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Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.873, which is just updated in 2020.

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry Impact Factor
Highest IF
Highest Journal Impact IF

The highest Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.873.

Lowest IF
Lowest Journal Impact IF

The lowest Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 3.794.

Total Growth Rate
IF Total Growth Rate

The total growth rate of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry IF is 25.2%.

Annual Growth Rate
IF Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry IF is 2.8%.

Journal Impact IF Ranking

Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
Nutrition and Dietetics Q1 9/120

Nutrition and Dietetics 92%

Clinical Biochemistry Q1 9/115

Clinical Biochemistry 92%

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Q1 21/217

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism 90%

Molecular Biology Q1 57/381

Molecular Biology 85%

Biochemistry Q1 46/407

Biochemistry 88%

Journal Impact IF Ranking

· In the Nutrition and Dietetics research field, the Quartile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Q1. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has been ranked #9 over 120 related journals in the Nutrition and Dietetics research category. The ranking percentile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is around 92% in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.
· In the Clinical Biochemistry research field, the Quartile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Q1. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has been ranked #9 over 115 related journals in the Clinical Biochemistry research category. The ranking percentile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is around 92% in the field of Clinical Biochemistry.
· In the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research field, the Quartile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Q1. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has been ranked #21 over 217 related journals in the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research category. The ranking percentile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is around 90% in the field of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
· In the Molecular Biology research field, the Quartile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Q1. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has been ranked #57 over 381 related journals in the Molecular Biology research category. The ranking percentile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is around 85% in the field of Molecular Biology.
· In the Biochemistry research field, the Quartile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Q1. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has been ranked #46 over 407 related journals in the Biochemistry research category. The ranking percentile of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is around 88% in the field of Biochemistry.

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Journal Impact IF History

Year Journal Impact IF
Year Journal Impact IF
2019-2020 4.873
2018-2019 4.49
2017-2018 4.414
2016-2017 4.518
2015-2016 4.668
2014-2015 3.794
2013-2014 4.592
2012-2013 4.552
2011-2012 3.891
Journal Impact IF History

· The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.873
· The 2018-2019 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.49
· The 2017-2018 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.414
· The 2016-2017 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.518
· The 2015-2016 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.668
· The 2014-2015 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 3.794
· The 2013-2014 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.592
· The 2012-2013 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4.552
· The 2011-2012 Journal Impact IF of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 3.891

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications Citations
Year Publications Citations
1989 0 5
1990 82 40
1991 88 112
1992 95 236
1993 101 357
1994 82 437
1995 94 520
1996 96 688
1997 97 941
1998 99 1105
1999 95 1274
2000 87 1573
2001 86 1548
2002 94 1949
2003 88 2285
2004 97 2701
2005 107 3514
2006 98 4520
2007 98 5511
2008 98 6120
2009 120 7233
2010 158 8440
2011 147 9739
2012 216 11955
2013 249 13446
2014 151 13715
2015 187 14400
2016 289 14025
2017 276 14509
2018 206 12494
2019 182 14210
2020 170 17948
2021 46 1465
Publications Cites Dataset

· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 0 reports and received 5 citations in 1989.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 82 reports and received 40 citations in 1990.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 88 reports and received 112 citations in 1991.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 95 reports and received 236 citations in 1992.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 101 reports and received 357 citations in 1993.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 82 reports and received 437 citations in 1994.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 94 reports and received 520 citations in 1995.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 96 reports and received 688 citations in 1996.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 97 reports and received 941 citations in 1997.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 99 reports and received 1105 citations in 1998.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 95 reports and received 1274 citations in 1999.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 87 reports and received 1573 citations in 2000.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 86 reports and received 1548 citations in 2001.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 94 reports and received 1949 citations in 2002.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 88 reports and received 2285 citations in 2003.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 97 reports and received 2701 citations in 2004.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 107 reports and received 3514 citations in 2005.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 98 reports and received 4520 citations in 2006.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 98 reports and received 5511 citations in 2007.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 98 reports and received 6120 citations in 2008.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 120 reports and received 7233 citations in 2009.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 158 reports and received 8440 citations in 2010.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 147 reports and received 9739 citations in 2011.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 216 reports and received 11955 citations in 2012.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 249 reports and received 13446 citations in 2013.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 151 reports and received 13715 citations in 2014.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 187 reports and received 14400 citations in 2015.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 289 reports and received 14025 citations in 2016.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 276 reports and received 14509 citations in 2017.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 206 reports and received 12494 citations in 2018.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 182 reports and received 14210 citations in 2019.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 170 reports and received 17948 citations in 2020.
· The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has published 46 reports and received 1465 citations in 2021.
· The total publications of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 4179.
· The total citations of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 189015.

What is Impact Factor?

The impact factor (IF) or journal impact factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index calculated by Clarivate that reflects the yearly average number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher impact factor values are often deemed to be more important, or carry more intrinsic prestige in their respective fields, than those with lower values.

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry | Academic Accelerator - About the Impact Factor

Impact factor is commonly used to evaluate the relative importance of a journal within its field and to measure the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular time period. Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs. Journals with higher IFs believed to be more important than those with lower ones. According to Eugene Garfield “impact simply reflects the ability of the journals and editors to attract the best paper available.” Journal which publishes more review articles will get maximum IFs. The Impact Factor of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Impact Factor are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry during the two preceding years (2018-2019). Note that 2020 Impact Factor are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. New journals, which are indexed from their first published issue, will receive an impact factor after two years of indexing; in this case, the citations to the year prior to Volume 1, and the number of articles published in the year prior to Volume 1, are known zero values. Journals that are indexed starting with a volume other than the first volume will not get an impact factor until they have been indexed for three years. Occasionally, Journal Citation Reports assigns an impact factor to new journals with less than two years of indexing, based on partial citation data. The calculation always uses two complete and known years of item counts, but for new titles one of the known counts is zero. Annuals and other irregular publications sometimes publish no items in a particular year, affecting the count. The impact factor relates to a specific time period; it is possible to calculate it for any desired period. In addition to the 2-year Impact Factor, the 3-year Impact Factor, 4-year Impact Factor, 5-year Impact Factor, Real-Time Impact Factor can provide further insights and factors into the impact of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.


The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Impact factors are calculated yearly starting from 1975 for journals listed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). ISI was acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992, and became known as Thomson ISI. In 2018, Thomson ISI was sold to Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. They founded a new corporation, Clarivate, which is now the publisher of the JCR.


The impact factor is used to compare different journals within a certain field. The Web of Science indexes more than 11,500 science and social science journals. Journal impact factors are often used to evaluate the merit of individual articles and individual researchers. This use of impact factors was summarised by Hoeffel:

Impact Factor is not a perfect tool to measure the quality of articles but there is nothing better and it has the advantage of already being in existence and is, therefore, a good technique for scientific evaluation. Experience has shown that in each specialty the best journals are those in which it is most difficult to have an article accepted, and these are the journals that have a high impact factor. Most of these journals existed long before the impact factor was devised. The use of impact factor as a measure of quality is widespread because it fits well with the opinion we have in each field of the best journals in our specialty....In conclusion, prestigious journals publish papers of high level. Therefore, their impact factor is high, and not the contrary.

Eugene Garfield

In brief, Impact factors may be used by:
  • Authors to decide where to submit an article for publication.
  • Libraries to make collection development decisions
  • Academic departments to assess academic productivity
  • Academic departments to make decisions on promotion and tenure.
As impact factors are a journal-level metric, rather than an article- or individual-level metric, this use is controversial. Garfield agrees with Hoeffel,but warns about the "misuse in evaluating individuals" because there is "a wide variation [of citations] from article to article within a single journal". Other things to consider about Impact Factors:
  • Many journals do not have an impact factor.
  • The impact factor cannot assess the quality of individual articles. Even if citations were evenly distributed among articles, the impact factor would only measure the interests of other researchers in an article, not its importance and usefulness.
  • Only research articles, technical notes and reviews are “citable” items. Editorials, letters, news items and meeting abstracts are “non-citable items”.
  • Only a small percentage of articles are highly cited and they are found in a small subset of journals. This small proportion accounts for a large percentage of citations.
  • Controversial papers, such as those based on fraudulent data, may be highly cited, distorting the impact factor of a journal.
  • Citation bias may exist. For example, English language resources may be favoured. Authors may cite their own work.
Moreover, informed and careful use of these impact data is essential, and should be based on a thorough understanding of the methodology used to generate impact factors. There are controversial aspects of using impact factors:
  • It is not clear whether the number of times a paper is cited measures its actual quality.
  • Some databases that calculate impact factors fail to incorporate publications including textbooks, handbooks and reference books.
  • Certain disciplines have low numbers of journals and usage. Therefore, one should only compare journals or researchers within the same discipline.
  • Review articles normally are cited more often and therefore can skew results.
  • Self-citing may also skew results.
  • Some resources used to calculate impact factors have inadequate international coverage.
  • Editorial policies can artificially inflate an impact factor.
Impact factors have often been used in advancement and tenure decision-making. Many recognize that this is a coarse tool for such important decisions, and that a multitude of factors should be taken into account in these deliberations. When considering the use of the impact factor (IF), keep these aspects in mind:
  • IF analysis is limited to citations from the journals indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Currently, the Web of Science indexes only 8621 journals across the full breadth of the sciences, and just 3121 in the social sciences.
  • A high IF/citation rate says nothing about the quality -- or even, validity -- of the references being cited. Notorious or even retracted articles often attract a lot of attention, hence a high number of citations. The notority related to the first publication on "cold fusion" is one such example.
  • Journals that publish more "review articles" are often found near the top of the rankings. While not known for publishing new, creative findings, these individual articles tend to be heavily cited.
  • The IF measures the average number of citations to articles in the journal -- given this, a small number of highly-cited articles will skew the figure.
  • It takes several years for new journals to be added to the list of titles indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge, so these newer titles will be under-represented.
  • It's alleged that journal editors have learned to "game" the system, encouraging authors to cite their works previously published in the same journal.
Comparing Journals Across Disciplines? Not a good idea! Using Impact Factors within a given discipline should only be done with great care, as described above. Using impact factor data to compare journals across disciplines is even more problematic. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Disciplines where older literature is still referenced, such as Chemistry and Mathematics, offer challenges to the methodolgy since older citations (older than two years) are not used to calculate the impact factor for a given journal. (Five-year impact factor analysis, which can be calculated using the Journal Citation Index database, helps smooth out this problem only to some degree.)
  • Different disciplines have different practices regarding tendency to cite larger numbers of references. Higher overall citation rates will bump upward impact factor measurements.
  • Where it's common for large numbers of authors to collaborate on a single paper, such as in Physics, the tendency of authors to cite themselves (and in this case, more authors) will result in increased citation rates.

Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor


  • A vetted, established metric for measuring journal impact within a discipline.
  • Designed to eliminate bias based on journal size and frequency.
  • Individual articles makes an uneven contribution to overall Impact Factor.
  • Impact Factor does not account for certain things, things like context (postive or negative citaion) and intentionality (self-citation).
  • The metric is proprietary to and bound by the contents of the Thomson Reuters database.
  • Citations, on which the Impact Factor is based, count for less than 1% of an article's overall use.


Numerous critiques have been made regarding the use of impact factors. A 2007 study noted that the most fundamental flaw is that impact factors present the mean of data that are not normally distributed, and suggested that it would be more appropriate to present the median of these data. There is also a more general debate on the validity of the impact factor as a measure of journal importance and the effect of policies that editors may adopt to boost their impact factor (perhaps to the detriment of readers and writers). Other criticism focuses on the effect of the impact factor on behavior of scholars, editors and other stakeholders. Others have made more general criticisms, arguing that emphasis on impact factor results from negative influence of neoliberal policies on academia claiming that what is needed is not just replacement of the impact factor with more sophisticated metrics for science publications but also discussion on the social value of research assessment and the growing precariousness of scientific careers in higher education.
Experts stress that there are limitations in using impact factors to evaluate a scholar's work. There are many reasons cited for not relying on impact factor alone to evaluate the output of a particular individual. Among these are the following:

  • A single factor is not sufficient for evaluating an author's work.
  • Journal values are meaningless unless compared within the same discipline. Impact factors vary among disciplines.
  • The impact factor was originally devised to show the impact of a specific journal, not a specific scholar. The quality and impact of the author's work may extend beyond the impact of a particular journal.
According to Jim Testa, a researcher for ThomsonReuters Scientific, the most widespread misuse of the Impact Factor is to evaluate the work of an individual author (instead of a journal). "To say that because a researcher is publishing in a certain journal, he or she is more influential or deserves more credit is not necessarily true. There are many other variables to consider." (interview 6/26/2008 in Thomson Reuters blog entry)

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Journal Profile


Devoted to advancements in nutritional sciences, The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry presents experimental nutrition research as it relates to: biochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, or physiology.Rigorous reviews by an international editorial board of distinguished scientists ensure publication of the most current and key research being conducted in nutrition at the cellular, animal and human level. In addition to its monthly features of critical reviews and research articles, The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry also periodically publishes emerging issues, experimental methods, and other types of articles. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering biochemical and molecular biological aspects of nutrition science. The journal was established in 1970 as Nutrition Reports International and obtained its current title in 1990, with volume numbering restarting at 1. It is published by Elsevier and the editor-in-chief is Bernhard Hennig (University of Kentucky).

Highly Cited Keywords


The ISSN of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 0955-2863 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

ISSN (Online)
ISSN (Online)

The ISSN (Online) of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is 1873-4847 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

Elsevier Inc.

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is published by Elsevier Inc. .

Publication Frequency
Publication Frequency

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry publishes reports Monthly .

1990 - Present

The Publication History of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry covers 1990 - Present .

Open Access
Open Access

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

Publication Fee
Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


The language of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is English .


The publisher of Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry is Elsevier Inc. , which locates in Netherlands .

