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    Abbreviation of Carbon

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Carbon is Carbon . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

    ISO4 Abbreviation of Carbon

    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Carbon should be cited as Carbon for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Carbon is 
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    Carbon | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    The journal Carbon is an international multidisciplinary forum for communicating scientific advances in the field of carbon materials and carbon nanomaterials. The journal reports new, relevant and significant findings related to the formation, structure, properties, behaviors, and technological applications of carbons, which are a broad class of ordered or disordered solid phases composed primarily of elemental carbon. These materials can be either synthetic or of natural origin, and include, but are not limited to: carbon black; carbon fibers and filaments; carbon nanotubes; diamond and diamond-like carbon; fullerenes; glassy carbon; graphite; graphene; graphene-oxide; porous carbons; pyrolytic carbon; and other sp2 and non-sp2 hybridized carbon systems. Papers on composites will be considered if the carbon component is the major focus of the paper's scientific content. Carbon is a scientific journal published by Elsevier. According to the journal's website, Carbon publishes papers that deal with original research on carbonaceous solids with an emphasis on graphene-based materials. These materials include, but are not limited to, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers and filaments, graphites, activated carbons, pyrolytic carbons, glass-like carbons, carbon blacks, and chars.

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    The ISSN of Carbon is 0008-6223 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    ISSN (Online)
    ISSN (Online)

    The ISSN (Online) of Carbon is - . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    Elsevier Ltd.

    Carbon is published by Elsevier Ltd. .

    Publication Frequency
    Publication Frequency

    Carbon publishes reports Monthly .

    1940, 1963-2020

    The Publication History of Carbon covers 1940, 1963-2020 .

    Open Access
    Open Access

    Carbon is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

    Publication Fee
    Publication Fee

    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Carbon. Carbon is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.

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    The language of Carbon is Multiple languages .

    United Kingdom

    The publisher of Carbon is Elsevier Ltd. , which locates in United Kingdom .

