Chemical Engineering Research and Design
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Chemical Engineering Research and Design
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Chem Eng Res Des

Chemical Engineering Research and Design
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Chemical Engineering Research and Design
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    Abbreviation of Chemical Engineering Research and Design

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is Chem Eng Res Des . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

    ISO4 Abbreviation of Chemical Engineering Research and Design

    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Chemical Engineering Research and Design should be cited as Chem Eng Res Des for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is 
                                        Chem Eng Res Des
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design
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    Chemical Engineering Research and Design | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    ChERD aims to be the principal international journal for publication of high quality, original papers in chemical engineering.Papers showing how research results can be used in chemical engineering design, and accounts of experimental or theoretical research work bringing new perspectives to established principles, highlighting unsolved problems or indicating directions for future research, are particularly welcome. Contributions that deal with new developments in plant or processes and that can be given quantitative expression are encouraged. The journal is especially interested in papers that extend the boundaries of traditional chemical engineering. None

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    The ISSN of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is 0263-8762 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    ISSN (Online)
    ISSN (Online)

    The ISSN (Online) of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is 1744-3563 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    Institution of Chemical Engineers

    Chemical Engineering Research and Design is published by Institution of Chemical Engineers .

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    Publication Frequency

    Chemical Engineering Research and Design publishes reports Monthly .

    1983 - Present

    The Publication History of Chemical Engineering Research and Design covers 1983 - Present .

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    Open Access

    Chemical Engineering Research and Design is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

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    Publication Fee

    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Chemical Engineering Research and Design. Chemical Engineering Research and Design is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


    The language of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is English .

    United Kingdom

    The publisher of Chemical Engineering Research and Design is Institution of Chemical Engineers , which locates in United Kingdom .

