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The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.639, which is just updated in 2020.

Nutrition Impact Factor
Highest IF
Highest Journal Impact IF

The highest Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.734.

Lowest IF
Lowest Journal Impact IF

The lowest Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 2.839.

Total Growth Rate
IF Total Growth Rate

The total growth rate of Nutrition IF is 20.3%.

Annual Growth Rate
IF Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate of Nutrition IF is 2.3%.

Journal Impact IF Ranking

Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Q1 46/217

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism 79%

Nutrition and Dietetics Q1 26/120

Nutrition and Dietetics 78%

Journal Impact IF Ranking

· In the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research field, the Quartile of Nutrition is Q1. Nutrition has been ranked #46 over 217 related journals in the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research category. The ranking percentile of Nutrition is around 79% in the field of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
· In the Nutrition and Dietetics research field, the Quartile of Nutrition is Q1. Nutrition has been ranked #26 over 120 related journals in the Nutrition and Dietetics research category. The ranking percentile of Nutrition is around 78% in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Journal Impact IF History

Year Journal Impact IF
Year Journal Impact IF
2019-2020 3.639
2018-2019 3.591
2017-2018 3.734
2016-2017 3.42
2015-2016 2.839
2014-2015 2.926
2013-2014 3.046
2012-2013 2.859
2011-2012 3.025
Journal Impact IF History

· The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.639
· The 2018-2019 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.591
· The 2017-2018 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.734
· The 2016-2017 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.42
· The 2015-2016 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 2.839
· The 2014-2015 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 2.926
· The 2013-2014 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.046
· The 2012-2013 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 2.859
· The 2011-2012 Journal Impact IF of Nutrition is 3.025

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications Citations
Year Publications Citations
1936 4 1
1938 0 2
1939 1 2
1942 1 1
1946 0 3
1948 0 2
1949 2 1
1950 1 1
1951 0 2
1952 1 2
1953 0 2
1954 1 1
1955 2 1
1956 0 6
1957 3 7
1958 3 16
1959 3 18
1960 2 19
1961 5 23
1962 2 21
1963 3 22
1964 3 10
1965 4 11
1966 4 22
1967 7 19
1968 3 10
1969 8 17
1970 2 16
1971 1 16
1972 0 15
1973 0 19
1974 0 15
1975 0 14
1976 1 13
1977 0 21
1978 0 26
1979 1 30
1980 0 43
1981 1 57
1982 0 33
1983 4 83
1984 1 53
1985 2 66
1986 3 69
1987 5 69
1988 7 78
1989 98 62
1990 108 138
1991 82 203
1992 81 289
1993 106 357
1994 118 356
1995 178 532
1996 294 790
1997 354 1062
1998 186 1577
1999 230 2323
2000 289 2935
2001 240 3527
2002 255 4858
2003 228 5616
2004 187 6416
2005 182 7667
2006 183 9006
2007 137 9782
2008 211 10242
2009 187 11611
2010 195 12624
2011 210 13954
2012 218 15371
2013 267 16884
2014 261 17128
2015 253 17274
2016 309 16028
2017 360 16300
2018 215 13465
2019 360 15840
2020 377 20320
2021 86 1437
Publications Cites Dataset

· The Nutrition has published 4 reports and received 1 citations in 1936.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1938.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 2 citations in 1939.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 1 citations in 1942.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 3 citations in 1946.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1948.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 1 citations in 1949.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 1 citations in 1950.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1951.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 2 citations in 1952.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1953.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 1 citations in 1954.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 1 citations in 1955.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 6 citations in 1956.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 7 citations in 1957.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 16 citations in 1958.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 18 citations in 1959.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 19 citations in 1960.
· The Nutrition has published 5 reports and received 23 citations in 1961.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 21 citations in 1962.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 22 citations in 1963.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 10 citations in 1964.
· The Nutrition has published 4 reports and received 11 citations in 1965.
· The Nutrition has published 4 reports and received 22 citations in 1966.
· The Nutrition has published 7 reports and received 19 citations in 1967.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 10 citations in 1968.
· The Nutrition has published 8 reports and received 17 citations in 1969.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 16 citations in 1970.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 16 citations in 1971.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 15 citations in 1972.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 19 citations in 1973.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 15 citations in 1974.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 14 citations in 1975.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 13 citations in 1976.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 21 citations in 1977.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 26 citations in 1978.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 30 citations in 1979.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 43 citations in 1980.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 57 citations in 1981.
· The Nutrition has published 0 reports and received 33 citations in 1982.
· The Nutrition has published 4 reports and received 83 citations in 1983.
· The Nutrition has published 1 reports and received 53 citations in 1984.
· The Nutrition has published 2 reports and received 66 citations in 1985.
· The Nutrition has published 3 reports and received 69 citations in 1986.
· The Nutrition has published 5 reports and received 69 citations in 1987.
· The Nutrition has published 7 reports and received 78 citations in 1988.
· The Nutrition has published 98 reports and received 62 citations in 1989.
· The Nutrition has published 108 reports and received 138 citations in 1990.
· The Nutrition has published 82 reports and received 203 citations in 1991.
· The Nutrition has published 81 reports and received 289 citations in 1992.
· The Nutrition has published 106 reports and received 357 citations in 1993.
· The Nutrition has published 118 reports and received 356 citations in 1994.
· The Nutrition has published 178 reports and received 532 citations in 1995.
· The Nutrition has published 294 reports and received 790 citations in 1996.
· The Nutrition has published 354 reports and received 1062 citations in 1997.
· The Nutrition has published 186 reports and received 1577 citations in 1998.
· The Nutrition has published 230 reports and received 2323 citations in 1999.
· The Nutrition has published 289 reports and received 2935 citations in 2000.
· The Nutrition has published 240 reports and received 3527 citations in 2001.
· The Nutrition has published 255 reports and received 4858 citations in 2002.
· The Nutrition has published 228 reports and received 5616 citations in 2003.
· The Nutrition has published 187 reports and received 6416 citations in 2004.
· The Nutrition has published 182 reports and received 7667 citations in 2005.
· The Nutrition has published 183 reports and received 9006 citations in 2006.
· The Nutrition has published 137 reports and received 9782 citations in 2007.
· The Nutrition has published 211 reports and received 10242 citations in 2008.
· The Nutrition has published 187 reports and received 11611 citations in 2009.
· The Nutrition has published 195 reports and received 12624 citations in 2010.
· The Nutrition has published 210 reports and received 13954 citations in 2011.
· The Nutrition has published 218 reports and received 15371 citations in 2012.
· The Nutrition has published 267 reports and received 16884 citations in 2013.
· The Nutrition has published 261 reports and received 17128 citations in 2014.
· The Nutrition has published 253 reports and received 17274 citations in 2015.
· The Nutrition has published 309 reports and received 16028 citations in 2016.
· The Nutrition has published 360 reports and received 16300 citations in 2017.
· The Nutrition has published 215 reports and received 13465 citations in 2018.
· The Nutrition has published 360 reports and received 15840 citations in 2019.
· The Nutrition has published 377 reports and received 20320 citations in 2020.
· The Nutrition has published 86 reports and received 1437 citations in 2021.
· The total publications of Nutrition is 7158.
· The total citations of Nutrition is 256952.

What is Impact Factor?

The impact factor (IF) or journal impact factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index calculated by Clarivate that reflects the yearly average number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher impact factor values are often deemed to be more important, or carry more intrinsic prestige in their respective fields, than those with lower values.

Nutrition | Academic Accelerator - About the Impact Factor

Impact factor is commonly used to evaluate the relative importance of a journal within its field and to measure the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular time period. Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs. Journals with higher IFs believed to be more important than those with lower ones. According to Eugene Garfield “impact simply reflects the ability of the journals and editors to attract the best paper available.” Journal which publishes more review articles will get maximum IFs. The Impact Factor of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Impact Factor are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The Nutrition Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the Nutrition during the two preceding years (2018-2019). Note that 2020 Impact Factor are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. New journals, which are indexed from their first published issue, will receive an impact factor after two years of indexing; in this case, the citations to the year prior to Volume 1, and the number of articles published in the year prior to Volume 1, are known zero values. Journals that are indexed starting with a volume other than the first volume will not get an impact factor until they have been indexed for three years. Occasionally, Journal Citation Reports assigns an impact factor to new journals with less than two years of indexing, based on partial citation data. The calculation always uses two complete and known years of item counts, but for new titles one of the known counts is zero. Annuals and other irregular publications sometimes publish no items in a particular year, affecting the count. The impact factor relates to a specific time period; it is possible to calculate it for any desired period. In addition to the 2-year Impact Factor, the 3-year Impact Factor, 4-year Impact Factor, 5-year Impact Factor, Real-Time Impact Factor can provide further insights and factors into the impact of Nutrition.


The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Impact factors are calculated yearly starting from 1975 for journals listed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). ISI was acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992, and became known as Thomson ISI. In 2018, Thomson ISI was sold to Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. They founded a new corporation, Clarivate, which is now the publisher of the JCR.


The impact factor is used to compare different journals within a certain field. The Web of Science indexes more than 11,500 science and social science journals. Journal impact factors are often used to evaluate the merit of individual articles and individual researchers. This use of impact factors was summarised by Hoeffel:

Impact Factor is not a perfect tool to measure the quality of articles but there is nothing better and it has the advantage of already being in existence and is, therefore, a good technique for scientific evaluation. Experience has shown that in each specialty the best journals are those in which it is most difficult to have an article accepted, and these are the journals that have a high impact factor. Most of these journals existed long before the impact factor was devised. The use of impact factor as a measure of quality is widespread because it fits well with the opinion we have in each field of the best journals in our specialty....In conclusion, prestigious journals publish papers of high level. Therefore, their impact factor is high, and not the contrary.

Eugene Garfield

In brief, Impact factors may be used by:
  • Authors to decide where to submit an article for publication.
  • Libraries to make collection development decisions
  • Academic departments to assess academic productivity
  • Academic departments to make decisions on promotion and tenure.
As impact factors are a journal-level metric, rather than an article- or individual-level metric, this use is controversial. Garfield agrees with Hoeffel,but warns about the "misuse in evaluating individuals" because there is "a wide variation [of citations] from article to article within a single journal". Other things to consider about Impact Factors:
  • Many journals do not have an impact factor.
  • The impact factor cannot assess the quality of individual articles. Even if citations were evenly distributed among articles, the impact factor would only measure the interests of other researchers in an article, not its importance and usefulness.
  • Only research articles, technical notes and reviews are “citable” items. Editorials, letters, news items and meeting abstracts are “non-citable items”.
  • Only a small percentage of articles are highly cited and they are found in a small subset of journals. This small proportion accounts for a large percentage of citations.
  • Controversial papers, such as those based on fraudulent data, may be highly cited, distorting the impact factor of a journal.
  • Citation bias may exist. For example, English language resources may be favoured. Authors may cite their own work.
Moreover, informed and careful use of these impact data is essential, and should be based on a thorough understanding of the methodology used to generate impact factors. There are controversial aspects of using impact factors:
  • It is not clear whether the number of times a paper is cited measures its actual quality.
  • Some databases that calculate impact factors fail to incorporate publications including textbooks, handbooks and reference books.
  • Certain disciplines have low numbers of journals and usage. Therefore, one should only compare journals or researchers within the same discipline.
  • Review articles normally are cited more often and therefore can skew results.
  • Self-citing may also skew results.
  • Some resources used to calculate impact factors have inadequate international coverage.
  • Editorial policies can artificially inflate an impact factor.
Impact factors have often been used in advancement and tenure decision-making. Many recognize that this is a coarse tool for such important decisions, and that a multitude of factors should be taken into account in these deliberations. When considering the use of the impact factor (IF), keep these aspects in mind:
  • IF analysis is limited to citations from the journals indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Currently, the Web of Science indexes only 8621 journals across the full breadth of the sciences, and just 3121 in the social sciences.
  • A high IF/citation rate says nothing about the quality -- or even, validity -- of the references being cited. Notorious or even retracted articles often attract a lot of attention, hence a high number of citations. The notority related to the first publication on "cold fusion" is one such example.
  • Journals that publish more "review articles" are often found near the top of the rankings. While not known for publishing new, creative findings, these individual articles tend to be heavily cited.
  • The IF measures the average number of citations to articles in the journal -- given this, a small number of highly-cited articles will skew the figure.
  • It takes several years for new journals to be added to the list of titles indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge, so these newer titles will be under-represented.
  • It's alleged that journal editors have learned to "game" the system, encouraging authors to cite their works previously published in the same journal.
Comparing Journals Across Disciplines? Not a good idea! Using Impact Factors within a given discipline should only be done with great care, as described above. Using impact factor data to compare journals across disciplines is even more problematic. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Disciplines where older literature is still referenced, such as Chemistry and Mathematics, offer challenges to the methodolgy since older citations (older than two years) are not used to calculate the impact factor for a given journal. (Five-year impact factor analysis, which can be calculated using the Journal Citation Index database, helps smooth out this problem only to some degree.)
  • Different disciplines have different practices regarding tendency to cite larger numbers of references. Higher overall citation rates will bump upward impact factor measurements.
  • Where it's common for large numbers of authors to collaborate on a single paper, such as in Physics, the tendency of authors to cite themselves (and in this case, more authors) will result in increased citation rates.

Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor


  • A vetted, established metric for measuring journal impact within a discipline.
  • Designed to eliminate bias based on journal size and frequency.
  • Individual articles makes an uneven contribution to overall Impact Factor.
  • Impact Factor does not account for certain things, things like context (postive or negative citaion) and intentionality (self-citation).
  • The metric is proprietary to and bound by the contents of the Thomson Reuters database.
  • Citations, on which the Impact Factor is based, count for less than 1% of an article's overall use.


Numerous critiques have been made regarding the use of impact factors. A 2007 study noted that the most fundamental flaw is that impact factors present the mean of data that are not normally distributed, and suggested that it would be more appropriate to present the median of these data. There is also a more general debate on the validity of the impact factor as a measure of journal importance and the effect of policies that editors may adopt to boost their impact factor (perhaps to the detriment of readers and writers). Other criticism focuses on the effect of the impact factor on behavior of scholars, editors and other stakeholders. Others have made more general criticisms, arguing that emphasis on impact factor results from negative influence of neoliberal policies on academia claiming that what is needed is not just replacement of the impact factor with more sophisticated metrics for science publications but also discussion on the social value of research assessment and the growing precariousness of scientific careers in higher education.
Experts stress that there are limitations in using impact factors to evaluate a scholar's work. There are many reasons cited for not relying on impact factor alone to evaluate the output of a particular individual. Among these are the following:

  • A single factor is not sufficient for evaluating an author's work.
  • Journal values are meaningless unless compared within the same discipline. Impact factors vary among disciplines.
  • The impact factor was originally devised to show the impact of a specific journal, not a specific scholar. The quality and impact of the author's work may extend beyond the impact of a particular journal.
According to Jim Testa, a researcher for ThomsonReuters Scientific, the most widespread misuse of the Impact Factor is to evaluate the work of an individual author (instead of a journal). "To say that because a researcher is publishing in a certain journal, he or she is more influential or deserves more credit is not necessarily true. There are many other variables to consider." (interview 6/26/2008 in Thomson Reuters blog entry)

Journal Profile


Nutrition has an open access mirror journal Nutrition: X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review.Founded by Michael M. Meguid in the early 1980's, Nutrition presents advances in nutrition research and science, informs its readers on new and advancing technologies and data in clinical nutrition practice, encourages the application of outcomes research and meta-analyses to problems in patient-related nutrition; and seeks to help clarify and set the research, policy and practice agenda for nutrition science to enhance human well-being in the years ahead. None

Highly Cited Keywords


The ISSN of Nutrition is 0899-9007 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

ISSN (Online)
ISSN (Online)

The ISSN (Online) of Nutrition is 1873-1244 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

Elsevier Inc.

Nutrition is published by Elsevier Inc. .

Publication Frequency
Publication Frequency

Nutrition publishes reports Monthly .

1987 - Present

The Publication History of Nutrition covers 1987 - Present .

Open Access
Open Access

Nutrition is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

Publication Fee
Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Nutrition. Nutrition is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


The language of Nutrition is English .


The publisher of Nutrition is Elsevier Inc. , which locates in Netherlands .