    Selected Articles

    Full Title Authors
    Full Title Authors
    Gateless and reversible Carrier density tunability in epitaxial graphene devices functionalized with chromium tricarbonyl Anagh Bhaumik · Ritesh Sachan · Ritesh Sachan · J. Narayan · J. Narayan
    Confined electron and hole states in semiconducting carbon nanotube sub-10 nm artificial quantum dots Ahmed M.M. Hamam · Ahmed M.M. Hamam · Marek E. Schmidt · Manoharan Muruganathan · Shunei Suzuki · Hiroshi Mizuta · Hiroshi Mizuta
    Direct synthesis of high-quality nitrogen-doped graphene via ion implantation Xian Shi · Xiaoqiao He · Lifeng Wang · Ligang Sun · Ligang Sun
    3D nitrogen-doped graphene aerogels as efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction Yang Cheng · Hao Sijia · Dai Shenglong · Zhang Xiaoyan · Zhang Xiaoyan
    Reducing lattice thermal conductivity in schwarzites via engineering the hybridized phonon modes Anna Kolanowska · Dawid Janas · Artur P. Herman · Rafał G. Jędrysiak · Tomasz Giżewski · Sławomir Boncel · Sławomir Boncel
    Scaling of binding affinities and cooperativities of surfactants on carbon nanotubes Takafumi Ishii · Yutaka Kaburagi · Akira Yoshida · Yoshihiro Hishiyama · Hideaki Oka · Norihiko Setoyama · Jun-ichi Ozaki · Takashi Kyotani · Takashi Kyotani
    From blackness to invisibility – Carbon nanotubes role in the attenuation of and shielding from radio waves for stealth technology Deepu J. Babu · Michael Bruns · Jörg J. Schneider · Jörg J. Schneider
    Nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped carbon films as flexible free-standing anodes for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries Taiyu Matsumura · Hideaki Takagi · Takuma Yanagisawa · Hideto Sakane · Osamu Tanaike · Naoya Miyajima · Naoya Miyajima
    Carbons for wearable devices - Commentary and introduction to the virtual special issue Weisbart Clovis · Raghavan Srini · Muralidharan Krishna · G Potter Barrett · G Potter Barrett
    Facile nano-templated CO2 conversion into highly interconnected hierarchical porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes Pei Jiang · Timothy W. Jones · Noel W. Duffy · Kenrick F. Anderson · Robert Bennett · Mihaela Grigore · Paul Marvig · Yuli Xiong · Tongfa Liu · Yusong Sheng · Li Hong · Xiaomeng Hou · Miao Duan · Yue Hu · Yaoguang Rong · Gregory J. Wilson · Hongwei Han · Hongwei Han
    19-Fold thermal conductivity increase of carbon nanotube bundles toward high-end thermal design applications Balan Lavinia · C Fernandez de Cordoba Maria · Zaier Mohamed · O Ania Conchi · O Ania Conchi
    Sub-10 nm graphene nano-ribbon tunnel field-effect transistor K Balakumar · N Kalaiselvi · N Kalaiselvi
    Macroscopically interconnected hierarchically porous carbon monolith by metal-phenolic coordination as an sorbent for multi-scale molecules L. Quan · Faxiang Qin · D. Estevez · Huicai Wang · Hua-Xin Peng · Hua-Xin Peng
    Thermal conductivity enhancement of reduced graphene oxide via chemical defect healing for efficient heat dissipation Changda Wang · Chuanqiang Wu · Shuangming Chen · Xiangchen Zhao · Wenjie Xu · Zhiqiang Niu · Li Song · Li Song
    Role of different nitrogen functionalities on the electrochemical performance of activated carbons Ajay Krishnamurthy · Donald L. Hunston · Amanda L. Forster · Bharath Natarajan · Sunny S. Wicks · Paul E. Stutzman · James A. Liddle · Aaron M. Forster · Brian L. Wardle · Brian L. Wardle
    Ultrafast Molecular Transport on Carbon Surfaces: The Diffusion of Ammonia on Graphite Yazici Esra · Yanik Serhat · Yilmaz Mehmet Burak · Yilmaz Mehmet Burak
    Nanoscale Infrared Identification and Mapping of Chemical Functional Groups on Graphene M.A.N. Dewapriya · S.A. Meguid · S.A. Meguid
    Hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide for the effective wrapping of sulfur particles showing long term stability as electrodes for Li-S batteries Mani Jayakumar · K. Hemalatha · K. Hemalatha · Asokan Arun Chander · A. K. Sahu · A. K. Sahu · Annigere S. Prakash · Annigere S. Prakash · Annigere S. Prakash
    A novel approach to strengthen naturally pored wood for highly efficient photodegradation Moon Janghyuk · Yang Seunghwa · Cho Maenghyo · Cho Maenghyo
    Structural determination of single-walled carbon nanotube with an intramolecular junction and its electrical transport property Park Ok-Kyung · Choi Hoikil · Jeong Hanbin · Jung Yeonsu · Yu Jaesang · Lee Jae Kwan · Hwang Jun Yeon · Kim Seung Min · Jeong Youngjin · Park Chong Rae · Endo Morinobu · Ku Bon-Cheol · Ku Bon-Cheol
    Operation optimization of superhigh-temperature furnace using graphite heater Zheng Zhida · Wang Xiaocha · Mi Wenbo · Mi Wenbo
    Extremely large, non-oxidized graphene flakes based on spontaneous solvent insertion into graphite intercalation compounds Minsuk Park · Junmo Park · Jiyun Lee · Sang Yong Ju · Sang Yong Ju
    Steam engraving optimization of graphitic carbon nitride with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution Zhongwei Zhang · Shiqian Hu · Tsuneyoshi Nakayama · Jie Chen · Baowen Li · Baowen Li
    Programmable actuating systems based on swimming fiber robots Qi Xue · Yu Ding · Yuanyuan Xue · Fumin Li · Pei Chen · Yu Chen · Yu Chen
    Improving the thermal stability of carbon nanotubes and their field emission characteristics by adding boron and phosphorus compounds Yunbiao Zhao · Xu Wang · E.G. Fu · Dong Han · Peipei Wang · Zaoming Wu · Yi Chen · Yuhan Chen · Ziqiang Zhao · Ziqiang Zhao
    Effective light scattering and charge separation in [email protected] for enhanced visible-light hydrogen evolution Cian Bartlam · Suzanne Morsch · Kane W. J. Heard · Peter Quayle · Stephen G. Yeates · Aravind Vijayaraghavan · Aravind Vijayaraghavan
    Flexible pressure sensors using highly-oriented and free-standing carbon nanotube sheets J.L. Gómez-Urbano · J.L. Gómez-Cámer · Cristina Botas · N. Díez · J.M. López del Amo · Lide M. Rodriguez-Martinez · Daniel Carriazo · Teófilo Rojo · Teófilo Rojo
    Semi-transparent biomass-derived macroscopic carbon grids for efficient and tunable electromagnetic shielding Hui Mei · Weizhao Huang · Chengxu Hua · Yawei Xu · Laifei Cheng · Laifei Cheng
    Charge-transfer mediated nanopore-controlled pyrene derivatives/graphene colloids Taekyung Kim · Jian Min Zuo · Jian Min Zuo
    Pomegranate-like molybdenum [email protected] carbon nanospheres coupled with carbon nanotubes for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction Masaki Okada · Tomoyuki Okuni · Michio Inagaki · Michio Inagaki
    Identification and isolation of carbon oxidation and charge redistribution as self-discharge mechanisms in reduced graphene oxide electrochemical capacitor electrodes Jungmo Kim · Gabin Yoon · Jin Kim · Hyewon Yoon · Jinwook Baek · Joong Hee Lee · Kisuk Kang · Seokwoo Jeon · Seokwoo Jeon
    An effective in situ reduction strategy assisted by supercritical fluids for the preparation of graphene - polymer composites Zhou Chen · Xiang Yu · Qiuhui Zhu · Tingting Fan · Qiuling Wu · Lizhong Zhang · Jian-Hui Li · Weiping Fang · Xiaodong Yi · Xiaodong Yi
    Tailoring of polycrystalline diamond surfaces from hydrophilic to superhydrophobic via synergistic chemical plus micro-structuring processes Hao Sun · Meng Liao · Jianfeng Li · Chao Zhou · Jue Deng · Xuemei Fu · Songlin Xie · Bo Zhang · Yizheng Wu · Bingjie Wang · Xuemei Sun · Huisheng Peng · Huisheng Peng
    Ultrahigh level nitrogen/sulfur co-doped carbon as high performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries Yang Sha · Jiang Yingda · Li Shuang · Liu Wei · Liu Wei
    Solution-grown large-area C60 single-crystal arrays as organic photodetectors Wang Nan · Pandit Santosh · Ye Lilei · Edwards Michael · Mokkapati V.R.S.S. · Murugesan Murali · Kuzmenko Volodymyr · Zhao Changhong · Westerlund Fredrik · Mijakovic Ivan · Liu Johan · Liu Johan
    Buckypaper embedded self-sensing composite for real-time fatigue damage diagnosis and prognosis Sungwoo Chun · Wonkyeong Son · Changsoon Choi · Changsoon Choi
    Highly anisotropic graphene/boron nitride hybrid aerogels with long-range ordered architecture and moderate density for highly thermally conductive composites Paloma Arenas-Guerrero · María L. Jiménez · Kenneth Scott · K. J. Donovan · K. J. Donovan
    Determinant influence of the electrical conductivity versus surface area on the performance of graphene oxide-doped carbon xerogel supercapacitors Xiao Li · Yan Song · Xiaodong Tian · Kai Wang · Quangui Guo · Lang Liu · Cheng-Meng Chen · Cheng-Meng Chen
    Ordered mesoporous structure by graphitized carbon nanowall assembly Liang Xue · Zhean Su · Xin Yang · Qizhong Huang · Qizhong Huang
    Stress analysis and fracture toughness of notched polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based and pitch-based single carbon fibers Peng-yang Feng · Chuan-jun Tu · Zha-kun Chen · Gong Wei · Zhi-ping Gu · Zhi-ping Gu
    Extreme condition nanocarbon formation under air and argon atmospheres during detonation of composition B-3 B. J. Chen · B. J. Chen · Matthieu Pawlik · Roland Yingjie Tay · Minmin Zhu · Manuela Loeblein · Siu Hon Tsang · Edwin Hang Tong Teo · Edwin Hang Tong Teo
    Graphene structure boosts electron transfer of dual-metal doped carbon dots in photooxidation Yalong Wang · Ji Hao · Zhenqi Huang · Guoqiang Zheng · Kun Dai · Kun Dai · Chuntai Liu · Changyu Shen · Changyu Shen
    Long-term air-stable Au doping of graphene by layer-by-layer assembly with graphene oxide for flexible transparent electrodes Liam Brownlie · Joseph G. Shapter · Joseph G. Shapter
    Interatomic potential suitable for the modeling of penta-graphene: Molecular statics/molecular dynamics studies Yongzheng Zhang · Lixin Ding · Liang Zhan · Yanli Wang · Yan Song · Yan Song
    Structural stability, magneto-electronics and spin transport properties of triangular graphene nanoflake chains with edge oxidation Yan Zhao · Yan Zhao · Xiaolong Wu · Xiaolong Wu · Shan Sun · Liling Ma · Ling Zhang · Hengwei Lin · Hengwei Lin
    Flexible thermal rectifier based on macroscopic [email protected] composite film with asymmetric cone-shape interfaces Octavio González-Cordero · Luis Emilio Cruz-Barba · Sergio A. Gómez-Torres · Francisco R. Carrillo-Pedroza · Claudia del R. Arellano del Rio · Marco A. Sánchez-Castillo · Marco A. Sánchez-Castillo
    Flexible electrically resistive-type strain sensors based on reduced graphene oxide-decorated electrospun polymer fibrous mats for human motion monitoring Zhao Xu · Hui-hui You · Lei Zhang · Quan-Hong Yang · Quan-Hong Yang
    Advances in carbon nanotube n-type doping: Methods, analysis and applications Zeyu Guo · Zheng-Hong Huang · Feiyu Kang · Feiyu Kang
    Electric birefringence of carbon nanotubes: Single- vs double-walled Chunyu Du · Mei Li · Min Cao · Shichao Feng · Hong Guo · Baoan Li · Baoan Li
    Efficient resistance against solid-state quenching of carbon dots towards white light emitting diodes by physical embedding into silica Shasha Li · Yanan Wang · Hui Wang · Yue Chen · Yue Chen
    [email protected] nanocapsules with substitutional sulfur heteroatoms in graphitic shells for improving microwave absorption at gigahertz frequencies Ljubisa R. Radovic · Ljubisa R. Radovic · Adolfo J.A. Salgado-Casanova · Adolfo J.A. Salgado-Casanova
    Superior lithium-ion storage performances of carbonaceous microspheres with high electrical conductivity and uniform distribution of Fe and TiO ultrafine nanocrystals for Li-S batteries Fei An · Xiaofeng Li · Peng Min · Hongfei Li · Zhen Dai · Zhong-Zhen Yu · Zhong-Zhen Yu
    Facile one-step synthesis of hollow mesoporous g-C3N4 spheres with ultrathin nanosheets for photoredox water splitting Su Jin Lee · Yi Rang Lim · Seulgi Ji · Seong Ku Kim · Yeoheung Yoon · Wooseok Song · Sung Myung · Jongsun Lim · Ki-Seok An · Jin-Seong Park · Sun Sook Lee · Sun Sook Lee
    Synthesis of graphene-based amphiphilic Janus nanosheets via manipulation of hydrogen bonding Qinggang Zhang · Wenming Xu · Congcong Han · Xiaokai Wang · Yixian Wang · Zhongtao Li · Wenting Wu · Mingbo Wu · Mingbo Wu
    Improving the stability of inverted perovskite solar cells under ambient conditions with graphene-based inorganic charge transporting layers Rachel C. Huber · Bryan S. Ringstrand · Dana M. Dattelbaum · Richard L. Gustavsen · Sӧnke Seifert · Millicent A. Firestone · David Podlesak · David Podlesak
    Damage tolerance of carbon-carbon composites in aerospace application Chao-xian Wei · Huang Zhang · Di Zhang · Xiao-lei Yang · Xiao-lei Yang
    Performance of nano-carbon loaded polymer composites: Dimensionality matters Kimiyoshi Naito · Kimiyoshi Naito
    Incorporating transition metals (Ta/Co) into nitrogen-doped carbon as counter electrode catalysts for dye-sensitized solar cells Gloria Ramos-Fernández · María Canal-Rodríguez · A. Arenillas · J. Angel Menéndez · Iluminada Rodriguez-Pastor · Ignacio Martin-Gullon · Ignacio Martin-Gullon
    Enhanced thermal conductivity of graphene/polyimide hybrid film via a novelmolecular weldingstrategy Young Jun Hong · Kwang Chul Roh · Yun Chan Kang · Yun Chan Kang
    Probing the activity of pure and N-doped fullerenes towards oxygen reduction reaction by density functional theory Shuo Zhao · Yiwei Zhang · Yuming Zhou · Yanyun Wang · Kaibo Qiu · Chao Zhang · Jiasheng Fang · Xiaoli Sheng · Xiaoli Sheng
    Understanding and manipulating luminescence in carbon nanodots Dan Luo · Feng Wang · Binh Vu · Jianfa Chen · Jiming Bao · Dong Cai · Richard C. Willson · Richard C. Willson · Zhifeng Ren · Zhifeng Ren
    Laser-induced graphene fibers Esmaiel Nouri · M.R. Mohammadi · Panagiotis Lianos · Panagiotis Lianos
    High capacity polyethylenimine impregnated microtubes made of carbon nanotubes for CO 2 capture Zhu-lin Sun · Li-hua Xi · Hong Li · Fan-long Zeng · Yonggen Lu · Yonggen Lu
    Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped graphene nanoribbons: A novel metal-free catalyst for high performance electrochemical detection of 2, 4, 6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) Mei Wang · Xianfeng Jia · Cheng Ma · Jitong Wang · Zhen-chao Song · Donghui Long · Wenming Qiao · Licheng Ling · Licheng Ling
    Corrigendum toFree-standing activated flax fabrics with tunable meso/micropore ratio for high-rate capacitance[Carbon 116 (2017) 518–527] Haoliang Li · Sichang Dai · Jie Miao · Xian Wu · Navya Chandrasekharan · Hanxun Qiu · Junhe Yang · Junhe Yang
    Inkjet printed 2D-crystal based strain gauges on paper Poh Choon Ooi · Muhammad Aniq Shazni Mohammad Haniff · M.F. Mohd Razip Wee · Chang Fu Dee · Boon Tong Goh · Mohd Ambri Mohamed · Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis · Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
    Fully printable perovskite solar cells with highly-conductive, low-temperature, perovskite-compatible carbon electrode Lee Si-Hwa · Kang Donghoon · Oh Il-Kwon · Oh Il-Kwon
    Graphene/lead-zirconate-titanate ferroelectric memory devices with tenacious retention characteristics Cinzia Casiraghi · Massimo Macucci · Khaled Parvez · R. Worsley · Yuyoung Shin · F. Bronte · Claudia Borri · Marco Paggi · Gianluca Fiori · Gianluca Fiori
    Historical experiment to measure irradiation-induced creep of graphite Octia Floweri · Hyeonjee Jo · Yongho Seo · Naesung Lee · Naesung Lee
    Mechanochemical synthesis of porous carbon at room temperature with a highly ordered sp2 microstructure Zeping Chen · Zeping Chen · Da Yi · Bin Shen · Lihua Zhang · Xiaohui Ma · Xiaohui Ma · Yongyan Pang · Li Liu · Xing-Chang Wei · Wenge Zheng · Wenge Zheng
    Catalytic performance of oxygenated acid sites on activated carbon generated by non-isothermal plasma Junjie Yang · Wei Weng · Yang Zhang · Xiaowen Du · Yunxia Liang · Lijun Yang · Xiaogang Luo · Yanhua Cheng · Meifang Zhu · Meifang Zhu
    Carbon nanotube encapsulated in nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped carbon as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions Yue Xie · Zhi-Wen Wang · Tian-Yuan Zhu · Da-Jun Shu · Zhufeng Hou · Kiyoyuki Terakura · Kiyoyuki Terakura
    Reversible sulfuric acid doping of graphene probed by in-situ multi-wavelength Raman spectroscopy Jorge Laranjeira · L. Marques · Nuno M. Fortunato · Manuel Melle-Franco · Karol Strutyński · M. Barroso · M. Barroso
    Random occurrence of macroscale superlubricity of graphite enabled by tribo-transfer of multilayer graphene nanoflakes Kameel M. Isaac · Indu Venu Sabaraya · Neda Ghousifam · Dipesh Das · Allison M. Pekkanen · Dwight Romanovicz · Timothy E. Long · Navid B. Saleh · Marissa Nichole Rylander · Marissa Nichole Rylander
    Insight into the modification of electrodonor properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes via oxygen plasma: Surface functionalization versus amorphization Wei Chen · Li Xu · Yuhui Tian · Henan Li · Kun Wang · Kun Wang · Kun Wang
    Metal organic framework nanofibers derived Co 3 O 4 -doped carbon-nitrogen nanosheet arrays for high efficiency electrocatalytic oxygen evolution Yizhou Qi · Jun Liu · Yalin Dong · Xi-Qiao Feng · Qunyang Li · Qunyang Li
    Flame-assisted chemical vapor deposition for continuous gas-phase synthesis of 1-nm-diameter single-wall carbon nanotubes Alberto Ambrosetti · Pier Luigi Silvestrelli · Pier Luigi Silvestrelli
    Anomalous thermal stability in supergiant onion-like carbon fullerenes Marina Nazarova · T. Stora · Alexander Zhukov · Kun Huang · Rahul Nair · Yibo Wang · Jun Yin · Matthew Holwill · Zihao Wang · Artem Mishchenko · K. S. Novoselov · K. S. Novoselov
    High salt capacity and high removal rate capacitive deionization enabled by hierarchical porous carbons Ch. Androulidakis · Emmanuel N. Koukaras · M. Hadjinicolaou · C. Galiotis · C. Galiotis
    Breaking the scaling relations for oxygen reduction reaction on nitrogen-doped graphene by tensile strain Long Chen · Deping Li · Lina Chen · Pengchao Si · Jinkui Feng · Lin Zhang · Yanhui Li · Jun Lou · Jun Lou · Lijie Ci · Lijie Ci
    Enhanced electrical and thermal conductivities of silicon oxycarbide nanocomposites containing carbon nanofibers Beibei Wang · Qiangang Fu · Tao Yin · Hejun Li · Lehua Qi · Yewei Fu · Yewei Fu
    Three-dimensional C 60 polymers with ordered binary-alloy-type structures Chuan Li · Qi Fu · Kangjia Zhao · Yaping Wang · Yaping Wang · Hua Tang · Huanhuan Li · Haobin Jiang · Long Chen · Long Chen
    Functionalization of single-walled carbon nanohorns for simultaneous fluorescence imaging and cisplatin delivery in vitro Jiheng Ding · Hongran Zhao · Yan Zheng · Xinpeng Zhao · Haibin Yu · Haibin Yu
    Boron and nitrogen co-doped graphene aerogels: Facile preparation, tunable doping contents and bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis R. Ganesan · R. Ganesan · Behnam Akhavan · Matti A. Hiob · David R. McKenzie · Anthony S. Weiss · M.M.M. Bilek · M.M.M. Bilek
