Analytical Methods
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Analytical Methods
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Anal. Methods

Analytical Methods
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Analytical Methods
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    Abbreviation of Analytical Methods

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Analytical Methods is Anal. Methods . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

    ISO4 Abbreviation of Analytical Methods

    (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed the ISSN International Centre as the registration authority for ISO 4. It maintains the containing standard abbreviations for words commonly found in serial titles. LTWA includes more than 56,000 words and their abbreviations in 65 languages. In conclusion, under ISO 4 standards, the Analytical Methods should be cited as Anal. Methods for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes.

    The ISO4 abbreviation of Analytical Methods is 
                                        Anal. Methods
    Analytical Methods
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    Analytical Methods | Academic Accelerator - About the Journal


    Analytical Methods welcomes early applications of new analytical and bioanalytical methods and technology demonstrating potential for societal impact. We require that methods and technology reported in the journal are sufficiently innovative, robust, accurate, and compared to other available methods for the intended application. Developments with interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome. Systems should be proven with suitably complex and analytically challenging samples. We encourage developments within, but not limited to, the following technologies and applications:-global health, point-of-care and molecular diagnostics-biosensors and bioengineering-drug development and pharmaceutical analysis-applied microfluidics and nanotechnology-omics studies, such as proteomics, metabolomics or glycomics-environmental, agricultural and food science-neuroscience-biochemical and clinical analysis-forensic analysis-industrial process and method development Analytical Methods is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on the development of analytical techniques. It is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the editor-in-chief is Scott Martin (Saint Louis University).

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    The ISSN of Analytical Methods is 1759-9660 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    ISSN (Online)
    ISSN (Online)

    The ISSN (Online) of Analytical Methods is 1759-9679 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

    Royal Society of Chemistry

    Analytical Methods is published by Royal Society of Chemistry .

    Publication Frequency
    Publication Frequency

    Analytical Methods publishes reports Monthly .

    2009 - Present

    The Publication History of Analytical Methods covers 2009 - Present .

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    Open Access

    Analytical Methods is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

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    Publication Fee

    There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Analytical Methods. Analytical Methods is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


    The language of Analytical Methods is English .

    United Kingdom

    The publisher of Analytical Methods is Royal Society of Chemistry , which locates in United Kingdom .