Selected Articles

Full Title Authors
Full Title Authors
Effects of intermittent dietary supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid and fish oil (EPA/DHA) on body metabolism and mitochondrial energetics in mice Camila Pederiva Rossignoli · Carlos R.P. Dechandt · Anderson O. Souza · Igor H. Sampaio · Tatiane M. Vicentini · Bruno G. Teodoro · Marinaldo Pacífico Cavalcanti Neto · Gustavo Duarte Ferrari · Carlos A. Couto-Lima · Luciane C. Alberici · Luciane C. Alberici
Effects of quercetin combined with anticancer drugs on metastasis-associated factors of gastric cancer cells: in vitro and in vivo studies Cing Syuan Lei · Yu Chen Hou · Man Hui Pai · Ming-Tsan Lin · Sung Ling Yeh · Sung Ling Yeh · Sung Ling Yeh
Maternal hypercholesterolemia enhances oxysterol concentration in mothers and newly weaned offspring but is attenuated by maternal phytosterol supplementation Jerad H. Dumolt · Sandhya Krishnan Radhakrishnan · Mohammed H. Moghadasian · Khuong Le · Mulchand S. Patel · Richard W. Browne · Todd C. Rideout · Todd C. Rideout
Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy prevents cognitive impairments and BDNF imbalance in the hippocampus of the offspring after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia Bruna Ferrary Deniz · Heloísa Deola Confortim · Iohanna Deckmann · Patrícia Maidana Miguel · Loise Bronauth · Bruna Chaves de Oliveira · Sílvia Barbosa · Laura Reck Cechinel · Ionara Rodrigues Siqueira · Lenir Orlandi Pereira · Lenir Orlandi Pereira
Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cells premature senescence with rutin attenuates and stabilizes diabetic atherosclerosis Yi-hui Li · Ran-ran Qin · Hongdan Yan · Feng Wang · Shanying Huang · Yun Zhang · Ming Zhong · Wei Zhang · Zhi-hao Wang · Zhi-hao Wang
Identification of a sustainable two-plant diet that effectively prevents age-related metabolic syndrome and extends lifespan in aged mice Xiangyong Li · Ying-Hua Liu · Bin Wang · Chih-Yu Chen · Hong-Man Zhang · Jing X. Kang · Jing X. Kang
Ancient wheat species and human health: Biochemical and clinical implications Monica Dinu · Anne Whittaker · Giuditta Pagliai · Stefano Benedettelli · Francesco Sofi · Francesco Sofi
Comparison between red wine and isolated trans-resveratrol on the prevention and regression of atherosclerosis in LDLr (−/−) mice Livia N. Chassot · Bianca Scolaro · Gabriela Grassmann Roschel · Bruno Cogliati · Marcela F. Cavalcanti · Dulcineia S.P. Abdalla · Inar Alves de Castro · Inar Alves de Castro
Chlorogenic acid improves intestinal barrier functions by suppressing mucosa inflammation and improving antioxidant capacity in weaned pigs Jiali Chen · Bing Yu · Daiwen Chen · Zhiqing Huang · Xiangbing Mao · Ping Zheng · Jie Yu · Junqiu Luo · Jun He · Jun He
Mechanisms of DHA-enriched phospholipids in improving cognitive deficits in aged SAMP8 mice with high-fat diet Miaomiao Zhou · Lin Ding · Min Wen · Hongxia Che · Jia-qi Huang · Tiantian Zhang · Changhu Xue · Xiangzhao Mao · Yuming Wang · Yuming Wang
Betaine or folate can equally furnish remethylation to methionine and increase transmethylation in methionine-restricted neonates Jason L. Robinson · Laura E. McBreairty · Edward Randell · Scott V. Harding · Renee K. Bartlett · Janet A. Brunton · Robert F. Bertolo · Robert F. Bertolo
Fecal fermentation products of common bean-derived fiber inhibit C/EBPα and PPARγ expression and lipid accumulation but stimulate PPARδ and UCP2 expression in the adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 cells Hsin-Yi Lu · Huawei Zeng · Li Zhang · Jesús M. Porres · Wen-Hsing Cheng · Wen-Hsing Cheng
A diet defined by its content of bovine milk exosomes and their RNA cargos has moderate effects on gene expression, amino acid profiles and grip strength in skeletal muscle in C57BL/6 mice Amy Leiferman · Jiang Shu · Ryan Grove · Juan Cui · Jiri Adamec · Janos Zempleni · Janos Zempleni
All-trans retinoic acid ameliorates inflammatory response mediated by TLR4/NF-κB during initiation of diabetic nephropathy Edith Sierra-Mondragón · Eduardo Molina-Jijón · Carmen Namorado-Tónix · Rafael Rodríguez-Muñoz · José Pedraza-Chaverri · José L. Reyes · José L. Reyes
Inulin fiber dose-dependently modulates energy balance, glucose tolerance, gut microbiota, hormones and diet preference in high-fat-fed male rats Arashdeep Singh · Rizaldy C. Zapata · Adel Pezeshki · Roger D. Reidelberger · Prasanth K. Chelikani · Prasanth K. Chelikani
Down-regulation of placental folate transporters in intrauterine growth restriction Yi-Yung Chen · Yi-Yung Chen · Rob Grattton · Theresa L. Powell · Thomas Jansson · Thomas Jansson
Folic acid supplementation alters the DNA methylation profile and improves insulin resistance in high-fat-diet-fed mice Wei Li · Renqiao Tang · Feifei Ma · Shengrong Ouyang · Zhuo Liu · Jianxin Wu · Jianxin Wu
The olive constituent oleuropein, as a PPARα agonist, markedly reduces serum triglycerides Foteini Malliou · Ioanna Andreadou · Frank J. Gonzalez · Antigone Lazou · Eva Xepapadaki · Ioanna Vallianou · George Lambrinidis · Emmanuel Mikros · Marios Marselos · Alexios-Leandros Skaltsounis · Maria Konstandi · Maria Konstandi
Copper supplementation reverses dietary iron overload-induced pathologies in mice Tao Wang · Tao Wang · Ping Xiang · Ping Xiang · Jung-Heun Ha · Xiaoyu Wang · Caglar Doguer · Shireen Rl Flores · Yujian James Kang · James F. Collins · James F. Collins
Naringin protects acrolein-induced pulmonary injuries through modulating apoptotic signaling and inflammation signaling pathways in mice Jae Kyeom Kim · Jung Hyun Park · Hyeong Jun Ku · Sung Hwan Kim · Ye Jin Lim · Jeen Woo Park · Jin Hyup Lee · Jin Hyup Lee
Effects of chronic fructose overload on renal dopaminergic system: alteration of urinary L-dopa/dopamine index correlates to hypertension and precedes kidney structural damage Natalia Lucía Rukavina Mikusic · Nicolás Martín Kouyoumdzian · Julieta S. Del Mauro · Gabriel Cao · Verónica Trida · Mariela M. Gironacci · Ana M. Puyó · Jorge E. Toblli · Belisario E. Fernández · Marcelo R. Choi · Marcelo R. Choi
ApoE is a major determinant of hepatic bile acid homeostasis in mice Sandra von Hardenberg · Carsten Gnewuch · Gerd Schmitz · Jürgen Borlak · Jürgen Borlak
Stimulation of liver IGF-1 expression promotes peak bone mass achievement in growing rats: a study with pomegranate seed oil Deepa Bachagol · Gilbert Stanley Joseph · Govindraj Ellur · Kalpana Patel · Pamisetty Aruna · Monika Mittal · Shyamsundar Pal China · Ravendra Pratap Singh · Kunal Sharan · Kunal Sharan
Down-regulation of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase-1 Increases Susceptibility to Palmitic Acid-Induced Lipotoxicity in Human Trophoblast Cells Changwon Yang · Whasun Lim · Fuller W. Bazer · Gwonhwa Song · Gwonhwa Song
Selective enrichment of n-3 fatty acids in human plasma lipid motifs following intake of marine fish Petr Žáček · Michael R. Bukowski · LuAnn K. Johnson · Susan K. Raatz · Matthew J. Picklo · Matthew J. Picklo
Colonic aberrant crypt formation accompanies an increase of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria in C57BL/6 mice fed a high-fat diet Huawei Zeng · Suzanne L. Ishaq · Zhenhua Liu · Michael R. Bukowski · Michael R. Bukowski
Red raspberries suppress NLRP3 inflammasome and attenuate metabolic abnormalities in diet-induced obese mice Mei-Jun Zhu · Yifei Kang · Yansong Xue · Xingwei Liang · Melisa Paola González García · Dan Rodgers · Denali R. Kagel · Min Du · Min Du
Low-folate stress reprograms cancer stem cell-like potentials and bioenergetics metabolism through activation of mTOR signaling pathway to promote in vitro invasion and in vivo tumorigenicity of lung cancers Wan-Jing Chen · Rwei-Fen S. Huang · Rwei-Fen S. Huang
The flavonoid quercetin inhibits titanium dioxide (TiO2)-induced chronic arthritis in mice Sergio M. Borghi · Sandra S. Mizokami · Felipe A. Pinho-Ribeiro · Victor Fattori · Jefferson Crespigio · Juliana Trindade Clemente-Napimoga · Marcelo Henrique Napimoga · Dimitrius Leonardo Pitol · João Paulo Mardegan Issa · Sandra Y. Fukada · Rubia Casagrande · Waldiceu A. Verri · Waldiceu A. Verri
Vitamin A deficiency in mice alters host and gut microbial metabolism leading to altered energy homeostasis Yuan Tian · Robert G. Nichols · Jingwei Cai · Andrew D. Patterson · Margherita T. Cantorna · Margherita T. Cantorna
Resveratrol and pinostilbene confer neuroprotection against aging-related deficits through an ERK1/2-dependent mechanism Erika N. Allen · Erika N. Allen · Sneha Potdar · Victor Tapias · Mayur Parmar · Cassia S. Mizuno · Agnes M. Rimando · Jane E. Cavanaugh · Jane E. Cavanaugh
Green tea extract protects against hepatic NFκB activation along the gut-liver axis in diet-induced obese mice with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis by reducing endotoxin and TLR4/MyD88 signaling Jinhui Li · Geoffrey Y. Sasaki · Priyankar Dey · Chureeporn Chitchumroonchokchai · Allison N. Labyk · Joshua D. McDonald · Joshua B. Kim · Richard S. Bruno · Richard S. Bruno
Effects of fish oils on ex vivo B-cell responses of obese subjects upon BCR/TLR stimulation: a pilot study William Guesdon · Rasagna Kosaraju · Patricia M. Brophy · Angela Clark · Steve Dillingham · Shahnaz Aziz · Fiona Moyer · Kate Willson · James R. Dick · Shivajirao Patil · Nicholas P. Balestrieri · Michael Armstrong · Nichole Reisdroph · Saame Raza Shaikh · Saame Raza Shaikh · Saame Raza Shaikh
Vitamin D3 decreases glycolysis and invasiveness, and increases cellular stiffness in breast cancer cells Julianna Maria Santos · Zeina S. Khan · Maliha Tabassum Munir · Kaiser Tarafdar · Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman · Fazle Hussain · Fazle Hussain
Cholesterol-lowering effects of dietary pomegranate extract and inulin in mice fed an obesogenic diet Jieping Yang · Song Zhang · Susanne M. Henning · Ru-Po Lee · Mark Hsu · Emma Grojean · Rita Pisegna · Austin Ly · David Heber · Zhaoping Li · Zhaoping Li
Dried plum alleviates symptoms of inflammatory arthritis in TNF transgenic mice Faryal S. Mirza · Joseph A. Lorenzo · Hicham Drissi · Francis Y. Lee · Do Y. Soung · Do Y. Soung
Vitamin K1 inversely correlates with glycemia and insulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and positively regulates SIRT1/AMPK pathway of glucose metabolism in liver of T2D mice and hepatocytes cultured in high glucose Anjum Dihingia · Anjum Dihingia · Dibyajyoti Ozah · Shatadal Ghosh · Abhijit Sarkar · Pranab Kumar Baruah · Jatin Kalita · Jatin Kalita · Parames C. Sil · Prasenjit Manna · Prasenjit Manna · Prasenjit Manna
Maternal high-fat diet induces sex-specific endocannabinoid system changes in newborn rats and programs adiposity, energy expenditure and food preference in adulthood Camilla P. Dias-Rocha · Mariana M. Almeida · Erika M. Santana · Julia C.B. Costa · Juliana G. Franco · Carmen C. Pazos-Moura · Isis Hara Trevenzoli · Isis Hara Trevenzoli
Epigenetics and neurodegeneration: role of early-life nutrition Rosita Gabbianelli · Elisabetta Damiani · Elisabetta Damiani
An insight into the role of magnesium in the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells Fabiana da Silva Lima · Amanda Batista da Rocha Romero · Araceli Hastreiter · Amanda Nogueira-Pedro · Edson Makiyama · Célia Colli · Ricardo Ambrósio Fock · Ricardo Ambrósio Fock
Modulation of human osteoclastogenesis and osteoblastogenesis by lycopene João Costa-Rodrigues · Maria Helena Fernandes · Olívia Pinho · Pedro Ribeiro Rocha Monteiro · Pedro Ribeiro Rocha Monteiro
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester down-regulates claudin-2 expression at the transcriptional and post-translational levels and enhances chemosensitivity to doxorubicin in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells Hiroyuki Sonoki · Asami Tanimae · Takumi Furuta · Satoshi Endo · Toshiyuki Matsunaga · Kenji Ichihara · Akira Ikari · Akira Ikari
Supplementation of lycopene attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced amyloidogenesis and cognitive impairments via mediating neuroinflammation and oxidative stress Jia Wang · Lixia Li · Zhuo Wang · Yifan Cui · Xintong Tan · Tian Yuan · Qian Liu · Zhigang Liu · Xuebo Liu · Xuebo Liu
Corrigendum toQuercetin promotes motor and sensory function recovery following sciatic nerve-crush injury in C57BL/6J mice[J Nutr Biochem 46 (Aug 2017) 57-67] Ming-Ming Chen · Jing Qin · Shu-Jian Chen · Lemeng Yao · Luyong Zhang · Zhi-Qi Yin · Hong Liao · Hong Liao
Whole blood n-3 fatty acids are associated with executive function in 2–6-year-old Northern Ghanaian children Mary Adjepong · William Yakah · William S. Harris · Reginald Annan · Matthew B. Pontifex · Jenifer I. Fenton · Jenifer I. Fenton
Effect of green tea on hepatic lipid metabolism in mice fed a high-fat diet Miso Nam · Myung-Sook Choi · Ji-Young Choi · Nami Kim · Min-Sun Kim · Sunhee Jung · Juyeon Kim · Do Hyun Ryu · Geum-Sook Hwang · Geum-Sook Hwang
Gut microbiota promotes production of aromatic metabolites through degradation of barley leaf fiber Daotong Li · Pan Wang · Pengpu Wang · Xiaosong Hu · Fang Chen · Fang Chen
Genistein rescues hypoxia-induced pulmonary arterial hypertension through estrogen receptor and β-adrenoceptor signaling Ming Zhang · Yujun Wu · Mengmeng Wang · Ying Wang · Raza Tausif · Ying Yang · Ying Yang
Dietary ALA, EPA and DHA have distinct effects on oxylipin profiles in female and male rat kidney, liver and serum Shan Leng · Tanja Winter · Harold M. Aukema · Harold M. Aukema
Association of serum zinc with markers of liver injury in very heavy drinking alcohol-dependent patients Vatsalya Vatsalya · Maiying Kong · Matthew C. Cave · Nanlong Liu · Melanie L. Schwandt · David T. George · Vijay A. Ramchandani · Craig J. McClain · Craig J. McClain
Kaempferol ameliorates hyperglycemia through suppressing hepatic gluconeogenesis and enhancing hepatic insulin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice Hana Alkhalidy · Hana Alkhalidy · William T. Moore · Aihua Wang · Jing Luo · Ryan P. McMillan · Yao Wang · Wei Zhen · Matthew W. Hulver · Dongmin Liu · Dongmin Liu
Piperine potentiates curcumin-mediated repression of mTORC1 signaling in human intestinal epithelial cells: implications for the inhibition of protein synthesis and TNFα signaling Harleen Kaur · Bo He · Chenhua Zhang · Elliott Rodriguez · David S. Hage · Régis Moreau · Régis Moreau
Consumption of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)-supplemented diet during colitis development ameliorates gut inflammation without causing steatosis in mice Thais Garcias Moreira · Thais Garcias Moreira · Ana Cristina Gomes-Santos · Laila Sampaio Horta · Mariana Camila Goncalves · Andrezza Fernanda Santiago · Juliana Gonçalves Lauar · Daniela Silva dos Reis · Archimedes Barbosa Castro-Junior · Luisa Lemos · Mauro Andrade Freitas Guimarães · Edenil Costa Aguilar · Attila Pap · Joana Ferreira Amaral · Jacqueline I. Alvarez-Leite · Denise Carmona Cara · Rafael Machado Rezende · Laszlo Nagy · Laszlo Nagy · Ana Maria Caetano Faria · Tatiani Uceli Maioli · Tatiani Uceli Maioli
Analysis of proautophagic activities of Citrus flavonoids in liver cells reveals the superiority of a natural polyphenol mixture over pure flavones Antonella Lascala · Concetta Martino · Maddalena Parafati · Maddalena Parafati · Raffaele Salerno · Raffaele Salerno · Manuela Oliverio · Daniela Pellegrino · Vincenzo Mollace · Vincenzo Mollace · Elzbieta Janda · Elzbieta Janda · Elzbieta Janda
Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease severity and metabolic complications in obese children: Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Schohraya Spahis · Fernando Alvarez · Nejma Ahmed · Josée Dubois · Ramy Jalbout · Massimiliano Paganelli · Kelly Grzywacz · Edgard Delvin · N. Peretti · Emile Levy · Emile Levy
The potential atheroprotective role of plant MIR156a as a repressor of monocyte recruitment on inflamed human endothelial cells Dongxia Hou · Fangfang He · Lina Ma · Minghui Cao · Zhen Zhou · Zhe Wei · Yunxing Xue · Xiaolin Sang · Hoshun Chong · Congcong Tian · Shasha Zheng · Jing Li · Ke Zen · Xi Chen · Zhi Hong · Chen-Yu Zhang · Xiaohong Jiang · Xiaohong Jiang
Beneficial psychological effects of novel psychobiotics in diabetic rats: the interaction among the gut, blood and amygdala Mohammad Morshedi · Khadijeh Bavafa Valenlia · Elaheh Sadat Hosseinifard · Parviz Shahabi · Mehran Mesgari Abbasi · Meysam Ghorbani · Abolfazl Barzegari · Saeed Sadigh-Eteghad · Maryam Saghafi-Asl · Maryam Saghafi-Asl
Differential effects of high consumption of fructose or glucose on mesenteric arterial function in female rats Sonali Shaligram · Gemma Sangüesa · Farjana Akther · Marta Alegret · Juan C. Laguna · Roshanak Rahimian · Roshanak Rahimian