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    Full Title Authors
    Simulation of chemical reaction process in gas-particle CFB downers by anisotropic turbulent mass transfer model S.M.A. Noori Rahim Abadi · Josua P. Meyer · Jaco Dirker · Jaco Dirker
    Effect of inclination angle on the condensation of R134a inside an inclined smooth tube Keivan Mohammad Gheimasi · Omid Bakhtiari · Mojtaba Ahmadi · Mojtaba Ahmadi
    Preparation and characterization of MWCNT-TEPA/polyurethane nanocomposite membranes for CO 2 /CH 4 separation: Experimental and modeling Dan Li · Jie Yao · Hao Sun · Bing Liu · Daoyu Li · Sjack van Agtmaal · Chunhui Feng · Chunhui Feng
    Preparation and characterization of SiO 2 /PDMS/PVDF composite membrane for phenols recovery from coal gasification wastewater in pervaporation V. Quedeville · H. Ouazaite · B. Polizzi · Rodney O. Fox · P. Villedieu · P. Fede · F. Létisse · J. Morchain · J. Morchain
    A two-dimensional population balance model for cell growth including multiple uptake systems Shenyao Feng · Qing Ye · Hui Xia · Jingxing Chen · Tong Liu · Weizhong Wu · Weizhong Wu
    Controllability comparisons of a reactive dividing-wall column for transesterification of methyl acetate and isopropanol Dongjie Liu · Qinghui Wang · Jinjia Wei · Jinjia Wei
    Experimental study on drag reduction performance of mixed polymer and surfactant solutions Wenwen Guo · Guoneng Li · Youqu Zheng · Cong Dong · Cong Dong
    Laminar convection heat transfer and flow performance of Al 2 O 3 –water nanofluids in a multichannel-flat aluminum tube O. Mihailova · T. Mothersdale · Thomas L. Rodgers · Zhen Ren · S. Watson · V. Lister · Adam Kowalski · Adam Kowalski
    Experimental analysis of inter- and intra-batch variation of granule porosity, stiffness and dissolution rate Elena Barbera · Eleonora Sforza · Vincenzo Musolino · Sandeep Kumar · Alberto Bertucco · Alberto Bertucco
    Performance of a depth fibrous filter at particulate loading conditions. Description of temporary and local phenomena with structure development Dongjian Cheng · Na Li · Jianhua Zhang · Jianhua Zhang
    Kalman filter-based centralized controller design for non-square multi-input multi-output processes Britta Buck · Johannes Lunewski · Y Yali Tang · Ng Niels Deen · Jam Hans Kuipers · Stefan Heinrich · Stefan Heinrich
    Performance of agitated-vessel U tube heat exchanger using spiky twisted tapes and water based metallic nanofluids Libor Labík · Radim Petricříček · T. Moucha · Alberto Brucato · Giuseppe Caputo · Franco Grisafi · F. Scargiali · F. Scargiali
    Scale-up and viscosity effects on gas–liquid mass transfer rates in unbaffled stirred tanks J.O. Marston · M. Moradiafrapoli · C. Li · T. Lam · M.E. Razu · J. Kim · J. Kim
    Footprint of droplets after impact onto paper surfaces with a hydrophobic barrier Betty Y. López Zapata · Manuel Adam Medina · Peggy Álvarez Gutiérrez · Héctor Hernández de León · Carlos Daniel Garcia Beltran · Rocío Meza Gordillo · Rocío Meza Gordillo
    Different approaches for the dynamic model for the production of biodiesel Alexandra C. Weber · Alexandra C. Weber · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
    Numerical investigation of collision dynamics of wet particles via force balance Ewa Sztuk Sikorska · Jakub M. Gac · Leon Gradoń · Leon Gradoń
    Design of hydrogen transmission pipeline networks with hydraulics Hamid Fasih · Saeed Tavakoli · Jafar Sadeghi · Hamed Torabi · Hamed Torabi
    PVDF membranes embedded with PVP functionalized nanodiamond for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment D.V. Antonov · R. S. Volkov · P. A. Strizhak · P. A. Strizhak
    Experimental and numerical investigation on the blade angle of axial-flow swirling generator and drainage structure for supersonic separators with diversion cone Renxing Wei · Chenglei Yan · Ao Yang · Weifeng Shen · Jie Li · Jie Li
    Plasma-etched electrospun nanofiber membrane as adsorbent for dye removal Thomas Wood · Thomas Wood · M.J.H. Simmons · E. Hugh Stitt · E. Hugh Stitt
    Iron ore sinter structure development under realistic thermal conditions Chi-Chih Hu · Shueh-Hen Cheng · Shueh-Hen Cheng
    A Comprehensive Study on Equilibrium and Kinetics of Morpholine Extraction from Aqueous Stream with CA in Toluene: Experimental Evaluation, Extraction model and Parametric Optimization employing Desirability Function Lu Bai · Lu Jia · Zhaodong Yan · Zhicheng Liu · Zhicheng Liu · Yaqing Liu · Yaqing Liu
    Optimization of the synthesis of Ni catalysts via chemical vapor deposition by response surface methodology Alka Kumari · B. Karuna · B. Satyavathi · B. Satyavathi
    Palladium nanoparticles supported on ceria thin film for capillary microreactor application Christian Schüler · Franziska Betzenbichler · Claudia Drescher · Olaf Hinrichsen · Olaf Hinrichsen
    Shortcut-based optimization of distillation-based processes by a novel reformulation of the feed angle method Abdulkadir Tanimu · Saheed A. Ganiyu · Oki Muraza · Khalid Alhooshani · Khalid Alhooshani
    Role of cerium in improving NO reduction with NH 3 over Mn-Ce/ASC catalyst in low-temperature flue gas Mirko Skiborowski · Sebastian Recker · Wolfgang Marquardt · Wolfgang Marquardt
    Mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis for predicting improvement opportunities in the continuous catalytic regeneration reforming process Shan Ren · Jie Yang · Tianshi Zhang · Lijun Jiang · Hongming Long · Fuqiang Guo · Ming Kong · Ming Kong
    Unwanted agglomeration of industrial amorphous food powder from a particle perspective Yanpeng Mao · Chao Xue · Qinyan Yue · Wenlong Wang · Zhanlong Song · Xiqiang Zhao · Chunyuan Ma · Chunyuan Ma
    Mass transfer study of water deoxygenation in a rotor–stator reactor based on principal component regression method Gregorio Rodriguez · Martina Micheletti · Andrea Ducci · Andrea Ducci
    Modeling for design and operation of high-pressure membrane contactors in natural gas sweetening Žan Zore · Lidija Čuček · David Širovnik · Zorka Novak Pintarič · Zdravko Kravanja · Zdravko Kravanja
    Tailored catalyst pellet specification for improved fixed-bed transport characteristics: A shortcut method for the model-based reactor design Alcazar Angela · M Borreguero Ana · de Lucas Antonio · F Rodriguez Juan · Carmona Manuel · Carmona Manuel
    Magnetic thiolated/quaternized-chitosan composites design and application for various heavy metal ions removal, including cation and anion Alessia Di Capua · Arturo Bejarano · Renata Adami · Ernesto Reverchon · Ernesto Reverchon
    An outlook towards hydrogen supply chain networks in 2050 — Design of novel fuel infrastructures in Germany M Delavar · Bakeri Gh. · M Hosseini · M Hosseini
    Drop behavior in a pilot plant asymmetric rotating disc extraction column for three various liquid–liquid systems Anton Ochoa Bique · Edwin Zondervan · Edwin Zondervan
    Investigation of coating process in Wurster fluidised bed using electrical capacitance tomography X. Xie · N. Dietrich · L. Fillaudeau · C. Le Men · Philippe Schmitz · Alain Liné · Alain Liné
    Design considerations for small scale rotating fluidized beds in static geometry with screens for fine particles Bin Li · Bin Li · Vincenzino Vivacqua · Mojtaba Ghadiri · Zhiqian Sun · Zhenbo Wang · Xiaoyu Li · Xiaoyu Li
    An Iterative LMI Approach for H ∞ Synthesis of Multivariable PI/PD Controllers for Stable and Unstable Processes Chai Siah Lee · Chai Siah Lee · Mei Fong Chong · Eleanor Binner · Rachel L. Gomes · John P. Robinson · John P. Robinson
    Improved process design and optimization of 200 kt/a ethylene glycol production using coal-based syngas Giorgos Gakis · Hugues Vergnes · E. Scheid · Constantin Vahlas · Brigitte Caussat · Andreas G. Boudouvis · Andreas G. Boudouvis
    An optimized process for treating sodium acetate waste residue: Coupling of diffusion dialysis or electrodialysis with bipolar membrane electrodialysis Nguyen Van Duc Long · Le Quang Minh · Moonyong Lee · Moonyong Lee
    Local levels of dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy in a rotor–stator mixer with different stator slot widths—An experimental investigation A.J. Matchett · P.A. Langston · D. McGlinchey · D. McGlinchey
    Optimization of the recycle structure of multiple stages molecular distillation Zhien Zhang · Zhien Zhang · Feng Chen · Mashallah Rezakazemi · Wenxiang Zhang · Cunfang Lu · Haixing Chang · Xuejun Quan · Xuejun Quan
    Evaluation of variable pressure dead-end ultrafiltration behaviors of nanocolloids based on filter cake properties Yuanita Budiman Abdurakhman · Zulfan Adi Putra · Muhammad Roil Bilad · Nik Abdul Hadi Md Nordin · Mohd Dzul Hakim Wirzal · Mohd Dzul Hakim Wirzal
    Entrainer based economical design and plantwide control study for Tetrahydrofuran/Water separation process Carlos Negro · Felix Garcia-Ochoa · Philippe A. Tanguy · Guilherme Ferreira · Jules Thibault · Shuichi Yamamoto · Rafiqul Gani · Rafiqul Gani
    The formation of complex droplets in liquid three phase systems and their effect on dispersion and phase separation Lehuan Wu · Luo Wu · Yansheng Liu · Xuqiang Guo · Yufeng Hu · Rui Cao · Xinyun Pu · Xue Wang · Xue Wang
    Modelling of transport mechanisms and drying shrinkage for multilayer ceramic membrane structure Hong-Fei Ma · Ge Meng · Bao-Kai Cui · Jing Si · Yu-Cheng Dai · Yu-Cheng Dai
    Highly hydrophilic and antifouling nanofiltration membrane incorporated with water-dispersible composite activated carbon/chitosan nanoparticles Xiaoming Luo · Xin Huang · Haipeng Yan · Donghai Yang · Jing Wang · Limin He · Limin He
    Particle de-agglomeration with an in-line rotor-stator mixer at different solids loadings and viscosities Rivana Mabel Lucena Oliveira Souto · Gilvan Wanderley de Farias Neto · Fabricia Sales de Araújo · Marcella Feitosa de Figueirêdo · Wagner Brandão Ramos · Karoline Dantas Brito · Romildo Pereira Brito · Romildo Pereira Brito
    Pressure-swing-adsorption of gaseous mixture in isotropic porous medium: Numerical sensitivity analysis in CFD Saeed Yaghoobi-Khankhajeh · Reza Alizadeh · Reza Zarghami · Reza Zarghami
    Adsorption Modeling of CO 2 in Fluidized Bed Reactor Wojciech Konicki · Agnieszka Hełminiak · Walerian Arabczyk · Ewa Mijowska · Ewa Mijowska
    Adsorption of cationic dyes onto [email protected] core-shell magnetic nanocomposite: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics Yong Jin · Haifeng Lu · Xiaolei Guo · Xin Gong · Xin Gong
    Production and performance of activated carbon from rice husks for removal of natural organic matter from water : A review Aliakbar Dehghan · Mohammad Hadi Dehghani · Ramin Nabizadeh · Navid Ramezanian · Mahmood Alimohammadi · Ali Asghar Najafpoor · Ali Asghar Najafpoor
    Adsorption and visible-light photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride from aqueous solutions using 3D hierarchical mesoporous BiOI: Synthesis and characterization, process optimization, adsorption and degradation modeling S. Al-Arkawazi · C. Marie · K. Benhabib · P. Coorevits · P. Coorevits
    CO 2 capture by amine-based aqueous solution containing atorvastatin functionalized mesocellular silica foam in a counter-current rotating packed bed: Central composite design modeling Dawid Cichowski · Pengcheng Zhang · Peter Woias · Ingo Krossing · Keith Cobry · Keith Cobry
    An investigation on the evolution of granule formation by in-process sampling of a high shear granulator Carla Tagliaferri · Richard Görke · Stuart A. Scott · John S. Dennis · Paola Lettieri · Paola Lettieri
    Graphene composites as dye adsorbents: Review Bohong Wang · Meng Yuan · Haoran Zhang · WenJie Zhao · Yongtu Liang · Yongtu Liang
    An MILP model for optimal design of multi-period natural gas transmission network Shuo Liu · Dong Zhang · Le-le Yang · Jing-yu Xu · Jing-yu Xu
    Breakup and coalescence regularity of non-dilute oil drops in a vane-type swirling flow field Hongkang Zhao · Lun Li · Junsu Jin · Qunsheng Li · Qunsheng Li
    CFD simulation of sieve-fixed valve tray hydrodynamics Xin Di · Wenbo Zhang · Zishuai Jiang · Ming Zhang · Yazhou Wang · Feng Liu · Shih-Hsin Ho · Chengyu Wang · Chengyu Wang
    Facile and rapid separation of oil from emulsions by hydrophobic and lipophilic Fe 3 O 4 /sawdust composites Meryem Mesli · Nasr-Eddine Belkhouche · Nasr-Eddine Belkhouche
    Thermodynamic modeling of the system of CO 2 and potassium taurate solution for simulation of the carbon dioxide capture process Juliano Missau · Juliana de Gregori da Rocha · Guilherme L. Dotto · Daniel A. Bertuol · Luciano Peske Ceron · Eduardo H. Tanabe · Eduardo H. Tanabe
    Modeling of an industrial naphtha isomerization reactor and development and assessment of a new isomerization process Preetirekha Borgohain · Jyothis Arumughan · Amaresh Dalal · Ganesh Natarajan · Ganesh Natarajan
    Impact of HSPBT blade angle on gas phase hydrodynamics in a gas–liquid stirred tank Kaio César da Silva Rodrigues · Jorge Luiz Silveira Sonego · Antonio José Gonçalves Cruz · André Bernardo · Alberto C. Badino · Alberto C. Badino
    Coupled model based on radiation transfer and reaction kinetics of gas–liquid–solid photocatalytic mini-fluidized bed Andrea Celani · Andrea Celani · S. Blackburn · M.J.H. Simmons · E.H. Stitt · E.H. Stitt
    Influence of additive to bulk viscosity ratio on inline blending in laminar flow Chao Wang · Feng Yu · Mingyuan Zhu · Yulin Shi · Jianming Dan · Jianming Dan · Yin Lv · Xuhong Guo · Xuhong Guo · Bin Dai · Bin Dai
    Up-scaled flash nano-precipitation production route to develop a MnOx–CeO2–Al2O3 catalyst with enhanced activity and H2O resistant performance for NOx selective catalytic reduction with NH3 Shaikh A. Razzak · Shafiullah A. Hossain · Syed Masiur Rahman · Mohammad M. Hossain · Jesse Zhu · Jesse Zhu
    A Multigene Genetic Programming approach for modeling effect of particle size in a liquid–solid circulating fluidized bed reactor Michael C. Georgiadis · Pei Liu · Georgios M. Kopanos · Georgios M. Kopanos
    Special issue — Energy systems engineering Yiqun Huang · Man Zhang · Junfu Lyu · Zhi Liu · Hairui Yang · Hairui Yang
    Effects of gas leakage on the separation performance of a cyclone. Part 1: Experimental investigation Valentina Nappo · Rachel Sullivan · Roger J. Davey · Simon Kuhn · Asterios Gavriilidis · Luca Mazzei · Luca Mazzei
    Effect of shear rate on primary nucleation of para-amino benzoic acid in solution under different fluid dynamic conditions Jikai Huang · Youjun Lu · Youjun Lu
    Characteristics of bubble, cloud and wake in jetting fluidised bed determined using a capacitance probe Shital Amin · Nitin Padhiyar · Pratyush Dayal · Pratyush Dayal
    Formation of alkoxy groups in the synthesis of butylated urea formaldehyde resins: Reaction mechanism and kinetic model Qingjun Zhang · Meiling Liu · Chenxiaodong Li · Aiwu Zeng · Aiwu Zeng
    Design and control of extractive distillation process for separation of the minimum-boiling azeotrope ethyl-acetate and ethanol Xunyuan Yin · Benjamin Decardi-Nelson · Jinfeng Liu · Jinfeng Liu
    Subsystem decomposition and distributed moving horizon estimation of wastewater treatment plants Mahtab Izadi · Masoud Rahimi · Reza Beigzadeh · Reza Beigzadeh
    Agglomeration process of rice protein concentrate using glucomannan as binder: In-line monitoring of particle size Benjamin A. Minnick · Jung W. Kim · Derrick Ko · Richard V. Calabrese · Richard V. Calabrese
    An investigation of mixing performance in helically coiled microchannels by the Villermaux/Dushman reaction Hideo Tajima · Miki Hattori · Hikaru Akagami · Hiroyuki Komatsu · Kazuaki Yamagiwa · Kazuaki Yamagiwa
    Effects of hydrate-slurry decomposition conditions on gas generation and recovery performance Davood Babaei Pourkargar · Ali Almansoori · Prodromos Daoutidis · Prodromos Daoutidis
    Comprehensive study of decomposition effects on distributed output tracking of an integrated process over a wide operating range Margarida Brito · L.P. Esteves · Cláudio P. Fonte · Madalena M. Dias · José Carlos B. Lopes · Ricardo J. Santos · Ricardo J. Santos
    Mixing of fluids with dissimilar viscosities in Confined Impinging Jets Xiao Xu · Xiaoling Ge · Yundong Qian · Bohan Zhang · Hualin Wang · Qiang Yang · Qiang Yang
    Effect of nozzle diameter on bubble generation with gas self-suction through swirling flow Manish Jain · Manish Jain · Sharad K. Gupta · Sharad K. Gupta
    Desulfurization of FCC gasoline by using spiral wound pervaporation module: Removal of different types of sulfur containing species Mehdi Bahiraei · Nima Mazaheri · Nima Mazaheri
