Crystal Growth & Design
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Crystal Growth & Design
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Cryst. Growth Des.

Crystal Growth & Design
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Crystal Growth & Design
  • Cryst. Growth Des.
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    Abbreviation of Crystal Growth & Design

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Crystal Growth & Design is Cryst. Growth Des. . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

    ISO4 Abbreviation of Crystal Growth & Design

    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Crystal Growth & Design should be cited as Cryst. Growth Des. for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Crystal Growth & Design is 
                                        Cryst. Growth Des.
    Crystal Growth & Design
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    Crystal Growth & Design | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    The aim of Crystal Growth & Design is to stimulate crossfertilization of knowledge among scientists and engineers working in the fields of crystal growth, crystal engineering, and the industrial application of crystalline materials.Crystal Growth & Design publishes theoretical and experimental studies of the physical, chemical, and biological phenomena and processes related to the design, growth, and application of crystalline materials. Synergistic approaches originating from different disciplines and technologies and integrating the fields of crystal growth, crystal engineering, intermolecular interactions, and industrial application are encouraged. Crystal Growth & Design is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society. It was established in January 2001 as a bimonthly journal and changed to a monthly frequency in 2006. The editor-in-chief is Jonathan W. Steed (Durham University).

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    The ISSN of Crystal Growth & Design is 1528-7483 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

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    ISSN (Online)

    The ISSN (Online) of Crystal Growth & Design is 1528-7505 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    American Chemical Society

    Crystal Growth & Design is published by American Chemical Society .

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    Publication Frequency

    Crystal Growth & Design publishes reports Monthly .

    2001 - Present

    The Publication History of Crystal Growth & Design covers 2001 - Present .

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    Open Access

    Crystal Growth & Design is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

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    Publication Fee

    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Crystal Growth & Design. Crystal Growth & Design is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


    The language of Crystal Growth & Design is English .

    United States

    The publisher of Crystal Growth & Design is American Chemical Society , which locates in United States .