    Impacts of environments on nanoscale wear behavior of graphene: Edge passivation vs. substrate pinning Pranay Chakraborty · Guoping Xiong · Lei Cao · Yan Wang · Yan Wang
    Hidden by graphene – Towards effective screening of interface van der Waals interactions via monolayer coating Qingfang Xu · Zhao Deng · Qingyun Sun · Rong Tu · Song Zhang · Meijun Yang · Qizhong Li · Lianmeng Zhang · Takashi Goto · Takashi Goto · Hitoshi Ohmori · Hitoshi Ohmori
    Graphene oxide in generation of nanobubbles using controllable microvortices of jet flows M.A. Mazo · Aitana Tamayo · A. C. Caballero · J. L. Rubio · J. L. Rubio
    Multi-walled carbon nanotubes photochemistry: A mechanistic view of the effect of impurities and oxygen-containing surface groups Turki N. Baroud · Turki N. Baroud · Emmanuel P. Giannelis · Emmanuel P. Giannelis
    A facile continuous wet-spinning of graphene oxide fibers from aqueous solutions at high pH with the introduction of ammonia Jin-Cheng Li · Peng-Xiang Hou · Min Cheng · Chang Liu · Hui-Ming Cheng · Minhua Shao · Minhua Shao
    High performance lithium-ion capacitors based on scalable surface carved multi-hierarchical construction electrospun carbon fibers Heng Zhao · Qiao Shi · Zhengde Han · Hao Gong · Zhisen Zhang · Shunqing Wu · Jianyang Wu · Jianyang Wu
    Role of sulfur and nitrogen surface groups in adsorption of formaldehyde on nanoporous carbons Shohei Okada · Hisashi Sugime · Kei Hasegawa · Toshio Osawa · Shohei Kataoka · Hiroki Sugiura · Suguru Noda · Suguru Noda
    In-situ mechanics of 3D graphene foam based ultra-stiff and flexible metallic metamaterial Xuan Kuang · Yucheng Luo · Rui Kuang · Zhiling Wang · Xu Sun · Yong Zhang · Qin Wei · Qin Wei
    In-situ tribochemical formation of self-lubricating diamond-like carbon films J. Duch · M. Mazur · M. Golda-Cepa · J. Podobiński · W. Piskorz · Andrzej Kotarba · Andrzej Kotarba
    Core-shell Co/[email protected] nanoparticles enfolded by Co-N doped carbon nanosheets as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction Jinjin Li · Xiangyu Ge · Jianbin Luo · Jianbin Luo
    Tuning electronic properties by oxidation-reduction reactions at graphene-ruthenium interface Gwanghyun Ahn · S. Ryu · S. Ryu
    Low excitation of Raman D-band in [2+1] cycloaddition functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes Marziyeh Jannesari · Omid Akhavan · Hamid Reza Madaah Hosseini · Hamid Reza Madaah Hosseini
    Hollow graphite spheres embedded in porous amorphous carbon matrices as lightweight and low-frequency microwave absorbing material through modulating dielectric loss Damián Rodríguez Sartori · María Laura Dell’Arciprete · Giuliana Magnacca · Paola Calza · Enzo Laurenti · Mónica C. Gonzalez · Mónica C. Gonzalez
    In situ direct growth of graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure on SiO2 substrate without metal catalyst Changcun Wu · Xia Wang · Qiqi Zhuo · Jun Sun · Chuanxiang Qin · Jianjun Wang · Lixing Dai · Lixing Dai
    In-situ incorporation of carbon dots into mesoporous nickel boride for regulating photocatalytic activities TrungHieu Le · Hao Tian · Jie Cheng · Zheng-Hong Huang · Feiyu Kang · Ying Yang · Ying Yang
    Spreading and orientation of silver nano-drops over a flat graphene substrate: An atomistic investigation Giacomo de Falco · Giacomo de Falco · Giacomo de Falco · Wanlu Li · Stefano Cimino · Teresa J. Bandosz · Teresa J. Bandosz
    Ultra-short-pulse laser ablation and modification of fully sprayed single walled carbon nanotube networks Pranjal Nautiyal · Mubarak Mujawar · Benjamin Boesl · Arvind Agarwal · Arvind Agarwal
    13 C/ 19 F high-resolution solid-state NMR studies on layered carbon-fluorine compounds Nicolas Argibay · Tomas Farley Babuska · John F. Curry · Michael T. Dugger · Ping Lu · David P. Adams · Brendan L Nation · B.L. Doyle · M. Pham · A. Pimentel · C. Mowry · Adam R. Hinkle · Michael Chandross · Michael Chandross
    Graphene photodetector with polydiacetylenes acting as both transfer-supporting and light-absorbing layers: Flexible, broadband, ultrahigh photoresponsivity and detectivity Jingya Song · Jingya Song · Yurong Ren · Jingsha Li · Xiaobing Huang · Fangyi Cheng · Yougen Tang · Haiyan Wang · Haiyan Wang · Haiyan Wang
    Growth of graphene on tantalum and its protective properties Changhai Liu · Ke Wang · Xuerui Zheng · Xiaocun Liu · Qian Liang · Zhidong Chen · Zhidong Chen
    Non-Eulerian behavior of graphitic materials under compression Ondrej Dyck · Anton V. Ievlev · Ivan Vlassiouk · Sergei V. Kalinin · Alex Belianinov · Stephen Jesse · Olga S. Ovchinnikova · Olga S. Ovchinnikova
    Flexible binderless capacitors based on P- and N-containing fibrous activated carbons from denim cloth waste Austina D. Putri · Nurul Chotimah · Sanjeev Kumar Ujjain · Shuwen Wang · Ryusuke Futamura · Fernando Vallejos-Burgos · Fitri Khoerunnisa · Masafumi Morimoto · Zhipeng Wang · Yoshiyuki Hattori · Toshio Sakai · Katsumi Kaneko · Katsumi Kaneko
    MnO2 nanoparticles anchored on carbon nanotubes with hybrid supercapacitor-battery behavior for ultrafast lithium storage Mirian Elizabeth Casco · Felix Badaczewski · S. Grätz · Aura Tolosa · Aura Tolosa · Volker Presser · Volker Presser · Bernd M. Smarsly · Lars Borchardt · Lars Borchardt
    Hard carbons derived from green phenolic resins for Na-ion batteries Rahul V. Khose · Dattatray A. Pethsangave · Pravin H. Wadekar · Alok K. Ray · Surajit Some · Surajit Some
    Influence of interfaces on the transport properties of graphite revealed by nanometer thickness reduction Zexing Wu · Ping Li · Qing Qin · Zijian Li · Xien Liu · Xien Liu
    Mesoscopic friction and network morphology control the mechanics and processing of carbon nanotube yarns Julie A. Watts · Michael W. Fay · Graham A. Rance · Paul D. Brown · Andrei N. Khlobystov · Andrei N. Khlobystov
    Taming the magnetoresistance anomaly in graphite Hongwu Chen · Mingmao Wu · Chun Li · Chun Li
    Comparative study of shortening and cutting strategies of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes assessed by scanning electron microscopy Quan Zhang · Minhua Zhang · Tomasz Wiltowski · Tomasz Wiltowski
    Graphitization of diamond by laser-accelerated proton beams Tomás Cordero-Lanzac · Francisco J. García-Mateos · Juana M. Rosas · José Rodríguez-Mirasol · Tomás Cordero · Tomás Cordero
    Side reaction in catalytic CVD growth of carbon nanotubes: Surface pyrolysis of a hydrocarbon precursor with the formation of lateral carbon deposits Siddhant Datta · Rajesh Kumar Neerukatti · Aditi Chattopadhyay · Aditi Chattopadhyay
    Grafting CNTs on carbon fabrics with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties for tribological applications of carbon fabrics/phenolic composites Yixing Li · Xiaofang Liu · Rongge Liu · Xueyong Pang · Yanhui Zhang · Gaowu Qin · Xuefeng Zhang · Xuefeng Zhang · Xuefeng Zhang
    Piezoresistive thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites with carbon nanostructures Vinay Sharma · Navpreet Kaur · Pranav Tiwari · Anoop Kumar Saini · Shaikh M. Mobin · Shaikh M. Mobin
    Novel approach towards the synthesis of carbon-based transparent highly effective flame retardant Anne A. Campbell · Anne A. Campbell
    N-doped graphene combined with alloys (NiCo, CoFe) and their oxides as multifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen and hydrogen electrode reactions A. Gabriela Montaño-Figueroa · A. Gabriela Montaño-Figueroa · Jesus J. Alcantar-Peña · Pablo Tirado · Pablo Tirado · Alejandro Abraham · Elida de Obaldia · Elida de Obaldia · Orlando Auciello · Orlando Auciello
    Formation of hollow carbon nanoshells from thiol stabilised silver nanoparticles via heat treatment Suchithra Padmajan Sasikala · Wilfrid Neri · Philippe Poulin · Cyril Aymonier · Cyril Aymonier
    Structural integrity versus lateral size: Enhancing graphene-based film materials by reducing planar defects rather than flake boundary M.A. Davis · Heather A. Andreas · Heather A. Andreas
    Oxidation of carbon by gaseous metal oxide: A multi-path mechanism study Ji-Sen Li · Xiao-Rong Wang · Jia-Yi Li · Shuai Zhang · Jing-Quan Sha · Guo-Dong Liu · Bo Tang · Bo Tang
    Nanostructure evolution and reactivity of nascent soot from inverse diffusion flames in CO2, N2, and He atmospheres Kai Ke · Vahab Solouki Bonab · Dian Yuan · Ica Manas-Zloczower · Ica Manas-Zloczower
    Antimicrobial graphene nanoplatelets coatings for silicone catheters Dmitry V. Krasnikov · Vladimir L. Kuznetsov · A. I. Romanenko · Alexander N. Shmakov · Alexander N. Shmakov
    Nitrogen and oxygen co-doped graphene quantum dots with high capacitance performance for micro-supercapacitors Datao Wang · Ke Wang · Li Sun · Hengcai Wu · Jing Wang · Yuxing Zhao · Lingjia Yan · Yufeng Luo · Kaili Jiang · Qunqing Li · Shoushan Fan · Ju Li · Jiaping Wang · Jiaping Wang · Jiaping Wang
    Load-bearing supercapacitor based on bicontinuous PEO-b-P(S-co-DVB) structural electrolyte integrated with conductive nanowire-carbon fiber electrodes M. Barberio · Simon Vallières · Massimiliano Scisciò · G. Kolhatkar · A. Ruediger · P. Antici · P. Antici
    Comparative nanostructure analysis of gasoline turbocharged direct injection and diesel soot-in-oil with carbon black Magdalena Kierkowicz · Elzbieta Pach · Ana Santidrián · Stefania Sandoval · Gil Gonçalves · Ester Tobías-Rossell · Martin Kalbac · Belén Ballesteros · Gerard Tobias · Gerard Tobias
    Extenuated interlayer scattering in double-layered graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure Seok-Hu Bae · Chun-Gon Kim · Myungeun Seo · Il-Kwon Oh · Il-Kwon Oh
    Additive-free electrode fabrication with reduced graphene oxide using supersonic kinetic spray for flexible lithium-ion batteries Nikhil Jain · Fan Yang · Robin B. Jacobs-Gedrim · Xu Xu · M. P. Anantram · Bin Yu · Bin Yu
    Hierarchically structured [email protected] core-shell nanowire arrays grown on carbon nanotube fibers as advanced cathodes for high-performance wearable asymmetric supercapacitors J Nine Md · N H Tran Diana · ElMekawy Ahmed · Losic Dusan · Losic Dusan
    Improved microwave absorption properties by atomic-scale substitutions Chuanbing Cheng · Chuanbing Cheng · Chuanbing Cheng · Runhua Fan · Zhongyang Wang · Qian Shao · Xingkui Guo · Peitao Xie · Yansheng Yin · Yuliang Zhang · Liqiong An · Yanhua Lei · Jongeun Ryu · Akash Shankar · Zhanhu Guo · Zhanhu Guo
    Graphene milling dynamics during helium ion beam irradiation Khalilov Umedjon · Bogaerts Annemie · C Neyts Erik · C Neyts Erik
    Core-shell structured carbon nanofibers [email protected]@graphene for high performance all-solid-state fiber supercapacitors Lawrinenko Michael · Jing Dapeng · Banik Chumki · A Laird David · A Laird David
    Rational design of [email protected] heteronanostructures for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution in both acidic and alkaline media Tian Wenjie · Zhang Huayang · Sun Hongqi · O Tade Moses · Wang Shaobin · Wang Shaobin
    Electrically conducting graphene/SiC(111) composite coatings by laser chemical vapor deposition Chen Wenhang · Wu Di · Wan Hui · Tang Rong · Li Chenchen · Wang Guanwen · Feng Chunhua · Feng Chunhua
    Lattice thermal transport in superhard hexagonal diamond and wurtzite boron nitride: A comparative study with cubic diamond and cubic boron nitride Lehmann Karsten · Yurchenko Olena · Heilemann Axel · Vierrath Severin · Zielke Lukas · Thiele Simon · Fischer Anna · Urban Gerald · Urban Gerald
    HiPIMS carbon coatings show covalent protein binding that imparts enhanced hemocompatibility Faraji Shaghayegh · Yildiz Ozkan · Rost Christina · Stano Kelly · Farahbakhsh Nasim · Zhu Yuntian · D Bradford Philip · D Bradford Philip
    A long-term anticorrsive coating through graphene passivation Seong Dae Kim · Jong Gun Lee · Jong Gun Lee · Tae Gun Kim · Kuldeep Rana · Jong Yeob Jeong · Jong Hyeok Park · Sam S. Yoon · Jong Hyun Ahn · Jong Hyun Ahn
    Nitrogen and phosphorous dual-doped graphene aerogel with rapid capacitive response for sodium-ion batteries Ping Man · Ping Man · Qichong Zhang · Juan Sun · Jiabin Guo · Xiaona Wang · Zhenyu Zhou · Bing He · Bing He · Qiulong Li · Liyan Xie · Liyan Xie · Jingxin Zhao · Chaowei Li · Chaowei Li · Qingwen Li · Qingwen Li · Qingwen Li · Yagang Yao · Yagang Yao · Yagang Yao · Yagang Yao
    Nitrogen-doped and nanostructured carbons with high surface area for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction Chengyao Gao · Jianhua Tong · Chao Bian · Shanhong Xia · Shanhong Xia
    Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties of polyvinlydene fluoride composites with magnetic oriented carbon nanotube Haiyuan Chen · Haiyuan Chen · Kyung-Hwan Jin · Heng Guo · Bojun Wang · Alexander O. Govorov · Xiaobin Niu · Zhiming Wang · Zhiming Wang
    Facile laser fabrication of high quality graphene-based microsupercapacitors with large capacitance Kang Zhang · J. X. Wang · Jianping Zou · Weifan Cai · Qing Zhang · Qing Zhang
    Scalable and site specific functionalization of reduced graphene oxide for circuit elements and flexible electronics Biao Zhao · Sai Wang · Chongxiang Zhao · Ruosong Li · S. Mahdi Hamidinejad · Yasamin Kazemi · Chul B. Park · Chul B. Park
    Chemical etching of a semiconductor surface assisted by single sheets of reduced graphene oxide Shamik Chowdhury · Yiqun Jiang · Solai Muthukaruppan · Rajasekhar Balasubramanian · Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
    The influence of hydrogen on transition metal - Catalysed graphene nucleation Wojciech Kiciński · Mateusz Szala · Tomasz Cłapa · Marcin Syczewski · Andrzej Borkowski · Andrzej Borkowski
    C3B monolayer as an anchoring material for lithium-sulfur batteries Yan-Min Long · Yan-Min Long · Lei Bao · Lei Bao · Ying Peng · Zhi-Ling Zhang · Dai-Wen Pang · Dai-Wen Pang
    Flexible electromagnetic wave absorbing composite based on 3D rGO-CNT-Fe3O4 ternary films Mei-e Zhong · Jindiao Guan · Qiuju Feng · Xiongwei Wu · Zhubing Xiao · Wei Zhang · Shuai Tong · Nan Zhou · Daoxin Gong · Daoxin Gong
    Facile synthesis of N-doped carbon layer encapsulated Fe 2 N as an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction Katie L. Jones · Giuliano M. Laudone · G. Peter Matthews · G. Peter Matthews
    Mesocrystalline Ti3+TiO2 hybridized g-C3N4 for efficient visible-light photocatalysis Olga Fromm · Andreas Heckmann · Uta Rodehorst · Joop Frerichs · Dina Becker · Martin Winter · Tobias Placke · Tobias Placke
    Effect of matrix-alloying-element chromium on the microstructure and properties of graphite flakes/copper composites fabricated by hot pressing sintering Jing Zeng · Ke-Qiu Chen · Yu-Xuan Tong · Yu-Xuan Tong
    Synergism between carbon materials and Ni chains in flexible poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite films with high heat dissipation to improve electromagnetic shielding properties Xiaoan Li · Farisa Forouzandeh · Tobias Fürstenhaupt · Dustin Banham · Dustin Banham · Fangxia Feng · Siyu Ye · Daniel Y. Kwok · Viola Birss · Viola Birss
    High-quality graphene films and nitrogen-doped organogels prepared from the organic dispersions of graphene oxide D. W. Boukhvalov · I. S. Zhidkov · E.Z. Kurmaev · E. Fazio · S. O. Cholakh · L. D’Urso · L. D’Urso
    Effect of boron doping level on the photocatalytic activity of graphene aerogels Wanning Yang · Hong Zhang · Junxin Lai · Xinyi Peng · Yuping Hu · Wei Gu · Ling Ye · Ling Ye
    Interactions between bacteria and heteroatom-modified nanoporous carbon: The influence of nitrogen and sulfur doping Rui Hao · Hao Lan · Chengwei Kuang · Chengwei Kuang · Hua Wang · Lin Guo · Lin Guo
    Self-co-reactant and ion-annihilation electrogenerated chemiluminescence of carbon nanodots Oishi Sanyal · Chen Zhang · Graham B. Wenz · Shilu Fu · Nitesh Bhuwania · Liren Xu · Meha Rungta · William J. Koros · William J. Koros
    Accelerated polysulfide redox kinetics revealed by ternary sandwich-type [email protected]/N-doped carbon nanosheet for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries Wang Yang · Wu Yang · Lina Kong · Ailing Song · Xiujuan Qin · Guangjie Shao · Guangjie Shao
    A multi-technique experimental and modelling study of the porous structure of IG-110 and IG-430 nuclear graphite Andreas Winter · Antony George · Christof Neumann · Zian Tang · Michael J. Mohn · Johannes Biskupek · Nirul Masurkar · Arava Leela Mohana Reddy · Thomas Weimann · Uwe Hübner · Ute Kaiser · Andrey Turchanin · Andrey Turchanin
    White-emitting carbon dots with long alkyl-chain structure: Effective inhibition of aggregation caused quenching effect for label-free imaging of latent fingerprint Wencheng Du · Mingmao Wu · Miao Zhang · Guochuang Xu · Tiantian Gao · Liu Qian · Xiaowen Yu · Fengyao Chi · Chun Li · Gaoquan Shi · Gaoquan Shi
    Rationally regulating complex dielectric parameters of mesoporous carbon hollow spheres to carry out efficient microwave absorption Shubin Ren · Jianhao Chen · Xinbo He · Xuanhui Qu · Xuanhui Qu
    Optimisation of electrolytic solvents for simultaneous electrochemical exfoliation and functionalisation of graphene with metal nanostructures Mahesh Soni · Pawan Kumar · Juhi Pandey · Satinder K. Sharma · Ajay Soni · Ajay Soni
    Effect of Ti doping on spin injection and relaxation in few-layer graphene Xin Yu · Xiaoli Fan · Li An · Guangbo Liu · Zhonghua Li · Jiawen Liu · PingAn Hu · PingAn Hu
    Visible light laser-induced graphene from phenolic resin: A new approach for directly writing graphene-based electrochemical devices on various substrates Zaojin Liu · Jing Yu · Xingyun Li · Lixue Zhang · Dong Luo · Xuehua Liu · Xiaowei Liu · Shuibo Liu · Hongbin Feng · Guanglei Wu · Peizhi Guo · Hongliang Li · Zonghua Wang · X. S. Zhao · X. S. Zhao
    Understanding the mechanical characteristics of nanotwinned diamond by atomistic simulations Jinsong Li · Jinsong Li · Yunzhu Xie · Weibang Lu · Tsu-Wei Chou · Tsu-Wei Chou
    Metal-organic framework derived nanoporous carbon/Co 3 O 4 composite electrode as a sensing platform for the determination of glucose and high-performance supercapacitor Yu Qie · Junyi Liu · Shuo Wang · Sheng Gong · Qiang Sun · Qiang Sun
    Robust, hydrophilic graphene/cellulose nanocrystal fiber-based electrode with high capacitive performance and conductivity Izaac Mitchell · Alister J. Page · Alister J. Page
    Raman spectroscopy revealing noble gas adsorption on single-walled carbon nanotube bundles Tomoki Hirano · Kazuki Nakade · Shaoxian Li · Kentaro Kawai · Kenta Arima · Kenta Arima