Cholesterol oversynthesis markers define familial combined hyperlipidemia versus other genetic hypercholesterolemias independently of body weight Lucía Baila-Rueda · Ana Cenarro · Itziar Lamiquiz-Moneo · Sofía Pérez-Calahorra · Ana M. Bea · Victoria Marco-Benedí · Estíbaliz Jarauta · Rocío Mateo-Gallego · Fernando Civeira · Fernando Civeira
Short-term supplementation with flavanol-rich cocoa improves lipid profile, antioxidant status and positively influences the AA/EPA ratio in healthy subjects Sergio Davinelli · Sergio Davinelli · Graziamaria Corbi · Armando Zarrelli · Mariachiara Arisi · Piergiacomo Calzavara-Pinton · Davide Grassi · Immaculata De Vivo · Giovanni Scapagnini · Giovanni Scapagnini
Testosterone represses urinary excretion of the alpha-tocopherol metabolite alpha-carboxymethylhydroxychroman in rats Naoko Fujita · Asako Takenaka · Asako Takenaka
Soy genistein administered in soluble chitosan microcapsules maintains antioxidant activity and limits intestinal inflammation Noelia Vanden Braber · Ivanna Novotny Nuñez · Luciana Bohl · Carina Porporatto · F. Nicolas Nazar · Mariana Montenegro · Silvia G. Correa · Silvia G. Correa
Intestinal anti-inflammatory effect of the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii in DSS-induced colitis in mice: Impact on microRNAs expression and gut microbiota composition Alba Rodriguez-Nogales · Francesca Algieri · José Garrido-Mesa · Teresa Vezza · M. Pilar Utrilla · Natalia Chueca · Federico García · M. Elena Rodríguez-Cabezas · Julio Gálvez · Julio Gálvez
M1 macrophage subtypes activation and adipocyte dysfunction worsen during prolonged consumption of a fructose-rich diet Sabrina Gambaro · María Guillermina Zubiría · María Guillermina Zubiría · Andrea Estefanía Portales · María Amanda Rey · Martín Rumbo · Andrés Giovambattista · Andrés Giovambattista · Andrés Giovambattista
Myeloperoxidase deficiency attenuates systemic and dietary iron-induced adverse effects Xia Xiao · Piu Saha · Beng San Yeoh · Jennifer A. Hipp · Vishal Singh · Matam Vijay-Kumar · Matam Vijay-Kumar
Western diet given to healthy rats mimics the human phenotype of diabetic cardiomyopathy Maxim Verboven · Dorien Deluyker · Vesselina Ferferieva · Ivo Lambrichts · Dominique Hansen · Bert O. Eijnde · Virginie Bito · Virginie Bito
Gut microbes as future therapeutics in treating inflammatory and infectious diseases: Lessons from recent findings Suprabhat Mukherjee · Nikhilesh Joardar · Subhasree Sengupta · Santi P. Sinha Babu · Santi P. Sinha Babu
A critical review on the impacts of β-glucans on gut microbiota and human health Muthukumaran Jayachandran · Jiali Chen · Stephen Sum Man Chung · Baojun Xu · Baojun Xu
Resveratrol preserves mitochondrial function in a human post-mitotic cell model Gianluca Sgarbi · Francesca Liuzzi · Alessandra Baracca · Giancarlo Solaini · Giancarlo Solaini
Linoleic acid derived oxylipins are elevated in kidney and liver and reduced in serum in rats given a high protein diet Ariful Islam · Amir Ravandi · Harold M. Aukema · Harold M. Aukema
Linoleic acid reduces vascular reactivity and improves the vascular dysfunction of the small mesentery in hypertension Dieli Oliveira Nunes · Vinicius Bermond Marques · Camila Cruz Pereira Almenara · Wena Dantas Marcarini · Rogério Faustino Ribeiro Junior · Alessandra Simão Padilha · Alessandra Simão Padilha
Blueberry polyphenols extract as a potential prebiotic with anti-obesity effects on C57BL/6 J mice by modulating the gut microbiota Xinyao Jiao · Yuehua Wang · Yang Lin · Yuxi Lang · Enhui Li · Xiuyan Zhang · Qi Zhang · Ying Feng · Xianjun Meng · Bin Li · Bin Li
Transcriptional and post-transcriptional repression of histone deacetylases by docosahexaenoic acid in macrophages Tho X. Pham · Minkyung Bae · Yoojin Lee · Young-Ki Park · Ji-Young Lee · Ji-Young Lee
Green tea polyphenols modify gut-microbiota dependent metabolisms of energy, bile constituents and micronutrients in female Sprague–Dawley rats Jun Zhou · Lili Tang · Chwan-Li Shen · Jia-Sheng Wang · Jia-Sheng Wang
Alterations and structural resilience of the gut microbiota under dietary fat perturbations Cong Liu · Jianyun Zhang · Meiling Li · Lihong Zhao · Cheng Ji · Qiugang Ma · Qiugang Ma
Maternal diet-induced obesity during suckling period programs offspring obese phenotype and hypothalamic leptin/insulin resistance Rodrigo Mello Gomes · Fernanda Giacomini Bueno · Christiano Rodrigues Schamber · João Carlos Palazzo de Mello · Júlio Cezar de Oliveira · Flávio Andrade Francisco · Veridiana Mota Moreira · Marcos Divino Ferreira Junior · Gustavo Rodrigues Pedrino · Paulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias · Rosiane Aparecida Miranda · Solange Marta Franzói de Moraes · Maria Raquel Marçal Natali · Maria Raquel Marçal Natali
Paracellular calcium flux across Caco-2 cell monolayers: Effects of individual amino acids Erin Gaffney-Stomberg · Phillip Marszewski · Michael R. MacArthur · James P. McClung · Ronald W. Matheny · Ronald W. Matheny
Butyrate, a dietary fiber derivative that improves irinotecan effect in colon cancer cells João Crispim Encarnação · Ana Salomé Pires · Renata Alexandra Amaral · Telmo José Gonçalves · Mafalda Laranjo · João Casalta-Lopes · Ana Cristina Gonçalves · Ana Bela Sarmento-Ribeiro · Ana Margarida Abrantes · Maria Filomena Botelho · Maria Filomena Botelho
Raspberry ketone induces brown-like adipocyte formation through suppression of autophagy in adipocytes and adipose tissue Sy-Ying Leu · Yung-Chieh Tsai · Yung-Chieh Tsai · Wen-Chi Chen · Chih-Hsiung Hsu · Yen-Mei Lee · Pao-Yun Cheng · Pao-Yun Cheng
Developmental programming of vascular dysfunction by prenatal and postnatal zinc deficiency in male and female rats Facundo Mendes Garrido Abregú · María Natalia Gobetto · Lorena Vanesa Juriol · Carolina Caniffi · Rosana Elesgaray · Analia Lorena Tomat · Cristina Arranz · Cristina Arranz
Polysaccharide of Hericium erinaceus attenuates colitis in C57BL/6 mice via regulation of oxidative stress, inflammation-related signaling pathways and modulating the composition of the gut microbiota Yilin Ren · Yan Geng · Yan Du · Wang Li · Zhen-Ming Lu · Hongyu Xu · Guo-Hua Xu · Jinsong Shi · Zhenghong Xu · Zhenghong Xu
A cell death assay for assessing the mitochondrial targeting of proteins Daniel Camara Teixeira · Elizabeth L. Cordonier · Subhashinee S.K. Wijeratne · Patricia Huebbe · Augusta Jamin · Sarah Jarecke · Matthew S. Wiebe · Janos Zempleni · Janos Zempleni
The co-administration of proanthocyanidins and an obesogenic diet prevents the increase in intestinal permeability and metabolic endotoxemia derived to the diet Katherine Gil-Cardoso · Iris Ginés · Montserrat Pinent · Anna Ardévol · Mayte Blay · Ximena Terra · Ximena Terra
Alterations to the microbiota-colon-brain axis in high-fat diet-induced obese mice compared to diet-resistant mice Peng Zhang · Yinghua Yu · Yanfang Qin · Yuan Zhou · Renxian Tang · Qingling Wang · Xiangyang Li · Hongqin Wang · Katrina Weston-Green · Xu-Feng Huang · Kuiyang Zheng · Kuiyang Zheng
Dietary supplementation with alkylresorcinols prevents muscle atrophy through a shift of energy supply Shigeru Hiramoto · Nobuhiro Yahata · Kanae Saitoh · Tomohiro Yoshimura · Yao Wang · Shigeto Taniyama · Takeshi Nikawa · Katsuyasu Tachibana · Katsuya Hirasaka · Katsuya Hirasaka
B cell activation and proliferation increase intracellular zinc levels Johanna Ollig · Veronika Kloubert · Kathryn M. Taylor · Lothar Rink · Lothar Rink
Fucoxanthin potentiates anoikis in colon mucosa and prevents carcinogenesis in AOM/DSS model mice Masaru Terasaki · Tatsuya Iida · Fubuki Kikuchi · Kanae Tamura · Tetsuya Endo · Yasuhiro Kuramitsu · Takuji Tanaka · Hayato Maeda · Kazuo Miyashita · Michihiro Mutoh · Michihiro Mutoh
(+)-Sesamin attenuates chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced depressive-like behaviors and memory deficits via suppression of neuroinflammation Yihang Zhao · Qianxu Wang · Mengzhen Jia · Shangchen Fu · Junru Pan · Chuanqi Chu · Xiaoning Liu · Xuebo Liu · Zhigang Liu · Zhigang Liu
Fisher discriminant analysis for classification of autism Spectrum disorders based on folate-related metabolism markers Mingyang Zou · Caihong Sun · Shuang Liang · Yi Sun · Dexin Li · Ling Li · Lili Fan · Lijie Wu · Wei Xia · Wei Xia
A low-protein diet eliminates the circadian rhythm of serum insulin and hepatic lipid metabolism in mice Shin-Ichi Yokota · Kaai Nakamura · Midori Ando · Atsushi Haraguchi · Kanako Omori · Shigenobu Shibata · Shigenobu Shibata
Dietary saturated fatty acid type impacts obesity-induced metabolic dysfunction and plasma Lipidomic signatures in mice Petr Žáček · Michael R. Bukowski · Aaron Mehus · LuAnn K. Johnson · Huawei Zeng · Susan K. Raatz · Joseph Idso · Matthew J. Picklo · Matthew J. Picklo
A comprehensive evaluation of OMEGA-3 fatty acid supplementation in cystic fibrosis patients using LIPIDOMICS Óscar Pastor · Paula Guzmán-Lafuente · Jorge Bernardino de la Serna · Marta Muñoz-Hernández · Alejandro López-Neyra · Patricia García-Rozas · David García-Seisdedos · Alberto Alcázar · Miguel A. Lasunción · Rebeca Busto · Adelaida Lamas · Adelaida Lamas
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids attenuate inflammatory activation and alter differentiation in human adipocytes Jane F. Ferguson · Kailey Roberts · Cristina Borcea · Holly M Smith · Yasmeen Midgette · Rachana Shah · Rachana Shah
A higher flavonoid intake is associated with less likelihood of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Results from a multi-ethnics study Mohsen Mazidi · Niki Katsiki · Maciej Banach · Maciej Banach
Allicin induces beige-like adipocytes via KLF15 signal cascade Chung Gi Lee · Dong Kwon Rhee · Byung Oh Kim · Sung Hee Um · Suhkneung Pyo · Suhkneung Pyo
Dairy Milk proteins attenuate hyperglycemia-induced impairments in vascular endothelial function in adults with Prediabetes by limiting increases in Glycemia and oxidative stress that reduce nitric oxide bioavailability Joshua D. McDonald · Eunice Mah · Chureeporn Chitchumroonchokchai · Priyankar Dey · Allison N. Labyk · Frederick A. Villamena · Jeff S. Volek · Richard S. Bruno · Richard S. Bruno
Plant microRNAs in human sera are likely contaminants Bastian Fromm · Wenjing Kang · Carlos Rovira · Alfonso Cayota · Kenneth W. Witwer · Marc R. Friedländer · Juan Pablo Tosar · Juan Pablo Tosar
Reply to Fromm et al Dongxia Hou · Zhen Zhou · Xi Chen · Xiaohong Jiang · Ke Zen · Chen-Yu Zhang · Chen-Yu Zhang
Cranberries attenuate animal-based diet-induced changes in microbiota composition and functionality: a randomized crossover controlled feeding trial Jose Rodríguez-Morató · Jose Rodríguez-Morató · Jose Rodríguez-Morató · Nirupa R. Matthan · Jin Liu · Rafael de la Torre · Rafael de la Torre · C.-Y. Oliver Chen · C.-Y. Oliver Chen
Astaxanthin exerts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in macrophages in NRF2-dependent and independent manners Callie Farruggia · Mi-Bo Kim · Minkyung Bae · Yoojin Lee · Tho X. Pham · Yue Yang · Myung Joo Han · Young-Ki Park · Ji-Young Lee · Ji-Young Lee
Dietary fatty acids augment tissue levels of n-acylethanolamines in n-acylphosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D (NAPE-PLD) knockout mice Lin Lin · Adam H. Metherel · Alex P. Kitson · Shoug M. Alashmali · Kathryn E. Hopperton · Marc-Olivier Trépanier · Peter J. H. Jones · Richard P. Bazinet · Richard P. Bazinet
Long-term exposure to high-sucrose diet down-regulates hepatic endoplasmic reticulum-stress adaptive pathways and potentiates de novo lipogenesis in weaned male mice Karla Frida Torres Flister · Bruno Araújo Serra Pinto · Lucas Martins França · Caio Fernando Ferreira Coêlho · Pâmela Costa dos Santos · Caroline Castro Vale · Daniela Kajihara · Victor Debbas · Francisco Rafael Martins Laurindo · Antonio Marcus de Andrade Paes · Antonio Marcus de Andrade Paes
Flavin homeostasis in the mouse retina during aging and degeneration Tirthankar Sinha · Mustafa S. Makia · Jianhai Du · Muna I. Naash · Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi · Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi
Saturated fatty acid alters embryonic cortical neurogenesis through modulation of gene expression in neural stem cells Mustafa T. Ardah · Shama Parween · Divya S. Varghese · Bright Starling Emerald · Suraiya A. Ansari · Suraiya A. Ansari
High-fat diet affects pregestational adiposity and glucose tolerance perturbing gestational placental macronutrient transporters culminating in an obese offspring in wild-type and glucose transporter isoform 3 heterozygous null mice Amit Ganguly · Sherin U. Devaskar · Sherin U. Devaskar
Sodium acetate and androgen receptor blockade improve gestational androgen excess-induced deteriorated glucose homeostasis and antioxidant defenses in rats: roles of adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase activities Taofeek O. Usman · Taofeek O. Usman · Emmanuel D. Areola · Olufunto O. Badmus · Olufunto O. Badmus · Inkyeom Kim · Lawrence A. Olatunji · Lawrence A. Olatunji
Arginine promotes skeletal muscle fiber type transformation from fast-twitch to slow-twitch via Sirt1/AMPK pathway Xiaoling Chen · Yafei Guo · Gang Jia · Guangmang Liu · Hua Zhao · Zhiqing Huang · Zhiqing Huang
Fisetin inhibits cardiac hypertrophy by suppressing oxidative stress Bin Dong · Chen Liu · Ruicong Xue · Yan Wang · Yu Sun · Zhuomin Liang · Wendong Fan · Jingzhou Jiang · Jingjing Zhao · Qiao Su · Gang Dai · Yugang Dong · Huiling Huang · Huiling Huang
Bio-accessible milk casein derived tripeptide (LLY) mediates overlapping anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects under cellular (Caco-2) and in vivo milieu Kandukuri Sowmya · Dev Mala · Mohd Iqbal Bhat · Naveen Kumar · Rajesh Kumar Bajaj · Suman Kapila · Rajeev Kapila · Rajeev Kapila
A microRNA expression signature of the postprandial state in response to a high-saturated fat challenge Sergio Lopez · Beatriz Bermudez · Sergio Montserrat-de la Paz · Rocio Abia · Francisco J.G. Muriana · Francisco J.G. Muriana
Lifelong calorie restriction affects indicators of colonic health in aging C57Bl/6J mice Dieuwertje E. Kok · Fenni Rusli · Benthe van der Lugt · Carolien Lute · Luca Laghi · Stefano Salvioli · Gianfranco Picone · Claudio Franceschi · Hauke Smidt · Jacques Vervoort · Ellen Kampman · Michael Müller · Wilma T. Steegenga · Wilma T. Steegenga
Food components with anti-fibrotic activity and implications in prevention of liver disease Minkyung Bae · Young-Ki Park · Ji-Young Lee · Ji-Young Lee
Curcumin enhances LXRα in an AMP-activated protein kinase-dependent manner in human macrophages Javier Sáenz · Gonzalo Alba · María Edith Reyes-Quiroz · Isabel Geniz · Juan Ramón Jiménez · Francisco Sobrino · Consuelo Santa-María · Consuelo Santa-María
Zinc supplementation alleviates the progression of diabetic nephropathy by inhibiting the overexpression of oxidative-stress-mediated molecular markers in streptozotocin-induced experimental rats Susmita Barman · Seetur R. Pradeep · Krishnapura Srinivasan · Krishnapura Srinivasan
Preventive effects of indole-3-carbinol against alcohol-induced liver injury in mice via antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic mechanisms: Role of gut-liver-adipose tissue axis Youngshim Choi · Mohamed A. Abdelmegeed · Byoung J. Song · Byoung J. Song
Dietary antioxidant micronutrients alter mucosal inflammatory risk in a murine model of genetic and microbial susceptibility Joseph F. Pierre · Reinhard Hinterleitner · Romain Bouziat · Nathan A. Hubert · Vanessa Leone · Jun Miyoshi · Bana Jabri · Eugene B. Chang · Eugene B. Chang
Effects of barley variety, dietary fiber and β-glucan content on bile acid composition in cecum of rats fed low- and high-fat diets Tannaz Ghaffarzadegan · Yadong Zhong · Frida Fåk Hållenius · Margareta Nyman · Margareta Nyman
Establishment of pancreatic microenvironment model of ER stress: Quercetin attenuates β-cell apoptosis by invoking nitric oxide-cGMP signaling in endothelial cells Natarajan Suganya · Krishna Priya Mani · Dornadula Sireesh · Palanisamy Rajaguru · M. Vairamani · Thiruppathi Suresh · Takayoshi Suzuki · Suvro Chatterjee · Kunka Mohanram Ramkumar · Kunka Mohanram Ramkumar
Ameliorative role of genistein against age-dependent chronic arsenic toxicity in murine brains via the regulation of oxidative stress and inflammatory signaling cascades Sukanya Saha · Pritam Sadhukhan · Sushweta Mahalanobish · Sayanta Dutta · Parames C. Sil · Parames C. Sil
Short-chain fatty acids administration is protective in colitis-associated colorectal cancer development Yun Tian · Yun Tian · Qing Xu · Liqun Sun · Ying Ye · Guozhong Ji · Guozhong Ji