    Selected Articles

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    Full Title Authors
    Nanometer-Scale Residual Crystals in a Hot Melt Extruded Amorphous Solid Dispersion: Characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy Chenguang Zhang · Ke Ma · Naiqin Zhao · Zhihao Yuan · Zhihao Yuan
    Pseudopolymorphs of LB30870, a Direct Thrombin Inhibitor: One Dimensional Solvent Channel Structures Explain Reversible Hydration/Dehydration Samuel V. F. Beddoe · Anthony J. Fitzpatrick · Jason R. Price · Neil Mallo · Jonathon E. Beves · Grace G. Morgan · Jonathan A. Kitchen · Tony D. Keene · Tony D. Keene
    Nonlinear Optical Crystal Rb4Sn3Cl2Br8: Synthesis, Structure, and Characterization Rahimah Othman · Goran T. Vladisavljevic · Elena Simone · Zoltan K. Nagy · R.G. Holdich · R.G. Holdich
    The Rich Solid-State Phase Behavior of dl-Aminoheptanoic Acid: Five Polymorphic Forms and Their Phase Transitions Colan Evan Hughes · Ines Boughdiri · Clément Bouakkaz · P. Andrew Williams · Kenneth D. M. Harris · Kenneth D. M. Harris
    Key Parameters for Size- and Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Vaterite Particles Bao-Xia Dong · Yong-Mei Pan · Wen-Long Liu · Yun-Lei Teng · Yun-Lei Teng
    Synthesis and Study of the First Zeolitic Uranium Borate Christelle N. Dzesse T · Emmanuel N. Nfor · Susan A. Bourne · Susan A. Bourne
    Host–Guest Molecular Crystals of Diamino-4,4-bithiazole and Dynamic Molecular Motions via Guest Sorption Camila C. Foggi · Regiane Cristina de Oliveira · Maria T. Fabbro · Carlos Eduardo Vergani · Juan Andrés · Elson Longo · Ana Lucia Machado · Ana Lucia Machado
    Prediction of Solid State Properties of Co-crystals using Artificial Neural Network Modelling Pifu Gong · Siyang Luo · Yi Yang · Fei Liang · Shengzi Zhang · Sangen Zhao · Junhua Luo · Zheshuai Lin · Zheshuai Lin
    A Metal–Organic Framework to CuO Nanospheres of Uniform Morphology for the Synthesis of α-Aminonitriles under Solvent-Free Condition along with Crystal Structure of the Framework Hiroshi Nishiyama · Takashi Takeda · Norihisa Hoshino · Kiyonori Takahashi · Shin-ichiro Noro · Takayoshi Nakamura · Tomoyuki Akutagawa · Tomoyuki Akutagawa
    Crystal Engineering: A Remedy to Tailor the Biopharmaceutical Aspects of Glibenclamide Giovanni Maria Maggioni · Leonard Bezinge · Marco Mazzotti · Marco Mazzotti
    Structural properties of catalytically-active bimetallic gold-palladium nanoparticles synthesized on rutile titania nanorods by pulsed laser deposition Leyla-Cann Sögütoglu · Martin Lutz · Hugo Meekes · René de Gelder · E. Vlieg · E. Vlieg
    Assembly of Metal-Calixarene Compounds with a Ditetrazole Linker: From Isolated Cluster, Coordination Chain to Coordination Cage Parnika Goyal · Dimpy Rani · Renu Chadha · Renu Chadha
    Microfluidic control of nucleation and growth of CaCO3 Liu Xunshan · Chen Songjie · Hauser Juerg · Laukhin Vladimir · Decurtins Silvio · Aschauer Ulrich · Liu Shi‐Xia · Liu Shi‐Xia
    Hybrid Mechanism of Nucleation and Cooperative Propagation in a Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transition of a Molecular Crystal U. B. Rao Khandavilli · Eliška Skořepová · Abhijeet S. Sinha · Balakrishna R. Bhogala · Nuala M. Maguire · Anita R. Maguire · Simon E. Lawrence · Simon E. Lawrence
    Tridecanuclear CuII11Na2 cagelike silsesquioxanes E. Grothe · Hugo Meekes · E. Vlieg · Horst J. H. ter · R. de Gelder · R. de Gelder
    Highly Luminescent Metal–Organic Frameworks Based on an Aggregation-Induced Emission Ligand as Chemical Sensors for Nitroaromatic Compounds Yu Yinghui · Ye Han‐Tao · Hou Guangfeng · Ren Chang‐Yue · Gao Jinsheng · Yan Pengfei · Yan Pengfei
    Discovery of New Compounds and Scintillators of the A4BX6 Family: Crystal Structure, Thermal, Optical, and Scintillation Properties Tong-Ying Chang · Bing-Ping Yang · Chun-Li Hu · Dong Yan · Jiang-Gao Mao · Jiang-Gao Mao
    Limits on Calcite and Chalk Recrystallisation Yamil J. Colón · Yamil J. Colón · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Randall Q. Snurr · Randall Q. Snurr
    Structural and Chemical Bonding Dependence of Mechanical Properties in a Family of Metal-Formate Coordination Polymers Rogier Besselink · Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco · Tomasz M. Stawski · Liane G. Benning · Dominique J. Tobler · Dominique J. Tobler
    Water-Soluble Squaramide Dihydrates: N-Methylation Modulates the Occurrence of One- and Two-Dimensional Water Clusters through Hydrogen Bonding and Dipolar Interactions Donatella Armentano · Miguel A. Barquero · Carlos Rojas-Dotti · Nicolás Moliner · Giovanni De Munno · Euan K. Brechin · José Martínez-Lillo · José Martínez-Lillo
    Cocrystals and a Salt of the Bioactive Flavonoid: Naringenin L. Z. Lakshtanov · D. V. Okhrimenko · O. N. Karaseva · S. L. S. Stipp · S. L. S. Stipp
    Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Properties of Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Layered Materials: A Solvent-Free Ligand-Controlled Dimensionality Approach Based on Metal Sulfates and Aromatic Diamines Guoqiang Feng · Guoqiang Feng · Di Gui · Wei Li · Wei Li
    Controlled Growth of Heterostructured Ga/GaAs Nanowires with Sharp Schottky Barrier Fabio Borbone · Angela Tuzi · Barbara Panunzi · Stefano Piotto · Simona Concilio · Rafi Shikler · Shiran Nabha · Roberto Centore · Roberto Centore
    Elucidating the Structure of Ranitidine Hydrochloride Form II: Insights from Solid-State Spectroscopy and ab initio Simulations Anthonius H. J. Engwerda · Pim van Schayik · Henjo Jagtenberg · Hugo Meekes · Floris P. J. T. Rutjes · E. Vlieg · E. Vlieg
    Growth rate of crystal surfaces with several dislocation centers Vivian Merk · John K. Berg · Christina Krywka · Ingo Burgert · Ingo Burgert
    Vapor Sorption and Solvatochromism in a Metal–Organic Framework of an Asymmetric Pyridylcarboxylate Zujian Wang · Chao He · Huimin Qiao · Dongfang Pang · Xiaoming Yang · Sangen Zhao · Xiuzhi Li · Ying Liu · Xifa Long · Xifa Long
    An Ultrastable Luminescent Metal–Organic Framework for Selective Sensing of Nitroaromatic Compounds and Nitroimidazole-Based Drug Molecules Rana Hussein · Mohamed Ibrahim · Ruchira Chatterjee · Leighton Coates · Frank Müh · Vittal K. Yachandra · Junko Yano · Jan Kern · Holger Dobbek · Athina Zouni · Athina Zouni
    Elucidating the Crystal Structure of DL-Arginine by Combined Powder X-ray Diffraction Data Analysis and Periodic DFT-D Calculations Syed Atif Raza · Syed Atif Raza · Ulrich Schacht · Vaclav Svoboda · Darren Edwards · Alastair J. Florence · Colin R. Pulham · Jan Sefcik · Iain D. H. Oswald · Iain D. H. Oswald
    Separation of trimethoxybenzene isomers by bile acids Anna Pietrzak · Jakub Modranka · Jakub Wojciechowski · Tomasz Janecki · Wojciech M. Wolf · Wojciech M. Wolf
    Bottom-Up Design and Generation of Complex Structures: A New Twist in Reticular Chemistry Archana K. Munirathnappa · Ananda K · A. K Sinha · Nalini G. Sundaram · Nalini G. Sundaram
    Interactions of Alkali and Alkaline-Earth Metals in Water-Soluble Heterometallic FeIII/M (M = Na+, K+, Ca2+)-Type Coordination Complex Rosalyn V. Kent · Ren A. Wiscons · Pessia Sharon · Dan Grinstein · Aryeh A. Frimer · Adam J. Matzger · Adam J. Matzger
    Multiparameter Investigation of Laser-Induced Nucleation of Supersaturated Aqueous KCl Solutions Faduma M. Maddar · David Perry · Patrick R. Unwin · Patrick R. Unwin
    Elucidating the role of AgCl in the nucleation and growth of silver nanoparticles in ethylene glycol A Khoj Manal · E Hughes Colan · D M Harris Kenneth · M Kariuki Benson · M Kariuki Benson
    Transitions from Separately Crystallized CL-20 and HMX to CL-20/HMX Cocrystal Based on Solvent Media Morohashi Naoya · Ebata Kohei · Nakayama Hiroko · Noji Shintaro · Hattori Tetsutaro · Hattori Tetsutaro
    Dual-Drug Chiral Resolution: Enantiospecific Cocrystallization of (S)-Ibuprofen Using Levetiracetam Eliška Skořepová · Daniel Bím · Michal Hušák · Jiří Klimeš · Argyro Chatziadi · Luděk Ridvan · Tereza Boleslavská · Josef Beránek · Pavel Šebek · Lubomír Rulíšek · Lubomír Rulíšek
    Use of Topotactic Phase Transformations To Obtain Solutions of the Crystal Structures of Highly Disordered Materials Li Cun · Sun Juan · Yang Meng · Sun Guifang · Guo Jianni · Ma Yue · Li Licun · Li Licun
    Structural variations in the dithiadiazolyl radicals p-ROC6F4CNSSN (R = Me, Et, nPr, nBu): A case study of reversible and irreversible phase transitions in p-EtOC6F4CNSSN Li Yu‐Ling · Zhao Yue · Kang Yan-Shang · Liu Xiao‐Hui · Sun Wei‐Yin · Sun Wei‐Yin
    Observation of Rapid Desolvation of Hexafluorobenzene Involving Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Phase Transition in a Nonporous Organic Host Suyue Chen · Jesse L. Carey · David R. Whitcomb · Philippe Bühlmann · R. Lee Penn · R. Lee Penn
    Effect of Linker Substituent on Layers Arrangement, Stability, and Sorption of Zn-Isophthalate/Acylhydrazone Frameworks Shanhu Sun · Haobin Zhang · Yu Liu · Jinjiang Xu · Shiliang Huang · Shumin Wang · Jie Sun · Jie Sun
    Crystal Growth Conditions of Types I and II Na–Si Clathrates by Evaporation of Na from a Na–Si–Sn Solution Bram Harmsen · Tom Leyssens · Tom Leyssens
    F or O, Which One Is the Better Hydrogen Bond (Is It?) Acceptor in C–H···X–C (X– = F–, O═) Interactions? Logan C. Lorson · Onkei Tai · Bruce M. Foxman · Bruce M. Foxman
    Homochiral Metal–Organic Frameworks Embedding Helicity Based on a Semirigid Alanine Derivative Subhrajyoti Bhandary · Deepak Chopra · Deepak Chopra
    Mineralization of nacre-like structures mediated by extrapallial fluid on pearl nucleus Kornel Roztocki · Damian Jędrzejowski · Maciej Hodorowicz · Irena Senkovska · Stefan Kaskel · Dariusz Matoga · Dariusz Matoga
    A Three-Dimensional Copper Coordination Polymer Constructed by 3-Methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic Acid with Higher Capacitance for Supercapacitors Binoy K. Saha · A. Saha · Durgam Sharada · Sumair A. Rather · Sumair A. Rather
    Control of π-π Stacking via Crystal Engineering in Organic Conjugated Small Molecule Crystals Xin Zhang · Xianwen Zhang · Trent R. Graham · Carolyn I. Pearce · B. Layla Mehdi · Alpha T. N’Diaye · Sebastien N. Kerisit · Nigel D. Browning · Sue B. Clark · Kevin M. Rosso · Kevin M. Rosso
    Rapid continuous antisolvent crystallization of multi-component systems Guo-Xiu Guan · Xu Liu · Qi Yue · En-Qing Gao · En-Qing Gao
    Optimizing Crystal Size of Photosystem II by Macroseeding: Toward Neutron Protein Crystallography Chuang Liu · Guangrui Xu · Jinzhe Du · Juan Sun · Xiang Wan · Xiaojun Liu · Jingtan Su · Jian Liang · Guilan Zheng · Liping Xie · Rongqing Zhang · Rongqing Zhang
    In Situ Di-, Piezo-, Ferroelectric Properties and Domain Configurations of Pb(Sc1/2Nb1/2)O3–Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 Ferroelectric Crystals Ivica Cvrtila · Vladimir Stilinović · Vladimir Stilinović
    Open MOFs with Unique Hexatopic Zinc-5,15-bis(4′-carboxyphenyl)-10,20-bis(3′,5′-dicarboxyphenyl)porphyrin Linker Lili Yu · Xianmei Wang · Meiling Cheng · Hongren Rong · Yidan Song · Qi Liu · Qi Liu
    Importance of Hydration State around Proteins Required to Grow High-Quality Protein Crystals Marta Ximenis · Javier Pitarch-Jarque · Salvador Blasco · Carmen Rotger · Enrique García-España · Antonio Costa · Antonio Costa
    Helicity and Topological Chirality in Hydrogen-Bonded Supermolecules Characterized by Advanced Graph Set Analysis and Solid-State Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy Anabel González Guillén · Marcin Oszajca · Katarzyna Luberda-Durnaś · Marlena Gryl · Stanisław Bartkiewicz · Andrzej Miniewicz · Wieslaw Lasocha · Wieslaw Lasocha
    Particle Breakage: Limiting Conditions for Crystal–Crystallizer Collisions Yuexian Hong · Nathalie Sophie Letzelter · John Evans · Dmitry S. Yufit · Jonathan W. Steed · Jonathan W. Steed
    Polymorphism of Sildenafil: A New Metastable Desolvate Vanja Jordan · Venkata D.B.C. Dasireddy · Blaž Likozar · Aleš Podgornik · Aleksander Rečnik · Aleksander Rečnik
    Anion Templated Synthesis of Silver(I)-Ethynide Dithiophosphate Clusters Renshuang Zhai · Yehao Wu · Tiejun Zhu · Xinbing Zhao · Xinbing Zhao
    Highest Reported Denticity of a Synthetic Nucleoside in the Unprecedented Tetradentate Mode of Acyclovir Amanpreet Singh · Pushap Raj · Jan J. Dubowski · Narinder Singh · Narinder Singh
    Beadwork and Network: Strings of Silver Ions Stitch Large-π Pyrazolate Patches into a Two-dimensional Sheet Christelle N. Dzesse T · Emmanuel N. Nfor · Susan A. Bourne · Susan A. Bourne
    The Impact of Trifluoroacetic Acid on Peptide Cocrystallization:Multicomponent Crystals of l‑Leu‑l‑Leu Dipeptides Mark G. Smith · Andreas Lemmerer · Andreas Lemmerer
    Metal–Organic Framework with Trifluoromethyl Groups for Selective C2H2 and CO2 Adsorption Rajiv Khatioda · Pranita Bora · Bipul Sarma · Bipul Sarma
    Materials Design beyond Lateral Attachment: Twin-Controlled Spatial Branching of Rutile TiO2 Yonghe He · Jie-Ying Hu · Yan-Lung Wong · Yingxue Diao · Wan-Ru Xian · Jun He · Matthias Zeller · Zhengtao Xu · Zhengtao Xu
    Mixed matrix membranes based on metal-organic frameworks with tunable pore size for CO2 separation Paolo Lucaioli · Elisa Nauha · Ishwar Singh · Nicholas Blagden · Nicholas Blagden
    [Zn(tp)(RdmB)(H2O)] and [Cd(tp)(RdmB)]: Two Unusual One-Dimensional Rhodamine B Coordination Polymeric Ribbons as Luminescent Sensors for Small Molecules and Metal Cations Osamah Alduhaish · Osamah Alduhaish · Rui-Biao Lin · Hailong Wang · Bin Li · Hadi D. Arman · Tong-Liang Hu · Banglin Chen · Banglin Chen
    Sublimation Growth and Characterization of Erbium Nitride Crystals Yanping Chen · Shiliang Huang · Xiaoge Wang · Lei Zhang · Ningning Wu · Fuhui Liao · Yingxia Wang · Yingxia Wang
    Polymorph Selection by Continuous Precipitation Rajorshi Mandal · Mousumi Garai · Kumar Biradha · Kumar Biradha
    Enantiopure Magnetic Heterometallic Coordination Cubic Cages [MII8CuII6] (M = Ni, Co) Lili Fan · Zixi Kang · Yuting Shen · Sasa Wang · Haoru Zhao · Hanyi Sun · Xueting Hu · Haixiang Sun · Rongming Wang · Daofeng Sun · Daofeng Sun
    Incommensurately modulated structures in Zr-rich PZT: periodic nanodomains, reciprocal configuration and nucleation Zhou Wang · Zhou Wang · Ying Wang · Xinyuan Zhou · Zaixing Yang · Yanxue Yin · Jie Zhang · Ning Han · Johnny C. Ho · Yunfa Chen · Yunfa Chen
    Crystal shape modification via cycles of growth and dissolution in a tubular crystallizer Li Liu · Jingcao Dai · Jingcao Dai
    Tadalafil–Malonic Acid Cocrystal: Physicochemical Characterization, pH-Solubility, and Supersaturation Studies Hayder A. Al Atabi · Hayder A. Al Atabi · Zahraa F. Al Auda · Zahraa F. Al Auda · Balabalaji Padavala · M. Craig · Keith L. Hohn · James H. Edgar · James H. Edgar
    Crystal Facet Engineering in Ga-Doped ZnO Nanowires for Mid-Infrared Plasmonics Thomas C. Farmer · Sina K. Schiebel · Bradley F. Chmelka · Michael F. Doherty · Michael F. Doherty
    Design of a Novel Near-Infrared Phosphor by Controlling the Cationic Coordination Environment Rafael Barbas · Mercè Font-Bardia · Rafel Prohens · Rafel Prohens
    Influence of Structurally Related Impurities on the Crystal Nucleation of Curcumin Yang Yang · Yi Wu · Jian-Hua Jia · Xiu-Ying Zheng · Qian Zhang · Ke-Cai Xiong · Ze-Min Zhang · Quan-Ming Wang · Quan-Ming Wang · Quan-Ming Wang
    Comparison of lateral crystal growth in selenium thin films and surface of bulk samples Peter Neugebauer · Javier Cardona · Maximilian O. Besenhard · Anna Peter · Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler · Christos Tachtatzis · Alison Cleary · Ivan Andonovic · Jan Sefcik · Johannes G. Khinast · Johannes G. Khinast
    Enhanced Intrinsic Proton Conductivity of Metal–Organic Frameworks by Tuning the Degree of Interpenetration Manishkumar R. Shimpi · Amani Ibraheem Younis Al-Hayali · Katie L. Cavanagh · Naír Rodríguez-Hornedo · Sitaram P. Velaga · Sitaram P. Velaga
    Structural Diversity in a New Series of Halogenated Quinolyl Salicylaldimides-Based FeIII Complexes Showing Solid-State Halogen-Bonding/Halogen···Halogen Interactions Vincent Sallet · Corinne Sartel · Said Hassani · Christèle Vilar · Gaëlle Amiri · Alain Lusson · F. Jomard · Pierre Galtier · Isabelle Lefebvre · Christophe Delerue · Mohamed K. Hamza · B. Canut · Bruno Masenelli · Bruno Masenelli
    Homochiral Erbium Coordination Polymers: Salt-Assisted Conversion from Triple to Quadruple Helices Xiangyu Meng · Zhijun Wang · Keliang Qiu · Yuebin Li · Jinjin Liu · Wang Zj · Simin Liu · Xue Li · Zhiping Yang · Panlai Li · Panlai Li
    Crystallization of Chiral para-n-Alkylphenyl Glycerol Ethers: Phase Diversity and Impressive Predominance of Homochiral Guaifenesin-Like Supramolecular Motif Claire Heffernan · Marko Ukrainczyk · Jacek Zeglinski · B. Kieran Hodnett · Åke C. Rasmuson · Åke C. Rasmuson
    Trimorphic Ethenzamide Cocrystal: In Vitro Solubility and Membrane Efflux Studies Santiago Medina-Carrasco · Jose Manuel Valverde · Jose Manuel Valverde
    Covalent Assisted Supramolecular Synthesis: The Influence of Crystallization Conditions on Co-Crystals ofMaskedIsoniazid Derivatives Florent Blanchard · Murielle Rivenet · Nicolas Vigier · Isabelle Hablot · Stéphane Grandjean · Francis Abraham · Francis Abraham
    Correction to Vapor Sorption and Solvatochromism in a Metal–Organic Framework of an Asymmetric Pyridylcarboxylate Jian Zhuang · Alexei A. Bokov · Nan Zhang · Jie Zhang · Jinyan Zhao · Shuming Yang · Wei Ren · Zuo-Guang Ye · Zuo-Guang Ye · Zuo-Guang Ye
    ATP Induced Modulation in π–π Stacking Interactions in Pyrene Based Zinc Complexes: Chemosensor Study and Quantitative Investigation of Apyrase Activity Stefan Bötschi · Ashwin Kumar Rajagopalan · Marco Mazzotti · Marco Mazzotti
    Crystallization and Polymorphic Phase Transitions in Zirconia-Toughened Alumina Systems Induced by Dy3+/Gd3+ Cosubstitutions Kacper Drużbicki · Aleksandra Pajzderska · Dorota Chudoba · Jacek Jenczyk · Marcin Jarek · Jadwiga Mielcarek · Jan Wasicki · Jan Wasicki
    In Situ Observation of Chiral Symmetry Breaking in NaClO3 Chiral Crystallization Realized by Thermoplasmonic Micro-Stirring Haruhiko Koizumi · Satoshi Uda · Katsuo Tsukamoto · Katsuo Tsukamoto · Kenichi Kojima · Masaru Tachibana · Toru Ujihara · Toru Ujihara
    Anion Exchange Reaction for Preparing Acesulfame Solid Forms Hyun-Joong Chung · Christian Ruzié · Yves Geerts · Ying Diao · Ying Diao
    Water-Controlled Crystallization of CaCO3, SrCO3, and MnCO3 from Amorphous Precursors Toshiyuki Sasaki · Mikiji Miyata · Hisako Sato · Hisako Sato
    Highly Oriented Thin Membrane Fabrication with Hierarchically Porous Zeolite Seed Zhengqian Fu · Xuefeng Chen · Ping Lu · Chenxi Zhu · Henchang Nie · Fangfang Xu · Genshui Wang · Xianlin Dong · Xianlin Dong
    Recent Progress in the Solution-Based Sequential Deposition of Planar Perovskite Solar Cells V. Ponnilavan · Rugmani Meenambal · S. Kannan · S. Kannan
