi Can
    Effect of operating temperature on local structure during first discharge of 0.4Li 2 MnO 3 -0.6LiMn 1/3 Ni 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 electrodes Goonetilleke Damian · C Pramudita James · Hagan Mackenzie · K Al Bahri Othman · Pang Wei Kong · K Peterson Vanessa · Groot Jens · Berg Helena · Sharma Neeraj · Sharma Neeraj
    Aqueous based asymmetrical-bipolar electrochemical capacitor with a 2.4 V operating voltage Qiaowei Tang · Luming Wang · Mingjie Wu · Nengneng Xu · Lei Jiang · Jinli Qiao · Jinli Qiao
    LiCl-LiI molten salt electrolyte with bismuth-lead positive electrode for liquid metal battery Tanaka Manabu · Takeda Yasushi · Wakiya Takeru · Wakamoto Yuta · Harigaya Kaori · Ito Tatsunori · Tarao Takashi · Kawakami Hiroyoshi · Kawakami Hiroyoshi
    Effects of propylene, methyl methacrylate and isopropanol poisoning on spatial performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell Forestier Coralie · Jankowski Piotr · Wizner Agnieszka · Davoisne Carine · Gachot Gregory · Sannier Lucas · Grugeon Sylvie · Johansson Patrik · Armand Michel · Laruelle Stephane · Laruelle Stephane
    Energy extraction and water treatment in one system: The idea of using a desalination battery in a cooling tower Kumagai Seiji · Hatomi Masaki · Tashima Daisuke · Tashima Daisuke
    Re-activation of degraded nickel cermet anodes - Nano-particle formation via reverse current pulses Lin Peng · Yeru Liang · Hanwu Dong · Hang Hu · Xiao Zhao · Yijing Cai · Yong Xiao · Yingliang Liu · Mingtao Zheng · Mingtao Zheng
    Crystalline maricite NaFePO 4 as a positive electrode material for sodium secondary batteries operating at intermediate temperature Xie Haimei · Zhang Qian · Song Haibin · Shi Baoqin · Kang Yilan · Kang Yilan
    Porous glass membranes for vanadium redox-flow battery application - Effect of pore size on the performance Juner Zhu · Tomasz Wierzbicki · Wei Li · Wei Li
    A review of safety-focused mechanical modeling of commercial lithium-ion batteries Hee Jo Song · Jae Chan Kim · Mushtaq Ahmad Dar · Dong Wan Kim · Dong Wan Kim
    Economical recycling process for spent lithium-ion batteries and macro- and micro-scale mechanistic study James W. Palko · James W. Palko · Ali Hemmatifar · Juan G. Santiago · Juan G. Santiago
    Mesostructured niobium-doped titanium oxide-carbon (Nb-TiO2-C) composite as an anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries Changzhi Sun · Xiao Huang · Jun Jin · Yang Lu · Qing Wang · Jianhua Yang · Zhaoyin Wen · Zhaoyin Wen
    Reversible operation of microtubular solid oxide cells using La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ-Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-δ oxygen electrodes Wenhui Wang · Liang Shi · Liang Shi · Danni Lan · Quan Li · Quan Li
    Fe2P as a novel efficient catalyst promoter in Pd/C system for formic acid electro-oxidation in fuel cells reaction Xiao-Shuai Wu · ZhuanZhuan Shi · Long Zou · Chang Ming Li · Chang Ming Li · Yan Qiao · Yan Qiao
    Effect of conductive carbon additives on electrochemical performance of LiCoPO4 Varvara Sharova · Arianna Moretti · Thomas Diemant · Alberto Varzi · R. Jürgen Behm · Stefano Passerini · Stefano Passerini
    Porous SnO2-CuO nanotubes for highly reversible lithium storage Masoud Nazarian-Samani · Masoud Nazarian-Samani · Safa Haghighat-Shishavan · Mahboobeh Nazarian-Samani · Myeong Seong Kim · Byung Won Cho · Si Hyoung Oh · Seyed Farshid Kashani-Bozorg · Kwang-Bum Kim · Kwang-Bum Kim
    Hybrid battery/supercapacitor energy storage system for the electric vehicles Lizhen Zeng · Lizhen Zeng · Shaofei Zhao · Miao He · Miao He
    On enhancing energy harvesting performance of the photovoltaic modules using an automatic cooling system and assessing its economic benefits of mitigating greenhouse effects on the environment Ryan A. Adams · Arvind Varma · Vilas G. Pol · Vilas G. Pol
    Performance comparison of protonic and sodium phosphomolybdovanadate polyoxoanion catholytes within a chemically regenerative redox cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cell Xiao Tan · Rui Liu · Congxin Xie · Qiang Shen · Qiang Shen
    A variable capacitance based modeling and power capability predicting method for ultracapacitor Yanjun Chen · Yanjun Chen · Youlong Xu · Youlong Xu · Xiaofei Sun · Xiaofei Sun · Chao Wang · Chao Wang · Chao Wang
    Materials, system designs and modelling approaches in techno-economic assessment of all-vanadium redox flow batteries – A review Salmie Suhana Binti Che Abdullah · Takashi Teranishi · Hidetaka Hayashi · Akira Kishimoto · Akira Kishimoto
    Toward practical all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries with high energy density and safety: Comparative study for electrodes fabricated by dry- and slurry-mixing processes Hiroshi Ishikawa · Yasushi Sugawara · Gen Inoue · Makoto Kawase · Makoto Kawase
    Facile fabrication of robust [email protected]@C hollow nanobelts for outstanding lithium storage Xiaohong Xia · Shuai Peng · Yuwen Bao · Yu Wang · Binglong Lei · Zhuo Wang · Zhongbing Huang · Yun Gao · Yun Gao
    Uncovering the role of Nb modification in improving the structure stability and electrochemical performance of LiNi 0.6 Co 0.2 Mn 0.2 O 2 cathode charged at higher voltage of 4.5 V K.P. Padmasree · Ke-Yu Lai · Watchareeya Kaveevivitchai · Arumugam Manthiram · Arumugam Manthiram
    Micro-sized organometallic compound of ferrocene as high-performance anode material for advanced lithium-ion batteries Bowen Song · Enrique Ruiz-Trejo · Antonio Bertei · Nigel P. Brandon · Nigel P. Brandon
    Macroscale porous carbonized polydopamine-modified cotton textile for application as electrode in microbial fuel cells K. Vijaya Sankar · Su Chan Lee · Youngho Seo · Chaiti Ray · Shude Liu · Aniruddha Kundu · Seong Chan Jun · Seong Chan Jun
    Optimal robust control strategy of a solid oxide fuel cell system Jiabin Qi · Hao Xiong · Gang Wang · Huaqing Xie · Wei Jia · Qinghong Zhang · Yaogang Li · Hongzhi Wang · Hongzhi Wang
    Mechanistic elucidation of thermal runaway in potassium-ion batteries Zhen Ma · Yuchan Zhuang · Yaoming Deng · Xiaona Song · Xiaoxi Zuo · Xin Xiao · Junmin Nan · Junmin Nan
    Modified structural characteristics and enhanced electrochemical properties of oxygen-deficient Li2MnO3-δ obtained from pristine Li2MnO3 Xin Ding · Ruirun Chen · Yinling Jin · Xiaoyu Chen · Jingjie Guo · Yanqing Su · Hongsheng Ding · Hengzhi Fu · Hengzhi Fu
    Effect of Al substitution on the enhanced electrochemical performance and strong structure stability of Na3V2(PO4)3/C composite cathode for sodium-ion batteries Guangsheng Zhang · Hua Tian · Shanhai Ge · Dan Marple · Fengchun Sun · Chao-Yang Wang · Chao-Yang Wang · Chao-Yang Wang
    Millimeter-wave irradiation heating for operation of doped CeO2 electrolyte-supported single solid oxide fuel cell Van-Duong Dao · Van-Duong Dao · Van-Tien Bui · Van-Tien Bui · Ho-Suk Choi · Ho-Suk Choi
    Effects of Pt and ionomer ratios on the structure of catalyst layer: A theoretical model for polymer electrolyte fuel cells Min-Jin Lee · Jae-Hwa Shin · Mi-Jung Ji · Hae-Jin Hwang · Hae-Jin Hwang
    Improving the electrochemical performances of Li-rich Li 1.20 Ni 0.13 Co 0.13 Mn 0.54 O 2 through a cooperative doping of Na + and PO 4 3− with Na 3 PO 4 Xiao-Juan Wu · Danhui Gao · Danhui Gao
    A photo-assisted microbial electrolysis cell for the exclusive biohydrogen production using a MoS 2 -coated p-type copper oxide Zhen Liu · Li Feng · Xiaoru Su · Chenyang Qin · Kun Zhao · Fang Hu · Mingjiong Zhou · Yongyao Xia · Yongyao Xia
    Biochar-based carbons with hierarchical micro-meso-macro porosity for high rate and long cycle life supercapacitors Jiajia Huang · Haodong Liu · Tao Hu · Ying Shirley Meng · Jian Luo · Jian Luo
    Competing forces in liquid metal electrodes and batteries Siyang Liu · Xiang Chen · Jiayue Zhao · Junming Su · Congcong Zhang · Tao Huang · Jianhua Wu · Aishui Yu · Aishui Yu