Resveratrol improves glucose uptake in insulin-resistant adipocytes via Sirt1 Sifan Chen · Sifan Chen · Zhongliang Zhao · Liangru Ke · Zilun Li · Wenxue Li · Zili Zhang · Ying Zhou · Xiang Feng · Wei Zhu · Wei Zhu
High-fat diet alters PAS kinase regulation by fasting and feeding in liver Ana Pérez-García · Pilar Dongil · Verónica Hurtado-Carneiro · Enrique Blázquez · Carmen Sanz · Elvira Alvarez · Elvira Alvarez
Tocotrienol-rich fraction supplementation reduces hyperglycemia-induced skeletal muscle damage through regulation of insulin signaling and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic mice Heaji Lee · Yunsook Lim · Yunsook Lim
High salt diet induces metabolic alterations in multiple biological processes of Dahl salt-sensitive rats Yanjun Wang · Xiangyang Liu · Chen Zhang · Zhengjun Wang · Zhengjun Wang
Butyrate from pectin fermentation inhibits intestinal cholesterol absorption and attenuates atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice Ying Chen · Chengfang Xu · Rong Huang · Jiayi Song · Di Li · Min Xia · Min Xia
Loss of ovarian function in association with a high-fat diet promotes insulin resistance and disturbs adipose tissue immune homeostasis Munkyong Pae · Yunjung Baek · Seung Eun Lee · Dayong Wu · Dayong Wu
A peroxidized omega-3-enriched polyunsaturated diet leads to adipose and metabolic dysfunction James L. Miller · Magdalena Blaszkiewicz · Cordell Beaton · Cory P. Johnson · Stephen Waible · Amanda L. Dubois · Amanda Klemmer · Michael Kiebish · Kristy L. Townsend · Kristy L. Townsend
Feeding a slowly digestible carbohydrate diet during pregnancy of insulin-resistant rats prevents the excess of adipogenesis in their offspring María Martín · Manuel Manzano · Pilar Bueno-Vargas · Ricardo Rueda · Rafael Salto · Maria-Dolores Giron · Jose D. Vílchez · Elena Cabrera · Ainara Cano · Azucena Castro · Cesar L. Ramirez-Tortosa · José M. López-Pedrosa · José M. López-Pedrosa
Atrazine-induced environmental nephrosis was mitigated by lycopene via modulating nuclear xenobiotic receptors-mediated response Jun Xia · Jia Lin · Xue-Nan Li · Cong Zhang · Nan Li · Nan Li · Zheng-Hai Du · Yan-Hua Li · Jin-Long Li · Jin-Long Li
Phenol-enriched olive oils improve HDL antioxidant content in hypercholesterolemic subjects. A randomized, double-blind, cross-over, controlled trial Marta Farràs · Marta Farràs · Sara Fernández-Castillejo · Laura Rubió · Sara Arranz · Úrsula Catalán · Isaac Subirana · Mari-Paz Romero · Olga Castañer · Anna Pedret · Gemma Blanchart · Daniel Muñoz-Aguayo · Helmut Schröder · María-Isabel Covas · Rafael de la Torre · Rafael de la Torre · Maria-José Motilva · Rosa Solà · Montserrat Fitó · Montserrat Fitó
Dietary red raspberries attenuate dextran sulfate sodium-induced acute colitis Shima Bibi · Yifei Kang · Min Du · Mei-Jun Zhu · Mei-Jun Zhu
Effects of flavonoids on MicroRNA 145 regulation through Klf4 and myocardin in neointimal formation in vitro and in vivo Chiu Mei Lin · Chiu Mei Lin · Chiu Mei Lin · Bao Wei Wang · Chun Ming Pan · Wei Jen Fang · Su Kiat Chua · Sheng Wen Hou · Sheng Wen Hou · Hang Chang · Kou Gi Shyu · Kou Gi Shyu
Gene pathways associated with mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, and telomere length are differentially expressed in the liver of rats fed lifelong on virgin olive, sunflower or fish oils Alfonso Varela-López · María Patricia Pérez-López · Cesar L. Ramirez-Tortosa · Maurizio Battino · Sergio Granados-Principal · Maria del Carmen Ramirez-Tortosa · Julio J. Ochoa · Laura Vera-Ramirez · Francesca Giampieri · José L. Quiles · José L. Quiles
High-fat diet disrupts bone remodeling by inducing local and systemic alterations Carina Cristina Montalvany-Antonucci · Marina Campos Zicker · Adaliene Versiani Matos Ferreira · Soraia Macari · Erivan Schnaider Ramos-Junior · Ricardo Santiago Gomez · Thaís Santos Ferreira Pereira · Mila Fernandes Moreira Madeira · Sandra Y. Fukada · Ildeu Andrade · Tarcília Aparecida Silva · Tarcília Aparecida Silva
Interesterified soybean oil promotes weight gain, impaired glucose tolerance and increased liver cellular stress markers Josiane Érica Miyamoto · Ana Carolina G. Ferraz · Mariana Portovedo · Andressa Reginato · Marcella Aparecida Stahl · Letícia M. Ignacio-Souza · Kenny L. Chan · Adriana Souza Torsoni · Marcio Alberto Torsoni · Ana Paula Badan Ribeiro · Marciane Milanski · Marciane Milanski
Can the dietary fat type facilitate memory impairments in adulthood? A comparative study between Mediterranean and Western-based diet in rats Priscila Haygert · Karine Roversi · Laura Hautrive Milanesi · Luana Haselein Maurer · Camila Camponogara · Thiago Duarte · Raquel Cristine Silva Barcelos · Tatiana Emanuelli · Sara Marchesan Oliveira · Marta M.M.F. Duarte · Marta M.M.F. Duarte · Fabíola Trevizol · Marilise Escobar Bürger · Marilise Escobar Bürger
Involvement of bilitranslocase and beta-glucuronidase in the vascular protection by hydroxytyrosol and its glucuronide metabolites in oxidative stress conditions Julien Peyrol · Grégory Meyer · Philippe Obert · Olivier Dangles · Laurent Pechere · Marie-Josèphe Amiot · Catherine Riva · Catherine Riva
Supplementation with polyunsaturated fatty acids in pregnant rats with mild diabetes normalizes placental PPARγ and mTOR signaling in female offspring developing gestational diabetes Evangelina Capobianco · Daiana Fornes · Sabrina Roberti · Theresa L. Powell · Thomas Jansson · Alicia Jawerbaum · Alicia Jawerbaum
Modulation of dietary folate with age confers selective hepatocellular epigenetic imprints through DNA methylation Rauf Ahmad Najar · Nissar Ahmad Wani · Javeed Ahmad Bhat · Nawab John Dar · Beenish Rahat · Ajai Prakash Gupta · Jaspreet Kaur · Jyotdeep Kaur · Abid Hamid · Abid Hamid
Flaxseed oil rich in omega-3 protects aorta against inflammation and endoplasmic reticulum stress partially mediated by GPR120 receptor in obese, diabetic and dyslipidemic mice models Alexandre Moura-Assis · Milessa da Silva Afonso · Vanessa de Oliveira · Joseane Morari · Gustavo Aparecido dos Santos · Marcia K. Koike · Ana Maria Lottenberg · Rodrigo Ramos Catharino · Lício A. Velloso · Adelino Sanchez Ramos da Silva · Lp de Moura · Eduardo R. Ropelle · José Rodrigo Pauli · Dennys E. Cintra · Dennys E. Cintra
Epigenetic reprogramming in metabolic disorders: nutritional factors and beyond Zhiyong Cheng · Louise Zheng · Fabio A. Almeida · Fabio A. Almeida
Age-dependent alterations of glucose clearance and homeostasis are temporally separated and modulated by dietary fat Mads Damgaard · Simone I. Pærregaard · Ida Søgaard · Marianne Agerholm · Joseph N. Paulson · Joseph N. Paulson · Jonas T. Treebak · Christian Sina · Jacob Holm · Karsten Kristiansen · Benjamin Anderschou Holbech Jensen · Benjamin Anderschou Holbech Jensen
Dietary omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids modulate hepatic pathology Saraswoti Khadge · John G. Sharp · Geoffrey M. Thiele · Timothy R. McGuire · Lynell W. Klassen · Michael J. Duryee · Holly C. Britton · Alicia J. Dafferner · Jordan Beck · Paul N. Black · Concetta C. DiRusso · James E. Talmadge · James E. Talmadge
Large neutral amino acid supplementation as an alternative to the phenylalanine-restricted diet in adults with phenylketonuria : evidence from adult Pah-enu2 mice Danique van Vliet · Els van der Goot · Vibeke M. Bruinenberg · Martijn van Faassen · Pim de Blaauw · Ido P. Kema · M. Rebecca Heiner-Fokkema · Eddy A. Van der Zee · Francjan J. van Spronsen · Francjan J. van Spronsen
Grape seed procyanidin extract ameliorates lead-induced liver injury via miRNA153 and AKT/GSK-3β/Fyn-mediated Nrf2 activation Biying Liu · Huijie Jiang · Jingjing Lu · Ruiqi Baiyun · Siyu Li · Yueying Lv · Da Li · Hao Wu · Zhigang Zhang · Zhigang Zhang
Sulforaphane attenuates postnatal proteasome inhibition and improves spatial learning in adult mice Aditya Sunkaria · Supriya Bhardwaj · Aarti Yadav · Avishek Halder · Rajat Sandhir · Rajat Sandhir
Protective properties of n-3 fatty acids and implications in obesity-associated breast cancer Arwa Aljawadi · Hanna Moussa · Latha Ramalingam · Suranganie Dharmawardhane · Lauren Gollahon · Preethi H. Gunaratne · Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman · Naima Moustaid-Moussa · Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Dietary fish oil differentially ameliorates high-fructose diet-induced hepatic steatosis and hyperlipidemia in mice depending on time of feeding Katsutaka Oishi · Katsutaka Oishi · Katsutaka Oishi · Tatsuya Konishi · Chiaki Hashimoto · Chiaki Hashimoto · Saori Yamamoto · Yoshinori Takahashi · Yasuhiko Shiina · Yasuhiko Shiina
Euterpe oleracea Mart. (açaí) seed extract associated with exercise training reduces hepatic steatosis in type 2 diabetic male rats Graziele Freitas de Bem · Cristiane Aguiar da Costa · Viviane da Silva Cristino Cordeiro · Izabelle Barcellos Santos · Lenize Costa Reis Marins de Carvalho · Ricardo de Andrade Soares · Jéssica Honorato Ribeiro · Marcelo Augusto Vieira de Souza · Pergentino José da Cunha Sousa · Dayane Teixeira Ognibene · Angela Castro Resende · Roberto Soares de Moura · Roberto Soares de Moura
Bitter melon seed oil increases mitochondrial content in gastrocnemius muscle and improves running endurance in sedentary C57BL/6J mice Fei Koon Chan · Chin Hsu · Tsai Chung Li · Tsai Chung Li · Wen-Hung Chen · Kuo-Tang Tseng · Pei-Min Chao · Pei-Min Chao
Interaction between leucine and palmitate catabolism in 3T3-L1 adipocytes and primary adipocytes from control and obese rats Daniela Salinas-Rubio · Armando R. Tovar · Ivan Torre-Villalvazo · Omar Granados-Portillo · Nimbe Torres · José Pedraza-Chaverri · Lilia G. Noriega · Lilia G. Noriega
Anti-Obesity Effect of Lactobacillus Reuteri 263 Associated with Energy Metabolism Remodeling of White Adipose Tissue in High Energy Diet-Fed Rats Li-Han Chen · Yi-Hsing Chen · Kuan-Chen Cheng · Ting-Yi Chien · Ching-Hung Chan · Shu-Ping Tsao · Hui-Yu Huang · Hui-Yu Huang
Hydroxytyrosol ameliorates insulin resistance by modulating endoplasmic reticulum stress and prevents hepatic steatosis in diet-induced obesity mice Ningning Wang · Yang Liu · Yanan Ma · Deliang Wen · Deliang Wen
Protein-restriction diet during the suckling phase programs rat metabolism against obesity and insulin resistance exacerbation induced by a high-fat diet in adulthood Isabela Peixoto Martins · Júlio Cezar de Oliveira · Audrei Pavanello · Camila Cristina Ianoni Matiusso · Carina Previate · Laize Peron Tófolo · Tatiane Aparecida Ribeiro · Claudinéia Conationi da Silva Franco · Rosiane Aparecida Miranda · Kelly Valério Prates · Vander Silva Alves · Flávio Andrade Francisco · Ana Maria Praxedes de Moraes · Paulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias · Ananda Malta · Ananda Malta
Anti-osteoclastic effect of caffeic acid phenethyl ester in murine macrophages depends upon the suppression of superoxide anion production through the prevention of an active-Nox1 complex formation Yong-Beom Kwon · Fang-Fang Wang · Hae-Dong Jang · Hae-Dong Jang
Dietary protein dilution limits dyslipidemia in obesity through FGF21-driven fatty acid clearance Adriano Maida · Adriano Maida · Annika Zota · Annika Zota · Alexandros Vegiopoulos · Sila Appak-Baskoy · Hellmut G. Augustin · Mathias Heikenwalder · Stephan Herzig · Stephan Herzig · Adam J. Rose · Adam J. Rose · Adam J. Rose
The role of the lipidome in obesity-mediated colon cancer risk Raghav Jain · C. Austin Pickens · Jenifer I. Fenton · Jenifer I. Fenton
Grape proanthocyanidin-induced intestinal bloom of Akkermansia muciniphila is dependent on its baseline abundance and precedes activation of host genes related to metabolic health Li Zhang · Rachel N. Carmody · Hetal M. Kalariya · Rocio M. Duran · Kristin Moskal · Alexander Poulev · Peter Kuhn · Kevin M. Tveter · Peter J. Turnbaugh · Ilya Raskin · Diana E. Roopchand · Diana E. Roopchand
Insulin sensitivity linked skeletal muscle Nr4a1 DNA methylation is programmed by the maternal diet and modulated by voluntary exercise in mice Juliane Kasch · Isabel Kanzleiter · Sophie Saussenthaler · Annette Schürmann · Jaap Keijer · Evert M. van Schothorst · Susanne Klaus · Sara Schumann · Sara Schumann
Fructose liquid and solid formulations differently affect gut integrity, microbiota composition and related liver toxicity: a comparative in vivo study Raffaella Mastrocola · Raffaella Mastrocola · Ilario Ferrocino · Erica Liberto · Fausto Chiazza · Alessia Sofia Cento · Debora Collotta · Giulia Querio · Debora Nigro · Valeria Bitonto · Juan Carlos Cutrin · Kalliopi Rantsiou · Mariaconcetta Durante · Emanuela Masini · Manuela Aragno · Chiara Cordero · Luca Cocolin · Massimo Collino · Massimo Collino
Apple peel polyphenols reduce mitochondrial dysfunction in mice with DSS-induced ulcerative colitis Pantea Rahmani Yeganeh · Pantea Rahmani Yeganeh · Jade Leahy · Jade Leahy · Schohraya Spahis · Schohraya Spahis · Natalie Patey · Yves Desjardins · Denis Roy · Edgard Delvin · Carole Garofalo · Jean-Philippe Leduc-Gaudet · David H. St-Pierre · David H. St-Pierre · Jean-François Beaulieu · André Marette · Gilles Gouspillou · Emile Levy · Emile Levy
Onion quercetin monoglycosides alter microbial activity and increase antioxidant capacity Katarzyna Grzelak-Błaszczyk · Joanna Milala · Monika Kosmala · Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk · Michał Sójka · Andrzej Czarnecki · Robert Klewicki · Jerzy Juśkiewicz · Adam Jurgoński · Adam Jurgoński
The human natural killer-1 (HNK-1) glycan mimetic ursolic acid promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury in mouse Sudhanshu Sahu · Rong Li · Praveen Kumar Kadeyala · Shisong Liu · Melitta Schachner · Melitta Schachner · Melitta Schachner
Apo-10-lycopenoic acid inhibits cancer cell migration and angiogenesis and induces peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ Junrui Cheng · Benchun Miao · Kang-Quan Hu · Xueyan Fu · Xiang-Dong Wang · Xiang-Dong Wang
Raspberry promotes brown and beige adipocyte development in mice fed high-fat diet through activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) α1 Tiande Zou · Tiande Zou · Bo Wang · Qiyuan Yang · Jeanene de Avila · Mei-Jun Zhu · Jinming You · Daiwen Chen · Min Du · Min Du · Min Du
Maternal green tea polyphenol intake during lactation attenuates kidney injury in high-fat-diet-fed male offspring programmed by maternal protein restriction in rats Saori Kataoka · Toshio Norikura · Shin Sato · Shin Sato
Chronic palmitic acid-induced lipotoxicity correlates with defective trafficking of ATP sensitive potassium channels in pancreatic β cells Jing-Syuna Ruan · Jie-Kuan Lin · Yi-Ying Kuo · Yun Wen Chen · Pei Chun Chen · Pei Chun Chen
Grape pomace extract induced beige cells in white adipose tissue from rats and in 3T3-L1 adipocytes Cecilia Rodriguez Lanzi · Diahann Perdicaro · María Silvina Landa · Ariel R. Fontana · Andrea Antoniolli · Roberto Miatello · Marcela A. Vazquez Prieto · Marcela A. Vazquez Prieto
Differential effect of dietary vitamin D supplementation on natural killer cell activity in lean and obese mice Ga Young Lee · Chan Yoon Park · Kyeong Sun Cha · Seung Eun Lee · Munkyong Pae · Sung Nim Han · Sung Nim Han
Regulatory responses of hepatocytes, macrophages and vascular endothelial cells to magnesium deficiency Mei Shigematsu · Shozo Tomonaga · Fumie Shimokawa · Masaru Murakami · Toru Imamura · Tohru Matsui · Masayuki Funaba · Masayuki Funaba
Sulforaphane epigenetically demethylates the CpG sites of the miR-9-3 promoter and reactivates miR-9-3 expression in human lung cancer A549 cells Linbo Gao · David Cheng · Jie Yang · Renyi Wu · Wenji Li · Ah-Ng Tony Kong · Ah-Ng Tony Kong
Effect of short-term hazelnut consumption on DNA damage and oxidized LDL in children and adolescents with primary hyperlipidemia: a randomized controlled trial Federica Guaraldi · Valeria Deon · Cristian Del Bo · Stefano Vendrame · Marisa Porrini · Patrizia Riso · Ornella Guardamagna · Ornella Guardamagna
Omega-3 fatty acids in obesity and metabolic syndrome: a mechanistic update Kembra Albracht-Schulte · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Latha Ramalingam · Shu Wang · Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman · Jacalyn J. Robert-McComb · Naima Moustaid-Moussa · Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Beneficial effects of white wine polyphenols-enriched diet on Alzheimer`s disease-like pathology Daniela Mendes · M. Manuel Oliveira · Paula I. Moreira · João Coutinho · Fernando M. Nunes · David M. Pereira · Patrícia Valentão · Paula B. Andrade · Romeu A. Videira · Romeu A. Videira
Long-term treatment with green tea polyphenols modifies the gut microbiome of female sprague-dawley rats Jincheng Wang · Lili Tang · Hongyuan Zhou · Hongyuan Zhou · Jun Zhou · Travis C. Glenn · Chwan-Li Shen · Jia-Sheng Wang · Jia-Sheng Wang