    A Polyoxometalate-Based Metal–Organic Framework-Derived FeP/MoP Hybrid Encapsulated in N/P Dual-Doped Carbon as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Hiromasa Niinomi · Teruki Sugiyama · Teruki Sugiyama · Miho Tagawa · Shunta Harada · Toru Ujihara · Satoshi Uda · Katsuhiko Miyamoto · Takashige Omatsu · Takashige Omatsu
    Transient Nucleation in Ge–Sb–S Thin Films Chenguang Wang · Sathyanarayana Reddy Perumalla · Changquan Calvin Sun · Changquan Calvin Sun
    Template-free Synthesis and Crystal Transition of Ring-like VO2 (M) Sebastian Leukel · Wolfgang Tremel · Wolfgang Tremel
    Early Stage Growth of Rutile Titania Mesocrystals Xuguang Liu · Peipei Ge · Yiming Zhang · Baoquan Zhang · Baoquan Zhang · Zhenhua Yao · Zhiyi Wang · Xia Li · Maocong Hu · Maocong Hu
    Pulsed Laser Condensation of Dense Cubic ZnO with Unique Luminescence, Vibrations, and Interphase Interfaces Markus Becker · Michael Wark · Michael Wark
    Large-Pore Layered Networks, Polycatenated Frameworks, and Three-Dimensional Frameworks of Uranyl Tri(biphenyl)amine/Tri(phenyl)amine Tricarboxylate: Solvent-/Ligand-Dependent Dual Regulation Ji-Sen Li · Shuai Zhang · Jing-Quan Sha · Jia-Yi Li · Xiao-Rong Wang · Hao Wang · Hao Wang
    Hydrogen Bonding Assisted Construction of Graphite-like Deep-UV Optical Materials with Two Types of Parallel π-Conjugated Units Simona Martinková · Jana Shánělová · Jaroslav Barták · Jiří Málek · Jiří Málek
    Image Analysis for In-line Measurement of Multidimensional Size, Shape, and Polymorphic Transformation of l-Glutamic Acid Using Deep Learning-Based Image Segmentation and Classification Meng Wang · Zixiang Cui · Yongqiang Xue · Rong Zhang · Rong Zhang
    Stable Cocrystals and Salts of the Antineoplastic Drug Apatinib with Improved Solubility in Aqueous Solution Hanglong Wu · Yueke Yang · Yang Ou · Bin Lu · Jun Li · Wentao Yuan · Yong Wang · Ze Zhang · Ze Zhang
    Molecular Engineering of Mesomorphic Fluorene-Bridged Triphenylene Triads: Thermotropic Nematic/Columnar Mesophases, and p-Type Semiconducting Behavior Chang-Ning Huang · Yuyuan Zheng · Shuei-Yuan Chen · Pouyan Shen · Pouyan Shen
    Feedback Control for the Size and Shape Evolution of Needle-like Crystals in Suspension. I. Concepts and Simulation Studies Shuai Wang · Shuai Wang · Lei Mei · Ji-pan Yu · Kong-qiu Hu · Zhi-Rong Liu · Zhifang Chai · Zhifang Chai · Wei-Qun Shi · Wei-Qun Shi
    Single Crystal Growth and Hierarchical Ferroelectric Domain Structure of (1–x)BiFeO3-xPbTiO3 Solid Solutions Fangfang He · Qian Wang · Mengjiao Liu · Ling Huang · Daojiang Gao · Jian Bi · Guohong Zou · Guohong Zou
    Solid State Chemistry of Ten-Fold Coordinate Thorium(IV) Complexes with Oxalates in the Presence of Ammonium and Hydrazinium Ions Zhenguo Gao · Zhenguo Gao · Yuanyi Wu · Ying Bao · Junbo Gong · Jingkang Wang · Sohrab Rohani · Sohrab Rohani
    Crystallographic and Morphological Transformation of Natrite and Nahcolite in the Dry Carbonate Process for CO2 Capture Bin Zhu · Jian-Rong Wang · Qi Zhang · Meiqi Li · Chunyang Guo · Guobin Ren · Xuefeng Mei · Xuefeng Mei
    Tunable Optimum Temperature Range of High-Performance Zone Melted Bismuth-Telluride-Based Solid Solutions Yao Yang · Hu Wang · Hai-Feng Wang · Chun-Xia Liu · Ke-Qing Zhao · Bi-Qin Wang · Ping Hu · Hirosato Monobe · Benoît Heinrich · Bertrand Donnio · Bertrand Donnio
    Cocrystal Engineering of a High Nitrogen Energetic Material Yingshuang Lu · Danielle L. Gray · Leilei Yin · Leonard C. Thomas · Shelly J. Schmidt · Shelly J. Schmidt
    Effect of Solvent on the Red Luminescence of Novel Lanthanide NaEu(WO4)2 Nanophosphorfor Theranostic Applications Lotta Turunen · Fangfang Pan · Ngong Kodiah Beyeh · John F. Trant · Robin H. A. Ras · Kari Rissanen · Kari Rissanen
    Topology of Ladder Supramolecular Assemblies in Azahetorocyclic Phosphonates: A Structural and Computational Approach Viswanadha G. Saraswatula · Durgam Sharada · Binoy K. Saha · Binoy K. Saha
    Tunable Emission and Selective Luminescence Sensing in a Series of Lanthanide Metal–Organic Frameworks with Uncoordinated Lewis Basic Triazolyl Sites Sreejith Shankar · Sreejith Shankar · Olga Chovnik · Linda J. W. Shimon · M. Lahav · Milko E. van der Boom · Milko E. van der Boom
    Photoluminescent Green Emission Band Induced by the Systematic Change of -CH3, -OCH3 and Naphthyl Groups in Chiral Imines Mihael Eraković · Vinko Nemec · Tomislav Lež · Ivan Porupski · Vladimir Stilinović · Dominik Cinčić · Dominik Cinčić
    Hepatoprotective Cocrystals and Salts of Riluzole: Prediction, Synthesis, Solid State Characterization and Evaluation Kuan Lin Yeh · Tu Lee · Tu Lee
    Hollow Beta Zeolite Single Crystals for the Design of Selective Catalysts Shifaa Mohammed Siribbal · Johannes Schläfer · Shaista Ilyas · Zhangjun Hu · Kajsa Uvdal · Martin Valldor · Sanjay Mathur · Sanjay Mathur
    Oriented Attachment: a Path to Columnar Morphology in Chemical Bath Deposited PbSe Thin Films Jolie Lucero · Sameh K. Elsaidi · Ryther Anderson · Ting Wu · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Praveen K. Thallapally · Moises A. Carreon · Moises A. Carreon
    Luminescence of Eu3+ Activated CaF2 and SrF2 Nanoparticles: Effect of the Particle Size and Codoping with Alkaline Ions Fulei Wang · Xueliang Kang · Longyue Liang · Wei Song · Dehui Sun · Jiyang Wang · Hong Liu · Yuanhua Sang · Yuanhua Sang
    Directed Molecular Structure Variations of Three-Dimensional Halogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks (XBOFs) O. Portillo Moreno · F.J. Meléndez Bustamante · M. Chávez Portillo · G.E. Moreno Morales · G. Hernández Téllez · A. Sosa Sánchez · M. E. Araiza García · E. Rubio Rosas · Pankaj Sharma · R. Gutiérrez Pérez · R. Gutiérrez Pérez
    [Co(H2O)6]3[U2O4F7]2: A Model System for Understanding the Formation of Dimensionally Reduced Materials Balvant Yadav · Sridhar Balasubramanian · Rahul B. Chavan · Rajesh Thipparaboina · V.G.M. Naidu · Nalini R. Shastri · Nalini R. Shastri
    Rational Solvent Selection for Pharmaceutical Impurity Purge Ana Rita Morgado Prates · Céline Pagis · Frederic Meunier · Laurence Burel · Thierry Epicier · Lucian Roiban · Siddhardha Koneti · Nicolas Bats · David Farrusseng · Alain Tuel · Alain Tuel
    An Anionic Uranium-Based Metal–Organic Framework with Ultralarge Nanocages for Selective Dye Adsorption Tzvi Templeman · Sucheta Sengupta · Nitzan Maman · Eyal Baror · Michael Shandalov · Vladimir Ezersky · Eyal Yahel · Gabby Sarusi · Iris Visoly-Fisher · Yuval Golan · Yuval Golan
    Small-Molecule Povidone Analogues in Coamorphous Pharmaceutical Phases Paolo Cortelletti · Marco Pedroni · Federico Boschi · Sonia Pin · Paolo Ghigna · Patrizia Canton · Fiorenzo Vetrone · Adolfo Speghini · Adolfo Speghini
    Three-Dimensional Open-Framework Germanate Built from a Novel Ge13 Cluster and Containing Two Types of Chiral Layers Justin B. Felder · Mark M. Smith · Hans-Conrad zur Loye · Hans-Conrad zur Loye
    Shape Control of Ternary Sulfide Nanocrystals Michael S. Pacella · Jeffrey J. Gray · Jeffrey J. Gray
    Comparison of the Self-Assembly Behavior of Fmoc-Phenylalanine and Corresponding Peptoid Derivatives Yuriy A. Abramov · Yuriy A. Abramov
    Opening Pandoras Box: Chirality, Polymorphism, and Stoichiometric Diversity in Flurbiprofen/Proline Cocrystals Falu Hu · Zhengyi Di · Peng Lin · Pan Huang · Mingyan Wu · Feilong Jiang · Maochun Hong · Maochun Hong
    Threading salen-type Cu- and Ni-complexes into one-dimensional coordination polymers: Solution versus solid state, and the size effect of the alkali metal ion Melissa J. Goodwin · Osama M. Musa · David J. Berry · Jonathan W. Steed · Jonathan W. Steed
    Molecular Pedal Motion Influences Thermal Expansion Properties within Isostructural Hydrogen-Bonded Co-crystals Zhen-Jing Li · Xiu-Yuan Li · Yang-Tian Yan · Lei Hou · Wen-Yan Zhang · Yao-Yu Wang · Yao-Yu Wang
    Hexagonal Nanopyramidal Prisms of Nearly Intrinsic InN on Patterned GaN Nanowire Arrays Shiliang Huang · Huijuan Yue · Yanping Chen · Yu Liu · Yuxiang Guan · Xiaodong Zou · Junliang Sun · Junliang Sun
    Controlling Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Compounds Using Solution Shearing Annada Rajbhandary · William W. Brennessel · Bradley L. Nilsson · Bradley L. Nilsson
    Oiling-Out Investigation and Morphology Control of β-Alanine Based on Ternary Phase Diagrams Natalia Tumanova · Nikolay Tumanov · Koen Robeyns · Franziska Fischer · Luca Fusaro · Fabrice Morelle · Voraksmy Ban · Geoffroy Hautier · Yaroslav Filinchuk · Johan Wouters · Tom Leyssens · Franziska Emmerling · Franziska Emmerling
    Screw Dislocation Generation by Inclusions in Molecular Crystals Stephanie M. Guthrie · Detlef-M. Smilgies · Gaurav Giri · Gaurav Giri
    R14(Au, M)51 (R = Y, La-Nd, Sm-Tb, Ho, Er, Yb, Lu; M = Al, Ga, Ge, In, Sn, Sb, Bi): Stability Ranges and Site Preference in the Gd14Ag51 Structure Type Mengmeng Sun · Shichao Du · Mingyang Chen · Sohrab Rohani · Huihui Zhang · Ya Liu · Panpan Sun · Yaping Wang · Peng Shi · Shijie Xu · Junbo Gong · Junbo Gong
    Influence of Fluid Motions on Polymorphic Crystallization of l-Histidine: Taylor Vortex Flow and Turbulent Eddy Flow Ming-Ming Gan · Jian-Gang Yu · Yao-Yu Wang · Ying-Feng Han · Ying-Feng Han
    Yb Sensitized Near-Stoichiometric Er:LiNbO3 Single Crystal: A Matrix for Optical Communication and Upconversion Emission Sarah Louise Haddow · David J. Ring · Hena Bagha · Nicholas Pearce · Harriet Nowell · Alexander J. Blake · William Lewis · Jonathan McMaster · Neil R. Champness · Neil R. Champness
    Time Dependent Structural Evolution of Porous Organic Cage CC3 Utsab Manna · Senjuti Halder · Gopal Das · Gopal Das
    Air-Stable Gadolinium Precursors for the Facile Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Gd2O3 Nanocontrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Zhijian Yang · Feiyan Gong · Guansong He · Yubin Li · Ling Ding · Fude Nie · Fenglei Huang · Fenglei Huang
    Intensified Crystallization Processes for 1:1 Drug–Drug Cocrystals of Sulfathiazole–Theophylline, and Sulfathiazole–Sulfanilamide Pascal Voepel · Christoph Seitz · Jan M. Waack · Stefan Zahn · Thomas Leichtweiß · Aleksandr Zaichenko · Doreen Mollenhauer · Heinz Amenitsch · Markus Voggenreiter · Sebastian Polarz · Bernd M. Smarsly · Bernd M. Smarsly
    Crystal Form Diversity of the Antiepileptic Drug Retigabine Bing Han · Bing Han · Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen · Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen · Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen
    Formation mechanisms of nanocrystalline MnO2 polymorphs under hydrothermal conditions R. J. Heigl · M. Longo · Jörg Stellbrink · Aurel Radulescu · Ralf Schweins · T. E. Schrader · T. E. Schrader
    Seeding protein crystallization with cross-linked protein crystals Tomasz Galica · Julia Bąkowicz · Krzysztof Konieczny · Ilona Turowska-Tyrk · Ilona Turowska-Tyrk
    Using Electron Density to Predict Synthon Formation in a 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid: 4,4′-Bipyridine Cocrystal Rory Tyrrell · Brian de Souza · Patrick J. Frawley · Patrick J. Frawley
    Can Melting Point Trends Help Us Develop New Tools To Control the Crystal Packing of Weakly Interacting Ions Zuo-Xi Li · Bo-Long Yang · Yi-Fan Jiang · Cheng-Yan Yu · Lin Zhang · Lin Zhang
    Temperature-Driven Crystal-to-Crystal Transformations and Luminescence Properties of Coordination Polymers Built with Diphenyldibenzofulvene Based Ligand Raj Gautam · Ramanpreet Kaur · Suryanarayan Cherukuvada · Diptikanta Swain · Tayur N. Guru Row · Tayur N. Guru Row
    Insights into Melting Behavior of Propyl-Bridged Di(cyanate ester) Monomers through Crystal Packing, Thermal Characterization, and Computational Analysis Steinar Birgisson · Dipankar Saha · Bo B. Iversen · Bo B. Iversen
    Kinetic Analysis of Rapeseed Oil Crystallization during Isothermal Storage Er-Kai Yan · Feng-Zhu Zhao · Chen-Yan Zhang · Xue-Zhou Yang · Miao Shi · Jin He · Ya-Li Liu · Yue Liu · Hai Hou · Da-Chuan Yin · Da-Chuan Yin
    Exploiting Miraculous Atmospheric CO2 Fixation in the Design of Dysprosium Single-Molecule Magnets Jonathan J. Du · Stephen A. Stanton · Peter A. Williams · Jennifer Ong · Paul W. Groundwater · Jacob Overgaard · James Alexis Platts · David E. Hibbs · David E. Hibbs
    Discrete Supertetrahedral T3 InQ Clusters (Q = S, S/Se, Se, Se/Te): Ionothermal Syntheses and Tunable Optical and Photodegradation Properties Manish Kumar Mishra · Steven P. Kelley · Julia L. Shamshina · Hemant Choudhary · Robin D. Rogers · Robin D. Rogers
    Roles of fluoride on octacalcium phosphate and apatite formation on amorphous calcium phosphate substrate Qiyang Li · Xiuju Wu · Xiaoli Huang · Xue Xiao · Shuping Jia · Zhihua Lin · Yonggang Zhao · Yonggang Zhao
    Controlling the Crystal Morphology and Polymorphism of 2,4-Dinitroanisole Kamran B. Ghiassi · Andrew J. Guenthner · Neil D. Redeker · Jerry A. Boatz · Benjamin G. Harvey · Matthew C. Davis · Andrew P. Chafin · Thomas J. Groshens · Thomas J. Groshens
    Use of sucrose to tune V2O5 films growth deposited through the Spray Pyrolysis technique Yayoi Miyagawa · Mao Yoshida · Kyuya Nakagawa · Shuji Adachi · Shuji Adachi
    Effects of supramolecular architecture on halogen bonding between diiodine and heteroaromatic N-oxides Haiquan Tian · Lang Zhao · Jinkui Tang · Jinkui Tang
    Rationalization of Hydrothermal Synthesis of NaNbO3 by Rapid in Situ Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Nan-Nan Shen · Bing Hu · Chu-Chu Cheng · Guo-Dong Zou · Qianqian Hu · Cheng-Feng Du · Jian-Rong Li · Xiao-Ying Huang · Xiao-Ying Huang
    Surfaces with Controllable Topography and Chemistry Used as a Template for Protein Crystallization Mayumi Iijima · Kazuo Onuma · Kazuo Onuma
    The Role of Melt Memory and Template Effect in Complete Stereocomplex Crystallization and Phase Morphology of Polylactides Chagit Denekamp · Olga Meikler · Michael Zelner · Kinga Suwinska · Yoav Eichen · Yoav Eichen
    Perfect Energetic Crystals with Improved Performances Obtained by Thermally Metastable Interfacial Self-Assembly of Corresponding Nanocrystals Yan-Fei Huang · Zheng-Chi Zhang · Yue Li · Jia-Zhuang Xu · Ling Xu · Zheng Yan · Gan-Ji Zhong · Zhong-Ming Li · Zhong-Ming Li
    Ice-like Cyclic Water Hexamer Trapped within a Halide Encapsulated Hexameric Neutral Receptor Core: First Crystallographic Evidence of a Water Cluster Confined within a Receptor-Anion Capsular Assembly Liu Suijun · Cao Chen · Yang Fan · Yu Mei‐Hui · Yao Shu‐Li · Zheng Tengfei · He Wei‐Wei · Zhao Hai‐Xia · Hu Tong‐Liang · Bu Xianhe · Bu Xianhe
    Perylene diimide triple helix formation in the solid-state Zhenguo Gao · Dan Zhu · Yuanyi Wu · Sohrab Rohani · Junbo Gong · Jingkang Wang · Jingkang Wang
    Halogen Bonding of N-Bromophthalimide by Grinding and Solution Crystallization Leonardo R. Almeida · Paulo Sérgio Perri de Carvalho · Hamilton B. Napolitano · Solemar S. Oliveira · Ademir J. Camargo · Andreza S. Figueredo · Gilberto L. B. de Aquino · Valter Henrique Carvalho-Silva · Valter Henrique Carvalho-Silva
    PbGa2GeS6: An Infrared Nonlinear Optical Material Synthesized by an Intermediate-Temperature Self-Fluxing Method Mireille M. H. Smets · Grace Baaklini · Arnoud Tijink · Lena Sweers · Carlo H.F. Vossen · Clément Brandel · Hugo Meekes · H. M. Cuppen · Gérard Coquerel · Gérard Coquerel
    Calcite Crystallization on Polarized Single Calcite Crystal Substrates in the Presence of Poly-Lysine Xiaodi Zhong · Alexander G. Shtukenberg · Theodore Hueckel · Bart Kahr · Michael D. Ward · Michael D. Ward
    Simultaneous Improvement of Epalrestat Photostability and Solubility via Cocrystallization: A Case Study Chris Celania · Volodymyr Smetana · Alessia Provino · Pietro Manfrinetti · Anja-Verena Mudring · Anja-Verena Mudring
    Flexible Metal-Organic Framework-Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposite for Iodine Capture Matthew P. Parker · Claire A. Murray · Lewis R. Hart · Barnaby W. Greenland · Wayne Hayes · Christine J. Cardin · Howard M. Colquhoun · Howard M. Colquhoun
    Changing π-Interactions and Conformational Adjustments of N-(Isonicotinylhydrazide)-1,8-naphthalimide by Hydration and Complexation Affect Photophysical Properties Masahide Tominaga · Masatoshi Kawahata · Tsutomu Itoh · Kentaro Yamaguchi · Kentaro Yamaguchi
    Growth Orientation Control of Co Nanowires Fabricated by Electrochemical Deposition Using Porous Alumina Templates Alexander F. Khokhryakov · Yuri N. Palyanov · Yuri M. Borzdov · Anton S. Kozhukhov · D. V. Shcheglov · D. V. Shcheglov
    Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Deracemization of Sodium Chlorate in Turbulent Flow Shunsuke Tanaka · Takuya Nagaoka · Aya Yasuyoshi · Yasuhisa Hasegawa · Joeri F. M. Denayer · Joeri F. M. Denayer
    Crystal Structure-Mechanical Property Correlations in N-(3-Ethynylphenyl)-3-fluorobenzamide Polymorphs Arup Tarai · Jubaraj B. Baruah · Jubaraj B. Baruah
    Continuous Manufacturing of Cocrystals Using Solid State Shear Milling Technology Till Köllges · Thomas Vetter · Thomas Vetter
    On Precipitation of Sparingly Soluble Fluoride Salts Jaekyu Ahn · Do Hyun Kim · Gérard Coquerel · Woo-Sik Kim · Woo-Sik Kim
    Racemic and Enantiopure Camphene and Pinene Studied by the Crystalline Sponge Method Sawada Daisuke · Ogawa Yu · Nishiyama Yoshiharu · Togawa Eiji · Kimura Satoshi · Langan Paul · Langan Paul
    Halogen-Bonded Cocrystals as Optical Materials: Next-Generation Control over Light–Matter Interactions Udayabhanu · G. Nagaraju · H. Nagabhushana · R. B. Basavaraj · G. K. Raghu · D. Suresh · H. Rajanaika · S.C. Sharma · S.C. Sharma
    Evaluating Competing Intermolecular Interactions through Molecular Electrostatic Potentials and Hydrogen-Bond Propensities Shukla Rahul · Chopra Deepak · Chopra Deepak
    Iodide-Centered Cuprous Octatomic Ring: A Luminescent Molecular Thermometer Exhibiting Dual-Emission Character Wester de Poel · Paul Tinnemans · Alexander L. L. Duchateau · Maarten Honing · Floris P. J. T. Rutjes · E. Vlieg · René de Gelder · René de Gelder
    Compression-Induced Crystallization in Sucrose-Polyvinylpyrrolidone Amorphous Solid Dispersions Bin Chen · Dennis de Wal · Gert H. ten Brink · George Palasantzas · B.J. Kooi · B.J. Kooi
    Continuous Synthesis of Monodisperse Ag Nanocubes J.-C. Christopherson · Filip Topić · Christopher J. Barrett · Tomislav Friščić · Tomislav Friščić
    Experimental Study on the Influence of Excipients on the Heterogeneous Crystallization and Dissolution Properties of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Bhupinder Sandhu · Ann McLean · Abhijeet S. Sinha · John Desper · Amy A. Sarjeant · Shyam Vyas · Susan M. Reutzel-Edens · Christer B. Aakeröy · Christer B. Aakeröy
    Control of Polymorphism of Metal–Organic Frameworks Using Mixed-Metal Approach Cheng-Yang Yue · Fu-Ling Liu · Wen-Ting Deng · Jun Tao · Mao-Chun Hong · Mao-Chun Hong