    A thermally regenerative ammonia battery with carbon-silver electrodes for converting low-grade waste heat to electricity Shufeng Song · Masashi Kotobuki · Feng Zheng · Qibin Li · Chaohe Xu · Yu Wang · Wei Dong Z. Li · Ning Hu · Li Lu · Li Lu
    Nano-engineered intrapores in nanoparticles of PtNi networks for increased oxygen reduction reaction activity Po-Han Lee · She-Huang Wu · Wei Kong Pang · Vanessa K. Peterson · Vanessa K. Peterson
    Synthesis of carbon-coated Na2MnPO4F hollow spheres as a potential cathode material for Na-ion batteries Theis Løye Skafte · Peter Blennow · Johan Hjelm · Christopher R. Graves · Christopher R. Graves
    Thermal effects of planar high temperature heat pipes in solid oxide cell stacks operated with internal methane reforming Zhiwen Zhu · Enyan Guo · Zhaoling Wei · Huiqiang Wang · Huiqiang Wang
    Highly efficient visible-light driven photocatalytic hydrogen production from a novel Z-scheme Er 3+ :YAlO 3 /Ta 2 O 5 -V 5+ ||Fe 3+ -TiO 2 /Au coated composite Jonathan Boltersdorf · Samuel A. Delp · Jin Yan · Ben Cao · Jim P. Zheng · T. Richard Jow · Jeffrey Read · Jeffrey Read
    Anode-originated SEI migration contributes to formation of cathode electrolyte interphase layer Kolja Beltrop · Xin Qi · Tobias Hering · Stephan Röser · Martin Winter · Tobias Placke · Tobias Placke
    A combined theoretical and experimental study on the oxygenated graphitic carbon nitride as a promising sulfur host for lithium–sulfur batteries Chengshuo Xia · Daxing Zhang · Witold Pedrycz · Yingmin Zhu · Yongxian Guo · Yongxian Guo
    A quick on-line state of health estimation method for Li-ion battery with incremental capacity curves processed by Gaussian filter Rakan Ashour · Douglas H. Kelley · Alejandro Salas · Marco Starace · Norbert Weber · Tom Weier · Tom Weier
    Lithium ion batteries (NMC/graphite) cycling at 80 °C: Different electrolytes and related degradation mechanism Yongwon Jeon · Jun Hyun Kim · Kyoungmin Koo · Sunghyun Kim · Sunghyun Kim
    The storage degradation of an 18650 commercial cell studied using neutron powder diffraction Jen-Cheng Wang · Min-Sheng Liao · Yeun-Chung Lee · Cheng-Yue Liu · Kun-Chang Kuo · Cheng-Ying Chou · Chen-Kang Huang · Joe-Air Jiang · Joe-Air Jiang · Joe-Air Jiang
    Carbon deposition and sulfur poisoning during CO2 electrolysis in nickel based solid oxide cell electrodes David Ward · Natasha L.O. Gunn · Nadine Uwigena · Trevor J. Davies · Trevor J. Davies
    Tailoring Ba 3 Ca 1.18 Nb 1.82 O 9-δ with NiO as electrolyte for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells Chang Liu · Yujie Wang · Zonghai Chen · Qiang Ling · Qiang Ling
    Electrochemical performance of lithium-ion capacitors evaluated under high temperature and high voltage stress using redox stable electrolytes and additives Christine Minke · Thomas Turek · Thomas Turek
    Enabling bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-based ionic liquid electrolytes for application in dual-ion batteries Young Jin Nam · Dae Yang Oh · Sung Hoo Jung · Yoon Seok Jung · Yoon Seok Jung
    Models for Microbial Fuel Cells: A critical review Qinghua Tian · Lingxiangyu Li · Jizhang Chen · Li Yang · Shin-ichi Hirano · Shin-ichi Hirano
    Control of interface between anatase TiO 2 nanoparticles and rutile TiO 2 nanorods for efficient photocatalytic H 2 generation D Dongjiang Li · Dl Dmitry Danilov · Dl Dmitry Danilov · Barbara Zwikirsch · Maximilian Fichtner · Yong Yang · Rüdiger Albert Eichel · Rüdiger Albert Eichel · Phl Peter Notten · Phl Peter Notten · Phl Peter Notten
    Effect of Ca substitution on the electrochemical properties of the Ruddlesden-Popper oxides Sr 3.2-x Ca x Ln 0.8 Fe 1.5 Co 1.5 O 10-δ Tatyana V. Reshetenko · Madeleine Odgaard · Debbie Schlueter · Alexey Serov · Alexey Serov
    Quantification of the degradation of Ni-YSZ anodes upon redox cycling Jie Lin · Long Chen · Tong Liu · Changrong Xia · Chusheng Chen · Zhongliang Zhan · Zhongliang Zhan
    Binder-free cobalt phosphate one-dimensional nanograsses as ultrahigh-performance cathode material for hybrid supercapacitor applications Elena Borgardt · Olha Panchenko · Franz Josef Hackemüller · Jürgen Giffin · Martin Bram · Martin Müller · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert · Detlef Stolten · Detlef Stolten · Detlef Stolten
    Plasmonic enhancement of light-harvesting efficiency in tandem dye-sensitized solar cells using multiplexed gold core/silica shell nanorods Minghong Huang · Liuzhang Ouyang · Jiangwen Liu · Hui Wang · Huaiyu Shao · Min Zhu · Min Zhu
    Advantages in energy efficiency of flooded lead-acid batteries when using partial state of charge operation K Haridas Anupriya · Gangaja Binitha · Srikrishnarka Pillalamarri · E Unni Gautam · Nair A. Sreekumaran · V Nair Shantikumar · Santhanagopalan Dhamodaran · Santhanagopalan Dhamodaran
    Mitigation of chromium poisoning of cathodes in solid oxide fuel cells employing CuMn1.8O4 spinel coating on metallic interconnect Baek Seung-Wook · Honma Itaru · Kim Jedeok · Rangappa Dinesh · Rangappa Dinesh
    Introducing catalyst in alkaline membrane for improved performance direct borohydride fuel cells Carlo Santoro · Santiago Rojas-Carbonell · Roxanne Awais · Rohan Gokhale · Mounika Kodali · Alexey Serov · Kateryna Artyushkova · Plamen Atanassov · Plamen Atanassov
    Isothermal calorimeter for measurements of time-dependent heat generation rate in individual supercapacitor electrodes Michael Gockeln · Suman Pokhrel · Florian Meierhofer · Jens Glenneberg · Marco Schowalter · A. Rosenauer · Udo Fritsching · Matthias Busse · Matthias Busse · Lutz Mädler · Robert Kun · Robert Kun · Robert Kun
    Rational coating of Li7P3S11 solid electrolyte on MoS2 electrode for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries Zhipeng Qiu · Yesheng Wang · Xu Bi · Tong Zhou · Jin Zhou · Jinping Zhao · Zhichao Miao · Weiming Yi · Peng Fu · Shuping Zhuo · Shuping Zhuo
    Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics modelling and experimental validation of the Julich Mark-F solid oxide fuel cell stack Yuta Maeyoshi · Shohei Miyamoto · Hirokazu Munakata · Kiyoshi Kanamura · Kiyoshi Kanamura
    Composite Li metal anode with vertical graphene host for high performance Li-S batteries Chengkai Yang · Ruiwen Shao · Yingying Mi · Lanyao Shen · Binglu Zhao · Qian Wang · Kai Wu · Wen Lui · Peng Gao · Henghui Zhou · Henghui Zhou
    Synthesis of dual porous structured germanium anodes with exceptional lithium-ion storage performance Fulong Wang · Huaiguo Xue · Zhiqun Tian · Wei Xing · Ligang Feng · Ligang Feng
    Facile formation of 2D [email protected] microsheets through in-situ toptactic conversion and surface corrosion: Bifunctional electrocatalysts towards overall water splitting Daosong Zha · Yongsheng Fu · Lili Zhang · Junwu Zhu · Xin Wang · Xin Wang
    Bismuth oxyfluoride @ CMK-3 nanocomposite as cathode for lithium ion batteries Veronika Zinth · Christian von Lüders · Jörn Wilhelm · Simon V. Erhard · M. Hofmann · Stefan Seidlmayer · Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier · Weimin Gan · Andreas Jossen · Ralph Gilles · Ralph Gilles
    Exceptional effect of glassy lithium fluorophosphate on Mn-rich olivine cathode material for high-performance Li ion batteries Yanhui Cui · Qi Zhang · Junwei Wu · Xiao Liang · Andrew P. Baker · Deyang Qu · Hui Zhang · Huayu Zhang · Xinhe Zhang · Xinhe Zhang
    Highly-wrinkled reduced graphene oxide-conductive polymer fibers for flexible fiber-shaped and interdigital-designed supercapacitors Bing Zhao · Yaqing Yang · Zhixuan Wang · Shoushuang Huang · Yanyan Wang · Shanshan Wang · Zhiwen Chen · Yong Jiang · Yong Jiang
    Influence of platinum group metal-free catalyst synthesis on microbial fuel cell performance Jea Woong Jo · Myung-Seok Seo · Myung-Seok Seo · Jae Woong Jung · Joon-Suh Park · Byeong-Hyeok Sohn · Min Jae Ko · Hae Jung Son · Hae Jung Son