Selected Articles

Full Title Authors
Full Title Authors
Branched-chain amino acids supplementation protocols on nitric oxide synthesis in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages Simone Perna · M. Naso · B. Vigo · G. Nicosanti · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Re:Changes in lipid metabolism in pediatric patients with severe sepsis and septic shock Simone Perna · M. Nichetti · F. Moncaglieri · I. Avanzato · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Association of sweet taste gene GNAT3 (RS7792845) with food preferences, biochemical parameters and body composition Alice Sabatino · Giuseppe Regolisti · T. Di Motta · Chiara Cantarelli · Sarah Pioli · Giulia Grassi · Valentina Batini · Mariacristina Gregorini · Enrico Fiaccadori · Enrico Fiaccadori
Sweet taste receptor gene TAS1R3 polymorphisms related to food preferences, biochemical parameters and body composition Andrea Bonvini · Audrey Yule Coqueiro · Raquel Raizel · L.M. Bella · R.A. Fock · P. Borelli · Marcelo Macedo Rogero · Julio Tirapegui · Julio Tirapegui
Early loss of skeletal muscle mass as prognostic factor in metastatic pancreatic cancer patients Silvia Cappello · Emanuele Cereda · S. Colombo · Catherine Klersy · I. Imarisio · A. Turri · M. Caraccia · T. Monaco · M. Benazzo · Paolo Pedrazzoli · F. Corbella · Riccardo Caccialanza · Riccardo Caccialanza
Evaluation of muscle mass by ultrasonography of quadriceps femoris muscle in end-stage renal disease patients S. Iacopi · V. Coli · M. Picchi · M. Miccoli · U. Boggi · U. Boggi
Counseling with or without systematic use of oral supplements in head-neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy Simone Perna · I. Avanzato · M. Nichetti · C. Gozzer · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Higher dietary total antioxidant capacity is inversely related to prediabetes: A case-control study Ana Paula Toniazzo · Danusa Mar Arcego · Camilla Lazzaretti · Carine Lampert · Simone Nardin Weis · Rodrigo Proto-Siqueira · Rachel Krolow · Carla Dalmaz · Carla Dalmaz
Impact of preoperative serum levels of phosporus on post-operative complications after pancreatoduodenectomy D. Maietta · P. Golzio · A. De Francesco · M. Vercellino · P. Cavalla · M.T. Giordana · M.T. Giordana
Evaluation of nutritional status in three groups of elderly: Healthy, sarcopenic and sarcopenic obese D. Noè · A. Piazza · P. Lanzi · E. Nicolai · R. Spiti · V. Tagliabue · S. Combi · E.G. Ferrari · M. Marini · E. Raschioni · M.C. Zanoni · A. Fornasieri · M. Gallieni · M. Gallieni
Dietary habits and risk of first demyelinating event (MS-CIS) diagnosis: A single center incident case-Control Study D.M. Ruggeroni · P. Schiavo · A. Tarallo · G. Volpi · N. Cerutti · G. Termine · G. Termine
Vitamins intake in Italian children with spinal muscular atrophy A. Lombardo · A. Demagistris · A. De Francesco · E. Finocchiaro · R. Galletti · C. Deorsola · E. Fontana · M. Moletto · A. Mollo · G. Onorati · Paola Massarenti · A. Palmo · A. Palmo
Intradialytic parenteral nutrition (IDPN) is useful to fulfill nutritional targets in malnourished uremic patients C. Confezione · M. Zanetti · D. De Matteis · G. Sanson · G. Sanson
Nutritional outcomes in dysphagic patients studied by fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing Simone Perna · Milena Anna Faliva · Chiara Bologna · L. Manea · C. Gozzer · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Does sucrose affect the glucose variability in patients with type 1 diabetes? a pilot crossover clinical study Carlo Chiarla · Ivo Giovannini · Giacinto Ad Miggiano · Giacinto Ad Miggiano
A baru almond–enriched diet reduces abdominal adiposity and improves high-density lipoprotein concentrations: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial Hunter S. Waldman · Benjamin M. Krings · JohnEric W. Smith · Matthew J. McAllister · Matthew J. McAllister
Are Patients Affected by Mitochondrial Disorders at Nutritional Risk Moshtaghian Hanieh · Louie Jimmy Chun Yu · E Charlton Karen · C Probst Yasmine · Gopinath Bamini · Mitchell Paul · M Flood Victoria · M Flood Victoria
Phase angle as A prognostic indicator of patients undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer-3 years data analysis C. Voglino · A. Tirone · G. Colasanto · F. Croce · C. Ciuoli · B. Paolini · G. Vuolo · G. Vuolo
Association of gene TAS1R2 polymorphisms (RS35874116) with food preferences, biochemical parameters and body composition Simone Perna · I. Avanzato · M. Nichetti · G. Nicosanti · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Prognostic role of early nutritional support in patients affected by advanced pancreatic cancer undergoing chemotherapy V. Masi · M. Mancini · A. Caselgrandi · A. Malagoli · C. Mussini · C. Prado · J. Lake · G. Guaraldi · J. Falutz · J. Falutz
Lipid profile changes in patients undergoing sleeve gastrectomy: A 4 year follow-up study Simone Perna · B. Vigo · I. Avanzato · L. Manea · M. Nichetti · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Osteosarcopenic obesity syndrome: Prevalence, impact on metabolic profile and risk factors Denise Mafra · Natália A. Borges · Ludmila F. M. F. Cardozo · Juliana Saraiva dos Anjos · Ana Paula Black · Cristiane Moraes · Peter Bergman · Bengt Lindholm · Peter Stenvinkel · Peter Stenvinkel
Prevalence and predictors of sarcopenia in an HIV cohort characterized by nutrition and physical activity parameters Tam Ryan · Yassa Barbara · Parker Helen · O’Connor Helen · Allman-Farinelli Margaret · Allman-Farinelli Margaret
Prevalence of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in hospitalized patients. an epidemiological study in Northern Italy Aoyama Ken-ichi · Okino Yuichiro · Yamazaki Hiroshi · Kojima Rena · Uchibori Masahiro · Nakanishi Yaushiro · Ota Yoshihide · Ota Yoshihide
Red meat intake in chronic kidney disease patients: Two sides of the coin Michael J. Glade · Michael M. Meguid · Michael M. Meguid
ColumnA glance at…antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties of dietary cobalt Gebremedhin Samson · Baye Kaleab · Bekele Tilahun · Tharaney Manisha · Asrat Yonas · Abebe Yewelsew · Reta Nigusse · Reta Nigusse
Glycemic index and glycemic load of the diets of Japanese adults: the 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey, Japan Sahebkar Amirhossein · Serban Maria-Corina · Gluba-Brzozka Anna · P Mikhailidis Dimitri · F Cicero Arrigo · Rysz Jacek · Banach Maciej · Banach Maciej
Trimethylamine N -oxide: A harmful, protective or diagnostic marker in lifestyle diseases? K V Gundala Naveen · G M Naidu Vegi · N Das Undurti · N Das Undurti
Effects of three major amino acids found in Japanese broth on glucose metabolism and gastric emptying Bringhenti Isabele · Ornellas Fernanda · Mandarim-de-Lacerda Carlos Alberto · Aguila Marcia Barbosa · Aguila Marcia Barbosa
Zinc and selenium status in critically ill patients according to severity stratification Tang Yan · Wu Yingtao · Huang Ziyi · Dong Weiwei · Deng Ying · Wang Fengjiao · Li Ming · Yuan Jieli · Yuan Jieli
Association between food insecurity and food intake Hong Min Kim · Yuna Kim · Eun Soo Lee · Ji Hye Huh · Choon Hee Chung · Choon Hee Chung
Association of the FTO fat mass and obesity–associated gene rs9939609 polymorphism with rewarding value of food and eating behavior in Chilean children Saman Khalatbari-Soltani · Gérard Waeber · Pedro Marques-Vidal · Pedro Marques-Vidal
Controlling nutritional status score for predicting 3-mo functional outcome in acute ischemic stroke Luciana M.B. Stoffel · Francisco Wilker Mustafa Gomes Muniz · Paulo Roberto Grafitti Colussi · Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing · Eliane Lucia Colussi · Eliane Lucia Colussi
Lactobacillus paracasei HII01, xylooligosaccharides, and synbiotics reduce gut disturbance in obese rats Dayeon Shin · Simona C. Kwon · Mi Hye Kim · Kyung Won Lee · Soe Yeon Choi · Nitin Shivappa · James R. Hébert · Hae-Kyung Chung · Hae-Kyung Chung
Nutritional intervention in head and neck cancer patients during chemo-radiotherapy Virginia Boccardi · Riccardo Calvani · Federica Limongi · Anna Marseglia · Anna Marseglia · Alexandra Mason · Marianna Noale · Domenico Rogoli · Nicola Veronese · Gaetano Crepaldi · Stefania Maggi · Stefania Maggi
High salt intake increases plasma trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) concentration and produces gut dysbiosis in rats Jessica Tabart · Cyril Auger · Claire Kevers · Jacques Dommes · Brigitte Pollet · Jean-Olivier Defraigne · Valérie B. Schini-Kerth · Joël Pincemail · Joël Pincemail
Resting energy expenditure and body composition in patients with head and neck cancer: An observational study leading to a new predictive equation Parameth Thiennimitr · Sakawdaurn Yasom · Wannipa Tunapong · Titikorn Chunchai · Keerati Wanchai · Anchalee Pongchaidecha · Anusorn Lungkaphin · Sasithorn Sirilun · Chaiyavat Chaiyasut · Nipon Chattipakorn · Siriporn C. Chattipakorn · Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
Serum sodium ion level influenced by daily salt intake after administration of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors Sara Manti · Caterina Cuppari · Giuseppe Fabio Parisi · Lucia Tardino · Carmelo Salpietro · Salvatore Leonardi · Salvatore Leonardi
Efficacy of educational intervention to improve awareness of the importance of iodine, use of iodized salt, and dietary iodine intake in northeastern Italian schoolchildren Somayyeh Firouzi · Fahimeh Haghighatdoost · Fahimeh Haghighatdoost
Perioperative serum and urine metabolome analyses in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing partial hepatectomy Michela Bottani · Laura Cornaghi · Elena Donetti · Anita Ferraretto · Anita Ferraretto
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Epicardial Adipose Tissue feeding and overfeeding the Heart Olivier Lheureux · Danielle Prevedello · Jean-Charles Preiser · Jean-Charles Preiser
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A nonrestrictive, weight loss diet focused on fiber and lean protein increase Tomoyuki Kawada · Tomoyuki Kawada
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Vitamin B1 Interpretation: Erroneous Higher Levels in Non-Anaemic Population Bulent Capli · Sule Karatas Ozaydin · Serife Ozturk · Serife Ozturk
Does Circulating Leptin Play a Role in Energy Expenditure Masato Nishiwaki · Yuri Nakano · Naoyuki Matsumoto · Naoyuki Matsumoto
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Sodium butyrate modulates adipocyte expansion, adipogenesis, and insulin receptor signaling by upregulation of PPAR-γ in obese Apo E knockout mice Shalan Nor Aijratul Asikin Mohd · M Mustapha Noordin · Mohamed Suhaila · Mohamed Suhaila
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Aldehydes Identified in Commercially Available Omega-3 Supplements via 1H NMR Spectroscopy Ahmed Ch. Saddam · Heidi M. Foster · Moge Zhang · Terezie T. Mosby · Terezie T. Mosby
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Role of dietary α- and γ-tocopherol from Rosa mosqueta oil in the prevention of alterations induced by high-fat diet in a murine model Yehui Duan · Bie Tan · Bie Tan · Jianjun Li · Peng Liao · Bo Huang · Fengna Li · Hao Xiao · Yanhong Liu · Yulong Yin · Yulong Yin · Yulong Yin
Should we calculate or measure energy expenditure? Practical aspects in the ICU Ana Paula Brigatto Simões Golucci · Fernando Augusto de Lima Marson · Antonio Fernando Ribeiro · Roberto José Negrão Nogueira · Roberto José Negrão Nogueira
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Optimal branched-chain amino acid ratio improves cell proliferation and protein metabolism of porcine enterocytesin in vivo and in vitro Latasha Leo · Claudine Loong · Xing Lin Ho · Muhammed Faiz B. Raman · Melissa Yue Tian Suan · Wai Mun Loke · Wai Mun Loke
Lipid profile associated with the systemic inflammatory response syndrome and sepsis in critically ill patients Manti Sara · Cuppari Caterina · Tardino Lucia · Parisi Giuseppe · Spina Massimo · Salpietro Carmelo · Leonardi Salvatore · Leonardi Salvatore
Occurrence of azo food dyes and their effects on cellular inflammatory responses Amornpan Lertrit · Sasinee Srimachai · Sunee Saetung · Suwannee Chanprasertyothin · La-or Chailurkit · Chatvara Areevut · Pornalat Katekao · Boonsong Ongphiphadhanakul · Chutintorn Sriphrapradang · Chutintorn Sriphrapradang
Effects of sucralose on insulin and glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion in healthy subjects: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Frej Stilling · Alicja Wolk · Alicja Wolk · Dorota Religa · Dorota Religa · Jerzy Leppert · Leif Bergkvist · Karl Michaëlsson · Susanna C. Larsson · Susanna C. Larsson
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Protective effect of the riboflavin-overproducing strain Lactobacillus plantarum CRL2130 on intestinal mucositis in mice Anika Saiyara Rouf · Zhixian Sui · Anna Rangan · Amanda Grech · Margaret Allman-Farinelli · Margaret Allman-Farinelli
Adipose tissue fatty acid composition and cognitive impairment Sajjad Moradi · Amos Issah · Hamed Mohammadi · Khadijeh Mirzaei · Khadijeh Mirzaei
Modulatory effects of taurine on metabolic and oxidative stress parameters in a mice model of muscle overuse Maureen L. Storey · Patricia A. Anderson · Patricia A. Anderson
Low calcium intakes among Australian adolescents and young adults are associated with higher consumption of discretionary foods and beverages Odysseas Androutsos · Christina Katsarou · Eleni Anna Vampouli · Zbigniew Kulaga · Beata Gurzkowska · Violeta Iotova · Natalya Usheva · Greet Cardon · Berthold Koletzko · Luis A. Moreno · Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij · Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij
Associations between dietary inflammatory index and incidence of breast and prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Yingshan Liu · Marianne Milner · Markos Klonizakis · Markos Klonizakis
Total fruit and vegetable consumption increases among consumers of frozen fruit and vegetables Rávila Graziany Machado de Souza · Aline Corado Gomes · Inar Alves de Castro · João Felipe Mota · João Felipe Mota
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Sex-specific differences in mortality and the obesity paradox of patients with myocardial infarction ages >70 y Vincenza Gianfredi · Tania Salvatori · Daniele Nucci · Milena Villarini · Massimo Moretti · Massimo Moretti
Early cardiac abnormalities in obese children and their relationship with adiposity Kiyoshi Sanada · Kiyoshi Sanada · Randi Chen · Bradley J. Willcox · Bradley J. Willcox · Tomoyuki Ohara · Tomoyuki Ohara · Aida Wen · Cody Takenaka · Kamal Masaki · Kamal Masaki · Kamal Masaki
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Parboiled rice metabolism differs in healthy and diabetic individuals with similar improvement in glycemic response M Obregon Ana · Valladares Macarena · Goldfield Gary · Goldfield Gary
Combined nutritional assessment methods to predict clinical outcomes in patients on the waiting list for liver transplantation Sanguigni Valerio · Manco Melania · Sorge Roberto · Gnessi Lucio · Francomano Davide · Francomano Davide
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Poor vitamin D status increases the risk of anemia in school children: National Food and Nutrition Surveillance Emilie Aubry · Carla Aeberhard · Lia Bally · Jean-Marc Nuoffer · Lorenz Risch · Stefan Mühlebach · Jean-Marc Burgunder · Zeno Stanga · Zeno Stanga
Changes in lipid metabolism in pediatric patients with severe sepsis and septic shock Mosiur Rahman · Mosiur Rahman · Syed Emdadul Haque · Sarwar Zahan · Jahirul Islam · Mosfequr Rahman · Asaduzzaman · Nuruzzaman Haque · Ahmed Zohirul Islam · Durul Huda · Golam Mostofa · Golam Mostofa
Dairy consumption and inflammatory profile: A cross-sectional population-based study, São Paulo, Brazil Gity Sotoudeh · Maryam Abshirini · Fariba Bagheri · Fereydoun Siassi · Fariba Koohdani · Zahra Aslany · Zahra Aslany
Management and prevention of refeeding syndrome in medical inpatients: An evidence-based and consensus-supported algorithm Nitin Shivappa · James R. Hébert · Lisa E. Paddock · Lorna Rodriguez-Rodriguez · Sara H. Olson · Elisa V. Bandera · Elisa V. Bandera
Nutritional support contributes to recuperation in a rat model of aplastic anemia by enhancing mitochondrial function María Mercedes Rodicio · Vanessa Domenech de Miguel · María Guinda Jiménez · Secundino Cigarrán Guldrís · María Montserrat López Franco · Ana Estany Gestal · María L. Couce · María Rosaura Leis Trabazo · María Rosaura Leis Trabazo