    Second law analysis for flow of a nanofluid containing graphene–platinum nanoparticles in a minichannel enhanced with chaotic twisted perturbations Vaishali Thaore · David Chadwick · Nilay Shah · Nilay Shah
    Sustainable production of chemical intermediates for nylon manufacture: A techno-economic analysis for renewable production of caprolactone Yongxiang Gao · Du Hong · Haoran Lu · Youwei Cheng · Lijun Wang · Xi Li · Xi Li
    Gas holdup and liquid velocity distributions in the up flow jet-loop reactor Donghai Yang · Mojtaba Ghadiri · Yongxiang Sun · Limin He · Xiaoming Luo · Yuling Lü · Yuling Lü
    Critical electric field strength for partial coalescence of droplets on oil–water interface under DC electric field Zhiqiang Gong · Zhentong Wang · Zhenbo Wang · Peiwen Fang · Fanzhi Meng · Fanzhi Meng
    Study on pyrolysis characteristics of tank oil sludge and pyrolysis char combustion Chenyang Han · Shule Zhang · Lina Guo · Yiqing Zeng · Xiaohai Li · Zhencang Shi · Yi Zhang · Baoqiang Zhang · Qin Zhong · Qin Zhong
    Ehanced catalytic ozonation of NO over black-TiO 2 catalyst under inadequate ozone (O 3 /NO molar ratio = 0.6) Deepak Sharma · Manojkumar Ramteke · Manojkumar Ramteke
    A note on short-term scheduling of multi-grade polymer plant using DNA computing Pratik P. Upadhyay · Nawin Pudasaini · Manish Kumar Mishra · U. Ramamurty · Jukka Rantanen · Jukka Rantanen
    Early assessment of bulk powder processability as a part of solid form screening Britta Buck · Yali Tang · Ng Niels Deen · J.A.M. Kuipers · Stefan Heinrich · Stefan Heinrich
    Dynamics of wet particle–wall collisions : influence of wetting condition Pasha Mehrdad · Hare Colin · Ghadiri Mojtaba · Gunadi Alfeno · M Piccione Patrick · M Piccione Patrick
    Synergism between ionic liquid and ultrasound for greener extraction of geraniol: Optimization using different statistical tools, comparison and prediction Daniel Casas-Orozco · Aída Luz Villa · Omar J. Guerra · Gintaras V. Reklaitis · Gintaras V. Reklaitis
    Development of a mathematical model for the anaerobic digestion of antibiotic-contaminated wastewater Gerhard Hofer · Gerhard Schöny · Tobias Pröll · Tobias Pröll
    CFD simulation for the effect of the header match on the flow distribution in a central-type parallel heat exchanger Rafael Frederico Fonseca · Guilherme Henrique Duarte de Oliveira · Marcelo Zaiat · Marcelo Zaiat
    Prediction of heat transfer, pressure drop and entropy generation in shell and helically coiled finned tube heat exchangers Ning Han · Bo Meng · Naitao Yang · Jaka Sunarso · Zhonghua Zhu · Shaomin Liu · Shaomin Liu
    Enhancement of oxygen permeation fluxes of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ hollow fiber membrane via macrostructure modification and (La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4+δ decoration G. Kotalczyk · F.E. Kruis · F.E. Kruis
    Fractional Monte Carlo time steps for the simulation of coagulation for parallelized flowsheet simulations Marco Quaglio · Eric S. Fraga · Federico Galvanin · Federico Galvanin
    Model-based design of experiments in the presence of structural model uncertainty: an extended information matrix approach Yuzhen Wang · Yitong Zhu · Zhuan Liu · Changqing Fang · Jianqiao Yang · Yanfeng Guo · Shuzhong Wang · Shuzhong Wang
    Effect of ammonia on gasification performances of phenol in supercritical water Yan Liu · Yan Liu · Ruicheng Ma · Fuli Wang · Yuqing Chang · Furong Gao · Furong Gao
    Inner-phase and inter-phase analysis based operating performance assessment and nonoptimal cause identification for multiphase batch processes Wenyun Li · Qingliang Ma · Yunshan Bai · Dandan Xu · Min Wu · Hongzhu Ma · Hongzhu Ma
    Facile fabrication of gelatin/bentonite composite beads for tunable removal of anionic and cationic dyes Federica Raganati · M. Alfe · V. Gargiulo · Roberto Chirone · Paola Ammendola · Paola Ammendola
    Isotherms and thermodynamics of CO2 adsorption on a novel carbon-magnetite composite sorbent Peipei Zhou · Dominique Tarlet · Yilin Fan · Xiaofang Hu · Lingai Luo · Lingai Luo
    Flow and power characteristics of an axial discharge rotor-stator mixer Nabil Kharoua · Lyes Khezzar · Mohamed Alshehhi · Mohamed Alshehhi
    Water-in-oil emulsification in a bifurcated tree-like network: Flow distribution properties and their impact on the emulsion polydispersity Kolja Neumann · Konrad Gładyszewski · Kai Groß · Hina Qammar · Dennis Wenzel · Andrzej Górak · Mirko Skiborowski · Mirko Skiborowski
    A Guide on the Industrial Application of Rotating Packed Beds Felix Möller · Alan MacIsaac · Yuk Man Lau · Yuk Man Lau · Eckhard Schleicher · Uwe Hampel · Uwe Hampel · Markus Schubert · Markus Schubert
    Advanced analysis of liquid dispersion and gas–liquid mass transfer in a bubble column with dense vertical internals Xiaofang Wan · Mengzhen Liu · Teng Yu · Xin-Sheng Chai · Youming Li · Ke Lin · Guangxue Chen · Guangxue Chen
    Hydrolysis kinetics of epoxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride in ethanol/water solution system Xiaoping Guan · Ning Yang · Ning Yang
    Mixing enhancement using chaos theory in fluid dynamics: Experimental and numerical study Anh Tran · Madeleine Pont · Marquis Crose · Panagiotis D. Christofides · Panagiotis D. Christofides
    Impact of operating parameters on values of a volumetric mass transfer coefficient in a single-use bioreactor with wave-induced agitation Jian Zhou · Ming Ding · Haozhi Bian · Yinxing Zhang · Zhongning Sun · Zhongning Sun
    Demulsifier assisted film thinning and coalescence in crude oil emulsions under DC electric fields F. Shirmohammadi · A. Tohidi · A. Tohidi
    Modelling the selective removal of sodium ions from greenhouse irrigation water using membrane technology Sameer Mhatre · Sébastien Simon · Johan Sjöblom · Zhenghe Xu · Zhenghe Xu
    Dynamic parameter estimation and identifiability analysis for heterogeneously-catalyzed reactions: Catalytic synthesis of nopol Z. Qian · H. Miedema · L.C.P.M. de Smet · E.J.R. Sudhȍlter · E.J.R. Sudhȍlter
    Plantwide control of a coupled reformer/ammonia process Janine Meyer-Waßewitz · Deniz Elyorgun · Carsten Conradi · Anja Drews · Anja Drews
    Dynamic modeling of the chemo-enzymatic epoxidation of α-pinene and prediction of continuous process performance Dong Li · Man Chen · Song Zhao · Aiwu Zeng · Aiwu Zeng
    Entropy generation analysis of Rayleigh convection in gas–liquid mass transfer process Masaki Ota · Yoshiyuki Sato · Richard L. Smith · Hiroshi Inomata · Hiroshi Inomata
    Predictive dimensionless solubility (pDS) model for solid solutes in supercritical CO2 that requires only pure-component physical properties Florian Filarsky · Carsten Schmuck · Heyko Juergen Schultz · Heyko Juergen Schultz
    Development of a biogas production and purification process using promoted gas hydrate formation — A feasibility study Duygu Topaloglu · Yasemin Melek Tilki · Seyda Aksu · Tugba Nur Yilmaz · Emin Ender Celebi · Salim Oncel · Coskun Aydiner · Coskun Aydiner
    Novel Technological Solutions for Eco−Protective Water Supply by Economical and Sustainable Seawater Desalination Carlos Baqueiro · Nelson Ibaseta · Pierrette Guichardon · Laurent Falk · Laurent Falk
    Influence of reagents choice (buffer, acid and inert salt) on triiodide production in the Villermaux–Dushman method applied to a stirred vessel Olivier Bertrand · Bruno Blais · François Bertrand · Louis Fradette · Louis Fradette
    Complementary methods for the determination of the just-suspended speed and suspension state in a viscous solid–liquid mixing system Anjali Kataria · Sarang Oka · David Smrčka · Zdenek Grof · František Štěpánek · František Štěpánek
    A quantitative analysis of drug migration during granule drying Lianghua Xu · Lianrui Gao · Xiaohong Yin · Xigang Yuan · Xigang Yuan
    Improving performance of dividing wall column using multistage vapor recompression with intermediate reboiler Maciej Pilarek · Paweł Sobieszuk · Kamil Wierzchowski · Katarzyna Dąbkowska · Katarzyna Dąbkowska
    Effect of mixing conditions on the wet preparation of ceramic foams Jianfeng Liu · Qinglin Su · Mariana Moreno · Carl D. Laird · Carl D. Laird · Zoltan K. Nagy · Gintaras V. Reklaitis · Gintaras V. Reklaitis
    In silico optimization of a bioreactor with an E. coli culture for tryptophan production by using a structured model coupling the oscillating glycolysis and tryptophan synthesis Dihua Wu · Dihua Wu · Aoran Gao · Hongting Zhao · Xianshe Feng · Xianshe Feng
    Reusable carbon nanofibers for efficient removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution Ahmed M. Ahmed · Aysar T. Jarullah · Fayadh M. Abed · Iqbal M. Mujtaba · Iqbal M. Mujtaba
    Pervaporative desalination of high-salinity water Chandra Sekhar Latchubugata · Raghu Vamsi Kondapaneni · Kiran Kumar Patluri · Usha Virendra · Sreepriya Vedantam · Sreepriya Vedantam
    Natural frequency analysis of a cantilevered piping system conveying gas–liquid two-phase slug flow Yousef Abdollahzadeh · Zahra Mansourpour · Hamed Moqtaderi · Seyed Nader Ajayebi · Mahyar Mohaghegh Montazeri · Mahyar Mohaghegh Montazeri
    A molecular collision based Lattice Boltzmann method for simulation of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions Onkar N. Manjrekar · Mohamed E. Hamed · Milorad P. Dudukovic · Milorad P. Dudukovic
    Comparative DEM-CFD study of binary interaction and acoustic agglomeration of aerosol microparticles at low frequencies Szymon Skoneczny · Monika Cioch · Monika Cioch
    Determination of steady-states in a tubular biofilm bioreactor with axial dispersion Daniele Sofia · Roberto Chirone · Paola Lettieri · Diego Barletta · Massimo Poletto · Massimo Poletto
    Selective laser sintering of ceramic powders with bimodal particle size distribution Cees Haringa · Ruben Vandewijer · Robert F. Mudde · Robert F. Mudde
    Inter-compartment interaction in multi-impeller mixing: Part I. Experiments and multiple reference frame CFD Gaurav Kumar Silori · Shabina Khanam · Shabina Khanam
    Performance analyses of LP and MILP solvers based on newly introduced scale: Case studies of water network problems in chemical processes Rossi Damiano · Gargiulo Luigi · Valitov Gleb · Gavriilidis Asterios · Mazzei Luca · Mazzei Luca
    Process design and techno-economical analysis of hydrogen production by aqueous phase reforming of sorbitol Xiaoyun Wang · Mingyan Liu · Zhongguo Yang · Zhongguo Yang
    Optimization of steady-state and dynamic performances of water–gas shift reaction in membrane reactor Dmitry A. Sladkovskiy · Lidia I. Godina · Kirill V. Semikin · Elena V. Sladkovskaya · Daria A. Smirnova · Dmitry Yu. Murzin · Dmitry Yu. Murzin
    Optimal heat exchanger network synthesis based on improved cuckoo search via Lévy flights Shuey Z. Saw · Jobrun Nandong · Ujjal Ghosh · Ujjal Ghosh
    Multilayer petal-like enzymatic-inorganic hybrid micro-spheres [CPO-(Cu/Co/Cd) 3 (PO 4 ) 2 ] with high bio-catalytic activity Hongliang Zhang · Guomin Cui · Guomin Cui
    Enhanced mass transfer from the installation of a sieve tray subject to the variation of liquid heights and flow regimes in a bubble column Qi Liao · Yongtu Liang · Ning Xu · Haoran Zhang · Haoran Zhang · Junao Wang · Xingyuan Zhou · Xingyuan Zhou
    An MILP approach for detailed scheduling of multi-product pipeline in pressure control mode Yi He · Yi He · Feihong Guo · Feihong Guo
    Micromechanical analysis on the compaction of tetrahedral particles Mateusz Wojtusik · Clara M. Yepes · Juan C. Villar · Arno Cordes · Miguel Arroyo · Felix Garcia-Ochoa · Miguel Ladero · Miguel Ladero
    Kinetic modeling of cellobiose by a β-glucosidase from Aspergillus fumigatus Hermann Nirschl · Xiaoai Guo · Xiaoai Guo
    Characterisation of structured and functionalised particles by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) Prashanth Siddhamshetty · Kan Wu · Joseph Kwon · Joseph Kwon
    Optimization of simultaneously propagating multiple fractures in hydraulic fracturing to achieve uniform growth using data-based model reduction Jerzy Bałdyga · Grzegorz Tyl · Mounir Bouaifi · Mounir Bouaifi
    Perikinetic and orthokinetic aggregation of small solid particles in the presence of strong repulsive forces Martin Morgeneyer · Olivier Aguerre-Chariol · Christophe Bressot · Christophe Bressot
    STEM imaging to characterize nanoparticle emissions and help to design nanosafer paints Alister Simpson · Vivek V. Ranade · Vivek V. Ranade
    Modelling of Hydrodynamic Cavitation with Orifice: Influence of different orifice designs Chao Wang · Chao Guang · Yue Cui · Chen Wang · Zhishan Zhang · Zhishan Zhang
    Compared novel thermally coupled extractive distillation sequences for separating multi-azeotropic mixture of acetonitrile/benzene/methanol Nasser Arsalani · Ramin Nasiri · M. Zarei · M. Zarei
    Synthesis of magnetic 3D graphene decorated with CaCO 3 for anionic azo dye removal from aqueous solution: Kinetic and RSM modeling approach Abdelghafour Zaabout · Schalk Cloete · Julian R. Tolchard · Shahriar Amini · Shahriar Amini
    A pressurized Gas Switching Combustion reactor: Autothermal operation with a CaMnO3−δ-based oxygen carrier L. Gemello · L. Gemello · V. Cappello · Frédéric Augier · Daniele Marchisio · C. Plais · C. Plais
    CFD-based scale-up of hydrodynamics and mixing in bubble columns Débora Aline Soares Maia · José C.A. Oliveira · Marcelo Sandro Nazzarro · Karim Sapag · Raúl H. López · Sebastião M.P. Lucena · Diana C.S. Azevedo · Diana C.S. Azevedo
    CO 2 gas-adsorption calorimetry applied to the study of chemically activated carbons Dan Guo · Hualin Wang · Pengbo Fu · Yuan Huang · Yi Liu · Wenjie Lv · Fei Wang · Fei Wang
    Diatomite precoat filtration for wastewater treatment: Filtration performance and pollution mechanisms Xiang Su · Xiang-Guang Guo · Zeyuan Zhao · Yamin Dong · Yanliang Wang · Fujian Li · Xiaoqi Sun · Xiaoqi Sun
    An efficient and sustainable [P 6,6,6,14 ] 2 [BDOAC] ionic liquid based extraction–precipitation strategy for rare earth recovery Shu-Yun Tang · Yun-Ren Qiu · Yun-Ren Qiu
    Removal of copper(II) ions from aqueous solutions by complexation–ultrafiltration using rotating disk membrane and the shear stability of PAA–Cu complex Abdul Sameeu Ibupoto · Umair Ahmed Qureshi · Farooq Ahmed · Zeeshan Khatri · Muzamil Khatri · Maryam Maqsood · Rafi Zaman Brohi · Ick-Soo Kim · Ick-Soo Kim
    Effects of gas leakage on the separation performance of a cyclone. Part 2: Simulation Gang Liu · Yueshe Wang · Yueshe Wang
    Recovery of ethanol via vapor phase by polydimethylsiloxane membrane with excellent performance Yiqun Huang · Man Zhang · Junfu Lyu · Zhi Liu · Hairui Yang · Hairui Yang
    A review of catalytic partial oxidation of fossil fuels and biofuels: Recent advances in catalyst development and kinetic modelling Zhihao Si · Houchao Shan · Song Hu · Di Cai · Peiyong Qin · Peiyong Qin
    Continuous protein crystallisation platform and process: Case of lysozyme Ikechukwu A. Ike · John D. Orbell · Mikel Duke · Mikel Duke
    Kinetics and optimization studies using Response Surface Methodology in biodiesel production using heterogeneous catalyst Jakub Hlosta · David Žurovec · Jiří Rozbroj · Álvaro Ramírez-Gómez · Jan Nečas · Jiří Zegzulka · Jiří Zegzulka
    Experimental determination of particle–particle restitution coefficient via double pendulum method Hamidreza Norouzi · Mehdi Madhi · Mojtaba Seyyedi · Mohmmad Rezaee · Mohmmad Rezaee
    Foam propagation and oil recovery potential at large distances from an injection well Arif Hussain · Moonyong Lee · Moonyong Lee
    Optimal design of an intensified column with side-reactor configuration for the methoxy-methylheptane process Fachun Liang · Shitao Sun · Jifeng Gao · Luyuan Han · Guobin Shang · Guobin Shang
    Equal split of gas–liquid two-phase flow at variable extraction ratio Hailing Fu · Lianjie Ma · Haiyan Wang · Haiyan Wang
    Experimental and numerical studies of residence time in SK direct contact heat exchanger for heat pump Kaciane Andreola · Carlos A.M. Silva · Osvaldir Pereira Taranto · Osvaldir Pereira Taranto
    The interaction of confined swirling flow with a conical bluff body: Numerical simulation Puyun Shi · Dongmei Xu · Jinfu Ding · Jingyu Wu · Yixin Ma · Jun Gao · Yinglong Wang · Yinglong Wang
    Separation of azeotrope (2,2,3,3-tetrafluoro-1-propanol + water) via heterogeneous azeotropic distillation by energy-saving dividing-wall column: Process design and control strategies Aleхandra Pulyalina · Dmitry Porotnikov · Daria Rudakova · Ilia Faykov · Irina Chislova · V. A. Rostovtseva · L. V. Vinogradova · A. M. Toikka · G. A. Polotskaya · G. A. Polotskaya · G. A. Polotskaya