    Fabrication and performance of Li4Ti5O12/C Li-ion battery electrodes using combined double flame spray pyrolysis and pressure-based lamination technique Yustian Suharto · Yongho Lee · Ji-Sang Yu · Wonchang Choi · Ki Jae Kim · Ki Jae Kim
    Remaining useful life assessment of lithium-ion batteries in implantable medical devices Lei Wei · Tianshou Zhao · Lin Zeng · Yikai Zeng · Haoran Jiang · Haoran Jiang
    Ultra-low cost and highly stable hydrated FePO 4 anodes for aqueous sodium-ion battery Abe Machiko · Iba Hideaki · Suzuki Kota · Minamishima Hiroaki · Hirayama Masaaki · Tamura Kazuhisa · Mizuki Jun’ichiro · Saito Tomohiro · Ikuhara Yuichi · Kanno Ryoji · Kanno Ryoji
    A flexible mesoporous Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 -rGO nanocomposite film as free-standing anode for high rate lithium ion batteries Ji-Shi Wei · Jie Chen · Hui Ding · Peng Zhang · Yong-Gang Wang · Huan-Ming Xiong · Huan-Ming Xiong
    Modeling the degradation mechanisms of C 6 /LiFePO 4 batteries Yuesheng Wang · Zimin Feng · Dharminder Laul · Wen Zhu · Manon Provencher · Michel Trudeau · Abdelbast Guerfi · Karim Zaghib · Karim Zaghib
    High-performance solar cells with induced crystallization of perovskite by an evenly distributed CdSe quantum dots seed-mediated underlayer Toshio Shibagaki · Yu Merla · Gregory J. Offer · Gregory J. Offer
    From spent graphite to amorphous sp 2 +sp 3 carbon-coated sp 2 graphite for high-performance lithium ion batteries Fredrik Larsson · Simon Bertilsson · Maurizio Furlani · Ingvar Albinsson · Bengt-Erik Mellander · Bengt-Erik Mellander
    Activation mechanism and dehydrogenation behavior in bulk hypo/hyper-eutectic Mg-Ni alloy Norbert H. Menzler · Doris Sebold · Olivier Guillon · Olivier Guillon
    Visualization of self-heating of an all climate battery by infrared thermography David Muñoz-Torrero · Puiki Leung · Enrique García-Quismondo · Edgar Ventosa · Marc A. Anderson · Marc A. Anderson · Jesus Palma · Rebeca Marcilla · Rebeca Marcilla
    Pt-coated cylindrical micropatterned honeycomb Petri dishes as an efficient TCO-free counter electrode in liquid junction photovoltaic devices Yang Hu · Yiliang Jiang · Jens Oluf Jensen · Lars Nilausen Cleemann · Qingfeng Li · Qingfeng Li
    Fabrication and electrochemical performance of nickel- and gadolinium-doped ceria-infiltrated La0·2Sr0·8TiO3 anodes for solid oxide fuel cells Kunxu Zhu · Hanyang Gao · Guoxin Hu · Guoxin Hu
    Analysis of alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells performance at different operating conditions using DC and AC methods Chao Hu · Hui Ye · Gaurav Jain · Craig L. Schmidt · Craig L. Schmidt
    Catalyst evaluation for oxygen reduction reaction in concentrated phosphoric acid at elevated temperatures Xue Yejian · Miao He · Sun Shanshan · Wang Qin · Li Shihua · Liu Zhaoping · Liu Zhaoping
    The beneficial effects of straight open large pores in the support on steam electrolysis performance of electrode-supported solid oxide electrolysis cell Yan-Zhen Zheng · Xia Tao · Jinwen Zhang · Xue-Sen Lai · Nan Li · Nan Li
    Mechanical characterization and durability of sintered porous transport layers for polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis Johannes Büngeler · Eduardo Dr. Cattaneo · Bernhard Dr. Riegel · Dirk Uwe Sauer · Dirk Uwe Sauer
    Tracking degradation in lithium iron phosphate batteries using differential thermal voltammetry Ruofan Wang · Zhihao Sun · Uday B. Pal · Srikanth Gopalan · Soumendra N. Basu · Soumendra N. Basu
    Gas explosions and thermal runaways during external heating abuse of commercial lithium-ion graphite-LiCoO2 cells at different levels of ageing Alex P. Cocco · Arata Nakajo · Wilson K. S. Chiu · Wilson K. S. Chiu
    Post-test characterization of a solid oxide fuel cell stack operated for more than 30,000 hours: The cell Ramotar Lokendra · L Rohrauer Greg · Filion Ryan · MacDonald Kathryn · MacDonald Kathryn
    Investigation of different anode materials for aluminium rechargeable batteries Wang Kang · Xing Lidan · Zhu Yunmin · Zheng Xiongwen · Cai Dandan · Li Weishan · Li Weishan
    Characterisation of the diffusion properties of metal foam hybrid flow-fields for fuel cells using optical flow visualisation and x-ray computed tomography Zhenyao Wei · Zhenyao Wei · Shaojie Chen · Junye Wang · Zhihao Wang · Zhihua Zhang · Xiayin Yao · Yonghong Deng · Xiaoxiong Xu · Xiaoxiong Xu
    Preparation and application in assembling high-performance fuel cell catalysts of colloidal PtCu alloy nanoclusters Yi Li · Mohamed Abdel-Monema · Rahul Gopalakrishnan · Maitane Berecibar · Elise Nanini-Maury · Noshin Omar · Peter Van den Bossche · Joeri Van Mierlo · Joeri Van Mierlo
    Camellia pollen-derived carbon for supercapacitor electrode material Yulong Liu · Qian Sun · Da-Wei Wang · Keegan R. Adair · Jianneng Liang · Xueliang Sun · Xueliang Sun
    Thermo-electrochemical instrumentation of cylindrical Li-ion cells Min Kyung Cho · Hee-Young Park · Hye Jin Lee · Hye Jin Lee · Hyoung-Juhn Kim · Hyoung-Juhn Kim · Ahyoun Lim · Dirk Henkensmeier · Dirk Henkensmeier · Dirk Henkensmeier · Sung Jong Yoo · Sung Jong Yoo · Jin Young Kim · Jin Young Kim · Jin Young Kim · So Young Lee · Hyun S. Park · Jong Hyun Jang · Jong Hyun Jang · Jong Hyun Jang · Jong Hyun Jang
    Effect of CO 2 absorption on ion and water mobility in an anion exchange membrane Lei Niu · Lei Niu · Liang Chen · Jun Zhang · Ping Jiang · Zhaoping Liu · Zhaoping Liu
    Effect of hydrophobic additive on oxygen transport in catalyst layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cells Saeed Kazemiabnavi · Rahul Malik · Bernardo Orvananos · Aziz Abdellahi · Gerbrand Ceder · Gerbrand Ceder · Gerbrand Ceder · Katsuyo Thornton · Katsuyo Thornton
    Mn-doped NiP 2 nanosheets as an efficient electrocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction at all pH values Hong Jin · Jingpeng Hu · Shichao Wu · Xiaolan Wang · Hui Zhang · Hui Xu · Kun Lian · Kun Lian
    Polyallylamine-Rh nanosheet nanoassemblies−carbon nanotubes organic-inorganic nanohybrids: A electrocatalyst superior to Pt for the hydrogen evolution reaction Yu Luo · Yixiang Shi · Wenying Li · Ningsheng Cai · Ningsheng Cai
    Mechanism of chromium poisoning the conventional cathode material for solid oxide fuel cells Weimin Zhao · Guorui Zheng · Min Lin · Wengao Zhao · Dongjiang Li · Xiaoyun Guan · Yajuan Ji · Gregorio F. Ortiz · Yong Yang · Yong Yang
    A real-time insulation detection method for battery packs used in electric vehicles Yuanfang Hu · Bingxi Wang · Xiao Li · Dongyang Chen · Weiying Zhang · Weiying Zhang
    Three dimensional electrochemical simulation of solid oxide fuel cell cathode based on microstructure reconstructed by marching cubes method Yunwen Wu · Toshiyuki Momma · Tokihiko Yokoshima · Hiroki Nara · Tetsuya Osaka · Tetsuya Osaka
    A novel thermal management system for improving discharge/charge performance of Li-ion battery packs under abuse M. Hussein N. Assadi · Yasuteru Shigeta · Yasuteru Shigeta
    Alkaline anion exchange membrane water electrolysis: Effects of electrolyte feed method and electrode binder content Samantha Morelly · Nicolas J. Alvarez · Maureen H. Tang · Maureen H. Tang
    Silylated functionalized silicon-based composite as anode with excellent cyclic performance for lithium-ion battery Huichao Liu · Huichao Liu · Ludi Shi · Dongzhi Li · Jiali Yu · Han-Ming Zhang · Shahid Ullah · Bo Yang · Cuihua Li · Caizhen Zhu · Jian Xu · Jian Xu
    Revisiting the open-framework zinc hexacyanoferrate: The role of ternary electrolyte and sodium-ion intercalation mechanism Jici Wen · Yujie Wei · Yang-Tse Cheng · Yang-Tse Cheng
    The effect of surface-bulk potential difference on the kinetics of intercalation in core-shell active cathode particles Lei Zhi · Wenliang Zhang · Liqin Dang · Jie Sun · Feng Shi · Hua Xu · Zong-Huai Liu · Zhibin Lei · Zhibin Lei