Autophagy is required for hemopoietic stem cell survival in protein malnutrition Simone Perna · I. Avanzato · L. Manea · D. Spadaccini · F. Moncaglieri · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
The effect of soluble fiber dextrin on postprandial appetite and subsequent food intake in healthy adults E El-Ashmawy Nahla · G Khedr Eman · A El-Bahrawy Hoda · M Selim Hend · M Selim Hend
Evaluation of body cellular mass index In healthy, sarcopenic and sarcopenic obese elderly. A cross sectional study F.G. Di Girolamo · Nicola Fiotti · Luigi Maria Castello · Chiara Casarsa · Enrico Lupia · M.L. Mujesan · Claudio Ronco · S. Di Somma · Gian Carlo Avanzi · Filippo Mearelli · Gianni Biolo · Gianni Biolo
DXA-assessed changes in body composition in obese women following two different weight loss programs Fabiana Zingone · C. Bucci · Paola Iovino · Carolina Ciacci · Carolina Ciacci
Case-report: Use of bowel stimulation with faecal refilling before loop ileostomy closure Simone Perna · I. Avanzato · Milena Anna Faliva · M. Nichetti · A. Bartolo · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Osteosarcopenic visceral obesity versus osteosarcopenic subcutaneus obesity: Two new phenotypes of sarcopenia L. Valeriani · C. Bussei · L. Zoni · F. Anzolin · B. Corradini · M.G. Benassi · G. Tommesani · L. Morisi · F. Campolongo · G. Guccini · M. Fornari · M. Fornari
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Prevalence of sarcopenia in systemic sclerosis: assessing body composition and functional disability in patients with systemic sclerosis Sardarinia Mahsa · Ansari Roya · Azizi Feridoun · Hadaegh Farzad · Bozorgmanesh Mohammadreza · Bozorgmanesh Mohammadreza
Nutritional assessment and associated factors in the elderly: apopulation-based cross-sectional study Lauche Romy · Sibbritt David · Ostermann Thomas · R Fuller Nicholas · Adams Jon · Cramer Holger · Cramer Holger
Diagnostic accuracy of undernutrition codes in hospital administrative discharge database: improvements needed Zhang Hui · Wang Yang · Jiang Zhuming · Kondrup Jens · Fang Hai · Andrews Martha · T Nolan Marie · Mu Shao-Yu · Zhang Jun · Yu Kang · Lu Qian · Kang Wei-Ming · Kang Wei-Ming
Diet versus jaw bones: Lessons from experimental models and potential clinical implications Rodrigo Valenzuela · Miguel Ángel Rincón-Cervera · Francisca Echeverría · Cynthia Barrera · Alejandra Espinosa · María Catalina Hernandez-Rodas · Macarena Ortiz · Alfonso Valenzuela · Luis A. Videla · Luis A. Videla
Effects of intraoperative nutrients administration on energy expenditure during general anesthesia Carina Cristina Montalvany-Antonucci · Marina Campos Zicker · Marina C. Oliveira · Soraia Macari · Mila Fernandes Moreira Madeira · Ildeu Andrade · Adaliene Versiani Matos Ferreira · Tarcília Aparecida Silva · Tarcília Aparecida Silva
Effect of green tea on plasma leptin and ghrelin levels: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials Daizoh Satoh · Noriko Toda · Ichiro Yamamoto · Ichiro Yamamoto
Preoperative low muscle mass has a strong negative effect on pulmonary function in patients undergoing living donor liver transplantation Rafael Dias Mâncio · Tulio de Almeida Hermes · Aline Barbosa Macedo · Daniela Sayuri Mizobuti · Amanda Harduim Valduga · Ian Feller Rupcic · Elaine Minatel · Elaine Minatel
Whole grain consumption is negatively correlated with obesity-associated aortic stiffness: A hypothesis Hisaya Shirai · Toshimi Kaido · Yuhei Hamaguchi · Siyuan Yao · Atsushi Kobayashi · Shinya Okumura · Naoko Kamo · Shintaro Yagi · Hideaki Okajima · Shinji Uemoto · Shinji Uemoto
Low fermentable, oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyol diet in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis Marilyn S. Campbell · Bradley S. Fleenor · Bradley S. Fleenor
Gut, microbiota-dependent trimethylamine-N-oxide is associated with long-term all-cause mortality in patients with exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Dania Schumann · Petra Klose · Romy Lauche · Romy Lauche · Gustav Dobos · Jost Langhorst · Holger Cramer · Holger Cramer · Holger Cramer
The association between the Index of Nutritional Quality (INQ) and breast cancer and the evaluation of nutrient intake of breast cancer patients: A case-control study Arianna Vignini · Laura Nanetti · Francesca Raffaelli · Jacopo Sabbatinelli · Eleonora Salvolini · Veronica Quagliarini · Nelvio Cester · Laura Mazzanti · Laura Mazzanti
Intake of ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic review and meta-analysis Suelen Jorge Souza · Aline de Almeida Petrilli · Andrea M. Teixeira · Patricia M. Pontilho · Antonio Augusto Ferreira Carioca · Liania Alves Luzia · José Maria Pacheco de Souza · Nágila Raquel Teixeira Damasceno · Aluisio A. Segurado · Patrícia Helen de Carvalho Rondó · Patrícia Helen de Carvalho Rondó
Head-injury profoundly affects gut microbiota homeostasis: results of a pilot study Subhayan Sur · Chinmay Kumar Panda · Chinmay Kumar Panda
Re.Fruit and vegetable consumption and the risk of depression: A meta-analysis Anne-Judith Waligora-Dupriet · Sophie Lafleur · Christine Charrueau · C. Choisy · Luc Cynober · Marie-José Butel · Christophe Moinard · Christophe Moinard
Self-reported weight and predictors of missing responses in youth Xiying Wu · Daiwen Chen · Bing Yu · Yuheng Luo · Ping Zheng · Xiangbing Mao · Jie Yu · Jun He · Jun He
Exploration of the association between dietary fiber intake and depressive symptoms in adults Sunderajhan Sekar · Xiaoxin Wu · Xiaoxin Wu · Thor Friis · Ross Crawford · Indira Prasadam · Yin Xiao · Yin Xiao
Dietary flavonoid kaempferol inhibits glucocorticoid-induced bone loss by promoting osteoblast survival Sandrina Nunes · Dalila Alves · Patrícia Barreto · Miguel Raimundo · Maria Luz Cachulo · Cláudia Farinha · Inês Laíns · João Rodrigues · Carlos Almeida · Luisa Ribeiro · João Figueira · Lèlita Santos · Rufino Silva · Rufino Silva
Effect of different dietary non-starch fiber fractions on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and intestinal development in weaned pigs Sérgio dos Anjos Garnes · Adriana Bottoni · Fernanda Lasakosvitsch · Andrea Bottoni · Andrea Bottoni
Saturated fatty acids promote chondrocyte matrix remodeling through reprogramming of autophagy pathways Faruk Ahmed · Moududur Rahman Khan · Najma Shaheen · Kazi Matin Ahmed · Aziz Hasan · Ireen Akhtar Chowdhury · Rafiqul I. Chowdhury · Rafiqul I. Chowdhury
Pharmaconutrition with intravenous selenium in intensive care: Back to basics? Zeynep Küskü-Kiraz · Sema Genc · Seldag Bekpinar · Yesim Unlucerci · Aydın Çevik · Vakur Olgaç · Figen Gurdol · Müjdat Uysal · Müjdat Uysal
Effects of betaine supplementation on nitric oxide metabolism, atherosclerotic parameters, and fatty liver in guinea pigs fed a high cholesterol plus methionine diet Lance M. Bollinger · Marilyn S. Campbell · Jeffrey J. Brault · Jeffrey J. Brault
Nutrition therapy: A new criterion for treatment of patients in diverse clinical and metabolic situations Sara Watutantrige-Fernando · Susi Barollo · Loris Bertazza · Elisabetta Cavedon · Simona Censi · Jacopo Manso · Federica Vianello · Caterina Mian · Sabrina Andrighettoni · Andrea Maria Chiamenti · Saverio Chilese · Monica Cibin · Oscar Cora · Lucia Cortese · Fiorella Costa · Rita De Noni · Marianna Elia · Giuseppina Girlando · Sibilla Levorato · Renato Ranieri · Valeria Rebonato · Giovanni Sandri · Riccardo Sciacco · Mauro Soppelsa · Antonio Stano · Stefania Tessari · Angiola Vanzo · Laura Zadra · Lorena Zambelli · Lorena Zambelli
Iron-induced pro-oxidant and pro-lipogenic responses in relation to impaired synthesis and accretion of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in rat hepatic and extrahepatic tissues Yehui Duan · Liming Zeng · Fengna Li · Wenlong Wang · Yinghui Li · Qiuping Guo · Yujiao Ji · Bie Tan · Yulong Yin · Yulong Yin · Yulong Yin
Long-term nutritional and gastrointestinal aspects in patients with ataxia telangiectasia Xing Yue-Xian · Yang Liu · Kuang Hong-Yu · Gao Xin-Yuan · Liu Hao-Ling · Liu Hao-Ling
A nonrandomized controlled clinical pilot trial on 8 wk of intermittent fasting (24 h/wk) Kakde Smitha · S Bhopal Raj · Bhardwaj Swati · Misra Anoop · Misra Anoop
Enteral feeding with low-methoxyl pectin accelerates colonic anastomosis healing in rats Gao Xiang · Wang Yongbo · Sun Guang · Sun Guang
An obesity paradox with myocardial infarction in the elderly Rincon-Cervera Miguel Angel · Valenzuela Rodrigo · Hernandez-Rodas Maria Catalina · Marambio Macarena · Espinosa Alejandra · Mayer Susana · Romero Nalda · M.Sc. Cynthia Barrera · Valenzuela Alfonso · A Videla Luis · A Videla Luis
In vitro and in vivo effects of selected fibers on the pharmacokinetics of orally administered carbamazepine: Possible interaction between therapeutic drugs and semisolid enteral nutrients Torres-Santiago Lournaris · Mauras Nelly · Hossain Jobayer · L Weltman Arthur · Darmaun Dominique · Darmaun Dominique
The risk for hypoglycemia during Ramadan fasting in patients with adrenal insufficiency Carl J. Lavie · Salvatore Carbone · Manyoo Agarwal · Manyoo Agarwal
Pharmaconutrition with Intravenous Selenium in Intensive Care: The End of an Era? Baumgartner Annic · Bargetzi Mario · Bargetzi Annika · Zueger Noemi · Medinger Micheal · Passweg Jakob · Schanz Urs · Samaras Panagiotis · Chalandon Yves · Pichard Claude · Limonta Alessandro · Wannesson Luciano · Pabst Thomas · A Duchosal Michel · Hess Urs · Stanga Zeno · Mueller Beat · Schuetz Philipp · Schuetz Philipp
Fenugreek galactomannan and citrus pectin improve several parameters associated with glucose metabolism and modulate gut microbiota in mice Nakashima Takashi · Kubota Tomoki · Takasugi Nobuhiro · Kitagawa Yuichiro · Yoshida Takahiro · Ushikoshi Hiroaki · Kawasaki Masanori · Nishigaki Kazuhiko · Ogura Shinji · Minatoguchi Shinya · Minatoguchi Shinya
Predictive factors of catheter-related bloodstream infection in patients receiving home parenteral nutrition Miriam G. Shtriker · Michal Hahn · Elise Taieb · Abraham Nyska · Uzi Moallem · Oren Tirosh · Zecharia Madar · Zecharia Madar
An iso-α-acid-rich extract from hops (Humulus lupulus) attenuates acute alcohol-induced liver steatosis in mice Sakamoto Yoko · Kioka Hidetaka · Hashimoto Ryota · Takeda Saori · Momose Kota · Ohtani Tomohito · Yamaguchi Osamu · Wasa Masafumi · Nakatani Satoshi · Sakata Yasushi · Sakata Yasushi
Intestinal failure as a significant risk factor for renal impairment in children Marianne Hege · Finn Jung · Cathrin Sellmann · Chengjun Jin · Doreen Ziegenhardt · C Hellerbrand · C Hellerbrand · Ina Bergheim · Ina Bergheim
Palmitate and oleate co-treatment increases myocellular protein content via impaired protein degradation Elisa Ylinen · Laura Merras-Salmio · Riikka Gunnar · Timo Jahnukainen · Mikko P. Pakarinen · Mikko P. Pakarinen
Adherence to a Mediterranean diet and its association with age-related macular degeneration. The Coimbra Eye Study–Report 4 Klaudia Bielinska · Marek Radkowski · Marta Grochowska · Karol Perlejewski · Tomasz Huc · Kinga Jaworska · Daisuke Motooka · Shota Nakamura · Marcin Ufnal · Marcin Ufnal
Anaemia and iron deficiency in rural bangladeshi pregnant women living in areas of high and low iron in groundwater E.T.P. Ávila · Thiago da Rosa Lima · Ramires Alsamir Tibana · Paula Caroline de Almeida · Géssica Alves Fraga · Mariana de Souza Sena · Luiz Felipe Petusk Corona · James W. Navalta · Sajjad Rezaei · Morteza Ghayomzadeh · Amílcar Sabino Damazo · Jonato Prestes · Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli · Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli
Caffeic acid ameliorates hepatic steatosis and reduces ER stress in high fat diet–induced obese mice by regulating autophagy Elise Siegert · Christine March · L Otten · Alexander Makowka · Emelina Preis · Frank Buttgereit · Gabriela Riemekasten · Ursula Müller-Werdan · Kristina Norman · Kristina Norman
Psychopathological correlates of eating behavior among Portuguese undergraduate students Kentaro Murakami · Kentaro Murakami
Consensus paper on theexecutive summary of the international conference on Mediterranean diet and health: a lifelong approachan Italian initiative supported by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and the Menarini Foundation Omid Eslami · Farzad Shidfar · Farzad Shidfar
Associations between nutritional quality of meals and snacks assessed by the Food Standards Agency nutrient profiling system and overall diet quality and adiposity measures in British children and adolescents Yunjun Xiao · Junjie Xia · Yuebin Ke · Jinquan Cheng · Jianhui Yuan · Shuang Wu · Ziquan Lv · Suli Huang · Jean H. Kim · Samuel Y. S. Wong · Eng-kiong Yeoh · Graham A. Colditz · Xuefen Su · Xuefen Su
Inflammatory potential of diet is associated with cognitive function in an older adult Korean population Kuan Feng Hsieh · Juey Ming Shih · Yao Ming Shih · Man Hui Pai · Sung Ling Yeh · Sung Ling Yeh · Sung Ling Yeh
Vitamin D Deficiency: It is Time for Reality Check of the Epidemiology Roberto Buffa · Elena Mereu · Valeria Succa · Veronica Latini · Elisabetta Marini · Elisabetta Marini
Dairy products and chronic kidney disease: protective or harmful? asystematic review of prospective cohort studies Jessica M. Perkins · Renuka Jayatissa · S. V. Subramanian · S. V. Subramanian
Maternal methyl donor supplementation during gestation counteracts bisphenol A-induced oxidative stress in sows and offspring Deba Prasad Dhibar · Sanjay Kumar Bhadada · Sanjay Kumar Bhadada
Effects of nut consumption on selected inflammatory markers: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Gislaine Z. Réus · Amanda L. Maciel · Helena M. Abelaira · Airam B. de Moura · Thays G. de Souza · Thais R. dos Santos · Ana Caroline Darabas · Murilo Parzianello · Danyela Matos · Mariane Abatti · Ana Carolina Vieira · Vanessa Fucillini · Monique Michels · Felipe Dal-Pizzol · João Quevedo · João Quevedo
Arginine administration increases circulating endothelial progenitor cells and attenuates tissue injury in a mouse model of hind limb ischemia/reperfusion Fátima Cruz · Elisabete Ramos · Carla Lopes · Joana Araújo · Joana Araújo
Dietary diversity and anthropometric status and failure among infants and young children in Sri Lanka Yoshihiro Moriwaki · Jun Otani · Junzo Okuda · Hitomi Zotani · So Kasuga · So Kasuga
ω-3 and folic acid act against depressive-like behavior and oxidative damage in the brain of rats subjected to early- or late-life stress Melissa Luciana de Araújo · Raquel de Deus Mendonça · José Divino Lopes Filho · Aline Cristine Souza Lopes · Aline Cristine Souza Lopes
Tracking of food and nutrient intake from adolescence into early adulthood Ana Maria Obregón Rivas · José Luis Santos · Macarena Valladares · Jameson Cameron · Gary S. Goldfield · Gary S. Goldfield
Percutaneous sonographically assisted endoscopic gastrostomy for difficult cases with interposed organs Hiroyuki Naito · Tomohisa Nezu · Naohisa Hosomi · Shiro Aoki · Naoto Kinoshita · Junichiro Kuga · Ryo Shimomura · Mutsuko Araki · Hiroki Ueno · Kazuhide Ochi · Hirofumi Maruyama · Hirofumi Maruyama
Effects of high-protein diet containing isolated whey protein in rats submitted to resistance training of aquatic jumps Chengguo Liu · Xiaohui Sun · Hanli Lin · Ruizhi Zheng · Liansheng Ruan · Zhanhang Sun · Yimin Zhu · Yimin Zhu
The potency of commercial blackcurrant juices to induce relaxations in porcine coronary artery rings is not correlated to their antioxidant capacity but to their anthocyanin content Hamid Y. Dar · Subhashis Pal · Prashant Shukla · Pradyumna K. Mishra · Geetanjali B. Tomar · Naibedya Chattopadhyay · Rupesh K. Srivastava · Rupesh K. Srivastava
The effects of prebiotic, probiotic, and synbiotic supplementation on blood parameters of renal function: A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials Cheng-Feng Ho · Cheng-Feng Ho · Ying Jiao · Bing Wei · Zeyi Yang · Hsuan-Yun Wang · Hsuan-Yun Wang · Yu-You Wu · Chi Yang · Kuo-Wei Tseng · Chih Yang Huang · Chih-Yen Chen · Chih-Yen Chen · Chia-Hua Kuo · Chia-Hua Kuo
Association between hyperhomocysteinemia and metabolic syndrome with early carotid artery atherosclerosis: A cross-sectional study in middle-aged Chinese population Simiao Tian · Simiao Tian
Bacillus clausii inhibits bone loss by skewing Treg-Th17 cell equilibrium in postmenopausal osteoporotic mice model Juan Pineda-Juárez · Mariel Lozada-Mellado · Midori Ogata-Medel · Andrea Hinojosa-Azaola · Cira Santillán-Díaz · Luis Llorente · Arturo Orea-Tejeda · Jorge Alcocer-Varela · Rolando Espinosa-Morales · Marco Gónzalez-Contreras · Lilia Castillo-Martínez · Lilia Castillo-Martínez