    Selected Articles

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    Full Title Authors
    Preparation and Evaluation of Molecularly Imprinted Membrane of Teicoplanin Chunmiao Bo · Xiaojun Dai · Weimin Chen · Rui Cao · Rui Cao
    rGO/AuNPs/tetraphenylporphyrin nanoconjugate-based electrochemical sensor for highly sensitive detection of cadmium ions Alexander Stücker · Jacob Podschun · Bodo Saake · Ralph Lehnen · Ralph Lehnen
    A redox route for the fluorescence detection of lead ions in sorghum, river water and tap water and a desk study of a paper-based probe Laura D Casto · Jennifer A Schuster · Claire D Neice · Christopher A. Baker · Christopher A. Baker
    In celebration of the 60th birthday of 2 microfluidics pioneers: Professor Susan Lunte and Professor James Landers Alexandra Beal · Fernanda Simões de Almeida · Camila A.B. Moreira · Isis M. Santos · Suzana M. M. Curti · Leila D. Martins · Leila D. Martins · César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley · César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley · César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley
    A simple and rapid dual-cycle amplification strategy for microRNA based on graphene oxide and exonuclease III-assisted fluorescence recovery Bao-Shan He · Dan-Dan Yan · Dan-Dan Yan
    A novel quantitative 31P NMR spectroscopic analysis of hydroxyl groups in lignosulfonic acids Johannes Hellwig · Verónica López Durán · Torbjörn Pettersson · Torbjörn Pettersson
    A low-cost screen printed glass electrode with silver nano-ink for electrochemical detection of H2O2 Pan Li · Jiawei Li · Minghong Bian · Danqun Huo · Changjun Hou · Ping Yang · Suyi Zhang · Caihong Shen · Mei Yang · Mei Yang
    Integrated paper-based microfluidic devices for point-of-care testing Christopher J. Easley · Fiona Regan · Michael G. Roper · R. Scott Martin · R. Scott Martin
    Determination of β-carotene and total carotenoids in fruit juices using surfactant surface decorated graphene oxide based ultrasound-assisted dispersive solid-phase microextraction Yafang Tang · Mingxiu Liu · Lingcao Xu · Jianniao Tian · Xiulin Yang · Yanchun Zhao · Shulin Zhao · Shulin Zhao
    Separation and detection of mutans streptococci by using magnetic nanoparticles stabilized with a cell wall binding domain-conjugated polymer Archana Ghosale · Kamlesh Shrivas · Manas Kanti Deb · Vellaichamy Ganesan · Indrapal Karbhal · P. K. Bajpai · Ravi Shankar · Ravi Shankar
    Application of dual-template molecularly imprinted polymer-based solid phase extraction for determination of phenothiazines and benzodiazepines in swine feed Hermes Licea-Perez · Venkatraman Junnotula · Chester L. Bowen · Kasie Fang · Yanwen Qian · Christopher Matheny · Christopher Matheny
    Combining cross-reactivity of an electrode array with the selective thiol reporting process of redox indicators: targeted sensing of biothiols Tian Tian · Yunpeng Bi · Xing Xu · Zhi Zhu · Chaoyong Yang · Chaoyong Yang · Chaoyong Yang
    Preparation of an OTA aptasensor based on a metal–organic framework Chinawooth Sakaew · Phitchan Sricharoen · Nunticha Limchoowong · Saksit Chanthai · Saksit Chanthai
    A new analytical method for lead determination in atmospheric particulate matter by a combination of ultrasound-assisted extraction and supramolecular solvent preconcentration Wenhan Zhou · Wenhan Zhou
    Characterization of low adsorption filter membranes for electrophoresis and electrokinetic sample manipulations in microfluidic paper-based analytical devices Jing Shang · Xinran Wu · Keqing Hu · Zongyao Huyan · Qi Li · Xiuzhu Yu · Xiuzhu Yu
    Speciation of morin and rutin in black tea, Cymbopogon citratus and fruit infusions by adsorption voltammetry using screen-printed carbon electrodes coated with chitosan: effect of pH on speciation Shi Lihong · Zhao Bo · Li Xiaofeng · Zhang Guomei · Zhang Yan · Dong Chuan · Shuang Shaomin · Shuang Shaomin
    Detection of bisphenol A and derivatives in human urine via cyclodextrin-promoted fluorescence modulation Edgar Nagles · Olimpo García-Beltrán · John Hurtado · John Hurtado
    Pt catalyzed formation of a [email protected]/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite: preparation and electrochemical sensing application for glucose detection Bo Ling · Bo Ling · Yuanhui Ma · Hongqi Chen · Lun Wang · Lun Wang
    Electrochemical determination of Cd(II) and Pb(II) in mining effluents using a bismuth-coated carbon fiber microelectrode Hai Gen Zuo · Hong Yang · Jian Xin Zhu · Yuan Ding · Yuan Ding
    A surface-enhanced Raman scattering active core/shell structure based on enzyme-guided crystal growth for bisphenol A detection Christian L. Mthembu · Myalowenkosi I. Sabela · Mbuso Mlambo · Lawrence Mzukisi Madikizela · Suvardhan Kanchi · Halalisani Gumede · Phumlane S. Mdluli · Phumlane S. Mdluli
    Fluorescence signal-to-noise optimisation for real-time PCR using universal reporter oligonucleotides Do Thi Kim Hue · Takumi Shiba · Yasuaki Maeda · Norimichi Takenaka · Norimichi Takenaka
    Protein-protected red emittive copper nanoclusters as a fluorometric probe for highly sensitive biosensing of creatinine Lanling Chu · Jianjun Deng · Xuejun Kang · Xuejun Kang
    Use of 3D printing and modular microfluidics to integrate cell culture, injections and electrochemical analysis Roselyn C. Peña · Lorena Cornejo · Mauro Bertotti · Christopher M.A. Brett · Christopher M.A. Brett
    ATR-FTIR spectroscopy with equidistant combination PLS method applied for rapid determination of glycated hemoglobin Zhou Xu · Rong Wang · Bo Mei · Li Ding · Libing Wang · Mao-Long Chen · Yunhui Cheng · Yunhui Cheng
    Discrimination of structurally similar odorous molecules with various concentrations by using a nanomechanical sensor Michael Lehnert · Elena Kipf · Franziska Schlenker · Nadine Borst · Roland Zengerle · Felix von Stetten · Felix von Stetten
    A novel near-infrared probe for the imaging of superoxide anion fluctuations and hydrogen ion enhancement in vivo Ramar Rajamanikandan · Malaichamy Ilanchelian · Malaichamy Ilanchelian
    A simple and practical method to determine peroxide values in edible oils via infrared quartz cuvette-based Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Akash S. Munshi · Chengpeng Chen · Alexandra D. Townsend · R. Scott Martin · R. Scott Martin
    Development of immunomagnetic droplet-based digital immuno-PCR for the quantification of prostate specific antigen Yun Han · Tao Pan · Huihui Zhou · Rui Yuan · Rui Yuan
    A fast and novel internal calibration method for quantitative Raman measurements on aqueous solutions Kosuke Minami · Kota Shiba · Genki Yoshikawa · Genki Yoshikawa · Genki Yoshikawa
    Methodologies for the analysis of pesticides and pharmaceuticals in sediments and plant tissue Chunlong Sun · Wen Du · Wei Zhang · Yang Wu · Zhigang Yao · Baoqin Wang · Tao Wu · Hongjun Yang · YanMei Wang · Lili Ren · Lili Ren
    Electrochemical sensor for the determination of dimetridazole using a 3D Cu2O/ErGO-modified electrode Xuening Lou · Anna Zhu · Qiang Luo · Yan Zhang · Feng Long · Feng Long
    A fixed-point titration method for the determination of ammonium in anaerobic systems Wenjun Zhang · Shaokang Tang · Shaopei Zhang · Yi Chen · Yi Chen
    Determination of Cr, Cu and Pb in industrial waste of oil shale using high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry and direct solid sample analysis Zhong-yong Xu · Zi-ying Wu · Hui-ya Tan · Jin-wu Yan · Xiao-lin Liu · Jia-ying Li · Zi-yan Xu · Changzhi Dong · Changzhi Dong · Lei Zhang · Lei Zhang
    Rapid determination of histamine in fish by thin-layer chromatography-image analysis method using diazotized visualization reagent prepared with p-nitroaniline Yaoyi Cai · Yaoyi Cai · Chunhua Yang · Degang Xu · Weihua Gui · Weihua Gui
    Measuring the relative concentration of particle populations using differential centrifugal sedimentation Eiki Watanabe · Tomomi Yamasaki · Yuki Hirakawa · Ayako Harada · Seiji Iwasa · Shiro Miyake · Shiro Miyake
    Controllable synthesis of cellulose benzoates for understanding of chiral recognition mechanism and fabrication of highly efficient chiral stationary phases Xuejuan Chen · Chen Li · Chen Li · Yangang Pan · Bailin Zhang · Bailin Zhang
    Steroid inhibition of erythrocyte-derived ATP reduces endothelial cell production of nitric oxide in a 3D-printed fluidic model Zhe-Xuan Mu · Chuan-Shu He · Jian-Kai Jiang · Yang Mu · Yang Mu
    Mercapto-modified magnesium silicate micro-particles for efficient extraction and preconcentration of mercury ions from estuary waters Adenilde S. dos Passos · Adenilde S. dos Passos · Gabriele F. Tonon · Flávio V. Nakadi · Antonio S. Mangrich · Antonio S. Mangrich · Jailson B. de Andrade · Bernhard Welz · Bernhard Welz · Maria Goreti R. Vale · Maria Goreti R. Vale · Maria Goreti R. Vale
    A novel intramolecular cyclization-induced fluorescentturn-onprobe for detection of Pd2+ based on the Tsuji–Trost reaction Ana Romera-Torres · Roberto Romero-González · José Luis Martínez Vidal · Antonia Garrido Frenich · Antonia Garrido Frenich
    A magnetic-based SERS approach for highly sensitive and reproducible detection of cancer-related serum microRNAs Edgar Pinto · Edgar Pinto · Antonio Gomes Soares · Isabel M. P. L. V. O. Ferreira · Isabel M. P. L. V. O. Ferreira
    Enhanced electrochemiluminescence of luminol by an in situ silver nanoparticle-decorated graphene dot for glucose analysis Junmei Zhang · Xiaoxia Chen · Yue Li · Suqin Han · Yao Du · Haizhen Liu · Haizhen Liu
    Simultaneous determination of tianeptine and its active metabolite tianeptine MC5 in rat plasma and brain tissue using high performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS) Cuiyan Wu · Xiaojun Hu · Biao Gu · Peng Yin · Wei Su · Yaqian Li · Qiujun Lu · Youyu Zhang · Haitao Li · Haitao Li
    The Co3O4 nanoparticle-enhanced luminol-O2 chemiluminescence reaction used for the determination of nortriptyline hydrochloride and lamotrigine in pharmaceutical and environmental samples Ana M. Hernández-Martínez · Carolina Padrón-Sanz · M. E. Torres-Padrón · Zoraida Sosa-Ferrera · José Juan Santana-Rodríguez · José Juan Santana-Rodríguez
    A nitrogen doped carbon quantum dot-enhanced chemiluminescence method for the determination of Mn2+ A. R. Pinho · M. J. Rocha · Gilberto Alves · Amílcar Falcão · Ana Fortuna · Ana Fortuna
    Label-free mesenchymal stem cell enrichment from bone marrow samples by inertial microfluidics Qin Yang · Shunhe Wang · Haiqin Chen · Zhennan Gu · Hao Zhang · Wei Chen · Yong Q. Chen · Yong Q. Chen
    Fe3O4 sphere-assisted microwave distillation coupled with ionic liquid-based HS-SDME followed by GC-MS for the rapid analysis of essential oil in dried lavender Yufeng Hu · Xiangdao Li · Jie Liu · Minghuo Wu · Ming Li · Xinke Zang · Xinke Zang
    Electrochemical immunosensor detection of tumor markers based on a GO composite nanoprobe for signal amplification Lap Man Lee · Jenna M. Rosano · Yi Wang · George J. Klarmann · Charles J. Garson · Balabhaskar Prabhakarpandian · Kapil Pant · Luis M. Alvarez · Eva Lai · Eva Lai
    Dissecting the dissociation patterns of fucosylated glycopeptides undergoing CID: a case study in improving automated glycopeptide analysis scoring algorithms Pedro Lemos de Almeida · Thais H. Figueiredo do Bonfim · Francisco Antônio da Silva Cunha · Kássio M. G. Lima · Jailane de Souza Aquino · Luciano F. Almeida · Luciano F. Almeida
    Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface water using simplified liquid–liquid micro-extraction and pseudo-MRM GC/MS/MS Guo-Song Qiu · Kui Yan · Shan Zhang · Wei Chen · Shao-Hua Huang · Zheng-Wu Bai · Zheng-Wu Bai
    A novel paper based colorimetric assay for the detection of TiO2 nanoparticles Eman Alghamdi · Michael J. Whitcombe · Sergey A. Piletsky · Elena Piletska · Elena Piletska
    Validation of a lateral flow immunoassay for the rapid determination of aflatoxins in maize by solvent free extraction Soo Khim Chan · Yee Siew Choong · David Perera · Theam Soon Lim · Theam Soon Lim
    Enhanced peroxidase-like activity of Mo-doped ceria nanoparticles for sensitive colorimetric detection of glucose Dmitry Malinovsky · Nikolay A. Kashulin · Nikolay A. Kashulin
    Analysis of natural and synthetic folates in pharmaceuticals and foods: a review Gonca Bülbül · Hamed Eskandarloo · Alireza Abbaspourrad · Alireza Abbaspourrad
    Development of molecularly imprinted photonic polymers for sensing of sulfonamides in egg white P. Vohra · H. T. Ngo · Walter T. Lee · Tuan Vo-Dinh · Tuan Vo-Dinh
    Provenance classification of nephrite jades using multivariate LIBS: a comparative study Cui Kunyan · Wen Jiaxin · Zeng Feng · Zhou Xi · Li Shoucong · Zeng Zunxiang · Zeng Zunxiang
    An external reference 1H qNMR method (PULCON) for characterization of high purity cocaine seizures Mortaza Iranifam · Nasim Rahmati Hendekhale · Nasim Rahmati Hendekhale
    Colorimetric ELISA with an acid–base indicator for sensitive detection of ochratoxin A in corn samples Qayyum Husain · Qayyum Husain
    Synthesis of water-soluble fluorescent carbon dots from Setcreasea purpurea boom and its application for Br2 detection Luiz Eduardo Celino Benedito · Adriano O. Maldaner · A. L. Oliveira · A. L. Oliveira
    Micro-sensors based on hypha-templated coaxial microfibers Abdu Subaihi · Yun Xu · Howbeer Muhamadali · Shaun T. Mutter · Shaun T. Mutter · Ewan W. Blanch · David I. Ellis · Royston Goodacre · Royston Goodacre
    Determination of methylmercury in sediment and cyanobacteria samples: method validation and application to methylation investigation Sundaram Sornambikai · Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir · Annamalai Senthil Kumar · N. Ponpandian · C. Viswanathan · C. Viswanathan
    Carrier-mediated solvent bar microextraction coupled with HPLC-DAD for the quantitative analysis of the hydrophilic antihypertensive peptide VLPVPR in human plasma Li Zhihua · Shi Jiyong · Huang Xiaowei · Zou Xiaobo · Hu Xuetao · Zhou Xucheng · Haroon Elrasheid Tahir · Haroon Elrasheid Tahir
    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of blood. Part 3: a study of the correlation between blood conductivity and sedimentation to shorten the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test Jianqi Sun · Jianqi Sun · Xiangjuan Zheng · Xinjie Wu · Dong Li · Guomin Xia · Shuxian Yu · Qiming Yu · Hongming Wang · Hongming Wang
    Optimizing the process of reference selection for correlation optimised warping (COW) and interval correlation shifting (icoshift) analysis: automating the chromatographic alignment procedure Louise Aparecida Mendes · Maione Wittig Franco · Francisco A. R. Barbosa · Paula Iannarelli Aires de Carvalho · Jorge Carvalho de Lena · Cláudia Carvalhinho Windmöller · Cláudia Carvalhinho Windmöller
    Paper spray mass spectrometry for high-throughput quantification of nicotine and cotinine Jinlin Wang · Panwei Weng · Panwei Weng · Jing Zhou · Xu Zhang · Xu Zhang · Shufen Cui · Shufen Cui
    Development of a novel parallel determination platform: a feasibility study tested on a chemiluminescence device Menbere Leul Mekonnen · Wei-Nien Su · Ching-Hsiang Chen · Bing-Joe Hwang · Bing-Joe Hwang
    A detection and confirmation strategy for screening of veterinary drugs in honey by liquid chromatography coupled quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry Jiwon Lee · Stephanie K. Sayler · Menglian Zhou · Hongbo Zhu · Rudy J. Richardson · Richard L. Neitzel · Katsuo Kurabayashi · Xudong Fan · Xudong Fan
    Rapid and sensitive colorimetric sensing of the insecticide pymetrozine using melamine-modified gold nanoparticles Bingjie Cai · Shuang Guo · Yan Li · Yan Li
    Fiber enhanced Raman sensing of levofloxacin by PCF bandgap-shifting into the visible range Quan Han · Yanyan Huo · Xiaohui Yang · Yaping He · JIang Yan Wu · Hongli Cai · Hongli Cai
    Molybdenum isotope fractionation in plants measured by MC-ICPMS Benjamin T. Mehl · R. Scott Martin · R. Scott Martin
    A new wipe-sampling instrument for measuring the collection efficiency of trace explosives residues Xiaohui Xiong · Xinping Shi · Yuanjian Liu · Lixia Lu · Jingjing You · Jingjing You
    Construction of novel nanocomposite [email protected] microspheres grown on nickel foam for high performance electrochemical supercapacitors Rabin Neupane · Malin Källsten · Fredrik Lehmann · Jonas Bergquist · Jonas Bergquist
    A new solidified effervescent tablet-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction for the analysis of fungicides in fruit juice samples Jude C. Lakbub · Xiaomeng Su · David Hua · Eden P. Go · Heather Desaire · Heather Desaire