    Three-dimensional interconnected porous graphitic carbon derived from rice straw for high performance supercapacitors Matthias Eilers-Rethwisch · Martin Winter · Falko M. Schappacher · Falko M. Schappacher
    Elementary reaction modeling of reversible CO/CO 2 electrochemical conversion on patterned nickel electrodes Dominic Bresser · Kei Hosoi · David Howell · Hong Li · Herbert Zeisel · Khalil Amine · Stefano Passerini · Stefano Passerini
    Toward a stable solid-electrolyte-interfaces on nickel-rich cathodes: LiPO 2 F 2 salt-type additive and its working mechanism for LiNi 0.5 Mn 0.25 Co 0.25 O 2 cathodes Weiguang Wang · Gequn Shu · Hua Tian · Xiuping Zhu · Xiuping Zhu
    Improving the specific energy of Li-Ion capacitor laminate cell using hybrid activated Carbon/LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 as positive electrodes Xiao Li · Xiaodong Tian · Tao Yang · Wei Wang · Yan Song · Quangui Guo · Zhanjun Liu · Zhanjun Liu
    A novel durable double-conductive core-shell structure applying to the synthesis of silicon anode for lithium ion batteries Shashank Arora · Ajay Kapoor · Weixiang Shen · Weixiang Shen
    Surface and interface engineering of anatase TiO2 anode for sodium-ion batteries through Al2O3 surface modification and wise electrolyte selection Xiang Ding · Xiaobing Huang · Junling Jin · Hai Ming · Limin Wang · Jun Ming · Jun Ming
    Corrigendum to Lithium ion batteries (NMC/graphite) cycling at 80 °C: Different electrolytes and related degradation mechanism [J. Power Sources 373 (2017) 172–183] An He · Jiaming Gong · Naoki Shikazono · Naoki Shikazono
    Biomass carbon composited FeS2 as cathode materials for high-rate rechargeable lithium-ion battery Björn Fridholm · Torsten Wik · Hannes Kuusisto · Anton Klintberg · Anton Klintberg
    Ternary tin-based chalcogenide nanoplates as a promising anode material for lithium-ion batteries Jian-Wen Shi · Dandan Ma · Yajun Zou · Zhaoyang Fan · Jinwen Shi · Linhao Cheng · Xin Ji · Chunming Niu · Chunming Niu
    An easy-to-parameterise physics-informed battery model and its application towards lithium-ion battery cell design, diagnosis, and degradation Dongdong Li · Dongdong Li · Chao Ye · Xinzhi Chen · Suqing Wang · Haihui Wang · Haihui Wang
    Revisiting the relevance of using a constant voltage step to improve electrochemical performances of Li-rich lamellar oxides Salvatore De Angelis · Peter Stanley Jørgensen · Esther H. R. Tsai · Mirko Holler · Kosova Kreka · Jacob R. Bowen · Jacob R. Bowen
    Highly stable carbon coated Mg2Si intermetallic nanoparticles for lithium-ion battery anode Viktor Nilsson · Viktor Nilsson · Viktor Nilsson · Reza Younesi · Daniel Brandell · Kristina Edström · Kristina Edström · Patrik Johansson · Patrik Johansson · Patrik Johansson
    Numerical analysis on effect of aspect ratio of planar solid oxide fuel cell fueled with decomposed ammonia Ronny Genieser · Stefania Ferrari · Melanie Loveridge · Shane D Beattie · Richard Beanland · Houari Amari · Geoffrey D. West · Rohit Bhagat · Rohit Bhagat
    Binary iron sulfides as anode materials for rechargeable batteries: Crystal structures, syntheses, and electrochemical performance Yan Xing · Tong Shen · Ting Guo · Xiuli Wang · Xinhui Xia · C.D. Gu · Jiangping Tu · Jiangping Tu
    A novel Gaussian process regression model for state-of-health estimation of lithium-ion battery using charging curve Euan McTurk · Tazdin Amietszajew · Joseph Fleming · Rohit Bhagat · Rohit Bhagat
    Advanced and safer lithium-ion battery based on sustainable electrodes M. Hagen · Wanjun Cao · Annadanesh Shellikeri · Daniel Lawrence Adams · X. J. Chen · W. Brandt · S.R. Yturriaga · Qiang Wu · Jeffrey Read · T.R. Jow · Jim P. Zheng · Jim P. Zheng
    Further optimization of barium cerate properties via co-doping strategy for potential application as proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte Jing Peng · Asa Logan Roy · Steve Greenbaum · Thomas A. Zawodzinski · Thomas A. Zawodzinski · Thomas A. Zawodzinski
    Estimating power capability of aged lithium-ion batteries in presence of communication delays Shunzhong Wang · Xiaohui Li · Zhaohui Wan · Yanan Chen · Jinting Tan · Mu Pan · Mu Pan
    Rational construction of multiple interfaces in ternary heterostructure for efficient spatial separation and transfer of photogenerated carriers in the application of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution Xiaodeng Wang · Hongpeng Zhou · Dingke Zhang · Mingyu Pi · Jiajia Feng · Shijian Chen · Shijian Chen
    A high energy and power sodium-ion hybrid capacitor based on nitrogen-doped hollow carbon nanowires anode Juan Bai · Shi-Hui Xing · Ying-Ying Zhu · Jia-Xing Jiang · Jing-Hui Zeng · Yu Chen · Yu Chen
    Three dimensional characterization of nickel coarsening in solid oxide cells via ex-situ ptychographic nano-tomography Xiaoqiang Zhang · Guangsen Yu · Shumao Zeng · Joseph Parbey · Shuhao Xiao · Baihai Li · Tingshuai Li · Martin Andersson · Martin Andersson · Martin Andersson
    Critical evaluation of the stability of highly concentrated LiTFSI - Acetonitrile electrolytes vs. graphite, lithium metal and LiFePO4 electrodes Jiaqiang Tian · Yujie Wang · Duo Yang · Xu Zhang · Zonghai Chen · Zonghai Chen
    Densely quaternized poly(arylene ether)s with distinct phase separation for highly anion-conductive membranes Shaojie Chen · Junye Wang · Zhihua Zhang · Linbin Wu · Lili Yao · Zhenyao Wei · Yonghong Deng · Dongjiu Xie · Xiayin Yao · Xiaoxiong Xu · Xiaoxiong Xu
    High performance sulfur graphite full cell for next generation sulfur Li-ion battery Abhinandh Sankar · Ioannis Michos · Indrajit Dutta · Junhang Dong · Anastasios P. Angelopoulos · Anastasios P. Angelopoulos
    Dominant role of orbital splitting in determining cathode potential in O 3 NaTMO 2 compounds Pengcheng Zhao · Yu Xiang · Yan Xu · Yuehua Wen · Wenfeng Zhang · Xiayu Zhu · Meng Li · Sontong Zhang · Hai Ming · Zhaoqing Jin · Gaoping Cao · Gaoping Cao
    Short-range contacts govern the performance of industry-relevant battery cathodes Silu Huo · Mingquan Liu · Linlin Wu · Mingjie Liu · Min Xu · Wei Ni · Yi-Ming Yan · Yi-Ming Yan
    A novel differential electrochemical mass spectrometry method to determine the product distribution from parasitic Methanol oxidation reaction on oxygen reduction reaction catalysts Caldeira Vincent · Rouget Robert · Fourgeot Fabrice · Thiel Julien · Lacoste Francois · Dubau Laetitia · Chatenet Marian · Chatenet Marian
    Na1.25Ni1.25Fe1.75(PO4)3 nanoparticles as a janus electrode material for Li-ion batteries Zhefei Pan · Rong Chen · Liang An · Yanzhong Li · Yanzhong Li
    A high-performance supercapacitor electrode based on N-doped porous graphene Ahadi Mohammad · Tam Mickey · S Saha Madhu · Stumper Juergen · Bahrami Majid · Bahrami Majid
    Liquid water breakthrough location distances on a gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells Malifarge Simon · Delobel Bruno · Delacourt Charles · Delacourt Charles
    Controlling porosity of porous carbon cathode for lithium oxygen batteries: Influence of micro and meso porosity Hamed Haftbaradaran · A. Maddahian · F. Mossaiby · F. Mossaiby
    Optimized interface and recrystallized grains by CsBr treatment for enhanced photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells Zhaomin Wang · Yong Cheng · Qian Li · Limin Chang · Limin Wang · Limin Wang
    Surface-protected LiCoO 2 with ultrathin solid oxide electrolyte film for high-voltage lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries Feng Zheng · Masashi Kotobuki · Shufeng Song · Man On Lai · Li Lu · Li Lu
    Potassium vanadate K 0.23 V 2 O 5 as anode materials for lithium-ion and potassium-ion batteries Till Gnann · Anna-Lena Klingler · Matthias Kühnbach · Matthias Kühnbach
    A highly active hybrid catalyst modified (La0.60Sr0.40)0.95Co0.20Fe0.80O3-δ cathode for proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells Hee-Suk Roh · Hee-Suk Roh · Gill Sang Han · Seongha Lee · Sang-Hyun Kim · Sungwoo Choi · Chulsoo Yoon · Jung-Kun Lee · Jung-Kun Lee
    Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of an integrated reformed methanol fuel cell for portable use Meishao Hu · Jiangpeng Ni · Boping Zhang · Sivasubramaniyan Neelakandan · Lei Wang · Lei Wang
    A self-supported metal-organic framework derived Co 3 O 4 film prepared by an in-situ electrochemically assistant process as Li ion battery anodes Bohong Chen · Zhongqing Jiang · Lingshan Zhou · Binglu Deng · Zhong-Jie Jiang · Jianlin Huang · Meilin Liu · Meilin Liu · Meilin Liu
    Oxidation driven ZnS Core-ZnO shell photocatalysts under controlled oxygen atmosphere for improved photocatalytic solar water splitting Jin Zhang · Xuelei Li · Dawei Song · Dawei Song · Yanli Miao · Jishun Song · Lianqi Zhang · Lianqi Zhang
    Photovoltaic performance and stability of fullerene/cerium oxide double electron transport layer superior to single one in p-i-n perovskite solar cells Kun Bi · Shi-Xi Zhao · Chao Huang · Ce-Wen Nan · Ce-Wen Nan
    Sliding mode observer for proton exchange membrane fuel cell: automotive application Y. Fernandes · A. Bry · S. de Persis · S. de Persis
    Polycarbonate-based polyurethane as a polymer electrolyte matrix for all-solid-state lithium batteries Yujie Wang · Xu Zhang · Chang Liu · Rui Pan · Zonghai Chen · Zonghai Chen
    Iron-antimony-based hybrid oxides as high-performance anodes for lithium-ion storage Dianbo Ruan · Myeong Seong Kim · Bin Yang · Jun Qin · Kwang-Bum Kim · Sang-Hyun Lee · Qiuxiang Liu · Lei Tan · Zhijun Qiao · Zhijun Qiao
    High-capacity FeTiO 3 /C negative electrode for sodium-ion batteries with ultralong cycle life Muhannad Alaraj · Shuo Feng · Timberley M. Roane · Jae-Do Park · Jae-Do Park
    Binder-free [email protected] 3 quantum dots core-shell nanorod array anodes for lithium-ion batteries Cao Minglei · Gao Lin · Lv Xiaowei · Shen Yan · Shen Yan
    In-situ preparation of poly(ethylene oxide)/Li 3 PS 4 hybrid polymer electrolyte with good nanofiller distribution for rechargeable solid-state lithium batteries Changsheng Ding · Toshiyuki Nohira · Rika Hagiwara · Rika Hagiwara
    Rational design of hierarchical [email protected] nanoflower for high performance lithium ion battery anodes Jiajun Yang · Wei Huang · Xiaochun Wang · Jun Li · Dong Yan · Jian Pu · Bo Chi · Jian Li · Jian Li
    Examining the validity of Stoney-equation for in-situ stress measurements in thin film electrodes using a large-deformation finite-element procedure Ming-Liang Han · Yi-Zhou Zhu · Shuang Liu · Qing-Long Liu · Dan Ye · Bing Wang · Jian-Yu Zheng · Jian-Yu Zheng
    Holey nickel-cobalt layered double hydroxide thin sheets with ultrahigh areal capacitance Katsuya Morimoto · Katsuya Morimoto · Ikuo Nagashima · Masaki Matsui · Hideshi Maki · Minoru Mizuhata · Minoru Mizuhata
    Synthesis, electrochemical investigation and structural analysis of doped Li[Ni 0.6 Mn 0.2 Co 0.2-x M x ]O 2 ( x = 0, 0.05; M = Al, Fe, Sn) cathode materials D. Liu · Wen Zhu · Chisu Kim · Myunghun Cho · Abdelbast Guerfi · Samuel A. Delp · Joshua L. Allen · T.R. Jow · Karim Zaghib · Karim Zaghib
    Perspectives of automotive battery R&D in China, Germany, Japan, and the USA Jianmin Li · Haizeng Li · Jiahui Li · Guiqing Wu · Yuanlong Shao · Yaogang Li · Qinghong Zhang · Hongzhi Wang · Hongzhi Wang
    A numerical model for a thermally-regenerative ammonia-based flow battery using for low grade waste heat recovery Hsiang Tan · Hsun-Wei Cho · Jih-Jen Wu · Jih-Jen Wu
    Enhanced vanadium redox flow battery performance using graphene nanoplatelets to decorate carbon electrodes Tuan Loi Nguyen · Doo Soo Kim · Jaehyun Hur · Min Sang Park · Sukeun Yoon · Il Tae Kim · Il Tae Kim
    A single-walled carbon nanotubes/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate)/copper hexacyanoferrate hybrid film for high-volumetric performance flexible supercapacitors Simon Bertilsson · Fredrik Larsson · Fredrik Larsson · Maurizio Furlani · Ingvar Albinsson · Bengt-Erik Mellander · Bengt-Erik Mellander
    Dense garnet-like Li 5 La 3 Nb 2 O 12 solid electrolyte prepared by self-consolidation method Tilman Jurzinsky · Philipp Kurzhals · Carsten Cremers · Carsten Cremers
    Methanesulfonic acid-assisted synthesis of N/S co-doped hierarchically porous carbon for high performance supercapacitors Claude Karegeya · Claude Karegeya · Abdelfattah Mahmoud · Frédéric Hatert · Bénédicte Vertruyen · Rudi Cloots · Pierre-Emmanuel Lippens · Frédéric Boschini · Frédéric Boschini
    Study on component interface evolution of a solid oxide fuel cell stack after long term operation Shuge Dai · Shuge Dai · Zhen Liu · Bote Zhao · Jianhuang Zeng · Hao Hu · Qiaobao Zhang · Dongchang Chen · Chong Qu · Dai Dang · Meilin Liu · Meilin Liu
    The improved photovoltaic performance of phenothiazine-dithienopyrrole based dyes with auxiliary acceptors Junliang Yu · Dieter Froning · Uwe Reimer · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert · Werner Lehnert
    Improvement of electrochemical properties and oxidation/reduction behavior of cobalt in positive electrode of Ni–metal hydride battery Minjae Kim · Eunjoo Yoo · Wha-Seung Ahn · Sang Eun Shim · Sang Eun Shim
    High-energy lithium-ion battery using substituted LiCoPO4: From coin type to 1 Ah cell Inaba Masanori · Quinson Jonathan · Arenz Matthias · Arenz Matthias
    N-doped hollow urchin-like anatase TiO 2 @C composite as a novel anode for Li-ion batteries Shuai Wang · Jianxing Shen · Zhiwen Zhu · Zhihao Wang · Yanxin Cao · Xiaoli Guan · Yueyue Wang · Zhaoling Wei · Zhaoling Wei · Meina Chen · Meina Chen
    Core-shell rhodium sulfide catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction / hydrogen oxidation reaction in hydrogen-bromine reversible fuel cell Duo Yang · Xu Zhang · Rui Pan · Yujie Wang · Zonghai Chen · Zonghai Chen
    A high-capacity P2 Na 2/3 Ni 1/3 Mn 2/3 O 2 cathode material for sodium ion batteries with oxygen activity Chen-Wu Wu · Jyhwen Wang · Chenguang Huang · Chenguang Huang
    Exploring backbone-cation alkyl spacers for multi-cation side chain anion exchange membranes Yuxun Ren · Tianshou Zhao · Meilin Liu · Peng Tan · Yikai Zeng · Yikai Zeng
    Water permeation through anion exchange membranes Shufang Wu · Qingwei Liu · Ya Zheng · Renjie Li · Tianyou Peng · Tianyou Peng
    Importance of balancing membrane and electrode water in anion exchange membrane fuel cells F. Navarro Pardo · Daniele Benetti · Haiguang Zhao · V.M. Castaño · Alberto Vomiero · Federico Rosei · Federico Rosei
    X-ray computed tomography comparison of individual and parallel assembled commercial lithium iron phosphate batteries at end of life after high rate cycling Tong Wu · Jing Liu · Liqun Sun · Lina Cong · Haiming Xie · A. Abdel-Ghany · Alain Mauger · Christian M. Julien · Christian M. Julien
    Hydrogen oxidation mechanisms on Ni/yttria stabilized zirconia anodes: Separation of reaction pathways by geometry variation of pattern electrodes Shijie Wang · Rutao Wang · Yabin Zhang · Dongdong Jin · Li Zhang · Li Zhang
    A highly reversible anthraquinone-based anolyte for alkaline aqueous redox flow batteries Na Ai · Shuai He · Na Li · Qi Zhang · William D.A. Rickard · Kongfa Chen · Teng Zhang · San Ping Jiang · San Ping Jiang
    Lithiated Nafion as polymer electrolyte for solid-state lithium sulfur batteries using carbon-sulfur composite cathode Xinyou Ke · Joseph M. Prahl · J. Iwan D. Alexander · Robert F. Savinell · Robert F. Savinell
    Lanthanum doped strontium titanate - ceria anodes: deconvolution of impedance spectra and relationship with composition and microstructure Shiming Zhang · Tian Tang · Zhihua Ma · Haitao Gu · Wubing Du · Mingxia Gao · Yongfeng Liu · Dechao Jian · Hongge Pan · Hongge Pan