Protein supplementation enhances cerebral oxygenation during exercise in elite basketball players Maria L. Stewart · J. Paul Zimmer · J. Paul Zimmer
Methodological issue re. validating a new predictive equation for resting metabolic rate Jewel Gausman · Jessica M. Perkins · Jessica M. Perkins · Hwa-Young Lee · Hwa-Young Lee · Iván Mejía-Guevara · Iván Mejía-Guevara · You-Seon Nam · Jong-Koo Lee · Juhwan Oh · S. V. Subramanian · S. V. Subramanian
Body composition evaluated by body mass index and bioelectrical impedance vectorial analysis in women with rheumatoid arthritis Cristian Adrián Márquez-Ramírez · José Lucio Hernández de la Paz · Omar Ortiz-Avila · Andrés Raya-Farias · Juan Carlos González-Hernández · Alain R. Rodríguez-Orozco · Rafael Salgado-Garciglia · Alfredo Saavedra-Molina · Daniel Godínez-Hernández · Christian Cortés-Rojo · Christian Cortés-Rojo
Postprandial glucose and insulin response to a high-fiber muffin top containing resistant starch type 4 in healthy adults: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial Yoshihiko Tachi · Akihiro Kozuka · Takanori Hirai · Yuko Kojima · Yoji Ishizu · Takashi Honda · Teiji Kuzuya · Kazuhiko Hayashi · Masatoshi Ishigami · Hidemi Goto · Hidemi Goto
Ecological and social patterning of child dietary diversity in India: a population-based study Marcela Souza Cunha · Emanuelly Varea Maria Wiegert · Larissa Calixto-Lima · Lívia Costa de Oliveira · Lívia Costa de Oliveira
Comparative effects of avocado oil and losartan on blood pressure, renal vascular function, and mitochondrial oxidative stress in hypertensive rats Micheline Tereza Pires de Souza · Pierre Singer · Gislaine Aparecida Ozório · Vitor Modesto Rosa · Maria Manuela Ferreira Alves · Rossana Verónica Mendoza López · Dan Linetzky Waitzberg · Dan Linetzky Waitzberg
Skeletal muscle fat deposition is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma development in patients with chronic liver disease Serena Della Valle · Silvia Colatruglio · Vanessa La Vela · Elena Tagliabue · Luigi Mariani · Cecilia Gavazzi · Cecilia Gavazzi
Relationship of nutritional status and inflammation with survival in patients with advanced cancer in palliative care Rui Poínhos · Bruno Oliveira · Flora Correia · Flora Correia
Vitamin K 2 alleviates type 2 diabetes in rats by induction of osteocalcin gene expression Anna Patkova · Vera Joskova · Eduard Havel · Simona Najpaverova · Daniela Uramova · Miroslav Kovarik · Zdenek Zadak · Miloslav Hronek · Miloslav Hronek
High glutamine levels are related to increased mortality and blunted immune response in elderly septic patients Simone Perna · I. Degli Agosti · F. Moncaglieri · M. Nichetti · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
TRANSIENT PHENYLKETONURIA IN THE PREMATURE Jane Maria Remor · Wendell Arthur Lopes · João Carlos Locateli · Ronano Pereira Oliveira · Caroline Ferraz Simões · Carlos Andres Lopera Barrero · Nelson Nardo Junior · Nelson Nardo Junior
Probiotic and Synbiotic Therapy in the Critically Ill: State of the Art Teodoro Durá-Travé · Fidel Gallinas-Victoriano · María Urretavizcaya-Martinez · Lofti Ahmed-Mohamed · María Jesús Chueca Guindulain · Sara Berrade-Zubiri · Sara Berrade-Zubiri
Christian Orthodox fasting in practice: a comparative evaluation between Greek Orthodox general population fasters and Athonian monks Haruna Ishikawa · Xiaoxu Guo · Saeko Sugawara · Yui Iwagaki · Kazushi Yamamoto · Ai Konno · Mika Nishiuchi · Mika Nishiuchi · Tsuyoshi Tsuduki · Tsuyoshi Tsuduki
Update on Glucose in Critical Care Daisuke Kajiura · Hisami Yamanaka-Okumura · Akiyoshi Hirayama · Hiroshi Tatano · Keiko Endo · Mayu Honma · Kaori Igarashi · Futaba Syoji · Satsuki Ikeda · Nozomi Yamaguchi · Takafumi Katayama · Yuji Morine · Satoru Imura · Tohru Utsunomiya · Tomoyoshi Soga · Masaru Tomita · Mitsuo Shimada · Mitsuo Shimada
The healthy Nordic dietary pattern has no effect on inflammatory markers: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials Juliano Henrique Borges · Gil Guerra-Júnior · Ezequiel Moreira Gonçalves · Ezequiel Moreira Gonçalves
Influence of Japanese diet consumption during pregnancy and lactation on lipid metabolism in offspring Michael E. Serafico · Leah A. Perlas · Joselita Rosario C. Ulanday · Marco P. de Leon · Marites V. Alibayan · Josefina A. Desnacido · Glen Melvin P. Gironella · Imelda Agdeppa · Mario V. Capanzana · Mario V. Capanzana
Assessment of body composition changes during a combined intervention for the treatment of childhood obesity Shinsuke Kanekiyo · Shigeru Takeda · Michihisa Iida · Mitsuo Nishiyama · Masahiro Kitahara · Yoshitaro Shindo · Yukio Tokumitsu · Shinobu Tomochika · Ryoichi Tsunedomi · Nobuaki Suzuki · Toshihiro Abe · Shigefumi Yoshino · Shoichi Hazama · Tomio Ueno · Hiroaki Nagano · Hiroaki Nagano
Chia oil supplementation changes body composition and activates insulin signaling cascade in skeletal muscle tissue of obese animals Xue-Ling Wei · JianrongHe · Yan Lin · Min-Shan Lu · Qianling Zhou · Sheng-Hui Li · Jin-Hua Lu · Ming-Yang Yuan · Nian-Nian Chen · Lifang Zhang · Lan Qiu · Wei-Bi Mai · Yonghong Pan · Caixin Yin · Cui-Yue Hu · Hui-Min Xia · Xiu Qiu · Xiu Qiu
HIGH-FAT, HIGH-PROTEIN AND HIGH-CARBOHYDRATE DIET AFFECT SPHINGOLIPID PROFILE IN PANCREATIC STEATOSIS IN WISTAR RATS Débora Fernandes Rodrigues · Nayara Mussi Monteze · Gabriela Barbosa Pires Fagundes · Brenda Loise Monteiro · Agnaldo Soares Lima · Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia · Simone de Vasconcelos Generoso · Adaliene Versiani Matos Ferreira · Adaliene Versiani Matos Ferreira
Enhancement of antioxidative activity and cardiovascular protection in hamsters by camellia oil and soybean-camellia blended oil Débora Ayres Saraiva · Carolina Martins Corcino · Tatiana Martins Benvenuto Louro Berbara · Annie Schtscherbyna · Mischelle Paiva dos Santos · Heron Botelho · Mario Vaisman · Patrícia de Fátima dos Santos Teixeira · Patrícia de Fátima dos Santos Teixeira
Association between kindergarten and first-grade food insecurity and weight status in U.S. children V L V Euclydes · Natalia P. Castro · Lourdes R. Lima · Cyro A. de Brito · Laisa Ribeiro · Fernanda F.A. Simões · Guaraci Requena · Liania Alves Luzia · Patrícia Helen de Carvalho Rondó · Patrícia Helen de Carvalho Rondó
L-Threonine improves intestinal mucin synthesis and immune function of intrauterine growth retarded weanling piglets Kentaro Murakami · M. Barbara E. Livingstone · Satoshi Sasaki · Satoshi Sasaki
Mammalian target of rapamycin complex 2 signaling in obese women changes after bariatric surgery Fabian Morsbach · Yi-Hua Zhang · Patrik Nowik · Patrik Nowik · Lena Martin · Catarina Lindqvist · Anders Svensson · Torkel B. Brismar · Torkel B. Brismar
Effects of early enteral bovine colostrum supplementation on intestinal permeability in critically ill patients: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study Małgorzata Żendzian-Piotrowska · Bartłomiej Łukaszuk · Mateusz Maciejczyk · Lucyna Ostrowska · Anna Zalewska · Adrian Chabowski · Krzysztof Kurek · Krzysztof Kurek
Probiotics and sports: is it a new magic bullet? Luis H. Boiko Ferreira · André de Camargo Smolarek · Philip D. Chilibeck · Marcelo P. Barros · Steven R. McAnulty · Brad J. Schoenfeld · Bruna Amorim Zandoná · Tácito P. Souza-Junior · Tácito P. Souza-Junior
Probiotics improve gut microbiota dysbiosis in obese mice fed a high-fat or high-sucrose diet Daisuke Ito · Junichi Arita · Masaki Yamamoto · Nobuhisa Akamatsu · Junichi Kaneko · Hideaki Ijichi · Naoto Kubota · Yoshihiro Sakamoto · Norihiro Kokudo · Kiyoshi Hasegawa · Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Effects of glutamine and alanine supplementation on muscle fatigue parameters of rats submitted to resistance training Elham Alipoor · Razieh Karimbeiki · Nitin Shivappa · Mehdi Yaseri · James R. Hébert · Mohammad Javad Hosseinzadeh-Attar · Mohammad Javad Hosseinzadeh-Attar
THE DIETARY INFLAMMATORY INDEX AND INSULIN RESISTANCE OR METABOLIC SYNDROME IN YOUNG ADULTS Dirce Maria Marchioni · Mayara Freitas de Oliveira · Antonio Augusto Ferreira Carioca · Andreia Machado Miranda · Aline Martins de Carvalho · Erica Oki · Marina Maintinguer Norde · Marcelo Macedo Rogero · Nágila Raquel Teixeira Damasceno · Regina Mara Fisberg · Regina Mara Fisberg
Insights about urinary hippuric and citric acid as biomarkers of fruit and vegetable intake in patients with kidney stones: the role of age and gender Burcu Aksoy · Deniz Miray Arca · Halit Tanju Besler · Halit Tanju Besler
Prevalence of metabolically healthy obese phenotype and associated factors in South American overweight adolescents: a cross-sectional study Jaqueline Rodrigues da Silva · Emanuelly Varea Maria Wiegert · Lívia Costa de Oliveira · Larissa Calixto-Lima · Larissa Calixto-Lima
FOOD HABITS AND CANCER PREVENTION Cecilia Gavazzi · Sabina Sieri · Francesca Traclò · Alessandro Sproviero · Giulia Vandoni · Roberta Ricci · Silvia Stragliotto · Vittorina Zagonel · Carmine Pinto · Gabriella Farina · Paolo Pedrazzoli · Luca Gianotti · Riccardo Caccialanza · Paolo Cotogni · Mariateresa Nardi · Francesco De Lorenzo · Elisabetta Iannelli · Claudia Santangelo · Claudia Santangelo
Impact of sarcopenia on clinical outcomes after radical gastrectomy for patients without nutritional risk Martien C. J. M. van Dongen · Nicole Wijckmans-Duysens · Louise J. C. J. den Biggelaar · Marga C. Ock · Saskia Meijboom · H.A.M. Brants · Jeanne H.M. de Vries · Edith J. M. Feskens · H. Bas Bueno-de-Mesquita · Anouk Geelen · Coen D. A. Stehouwer · Pieter C. Dagnelie · Simone J. P. M. Eussen · Simone J. P. M. Eussen
SMOKING STATUS AFFECTS BIOIMPEDANCE-DERIVED PHASE ANGLE IN MEN BUT NOT IN WOMEN: THE PRÓ-SAÚDE STUDY, BRAZIL Priscila Berti Zanella · Pauline Maciel August · Fernanda Donner Alves · Cristiane Matté · Carolina Guerini de Souza · Carolina Guerini de Souza
Effect of herbal medicine daikenchuto on oral and enteral caloric intake after liver transplantation: A multicenter, randomized controlled trial Alessandro Leone · Miguel Ángel Martínez-González · Miguel Ángel Martínez-González · Francisca Lahortiga-Ramos · Patricio Molero Santos · Simona Bertoli · Alberto Battezzati · Maira Bes-Rastrollo · Maira Bes-Rastrollo · Maira Bes-Rastrollo
Time for food: the impact of diet on gut microbiota and human health Caizheng Yu · Jing Wang · Fei Wang · Xu Han · Hua Hu · Jing Yuan · Xiaoping Miao · Ping Yao · Sheng Wei · Wang Y · Yuan Liang · Xiaomin Zhang · Huan Guo · An Pan · Dan Zheng · Yuhan Tang · Handong Yang · Tangchun Wu · Meian He · Meian He
The benefits of soluble non-bacterial fraction of kefir on blood pressure and cardiac hypertrophy in hypertensive rats are mediated by an increase in baroreflex sensitivity and decrease in angiotensin-converting enzyme activity Toshimi Kaido · Masahiro Shinoda · Yukihiro Inomata · Takahito Yagi · Nobuhisa Akamatsu · Yasutsugu Takada · Hideki Ohdan · Tsuyoshi Shimamura · Yasuhiro Ogura · Susumu Eguchi · Hidetoshi Eguchi · Satoshi Ogata · Tomoharu Yoshizumi · Toshihiko Ikegami · Michio Yamamoto · Satoshi Morita · Shinji Uemoto · Shinji Uemoto
Effect of dietary fatty acid and micronutrient intake/energy ratio on serum diamine oxidase activity in healthy women Megan Rattray · Ben Desbrow · Shelley Roberts · Shelley Roberts
Good adherence to the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk for NASH and diabetes in pediatric patients with obesity: The results of an Italian Study Miriam Theilla · Johnathan Cohen · Ilia Kagan · Joelle Attal-Singer · Shaul Lev · Pierre Singer · Pierre Singer
Association of the dopamine D2 receptor rs1800497 polymorphism and eating behavior in Chilean children N. Lucas · R. Legrand · J. Breton · Pierre Déchelotte · Sergueï O. Fetissov · Sergueï O. Fetissov
Supersize the label: The effect of prominent calorie labeling on sales Cristina Perez-Ternero · Carmen Claro · Juan Parrado · Maria Dolores Herrera · Maria Alvarez de Sotomayor · Maria Alvarez de Sotomayor
Tackling guanidinoacetic acid for advanced cellular bioenergetics Charoula Konstantia Nikolaou · Michael McPartland · Livia Demkova · Michael E. J. Lean · Michael E. J. Lean
Rice bran enzymatic extract reduces atherosclerotic plaque development and steatosis in high-fat fed ApoE−/− mice Yoko Sakamoto · Hidetaka Kioka · Ryota Hashimoto · Saori Takeda · Kota Momose · Tomohito Ohtani · Osamu Yamaguchi · Masafumi Wasa · Satoshi Nakatani · Yasushi Sakata · Yasushi Sakata
Energy expenditure in the immediate postpartum period: Indirect calorimetry versus predictive equations Evelyn Lau · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
Impact of nutrition support on clinical outcome and cost-effectiveness analysis in patients at nutritional risk: A prospective cohort study with propensity score matching Zachary S. Clayton · Elizabeth Fusco · Mark Kern · Mark Kern
Cardiogenic shock caused by a left midventricular obstruction during refeeding in a patient with anorexia nervosa Maharshi Bhaswant · Maharshi Bhaswant · Siti Raihanah Shafie · Michael L. Mathai · Peter Mouatt · Lindsay Brown · Lindsay Brown
Anthocyanins in chokeberry and purple maize attenuate diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats Hye-Jin Ahn · Yoo Kyoung Park · Yoo Kyoung Park
High prevalence of cachexia in newly diagnosed head and neck cancer patients: An exploratory study Rajshri Roy · Anna Rangan · Lana Hebden · Jimmy Chun Yu Louie · Lie Ming Tang · Judy Kay · Margaret Allman-Farinelli · Margaret Allman-Farinelli
Soy isoflavone supplementation improves longitudinal bone growth and bone quality in growing female rats Kavita Sharma · Neelima Mahato · Moo Hwan Cho · Yong Rok Lee · Yong Rok Lee
Dietary contribution of foods and beverages sold within a university campus and its effect on diet quality of young adults R.B. Martucci · Mariana Barbosa · Cristiane DÁlmeida · V.D. Rodrigues · Anke Bergmann · Nivaldo B. de Pinho · Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler · Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler
Dietary habits; concentration of copper, zinc, and Cu-to-Zn ratio in serum and ability status of patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis Angeliki Persynaki · Spyridon N. Karras · Claude Pichard · Claude Pichard
Fuzhuan tea reverses arterial stiffening after modest weight gain in mice Ana María Obregón · Macarena Valladares · Gary S. Goldfield · Gary S. Goldfield
Role of nutraceutical SIRT1 modulators in AMPK and mTOR pathway: Evidence of a synergistic effect Ken-ichi Aoyama · Yuichiro Okino · Hiroshi Yamazaki · Rena Kojima · Masahiro Uchibori · Yaushiro Nakanishi · Yoshihide Ota · Yoshihide Ota
Saliva pH affects the sweetness sense José Joaquín Muros · Cristian Cofre-Bolados · Daniel Arriscado · Félix Zurita · Emily Knox · Emily Knox
Effect of magnesium supplementation on depression status in depressed patients with magnesium deficiency: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Bridget A. Holmes · Fatiha Habi-Rachedi · Beatrice Trotin · Damien Paineau · Denis Guyonnet · Pascale Rondeau · Bernard Flourié · Kevin Whelan · Kevin Whelan
Dietary patterns, digestive symptoms and health-related quality of life in women reporting minor digestive symptoms Nao Hashida · Hiroshi Shamoto · Keisuke Maeda · Hidetaka Wakabayashi · Motoyuki Suzuki · Takashi Fujii · Takashi Fujii
Chronic administration of the soluble, nonbacterial fraction of kefir attenuates lipid deposition in LDLr−/− mice Lucilla Verna · Raffaele Giusti · Agnese Vannini · Corrado Ficorella · Paolo Marchetti · Giampiero Porzio · Giampiero Porzio
Re.Awareness and consideration of malnutrition among oncologists: Insights from an exploratory survey Jucélia Jeremias Fortunato · Naiana da Rosa · Ana Olívia Martins Laurentino · Marina Goulart · Camila Michalak · Lidiane Pinto Borges · Evandro da Cruz Cittadin Soares · Patricia Alves Reis · Hugo C. Castro Faria Neto · Fabricia Petronilho · Fabricia Petronilho
Comparison of two nutritional screening tools to detect nutritional risk in hematologic inpatients Sergej M. Ostojic · Sergej M. Ostojic
Effects of ω-3 fatty acids on stereotypical behavior and social interactions in Wistar rats prenatally exposed to lipopolysaccarides Maria João Fonseca · Catarina Durão · Carla Lopes · Ana Cristina Santos · Ana Cristina Santos
Home parenteral nutrition for advanced cancer patients: contributes to survival? Maqsood M. Elahi · Maqsood M. Elahi · Bashir Mnene Matata · Bashir Mnene Matata