    Adhesive transfer at copper/diamond interface and adhesion reduction mechanism with fluorine passivation: A first-principles study Bang-Ping Jiang · Yun‐Xiang Yu · Xiao-Lu Guo · Zhao-Yang Ding · Bo Zhou · Hong Liang · Xing-Can Shen · Xing-Can Shen
    Investigation of the microstructure change due to phase transition in nanosecond pulsed laser processing of diamond Yan Cheng · Zhaoyong Li · Yong Li · Sisi Dai · Guangbin Ji · Huanqin Zhao · Jieming Cao · Youwei Du · Youwei Du
    Carbon dot capped gold nanoflowers for electrochemiluminescent aptasensor of thrombin Andinet Ejigu · Benjamin Miller · Ian A. Kinloch · Robert A. W. Dryfe · Robert A. W. Dryfe
    Electrosprayed silicon-embedded porous carbon microspheres as lithium-ion battery anodes with exceptional rate capacities Bing Zhao · Xiaoguang Xu · Le Wang · Juan Li · Ziyu Zhang · Pengfei Liu · Qi Liu · Zhicheng Wang · Yong Jiang · Yong Jiang
    Root-like porous carbon nanofibers with high sulfur loading enabling superior areal capacity of lithium sulfur batteries Zhuchan Zhang · Mengmeng Song · Junxing Hao · Kangbing Wu · Chunya Li · Chengguo Hu · Chengguo Hu
    Monolayer graphene doping and strain dynamics induced by thermal treatments in controlled atmosphere Ligang Sun · Xiaoqiao He · Jian Lu · Jian Lu
    Instabilities in carbon nanocone stacks Yuvaraj Haldorai · Sang Rak Choe · Yun Suk Huh · Young-Kyu Han · Young-Kyu Han
    Phosphorus and sulfur codoped g-C 3 N 4 as an efficient metal-free photocatalyst Guoyin Chen · Tao Chen · Kai Hou · Wujun Ma · Mike Tebyetekerwa · Yanhua Cheng · Wei Weng · Meifang Zhu · Meifang Zhu
    Carbons from biomass precursors as anode materials for lithium ion batteries: New insights into carbonization and graphitization behavior and into their correlation to electrochemical performance Kenneth G. Latham · Kenneth G. Latham · Wesley M. Dose · Jessica A. Allen · Scott W. Donne · Scott W. Donne
    Monoclinic C 16 : sp 2 - sp 3 Hybridized Nodal-Line Semimetal Protected by PT -Symmetry Milla Suominen · Pia Damlin · Sari Granroth · Carita Kvarnström · Carita Kvarnström
    A catalytic, catalyst-free, and roll-to-roll production of graphene via chemical vapor deposition: Low temperature growth G.B.J. Cadot · K. Thomas · James P. Best · A.A. Taylor · Johann Michler · D.A. Axinte · J. Billingham · J. Billingham
    Rice husk-derived hard carbons as high-performance anode materials for sodium-ion batteries Gil Gonçalves · J. Borme · Igor Bdkin · Ankor González-Mayorga · Gonzalo Irurueta · Helena I. S. Nogueira · María Concepción Serrano · P. Alpuim · P. Alpuim · Paula A. A. P. Marques · Paula A. A. P. Marques
    A novel approach for forming carbon nanorods on the surface of carbon felt electrode by catalytic etching for high-performance vanadium redox flow battery Krishnan Ranganathan · Su Wan-Sheng · Chen Hsin-Tsung · Chen Hsin-Tsung
    Glass composites reinforced with silicon-doped carbon nanotubes Zhang Ziang · Kutana Alex · Yang Yang · V Krainyukova Nina · S Penev Evgeni · I Yakobson Boris · I Yakobson Boris
    Utilizing a graphene matrix to overcome the intrinsic limitations of red phosphorus as an anode material in lithium-ion batteries Huang Yuehua · Yao Quanzhou · Qi Yizhou · Cheng Yu · Wang Hongtao · Li Qunyang · Meng Yonggang · Meng Yonggang
    Influence of chemical bonding on the variability of diamond-like carbon nanoscale adhesion Ajay Krishnamurthy · Donald L. Hunston · Amanda L. Forster · Bharath Natarajan · Andrew H. Liotta · Sunny S. Wicks · Paul E. Stutzman · Brian L. Wardle · J. Alexander Liddle · Aaron M. Forster · Aaron M. Forster
    Design and synthesis of macroporous (Mn 1/3 Co 2/3 )O-carbon nanotubes composite microspheres as efficient catalysts for rechargeable Li-O 2 batteries Jing Li · Bingxue Ji · Rui Jiang · Panpan Zhang · Nan Chen · Guofeng Zhang · Liangti Qu · Liangti Qu
    3D superelastic graphene aerogel-nanosheet hybrid hierarchical nanostructures as high-performance supercapacitor electrodes Peitao Xie · Peitao Xie · Wei Sun · Yao Liu · Ai Du · Zidong Zhang · Guangming Wu · Runhua Fan · Runhua Fan
    Engineering cross-linking by coal-based graphene quantum dots toward tough, flexible, and hydrophobic electrospun carbon nanofiber fabrics Xing Li · Yao Tang · Junhua Song · Junhua Song · Wei Yang · Mingshan Wang · Chengzhou Zhu · Wengao Zhao · Jianming Zheng · Yuehe Lin · Yuehe Lin
    Covalent coupling of porphines to graphene edges: Quantum transport properties and their applications in electronics Chunhua Zhao · Yanan Zhou · Zhengxiang Ge · Chongjun Zhao · Xiuzhen Qian · Xiuzhen Qian
    Humidity and CO2 gas sensing properties of double-layer graphene Smruthi Suryaprakash · Mingqiang Li · Yeh-Hsing Lao · Hong-Xia Wang · Kam W. Leong · Kam W. Leong · Kam W. Leong
    Transformation of C 60 fullerene aggregates suspended and weathered under realistic environmental conditions Yonghui Wang · Jun Xu · Ligeng Xu · Xiaofang Tan · Liangzhu Feng · Yinchan Luo · Jian Liu · Zhuang Liu · Rui Peng · Rui Peng
    Decoration of graphene with 2-aminoethanethiol functionalized gold nanoparticles for molecular imprinted sensing of erythrosine Wei Liu · Shuangkun Zhang · Sami Ullah Dar · Yi Zhao · Raheel Akram · Xinfang Zhang · Shao Jin · Zhanpeng Wu · Dezhen Wu · Dezhen Wu
    Synthesis and optoelectronic applications of graphene/transition metal dichalcogenides flat-pack assembly Sei Jin Park · Sei Jin Park · Jong G. Ok · Jong G. Ok · Hui Joon Park · Hui Joon Park · Kyu Tae Lee · Kyu Tae Lee · Jae Hyuk Lee · Jeong Dae Kim · Eikhyun Cho · Hyoung Won Baac · Hyoung Won Baac · Shinill Kang · L. Jay Guo · A. John Hart · A. John Hart · A. John Hart
    Nest-like assembly of the doped single-walled carbon nanotubes with unique mesopores as ultrastable catalysts for high power density Zn-air battery Maxwell M. Junda · Adam B. Phillips · Rajendra R. Khanal · Michael J. Heben · Nikolas J. Podraza · Nikolas J. Podraza
    Characterization of ultralow thermal conductivity in anisotropic pyrolytic carbon coating for thermal management applications Bo Zhi · Miranda J. Gallagher · Benjamin Frank · Taeyjuana Y. Lyons · Tian A. Qiu · Joseph Da · Arielle C. Mensch · Robert J. Hamers · Zeev Rosenzweig · D. Howard Fairbrother · Christy L. Haynes · Christy L. Haynes
    Tailored CuO nanostructures decorated amorphous carbon nanotubes hybrid for efficient field emitter with theoretical validation Wang Fei · Ma Shuai · Si Yang · Dong Lifu · Wang Xilong · Yao Jun · Chen Huilun · Yi Zhengji · Yao Wenchuo · Xing Baoshan · Xing Baoshan
    Properties of graphene-metal contacts probed by Raman spectroscopy Takahiro Morishita · Takahiro Morishita
    Tubular titanium oxide/reduced graphene oxide-sulfur composite for improved performance of lithium sulfur batteries Lim Hee-Dae · Yun Young Soo · Cho Se Youn · Park Kyu-Young · Song Min Yeong · Jin Hyoung-Joon · Kang Kisuk · Kang Kisuk
    Self-terminated activation for high-yield production of N,P-codoped nanoporous carbon as an efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for Zn-air battery Wang Shuaiwei · Fan Zhaochuan · Cui Yan · Zhang Shouren · Yang Baocheng · Chen Houyang · Chen Houyang
    Precursor gas composition optimisation for large area boron doped nano-crystalline diamond growth by MW-LA-PECVD Fang Ruopian · Zhao Shiyong · Pei Songfeng · Cheng Yongxin · Hou Pengxiang · Liu Min · Cheng Huiming · Liu Chang · Li Feng · Li Feng
    Effects of Cu contamination on system reliability for graphene synthesis by chemical vapor deposition method Gong Peiwei · Wang Jinqing · Hou Kaiming · Yang Zhigang · Wang Zhaofeng · Liu Zhe · Han Xiuxun · Yang Shengrong · Yang Shengrong
    One-pot environment-friendly synthesis of boron doped graphene-SnO 2 for excellent anodic performance in Li ion battery Rodrigo A. Bernal · Polun Chen · J. David Schall · Judith A. Harrison · Yeau-Ren Jeng · Robert W. Carpick · Robert W. Carpick
    Facile construction of MoS 2 /RCF electrode for high-performance supercapacitor Zishuang Yue · Tushar Gupta · Fan Wang · Chao Li · Rajesh Kumar · Zhenyu Yang · Nikhil Koratkar · Nikhil Koratkar
    Improved long term cycling of polyazulene/reduced graphene oxide composites fabricated in a choline based ionic liquid Jianxin Lu · Ming Luo · Boris I. Yakobson · Boris I. Yakobson
    New insights into the surface properties of hard-templated ordered mesoporous carbons Saleem Abbas · Hyuck Lee · Jinyeon Hwang · Asad Mehmood · Hyun-Jin Shin · Sheeraz Mehboob · Juyoung Lee · Heung Yong Ha · Heung Yong Ha
    Nitrogen doped heat treated and activated hydrothermal carbon: NEXAFS examination of the carbon surface at different temperatures Supratim Maity · Swati Das · Dipayan Sen · K.K. Chattopadhyay · K.K. Chattopadhyay
    Lateral heterostructures of two-dimensional materials by electron-beam induced stitching Hejun Xu · Xing Wu · Xinming Li · Chen Luo · Fang Liang · Edmond Orignac · Jian Zhang · Junhao Chu · Junhao Chu
    Phosphorus-doped 3D hierarchical porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors: A balanced strategy for pore structure and chemical composition Junhua Song · Junhua Song · Jianming Zheng · Shuo Feng · Chengzhou Zhu · Shaofang Fu · Wengao Zhao · Dan Du · Yuehe Lin · Yuehe Lin
    Next generation membranes —using tailored carbon Hao Luo · Hao Luo · Wen-Jie Jiang · Yun Zhang · Yun Zhang · Shuai Niu · Tang Tang · Lin-Bo Huang · Yu-Yun Chen · Zidong Wei · Jin-Song Hu · Jin-Song Hu
    Superior potassium storage in chitin-derived natural nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers Andrew J. Taylor · P. Ashcheulov · Pavel Hubík · Ladislav Klimša · Jaromír Kopeček · Z. Remeš · Z. Vlčková Živcová · M. Remzová · Ladislav Kavan · E. Scheid · J. Lorinčík · Vincent Mortet · Vincent Mortet
    Carbon dots with red-shifted photoluminescence by fluorine doping for optical bio-imaging Changqing Shen · Yi Jia · Xingzhou Yan · Wanli Zhang · Yanrong Li · Fangzhu Qing · Xuesong Li · Xuesong Li
    Atomic and electronic structures of stable linear carbon chains on Ag-nanoparticles S. Ramaprabhu · S. Ramaprabhu
    Water adsorption on the diamond (111) surfaces: An ab initio study Zengjia Liu · Shaoxian Zheng · Zhibin Lu · Jibin Pu · Guangan Zhang · Guangan Zhang
    Formation mechanism for oxidation synthesis of carbon nanomaterials and detonation process for core-shell structure Xu You · Wei Lin · Huan Wu · Yongqiang Dong · Yuwu Chi · Yuwu Chi
    Mechanical failure of graphene and the anharmonic phonon coupling mechanisms Qian-xiu Liu · Chunxiang Lu · Qian Li · Qian Li
    Large-scale production of high-quality graphene sheets by a non-electrified electrochemical exfoliation method Xiaofang Zhang · Jiangqi Zhao · Xu He · Qingye Li · Chenghong Ao · Tian Xia · Wei Zhang · Canhui Lu · Yulin Deng · Yulin Deng
    Protomene: A new carbon allotrope Nan Xiao · Junwei Song · Yuwei Wang · Chang Liu · Ying Zhou · Zhiqiang Liu · Mingyu Li · Jieshan Qiu · Jieshan Qiu · Jieshan Qiu
    Comment onCarbon structure in nanodiamonds elucidated from Raman spectroscopyby V.I. Korepanov et al Meng Han · Jing Liu · Yangsu Xie · Yangsu Xie · Xinwei Wang · Xinwei Wang
    Two-dimensional siligraphenes as cathode catalysts for nonaqueous lithium-oxygen batteries Cristian I. Contescu · Robert W. Mee · Yoonjo Lee · José David Arregui-Mena · Nidia C. Gallego · Timothy D. Burchell · Joshua J. Kane · William E. Windes · William E. Windes
    First principles study of magnetism induced by topological frustration of bowtie-shaped graphene nanoflake Pei Zhu · Jun Zang · Jiadeng Zhu · Yao Lu · Chen Chen · Mengjin Jiang · Chaoyi Yan · Mahmut Dirican · R. Kalai Selvan · David Inhyuk Kim · Xiangwu Zhang · Xiangwu Zhang
    Carbon layer-exfoliated, wettability-enhanced, SO 3 H-functionalized carbon paper: a superior positive electrode for vanadium redox flow battery Dongfang Ma · Xuan-Yu Meng · David R. Bell · Shengtang Liu · Ruhong Zhou · Ruhong Zhou · Ruhong Zhou · Ruhong Zhou
    An effective graphene confined strategy to construct active edge sites-enriched nanosheets with enhanced oxygen evolution Fushuang Niu · Yi-Lun Ying · Xin Hua · Yusheng Niu · Yuanhong Xu · Yi-Tao Long · Yi-Tao Long
    Hexagonal rotator order of bound ionic surfactants and temperature triggered dispersion of carbon nanotubes Jian-Gan Wang · Hongzhen Liu · Huanhuan Sun · Wei Hua · Huwei Wang · Xingrui Liu · Bingqing Wei · Bingqing Wei · Bingqing Wei
    Mechanically robust and highly compressible electrochemical supercapacitors from nitrogen-doped carbon aerogels Chung-Hsuan Hsiao · Jarrn-Horng Lin · Jarrn-Horng Lin
    Defect-Mediated, Thermally-Activated Encapsulation of Metals at the Surface of Graphite Li Zhao · Xinli Guo · Yuanyuan Liu · Chuang Ge · Zhongtao Chen · Liping Guo · Xin Shu · Jiaping Liu · Jiaping Liu
    Nitrogen-doped porous carbon with well-balanced charge conduction and electrocatalytic activity for dye-sensitized solar cells Donghui Lan · Yan-Xi Gong · Nianyuan Tan · Shuisheng Wu · Jing Shen · Kui-Cheng Yao · Bing Yi · Chak-Tong Au · Shuang-Feng Yin · Shuang-Feng Yin
    Sub-μm c -axis Structural Domain Size of Graphene Paper Uncovered by Low-momentum Phonon Scattering Taizhong Huang · Hengyi Fang · Shun Mao · Jiemei Yu · Lei Qi · Lei Qi
    Beyond the classical kinetic model for chronic graphite oxidation by moisture in high temperature gas-cooled reactors Jiang Li · Kun Xi · Xiang Lv · Qiang Li · Shu-xian Wang · Shu-xian Wang
    Effect of reduced graphene oxide reduction degree on the performance of polysulfide rejection in lithium-sulfur batteries Minfang Zhang · Mei Yang · Takahiro Morimoto · Naoko Tajima · Kayo Ichiraku · Katsuhide Fujita · Sumio Iijima · Masako Yudasaka · Toshiya Okazaki · Toshiya Okazaki
    Inhibition of CYP2C8 by metallofullerenol [email protected] 82 (OH) 22 through blocking substrate channels and substrate recognition sites Christoph Lechner · Philippe Baranek · Holger Vach · Holger Vach
    Transfer-free growth of polymer-derived graphene on dielectric substrate from mobile hot-wire-assisted dual heating system Yinghui Zhou · Ann Lii-Rosales · Minsung Kim · Mark Wallingford · Dapeng Jing · Michael C. Tringides · Cai-Zhuang Wang · Patricia A. Thiel · Patricia A. Thiel
    Fluorine-graphite intercalation compound (C 4 F) n at high pressure: Experimental and theoretical study Mario Maggio · Rosamaria Marrazzo · Maria Rosaria Acocella · Veronica Granata · Gaetano Guerra · Gaetano Guerra
    Luminescent hybrid materials based on nanodiamonds Pengcheng Shi · J.P. Guo · Xin Liang · S. Cheng · Hao Zheng · Yang Wang · C.H. Chen · H.F. Xiang · H.F. Xiang
    Self-assembly of phenoxyl-dextran on electrochemically reduced graphene oxide for nonenzymatic biosensing of glucose Xiaotong Han · Zhibin Liu · Changtai Zhao · Huawei Huang · Juan Yang · Yingying Niu · Jieshan Qiu · Jieshan Qiu
    Substrate-anchored solid solution catalysts for high density SWNTs growth Yingqiao Jiang · Zhangxing He · Yuehua Li · Jing Zhu · Huizhu Zhou · Wei Meng · Ling Wang · Lei Dai · Lei Dai
    Chemical reduction dependent dielectric properties and dielectric loss mechanism of reduced graphene oxide Yang Ge · Jianlong Ji · Zhizhong Shen · Qiang Zhang · Aoqun Jian · Qianqian Duan · Chao Wang · Jun Jiang · Wendong Zhang · Shengbo Sang · 王超 · 王超
    Influence of dephasing and B/N doping on valley Seebeck effect in zigzag graphene nanoribbons Francesco Delodovici · Nicola Manini · Richard S. Wittman · Daniel S. Choi · Mohamed Al Fahim · Larry A. Burchfield · Larry A. Burchfield
    Hydrogenated [email protected] graphene oxide sandwich-like nanosheets for high voltage supercapacitor applications Jinwook Baek · Myeongsoo Lee · Jungmo Kim · Jinsup Lee · Seokwoo Jeon · Seokwoo Jeon
    Inhibitor or promoter: Insights on the corrosion evolution in a graphene protected surface Vittoria Pischedda · S. Radescu · Marc Dubois · C. Cavallari · Nicolas Batisse · Félix Balima · Félix Balima
    3d transition metals and oxides within carbon nanotubes by co-pyrolysis of metallocene & camphor: High filling efficiency and self-organized structures Dongxue Zhang · Qi Zhao · Jinhao Zang · Ying-Jie Lu · Lin Dong · Chong-Xin Shan · Chong-Xin Shan · Chong-Xin Shan
    The fabrication of size-tunable nitrogen-doped dual-mesoporous carbon nanospheres with excellent thermal stability via colloidal silica driving co-assembly strategy Bo Li · Aimin Yu · Guosong Lai · Guosong Lai
    Nanoperforated graphene with alternating gap switching for optical applications Boya Kuang · Wei-Li Song · Mingqiang Ning · Jingbo Li · Zhengjing Zhao · Deyu Guo · Mao-Sheng Cao · Haibo Jin · Haibo Jin
    Application of carbon aerogel electrosorption for enhanced Bi2WO6 photoelectrocatalysis and elimination of trace nonylphenol Chen Jiao · Wei-ke Zhang · Fang-yuan Su · Hong-yan Yang · Rui-xiang Liu · Cheng-Meng Chen · Cheng-Meng Chen
    Fe-N-doped porous carbon from petroleum asphalt for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction Wei Dong · Shaobin Yang · Ding Shen · Xiaoliang Wang · Sinan Li · Wen Sun · Wen Sun
    Highly flexible and shape-persistent graphene microtube and its application in supercapacitor Lei Zhang · Lei Zhang · Zhizhou Yu · Zhizhou Yu · Fuming Xu · Jian Wang · Jian Wang
    Hydrogen transfer and quinone/hydroquinone transitions in graphene-based materials Aakanksha Kapoor · Nitesh Singh · Arka Bikash Dey · A. K. Nigam · Ashna Bajpai · Ashna Bajpai
    High-Frequency Supercapacitors Based on Doped Carbon Nanostructures Jing Chong · Xiaojing Zhu · Wenquan Huang · Xiufang Wang · Yong Tian · Yong Tian
    Electrochemically generated green-fluorescent N-doped carbon quantum dots for facile monitoring alkaline phosphatase activity based on the Fe 3+ -mediating ON-OFF-ON-OFF fluorescence principle Zhao Qing · Ma Chuanxin · C White Jason · Dhankher Om Parkash · Zhang Xuejiao · Zhang Siyu · Xing Baoshan · Xing Baoshan
    One-pot synthesis of nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous carbon spheres for high-rate and long-cycle life supercapacitors Zhu Dazhang · Wang Yawei · Lu Wenjing · Zhang Hong · Song Ziyang · Luo Dong · Gan Lihua · Liu Mingxian · Sun Dongmei · Sun Dongmei
    Environmental aging and degradation of multiwall carbon nanotube reinforced polypropylene Gemeng Liang · Xianying Qin · Xianying Qin · Jinshuo Zou · Laiyan Luo · Yunzhe Wang · Mengyao Wu · Hua Zhu · Guohua Chen · Feiyu Kang · Baohua Li · Baohua Li
    Analysis of acoustical performance of Bi-layer graphene and graphene-foam-based thermoacoustic sound generating devices Boyang Liu · Shuyu Ke · Yingfeng Shao · Dechang Jia · Chunhua Fan · Fuhua Zhang · Runhua Fan · Runhua Fan
    Spalling-like failure by cylindrical projectiles deteriorates the ballistic performance of multi-layer graphene plates Yuan Zhang · Youlong Xu · Jianbo Zhu · Long Li · Xianfeng Du · Xiaofei Sun · Xiaofei Sun