    Synthesis of Pt nanoparticles as catalysts of oxygen reduction with microbubble-assisted low-voltage and low-frequency solution plasma processing Guanghong Zhang · Wenjian Li · Wen Huang · Zhiqun Cao · Kang Shao · Fengjiao Li · Chaoyun Tang · Cuihua Li · Chuanxin He · Qianling Zhang · Liangdong Fan · Liangdong Fan
    Synthesis and characterization of polyphosphazene electrolytes including cyclic ether side groups Dongya Sun · Yifan Gao · Dianxun Hou · Kuichang Zuo · Xi Chen · Xi Chen · Peng Liang · Xiaoyuan Zhang · Zhiyong Jason Ren · Xia Huang · Xia Huang
    Mesoscale characterization of local property distributions in heterogeneous electrodes J.J. Giner-Sanz · E. Ortega · V. Pérez-Herranz · V. Pérez-Herranz
    Corrigendum toSimultaneous reduction and nitrogen functionalization of graphene oxide using lemon for metal-free oxygen reduction reaction[J. Power Sources 372 (2017) 116–124] Wei Xiao · Zhiyan Wang · Yan Zhang · Rui Fang · Zun Yuan · Chang Miao · Xuemin Yan · Yu Jiang · Yu Jiang
    Identifying compatibility of lithium salts with LiFePO 4 cathode using a symmetric cell Xianbin Liu · Shuai Zou · Kaixi Liu · Chao Lv · Ziping Wu · Yanhong Yin · Tongxiang Liang · Zailai Xie · Zailai Xie
    V-insertion in Li(Fe,Mn)FePO4 Sophia Gantenbein · Michael Weiss · Ellen Ivers-Tiffée · Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
    Scalable and sustainable synthesis of carbon microspheres via a purification-free strategy for sodium-ion capacitors Jin Li · Peng Qiu · Meng Xia · Lichao Jia · Bo Chi · Jian Pu · Jian Li · Jian Li
    Suppressed Sr segregation and performance of directly assembled La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ oxygen electrode on Y2O3-ZrO2 electrolyte of solid oxide electrolysis cells Lin Wei · Xianxia Yuan · Fangming Jiang · Fangming Jiang
    Highly durable direct hydrazine hydrate anion exchange membrane fuel cell Muhammad S. Khan · Xiaoyong Xu · Jie Zhao · Ruth Knibbe · Zhonghua Zhu · Zhonghua Zhu
    Anion exchange composite membrane based on octa quaternary ammonium Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane for alkaline fuel cells Fei Sun · Jihui Gao · Xinxin Pi · Lijie Wang · Yuqi Yang · Zhibin Qu · Shaohua Wu · Shaohua Wu
    Does the conductivity of interconnect coatings matter for solid oxide fuel cell applications Qian-Ting Xu · Jia-Chuang Li · Huaiguo Xue · Sheng-Ping Guo · Sheng-Ping Guo
    Anion exchange membranes based on terminally crosslinked methyl morpholinium-functionalized poly(arylene ether sulfone)s Wangying Shi · Minfang Han · Minfang Han
    Nanocarbon/oxide composite catalysts for bifunctional oxygen reduction and evolution in reversible alkaline fuel cells: A mini review Ji Ho-Il · Hong Jongsup · Yoon Kyung Joong · Son Ji-Won · Kim Byung-Kook · Lee Hae-Weon · Lee Jong-Ho · Lee Jong-Ho
    Review of cell performance in anion exchange membrane fuel cells Wu She-huang · Lee Po-Han · Lee Po-Han
    Methanol oxidation reaction on core-shell structured Ruthenium-Palladium nanoparticles: Relationship between structure and electrochemical behavior Shao Lin · Wang Pengxiang · Zhang Qi · Fan Lishuang · Zhang Naiqing · Sun Kening · Sun Kening
    Chemically durable polymer electrolytes for solid-state alkaline water electrolysis Noack Jens · Roznyatovskaya Nataliya · Pinkwart Karsten · Tuebke Jens · Tuebke Jens
    Electrocatalysis of the Ethylene glycol oxidation reaction and in situ Fourier-transform infared study on PtMo/C electrocatalysts in alkaline and acid media Nataliya V. Roznyatovskaya · Vitaly A. Roznyatovsky · Carl-Christoph Höhne · Matthias Fühl · Tobias Gerber · Michael Küttinger · Jens Noack · Peter Fischer · Karsten Pinkwart · Jens Tübke · Jens Tübke
    A practical method for measuring the ion exchange capacity decrease of hydroxide exchange membranes during intrinsic degradation Eun Joo Park · Christopher Capuano · Katherine E. Ayers · Chulsung Bae · Chulsung Bae
    Degradation of radiation grafted anion exchange membranes tethered with different amine functional groups via removal of vinylbenzyl trimethylammonium hydroxide Yoshio Utaka · Ryo Koresawa · Ryo Koresawa
    Improved electrochemical performance of Fe-N-C catalysts through ionic liquid modification in alkaline media Dongfang Yang · Xiaoming Sun · Kyungmi Lim · Rohit Ranganathan Gaddam · Nanjundan Ashok Kumar · Kisuk Kang · X. S. Zhao · X. S. Zhao
    Influence of the concentration of borohydride towards hydrogen production and escape for borohydride oxidation reaction on Pt and Au electrodes – experimental and modelling insights Ioanna Martinaiou · Thomas Wolker · Ali Shahraei · Gui-Rong Zhang · Arne Janßen · Stephan Wagner · Natascha Weidler · Robert W. Stark · Bastian J. M. Etzold · Ulrike I. Kramm · Ulrike I. Kramm
    Phase separation and ion conductivity in the bulk and at the surface of anion exchange membranes with different ion exchange capacities at different humidities Min Suc Cha · Hwan Yeop Jeong · Hee Young Shin · Soo Hyun Hong · Tae-Ho Kim · Seong-Geun Oh · Jang Yong Lee · Young Taik Hong · Young Taik Hong
    Performance of polyethylene based radiation grafted anion exchange membrane with polystyrene-b-poly (ethylene/butylene)-b-polystyrene based ionomer using NiCo 2 O 4 catalyst for water electrolysis Sacris Jeru Tambio · Sacris Jeru Tambio · Michaël Deschamps · Vincent Sarou-Kanian · Aurélien Etiemble · Aurélien Etiemble · Thierry Douillard · Eric Maire · Bernard Lestriez · Bernard Lestriez
    Steady state and transient simulation of anion exchange membrane fuel cells Peng Xu · Shuxia Qiu · Jianchao Cai · Cuihong Li · Haicheng Liu · Haicheng Liu
    Durability of template-free Fe-N-C foams for electrochemical oxygen reduction in alkaline solution Qian Qi · Yan Liu · L. Wang · Hui Zhang · Jian Huang · Zhengren Huang · Zhengren Huang
    Recyclable cross-linked anion exchange membrane for alkaline fuel cell application P.C. Wu · S.S. Shy · S.S. Shy
    Electrocatalytic oxidation of meso-erythritol in anion-exchange membrane alkaline fuel cell on PdAg/CNT catalyst Christine Minke · Ulrich Kunz · Thomas Turek · Thomas Turek
    Redox flow batteries with serpentine flow fields: Distributions of electrolyte flow reactant penetration into the porous carbon electrodes and effects on performance Yuren Xiang · Fan Zhang · Junjie He · Jiarong Lian · Pengju Zeng · Jun Song · Junle Qu · Junle Qu
    Tuning Li 2 MO 3 phase abundance and suppressing migration of transition metal ions to improve the overall performance of Li- and Mn-rich layered oxide cathode Zhenbao Zhang · Jian Wang · Yubo Chen · Shaozao Tan · Zongping Shao · Dengjie Chen · Dengjie Chen
    Strongly coupled Sm 0.2 Ce 0.8 O 2 -Na 2 CO 3 nanocomposite for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells: One-step synthesis and super interfacial proton conduction Timo Schwieters · Marco Evertz · Alexander Fengler · Markus Börner · Tim Dagger · Yannick Stenzel · Patrick Harte · Martin Winter · Martin Winter · Sascha Nowak · Sascha Nowak
    Energy-neutral sustainable nutrient recovery incorporated with the wastewater purification process in an enlarged microbial nutrient recovery cell Marcel Franke · Julia Kowal · Julia Kowal
    Si nanowires/Cu nanowires bilayer fabric as a lithium ion capacitor anode with excellent performance Xiaoming Zhou · Yang Liu · Chunyu Du · Yang Ren · Tiansheng Mu · Pengjian Zuo · Geping Yin · Yulin Ma · Xinqun Cheng · Yunzhi Gao · Yunzhi Gao
    Improving the corrosion resistance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell carbon supports by pentafluorophenyl surface functionalization Korcan Percin · Alexandra Rommerskirchen · Robert Sengpiel · Youri Gendel · Matthias Wessling · Matthias Wessling · Matthias Wessling
    Performance enhancement of molten carbonate-based direct carbon fuel cell (MC-DCFC) via adding mixed ionic-electronic conductors into Ni anode catalyst layer Yongzheng Shi · Dongzhi Yang · Ruomeng Yu · Yaxin Liu · Shu-Meng Hao · Shiyi Zhang · Jin Qu · Zhong-Zhen Yu · Zhong-Zhen Yu