25-hydroxyvitamin D is differentially associated with calcium intakes of Northern, Central, and Southern European adolescents: Results from the HELENA study Vengadeshprabhu Karuppagounder · Somasundaram Arumugam · Vijayasree V. Giridharan · Remya Sreedhar · Rajendran J.C. Bose · Jyothi Vanama · Suresh S. Palaniyandi · Tetsuya Konishi · Kenichi Watanabe · Rajarajan A. Thandavarayan · Rajarajan A. Thandavarayan
Weight following birth and childhood dietary intake: A prospective cohort study Lucía Fiol-Martínez · Alicia Calleja-Fernández · Begoña Pintor de la Maza · Alfonso Vidal-Casariego · Rocío Villar-Taibo · A. Urioste-Fondo · Marta Cuervo · Isidoro Cano-Rodríguez · M.D. Ballesteros-Pomar · M.D. Ballesteros-Pomar
Tiny molecule, big power: Multi-target approach for curcumin in diabetic cardiomyopathy Dustin M. Lee · Micah L. Battson · Dillon K. Jarrell · Kimberly Cox-York · Michelle T. Foster · Tiffany L. Weir · Christopher L. Gentile · Christopher L. Gentile
Converting citrus wastes into value-added products: Economic and environmently friendly approaches Sara Manti · Caterina Cuppari · Lucia Tardino · Giuseppe Fabio Parisi · Massimo Spina · Carmelo Salpietro · Salvatore Leonardi · Salvatore Leonardi
Nutritional approach to preterm infants on noninvasive ventilation: An update Ilana R. Azulay Chertok · Zelalem T. Haile · Smadar Eventov-Friedman · Nissim Silanikove · Nurit Argov-Argaman · Nurit Argov-Argaman
HMGB1 as a new biomarker of celiac disease in children: A multicenter study Laleh Keramat · Haleh Sadrzadeh-Yeganeh · Gity Sotoudeh · Elham Zamani · Mohammadreza Eshraghian · Anahita Mansoori · Fariba Koohdani · Fariba Koohdani
Massive copper and selenium losses cause life-threatening deficiencies during prolonged continuous renal replacement Ankita Hazarika · Himadri Kalita · Mohan Chandra Kalita · Rajlakshmi Devi · Rajlakshmi Devi
Withdrawal from high-carbohydrate, high-saturated-fat diet changes saturated fat distribution and improves hepatic low-density-lipoprotein receptor expression to ameliorate metabolic syndrome in rats Hidetaka Wakabayashi · Rimiko Takahashi · Naoko Watanabe · Hideyuki Oritsu · Yoshitaka Shimizu · Yoshitaka Shimizu
The effects of folic acid and pyridoxine supplementation on characteristics of migraine attacks in migraine patients with aura: A double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled, clinical trial Kamil F. Faridi · Kamil F. Faridi · Di Zhao · Seth S. Martin · Joshua R. Lupton · Steven R. Jones · Eliseo Guallar · Christie M. Ballantyne · Pamela L. Lutsey · Erin D. Michos · Erin D. Michos
Prevalence of skeletal muscle mass loss and its association with swallowing function after cardiovascular surgery Geir Bjørklund · Salvatore Chirumbolo · Salvatore Chirumbolo
Quantitative Proteomic Analysis Reveals the Role of Tea Polyphenol EGCG in Egg Whites in Response to Vanadium Stress Jenny E. Han · Jessica A. Alvarez · Jennifer L. Jones · Vin Tangpricha · Mona Brown · Li Hao · Lou Ann S. Brown · Greg S. Martin · Thomas R. Ziegler · Thomas R. Ziegler
Effect of magnesium supplementation on insulin resistance in humans: A systematic review Alessandro Laviano · Luca Di Lazzaro · Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia · Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia
Serum vitamin D and change in lipid levels over 5 y: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study Vanessa Fadanelli Schoenardie Poli · Ricardo Badan Sanches · Amanda dos Santos Moraes · João Pedro Novo Fidalgo · Maythe Amaral Nascimento · Paula Bresciani · Stephan Garcia Andrade-Silva · Marcos Alberto Taddeo Cipullo · José Carlos Clemente · Danielle Arisa Caranti · Danielle Arisa Caranti
Role of oxidative stress and antioxidants in daily nutrition and human health Chiara Chiurazzi · I. Cioffi · Carmela De Caprio · Emilia De Filippo · M. Marra · R. Sammarco · Maria Luisa Di Guglielmo · Franco Contaldo · Fabrizio Pasanisi · Fabrizio Pasanisi
Feeding a cancer patient: much more than supportive care Alessandro Laviano · Luca Di Lazzaro · Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia · Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson Correia
The excessive caloric intake and micronutrient deficiencies related to obesity after a long-term interdisciplinary therapy Martin A. Crook · Martin A. Crook
Adequacy of nutrient intake in women with restrictive anorexia nervosa Natália Luiza Kops · Jaqueline Driemeyer Correia Horvath · Mariana Laitano Dias de Castro · Rogério Friedman · Rogério Friedman
Milk basic protein increases ghrelin secretion and bone mineral density in rodents Soo-Kyung Chun · Sangah Shin · Moon Young Kim · Hyojee Joung · Jayong Chung · Jayong Chung
To feed or not to feed in ICU: Evidence-based medicine versus physiology-based medicine Jianping Wang · Xue Bai · Xuemei Ding · Shiping Bai · Qiufeng Zeng · Xiangbing Mao · Keying Zhang · Keying Zhang
Insulin sensitizers improve the GLP-1 secretion and the amount of intestinal L cells on high-fat-diet–induced catch-up growth Mariana Souza Lopes · Luana Caroline dos Santos · Aline Cristine Souza Lopes · Mery Natali Silva Abreu · Mery Natali Silva Abreu
Association between polyunsaturated fatty acids and inflammatory markers in patients in secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease K. Pathak · Mario J. Soares · Yun Zhao · Anthony P. James · Jillian Sherriff · Philip Newsholme · Philip Newsholme
Association between prepregnancy obesity and metabolic risk in Chilean premenopausal women 10 y postpartum Nawfel Ben-Hamouda · Mélanie Charrière · Pierre Voirol · Mette M. Berger · Mette M. Berger
Cardiac abnormalities in the refeeding syndrome Taciana Maia de Sousa · Tatiani Uceli Maioli · Ana Luiza Soares dos Santos · Luana Caroline dos Santos · Luana Caroline dos Santos
Ramadan model of intermittent fasting for 28 d had no major effect on body composition, glucose metabolism, or cognitive functions in healthy lean men Doris Eglseer · Ruud Halfens · Christa Lohrmann · Christa Lohrmann
Effects of maternal genetic polymorphisms in vitamin D-binding protein and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration on infant birth weight Makoto Miyoshi · Manami Ueno · Mari Matsuo · Yasuhiro Hamada · Michiko Takahashi · Masashi Yamamoto · Ikuko Yamamoto · Reiko Mikajiri · Satoko Tabuchi · Kumiko Wakida · Misa Yamanishi · Midori Hirai · Makoto Usami · Makoto Usami · Makoto Usami
Influence of gestational diabetes mellitus on fatty acid concentrations in human colostrum Mozghan Abdulrazaq · Jacqueline K. Innes · Philip C. Calder · Philip C. Calder · Philip C. Calder
Is the presence of a validated malnutrition screening tool associated with better nutritional care in hospitalized patients Keita Takahashi · Shuichi Yanai · Kentaro Shimokado · Akihito Ishigami · Akihito Ishigami
The effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on arthritic pain: A systematic review Carolina Ribeiro · Grace Kelly Zanotti Simoes Dourado · Thais Borges Cesar · Thais Borges Cesar
Coffee consumption in aged mice increases energy production and decreases hepatic mTOR levels Sina Maria Erhard · Sebastian Knitter · Richard Westphale · Stephanie Roll · Thomas Keil · Thomas Keil
Quality of diet and level of physical performance related to inflammatory markers in community-dwelling frail, elderly people Christine Lambert · Andreas K. Nussler · Hans Konrad Biesalski · Thomas Freude · Christian Bahrs · Gunnar Ochs · Ingo Flesch · Ulrich Stöckle · Christoph Ihle · Christoph Ihle
Age-dependent risk factors for malnutrition in traumatology and orthopedic patients Jonica Campolo · Stefano Bernardi · Lorena Cozzi · Silvia Rocchiccioli · Cinzia Dellanoce · Antonella Cecchettini · Annamaria Tonini · Marina Parolini · Benedetta De Chiara · Gianpaolo Micheloni · Gualtiero Pelosi · Claudio Passino · Cristina Giannattasio · Oberdan Parodi · Oberdan Parodi
Citrulline stimulates locomotor activity in aged rats: Implication of the dopaminergic pathway María Luisa Garmendia · Carolina Zamudio · Marcela Araya · Juliana Kain · Juliana Kain
Orange juice allied to a reduced-calorie diet results in weight loss and ameliorates obesity-related biomarkers: A randomized controlled trial Do Yeon Kim · Chang O. Kim · Hyunjung Lim · Hyunjung Lim
Sleep duration and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and energy drinks among adolescents Joeri De Cloet · Stephanie Van Biervliet · Myriam Van Winckel · Myriam Van Winckel
天然抗酸化アイスクリームは酸化ストレスを減少させ,健常者における血管機能と物理的性能を急激に改善する【Powered by NICT】 David Rogerson · Scott McNeill · Heidi Könönen · Markos Klonizakis · Markos Klonizakis
Vitamin D deficiency and high serum IL-6 concentration as risk factors for tubal factor infertility in Chinese women Patrizia Calella · Giuliana Valerio · Matthew Thomas · Helen McCabe · Helen McCabe · Jake Taylor · Malcolm Brodlie · Malcolm Brodlie · Mario Siervo · Mario Siervo
類似した飼料を給与した雌マウス子孫における骨髄内皮前駆細胞と心血管危険因子に対する母親の高脂肪食とスタチン治療の影響【Powered by NICT】 Bahareh Nikooyeh · Tirang R. Neyestani · Tirang R. Neyestani
食餌性グアニジノ酢酸は健康な男性における脳クレアチンレベルを増加させる【Powered by NICT】 M Elahi Maqsood · Matata Bashir Mnene · Matata Bashir Mnene
高齢癌患者における早期死亡率の独立予測因子としての栄養不足【Powered by NICT】 Setty-Shah Nithya · Maranda Louise · Nwosu Benjamin Udoka · Nwosu Benjamin Udoka
ドーパミンD2受容体rs1800497多型の関連とチリ人小児における摂食行動【Powered by NICT】 S Chaudhary Ninad · A Grandner Michael · J Jackson Nicholas · Chakravorty Subhajit · Chakravorty Subhajit
Intermittent food restriction in female rats induces SREBP high-expression in hypothalamus and immediately post-fasting hyperphagia Bui Thi Hong Loan · Shinji Nakahara · Bui An Tho · Tran Ngoc Dang · Le Ngoc Anh · Nguyen Do Huy · Masao Ichikawa · Masao Ichikawa
Association between body composition and pulmonary function in children and young people with cystic fibrosis Susan W. Groth · Amy LaLonde · Tong Tong Wu · I. Diana Fernandez · I. Diana Fernandez
感染と栄養不良の設定における全身性炎症,成長因子,および線形成長【Powered by NICT】 Cao Yingting · W Taylor Anne · Pan Xiaoqun · Adams Robert · Appleton Sarah · Shi Zumin · Shi Zumin
Effect of blood thiamine concentrations on mortality: Influence of nutritional status J Schepers · J Schepers · Lieven Annemans · Lieven Annemans
Obesity candidate genes, gestational weight gain, and body weight changes in pregnant women W Daily James · Park Sunmin · Park Sunmin
The potential health and economic effects of plant-based food patterns in Belgium and the United Kingdom Hennebelle Marie · Courchesne-Loyer Alexandre · St-Pierre Valerie · Vandenberghe Camille · Castellano Christian-Alexandre · Fortier Melanie · Tessier Daniel · C Cunnane Stephen · C Cunnane Stephen
中年成人における耐糖能異常と2型糖尿病のリスクにおけるBDNF rs6265変異体とエネルギーと蛋白質摂取の相互作用【Powered by NICT】 Wang Jun · Cao Meng · Zhuo Yong · Che Lianqiang · Fang Zhengfeng · Xu Shengyu · Lin Yan · Feng Bin · Wu De · Wu De
肥満における脂質生成,慢性軽度炎症およびインスリン抵抗性に対するマイクロRNAの役割【Powered by NICT】 O Tayo Adetokunbo · O Dosunmu Adedoyin · O Akinola Ireti · Adewunmi Adeniyi · A Oloyede Olufemi · A Akinbami Akinsegun · I Osikomaiya Bodunrin · B L Makanjuola Samira · B L Makanjuola Samira
透析前慢性腎臓病における血清アディポネクチンおよび蛋白質‐エネルギー消耗【Powered by NICT】 Dalila Cunha de Oliveira · Ed Wilson Santos · Amanda Nogueira-Pedro · José Guilherme Xavier · Primavera Borelli · Ricardo Ambrósio Fock · Ricardo Ambrósio Fock
術前貧血におけるソルガムbicolor抽出物の有効性の非盲検,無作為化,並行群間比較研究【Powered by NICT】 Maryam Safahani · Hadi Aligholi · Farshid Noorbakhsh · Mahmoud Djalali · Hamideh Pishva · Sayed Mostafa Modarres Mousavi · Fatemeh Alipour · Ali Gorji · Fariba Koohdani · Fariba Koohdani
全身性炎症に対するToll様受容体4遺伝子変異体および血漿脂肪酸プロファイルの影響:集団ベースの横断的研究【Powered by NICT】 Natalie Friedli · Zeno Stanga · Alison Culkin · Martin A. Crook · Alessandro Laviano · L. Sobotka · Reto W. Kressig · Jens Kondrup · Beat Mueller · Philipp Schuetz · Philipp Schuetz
ブラジル人女性閉経状態によって異なる間における体脂肪量と骨ミネラル密度の間の関係:Pro Saude研究【Powered by NICT】 Karsten Keller · Thomas Münzel · Mir Abolfazl Ostad · Mir Abolfazl Ostad
A new resting metabolic rate equation for women with class III obesity Mariana Alejandra Rosas Fernández · Carlos Marcelo Concha Vilca · Leandro Oliveira Batista · Viviane Wagner Ramos · Leonardo P. Cinelli · Kelse Tibau de Albuquerque · Kelse Tibau de Albuquerque
Emotional eating behavior hinders body weight loss in women after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery Joanna Pieczyńska · Joanna Pieczyńska
Effects of maternal high-fat diet and statin treatment on bone marrow endothelial progenitor cells and cardiovascular risk factors in female mice offspring fed a similar diet Miaobing Zheng · Zhixian Sui · Zhangrong Li · Anna Rangan · Anna Rangan
What factors influences dietary and non-dietary vitamin D intake among pregnant women in an African population? Sarah Egert · Andrea Baxheinrich · Young Hee Lee-Barkey · Diethelm Tschoepe · Peter Stehle · Bernd Stratmann · Ursel Wahrburg · Ursel Wahrburg
AMPKとmTOR経路における栄養補助食品SIRT1変調器の役割:相乗効果の証拠【Powered by NICT】 A. Kofi Amegah · Moses Nsoh · Gifty Ashley-Amegah · Judith Anaman-Togbor · Judith Anaman-Togbor
高齢成人におけるボディーマスインデックスに従った低筋肉量の有病率【Powered by NICT】 Morano Milena · Rutigliano Irene · Rago Alfonso · Pettoellomantovani Massimo · Campanozzi Angelo · Campanozzi Angelo
Evaluation of malnutrition development risk in hospitalized children H Webber Kelly · M Casey Erin · Mayes Lindsey · Katsumata Yuriko · Mellin Laurel · Mellin Laurel
Comment on: comparison of new adiposity indices for the prediction of body fat in hospitalized patients Kashima Hideaki · Uemoto Saori · Eguchi Kohei · Endo Masako Yamaoka · Miura Akira · Kobayashi Toshio · Fukuba Yoshiyuki · Fukuba Yoshiyuki
Longitudinal adherence to a dietary pattern and risk of depressive symptoms: the furukawa nutrition and health study Marco Poeta · Pietro Vajro · Pietro Vajro
Treatment with medium chain fatty acids milk of CD36-deficient preschool children Fatemeh Khosravi Shadmani · Salman Khazaei · Shiva Mansouri Hanis · Kamyar Mansori · Kamyar Mansori
Sex-specific effects of prepubertal stress and high-fat diet on leptin signaling in rats Jeoffray Diendéré · Athanase Millogo · Pierre-Marie Preux · Pierre-Marie Preux · Pierre Jésus · Pierre Jésus · Jean-Claude Desport · Jean-Claude Desport · Jean-Claude Desport
Basic nutritional investigationTLR and NLRP3 inflammasome expression deregulation in macrophages of adult rats subjected to neonatal malnutrition and infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Takako Miki · Takako Miki · Masafumi Eguchi · Shamima Akter · Takeshi Kochi · Keisuke Kuwahara · Ikuko Kashino · Huanhuan Hu · Isamu Kabe · Norito Kawakami · Akiko Nanri · Tetsuya Mizoue · Tetsuya Mizoue
Prognostic value of respiratory quotients in severe polytrauma patients with nutritional support Hironori Nagasaka · Ken-ichi Hirano · Tohru Yorifuji · Haruki Komatsu · Tomonozumi Takatani · Ichiro Morioka · Satoshi Hirayama · Takashi Miida · Takashi Miida
Effects of a hypoenergetic diet rich in alpha-linolenic acid on fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids in overweight and obese patients with metabolic syndrome Ronaldo Sousa Oliveira Filho · Priscila Garla · Raquel Susana Torrinhas · Ricardo Garib · Alweyd Tesser · Felipe Garcia Gutierres Aprobato · Érika M. Tamanaha · Marcia de Souza Antunes · Dan Linetzky Waitzberg · Dan Linetzky Waitzberg
Fat burner–induced acute liver injury: Case series of four patients Natália Gomes de Morais · Thacianna Barreto da Costa · Joana Maria Bezerra de Lira · Suênia da Cunha Gonçalves de Albuquerque · Valéria Rêgo Alves Pereira · Milena de Paiva Cavalcanti · Célia Maria Machado Barbosa de Castro · Célia Maria Machado Barbosa de Castro
Assessment of parenteral nutrition prescription in canadian acute care settings Isabelle Romero Novelli · Laís Gomes Fonseca · Daniela Lopes Gomes · Eliane Said Dutra · Kênia Mara Baiocchi de Carvalho · Kênia Mara Baiocchi de Carvalho
Physicochemical stable standard all-in-one parenteral nutrition admixtures for infants and children in accordance with the ESPGHAN/ESPEN guidelines Bruno Affonso Parenti de Oliveira · Carolina Ferreira Nicoletti · Cristiana Cortes de Oliveira · Marcela Augusta de Souza Pinhel · Natália Yumi Noronha · Júlio Sérgio Marchini · Carla Barbosa Nonino · Carla Barbosa Nonino
2の反対極値肥満は抗原誘発急性関節炎の炎症反応を減少させる同様【Powered by NICT】 Aleksandar Gavrić · Marija Ribnikar · Lojze Šmid · Boštjan Luzar · Borut Štabuc · Borut Štabuc
柑橘類廃棄物の付加価値製品への経済的およびenvironmentlyに優しいアプローチ【Powered by NICT】 Atef G. Hussein · Randa H. Mohamed · Sally M. Shalaby · Dalia M. Abd El Motteleb · Dalia M. Abd El Motteleb
出生前リポ多糖類に曝露されたWistarラットにおける常同行動および社会的相互作用に及ぼすω‐3脂肪酸の影響【Powered by NICT】 Oliveira Marina Chaves de · Silveira Ana Leticia Malheiros · Tavares Luciana Padua · Rodrigues Debora Fernandes · A J van de Loo Fons · Sousa Lirlandia Pires de · Teixeira Mauro Martins · Amaral Flavio Almeida · Ferreira Adaliene Versiani Matos · Ferreira Adaliene Versiani Matos