    Graphene-decorated carbon-coated LiFePO4 nanospheres as a high-performance cathode material for lithium-ion batteries M. Saiz-Bretín · Andrey V. Malyshev · F. Domínguez-Adame · David Quigley · Rudolf A. Römer · Rudolf A. Römer
    Controlling hydrogen environment and cooling during CVD graphene growth on nickel for improved corrosion resistance Baojuan Dong · Huaihong Guo · Zhiyong Liu · Teng Yang · Teng Yang · Peng Tao · Sufang Tang · Riichiro Saito · Zhidong Zhang · Zhidong Zhang
    Fully-transparent graphene charge-trap memory device with large memory window and long-term retention Zilong Liu · Kasper Nørgaard · Marc H. Overgaard · M. Ceccato · David Mackenzie · Nicolas Stenger · S. L. S. Stipp · Tue Hassenkam · Tue Hassenkam
    Onion-like carbon as dopant/modification-free electrocatalyst for [VO]2+/[VO2]+ redox reaction: Performance-control mechanism Aaron Simpson · Raja Ram Pandey · Charles C. Chusuei · K. Ghosh · R. Patel · Adam K. Wanekaya · Adam K. Wanekaya
    Plasma modification of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes: Superhydrophobic surfaces with ultra-low reflectance Changseok Han · Endalkachew Sahle-Demessie · Amy Zhao · Teri L. Richardson · Jun Wang · Jun Wang
    Spectroscopic investigations on the origin of the improved performance of composites of nanoparticles/graphene sheets as anodes for lithium ion batteries Samira Naghdi · Kyong Yop Rhee · Soo Jin Park · Soo Jin Park
    Investigation of dispersion behavior of GO modified by different water reducing agents in cement pore solution Di Jun · Xia Jiexiang · Chen Xiaoliu · Ji Mengxia · Yin Sheng · Zhang Qi · Li Huaming · Li Huaming
    Rational integration of hierarchical structural CoS 1.097 nanosheets/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for triiodide reduction Giacomo Levita · Seiji Kajita · M. C. Righi · M. C. Righi
    Electrochemically exfoliated high-yield graphene in ambient temperature molten salts and its application for flexible solid-state supercapacitors G. Bianco · Alberto Sacchetti · Chiara Ingrosso · Maria M. Giangregorio · Maria Losurdo · Pio Capezzuto · Giovanni Bruno · Giovanni Bruno
    Lattice thermal conductivity of graphene nanostructures Chechia Hu · Wei-Zeng Hung · Mao-Sheng Wang · Pei-Ju Lu · Pei-Ju Lu
    Spontaneous antiferromagnetic order and strain effect on electronic properties of α-graphyne Arindam Raj · Aningi Mokhalingam · Shakti S. Gupta · Shakti S. Gupta
    Direct observation of oxygen configuration on individual graphene oxide sheets A. Armano · G. Buscarino · Marco Cannas · F. M. Gelardi · Filippo Giannazzo · E. Schilirò · S. Agnello · S. Agnello
    Fabrication characterization and potential applications of carbon nanoparticles in the detection of heavy metal ions in aqueous media Xiaohui Zhao · Xiaohui Zhao · Miso Kim · Ying Liu · Hyo-Jun Ahn · Ki-Won Kim · Kwon-Koo Cho · Jou-Hyeon Ahn · Jou-Hyeon Ahn
    Scanning atmospheric plasma for ultrafast reduction of graphene oxide and fabrication of highly conductive graphene films and patterns Hong Yuan · Jia Liu · Hansheng Li · Kuo Su · Xiufeng Liu · Yongjian Li · Daxin Shi · Qin Wu · Yun Zhao · Qingze Jiao · Qingze Jiao
    Pseudocapacitive anthraquinone modified with reduced graphene oxide for flexible symmetric all-solid-state supercapacitors Xiu-Mei Lin · Thomas Diemant · Xiaoke Mu · Ping Gao · R. Jürgen Behm · Maximilian Fichtner · Maximilian Fichtner
    Preparation mechanism of hierarchical layered structure of graphene/copper composite with ultrahigh tensile strength Kyoung-Ryul Lee · Sung Hwan Jang · Inhwa Jung · Inhwa Jung
    Effect of gaseous and condensate products of ethanol decomposition on aerosol CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes Christopher S. Yung · Nathan A. Tomlin · Karl Heuerman · Mark W. Keller · Malcolm G. White · Michelle Stephens · John H. Lehman · John H. Lehman
    Room-temperature ferromagnetism from an array of asymmetric zigzag-edge nanoribbons in a graphene junction Young Jin Ko · Keunsu Choi · Jun Yong Kim · Jun Yong Kim · Inho Kim · Doo Seok Jeong · Heon-Jin Choi · Hiroshi Mizuseki · Wook Seong Lee · Wook Seong Lee
    Hierarchical-graphene-coupled polyaniline aerogels for electrochemical energy storage Sejoon Lee · Youngmin Lee · Sung-min Kim · Emil B. Song · Emil B. Song
    Graphene integrating carbon fiber and hierarchical porous carbon formed robust flexiblecarbon-concretesupercapacitor film M.R. Anisur · P. Chakraborty Banerjee · Christopher D. Easton · R.K. Singh Raman · R.K. Singh Raman
    Largely enhanced thermal conductivity of graphene/copper composites with highly aligned graphene network Xufeng Wang · Zhijun Feng · Juntong Huang · Wen Deng · Xibao Li · Huasen Zhang · Zhenhai Wen · Zhenhai Wen
    New metallic carbon: Three dimensionally carbon allotropes comprising ultrathin diamond nanostripes Zhaoxu Meng · Jialun Han · Xin Qin · Yao Zhang · Oluwaseyi Balogun · Sinan Keten · Sinan Keten
    Terahertz spectroscopy of charge transport in films of pristine and doped single-wall carbon nanotubes Faisal Alotaibi · Tran Thanh Tung · J. Nine · Shervin Kabiri · Mahmoud Moussa · Diana N. H. Tran · Dusan Losic · Dusan Losic
    Molecular switching on graphyne and graphdiyne: Realizing functional carbon networks in synergy with graphene Lei Xu · Ruiying Shi · Hongfei Li · Cuiping Han · Mengyao Wu · Ching-Ping Wong · Feiyu Kang · Baohua Li · Baohua Li
    Interfacial structure in AZ91 alloy composites reinforced by graphene nanosheets Ziyue Yang · Lidong Wang · Zhendong Shi · Miao Wang · Ye Cui · Bing Wei · Shichong Xu · Yunpeng Zhu · Weidong Fei · Weidong Fei · Weidong Fei
    Adsorption of atomic hydrogen on defect sites of graphite: Influence of surface reconstruction and irradiation damage A Hawkins Spencer · Yao Haiqing · Wang Hongfeng · Sue Hung-Jue · Sue Hung-Jue
    Size-dependent cell uptake of carbon nanotubes by macrophages: A comparative and quantitative study Chen Jiongrun · Shi Xuetao · Ren Li · Wang Yingjun · Wang Yingjun
    Characteristics and formation mechanism of compact/porous structures in char layers of EPDM insulation materials M Taylor Susan · Patru Alexandra · Streich Daniel · El Kazzi Mario · Fabbri Emiliana · J Schmidt Thomas · J Schmidt Thomas
    In-situ synthesized [email protected] as high-performance catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction Jing-Qi Chi · Xiao Shang · Shan-Shan Lu · Bin Dong · Zi-Zhang Liu · Kai-Li Yan · Wen-Kun Gao · Yong-Ming Chai · Chenguang Liu · Chenguang Liu
    Multi-functionalization of GO with multi-cationic ILs as high efficient metal-free catalyst for CO2 cycloaddition under mild conditions Wang Gang · Fu Yang · Ma Xiaofei · Pi Wenbo · Liu Dengwu · Wang Xianbao · Wang Xianbao
    Shear stress mediated scrolling of graphene oxide Viktor Kandyba · Abdullah Al-Mahboob · Alessio Giampietri · Jerzy T. Sadowski · Alexei Barinov · Alexei Barinov
    An order reduction method for single-walled carbon nanotubes with multi-vacancy defects Wei Liu · Shujuan Tan · Zhihong Yang · Guangbin Ji · Guangbin Ji
    Carbon aerogels towards new candidates for double negative metamaterials of low density Chengyong Shu · Bo Song · Xuedong Wei · Yan Liu · Qiang Tan · Shaokun Chong · Yuanzhen Chen · Xiao-dong Yang · Wei-Hua Yang · Yongning Liu · Yongning Liu
    LiCl-KCl eutectic molten salt as an original and efficient medium to intercalate metals into graphite: Case of europium K.P. Lakshmi · K.J. Janas · Manikoth M. Shaijumon · Manikoth M. Shaijumon
    Tailoring stress in pyrolytic carbon for fabrication of nanomechanical string resonators Ji-Hyuk Choi · Chongmin Lee · Sungwhan Cho · Geon Dae Moon · Byung-su kim · Hankwon Chang · Hee Dong Jang · Hee Dong Jang
    Effects of pressure on the structural and electronic properties of linear carbon chains encapsulated in double wall carbon nanotubes Benjamin Krüner · Benjamin Krüner · Anna Schreiber · Aura Tolosa · Aura Tolosa · Antje Quade · Felix Badaczewski · Torben Pfaff · Bernd M. Smarsly · Volker Presser · Volker Presser · Volker Presser
    Mesoporous carbon hollow microspheres with red blood cell like morphology for efficient microwave absorption at elevated temperature Linlin Chen · Y.Z. Li · Ning Xu · Guoan Zhang · Guoan Zhang
    Improved graphene applications made possible by 3D graphene structures Andreas Rosenkranz · Lindsay M. Freeman · Simon Fleischmann · Federico Lasserre · Yeshaiahu Fainman · Frank E. Talke · Frank E. Talke
    New developments in non-covalent surface modification, dispersion and electrophoretic deposition of carbon nanotubes Yujie Gongyang · Cangyu Qu · Shoumo Zhang · Ming Ma · Quanshui Zheng · Quanshui Zheng
    Native and graphene-coated flat and stepped surfaces of TiC Dongwei Lu · Zichao Mo · Binghao Liang · Leilei Yang · Zhongfu He · Hai Zhu · Zikang Tang · Xuchun Gui · Xuchun Gui
    Terahertz emission from vertically aligned multi-wall carbon nanotubes and their composites by optical excitation Juan C. Fernández-Toribio · Juan C. Fernández-Toribio · Belén Alemán · Alvaro Ridruejo · Juan J. Vilatela · Juan J. Vilatela
    Antimony oxychloride/graphene aerogel composite as anode material for sodium and lithium ion batteries Yin Zhang · Yin Zhang · Yijun Feng · Tian Jiang · Jie Cao · Junming Zhao · Bo Zhu · Bo Zhu
    Three-dimensional electrical conductive scaffold from biomaterial-based carbon microfiber sponge with bioinspired coating for cell proliferation and differentiation Jin Li · Li-Chun Xu · Yongzhen Yang · Xuguang Liu · Zhi Yang · Zhi Yang
    High capacitance and energy density supercapacitor based on biomass-derived activated carbons with reduced graphene oxide binder Subash Sharma · Mohamad Saufi Rosmi · Yazid Yaakob · Mohd Zamri Mohd Yusop · Golap Kalita · Masashi Kitazawa · Masaki Tanemura · Masaki Tanemura
    Nitrogen-containing novolac-derived carbon beads as electrode material for supercapacitors Peng Gong · Zhijiang Ye · Lin Yuan · Philip Egberts · Philip Egberts
    Metal-organic framework derived coralline-like non-precious metal catalyst for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction Alessandro Palmieri · Neil Spinner · Shuai Zhao · William E. Mustain · William E. Mustain · William E. Mustain
    Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy studies of nanodiamonds and carbon onions Nieves López-Salas · María L. Ferrer · María C. Gutiérrez · J.L.G. Fierro · Carlos Cuadrado-Collados · J. Gandara-Loe · Joaquín Silvestre-Albero · F. del Monte · F. del Monte
    Eliminating delamination of graphite sliding on diamond-like carbon Akinola D. Oyedele · Akinola D. Oyedele · Christopher M. Rouleau · David B. Geohegan · Kai Xiao · Kai Xiao · Kai Xiao
    Self-assembled 3D N-CNFs/V 2 O 5 aerogels with core/shell nanostructures through vacancies control and seeds growth as an outstanding supercapacitor electrode material Xuelong Chen · Yingjie Wu · Vivek Damodar Ranjan · Yilei Zhang · Yilei Zhang
    A table-top formation of bilayer quasi-free-standing epitaxial-graphene on SiC(0001) by microwave annealing in air Yu Wang · Yu Wang · Kai Huang · Kai Huang · Alain Derré · Alain Derré · Pascal Puech · Stéphan Rouzière · Pascale Launois · Celia Castro · Marc Monthioux · Alain Pénicaud · Alain Pénicaud · Alain Pénicaud
    Graphitization of graphene oxide films under pressure Shan Huang · Weilong Li · Lipeng Zhu · Mi He · Zehan Yao · Yixuan Zhou · Xinlong Xu · Zhaoyu Ren · Jinbo Bai · Jinbo Bai
    Recent progress in device configuration and electrode fabrication for micro-supercapacitors Mickaël Bolmont · Sébastien Cahen · Mélissa Fauchard · Romain Guillot · Ghouti Medjahdi · Pascal Berger · Gianrico Lamura · Philippe Lagrange · Claire Hérold · Claire Hérold
    In situ growth of 1T-MoS 2 on liquid-exfoliated graphene: A unique graphene-like heterostructure for superior lithium storage Elmar Yu. Kataev · D. Usachov · Alexander S. Frolov · Alexei A. Rulev · A. A. Volykhov · Anna Ya. Kozmenkova · Maxim Krivenkov · D. Marchenko · A. Varykhalov · Mikhail V. Kuznetsov · D. V. Vyalikh · D. V. Vyalikh · L. V. Yashina · L. V. Yashina
    First-principles study of the role of strain and hydrogenation on C3N M.S. Ata · Ryan Poon · Aseeb M. Syed · Jordan Milne · I. Zhitomirsky · I. Zhitomirsky
    One step synthesis of chlorine-free Pt/Nitrogen-doped graphene composite for oxygen reduction reaction Yoshikazu Ito · Yoshikazu Ito · Yoshikazu Ito
    Nitrogen-doped [email protected] hybrids as a sulfur host material for use in lithium-sulfur batteries Hailong Xu · Xiaowei Yin · Minghang Li · Fang Ye · Meikang Han · Zexin Hou · Xinliang Li · Litong Zhang · Laifei Cheng · Laifei Cheng
    The novel hybrid metal-graphene metasurfaces for broadband focusing and beam-steering in farfield at the terahertz frequencies W.Q. Neves · R.S. Alencar · R.S. Ferreira · A.C. Torres-Dias · N. F. Andrade · Alfonso San-Miguel · Yoong Ahm Kim · Morinobu Endo · D.W. Kim · H. Muramatsu · A. L. Aguiar · A. G. Souza Filho · A. G. Souza Filho
    Nanotube-chirality-controlled tensile characteristics in coiled carbon metastructures Long Nguyen Quang · Peter Emil Larsen · Anja Boisen · Stephan Sylvest Keller · Stephan Sylvest Keller
    Enhanced gas barrier and anticorrosion performance of boric acid induced cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene)/graphene oxide film Wei Sun · Guohua Gao · Kun Zhang · Yindan Liu · Guangming Wu · Guangming Wu
    Thiolated-graphene-based supercapacitors with high energy density and stable cycling performance Xianjue Chen · Xiaomei Deng · Na Yeon Kim · Yu Wang · Yuan Huang · Li Peng · Ming Huang · Xu Zhang · Xiong Chen · Da Luo · Bin Wang · Xiaozhong Wu · Yufei Ma · Zonghoon Lee · Rodney S. Ruoff · Rodney S. Ruoff
    Active modulation of electromagnetically induced transparency analogue in terahertz hybrid metal-graphene metamaterials Julia Tesch · Elena Voloshina · Mikhail Fonin · Yuriy S. Dedkov · Yuriy S. Dedkov
    Resistance-heating of carbon nanotube yarns in different atmospheres Sen Wang · Shuanghao Zheng · Haibo Huang · Chenglin Sun · Zhong-Shuai Wu · Zhong-Shuai Wu
    Chiral vector and metal catalyst-dependent growth kinetics of single-wall carbon nanotubes Xuan Zheng · Shan Wang · Shan Wang · Chuanxi Xiong · Guohua Hu · Guohua Hu · Guohua Hu
    Manganese deception on graphene and implications in catalysis Dandan Wang · Yu Bao · Tongshun Wu · Shiyu Gan · Dongxue Han · Dongxue Han · Li Niu · Li Niu · Li Niu
    A perspective on objectives for carbon science Tamás Varga · Ágnes Tímea Varga · Gergő Ballai · Henrik Haspel · Ákos Kukovecz · Zoltán Kónya · Zoltán Kónya
    Flexible, lightweight carbon nanotube sponges and composites for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding Yu Bai · Zheng-Hong Huang · Xiaoliang Yu · Katsumi Kaneko · Feiyu Kang · Feiyu Kang
    Tensile properties of carbon nanotube fibres described by the fibrillar crystallite model Shengli Zhai · Shengli Zhai · Li Wei · H. Enis Karahan · Yanqing Wang · Chaojun Wang · Alejandro Montoya · Qian Shao · Xin Wang · Yuan Chen · Yuan Chen
    Resolving localized phonon modes on graphene/Ir(111) by inelastic atom scattering Zhang Zhang · Xin Yan · Lanju Liang · Dequan Wei · Meng Wang · Yaru Wang · Jianquan Yao · Jianquan Yao
    A novel strategy of transition-metal doping to engineer absorption of carbon dots for near-infrared photothermal/photodynamic therapies Zhiwei Peng · Allen L. Ng · Hyejin Kwon · Peng Wang · Chien-Fu Chen · Cheng S. Lee · YuHuang Wang · YuHuang Wang
    Organic solar cells based on graphene derivatives and eutectic alloys vacuum-free deposited as top electrodes Justin M. Hurst · Lei Li · Haitao Liu · Haitao Liu
    Fe intercalation under graphene and hexagonal boron nitride in-plane heterostructure on Pt(111) Khatereh Azizi · Khatereh Azizi · Petri Hirvonen · Zheyong Fan · Ari Harju · Ken Elder · Tapio Ala-Nissila · Tapio Ala-Nissila · S. Mehdi Vaez Allaei · S. Mehdi Vaez Allaei
    Synthesis and formation mechanism of iron nanoparticles in graphitized carbon matrices using biochar from biomass model compounds as a support Yufei Liu · Qiuwei Shi · Chengyi Hou · Qinghong Zhang · Yaogang Li · Hongzhi Wang · Hongzhi Wang
    NIR-responsive carbon dots for efficient photothermal cancer therapy at low power densities J Bandosz Teresa · Ren Tie-Zhen · Ren Tie-Zhen
    Early stage of CVD graphene synthesis on Ge(001) substrate Yaoyao Liu · Wen Yue · Wenbo Qin · Chengbiao Wang · Chengbiao Wang
    Utilizing SO 2 as self-installing gate to regulate the separation properties of porous graphenes Szalowski Karol · Szalowski Karol
    Ablative and catalytic behavior of carbon-based porous thermal protection materials in nitrogen plasmas Shurik Yatom · Junhwi Bak · A. Khrabryi · Yevgeny Raitses · Yevgeny Raitses
    The transport and optoelectronic properties of γ-graphyne-based molecular magnetic tunnel junctions Weiming Feng · Yali Ye · Zhenchao Lei · Chunhua Feng · Chaohai Wei · Shaowei Chen · Shaowei Chen
    3D self-assembly synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon from petroleum asphalt for supercapacitors Shruti Subramanian · Donna D. Deng · Ke Xu · Nicholas Simonson · Ke Wang · Kehao Zhang · Jun Li · R. M. Feenstra · Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey · Joshua A. Robinson · Joshua A. Robinson
    Adventitious hydrocarbons and the graphite-water interface Maddumage Don Sandeepa Lakshad Wimalananda · Jae-Kwan Kim · Ji-Myon Lee · Ji-Myon Lee
    Preparation of magnetic hierarchical porous carbon spheres with graphitic features for high methyl orange adsorption capacity Shusheng Xu · Yuzhen Liu · Mingyu Gao · Kyeong Hee Kang · Chang Lae Kim · Dae-Eun Kim · Dae-Eun Kim
    Measurements of the specific heat and resistance of liquid carbon close to isochoric condition Peng Wang · Peng Wang · Jijian Xu · Feng Xu · Wei Zhao · Peng Sun · Zhichao Zhang · Meng Qian · Fuqiang Huang · Fuqiang Huang · Fuqiang Huang
    One-step electrochemical strategy for in-situ synthesis of S,N-codoped graphene as metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction František Karlický · Josef Turoň · Josef Turoň
    Regeneration of PFOS loaded activated carbon by hot water and subsequent aeration enrichment of PFOS from eluent Adeyinka Idowu · Benjamin Boesl · Arvind Agarwal · Arvind Agarwal
    Polycyclic aromatic compounds-modified graphitic carbon nitride for efficient visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution Lei Pan · Yixian Wang · Han Hu · Xinxin Li · Jialiang Liu · Lu Guan · Wei Tian · Xiaobo Wang · Yanpeng Li · Mingbo Wu · Mingbo Wu
    Surface and in-depth distribution of sp 2 and sp 3 coordinated carbon atoms in diamond-like carbon films modified by argon ion beam bombardment during growth Gerard L. Vignoles · Alessandro Turchi · Daniele Bianchi · Pierre Blaineau · Xavier Lamboley · Xavier Lamboley · Damien Le Quang Huy · Cyril Levet · Cyril Levet · Olivier Caty · Olivier Chazot · Olivier Chazot