    High-temperature solid electrolyte interphases (SEI) in graphite electrodes Shuangbin Li · Shuangbin Li · Cairong Jiang · Juan Liu · Haoliang Tao · Xie Meng · Paul A. Connor · Jianing Hui · Shaorong Wang · Jianjun Ma · John T. S. Irvine · John T. S. Irvine
    Rich-burn, flame-assisted fuel cell, quick-mix, lean-burn (RFQL) combustor and power generation Raphael Neubauer · Christof Weinlaender · Norbert Kienzl · Brigitte Bitschnau · Hartmuth Schroettner · Christoph Hochenauer · Christoph Hochenauer
    Facile fabrication of multilayer separators for lithium-ion battery via multilayer coextrusion and thermal induced phase separation Claudia Goebel · Alexander G. Fefekos · Jan-Erik Svensson · Jan Froitzheim · Jan Froitzheim
    4D imaging of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell catalyst layers by soft X-ray spectro-tomography Yuanchao Li · Trung Van Nguyen · Trung Van Nguyen
    Carbon nanofibers with highly dispersed tin and tin antimonide nanoparticles: Preparation via electrospinning and application as the anode materials for lithium-ion batteries Tao Li · Umair Gulzar · Xue Bai · Xue Bai · Simone Monaco · Gianluca Longoni · Mirko Prato · Sergio Marras · Zhiya Dang · Claudio Capiglia · Remo Proietti Zaccaria · Remo Proietti Zaccaria · Remo Proietti Zaccaria
    The different Li/Na ion storage mechanisms of nano Sb 2 O 3 anchored on graphene Yalan Xing · Shengbin Wang · Baizeng Fang · Ge Song · David P. Wilkinson · Shichao Zhang · Shichao Zhang
    Experimental and modeling study of high performance direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell with in situ catalytic steam-carbon gasification reaction Xin Xu · Xin Xu · Zhen Meng · Xueling Zhu · Shunlong Zhang · Wei-Qiang Han · Wei-Qiang Han · Wei-Qiang Han
    Polyaniline-encapsulated silicon on three-dimensional carbon nanotubes foam with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries Qiming Tang · Heng Su · Yanhui Cui · Andrew P. Baker · Yanchen Liu · Juan Lu · Xiaona Song · Hua-Yu Zhang · Junwei Wu · Haijun Yu · Deyang Qu · Deyang Qu
    3D-printed conductive static mixers enable all-vanadium redox flow battery using slurry electrodes Yu Merla · Billy Wu · Vladimir Yufit · Ricardo Martinez-Botas · Gregory J. Offer · Gregory J. Offer
    Robust binder-free anodes assembled with ultralong mischcrystal TiO2 nanowires and reduced graphene oxide for high-rate and long cycle life lithium-ion storage Alexandre Pradon · Maria Theresa Caldes · Pierre-Emmanuel Petit · C. La Fontaine · Erik Elkaïm · Cécile Tessier · Guy Ouvrard · Erwan Dumont · Erwan Dumont
    Mechanism of enhanced performance on a hybrid direct carbon fuel cell using sawdust biofuels Andebet Gedamu Tamirat · Mengyan Hou · Yao Liu · Duan Bin · Yunhe Sun · Long Fan · Yonggang Wang · Yongyao Xia · Yongyao Xia
    Adsorptive on-board desulfurization over multiple cycles for fuel-cell-based auxiliary power units operated by different types of fuels Wee Choon Tan · Wee Choon Tan · Hiroshi Iwai · Masashi Kishimoto · Grzegorz Brus · Janusz S. Szmyd · Hideo Yoshida · Hideo Yoshida
    A high-performance ternary Si composite anode material with crystal graphite core and amorphous carbon shell Haoran Xu · Haoran Xu · Bin Chen · Houcheng Zhang · Houcheng Zhang · Peng Tan · Guangming Yang · John T. S. Irvine · Meng Ni · Meng Ni
    Effects of external pressure on the performance and ageing of single-layer lithium-ion pouch cells Hai Li · Kun Qian · Kun Qian · Xianying Qin · Xianying Qin · Dongqing Liu · Ruiying Shi · Aihua Ran · Aihua Ran · Cuiping Han · Yan-Bing He · Feiyu Kang · Feiyu Kang · Baohua Li · Baohua Li
    Improved electrolyte for zinc-bromine flow batteries Zhi Li · Jiwei Zhang · Jie Shu · Jianping Chen · Chunhong Gong · Jianhui Guo · Laigui Yu · Jingwei Zhang · Jingwei Zhang
    Light-current-induced acceleration of degradation of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite solar cells Abdilbari Shifa Mussa · Matilda Klett · Göran Lindbergh · Rakel Wreland Lindström · Rakel Wreland Lindström
    Statistical analysis of the effect of temperature and inlet humidities on the parameters of a semiempirical model of the internal resistance of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell KwangHyun Chang · KwangHyun Chang · Seonghun Cho · Seonghun Cho · Eun Ja Lim · Seok-Hee Park · Sung-Dae Yim · Sung-Dae Yim · Sung-Dae Yim
    Enhanced performance of P(VDF-HFP)-based composite polymer electrolytes doped with organic-inorganic hybrid particles PMMA-ZrO 2 for lithium ion batteries Lina Cong · Jia Liu · Michel Armand · Alain Mauger · Christian M. Julien · Haiming Xie · Liqun Sun · Liqun Sun
    Highly compressible three-dimensional graphene hydrogel for foldable all-solid-state supercapacitor C. Heubner · J. Seeba · T. Liebmann · A. Nickol · S. Börner · M. Fritsch · K. Nikolowski · M. Wolter · M. Schneider · Alexander Michaelis · Alexander Michaelis
    Impedance based time-domain modeling of lithium-ion batteries: Part I Quan Xia · Zili Wang · Yi Ren · Bo Sun · Dezhen Yang · Qiang Feng · Qiang Feng
    Microstructure optimization for high-performance PrBa 0.5 Sr 0.5 Co 1.5 Fe 0.5 O 5+δ -La 2 NiO 4+δ core-shell cathode of solid oxide fuel cells J.J. Giner-Sanz · E. Ortega · V. Pérez-Herranz · V. Pérez-Herranz
    A three-dimensional non-isothermal model for a membraneless direct methanol redox fuel cell Maochun Wu · Tianshou Zhao · Lei Wei · Haoran Jiang · Ruihan Zhang · Ruihan Zhang
    In situ formation of a 3D core-shell and triple-conducting oxygen reduction reaction electrode for proton-conducting SOFCs Dong Sui · Yuqing Xie · Weimin Zhao · Hongtao Zhang · Ying Zhou · Xiting Qin · Yanfeng Ma · Yong Yang · Yongsheng Chen · Yongsheng Chen
    Mechanistic equivalent circuit modelling of a commercial polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell Juan Wu · Lis G. A. Melo · Xiaohui Zhu · M. Marcia West · Viatcheslav Berejnov · Darija Susac · Juergen Stumper · Adam P. Hitchcock · Adam P. Hitchcock
    Visualizing elemental deposition patterns on carbonaceous anodes from lithium ion batteries: A laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry study on factors influencing the deposition of lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt after dissolution and migration from the Li 1 [Ni 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 ]O 2 and LiMn 1.5 Ni 0.5 O 4 cathode Chien-Ming Lai · Tzu-Lun Kao · Hsing-Yu Tuan · Hsing-Yu Tuan
    Empirical sulfation model for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries under cycling operation Farisa Forouzandeh · Xiaoan Li · Dustin Banham · Fangxia Feng · Abraham Joseph Kakanat · Siyu Ye · Viola Birss · Viola Birss
    Rambutan-like CNT-Al 2 O 3 scaffolds for high-performance cathode catalyst layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells Eun-Kyung Lee · Shin-Ae Park · Hyun-Woo Jung · Yong-Tae Kim · Yong-Tae Kim
    Role of perfluoropolyether-based electrolytes in lithium metal batteries: Implication for suppressed Al current collector corrosion and the stability of Li metal/electrolytes interfaces Marco-Tulio F. Rodrigues · Farheen N. Sayed · Hemtej Gullapalli · Pulickel M. Ajayan · Pulickel M. Ajayan
    Semi-empirical master curve concept describing the rate capability of lithium insertion electrodes Ryan J. Milcarek · Jeongmin Ahn · Jeongmin Ahn
    A reliability design method for a lithium-ion battery pack considering the thermal disequilibrium in electric vehicles Yajie Li · Hongting Pu · Hongting Pu
    Facile synthesis of one-dimensional hollow Sb 2 O 3 @TiO 2 composites as anode materials for lithium ion batteries Ke Song · Feiqiang Li · Xiao Hu · Lin He · Wenxu Niu · Sihao Lu · Tong Zhang · Tong Zhang
    Review on solid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries Dongjiu Xie · Shaojie Chen · Zhihua Zhang · Jie Ren · Lili Yao · Linbin Wu · Xiayin Yao · Xiaoxiong Xu · Xiaoxiong Xu