Maternal high-risk fertility behavior and its association with chronic undernutrition among children under-5 in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal: do poor children have the higher risk? Fortunato Jucelia Jeremias · da Rosa Naiana · Martins Laurentino Ana Olivia · Goulart Marina · Michalak Camila · Borges Lidiane Pinto · da Cruz Cittadin Soares Evandro · Reis Patricia Alves · de Castro Faria Neto Hugo Caire · Petronilho Fabricia · Petronilho Fabricia
Encouraging effects of a short-term, adapted Nordic diet intervention on skin microvascular function and skin oxygen tension in younger and older adults Deminice Rafael · Padilha Camila de Souza · Borges Fernando · da Silva Lilian Eslaine Costa Mendes · Rosa Flavia Troncon · Robinson Jason Lorne · Cecchini Rubens · Guarnier Flavia Alessandra · Frajacomo Fernando Trevisan · Frajacomo Fernando Trevisan
ホモシステイン誘導性酸化ストレスに対するケルセチンの保護効果【Powered by NICT】 Chain Amina · Crivelli Marise · Faerstein Eduardo · F Bezerra Flavia · F Bezerra Flavia
Effect of nutritional status on mortality in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting Veldsman Lizl · A Richards Guy · Blaauw Renee · Blaauw Renee
入院患者におけるより良い栄養療法に関連した有効な低栄養スクリーニングツールの存在下である【Powered by NICT】 Celik Naime · Vurmaz Ayhan · Kahraman Ahmet · Kahraman Ahmet
小児におけるセリアック病の新規バイオマーカーとしてのHMGB1:多施設共同研究【Powered by NICT】 Mohamed T. Khayyal · Rania M. El-Hazek · Walaa A. El-Sabbagh · Jan Frank · Dariush Behnam · Mona Abdel-Tawab · Mona Abdel-Tawab
イラン人集団における体型指数と伝統的な身体測定値の死亡率予測:テヘラン脂質およびグルコース研究【Powered by NICT】 Xinyan Bi · Yi Ting Loo · Yi Ting Loo · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry · Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
ヨガ/瞑想利用,身体満足度,体重管理法との関連性:8009人のオーストラリア女性の全国横断調査の結果【Powered by NICT】 Sornwichate Rattanachaiwong · Pierre Singer · Pierre Singer
栄養リスクのある患者における臨床転帰および費用対効果分析に及ぼす栄養支援の影響:傾向スコアマッチングを用いた前向きコホート研究【Powered by NICT】 Gladys Tapia · David Silva · Nalda Romero · Paulina Pettinelli · Camila G. Dossi · Manuel de Miguel · Daniel González-Mañán · Daniel González-Mañán
EDITORIAL: Mediterranean Diet to prevent/treat Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in children: a promising approach Daniela Adjemian · Daniela Adjemian · Bianca M. Arendt · Johane P. Allard · Johane P. Allard · Johane P. Allard
進行細胞生体エネルギー論のためのグアニジノ酢酸への取り組み【Powered by NICT】 Hui Xu · Suyun Li · Xingxing Song · Zongyao Li · Dongfeng Zhang · Dongfeng Zhang
新たに診断された頭頸部癌患者における悪液質の高有病率:探索的研究【Powered by NICT】 Magaly Aceves-Martins · Ross David Whitehead · Jo Inchley · Montse Giralt · Candace Currie · Rosa Solà · Rosa Solà
慢性エタノール中毒のマウスモデルにおけるオリーブポリフェノールの影響【Powered by NICT】 Sandini Marta · P Bernasconi Davide · Fior Davide · Molinelli Matilde · Ippolito Davide · Nespoli Luca · Caccialanza Riccardo · Gianotti Luca · Gianotti Luca
酸化ストレスの役割と日常栄養とヒトの健康における抗酸化剤【Powered by NICT】 Fogagnolo Mauricio Adriana · Pereira Juliano Alves · Santo Neto Humberto · Marques Maria Julia · Marques Maria Julia
小さな分子,大きな力:糖尿病性心筋症におけるクルクミンのためのマルチターゲットアプローチ【Powered by NICT】 M Jaacks Lindsay · Kapoor Deksha · Singh Kalpana · Narayan K.M. Venkat · K Ali Mohammed · Kadir M. Masood · Mohan Viswanathan · Tandon Nikhil · Prabhakaran Dorairaj · Prabhakaran Dorairaj
NUTRISCORE:腫瘍学外来患者に対する新しい栄養スクリーニングツール【Powered by NICT】 Carito Valentina · Ceccanti Mauro · Cestari Vincenzo · Natella Fausta · Bello Cristiano · Coccurello Roberto · Mancinelli Rosanna · Fiore Marco · Fiore Marco
Hunger and satiety responses to high-fat meals after a high-polyunsaturated fat diet: A randomized trial Arribas Lorena · Hurtos Laura · Sendros Maria Jose · Peiro Inmaculada · Salleras Neus · Fort Eduard · Sanchez-Migallon Jose Manuel · Sanchez-Migallon Jose Manuel
Energy and nutrient intake of infants and young children in pastoralist communities of Ethiopia E Libbey Jane · J Doty Daniel · T Sim Jordan · F Cusick Matthew · L Round June · S Fujinami Robert · S Fujinami Robert
Yeast-derived β-1,3/1,6 glucan, upper respiratory tract infection and innate immunity in older adults Jada L. Stevenson · Chad M. Paton · Jamie A. Cooper · Jamie A. Cooper
Evidence-based recommendations and expert consensus on enteral nutrition in the adult patient with diabetes mellitus or hyperglycemia Jung-ho Shin · Chae Rim Kim · Ki Hyun Park · Jin Ho Hwang · Su Hyun Kim · Su Hyun Kim
Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry metabolic maps to resting energy expenditure estimation, and body size dependence in Brazilian young men Girma Mengistu · Tibebu Moges · Aregash Samuel · Kaleab Baye · Kaleab Baye
Prevalence of low muscle mass according to body mass index in older adults Alejandro Sanz-Paris · Julia Álvarez Hernández · M.D. Ballesteros-Pomar · Francisco Botella-Romero · M. León-Sanz · Ángela Martín-Palmero · Miguel Ángel Martínez Olmos · Gabriel Olveira · Gabriel Olveira
Arachidonic acid and lipoxinA4 attenuate streptozotocin-induced cytotoxicity to RIN5 F cells in vitro and type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus in vivo Juliano Henrique Borges · Raquel David Langer · Vagner X. Cirolini · Mauro Alexandre Páscoa · Gil Guerra-Júnior · Ezequiel Moreira Gonçalves · Ezequiel Moreira Gonçalves
Lipolysis and thermogenesis in adipose tissues as new potential mechanisms for metabolic benefits of dietary fiber Natalie Friedli · Zeno Stanga · L. Sobotka · Alison Culkin · Jens Kondrup · Alessandro Laviano · Beat Mueller · Philipp Schuetz · Philipp Schuetz
Evaluation of daily ginger consumption for the prevention of chronic diseases in adults: A cross-sectional study Arnaud de Luca · R. Hankard · Marie-Cécile Alexandre-Gouabau · Véronique Ferchaud-Roucher · Dominique Darmaun · Clair-Yves Boquien · Clair-Yves Boquien
Eating patterns and food choice as determinant of weight loss and improvement of metabolic profile after RYGB Shufen Han · Jun Jiao · Wei Zhang · Jia-Ying Xu · Weiguo Zhang · Chun-Ling Fu · Li-Qiang Qin · Li-Qiang Qin
Dietary guanidinoacetic acid increases brain creatine levels in healthy men Wang Y · Hong-Xia Yu · Xiulei Zhang · Qiyan Feng · Xiaoyan Guo · Shuguang Li · Rong Li · Dan Chu · Yunbo Ma · Yunbo Ma
High dietary choline and betaine intake is associated with low insulin resistance in the Newfoundland population Maricela Rodríguez-Cruz · Donovan Solís Serna · Donovan Solís Serna
Nutrigenomics of ω-3 fatty acids: Regulators of the master transcription factors Elise Deluche · Stéphane Girault · Pierre Jésus · Sophie Monzat · Pascal Turlure · Sophie Leobon · Julie Abraham · Nathalie Daly · Olivia Dauriac · Dominique Bordessoule · Dominique Bordessoule
Multivitamin/mineral supplements: Rationale and safety – A systematic review Yingting Cao · Anne W. Taylor · Xiaoqun Pan · Robert Adams · Sarah Appleton · Zumin Shi · Zumin Shi
Ginkgo biloba extract alleviates oxidative stress and some neurotransmitters changes induced by aluminum chloride in rats Ishor Sharma · Yun Zhu · Jennifer Woodrow · Shree Mulay · Patrick S. Parfrey · John R. McLaughlin · James R. Hébert · Nitin Shivappa · Yu-Ming Li · Xin Zhou · Peizhong Peter Wang · Peizhong Peter Wang
Influence of an ω3-fatty acid–enriched enteral diet with and without added glutamine on the metabolic response to injury in a rat model of prolonged acute catabolism Yoji Ishizu · Masatoshi Ishigami · Teiji Kuzuya · Takashi Honda · Kazuhiko Hayashi · Tetsuya Ishikawa · Yoshiki Hirooka · Hidemi Goto · Hidemi Goto
Estimated height from knee height or ulna length and self-reported height are no substitute for actual height in inpatients Souvik Banerjee · Louis P. Garrison · Aurelie Danel · Juan B. Ochoa Gautier · Juan B. Ochoa Gautier · David R. Flum · David R. Flum
Author response to commentary re.Awareness and consideration of malnutrition among oncologists: Insights from an exploratory survey G. Ventura · M. Bortolotti · Nathalie Neveux · Xavier Gusmini · S. Nakib · G. Sarfati · Luc Cynober · Jean-Pascal De Bandt · Jean-Pascal De Bandt
Short fasting does not protect perfused ex vivo rat liver against ischemia-reperfusion. On the importance of a minimal cell energy charge Steve B. Heymsfield · Steve B. Heymsfield
Inflammatory and metabolic responses to dietary intervention differ among individuals at distinct cardiometabolic risk levels Federico Ponti · Valentina Soverini · Andrea Plazzi · Maria Pilar Aparisi Gómez · Daniele Mercatelli · Giuseppe Guglielmi · Giuseppe Guglielmi · Giuseppe Battista · Giulio Marchesini · Alberto Bazzocchi · Alberto Bazzocchi
Dietary antioxidant capacity and risk for stroke in a prospective cohort study of Swedish men and women Milena Monfort-Pires · Sandra Roberta Gouvea Ferreira · Sandra Roberta Gouvea Ferreira
Effect of routine prenatal supplementation on vitamin concentrations in maternal serum and breast milk Young Youl Hyun · Kyu Beck Lee · Kook-Hwan Oh · Curie Ahn · Sue K. Park · Dong Wan Chae · Tae Hyun Yoo · Kyu Hun Cho · Yong-Soo Kim · Young Hwan Hwang · Young Hwan Hwang
The Ala55Val and -866G>A polymorphisms of the UCP2 gene could be biomarkers for weight loss in patients who had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass Cristiane Santos Sânzio Gurgel · Larisa Alves de Araújo Pereira · Aldiane de Assis Costa · Mayara Adja da Silva Souza · Poliana Araújo de Brito · Larisse Rayanne Miranda de Melo · Roberto Dimenstein · Roberto Dimenstein
Vitamin D increases PPARγ expression and promotes beneficial effects of physical activity in metabolic syndrome Mark D. DeBoer · Rebecca J. Scharf · Álvaro Jorge Madeiro Leite · Alessandra Férrer · Alexandre Havt · Relana Pinkerton · Aldo A. M. Lima · Richard L. Guerrant · Richard L. Guerrant
Effects of branched-chain amino acid supplementation after radiofrequency ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma: A randomized trial Aleida Núñez Ruiz · Juan Diego Cortés-Garcia · Nancy Cortez-Espinosa · Paola Indira Herrera-Rojas · Víctor Manuel Ruíz-Rodríguez · Mariana Salgado-Bustamante · Mariana H. García-Hernández · Elizabeth Reynaga-Hernández · Verónica del Carmen Martínez-Jiménez · Diana P. Portales-Pérez · Diana P. Portales-Pérez
Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment as a prognosis tool in patients with multiple myeloma Rastegar Hoseini · Arsalan Damirchi · Parvin Babaei · Parvin Babaei
rs3751812, a common variant in fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene, is associated with serum high- and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in Pakistani individuals Hae Su Kim · Ji Yun Lee · Sung Hee Lim · Jaewon Cho · Seok Jin Kim · Jun Ho Jang · Won Seog Kim · Chul Won Jung · Kihyun Kim · Kihyun Kim
The most effective factors to offset sarcopenia and obesity in the older Korean: Physical activity, vitamin D, and protein intake Sarah Anwar Qureshi · Amir Mumtaz · Saleem Ullah Shahid · N.A. Shabana · N.A. Shabana
Association between estimated total daily energy expenditure and stage of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Chorong Oh · Byeong Hwan Jeon · Shaun Nicholas Reid Storm · Sunkug Jho · Jae-Kyung No · Jae-Kyung No
TLR and NLRP3 inflammasome expression deregulation in macrophages of adult rats subjected to neonatal malnutrition and infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Jihye Lee · Heejoon Baek · Seung Hyun Kim · Yongsoon Park · Yongsoon Park
Multivitamin/mineral supplements: Rationale and safety Zohreh-al-sadat Ghoreshi · Razieh Kabirifar · Fatemeh Safari · Alireza Karimollah · Ali Moradi · Ebrahim Eskandari-nasab · Ebrahim Eskandari-nasab
Nomogram for predicting oral feeding intolerance in patients with acute pancreatitis Christopher Beermann · Sandy Neumann · Daniela Fußbroich · Stefan Zielen · Ralf Schubert · Ralf Schubert
Enriched enteral nutrition may improve short-term survival in stage IV gastric cancer patients: A randomized, controlled trial Kazue Honma · Riko Mawatari · Misa Iikeda · Kazuki Mochizuki · Kazuki Mochizuki · Toshinao Goda · Toshinao Goda
Tolerance and efficacy of a polyamine-deficient diet for the treatment of perioperative pain Ankita Hazarika · Himadri Kalita · Dulal Chandra Boruah · Mohan Chandra Kalita · Rajlakshmi Devi · Rajlakshmi Devi
Obesity paradox in patients with community-acquired pneumonia: Is inflammation the missing link? Shunsuke Nojiri · Kei Fujiwara · Noboru Shinkai · Etsuko Iio · Takashi Joh · Takashi Joh
An open-label, randomized, parallel-group comparative study of the efficacy of sorghum bicolor extract in preoperative anemia Mahsa Sardarinia · Roya Ansari · F. Azizi · Farzad Hadaegh · Mohammadreza Bozorgmanesh · Mohammadreza Bozorgmanesh
Function of obestatin in the digestive system Milena Maria de Araújo Lima Barbosa · Alexandra Lorenzzi Trinanes Raposo de Melo · Nágila Raquel Teixeira Damasceno · Nágila Raquel Teixeira Damasceno
Selenium nanoparticles as a nutritional supplement Adetokunbo Tayo · Adedoyin Dosunmu · Ireti O Akinola · Adeniyi Abiodun Adewunmi · Olufemi Adebari Oloyede · Akinsegun Akinbami · Bodunrin Osikomaiya · Samira Makanjuola · Samira Makanjuola
Does oral glutamine improve insulin sensitivity in adolescents with type 1 diabetes Maisa Martins · Janet Trujillo · Dayana Rodrigues Farias · Claudio J. Struchiner · Gilberto Kac · Gilberto Kac
Apolipoprotein A-I and B and Subjective Global Assessment relationship can reflect lipid defects in diabetic retinopathy Carlos Ruiz Hernández · Esperanza Castejón Ponce · Ferran Bossacoma Busquets · Diana Sánchez Hernández · Silvia Meavilla Oliva · Enrique Llerena Santacruz · Naymar Pérez · Mariela De los Santos Pelegrini · Miquel Villaronga Flaque · Miquel Villaronga Flaque
Association between serum zinc and later development of metabolic syndrome in middle aged and older men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study Lournaris Torres-Santiago · Nelly Mauras · Jobayer Hossain · Arthur Weltman · Dominique Darmaun · Dominique Darmaun · Dominique Darmaun
Real-time image-guided nasogastric feeding tube placement: A case series using Kangaroo with IRIS Technology in an ICU Yashodhara Sharma · Sandeep Saxena · Arvind Mishra · Anita Saxena · Shankar Madhav Natu · Shankar Madhav Natu
Olive polyphenol effects in a mouse model of chronic ethanol addiction Anna Mizzi · Silvano Cozzi · Luigi Beretta · Massimiliano Greco · Marco Braga · Marco Braga
The benefits of ω-3 supplementation depend on adiponectin basal level and adiponectin increase after the supplementation: A randomized clinical trial Tomasz Charytoniuk · Krzysztof Drygalski · Karolina Konstantynowicz-Nowicka · Klaudia Berk · Adrian Chabowski · Adrian Chabowski
Association between fat mass and bone mineral density among Brazilian women differs by menopausal status: The Pró-Saúde Study Nahid Akhtar · Nahid Akhtar · Nazir M. Khan · Omer S. Ashruf · Tariq M. Haqqi · Tariq M. Haqqi
Control of antioxidant supplementation through interview is not appropriate in oxidative-stress sport studies: Analytical confirmation should be required Aline Martins de Carvalho · Antonio Anax Falcão de Oliveira · Ana Paula de Melo Loureiro · Gilka Jorge Figaro Gattás · Regina Mara Fisberg · Dirce Maria Marchioni · Dirce Maria Marchioni
Dietary sodium and potassium intakes: Data from urban and rural areas Yue-Xian Xing · Liu Yang · Hong-Yu Kuang · Xin-Yuan Gao · Hao-Ling Liu · Hao-Ling Liu
NUTRISCORE: A new nutritional screening tool for oncological outpatients Amina Chain · Marise Crivelli · Eduardo Faerstein · Flávia F. Bezerra · Flávia F. Bezerra
Reduced prealbumin is associated with bone mineral density in women with osteoporosis Lorena Arribas · Laura Hurtós · Maria José Sendrós · Inmaculada Peiró · Neus Salleras · Eduard Fort · Jose Manuel Sánchez-Migallón · Jose Manuel Sánchez-Migallón
The metabolite beta-aminoisobutyric acid and physical inactivity among hemodialysis patients Tomohiro Osanai · Kasumi Mikami · Maiko Kitajima · Mayumi Urushizaka · Kumiko Kawasaki · Toshiko Tomisawa · Chieko Itaki · Yuka Noto · Koji Magota · Hirofumi Tomita · Hirofumi Tomita
A Glance At … ethanol consumption, GSH suppression, and oxidative liver damage L. Sobotka · L. Sobotka
Randomized study of the clinical effects of ω-3 fatty acid–containing enteral nutrition support during neoadjuvant chemotherapy on chemotherapy-related toxicity in patients with esophageal cancer Michael J. Glade · Michael M. Meguid · Michael M. Meguid
Protective effect of quercetin on homocysteine-induced oxidative stress Hiroshi Miyata · Masahiko Yano · Takushi Yasuda · Makoto Yamasaki · Kohei Murakami · Tomoki Makino · Kohei Nishiki · Keijiro Sugimura · Masaaki Motoori · Osamu Shiraishi · Masaki Mori · Yuichiro Doki · Yuichiro Doki