    Chemistry of extracting high-contrast invisible fingerprints from transparent and colored substrates using a novel phosphorescent label Xiaoyi Yan · Yue Gu · Cong Li · Bo Zheng · Yaru Li · Tingting Zhang · Zhiquan Zhang · Ming Yang · Ming Yang
    A gold immunochromatographic assay for simultaneous detection of parathion and triazophos in agricultural products Ruth Godfrey · Ruth Godfrey
    Probing specific gravity in real-time with graphene oxide plasmonics Shao Xi · Chen Min · Wu Da · Liu Baizhan · Zhang Xiangmin · Chen Chaoying · Chen Chaoying
    Screening of sulfonamides in waters based on miniaturized solid phase extraction and microplate spectrophotometric detection Jean Lucas de Oliveira Arias · Antunielle Schneider · Jahir Antonio Batista-Andrade · Augusto A. Vieira · Vinicios Rafael Gehrke · Edinalvo Rabaioli Camargo · Sergiane Souza Caldas · Ednei Gilberto Primel · Ednei Gilberto Primel
    A comparison of structural–functional equation models to identify fatty acids on three common gas chromatography columns Baohong Liu · Xiuzhong Wang · Xiang-Ying Sun · Chuanxiao Yang · Peiwu Li · Peiwu Li
    An easily prepared graphene oxide–ionic liquid hybrid nanomaterial for micro-solid phase extraction and preconcentration of Hg in water samples Yu Peng · A Heist Christopher · T Remcho Vincent · T Remcho Vincent
    Enhanced microchip electrophoresis separations combined with electrochemical detection utilizing a capillary embedded in polystyrene Dong Jingjing · Lian Jinyu · Jin Yan · Li Baoxin · Li Baoxin
    MoS2-based sensor for the detection of miRNA in serum samples related to breast cancer Beibei Liu · Hang Gong · Yulong Wang · Xiaoshuai Zhang · Pan Li · Yulou Qiu · Limin Wang · Xiude Hua · Yirong Guo · Minghua Wang · Fengquan Liu · Xianjin Liu · Cunzheng Zhang · Cunzheng Zhang
    Solid phase extraction of α-tocopherol and other physiologically active components from sunflower oil using rationally designed polymers Ainash Garifullina · Nikhil Bhalla · Amy Q. Shen · Amy Q. Shen
    On-site monitoring of occupational exposure to volatile organic compounds by a portable comprehensive 2-dimensional gas chromatography device Patricia S. Peixoto · Ildikó V. Tóth · Sandia Machado · Luísa Barreiros · Ana Machado · Adriano A. Bordalo · José L. F. C. Lima · Marcela A. Segundo · Marcela A. Segundo
    Layer-by-layer fabrication of g-C3N4 coating for headspace solid-phase microextraction of food additives followed by gas chromatography-flame ionization detection A. T. L. Wotherspoon · A. T. L. Wotherspoon · K. L. Reeves · J. Crawford · J. Crawford
    Dengue serotyping with a label-free DNA sensor Annaly Cruz Sotolongo · Estefanía M. Martinis · Rodolfo G. Wuilloud · Rodolfo G. Wuilloud
    Composite materials based on hybrid mesoporous solids for flow-through determination of ultratrace levels of Cd(II) C.M. Frey · H. Barth · Christine Kranz · Boris Mizaikoff · Boris Mizaikoff
    Facile preparation of a hydrophilic magnetic hybrid nanomaterial with solid-phase extraction capability for highly efficient enrichment of phthalates in environmental water Mengyu Qi · Chunyan Tu · Yuanyuan Dai · Weiping Wang · Ai-Jun Wang · Jianrong Chen · Jianrong Chen
    Tea quality testing using 6B pencil lead as an electrochemical sensor Yahong Han · Lujia Han · Yumei Yao · Yanfei Li · Xian Liu · Xian Liu
    Identification and quantification of microplastics in table sea salts using micro-NIR imaging methods Graciela Carlos · Jéferson Segalin · Louise Jank · Eloisa Comiran · Marcella Herbstrith de Oliveira · Pedro Eduardo Fröehlich · Pedro Eduardo Fröehlich
    Simple multimodal detection of selenium in water and vegetable samples by a catalytic chromogenic method Ning Sun · Qi Guo · Xiaomei Li · Jitao Chen · Xiaowen Liu · Kwok-Yin Wong · Zhiyuang Fang · Zhiyuang Fang
    A novel method for the presumptive identification of heterocyclic amines of forensic interest using photoluminescent copper(I) iodide cluster compounds Samaneh Akbarzade · Mahmoud Chamsaz · Gholam Hossein Rounaghi · Gholam Hossein Rounaghi
    A split aptamer-based imaging solution for the visualization of latent fingerprints David J. Nash · Deepti A. Siddhanti · Amanda F. Wendt · Rachel A. Penabade · Kevin Bertrand · Andilys Andino · Krisia Smith · Sandra M. Hick · Kyle Kawamoto · Andrea C. Ortiz · Francisco Sepulveda · Wayne K. Moorehead · Jay R. Vargas · Richard G. Blair · Richard G. Blair
    An all thiol–ene microchip for solid phase extraction featuring an in situ polymerized monolith and integrated 3D replica-molded emitter for direct electrospray mass spectrometry Ziyi Wang · Panxia Jin · Shanshan Zhou · Xuemei Wang · Xinzhen Du · Xinzhen Du
    Highly selective and sensitive optical probe for Fe3+ based on a water-soluble squarylium dye Qiang Liu · Jinyu Lian · Mei Liu · Yan Jin · Baoxin Li · Baoxin Li
    One-step detection of hexokinase activity using a personal glucose meter Xiaojuan Liu · Xiuyuan Li · Yingying Lu · Jiabing Cao · Feng Li · Feng Li
    A sensitive electrochemical sensor for ofloxacin based on a graphene/zinc oxide composite film Nandimalla Vishnu · Nandimalla Vishnu · Mansi Gandhi · Sushmee Badhulika · Annamalai Senthil Kumar · Annamalai Senthil Kumar · Annamalai Senthil Kumar
    Automatic solid-phase extraction by programmable flow injection coupled to chromatographic fluorimetric determination of fluoroquinolones Bruna da Silva Granja · José Ricardo Honório de Mendonça Filho · Woodland de Souza Oliveira · Josué Carinhanha Caldas Santos · Josué Carinhanha Caldas Santos
    Electrochemical detection of Cu(II) using amino-functionalized MgFe2O4/Reduced graphene oxide composite Zongguang Xu · Mengying Jiang · Chen Zhang · Jinfeng Mei · Zhongyu Li · Song Xu · Liping Wang · Liping Wang
    Simultaneous quantitative analysis of retagliptin and its main active metabolite in human multiple matrices by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry Jie Bai · Liyan Liu · Yanmei Han · Congcong Jia · Cuixia Liang · Cuixia Liang
    A ratiometric method for the oxidation mapping of metallic systems Xiaojing Si · Youli Wei · Chaolin Wang · Li Li · Yaping Ding · Yaping Ding
    A fluorescent colorimetric azo dye based chemosensor for detection of S2− in perfect aqueous solution and its application in real sample analysis and building a molecular logic gate P. Raja Lakshmi · Ramalingam Manivannan · Palanisamy Jayasudha · Kuppanagounder P. Elango · Kuppanagounder P. Elango
    Highly selective preconcentration of ultra-trace amounts of lead ions in real water and food samples by dispersive solid phase extraction using modified magnetic graphene oxide as a novel sorbent Ling Zhang · Zizhun Wang · Jiaze Hou · Lulu Lei · Jiao Li · Juan Bai · Hui Huang · Yongxin Li · Yongxin Li
    An isothermal single base extension based lateral flow biosensor and electrochemical assay for gene point mutation detection Mashaalah Zarejousheghani · Andreas Walte · Helko Borsdorf · Helko Borsdorf
    Photodegradation kinetics of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate and structure elucidation of its degradation products by LC-ESI-QTOF Bingyan Han · Ying Li · Tingting Peng · Mingbo Yu · Xixi Hu · Gaohong He · Gaohong He
    Click chemistry-based core–shell molecularly imprinted polymers for the determination of pyrimethamine in fish and plasma samples Davide Tanasi · Enrico Greco · Radwan Ebna Noor · Stephanie Feola · Vasantha Kumar · Anita Crispino · Ioannis Gelis · Ioannis Gelis
    Identification of odorous constituents of southern yellow pine and China fir wood: the effects of extractive removal Heng-Yu Xu · Long-Sheng Jin · Ning Xu · Jing-Ru Chen · Mei-Sheng Wu · Mei-Sheng Wu
    Discrimination of positional isomers by ion mobility mass spectrometry: application to organic semiconductors Fathy M. Salama · Khalid A.M. Attia · Ahmed A. Abouserie · Ahmed El-Olemy · Ebrahim Abolmagd · Ebrahim Abolmagd
    Label-free and sensitive detection of uracil-DNA glycosylase using exponential real-time rolling circle amplification Fausto M. Araujo · Mellina D. R. Santos · Marcone Augusto Leal de Oliveira · Renato Camargo Matos · Maria Auxiliadora Costa Matos · Maria Auxiliadora Costa Matos
    Regional feature extraction of various fishes based on chemical and microbial variable selection using machine learning Yan Pan · Zhifen Deng · Yanlong Chen · Wenfen Zhang · Zhicong Yang · Wenjie Zhao · Shusheng Zhang · Shusheng Zhang
    An on-chip valve-assisted microfluidic chip for quantitative and multiplexed detection of biomarkers Hao Lin · Zhong-xiu Man · Binbin Guan · Quansheng Chen · Hongjuan Jin · Zhao-li Xue · Zhao-li Xue
    AIEE active SDS stabilized 2-naphthol nanoparticles as a novel fluorescent sensor for the selective recognition of crystal violet: application to environmental analysis R. Nageswara Rao · K. Guru Prasad · Sara Khalid · K. S. Praneetha · Dilip Dodda · Ciddi Veeresham · Ciddi Veeresham
    Determination of alkyl ammonium ionic liquid cations by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography and its application in analysis of environmental water Yuan Xu · Yun-Xi Cui · Qiu-Ge Zhao · An-Na Tang · De-Ming Kong · De-Ming Kong
    Lead isotope ratios in lead-glazed ceramics determined by laser ablation multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for discriminating purpose Taiga Asakura · Kenji Sakata · Yasuhiro Date · Jun Kikuchi · Jun Kikuchi · Jun Kikuchi
    A non-enzymatic nanoceria electrode for non-invasive glucose monitoring Feiyu Zhang · Ruoqiu Zhang · Jiong Ge · Wanchao Chen · Wuye Yang · Yiping Du · Yiping Du
    A visual detection of bisphenol A based on peroxidase-like activity of hemin–graphene composites and aptamer Binfeng Hu · Binfeng Hu · Yong Liu · Yong Liu · Jinqi Deng · Jinqi Deng · Lei Mou · Lei Mou · Xingyu Jiang · Xingyu Jiang · Xingyu Jiang
    A PET based fluorescent chemosensor with real time application in monitoring formaldehyde emissions from plywood Dattatray K. Dalavi · Sonali B. Suryawanshi · Govind B. Kolekar · Shivajirao R. Patil · Shivajirao R. Patil
    Fluorescent carbon dots directly derived from polyethyleneimine and their application for the detection of Co2 Zi-qiang Fan · Hong Yu · Ya-qi Cai · Ya-qi Cai
    Sprayed liquid-gas extraction of semi-volatile organophosphate Malathion from air and contaminated surfaces Chunlei Zong · Zhian Bao · Wangli Ran · Xue Ling · Lu Chen · Kaiyun Chen · Honglin Yuan · Honglin Yuan
    Determination of Cu2+ and biothiols by novel red fluorescent hybrid nanoparticles Zhengwei Xiong · Haixia Zhong · Shuang Zheng · Pengxi Deng · Ning Li · Wen Yun · Lizhu Yang · Lizhu Yang
    An ICT-based chemodosimeter for selective dual channel sensing of cyanide in an aqueous solution Ankita Gangopadhyay · Kalipada Maiti · Syed Samim Ali · Ajoy Kumar Pramanik · Uday Narayan Guria · Sandip Kumar Samanta · Ripon Sarkar · Pallab Datta · Ajit Kumar Mahapatra · Ajit Kumar Mahapatra
    A tip–gap mesh-like bilayer SERS substrate for highly sensitive detection Patricia S. Peixoto · Eduarda M. P. Silva · Marcelo V. Osório · Luísa Barreiros · Luísa Barreiros · José L. F. C. Lima · Marcela A. Segundo · Marcela A. Segundo
    A dual-targeting AS1411-folic acid fluorescent nanocomposite for cancer cell and drug delivery Juncui Xu · Zhenyu Li · Xianming Yue · Fazhi Xie · Shiquan Xiong · Shiquan Xiong
    The stability of 57 consensus values in a proficiency test material re-issued blind after an interval of 18 years Yu Li · Weiqiang Dai · Xuefei Lv · Yulin Deng · Yulin Deng
    Pulsed amperometric detection of pharmacologic adulterants in dietary supplements using a gold electrode coupled to HPLC separation Yun-Shang Yang · Chun-Mei Ma · Ying-Peng Zhang · Qing-Hua Xue · Jia-Xi Ru · Xiao-Yu Liu · Hui-Chen Guo · Hui-Chen Guo
    A Sc–3-HF complex as a fluorescent chemosensor for the selective detection of dihydrogen phosphate Lihong Qiao · Jingwen Wang · Min Zheng · Zhigang Xie · Zhigang Xie
    A versatile matrix of an ionic liquid functionalized with aldehyde and ferrocene groups for label-free electrochemical immunosensors Zhuqing Wang · Yunlong Huang · Dejin Wang · Li Sun · Chen Dong · Lanyun Fang · Yujie Zhang · Aiguo Wu · Aiguo Wu
    Development of a sensitive method for the determination of parabens in complex samples by online coupling of magnetism-enhanced monolith-based in-tube solid phase microextraction with high performance liquid chromatography Michael Thompson · Peter C. Webb · Philip J. Potts · Stephen A. Wilson · Stephen A. Wilson
    A Pt and Pd bimetal nanowire based stereoselective sensor for the discrimination of ascorbic acid and isoascorbic acid Diana Tomazi Muratt · Larissa Sabo Müller · Thaís Ramos Dal Molin · Carine Viana · Leandro M. de Carvalho · Leandro M. de Carvalho
    Paper spray ionization mass spectrometry allied to chemometric tools for quantification of whisky adulteration with additions of sugarcane spirit Wei Du · Chunman Jia · Yinfeng Zhang · Qing Chen · Yile Wang · Yan Huang · Qi Zhang · Qi Zhang
    A pilot study in humans of microneedle sensor arrays for continuous glucose monitoring Youming Shen · Guangyu Shen · Youyu Zhang · Youyu Zhang
    A carbon nanofibers–Sm2O3 nanocomposite: a novel electrochemical platform for simultaneously detecting two isomers of dihydroxybenzene Meng Mei · Jinling Pang · Xiaojia Huang · Xiaojia Huang
    Online coupling of tandem liquid-phase extraction with HPLC-UV for the determination of trace N-nitrosamines in food products Jiao Ma · Chengcheng Yang · Shu Zhu · Jinyi Song · Yingzi Fu · Yingzi Fu
    Screening of DNAzyme mutants for highly sensitive and selective detection of calcium in milk Flavia Tosato · Radigya M. Correia · Bruno G. Oliveira · André M. Fontes · Hildegardo S. França · Wendell Karlos Tomazelli Coltro · Paulo R. Filgueiras · Wanderson Romão · Wanderson Romão · Wanderson Romão
    Selective voltammetric sensors based on composites of chitosan polyelectrolyte complexes with cyclodextrins for the recognition and determination of atenolol enantiomers Wei Fang · Wei Fang · Shuewen Liu · Shuewen Liu · Chunyan Tan · Chunyan Tan · Anqi Li · Anqi Li · Ying Tan · Ying Tan · Yuyang Jiang · Yuyang Jiang · Yuyang Jiang
    Antimicrobial susceptibility testing by using virulent phages to evaluate bacterial viability Tomas Drevinskas · Rūta Mickienė · Audrius Maruška · Mantas Stankevičius · Nicola Tiso · Algirdas Šalomskas · Raimundas Lelešius · Agneta Karpovaitė · Ona Ragažinskienė · Ona Ragažinskienė
    A rapid potentiometric titration method for measuring low-level chemical oxygen demand in organic wastewater containing synthetic phenothiazine dyes Carina Gaviglio · Guillermo Carrone · Guillermo Carrone
    A sensitive fluorescence method for the detection of streptavidin based on target-induced DNA machine amplification R. C. Urban · R. C. Urban · J. R. Romero · M. L. A. M. Campos · M. L. A. M. Campos
    Development and validation of a HPLC method to quantify DEET and IR3535 in insect repellents Liang Lv · Junrong Li · Wei Fang · Aiguo Shen · Jiming Hu · Jiming Hu
    Electronic nose sensors data feature mining: a synergetic strategy for the classification of beer Jun Ai · Lu Ga · Yong Wang · Yong Wang
    Fabrication of [email protected] microspheres and their application in high performance liquid chromatography Lei Jiang · Qi Xue · Chuanjie Jiao · Hanyun Liu · Yan Zhou · Hongchao Ma · Qingli Yang · Qingli Yang
    Supercritical CO2 extraction for the determination of tetrachloroethylene residues in dry-cleaned apparel Mujia Huang · Xue Luo · Daiping He · Ping Jiang · Ping Jiang
    A fast, direct, and sensitive analysis method for catechin determination in green tea by batch injection analysis with multiple-pulse amperometry (BIA-MPA) Arghavani-Beydokhti Somayeh · Rajabi Maryam · Bazregar Mohammad · Asghari Alireza · Asghari Alireza
    An electrospun polyamide/graphene oxide nanocomposite as a novel fiber coating Hui Jiang · Congli Mei · Quansheng Chen · Quansheng Chen
    A novel aptasensor for malathion blood samples detection based on DNA-silver nanocluster Shulei Wang · Lingyi Zhang · Ruili Xiao · Haihong Chen · Zhanying Chu · Weibing Zhang · Fan Liu · Fan Liu
    A Fluorescent detection method for copper ions based on a direct redox route and desk study of wax-printed paper-based probes Yidan Liu · Kejie Fu · Qibei Bao · Mingbo Ma · Wenlong Zhou · Wenlong Zhou
    Determination of chromium and titanium contents in V–Cr–Ti alloys using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry with solution and fusion techniques Geyse Adriana Corrêa Ribeiro · Cláudia Quintino da Rocha · Auro Atsushi Tanaka · Iranaldo Santos da Silva · Iranaldo Santos da Silva