    Microwave absorption properties of 3D cross-linked Fe/C porous nanofibers prepared by electrospinning Xiao-Lu Guo · Zhao-Yang Ding · Si-Min Deng · Chang‐Chun Wen · Xing-Can Shen · Bang-Ping Jiang · Hong Liang · Hong Liang
    Low-energy hydrogen uptake by small-cage Cn and Cn-1B fullerenes Yuanzhen Li · Chao Wu · Chao Wu
    Interface mechanics of carbon fibers with radially-grown carbon nanotubes L. Di Gaspare · A. M. Scaparro · M. Fanfoni · L. Fazi · A. Sgarlata · A. Notargiacomo · Vaidotas Miseikis · Camilla Coletti · M. De Seta · M. De Seta
    Structural characteristics and strain behavior of two-dimensional C 3 N : First principles calculations Bijiang Geng · Dewen Yang · Dengyu Pan · Liang Wang · Fengfeng Zheng · Wenwen Shen · Chen Zhang · Xiaokai Li · Xiaokai Li
    Electrochemical performance of a coaxial fiber-shaped asymmetric supercapacitor based on nanostructured MnO 2 /CNT-web paper and Fe 2 O 3 /carbon fiber electrodes Sai Teja Neeli · Hema Ramsurn · Hema Ramsurn
    Phosphorus-assisted solid-phase approach to three-dimensional highly porous graphene sheets and their capacitance properties Igor Píš · Silvia Nappini · Federica Bondino · Tevfik Onur Menteş · Alessandro Sala · A. Locatelli · Elena Magnano · Elena Magnano
    Phenol-degrading sludge as a promising precursor for capacitive carbon material: Disclosing key factors for the nanostructure and high capacitance Daniel Romero-Borja · José-Luis Maldonado · Oracio Barbosa-García · Mario Rodríguez · Arxel de León · Salvador Fernández · Enrique Pérez-Gutiérrez · Enrique Pérez-Gutiérrez
    Ultrafast hydrothermal assembly of nanocarbon microfibers in near-critical water for 3D microsupercapacitors Kui Li · Miao Sun · Wei-De Zhang · Wei-De Zhang
    Tunable broadband polarization rotator in terahertz frequency based on graphene metamaterial J. Zemek · J. Houdkova · P. Jiricek · M. Jelinek · M. Jelinek
    Micro-mesoporous graphitic carbon nanofiber membranes Fengyi Wang · Yunqiang Sun · Deren Li · Bo Zhong · Zhiguo Wu · Shiyong Zuo · De Yan · Renfu Zhuo · Juanjuan Feng · Pengxun Yan · Pengxun Yan
    The growth and assembly of organic molecules and inorganic 2D materials on graphene for van der Waals heterostructures F. Javier Dominguez-Gutierrez · Predrag S. Krstic · Stephan Irle · R. Cabrera-Trujillo · R. Cabrera-Trujillo
    Hydrogen-bond supramolecular hydrogels as efficient precursors in the preparation of freestanding 3D carbonaceous architectures containing BCNO nanocrystals and exhibiting a high CO2/CH4 adsorption ratio Nithya Subramanian · Bonsung Koo · Karthik Rajan Venkatesan · Aditi Chattopadhyay · Aditi Chattopadhyay
    Explaining the role and mechanism of carbon matrices in enhancing reaction reversibility of metal oxide anodes for high performance Li ion batteries Li-Bin Shi · Yan-Yan Zhang · Xiao-Ming Xiu · Hai-Kuan Dong · Hai-Kuan Dong
    Evaluation of wetting transparency and surface energy of pristine and aged graphene through nanoscale friction Bebi Patil · Suhyun Ahn · Seongil Yu · Hyeonjun Song · Youngjin Jeong · Ju Hwan Kim · Heejoon Ahn · Heejoon Ahn
    In situ TEM synthesis of carbon nanotube Y-junctions by electromigration induced soldering Chunlin Chen · Ting Liang · Xiang Chen · Bingsen Zhang · Lei Wang · Jian Zhang · Jian Zhang
    Nanoparticle activated and directed assembly of graphene into a nanoscroll X. W. Tang · Zhenhua Sun · Shuping Zhuo · Feng Li · Feng Li
    Electrochemistry of [email protected] graphene oxides Jianyang Wu · Heng Zhao · Jingran Liu · Zhisen Zhang · Fulong Ning · Yilun Liu · Yilun Liu
    Nanoconfined SnS in 3D interconnected macroporous carbon as durable anodes for lithium/sodium ion batteries Jian Wu · Liwen Mu · Jiahua Zhu · Xin Feng · Xiaohua Lu · Roland Larsson · Yijun Shi · Yijun Shi
    Electronic structure of Li + @C 60 : Photoelectron spectroscopy of the Li + @C 60 [PF 6 − ] salt and STM of the single Li + @C 60 molecules on Cu(111) Erzhen Zhou · Jiabin Xi · Yan Guo · Yingjun Liu · Zhen Xu · Li Peng · Weiwei Gao · Ji Ying · Zichen Chen · Chao Gao · Chao Gao
    Quantitative determination of size and properties of interphases in carbon nanotube-based multiscale composites Monalisa Ghosh · G. Mohan Rao · G. Mohan Rao
    A green method to reduce graphene oxide with carbonyl groups residual for enhanced electrochemical performance Zhiyong Pan · Hao Sun · Jian Pan · Jing Zhang · Bingjie Wang · Huisheng Peng · Huisheng Peng
    Nitrogen-doped carbon coatings on carbon nanotubes as efficient oxygen reduction catalysts Pedro Henrique de Oliveira Neto · Pedro Henrique de Oliveira Neto · Troy Van Voorhis · Troy Van Voorhis
    Orthorhombic carbon oC24: A novel topological nodal line semimetal Shuhua Yang · Zhenzhen Han · Fangyuan Zheng · Jing Sun · Zhensong Qiao · Xiaopeng Yang · Li Li · Cuncheng Li · Xuefeng Song · Bingqiang Cao · Bingqiang Cao
    Energy dissipative mechanism of graphene foam materials Tongli Lim Lee · Ryan A. Adams · Claudia Luhrs · Anjela Arora · Vilas G. Pol · Chun-Hsien Wu · Jonathan Phillips · Jonathan Phillips
    Novel fabrication of N-doped hierarchically porous carbon with exceptional potassium storage properties Qiao Chen · Yujia Zhong · Zexia Zhang · Xuanliang Zhao · Meirong Huang · Zhen Zhen · Yijia He · Hongwei Zhu · Hongwei Zhu
    Fluorinated nanodiamonds as unique neutron reflector Jae-Yeop Kim · Woohwa Lee · Young Hun Kang · Song Yun Cho · Kwang-Suk Jang · Kwang-Suk Jang
    Synergistic effect of graphene and carbon nanotube for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding films Philippe Ouzilleau · Aïmen E. Gheribi · Patrice Chartrand · Patrice Chartrand
    Metal-free honeycomb-like porous carbon as catalyst for direct oxidation of benzene to phenol Yimin Sun · Yimin Sun · Wei Zeng · Helei Sun · Shaohong Luo · Dugang Chen · Vincent Chan · Kin Liao · Kin Liao
    Synthesis of vertically aligned and tree-like carbon nanostructures Alexandra I. Zvyagina · Elizaveta K. Melnikova · Alexei A. Averin · A. E. Baranchikov · A. R. Tameev · Vladimir V. Malov · Alexander A. Ezhov · Alexander A. Ezhov · Dmitry A. Grishanov · Jenny Gun · Elizaveta V. Ermakova · V. V. Arslanov · Maria A. Kalinina · Maria A. Kalinina
    The creation of hollow walls in carbon nanotubes for high-performance lithium ion batteries Anton V. Ievlev · Jacek Jakowski · Ivan Vlassiouk · Xiahan Sang · Chance Brown · Chance Brown · Ondrej Dyck · Raymond R. Unocic · Sergei V. Kalinin · Alex Belianinov · Bobby G. Sumpter · Stephen Jesse · Olga S. Ovchinnikova · Olga S. Ovchinnikova
    Dynamics of charge quasiparticles generation in armchair graphene nanoribbons Feng He · Huiqi Li · Yingchun Ding · Kai Li · Ying Wang · Zhijian Wu · Zhijian Wu
    ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles-cotton derived hierarchical porous active carbon fibers for high rate-capability supercapacitor electrodes Yanbin Wang · Man Liu · Xu Zhao · Di Cao · Tao Guo · Tao Guo · Bo Yang · Bo Yang
    High-stability tin/carbon battery electrodes produced using reduction expansion synthesis Ji Liu · Yafeng Liu · Hao-Bin Zhang · Yang Dai · Zhangshuo Liu · Zhong-Zhen Yu · Zhong-Zhen Yu
    Molecular level one-step activation of agar to activated carbon for high performance supercapacitors Qinhong Wei · Huailin Fan · Fangfang Qin · Qingxiang Ma · Wenzhong Shen · Wenzhong Shen
    A carbon science perspective in 2018: Current achievements and future challenges Valery Nesvizhevsky · Ulli Köster · Marc Dubois · Nicolas Batisse · Lawrence Frezet · Alexei Bosak · Laia Gines · Oliver Aneurin Williams · Oliver Aneurin Williams
    Structural and electrical properties tailoring of carbon nanotubes via a reversible defect handling technique Yoichi Yamada · Artem V. Kuklin · Artem V. Kuklin · Sho Sato · Fumitaka Esaka · Naoto Sumi · Chunyang Zhang · Masahiro Sasaki · Eunsung Kwon · Yukihiko Kasama · Pavel V. Avramov · Seiji Sakai · Seiji Sakai
    Graphene solution-gated field effect transistor DNA sensor fabricated by liquid exfoliation and double glutaraldehyde cross-linking Xiujun Qi · Kangsheng Huang · Xuan Wu · Wei Zhao · Hong Wang · Quanchao Zhuang · Zhicheng Ju · Zhicheng Ju · Zhicheng Ju
    Electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped carbons prepared by the thermal reduction of furfurylamine-intercalated graphite oxide Chao Wang · Douxing Pan · Shaohua Chen · Shaohua Chen
    Li-ion storage in an amorphous, solid, spheroidal carbon anode produced by dry-autoclaving of coffee oil Zhen-Zhen Li · Jia Chen · Simin Nie · L. Xu · Hiroshi Mizuseki · Hongming Weng · Jian-Tao Wang · Jian-Tao Wang
    Atomistic insights into the effect of polymerization on the thermophysical properties of 2-D C 60 molecular solids Li-xiang Li · Hong-wei Zhao · Tian-yu Xing · Xin Geng · Ren-feng Song · Bai-gang An · Bai-gang An
    Preparation of three-dimensional hierarchical porous carbon microspheres for use as a cathode material in lithium-air batteries Mengying Yu · Shanshan Zhang · Ying Chen · Hongyun Jin · Yong Zhang · Luhua Lu · Zhu Shu · Shuen Hou · Bingqiao Xie · Hongda Cui · Hongda Cui
    Tuning the magnetic properties of hydrogenated bilayer graphene and graphene/h-BN heterostructures by compressive pressures Harpreet Singh Bedi · Mayank Tiwari · Prabhat K. Agnihotri · Prabhat K. Agnihotri
    Complementary design of nano-carbon/magnetic microwire hybrid fibers for tunable microwave absorption Lixing Zhang · Huazhi Gu · Haibo Sun · Feifei Cao · Yao Chen · George Z. Chen · George Z. Chen · George Z. Chen · George Z. Chen
    The study of mechanical properties and structures of carbon fibers and carbon nanotube yarns Alberto Bianco · Yongsheng Chen · Yuan Chen · Debjit Ghoshal · Robert H. Hurt · Yoong Ahm Kim · Yoong Ahm Kim · Nikhil Koratkar · Vincent Meunier · Mauricio Terrones · Mauricio Terrones
    Topology and doping effects in three-dimensional nanoporous graphene Xin Li · Yong Cheng · Longze Zhao · Qiaobao Zhang · Ming-Sheng Wang · Ming-Sheng Wang
    Nitrogen-doped carbon materials Zhongrong Wang · Yunfang Jia · Yunfang Jia
    Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of graphene caused by self-induced nanogating by GaN nanowire array D. Estevez · Faxiang Qin · L. Quan · Y. Luo · Xiaoqing Zheng · Huicai Wang · Hua-Xin Peng · Hua-Xin Peng
    Insights on the mechanism of water-alcohol separation in multilayer graphene oxide membranes: Entropic versus enthalpic factors 松村 一輝 · 原 弘幸 · 衣本 太郎 · 津村 朋樹 · 豊田 昌宏 · 豊田 昌宏
    Understanding bond formation and its impact on the capacitive properties of SiW12 polyoxometalates adsorbed on functionalized carbon nanotubes Wenjing Xie · Lutao Weng · Kai Mo Ng · Chak Keung Chan · Chak Keung Chan · Chi Ming Chan · Chi Ming Chan
    Adiabatic control of surface plasmon-polaritons in a 3-layers graphene curved configuration M V Ilina · Oleg I. Ilin · Yuriy F. Blinov · V. A. Smirnov · A. S. Kolomiytsev · A. A. Fedotov · B. G. Konoplev · O. A. Ageev · O. A. Ageev
    Long-term electrical conductivity stability of graphene under uncontrolled ambient conditions Felix Herziger · Christoph Tyborski · Oliver Ochedowski · Marika Schleberger · Janina Maultzsch · Janina Maultzsch · Janina Maultzsch
    Wet-spinning and post-treatment of CNT/PEDOT:PSS composites for use in organic fiber-based thermoelectric generators Yang Wang · Jingxiang Xu · Jing Zhang · Qian Chen · Yusuke Ootani · Yuji Higuchi · Nobuki Ozawa · Jean Michel Martin · Koshi Adachi · Momoji Kubo · Momoji Kubo
    Rationally-designed configuration of directly-coated Ni3S2/Ni electrode by RGO providing superior sodium storage Xuyang Li · Parthasarathi Bandyopadhyay · Meng Guo · Nam Hoon Kim · Joong Hee Lee · Joong Hee Lee
    Expanded graphite and carbon nanotube supported palladium nanoparticles for electrocatalytic oxidation of liquid fuels Junxing Hao · Liudi Ji · Kangbing Wu · Nianjun Yang · Nianjun Yang
    Elongated graphitic hollow nanofibers from vegetable oil as prospective insertion host for constructing advanced high energy Li-Ion capacitor and battery Thiago Henrique Rodrigues da Cunha · Sergio de Oliveira · Icaro L. Martins · Viviany Geraldo · Douglas R. Miquita · Sergio L.M. Ramos · Rodrigo G. Lacerda · Luiz O. Ladeira · Andre S. Ferlauto · Andre S. Ferlauto
    Engineering the outermost surface of mesoporous carbon beads towards the broad-spectrum blood-cleansing application Gabriela Hotová · Václav Slovák · O.S.G.P. Soares · José L. Figueiredo · M.F.R. Pereira · M.F.R. Pereira
    Influence of an Al 2 O 3 interlayer in a directly grown graphene-silicon Schottky junction solar cell Rei Nonomura · Takashi Itoh · Yoshinori Sato · Koji Yokoyama · Masashi Yamamoto · Tetsuo Nishida · Kenichi Motomiya · Kazuyuki Tohji · Kazuyuki Tohji
    Hydrothermal synthesis of Ni(OH) 2 /RGO nanocomposites with superior electrochemical performance Andreas Heckmann · Olga Fromm · Uta Rodehorst · Patrick Münster · Martin Winter · Martin Winter · Tobias Placke · Tobias Placke
    Highly compressible ultra-light anisotropic cellulose/graphene aerogel fabricated by bidirectional freeze drying for selective oil absorption Hongling Huang · Huawei Huang · Xiu-chao Yao · Xinyi Tan · Jiafu Hong · Jieshan Qiu · Jieshan Qiu
    Argon atoms insertion in diamond: New insights in identification of carbon C 1s peak in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis Xiaosheng Song · Xiaosheng Song · Xifei Li · Zhimin Bai · Bo Yan · Dongbin Xiong · Dongbin Xiong · Liangxu Lin · Hui Zhao · Dejun Li · Yuyan Shao · Yuyan Shao
    CO 2 oxidation of carbon nanotubes for lithium-sulfur batteries with improved electrochemical performance Amjad Al Taleb · Gloria Anemone · Daniel Farías · R. Miranda · R. Miranda
    Inorganic/polymer-graphene hybrid gel as versatile electrochemical platform for electrochemical capacitor and biosensor Haoyan Sha · Shenli Zhang · Roland Faller · Roland Faller
    One-step synthesis of ultra-high surface area nanoporous carbons and their application for electrochemical energy storage Karteek K. Bejagam · Samrendra Singh · Sanket A. Deshmukh · Sanket A. Deshmukh
    High-yield synthesis of bundles of double- and triple-walled carbon nanotubes on aluminum flakes Rodney S. Ruoff · Rodney S. Ruoff
    Oxygen surface groups analysis of carbonaceous samples pyrolysed at low temperature Ruquan Ye · J. Dong · Luqing Wang · Rubén Mendoza-Cruz · Yilun Li · Pengfei An · Miguel José Yacamán · Boris I. Yakobson · Dongliang Chen · James M. Tour · James M. Tour
    Electrochemical capacitors using nitrogen-doped vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube electrodes prepared by defluorination M. V. Kharlamova · Christian Kramberger · Yuta Sato · Takeshi Saito · Kazu Suenaga · T. Pichler · Hidetsugu Shiozawa · Hidetsugu Shiozawa
    New insights into electrochemical anion intercalation into carbonaceous materials for dual-ion batteries: Impact of the graphitization degree Maik Scholz · Yasuhiko Hayashi · Vyacheslav O. Khavrus · Daiki Chujo · Hirotaka Inoue · Masaki Hada · Albrecht Leonhardt · Bernd Büchner · Silke Hampel · Silke Hampel
    Synthesis of biomass-derived carbon sheets decorated with metal nanoparticles and their catalytic performance in the oxygen evolution reaction Santhakumar Kannappan · Hao Yang · Karthikeyan Kaliyappan · Karthikeyan Kaliyappan · Rajesh Kumar Manian · Amaresh Samuthira Pandian · Amaresh Samuthira Pandian · Yun-Sung Lee · Jae-Hyung Jang · Wu Lu · Wu Lu · Wu Lu
    Shape-controlled Tens-nanometers-thick Graphite and Worm-like Graphite through Lithographic Exfoliation Marta Sevilla · Guillermo A. Ferrero · Noel Díez · Antonio B. Fuertes · Antonio B. Fuertes
    Corrigendum toMillimeter-tall carbon nanotube arrays grown on aluminum substrates[Carbon 130 (2018) 834–842] Datao Wang · Ke Wang · Hengcai Wu · Yufeng Luo · Li Sun · Yuxing Zhao · Jing Wang · Lujie Jia · Kaili Jiang · Qunqing Li · Shoushan Fan · Jiaping Wang · Jiaping Wang
    Synergistic effects of carbon nanotube and carbon fiber on heat generation and electrical characteristics of cementitious composites Hui Li · Yuanyuan Zhang · Qijin Wan · Yawei Li · Nianjun Yang · Nianjun Yang · Nianjun Yang
    One-pot synthesis and characterization of polyynes end-capped by biphenyl groups (α,ω-biphenylpolyynes) Jean-Francois Veyan · Elida de Obaldia · Elida de Obaldia · Jesus J. Alcantar-Peña · Jorge Montes-Gutierrez · Jorge Montes-Gutierrez · M.J. Arellano-Jimenez · Miguel José Yacamán · Orlando Auciello · Orlando Auciello
    Structure control of powdery carbon aerogels and their use in high-voltage aqueous supercapacitors Hao-Yang Mi · Hao-Yang Mi · Hao-Yang Mi · Xin Jing · Xin Jing · Xin Jing · Alexander L. Politowicz · Alexander L. Politowicz · Edward Chen · Edward Chen · Han-Xiong Huang · Lih-Sheng Turng · Lih-Sheng Turng · Lih-Sheng Turng
    Effect of structure and composition of nanodiamond powders on thermal stability and oxidation kinetics Qian Li · Chunxiang Lu · Cheng-Meng Chen · Lijing Xie · Shuxia Yuan · Shuxia Yuan
    Kinetics of the catalytic polymerization of pyrene with AlCl3 Malik Abdul Rehman · Imtisal Akhtar · Woosuk Choi · Kamran Akbar · Ayesha Farooq · Sajjad Hussain · Muhammad Arslan Shehzad · Seung-Hyun Chun · Jongwan Jung · Yongho Seo · Yongho Seo
    Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes decorated with cobalt nanoparticles derived from zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis Mingqi Chen · Min Pan · Yanping Chong · Jitong Wang · Donghui Long · Donghui Long
    Molecular investigation of gas adsorption, separation, and transport on carbon nanoscrolls: A combined grand canonical Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics study Sundaramurthy Jayaraman · Gurdev Singh · Srinivasan Madhavi · Vanchiappan Aravindan · Vanchiappan Aravindan
    Tribochemical reactions and graphitization of diamond-like carbon against alumina give volcano-type temperature dependence of friction coefficients: A tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics simulation Julian S. Evans · Tingbiao Guo · Yaoran Sun · Wen Liu · Li Peng · Zhen Xu · Chao Gao · Sailing He · Sailing He
    Thermodynamic description of graphitizable carbons and the irreversible graphitization process Shota Miura · Yu Yoshihara · Mayu Asaka · Kei Hasegawa · Hisashi Sugime · Aun Ota · Hisayoshi Oshima · Suguru Noda · Suguru Noda
    Tunable quantum interference in bilayer graphene in double-resonant Raman scattering G.M. Kim · Beom Joo Yang · Hyewon Yoon · H.K. Lee · H.K. Lee
    Superelastic and multifunctional graphene-based aerogels by interfacial reinforcement with graphitized carbon at high temperatures Franco Cataldo · Ornella Ursini · Alberto Milani · C. S. Casari · C. S. Casari