Arginine intake is associated with oxidative stress in a general population Naime Çelik · Ayhan Vurmaz · Ahmet Kahraman · Ahmet Kahraman
Effects of arginine-based immunonutrition on inpatient total costs and hospitalization outcomes for patients undergoing colorectal surgery Søren Schou Olesen · Louise Kuhlman Frandsen · Jakob Lykke Poulsen · Peter Vestergaard · Henrik Højgaard Rasmussen · Asbjørn Mohr Drewes · Asbjørn Mohr Drewes
Inflammatory diet and risk for colorectal cancer: A population-based case–control study in Newfoundland, Canada Mélanie Charrière · Emma J. Ridley · Emma J. Ridley · Jennifer Hastings · Oliver Bianchet · Carlos Scheinkestel · Mette M. Berger · Mette M. Berger
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and metabolic syndrome in a Japanese working population: the Furukawa Nutrition and Health Study Bolin Zhang · Meng Lin · Changning Yu · Lin Zhang · Ping Zhou · Wenwei Yang · Feng Gao · Guanghong Zhou · Guanghong Zhou
経口グルタミンは1型糖尿病の若者におけるインスリン感受性を改善する【Powered by NICT】 Honma Kazue · Mawatari Riko · Iikeda Misa · Mochizuki Kazuki · Goda Toshinao · Goda Toshinao
出生時と小児食事摂取後の体重:前向きコホート研究【Powered by NICT】 Zhou Hui · Chen Yuling · Lv Gang · Zhuo Yong · Lin Yan · Feng Bin · Fang Zhengfeng · Che Lianqiang · Li Jian · Xu Shengyu · Wu De · Wu De
アルギニン摂取は一般集団における酸化ストレスと関連している【Powered by NICT】 A Ali Doaa · I H El-Sayyad Hassan · A Moftah Osama · D Chilibeck Phil · D Chilibeck Phil
膝の高さまたは尺骨の長さと自己申告高さから高さ推定は入院患者における実際の高さのための代替ではない【Powered by NICT】 Hernandez-Galiot Ana · Goni Isabel · Goni Isabel
75歳以上の在宅集団における寿命とリスクの栄養不良の品質【Powered by NICT】 Skalickova Sylvie · Milosavljevic Vedran · Cihalova Kristyna · Horky Pavel · Richtera Lukas · Adam Vojtech · Adam Vojtech
造血幹細胞移植センターにおける栄養管理の実践:全国比較【Powered by NICT】 Katsuhito Nagai · Sachiko Omotani · Miki Otani · Moe Sasatani · Takahiro Takashima · Yasutoshi Hatsuda · Junji Mukai · Michiaki Myotoku · Michiaki Myotoku
アラキドン酸とlipoxinA4in vitro RIN5F細胞へのストレプトゾトシン誘発細胞毒性を減弱させ,in vivoでの1型および2型糖尿病【Powered by NICT】 Orawan Pichitchaipitak · Sineenuch Ckumdee · Siriluk Apivanich · Darunee Chotiprasitsakul · Prapimporn Chattranukulchai Shantavasinkul · Prapimporn Chattranukulchai Shantavasinkul
特異的BIVAは体重と身体組成の変化を認識する栄養状態の2種の関連はあるが異なるファセット【Powered by NICT】 M. Chihaoui · W. Grira · Jihene Bettaieb · M. Yazidi · F. Chaker · Ons Rejeb · I. Oueslati · Moncef Feki · Naziha Kaabachi · H. Slimane · H. Slimane
肝細胞癌に対するラジオ波焼灼療法後の分枝鎖アミノ酸補給の効果:無作為化試験【Powered by NICT】 Buffa Roberto · Mereu Elena · Succa Valeria · Latini Veronica · Marini Elisabetta · Marini Elisabetta
難治性てんかんを有する小児および青年におけるリポ蛋白質亜分画に及ぼす古典的なケトン食治療の影響【Powered by NICT】 Nojiri Shunsuke · Fujiwara Kei · Shinkai Noboru · Iio Etsuko · Joh Takashi · Joh Takashi
RYGB後の体重減少と代謝プロファイルの決定因子としての摂食パターンと食物選択【Powered by NICT】 Chun Soo-Kyung · Shin Sangah · Kim Moon Young · Joung Hyojee · Chung Jayong · Chung Jayong
再給餌中に著明なQT延長を用いた高血糖とその後のトルサード・ド・ポワント【Powered by NICT】 Karatzi Kalliopi · Moschonis George · Polychronopoulou Maria Christina · P Chrousos George · Lionis Christos · Manios Yannis · Manios Yannis
血液入院患者における栄養上のリスクを検出する2栄養スクリーニングツールの比較【Powered by NICT】 Yao Jia · Zhou Li · Hua Xin · Kong Ming · Chen Yu · Duan Zhongping · Duan Zhongping
食事性ナトリウムおよびカリウム摂取:都市部と農村部からのデータ【Powered by NICT】 Choi Jae Heon · Yun Jong Won · Yun Jong Won
短期の絶食は虚血‐再潅流に対する潅流ex vivoラット肝臓を保護しない最小細胞エネルギーチャージの重要性について【Powered by NICT】 Sharma Yashodhara · Saxena Sandeep · Mishra Arvind · Saxena Anita · Natu Shankar Madhav · Natu Shankar Madhav
Metabolic syndrome, hepatic steatosis, and cardiovascular risk in children K. Biesalski Hans · Tinz Jana · Tinz Jana
推定された全1日エネルギー消費と筋萎縮性側索硬化症の段階との関連【Powered by NICT】 Todoroki Kikue · Ikeya Yoshimori · Fukui Sayato · Tanaka Chiharu · Sekine Kaori · Shizuma Toru · Fukuyama Naoto · Mori Hidezo · Mori Hidezo
マルチビタミン/ミネラルサプリメント:理論的根拠と安全性 系統的レビュー【Powered by NICT】 Jeffrey K. Aronson · Jeffrey K. Aronson
非常に重篤な小児における機械的換気の期間の予測因子としての栄養状態【Powered by NICT】 Chakotiya Ankita Singh · Chawla Raman · Thakur Pallavi · Tanwar Ankit · Narula Alka · Grover Shyam Sunder · Goel Rajeev · Arora Rajesh · Sharma Rakesh Kumar · Sharma Rakesh Kumar
低プレアルブミンは骨粗しょう症の女性における骨ミネラル密度と関連している【Powered by NICT】 Papegay Berengere · Stadler Michaela · Nuyens Vincent · Kruys Veronique · G Boogaerts Jean · Vamecq Joseph · Vamecq Joseph
牛乳と乳製品の消費:事実と数字【Powered by NICT】 R. Kasliwal Ravi · Bansal Manish · Gupta Rajeev · Shah Siddharth · Dani Sameer · Oomman Abraham · Pai Vikas · Prasad Guru Mallapa · Singhvi Sunil · Patel Jitendra · Sivam Sakthivel · Trehan Naresh · Trehan Naresh
市中肺炎患者における肥満パラドックス:炎症は失われた環か【Powered by NICT】 Li Xue-song · Zhang Ji-rong · Zhao Yi-lin · Li Ying · Sun Yuxiang · Liu Tiemin · Wang Rui-tao · Wang Rui-tao
慢性腎臓病を有するnondialyzed患者におけるビタミンD状態の体脂肪蓄積予測因子:熱帯気候都市における断面分析【Powered by NICT】 E Garcia-Rodriguez Cruz · Olza Josune · D Mesa Maria · M Aguilera Concepcion · A Miles Elizabeth · S Noakes Paul · Vlachava Maria · Kremmyda Lefkothea-Stella · D Diaper Norma · M Godfrey Keith · C Calder Philip · Gil Angel · Gil Angel
ω‐3補給の利点は補給後のアディポネクチン基礎レベルおよびアディポネクチン増加に依存する:無作為化臨床試験【Powered by NICT】 Venturelli Sascha · Burkard Markus · Biendl Martin · M Lauer Ulrich · Frank Jan · Busch Christian · Busch Christian
消化器におけるオベスタチンの機能【Powered by NICT】 Braun Nina · Hoess Claus · Kutz Alexander · Christ-Crain Mirjam · Thomann Robert · Henzen Christoph · Zimmerli Werner · Mueller Beat · Schuetz Philipp · Schuetz Philipp
妊娠後期のサケ摂取後の母親とその新生児における脂肪酸状態と抗酸化防御システム【Powered by NICT】 Gomes Natal Dorina Isabel · de Castro Moreira Maria Eliza · Soares Miliao Mariana · dos Anjos Benjamin Laercio · de Souza Dantas Maria Ines · Machado Rocha Ribeiro Sonia · Stampini Duarte Martino Hercia · Stampini Duarte Martino Hercia
食物繊維の代謝効果のための新しい潜在的機序としての脂肪組織における脂肪分解と熱発生【Powered by NICT】 Barbosa Milena Maria de Araujo Lima · Melo Alexandra Lorenzzi Trinanes Raposo de · Damasceno Nagila Raquel Teixeira · Damasceno Nagila Raquel Teixeira
マグネシウム欠乏症を有するうつ病患者におけるうつ状態に及ぼすマグネシウム補給の効果:無作為化二重盲検プラセボ対照試験【Powered by NICT】 Molin Netto Barbara Dal · P Earthman Carrie · Farias Gisele · Landi Masquio Deborah Cristina · Grotti Clemente Ana Paula · Peixoto Priscilla · Bettini Solange Cravo · von Der Heyde Maria Emilia · R Damaso Ana · R Damaso Ana
乳児の出生体重に及ぼすビタミンD結合蛋白質と血清25 ヒドロキシビタミンD濃度における母性遺伝多型の影響【Powered by NICT】 Lima Glaucia Carielo · Vuolo Milena Morandi · Batista Angela Giovana · R V Dragano Nathalia · Solon Carina · Marostica Junior Mario Roberto · Marostica Junior Mario Roberto
Association between neck and wrist circumferences and cardiometabolic risk in children and adolescents: The CASPIAN-V study Yusuf Karadeniz · Altan Onat · Tuğba Akbaş · Barış Şimşek · Hüsniye Yüksel · Günay Can · Günay Can
Consumption of garlic and lemon aqueous extracts combination reduces tumor burden by angiogenesis inhibition, apoptosis induction, and immune system modulation Tomoyuki Kawada · Tomoyuki Kawada
Paradoxical role of Tumor Necrosis Factor on metabolic dysfunction and adipose tissue expansion in mice Sanusi Bello Mada · Sanusi Bello Mada · Srinu Reddi · Naveen Kumar · Rohit Kumar · Suman Kapila · Rajeev Kapila · Ritu Trivedi · Anirudha Karvande · Naseer Ahmad · Naseer Ahmad
The prevalence of underweight is increased in chronic pancreatitis outpatients and associates with reduced life quality Tomonori Kimura · Akane Kanasaki · Noriko Hayashi · Takako Yamada · Tetsuo Iida · Yasuo Nagata · Kazuhiro Okuma · Kazuhiro Okuma
Effect of physical activity and age on plasma copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium concentration in physically active healthy males Jacob Stampe Frølich · Jacob Stampe Frølich
Molecular aspects of cancer chemopreventive and therapeutic efficacies of tea and tea polyphenols Maria-Luisa Lazo-de-la-Vega-Monroy · Maria-Luisa Lazo-de-la-Vega-Monroy · Elena Larrieta · Wilma Tixi-Verdugo · Rafael Ramírez-Mondragón · Ileana Hernández-Araiza · Michael S. German · Cristina Fernandez-Mejia · Cristina Fernandez-Mejia
Effect of resistant wheat starch on subjective appetite and food intake in healthy adults Aristea Gioxari · Andriana C. Kaliora · Foteini Marantidou · Demosthenes P. Panagiotakos · Demosthenes P. Panagiotakos
Antioxidative peptide from milk exhibits antiosteopenic effects through inhibition of oxidative damage and bone-resorbing cytokines in ovariectomized rats Fahimeh Haghighatdoost · B. Fatemeh Nobakht M. Gh. · Mitra Hariri · Mitra Hariri
Vitamin E treatment decreases muscle injury in mdx mice Gil Hardy · Pascal L. Langlois · William Manzanares · William Manzanares
d-Allulose enhances postprandial fat oxidation in healthy humans Christine H. Emilien · Walter H. Hsu · James H. Hollis · James H. Hollis
神経性食欲不振患者の再摂食時の左心室中部閉塞による心原性ショック【Powered by NICT】 Oh Chorong · Jeon Byeong Hwan · Reid Storm Shaun Nicholas · Jho Sunkug · No Jae-Kyung · No Jae-Kyung
プロバイオティック混合物DM#1改善5‐フルオロウラシル誘発腸粘膜炎の投与とラットにおける腸内共生バランス失調【Powered by NICT】 K Nikolaou Charoula · McPartland Michael · Demkova Livia · E J Lean Michael · E J Lean Michael
Mediterranean diet and colorectal cancer: A systematic review Gurseen Rakhra · Daisy Masih · Annu Vats · Saroj K. Verma · Vijay K. Singh · Rashmi Tomar Rana · Vandana Kirar · Som Nath Singh · Som Nath Singh
ラベルをSupersize:販売に及ぼす顕著なカロリー表示の影響【Powered by NICT】 Friedli Natalie · Stanga Zeno · Sobotka Lubos · Culkin Alison · Kondrup Jens · Laviano Alessandro · Mueller Beat · Schuetz Philipp · Schuetz Philipp
再摂食症候群の再検討:系統的レビューの結果【Powered by NICT】 Artur Nowiński · Marcin Ufnal · Marcin Ufnal
Effects of dietary biotin supplementation on glucagon production, secretion, and action Farhad Vahid · Mahshid Hatami · Mahya Sadeghi · Fatemeh Ameri · Zeinab Faghfoori · Sayed Hossein Davoodi · Sayed Hossein Davoodi
Effect of chocolate and mate tea on the lipid profile of individuals with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy: A clinical trial Alberto Farinetti · Valeria Zurlo · Antonio Manenti · Francesca Coppi · Anna Vittoria Mattioli · Anna Vittoria Mattioli
Supplementation with concentrated milk protein in patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Katarzyna Socha · Elżbieta Karpińska · Jan Kochanowicz · Jolanta Soroczyńska · Marta Jakoniuk · Marianna Wilkiel · Zenon Mariak · Maria H. Borawska · Maria H. Borawska
Anthropometric and lipid profile of individuals with severe obesity carrying the Fatty Acid Binding Protein-2 Thr54 allele Yuko Ishida · Rakhi Chacrabati · Aiko Ono-Ohmachi · Zhi Gong · Chika Ikenoya · Sayaka Aizawa · Takayuki Nara · Yoshikazu Morita · Ken Kato · Takafumi Sakai · Ichiro Sakata · Ichiro Sakata
Egg consumption and heart health: A review Harriët Jager-Wittenaar · Harriët Jager-Wittenaar · Pieter U. Dijkstra · Gerard Dijkstra · Johan Bijzet · Johannes A. Langendijk · Bernard F. A. M. van der Laan · Jan Roodenburg · Jan Roodenburg
Increased affinity of ghrelin-reactive immunoglobulins in obese Zucker rats Hui Zhang · Hui Zhang · Yang Wang · Zhu Ming Jiang · Jens Kondrup · Hai Fang · Martha J. Andrews · Marie T. Nolan · Shao Yu Mu · Jun Zhang · Kang Yu · Qian Lu · Wei Ming Kang · Wei Ming Kang
Rehabilitation and nutritional support for sarcopenic dysphagia and tongue atrophy after glossectomy: A case report Marina Maintinguer Norde · Erica Oki · Antonio Augusto Ferreira Carioca · Inar Alves de Castro · José Maria Pacheco de Souza · Dirce Maria Lobo Marchioni · Regina Mara Fisberg · Marcelo Macedo Rogero · Marcelo Macedo Rogero
Comparing nutritional requirements, provision and intakes among patients prescribed therapeutic diets in hospital: An observational study Naveen K.V. Gundala · Vegi Ganga Modi Naidu · Undurti N. Das · Undurti N. Das
Mediterranean diet adherence is associated with lifestyle, physical fitness, and mental wellness among 10-y-olds in Chile Adriélly Fiorese Santanna · Placielle Fiorezi Filete · Ewelyne Miranda de Lima · Marcella L. Porto · Marcella L. Porto · Silvana S. Meyrelles · Elisardo C. Vasquez · Denise Coutinho Endringer · Dominik Lenz · Dulcineia S.P. Abdalla · Thiago M.C. Pereira · Tadeu Uggere de Andrade · Tadeu Uggere de Andrade
Influence of toll-like receptor 4 gene variants and plasma fatty acid profile on systemic inflammation: A population-based cross-sectional study Cristina Julián · Cristina Julián · Marcela González-Gross · Marcela González-Gross · Christina Breidenassel · Christina Breidenassel · Theodora Mouratidou · Germán Vicente-Rodríguez · Germán Vicente-Rodríguez · Luis Gracia-Marco · Marika Ferrari · Kurt Widhalm · Dénes Molnár · Anthony Kafatos · Frédéric Gottrand · Alejandro de la O · Mathilde Kersting · Stefaan De Henauw · Marc J. Gunter · Luis A. Moreno · Inge Huybrechts · Inge Huybrechts
Undernutrition as independent predictor of early mortality in elderly cancer patients Ângela Cristine Bersch-Ferreira · Geni Rodrigues Sampaio · Marcella Omena Gehringer · Maria Beatriz Ross-Fernandes · Cristiane Kovacs · Renata Tomé Alves · Jaqueline Lopes Pereira · Carlos Daniel Magnoni · Bernardete Weber · Marcelo Macedo Rogero · Marcelo Macedo Rogero
Effect of overweight and obesity on weight loss and length of stay in patients with walled-off pancreatic necrosis Jennifer Beatriz Silva Morais · Juliana Soares Severo · Geórgia Rosa Reis de Alencar · Ana Raquel Soares de Oliveira · Kyria Jayanne Clímaco Cruz · Dilina do Nascimento Marreiro · Betânia de Jesus e Silva de Almendra Freitas · Cecília Maria Resende Gonçalves de Carvalho · Maria do Carmo de Carvalho e Martins · Karoline de Macêdo Gonçalves Frota · Karoline de Macêdo Gonçalves Frota
No influence of carbonation on glycemic response, gastric emptying and satiety of sweetened drinks Claudia Della Corte · Antonella Mosca · Andrea Vania · Arianna Alterio · Salvatore Iasevoli · Valerio Nobili · Valerio Nobili
Impact of high-dose vitamin D3 on plasma free 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and antimicrobial peptides in critically ill mechanically ventilated adults Ana Carolina Amaral de São José Perrone · Thaís Rodrigues Barbosa · F. L. Silva · Ítalo Tuler Perrone · Antônio Fernandes de Carvalho · Rodrigo Stephani · Kelli Borges dos Santos · Ângelo Atalla · Abrahão Elias Hallack Neto · Abrahão Elias Hallack Neto
Comparison between two assessment tools for fruit and vegetable intake relative to the 24-h recall Gholamreza Askari · Morteza Nasiri · Hassan Mozaffari-Khosravi · Masod Rezaie · Mahdieh Bagheri-Bidakhavidi · Omid Sadeghi · Omid Sadeghi
Apolipoprotein A2 −265 T>C polymorphism interacts with dietary fatty acids intake to modulate inflammation in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients Valentina Bozzetti · Chiara De Angelis · Paolo Tagliabue · Paolo Tagliabue
Postprandial changes in glucose oxidation and insulin sensitivity in metabolic syndrome: Influence of fibroblast growth factor 21 and vitamin D status Nina Majlund Harder-Lauridsen · Astrid Rosenberg · Fabiana Braga Benatti · Julie A. Damm · Carsten Thomsen · Erik Lykke Mortensen · Bente Klarlund Pedersen · Rikke Krogh-Madsen · Rikke Krogh-Madsen
Re.Vitamin D supplementation to reduce depression in adults: Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.Gouda U et al., Nutrition 2015;31:421–429 Stanislaw Klek · M. Kunecki · J. Sobocki · Konrad Matysiak · Katarzyna Karwowska · Krystyna Urbanowicz · Krystyna Urbanowicz
The Polish Intestinal Failure Centres consensus on the use of teduglutide for the treatment of short bowel syndrome Christophe Moinard · Laurent Tliba · Jorge Diaz · Servane Le Plénier · Laure Nay · Nathalie Neveux · Luc Cynober · Agathe Raynaud-Simon · Agathe Raynaud-Simon
Medium-term effect of sublingual L-glutathione supplementation on flow mediated dilation in subjects with cardiovascular risk factors Juan Zheng · Kang-li Xiao · Lulu Chen · Chaodong Wu · Xiang Hu · Tianshu Zeng · Xiao-qian Chen · Xiao-qian Chen · Wen-juan Li · Xiuling Deng · Huiqing Li · Yu-ming Li · Yu-ming Li
Unraveling the metabolic health benefits of fasting related to religious beliefs: A narrative review Christophe Graf · Claude Pichard · François Herrmann · C.C. Sieber · Dina Selma Zekry · Laurence Genton · Laurence Genton
Do celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity have the same effects on reproductive disorders? Heitor Pons Leite · Lúcio Flávio Peixoto de Lima · José Augusto de Aguiar Carrazedo Taddei · Ângela Tavares Paes · Ângela Tavares Paes
Nutritional status and postoperative outcomes in patients with gastrointestinal cancer in Vietnam: a retrospective cohort study Izadi Vajihe · Tehrani Hatav · Haghighatdoost Fahimeh · Dehghan Atefeh · J Surkan Pamela · Azadbakht Leila · Azadbakht Leila