    The load shift potential of plug-in electric vehicles with different amounts of charging infrastructure Lingjia Yan · Nannan Luo · Weibang Kong · Shu Luo · Hengcai Wu · Kaili Jiang · Qunqing Li · Shoushan Fan · Wenhui Duan · Jiaping Wang · Jiaping Wang
    Electrospun carbon nanofiber catalyst layers for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Structure and performance Christian Wendt · Philip Niehoff · Martin Winter · Martin Winter · Falko M. Schappacher · Falko M. Schappacher
    Modeling the effect of shunt current on the charge transfer efficiency of an all-vanadium redox flow battery Hewei Xu · Hewei Xu · Guosheng Hu · Ying He · Yonggao Xia · Shanshan Yin · Zhaoping Liu · Zhaoping Liu
    Graphene nanosheets and polyacrylic acid grafted silicon composite anode for lithium ion batteries Abirdu Woreka Nemaga · Abirdu Woreka Nemaga · Jeremy Mallet · Jean Michel · Claude Guery · Claude Guery · Michael Molinari · Mathieu Morcrette · Mathieu Morcrette · Mathieu Morcrette
    Ionic liquid as an electrolyte additive for high performance lead-acid batteries Yaqiang Ji · Yaqiang Ji · Jinqi Xie · Jian Wu · Ying Yang · Xian-Zhu Fu · Xian-Zhu Fu · Rong Sun · Ching-Ping Wong · Ching-Ping Wong
    Anion exchange membrane crosslinked in the easiest way stands out for fuel cells Xiaojun Wang · Kai-Hang Ye · Xiang Yu · Jiaqian Zhu · Yi Zhu · Yuanming Zhang · Yuanming Zhang
    Electrochemical and electrical properties of doped CeO 2 -ZnO composite for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell applications S. Surblé · C. Paireau · J.-F. Martin · V. Tarnopolskiy · M. Gauthier · H. Khodja · L. Daniel · Sébastien Patoux · Sébastien Patoux
    Real-time monitoring of capacity loss for vanadium redox flow battery Jun Ma · Bingbing Chen · Longlong Wang · Guanglei Cui · Guanglei Cui
    Facile and scalable fabrication of polymer-ceramic composite electrolyte with high ceramic loadings Kazuhisa Hirata · Yoshihiro Morita · Takeo Kawase · Yasutaka Sumida · Yasutaka Sumida
    Antioxidant proton conductive toughening agent for the hydrocarbon based proton exchange polymer membrane for enhanced cell performance and durability in fuel cell Annadanesh Shellikeri · Annadanesh Shellikeri · S.R. Yturriaga · J.S. Zheng · Wanjun Cao · M. Hagen · M. Hagen · Jeffrey Read · T.R. Jow · Junsheng Zheng · Junsheng Zheng · Junsheng Zheng
    Determination of the mechanical integrity of polyvinylidene difluoride in LiNi 1/3 Co 1/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 electrodes for lithium ion batteries by use of the micro-indentation technique Shanthi Pandian · Shashishekar P. Adiga · Piyush Tagade · Krishnan S. Hariharan · K.S. Mayya · Yoonhoi Lee · Yoonhoi Lee
    Layer-by-layer self-assembled two-dimensional MXene/layered double hydroxide composites as cathode for alkaline hybrid batteries Hong Kang Tian · Bo Xu · Bo Xu · Yue Qi · Yue Qi
    Hybrid electrolytes incorporated with dandelion-like silane–Al 2 O 3 nanoparticles for high-safety high-voltage lithium ion batteries Lee Wai Chong · Yee Wan Wong · Rajprasad Rajkumar · Dino Isa · Dino Isa
    All electrochemical process for synthesis of Si coating on TiO 2 nanotubes as durable negative electrode material for lithium ion batteries Jun Zhang · Haoyue Zhong · Chao Zheng · Yang Xia · Chu Liang · Hui Huang · Yongping Gan · Xinyong Tao · Wenkui Zhang · Wenkui Zhang
    Hierarchical nanothorns MnCo2O4 grown on porous/dense Ni bi-layers coated Cu wire current collectors for high performance flexible solid-state fiber supercapacitors Byung Hoon Park · Jun Hui Jeong · Geon-Woo Lee · Young-Hwan Kim · Kwang Chul Roh · Kwang-Bum Kim · Kwang-Bum Kim
    Polyaniline as a new type of hole-transporting material to significantly increase the solar water splitting performance of BiVO 4 photoanodes Sedahmed Osman · Raja Arumugam Senthil · Junqing Pan · Wei Li · Wei Li
    Operando analysis of lithium profiles in Li-ion batteries using nuclear microanalysis Justin Railsback · Scott A. Barnett · Scott A. Barnett
    Controllable construction of flower-like FeS/Fe 2 O 3 composite for lithium storage Xiaowan Dong · Yadi Zhang · Bing Ding · Xiaodong Hao · Hui Dou · Xiaogang Zhang · Xiaogang Zhang
    Cross-linked trimetallic nanopetals for electrocatalytic water splitting Sungwoo Yang · Dukjoon Kim · Dukjoon Kim
    New down-converter for UV-stable perovskite solar cells: Phosphor-in-glass Seung H. Chung · Seung H. Chung · Thomas Tancogne-Dejean · Juner Zhu · Hailing Luo · Hailing Luo · Tomasz Wierzbicki · Tomasz Wierzbicki
    Electrochemical performance of Ni0.8Cu0.2/Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 cermet anodes with functionally graded structures for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell fueled with syngas Amaresh Samuthira Pandian · X. Chelsea Chen · Jihua Chen · Bradley S. Lokitz · Rose E. Ruther · Guang Yang · Kun Lou · Jagjit Nanda · Frank M. Delnick · Nancy J. Dudney · Nancy J. Dudney
    Numerical study on the thermal management system of a liquid metal battery module Liyun Cao · Juju He · Jiayin Li · Jingwen Yan · Jianfeng Huang · Ying Qi · Liangliang Feng · Liangliang Feng
    Preparation of double-shell Co 9 S 8 /Fe 3 O 4 embedded in S/N co-decorated hollow carbon nanoellipsoid derived from Bi-Metal organic frameworks for oxygen evolution reaction Muhammad Arshad · A. Maaroufi · A. Maaroufi
    Glucose oxidase bioanodes for glucose conversion and H 2 O 2 production for horseradish peroxidase biocathodes in a flow through glucose biofuel cell design Xiaomei Yan · Xiaomei Yan · Xiao Xu · Qin Liu · Jia Guo · Longtian Kang · Jiannian Yao · Jiannian Yao
    Mesocarbon microbead based dual-carbon batteries towards low cost energy storage devices Andreas Rossbach · Frank Tietz · Steffen Grieshammer · Steffen Grieshammer
    Sodium borohydride regeneration via direct hydrogen transformation of sodium metaborate tetrahydrate Michihiro Miyake · Makoto Iwami · Mizue Takeuchi · Shunsuke Nishimoto · Yoshikazu Kameshima · Yoshikazu Kameshima
    Performance and Stability of Large Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Phosphine Contaminated Hydrogen Fuel Xiong He · Xin Li · Menghua Zhu · Menghua Zhu
    A first principle study of the phase stability, ion transport and substitution strategy for highly ionic conductive sodium antipervoskite as solid electrolyte for sodium ion batteries Shanqing Qu · Wei Chen · Jinsong Yu · Guangliang Chen · Rui Zhang · Sijun Chu · Jun Huang · Xingquan Wang · Chaorong Li · K. Ostrikov · K. Ostrikov
    Stabilizing Na 0.7 MnO 2 cathode for Na-ion battery via a single-step surface coating and doping process Sophia Chan · Jasna Jankovic · Darija Susac · Madhu Sudan Saha · Mickey Tam · Heejae Yang · Frank Ko · Frank Ko
    Capacitive behavior and stored energy in supercapacitors at power line frequencies Jie Wang · Jie Wang · Huan He · Zexing Wu · Zexing Wu · Jianing Liang · Lili Han · Lili Han · Huolin L. Xin · Huolin L. Xin · Xuyun Guo · Ye Zhu · Deli Wang · Deli Wang
    Carbon-supported iron complexes as electrocatalysts for the cogeneration of hydroxylamine and electricity in a NO-H2 fuel cell: A combined electrochemical and density functional theory study Yong-Song Chen · Sze-Yuan Ho · Han-Wen Chou · Hwa-Jou Wei · Hwa-Jou Wei
    Enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction through coating a nano-web-structured La 0.6 Sr 0.4 Co 0.2 Fe 0.8 O 3-δ thin-film as a cathode/electrolyte interfacial layer for lowering the operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells Birhanu Desalegn Assresahegn · Benjamin Diby Ossonon · Daniel Bélanger · Daniel Bélanger
    Surface tiny grain-dependent enhanced rate performance of MoO 3 nanobelts with pseudocapacitance contribution for lithium-ion battery anode M.A. Deyab · M.A. Deyab
    Kinetic approach to degradation mechanisms in polymer solar cells and their accurate lifetime predictions Md. Masem Hossain · Liang Wu · Xian Liang · Zhengjin Yang · Jianqiu Hou · Tongwen Xu · Tongwen Xu
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