    Self-Assembly of Aligned Hybrid One-Dimensional Stacks from Two Complementary π-Bowls Yuanyuan Sun · Carl J. Tilbury · Susan M. Reutzel-Edens · Rajni M. Bhardwaj · Jinjin Li · Michael F. Doherty · Michael F. Doherty
    Additive Induced Formation of Ultrathin Sodium Chloride Needle Crystals Ka̅rlis Be̅rziņš · Raj Suryanarayanan · Raj Suryanarayanan
    Freezingof NaClO3 Metastable Crystalline State by Optical Trapping in Unsaturated Microdroplet Cristina Dubceac · Yulia Sevryugina · Igor V. Kuvychko · Olga V. Boltalina · Steven H. Strauss · Marina A. Petrukhina · Marina A. Petrukhina
    Stronger π···π Interaction Leads to a Smaller Thermal Expansion in Some Charge Transfer Complexes Belén Fernández · Ignacio Fernández · Javier Cepeda · Marta Medina-O’Donnell · Eva E. Rufino-Palomares · Álvaro Raya-Barón · Santiago Gómez-Ruiz · Amalia Pérez-Jiménez · José Antonio Lupiáñez · Fernando J. Reyes-Zurita · Antonio Rodríguez-Diéguez · Antonio Rodríguez-Diéguez
    Bamboo-like Chained Cavities and Other Halogen-Bonded Complexes from Tetrahaloethynyl Cavitands with Simple Ditopic Halogen Bond Acceptors Joshua DeMuth · Luyao Ma · Mitchell Lancaster · Saurabh Acharya · Quintin Cheek · Stephen Maldonado · Stephen Maldonado
    Unraveling the wide variation in the thermal behavior of crystalline sucrose using an enhanced laboratory recrystallization method Yang Zhao · Zhaoqi Ye · Lei Wang · Hongbin Zhang · Fangqi Xue · Songhai Xie · Xiao-Ming Cao · Yahong Zhang · Yi Tang · Yi Tang
    First steps for the direct purification of L-Leu-L-Leu dipeptide through co-crystallisation Hiromasa Niinomi · Teruki Sugiyama · Katsuhiko Miyamoto · Takashige Omatsu · Takashige Omatsu
    Hierarchical Pore Development of ZIF-8 MOF by Simple Salt-Assisted Mechanosynthesis Samim Khan · Soumi Halder · Partha Pratim Ray · Santiago Montero Herrero · Rodrigo González-Prieto · Michael G. B. Drew · Shouvik Chattopadhyay · Shouvik Chattopadhyay
    Determination Methods for Crystal Nucleation Kinetics in Solutions Takashi Ohhashi · Takaaki Tsuruoka · Seiya Fujimoto · Yohei Takashima · Kensuke Akamatsu · Kensuke Akamatsu
    Tuning Emission Properties via Aromatic Guest Inclusion in Organic Salts Composed of 4,4′-Dinitro-2,2′,6,6′-tetracarboxybiphenyl and Acridine Barbara Wicher · Krystian Pyta · Piotr Przybylski · Maria Gdaniec · Maria Gdaniec
    Step Patterns on {100} Faces of Diamond Crystals As-Grown in Mg-Based Systems Lili Liu · Shuai Zhang · Mark E. Bowden · Jharna Chaudhuri · James J. De Yoreo · James J. De Yoreo
    Insight and control of the crystal growth of zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-67 by atomic force microscopy and mass spectrometry Suna Park · Woo-Sik Kim · Woo-Sik Kim
    Temperature Dependence of the Growth Kinetics of Elementary Spiral Steps on Ice Basal Faces Grown from Water Vapor Lu Zhai · Zhu-Xi Yang · Wen-Wei Zhang · Jing-Lin Zuo · Xiao-Ming Ren · Xiao-Ming Ren
    Noncovalent Interactions in Succinic and Maleic Anhydride Derivatives A Patel Mitulkumar · Kaplan Kyle · A Yuk Simseok · Saboo Sugandha · Melkey Kassandra · Chadwick Keith · Chadwick Keith
    Structural Diversity and Sensing Properties of Metal–Organic Frameworks with Multicarboxylate and 1H-Imidazol-4-yl-Containing Ligands Ramanpreet Kaur · Katie L. Cavanagh · Naír Rodríguez-Hornedo · Adam J. Matzger · Adam J. Matzger
    Unveiling the Growth Mechanism of MoS2 with Chemical Vapor Deposition: From Two-Dimensional Planar Nucleation to Self-Seeding Nucleation Hong Zhensheng · Zhou Kaiqiang · Zhang Junwen · Huang Zhigao · Wei Mingdeng · Wei Mingdeng
    Correction to Role of Nanoscale Confinement on Calcium Phosphate Formation at High Supersaturation Masahiro Inomata · Ken-ichiro Murata · Harutoshi Asakawa · Ken Nagashima · Shunichi Nakatsubo · Yoshinori Furukawa · Gen Sazaki · Gen Sazaki
    Controllable Syntheses of Hierarchical WO3 Films Consisting of Orientation-Ordered Nanorod Bundles and Their Photocatalytic Properties Zhi-Qiang Liu · Kai Chen · Yue Zhao · Yan-Shang Kang · Xiao-Hui Liu · Qingyi Lu · Mohammad Azam · Saud I. Al-Resayes · Wei-Yin Sun · Wei-Yin Sun
    Growth Pressure Controlled Nucleation Epitaxy of Pure Phase ε- and β-Ga2O3 Films on Al2O3 via Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Dong Zhou · Haibo Shu · Chenli Hu · Li Jiang · Pei Liang · Xiaoshuang Chen · Xiaoshuang Chen
    Zone-Collapse Amorphization Mimicking the Negative Compressibility of a Porous Compound Anand Kumar Rajasekharan · Martin Andersson · Martin Andersson
    OAc–-Dependent Self-Assembly of Luminescent Homoleptic [Ln9(OH-Salen)5(OH)4(OAc)10] and {[Ln6(OH-MeO-Salen)5(OH)(OAc)2(H2O)2]·(OAc)} Complexes Bingqing Zhao · Lei Bai · Bingxuan Li · Sangen Zhao · Yaoguo Shen · Xianfeng Li · Qingran Ding · Chengmin Ji · Zheshuai Lin · Junhua Luo · Junhua Luo
    Reducing Grain Size and Enhancing Luminescence of NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ Upconversion Materials Shuai Zhang · Shufang Wu · Jinming Wang · Jingpeng Jin · Tianyou Peng · Tianyou Peng
    Effects of additives on the morphology of thiamine nitrate: the great difference of two kinds of similar additives Kunal Kumar Jha · Sanjay Dutta · Parthapratim Munshi · Parthapratim Munshi
    Nonequilibrium Kink Density from One-Dimensional Nucleation for Step Velocity Predictions Guorui Fu · Baoning Li · Jiahao Guo · Lin Liu · Kaimeng Zhang · Weixu Feng · Xingqiang Lü · Xingqiang Lü
    Ternary Stereocomplex and Hetero-Stereocomplex Crystallizability of Substituted and Unsubstituted Poly(lactic acid)s Lihua He · Xiao Zou · Xiang He · Fengying Lei · Na Jiang · Qiaoji Zheng · Chenggang Xu · Yongfu Liu · Dunmin Lin · Dunmin Lin
    Mineral growth beyond the limits of impurity poisoning Hui Yan · Rukang Zhang · Long Feng · Heng Li · Jiwen Liu · Jiwen Liu
    Design of Bulk Protein Crystallization Based on Phase Diagrams Accounting for the Presence of Interfacial Water Wenjun Zhang · Jialin Chi · Lijun Ma · Lijun Wang · Lijun Wang
    Anisotropic Growth of Otavite on Calcite: Implications for Heteroepitaxial Growth Mechanisms Mark N. Joswiak · Baron Peters · Michael F. Doherty · Michael F. Doherty
    Controlling the Orientation of Metal–Organic Framework Crystals by an Interfacial Growth Approach Using a Metal Ion-Doped Polymer Substrate Felix Yu. Sharikov · Oleg A. Drozhzhin · Vasiliy D. Sumanov · Andrey N. Baranov · Artem M. Abakumov · Evgeny V. Antipov · Evgeny V. Antipov
    Mutual complexation between π−π stacked molecular tweezers Mike Sleutel · James F. Lutsko · Alexander E. S. Van Driessche · Alexander E. S. Van Driessche
    A Semiconducting Copper(II) Coordination Polymer with (4,4) Square Grid Topology: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in the Formation of a Photoswitch Michał Kołodziej · Izabela Poplewska · Wojciech Piątkowski · Dorota Antos · Dorota Antos
    Spherical Aggregates and Crystal Structure of Naphthalenediimide-Based Macrocycle and Complexation with Perylene Shawn L. Riechers · Sebastien N. Kerisit · Sebastien N. Kerisit
    Mist chemical vapor deposition of single-phase metastable rhombohedral indium tin oxide epitaxial thin films with high electrical conductivity and transparency on various α-Al2O3 substrates Jaroslav Barták · Diego Valdés · Jiri Malek · Veronika Podzemna · Stanislav Slang · Karel Palka · Karel Palka
    Characterization of various centers in synthetic type Ib diamond under HPHT annealing Lizhen Liu · Zizhu Yao · Yingxiang Ye · Quanjie Lin · Shimin Chen · Zhangjing Zhang · Shengchang Xiang · Shengchang Xiang
    Cross-Nucleation between Polymorphs: Quantitative Modeling of Kinetics and Morphology Suchithra Ashoka Sahadevan · Suchithra Ashoka Sahadevan · Enzo Cadoni · Noemi Monni · Cristina Sáenz de Pipaón · José-Ramon Galan Mascaros · Alexandre Abhervé · Narcis Avarvari · Luciano Marchiò · Massimiliano Arca · Maria Laura Mercuri · Maria Laura Mercuri
    New Polymorphs of Perylene:Tetracyanoquinodimethane Charge Transfer Cocrystals Federica Rossi · Paolo Cerreia Vioglio · Simone Bordignon · Valeria Giorgio · Carlo Nervi · Emanuele Priola · Roberto Gobetto · Koji Yazawa · Michele R. Chierotti · Michele R. Chierotti
    Position of Methyl and Nitrogen on Axial Aryloxy Substituents Determines the Crystal Structure of Silicon Phthalocyanines Ning Yuan · Chong-Bin Tian · Tianlu Sheng · Shengmin Hu · Xintao Wu · Xintao Wu
    Electric-Field-Assisted Protein Crystallization in Continuous Flow Haipeng Li · Shu-Ni Li · Hua-Ming Sun · Mancheng Hu · Yucheng Jiang · Quan-Guo Zhai · Quan-Guo Zhai
    Unique Copper–Organic Networks Self-Assembled from 1,3,5-Triaza-7-Phosphaadamantane and Its Oxide: Synthesis, Structural Features, and Magnetic and Catalytic Properties Yanhui Chu · Siyi Jing · Xiang Yu · Yunlong Zhao · Yunlong Zhao
    Computational Structure Prediction of (4,4)-Connected Copper Paddle-wheel-based MOFs: Influence of Ligand Functionalization on the Topological Preference Xiao-Ning Hu · Lin Xiong · Li-Ming Wu · Li-Ming Wu
    Self-Assembly of Fluorinated Boronic Esters and 4,4′-Bipyridine into 2:1 N→B Adducts and Inclusion of Aromatic Guest Molecules in the Solid State: Application for the Separation of o,m,p-Xylene Andrew S. Tatton · Helen Blade · Steven P. Brown · Paul Hodgkinson · Leslie P. Hughes · Sten O. Nilsson Lill · Jonathan R. Yates · Jonathan R. Yates
    Cage Doubling: Solvent-Mediated Re-equilibration of a [3+6] Prismatic Organic Cage to a Large [6+12] Truncated Tetrahedron Hasan Raboui · Alan J. Lough · Trevor Plint · Timothy P. Bender · Timothy P. Bender
    Thermodynamics and Kinetics Synergetic Phase-Engineering of Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Single Crystal MoTe2 Nanosheets Fei Li · Richard Lakerveld · Richard Lakerveld
    Step Kinetics Dependent on the Kink Generation Mechanism in Colloidal Crystal Growth Ewelina I. Śliwa · Dmytro S. Nesterov · Julia Kłak · Piotr Jakimowicz · Alexander M. Kirillov · Piotr Smoleński · Piotr Smoleński
    Anisotropic Three-Dimensional Thermal Stress Modeling and Simulation of Homoepitaxial AlN Single Crystal Growth by the Physical Vapor Transport Method Sarawoot Impeng · Ruel Cedeno · Johannes P. Dürholt · Rochus Schmid · Sareeya Bureekaew · Sareeya Bureekaew
    Sr2+-Substituted CaCO3 Nanorods: Impact on the Structure and Bioactivity Gonzalo Campillo-Alvarado · Gonzalo Campillo-Alvarado · Eva C. Vargas-Olvera · Herbert Höpfl · Angel D. Herrera-España · Obdulia Sánchez-Guadarrama · Hugo Morales-Rojas · Leonard R. MacGillivray · Braulio Rodríguez-Molina · Norberto Farfán · Norberto Farfán
    Kinetics ofMeltingof Sucrose Crystals Bharat Ugale · Sandeep Dhankhar · C. M. Nagaraja · C. M. Nagaraja
    Hydrogel Composite Membranes Incorporating Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Topographical Designers for Controlled Heteronucleation of Proteins Sumair A. Rather · Binoy K. Saha · Binoy K. Saha
    Designed Synthesis and Crystallization of Isomorphic Molecular Gyroscopes with Cell-like Bilayer Self-Assemblies Camila Bussola Tovani · Tamires M. Oliveira · Alexandre Gloter · Ana P. Ramos · Ana P. Ramos
    Crystallization Kinetics of Nanocrystalline Materials by Combined X-ray Diffraction and Differential Scanning Calorimetry Experiments David Acevedo · Yang Yang · Daniel J. Warnke · Zoltan K. Nagy · Zoltan K. Nagy
    Structure Evolution of CH3NH3PbBr3 Single Crystal Grown in N,N-Dimethylformamide Solution Evgeny Yu. Semitut · Taisiya S. Sukhikh · Evgeny Yu. Filatov · Galina A. Anosova · Alexey Ryadun · Konstantin A. Kovalenko · Andrei S. Potapov · Andrei S. Potapov
    Design and Control of the Luminescence of Cr3+-Doped Phosphors in the Near-Infrared I Region by Fitting the Crystal Field Tina Tauchnitz · Timur Nurmamytov · René Hübner · Martin Engler · Stefan Facsko · Harald Schneider · Manfred Helm · E. Dimakis · E. Dimakis
    Scaling Up Temperature Cycling-Induced Deracemization by Suppressing Nonstereoselective Processes Doris E. Braun · Hannes Krüger · Volker Kahlenberg · Ulrich J. Griesser · Ulrich J. Griesser
    Ti-Doped β-Ga2O3: A Promising Material for Ultrafast and Tunable Lasers Ma. Eugenia Ochoa · Pablo Labra-Vázquez · Norberto Farfán · Rosa Santillan · Rosa Santillan
    Synthesis of Fluorescent Nanoscale Salts/Metal–Organic Frameworks for Live-Cell Imaging Eva Gil-González · Antonio Perejón · Antonio Perejón · Pedro E. Sánchez-Jiménez · Santiago Medina-Carrasco · Jaroslav Kupčík · Jan Šubrt · J.M. Criado · Luis A. Pérez-Maqueda · Luis A. Pérez-Maqueda
    The Role of Polymer Crystallizability on the Formation of Polymer-Urea-Inclusion Compounds Feng Chen · Chunxiang Xu · Qingyu Xu · Yizhi Zhu · Zhu Zhu · Wei Liu · Xiuxiu Dong · Feifei Qin · Zengliang Shi · Zengliang Shi
    Particle breakage kinetics and mechanisms in attrition-enhanced deracemization Qiongyu Bai · Suling Zhao · Li Guan · Zhijun Wang · Panlai Li · Zheng Xu · Zheng Xu
    Progressive Cation Triggered Anion Binding by Electron-Rich Scaffold: Case Study of a Neutral Tripodal Naphthyl Thiourea Receptor René R. E. Steendam · Joop H. ter Horst · Joop H. ter Horst
    Improving confidence in crystal structure solutions using NMR crystallography: the case of β-piroxicam Chaozhuang Xue · Jian Lin · Huajun Yang · Wei Wang · Xiang Wang · Dandan Hu · Tao Wu · Tao Wu
    Six New Members of the A2MIIMIV3Q8 Family and Their Structural Relationship Ida Mattsson · Manu Lahtinen · Anssi Peuronen · Abhijit Sau · Andreas Gunell · Tiina Saloranta-Simell · Reko Leino · Reko Leino
    High-Temperature Plateau–Rayleigh Growth of Beaded SiC/SiO2 Nanochain Heterostructures Erika Callagon La Plante · Peter J. Eng · Sang Soo Lee · Neil C. Sturchio · Kathryn L. Nagy · Paul Fenter · Paul Fenter
    Tuning the CO2 and C1/C2 Hydrocarbon Capture and Separation Performance for a Zn-F-Triazolate Framework through Functional Amine Groups Fei Sheng · Pui Shan Chow · Dong Yuancai · Reginald B. H. Tan · Reginald B. H. Tan · Reginald B. H. Tan
    Ab Initio Calculations of the Main Crystal Surfaces of Baryte (BaSO4) Caixia Yu · Zhichao Shao · Leilei Liu · Hongwei Hou · Hongwei Hou
    C–H···F Hydrogen Bonds in Solid Solutions of Benzoic Acid and 4-Fluorobenzoic acid Lin-Tao Zhang · Xiao-Qun Zhu · Shaodong Su · Yu-Ying Yang · Shengmin Hu · Yuehong Wen · Xintao Wu · Tianlu Sheng · Tianlu Sheng
    Crystallizing Ionic Cocrystals: Structural Characteristics, Thermal Behavior, and Crystallization Development of a Piracetam-CaCl2 Cocrystallization Process Yu Liu · Qishun Wang · Qishun Wang · Lan-Lan Wu · Yan Long · Jian Li · Jian Li · Shuyan Song · Hongjie Zhang · Hongjie Zhang
    Crystal Structure of Levofloxacin Anhydrates: A High-Temperature Powder X-ray Diffraction Study Versus Crystal Structure Prediction Henry Delroisse · Jean-Philippe Torré · Christophe Dicharry · Christophe Dicharry
    Effect of Mixing on the Particle Size Distribution of Paracetamol Continuous Cooling Crystallization Products Using a Computational Fluid Dynamics–Population Balance Equation Simulation Weiwei Tang · Huaping Mo · Mingtao Zhang · Junbo Gong · Jingkang Wang · Tonglei Li · Tonglei Li
    Translating Microscopic Molecular Motion into Macroscopic Body Motion: Reversible Self-Reshaping in the Solid State Transition of an Organic Crystal Melissa J. Goodwin · Benjamin William Steed · Dmitry S. Yufit · Osama M. Musa · David J. Berry · Jonathan W. Steed · Jonathan W. Steed
    Distinguishing Cocrystals from Simple Eutectic Mixtures: Phenolic Acids as Potential Pharmaceutical Coformers Luiz F. O. Faria · Thamires A. Lima · Mauro C. C. Ribeiro · Mauro C. C. Ribeiro
    A chemical library to screen protein and protein-ligand crystallization using a versatile microfluidic platform Naoya Morohashi · Ayano Tonosaki · Taro Kitagawa · Takuro Sasaki · Kohei Ebata · Tetsutaro Hattori · Tetsutaro Hattori
    Effect of Vitamin D Conformation on Interactions and Packing in the Crystal Lattice Cristiane C. de Melo · Olímpia Maria Martins Santos Viana · Fabio Furlan Ferreira · Antonio C. Doriguetto · Antonio C. Doriguetto
    Hydrogen Bonding, the Driving Force for Increased Host Selectivities in Two-Solvent Mixed Complexes of TETROL Comprising Both Favored (Aniline) and Disfavored Guests (o-Toluidine or Toluene) Xiaoyan Fu · Dejiang Zhang · Shijie Xu · Bo Yu · Keke Zhang · Sohrab Rohani · Junbo Gong · Junbo Gong
    Constructing Flexible and Binder-Free NaTi2(PO4)3 Film Electrode with a Sandwich Structure by a Two-Step Graphene Hybridizing Strategy as an Ultrastable Anode for Long-Life Sodium-Ion Batteries Roberto Centore · Mauro Causà · Mauro Causà
    Enabling Enantiopurity: Combining Racemization and Dual-Drug Co-crystal Resolution Maciej Przybyłek · Piotr Cysewski · Piotr Cysewski
    Three-Dimensional Co(II)/Cd(II) Metal–Organic Frameworks: Luminescent Cd-MOF for Detection and Adsorption of 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol in the Aqueous Phase Charline J. J. Gerard · Gilles Ferry · Laurent Vuillard · Jean A. Boutin · Nathalie Ferte · Romain Grossier · Nadine Candoni · Stéphane Veesler · Stéphane Veesler
    New Look at Naltrexone Hydrochloride Hydrates: Understanding Phase Behavior and Characterization of Two Dihydrate Polymorphs Monika Wanat · Maura Malińska · Andrzej Kutner · Krzysztof Wozniak · Krzysztof Wozniak
    Conformational Control of Oxacalix[3]arene[3]triazine with Anion−π Interactions Benita Barton · Sasha-Lee Dorfling · Eric Hosten · Eric Hosten
    Exploring the Surfactant–Thermal Synthesis of Crystalline Functional Thioarsenates Donglei Guo · Jinwen Qin · Chaozhen Zhang · Minhua Cao · Minhua Cao
    Polymer Templated Structural Evolution of a Poorly Water-Soluble Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient from Nanoparticles to Hierarchical Crystals Bram Harmsen · Tom Leyssens · Tom Leyssens
    Evolution of Strain in Heteroepitaxial Cadmium Carbonate Overgrowths on Dolomite Yadagiri Rachuri · Bhavesh Parmar · Eringathodi Suresh · Eringathodi Suresh
    Thermal, Spectroscopic, and Crystallographic Analysis of Mannose-Derived Linear Polyols Brian Steinberg · Ethan T. Harris · Bruce M. Foxman · Mark Oliveira · Magali B. Hickey · Magali B. Hickey
    Supertetrahedral Cluster-Based In–Se Open Frameworks with Unique Polyselenide Ion as Linker Xu-Dong Wang · Qi-Qiang Wang · Yu-Fei Ao · De-Xian Wang · De-Xian Wang
    New Magnetic Nickel(II)-Thiolate Cluster-Based Coordination Polymer Constructed from 2-Mercaptonicotinic Acid Dan-Dan Yang · Ying Song · Bo Zhang · Nan-Nan Shen · Gui-Lan Xu · Wei-Wei Xiong · Xiao-Ying Huang · Xiao-Ying Huang
    Oriented Nucleation and Crystal Growth of Ba-Fresnoite (Ba2TiSi2O8) in 2 BaO·TiO2·2 SiO2 Glasses with Additional SiO2 Wenxiang Mu · Zhitai Jia · Giovanni Cittadino · Yanru Yin · Claudio Luperini · Qiangqiang Hu · Yang Li · Jian Zhang · M. Tonelli · M. Tonelli · Xutang Tao · Xutang Tao
    Thermosalient Forms: Carryover of Thermosalient Behavior of Coformers from Single Component to Multicomponent Forms? Udai P. Singh · Neetu Singh · Ritu Varshney · Partha Pratim Roy · Ray J. Butcher · Ray J. Butcher