    Insights into heterogeneous catalysis of peroxymonosulfate activation by boron-doped ordered mesoporous carbon Lifeng Cai · Jing Xu · Jianyu Huang · Hongji Xu · Fei Xu · Yeru Liang · Ruowen Fu · Dingcai Wu · Dingcai Wu
    The oxygen reduction reaction on graphitic carbon nitride supported single Ce atom and Ce x Pt 6-x cluster catalysts from first-principles Carlo Bradac · Sebastian Osswald · Sebastian Osswald
    Multi-purposed Ar gas cluster ion beam processing for graphene engineering W. Cabell Lamie · David A. Bruce · Wesley P. Hoffman · Mark C. Thies · Mark C. Thies
    A facile approach to fabricating ultrathin layers of reduced graphene oxide on planar solids Rui Li · Xuzhen Wang · Yanfeng Dong · Xin Pan · Xuguang Liu · Zongbin Zhao · Jieshan Qiu · Jieshan Qiu
    Enhancement and modulation of photonic spin Hall effect by defect modes in photonic crystals with graphene Yican Wang · Wenlong Wang · Jing Sun · Chenggong Sun · Yukun Feng · Zhe Li · Zhe Li
    Substitutional nitrogen in diamond: A quantum mechanical investigation of the electronic and spectroscopic properties Hao Xu · Jihong Al-Ghalith · Traian Dumitrică · Traian Dumitrică
    Preparation of porous carbon nanotube/carbon composite spheres and their adsorption properties Qinke Wu · Joohyun Lee · Jia Sun · Young Jae Song · Young Jae Song
    An advanced anti-icing/de-icing system utilizing highly aligned carbon nanotube webs Xiaoli Hu · Jihyung Lee · Diana Berman · Ashlie Martini · Ashlie Martini
    Excellent mechanical properties of long length multiwalled carbon nanotube bridged Kevlar fabric Thomas M. McCoy · Huw C.W. Parks · Huw C.W. Parks · Rico F. Tabor · Rico F. Tabor
    Turning gelidium amansii residue into nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber aerogel for enhanced multiple energy storage Mina Park · Mina Park · Aram Lee · Ho Kyun Rho · Seoung-Ki Lee · Sukang Bae · Dae Young Jeon · Dong Su Lee · Tae-Wook Kim · Yeon-Ho Im · Sang Hyun Lee · Sang Hyun Lee
    Interfacial control and carrier tuning of carbon nanotube/polyaniline composites for high thermoelectric performance Alicia Weibel · Geoffroy Chevallier · Emmanuel Flahaut · C. Laurent · C. Laurent
    Quasi-homogeneous carbocatalysis for one-pot selective conversion of carbohydrates to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using sulfonated graphene quantum dots Mitsuhiro Takeno · Mitsuhiro Takeno
    Effective gaseous diffusion coefficients of select ultra-fine, super-fine and medium grain nuclear graphite Krishnan Swaminathan-Gopalan · Arnaud Borner · Vanessa J. Murray · Savio Poovathingal · Timothy K. Minton · Nagi N. Mansour · Kelly A. Stephani · Kelly A. Stephani
    Cross-linking modification with diamine monomers to enhance desalination performance of graphene oxide membranes Songdi Zhang · Kuimin Zhao · Jinliang Zhao · Haihui Liu · Xilei Chen · Jinglei Yang · Chenlu Bao · Chenlu Bao
    Three-dimensional amine-terminated ionic liquid functionalized graphene/Pd composite aerogel as highly efficient and recyclable catalyst for the Suzuki cross-coupling reactions Sita Shrestha · Bishnu Kumar Shrestha · Jeong In Kim · Sung Won Ko · Chan Hee Park · Cheol Sang Kim · Cheol Sang Kim
    Substrate effect on electrical conductance at a nanoasperity-graphene contact Ling Ye · Zheng-Hong Huang · Wanci Shen · Rui-tao Lu · Feiyu Kang · Quan-Hong Yang · Quan-Hong Yang
    Biocompatible, self-healing, highly stretchable polyacrylic acid/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite hydrogel sensors via mussel-inspired chemistry Gai Wu · Mei-hua Chen · Mei-hua Chen
    Highly efficient recovery of graphene oxide by froth flotation using a common surfactant Kimal Chandula Wasalathilake · Dilini Galpaya · Godwin A. Ayoko · Cheng Yan · Cheng Yan
    Large area thermal light emission from autonomously formed suspended graphene arrays Jagadis Gautam · Tran Duy Thanh · Kakali Maiti · Nam Hoon Kim · Joong Hee Lee · Joong Hee Lee
    Fast and easy preparation of few-layered-graphene/magnesia powders for strong, hard and electrically conducting composites Ibrahim Saana Amiinu · Zonghua Pu · Daping He · Hellen Gabriela Rivera Monestel · Shichun Mu · Shichun Mu
    Studies on Electrode-slurry for Lithium-ion Batteries Stéphan Rouzière · Pascale Launois · Ana M. Benito · Wolfgang K. Maser · Erwan Paineau · Erwan Paineau
    Development and validation of a finite-rate model for carbon oxidation by atomic oxygen Jizhe Cai · Mohammad Naraghi · Mohammad Naraghi
    PEGlated graphene as nanoadditive for enhancing the tribological properties of water-based lubricants Xin Jing · Xin Jing · Hao-Yang Mi · Hao-Yang Mi · Xiang-Fang Peng · Xiang-Fang Peng · Lih-Sheng Turng · Lih-Sheng Turng
    Highly selective detection of sulfur hexafluoride decomposition components H 2 S and SOF 2 employing sensors based on tin oxide modified reduced graphene oxide Yanli Huang · Qiuli Wei · Yuanyuan Wang · Liyi Dai · Liyi Dai
    Hierarchically porous carbon microspheres with fully open and interconnected super-macropores for air cathodes of Zn-Air batteries Xudan Yao · Stephen C. Hawkins · Stephen C. Hawkins · Brian Falzon · Brian Falzon
    n- Diamondynes: Expanding the family of carbon allotropes Yunlong Qian · Chen Zhou · Aisheng Huang · Aisheng Huang
    Graphitic carbon nanocages as new photothermal agent and drug Carrier for 980-nm-laser-driven cancer therapy Joshua J. Kane · Austin C. Matthews · Christopher J. Orme · Cristian I. Contescu · W. David Swank · William E. Windes · William E. Windes
    Surface structure of few layer graphene Kaixin Li · Kaixin Li · Jie Chen · Yibo Yan · Yonggang Min · Haopeng Li · Jiyang Liu · Peng Chen · Peng Chen
    Temperature-independent piezoresistive sensors based on carbon nanotube/polymer nanocomposite Hui Li · Siqi Liu · Pengcheng Li · Du Yuan · Xin Zhou · Jiaotong Sun · Xuehong Lu · Chaobin He · Chaobin He · Chaobin He
    Synthesis of γ-graphyne by mechanochemistry and its electronic structure Daohao Li · Yu Wang · Yuanyuan Sun · Yun Lu · Shuai Chen · Bingbing Wang · Huawei Zhang · Yanzhi Xia · Dongjiang Yang · Dongjiang Yang · Dongjiang Yang
    Single exposure to aerosolized graphene oxide and graphene nanoplatelets did not initiate an acute biological response in a 3D human lung model Sushant Sharma · Abhishek K. Pathak · Vidya Nand Singh · Satish Teotia · Sanjay R. Dhakate · Bhanu Pratap Singh · Bhanu Pratap Singh
    Graphene aerogel films with expansion enhancement effect of high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding Yiwen Hu · Yiwen Hu · Yongxin Wang · Zhixiang Zeng · Haichao Zhao · Xuewu Ge · Kai Wang · Liping Wang · Qunji Xue · Qunji Xue
    Photoinduced pure spin-current in triangulene-based nano-devices Ji-Feng Chu · Xiaohua Wang · Dawei Wang · Aijun Yang · Pin-Lei Lv · Yi Wu · Mingzhe Rong · Lei Gao · Lei Gao
    Ultrastable and high-capacity carbon nanofiber anode derived from pitch/polyacrylonitrile hybrid for flexible sodium-ion batteries Zhe Wang · Dan Cheng · Chang Chen · Kebin Zhou · Kebin Zhou
    Ultra-light h-BCN architectures derived from new organic monomers with tunable electromagnetic wave absorption Deyse G. Costa · Fábio J.F.S. Henrique · Felipe Lopes Oliveira · Rodrigo B. Capaz · Pierre M. Esteves · Pierre M. Esteves
    Nano-sized ZIF-8 anchored polyelectrolyte-decorated silica for Nitrogen-Rich Hollow Carbon Shell Frameworks toward alkaline and neutral supercapacitors Yang Chen · Yang Chen · Yuliang Guo · Pomchol Han · Dan Li · Xin Gui · Zefei Zhang · Kai Fu · Maoquan Chu · Maoquan Chu
    The thermal stabilization and carbonization behavior of polyacrylonitrile nanofibers made by electrospinning Liangzhi Zhou · Laura J. Fox · Magdalena Wlodek · Luisa Islas · Anna Slastanova · Eric San Jose Robles · Oier Bikondoa · Oier Bikondoa · Robert L. Harniman · Neil A Fox · Mattia Cattelan · Wuge H. Briscoe · Wuge H. Briscoe
    Realization of tunable Goos-Hänchen effect with magneto-optical effect in graphene Shen Gong · Shen Gong · Di Wu · Yixuan Li · Mengyin Jin · Tao Xiao · Yang Wang · Zhu Xiao · Zhenghong Zhu · Zhou Li · Zhou Li
    High yield carbonization and mesoporous activated carbon production from acid-treated spent coffee grounds Qiaodan Li · Yong Li · Yang Chen · Lulu Wu · Chaofan Yang · Xiaoli Cui · Xiaoli Cui
    Large-sized graphene oxide as bonding agent for the liquid extrusion of nanoparticle aerogels H. Wahab · C. Jansing · H.-Ch. Mertins · Ju Hwan Kim · Suk-Ho Choi · A. Gaupp · Heiko Timmers · Heiko Timmers
    Electrodeless coating polypyrrole on chitosan grafted polyurethane with functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes electrospun scaffold for nerve tissue engineering Qiu-hong Zhang · Song-lin Zuo · Xin-yu Wei · Yong-fang Wang · Yong-fang Wang
    Biocompatible hybrids based on nanographene oxide covalently linked to glycolporphyrins: Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation Jiabin Xi · Youliang Li · Erzhen Zhou · Yingjun Liu · Weiwei Gao · Yan Guo · Ji Ying · Zichen Chen · Guogui Chen · Chao Gao · Chao Gao
    Carbon deposition mechanisms governing template-based synthesis of carbon nanotubes Robert B. Hudson · Alok Sinha · Alok Sinha
    Design strategy of a graphene based bio-sensor for glucose Muhammad Fahad Bhopal · Kamran Akbar · Malik Abdul Rehman · Doo Won Lee · Atteq ur Rehman · Yongho Seo · Seung-Hyun Chun · Soo Hong Lee · Soo Hong Lee
    Powder metallurgy template growth of 3D N-doped graphene foam as binder-free cathode for high-performance lithium/sulfur battery Ilyasse Izanzar · Mouad Dahbi · Mouad Dahbi · Manami Kiso · Siham Doubaji · Shinichi Komaba · Shinichi Komaba · Ismael Saadoune · Ismael Saadoune
    Pitch-based porous aerogel composed of carbon onion nanospheres for electric double layer capacitors Wenjie Ma · Na Wang · Tianze Tong · Leijiang Zhang · Kun-Yi Andrew Lin · Xijiang Han · Yunchen Du · Yunchen Du
    Theory of thermal conductivity of graphene-polymer nanocomposites with interfacial Kapitza resistance and graphene-graphene contact resistance Ze Yang · Ruirui Liu · Ning Wang · Jianjiang He · Kun Wang · Xiaodong Li · Xiangyan Shen · Xin Wang · Qing Lv · Mingjia Zhang · Jun Luo · Tonggang Jiu · Zhufeng Hou · Changshui Huang · Changshui Huang
    Transferrable polymeric carbon nitride/nitrogen-doped graphene films for solid state optoelectronics Junyi Liu · Shuo Wang · Yu Qie · Jiabing Yu · Qiang Sun · Qiang Sun
    Pt nanoparticles decorated high-defective graphene nanospheres as highly efficient catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction Junfei Bai · Yilun Huang · Qianming Gong · Yuyao Li · Jianning Gan · Ming Zhao · Yang Shao · Daming Zhuang · Ji Liang · Ji Liang
    Tetrahexcarbon: A two-dimensional allotrope of carbon Yeoheung Yoon · Junhyoung Ahn · HyungJun Lim · Gee-Hong Kim · Jae-Hyun Kim · Kee-Bong Choi · JaeJong Lee · JaeJong Lee
    The influence of seed crystals on the quality of single-crystal diamond produced by a microwave plasma CVD method Ning Sun · Yibiao Guan · Yi-Tao Liu · Qizhen Zhu · Jinran Shen · Huan Liu · Shuqin Zhou · Bin Xu · Bin Xu
    High sensitivity self-recovery ethanol sensor based on polyporous graphene oxide/melamine composites Thaar M.D. Alharbi · Thaar M.D. Alharbi · David P. Harvey · Ibrahim K. Alsulami · Nazila Dehbari · Xiaofei Duan · Robert N. Lamb · Warren D. Lawrance · Colin L. Raston · Colin L. Raston
    Strength loss of carbon nanotube fibers explained in a three-level hierarchical model Qian-Min Wang · Zhi-Yong Yang · Zhi-Yong Yang
    Hard carbons issued from date palm as efficient anode materials for sodium-ion batteries Miwa Murakami · Kazuhiko Matsumoto · Rika Hagiwara · Yoshiaki Matsuo · Yoshiaki Matsuo
    Nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur tri-doped hollow carbon shells derived from [email protected] (cyclotriphosphazene-co-4, 4′-sulfonyldiphenol) as a robust catalyst of peroxymonosulfate activation for degradation of bisphenol A Maximilian Spellauge · Florin-Cristian Loghin · Jürgen Sotrop · Matthias Domke · Marco Bobinger · Alaa Abdellah · Markus Becherer · Paolo Lugli · Heinz P. Huber · Heinz P. Huber
    Triazine-graphdiyne: A new nitrogen-carbonous material and its application as an advanced rechargeable battery anode Sunil Kumar · Sunil Kumar
    A new porous metallic silicon dicarbide for highly efficient Li-ion battery anode identified by targeted structure search Xuejun Han · Qing Chang · Ning Li · Huiqi Wang · Jinlong Yang · Jinlong Yang · Shengliang Hu · Shengliang Hu
    Carbon xerogels graphitized by microwave heating as anode materials in lithium-ion batteries Mark A. Atwater · Roger J. Welsh · David S. Edwards · Laura N. Guevara · Christopher B. Nelson · Ben T. Stone · Ben T. Stone
    Progress in research on the preparation of carbon dots and their use in tumor theranostics Yanli Nan · Bo Li · Xiang Zhao · Xiaolong Song · Lei Su · Lei Su
    Surface activation of graphene nanoribbons for oxygen reduction reaction by nitrogen doping and defect engineering: An ab initio study Wang YongChao · Zhu YinBo · Wang Fengchao · Liu Xiaoyi · Wu Heng-An · Wu Heng-An
    Mechanisms of elementary hydrogen ion-surface interactions during multilayer graphene etching at high surface temperature as a function of flux Lv Xiaowei · Cao Minglei · Shi Weina · Wang Mingkui · Shen Yan · Shen Yan
    Radical chain reaction mechanism of graphene fluorination Arao Yoshihiko · Mori Fumiya · Kubouchi Masatoshi · Kubouchi Masatoshi
    Probing buckling and post-buckling deformation of hollow amorphous carbon nanospheres: In-situ experiment and theoretical analysis Min-Hye Lee · Seung-Hoon Lee · Jihong Kim · Sol Yi Lee · Dae-Hee Lim · Kyoungtae Hwang · Hansu Hwang · Yong Chae Jung · Yong-Young Noh · Dong-Yu Kim · Dong-Yu Kim
    Commentary and introduction to the virtual special issue on nanocarbons for electrochemistry Bao-Xun Zhang · Zhi-Ling Hou · Wei Yan · Quan-Liang Zhao · Ke-Tao Zhan · Ke-Tao Zhan
    Preparation and antioxidation property of a SiC-MoSi 2 -Si multilayer coating on a C/C composite Alexander Eberle · Andrea Greiner · Natalia P. Ivleva · Banupriya Arumugam · Reinhard Niessner · Frank Trixler · Frank Trixler · Frank Trixler
    Facile synthesis of free-standing, flexible hard carbon anode for high-performance sodium ion batteries using graphene as a multi-functional binder Valentina Cantatore · Santosh Pandit · Venkata Raghu Mokkapati · Severin Schindler · Siegfried Eigler · Ivan Mijakovic · Itai Panas · Itai Panas
    H 3 PO 4 activated carbons as the electrode materials of supercapacitors using an ionic liquid electrolyte María Canal-Rodríguez · A. Arenillas · J.A. Menéndez · D. Beneroso · N. Rey-Raap · N. Rey-Raap
    Electrochemical performance of a porous graphitic carbon-based supercapacitor in three different electrolytes Chun-xiang Lu · Li-ping Li · Li-ping Li
    The identification and characterisation of carbonaceous interface layers of graphene using polarisation-dependent X-ray reflectometry Joakim Ekspong · Nicolas Boulanger · Eduardo Gracia-Espino · Eduardo Gracia-Espino
    Non-intertwined graphitic domains leads to super strong and tough continuous 1D nanostructures D.U.B. Aussems · Kristof M. Bal · T.W. Morgan · M.C.M. van de Sanden · Erik C. Neyts · Erik C. Neyts
    Unravelling the hydration mechanism in a multi-layered graphene oxide paper by in-situ X-ray scattering Wenchuan Lai · Xu Wang · Jiemin Fu · Teng Chen · Kun Fan · Xiangyang Liu · Xiangyang Liu
    Scalable cellulose-sponsored functionalized carbon nanorods induced by cobalt for efficient overall water splitting Weizhu Yang · Jia Yang · Yize Dong · Yize Dong · Shimin Mao · Zongzhan Gao · Zongzhan Gao · Zhufeng Yue · Shen J. Dillon · Hangxun Xu · Baoxing Xu · Baoxing Xu
    Highly efficient electrocatalyst of N-doped graphene-encapsulated cobalt-iron carbides towards oxygen reduction reaction Nianjun Yang · Greg M. Swain · Yasuaki Einaga · Chunhai Fan · Chunhai Fan
    Understanding the structure-property relationships in hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide hydrogels Shuai-peng Li · Mingyu Zhang · Dong Huang · Liewu Li · Jun Li · Qizhong Huang · Qizhong Huang
    Planar metallic carbon allotrope from graphene-like nanoribbons Barbara Drasler · Melanie Kucki · Flavien Delhaes · Tina Buerki-Thurnherr · Dimitri Vanhecke · Daria Korejwo · Savvina Chortarea · Hana Barosova · Cordula Hirsch · Alke Petri-Fink · Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser · Peter Wick · Peter Wick
    Alternated cooling and heating strategy enables rapid fabrication of highly-crystalline g-C3N4 nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic water purification under visible light irradiation Hao Jin · Jianwei Li · Tao Wang · Y.H. Yu · Y.H. Yu
    Catalytic graphitization in nanocast carbon monoliths by iron, cobalt and nickel nanoparticles Arthur D. Dysart · Xin Li Phuah · Lok Kumar Shrestha · Katsuhiko Ariga · Katsuhiko Ariga · Vilas G. Pol · Vilas G. Pol
    Selective growth of semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes using SiC as a catalyst Mei Ge · Chen Si · Chen Si
    Development and properties of high thermal conductivity molybdenum carbide - Graphite composites Bohayra Mortazavi · Meysam Makaremi · Masoud Shahrokhi · Zheyong Fan · Timon Rabczuk · Timon Rabczuk
    Super-sieving effect in phenol adsorption from aqueous solutions on nanoporous carbon beads Hui Mei · Xing Zhao · Shenwei Bai · Shenwei Bai · Qingwen Li · Junchao Xia · Haili Bai · Laifei Cheng · Laifei Cheng
    Compressive deformation mechanism of honeycomb-like graphene aerogels Yimin Sun · Yimin Sun · Shaohong Luo · Helei Sun · Wei Zeng · Chenxi Ling · Dugang Chen · Vincent Chan · Kin Liao · Kin Liao
    13th National Meeting on New Carbon Materials参加レポート Thomas J. Raeber · Zijun C. Zhao · Billy J. Murdoch · David R. McKenzie · D.G. McCulloch · J.G. Partridge · J.G. Partridge
    S- and N-doped carbon quantum dots: Surface chemistry dependent antibacterial activity Sujay Bagi · Vibhu Sharma · Pranesh B. Aswath · Pranesh B. Aswath
    Scalable production of large single-layered graphenes by microwave exfoliation in deionized water Cheng Huang · Xianghe Peng · Bo Yang · Xiang Chen · Qibin Li · Deqiang Yin · Tao Fu · Tao Fu
    Enhanced pseudocapacitance and electrolyte-wettability of graphene hydrogels to tailor high mass loading all-solid-state supercapacitor with ultra-high volumetric energy density Guoliang Liu · Zhiming Liu · Zhiming Liu · Jinlei Li · Min Zeng · Zhiyun Li · Lin He · Fuwei Li · Fuwei Li · Fuwei Li
    Mechanical and electronic properties of lateral graphene and hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures Yu Peng · Deqing Lin · J. Justin Gooding · Yuhua Xue · Liming Dai · Liming Dai