    Expression of concern: Synthesis of a monodisperse well-defined core–shell magnetic molecularly-imprinted polymer prior to LC-MS/MS for fast and sensitive determination of mycotoxin residues in rice Shokooh Ehteshami · Alireza Feizbakhsh · Amir H. M. Sarrafi · Homayon Ahmad Panahi · Ali Roostaie · Ali Roostaie
    Development of a portable sensor to evaluate copper speciation in natural waters Ceng Chen · Jian Shi · Yadong Guo · Lagabaiyla Zha · Lingmei Lan · Yunfeng Chang · Yanjun Ding · Yanjun Ding
    Confirmation of the antiviral properties of medicinal plants via chemical analysis, machine learning methods and antiviral tests: a methodological approach Jiawei Li · Pan Li · Minghong Bian · Danqun Huo · Changjun Hou · Hui Qin · Suyi Zhang · Liang Zhang · Liang Zhang
    Measuring the size and density of nanoparticles by centrifugal sedimentation and flotation Lunfu Tian · Wei Gao · Xiaoyuan Li · Lili Wang · Yichun Dai · Deshuang Zou · Deshuang Zou
    Ultrasensitive nanowire-based detection of HCVcoreAg in the serum using a microwave generator Andrea Annibal · Özlem Karalay · Christian Latza · Adam Antebi · Adam Antebi · Adam Antebi
    Application of HPLC-DAD and spectrophotometric continuous wavelet transform methods for simultaneous determination of amoxicillin and diclofenac in their pure and capsule dosage forms Yagnakirankumar Komaravolu · Venugopala Rao Dama · Thirumala Chary Maringanti · Thirumala Chary Maringanti
    Dual-quenching strategy for determination of ATP based on aptamer and exonuclease I-assisted electrochemiluminescence resonance energy transfer Mahdi Ghorbani · Samaneh Akbarzade · Mohsen Aghamohammadhasan · Orkideh Seyedin · Nahid Afshar Lahoori · Nahid Afshar Lahoori
    Multi-waveform fast-scan cyclic voltammetry mapping of adsorption/desorption kinetics of biogenic amines and their metabolites Cecilia M. Ochoa · Peter Shoenmakers · Claude R. Mallet · Ira S. Lurie · Ira S. Lurie
    A low-cost ambient desorption/ionization source for mass-spectrometry based on a dielectric barrier discharge Maojun Gong · Ning Zhang · Naveen Maddukuri · Naveen Maddukuri
    A facile colorimetric method for highly sensitive ascorbic acid detection by using CoOOH nanosheets Amy Farrell · Sara Carillo · Kai Scheffler · Ken Cook · Jonathan Bones · Jonathan Bones · Jonathan Bones
    A label-free ultrasensitive and selective strategy for Pb(II) assay by a multifunctional DNA probe-mediated rolling-circle amplified synthesis of the G-quadruplexes Do Hyoung Kim · Yoonbae Oh · Hojin Shin · Cheonho Park · Kevin E. Bennet · In Young Kim · Kendall H. Lee · Dong Pyo Jang · Dong Pyo Jang
    Quantitation of acute monocytic leukemia cells spiked in control monocytes using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Weimin Du · Li Yao · Jianfeng Bian · Yang Liu · Xie Wang · Jianhua Zhang · Liangyu Pang · Liangyu Pang
    A method combining a kit with the Bionic e-Eye for rapid on site detection of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning Jasmine S. Furter · Peter C. Hauser · Peter C. Hauser
    Polystyrene-impregnated paper substrates for direct mass spectrometric analysis of proteins and peptides in complex matrices Qiuyu Nie · Qiyong Cai · Huihui Xu · Zhun Qiao · Zhaohui Li · Zhaohui Li
    Development and comparison of regression models for the determination of quality parameters in margarine spread samples using NIR spectroscopy Xiao-Feng Wang · Yong-Sheng Wang · Xilin Xiao · Wen-Bo Lan · Bin Zhou · Si-Han Chen · Jin-Hua Xue · Jin-Hua Xue
    Introducing an integral optimised warping (IOW) approach for achieving swift alignment of drifted chromatographic peaks: an optimisation of the correlation optimised warping (COW) technique M. Hassoun · N. Köse · Roman Kiselev · Iwan W. Schie · Christoph Krafft · Juergen Popp · Juergen Popp
    A turn-on fluorescent formaldehyde probe regulated by combinational PET and ICT mechanisms for bioimaging applications Wang Jianfeng · Fan Xiaojing · Liu Yan · Du Zhenxia · Feng Yuechao · Jia Li · Zhang Jinghua · Zhang Jinghua
    Quantitative determination of multiple surfactants in water using HPLC-MS/MS Peter M. Christensen · Giorgio Tomasi · Mette Kristensen · Peter E. Holm · Jan H. Christensen · Jan H. Christensen
    Examples of unwanted variation when characterising dissolved organic matter using direct injection electrospray mass spectrometry and chemometrics Jamie L. Luther · Valentine Henry de Frahan · Marya Lieberman · Marya Lieberman
    Quantification of combined color and shade changes in colorimetry and image analysis: water pH measurement as an example Yubin Ding · Yubin Ding · Min Zhou · Hui Wei · Hui Wei
    Aptameric detection of quinine in reclaimed wastewater using a personal glucose meter Xueling Yang · Longwei He · Kaixin Xu · Yunzhen Yang · Weiying Lin · Weiying Lin
    Production and characterization of a single-chain variable fragment-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein for glycocholic acid detection in a one-step enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Xiaomeng Wang · Kim L. Kasperski · Kim L. Kasperski
    Highly sensitive biosensing of phenol based on the adsorption of the phenol enzymatic oxidation product on the surface of an electrochemically reduced graphene oxide-modified electrode Nikoline J. Nielsen · Peter M. Christensen · Colin A. Stedmon · Jan H. Christensen · Jan H. Christensen
    Ionic liquid-based air-assisted liquid–liquid microextraction combined with dispersive micro-solid phase extraction for the preconcentration of copper in water samples Li-Jun Xia · Xiao-Feng Guo · Yan Ji · Liu Chen · Hong Wang · Hong Wang
    Monoclonal antibody sequence assessment using a hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer Peng Shan · Yuhui Zhao · Xiaopeng Sha · Qiaoyun Wang · Xiaoyong Lv · Silong Peng · Yao Ying · Yao Ying
    Determination of the limits of detection for aluminum-based alloys by spatially resolved single- and double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Yong Qiu · Chunmei Gu · Bing Li · Hanchang Shi · Hanchang Shi
    Flow-gated capillary electrophoresis: a powerful technique for rapid and efficient chemical separation Weiqun Lin · Qinqin Chai · Wu Wang · Yurong Li · Bin Qiu · Xin Peng · Tianyue Lai · Jie Huang · Zhenyu Lin · Zhenyu Lin
    A sensitive three-signal assay for the determination of PFOS based on the interaction with Nile blue A Yanina Minaberry · Jorge Stripeikis · Mabel Tudino · Mabel Tudino
    Accuracy and stability improvement in detecting Wuchang rice adulteration by piece-wise multiplicative scatter correction in the hyperspectral imaging system Wan Qiu Xia · Peng Lei Cui · Geng Nan Wang · Jing Liu · Jian Ping Wang · Jian Ping Wang
    Advancement of analytical modes in a multichannel, microfluidic droplet-based sample chopper employing phase-locked detection Yinghua Yan · Yujie Lu · Baichun Wang · Yiqian Gao · Jiawen Ge · Hongze Liang Liang · Dapeng Wu · Dapeng Wu
    Determination of 16 phthalate esters in sesame oil by isotope dilution liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry Alexander Jönsson · Josiane P. Lafleur · Drago Sticker · Jörg Peter Kutter · Jörg Peter Kutter
    Development and validation of a LC-MS/MS method for ivermectin quantification in dried blood spots: application to a pharmacokinetic study in Trichuris trichiura-infected adults Qian Chen · Zhen Cheng · Lingling Du · Panpan Zhu · Kejun Tan · Kejun Tan
    Do we need a catalyst in the determination of dissolved organic carbon in environmental samples Yunxin Yu · Hanyue Yu · Lianbo Guo · Jun Li · Yanwu Chu · Yun Tang · Shisong Tang · Fan Wang · Fan Wang
    A novel magnetic multi-walled carbon nanotube-based magnetic solid-phase extraction combined with dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction method for the determination of four phenoxy carboxylic acid herbicides in food crops by using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Jean T. Negou · Juan Hu · Xiangpeng Li · Christopher J. Easley · Christopher J. Easley
    Recent advances in toner-based microfluidic devices for bioanalytical applications Xiaomin Li · Qinghe Zhang · Ling Chen · Jiaying Zhao · Hongmei Li · Hongmei Li
    Prediction of amino acids, caffeine, theaflavins and water extract in black tea using FT-NIR spectroscopy coupled chemometrics algorithms Xucan Yuan · Chu Liu · Jing Zhao · Pengfei Zhao · Longshan Zhao · Longshan Zhao
    A novel method for geographical origin identification of Tetrastigma hemsleyanum (Sanyeqing) by near-infrared spectroscopy Ellen Flávia Moreira Gabriel · Bruno Gabriel Lucca · Gabriela R. M. Duarte · Wendell Karlos Tomazelli Coltro · Wendell Karlos Tomazelli Coltro
    Interval LASSO regression based extreme learning machine for nonlinear multivariate calibration of near infrared spectroscopic datasets Fugang Xu · Huasheng Lai · Hui Xu · Hui Xu
    Decreasing the uncertainty of peak assignments for the analysis of synthetic cathinones using multi-dimensional ultra-high performance liquid chromatography Khalil Abnous · Noor Mohammad Danesh · Mohammad Ramezani · Seyed Mohammad Taghdisi · Ahmad Sarreshtehdar Emrani · Ahmad Sarreshtehdar Emrani
    A long-wavelength fluorescent probe for amino compounds and its application in the determination of aliphatic amines Muhammad Zareef · Quansheng Chen · Qin Ouyang · Felix Y.H. Kutsanedzie · Md. Mehedi Hassan · Annavaram Viswadevarayalu · Ancheng Wang · Ancheng Wang
    Resonance Rayleigh scattering detection of the epidermal growth factor receptor based on an aptamer-functionalized gold-nanoparticle probe Ying Wang · Yue Liu · Wen Liu · Wenhao Tang · Li Shen · Zhilin Li · Zhilin Li · Meikun Fan · Meikun Fan
    Correcting the effect of hematocrit in whole blood coagulation analysis on paper-based lateral flow device Xiping Cui · Qiyi He · Ding Shen · Zhengyun Jiang · Yingshan Chen · Suqing Zhao · Bruce D. Hammock · Bruce D. Hammock
    1H NMR, 1H-1H 2D TOCSY and GC-MS analyses for the identification of olive oil on Early Bronze Age pottery from Castelluccio (Noto, Italy) Chuanzhen Zhou · Dayong Sun · R. Garcia · Fred A. Stevie · Fred A. Stevie
    An engineered nanocomposite for sensitive and selective detection of mercury in environmental water samples Glayton A. Souza · Dilton M. Pimentel · Amanda B. Lima · Tiago J. Guedes · Luciano C. Arantes · Anderson C. de Oliveira · Raquel M.F. Sousa · Rodrigo A.A. Munoz · Wallans Torres Pio dos Santos · Wallans Torres Pio dos Santos
    Dual-functional imprinted magnetic nanoprobes for fluorescence detection of N-nitrosodiphenylamine Ibrahim Kaya · Ibrahim Kaya · Eva Jennische · Stefan Lange · Per Malmberg · Per Malmberg
    A novel porous silica monolith functionalized with 5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline for SPE of metal ions in groundwater samples prior to their analysis using ICP-MS Zorica Stojanović · Zuzana Koudelkova · Eliska Sedlackova · David Hynek · David Hynek · Lukas Richtera · Lukas Richtera · Vojtech Adam · Vojtech Adam · Vojtech Adam
    Characterisation of illicit ecstasy and diazepam tablets by colorant identification Ibrahim H. Abdullah · Ibrahim H. Abdullah · Nashaat Ahmed · Mona A. Mohamed · Fawzy M. A. Ragab · Marwa T. A. Abdel-Wareth · Nageh K. Allam · Nageh K. Allam
    Target regulated photo induced electron transfer of DNA-Cu nanoparticles and their application for the detection of the hepatitis B gene Hugh V. Hayes · Walter B. Wilson · Lane C. Sander · Stephen A. Wise · Andres D. Campiglia · Andres D. Campiglia
    Disposable graphene sensor with an internal reference electrode for stripping analysis of heavy metals Yufeng Hu · Jie Liu · Junyu Li · Tao Chen · Minghuo Wu · Minghuo Wu
    Development and validation of a robust analytical method to quantify both etoposide and prodigiosin in polymeric nanoparticles by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography Awadh O. AlSuhaimi · Khaled M. AlMohaimadi · Bader N. AlAlawi · Imran Ali · Imran Ali · Imran Ali
    A new hollow fiber liquid/solid phase microextraction using Al2O3 nanoparticles as the adsorbent for extraction of ginsenosides from an oral liquid L. Sharrenbroch · Ann Tough · Kerr H. Matthews · Kerr H. Matthews
    Evaluation of colorimetric methods for quantification of citrus flavonoids to avoid misuse Qiang Xie · Dongmin Shi · Jing Wan · Xiaojun Zhang · Guangfeng Wang · Guangfeng Wang · Guangfeng Wang
    Basalt fibers coated with nano-calcium carbonate for in-tube solid-phase microextraction and online analysis of estrogens coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography Shiwei Liu · Tongshun Wu · Fenghua Li · Qixian Zhang · Xiandui Dong · Li Niu · Li Niu
    Direct and ultrasensitive fluorescence detection of PETN vapor based on a fuorene-dimer probe via a synergic backbone and side-chain tuning M. M. Agwa · F. M. Elessawy · A. Hussein · M. A. El Demellawy · A. O. Elzoghby · M. H. Abd El-Salam · A. I. Eldiwany · A. I. Eldiwany
    Fast determination of cocaine and some common adulterants in seized cocaine samples by capillary electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection Yadan He · Yingqin Wei · Xinjie Sun · Guowei Zhou · Juan Zheng · Juan Zheng
    Determination of chemical composition in multilayer polymer film using ToF-SIMS Rui Huang · Wenyan Wu · Shuyu Shen · Jiawen Fan · Yue Chang · Shiguo Chen · Xingqian Ye · Xingqian Ye
    Pre-concentration and determination of cadmium and lead ions in real water, soil and food samples using a simple and sensitive green solvent-based ultrasonic assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry Xiuqin Wang · Juanjuan Feng · Jiaqing Feng · Yu Tian · Chuannan Luo · Min Sun · Min Sun
    Development of novel enantioselective HPLC methods for the determination of the optical purity of Nα-Fmoc/Boc amino acid derivatives (Nα-PADs) of natural and unnatural amino acids: an analytical strategy for the key starting materials of therapeutic peptides Ao Liu · Huan Liu · Xin Peng · Jinlan Jia · Yanyan Fu · Qingguo He · Huimin Cao · Jiangong Cheng · Jiangong Cheng
    A novel competitive-displacement fluorescence assay for L-penicillamine based on the reaction between the target and N-acetyl-L-cysteine-capped CdTe quantum dots for copper ions Mansour Mahmoudpour · Zahra Pilevar · Fardin Javanmardi · Faran Taram · Mir-Michael Mousavi · Mir-Michael Mousavi
    A colorimetric method for cysteine determination based on the peroxidase-like activity of ficin Yunmei Huang · Jidong Yang · Jidong Yang · Haiyan Yuan · Yuan Guo · Xiaoqing Zeng · Jiawei Cheng · Yuhui Zhang · Yuhui Zhang
    Calcium alginate microparticles for rare earth elements preconcentration prior to ICP-MS measurements in fresh water Katrul Nadia Basri · Katrul Nadia Basri · Abdur Rehman Laili · Nur Azera Tuhaime · Mutia Nurulhusna Hussain · Mutia Nurulhusna Hussain · Jamilah Bakar · Zaiton Sharif · Mohd Fared Abdul Khir · Ahmad Sabirin Zoolfakar · Ahmad Sabirin Zoolfakar
    Multi-pesticide residue analysis by high resolution mass spectrometry in complementary matrices: wheat flour, lettuce and apple samples Tao Wu · Yuanfu Zhang · Tingting Hou · Yinghong Zhang · Shuhao Wang · Shuhao Wang
    Microfluidics in coagulation monitoring devices: a mini review Wen Jie Zhang · Shi Gang Liu · Lei Han · Yu Ling · Liu Li Liao · Shi Mo · Hong Qun Luo · Nian Bing Li · Nian Bing Li
    A novel near-infrared and naked-eyes turn on fluorescent probe for detection of biothiols with a large Stokes shift and its application in living cells Claudia Conti · Alessandra Botteon · Chiara Colombo · Marco Realini · Pavel Matousek · Peter Vandenabeele · Brecht Laforce · Bart Vekemans · Laszlo Vincze · Laszlo Vincze
    Photolithographic structuring of soft, extremely foldable and autoclavable hydrophobic barriers in paper Naqeebullah Jogezai · Muhammad Imran Shabbir · Muhammad Imran Shabbir
    A facile and sensitive tetrabromobisphenol-A sensor based on biomimetic catalysis of a metal–organic framework: PCN-222(Fe) Wang Zhang · Gu Weijing · Tian Cheng · Bingxiang Wang · Yuliang Jiang · Jian Shen · Jian Shen
    Matrix effect of five kinds of meat on colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay for sulfamethazine detection Jing Wang · Haigang Li · Tingting Li · Ji Zhang · Liansheng Ling · Liansheng Ling
    XPS investigation of the vacuum interface of an ionic liquid under triangular electrical excitation for slow transients Yadan Ma · Yuhong Wang · Yong Luo · Huazhen Duan · Dan Li · Hu Xu · Essy Kouadio Fodjo · Essy Kouadio Fodjo