    Advanced membranes containing star macromolecules with C 60 core for intensification of propyl acetate production Dusan Ilic · Kenneth Williams · D. Ellis · D. Ellis
    Assessment of biomass bulk elastic response to consolidation Martin F. Luna · Ernesto Martínez · Ernesto Martínez
    Optimal design of dynamic experiments in the development of cybernetic models for bioreactors Huaiyu Yang · Peter Peczulis · Pavan Inguva · Xiaoyu Li · Jerry Y. Y. Heng · Jerry Y. Y. Heng
    Feasibility, mechanisms, and optimisation of organic pollutant degradation by thermally activated persulphate R.S. Gomes · M.M. De Souza · A. L. De Bortoli · A. L. De Bortoli
    Inter-compartment interaction in multi-impeller mixing. Part II. Experiments, sliding mesh and large Eddy simulations Precious Arku · Bharat Regmi · Animesh Dutta · Animesh Dutta
    Modeling and simulation of a direct ethanol fuel cell considering overpotential losses and variation of principal species concentration Yuqing Chang · Xiaoyu Zou · Fuli Wang · Luping Zhao · Wei Zheng · Wei Zheng
    Multi-mode plant-wide process operating performance assessment based on a novel two-level multi-block hybrid model Fabian Krull · Robert Hesse · Paul Breuninger · Sergiy Antonyuk · Sergiy Antonyuk
    Impact behaviour of microparticles with microstructured surfaces: Experimental study and DEM simulation Hong Liu · Yimin Zhang · Yimin Zhang · Jing Huang · Tao Liu · Nannan Xue · Da-shuang Luo · Da-shuang Luo
    Enhancing the separation performance of vanadium from a black shale leaching solution by supported liquid membrane using trialkylamine Nikesh Kumar · Ajay Bansal · Renu Gupta · Renu Gupta
    Shear rate and mass transfer coefficient in internal loop airlift reactors involving non-Newtonian fluids Maksym Dosta · Ulrich Bröckel · Laurent Gilson · Sergiy Kozhar · Günter K. Auernhammer · Günter K. Auernhammer · Stefan Heinrich · Stefan Heinrich
    Application of micro computed tomography for adjustment of model parameters for discrete element method Omar M. Hafez · Madiha A. Shoeib · Mohamed A. El-Khateeb · Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy · A. O. Youssef · A. O. Youssef
    Removal of scale forming species from cooling tower blowdown water by electrocoagulation using different electrodes Anilkumar Markana · Nitin Padhiyar · Kannan M. Moudgalya · Kannan M. Moudgalya
    Multi-criterion control of a bioprocess in fed-batch reactor using EKF based economic model predictive control David Acevedo · Daniel J. Jarmer · Christopher L. Burcham · Christopher S. Polster · Zoltan K. Nagy · Zoltan K. Nagy
    A continuous multi-stage mixed-suspension mixed-product-removal crystallization system with fines dissolution Robson Rodrigues Mororó · Cristiano P. Borges · Frederico de Araujo Kronemberger · Frederico de Araujo Kronemberger
    New modules for membrane bioreactors: Improving fouling control Xin Peng · Yifei Wang · Zongyao Wei · Guangsuo Yu · Guangsuo Yu
    Inhibition effect of CeO 2 promoted SiO 2 coating on coke growth during steam cracking of ethane Kai Wu · Linyu Gao · Zhulin Yuan · Bin Li · Wenkui Zhu · Ying Wu · Ke Zhang · Duanfeng Lu · Dengshan Luo · Dengshan Luo
    Effect of moisture content and length of flexible filamentous particles on cluster characteristics in a fluidized bed dryer Cees Haringa · Ruben Vandewijer · Robert F. Mudde · Robert F. Mudde
    Measuring active volume using electrical resistance tomography in a gas-sparged model anaerobic digester Nur Fadzilah Abd Razak · Mustaffa Shamsuddin · Siew Ling Lee · Siew Ling Lee
    Hydrodynamic characterisation of dual-impeller submerged membrane bioreactor relevant to single-use bioreactor options Weipeng He · Lianpeng Xue · Beata Gorczyca · Jun Nan · Zhou Shi · Zhou Shi
    Role of oxygen storage/supply capacity of mixed oxides of Ce and Zr in ethanol oxidation Zhenbo Wang · Mingyang Zhang · Zhichang Liu · Liyun Zhu · Youhai Jin · Chunming Xu · Chunming Xu
    Reduction of energy demand by use of air sparging during ultrafiltration of alkali-extracted wheat bran hemicelluloses M.A. Noriega · M.A. Noriega · Paulo César Narváez · Alberto Claudio Habert · Alberto Claudio Habert
    A simple multi-model prediction method Johan Thuvander · Anders Arkell · Ann-Sofi Jönsson · Ann-Sofi Jönsson
    Semi-analytical models of non-spherical particle shapes using optimised spherical harmonics Flavio A.M. Strutzel · I. David L. Bogle · I. David L. Bogle
    Sparse Bayesian learning for data driven polynomial chaos expansion with application to chemical processes Urtė Radvilaitė · Álvaro Ramírez-Gómez · Dainius Rusakevičius · Rimantas Kačianauskas · Rimantas Kačianauskas
    Applicability of the power model to mixed slurries with non-spherical particles and networking effect Pham Luu Trung Duong · Le Quang Minh · Muhammad Abdul Qyyum · Moonyong Lee · Moonyong Lee
    Liquid-liquid extraction-based process concepts for recovery of carboxylic acids from aqueous streams evaluated for dilute streams Basak Kutukcu · Inci Ayranci · Inci Ayranci
    Effect of elevated pressure on bubble properties in a two-dimensional gas–solid fluidized bed Ehsan Reyhanitash · Thomas Brouwer · Sascha R.A. Kersten · A.G.J. van der Ham · Boelo Schuur · Boelo Schuur
    Removal of nickel from industrial effluent using a synergistic mixtures of acidic and solvating carriers in palm oil-based diluent via supported liquid membrane process Jialong Song · Daoyin Liu · Jiliang Ma · Xiaoping Chen · Xiaoping Chen
    Effect of decaying swirl flow on tubular turbulent heat transfer enhancement by using short length helical tapes Raja Norimie Raja Sulaiman · Norasikin Othman · Norul Fatiha Mohamed Noah · Norela Jusoh · Norela Jusoh
    Design method for continuous bioreactors in series with recirculation and productivity optimization Yuxiang Hong · Juan Du · Shuangfeng Wang · Si-Min Huang · Wei-Biao Ye · Wei-Biao Ye
    SUSCAPE: A framework for the optimal design of SUStainable ChemicAl ProcEsses incorporating data envelopment analysis C.A. Gómez-Pérez · Jairo Espinosa · Jairo Espinosa
    Experimental investigation of oil-in-water microfiltration assisted by Dielectrophoresis: Operational condition optimization Andres Gonzalez-Garay · Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez · Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez
    Production of N-2-hydroxyethylpiperazine-N′-2-ethanesulfonic acid by BMED process using porous P84 co-polyimide membranes Maryam Abbasi Monfared · Mohammad Sheikhi · Norollah Kasiri · Toraj Mohammadi · Toraj Mohammadi
    Intensity and efficiency of droplet dispersion: Pulsating flow type apparatus vs. static mixers Mengjie Sun · Meng Li · Pin Wang · Xu Zhang · Cuiming Wu · Yonghui Wu · Yonghui Wu
    Gas-liquid mass transfer rates in unbaffled tanks stirred by PBT: scale-up effects and pumping direction M.P. Vasilev · R.Sh. Abiev · R.Sh. Abiev
    A study of bubble size evolution in Jameson flotation cell Radim Petříček · Libor Labík · T. Moucha · Alberto Brucato · F. Scargiali · F. Scargiali
    Flow regimes in gas–solid fluidized bed with vertical internals Hongzheng Zhu · Hongzheng Zhu · Alejandro López Valdivieso · Jinbo Zhu · Shaoxian Song · Fanfei Min · Mario Alberto Corona Arroyo · Mario Alberto Corona Arroyo
    Biodiesel separation using ultrafiltration poly(ether sulfone) hollow fiber membranes: Improving biodiesel and glycerol rich phases settling Paresh H. Rana · Parimal A. Parikh · Parimal A. Parikh
    Cold-model investigation of effects of operating parameters and overflow outlet diameter on separation with a liquid–liquid cyclone reactor for isobutane alkylation catalyzed by ionic liquid Manali B. Kokare · Ranjani · C.S. Mathpati · C.S. Mathpati
    Step by step methodology of designing a liquid–solid circulating fluidized bed using computational fluid dynamic approach Mustafa Mohammed Aljumaily · Mohammed Abdulhakim Alsaadi · N. Awanis Hashim · Qusay F. Alsalhy · Farouq S. Mjalli · Muataz Ali Atieh · Ahmed Al-Harrasi · Ahmed Al-Harrasi
    Response surface optimization, kinetic study and process design of n-butyl levulinate synthesis Hassan Sadeghi Yamchi · Mohsen Zirrahi · Hassan Hassanzadeh · Jalal Abedi · Hossein Fadaei · Hossein Fadaei
    A prediction and outlier detection scheme of molten steel temperature in ladle furnace Olga V. Soloveva · Sergei Solovev · Sergei Solovev · S. R. Egorova · A. A. Lamberov · Alexey V. Antipin · Emil V. Shamsutdinov · Emil V. Shamsutdinov
    Crystallization kinetics in an airlift and a stirred draft tube crystallizer; Secondary nucleation models revisited Biao Wang · Zhizhong Mao · Keke Huang · Keke Huang
    Adsorption equilibrium models: Computation of confidence regions of parameter estimates Fatemeh Anisi · Herman J. M. Kramer · Herman J. M. Kramer
    Ignition of homo/hetero combustion of propane in a microreactor with catalyst segmentation Natália Tolazzi · Evandro Steffani · Elisa Barbosa-Coutinho · João Baptista Severo Júnior · José Carlos Pinto · Marcio Schwaab · Marcio Schwaab
    Synthesis and functionalization of graphene oxide (GO) for salty water desalination as adsorbent Moulish Kommu · Niket S. Kaisare · Niket S. Kaisare
    Performance evaluation of venturi scrubber for the removal of iodine in filtered containment venting system Marzieh Zahed · Parisa sadat Parsamehr · Maryam Ahmadzadeh Tofighy · Toraj Mohammadi · Toraj Mohammadi
    Characterization and selection of waste oils for the absorption and biodegradation of VOC of different hydrophobicities Manisha Bal · Thamatam Tejaswini Reddy · B.C. Meikap · B.C. Meikap · B.C. Meikap
    Kinetic modelling and kinetic parameters calculation in the lipase-catalysed synthesis of geranyl acetate Margaux Lhuissier · Annabelle Couvert · Abdeltif Amrane · Abdoulaye Kane · Jean-Luc Audic · Jean-Luc Audic
    Stability criterion for the intensification of batch processes with model predictive control M.D. Murcia · M. Gómez · E. Gómez · J.L. Gómez · A.M. Hidalgo · A. Sánchez · P. Vergara · P. Vergara
    Multilayered Pd nanocatalysts with nano-bulge structure in a microreactor for multiphase catalytic reaction Walter Kähm · Vassilios S. Vassiliadis · Vassilios S. Vassiliadis
    Exploration of oligomeric sodium carboxylates as novel draw solutes for forward osmosis Hao Feng · Biao Zhang · Xun Zhu · Rong Chen · Qiang Liao · Dingding Ye · Jian Liu · Ming Liu · Gang Chen · Gang Chen
    Solution enhanced dispersion by supercritical fluids (SEDS): An approach in particle engineering to modify aqueous solubility of andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata extract Qingwu Long · Jiaqi Huang · Shu Xiong · Liang Shen · Yan Wang · Yan Wang
    Production of gas hydrate in a semi-batch spray reactor process as a means for separation of carbon dioxide from methane Sin Yee Lee · Luqman Chuah Abdullah · Russly Abdul Rahman · Faridah Abas · Wei Kiat Tan · Gun Hean Chong · Gun Hean Chong
    Describing Physical Properties of CO2 Unloaded and Loaded MDEA+PZ solutions Behzad Partoon · Khalik M. Sabil · Kok Keong Lau · Bhajan Lal · Khashayar Nasrifar · Khashayar Nasrifar
    Optimisation approaches for supply chain planning and scheduling under demand uncertainty Stefania Moioli · Laura A. Pellegrini · Laura A. Pellegrini
    Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of laterally-fed membrane chromatography Adrián M. Aguirre · Songsong Liu · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
    Effect of additives on liquid–liquid equilibrium properties of butane/bitumen systems with applications to solvent aided bitumen recovery processes Umatheny Umatheva · Pedram Madadkar · P. Ravi Selvaganapathy · Raja Ghosh · Raja Ghosh
    Numerical research on vapor splitter in divided wall column Haidar Taofeeq · Haidar Taofeeq · Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan · Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan · Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan
    Bipolar membrane electrodialysis for the recycling of ammonium chloride wastewater: Membrane selection and process optimization Yuqi Hu · Shuang Chen · Chunli Li · Chunli Li
    Performance of continuous countercurrent extractor on the fractionation of Citrus bergamia essential oil using ethanol/water mixtures as solvents Yan Lv · Haiyang Yan · Baojun Yang · Cuiming Wu · Xu Zhang · Xiaolin Wang · Xiaolin Wang
    Characterization of a vibromixer: Experimental and modelling study of mixing in a batch reactor Daniel Gonçalves · Cristina Chiyoda Koshima · Fabio R.M. Batista · Christianne E.C. Rodrigues · Christianne E.C. Rodrigues
    Prediction of surface tension of liquid normal alkanes, 1-alkenes and cycloalkane using neural network Ruining He · Yun Zou · Yanbo Dong · Yaseen Muhammad · Yaseen Muhammad · Sidra Subhan · Sidra Subhan · Zhangfa Tong · Zhangfa Tong
    A systematic decision analysis approach to design biomass combined heat and power systems Mostafa Lashkarbolooki · Mahdi Bayat · Mahdi Bayat
    A superstructure optimization approach for process synthesis under complex reaction networks Wen Choong Ling · Viknesh Andiappan · Yoke Kin Wan · Denny K.S. Ng · Denny K.S. Ng
    A general approach to module-based plant design Gautham Madenoor Ramapriya · Wangyun Won · Christos T. Maravelias · Christos T. Maravelias
    Process simulation of dehydration unit for the comparative analysis of natural gas processing and carbon capture application Martin Eilermann · Christian Post · H. Radatz · Christian Bramsiepe · Gerhard Schembecker · Gerhard Schembecker
    A new feedback predictive control approach for processes with time delay in the manipulated variable Aban Sakheta · Umer Zahid · Umer Zahid
    Testing the stability of novel adsorbents for carbon capture applications using the zero length column technique Derrick K. Rollins · Yong Mei · Yong Mei
    Mathematical modelling of the evolution of the particle size distribution during ultrasound-induced breakage of aspirin crystals Xiayi Hu · Xiayi Hu · Stefano Brandani · Annabelle I. Benin · Richard R. Willis · Richard R. Willis
    Study of drop coalescence and mixing in microchannel using Ghost Particle Velocimetry Michael L. Rasche · Brad W. Zeiger · Kenneth S. Suslick · Richard D. Braatz · Richard D. Braatz · Richard D. Braatz
    Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of biodiesel in a hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid Nina Kovalchuk · J. Chowdhury · Z. Schofield · Daniele Vigolo · M.J.H. Simmons · M.J.H. Simmons
    Simulated exergy and energy performance comparison of physical–chemical and chemical solvents in a sour gas treatment plant Yunchang Fan · Xin Wang · Lina Zhang · Jing Li · Lei Yang · Pengfu Gao · Zhulin Zhou · Zhulin Zhou
    Single-stage water gas shift reaction over structural modified Cu–Ce catalysts at medium temperatures: Synthesis and catalyst performance Tahereh Nejat · Azam Movasati · David Wood · Hassan Ghanbarabadi · Hassan Ghanbarabadi
    Twin screw granulation: An evaluation of using micronized lactose as a solid binder Ali Cheshmeh Roshan · Abdullah Irankhah · Masoud Mahmoudizadeh · Hamidreza Arandiyan · Hamidreza Arandiyan
    Copper-cobalt catalyzed liquid phase hydrogenation of furfural to 2-methylfuran: An optimization, kinetics and reaction mechanism study Qing Ai · Michael J. Hounslow · Agba D. Salman · Agba D. Salman
    Cohesive strength measurement of catalyst layer: Uniform drying and on-line monitoring Sanjay Srivastava · G.C. Jadeja · Jigisha Parikh · Jigisha Parikh
    Comparative analysis on flocculation performance in unbaffled square stirred tanks with different height-to-width ratios: Experimental and CFD investigations Jiankai Yang · Elizabeth M. Holt · Karen Huang · Patricia Blanco-García · Alison Mary Wagland · Michael J. Hounslow · Agba D. Salman · Agba D. Salman
    Evaluation of pellet cycle times in a Wurster chamber using a photoluminescence method S.D. Vlaev · Iren Tsibranska · Daniela Dzhonova-Atanasova · Daniela Dzhonova-Atanasova
    Kinetic study and process simulation of esterification of acetic acid and ethanol catalyzed by [HSO3-bmim][HSO4] Jude O. Ejeh · Songsong Liu · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
    Optimal multi-floor process plant layout with production sections Yao-Chen Chuang · Tao Chen · Yuan Yao · David Shan-Hill Wong · David Shan-Hill Wong
    Transfer learning for efficient meta-modeling of process simulations R.K. Grenville · J.J. Giacomelli · G.J. VanOmmeren · C.F. Hastings · M.J. Walters · M.J. Walters
    Improved dewatering of clay rich mineral dispersions using recyclable superabsorbent polymers Larissa S. Laurentino · Larissa S. Laurentino · Anderson M.M.S. Medeiros · Anderson M.M.S. Medeiros · Fabricio Machado · Cristiane Costa · Pedro Henrique Hermes de Araújo · Claudia Sayer · Claudia Sayer