Impact of tart cherries polyphenols on the human gut microbiota and phenolic metabolites in vitro and in vivo Alba C. Mayta-Apaza · Ellen Pottgen · Jana De Bodt · Nóra Papp · Daya Marasini · Luke R. Howard · László Abrankó · Tom Van de Wiele · Sun-Ok Lee · Franck Carbonero · Franck Carbonero
Polyphenol-rich green tea extract improves adipose tissue metabolism by down-regulating miR-335 expression and mitigating insulin resistance and inflammation Rosemari Otton · Anaysa Paola Bolin · Leticia Torres Ferreira · Marcelo Paradiso Marinovic · Andréa Livia Silva Rocha · Marcelo Alves Mori · Marcelo Alves Mori
Anti-inflammatory effects of α-linolenic acid in M1-like macrophages are associated with enhanced production of oxylipins from α-linolenic and linoleic acid Samantha D. Pauls · Lisa A Rodway · Tanja Winter · Carla G. Taylor · Peter Zahradka · Harold M. Aukema · Harold M. Aukema
Systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical trials demonstrate robust beneficial effects of prebiotics in induced inflammatory bowel disease Marcos Natal Rufino · Gabriel Francisco Pereira Aleixo · Ingrid Eloise Trombine-Batista · Rogério Giuffrida · Rogéria Keller · Hermann Bremer-Neto · Hermann Bremer-Neto
Gamma-tocotrienol attenuates the aberrant lipid mediator production in NLRP3 inflammasome-stimulated macrophages Yongeun Kim · Anthony D. Gromovsky · J. Mark Brown · Soonkyu Chung · Soonkyu Chung
Fish oil ameliorates sickness behavior induced by lipopolysaccharide in aged mice through the modulation of kynurenine pathway Marcelo Gomes de Gomes · Leandro Cattelan Souza · André Tiago Rossito Goes · Lucian Del Fabbro · Carlos Borges Filho · Franciele Donato · Marina Prigol · Cristiane Luchese · Silvane Souza Roman · Robson Luiz Puntel · Silvana Peterini Boeira · Cristiano R. Jesse · Cristiano R. Jesse
The role of milk fat globule membranes in behavior and cognitive function using a suckling rat pup supplementation model Lauren R. Brink · Bo Lönnerdal · Bo Lönnerdal
Disruption of tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor 1 signaling accelerates NAFLD progression in mice upon a high-fat diet Flavia Lambertucci · Ainelén Arboatti · María Guillermina Sedlmeier · Omar Motiño · María de Luján Alvarez · María Paula Ceballos · Silvina R. Villar · Eduardo Roggero · Juan A. Monti · Gerardo B. Pisani · Ariel D. Quiroga · Cristina E. Carnovale · Daniel E. Francés · María Teresa Ronco · María Teresa Ronco
Postnatal high-fat diet sex-specifically exacerbates prenatal dexamethasone-induced hypertension: Mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomic approach Chien-Ning Hsu · Wan-Tz Lai · Yu-Ju Lin · You-Lin Tain · You-Lin Tain
Synbiotics Bifidobacterium infantis and milk oligosaccharides are effective in reversing cancer-prone nonalcoholic steatohepatitis using western diet-fed FXR knockout mouse models Prasant Kumar Jena · Lili Sheng · Nidhi Nagar · Chao Wu · Daniela Barile · David A. Mills · Yui-Jui Yvonne Wan · Yui-Jui Yvonne Wan
Phytonutrient genistein is a survival factor for pancreatic β-cells via GPR30-mediated mechanism Jing Luo · Aihua Wang · Wei Zhen · Yao Wang · Hongwei Si · Zhenquan Jia · Hana Alkhalidy · Hana Alkhalidy · Zhiyong Cheng · Elizabeth R. Gilbert · Bin Xu · Dongmin Liu · Dongmin Liu
Identification of activation of tryptophan–NAD+ pathway as a prominent metabolic response to thermally oxidized oil through metabolomics-guided biochemical analysis Lei Wang · Dan Yao · P. E. Urriola · Andrea R. Hanson · Milena Saqui-Salces · B. J. Kerr · G. C. Shurson · Chi Chen · Chi Chen
Protective effects of selenium-glutathione-enriched probiotics on CCl 4 -induced liver fibrosis Yunhuan Liu · Yunhuan Liu · Qing Liu · John E. Hesketh · Da Huang · Fang Gan · Shu Hao · Shan Tang · Yanxia Guo · Kehe Huang · Kehe Huang
Nutritional modulation of the intestinal microbiota; future opportunities for the prevention and treatment of neuroimmune and neuroinflammatory disease Vincent Lombardi · Vincent Lombardi · Kenny L. De Meirleir · Krishnamurthy Subramanian · Sam M. Nourani · Ruben K. Dagda · Shannon L. Delaney · András Palotás · András Palotás
Impact of diet-induced obesity on the mouse brain phosphoproteome Valentina Siino · Antonella Amato · Francesca Di Salvo · Gaetano Felice Caldara · Marcello Filogamo · Peter James · Sonya Vasto · Sonya Vasto
Naringenin is an inhibitor of T cell effector functions Xinli Niu · Chunfang Wu · Mengyue Li · Qing Zhao · Simin Nikbin Meydani · Junpeng Wang · Junpeng Wang · Dayong Wu · Dayong Wu
Maternal iodine supplementation improves motor coordination in offspring by modulating the mGluR1 signaling pathway in mild iodine deficiency-induced hypothyroxinemia rats Yuan Wang · Jun Han · Xi Chen · Xinning Zeng · Yi Wang · Jing Dong · Jie Chen · Jie Chen
Lycopene mitigates β-amyloid induced inflammatory response and inhibits NF-κB signaling at the choroid plexus in early stages of Alzheimers disease rats Chong-Bin Liu · Rui Wang · Yan-Feng Yi · Zhen Gao · Yi-Zhu Chen · Yi-Zhu Chen
Food restriction followed by refeeding with a casein- or whey-based diet differentially affects the gut microbiota of pre-pubertal male rats Majdi Masarwi · Hadas Isaac Solnik · Moshe Phillip · Moshe Phillip · Sima Yaron · Raanan Shamir · Metsada Pasmanic-Chor · Galia Gat-Yablonski · Galia Gat-Yablonski · Galia Gat-Yablonski
Maternal fructose induces gender-dependent changes in both LXRα promoter methylation and cholesterol metabolism in progeny Silvia Rodrigo · Elena Fauste · Maite de la Cuesta · Lourdes Rodríguez · Juan J. Álvarez-Millán · María I. Panadero · Paola Otero · Carlos Bocos · Carlos Bocos
Liraglutide modulates gut microbiota and reduces NAFLD in obese mice Gv Moreira · Ff Azevedo · Lm Ribeiro · Andrey Santos · Dioze Guadagnini · P Gama · Edson Aparecido Liberti · M. J. A. Saad · Cro Carvalho · Cro Carvalho
Dietary grape seed procyanidin extract protects against lead-induced heart injury in rats involving endoplasmic reticulum stress inhibition and AKT activation Daqian Yang · Siyu Li · Li Gao · Zhanjun Lv · Qizheng Bing · Qingjie Lv · Xiaoyan Zheng · Ruobing Li · Zhigang Zhang · Zhigang Zhang
Loss of DJ-1 promotes browning of white adipose tissue in diet-induced obese mice Allwin Jennifa Silvester · Kanikkai Raja Aseer · Hyun-Jun Jang · Ri Ryu · Eun-Young Kwon · Jae Gyu Park · Kiu-Hyung Cho · Harmesh N. Chaudhari · Myung-Sook Choi · Pann-Ghill Suh · Jong Won Yun · Jong Won Yun
Effects of dietary omega-3 PUFAs on growth and development: Somatic, neurobiological and reproductive functions in a murine model Santiago Bianconi · Santiago Bianconi · María Emilia Santillán · María del Rosario Solís · Ana Carolina Martini · Marina Flavia Ponzio · L. M. Vincenti · Helgi B. Schiöth · Valeria P. Carlini · Valeria P. Carlini · Graciela Stutz · Graciela Stutz
Blocking of STAT-3/SREBP1-mediated glucose–lipid metabolism is involved in dietary phytoestrogen-inhibited ovariectomized-induced body weight gain in rats Juan Chen · Jia Yue · Yun Liu · Jiao Liu · Kailin Jiao · Mengying Teng · Chunyan Hu · Jing Zhen · Maoxuan Wu · Zhong Li · Yuan Li · Yuan Li
Two weeks of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplementation increases synthesis-secretion kinetics of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids compared to 8 weeks of DHA supplementation Adam H. Metherel · R.J. Scott Lacombe · Juan J. Aristizabal Henao · Delphine Morin-Rivron · Alex P. Kitson · Kathryn E. Hopperton · Daniel Chalil · Mojgan Masoodi · Mojgan Masoodi · Ken D. Stark · Richard P. Bazinet · Richard P. Bazinet
Associations between copper and zinc intakes from diet and mortality from cardiovascular disease in a large population-based prospective cohort study Ehab S. Eshak · Ehab S. Eshak · Hiroyasu Iso · Kazumasa Yamagishi · Koutatsu Maruyama · Mitsumasa Umesawa · Akiko Tamakoshi · Akiko Tamakoshi
Alpha cell function interacts with diet to modulate prediabetes and type 2 diabetes Irene Roncero-Ramos · Irene Roncero-Ramos · Rosa Jimenez-Lucena · Rosa Jimenez-Lucena · Juan F. Alcala-Diaz · Juan F. Alcala-Diaz · Cristina Vals-Delgado · Cristina Vals-Delgado · Antonio P. Arenas-Larriva · Antonio P. Arenas-Larriva · Oriol A. Rangel-Zuñiga · Oriol A. Rangel-Zuñiga · Ana Leon-Acuña · Ana Leon-Acuña · María M. Malagón · María M. Malagón · Javier Delgado-Lista · Javier Delgado-Lista · Pablo Perez-Martinez · Pablo Perez-Martinez · Jose M. Ordovas · Antonio Camargo · Antonio Camargo · Jose Lopez-Miranda · Jose Lopez-Miranda · Jose Lopez-Miranda
Comparative effects of dietary n-3 docosapentaenoic acid (DPA), DHA and EPA on plasma lipid parameters, oxidative status and fatty acid tissue composition Gaëtan Drouin · Daniel Catheline · Etienne Guillocheau · Pierre Gueret · Charlotte Baudry · Pascale Le Ruyet · Vincent Rioux · Philippe Legrand · Philippe Legrand
Diabetes progression and alterations in gut bacterial translocation: prevention by diet supplementation with human milk in NOD mice Famara Sane · Angelo Scuotto · Véronique Pierrat · Nadine Kacet · Didier Hober · Marie-Bénédicte Romond · Marie-Bénédicte Romond
A long-term maternal diet intervention is necessary to avoid the obesogenic effect of maternal high-fat diet in the offspring Huiting Xu · Qiang Fu · Yi Zhou · Chengbin Xue · Patrick Olson · Ernest C. Lynch · Ke Zhang · Chaodong Wu · Peter Murano · Lanjing Zhang · Linglin Xie · Linglin Xie
Obesity alters the uterine environment before pregnancy María Victoria Bazzano · María Victoria Bazzano · Gisela Belén Sarrible · Gisela Belén Sarrible · Nora Martinez · Martín Berón de Astrada · Martín Berón de Astrada · Evelin Mariel Elia · Evelin Mariel Elia · Evelin Mariel Elia
Calorie restriction attenuates hypertrophy-induced redox imbalance and mitochondrial ATP-sensitive K+ channel repression Cicera Edna Barbosa David · Aline Maria Brito Lucas · Maria Thalyne Silva Araújo · Beatriz Neves Coelho · Juarez Braga Soares Neto · Bruna Raysa Campos Portela · Anna Lídia Nunes Varela · Alicia J. Kowaltowski · Heberty T.F. Facundo · Heberty T.F. Facundo
Common gut microbial metabolites of dietary flavonoids exert potent protective activities in β-cells and skeletal muscle cells Benjamin F. Bitner · Jason D. Ray · Kyle B. Kener · Jacob A. Herring · Josie A. Tueller · Deborah K. Johnson · Claudia M. Tellez Freitas · Dane W. Fausnacht · Mitchell E. Allen · Alexander H. Thomson · K. Scott Weber · Ryan P. McMillan · Matthew W. Hulver · David A. Brown · Jeffery S. Tessem · Andrew P. Neilson · Andrew P. Neilson
Low omega-6/omega-3 ratio in a maternal protein-deficient diet promotes histone-3 changes in progeny neural cells and favors leukemia inhibitory factor gene transcription Alinny Rosendo Isaac · Emerson A. Silva · Rhowena Jane Barbosa de Matos · Ricielle Lopes Augusto · Giselle Machado Magalhães Moreno · Ingrid Prata Mendonça · Raphael Fabricio de Souza · Paulo Euzébio Cabral-Filho · Claudio G. Rodrigues · Catarina Gonçalves-Pimentel · Marcelo Cairrão Araújo Rodrigues · Belmira Lara da Silveira Andrade-da-Costa · Belmira Lara da Silveira Andrade-da-Costa
Fecal microbiome composition and stability in 4- to 8-year old children is associated with dietary patterns and nutrient intake Kirsten Berding · Hannah D. Holscher · Anna E. Arthur · Anna E. Arthur · Sharon M. Donovan · Sharon M. Donovan
Maternal betaine supplementation attenuates glucocorticoid-induced hepatic lipid accumulation through epigenetic modification in adult offspring rats Nannan Zhao · Shu Yang · Yimin Jia · Bo Sun · Bin He · Ruqian Zhao · Ruqian Zhao
Dietary naringenin supplementation attenuates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by modulating autoimmune inflammatory responses in mice Junpeng Wang · Junpeng Wang · Ying Qi · Ying Qi · Xinli Niu · Xinli Niu · Hua Tang · Simin Nikbin Meydani · Dayong Wu · Dayong Wu
Replacement of soybean oil by fish oil increases cytosolic lipases activities in liver and adipose tissue from rats fed a high-carbohydrate diets Angélica Heringer Rodrigues · Carolina Campos Lima Moreira · Maria J. Neves · Leida Maria Botion · Valéria Ernestânia Chaves · Valéria Ernestânia Chaves
Peracetylated hydroxytyrosol, a new hydroxytyrosol derivate, attenuates LPS-induced inflammatory response in murine peritoneal macrophages via regulation of non-canonical inflammasome, Nrf2/HO1 and JAK/STAT signaling pathways Tatiana Montoya · Marina Aparicio-Soto · María Luisa Castejón · María Ángeles Rosillo · Marina Sánchez-Hidalgo · Paloma Begines · José G. Fernández-Bolaños · Catalina Alarcón-de-la-Lastra · Catalina Alarcón-de-la-Lastra
Dietary calcium supplementation in adult rats reverts brown adipose tissue dysfunction programmed by postnatal early overfeeding Ellen Paula Santos da Conceição · Egberto Gaspar de Moura · Elaine de Oliveira · Deysla Sabino Guarda · Mariana Sarto Figueiredo · Fernanda Torres Quitete · Camila Calvino · Rosiane Aparecida Miranda · Paulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias · Alex C. Manhães · Patricia Cristina Lisboa · Patricia Cristina Lisboa
Prophylactic effects of sulforaphane on depression-like behavior and dendritic changes in mice after inflammation Ji-chun Zhang · Wei Yao · Chao Dong · Chun Yang · Qian Ren · Min Ma · Mei Han · Jin Wu · Yusuke Ushida · Hiroyuki Suganuma · Kenji Hashimoto · Kenji Hashimoto
Long-term administration of advanced glycation end-product stimulates the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome and sparking the development of renal injury Wan Ju Yeh · Hsin-Yi Yang · Man-Hui Pai · Chi-Hao Wu · Jiun-Rong Chen · Jiun-Rong Chen · Jiun-Rong Chen
17β-Estradiol enhances sulforaphane cardioprotection against oxidative stress Cristina Angeloni · Gabriella Teti · Maria Cristina Barbalace · Marco Malaguti · Mirella Falconi · Silvana Hrelia · Silvana Hrelia
A combination of dietary N-3 fatty acids and a cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitor attenuates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice☆ Viswanathan Saraswathi · Curtis Perriotte-Olson · Murali Ganesan · Cyrus V. Desouza · Yazen Alnouti · Michael J. Duryee · Geoffrey M. Thiele · Tara M. Nordgren · Dahn L. Clemens · Dahn L. Clemens
Whole flaxseed diet alters estrogen metabolism to promote 2-methoxtestradiol-induced apoptosis in hen ovarian cancer Anushka Dikshit · Karen Hales · Dale B. Hales · Dale B. Hales
Low glycemic load diets protect against metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes mellitus in the male Nile rat Julia Bolsinger · Michelle Landstrom · Andrzej Pronczuk · Andrew Auerbach · K. C. Hayes · K. C. Hayes
非アルコール性脂肪性肝炎関連肝硬変の食事誘発性Sprague‐Dawleyラットモデル【Powered by NICT】 Ichimura Mayuko · Masuzumi Miki · Kawase Miku · Sakaki Mika · Tamaru Shizuka · Nagata Yasuo · Tanaka Kazunari · Suruga Kazuhito · Tsuneyama Koichi · Matsuda Satoru · Omagari Katsuhisa · Omagari Katsuhisa
Nobiletin and its colonic metabolites suppress colitis-associated colon carcinogenesis by down-regulating iNOS, inducing antioxidative enzymes and arresting cell cycle progression Xian Wu · Mingyue Song · Zili Gao · Yue Sun · Yue Sun · Minqi Wang · Fang Li · Jinkai Zheng · Hang Xiao · Hang Xiao
Chronic administration of saturated fats and fructose differently affect SREBP activity resulting in different modulation of Nrf2 and Nlrp3 inflammasome pathways in mice liver Debora Nigro · Francesca Menotti · Alessia Sofia Cento · Loredana Serpe · Fausto Chiazza · Federica Dal Bello · Francesco Romaniello · Claudio Medana · Massimo Collino · Manuela Aragno · Raffaella Mastrocola · Raffaella Mastrocola
Adverse effects of parental zinc deficiency on metal homeostasis and embryonic development in a zebrafish model Laura M. Beaver · Laura M. Beaver · Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie · Lisa Truong · Carrie L. Barton · Andrea L. Knecht · Greg D. Gonnerman · Carmen P. Wong · Carmen P. Wong · Robert L. Tanguay · Emily Ho · Emily Ho
Aberrant expression of microRNA induced by high-fructose diet: implications in the pathogenesis of hyperlipidemia and hepatic insulin resistance Neetu Sud · Hanyuan Zhang · Kaichao Pan · Xiao Cheng · Juan Cui · Qiaozhu Su · Qiaozhu Su
Deletion of liver-specific STAT5 gene alters the expression of bile acid metabolism genes and reduces liver damage in lithogenic diet-fed mice Myunggi Baik · Jangseon Kim · Min Yu Piao · Hyeok Joong Kang · Seung Ju Park · Sang Weon Na · Sung-Hoon Ahn · Jae-Hyuk Lee · Jae-Hyuk Lee
Vitamin E and caloric restriction promote hepatic homeostasis through expression of connexin 26, N-cad, E-cad and cholesterol metabolism genes Leonardo Vinícius Santolim · Maria Esméria Corezola do Amaral · José Luís Fachi · Maíra Felonato Mendes · Camila Andréa de Oliveira · Camila Andréa de Oliveira