    Selective extraction of organophosphorous pesticides in plasma by magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers with the aid of computational design Merve Taner Camci · Burak Ulgut · Coskun Kocabas · Sefik Suzer · Sefik Suzer
    Aptamer-based detection of melamine in milk using an evanescent wave fiber sensor Hai Jiang · Liu Yang · Xudong Xing · Meiling Yan · Bingyou Yang · Lin Yang · Mingyu Cui · Qiuhong Wang · Qiuhong Wang · Haixue Kuang · Haixue Kuang
    Self-assembly of [email protected] core–shell nanocubes embedded with an internal standard for reliable quantitative SERS measurements Yanli Zhou · Yanli Zhou · Congming Li · Xiaoqiao Li · Xu Zhu · Baoxian Ye · Maotian Xu · Maotian Xu · Maotian Xu
    Development of a versatile analytical protocol for the comprehensive determination of the elemental composition of smartphone compartments on the example of printed circuit boards Zihong Li · Mingguang Ren · Li Wang · Weiying Lin · Weiying Lin
    A mitochondria-targetable fluorescent probe for detection of bisulfite in living cells Weicai Qin · Xinyu Xue · Qingqing Zhou · Chen Cai · Baokun Wang · Yong-kui Jin · Yong-kui Jin
    Comparison between two derivatization methods of nitrite ion labeled with 15N applied to liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Federico J.V. Gomez · Paige A. Reed · Diego Gonzalez Casamachin · Javier Rivera De la Rosa · George Chumanov · María Fernanda Silva · Carlos D. Garcia · Carlos D. Garcia
    A novel high hydrothermal stability amino-functionalized stationary phase prepared by a vapour deposition method Richard M. Graybill · Maria C. Cardenosa-Rubio · Maria C. Cardenosa-Rubio · Hong Wei Yang · Hong Wei Yang · Mark D. Johnson · Mark D. Johnson · Ryan C. Bailey · Ryan C. Bailey · Ryan C. Bailey
    Preparation of artificial antibodies and development of an antibody-based indirect ELISA for the detection of ancient wool Ying-Chiao Lin · Tsunghsueh Wu · Yang-Wei Lin · Yang-Wei Lin
    Identification of phenolic compounds in Eugenia uniflora leaves by FTICR MS in association with different ionization sources Caitlin E.T. Donahue · David R Miller · Tyler W Beger · Timothy Johann · Richard B. Keithley · Richard B. Keithley
    Ultrasensitive and direct fluorescence detection of RDX explosive vapor via side-chain terminal functionalization of a polyfluorene probe Fatemeh Nemati · Morteza Hosseini · Morteza Hosseini · Rouholah Zare-Dorabei · Mohammad Reza Ganjali · Mohammad Reza Ganjali · Mohammad Reza Ganjali
    Synthesis of a BODIPY–2-(2′-hydroxyphenyl)benzothiazole conjugate with solid state emission and its application as a fluorescent pH probe Yong Zhang · Zhizhong Zou · Guixing Chou · Guixing Chou
    Multiplexed microRNA expression profiling by combined asymmetric PCR and label-free detection using silicon photonic sensor arrays Mingxi Geng · Jiale He · Yunchao Li · Xiaoyi Gao · Hua-Zhong Yu · Hua-Zhong Yu
    A Ni3N–Co3N hybrid nanowire array electrode for high-performance nonenzymatic glucose detection Bharathi Sinduja · N.S.K. Gowthaman · S. Abraham John · S. Abraham John
    Fast determination of fipronil and its metabolites in seafood using PRiME pass-through cleanup followed by isotope dilution UHPLC-MS/MS Bing Wang · Jincui Gu · Qiushi You · Boyi Chen · Hailing Zheng · Yang Zhou · Zhiwen Hu · Zhiwen Hu
    Determination of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATSs) and synthetic cathinones in urine using solid phase micro-extraction fibre tips and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Fernanda. M. G. de Oliveira · Wanderson Romão · Ricardo Machado Kuster · Ricardo Machado Kuster · Ricardo Machado Kuster
    A sensitive UPLC-APCI-MS/MS method for the determination of dexamethasone and its application in an ocular tissue distribution study in rabbits following topical administration Xin Peng · Huan Liu · Ao Liu · Wei Xu · Yanyan Fu · Qingguo He · Huimin Cao · Jiangong Cheng · Jiangong Cheng
    Highly emissive salicylidene Schiff bases (SASBs) in solution and their application in the detection of the chemical warfare agent mimic diethyl chlorophosphate Lingyun Wang · Mingming Cui · Hao Tang · Derong Cao · Derong Cao
    Development and application of a portable fluorescence detector for shipboard analysis of ammonium in estuarine and coastal waters Xinglu Dai · Wenqing Deng · Chao You · Zheng Shen · Xiaoli Xiong · Xuping Sun · Xuping Sun
    Quantitative comparison of three representative staining methods for the development of multichannel colorimetric biochips Adil Mohammad · Cheng H. Yen · Miah Schneider · Bryan Lowry · Firat Yerlikaya · Gretchen Whitesell · Brad Leisssa · Patrick J. Faustino · Saeed R. Khan · Saeed R. Khan
    Powder microelectrode embedded with carboxyl multi-walled carbon nanotubes for sensitive and quantitative detection of nitrofuran residues Yun Zhang · Yong-Gang Zhao · Yong-Gang Zhao · He-Li Cheng · Nadeem Muhammad · Wei-Sheng Chen · Xiu-Qiong Zeng · Yan Zhu · Yan Zhu
    Microfluidic-based measurement of RBC aggregation and the ESR using a driving syringe system Khalid A. Alsenedi · Calum Morrison · Calum Morrison
    An ultrasensitive fluorescence aptasensor for carcino-embryonic antigen detection based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer from upconversion phosphors to Au nanoparticles Murali K. Matta · Suresh Narayanasamy · Christopher Thomas · Lin Xu · Sharron Stewart · Ashok Chockalingam · Vikram Patel · Rodney Rouse · Rodney Rouse
    Recyclable silver nanoplate-decorated copper membranes for solid-phase extraction coupled with surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection Huan Liu · Yanyan Fu · Ao Liu · Yaguo Yu · Qingguo He · Huimin Cao · Jiangong Cheng · Jiangong Cheng · Jiangong Cheng
    Adsorption and HPLC of carbohydrates and related hydroxy compounds on zeolites Meng Chen · Lei Chen · Lei Chen
    Raman spectroscopic library of medieval pigments collected with five different wavelengths for investigation of illuminated manuscripts Yong Zhu · Yong Zhu · Jianfang Chen · Xiaolai Shi · Dongxing Yuan · Sichao Feng · Tingjin Zhou · Yongming Huang · Yongming Huang
    Encapsulating a ruthenium(II) complex into metal organic frameworks to engender high sensitivity for dopamine electrochemiluminescence detection Bao-Shan He · Xiao-Ze Dong · Xiao-Ze Dong
    Spectrochemical determination of unique bacterial responses following long-term low-level exposure to antimicrobials Yang Jun Kang · Yang Jun Kang
    A simple device for rapid quantification of cell number from equine buccal swab samples Xiang-Hui Li · Wei-Ming Sun · Juan Wu · Yao Gao · Jinghua Chen · Min Chen · Qi-Shui Ou · Qi-Shui Ou
    Selective extraction of n-butylidenephthalide from Angelica sinensis (Danggui) by using functionalized iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles as trapping probes Xiaofei Yu · Yuhong Chang · Vinothkumar Natarajan · Xiao Li Zhang · Jinhua Zhan · Jinhua Zhan
    Selective and sensitive determination of the antidote of heparin using Ag-GQDs by optical methods Shanshan Shui · Wei Liu · Changhong Liu · Ling Yan · Guang Hao · Yan Zhang · Lei Zheng · Lei Zheng
    Fast simultaneous detection of three diterpenoids in Herba Siegesbeckiae using solid phase extraction followed by HPLC-UV with a core–shell particle column Jefferson S. de Gois · Izylla Oliveira Lucena · Paulo Sergio de Oliveira Cezario · Arnaldo P. da Silva · Igor C. A. Lima · Aderval S. Luna · Aderval S. Luna
    A novel way for the determination of the acid values of edible oils using a phthalocyanine derivative Britta Bookhagen · Britta Bookhagen · Wolfgang Obermaier · Christine Opper · Christian Koeberl · Christian Koeberl · Thilo Hofmann · Thomas Prohaska · Johanna Irrgeher · Johanna Irrgeher
    TransFEr: a new device to measure the transfer of volatile and hydrophobic organic chemicals across an in vitro intestinal fish cell barrier Xiao Guo · Wei-Jin Zhu · Xue-Rui Wei · Yu-Jie Xu · Ru Sun · Jian-Feng Ge · Jian-Feng Ge · Jian-Feng Ge
    Paper-based visual detection of silver ions and L-cysteine with a dual-emissive nanosystem of carbon quantum dots and gold nanoclusters Alan McKenzie-Coe · Suzanne Bell · Francisco Fernandez-Lima · Francisco Fernandez-Lima
    Quantification of estrogens in infant formulas by isotope dilution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Guangming Li · Shan Qiu · Fang Ma · Yawan Ji · Xiaofeng Jiang · Xiaofeng Jiang
    A competitive immunoassay for zearalenone with integrated poly(dimethysiloxane) based microarray assay Min Wang · Min Wang · Fan Gao · Qian Wu · Junyu Zhang · Yingying Xue · Hao Wan · Ping Wang · Ping Wang · Ping Wang
    Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating Ultra- Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) Method for Doxycycline Hyclate: An Optimization of the Analytical Methodology for a Medical Countermeasure (MCM) Drug Danny Valera · Mireya Sánchez · José Domínguez · José Alvarado · Patricio J. Espinoza-Montero · Patricio J. Espinoza-Montero · Patricio Carrera · Pablo Bonilla · Carla Manciati · Gema González · Lenys Fernández · Lenys Fernández · Lenys Fernández
    Novel, sensitive and selective colorimetric detection of arsenate in aqueous solution by a Fenton-like reaction of Fe3O4 nanoparticles Girma Selale Geleta · Girma Selale Geleta · Zhen Zhao · Zhenxin Wang · Zhenxin Wang
    Chronocoulometric method for the evaluation of antioxidant capacity of medicinal plant tinctures Luis G Rivera · Michael G. Bartlett · Michael G. Bartlett
    Determination of 23 organochlorine pesticides in animal feeds by GC-MS/MS after QuEChERS with EMR-Lipid clean-up Hong Zhai · Yunfeng Bai · Haiqing Wang · Jun Qin · Huijun Liu · Feng Feng · Feng Feng
    Triglyceride and high density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations quantitative analysis in whole blood by FTIR-ATR spectroscopy and FT-Raman spectroscopy Mahmoud Roushani · Kazhal Ghanbari · Kazhal Ghanbari
    Fast simultaneous quantitation of valsartan and amlodipine besylate using Eco-friendly micellar HPLC-UV method: application to spiked human plasma and content uniformity testing for amlodipine Mingdi Yang · Tingting Yu · Hongping Zhou · Mingzai Wu · Xiaojiao Zhu · Xuanjun Zhang · Lin Kong · Weiju Zhu · Zhichao Wu · Yupeng Tian · Yupeng Tian
    The combination of spectroscopy, microscopy, and profilometry methods for the physical and chemical characterization of environmentally relevant microplastics Varnika Prakash · Shweta Sharma · Jashanjot Kaur · S.K. Mehta · S.K. Mehta
    Development of ultrasonic-assisted extraction of commonly used azole antifungals in soils Barbara Dawidziuk · Jakub Nawała · Daniel Dziedzic · Diana Gordon · Stanisław Popiel · Stanisław Popiel
    Ionic Imprinted amino functionalized mesoporous sorbent for the selective minicolum preconcentration of cadmium ions and determination by GFAAS G. K. Ziyatdinova · Ekaterina Kozlova · Evgeniya Morozova · Herman Budnikov · Herman Budnikov
    Determination of pesticides in flour substrate by chemometric methods using terahertz spectroscopy Laia Sanchez Costa · Pilar Rodríguez Martínez · Mireia Medina Sala · Mireia Medina Sala
    A Method Combining a kit with Bionic e-Eye for Rapid Detection of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning on site Zhigang Li · Xifa Lan · Xiaoxiao Jiang · Qiaoyun Wang · Zhenhe Ma · Zhonghai He · Zhonghai He
    A rapid clean-up method for the quantitation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde in thermally treated abalone (Haliotis discus) muscle by HPLC-MS/MS Fawzia Ibrahim · Amina Brashy · Mohamed El-Awady · Nora Abdallah · Nora Abdallah
    2D g-C3N4–MnO2 nanocomposite for sensitive and rapid turn-on fluorescence detection of H2O2 and glucose Kyra A. Murrell · Christine C. Ghetu · Frank L. Dorman · Frank L. Dorman
    An electrochemical immunosensor based on a multiple signal amplification strategy for highly sensitive detection of prostate specific antigen Qiuxin Huang · Jinlan Zhang · Songsong Xiong · Xianzhi Peng · Xiumin Sun · Lu Li · Lu Li
    Carboxyphenyl-terpyridine-based a series of gels for procedural visual recognition of multi-anions Yanina Minaberry · Mabel Tudino · Mabel Tudino
    Evaluation of adsorption and desorption properties of zeolitic imidazolate framework-7 for volatile organic compounds through thermal desorption-gas chromatography Bing-hua Cao · Hui Li · Mengbao Fan · Wei Wang · Mengyun Wang · Mengyun Wang
    Nitrogen doped carbon nanocage modulated turn-on fluorescent probes for ATP detection in vitro and imaging in living cells Xianxin Qiu · Longjie Zhong · Ying Gan · Kaiqi Su · Shihui Hu · Ping Wang · Ping Wang
    Determination of Aluminium Phosphide (AlP) in fumigants by ICP OES xianbing xu · Tingting Feng · Jing Zhang · Yunjiao Ma · Liang Song · Liang Song
    A Novel Strategy for Extracted Ion Chromatogram Extraction to Improve Peak Detection in UPLC–HRMS Yu-Jie Zhou · Li Li · Yuan-Hui Wan · Ting-Ting Chen · Xia Chu · Xia Chu
    Determination of phospholipid and fatty glyceride in liposome by RP-HPLC with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector Li Liu · Guanhui Zhao · Xue Dong · Xuan Li · Qin Wei · Wei Cao · Wei Cao
    Iodine determination in table salts by digital images analysis Dan Yuan · Yuan Fang Li · Yuan Fang Li
    An electrochemical sensor based on [email protected] nanocomposites for sensitive detection of Pb2+ and Cd2+ Ya-Ting Zhao · Li-Qing Yu · Xin Xia · Xin-Yu Yang · Wei Hu · Yunkai Lv · Yunkai Lv
    Isothermal control of probe–target interactions using graphene oxide and a nuclease for highly sensitive and specific detection of target DNA Xianjiu Liao · Jing Wu · Yan Du · Wei Peng · Yao Yao · Jeremiah Ong’achwa Machuki · Deqin Geng · Fenglei Gao · Fenglei Gao
    Inexpensive simple extraction of trace PAHs from water using PS-DVB monolithic beads Éder José dos Santos · Giuliano Fernandes Zagonel · Amanda Beatriz Herrmann · Eduardo Baldo Fantin · Ralph E. Sturgeon · Ralph E. Sturgeon
    Development and validation of an EI-GC-MS method for the determination of 11 antihistamines in whole blood. Applications in clinical and forensic toxicology Peng Lu · Mei-Juan Fan · Qian Zhang · Qing-Xia Zheng · Pingping Liu · Bing Wang · Junwei Guo · Sheng Wang · Hai-Yan Fu · Yong-Jie Yu · Yuanbin She · Yuanbin She
    Development, validation and comparison of three methods of sample preparation used for identification and quantification of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene and products of its degradation in sediments by means of GC-MS/MS Farideh Ganjavi · Mehdi Ansari · Maryam Kazemipour · Zeidabadi-nejad Leila · Zeidabadi-nejad Leila
    Graphene oxide/lysine composite – a potent electron mediator for detection of diazepam Odoom Jibrael Kingsford · Junjuan Qian · Depeng Zhang · Yinhui Yi · Gangbing Zhu · Gangbing Zhu
    A unique bifunctional probe for detecting silicate anion and cupric cation: the modified silica nanoparticles and coordination Yuan Cao · Guangming Huang · Guangming Huang
    Experimental design for metals extraction from facial cosmetic samples and determination by square wave voltammetry Jing Xu · Hong-Lin Li · Yan-Chi Chen · Bing Yang · Qing-Cai Jiao · Yu-Shun Yang · Hai-Liang Zhu · Hai-Liang Zhu
    A Highly Sensitive SERS Probe for Bisphenol A Detection Based on Functionalized [email protected] Nanoparticles Katherine Boehle · Erin Doan · Sadie Henry · Ross Beveridge · Sangmi Pallickara · Charles S. Henry · Charles S. Henry
    An efficient approach for selective electromembrane extraction of benzoic and sorbic acids, and saccharin in soft drinks Ali Q. Alorabi · Mark D. Tarn · Martina Stanková · Vesselin N. Paunov · Nicole Pamme · Nicole Pamme
    Fast, Cheap and Easy routine quantification method for atrazine and its transformation products in water matrixes using DLLME-GC/MS method Yanyan Niu · Juan Liu · Wei Chen · Chunxiao Yin · Wenju Weng · Xiaoyan Li · Xiaoling Wang · Guangjiu Li · Wei Sun · Wei Sun
    A novel aptasensor for evaluation of streptomycin antibiotic based on gold nanorods/ ZnS QDs–modified electrode Adrian Arendowski · Tomasz Ruman · Tomasz Ruman
    A fast spectrofluorimetric method for determination of carbinoxamine maleate in the nano-molar range. Application to pharmaceutical preparations, biological fluids and stability studies Yue Wang · Ling Yang · Xue-Rui Wei · Ru Sun · Yu-Jie Xu · Jian-Feng Ge · Jian-Feng Ge
    An electrochemical sensor based on the composite of molybdenum carbides and a multiwalled carbon nanotube modified electrode for the ultrasensitive detection of rifampicin Huoyan Ji · Lei Shen · Xiuying Shi · Jianyou Su · Zijie Tang · Huimin Wang · Jianxin Wang · Shaoqing Ju · Shaoqing Ju