    Continuous Transformations of the Nucleation Mechanism in the Undercooled State Jialong Shen · Shanshan Li · Yavuz Caydamli · Ganesh Narayanan · Nanshan Zhang · Owen Harrison · Shiaoching Tse · Alan E. Tonelli · Alan E. Tonelli
    Mechanochemical Assembly of Nalidixic Acid Bioinspired Metal–Organic Compounds and Complexes toward Improved Solubility Stipe Lukin · Ivor Lončarić · Martina Tireli · Tomislav Stolar · Maria Valeria Blanco · Predrag Lazić · Krunoslav Užarević · Ivan Halasz · Ivan Halasz
    Three Energetic 2,2′,4,4′,6,6′-Hexanitrostilbene Cocrystals Regularly Constructed by H-bonding, π-Stacking, and van der Waals Interactions Jing-Quan Sha · Xiao Li · Ji-Sen Li · Xi-Ya Yang · Hai-Feng Zhang · Mingbo Yue · Kunfeng Zhou · Kunfeng Zhou
    A kinetic model for hydroxyapatite precipitation in mineralizing solutions Hirofumi Horikawa · Takayuki Iida · Ryota Osuga · Koji Ohara · Junko N. Kondo · Toru Wakihara · Toru Wakihara
    Antiskeletal Morphology of Crystals as a Possible Result of Their Regeneration Shalisa M. Oburn · Olivia A. Ray · Leonard R. MacGillivray · Leonard R. MacGillivray
    HCl Flow-Induced Phase Change of α-, β-, and ε-Ga2O3 Films Grown by MOCVD Vânia André · Filipa Galego · Marta Martins · Marta Martins
    A New Thermodynamically Favored Flubendazole/Maleic Acid Binary Crystal Form: Structure, Energetics, and in Silico PBPK Model-Based Investigation Seulgi Kim · Arlette Deukam Siewe · Eunji Lee · Huiyeong Ju · In-Hyeok Park · Jong Hwa Jung · Yoichi Habata · Shim Sung Lee · Shim Sung Lee
    Arylazoimidazole Coordinated and Naphthalene-Dicarboxylato Bridged Polymers of Co(II) and Photochromic Zn(II) Complexes Yu Liu · Yu Liu · Shichun Li · Jinjiang Xu · Hongli Zhang · Yuxiang Guan · Huaiyu Jiang · Shiliang Huang · Hui Huang · Zeshan Wang · Zeshan Wang
    Correction to Coordinative Alignment To Achieve Ordered Guest Molecules in a Versatile Molecular Crystalline Sponge Jiaojiao Yun · Brian Holmes · Alex Fok · Yan Wang · Yan Wang
    Structures of WxNy Crystals and Their Intrinsic Properties: First-Principles Calculations Victor G. Thomas · Victor G. Thomas · Dmitry A. Fursenko · Dmitry A. Fursenko
    High-Yielding and Continuous Fabrication of Nanosized CL-20-Based Energetic Cocrystals via Electrospraying Deposition Haiding Sun · Kuang-Hui Li · C. G. Torres Castanedo · Serdal Okur · Gary S. Tompa · Tom Salagaj · Sergei Lopatin · Alessandro Genovese · Xiaohang Li · Xiaohang Li
    Heterogeneous Crystallization of Fenofibrate onto Pharmaceutical Excipients Gabriel Lima Barros de Araujo · Fabio Furlan Ferreira · Carlos E. S. Bernardes · Juliana Alves Pereira Sato · Otavio Gil · Dalva L.A. de Faria · Raimar Loebenberg · Stephen R. Byrn · Daniela Dal Molim Ghisleni · Nadia Bou-Chacra · Terezinha de Jesus Andreoli Pinto · Selma Gutierrez Antonio · Humberto Gomes Ferraz · Dmitry Zemlyanov · Débora S. Gonçalves · Manuel E. Minas da Piedade · Manuel E. Minas da Piedade
    Time-Dependent Photodimerization of α-trans-Cinnamic Acid Studied by Photocalorimetry and NMR Spectroscopy Kaushik Naskar · Suvendu Maity · Srikanta Jana · Basudeb Dutta · Shinnosuke Tanaka · Debashis Mallick · Takashiro Akitsu · Chittaranjan Sinha · Chittaranjan Sinha
    Molecular Assemblies of a Series of Mixed Tetravalent Uranium and Trivalent Lanthanide Complexes Associated with the Dipicolinate Ligand, in Aqueous Medium Le Wang · Curtis E. Moore · Seth M. Cohen · Seth M. Cohen
    Modulation of Nuclearity by Zn(II) and Cd(II) in Their Complexes with a Polytopic Mannich Base Ligand: A Turn-On Luminescence Sensor for Zn(II) and Detection of Nitroaromatic Explosives by Zn(II) Complexes Zhixiong Kang · H. Y. He · Rui Ding · Junling Chen · B. C. Pan · B. C. Pan
    Robust Cage-Based Zinc–Organic Frameworks Derived Dual-Doped Carbon Materials for Supercapacitor Chuan Huang · Jinjiang Xu · Xin Tian · Jiahui Liu · Liping Pan · Zhijian Yang · Fude Nie · Fude Nie
    Tuning Connectivity and Flexibility of Two Zinc-Triazolate-Carboxylate Type Porous Coordination Polymers Raquel Arribas Bueno · Clare M. Crowley · Peter Davern · B. Kieran Hodnett · Sarah P. Hudson · Sarah P. Hudson
    Effective Synthesis of Pb5S2I6 Crystals at Low Temperature for Fabrication of a High Performance Photodetector Tamas Panda · Panče Naumov · Panče Naumov
    Role of I2 Molecules and Weak Interactions in Supramolecular Assembling of Pseudo-Three-Dimensional Hybrid Bismuth Polyiodides: Synthesis, Structure, and Optical Properties of Phenylenediammonium Polyiodobismuthate(III) Nicolas P. Martin · Christophe Volkringer · Christophe Volkringer · Natacha Henry · Sylvain Duval · Dimitrije Mara · Rik Van Deun · Thierry Loiseau · Thierry Loiseau
    Design and Performance Assessment of Continuous Crystallization Processes Resolving Racemic Conglomerates Avijit Das · Subrata Jana · Ashutosh Ghosh · Ashutosh Ghosh
    Exceptionally Stable and 20-Connected Lanthanide Metal–Organic Frameworks for Selective CO2 Capture and Conversion at Atmospheric Pressure Jinjie Qian · Xian Wang · Lulu Chai · Linfeng Liang · Ting-Ting Li · Yue Hu · Shaoming Huang · Shaoming Huang
    Unraveling the Hydrogen Bond Network in a Theophylline–Pyridoxine Salt Cocrystal by a Combined X-ray Diffraction, Solid-State NMR, and Computational Approach Zong-Wen Mo · Hao-Long Zhou · Jia-Wen Ye · Dong-Dong Zhou · Pei-Qin Liao · Wei-Xiong Zhang · Jie-Peng Zhang · Jie-Peng Zhang
    Phosphonated Calixarene as aMolecular Gluefor Protein Crystallization Hongrui Wang · Guihuan Chen · Jianhang Xu · Yunpeng Xu · Qing Yang · Qing Yang
    Ligand Isomer Effect on the Formations of Supramolecular Lead(II), Mercury(II), and Copper(II)/Mercury(II) Complexes of Bis-O2S2-Macrocycle Pierre Thuéry · Youssef Atoini · Jack M. Harrowfield · Jack M. Harrowfield
    Elusive Nonsolvated Cocrystals of Aspirin: Two Polymorphs with Bipyridine Discovered with the Assistance of Mechanochemistry Katarina Lisac · Vinko Nemec · Filip Topić · Mihails Arhangelskis · Poppy Hindle · Poppy Hindle · Ricky Tran · Igor Huskić · Andrew J. Morris · Tomislav Friščić · Dominik Cinčić · Dominik Cinčić
    Template-Driven Assembly of Rare Hexameric Uranyl-Organic Rotaxane Networks Threaded on Dimeric Uranyl Chains Christos Xiouras · Antonios A. Fytopoulos · Antonios A. Fytopoulos · Joop H. ter Horst · Joop H. ter Horst · Andreas G. Boudouvis · Tom Van Gerven · Georgios Stefanidis · Georgios Stefanidis
    Crystallization of Ti-Rich *BEA Zeolites by the Combined Strategy of Using Ti–Si Mixed Oxide Composites and Intentional Aluminum Addition/Post-Synthesis Dealumination Thijs van Westen · Robert D. Groot · Robert D. Groot
    Systematic Experimental and Computational Studies of Substitution and Hybridization Effects in Solid-State Halogen Bonded Assemblies Utsab Manna · Gopal Das · Gopal Das
    An Interpenetrated Pillar-Layered Metal-Organic Framework with Novel Clusters: Reversible Structural Transformation and Selective Gate-Opening Adsorption Wolfgang Wisniewski · Franziska Döhler · Christian Rüssel · Christian Rüssel
    Bipyridinium-Bearing Multi-stimuli Responsive Chromic Material with High Stability Hemant Rawat · Ranita Samanta · Biswajit Bhattacharya · Shubham Deolka · Archisman Dutta · Somnath Dey · K. Bal Raju · C. Malla Reddy · C. Malla Reddy
    Crystal Growth Alignment of β-Polymorph of Resorcinol in Thermal Gradient Yikun Zhang · Christian Simon · Thomas Volkmann · Matthias Kolbe · Yong Lei · Lingwei Li · Gerhard Wilde · Gerhard Wilde · Gerhard Wilde · Gerhard Wilde
    Rapid, Selective, Ambient Growth and Optimization of Copper Benzene-1,3,5-Tricarboxylate (Cu–BTC) Metal–Organic Framework Thin Films on a Conductive Metal Oxide Yun-chen Ge · Yun-chen Ge · Lei Mei · Fei-ze Li · Fei-ze Li · Kong-qiu Hu · Chuan-qin Xia · Zhifang Chai · Zhifang Chai · Wei-Qun Shi · Wei-Qun Shi
    π–π Stacking Interaction: A Nondestructive and Facile Means in Material Engineering for Bioapplications Suong T. Nguyen · Thomas L. Ellington · Katelyn E. Allen · John D. Gorden · Arnold L. Rheingold · Gregory S. Tschumper · Nathan I. Hammer · Davita L. Watkins · Davita L. Watkins
    Direct Structural Evidence of Molecular Packing Effects of Xylene Isomers Adsorbed in BIF-20 Hong-Yun Yang · Yong-Zhi Li · Chen-Yu Jiang · Hai-Hua Wang · Lei Hou · Yao-Yu Wang · Zhonghua Zhu · Zhonghua Zhu
    Nanostructured Oil in Cosmetic Paraffin Waxes Xiao-Dong Yang · Rui Zhu · Jian-Ping Yin · Li Sun · Rui-Yun Guo · Jie Zhang · Jie Zhang
    Coordination Polymers from Functionalized Bipyrimidine Ligands and Silver(I) Salts Piyush Panini · Basab Chattopadhyay · Oliver Werzer · Yves Geerts · Yves Geerts
    Conformation Selected Direct Formation of Form I in Isotactic Poly(butene-1) Scott E. Crawford · Ki-Joong Kim · Yang Yu · Paul R. Ohodnicki · Paul R. Ohodnicki
    Role of Valsartan as an Antiplasticizer in Development of Therapeutically Viable Drug–Drug Coamorphous System Tao Chen · Meixiu Li · Jingquan Liu · Jingquan Liu
    In Meso Crystallization of the Integral Membrane Glycerol 3-Phosphate Acyltransferase with Substrates Richelle Lyndon · John Bacsa · Melinda L. Jue · Ryan P. Lively · Ryan P. Lively
    Revealing Polymorphic Phase Transformations in Polymer-Based Hot Melt Extrusion Processes Fan C. Wang · Yukihiro Miyazaki · Alejandro G. Marangoni · Alejandro G. Marangoni
    Bifunctional 2D Cd(II)-Based Metal–Organic Framework as Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Formation of C–C Bond Guillaume Beaulieu-Houle · Nicholas G. White · Nicholas G. White · Mark J. MacLachlan · Mark J. MacLachlan
    Anion-π interactions in hollow crystals of a copper(II)-cyamelurate coordination complex Jingqing Li · Dong Wang · Xiaoqian Cai · Chengbo Zhou · Jesper de Claville Christiansen · Thomas Alrik Sørensen · Donghong Yu · Meiling Xue · Shichun Jiang · Shichun Jiang
    Possible Twinning Operations during Directional Solidification of Multicrystalline Silicon Anurag Lodagekar · Rahul B. Chavan · Naveen Chella · Nalini R. Shastri · Nalini R. Shastri
    Predicting the Kinetics of Ice Recrystallization in Aqueous Sugar Solutions Zhenjian Li · Yannan Tang · Dianfan Li · Dianfan Li
    Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Structures, Stoichiometric Diversity, and Bench Stability of Cocrystals with a Volatile Halogen Bond Donor José R. Hernández Espinell · José R. Hernández Espinell · Vilmalí López-Mejías · Vilmalí López-Mejías · Torsten Stelzer · Torsten Stelzer · Torsten Stelzer
    Experimental and Theoretical Study of Selectivity in Mechanochemical Cocrystallization of Nicotinamide with Anthranilic and Salicylic Acid Lei Hu · Gui-Xia Hao · Hai-Dong Luo · Chunxian Ke · Guang Shi · Jia Lin · Xiao-Ming Lin · Xiao-Ming Lin · Umair Yaqub Qazi · Yue-Peng Cai · Yue-Peng Cai
    Uranyl–Organic Coordination Polymers with trans-1,2-, trans-1,4-, and cis-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylates: Effects of Bulky PPh4+ and PPh3Me+ Counterions Carla Martínez-Benito · Antonio Bauzá · Ana B. Lago · Catalina Ruiz-Pérez · Claudio A. Jiménez · M.E. Torres · Antonio Frontera · Jorge Pasán · Jorge Pasán
    Acidity Considerations in the Self-Assembly of POM/Ag/trz-Based Compounds with Efficient Electrochemical Activities in LIBs J.W. Jhang · T. Jain · H.K. Lin · C.W. Lan · C.W. Lan
    Engineering Crystal Properties through Solid Solutions Manu Garg · Milan Roy · Paresh Chokshi · Anurag S. Rathore · Anurag S. Rathore
    Nanoporous Carbon-Coated Bimetallic Phosphides for Efficient Electrochemical Water Splitting Debarati Das · Kumar Biradha · Kumar Biradha
    Studying the Crystallization of Polyoxometalates from Colloidal Softoxometalates Yan Xu · Yan Xu · Song-Song Bao · Xin-Da Huang · Li-Min Zheng · Li-Min Zheng
    Protective Effects of Quercetin against Pyrazinamide Induced Hepatotoxicity via a Cocrystallization Strategy of Complementary Advantages K. Bal Raju · Subham Ranjan · V S Vishnu · Manjima Bhattacharya · Biswajit Bhattacharya · Anoop Kumar Mukhopadhyay · C. Malla Reddy · C. Malla Reddy
    Combination of N-Arylstilbazolium Organic Nonlinear Optical Chromophores with Iodoargentates: Structural Diversities and Optical Properties Yoshihiro Kusano · Minoru Fukuhara · Taichi Fujino · Tatsuo Fujii · Jun Takada · Mikio Takano · Mikio Takano
    Addition to New Strategy for Black Phosphorus Crystal Growth through Ternary Clathrate Katherine E. Peterson · Rodger F. Henry · Geoff G. Z. Zhang · Leonard R. MacGillivray · Leonard R. MacGillivray
    A usf Zinc(II) Metal–Organic Framework as a Highly Selective Luminescence Probe for Acetylacetone Detection and Its Postsynthetic Cation Exchange Jingjing Kong · Chuang Liu · Chuang Liu · Dong Yang · Yi Yan · Yan Chen · Jingliang Huang · Yangjia Liu · Guilan Zheng · Liping Xie · Rongqing Zhang · Rongqing Zhang · Rongqing Zhang
    Uptake Mechanism of Atmospheric Hydrogen Chloride Gas in Ice Crystals via Hydrochloric Acid Droplets Ricardo G. Simões · Ingo Salzmann · Roland Resel · Christian Röthel · Christian Röthel · Yves Geerts · Yves Geerts
    First Comparative Study of the Three Polymorphs of Bis(isonicotinamide) Citric Acid Cocrystals and the Concomitant Salt 4-Carbamoylpyridinium Citrate Isonicotinamide Wade A. Braunecker · Keith G. Ray · Zbyslaw R. Owczarczyk · Madison Martinez · Madison Martinez · Noemi Leick · Amy Keuhlen · Alan Sellinger · Justin C. Johnson · Justin C. Johnson
    Rationalizing Distinct Mechanical Properties of Three Polymorphs of a Drug Adduct by Nanoindentation and Energy Frameworks Analysis: Role of Slip Layer Topology and Weak Interactions Yu-Kang Wang · Li-Ming Zhao · Yu-Qing Fu · Zhao Chen · Xiao-Yan Lin · Dao-Hua Wang · Yi Li · Hao-Hong Li · Zhi-Rong Chen · Zhi-Rong Chen
    Organic nonlinear optical single-crystalline thin film grown by physical vapor deposition for terahertz generation Sheng Li · Xiaoyuan Liu · Xing Fan · Yizhou Ni · John Miracle · Nikoleta Theodoropoulou · Jie Sun · Shuo Chen · Bing Lv · Qingkai Yu · Qingkai Yu
    Naicas Giant Crystals: Deterioration Scenarios Ji-Yong Zou · Ling Li · Sheng-Yong You · Kai-Hong Chen · Xiao-Na Dong · Yan-Hua Chen · Jian-Zhong Cui · Jian-Zhong Cui · Jian-Zhong Cui
    Crystal Forms of Enzalutamide and a Crystal Engineering Route to Drug Purification Ken Nagashima · Gen Sazaki · Tetsuya Hama · Ken-ichiro Murata · Yoshinori Furukawa · Yoshinori Furukawa
    Isotypic Transformation Principle in Molecular Crystals. Analysis of Supramolecular Architecture of Fluorinated Benzenes and Pyridines Paul Stainton · Tudor Grecu · Jim McCabe · Tasnim Munshi · Elisa Nauha · Ian J. Scowen · Nicholas Blagden · Nicholas Blagden
    The Crystalline Structure of Tensile Strained SrRuO3: A First-Principles Investigation Hirohisa Uchida · Ryo Yamazaki · Kengo Oota · Koutarou Okimura · Tsubasa Minami · Kei Takeya · Kodo Kawase · Kodo Kawase
    Influence of the Substitution of the Ligand on MM′CT Properties of Mixed Valence Heterometallic Cyanido-Bridged Ru–Fe Complexes Jie Zha · Xueyi Zhang · Xueyi Zhang
    Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of Three La–Zn–P Compounds with Different Dimensionalities of the Zn–P Framework Iván J. Carreño-Márquez · Esperanza Menéndez-Méndez · Hilda E. Esparza-Ponce · Luis E. Fuentes-Cobas · Ricardo García-Rovés · Isaí Castillo-Sandoval · Mayra Y. Luna-Porres · José de-Frutos-Vaquerizo · María E. Montero-Cabrera · María E. Montero-Cabrera
    Steering the Host Network from Cage to Channel by π···π Interactions among the Guest Molecules Lucia Maini · Dario Braga · Francesco Farinella · Elisa Melotto · Massimo Verzini · Ivan Michieletto · Ilaria Munari · Ilaria Munari
    Characterization of the Structural Environment of Dithionate Ions Associated with Their Role in the Crystal Habit Modification of Sodium Chlorate Oleg V. Shishkin · Klaus Merz · Vera Vasylyeva · Roman I. Zubatyuk · Roman I. Zubatyuk
    Solvent-Dependent Formation of Three New Bi-Metal–Organic Frameworks Using a Tetracarboxylic Acid Fang Liu · Ling-Yang Wang · Yan-Tuan Li · Zhi-Yong Wu · Cui-Wei Yan · Cui-Wei Yan
    Crystallographic Interdigitation in Oyster Shell Folia Enhances Material Strength Šaru̅nas Masys · V. Jonauskas · V. Jonauskas
    Exploring Potential Beryllium-free, Deep-Ultraviolet Optical Crystals in the Rare Earth Fluoride Carbonate–Water System Jian Wang · Jian Wang · Philip Yox · Jackson Voyles · Kirill Kovnir · Kirill Kovnir · Kirill Kovnir
    Growth and Scintillation Properties of Two-Inch-Diameter SrI2(Eu) Single Crystals Durgam Sharada · Viswanadha G. Saraswatula · Binoy K. Saha · Binoy K. Saha
    Cocrystal Forms of the BCS Class IV Drug Sulfamethoxazole Zhipeng Lan · Guilherme A. Calligaris · Alan S. de Menezes · Adenilson O. dos Santos · Xiaojun Lai · Lisandro Pavie Cardoso · Kevin J. Roberts · Kevin J. Roberts
    Solvent free Solid state Synthesis of High Yield Mixed Halide Perovskites for Easily Tunable Composition and Band gap Milan Köppen · Vanessa Meyer · Jonas Ångström · A. Ken Inge · Norbert Stock · Norbert Stock
    Combining Theoretical and Data-Driven Approaches To Predict Drug Substance Hydrate Formation Yuan Meng · Susan C. Fitzer · Peter Chung · Chaoyi Li · Vengatesen Thiyagarajan · Maggie Cusack · Maggie Cusack
    Phenyl/Perfluorophenyl Stacking Interactions Enhance Structural Order in Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks Xu Zhang · Xu Zhang · Shaobo Yang · Charng-Gan Tu · Yean-Woei Kiang · C. C. Yang · C. C. Yang
    Stabilization of the Metastable Form I of Piracetam by Crystallization on Silicon Oxide Surfaces Elisa M. Brás · Marta S. C. Henriques · J. A. Paixão · Rui Fausto · Rui Fausto
    Alv protein plays opposite roles in the transition of amorphous calcium carbonate to calcite and aragonite during shell formation Tanushree H. Choudhury · Hamed Simchi · Raphaël Boichot · Mikhail Chubarov · S. E. Mohney · Joan M. Redwing · Joan M. Redwing
    An Intramolecular OH···π(arene) Interaction in a BINOL–Phenazine Cocrystal with aFreeN-Atom Feifei Chen · Chao Jiang · Shiwei Tian · Fapeng Yu · Xiufeng Cheng · Xiulan Duan · Zhengping Wang · Xian Zhao · Xian Zhao
    Epitaxial Growth of Well-Aligned Single-Crystalline VO2 Micro/Nanowires Assisted by Substrate Facet Confinement Alexander A. Bredikhin · Dmitry V. Zakharychev · Aidar T. Gubaidullin · Robert R. Fayzullin · Aida I. Samigullina · Zemfira A. Bredikhina · Zemfira A. Bredikhina
    Unusual Molecular and Supramolecular Structures of Chiral Low Molecular Weight Organogelators with Long Perfluoroalkyl Chains Masahiro Yoshimoto · Masahiro Yoshimoto
    π-Philic Molecular Recognition in the Solid State as a Driving Force for Mechanochemical Formation of Apremilast Solvates and Cocrystals Ning Chen · Hongan Ma · Bingmin Yan · Liangchao Chen · Lixue Chen · Longsuo Guo · Xinyuan Miao · Chao Fang · Xiaopeng Jia · Xiaopeng Jia
    Formation of Hierarchical Structures of l-Glutamic Acid with an l-Arginine Additive S.F.S.P. Looijmans · Dario Cavallo · Lian Yu · Gerrit W. M. Peters · Gerrit W. M. Peters