Biallelic and triallelic approaches of 5-HTTLPR polymorphism are associated with food intake and nutritional status in childhood☆☆☆ Raquel Christine Krüger Miranda · Júlia Pasqualini Genro · Paula Dal Bó Campagnolo · Vanessa Suñé Mattevi · Márcia Regina Vitolo · Silvana Almeida · Silvana Almeida
Chronic maternal calcium and 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency in Wistar rats programs abnormal hepatic gene expression leading to hepatic steatosis in female offspring Sona S. Sharma · Nivedita M. Jangale · Abhay M. Harsulkar · Medha K. Gokhale · Bimba N. Joshi · Bimba N. Joshi
RETRACTED: Polysaccharide from Angelica sinensis ameliorates high-fat diet and STZ-induced hepatic oxidative stress and inflammation in diabetic mice by activating the Sirt1–AMPK pathway Kaiping Wang · Zhuohong Tang · Jinglin Wang · Peng Cao · Qiang Li · Weizhi Shui · Hongjing Wang · Ziming Zheng · Yu Zhang · Yu Zhang
Dietary lipids differentially modulate the initiation of experimental breast carcinogenesis through their influence on hepatic xenobiotic metabolism and DNA damage in the mammary gland Miguel Ángel Manzanares · Cristina de Miguel · M. Carme Ruíz de Villa · Regina M. Santella · Regina M. Santella · Eduard Escrich · Montserrat Solanas · Montserrat Solanas
Theobromine up-regulates cerebral brain-derived neurotrophic factor and facilitates motor learning in mice Mitsugu Yoneda · Naotoshi Sugimoto · Naotoshi Sugimoto · Masanori Katakura · Masanori Katakura · Kentaro Matsuzaki · Hayate Tanigami · Akihiro Yachie · Takako Ohno-Shosaku · Osamu Shido · Osamu Shido
All-trans-retinoic acid represses chemokine expression in adipocytes and adipose tissue by inhibiting NF-κB signaling ☆ Esma Karkeni · Lauriane Bonnet · Julien Astier · Charlène Couturier · Julie Dalifard · Franck Tourniaire · Jean-François Landrier · Jean-François Landrier
Dietary flavonoids and modulation of natural killer cells: implications in malignant and viral diseases Markus Burkard · Christian Leischner · Ulrich M. Lauer · Christian Busch · Sascha Venturelli · Jan Frank · Jan Frank
Obesity alters the ovarian glucidic homeostasis disrupting the reproductive outcome of female rats María Victoria Bazzano · Dante A. Paz · Dante A. Paz · Evelin Mariel Elia · Evelin Mariel Elia
N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids alleviate high glucose-mediated dysfunction of endothelial progenitor cells and prevent ischemic injuries both in vitro and in vivo Shao Chih Chiu · Che Yi Chao · Che Yi Chao · En Pei Isabel Chiang · Jia Ning Syu · Raymond L. Rodriguez · Feng-Yao Tang · Feng-Yao Tang
Dietary tryptophan alleviates dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis through aryl hydrocarbon receptor in mice ☆ Jahidul Islam · Shoko Sato · Kouichi Watanabe · Takaya Watanabe · Ardiansyah · Keisuke Hirahara · Yukihide Aoyama · Shuhei Tomita · Hisashi Aso · Michio Komai · Hitoshi Shirakawa · Hitoshi Shirakawa
ケルセチンはPI3K/AKT/mTORおよびSTAT3シグナル伝達経路を阻害することにより原発性滲出液リンパ腫細胞のアポトーシスとオートファジーを誘導する【Powered by NICT】 Granato Marisa · Rizzello Celeste · Gilardini Montani Maria Saveria · Cuomo Laura · Vitillo Marina · Santarelli Roberta · Gonnella Roberta · D’Orazi Gabriella · Faggioni Alberto · Cirone Mara · Cirone Mara
Omija fruit ethanol extract improves adiposity and related metabolic disturbances in mice fed a high-fat diet Hyo Jin Park · Hye-Jin Kim · Sang Ryong Kim · Myung-Sook Choi · Un Ju Jung · Un Ju Jung
1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D inhibits de novo fatty acid synthesis and lipid accumulation in metastatic breast cancer cells through down-regulation of pyruvate carboxylase Tomasz Wilmanski · Kimberly K. Buhman · Shawn S. Donkin · John Burgess · Dorothy Teegarden · Dorothy Teegarden
Modulation of urinary siderophores by the diet, gut microbiota and inflammation in mice Xia Xiao · Beng San Yeoh · Piu Saha · Yuan Tian · Vishal Singh · Andrew D. Patterson · Matam Vijay-Kumar · Matam Vijay-Kumar
マウスにおける食事,腸内微生物叢と炎症による尿中シデロホアの調節【Powered by NICT】 Xiao Xia · Yeoh Beng San · Saha Piu · Tian Yuan · Singh Vishal · D Patterson Andrew · Vijay-Kumar Matam · Vijay-Kumar Matam
Plant flavonoids in cancer chemoprevention: role in genome stability Vazhappilly Cijo George · Graham Dellaire · H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe · H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe
Ginseng and obesity: observations and understanding in cultured cells, animals and humans Longyun Zhang · Carlos Virgous · Hongwei Si · Hongwei Si
Histone deacetylase 9 plays a role in the antifibrogenic effect of astaxanthin in hepatic stellate cells Yue Yang · Minkyung Bae · Young-Ki Park · Yoojin Lee · Tho X. Pham · Swetha Rudraiah · José E. Manautou · Sung I. Koo · Ji-Young Lee · Ji-Young Lee
High-fat diet induces metabolic changes and reduces oxidative stress in female mouse hearts Ignasi Barba · Elisabet Miro-Casas · José L. Torrecilla · Eulàlia Pladevall · Sergi Tejedor · Rubén Sebastián-Pérez · Marisol Ruiz-Meana · José R. Berrendero · Antonio Cuevas · David Garcia-Dorado · David Garcia-Dorado
Effect of dry tomato peel supplementation on glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and hepatic markers in mice fed high-saturated-fat/high-cholesterol diets Sofiane Zidani · Amar Benakmoum · Ali Ammouche · Yasmine Benali · Anissa Bouhadef · Souheila Abbeddou · Souheila Abbeddou
Oleuropein aglycone enhances UCP1 expression in brown adipose tissue in high-fat-diet-induced obese rats by activating β-adrenergic signaling☆☆☆★ Yuriko Oi-Kano · Yusaku Iwasaki · Toshiyuki Nakamura · Tatsuo Watanabe · Tsuyoshi Goto · Teruo Kawada · Kenichi Watanabe · Kazuo Iwai · Kazuo Iwai
Soy protein concentrate mitigates markers of colonic inflammation and loss of gut barrier function in vitro and in vivo Zachary T. Bitzer · Amy Wopperer · Benjamin J. Chrisfield · Ling Tao · Timothy K. Cooper · Jairam Vanamala · Ryan J. Elias · John E. Hayes · Joshua D. Lambert · Joshua D. Lambert
Polyphenolics from mango (Mangifera indica L.) suppress breast cancer ductal carcinoma in situ proliferation through activation of AMPK pathway and suppression of mTOR in athymic nude mice Matthew Nemec · Hyemee Kim · Alexandria B. Marciante · Ryan C. Barnes · Erik D. Hendrick · William H. Bisson · Stephen T. Talcott · Susanne U. Mertens-Talcott · Susanne U. Mertens-Talcott
High-fructose corn syrup-55 consumption alters hepatic lipid metabolism and promotes triglyceride accumulation Kaitlin Mock · Sundus Lateef · Vagner A. Benedito · Janet C. Tou · Janet C. Tou
Niacin and its metabolites as master regulators of macrophage activation Sergio Montserrat-de la Paz · M. Carmen Naranjo · Sergio Lopez · Rocio Abia · Francisco J.G. Muriana · Beatriz Bermudez · Beatriz Bermudez
Effects of high fructose intake on the development of hypertension in the spontaneously hypertensive rats: the role of AT1R/gp91PHOX signaling in the rostral ventrolateral medulla Kay L.H. Wu · Kay L.H. Wu · Chih-Wei Wu · You-Lin Tain · You-Lin Tain · Yung-Mei Chao · Chun-Ying Hung · Pei-Chia Tsai · Wei-Sing Wang · Cheng-Dean Shih · Cheng-Dean Shih
Two dietary polyphenols, fisetin and luteolin, reduce inflammation but augment DNA damage-induced toxicity in human RPE cells ☆ ☆☆ Maria Hytti · Dóra Júlia Szabó · Niina Piippo · Eveliina Korhonen · Paavo Honkakoski · Kai Kaarniranta · Goran Petrovski · Goran Petrovski · Anu Kauppinen · Anu Kauppinen
Supranutritional selenium intake from enriched milk casein impairs hepatic insulin sensitivity via attenuated IRS/PI3K/AKT signaling and decreased PGC-1α expression in male Sprague–Dawley rats Priska Stahel · Julie J. Kim · S.R.L. Cieslar · Jenny M. Warrington · Changting Xiao · J.P. Cant · J.P. Cant
Pterostilbene, a dimethylated analog of resveratrol, promotes energy metabolism in obese rats Koji Nagao · Koji Nagao · Tomoyuki Jinnouchi · Shunichi Kai · Teruyoshi Yanagita · Teruyoshi Yanagita
Contributions of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) on cerebral neurobiology: an integrated omics approach with epigenomic focus Nabarun Chakraborty · Seid Muhie · Raina Kumar · Aarti Gautam · Seshamalini Srinivasan · Bintu Sowe · George Dimitrov · Stacy-Ann Miller · Marti Jett · Rasha Hammamieh · Rasha Hammamieh
Cordycepin inhibits migration of human glioblastoma cells by affecting lysosomal degradation and protein phosphatase activation Dueng-Yuan Hueng · Dueng-Yuan Hueng · Ching-Hsuan Hsieh · Yu-Chen Cheng · Wen-Chiuan Tsai · Ying Chen · Ying Chen
Chronic exposure to short chain fatty acids modulates transport and metabolism of microbiome-derived phenolics in human intestinal cells Evelien Van Rymenant · László Abrankó · Sarka Tumova · Charlotte Grootaert · John Van Camp · Gary Williamson · Asimina Kerimi · Asimina Kerimi
In vivo modulation of LPS induced leukotrienes generation and oxidative stress by sesame lignans Puttaraju Srikantamurthy Yashaswini · Bettadahalli Sadashivaiah · Talahalli Ravichandra Ramaprasad · Sridevi Annapurna Singh · Sridevi Annapurna Singh
Reduction of iodate in iodated salt to iodide during cooking with iodine as measured by an improved HPLC/ICP–MS method Liejun Liu · Xiuwei Li · Haiyan Wang · Xiaoxiao Cao · Wei Ma · Wei Ma
Green tea extract treatment reduces NFκB activation in mice with diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis by lowering TNFR1 and TLR4 expression and ligand availability Jinhui Li · Teryn N. Sapper · Eunice Mah · Meredith V. Moller · Joshua B. Kim · Chureeporn Chitchumroonchokchai · Joshua D. McDonald · Richard S. Bruno · Richard S. Bruno
EGCG inhibited bladder cancer SW780 cell proliferation and migration both in vitro and in vivo via down-regulation of NF-κB and MMP-9 Ke-Wang Luo · Wei Chen · Wing-Yin Lung · Xia-Yun Wei · Bao-Hui Cheng · Zhiming Cai · Wei-Ren Huang · Wei-Ren Huang
Targeted next generation sequencing of the entire vitamin D receptor gene reveals polymorphisms correlated with vitamin D deficiency among older Filipino women with and without fragility fracture Mark Pretzel Zumaraga · Paul Julius Medina · Juan Miguel Recto · Lauro Abrahan · Edelyn Azurin · Celeste C. Tanchoco · Cecilia A. Jimeno · Cynthia Palmes-Saloma · Cynthia Palmes-Saloma
Physiological effects of γ-linolenic acid and sesamin on hepatic fatty acid synthesis and oxidation Takashi Ide · Haruka Iwase · Saaya Amano · Saki Sunahara · Ayuka Tachihara · Minako Yagi · Tsuyoshi Watanabe · Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Soybean polar lipids differently impact adipose tissue inflammation and the endotoxin transporters LBP and sCD14 in flaxseed vs. palm oil-rich diets Manon Lecomte · Leslie Couëdelo · Emmanuelle Meugnier · Emmanuelle Loizon · Pascale Plaisancié · Annie Durand · Alain Géloën · Florent Joffre · Carole Vaysse · Marie-Caroline Michalski · Fabienne Laugerette · Fabienne Laugerette
Curcumin exhibits anti-tumor effect and attenuates cellular migration via Slit-2 mediated down-regulation of SDF-1 and CXCR4 in endometrial adenocarcinoma cells Vijay Kumar Sirohi · Pooja Popli · Pushplata Sankhwar · Jyoti Bala Kaushal · Kanchan Gupta · Murli Manohar · Anila Dwivedi · Anila Dwivedi
テオブロミンは脳脳由来神経栄養因子を上方制御し,マウスの運動学習を促進する【Powered by NICT】 Yoneda Mitsugu · Sugimoto Naotoshi · Katakura Masanori · Matsuzaki Kentaro · Tanigami Hayate · Yachie Akihiro · Ohno-Shosaku Takako · Shido Osamu · Shido Osamu
Select polyphenolic fractions from dried plum enhance osteoblast activity through BMP-2 signaling Jennifer L. Graef · Elizabeth Rendina-Ruedy · Erica K. Crockett · Ping Ouyang · Jarrod B. King · Robert H. Cichewicz · Edralin A. Lucas · Brenda J. Smith · Brenda J. Smith
Garcinol inhibits cancer stem cell-like phenotype via suppression of the Wnt/β-catenin/STAT3 axis signalling pathway in human non-small cell lung carcinomas Wen Chien Huang · Kuang Tai Kuo · Bamodu Oluwaseun Adebayo · Chun Hua Wang · Yu-Jen Chen · Yu-Jen Chen · Ketao Jin · Tung-Hu Tsai · Chi Tai Yeh · Chi Tai Yeh
Oleocanthal-rich extra-virgin olive oil enhances donepezil effect by reducing amyloid-β load and related toxicity in a mouse model of Alzheimers disease Yazan S. Batarseh · Amal Kaddoumi · Amal Kaddoumi
シアニジン 3 グルコシド処理による前脂肪細胞の増加cAMPレベルは3T3‐L1脂肪細胞におけるベージュ表現型の形成を誘導する【Powered by NICT】 Matsukawa Toshiya · O Villareal Myra · Motojima Hideko · Isoda Hiroko · Isoda Hiroko
Perinatal supplementation of 4-phenylbutyrate and glutamine attenuates endoplasmic reticulum stress and improves colonic epithelial barrier function in rats born with intrauterine growth restriction Axel Désir-Vigné · Vianney Haure-Mirande · Pierre de Coppet · Dominique Darmaun · Gwenola Le Drean · Jean-Pierre Segain · Jean-Pierre Segain
Obesity-induced mouse benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is improved by treatment with resveratrol: implication of oxidative stress, insulin sensitivity and neuronal growth factor Fabiano B. Calmasini · Mariana G. de Oliveira · Eduardo C. Alexandre · Fábio H. Silva · Edith B.G. Tavares · Diana M. André · Adriana Zapparoli · Edson Antunes · Edson Antunes
エイコサペンタエン酸は高脂肪食摂取マウスおよびクローン褐色脂肪細胞における褐色脂肪組織代謝を調節する【Powered by NICT】 Pahlavani Mandana · Razafimanjato Fitia · Ramalingam Latha · S Kalupahana Nishan · Moussa Hanna · Scoggin Shane · Moustaid-Moussa Naima · Moustaid-Moussa Naima
Nutrient sensing and metabolic changes after methionine deprivation in primary muscle cells of turbot ( Scophthalmus maximus L.) Haowen Jiang · Fuyun Bian · Huihui Zhou · Xuan Wang · Kaidi Wang · Kangsen Mai · Gen He · Gen He
Corrigendum toGuava fruit extract and its triterpene constituents have osteoanabolic effect: stimulation of osteoblast differentiation by activation of mitochondrial respiration via the Wnt/β-catenin signalling[ J Nutr Biochem (2017) 44; 22–34] Konica Porwal · Subhashis Pal · Kapil Dev · Shyamsundar Pal China · Yogesh Kumar · Chandan Singh · Tarun Barbhuyan · Neeraj Sinha · Sabyasachi Sanyal · Arun Kumar Trivedi · Rakesh Maurya · Naibedya Chattopadhyay · Naibedya Chattopadhyay
Corrigendum toSulforaphane attenuates postnatal proteasome inhibition and improve spatial learning in adult mice[J Nutr Biochem 51 (2018) 69–79] Aditya Sunkaria · Supriya Bhardwaj · Aarti Yadav · Avishek Halder · Rajat Sandhir · Rajat Sandhir
The gut microbiota as a novel regulator of cardiovascular function and disease Micah L. Battson · Dustin M. Lee · Tiffany L. Weir · Christopher L. Gentile · Christopher L. Gentile
肝臓特異的STAT5遺伝子の欠失は胆汁酸代謝遺伝子の発現を変化させ,結石形成食餌を与えられたマウスの肝障害を減少させる【Powered by NICT】 Baik Myunggi · Kim Jangseon · Piao Min Yu · Kang Hyeok Joong · Park Seung Ju · Na Sang Weon · Ahn Sung-Hoon · Lee Jae-Hyuk · Lee Jae-Hyuk
1α,25‐ジヒドロキシビタミンDはピルビン酸カルボキシラーゼのダウンレギュレーションを介して転移性乳癌細胞におけるde novo脂肪酸合成と脂質蓄積を阻害する【Powered by NICT】 Wilmanski Tomasz · Buhman Kimberly · S Donkin Shawn · R Burgess John · Teegarden Dorothy · Teegarden Dorothy
Kefir alleviates obesity and hepatic steatosis in high-fat diet-fed mice by modulation of gut microbiota and mycobiota: Targeted and untargeted community analysis with correlation of biomarkers Dong-Hyeon Kim · Hyunsook Kim · Dana Jeong · Il-Byeong Kang · Jung-Whan Chon · Hong-Seok Kim · Kwang-Young Song · Kun-Ho Seo · Kun-Ho Seo
全ビタミンD受容体遺伝子の標的化次世代配列決定は脆弱性骨折の有無にかかわりのない高齢フィリピン人女性におけるビタミンD欠乏と関連した多型を明らかにする【Powered by NICT】 Zumaraga Mark Pretzel · Medina Paul Julius · Recto Juan Miguel · Abrahan Lauro · Azurin Edelyn · C Tanchoco Celeste · A Jimeno Cecilia · Palmes-Saloma Cynthia · Palmes-Saloma Cynthia
Grape intake reduces thrombin generation and enhances plasma fibrinolysis. Potential role of circulating procoagulant microparticles Concetta T. Ammollo · Fabrizio Semeraro · Rosa Anna Milella · Donato Antonacci · Nicola Semeraro · Mario Colucci · Mario Colucci
Migratory capacity and function of dendritic cells from mesenteric afferent lymph nodes after feeding a single dose of vitamin A Ivanna Novotny Nuñez · Bibiana E. Barrios · Lisa Macció-Maretto · Silvia G. Correa · Silvia G. Correa
亜鉛はCaco‐2細胞におけるPI3K/AKT/mTORシグナル伝達経路を介して腸上皮バリア機能を増強する【Powered by NICT】 Shao Yuxin · G Wolf Patricia · Guo Shuangshuang · Guo Yuming · H. Rex Gaskins · Zhang Bingkun · Zhang Bingkun
緑茶抽出物処理はTNFR1およびTLR4発現とリガンド有効性を低下させることにより食事誘発性非アルコール性脂肪性肝炎を有するマウスにおけるNFκB活性化を減少させる【Powered by NICT】 Li Jinhui · N Sapper Teryn · Mah Eunice · V Moller Meredith · B Kim Joshua · Chitchumroonchokchai Chureeporn · D McDonald Joshua · S Bruno Richard · S Bruno Richard
ブドウ粉末摂取は高フルクトース高脂肪食を長期給餌したラットにおける神経変性に関連した脳蛋白質の発現に影響を及ぼす【Powered by NICT】 Liao Hsiang · Chou Liang-Mao · Chien Yi-Wen · Wu Chi-Hao · Chang Jung-Su · Lin Ching-I · Lin Shyh-Hsiang · Lin Shyh-Hsiang
西洋食はMin/+マウスにおける腸腫瘍形成を増強し,粘膜代謝と炎症ストレスと損失Apcヘテロ接合性に関連する【Powered by NICT】 Niku Mikael · Pajari Anne-Maria · Sarantaus Laura · Paeivaerinta Essi · Storvik Markus · Heiman-Lindh Anu · Suokas Santeri · Nystrom Minna · Mutanen Marja · Mutanen Marja