    Confined electron and hole states in semiconducting carbon nanotube sub-10 nm artificial quantum dots
    Carbon | 2018
    Ahmed M.M. Hamam · Ahmed M.M. Hamam · Marek E. Schmidt · Manoharan Muruganathan · Shunei Suzuki · Hiroshi Mizuta · Hiroshi Mizuta
    Direct synthesis of high-quality nitrogen-doped graphene via ion implantation
    Carbon | 2018
    Xian Shi · Xiaoqiao He · Lifeng Wang · Ligang Sun · Ligang Sun
    Reducing lattice thermal conductivity in schwarzites via engineering the hybridized phonon modes
    Carbon | 2018
    Anna Kolanowska · Dawid Janas · Artur P. Herman · Rafał G. Jędrysiak · Tomasz Giżewski · Sławomir Boncel · Sławomir Boncel
    Scaling of binding affinities and cooperativities of surfactants on carbon nanotubes
    Carbon | 2018
    Takafumi Ishii · Yutaka Kaburagi · Akira Yoshida · Yoshihiro Hishiyama · Hideaki Oka · Norihiko Setoyama · Jun-ichi Ozaki · Takashi Kyotani · Takashi Kyotani
    Nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped carbon films as flexible free-standing anodes for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
    Carbon | 2018
    Taiyu Matsumura · Hideaki Takagi · Takuma Yanagisawa · Hideto Sakane · Osamu Tanaike · Naoya Miyajima · Naoya Miyajima
    Carbons for wearable devices - Commentary and introduction to the virtual special issue
    Carbon | 2018
    Weisbart Clovis · Raghavan Srini · Muralidharan Krishna · G Potter Barrett · G Potter Barrett
    Facile nano-templated CO2 conversion into highly interconnected hierarchical porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes
    Carbon | 2018
    Pei Jiang · Timothy W. Jones · Noel W. Duffy · Kenrick F. Anderson · Robert Bennett · Mihaela Grigore · Paul Marvig · Yuli Xiong · Tongfa Liu · Yusong Sheng · Li Hong · Xiaomeng Hou · Miao Duan · Yue Hu · Yaoguang Rong · Gregory J. Wilson · Hongwei Han · Hongwei Han
    19-Fold thermal conductivity increase of carbon nanotube bundles toward high-end thermal design applications
    Carbon | 2018
    Balan Lavinia · C Fernandez de Cordoba Maria · Zaier Mohamed · O Ania Conchi · O Ania Conchi
    Thermal conductivity enhancement of reduced graphene oxide via chemical defect healing for efficient heat dissipation
    Carbon | 2018
    Changda Wang · Chuanqiang Wu · Shuangming Chen · Xiangchen Zhao · Wenjie Xu · Zhiqiang Niu · Li Song · Li Song
    Role of different nitrogen functionalities on the electrochemical performance of activated carbons
    Carbon | 2018
    Ajay Krishnamurthy · Donald L. Hunston · Amanda L. Forster · Bharath Natarajan · Sunny S. Wicks · Paul E. Stutzman · James A. Liddle · Aaron M. Forster · Brian L. Wardle · Brian L. Wardle
    Ultrafast Molecular Transport on Carbon Surfaces: The Diffusion of Ammonia on Graphite
    Carbon | 2018
    Yazici Esra · Yanik Serhat · Yilmaz Mehmet Burak · Yilmaz Mehmet Burak
    Hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide for the effective wrapping of sulfur particles showing long term stability as electrodes for Li-S batteries
    Carbon | 2018
    Mani Jayakumar · K. Hemalatha · K. Hemalatha · Asokan Arun Chander · A. K. Sahu · A. K. Sahu · Annigere S. Prakash · Annigere S. Prakash · Annigere S. Prakash
    Structural determination of single-walled carbon nanotube with an intramolecular junction and its electrical transport property
    Carbon | 2018
    Park Ok-Kyung · Choi Hoikil · Jeong Hanbin · Jung Yeonsu · Yu Jaesang · Lee Jae Kwan · Hwang Jun Yeon · Kim Seung Min · Jeong Youngjin · Park Chong Rae · Endo Morinobu · Ku Bon-Cheol · Ku Bon-Cheol
    Steam engraving optimization of graphitic carbon nitride with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
    Carbon | 2018
    Zhongwei Zhang · Shiqian Hu · Tsuneyoshi Nakayama · Jie Chen · Baowen Li · Baowen Li
    Programmable actuating systems based on swimming fiber robots
    Carbon | 2018
    Qi Xue · Yu Ding · Yuanyuan Xue · Fumin Li · Pei Chen · Yu Chen · Yu Chen
    Improving the thermal stability of carbon nanotubes and their field emission characteristics by adding boron and phosphorus compounds
    Carbon | 2018
    Yunbiao Zhao · Xu Wang · E.G. Fu · Dong Han · Peipei Wang · Zaoming Wu · Yi Chen · Yuhan Chen · Ziqiang Zhao · Ziqiang Zhao