    Dispersion Stabilized Se/Te···π Double Chalcogen Bonding Synthons in in Situ Cryocrystallized Divalent Organochalcogen Liquids Preethi Thomas · Shubham Chandel · Apabrita Mallick · S. S. Sreejith · Nirmalya Ghosh · Soumyajit Roy · Soumyajit Roy
    Photochromic Porous and Nonporous Viologen-based Metal-organic Frameworks for Visual Detecting Oxygen Liangxin Wang · Hui Ren · Shi Chen · Yuliang Chen · Bowen Li · Chongwen Zou · Guobin Zhang · Yalin Lu · Yalin Lu
    Evidence of Low-Temperature Phase Transition in Tetracene–Tetracyanoquinodimethane Complex Toshiyuki Sasaki · Akiko Egami · Tomoko Yajima · Hidehiro Uekusa · Hisako Sato · Hisako Sato
    Interplay of Inter- and Intramolecular Interactions in Crystal Structures of 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Resorcinol Derivatives Marta K. Dudek · Maciej Kostrzewa · Piotr Paluch · Marek J. Potrzebowski · Marek J. Potrzebowski
    Controlling Fast Nucleation and Crystallization of Two New Polyoxoniobates Irena Nemtsov · Yitzhak Mastai · Michal Ejgenberg · Michal Ejgenberg
    Crystallisation behaviour of Pebax graphene composite matrix with and without supercritical carbon dioxide assisted polymer processing technique Subhrajyoti Bhandary · Abhishek Sirohiwal · Rahul Kadu · Sangit Kumar · Deepak Chopra · Deepak Chopra
    Vapor-Phase Growth and Structural Characterization of Single Crystals of Magnesium Doped Two-Dimensional Fullerene Polymer Mg2C60 Shi-Li Li · Min Han · Bin Wu · Jie Wang · Xian-Ming Zhang · Xian-Ming Zhang · Xian-Ming Zhang
    Polymorphism of Energetic Materials: A Comprehensive Study of Molecular Conformers, Crystal Packing, and the Dominance of Their Energetics in Governing the Most Stable Polymorph Boris B. Averkiev · Rohan Isaac · Evgheni V. Jucov · Victor N. Khrustalev · Victor N. Khrustalev · Christian Kloc · L. E. McNeil · Tatiana V. Timofeeva · Tatiana V. Timofeeva
    Structural Modularity of Unique Multicomponent Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks Based on Organosilanetriols and Silanediols as Molecular Building Blocks Anna A. Hoser · Daniel M. Kamiński · Alicja Skrzypek · Arkadiusz Matwijczuk · Andrzej Niewiadomy · Mariusz Gagoś · Krzysztof Woźniak · Krzysztof Woźniak
    Morphology Control of CdSe Nanoparticles via Two-Step Segmented Microreactors Joanna Dopta · Dana-Céline Krause · Christian Näther · Wolfgang Bensch · Wolfgang Bensch
    Exploring Tuning of Structural and Magnetic Properties by Modification of Ancillary β-Diketonate Co-ligands in a Family of Near-Linear Tetranuclear DyIII Complexes Nireeksha Karode · Anup Poudel · Laurence Fitzhenry · Siobhán Matthews · Wynette Redington · Philip Walsh · Austin Coffey · Austin Coffey
    Control of Aggregation-Induced Emission from a Tetraphenylethene Derivative through the Components in the Co-crystal Masashi Tanaka · Masashi Tanaka · Shoji Yamanaka · Shoji Yamanaka
    Electroelastic Features of Piezoelectric Bi2ZnB2O7 Crystal Miriam de J. Velásquez-Hernández · Aarón Torres-Huerta · Diego Martínez-Otero · Elí Sánchez-González · Uvaldo Hernández-Balderas · Ilich A. Ibarra · Vojtech Jancik · Vojtech Jancik
    Chalcogen precursor effect on cold-wall gas-source chemical vapor deposition growth of WS2 Zhen-Hao Tian · Meng Shao · Xin-Yu Zhao · Yujun Wang · Ke Wang · Jianhong Xu · Jianhong Xu
    High Z Crystal Structure of a New Polymorph of a Thioimidazole Disulfide: Importance of Conformational Flexibility Joydev Acharya · Sourav Biswas · Sourav Biswas · Jan van Leusen · Pawan Kumar · Vierandra Kumar · Ramakirushnan Suriya Narayanan · Paul Kögerler · Vadapalli Chandrasekhar · Vadapalli Chandrasekhar · Vadapalli Chandrasekhar
    Growth Model of a GaN Nanorod with the Pulsed-growth Technique of Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Takahiro Jimbo · Mikako Tsuji · Ryosuke Taniguchi · Kazuki Sada · Kenta Kokado · Kenta Kokado
    Alchemy in the Art of Traditional Japanese Ceramics: Microstructure and Formation Mechanism of Gold-Colored Bizen Stoneware Tehrani Alireza Azhdari · Abedi Sedigheh · Morsali Ali · Morsali Ali
    Mechanism of Replicating Polytype of 4H-SiC by Solution Growth on Concave Surface Anastasiya I. Vinokur · Andrey A. Yakovenko · Lu Liu · Jennifer M. Schomaker · Ilia A. Guzei · Ilia A. Guzei
    Drastic Modulation of Stimuli-Responsive Fluorescence by a Subtle Structural Change of Organic Fluorophore and Polymorphism Controlled Mechanofluorochromism Peng Li · Yanpeng Zhang · Lei Zhang · Feng Li · Yaxin Guo · Yanghui Li · Weiping Gao · Weiping Gao
    From Sr2Nb2O7 to CaxSr2-xNb2O7: an effective enhancement of nonlinear optical activity by a simple way of cation substituting James P. Lee-Thorp · Alexander G. Shtukenberg · Robert V. Kohn · Robert V. Kohn
    Studies on CL-20/HMX (2:1) Cocrystal: A New Preparation Method and Structural and Thermokinetic Analysis Conggang Li · Xiangxin Tian · Zeliang Gao · Qian Wu · Peng Zhao · Youxuan Sun · Chengqian Zhang · Shaojun Zhang · Deliang Cui · Xutang Tao · Xutang Tao
    Size and Morphology Controlled Synthesis of Boehmite Nanoplates and Crystal Growth Mechanisms Jon Pascual-Colino · Garikoitz Beobide · Oscar Castillo · Ivan da Silva · Antonio Luque · Sonia Pérez-Yáñez · Sonia Pérez-Yáñez
    Differentially Activated Amino Acid Coordination Polymers by Amino Acids M. V. Talanov · M. V. Talanov
    Combining Ultrafast Calorimetry and Electron Microscopy: Reversible Phase Transformations in SeTeAs Alloys Pengfang Zhang · Yun Xiao · Hui Sun · Xiaoping Dai · Xin Zhang · Haixia Su · Yuchen Qin · Daowei Gao · Axiang Jin · Hai Wang · Xiubing Wang · Shi-Gang Sun · Shi-Gang Sun
    Exploring the crystal landscape of 3-methyl-2-phenylbutyramide: crystallization of metastable racemic forms from the stable conglomerate Mrinal Ghosh · Arun K. Sikder · Shaibal Banerjee · Rajesh G. Gonnade · Rajesh G. Gonnade
    Low Temperature Solution-Processable Cesium Lead Bromide Microcrystals for Light Conversion Anna C. Domask · Kayla A. Cooley · Bernd Kabius · Michael Abraham · S. E. Mohney · S. E. Mohney
    Fabrication of a Robust Lanthanide Metal–Organic Framework as a Multifunctional Material for Fe(III) Detection, CO2 Capture, and Utilization Xin Zhang · Wenwen Cui · Wenwen Cui · Katharine Page · Carolyn I. Pearce · Mark E. Bowden · Trent R. Graham · Zhizhang Shen · Ping Li · Zheming Wang · Sebastien N. Kerisit · Alpha T. N’Diaye · Sue B. Clark · Sue B. Clark · Kevin M. Rosso · Kevin M. Rosso
    Use of Sublimation Catalysis and Polycrystalline Powder Templates for Polymorph Control of Gas Phase Crystallization Shruti Mendiratta · Tien-Wen Tseng · Tzuoo-Tsair Luo · Chi Chen · Chi Chen · Chia-Yuan Huang · Chia-Yuan Huang
    Molecular Investigation of the Initial Nucleation of Calcium Phosphate on TiO2 Substrate: The Effects of Surface Nanotopographies Paul A. Vermeulen · Joost Calon · Gert H. ten Brink · B.J. Kooi · B.J. Kooi
    Novel Solid Solution of the Antiretroviral Drugs Lamivudine and Emtricitabine U. B. Rao Khandavilli · Declan P. Gavin · Anita R. Maguire · Michael Nolan · Simon E. Lawrence · Simon E. Lawrence
    Crystal Engineering of Vapochromic Porous Crystals Composed of Pt(II)-Diimine Luminophores for Vapor-History Sensors Quyet Van Le · Quyet Van Le · Jong Won Lee · Woonbae Sohn · Ho Won Jang · Jong Kyu Kim · Soo Young Kim · Soo Young Kim
    How the H-Bond Layout Determines Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Amino Acid Hydrogen Maleates Tan Jing · Lian Chen · Feilong Jiang · Yan Yang · Kang Zhou · Muxin Yu · Zhen Cao · Shengchang Li · Shengchang Li · Maochun Hong · Maochun Hong
    Fast in Situ Ultrahigh-Voltage Electron Microscopy Observation of Crystal Nucleation and Growth in Amorphous Antimony Nanoparticles Naghmeh Kamali · Ciaran O’Malley · Mary F. Mahon · Andrea Erxleben · Patrick McArdle · Patrick McArdle
    Determining the Crystal Structures of Peptide Analogs of Boronic Acid in the Absence of Single Crystals: Intricate Motifs of Ixazomib Citrate Revealed by XRPD Guided by ss-NMR Ting Zheng · Ting Zheng · Chunya Wu · Yu Zhang · Mingjun Chen · Peter T. Cummings · Peter T. Cummings
    Crystallization Behavior and Nucleation Kinetics of Organic Melt Droplets in a Microfluidic Device Jéssica de Castro Fonseca · Juan Carlos Tenorio Clavijo · Natalia Alvarez · Javier Ellena · A. P. Ayala · A. P. Ayala
    Two Cobalt-diphosphonates Templated by Long-Chain Flexible Amines: Synthesis, Structures, Proton Conductivity, and Magnetic Properties Yasuhiro Shigeta · Atsushi Kobayashi · Masaki Yoshida · Masako Kato · Masako Kato
    Contrast Solid-State Photoreactive Behavior of Two Two-Dimensional Zn(II) Coordination Polymers Yury V. Matveychuk · E. V. Bartashevich · Vladimir G. Tsirelson · Vladimir G. Tsirelson
    Room-Temperature Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Frameworks with Controllable Size and Functionality for Enhanced CO2 Sorption Hidehiro Yasuda · Hidehiro Yasuda
    Luminescent Coordination Polymers of Naphthalene Based Diamide with Rigid and Flexible Dicarboxylates: Sensing of Nitro Explosives, Fe(III) Ion, and Dyes Michal Hušák · Alexandr Jegorov · Jan Rohlíček · Andrew N. Fitch · Jiri Czernek · Libor Kobera · Jiří Brus · Jiří Brus
    Thermal Expansion Study as a Tool to Understand the Bending Mechanism in a Crystal Burkard Spiegel · Alexander Käfer · Matthias Kind · Matthias Kind
    Process Development in the QbD Paradigm: Mechanistic Modeling of Antisolvent Crystallization for Production of Pharmaceuticals Yu-Juan Ma · Song-De Han · Ying Mu · Jie Pan · Jin-Hua Li · Guo-Ming Wang · Guo-Ming Wang
    Efficient and Selective Removal of Copper(II) from Aqueous Solution by a Highly Stable Hydrogen-Bonded Metal–Organic Framework Hong Sheng Quah · Jocelyn Li Xian Yap · Uma Sambasivam · Anjana Chanthapally · Bruno Donnadieu · Jagadese J. Vittal · Jagadese J. Vittal
    Room Temperature van der Waals Epitaxy of Metal Thin Films on Molybdenum Disulfide Jin Ke Bao · Kristin Willa · M. P. Smylie · Haijie Chen · Haijie Chen · U. Welp · Duck Young Chung · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Microwave-Assisted, Ni-Induced Fabrication of Hollow ZIF-8 Nanoframes for the Knoevenagel Reaction Wenwen Lin · Oleg Y. Kontsevoi · Zhifu Liu · Sanjib Das · Yihui He · Yadong Xu · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Kyle M. McCall · Alexander J. E. Rettie · Duck Young Chung · Bruce W. Wessels · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Control of Crystal Growth in Local Electroless Gold Deposition by Pyridinium Based Surfactants Madeline Basile · Daniel K. Unruh · L. Streicher · Tori Z. Forbes · Tori Z. Forbes
    Two different mechanisms of metal cluster formation in the rhombohedral spinel structures: AlV2O4 and CuZr1.86(1)S4 Charlotte Bonneau · Michael O’Keeffe · Davide M. Proserpio · V. A. Blatov · Stuart R. Batten · Susan A. Bourne · Myoung Soo Lah · Jean-Guillaume Eon · Stephen T. Hyde · Seth B. Wiggin · Lars Öhrström · Lars Öhrström
    Study of SiGe Crystal Growth Interface Processed in Microgravity Mürsel Arıcı · Mürsel Arıcı
    Exploration of Solid Forms of Crisaborole: Crystal Engineering Identifies Polymorphism in Commercial Sources and Facilitates Cocrystal Formation Hironori Daikoku · Sakiko Kawanishi · Takeshi Yoshikawa · Takeshi Yoshikawa
    Superheated Melting Kinetics of Metastable Chain-Folded Polymer Crystals P. S. Hariharan · gayathri parthasarathy · Anu Kundu · Subramanian Karthikeyan · Yoshimitsu Sagara · Dohyun Moon · Savarimuthu Philip Anthony · Savarimuthu Philip Anthony
    Structure-Directing Weak Interactions with 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene Convert One-Dimensional Arrays of [MII(acac)2] Species into Three-Dimensional Networks Lizhen Zhang · Hui Wu · Yanping Lin · Feifei Yuan · Yisheng Huang · Shijia Sun · Bing Teng · Lingyun Li · Zhoubin Lin · Zhoubin Lin
    Flux-Mediated Topochemical Growth of Platelet-Shaped Perovskite LiNbO3 Single Crystals from Layered Potassium Niobate Crystals Roman G. Fedorov · Daniel Mandler · Daniel Mandler
    Tailoring ferroelectric properties of 0.37BiScO3-0.63PbTiO3 thin films using a multifunctional LaNiO3 interlayer Yasutomo Arai · Kyoichi Kinoshita · Takao Tsukada · Masaki Kubo · Keita Abe · Sara Sumioka · Satoshi Baba · Yuko Inatomi · Yuko Inatomi
    Crystallization at Solvent Interfaces Enables Access to a Variety of Cocrystal Polymorphs and Hydrates Gonzalo Campillo-Alvarado · Tighe D. Didden · Shalisa M. Oburn · Dale C. Swenson · Leonard R. MacGillivray · Leonard R. MacGillivray
    Stoichiometric Effects on the Photoelectric Properties of LiInSe2 Crystals for Neutron Detection Akihiko Toda · Ken Taguchi · Koji Nozaki · Tatsuya Fukushima · Hironori Kaji · Hironori Kaji
    Specific domain pattern of ε-Fe2O3 thin films grown on YSZ (100) as a nucleation site for α-Fe2O3 Anton V. Rozhkov · Alexander S. Novikov · Daniil M. Ivanov · Dmitrii S. Bolotin · Nadezhda A. Bokach · Vadim Yu. Kukushkin · Vadim Yu. Kukushkin · Vadim Yu. Kukushkin
    Inhibition of Nucleation Using a Dilute, Weakly Hydrogen-Bonding Molecular Additive Dae-wook Kim · Tomohito Sudare · Takumi Nakanishi · Satoshi Yuasa · Kunio Yubuta · Nobuyuki Zettsu · Katsuya Teshima · Katsuya Teshima
    In Situ Investigation of the Growth of Methylammonium Lead Halide (MAPbI3–xBrx) Perovskite from Microdroplets Jingzhong Xiao · Jingzhong Xiao · Monika Tomczyk · Ian M. Reaney · Paula M. Vilarinho · Paula M. Vilarinho
    Coordination Frameworks Containing Magnetic Single Chain of Imidazoledicarboxylate-Bridged Cobalt(II)/Nickel(II): Syntheses, Structures, and Magnetic Properties Stefan J. Diez · Mark D. Eddleston · Mihails Arhangelskis · Marie Milbled · Matthias J. Müller · Andrew D. Bond · Dejan-Krešimir Bučar · William Jones · William Jones
    Cyclic Structural Transformations from Crystalline to Crystalline to Amorphous Phases and Magnetic Properties of a Mn(II)-Based Metal–Organic Framework Lijian Guo · Yadong Xu · Hongjian Zheng · Wangqi Xue · Jiangpeng Dong · Binbin Zhang · Yihui He · Gangqiang Zha · Duck Young Chung · Wanqi Jie · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Formation of Gold Nanorods by Seeded Growth: Mechanisms and Modeling Vu Quoc Viet · Salawu Yusuff Adeyemi · WonHyuk Shon · Jong Soo Rhyee · Nam-Suk Lee · Kim Heon-Jung · Kim Heon-Jung
    Competition Between Head-to-Head and Head-to-Tail Photocycloaddition Reaction in the Solid State: A Case Study Carlos Alberto Pons Siepermann · Carlos Alberto Pons Siepermann · Allan S. Myerson · Allan S. Myerson · Allan S. Myerson
    Organized Arrangement of Calcium Carbonate Crystals, Directed by a Rationally Designed Protein Yahui Li · Yifan Zhang · Zhenhao Zhao · Lili Zhi · Xiaobing Cao · Yi Jia · Feng Lin · Lei Zhang · Xian Cui · Jinquan Wei · Jinquan Wei
    Deconstruction of Crystalline Networks into Underlying Nets: Relevance for Terminology Guidelines and Crystallographic Databases Wenbo Wang · Ruiying Wang · Lina Liu · Ben-Lai Wu · Ben-Lai Wu
    An Effective Purification Process for the Nuclear Radiation Detector Tl6SeI4 Han Geul Lee · Hyuna Jo · Sunhwi Eom · Dong Won Kang · Minjung Kang · Jeremy Hilgar · Jeffrey D. Rinehart · Dohyun Moon · Chang Seop Hong · Chang Seop Hong
    Controlled Growth of Layered Acentric CdTeMoO6 Single Crystals with Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties Advait Chhatre · Rochish Thaokar · Anurag Mehra · Anurag Mehra
    Single crystal growth and study of the ferromagnetic superconductor RbEuFe4As4 Vaishali A. Sawant · Vaishali A. Sawant · Jien Wu · Jagdese J. Vittal · Jagdese J. Vittal
    Porous Supramolecular Architectures Based on π-Stacking Interactions between Discrete Metal-Adenine Entities and the Non-DNA Theobromine/Caffeine Nucleobases Hang Ping · Yamin Wan · Hao Xie · Jingjing Xie · Weimin Wang · Hao Wang · Zuhair A. Munir · Zhengyi Fu · Zhengyi Fu
    Metal-Directed Assembly of Five 4-Connected MOFs: One-Pot Syntheses of MOF-Derived [email protected] Composites for Photocatalytic Degradation and Supercapacitors T. D. Turner · Steve Caddick · Robert B. Hammond · Kevin J. Roberts · Xiaojun Lai · Xiaojun Lai
    A Maze of Solid Solutions of Pimobendan Enantiomers: An Extraordinary Case of Polymorph and Solvate Diversity Mingliang Wang · Zhigang Wu · Hong Yang · Yinong Liu · Yinong Liu
    Structural transformations in crystals induced by radiation and pressure. Part 6. The reactivity of difluorocinnamic acids under ambient and high pressures - comparative studies Somnath Dey · Andreas Schönleber · Swastik Mondal · Sk Imran Ali · Sander van Smaalen · Sander van Smaalen
    Old and New Insights into Structure and Properties of Eu2[SiO4] Cordula Weiss · Peter McLoughlin · Panagiotis Manesiotis · Wynette Redington · Helen Cathcart · Helen Cathcart
    Glass structure controls crystal polymorph selection in vapor-deposited films of 4,4′-bis(N-carbazolyl)-1,1′-biphenyl (CBP) Takeo Ohsawa · Takeo Ohsawa · Kei Tsunoda · Kei Tsunoda · Yoshihito Yamagata · Yoshihito Yamagata · Benjamin Dierre · Sergey Grachev · Hervé Montigaud · Takamasa Ishigaki · Naoki Ohashi · Naoki Ohashi
    C-X…X-C vs. C-H…X-C, which one is the more dominant interaction in crystal packing (X = halogen)? Avishek Dey · Abhijit Garai · Venkatesh Gude · Kumar Biradha · Kumar Biradha
    Effect of Bias Applied to the Substrate on the Low Temperature Growth of Silicon Epitaxial Films during RF-PECVD Yuki Sugiura · Yoji Makita · Yoji Makita
    Magnesium Alloys Strengthened by Nanosaucer Precipitates with Confined New Topologically Close-Packed Structure Christian Funk · Jürgen Köhler · Iwona Lazar · Dariusz Kajewski · Krystian Roleder · Jürgen Nuss · Annette Bussmann-Holder · Heiko Bamberger · Joris van Slageren · David Enseling · Thomas Jüstel · Thomas Schleid · Thomas Schleid
    Dendritic Growth of Glycine from Nonphotochemical Laser-Induced Nucleation of Supersaturated Aqueous Solutions in Agarose Gels Bibhuti Bhusan Rath · Goutam Kumar Kole · Jagadese J. Vittal · Jagadese J. Vittal
    Fabrication and Growth Mechanism of Uniform Suspended Perovskite Thin Films Niko Van den Brande · Ankit Gujral · Chengbin Huang · Kushal Bagchi · Heike hofstetter · Lian Yu · M. D. Ediger · M. D. Ediger
    Strain-mediated converse magnetoelectric coupling in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 multiferroic heterostructures Arijit Saha · Sumair A. Rather · Durgam Sharada · Binoy K. Saha · Binoy K. Saha
    Rational Syntheses of Three New {V14Sb8} Clusters Applying a Water-Soluble High-Nuclearity Cluster as Synthon Soon-won Park · Jae-soo Jung · Kun-Su Kim · Kwangho Kim · Nong-Moon Hwang · Nong-Moon Hwang
    Structure–Property Relationship in Energetic Cationic Metal–Organic Frameworks: New Insight for Design of Advanced Energetic Materials Hongbo Xie · Hucheng Pan · Yuping Ren · Shineng Sun · Liqing Wang · Hong Zhao · Boshu Liu · Xixi Qi · Gaowu Qin · Gaowu Qin