第2世代抗精神病薬で治療した患者におけるベルガモットポリフェノール画分投与の代謝結果:パイロット研究【Powered by NICT】 Bruno Antonio · Pandolfo Gianluca · Crucitti Manuela · Maisano Antonino · A Zoccali Rocco · Muscatello Maria Rosaria Anna · Muscatello Maria Rosaria Anna
アスタキサンチンは食餌誘発性肥満と非アルコール性脂肪性肝炎のマウスモデルの肝臓と脂肪組織における炎症および線維症を阻害する【Powered by NICT】 Kim Bohkyung · Farruggia Callie · Ku Chai Siah · X Pham Tho · Yang Yue · Bae Minkyung · J Wegner Casey · J Farrell Nicholas · Harness Ellen · Park Young-Ki · I Koo Sung · Lee Ji-Young · Lee Ji-Young
インターロイキン6,慢性腸炎症の重要な調節因子と結腸発癌を標的とする食品ベースアプローチ【Powered by NICT】 Sido Abigail · Radhakrishnan Sridhar · Kim Sung Woo · Eriksson Elisabeth · Shen Frank · Li Qunhua · Bhat Vadiraja · Reddivari Lavanya · K P Vanamala Jairam · K P Vanamala Jairam
Dietary creatine supplementation lowers hepatic triacylglycerol by increasing lipoprotein secretion in rats fed high-fat diet Robin P. da Silva · Kelly-Ann Leonard · René L. Jacobs · René L. Jacobs
種々の年齢のラットの子孫における低蛋白質周産期飼料への骨格筋の転写応答:グルコース‐脂肪酸酸化の鍵酵素の役割【Powered by NICT】 de Brito Alves Jose Luiz · Toscano Ana Elisa · da Costa-Silva Joao Henrique · Vidal Hubert · Leandro Carol Gois · Pirola Luciano · Pirola Luciano
西洋食食餌マウスにおける液体フルクトースは肝臓インスリンシグナル伝達を障害し,カロリー摂取と体重を変化させずにコレステロールとトリグリセリド負荷を引き起こす【Powered by NICT】 Baena Miguel · Sangueesa Gemma · Hutter Natalia · Beltran Jose Maria · Sanchez Rosa Maria · Roglans Nuria · Alegret Marta · Laguna Juan Carlos · Laguna Juan Carlos
肝BCATmトランスジェニックマウスモデルはBCAA恒常性維持における肝臓の重要な役割を明らかにする【Powered by NICT】 A Ananieva Elitsa · G Van Horn Cynthia · R Jones Meghan · M Hutson Susan · M Hutson Susan
Retraction noticeRetraction notice toPolysaccharide from Angelica sinensis ameliorates high-fat diet and STZ-induced hepatic oxidative stress and inflammation in diabetic mice by activating Sirt1-AMPK pathway[JNB 43 (2017) 88–97] Kaiping Wang · Zhuohong Tang · Jinglin Wang · Peng Cao · Qiang Li · Weizhi Shui · Hongjing Wang · Ziming Zheng · Yu Zhang · Yu Zhang
Retraction notice toCurcumin restores Nrf2 levels and prevents quinolinic acid-induced neurotoxicity [JNB 24 (2013) 14-24] Iván Carmona-Ramírez · Abel Santamaría · Julio C. Tobón-Velasco · Marisol Orozco-Ibarra · Irma Gabriela González-Herrera · José Pedraza-Chaverri · Perla D. Maldonado · Perla D. Maldonado
高フルクトースコーンシロップLV消費は肝臓脂質代謝を変化させ,トリグリセリド蓄積を促進する【Powered by NICT】 Mock Kaitlin · Lateef Sundus · A Benedito Vagner · C Tou Janet · C Tou Janet
Early-in-life dietary zinc deficiency and supplementation and mammary tumor development in adulthood female rats Flávia Regina Moraes da Silva · Tony Fernando Grassi · Joyce R. Zapaterini · Lucas Tadeu Bidinotto · Luis Fernando Barbisan · Luis Fernando Barbisan
Ferulic acid-4-O-sulfate rather than ferulic acid relaxes arteries and lowers blood pressure in mice ☆ ☆☆ Evelien Van Rymenant · John Van Camp · Bart Pauwels · Charlotte Boydens · Laura Vanden Daele · Katrijn Beerens · Peter Brouckaert · Guy Smagghe · Asimina Kerimi · Gary Williamson · Charlotte Grootaert · Johan Van de Voorde · Johan Van de Voorde
Caloric dose-responsive genes in blood cells differentiate the metabolic status of obese men Nadine Zangger · Charlotte Soneson · Ueli Bütikofer · Mauro Delorenzi · Flurina Schwander · Katrin A. Kopf-Bolanz · Magali Chollet · Barbara Walther · Kurt Laederach · Guy Vergères · Guy Vergères
Dietary fructose augments ethanol-induced liver pathology Paul G. Thomes · Jennifer H. Benbow · Elizabeth Brandon-Warner · Kyle J. Thompson · Carl Jacobs · Terrence M. Donohue · Laura W. Schrum · Laura W. Schrum
Acute vascular and metabolic actions of the green tea polyphenol epigallocatechin 3-gallate in rat skeletal muscle☆ Huei L.H. Ng · Dino Premilovac · Stephen Rattigan · Stephen M. Richards · Ranganath Muniyappa · Michael J. Quon · Michelle A. Keske · Michelle A. Keske
A diet-induced Sprague–Dawley rat model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis-related cirrhosis Mayuko Ichimura · Mayuko Ichimura · Miki Masuzumi · Miku Kawase · Mika Sakaki · Shizuka Tamaru · Shizuka Tamaru · Yasuo Nagata · Kazunari Tanaka · Kazunari Tanaka · Kazuhito Suruga · Kazuhito Suruga · Koichi Tsuneyama · Katsuhisa Omagari · Katsuhisa Omagari · Katsuhisa Omagari
Grape powder consumption affects the expression of neurodegeneration-related brain proteins in rats chronically fed a high-fructose–high-fat diet Hsiang Liao · Liang Mao Chou · Yi Wen Chien · Chi Hao Wu · Jung Su Chang · Ching I. Lin · Shyh Hsiang Lin · Shyh Hsiang Lin
Role of pterostilbene in attenuating immune mediated devastation of pancreatic beta cells via Nrf2 signaling cascade Dornadula Sireesh · Munuswamy-Ramanujam Ganesh · Umapathy Dhamodharan · Murugesan Sakthivadivel · Srinivasan Sivasubramanian · Palani Gunasekaran · Kunka Mohanram Ramkumar · Kunka Mohanram Ramkumar
高脂肪食は代謝変化を誘導し,雌性マウス心臓の酸化ストレスを減少させる【Powered by NICT】 Barba Ignasi · Miro-Casas Elisabet · L Torrecilla Jose · Pladevall Eulalia · Tejedor Sergi · Sebastian-Perez Ruben · Ruiz-Meana Marisol · R Berrendero Jose · Cuevas Antonio · Garcia-Dorado David · Garcia-Dorado David
断続的な断食は,体脂肪を減少させるが,高蛋白,高脂肪食に関係なく若齢ラットにおける肝インスリン抵抗性を悪化させる【Powered by NICT】 Park Sunmin · Yoo Kyung Min · Hyun Joo Suk · Kang Suna · Kang Suna
マンゴー(Mangifera indicaL.)からのポリフェノールは無胸腺ヌードマウスにおけるAMPK経路の活性化とmTORの抑制を介してin situ増殖における乳癌非浸潤性乳管癌を抑制する【Powered by NICT】 J Nemec Matthew · Kim Hyemee · B Marciante Alexandria · C Barnes Ryan · D Hendrick Erik · H Bisson William · T Talcott Stephen · U Mertens-Talcott Susanne · U Mertens-Talcott Susanne
亜麻仁とパーム油分の多い飼料における脂肪組織炎症と内毒素トランスポーターLBPとs CD14に影響を与える大豆極性脂質【Powered by NICT】 Lecomte Manon · Coueedelo Leslie · Meugnier Emmanuelle · Loizon Emmanuelle · Plaisancie Pascale · Durand Annie · Geloeen Alain · Joffre Florent · Vaysse Carole · Michalski Marie-Caroline · Laugerette Fabienne · Laugerette Fabienne
肝臓脂肪酸合成及び酸化に及ぼすγ‐リノレン酸とセサミンの生理的影響【Powered by NICT】 Ide Takashi · Iwase Haruka · Amano Saaya · Sunahara Saki · Tachihara Ayuka · Yagi Minako · Watanabe Tsuyoshi · Watanabe Tsuyoshi
Baked corn (Zea mays L.) and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) snack consumption lowered serum lipids and differentiated liver gene expression in C57BL/6 mice fed a high-fat diet by inhibiting PPARγ and SREBF2 Astrid Dominguez-Uscanga · Guadalupe Loarca-Piña · Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia · Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia
マクロファージ活性化の主要調節因子としてのナイアシンとその代謝産物【Powered by NICT】 Montserrat-de la Paz Sergio · Naranjo M. Carmen · Lopez Sergio · Abia Rocio · Muriana Francisco J. Garcia · Bermudez Beatriz · Bermudez Beatriz
Lactobacillus plantarumと併用したβガラクトマンナンに富む製品,サルモサンはサイトカイン産生の調節による腸上皮バリア機能の回復に寄与する【Powered by NICT】 Brufau M. Teresa · Campo-Sabariz Joan · Carne Sergi · Ferrer Ruth · Martin-Venegas Raquel · Martin-Venegas Raquel
大豆蛋白質濃縮物はin vitroおよびin vivoで結腸炎症のマーカーと腸バリア機能の損失を軽減する【Powered by NICT】 T Bitzer Zachary · L Wopperer Amy · J Chrisfield Benjamin · Tao Ling · K Cooper Timothy · Vanamala Jairam · J Elias Ryan · E Hayes John · D Lambert Joshua · D Lambert Joshua
マウスにおけるデキストラン硫酸ナトリウム誘導大腸炎に対するゴジ果実の予防効果【Powered by NICT】 Kang Yifei · Xue Yansong · Du Min · Zhu Mei-Jun · Zhu Mei-Jun
短鎖脂肪酸への慢性曝露はヒト腸細胞におけるミクロビオームderivedフェノール類の輸送と代謝を調節する【Powered by NICT】 Van Rymenant Evelien · Abranko Laszlo · Tumova Sarka · Grootaert Charlotte · Van Camp John · Williamson Gary · Kerimi Asimina · Kerimi Asimina
時間制限摂食と高脂肪食下のFGF21とUCP1レベルとの関係【Powered by NICT】 Chapnik Nava · Genzer Yoni · Froy Oren · Froy Oren
PPARαはトランス脂肪酸を含む食餌誘発性脂肪性肝炎から身を守る【Powered by NICT】 Hu Xiao · Tanaka Naoki · Guo Ran · Lu Yu · Nakajima Takero · J Gonzalez Frank · Aoyama Toshifumi · Aoyama Toshifumi
Relative levels of dietary EPA and DHA impact gastric oxidation and essential fatty acid uptake Gabriel Dasilva · Gabriel Dasilva · Matthew Boller · Isabel Medina · Judith Storch · Judith Storch
Beneficial role of the phytoestrogen genistein on vascular calcification Sabrina B. Cepeda · M. Sandoval · M.B. Rauschemberger · Virginia Massheimer · Virginia Massheimer
Folate deficiency affects dendritic cell function and subsequent T helper cell differentiation Chi-Heng Wu · Tzu-Chien Huang · Bi-Fong Lin · Bi-Fong Lin
The effects of fatty acid composition on cardiac hypertrophy and function in mouse models of diet-induced obesity Son Nguyen · Dan Shao · Loreta C. Tomasi · Alyssa Braun · Ana Barbosa Marcondes de Mattos · Yong Seon Choi · Outi Villet · Nathan D. Roe · Carliana R. Halterman · Rong Tian · Stephen C. Kolwicz · Stephen C. Kolwicz
Increasing cAMP levels of preadipocytes by cyanidin-3-glucoside treatment induces the formation of beige phenotypes in 3T3-L1 adipocytes ☆ Toshiya Matsukawa · Myra O. Villareal · Hideko Motojima · Hiroko Isoda · Hiroko Isoda
ω-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids and their cytochrome P450-derived metabolites suppress colorectal tumor development in mice Weicang Wang · Jun Yang · Yoshiki Nimiya · Yoshiki Nimiya · Kin Sing Stephen Lee · Katherine Z. Sanidad · Weipeng Qi · Elvira Sukamtoh · Yeonhwa Park · Zhenhua Liu · Guodong Zhang · Guodong Zhang
Fructose intake exacerbates the contractile response elicited by norepinephrine in mesenteric vascular bed of rats via increased endothelial prostanoids Glauciene J. Sousa · Phablo Wendell C. Oliveira · Breno Valentim Nogueira · Antônio F. Melo Junior · Thaís de Oliveira Faria · Eduardo Frizera Meira · José Geraldo Mill · Nazaré Souza Bissoli · Marcelo Perim Baldo · Marcelo Perim Baldo
The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of lycopene in mice lungs exposed to cigarette smoke Keila Karine Duarte Campos · Glaucy Rodrigues de Araújo · Thais Lourenço Martins · Ana Carla Balthar Bandeira · Guilherme de Paula Costa · André Talvani · Camila Carrião Machado Garcia · Laser Antônio Machado Oliveira · Daniela Caldeira Costa · Frank Silva Bezerra · Frank Silva Bezerra
High purity tocotrienols attenuate atherosclerotic lesion formation in apoE-KO mice☆ Akira Shibata · Teiko Kobayashi · Akira Asai · Akira Asai · Takahiro Eitsuka · Shinichi Oikawa · Teruo Miyazawa · Kiyotaka Nakagawa · Kiyotaka Nakagawa
Suppression of TNF-α and free radicals reduces systematic inflammatory and metabolic disorders: Radioprotective effects of ginseng oligopeptides on intestinal barrier function and antioxidant defense Li-Xia He · Junbo Wang · Bin Sun · Jian Zhao · Lin Li · Teng Xu · Hui Li · Jing-Qin Sun · Jinwei Ren · Rui Liu · Qi-He Chen · Zhaofeng Zhang · Yong Li · Yong Li
Dietary glutamine supplementation enhances endothelial progenitor cell mobilization in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice subjected to limb ischemia Shiau Tsz Su · Chiu Li Yeh · Yu-Chen Hou · Man-Hui Pai · Sung-Ling Yeh · Sung-Ling Yeh · Sung-Ling Yeh
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease impairs the cytochrome P-450-dependent metabolism of α-tocopherol (vitamin E) Desirée Bartolini · Pierangelo Torquato · Carolina Barola · Angelo Russo · C. Rychlicki · Danilo Giusepponi · Guido Bellezza · Angelo Sidoni · Roberta Galarini · G. Svegliati-Baroni · Francesco Galli · Francesco Galli
Role of polyphenols and polyphenol-rich foods in the modulation of PON1 activity and expression Daniela Martini · Cristian Del Bo · Marisa Porrini · Salvatore Ciappellano · Patrizia Riso · Patrizia Riso
Maternal liver docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) stores are increased via higher serum unesterified DHA uptake in pregnant long Evans rats Adam H. Metherel · Alex P. Kitson · Anthony F. Domenichiello · R.J. Scott Lacombe · Kathryn E. Hopperton · Marc-Olivier Trépanier · Shoug M. Alashmali · Lin Lin · Richard P. Bazinet · Richard P. Bazinet
Soy compared with milk protein in a Western diet changes fecal microbiota and decreases hepatic steatosis in obese OLETF rats Matthew R. Panasevich · Colin M. Schuster · Kathryn E. Phillips · Grace M. Meers · Sree V. Chintapalli · Umesh D. Wankhade · Kartik Shankar · Dustie N Butteiger · Elaine S. Krul · John P. Thyfault · R. Scott Rector · R. Scott Rector
α-Glucosidase inhibitory effect of resveratrol and piceatannol Albert J. Zhang · Agnes M. Rimando · Cassia S. Mizuno · Suresh T. Mathews · Suresh T. Mathews
The change in retinoic acid receptor signaling induced by prenatal marginal vitamin A deficiency and its effects on learning and memory Xuan Zhang · Xingang Yuan · Hua Wei · Jie Chen · Tingyu Li · Tingyu Li
Oral feeding with polyunsaturated fatty acids fosters hematopoiesis and thrombopoiesis in healthy and bone marrow-transplanted mice ☆ ☆☆ Kedar Limbkar · Ankita Dhenge · Dipesh D. Jadhav · Hirekodathakallu V. Thulasiram · Hirekodathakallu V. Thulasiram · Vaijayanti P. Kale · Lalita Limaye · Lalita Limaye
Resveratrol prevents the combined maternal plus postweaning high-fat-diets-induced hypertension in male offspring☆ You-Lin Tain · Yu-Ju Lin · Jiunn-Ming Sheen · I-Chun Lin · Hong-Ren Yu · Li-Tung Huang · Chien-Ning Hsu · Chien-Ning Hsu · Chien-Ning Hsu
Preventive effects of Goji berry on dextran-sulfate-sodium-induced colitis in mice Yifei Kang · Yansong Xue · Min Du · Mei-Jun Zhu · Mei-Jun Zhu
Liquid fructose in Western-diet-fed mice impairs liver insulin signaling and causes cholesterol and triglyceride loading without changing calorie intake and body weight Miguel Baena · Gemma Sangüesa · Natalia Hutter · José María Beltrán · Rosa M. Sánchez · Núria Roglans · Marta Alegret · Juan C. Laguna · Juan C. Laguna
Protective effect of xanthohumol against age-related brain damage Lisa Rancan · Sergio D. Paredes · Irene L. Garcia · Pedro Muñoz · Cruz García · Guzmán López de Hontanar · Mónica De la Fuente · Elena Vara · J. A. F. Tresguerres · J. A. F. Tresguerres
Postprandial effect to decrease soluble epoxide hydrolase activity: roles of insulin and gut microbiota Jun Yang · Young Taek Oh · Debin Wan · Richard M. Watanabe · Bruce D. Hammock · Jang H. Youn · Jang H. Youn
Fat-enriched rather than high-fructose diets promote whitening of adipose tissue in a sex-dependent manner Jochen Dobner · Claudia Ress · Kerstin Rufinatscha · Karin Salzmann · Willi Salvenmoser · Sabrina Folie · Verena Wieser · Patrizia Moser · Guenter Weiss · Georg Goebel · Herbert Tilg · Susanne Kaser · Susanne Kaser
A polyphenolic extract from green tea leaves activates fat browning in high-fat-diet-induced obese mice Audrey M. Neyrinck · Laure B. Bindels · Lucie Geurts · Matthias Van Hul · Patrice D. Cani · Nathalie M. Delzenne · Nathalie M. Delzenne
Relationship between FGF21 and UCP1 levels under time-restricted feeding and high-fat diet Nava Chapnik · Yoni Genzer · Oren Froy · Oren Froy
A naturally occurring mixture of tocotrienols inhibits the growth of human prostate tumor, associated with epigenetic modifications of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p21 and p27 Ying Huang · Renyi Wu · Zheng-Yuan Su · Zheng-Yuan Su · Yue Guo · Xi Zheng · Chung S. Yang · Ah-Ng Tony Kong · Ah-Ng Tony Kong
Selenium increases hepatic DNA methylation and modulates one-carbon metabolism in the liver of mice Bodo Speckmann · Sarah Schulz · Franziska Hiller · Deike Hesse · Fabian Schumacher · Fabian Schumacher · Burkhard Kleuser · Jürgen Geisel · Rima Obeid · Tilman Grune · Anna P. Kipp · Anna P. Kipp
γ-Tocotrienol-induced disruption of lipid rafts in human breast cancer cells is associated with a reduction in exosome heregulin content Osama A. Alawin · Rayan A. Ahmed · Venkateshwararao Dronamraju · Karen P. Briski · Paul W. Sylvester · Paul W. Sylvester
Antiallergic effect of fisetin on IgE-mediated mast cell activation in vitro and on passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (PCA) Woo-Ri Jo · Hye-Jin Park · Hye-Jin Park
A-type ECG and EGCG dimers inhibit 3T3-L1 differentiation by binding to cholesterol in lipid rafts Wei Zhu · Xiangyi Deng · Jinming Peng · Bo Zou · Chun-mei Li · Chun-mei Li
Effects of a whey protein supplementation on oxidative stress, body composition and glucose metabolism among overweight people affected by diabetes mellitus or impaired fasting glucose: A pilot study Chiara Flaim · Michael Kob · Angela Maria Di Pierro · Markus Herrmann · Lucio Lucchin · Lucio Lucchin
Intermittent fasting reduces body fat but exacerbates hepatic insulin resistance in young rats regardless of high protein and fat diets Sunmin Park · Kyung Min Yoo · Joo Suk Hyun · Suna Kang · Suna Kang
Apple and blackcurrant polyphenol-rich drinks decrease postprandial glucose, insulin and incretin response to a high-carbohydrate meal in healthy men and women Monica L. Castro-Acosta · Stephanie G. Stone · Jonathan Mok · Rhia K. Mhajan · Chi-Ieng Fu · Georgia N. Lenihan-Geels · Christopher P. Corpe · Wendy L. Hall · Wendy L. Hall