    Propane/propylene separation and CO2 capture in magnetic ionic liquid [bmim][FeCl4] Pawel M. Orlewski · Yan Wang · Yan Wang · Mercedeh Sadat Hosseinalipour · David Kryscio · Martin Iggland · Marco Mazzotti · Marco Mazzotti
    Controlled synthesis of Nix-Co(1-x) bimetallic nanoparticles using the thermogravimetric method Maogang He · Siqi Liu · Lihang Bai · Xiangyang Liu · Xiangyang Liu
    Influence of distributed pore size and porosity on MTO catalyst particle performance: Modeling and simulation Hassan Ghanbarabadi · Behnam Khoshandam · Behnam Khoshandam
    Reactive diffusion migration layer and mass transfer wall function to model active chlorine generation in a filter press type electrochemical reactor for organic pollutant degradation Li-Tao Zhu · Wang-Yu Ma · Zheng-Hong Luo · Zheng-Hong Luo
    Modeling and optimal control of conversion section of styrene plant to overcome effect of catalyst deactivation on production capacity Eligio P. Rivero · Francisca A. Rodríguez · Martín R. Cruz-Díaz · Ignacio González · Ignacio González
    Modeling of a double effect evaporator: Bond graph approach Z. Edraki · M. Farsi · M.R. Rahimpour · M.R. Rahimpour
    Synthesis of a biobased monomer derived from castor oil and copolymerization in aqueous medium Samia Ben-Ali · Samia Ben-Ali
    Mixed-time mixed-integer linear programming for optimal detailed scheduling of a crude oil port depot Sophia Joseph-Soly · Trevor Saldanha · Ataollah Nosrati · William Skinner · Jonas Addai-Mensah · Jonas Addai-Mensah · Jonas Addai-Mensah
    Blending in above ground storage tanks with side-entering agitators Felipe R. Loyola · Felipe R. Loyola · Waldyr de Lima e Silva · Luiz G.C. Campos · Christian J.L. Hermes · Christian J.L. Hermes
    Characterization and aerosolization performance of mannitol particles produced using supercritical assisted atomization Haoran Zhang · Haoran Zhang · Yongtu Liang · Qi Liao · Jie Gao · Xiaohan Yan · Wan Zhang · Wan Zhang
    Optimal selection of operating pressure for distillation columns Hsien-Tsung Wu · Yung-Chuan Su · Yi-Min Wang · Hong-Ming Tsai · Hong-Ming Tsai
    Imidazolium based ionic liquids containing methanesulfonate anion: comprehensive thermodynamic study Chengtian Cui · Siyao Liu · Jinsheng Sun · Jinsheng Sun
    Investigation of the flow patterns produced from sudden expansion geometries using pressure difference measurements and flow visualisation techniques Dzmitry H. Zaitsau · Andrei V. Yermalayeu · Andrey A. Pimerzin · Sergey P. Verevkin · Sergey P. Verevkin
    Experimental and modeling investigations towards tailoring cellulose triacetate membranes for high performance helium separation Xing Huang · T.A.G. Langrish · Ali Abbas · David F. Fletcher · David F. Fletcher
    Post-combustion CO2 capture using supported K2CO3: Comparing physical mixing and incipient wetness impregnation preparation methods Ali Soleimany · Javad Karimi-Sabet · Seyed Saeid Hosseini · Seyed Saeid Hosseini
    Rheometric assessment and numerical simulation of steady-state and periodic flows of fabric-water mixtures in household top-load washing machines S.Toufigh Bararpour · Davood Karami · Nader Mahinpey · Nader Mahinpey
    CFD modeling a fluidized bed large scale reactor with various internal elements near the heated particles feeder Ritesh Ramesh Palkar · Venkata Suresh Patnaikuni · Vidyasagar Shilapuram · Vidyasagar Shilapuram
    PVDF-co-HFP/superhydrophobic acetylene-based nanocarbon hybrid membrane for seawater desalination via DCMD Greta Fragnière · S. Beinert · Achim Overbeck · Ingo Kampen · Carsten Schilde · Arno Kwade · Arno Kwade
    Multilevel Monte Carlo for noise estimation in stochastic multiscale systems Shiqi Lai · Tongwen Chen · Tongwen Chen
    Pertraction of americium(III) through supported liquid membranes containing benzene-centered tripodal diglycolamides (Bz-T-DGA) as an extractant/carrier Grigoriy Kimaev · Luis A. Ricardez-Sandoval · Luis A. Ricardez-Sandoval
    The synergistic effect of benzyl benzoate on the selective oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde Bholanath Mahanty · P. K. Mohapatra · Andrea Leoncini · Jurriaan Huskens · Willem Verboom · Willem Verboom
    Application of a novel tube reactor for investigation of calcium carbonate mineral scale deposition kinetics Chen Lu · Yuning Meng · Aidong Zhou · Feng Zhang · Zhibing Zhang · Zhibing Zhang
    Optimization of multi-stage hybrid RO-PRO membrane processes at the water–energy nexus Ping Zhang · Nan Zhang · Yuan Liu · Yi-Tsung Lu · Amy T. Kan · Mason B. Tomson · Mason B. Tomson
    Application of high-frequency impedancemetry approach in measuring the deposition velocities of biomass and sand slurry flows in pipelines Mingheng Li · Mingheng Li
    Energy requirements in the separation-regeneration step in forward osmosis using TMA–CO2–H2O as the draw solution Mahdi Vaezi · Shubham Verma · Amit Kumar · Amit Kumar
    Enhanced gas separation performance using carbon membranes containing nanocrystalline cellulose and BTDA-TDI/MDI polyimide Georgios Kolliopoulos · Jeffrey T. Martin · Vladimiros G. Papangelakis · Vladimiros G. Papangelakis
    Two-stage modeling strategy for industrial fluidized bed reactors in gas-phase ethylene polymerization processes N. Sazali · Wan Norharyati Wan Salleh · A.F. Ismail · N.H. Ismail · M.A. Mohamed · Nik Abdul Hadi Md Nordin · M.N.M. Sokri · Y. Iwamoto · S. Honda · S. Honda
    Evaluation of Oxygen Transfer from Bubble and Free Surface in Bubble Reactors Using CFD Thirasit Kusolsongtawee · Pornchai Bumroongsri · Pornchai Bumroongsri
    An investigation of the relationship between statistical analysis and multiscale analysis in a circulating fluidised bed Seungjae Lee · Seungjae Lee
    Investigation of turbulence model selection on the predicted flow behaviour in an industrial crystalliser — RANS and URANS approaches Kenan Xi · Youjun Lu · Hang Zhang · Hang Zhang
    Biodiesel Production Catalyzed by Liquid and Immobilized Enzymes: Optimization and Economic Analysis Gary J. Brown · David F. Fletcher · Jeremy W. Leggoe · David S. Whyte · David S. Whyte
    On the Use of 3D-Printed Flow Distributors to Control Particle Movement in a Fluidized Bed Thalles Allan Andrade · Mariano Martín · Massimiliano Errico · Knud Villy Christensen · Knud Villy Christensen
    Separating and recovering lithium from brines using selective-electrodialysis: Sensitivity to temperature Weiquan Cai · Zhonglei Li · Jiahao Wei · Yan Liu · Yan Liu
    New reliable tools to mathematically model chemical reaction systems Qi Liao · Haoran Zhang · Yufei Wang · Wan Zhang · Yongtu Liang · Yongtu Liang
    Predicting effects of operating condition variations on breakage rates in stirred media mills Maliheh Raji · Hossein Abolghasemi · Jaber Safdari · Ali Kargari · Ali Kargari
    Heuristic Method for Detailed Scheduling of Branched Multiproduct Pipeline Networks Donghai Yang · Yongxiang Sun · Limin He · Xiaoming Luo · Yuling Lü · Haoran Yin · Xue Xia · Huihui Zhang · Huihui Zhang
    Carbon retrieval and purification in the BrOx cycle for CO2-free energy M. Javadi · Y. Jafarzadeh · R. Yegani · S. Kazemi · S. Kazemi
    Stress mechanisms acting during the dispersing in highly viscous media and their impact on the production of nanoparticle composites Jesús González Rebordinos · Ruozhong Tian · Nicole Robert · David W. Agar · David W. Agar
    Study of shear rate production in different geometric configurations of hydraulic reactors for ultra-flocculation Benedikt Finke · Hendrik Nolte · Carsten Schilde · Arno Kwade · Arno Kwade
    Temperature control of an alcoholic fermentation process through the Takagi-Sugeno modeling M. del Río · P. Cornejo · F. Betancourt · F. Concha · N. Rulyov · N. Rulyov
    Multi-Objective Optimization of Maleic Anhydride Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Reactors A.A. Flores-Hernández · J. Reyes-Reyes · C.M. Astorga-Zaragoza · G.L. Osorio-Gordillo · C.D. García-Beltrán · C.D. García-Beltrán
    CFD simulation for up flow jet-loop reactors by use of bi-dispersed bubble model Pranava Chaudhari · Sanjeev Garg · Sanjeev Garg
    Integration of an adsorptive desulfurization unit into an SOFC-based auxiliary power unit operated with diesel fuel Yongxiang Gao · Du Hong · Youwei Cheng · Lijun Wang · Xi Li · Xi Li
    Extraction of polyphenols from olive pomace: mathematical modeling and technological feasibility in a high temperature and high pressure stirred reactor Raphael Neubauer · Norbert Kienzl · Christoph Hochenauer · Christoph Hochenauer
    CFD modelling of mass and heat dispersion in sphere fixed bed with porosity-dependent segmented-continuum approaches Matteo Neviani · Bahar Aliakbarian · Patrizia Perego · Ombretta Paladino · Ombretta Paladino
    A New Approach for the Modeling of Turbulent Flows in Automotive Catalytic Converters Anthony Basuni Hamzah · Shinichi Ookawara · Shiro Yoshikawa · Hideyuki Matsumoto · Hideyuki Matsumoto
    Zn2(C9H3O6)(C4H5N2)(C4H6N2)3 MOF as a highly efficient catalyst for chemical fixation of CO2 into cyclic carbonates and kinetic studies Arkadiusz Chruściel · Maciej Kiedik · Wiesław Hreczuch · Wiesław Hreczuch
    Production and application of a treated bentonite–chitosan composite for the efficient removal of humic acid from aqueous solution Lelin Zeng · Yan Liu · Tao Yang · Yunquan Yang · Kewen Tang · Kewen Tang
    Enzymatic synthesis optimization of a cosmetic ester catalyzed by a homemade biocatalyst prepared via physical adsorption of lipase on amino-functionalized rice husk silica Akinlolu Oyekunle Oluseun Odeleye · Chih-Yao Chui · Linh Nguyen · Alfonso A. Castrejon-Pita · Hua Ye · Zhanfeng Cui · Zhanfeng Cui
    Wall stresses in dual bottom purged steel making ladles João P. Miguez · Rafaela S. Gama · Iara C.A. Bolina · Cristiane C. de Melo · Márcia Regina Cordeiro · Daniela B. Hirata · Adriano A. Mendes · Adriano A. Mendes
    Numerical study on the heat transfer enhancement and fatigue life by flow-induced vibration A. Behboudi · Y. Jafarzadeh · Reza Yegani · Reza Yegani
    A possibilistic location-inventory model for multi-period perishable pharmaceutical supply chain network design Mariana Garcia Mendonça Lopes · Harrson S. Santana · Vinícius Felix Andolphato · João Lameu Silva · Osvaldir Pereira Taranto · Osvaldir Pereira Taranto
    Facile and Efficient Microwave Combustion Fabrication of Mg-Spinel as Support for MgO Nanocatalyst Used in Biodiesel Production from Sunflower Oil: Fuel Type Approach Yan Wu · Ruiqi Wang · Yufei Wang · Xiao Feng · Xiao Feng
    Computational fluid dynamics study of full-scale aerobic bioreactors: Evaluation of gas–liquid mass transfer, oxygen uptake, and dynamic oxygen distribution Sina Yousefi · Mohammad Haghighi · Behgam Rahmani Vahid · Behgam Rahmani Vahid
    Smart models to predict the minimum spouting velocity of conical spouted beds with non-porous draft tube Mohammad J. Rahimi · Hariswaran Sitaraman · David Humbird · Jonathan J. Stickel · Jonathan J. Stickel
    Adsorption of xylene isomers using Ba-faujasite type zeolite: Equilibrium and kinetics study Seyyed Hossein Hosseini · M.J. Rezaei · M. Bag-Mohammadi · Haritz Altzibar · Martin Olazar · Martin Olazar
    Influence of tubular reactor structure and operating conditions on dry reforming of methane Maryam Ahmadi-Pour · Mohammad Reza Khosravi-Nikou · Ahmad Shariati · Ahmad Shariati
    Numerical simulation and experimental study of liquid–liquid flow dispersion in conical spiral pipes Hailang Wang · Xuezhi Duan · Xinlei Liu · Guanghua Ye · Xiongyi Gu · Kake Zhu · Xinggui Zhou · Wei-Kang Yuan · Wei-Kang Yuan
    Hydrodynamic study of an emulsion liquid membrane containing carbon nanotube in a mixer–settler: Mean size and size distribution of emulsion globules Ting Zhang · Kai Guo · Chunjiang Liu · Aiguo Feng · Hongwei Cai · Siyuan Ren · Siyuan Ren
    Flow pulsation plays an important role for high-pressure homogenization in laboratory-scale Guo Zhang · Guang Chen · Xiaohong Yan · Xiaohong Yan
    Evaluation and improvement of particle collection efficiency and pressure drop of cyclones by redistribution of dustbins Won-Je Lee · Jinjoo An · Jong Min Lee · Youngsub Lim · Youngsub Lim
    Design of single mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction process considering load variation Elena dos Santos · Agnieszka Ładosz · Giovanni Maria Maggioni · Philipp Rudolf von Rohr · Marco Mazzotti · Marco Mazzotti
    A rolling horizon stochastic programming approach for the integrated planning of production and utility systems Justin Katz · Baris Burnak · Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos · Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos
    Investigation of the effect of uncertain growth kinetics on a CFD based model for the growth of S. cerevisiae in an industrial bioreactor S. Fatemeh Seyedpour · Ahmad Rahimpour · Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi · Masoud Soroush · Masoud Soroush
    Influence of process conditions on the product properties in a continuous fluidized bed spray granulation process Mathias R. Wright · Christian Bach · Krist V. Gernaey · Ulrich Krühne · Ulrich Krühne
    Fabrication of xanthate-modified chitosan/poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) composite hydrogel for the selective adsorption of Cu(II), Pb(II) and Ni(II) metal ions E. Diez · K. Meyer · Andreas Bück · Evangelos Tsotsas · Stefan Heinrich · Stefan Heinrich
    Development of the Reaction/Distillation matrix to include more complicated Reaction/Distillation systems and performance evaluation using an ethylene hydration case study Shuping Wu · Fan Wang · Haikuan Yuan · Lijuan Zhang · Shimin Mao · Xijian Liu · Njud S. Alharbi · Sohrab Rohani · Jie Lu · Jie Lu
    Study of the adsorption process of heavy metals cations on Kraft lignin Mahya Nezhadfard · Amirhossein Khalili-Garakani · Norollah Kasiri · Norollah Kasiri
    A multi-method approach to quality control illustrated on the industrial powder coating process Hanchi Chen · Xiaolin Qu · Ni Liu · Shuangfei Wang · Xiaolong Chen · Shijie Liu · Shijie Liu
    The Impact of Model Approximation in Multiparametric Model Predictive Control Denis Schütz · Elke Riedl · Richard Romirer · Katja I. Hartmann · Oliver Sack · Oliver Sack
    Formation dynamics of elastic droplets in a microfluidic T-junction Nur I. Zulkafli · Nur I. Zulkafli · Georgios M. Kopanos · Georgios M. Kopanos
    Characterization of shapes and volumes of droplets generated in PDMS T-junctions to study nucleation Runxia Cai · Man Zhang · Xin Mo · Yi Zhang · Junfu Lyu · Hairui Yang · Hairui Yang
    Efficient reduced order controller design for dissipative PDE systems with strong convective phenomena Qindan Zhang · Chunying Zhu · Wei Du · Cai Liu · Taotao Fu · Youguang Ma · Huai Z. Li · Huai Z. Li
    The hydrodynamic behavior of high viscous oil-water flow through horizontal pipe undergoing sudden expansion—CFD study and experimental validation Manda Yang · Antonios Armaou · Antonios Armaou
    Experimental investigations of liquid–liquid disengagement in a continuous gravity settler P. Babakhani Dehkordi · A. Azdarpour · E. Mohammadian · E. Mohammadian
    Synthesis of carbon nanotube on stainless steel microfibrous composite—Comparison of direct and indirect growth and its application in fixed bed m-cresol adsorption Abhijeet H. Thaker · Mayur Darekar · K.K. Singh · Vivek V. Buwa · Vivek V. Buwa
    Partitioning for Distributed Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Processes Yi Yang · Huiping Zhang · Ying Yan · Ying Yan
    Incorporation of sustainability in process control of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs Rosiane R. Rocha · Luís Cláudio Oliveira-Lopes · Panagiotis D. Christofides · Panagiotis D. Christofides
    Experimental research on the unstable performances of parallel external loops in the circulating fluidized bed Priscille Etoughe · Prashanth Siddhamshetty · Kaiyu Cao · Rajib Mukherjee · Joseph Sang-II Kwon · Joseph Sang-II Kwon
    Biodiesel production from date seed oil (Phoenix dactylifera L.) via egg shell derived heterogeneous catalyst Domen Kitak · Rok Šibanc · Rok Šibanc · Rok Dreu · Rok Dreu
    NaCl cleaning of 0.1 μm polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane fouled with humic acid (HA) Tianbiao He · Iftekhar A. Karimi · Yonglin Ju · Yonglin Ju
    Review on the design and optimization of natural gas liquefaction processes for onshore and offshore applications Xiaobin Zhan · Baojun Shen · Zhibin Sun · Yu He · Tielin Shi · Xiwen Li · Xiwen Li