    A possible infinite number of components in a single crystalline phase: on the isomorphism of brivaracetam – guest molecules Tasfia Tasnim · Audrey Goh · Omar Gowayed · Chunhua Hu · Tzu-Yi Chen · Janice E. Aber · Bruce A. Garetz · Bruce A. Garetz
    Real-Time Atomic Scale Observation of Surface-Induced Crystallization of a Bismuth Nanodroplet by Stepwise Ordering Mechanism Chong Geng · Fangfang Li · Yuemei Fan · Lijing Zhang · Shuangshuang Shi · Zi-Hui Zhang · Yonghui Zhang · Shu Xu · Wengang Bi · Wengang Bi
    Pressure–Temperature Phase Diagrams and Transition Mechanisms of Hybrid Organic–Inorganic NH···N Bonded Ferroelectrics Hang Xu · Ming Feng · Mei Liu · Xiaodong Sun · Li Wang · Liyue Jiang · Xue Zhao · Ce-Wen Nan · Ao-pei Wang · Haibo Li · Haibo Li
    Assembly of Oxygen-Stuffed Supertetrahedral T3-SnOS Clusters into Open Frameworks with Single Sn2+ Ion as Linker Lisa K. Mahnke · Michael Wendt · Christian Näther · Wolfgang Bensch · Wolfgang Bensch
    Size Control Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Plates and Their Application in the Preparation of Highly Oriented Films Yao Du · Hui Su · Teng Fei · Baoping Hu · Jichuan Zhang · Shenghua Li · Siping Pang · Fude Nie · Fude Nie
    White-Light-Emitting Materials and Highly Sensitive Detection of Fe3+ and Polychlorinated Benzenes Based on Ln-Metal–Organic Frameworks Nicolas Couvrat · Morgane Sanselme · Yohann Cartigny · Frederic De Smet · Sandrine Rome · Luc Aerts · Luc Quere · Johan Wouters · Gérard Coquerel · Gérard Coquerel
    Mechano-Luminescent Behavior of a Pyridine-Containing Anthracene Derivative: Role of Aromatic Stacking Interactions Yingxuan Li · Mengmeng Huang · Ling Zang · Daniel L. Jacobs · Jie Zhao · Yunqing Zhu · Chuanyi Wang · Chuanyi Wang
    Strong Disturbance Effect of Comonomer Units with Opposite Configuration on Crystallization of Optically Active Monomer-Based Random Copolymers Anna Olejniczak · Marek Szafrański · Andrzej Katrusiak · Andrzej Katrusiak
    Cooling Crystallization: Does Gassing Compete with Seeding? Jing Lv · Wei Wang · Li Zhang · Chaozhuang Xue · Dandan Hu · Tao Wu · Tao Wu
    Quantitative Study on Crystal Defects Using the Relationship between Crystallization Parameters and Thermal Analysis Naohiro Horiuchi · Kotaro Shibata · Hironori Saito · Yuki Iwabuchi · Norio Wada · Kosuke Nozaki · Kazuaki Hashimoto · Yumi Tanaka · Akiko Nagai · Kimihiro Yamashita · Kimihiro Yamashita
    Successful Computationally Directed Templating of Metastable Pharmaceutical Polymorphs Jing-Jing Huang · Jie-Hui Yu · Fu-Quan Bai · Ji-Qing Xu · Ji-Qing Xu
    Fabrication of Cactus Rod-like Mesoporous Alumina with Ionic Liquid-Supramolecular Gelator as Cotemplate Gayatri Gogoi · dubarima kashyap · Rupam Sarma · Rupam Sarma
    Toward First-Principles Design of Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials: Crystal Structure Prediction and Halogen Bonding Impact on Hyperpolarizabilities of 2-Iodo-3-hydroxypyridine Hideto Tsuji · Soma Noda · Yuki Arakawa · Tadashi Sobue · Tadashi Sobue
    Control of Organic Crystal Shape by Femtosecond Laser Ablation Tobias Kleetz · Ricarda Scheel · Gerhard Schembecker · Kerstin Wohlgemuth · Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Modifying Disordered Sites with Rational Cations to Regulate Band-Gaps and Second Harmonic Generation Responses Markedly: Ba6Li2ZnSn4S16 vs Ba6Ag2ZnSn4S16 vs Ba6Li2.67Sn4.33S16 Kyehoon Kim · Kwang-Joo Kim · Kwang-Joo Kim
    Temperature-Dependent Ultrastructure Transformation of Au–Fe Nanoparticles Investigated by in Situ Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy David H. Case · Vijay Srirambhatla · Rui Guo · Rona E. Watson · Louise S. Price · Hector Polyzois · Jeremy K. Cockcroft · Alastair J. Florence · Derek A. Tocher · Sarah L. Price · Sarah L. Price
    Origin of Ferroelectric Modification: The Thermal Behavior of Dopant Ions Xuanxuan Lei · Tuanchun Liu · Shaokun Tang · Shaokun Tang
    New Strategy for the Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of V2O5 Microcrystals with Enhanced Capacitance as Battery-type Supercapacitor Electrodes Irina D. Yushina · Artëm E. Masunov · Diana Lopez · Alexander A. Dyakov · E. V. Bartashevich · E. V. Bartashevich
    Effects of Scale-Up on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Crystal Nucleation Daiki Suzuki · Seiichiro Nakabayashi · Hiroshi Yoshikawa · Hiroshi Yoshikawa
    Cocrystallization of Curcumin with Benzenediols and Benzenetriols via Rapid Solvent Removal Rui-Huan Duan · Rui-Huan Duan · Rui-An Li · Peng-Fei Liu · Hua Lin · Yue Wang · Li-Ming Wu · Li-Ming Wu · Li-Ming Wu
    Structural Transformation of Photoreactive Helical Coordination Polymers to Two-Dimensional Structures Haoqi Ren · Shaodong Sun · Jie Cui · Xifei Li · Xifei Li
    Sodium Induces Octacalcium Phosphate Formation and Enhances its Layer Structure by Affecting to Hydrous Layer Phosphate Matthew J. Hurlock · Yuwei Kan · Thibaut Lécrivain · Joseph Lapka · Kenneth L. Nash · Qiang Zhang · Qiang Zhang
    Exposing Key Vibrational Contributions to Properties of Organic Molecular Solids with High Signal, Low Frequency Neutron Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Simulations Dehui Sun · Wei Song · Lili Li · Yuke Chen · Fulei Wang · Longyue Liang · Xin Yu · Yanlu Li · Yuanhua Sang · Hong Liu · Hong Liu · Hong Liu
    Thermochromic, Solvatochromic and Piezochromic Cd(II) and Zn(II) Coordination Polymers: Detection of Small Molecules by Lumines-cence Switching from Blue to Green Wenkang Wang · Duofa Wang · Fan Fang · Song Wang · Guohua Xu · Tianjin Zhang · Tianjin Zhang
    Versatile and Efficient Mechanochemical Synthesis of Crystalline Guest⊂Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Complexes by in Situ Host–Guest Nanoconfinement Wen Xin Wu · Hui Wang · Wei Jun Jin · Wei Jun Jin
    Self-Assemblies of Positional Isomeric Linear Bis-Urea Ligands with Oxyanions/Hydrated Oxyanions: Evidence of F– and OH– Induced Atmospheric CO2 Fixation Meiqi Li · Zhen Li · Zhen Li · Qi Zhang · Bo Peng · Bin Zhu · Jian-Rong Wang · Liyu Liu · Xuefeng Mei · Xuefeng Mei
    Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Solid-State Polymerization of 8-[4-(Dimethylamino)phenyl]octa-5,7-diynyl Carbamates Shao-Peng Chen · Chang-Feng Wang · Hai-Tao Zhou · Yu-Hui Tan · He-Rui Wen · Yun-Zhi Tang · Yun-Zhi Tang
    Crystal Engineering for Creating Low Sensitivity and Highly Energetic Materials Xiang-Yang Hou · Xiao-Li Yan · Xiao Wang · Shu’ni Li · Yucheng Jiang · Mancheng Hu · Quan-Guo Zhai · Quan-Guo Zhai
    SURMOF Induced Morphological Crystal Engineering of Substituted Benzamides Kanagaraj Naveen · Haeri Lee · Daseul Lee · Jeong Jun Lee · Jong-Min Moon · Yoon-Bo Shim · Ok-Sang Jung · Ok-Sang Jung
    An Obscured or Nonexistent Binary Intermetallic, Co7Pr17, Its Existent Neighbor Co2Pr5, and Two New Ternaries in the System Co/Sn/Pr, CoSn3Pr1–x, and Co2–xSn7Pr3 Peng Gao · Xiaomeng Shi · Xiaoyan Xu · Wei Wei · Wei Wei
    Estimation of the Solubility of Metastable Polymorphs: A Critical Review Utsab Manna · Asesh Das · Gopal Das · Gopal Das
    Centrosymmetric (NH4)2SbCl(SO4)2 and Non-centrosymmetric (NH4)SbCl2(SO4): Synergistic Effect of Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions and Lone-Pair Cations on the Framework Structures and Macroscopic Centricities Masataka Ikeshima · Hiroshi Katagiri · Wataru Fujiwara · Shizuo Tokito · Shuji Okada · Shuji Okada
    Playing with Isomerism: Cocrystallization of Isomeric N-Salicylideneaminopyridines with Perfluorinated Compounds as Halogen Bond Donors and Its Impact on Photochromism Chaoyang Zhang · Fangbao Jiao · Hongzhen Li · Hongzhen Li
    Dependence of Heterogeneous Nucleation on Hydrogen Bonding Lifetime and Complementarity Geetha Bolla · Allan S. Myerson · Allan S. Myerson
    Molecular Assemblies of Tetrahedral Triphenylmethanol and Triphenylamine Derivatives Bearing −NHCOCnH2n+1 Chains Melissa Rhodehouse · Thomas Bell · Volodymyr Smetana · Anja-Verena Mudring · Gerd Meyer · Gerd Meyer
    Mechanosynthesis of Nanocrystalline Fully Stabilized bcc γ-phase of Bi2O3 without Any Additive: Manifestation of Ferroelasticity in Microstructure, Optical, and Transport Properties Lucrèce Nicoud · Filippo Licordari · Allan S. Myerson · Allan S. Myerson
    Protein Crystallization by Solvent Freeze-Out for Industrial Application Fangfang He · Qian Wang · Cuifang Hu · Wen He · Xueying Luo · Ling Huang · Daojiang Gao · Jian Bi · Xin Wang · Guohong Zou · Guohong Zou
    Two Self-Interpenetrating Copper(II)-Paddlewheel Metal–Organic Frameworks Constructed from Bifunctional Triazolate–Carboxylate Linkers Andrea Carletta · Marija Zbačnik · Mégane Van Gysel · Matea Vitković · Nikolay Tumanov · Vladimir Stilinović · Johan Wouters · Dominik Cinčić · Dominik Cinčić
    Sodium Cation-Mediated Crystallization of α-Hemihydrate Whiskers from Gypsum in Ethylene Glycol–Water Solutions Vivek Verma · Jacek Zeglinski · Sarah P. Hudson · Peter Davern · B.K. Hodnett · B.K. Hodnett
    An Inversion Domain Superlattice of 4H-SiC for Room-Temperature and Tunable Terahertz Generation Satoru Akahane · Takashi Takeda · Norihisa Hoshino · Tomoyuki Akutagawa · Tomoyuki Akutagawa
    Carboxylate-Assisted Assembly of Zinc and Cadmium Coordination Complexes of 1,3,5-Tri-4-pyridyl-1,2-ethenylbenzene: Structures and Visible Light-Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo Red in Water S. Bandyopadhyay · S. Dutta · A. Dutta · S.K. Pradhan · S.K. Pradhan
    Spherical Crystalline Anti-Retroviral Drug Particles with Tunable Microstructure Bo Hyun Ryu · Joachim Ulrich · Joachim Ulrich
    Entacapone: Improving Aqueous Solubility, Diffusion Permeability and Cocrystal Stability with Theophylline Xiao-Ning Wang · Nan-nan Mao · Yue-Ling Bai · Guilin Zhuang · Bao Li · Bao Li
    The Self–assembled Dual-Band Room Temperature Phosphorescence Crystals With Grating Morphology Directed by Deoxycholate Hailu Fu · Jianshi Huang · Luming Shen · Yi Li · Liheng Xu · Fang Wei · Jinye Li · Guangming Jiang · Guangming Jiang
    Cosublimation: A Rapid Route Toward Otherwise Inaccessible Halogen-Bonded Architectures Run Yang · Kang Yan · Yao Huang · Xiaoxu Liu · Jian Chen · Zhiyong Zhang · Xinglong Wu · Xinglong Wu
    Czochralski Growth and Characterization of a Novel Nonlinear Optical Crystal Te2P2O9 Jian-Guo Zhang · Jian-Guo Zhang · Wei-Jie Gong · Yu-Song Guan · Hong-Xi Li · David James Young · Jian-Ping Lang · Jian-Ping Lang · Jian-Ping Lang
    In Silico Crystal Growth Rate Prediction for NaCl from Aqueous Solution Eunice W. Q. Yeap · Denise Z. L. Ng · David Lai · Sonja Sharpe · Darryl Ertl · Saif A. Khan · Saif A. Khan
    Elucidating the dehydration mechanism of ondansetron hydrochloride dihydrate with a crystal structure Manish Kumar Bommaka · M K Chaitanya Mannava · Kuthuru Suresh · Anilkumar Gunnam · Ashwini Nangia · Ashwini Nangia
    CsPbBr3/Cs4PbBr6 Nanocomposites: Formation Mechanism, Large-scale and Green Synthesis, and Application in White Light-Emitting Diodes Lili Li · Wen Xin Wu · Zheng Fei Liu · Xuebin Deng · Wei Jun Jin · Wei Jun Jin
    Molecular Association Induced Emission Shifts for E/Z Isomers and Selective Sensing of Nitroaromatic Explosives Patrick M. J. Szell · Shaina A. Gabriel · Estelle Caron-Poulin · Olivier Jeannin · Marc Fourmigué · David L. Bryce · David L. Bryce
    Preparation and Characterization of Beclomethasone Dipropionate Solvates Weimin Dong · Qian Yao · J.L. Zhang · Lintao Liu · Jing Li · Jiyang Wang · Jiyang Wang
    Synthesis, functional modifications and diversified applications of molybdenum oxides micro-/nanocrystals: A review Mark N. Joswiak · Baron Peters · Michael F. Doherty · Michael F. Doherty
    Electronic Transport Properties Governed by Polarity Control through Tailoring of ZnO Bilayer Structures Ryo Mizoguchi · Ryo Mizoguchi · Hidehiro Uekusa · Hidehiro Uekusa
    Investigating C2H2 Sorption in α-[M3(O2CH)6] (M = Mg, Mn) Through Theoretical Studies Marius Kamp · Anna Tymoczko · Ulrich Schürmann · Jurij Jakobi · Christoph Rehbock · Klaus Rätzke · Stephan Barcikowski · Lorenz Kienle · Lorenz Kienle
    Calcium Carbonate Crystal Shapes Mediated by Intramineral Proteins from Eggshells of Ratite Birds and Crocodiles. Implications to the Eggshells Formation of a Dinosaur of 70 Million Years Old Jiqi Zheng · Yifu Zhang · Tao Hu · Tianming Lv · Changgong Meng · Changgong Meng
    Excellent Supercapacitor Performance of Robust Nickel–Organic Framework Materials Achieved by Tunable Porosity, Inner-Cluster Redox, and in Situ Fabrication with Graphene Oxide Tanvi V. Joshi · Aditya B. Singaraju · Harsh S. Shah · Kenneth R. Morris · Lewis L. Stevens · Rahul V. Haware · Rahul V. Haware
    Protonated Branched Polyethyleneimine Induces the Shape Evolution of BiOCl and Exposed {010} Facet of BiOCl Nanosheets Petr Prusa · M. Kučera · Vladimir Babin · Petr Bruza · Tomas Parkman · Dalibor Panek · Alena Beitlerova · Jiri A. Mares · Martin Hanuš · Zuzana Lučeničová · Martin Pokorny · Martin Nikl · Martin Nikl
    Solvated and Ferroelectric Phases of the Charge Transfer Co-Crystal TMB-TCNQ Jelena Pejić · Darko Vušak · Gábor Szalontai · Biserka Prugovečki · Draginja Mrvoš-Sermek · Dubravka Matković-Čalogović · Jasmina Sabolović · Jasmina Sabolović
    Constructing Anti-Glioma Drug Combination with Optimized Properties through Cocrystallization W.J.P. van Enckevort · Wim L. Noorduin · Graswinckel · Paul Verwer · E. Vlieg · E. Vlieg
    Ag-based Coordination Polymers Based on Metalloligands and Their Catalytic Performance in Multi-Component A3Coupling Reactions Alina R. Izatulina · Vladislav V. Gurzhiy · Maria G. Krzhizhanovskaya · Mariya A. Kuz’mina · Matteo Leoni · Olga V. Frank-Kamenetskaya · Olga V. Frank-Kamenetskaya
    Hydrogen bond donor/acceptor ratios of the coformers: do they really matter for the prediction of molecular packing in cocrystals? The case of benzamide derivatives with dicarboxylic acids Zhaohui Wu · Zhongfu Li · Qingyong Tian · Qingyong Tian · Jun Liu · Jun Liu · Shumin Zhang · Kaiqiang Xu · Jie Shen · Shiying Zhang · Wei Wu · Wei Wu · Wei Wu
    Novel Salt Cocrystal of Chrysin with Berberine: Preparation, Characterization, and Oral Bioavailability Judy Lee · Judy Lee · Kyuichi Yasui · Muthupandian Ashokkumar · Sandra E. Kentish · Sandra E. Kentish
    A New Porous Three-Dimensional Iron(II) Coordination Polymer with Solvent-Induced Reversible Spin-Crossover Behavior Francesco Mezzadri · Nicola Castagnetti · Matteo Masino · Alberto Girlando · Alberto Girlando
    A Novel Tetranuclear Copper(I) Iodide Metal–Organic Cluster [Cu4I4(Ligand)5] with Highly Selective Luminescence Detection of Antibiotic Jin-Mei Li · Xia-Lin Dai · Gao-Jie Li · Tong-Bu Lu · Jia-Mei Chen · Jia-Mei Chen
    From the Very First Stages of Mn Deposition on Ge(001) to Phase Segregation Gulshan Kumar · Saurabh Pandey · Rajeev Gupta · Rajeev Gupta
    A Large Titanium Oxo Cluster Featuring a Well-Defined Structural Unit of Rutile Alex N. Manin · Ksenia V. Drozd · Andrei V. Churakov · German L. Perlovich · German L. Perlovich
    Spatial-resolved X-ray photoemission electron microscopy of Weyl semimetal NbAs Rongjian Sa · Yanjie Zhang · Yanping Deng · Yali Huang · Mei Zhang · Benyong Lou · Benyong Lou
    New insights into the β polymorphism of 1,3-palmitoyl-stearoyl-2-oleoyl glycerol (POS) Yan Meng · Yan-Jie Dong · Zheng Yan · Yan-Cong Chen · Xiao-Wei Song · Quan-Wen Li · Chuan-Lei Zhang · Zhao-Ping Ni · Ming-Liang Tong · Ming-Liang Tong
    Molecular Structure of a Free-Base β-Octaiodo-meso-tetraarylporphyrin. A Rational Route to cis Porphyrin Tautomers? Guang-Ning Liu · Guang-Ning Liu · Ruo-Yu Zhao · Rang-Dong Xu · Xu Zhang · Xue-Na Tang · Qing-Juan Dan · Yunwei Wei · Yan-Yan Tu · Qi-Bing Bo · Cuncheng Li · Cuncheng Li
    Precipitant-Free Lysozyme Crystals Grown by Centrifugal Concentration Reveal Structural Changes Sion F. Olive Méndez · Matthieu Petit · Alain Ranguis · Vinh Le Thanh · Lisa Michez · Lisa Michez
    Green and Efficient Resolution of Racemic Ofloxacin using Tartaric Acid Derivatives via Forming Co-crystal in Aqueous Solution Zi-Feng Hong · Su-Hui Xu · Zhi-Hao Yan · Dong-Fei Lu · Xiang-Jian Kong · La-Sheng Long · Lan-Sun Zheng · Lan-Sun Zheng
    Two Interpenetrated Cobalt(II) Metal–Organic Frameworks with Guest-Dependent Structures and Field-Induced Single-Ion Magnet Behaviors Hongwen Liu · Guanhua Zhang · Pierre Richard · Lingxiao Zhao · Genfu Chen · H. Ding · H. Ding
    The effect of temperature cycling on Ostwald ripening Saeed M. Ghazani · Alejandro G. Marangoni · Alejandro G. Marangoni
    Structure and LIBs Anode Material Application of Novel Wells–Dawson Polyoxometalate-Based Metal Organic Frameworks with Different Helical Channels Ivar K. Thomassen · Laura J. McCormick · Abhik Ghosh · Abhik Ghosh
    Polymorphic Smooth Interfaces Formation based on the Bi-Phasic BaTeMo2O9 Using Top Multi-Seeded Growth Yoshihisa Suzuki · Hideaki Tsuge · Hironori Hondoh · Yusuke Kato · Yuta Uehara · Nobuo Maita · Kohei Hosokawa · Shoko Ueta · Shoko Ueta
    Preferential Orientation Effect of Polymers on Paracetamol Crystallization: Experiments and Modeling Lichao He · Zhongrui Liang · Guojia Yu · Xiangrong Li · Xinjian Chen · Zhiyong Zhou · Zhongqi Ren · Zhongqi Ren
    Biopolymers from a Bacterial Extracellular Matrix Affect the Morphology and Structure of Calcium Carbonate Crystals Le Shi · Dong Shao · Hai-Yan Wei · Xin-Yi Wang · Xin-Yi Wang
    Factors Differentiating the Effectiveness of Polyprotic Acids as Inhibitors of Calcium Oxalate Crystallization in Kidney Stone Disease Thijs van Westen · Robert D. Groot · Robert D. Groot
    Dehydration without heating: use of polymer-assisted grinding for understanding the stability of hydrates in the presence of polymeric excipients Xi-Ya Yang · Meng-Ting Li · Ning Sheng · Ji-Sen Li · Guo-Dong Liu · Jing-Quan Sha · Jianzhuang Jiang · Jianzhuang Jiang
    Highly-reactive TiO2 anatase single crystal domains grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Qian Wu · Zeliang Gao · Haoyuan Wang · Conggang Li · Weiqun Lu · Xiangxin Tian · Youxuan Sun · Na Lin · Sheng-Qing Xia · Xutang Tao · Xutang Tao
    Structural versatility of 3d-CeIII heterometallic coordination polymers using CoII or CuII Yang Song · Zhihui Cai · Zhixian Li · Guoqiang Guan · Yanbin Jiang · Yanbin Jiang
    Anion exchange and catalytic functionalization of the zirconium based metal-organic framework DUT-67 David N. Azulay · Razan Abbasi · Ilanit Ben Simhon Ktorza · Sergei Remennik · Amarendar Reddy M · Liraz Chai · Liraz Chai
    Recrystallized NaCl from thin film to nano-micro sized sacrificial crystal for metal nanostructures Jihae Chung · Michael G. Taylor · Ignacio Granja · John R. Asplin · Giannis Mpourmpakis · Jeffrey D. Rimer · Jeffrey D. Rimer
    [Ni(cyclam)]2+ and [Ni(R,S-Me6cyclam)]2+ as Linkers or Counterions In Uranyl–Organic Species with cis- and trans-1,2-Cyclohexanedicarboxylate Ligands Davide Scaramuzza · Gabriela Schneider Rauber · Gabriela Schneider Rauber · Dario Voinovich · Dritan Hasa · Dritan Hasa