Branched-chain amino acids supplementation protocols on nitric oxide synthesis in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages
Nutrition | 2018
Simone Perna · M. Naso · B. Vigo · G. Nicosanti · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Re:Changes in lipid metabolism in pediatric patients with severe sepsis and septic shock
Nutrition | 2018
Simone Perna · M. Nichetti · F. Moncaglieri · I. Avanzato · D. Spadaccini · Mariangela Rondanelli · Mariangela Rondanelli
Association of sweet taste gene GNAT3 (RS7792845) with food preferences, biochemical parameters and body composition
Nutrition | 2018
Alice Sabatino · Giuseppe Regolisti · T. Di Motta · Chiara Cantarelli · Sarah Pioli · Giulia Grassi · Valentina Batini · Mariacristina Gregorini · Enrico Fiaccadori · Enrico Fiaccadori
Sweet taste receptor gene TAS1R3 polymorphisms related to food preferences, biochemical parameters and body composition
Nutrition | 2018
Andrea Bonvini · Audrey Yule Coqueiro · Raquel Raizel · L.M. Bella · R.A. Fock · P. Borelli · Marcelo Macedo Rogero · Julio Tirapegui · Julio Tirapegui
Early loss of skeletal muscle mass as prognostic factor in metastatic pancreatic cancer patients
Nutrition | 2018
Silvia Cappello · Emanuele Cereda · S. Colombo · Catherine Klersy · I. Imarisio · A. Turri · M. Caraccia · T. Monaco · M. Benazzo · Paolo Pedrazzoli · F. Corbella · Riccardo Caccialanza · Riccardo Caccialanza