    Numerical study on the flow of high viscous fluids out of conical vessels under low-frequency vibration Kamalpreet Kaur · Amit Sobti · R. K. Wanchoo · Amrit Pal Toor · Amrit Pal Toor
    Studies on glycerol conversion to tricaproin over sulfate promoted iron oxide as catalyst using response surface methodology Xiayi Hu · Stefano Brandani · Annabelle I. Benin · Richard R. Willis · Richard R. Willis
    Development of a Semiautomated Zero Length Column Technique for Carbon Capture Applications: Testing the Stability of Novel Adsorbents Maqsood Khuram · Ali Abulhassan · B M Shariff Azmi · Ganguly Saibal · Ganguly Saibal
    Applying artificial neural networks for systematic estimation of degree of fouling in heat exchangers Yi Huang · Qi Chu · Qun Yi · Wen-ying Li · Kechang Xie · Kechang Xie · Qi-wen Sun · Jie Feng · Jie Feng
    Improving oxygen transfer efficiency by developing a novel energy-saving impeller Ehsan Davoudi · Behzad Vaferi · Behzad Vaferi
    Flow studies in an in-line Silverson 150/250 high shear mixer using PIV Amna Jamshed · Michael Cooke · Zhen Ren · Thomas L. Rodgers · Thomas L. Rodgers
    Gas-Liquid Mixing in Dual Agitated Vessels in the Heterogeneous Regime Umair Ahmed · Vipin Michael · Ruozhou Hou · Thomas Mothersdale · Robert Prosser · Adam Kowalski · Peter Martin · Peter Martin
    An energy transport based evolving rheology in high-shear rotor–stator mixers Jinglian Gu · Xinqiang You · Changyuan Tao · Jun Li · Weifeng Shen · Jie Li · Jie Li
    Improved design and optimization for separating tetrahydrofuran–water azeotrope through extractive distillation with and without heat integration by varying pressure Rezvaneh Ramezani Darabi · Mohsen Jahanshahi · Majid Peyravi · Majid Peyravi
    A support assisted by photocatalytic Fe3O4/ZnO nanocomposite for thin-film forward osmosis membrane Rui Wang · Jing Yu · Qi Hao · Qi Hao
    Activated carbon/Mn 0.6 Zn 0.4 Fe 2 O 4 composites: Facile synthesis, magnetic performance and their potential application for the removal of methylene blue from water Timm Steffen Severin · Andreas Christoph Apel · Thomas Brück · Dirk Weuster-Botz · Dirk Weuster-Botz
    Investigation of vertical mixing in thin-layer cascade reactors using computational fluid dynamics William L. Luyben · William L. Luyben
    Computational study of flow and heat transfer in fixed beds with cylindrical particles for low tube to particle diameter ratios Sompol Kohsri · Apichart Meechai · Chaiwat Prapainainar · Phavanee Narataraksa · Piyapong Hunpinyo · Gürkan Sin · Gürkan Sin
    CFD-DEM modelling of circulation frequencies and residence times in a prismatic spouted bed Zhang Minhua · Dong He · Geng Zhongfeng · Geng Zhongfeng
    Efficient extraction and enrichment of rare earth from diluent aqueous solution by organic hollow sphere Swantje Pietsch · Paul Kieckhefen · Stefan Heinrich · Michael Müller · Michael Schönherr · Frank Kleine Jäger · Frank Kleine Jäger
    Review and comparison of techniques of analysis of valve stiction: From modeling to smart diagnosis Yangxian Liu · Yan Wang · Wen Xu · Wei Yang · Zhenhua Pan · Qian Wang · Qian Wang
    Determination of the gas hydrate formation limits to isenthalpic Joule–Thomson expansions Yasmine N. Baghdadi · Yasmine N. Baghdadi · Rushab K. Shah · Ahmad B. Albadarin · Ahmad B. Albadarin · Chirangano Mangwandi · Chirangano Mangwandi
    Growth kinetics of nuclei formed from different binders and powders in vertical cylindrical mixing devices Sonal K. Thengane · Sonal K. Thengane · Andrew Hoadley · Sankar Bhattacharya · Sagar Mitra · Santanu Bandyopadhyay · Santanu Bandyopadhyay
    Thermodynamic evaluation of chemical looping based nitric oxide and hydrogen production Jingwei Wang · Anthony G. Fane · Jia Wei Chew · Jia Wei Chew
    Relationship between scouring efficiency and overall concentration of fluidized granular activated carbon (GAC) in microfiltration Piotr Szczepański · Piotr Szczepański
    Treatment of multi–ionic solutions by a hybrid membrane system. Separation, concentration and recovery of Zn 2+ cations W Breault Ronald · L Spenik James · J Shadle Lawrence · S Hoffman James · L Gray McMahan · Panday Rupen · C Stehle Richard · C Stehle Richard
    Simultaneous absorption–oxidation of nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide using ammonium persulfate synergistically activated by UV-light and heat Daniel Markl · Daniel Markl · Parry Wang · Cathy J. Ridgway · Anssi Pekka Karttunen · Prince Bawuah · Jarkko Ketolainen · Patrick Gane · Kai Erik Peiponen · J. Axel Zeitler · J. Axel Zeitler
    Determination and modelling for solubility of o-aminobenzamide and its mixture in subcritical 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane Riccardo Bacci di Capaci · Claudio Scali · Claudio Scali
    Modelling of the spray drying process for particle design Chuanxu Xiao · Kun Huang · Wenjuan Cao · Tingting Dong · Min Li · Huizhou Liu · Huizhou Liu
    Barcelona Declaration – 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, 1–5 October 2017 Jing Zhu · Yubo Wang · Junsu Jin · Liren Qin · Liren Qin
    Neuro estimator-based inferential extended generic model control of a reactive distillation column Carlos Negro · Felix Garcia-Ochoa · Philippe A. Tanguy · Guilherme Ferreira · Jules Thibaulte · Shuichi Yamamoto · Rafiqul Gani · Rafiqul Gani
    Analytical and numerical solutions of two-dimensional general rate models for liquid chromatographic columns packed with core–shell particles Amiya K. Jana · Sudip Banerjee · Sudip Banerjee
    The rate of biocide leaching from porous renders Uche Ugochukwu David · Shamsul Qamar · Shamsul Qamar · Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern · Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern
    Optimisation of mixing performance of helical ribbon mixers for high throughput applications using computational fluid dynamics Xianni Song · Dong Liu · Bin Lou · Zhiheng Li · Aijun Guo · Dongming Zhang · Luhai Wang · Luhai Wang
    Solvent Effects on Design with Operability Considerations in Post-Combustion CO 2 Capture Plants Ivana M. Cotabarren · Diego Esteban Bertin · Mariela Razuc · M. Verónica Ramírez-Rigo · Juliana Piña · Juliana Piña
    Series versus parallel reboilers in distillation columns Faegheh Vafaei · Rezvan Torkaman · Mohammad Ali Moosavian · Parisa Zaheri · Parisa Zaheri
    Resolving the rapid water absorption of porous functionalised calcium carbonate powder compacts by terahertz pulsed imaging Hamidreza Yarveicy · Mohammad M. Ghiasi · Amir H. Mohammadi · Amir H. Mohammadi
    Conceptual design optimization of an integrated membrane bioreactor system for wastewater treatment Supriyo Kumar Mondal · Prabirkumar Saha · Prabirkumar Saha
    Linking continuous and recycle emulsification kinetics for in-line mixers Mohammad Javad Vaezi · Ali Akbar Babaluo · Hafez Maghsoudi · Hafez Maghsoudi
    Nutrient recycling in large-scale microalgal production: Mass and energy analysis of two recovery strategies by process simulation Kexiang Chen · Hui Lu · Meng Sun · Li Zhu · Yiping Cui · Yiping Cui
    Mixing enhancement of a novel C-SAR microfluidic mixer Biswajit S. De · Kailas L. Wasewar · Vicky Dhongde · Anjali A. Ingle · Himangshu Mondal · Himangshu Mondal
    Pumping capacity of inline dynamic mixers and its effect on process flow control Hossein Ahadi · Javad Karimi-Sabet · Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar · T. Matsuura · T. Matsuura
    Experimental and numerical evaluation of membrane distillation module for oxygen-18 separation Vincenzino Vivacqua · Mojtaba Ghadiri · Mojtaba Ghadiri
    Modelling of auto-agglomeration of cohesive powders Sergio Carrillo De Hert · Thomas L. Rodgers · Thomas L. Rodgers
    Separation of CO2 and N2 from CH4 using modified DD3R zeolite membrane: A comparative study of synthesis procedures Ferenc L. Martinovic · Ferenc Kiss · Radoslav D. Micic · Mirko Simikić · Milan Tomić · Milan Tomić
    Modeling and multi-objective optimization of vacuum membrane distillation for enhancement of water productivity and thermal efficiency in desalination Derong Duan · Peiqi Ge · Wenbo Bi · Wenbo Bi
    Comparative techno-economic analysis of single-step and two-step biodiesel production with supercritical methanol based on process simulation Sławomir Pietrowicz · Piotr Kolasiński · Michał Pomorski · Michał Pomorski
    Experimental and numerical flow analysis and design optimization of a fume hood using the CFD method Wenbin Li · Kuotsung Yu · Xigang Yuan · Yuanyuan Shao · Jesse Zhu · Jesse Zhu · Jesse Zhu
    Fabrication and investigation of PEBAX/Fe-BTC, a high permeable and CO 2 selective mixed matrix membrane Badiea S. Babaqi · Badiea S. Babaqi · Mohd Sobri Takriff · S.K. Kamarudin · Nur Tantiyani Ali Othman · Nur Tantiyani Ali Othman
    Hybrid simulation-equation based synthesis of chemical processes Fatereh Dorosti · Asghar Alizadehdakhel · Asghar Alizadehdakhel
    Process intensification of cellulosic ethanol production by waste heat integration Natalia Quirante · Juan Javaloyes-Antón · José A. Caballero · José A. Caballero
    Modelling of the shape effect on the drying shrinkage of wet granular materials Chunfeng Song · Yiting Qiu · Qingling Liu · Na Ji · Yingxin Zhao · Yutaka Kitamura · Xifeng Hou · Xifeng Hou
    Bio-inspired dechlorination of poly vinyl chloride M. Rungsiyopas · Thierry Ruiz · Thierry Ruiz
    Fate and distribution of phosphorus in laboratory-scale membrane bioreactors Ritu Singh · Deepak Pant · Deepak Pant
    Optimization-based design of crude oil distillation units using surrogate column models and a support vector machine Christine Haider · Gerhard Niederreiter · Stefan Palzer · Michael J. Hounslow · Agba D. Salman · Agba D. Salman
    An analysis of the mini-tablet fluidized bed coating process Dauda Ibrahim · Megan Jobson · Jie Li · Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez · Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez
    Effect of moisture on flowability of pulverized coal Rok Šibanc · Rok Šibanc · Magdalena Turk · Magdalena Turk · Rok Dreu · Rok Dreu
    Multi-particle suspension in a laminar flow agitated by a Rushton turbine Haifeng Lu · Xiaolei Guo · Yong Jin · Xin Gong · Xin Gong
    Macro- and micro-scale mixing in a shaken bioreactor for fluids of high viscosity Chao Wang · Li Zhang · Zhipeng Li · Zhengming Gao · J.J. Derksen · J.J. Derksen
    Model predictive control (MPC) strategies for PEM fuel cell systems – A comparative experimental demonstration Zemeng Zhao · Jie-Xin Wang · Baochang Sun · Moses Arowo · Lei Shao · Lei Shao
    Study of particle inertia effects on drag force of finite sized particles in settling process Chrysovalantou Ziogou · Spyros Voutetakis · Michael C. Georgiadis · Simira Papadopoulou · Simira Papadopoulou
    Maximizing the Sustainability Net Present Value of Renewable Energy Supply Networks Ali Abbas Zaidi · Ali Abbas Zaidi
    Agromining of hyperaccumulator biomass: Study of leaching kinetics of extraction of nickel, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and manganese from Alyssum murale ashes by sulfuric acid Monika Karpińska · Michał Wlazło · Urszula Domańska · Urszula Domańska
    Simultaneous Synthesis of a Multiple-Effect Evaporation System with Background Process Ven Chian Quek · Ven Chian Quek · Nilay Shah · Benoît Chachuat · Benoît Chachuat
    Preparation and characteristics of a multifunctional dust suppressant with agglomeration and wettability performance used in coal mine Yinghua Jiang · Lixia Kang · Yongzhong Liu · Yongzhong Liu
    Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of the ALD of alumina from TMA and H 2 O in a commercial reactor Gang Zhou · Gang Zhou · Yunlong Ma · Tao Fan · Gang Wang · Gang Wang
    Assessing the influence of viscosity and milling bead size on the stressing conditions in a stirred media mill by single particle probes Alexander Pietschak · Markus Kaiser · Hannsjörg Freund · Hannsjörg Freund
    Optimisation of stirred vessel geometry for the drawdown and incorporation of floating solids to prepare concentrated slurries Hanqiao Che · Jiamin Ye · Q.Y. Tu · Wuqiang Yang · Hao Wang · Hao Wang
    Structure of Shear-enhanced Flow on Membrane Surface with Horizontal Vibration and its Effect on Filtration Performance Ali Z. Al hassn · Sonja Jeßbergerc · Michael J. Hounslow · Agba D. Salman · Agba D. Salman
    Purification of crude wax using a filter medium modified with a nanofiber coating H. Pineda-Pérez · T. Kim · Eduardo Pereyra · Nicolas Rios Ratkovich · Nicolas Rios Ratkovich
    CFD modeling of air and highly viscous liquid two-phase slug flow in horizontal pipes Xiaoli Song · Ling Li · Lei Zhou · Pei Chen · Pei Chen
    Preparation and characterization of Chilean propolis coprecipitates using Supercritical Assisted Atomization Monique K.K. Figueiredo · Cristiane E.R. Silva · André V. Alvarenga · Rodrigo P.B. Costa-Felix · Rodrigo P.B. Costa-Felix
    Relating speed of sound and echo amplitude with biodiesel manufacture Frederik Elskamp · Harald Kruggel-Emden · Harald Kruggel-Emden
    DEM simulations of screening processes under the influence of moisture Zhang Yuchun · Wang Zhenbo · Jin Youhai · Li Zhihe · Yi Weiming · Yi Weiming
    An innovative bioprocess for methane conversion to methanol using an efficient methane transfer chamber coupled with an airlift bioreactor Mehdi Asadollahzadeh · Meisam Torab-Mostaedi · Rezvan Torkaman · Rezvan Torkaman
    Foreword: ISMIP, 1995 to 2020, THE International Mixing Conference Mohammad Ali Ghaz-Jahanian · Ali Baradar Khoshfetrat · Maliheh Hosseinian Rostami · Mohammad Haghighi Parapari · Mohammad Haghighi Parapari
    Experimental study on the solid suspension characteristics of coaxial mixers Alvin W. Nienow · Yushi Hirata · Yushi Hirata
    Modeling and simulation of downward vertical two-phase flow with pipe rotation Ghaee Azadeh · Ghadimi Ali · Sadatnia Behrouz · Ismail Ahmad Fauzi · Mansourpour Zahra · Khosravi Mohammad · Khosravi Mohammad
    Multi-stage granulation: An approach to enhance final granule attributes Baoqing Liu · Zilong Xu · Fangyi Fan · Bolin Huang · Bolin Huang
    Removal of oil from oil–water emulsions using thermally reduced graphene and graphene nanoplatelets Kazutaka Takata · Katsuyoshi Tanida · Katsuyoshi Tanida
    Heat transfer analysis of hydromagnetic water–graphene oxide nanofluid flow in the channel with asymmetric forced convection on walls Zoe Lavrich · David R. Wagner · Zachary Taie · Devin Halliday · Christopher L. Hagen · Christopher L. Hagen
    The Maxwell–Stefan description of mixture permeation across nanoporous graphene membranes Ahmad Diraki · Hamish Robert Mackey · Gordon McKay · Ahmed. Abdala · Ahmed. Abdala
    Gas–solid fluidization of cohesive powders Rajamani Krishna · Rajamani Krishna
    On integration of feedback control and safety systems: Analyzing two chemical process applications Federica Raganati · Riccardo Chirone · Paola Ammendola · Paola Ammendola
    Integrating crystallization with experimental model parameter determination and modeling into conceptual process design for the purification of complex feed mixtures Zhihao Zhang · Zhe Wu · Helen Durand · Fahad Albalawi · Panagiotis D. Christofides · Panagiotis D. Christofides
    Life cycle assessment of a biomass CHP plant in UK: The Heathrow energy centre case Martin Lucke · I. Koudous · Maximilian Sixt · Maximilian Huter · Jochen Strube · Jochen Strube
    Modified approach of total site integration for energy conservation: A case study of sponge iron cluster Carla Tagliaferri · Sara Evangelisti · Roland Clift · Paola Lettieri · Paola Lettieri
    Techno-economic assessment of scale-up of bio-flocculant extraction and production by using okra as biomass feedstock Venkata Ramanaiah · Shabina Khanam · Shabina Khanam
    Synthesis, characterization, and application of trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride as promising solvent for extractive desulfurization of liquid fuel Farshad Merrikh-Bayat · Farshad Merrikh-Bayat
    The characteristics of resin/carbon composite electrode and application in selective adsorption of vanadium(IV) by capacitive deionization Swapnil Dharaskar · Swapnil Dharaskar · Mika Sillanpää · Mika Sillanpää · Mika Sillanpää
    Local hydrodynamics investigation within a dynamic filtration unit under laminar flow Jihua Duan · Shenxu Bao · Yimin Zhang · Yimin Zhang · Yimin Zhang
    Investigation of synergistic effect of nanoparticle and surfactant in macro emulsion based EOR application in oil reservoirs Yingguang Wang · Yingguang Wang · Dapeng Hu · Dapeng Hu
    Design and performance of a three-dimensional micromixer with curved ribs Stefania Moioli · Stefania Moioli · Minh T. Ho · Dianne E. Wiley · Laura A. Pellegrini · Laura A. Pellegrini