    Pseudopolymorphs of LB30870, a Direct Thrombin Inhibitor: One Dimensional Solvent Channel Structures Explain Reversible Hydration/Dehydration
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Samuel V. F. Beddoe · Anthony J. Fitzpatrick · Jason R. Price · Neil Mallo · Jonathon E. Beves · Grace G. Morgan · Jonathan A. Kitchen · Tony D. Keene · Tony D. Keene
    Nonlinear Optical Crystal Rb4Sn3Cl2Br8: Synthesis, Structure, and Characterization
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Rahimah Othman · Goran T. Vladisavljevic · Elena Simone · Zoltan K. Nagy · R.G. Holdich · R.G. Holdich
    The Rich Solid-State Phase Behavior of dl-Aminoheptanoic Acid: Five Polymorphic Forms and Their Phase Transitions
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Colan Evan Hughes · Ines Boughdiri · Clément Bouakkaz · P. Andrew Williams · Kenneth D. M. Harris · Kenneth D. M. Harris
    Key Parameters for Size- and Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Vaterite Particles
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Bao-Xia Dong · Yong-Mei Pan · Wen-Long Liu · Yun-Lei Teng · Yun-Lei Teng
    Synthesis and Study of the First Zeolitic Uranium Borate
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Christelle N. Dzesse T · Emmanuel N. Nfor · Susan A. Bourne · Susan A. Bourne
    Host–Guest Molecular Crystals of Diamino-4,4-bithiazole and Dynamic Molecular Motions via Guest Sorption
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Camila C. Foggi · Regiane Cristina de Oliveira · Maria T. Fabbro · Carlos Eduardo Vergani · Juan Andrés · Elson Longo · Ana Lucia Machado · Ana Lucia Machado
    Prediction of Solid State Properties of Co-crystals using Artificial Neural Network Modelling
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Pifu Gong · Siyang Luo · Yi Yang · Fei Liang · Shengzi Zhang · Sangen Zhao · Junhua Luo · Zheshuai Lin · Zheshuai Lin
    A Metal–Organic Framework to CuO Nanospheres of Uniform Morphology for the Synthesis of α-Aminonitriles under Solvent-Free Condition along with Crystal Structure of the Framework
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Hiroshi Nishiyama · Takashi Takeda · Norihisa Hoshino · Kiyonori Takahashi · Shin-ichiro Noro · Takayoshi Nakamura · Tomoyuki Akutagawa · Tomoyuki Akutagawa
    Crystal Engineering: A Remedy to Tailor the Biopharmaceutical Aspects of Glibenclamide
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Giovanni Maria Maggioni · Leonard Bezinge · Marco Mazzotti · Marco Mazzotti
    Microfluidic control of nucleation and growth of CaCO3
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Liu Xunshan · Chen Songjie · Hauser Juerg · Laukhin Vladimir · Decurtins Silvio · Aschauer Ulrich · Liu Shi‐Xia · Liu Shi‐Xia
    Hybrid Mechanism of Nucleation and Cooperative Propagation in a Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transition of a Molecular Crystal
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    U. B. Rao Khandavilli · Eliška Skořepová · Abhijeet S. Sinha · Balakrishna R. Bhogala · Nuala M. Maguire · Anita R. Maguire · Simon E. Lawrence · Simon E. Lawrence
    Tridecanuclear CuII11Na2 cagelike silsesquioxanes
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    E. Grothe · Hugo Meekes · E. Vlieg · Horst J. H. ter · R. de Gelder · R. de Gelder
    Limits on Calcite and Chalk Recrystallisation
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Yamil J. Colón · Yamil J. Colón · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Randall Q. Snurr · Randall Q. Snurr
    Structural and Chemical Bonding Dependence of Mechanical Properties in a Family of Metal-Formate Coordination Polymers
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Rogier Besselink · Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco · Tomasz M. Stawski · Liane G. Benning · Dominique J. Tobler · Dominique J. Tobler
    Water-Soluble Squaramide Dihydrates: N-Methylation Modulates the Occurrence of One- and Two-Dimensional Water Clusters through Hydrogen Bonding and Dipolar Interactions
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Donatella Armentano · Miguel A. Barquero · Carlos Rojas-Dotti · Nicolás Moliner · Giovanni De Munno · Euan K. Brechin · José Martínez-Lillo · José Martínez-Lillo
    Cocrystals and a Salt of the Bioactive Flavonoid: Naringenin
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    L. Z. Lakshtanov · D. V. Okhrimenko · O. N. Karaseva · S. L. S. Stipp · S. L. S. Stipp
    Controlled Growth of Heterostructured Ga/GaAs Nanowires with Sharp Schottky Barrier
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Fabio Borbone · Angela Tuzi · Barbara Panunzi · Stefano Piotto · Simona Concilio · Rafi Shikler · Shiran Nabha · Roberto Centore · Roberto Centore
    Elucidating the Structure of Ranitidine Hydrochloride Form II: Insights from Solid-State Spectroscopy and ab initio Simulations
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Anthonius H. J. Engwerda · Pim van Schayik · Henjo Jagtenberg · Hugo Meekes · Floris P. J. T. Rutjes · E. Vlieg · E. Vlieg
    Growth rate of crystal surfaces with several dislocation centers
    Cryst. Growth Des. | 2018
    Vivian Merk · John K. Berg · Christina Krywka · Ingo Burgert · Ingo Burgert