    Label-free colorimetric aptasensor for highly sensitive and selective detection of proteins by using PNA/DNA hybrids and a cyanine dye Georgina Sauzier · Jasmine McGann · Simon W. Lewis · Wilhelm van Bronswijk · Wilhelm van Bronswijk
    Single sensors for multiple analytes employing fluorometric differentiation for Cr3+ and Al3+ in semi-aqueous medium with bio-activity and theoretical aspects Lucas Faria · Thalles Pedrosa Lisboa · Gustavo Senra de Carvalho · Rafael Arromba de Sousa · Maria Auxiliadora Costa Matos · Renato Camargo Matos · Renato Camargo Matos
    Lysine detection and quantification by laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry on gold nanoparticle-enhanced target Wei Sheng · Wenxia Duan · Yingjie Shi · Qing Chang · Yan Zhang · Yang Lu · Shuo Wang · Shuo Wang
    Electrochemical sensing for 1-chloro-4-nitrobenzene based on β-cyclodextrin/carbon nanohorns nanohybrids Fatma Ahmed Aly · Nahed El-Enany · Heba Elmansi · Amany Nabil · Amany Nabil
    Computational Design, Synthesis and Utilization of a Magnetic Molecularly Imprinted Polymer on Graphene Oxide Nanosheets for Highly Selective Extraction and Determination of Buprenorphine in Biological Fluids and Tablet Qing Huang · Xiaokun Li · Suxiang Feng · Wenfeng Zhuge · Fengping Liu · Jinyun Peng · Jinyun Peng · Shancai Mo · Shancai Mo
    Chromatographic methods for the determination of acyl-CoAs Mengjia Xu · Shu Xing · Xiaojun Xu · Pan Fu · Wanxing Xu · Chao Zhao · Chao Zhao
    Development of a Novel Fluorescence Ratiometric Glucose Sensor based on Carbon Dots and Potencial Fluorophor m-Dihydroxybenzene Malay Dolai · Urmila Saha · Avijit Kumar Das · Avijit Kumar Das · Gopinatha Suresh Kumar · Gopinatha Suresh Kumar
    Improved method for spectrophotometric determination of ruthenium using 1,10-phenantroline: Applications for analysis of complex compounds Xing Huang · Kaipeng Zhang · Yanli Tong · Yongsheng Zhong · Zuanguang Chen · Zuanguang Chen
    A novel metronidazole electrochemical sensor based on surface imprinted vertically cross-linked two-dimensional Sn3O4 nanoplates Geovanna de O. Costa · Fernanda N. Feiteira · Hanna de M. Schuenck · Wagner F. Pacheco · Wagner F. Pacheco
    A CoOOH nanoflake-based light scattering probe for the simple and selective detection of uric acid in human serum Ying Kong · Tingting Wu · Di Wu · Yong Zhang · Yaoguang Wang · Bin Du · Qin Wei · Qin Wei
    Portable and laboratory analytical instruments for the study of materials, techniques and environmental impacts in mediaeval mural paintings Huazhou Chen · Zhenyao Liu · Jie Gu · Wu Ai · Jiangbei Wen · Ken Cai · Ken Cai
    Handheld battery-operated sample preparation device for qPCR nucleic acid detections using simple contactless pouring Yuxin Ma · Dandan Han · Yingjie Lei · Tao Zhu · Tao Zhu
    Rapid fabrication of versatile omni-directional and long-distance three-dimensional flow paper-fluidic analytical devices using a cut-and-insert method for biomedical applications Guoxue Zhu · Guoxue Zhu · Yiling Chen · Yiling Chen · Qing Hu · Qing Hu · Qianying Zhang · Qianying Zhang · Qi Lv · Qi Lv · Fang Feng · Fang Feng · Fang Feng
    Application of ultrasonication for facilitating the extraction of hippuric acid and methyl hippuric acid in real samples using [email protected]@sodium dodecyl sulfate: experimental design methodology Xianying Meng · Jia Wei · Yaoqi Wang · Hua Zhang · Zhenxin Wang · Zhenxin Wang
    A solid-state Sb/Sb2O3 biosensor for the in situ measurement of extracellular acidification associated with the multidrug resistance phenotype in breast cancer cells Xiaopeng Hu · Yingying Feng · Hao Wang · Faqiong Zhao · Baizhao Zeng · Baizhao Zeng
    Quantitative Analysis of Soil Nutrition Based on FT-NIR Spectroscopy Integrated with BP Neural Deep Learning Farnaz Asayesh · Mir Pouyan Zarabadi · Nahid Babaei Aznaveh · Jesse Greener · Jesse Greener
    Comparison of poly(styrene-divinylbenzene)-based monolithic and bead-based methodologies used in NANOFLOW LCMS for proteomic studies Yong Li · Hui-Wen Gu · Hai-Long Wu · Xiang-yang Yu · Xiang-yang Yu
    Electrochemical detection of 7-methylguanosine and DNA-methylation Geoffrey Mulberry · Alissa Vuillier · Manjusha Vaidya · Kiminobu Sugaya · Brian N. Kim · Brian N. Kim
    Facile preparation of Ag nanoparticles using uric acid and their applications in colorimetric detection and catalysis Tae Joon Kwak · Wookkun Kwon · Jiang Yang · Jiang Yang · Sang Woo Lee · Woo-Jin Chang · Woo-Jin Chang
    A simple fluorescein derived colorimetric and fluorescent off–on sensor for the detection of hypochlorite Fariborz Omidi · Mohammad Behbahani · Monireh Khadem · Farideh Golbabaei · Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri · Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri
    RBC deformability measurement based on variations of pressure in multiple micropillar channels during blood delivery using a disposable air-compressed pump Zhen Li · Li Zong · Hanmeng Liu · Hanmeng Liu · Zhixia Yao · Zhixia Yao · Yujing Sun · Yujing Sun · Zhuang Li · Zhuang Li · Zhuang Li
    Selective turn-on detection of low levels of cysteine and homocysteine based on fluorescent hydroxyapatite nanoparticles Pei-Lun Tsai · Tsu-Yi Sung · Chinh-Yen Chong · Sheng-Yu Huang · Sung Fang Chen · Sung Fang Chen
    Microfluidic flow confinement to avoid chemotaxis-based upstream growth in a biofilm flow cell reactor Xuexiang Shi · Xuexiang Shi · Ning Li · Di Wu · Na Hu · Jing Sun · Xuxia Zhou · Yourui Suo · Guoliang Li · Guoliang Li · Yongning Wu · Yongning Wu
    Ion mobility mass spectrometry workflows for characterizing bioactive isomer conformation, isomerization and drug–protein–liposome interaction Raphael Fonseca do Nascimento · Raphael Fonseca do Nascimento · José A. M. Nascimento · João Gabriel Soares Montenegro · Valberes B. Nascimento · Severino Carlos B. Oliveira · Severino Carlos B. Oliveira
    Droplet Microfluidics in Thermoplastics: Device Fabrication, Droplet Generation, and Content Manipulation using Integrated Electric and Magnetic Fields Mengyi Xu · Hua Jiang · Wenling Wang · Qingming Wang · Qingming Wang
    A smart and sensitive sensing platform to monitor the extracellular concentration of hydrogen peroxide in rat brain microdialysates during pathological processes based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles Hui Ouyang · Tao Bo · Zhengxiang Zhang · Xinqiu Guo · Mingzhen He · Junmao Li · Shilin Yang · Xin Ma · Yulin Feng · Yulin Feng
    A novel bisphenol A electrochemical sensor based on a molecularly imprinted polymer/carbon nanotubes-Au nanoparticles/boron-doped ordered mesoporous carbon composite Wendy A. Henderson · Lichen Xiang · Nicolaas H. Fourie · Sarah K. Abey · Eric G. Ferguson · Ana F. Diallo · Natnael D. Kenea · Chang Hee Kim · Chang Hee Kim
    Facile and feasible conductometric immunoanalytical assay for alpha-fetoprotein using platinum-functionalized graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets Juan Wang · Wei Du · Xingqi Huang · Junling Hu · Weiwei Xia · Dangqin Jin · Yun Shu · Qin Xu · Xiaoya Hu · Xiaoya Hu
    Microwave-assisted-demulsification dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of PAHs in water Luiza Pereira de Oliveira · Diego P. Rocha · William R. de Araujo · Rodrigo A.A. Munoz · Thiago R.L.C. Paixão · Maiara Oliveira Salles · Maiara Oliveira Salles
    A non-reductive electrochemical sensor for ultrasensitive detection of pM-level TNT Yinfeng Zhang · Menghong Dai · Zonghui Yuan · Zonghui Yuan
    An effective analytical system based on an ultraviolet atomizer for trace cadmium determination using atomic fluorescence spectrometry Huai-Yuan Niu · Meng-Ke Li · Cheng-Gang Niu · Jishan Li · Jishan Li
    Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of aflatoxin B1 in Pu-erh tea by liquid chromatography-isotope dilution tandem mass spectrometry coupled with the QuEChERS purification method Ling Li · Wuhua Guo · Yao Lin · Dianping Tang · Jingfeng Liu · Jingfeng Liu
    Simultaneous determination of trace Cd2+ and Pb2+ using GR/L-cysteine/Bi modified screen-printed electrodes Xiaoqian Dong · Bo Zou · Xinying Zhao · Songnan Liu · Wenwen Xu · Tiantian Huang · Qi Zong · Shouwei Wang · Shouwei Wang
    Determination of phenolic acids in palm oil samples by HPLC-UV-AD using homemade flow cell Emma C. Tackman · Michael J. Trujillo · Tracy-Lynn E. Lockwood · Getahun Merga · Marya Lieberman · Jon P. Camden · Jon P. Camden
    Simple lateral flow assays for microbial detection in stool Xue Li · Di Jin · Yuchao Du · Ying Liu · Bowei Wang · Ligong Chen · Ligong Chen
    Magnetic covalent organic framework material: synthesis and application as a sorbent for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons M. I. Walash · Samah Abo El Abass · Samah Abo El Abass · M. E. Fathy · M. E. Fathy
    Boronate affinity MIP-based resonance light scattering sensor for sensitive detection of glycoprotein Nguyen Minh Chon · Nae Yoon Lee · Nae Yoon Lee
    Dispersion solid-phase extraction of flavonoid with amphiphilic monomers N-vinyl pyrrolidone and 1H,1H,7H-dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate based poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) and silica Zhiwei Liu · Chuan-Tao Zheng · Chen Chen · Hongtao Xie · Qiang Ren · Wei-Lin Ye · Yiding Wang · Frank K. Tittel · Frank K. Tittel
    Plasma metabolic profiling analysis of normal and ANIT-induced cholestasis rats after oral administration of Da-Huang-Xiao-Shi decoction using UHPLC-Q-Orbitrap MS coupled with pattern recognition Chao Li · Xiaole Zhao · Xiaojun Han · Xiaojun Han
    Development of a novel voltammetric sensor for the determination of quercetin on an electrochemically pretreated carbon-paste electrode Wolfgang Wach · Iris Fornefett · Christoph Buttersack · Klaus Buchholz · Klaus Buchholz
    Fluorescence sensing of mercury (II) and melamine in aqueous solutions through microwave-assisted synthesis of egg-white-protected gold nanoclusters Ayman H. Kamel · Ayman H. Kamel · Xiaojing Jiang · Pengjuan Li · Rongning Liang · Rongning Liang
    Paper based lateral flow immunoassay for the enumeration of Escherichia coli in urine Huijuan Wang · Siyu Zhang · Shufang Li · Jianying Qu · Jianying Qu
    Fatty acid profile of stinging nettle leaves: application of modern analytical procedures for sample preparation and analysis Tiffany Franklin · Lauren Perry · Wei-Chuan Shih · Jorn C.C. Yu · Jorn C.C. Yu
    Flow-injection analysis coupled with electrochemical detection of poisonous inorganic arsenic(III) species using a gold nanoparticle/carbon nanofiber/chitosan chemically modified carbon screen printed electrode in neutral pH solution Murali K. Matta · Ashok Chockalingam · Adarsh Gandhi · Sharron Stewart · Lin Xu · Katherine Shea · Vikram Patel · Rodney Rouse · Rodney Rouse
    Carbon dots-based frequency-doubling scattering probes for the ultrasensitive and highly selective determination of hemoglobin Y. He · Zhimin Zhang · Pan Ma · Hongchao Ji · Hongmei Lu · Hongmei Lu
    Engineering oligonucleotide-based peroxidase mimetics for the colorimetric assay of S1 nuclease Khaled Elmorsy · N A Hassan Hassan · A Ahmed Mona · O El-Attar Rehab · O El-Attar Rehab
    Adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of dicyclomine hydrochloride at a glassy carbon electrode modified with silver decorated Fe3O4 nanocubes in pharmaceutical and biological samples Camila Gonzalez · Olimpo García-Beltrán · Edgar Nagles · Edgar Nagles
    Quantitative analysis of sinters using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) coupled with kernel-based extreme learning machine (K-ELM) Yan Wang · Yi Wang · Changyun Ye · Changyun Ye
    Simultaneous determination of fifteen toxic alkaloids in meat dishes and vegetable dishes using double layer pipette tip magnetic dispersive solid phase extraction followed by UFLC-MS/MS Zheng Songjin · Li Teng · Li Yuan · Shi Qunyan · Wu Fei · Wu Fei
    Investigation of ethosuximide stability under certain ICH-recommended stress conditions using a validated stability-indicating HPLC method Stepanka Hrdlickova Kuckova · Stepanka Hrdlickova Kuckova · Stepanka Hrdlickova Kuckova · Ezat Hamidi-Asl · Zdenek Sofer · Petr Marvan · Karolien De Wael · Jana Sanyova · Koen Janssens · Koen Janssens
    Mid-infrared sensor for hydrocarbon monitoring: the influence of salinity, matrix and aging on hydrocarbon–polymer partitioning Gosetti Fabio · Mazzucco Eleonora · Secco Andrea · Robotti Elisa · Manfredi Marcello · Marengo Emilio · Marengo Emilio
    A guanidinium ionic liquid-based surfactant as an adequate solvent to separate and preconcentrate cadmium and copper in water using in situ dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction Maggie R. Williams · Robert D. Stedtfeld · Hassan Waseem · Tiffany M. Stedtfeld · Brad L. Upham · Walid T. Khalife · B. E. Etchebarne · Mary J. Hughes · James M. Tiedje · Syed A. Hashsham · Syed A. Hashsham
    Chemometric assisted correlation optimized warping of chromatograms: optimizing the computational time for correcting the drifts in chromatographic peak positions Marcos Vinícius de Moura Ribeiro · Nivaldo Boralle · Helena Redigolo Pezza · Leonardo Pezza · Leonardo Pezza
    LC-MS/MS based quantitation of ciprofloxacin and its application to antimicrobial resistance study in Balb/c mouse plasma, urine, bladder and kidneys Bianca Aparecida de Marco · Hérida Regina Nunes Salgado · Hérida Regina Nunes Salgado
    Development and clinical application of a LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of one-carbon related amino acid metabolites in NTD tissues Xiaohong Xiong · Gangsheng Chen · Meiling Zhu · Yu Li · Chushan Yang · Kechao Xie · Zhiqiang Zhu · Zhiqiang Zhu · Zhiqiang Zhu
    Electrochemical aptasensor based on aptamer-complimentary strand conjugate and thionine for sensitive detection of tetracycline with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles amplification Chuan He · Jinli Zhang · Wei Li · Yan Fu · Yan Fu
    Quantification of carbon nanotubes in polymer composites Madhu Biyani · Radhika Biyani · Hiromi Ushijima · Masato Saito · Yuzuru Takamura · Eiichi Tamiya · Manish Biyani · Manish Biyani
    GC-MS profiling of leukemia cells: an optimized preparation protocol for the intracellular metabolome Keshav Kumar · Felipe Cava · Felipe Cava
    In situ methanation with flame ionization detection for the determination of carbon dioxide in various matrices He-Li Cheng · Fenglian Wang · Yong-Gang Zhao · Yong-Gang Zhao · Yun Zhang · Mi-Cong Jin · Yan Zhu · Yan Zhu
    A sulfonated chitooligosaccharide modified silica material for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography and its chromatographic evaluation Robert Stach · Robert Stach · Bobby Pejcic · Charles Heath · Matthew Myers · Boris Mizaikoff · Boris Mizaikoff
    Designed multifunctional ionic liquids–magnetic graphene nanocomposites as the adsorbent of MSPE for the determination of preservatives Meriem Khiat · Idaira Pacheco-Fernández · Verónica Pino · Tayeb Benabdallah · Juan H. Ayala · Ana M. Afonso · Ana M. Afonso
    Development of an immunoblot assay for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in human serum using a portable UV illuminator Takayuki Nosaka · Ronald S. Lankone · Yuqiang Bi · D. H. Fairbrother · Paul Westerhoff · Pierre Herckes · Pierre Herckes
    A simple and high throughput parallel dual immunoaffinity liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system for urine drug testing Y. El-Shabrawy · M. I. Walash · Nahed El-Enany · Rania N. El-Shaheny · Rania N. El-Shaheny
    Effects of the electrode insertion depth on the neural signal amplitude in the spinal cord Min Zhang · Lei Wang · Pei Pei · Yihua Bao · Jin Guo · Li Wang · Shaoyan Chang · XiaoLu Xie · HaiQin Cheng · Li Quan · Ting Zhang · Ting Zhang
    Luminol, horseradish peroxidase and antibody ternary codified gold nanoparticles for a label-free homogenous chemiluminescent immunoassay Yu Ding · Fei Yan · Guang Yang · Haixiu Chen · Zhensheng Song · Zhensheng Song
    Authenticity assessment of anabolic androgenic steroids in counterfeit drugs by 1H NMR Yalei Hu · Lin Zhang · Xin Geng · Jia Ge · Haifang Liu · Zhaohui Li · Zhaohui Li
    A sensitive gold nanoparticle-based aptasensor for colorimetric detection of Aβ1–40 oligomers Pongpol Ekabutr · Wimonwan Klinkajon · Pakakrong Sangsanoh · Orawan Chailapakul · Pimolpan Niamlang · Thitikan Khampieng · Pitt Supaphol · Pitt Supaphol
    Quantitative imaging of translocated silver following nanoparticle exposure by laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry Yameng Zhao · Yangyang Gan · Lingyi Zhang · Zhanying Chu · Fan Liu · Weibing Zhang · Weibing Zhang