    CO 2 gas–liquid mass transfer and k L a estimation: Numerical investigation in the context of airlift photobioreactor scale-up Neetish Kumar Maurya · Ajay Mandal · Ajay Mandal
    Hydrodynamic modeling of ionic liquids and conventional amine solvents in bubble column Zhihao Chen · Linwei Ma · Pei Liu · Zheng Li · Zheng Li
    TheNo Sampling Parameter Estimation (NSPE)algorithm for stochastic differential equations Emmanuel I. Epelle · Dimitrios I. Gerogiorgis · Dimitrios I. Gerogiorgis
    Monte Carlo simulation of the light distribution in an annular slurry bubble column photocatalytic reactor Hassan Alijani · Zahra Shariatinia · Zahra Shariatinia
    Synthesis of high growth rate SWCNTs and their magnetite cobalt sulfide nanohybrid as super-adsorbent for mercury removal Dan Yu · Dapeng Cao · Zhanzhan Li · Qunsheng Li · Qunsheng Li
    Experimental and CFD studies on the effects of surface texture on liquid thickness, wetted area and mass transfer in wave-like structured packings S.Y. Misyura · S.Y. Misyura · S.Y. Misyura
    Effect of various key factors on the law of droplet evaporation on the heated horizontal wall Yang Jinbei · Feng Yaoyao · Zeng Ting · Guo Xiaoting · Li Ling · Hong Ruoyu · Qiu Ting · Qiu Ting
    Economic evaluation of NGL recovery process schemes for lean feed compositions Shuai Xue · Cuiming Wu · Yonghui Wu · Chuanyang Zhang · Chuanyang Zhang
    Design and application of thiourea modified D301 resin for the effective removal of toxic heavy metal ions Hans Henrik Mortensen · Fredrik Innings · A. Hakansson · A. Hakansson · A. Hakansson
    Corrigendum toA model for stresses in a circular silo with an off-centre circular core, using the concept of a principal stress cap: Solution for a completely filled silo and comparison with Janssen and DEM data[Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 93 (2015) 330–348] Nur I. Zulkafli · Nur I. Zulkafli · Georgios M. Kopanos · Georgios M. Kopanos
    Regeneration of caprolactam-based Brønsted acidic ionic liquid during transesterification of Jatropha oil A.J. Matchett · P.A. Langston · D. McGlinchey · D. McGlinchey
    Corrigendum toAprincipal stress capmodel for stresses in a circular silo with an off-centre circular core: Finite core models, including filled silos, incipient flow and switch stresses[Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 106 (2016) 263–282] Qusay F. Alsalhy · Salah S. Ibrahim · Fatima A. Hashim · Fatima A. Hashim
    Experimental and theoretical investigation of air gap membrane distillation process for water desalination Pongsarun Satjaritanun · E. Bringley · J.R. Regalbuto · J.A. Regalbuto · J. Register · John W. Weidner · Y. Khunatorn · S. Shimpalee · S. Shimpalee · S. Shimpalee
    Experimental and computational investigation of mixing with contra-rotating, baffle-free impellers Daniela S. Laoretani · Oscar A. Iribarren · Oscar A. Iribarren
    On the effect of the Froude number on the interface area of gravity-driven liquid rivulets Yunning Li · Yunning Li · Jingguo Rong · Kai Zhang · Xiangfeng Fan · Xiangfeng Fan
    Corrigendum toA continuum model of stresses in a vertical silo with a flow channel in the vicinity of the wall, using the principal stress cap surface approach for the bulk solids[Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 122 (2017) 211–225] Wang Yabo · Xie Yi · Zhang Yongkui · Tang Siyang · Guo Chencen · Wu Jiansheng · Lau Raymond · Lau Raymond
    Thermal degradation kinetics of waste printed circuit boards Dan Gao · Xu Qiu · Xianghao Zheng · Yuning Zhang · Yuning Zhang · Yuning Zhang · Yuning Zhang
    A multiscale CFD-PBM coupled model for the kinetics and liquid–liquid dispersion behavior in a suspension polymerization stirred tank Ines Müller · Gregor Kiedorf · E. Runne · Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern · Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern · Christof Hamel · Christof Hamel
    Synthesis, kinetic analysis and modelling of galacto-oligosaccharides formation Sergio Medina-González · Antonio Espuña · Luis Puigjaner · Luis Puigjaner
    Adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics studies of gold(III) ions using thioctic acid functionalized silica coated magnetite nanoparticles Yanli Wu · Jie Feng · Wen-ying Li · Wen-ying Li · Wen-ying Li
    Design of carbon dioxide dehydration process using derivative-free superstructure optimization Muhammad Bilal · Tahir Rasheed · Hafiz M.N. Iqbal · Chuanlong Li · Hang Wang · Hongbo Hu · Wei Wang · Xuehong Zhang · Xuehong Zhang
    Photocatalytic degradation, toxicological assessment and degradation pathway of C.I. Reactive Blue 19 dye Zuming Liu · Iftekhar A. Karimi · Iftekhar A. Karimi
    Development of a novel high-efficiency dynamic hydrocyclone for oil–water separation Fariborz Shaahmadi · Mohammad Amin Anbaz · Bahamin Bazooyar · Bahamin Bazooyar
    The analysis of liquid–liquid equilibria (LLE) of toluene + heptane + ionic liquid ternary mixture using intelligent models Ei L. Chan · Kimiaki Washino · Kimiaki Washino
    WITHDRAWN: Barcelona Declaration – 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, 1–5 October 2017 Tianduo Peng · Xunmin Ou · Xiaoyu Yan · Xiaoyu Yan
    Contaminant uptake by polymeric passive samplers: A modeling study with experimental validation Muhammad Furqan Ali · J.Q. Gan · Xiaochun Chen · Guangren Yu · Yuan Zhang · Mujtaba Ellahi · Ahmed A. Abdeltawab · Ahmed A. Abdeltawab
    Dynamic controllability comparison of reactive distillation columns with single and double reactive sections for two-stage consecutive reactions Shaghayegh Jooshani · Milad Asgarpour Khansary · Azam Marjani · Saeed Shirazian · Saeed Shirazian
    Thermodynamic modeling of hydrate formation conditions using different activity coefficient models in the presence of tetrahydrofuran (THF) Vahid Azamipour · Mehdi Assareh · Georg M. Mittermeir · Georg M. Mittermeir
    Chitosan crosslinked with genipin as supporting matrix for biodegradation of synthetic dyes: laccase immobilization and characterization Mbalo Ndiaye · Emilie Gadoin · Caroline Gentric · Caroline Gentric
    Electrospun fumarate ferroxane/polyacrylonitrile nanocomposite nanofibers adsorbent for lead removal from aqueous solution: Characterization and process optimization by response surface methodology Amine Boualouache · Faiza Zidouni Kendil · Amina Mataoui · Amina Mataoui
    Breakup of nanoparticle clusters using Microfluidizer M110-P de Hemptinne J.-C. · Ferrasse J.-H. · A Gorak · S Kjelstrup · F Marechal · O Baudouin · R Gani · R Gani
    Impregnation of multiwall carbon nanotubes in alginate beads dramatically enhances their adsorptive ability to aqueous methylene blue Zawati Harun · Tze Ching Ong · T. Matsuura · Siti Khadijah Hubadillah · Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman · Ahmad Fauzi Ismail · Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
    Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer during Ultrasound-Assisted Drying of a Packed Bed Consisting of Highly Shrinkable Material Hung H. Pham · Young-Il Lim · Cheol-Ho Cho · Yun-Hyuk Bang · Yun-Hyuk Bang
    Breakup modes and criterion of droplet with surfactant under direct current electric field Bing Wang · Bin Gao · Andrew R. Zimmerman · Xinqing Lee · Xinqing Lee
    Simulation and optimisation of spiral-wound reverse osmosis process for the removal of N -nitrosamine from wastewater E. Bagheripour · A.R. Moghadassi · M.B. Ray · F. Parvizian · B. Van der Bruggen · B. Van der Bruggen · B. Van der Bruggen
    Optimization model for the design and feasibility analysis of membrane-based gas separation systems for CO 2 enhanced coal bed methane (CO 2 -ECBM) applications M.A. Al-Obaidi · C. Kara-Zaïtri · Iqbal M. Mujtaba · Iqbal M. Mujtaba
    Rigorous thermodynamic evaluation of the extractive distillation process Minsoo Kim · Jiyong Kim · Jiyong Kim
    Studies on lignin extraction from rice husk by a soda-ethanol treatment: kinetics, separation, and characterization of products Andrew Allman · Prodromos Daoutidis · Prodromos Daoutidis
    Conceptual design for the extractive distillation of cyclopentane and neohexane using a mixture of N,N-dimethyl formamide and ionic liquid as the solvent V. D. Borisevich · J. Yan · A.Y. Smirnov · A.K. Bonarev · Shi Zeng · G. A. Sulaberidze · Dongjun Jiang · Dongjun Jiang
    Emulsion ionic liquid membrane for recovery process of lead. Comparative study of experimental and response surface design Arghavan Beheshtimaal · Ali Haghtalab · Ali Haghtalab
    Experimental investigation on an aerated mixing vessel through electrical resistance tomography (ERT) and response surface methodology (RSM) R. Gautier · T. Dbouk · J.-L. Harion · L. Hamon · P. Pré · P. Pré
    Fast and green separation of malachite green in water samples by micro-dispersion scanometry method without heating, cooling and organic solvents at room temperature Miral R. Thakker · Jigisha Parikh · Meghal A. Desai · Meghal A. Desai
    CFD analyses of liquid flow characteristics in a rotor-stator reactor Shahram Nekouei · Farzin Nekouei · Mohammad Ali Ferdosi Zadeh · Mohammad Ali Ferdosi Zadeh
    Robust state estimation of feeding–blending systems in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing Yi Ouyang · Siwen Wang · Yang Xiang · Zemeng Zhao · Jiexin Wang · Lei Shao · Lei Shao
    Acting on hydrodynamics to improve the local bed-to-wall heat transfer in bubbling fluidized beds Michael K. Dawson · Ignacio Aparicio · Ignacio Aparicio
    Real-time furnace balancing of steam methane reforming furnaces B. Kholisa · V.G. Fester · R. Haldenwang · R. Haldenwang
    Gas hold-up and mass transfer in a pilot scale bubble column with and without internals Rimantas Kačianauskas · Vytautas Rimša · Arnas Kačeniauskas · Algirdas Maknickas · Darius Vainorius · Ruslan Pacevič · Ruslan Pacevič · Ruslan Pacevič
    Gas distribution characteristics for heterogeneous flows in the slender particle-containing scrubbing–cooling chamber of an entrained-flow gasifier E. Mahmoudi · A. Hafizi · M.R. Rahimpour · A. Bolhasani · A. Shariati · A. Shariati
    Analysis of flux decline using sequential fouling mechanisms during concentration of Syzygium cumini (L.) leaf extract M Moradiafrapoli · J O Marston · J O Marston
    Ghost Particle Velocimetry as an alternative to μPIV for micro/milli-fluidic devices Muhammad Farooq · Muhammad Farooq · Anita Ramli · A. Naeem · Tahira Mahmood · Sohail Ahmad · Muhammad Humayun · Muhammad Ghayas Ul Islam · Muhammad Ghayas Ul Islam
    Synthesis of peanut shell based magnetic activated carbon with excellent adsorption performance towards electroplating wastewater Javad Sayyad Amin · Sohrab Zendehboudi · Adel Eftekhari · Adel Eftekhari
    CO2 conversion to synthetic natural gas: Reactor design over Ni–Ce/Al2O3 catalyst Li-Ming Zhao · Qing-Bai Chen · Zhiyong Ji · Jie Liu · Ying-Ying Zhao · Xiaofu Guo · Junsheng Yuan · Junsheng Yuan
    Optimization of lanthanum transport through supported liquid membranes based on ionic liquid Andreina Alarcón · Jordi Guilera · Teresa Andreu · Teresa Andreu
    Biomimetic Model-based Advanced Control Strategy Integrated with Multi-agent Optimization for Nonlinear Chemical Processes Gülçin Özevci · Şenol Sert · Meral Eral · Meral Eral
    Application of pressure gauge measurement method beyond its limits Yuanfeng Wu · Xianghai Song · Jiahui Zhang · Siquan Xu · Ningning Xu · Hongmei Yang · Yanan Miao · Lijing Gao · Jin Zhang · Guomin Xiao · Guomin Xiao
    Simultaneously enhanced ELM selectivity and stability by difunctional additives for batch and continuous separation of Cd(II)/Cu(II) Basak Kutukcu · Inci Ayranci · Inci Ayranci
    Green methanol synthesis process from carbon dioxide via reverse water gas shift reaction in a membrane reactor Mohammad Hadi Dehghani · Ahmad Zarei · Alireza Mesdaghinia · Ramin Nabizadeh · Mahmood Alimohammadi · Mojtaba Afsharnia · Gordon McKay · Gordon McKay
    Coalescence characteristics of silica nanoparticle-laden droplets with a planar interface under direct current electric field Fereshteh Samimi · Dornaz Karimipourfard · M.R. Rahimpour · M.R. Rahimpour
    Mathematical modelling and approximate solutions for microbiological processes in biofilm through homotopy-based methods Vishnu Teja Mantripragada · Sabita Sarkar · Sabita Sarkar
    Improved performance and antifouling properties of thin-film composite polyamide membranes modified with nano-sized bactericidal graphene quantum dots for forward osmosis Szymon Skoneczny · Monika Cioch-Skoneczny · Monika Cioch-Skoneczny
    Direct numerical simulation of cake formation during filtration with woven fabrics A. Hakansson · A. Hakansson · A. Hakansson
    Influence of rheological properties of stirred liquids on the axial and tangential forces in a vessel with a PMT impeller David Hund · Kilian Schmidt · Siegfried Ripperger · Sergiy Antonyuk · Sergiy Antonyuk
    Analysis of MHD micro-mixers with differential pumping capabilities for two different miscible fluids Anna Story · Z. Jaworski · Marta Major-Godlewska · Grzegorz Story · Grzegorz Story
    Integration of Time Domain Reflectometry in a smouldering reactor Xuejiao Xiao · Tiantian Li · Chang Nyung Kim · Chang Nyung Kim
    Modelling and simulation of cooling water systems subjected to fouling Luis Yermán · Thierry Bore · Marcelo Llano Serna · Sergio Zárate · Tilman Bittner · Mathieu Bajodek · Alexander Scheuermann · Alexander Scheuermann
    Review of Extractive Distillation. Process design, operation, optimization and control Aline R.C. Souza · André L.H. Costa · André L.H. Costa
    Modeling of plate heat exchanger based on sensitivity analysis and model updating Vincent Gerbaud · Ivonne Rodriguez-Donis · Laszlo Hegely · Peter Lang · Ferenc Denes · Xinqiang You · Xinqiang You
    CFD analysis of flow distributor designs for numbering-up of biodiesel synthesis Yuming Guo · Fuli Wang · Mingxing Jia · Shuning Zhang · Shuning Zhang
    An area-wide layout design method considering piecewise steam piping and energy loss E. Savadkoohi · Mohammad Mousazadeh · S. Ali Torabi · S. Ali Torabi
    Techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production process from waste cooking oil using catalytic membrane reactor and realistic feed composition Mohammad Sepehr · Seyed Saeed Hashemi · Mohammad Rahjoo · Vahid Farhangmehr · Ashkan Alimoradi · Ashkan Alimoradi
    Removal of Catalyst Particles from Fluid Catalytic Cracking Slurry Oil by the simultaneous addition of a flocculants and a weighting agent Marco Riccomi · Federico Alberini · Elisabetta Brunazzi · Daniele Vigolo · Daniele Vigolo
    Optimization of extraction conditions using central composite design for the removal of Co(II) from chloride solution by supported liquid membrane Daeho Ko · Daeho Ko
    Design and preliminary operation of a hybrid syngas/solar PV/battery power system for off-grid applications: A case study in Thailand Zhan Wang · Yanling Li · Yanling Li · Peng Song · Xu Wang · Xu Wang
    Incorporation of silica grafted silver nanoparticles into polyvinyl chloride/polycarbonate hollow fiber membranes for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment Tingran Zhao · Xueli Geng · Pengchao Qi · Zhaoyou Zhu · Jun Gao · Yinglong Wang · Yinglong Wang
    Optimization of liquid–liquid extraction combined with either heterogeneous azeotropic distillation or extractive distillation processes to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions M.P. Jain · D. Sathiyamoorthy · V. Govardhana Rao · V. Govardhana Rao
    Corrigendum toA new model for bubbling fluidized bed reactors[Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 92 (2014) 471–480] David Smrčka · Veronika Lesáková · Jiří Dohnal · Zdeněk Grof · František Štěpánek · František Štěpánek
    Separation of hexavalent chromium from industrial effluent through liquid membrane using environmentally benign solvent: A study of experimental optimization through response surface methodology M. Khoshvaght-Aliabadi · S. Davoudi · M.H. Dibaei · M.H. Dibaei
    Optimization of extraction solvent-to-feed ratio: Aqueous ethanol mixture separation using [TDTHP][NTf2] ionic liquid Hima Harode · Manojkumar Ramteke · Manojkumar Ramteke
    Influence of d-glucose as additive on thermodynamics and physical properties of aqueous surfactant two-phase systems for the continuous micellar extraction Pavol Steltenpohl · Elena Graczová · Elena Graczová
    Bio-waste selection and blending for the optimal production of power and fuels via Anaerobic digestion Léonard Legoix · Cendrine Gatumel · Mathieu Milhé · Henri Berthiaux · Vadim Mizonov · Vadim Mizonov

    Effect of inclination angle on the condensation of R134a inside an inclined smooth tube
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Keivan Mohammad Gheimasi · Omid Bakhtiari · Mojtaba Ahmadi · Mojtaba Ahmadi
    Preparation and characterization of SiO 2 /PDMS/PVDF composite membrane for phenols recovery from coal gasification wastewater in pervaporation
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    V. Quedeville · H. Ouazaite · B. Polizzi · Rodney O. Fox · P. Villedieu · P. Fede · F. Létisse · J. Morchain · J. Morchain
    A two-dimensional population balance model for cell growth including multiple uptake systems
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Shenyao Feng · Qing Ye · Hui Xia · Jingxing Chen · Tong Liu · Weizhong Wu · Weizhong Wu
    Laminar convection heat transfer and flow performance of Al 2 O 3 –water nanofluids in a multichannel-flat aluminum tube
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    O. Mihailova · T. Mothersdale · Thomas L. Rodgers · Zhen Ren · S. Watson · V. Lister · Adam Kowalski · Adam Kowalski
    Experimental analysis of inter- and intra-batch variation of granule porosity, stiffness and dissolution rate
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Elena Barbera · Eleonora Sforza · Vincenzo Musolino · Sandeep Kumar · Alberto Bertucco · Alberto Bertucco
    Kalman filter-based centralized controller design for non-square multi-input multi-output processes
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Britta Buck · Johannes Lunewski · Y Yali Tang · Ng Niels Deen · Jam Hans Kuipers · Stefan Heinrich · Stefan Heinrich
    Performance of agitated-vessel U tube heat exchanger using spiky twisted tapes and water based metallic nanofluids
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Libor Labík · Radim Petricříček · T. Moucha · Alberto Brucato · Giuseppe Caputo · Franco Grisafi · F. Scargiali · F. Scargiali
    Scale-up and viscosity effects on gas–liquid mass transfer rates in unbaffled stirred tanks
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    J.O. Marston · M. Moradiafrapoli · C. Li · T. Lam · M.E. Razu · J. Kim · J. Kim
    Footprint of droplets after impact onto paper surfaces with a hydrophobic barrier
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Betty Y. López Zapata · Manuel Adam Medina · Peggy Álvarez Gutiérrez · Héctor Hernández de León · Carlos Daniel Garcia Beltran · Rocío Meza Gordillo · Rocío Meza Gordillo
    Different approaches for the dynamic model for the production of biodiesel
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Alexandra C. Weber · Alexandra C. Weber · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou · Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
    Design of hydrogen transmission pipeline networks with hydraulics
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Hamid Fasih · Saeed Tavakoli · Jafar Sadeghi · Hamed Torabi · Hamed Torabi
    Plasma-etched electrospun nanofiber membrane as adsorbent for dye removal
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Thomas Wood · Thomas Wood · M.J.H. Simmons · E. Hugh Stitt · E. Hugh Stitt
    Palladium nanoparticles supported on ceria thin film for capillary microreactor application
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Christian Schüler · Franziska Betzenbichler · Claudia Drescher · Olaf Hinrichsen · Olaf Hinrichsen
    Shortcut-based optimization of distillation-based processes by a novel reformulation of the feed angle method
    Chem Eng Res Des | 2018
    Abdulkadir Tanimu · Saheed A. Ganiyu · Oki Muraza · Khalid Alhooshani · Khalid Alhooshani