    Ratiometric detection of biothiols by using the DNA-templated silver nanoclusters–Hg2+ system Xiaoyong Jin · Wenqing Yin · Gang Ni · Juan Peng · Juan Peng
    Analysis of coffee seed vigor by extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometry Ru Lian · Fang Zhang · Yurong Zhang · Zhongping Wu · Haiying Ye · Chunfang Ni · Xiaobao Lv · Yinlong Guo · Yinlong Guo
    A quantitative LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of deuvortioxetine, vortioxetine and their carboxylic acid metabolite in rat plasma, and its application to a toxicokinetic study Yijie Hu · Zhimin Liu · Haijun Zhan · Zhiqiang Shen · Zhiqiang Shen
    Development of an analytical method for pesticide residues in berries with dispersive solid phase extraction using multiwalled carbon nanotubes and primary secondary amine sorbents M. P. de Souza · Tiele M. Rizzetti · J. Z. Francesquett · Osmar D. Prestes · Renato Zanella · Renato Zanella
    Electrospinning: a carbonized gold/graphene/PAN nanofiber for high performance biosensing Akul Sen Gupta · Kamaldeep Paul · Vijay Luxami · Vijay Luxami
    Preparation of ordered mesoporous carbon material based on poly-dopamine and its application in selective enrichment of N-linked glycans David A. Peggie · Jo Kirby · Jennifer Poulin · Wim Genuit · Julija Romanuka · David F. Wills · Alessio De Simone · Alison N. Hulme · Alison N. Hulme
    Hydrogen-bonding-induced colorimetric detection of melamine based on the peroxidase activity of gelatin-coated cerium oxide nanospheres Annemieke van Dam · Angela van Weert · Kim Falkena · Kim Falkena · Chantal Weymans · Ate D. Kloosterman · Ate D. Kloosterman · Saskia A. G. Lambrechts · Ton G. van Leeuwen · Maurice C. G. Aalders · Maurice C. G. Aalders
    Ion mobility-derived collision cross section as an additional measure to support the rapid analysis of abused drugs and toxic compounds using electrospray ion mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometry Fang Li · Yufei Zhang · Jiachang Liu · Jian-Bo He · Jian-Bo He
    An electrochemiluminescence biosensing platform for Hg2+ determination based on host–guest interactions between β-cyclodextrin functionalized Pd nanoparticles and ferrocene Tsong-Yung Chou · Chien-Kuo Wang · Ahai C. Lua · Hsueh-Hui Yang · Hsueh-Hui Yang
    The study of bismuth ions in drinking water at ultratrace levels by a microwave plasma torch coupled with linear ion trap mass spectrometry Murray Eoin · P Nesterenko Ekaterina · McCaul Margaret · Morrin Aoife · Diamond Dermot · Moore Breda · Moore Breda
    Bar adsorptive microextraction (BAμE) with a polymeric sorbent for the determination of emerging contaminants in water samples by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry Subramanian Nellaiappan · K. Chandrasekara Pillai · Annamalai Senthil Kumar · Annamalai Senthil Kumar · Annamalai Senthil Kumar
    A new Turn-on PET-CHEF based fluorescent sensor for Al3+ and CN− ions: applications in real samples Raghuraj S. Chouhan · Javed H. Niazi · Anjum Qureshi · Anjum Qureshi
    Historical mystery solved: a multi-analytical approach to the identification of a key marker for the historical use of brazilwood (Caesalpinia spp.) in paintings and textiles Shan Huang · Erli Yang · Lumin Wang · Yi Liu · Jiangning Xie · Baoqing Hu · Qi Xiao · Qi Xiao
    Sex determination from fingermarks using fluorescent in situ hybridization Chaitali R. Rawool · Anuja S. Rajpurohit · Ninad S. Punde · Ashwini K. Srivastava · Ashwini K. Srivastava
    An analytical method for protease activity geared towards field study Keshav Kumar · Keshav Kumar
    A new and simple electroanalytical method to detect thiomersal in vaccines on a screen-printed electrode modified with chitosan Kristína Cinková · K. Kianičková · Dalibor M. Stanković · Marian Vojs · Marián Marton · Ľubomír Švorc · Ľubomír Švorc
    Rapid discrimination of natural polyphenols (vegetable tannins) from different plants by molecular spectroscopy and PLS-DA Andrey Giovanni Gomes de Oliveira · Ewelina Wiercigroch · Juliano de Andrade Gomes · Kamilla Malek · Kamilla Malek
    A novel non-targeted screening method for urinary exposure biomarker discovery of phthalates using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry Aysen Gumustas · Mehmet Gokhan Caglayan · Merve Eryilmaz · Zekiye Suludere · Esra Acar Soykut · Bengi Uslu · Ismail Hakki Boyaci · Ugur Tamer · Ugur Tamer
    Instant enumeration of total viable bacterial counts for food quality assurance using DEP-On-Go sensor Chunhe Yao · Jianhua Wang · Peter Chan · Yong-Lai Feng · Yong-Lai Feng
    Solvent-based de-emulsification dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction coupled with UPLC-MS/MS for the fast determination of ultratrace levels of nitrated and oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental samples Jim Luong · Jim Luong · Yujuan Hua · Ronda Gras · Ronda Gras · Myron Hawryluk · Myron Hawryluk
    Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of automotive paints for forensic identification of natural weathering Kui Yan · Haiyan Yang · Shao-Hua Huang · Zheng-Wu Bai · Zheng-Wu Bai
    Integrating network analysis with chromatography: introducing a novel chemometry-chromatography based analytical procedure to classify the bacterial cell wall collection Jinlan Dong · Wenjing Ning · Daniel J. Mans · Jamie D. Mans · Jamie D. Mans
    Simultaneous determination of rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutol in fixed-dose combination antituberculosis pharmaceutical formulations: a review Shurui Cao · Yaling Chen · Lei Zhang · Cunxian Xi · Xianliang Li · Bobin Tang · Guomin Wang · Zhiqiong Chen · Zhiqiong Chen
    Highly selective, rapid-functioning and sensitive fluorescent test paper based on graphene quantum dots for on-line detection of metal ions Y. L. Jiao · Y. Wu · Y. Wu
    Quantification of cocaine and its adulterants by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy without deuterated solvents (No-D qNMR) Shijie Deng · Hai Hu · Peng Wang · Peng Wang
    Identification of plastics in cultural heritage collections by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) Mallappa Mahanthappa · Mallappa Mahanthappa · Nagaraju Kottam · Shivaraj Yellappa · Shivaraj Yellappa
    Detection of phytocannabinoids from buccal swabs by headspace solid phase microextraction – gas chromatography/mass spectrometry María Guiñez · Romina Canales · Luis D. Martinez · Soledad Cerutti · Soledad Cerutti
    Simultaneous determination of hydroquinone and catechol using a glassy carbon electrode modified with [email protected] loaded on reduced graphene oxide Marcone Augusto Leal de Oliveira · Paula Rocha Chellini · T. L. Amorim · T. L. Amorim
    A binary matrix for the rapid detection and characterization of small-molecule cardiovascular drugs by MALDI-MS and MS/MS Somayeh Arghavani-Beydokhti · Maryam Rajabi · Alireza Asghari · Alireza Asghari
    The design strategies and mechanisms of fluorogenic and chromogenic probes for the detection of hydrazine Congxu Wang · Youyi Sun · Youyi Sun · Jianli Jin · Zhiyuan Xiong · Dan Li · Junru Yao · Yaqing Liu · Yaqing Liu
    Direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) of discrete sample areas without heat damage Willy W. F. Rocha · Júlia de A. Leite · Radigya M. Correia · Flavia Tosato · Natã C. L. Madeira · Paulo R. Filgueiras · Valdemar Lacerda · Jair C. C. Freitas · Wanderson Romão · Wanderson Romão · Alvaro C. Neto · Alvaro C. Neto
    Fast and sensitive low density solvent-based dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction method combined with high-performance liquid chromatography for determining cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in milk and yogurt drink samples Amctb No · Amctb No
    Application of syringe to syringe dispersive micro-solid phase extraction using a magnetic layered double hydroxide for the determination of cadmium(II) and lead(II) ions in food and water samples F. S. Grasel · Marco Flôres Ferrão · Marco Flôres Ferrão
    Optical probes, theranostics and optogenetics shed light on zebrafish (Danio rerio) Anupam Ghorai · Jahangir Mondal · Amit Kumar Manna · Shubhamoy Chowdhury · Goutam Kumar Patra · Goutam Kumar Patra
    The doping level of boron-doped diamond electrodes affects the voltammetric sensing of uric acid Yan Li · Zhibin Wang · Faming Gao · Dandan Song · Xiong Lu · Xiong Lu
    A novel pyrene based highly selective reversible fluorescent-colorimetric sensor for the rapid detection of Cu2+ ions: application in bio-imaging Biswajit Roy · Subhajit Bandyopadhyay · Subhajit Bandyopadhyay
    Determination of hexabromocyclododecane in soil by supercritical fluid extraction and gas chromatography mass spectrometry G. Asher Newsome · Ikumi Kayama · Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham · Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham
    Electrocatalytic performance of a zinc sulphide nanoparticles-modified carbon paste electrode for the simultaneous determination of acetaminophen, guanine and adenine Bao-Shan He · Sa-sa Yan · Sa-sa Yan
    Selection of representative matrices for the multiresidue analysis of pesticides in tea by GC-MS/MS Saša Đurović · Zoran Zeković · Saša Šorgić · Saša Popov · Milena Vujanović · Marija Radojković · Marija Radojković
    Dendrimer grafted nanoporous silica fibers for headspace solid phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography determination of solvent residues in edible oil Xinlei Wang · Xu Zhang · Zhifeng Wang · Yuedong Chen · Xinxin Li · Zhaojie Cui · Zhaojie Cui
    A simplified protocol for the usage of new immuno-SERS probes for the detection of casein, collagens and ovalbumin in the cross-sections of artworks Zahra Ramezani · Iman Saeedi · Payman Hashemi · Payman Hashemi
    Inhibitor-assisted synthesis of molecularly imprinted microbeads for protein recognition Marzieh Kamankesh · Marzieh Kamankesh · Mehrnoosh Shahdoostkhany · Abdorreza Mohammadi · Afsaneh Mollahosseini · Afsaneh Mollahosseini
    Endonuclease restriction-mediated real-time PCR for simultaneous detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria ivanovii Danh C. Vu · Thi L. Ho · Phuc H. Vo · Gustavo Carlo · Jane A. McElroy · Alexandra N. Davis · Susan C. Nagel · Chung-Ho Lin · Chung-Ho Lin
    Determination of volatile organic compounds in child care centers by thermal desorption gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Hasan Basan · Hasan Basan · Mehmet Dinc · Boris Mizaikoff · Boris Mizaikoff
    Rapid stability-indicative turbidimetric assay to determine the potency of cefadroxil monohydrate capsules Xiang Li · Minyong Li · Minyong Li
    Evaluation of analytical instrumentation. Part XXVII: a guide to good practice in the purchase of analytical instrumentation Yanmei Si · Jing Liu · Yuan Chen · Xufeng Miao · Fang Ye · Zhigang Liu · Jishan Li · Jishan Li
    Amino-functionalized CdSe/ZnS quantum dot-based lateral flow immunoassay for sensitive detection of aflatoxin B1 Panida Thanyasrisung · Aemvika Vittayaprasit · Oranart Matangkasombut · Oranart Matangkasombut · Motoyuki Sugai · Motoyuki Sugai · Piyaporn Na Nongkai · Suttawan Saipia · Voravee P. Hoven · Voravee P. Hoven
    Effect of the relief on the measurement of bond rupture force with the help of AFM: the dynamics of interaction and optimization of the procedure Sakthinathan Indherjith · Karuthapandi Selvakumar · Karuthapandi Selvakumar
    Piperazine-tuned NBD-based colorimetric and fluorescent turn-off probes for hydrogen sulfide N. N. Kurus · F. N. Dultsev · F. N. Dultsev · G. Yu. Shevelev · A. A. Lomzov · D. V. Pyshnyi · D. V. Pyshnyi
    Preparation of nicotine surface molecularly imprinted polymers for selective solid-phase extraction of nicotine from zero-level refill liquids of electronic cigarettes Esmail Mohamadian · Ali Shayanfar · Maryam Khoubnasabjafari · Vahid Jouyban-Gharamaleki · Saba Ghaffary · Abolghasem Jouyban · Abolghasem Jouyban
    Measuring elasticity of wet cellulose fibres with AFM using indentation and a linearized Hertz model Pedro N. Carvalho · Yang Zhang · Yang Zhang · Tao Lyu · Carlos A. Arias · Kai Bester · Hans Brix · Hans Brix
    One-pot preparation of wavy graphene/Au composites and their application for highly sensitive detection of nitrite S. Duraipandian · Matthias Manne Knopp · M. R. Pollard · H. Kerdoncuff · J. C. Petersen · Anette Müllertz · Anette Müllertz
    Isothermal amplification of long DNA segments by quadruplex priming amplification Hui Yu · Hui Yu · Daina Zhuang · Xingjuan Hu · Shuang Zhang · Zhiyong He · Maomao Zeng · Xubo Fang · Jie Chen · Xiaoe Chen · Xiaoe Chen
    Feasibility of dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction to determine Ca, Mg, K, and Na in biodiesel by atomic spectrometry Zhi Li · Zhi Li · Wei Sheng · Qi Liu · Shijie Li · Yingjie Shi · Yan Zhang · Yan Zhang · Shuo Wang · Shuo Wang · Shuo Wang
    Inkjet printing Ag nanoparticles for SERS hot spots Alexander G. Shard · Katia Sparnacci · Aneta Sikora · Louise Wright · Dorota Bartczak · Heidi Goenaga-Infante · Caterina Minelli · Caterina Minelli
    Ultra-trace determination of sodium fluoroacetate (1080) as monofluoroacetate in milk and milk powder by GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS Limin Chang · Limin Chang · Jinming Zhang · Weiwei Chen · Mei Zhang · Chunchun Yin · Weiguo Tian · Zhu Luo · Weili Liu · Jiasong He · Jun Zhang · Jun Zhang
    Improvements in identification and quantitation of pesticide residues in food by LC-QTOF using sequential mass window acquisition (SWATH®) Levan Lomidze · Levan Lomidze · Tyler H. Williford · Karin Musier-Forsyth · Besik Kankia · Besik Kankia · Besik Kankia
    ZnO nanoparticles doped polyamide nanocomposite coated on cellulose paper as a novel sorbent for ultrasound-assisted thin film microextraction of organophosphorous pesticides in aqueous samples Kássia Roberta Nogueira da Silva · Anderson dos Santos Greco · Jorge L. Raposo · Jorge L. Raposo
    A low-cost integrated biosensing platform based on SiN nanophotonics for biomarker detection in urine Carmelo Miccichè · Giuseppe Arrabito · Francesco Amato · G. Buscarino · S. Agnello · Bruno Pignataro · Bruno Pignataro
    New paper-based microfluidic tools for the analysis of blood serum protein and creatinine built via aerosolized deposition of polycaprolactone Yiu-Tung Wong · Wing-Ki Law · Shirley Sau-ling Lai · Siu-Pan Wong · Kong-Chi Lau · Clare Ho · Clare Ho
    An approach combining enzymatic 18O-labeling and label-free methods for the quantitative dynamic analysis of hemogen phosphorylation Zahra Ayazi · Fatemeh Shekari Esfahlan · Zahra Monsef Khoshhesab · Zahra Monsef Khoshhesab
    Horizontal black lipid bilayer membranes for studying pore-forming toxins Daan Martens · P. Ramirez-Priego · M. S. Murib · Ayssar A. Elamin · Ana Belén González-Guerrero · M. Stehr · F. Jonas · Birgit Anton · N. Hlawatsch · P. Soetaert · Rita Vos · Andim Stassen · Simone Severi · W. Van Roy · Ronny Bockstaele · Holger Becker · Mahavir Singh · Laura M. Lechuga · Peter Bienstman · Peter Bienstman
    Development of an ultra-sensitive assay for the determination of an aminoalkyl glucosaminide 4-phosphate, GSK1795091, in plasma to support a first time in human study Christopher A. Heist · Gayan C. Bandara · David J. Bemis · Joel C. Pommerenck · Vincent T. Remcho · Vincent T. Remcho
    A simple colorimetric analytical assay using gold nanoparticles for specific detection of tetracycline in environmental water samples Dana Marder · Nitzan Tzanani · Hagit Prihed · Sigalit Gura · Sigalit Gura
    Controlled growth of a porous hydroxyapatite nanoparticle coating on a titanium fiber for rapid and efficient solid-phase microextraction of polar chlorophenols, triclosan and bisphenol A from environmental water Shaohui Sui · Lei Li · Changyan Li · Wanjun Zhang · Weihui Wu · Wenfeng Yu · Zhigang Jiang · Wantao Ying · Wantao Ying
    Development of a gold nanoparticle enhanced enzyme linked immunosorbent assay based on monoclonal antibodies for the detection of fumonisin B1, B2, and B3 in maize Wen-kui Li · Haixia Zhang · Yan-Ping Shi · Yan-Ping Shi
    Ochratoxin A enhanced detection of cytochrome c with an aptamer-based microcantilever sensor Zongyao Huyan · Shaoxuan Ding · Xiaoli Liu · Xiuzhu Yu · Xiuzhu Yu
    Direct online quantitation of 2-methyl-3-methoxy-4-phenyl butanoic acid for total microcystin analysis by condensed phase membrane introduction tandem mass spectrometry Juanjuan Xie · Bo Zhou · Tiandong Zhang · Xiaoying Zeng · Mochou Yang · Wanwan Wang · Jun Yang · Jun Yang
    Organic solvent-free immunoassay for quantitative detection of neonicotinoid acetamiprid residues in agricultural products Flavia M. Dalla Nora · Alessandra Stangherlin Oliveira · Bruna Nichelle Lucas · Daniele de Freitas Ferreira · Fabio A. Duarte · Renius de Oliveira Mello · Alexandre José Cichoski · Juliano Smanioto Barin · Juliano Smanioto Barin
    Magnetic surface molecularly imprinted polymeric microspheres using gallic acid as a segment template for excellent recognition of ester catechins Xionghui Ma · Jianping Li · Jinhui Luo · Chunhua Liu · Shuhuai Li · Shuhuai Li
    An early fire sensor based on infrared gas analytical methods Kyle D. Duncan · Daniel G. Beach · Elliott Wright · Todd Barsby · Chris G. Gill · Erik T. Krogh · Erik T. Krogh · Erik T. Krogh
    Sodium polytungstate as gravity separating fluid for polymeric blasting media evaluation Bin Wang · Huiyun Deng · Mao Wu · Shu Xiang · Qiang Ma · Shuyun Shi · Shuyun Shi · Lianwu Xie · Lianwu Xie · Yaping Guo · Yaping Guo
    Highly efficient visible-light-induced photoactivity of the CdS–Mn/MoS2/CdTe/TiO2 quaternary photocatalyst for label-free immunoassay of tris-(2,3-dibromopropyl) isocyanurate and enhanced solar hydrogen generation Tiffany M. Janes · Dana M. Spence · Dana M. Spence
    Study of the occurrence of tropane alkaloids in animal feed using LC-HRMS Morteza Sajedifard · Kamal Ghanemi · Yadollah Nickpour · Yadollah Nickpour
    Boron-doped diamond electrode: a modification-free platform for sensitive square-wave voltammetric determination of indapamide hydrochloride Jingmin Dang · Haiye Yu · Chuan-Tao Zheng · Yiding Wang · Yujing Sun · Yujing Sun
    Universally applicable three-dimensional hydrodynamic focusing in a single-layer channel for single cell analysis Patric Helbig · Cheryll D. Pitt · Cheryll D. Pitt
    Simple spectrophotometric determination of sulfate free radicals Hui Feng · Songbai Zhang · Xiangyang Zhang · Bo Liu · Niu Tang · Niu Tang
    Miniaturized, high-throughput and green determination of the saponification value of edible oils using thermal infrared enthalpimetry Carlos Alberto Rossi Salamanca-Neto · Fabiana Ayumi Yoshida · Elen Romão Sartori · Jaqueline Tobias Moraes · Jaqueline Tobias Moraes
    Authentication and adulteration detection of peanut oils of three flavor types using synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy Yingying Zhao · Qin Li · Xiao-Ming Hu · Xiao-Ming Hu
    Baseline correction for Raman spectra using penalized spline smoothing based on vector transformation Chen Wang · Rui Chen · Ruyu Zhang · Naidong Zhang · Naidong Zhang · Naidong Zhang
    Simultaneous determination of aflatoxin B1 and zearalenone by magnetic nanoparticle filled amino-modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes Baolong Huo · Man Du · Aijun Gong · Mengwen Li · Leqiu Fang · Ao Shen · Yaru Lai · Xue Bai · Yunxu Yang · Yunxu Yang
    Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for aflatoxin B1 using a portable pH meter as the readout Rizk Mohamed · A Sultan Maha · A Taha Elham · K Attia Ali · M Abdallah Youmna · M Abdallah Youmna
    Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of blood. Part 2: numerical analysis of experimental dielectric spectra using the biconcave shape of human erythrocytes Anna Dembska · Patrycja Bielecka · Bernard Juskowiak · Bernard Juskowiak
    SERS-fluorescence bimodal nanoprobes for in vitro imaging of the fatty acid responsive receptor GPR120 Tianyang Guo · Tianyang Guo · Zezhen Zhang · Karen E. Yannell · Yiyang Dong · R. Graham Cooks · R. Graham Cooks
    mRMR-based wavelength selection for quantitative detection of Chinese yellow wine using NIRS Marco Aurelio Sperança · Mario S. Pomares-Alfonso · Edenir Rodrigues Pereira-Filho · Edenir Rodrigues Pereira-Filho
    Carbon nitride quantum dot-enhanced chemiluminescence of hydrogen peroxide and hydrosulfite and its application in ascorbic acid sensing Lu Zhou · Liang Zou · Lili Sun · Hui Zhang · Wenkai Hui · Qiaogen Zou · Qiaogen Zou
    Graphene oxide–ZnO nanocomposite modified electrode for the detection of phenol Qingai Chen · Tianran Lin · Jianli Huang · Yi Chen · Liangqia Guo · FengFu Fu · FengFu Fu
    ATR-FTIR spectroscopy with chemometric algorithms of multivariate classification in the discrimination between healthy vs. dengue vs. chikungunya vs. zika clinical samples Hao Zhang · Chaopeng Fu · Yu Yi · Xiangdong Zhou · Chun-Hui Clayton Zhou · Guoqing Ying · Youqing Shen · Yifeng Zhu · Yifeng Zhu
    Synthesis and modification of mercapto-submicron scavenger for real-time extraction and preconcentration of As(III) Lingyi Chen · Zhonggai Zhao · Fei Liu · Fei Liu
    Direct analysis of alkaloids in natural Cinchona bark and commercial extracts using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry Foad Salehnia · Morteza Hosseini · Mohammad Reza Ganjali · Mohammad Reza Ganjali · Mohammad Reza Ganjali
    Sensitive detection of Brilliant Blue using fluorescence resonance energy transfer with YVO4:Eu nanocrystals as donors Marfran C. D. Santos · Yasmin M. Nascimento · Joelma D. Monteiro · Brenda Elen B Alves · Marília F. Melo · Anne A. P. Paiva · Hannaly Wana Bezerra Pereira · Leandro G. Medeiros · Ingryd C. Morais · João Ciro Fagundes Neto · José Veríssimo Fernandes · Josélio Maria Galvão de Araújo · Kássio M. G. Lima · Kássio M. G. Lima
    Anticancer component identification from the extract of Dysosma versipellis and Glycyrrhiza uralensis based on support vector regression and mean impact value Nezar H. Khdary · Ahmed E. H. Gassim · Alan G. Howard · Tamil Selvan Sakthivel · Sudipta Seal · Sudipta Seal
    Recyclable trypsin immobilized magnetic nanoparticles based on hydrophilic polyethylenimine modification and their proteolytic characteristics Huang Xin · Luo Yi-Ping · Xu QingSong · Liang Yi-zeng · Liang Yi-zeng
    A rapid, sensitive and green analytical method for the determination of sulfite in vinegars using pararosaniline reaction with image detection Yunlong Bai · Yunlong Bai · Qiang Zhao · Qiang Zhao
    An aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor for simple and sensitive detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B in milk Veerendra Koppolu · Bhargavi Vemulapalli · Jason Thomas · Sheau-Chiann Wang · Jon Borman · Jon Borman
    Effect of mobile phase composition on the analysis of aggregates of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) using size exclusion chromatography Lingyi Zhang · Bingbing Wang · Shulei Wang · Weibing Zhang · Weibing Zhang
    A lysosome-targeting colorimetric and fluorescent dual signal probe for sensitive detection and bioimaging of hydrogen sulfide Bobby Bhatt · Kalambuka Hudson Angeyo · Alix Dehayem-Kamadjeu · Alix Dehayem-Kamadjeu
    A non-enzymatic glucose sensor based on the CuS nanoflakes–reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite Beatriz M. Fonseca · Márcio Rodrigues · Gilberto Alves · Gilberto Alves · Gilberto Alves
    Colorimetric detection of residual hydrogen peroxide in soaked food based on [email protected] nanorods Jing Wang · Dongcheng Yang · Mifa Chen · Beifang Liu · Hou Chen · Hui Xu · Wenxiang Wang · Liangjiu Bai · Liangjiu Bai
    A novel multicommuted flow analysis strategy for the spectrophotometric determination of cadmium in water at μg L−1 levels without using a preconcentration step Sadeghi Seyed Jamal · Seidi Shahram · B Ghasemi Jahan · B Ghasemi Jahan
    Portable near infrared spectroscopy applied to abuse drugs and medicine analyses Courtene-Jones Winnie · Quinn Brian · Murphy Fionn · F Gary Stefan · E Narayanaswamy Bhavani · E Narayanaswamy Bhavani
    A high-throughput method for orthophosphate determination of thermostable membrane-bound pyrophosphatase activity Falcone Natashya · She Zhe · Chen Chai · Dong Bin · Yi Daniel · Kraatz Heinz-Bernhard · Kraatz Heinz-Bernhard
    A G-quadruplex DNAzyme-based LAMP biosensing platform for a novel colorimetric detection of Listeria monocytogenes Yang Zhou · Xiangming Shao · Yuwang Han · Hongman Zhang · Hongman Zhang
    Rapid sample preparation with multi-channel focused infrared micro-ashing prior to determination of chromium in gelatin capsules by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry Ticiane da Silva Magalhães da Silva Magalhães · Boaventura F. Reis · Boaventura F. Reis
    Aturn-onfluorescence sensor for ascorbic acid based on graphene quantum dots via fluorescence resonance energy transfer Radigya M. Correia · Eloilson Domingos · Flavia Tosato · Nayara A. dos Santos · Júlia de A. Leite · Mayara da Silva · Marcelo Caetano Alexandre Marcelo · Rafael S. Ortiz · Paulo R. Filgueiras · Wanderson Romão · Wanderson Romão
    Preparation of an anti-formoterol monoclonal antibody for indirect competitive ELISA detection of formoterol in urine and pork samples Keni Vidilaseris · Juho Kellosalo · Adrian Goldman · Adrian Goldman · Adrian Goldman
    Development and validation of an HPLC-FLD technique for colistin quantification and its plasma monitoring in hospitalized patients Jihong Fu · Yan Zhu · Bing Liu · Jun Tang · Jun Tang
    Quantitative analysis of glyphosate, glufosinate and AMPA in irrigation water by in situ derivatization–dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction combined with UPLC-MS/MS Zhanmin Liu · Chenhui Yao · Yanming Wang · Cuiyun Yang · Cuiyun Yang
    LIBS development methodology for forensic nuclear materials analysis Ni Zhang · Jianbin Zheng · Jianbin Zheng
    Analysis of Cuban nickeliferous minerals by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS): non-conventional sample preparation of powder samples Yue Gao · Xiaolu Yan · Meng Li · Han Gao · Jing Sun · Shuyun Zhu · Shuyun Zhu · Shuang Han · Li-Na Jia · Xianen Zhao · Xianen Zhao · Hua Wang · Hua Wang
    A liquid chromatographic method for separation of sacubitril–valsartan and their stereoisomeric impurities Li Chunsheng · Li Yujing · Zhang Yan · Liu Jing-jing · Li Junhua · Wu Meng · Liu Haiyan · Yang Zhencai · Yang Zhencai
    Fast screening of flavonoids from switchgrass and Mikania micrantha by liquid chromatography hybrid-ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry Mortaza Iranifam · Nasim Rahmati Hendekhale · Haider A. J. Al Lawati · Haider A. J. Al Lawati
    One-pot synthesis of a fluorescent molecularly imprinted nanosensor for highly selective detection of sulfapyridine in water Zou Hongyan · Yang Tong · Lan Jing · Huang Chengzhi · Huang Chengzhi
    Key factors in FTIR spectroscopic analysis of DNA: the sampling technique, pretreatment temperature and sample concentration Amit Kumar Manna · Jahangir Mondal · Rukmani Chandra · Kalyani Rout · Goutam Kumar Patra · Goutam Kumar Patra
    Using a PC camera to determine the concentration of nitrite, ammonia nitrogen, sulfide, phosphate, and copper in water Jixiong Zhang · Kuangda Tian · Chunli Lei · Shungeng Min · Shungeng Min
    A simpleturn-onfluorescent biosensor for sensitive detection of exonuclease III activity through photoinduced electron transfer and self-hybridization of a DNA probe Yuhao Xiong · Fang Li · Jingwen Wang · Ailing Huang · Mei Wu · Zhi Zhang · Dongjian Zhu · Wei Xie · Zhenhua Duan · Linjing Su · Linjing Su
    Exploring MBTH as a spectrophotometric probe for the determination of total phenolic compounds in beverage samples Xinyue Bao · Sheng Liu · Wangan Song · Hong-Wen Gao · Hong-Wen Gao
    Calibration transfer based on the weight matrix (CTWM) of PLS for near infrared (NIR) spectral analysis Xiangjun Meng · Lanlan Cai · Tianming Ren · Dong Sun · Jingkai Gu · Jingkai Gu
    Telomerase activity detection in cancer cells via primer extension-mediated fluorescence enhancement of silver nanoclusters Caterina Minelli · Aneta Sikora · Raul Garcia-Diez · Katia Sparnacci · Christian Gollwitzer · Michael Krumrey · Alex G. Shard · Alex G. Shard
    Aptamer-based rolling circle amplification coupled with graphene oxide-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer for sensitive detection of cardiac troponin I Mingjian Chen · Zhiyi Deng · Changbei Ma · Han Zhao · Kefeng Wu · Kemin Wang · Kemin Wang
    A highly selectiveturn-onfluorescent sensor for zinc ion based on a cinnamyl pyrazoline derivative and its imaging in live cells Yong He · Yong He · Enci Fan · Mengyao Wang · Shuguang Lu · Zhifeng Fu · Zhifeng Fu
    BODIPY-based carbon dots as fluorescent nanoprobes for sensing and imaging of extreme acidity Xu Li · Wenxiang Wang · Desong Yang · Jie Wu · Baihua Zhang · Zhining Wu · Jinming Tang · Jinming Tang
    A rapid colorimetric method for the detection of deltamethrin based on gold nanoparticles modified with 2-mercapto-6-nitrobenzothiazole Rufina A. Zilberg · Valeriy Maistrenko · Liana Rustamovna Kabirova · Dmitry Dubrovsky · Dmitry Dubrovsky
    Conjugated polyelectrolytes with a label-free aptamer for specific protein photoinactivation Philippa Hughes · Philippa Hughes
    Gold nanocone arrays directly grown on nickel foam for improved SERS detection of aromatic dyes Jessica D. Schulz · Jessica D. Schulz · Anna Neodo · Anna Neodo · Jean T. Coulibaly · Jennifer Keiser · Jennifer Keiser · Jennifer Keiser
    A novel amplified double-quenching aptasensor for cocaine detection based on split aptamer and silica nanoparticles Waldemar Grzybowski · Paweł Tarasiewicz · Katarzyna Łukawska-Matuszewska · Aleksandra Szewczun · Aleksandra Szewczun
    A novel EI-GC/MS method for the accurate quantification of anti-aging compound oleoylethanolamine in C. elegans Mariana C. Marra · Brenda M. C. Costa · Rodrigo A.A. Munoz · Mário H. P. Santana · Adriano O. Maldaner · Élvio D. Botelho · Wendell Karlos Tomazelli Coltro · Eduardo M. Richter · Eduardo M. Richter
    Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with molecular mass 302 in standard reference material 1597a by reversed-phase liquid chromatography and stop-flow fluorescence detection Zili Huang · Yufang Yang · Yijuan Long · Huzhi Zheng · Huzhi Zheng
    Determination of chromium(VI) by anodic stripping voltammetry using a silver-plated glassy carbon electrode Qi Xu · Qi Xu · Zhenhua Wang · Linghe Jin · Peng Liu · Yuan Tian · Shengxiao Zhang · Changqiao Zhang · Changqiao Zhang
    Recent advances in an organ-on-a-chip: biomarker analysis and applications Amir Kaffash · Hamid R. Zare · Khosrow Rostami · Khosrow Rostami
    Dual polarity MALDI imaging mass spectrometry on the same pixel points reveals spatial lipid localizations at high-spatial resolutions in rat small intestine Weina Jiang · Shilong Yang · Xu Sun · Wen Lu · Dong Jiang · Li Xu · Hai-Jun Xu · Buhong Gao · Mengtao Ma · Fuliang Cao · Fuliang Cao
    Preparation of a two-photon fluorescent probe with a large turn-on signal for imaging hypochlorous acid in living tissues Junbo Li · Junbo Li · Yanqiang Yang · Jinghua Wang · Bing Zhang · Honghong Chang · Wenlong Wei · Wenlong Wei
    Detection of pulmonary surfactant protein A by using an aptamer-based liquid crystal biosensor Duixiong Sun · Yunyun Ma · Yongqiang Wang · Maogen Su · Quanfang Lu · Chenzhong Dong · Chenzhong Dong
    Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon quantum dots as fluorescent probes for the sensitive and rapid detection of picric acid Hua Li · Daewoo Han · Giovanni M. Pauletti · Michael A. Hegener · A. J. Steckl · A. J. Steckl
    Occurrence of neonicotinoids in waste water from the Bucharest treatment plant Xian Li · Tian Tian · Tian Tian
    Low cost adsorbents in ultrasound-assisted dispersive micro solid-phase extraction for simultaneous determination of indium and nickel by high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry in soils and sediments Kai Zhou · Mingguang Ren · Li Wang · Zihong Li · Weiying Lin · Weiying Lin
    An efficient method for the synthesis of a polymer brush via click chemistry and its ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of AFP Ying Wang · Ying Wang · Bing Wang · Qingli Zhang · Xingliang Xiong · Shixiong Deng · Shixiong Deng
    PAHs in toasted bread: determination using microwave-assisted extraction and dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction followed by high-performance liquid chromatography Yingte Wang · Xiaoyue Chang · Na Jing · Yong Zhang · Yong Zhang
    Clinical analysis and quantitation of MB-102, a novel fluorescence tracer agent, in human plasma Vasile Ion Iancu · Gabriel Lucian Radu · Gabriel Lucian Radu
    Comparison of computational approaches for identification and quantification of urinary metabolites in 1H NMR spectra Magdalena Krawczyk-Coda · Ewa Stanisz · Ewa Stanisz
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    In celebration of the 60th birthday of 2 microfluidics pioneers: Professor Susan Lunte and Professor James Landers
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