Isoliquiritigenin reduces oxidative damage and alleviates mitochondrial impairment by SIRT1 activation in experimental diabetic neuropathy Veera Ganesh Yerra · Anil Kumar Kalvala · Ashutosh Kumar · Ashutosh Kumar
Fructose increases corticosterone production in association with NADPH metabolism alterations in rat epididymal white adipose tissue Paula D. Prince · Yanina Santander · Estefanía M. Geréz · Christian Höcht · Ariel H. Polizio · Ariel H. Polizio · Marcos A. Mayer · Carlos A. Taira · Carlos A. Taira · Cesar G. Fraga · Monica Galleano · Andrea Carranza · Andrea Carranza
Xanthohumol and 8-prenylnaringenin ameliorate diabetic-related metabolic dysfunctions in mice ☆ ☆☆ Raquel Costa · Ilda Rodrigues · Luísa Guardão · Sílvia Rocha-Rodrigues · Carolina Silva · José Magalhães · Manuel Ferreira-de-Almeida · Rita Negrão · Raquel Soares · Raquel Soares
UHPLC-Q-Orbitrap-HRMS-based global metabolomics reveal metabolome modifications in plasma of young women after cranberry juice consumption Haiyan Liu · Timothy J. Garrett · Zhihua Su · Christina Khoo · Liwei Gu · Liwei Gu
miR-19 targeting of GSK3β mediates sulforaphane suppression of lung cancer stem cells Jianyun Zhu · Shijia Wang · Yue Chen · Xiaoting Li · Ye Jiang · Xue Yang · Yuan Li · Xiaoqian Wang · Yu Meng · Mingming Zhu · Xiao Ma · Cong Huang · Rui Wu · Chunfeng Xie · Shanshan Geng · Jieshu Wu · Caiyun Zhong · Hongyu Han · Hongyu Han
Atherogenicity of amino acids in the lipid-laden macrophage model system in vitro and in atherosclerotic mice: A key role for triglyceride metabolism Oren Rom · Claudia Grajeda-Iglesias · Mahmoud Najjar · Niroz Abu-Saleh · Nina Volkova · Dalit E. Dar · Tony Hayek · Michael Aviram · Michael Aviram
Maternal low-protein diet decreases brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in the brains of the neonatal rat offspring ☆ ☆☆ Gurdeep Marwarha · Kate J. Claycombe-Larson · Jared Schommer · Othman Ghribi · Othman Ghribi
Dietary sphingomyelin attenuates hepatic steatosis and adipose tissue inflammation in high-fat-diet-induced obese mice☆ Gregory Norris · Caitlin M. Porter · Christina Jiang · Courtney L. Millar · Christopher N. Blesso · Christopher N. Blesso
Omija果実エタノール抽出物は高脂肪食を与えたマウスにおける肥満および関連代謝障害を改善する【Powered by NICT】 Park Hyo Jin · Kim Hye-Jin · Kim Sang Ryong · Choi Myung-Sook · Jung Un Ju · Jung Un Ju
Therapeutic properties of green tea against environmental insults Lixia Chen · Huanbiao Mo · Ling Zhao · Weimin Gao · Shu Wang · Meghan M. Cromie · Chuanwen Lu · Jia-Sheng Wang · Chwan-Li Shen · Chwan-Li Shen
Daily sesame oil supplementation attenuates local renin-angiotensin system via inhibiting MAPK activation and oxidative stress in cardiac hypertrophy Chuan Teng Liu · Ming Yie Liu · Ming Yie Liu
Exogenous fatty acids and niacin on acute prostaglandin D2 production in human myeloid cells Sergio Montserrat-de la Paz · Beatriz Bermudez · Sergio Lopez · Maria C. Naranjo · Yolanda Romero · Maria J. Bando-Hidalgo · Rocio Abia · Francisco J.G. Muriana · Francisco J.G. Muriana
Fatty-acid-mediated hypothalamic inflammation and epigenetic programming Helena de Cássia César · Luciana Pellegrini Pisani · Luciana Pellegrini Pisani
Low-dose pollutant mixture triggers metabolic disturbances in female mice leading to common and specific features as compared to a high-fat-diet Emmanuel Labaronne · Claudie Pinteur · Nathalie Vega · Sandra Pesenti · Benoit Julien · Emmanuelle Meugnier-Fouilloux · Hubert Vidal · Danielle Naville · Brigitte Le Magueresse-Battistoni · Brigitte Le Magueresse-Battistoni
Diet-dependent retinoid effects on liver gene expression include stellate and inflammation markers and parallel effects of the nuclear repressor Shp☆ Meghan Maguire · Justin R. Bushkofsky · Michele Campaigne Larsen · Yee Hoon Foong · Sherry A. Tanumihardjo · Colin R. Jefcoate · Colin R. Jefcoate
Murine diet-induced obesity remodels cardiac and liver mitochondrial phospholipid acyl chains with differential effects on respiratory enzyme activity E. Madison Sullivan · Amy Fix · Miranda J. Crouch · Genevieve C. Sparagna · Tonya N. Zeczycki · David A. Brown · Saame Raza Shaikh · Saame Raza Shaikh
Dietary salecan reverts partially the metabolic gene expressions and NMR-based metabolomic profiles from high-fat-diet-induced obese rats Qi Sun · Ming-Hui Li · Xiao Yang · Jun-Song Wang · Jianfa Zhang · Jianfa Zhang
Metabolic outcomes of bergamot polyphenolic fraction administration in patients treated with second-generation antipsychotics: a pilot study Antonio Bruno · Gianluca Pandolfo · Manuela Crucitti · Antonino Maisano · Rocco Zoccali · Maria Rosaria Anna Muscatello · Maria Rosaria Anna Muscatello
Chlorogenic acid inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro and in vivo Yuan Yan · Na Liu · Ni Hou · Lei Dong · Jie Li · Jie Li
Reference intervals for serum 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and the ratio with 25-hydroxyvitamin D established using a newly developed LC–MS/MS method Jonathan Tang · Holly Nicholls · Isabelle Piec · Christopher Washbourne · John Dutton · Sarah Jackson · Julie P. Greeves · William D. Fraser · William D. Fraser · William D. Fraser
Effect of pistachio consumption on the modulation of urinary gut microbiota-related metabolites in prediabetic subjects Pablo Hernández-Alonso · Daniel Cañueto · Simona Giardina · Jordi Salas-Salvadó · Nicolau Cañellas · X. Correig · Mònica Bulló · Mònica Bulló
Long-term intake of a high-protein diet increases liver triacylglycerol deposition pathways and hepatic signs of injury in rats☆☆☆ Rubén Díaz-Rúa · Jaap Keijer · Andreu Palou · Evert M. van Schothorst · Paula Oliver · Paula Oliver
Quercetin promotes motor and sensory function recovery following sciatic nerve-crush injury in C57BL/6J mice Ming-Ming Chen · Jing Qin · Shu-Jian Chen · Lemeng Yao · Luyong Zhang · Zhi-Qi Yin · Hong Liao · Hong Liao
The metabolic fate of isotopically labeled trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) in humans ☆ ☆☆ ★ ★★ Siraphat Taesuwan · Clara E. Cho · Olga Malysheva · Erica Bender · Julia H. King · Jian Yan · Anna E. Thalacker-Mercer · Marie A. Caudill · Marie A. Caudill
Synergistic effect of low K and D vitamin status on arterial stiffness in a general population Otto Mayer · Jitka Seidlerová · Peter Wohlfahrt · Jan Filipovský · Renata Cífková · Václava Černá · Alena Kučerová · Martin Pesta · Radka Fuchsova · Ondřej Topolčan · Kelly M.C. Jardon · Nadja E.A. Drummen · Cees Vermeer · Cees Vermeer
Gamma-tocotrienol profoundly alters sphingolipids in cancer cells by inhibition of dihydroceramide desaturase and possibly activation of sphingolipid hydrolysis during prolonged treatment ☆ Yumi Jang · Xiayu Rao · Qing Jiang · Qing Jiang
Ablation of β,β-carotene-9′,10′-oxygenase 2 remodels the hypothalamic metabolome leading to metabolic disorders in mice ☆ Xin Guo · Lei Wu · Yi Lyu · Winyoo Chowanadisai · Stephen L. Clarke · Edralin A Lucas · Brenda J Smith · Hui He · Weiqun Wang · Denis M. Medeiros · Dingbo Lin · Dingbo Lin
茶鈍的ROS依存性リポゲネシスの抗酸化特性:高脂肪‐高しょ糖食NAFLD肥満ラットモデルにおける脂肪肝に及ぼす有益な効果【Powered by NICT】 Braud Laura · Battault Sylvain · Meyer Gregory · Nascimento Alessandro · Gaillard Sandrine · de Sousa Georges · Rahmani Roger · Riva Catherine · Armand Martine · Maixent Jean-Michel · Reboul Cyril · Reboul Cyril
Activation of autophagy and PPARγ protect colon cancer cells against apoptosis induced by interactive effects of butyrate and DHA in a cell type-dependent manner: The role of cell differentiation Zuzana Tylichová · Nicol Straková · Jan Vondráček · Alena Hyršlová Vaculová · Alois Kozubík · Jiřina Hofmanová · Jiřina Hofmanová
Evaluating the effects of refined carbohydrate and fat diets with acute ethanol consumption using a mouse model of alcoholic liver injury Juliana L. Gonçalves · Norinne Lacerda-Queiroz · Josiane F.L. Sabino · Pedro Marques · Izabela Galvão · Conrado de Oliveira Gamba · Geovanni Dantas Cassali · Luana M. de Carvalho · Daniel Almeida da Silva e Silva · Adaliene Versiani · Mauro M. Teixeira · Ana Maria Caetano Faria · Angélica T. Vieira · Ana Lúcia Brunialti-Godard · Ana Lúcia Brunialti-Godard
Eicosapentaenoic acid regulates brown adipose tissue metabolism in high-fat-fed mice and in clonal brown adipocytes Mandana Pahlavani · Fitia Razafimanjato · Latha Ramalingam · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Hanna Moussa · Shane Scoggin · Naima Moustaid-Moussa · Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Trehalose supplementation reduces hepatic endoplasmic reticulum stress and inflammatory signaling in old mice Michael J. Pagliassotti · Andrea L. Estrada · William M. Hudson · Yuren Wei · Dong Wang · Douglas R. Seals · Melanie L. Zigler · Thomas J. LaRocca · Thomas J. LaRocca
レスベラトロールによる線維芽細胞成長因子2とその共受容体ヘパラン硫酸プロテオグリカンのダウンレギュレーションは実験的糖尿病における心機能不全の改善の基礎をなす【Powered by NICT】 Strunz Celia Maria Cassaro · Roggerio Alessandra · Cruz Paula Lazara · Pacanaro Ana Paula · Salemi Vera Maria Cury · Benvenuti Luiz Alberto · Mansur Antonio de Padua · Irigoyen Maria Claudia · Irigoyen Maria Claudia
Genetic variation in SLC7A2 interacts with calcium and magnesium intakes in modulating the risk of colorectal polyps Pin Sun · Xiangzhu Zhu · Martha J. Shrubsole · Reid M. Ness · Elizabeth A. Hibler · Qiuyin Cai · Jirong Long · Zhi Chen · Guoliang Li · Lifang Hou · Walter E. Smalley · Todd L. Edwards · Edward Giovannucci · Wei Zheng · Wei Zheng · Qi Dai · Qi Dai · Qi Dai
EPA and DHA, but not ALA, have antidepressant effects with 17β-estradiol injection via regulation of a neurobiological system in ovariectomized rats Jeong-Eun Choi · Yongsoon Park · Yongsoon Park
Effects of fish oil supplementation on prostaglandins in normal and tumor colon tissue: modulation by the lipogenic phenotype of colon tumors ☆ Zora Djuric · Muhammad Nadeem Aslam · Becky R. Simon · Ananda Sen · Yan Jiang · Jianwei Ren · Rena Chan · Tanu Soni · Thekkelnaycke M. Rajendiran · William L. Smith · Dean E. Brenner · Dean E. Brenner
ブタにおける早産後の腸機能と炎症に及ぼす人乳オリゴ糖の影響【Powered by NICT】 O Rasmussen Stine · Martin Lena · V Ostergaard Mette · Rudloff Silvia · Roggenbuck Michael · Nguyen Duc Ninh · T Sangild Per · B Bering Stine · B Bering Stine
Effect of betaine on hepatic insulin resistance through FOXO1-induced NLRP3 inflammasome Dae Hyun Kim · Seong Min Kim · Bonggi Lee · Eun Kyeong Lee · Ki Wung Chung · Kyoung Mi Moon · Hye Jin An · Kyung Mok Kim · Byung Pal Yu · Hae Young Chung · Hae Young Chung
Xanthohumol, a hop-derived prenylated flavonoid, promotes macrophage reverse cholesterol transport Hiroshi Hirata · Harumi Uto-Kondo · Masatsune Ogura · Makoto Ayaori · Kazusa Shiotani · Ami Ota · Youichi Tsuchiya · Katsunori Ikewaki · Katsunori Ikewaki
Brown adipose tissue activation by rutin ameliorates polycystic ovary syndrome in rat Tao Hu · Xiaoxue Yuan · Rongcai Ye · Huiqiao Zhou · Jun Lin · Chuanhai Zhang · Hanlin Zhang · Gang Wei · Meng Dong · Yuanyuan Huang · Wonchung Lim · Qingsong Liu · Hyuek Jong Lee · Wanzhu Jin · Wanzhu Jin
Dietary phlorizin enhances osteoblastogenic bone formation through enhancing β-catenin activity via GSK-3β inhibition in a model of senile osteoporosis☆☆☆★ Lucia Dwi Antika · Eun-Jung Lee · Yun-Ho Kim · Min-Kyung Kang · Sin-Hye Park · Dong Yeon Kim · Hyeongjoo Oh · Yean-Jung Choi · Young-Hee Kang · Young-Hee Kang
Physiological effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) on energy expenditure for prospective fat oxidation in humans: A systematic review and meta-analysis Mahendra P. Kapoor · Masaaki Sugita · Yoshitaka Fukuzawa · Tsutomu Okubo · Tsutomu Okubo
A high-fat diet temporarily renders Sod1-deficient mice resistant to an oxidative insult Junitsu Ito · Naoki Ishii · Ryusuke Akihara · Jaeyong Lee · Toshihiro Kurahashi · Takujiro Homma · Ryo Kawasaki · Junichi Fujii · Junichi Fujii
母乳中の真の蛋白質,アミノ酸および生物活性蛋白質の長期的進化:発達的観点【Powered by NICT】 Lonnerdal Bo · Erdmann Peter · K Thakkar Sagar · Sauser Julien · Destaillats Frederic · Destaillats Frederic
高脂肪食は酸化的傷害への耐性Sod1欠損マウスを一時的に【Powered by NICT】 Ito Junitsu · Ishii Naoki · Akihara Ryusuke · Lee Jaeyong · Kurahashi Toshihiro · Homma Takujiro · Kawasaki Ryo · Fujii Junichi · Fujii Junichi
定量的プロテオミクスによるブドウ多価フェノールによる魚オメガ‐3PUFAとそれらの併用により誘発された給餌したラット標準および高脂肪としょ糖食の肝臓蛋白質の変化【Powered by NICT】 Mendez Lucia · Ciordia Sergio · Fernandez Maria Soledad · Juarez Silvia · Ramos Antonio · Pazos Palmeiro Manuel · M Gallardo Jose · Torres Josep Lluis · Nogues M. Rosa · Medina Mendez Maria Isabel · Medina Mendez Maria Isabel
ゴマリグナンによるLPS誘発ロイコトリエン生成と酸化ストレスのin vivo調節【Powered by NICT】 Yashaswini Puttaraju Srikantamurthy · Sadashivaiah Bettadahalli · Ramaprasad Talahalli Ravichandra · Singh Sridevi Annapurna · Singh Sridevi Annapurna
アルコール性肝障害のマウスモデルを用いた急性エタノール消費と精製炭水化物および脂肪食の影響の評価【Powered by NICT】 L Goncalves Juliana · Lacerda-Queiroz Norinne · F L Sabino Josiane · E Marques Pedro · Galvao Izabela · O Gamba Conrado · D Cassali Geovanni · M de Carvalho Luana · da Silva e Silva Daniel Almeida · Versiani Adaliene · M Teixeira Mauro · de Faria Ana Maria Caetano · T Vieira Angelica · Brunialti-Godard Ana Lucia · Brunialti-Godard Ana Lucia
Navy and black bean supplementation primes the colonic mucosal microenvironment to improve gut health Jennifer M. Monk · Jennifer M. Monk · Dion Lepp · Wenqing Wu · K. Peter Pauls · Lindsay E. Robinson · Krista A. Power · Krista A. Power · Krista A. Power
ヒト骨髄性細胞における急性プロスタグランジンD_2生産に及ぼす外因性脂肪酸とナイアシン【Powered by NICT】 Montserrat-de la Paz Sergio · Bermudez Beatriz · Lopez Sergio · C Naranjo Maria · Romero Yolanda · J Bando-Hidalgo Maria · Abia Rocio · J G Muriana Francisco · J G Muriana Francisco
Choline prevents fetal overgrowth and normalizes placental fatty acid and glucose metabolism in a mouse model of maternal obesity Juha Nam · Esther Greenwald · Chauntelle Jack-Roberts · Tamara T. Ajeeb · Tamara T. Ajeeb · Olga Malysheva · Marie A. Caudill · Kathleen V. Axen · Anjana Saxena · Ekaterina Semernina · Khatia Nanobashvili · Xinyin Jiang · Xinyin Jiang
Daidzein down-regulates ubiquitin-specific protease 19 expression through estrogen receptor β and increases skeletal muscle mass in young female mice Masahiro Ogawa · Takehiro Kitano · Natsuha Kawata · Takashi Sugihira · Tomoya Kitakaze · Naoki Harada · Ryoichi Yamaji · Ryoichi Yamaji
Prenatal nutrition and the risk of adult obesity: Long-term effects of nutrition on epigenetic mechanisms regulating gene expression Estanislau Navarro · Anna N. Funtikova · Anna N. Funtikova · Montserrat Fitó · Helmut Schröder · Helmut Schröder
ビタミンEとカロリー制限はコネキシン26,N AD,E CADとコレステロール代謝遺伝子の発現を介して肝恒常性を促進する【Powered by NICT】 Santolim Leonardo Vinicius · Amaral Maria Esmeria Corezola do · Fachi Jose Luis · Mendes Maira Felonato · Oliveira Camila Andrea de · Oliveira Camila Andrea de
クワ果実は1-メチル-4-フェニル-1,2,3,6-テトラヒドロピリジン/probenecidモデルにおけるα‐シヌクレインおよびユビキチンレベルを低下させることによりパーキンソン病‐関連病理学を改善する【Powered by NICT】 Gu Pil Sung · Moon Minho · Choi Jin Gyu · Oh Myung Sook · Oh Myung Sook
Liver BCATm transgenic mouse model reveals the important role of the liver in maintaining BCAA homeostasis Elitsa A. Ananieva · Cynthia G. Van Horn · Meghan R. Jones · Susan M. Hutson · Susan M. Hutson
自然発症高血圧ラットにおける高血圧症の進展に対する高フルクトース摂取の影響:吻側延髄腹外側野におけるAT_1R/gp91~PHOXシグナル伝達の役割【Powered by NICT】 L H Wu Kay · Wu Chih-Wei · Tain Youlin · Chao Yungmei · Hung Chun-Ying · Tsai Pei-Chia · Wang Wei-Sing · Shih Cheng-Dean · Shih Cheng-Dean
コルジセピンはリソソーム分解と蛋白質ホスファターゼ活性化に影響を与えることによりヒト神経膠芽腫細胞の遊走を阻害する【Powered by NICT】 Hueng Dueng-Yuan · Hsieh Ching-Hsuan · Cheng Yu-Chen · Tsai Wen-Chiuan · Chen Ying · Chen Ying
葉酸欠乏は樹状細胞機能とその後のTヘルパー細胞分化に影響を及ぼす【Powered by NICT】 Wu Chi-Heng · Huang Tzu-Chien · Lin Bi-Fong · Lin Bi-Fong
A food-based approach that targets interleukin-6, a key regulator of chronic intestinal inflammation and colon carcinogenesis Abigail Sido · Sridhar Radhakrishnan · Sung Woo Kim · Elisabeth Eriksson · Frank Shen · Qunhua Li · Vadiraja B. Bhat · Lavanya Reddivari · Jairam Vanamala · Jairam Vanamala
Maternal consumption of low-isoflavone soy protein isolate alters hepatic gene expression and liver development in rat offspring Sae Bom Won · Anna Han · Young Hye Kwon · Young Hye Kwon
Quercetin, a functional compound of onion peel, remodels white adipocytes to brown-like adipocytes Sang Gil Lee · John S. Parks · Hye Won Kang · Hye Won Kang
Long noncoding RNAs and sulforaphane: a target for chemoprevention and suppression of prostate cancer Laura M. Beaver · Laura M. Beaver · Rachael Kuintzle · Alex Buchanan · Michelle W. Wiley · Sarah T Glasser · Carmen P. Wong · Carmen P. Wong · Gavin S. Johnson · Jeff H. Chang · Christiane V. Löhr · David E. Williams · David E. Williams · Roderick H. Dashwood · David A. Hendrix · Emily Ho · Emily Ho
Effect of a cocoa diet on the small intestine and gut-associated lymphoid tissue composition in an oral sensitization model in rats Mariona Camps-Bossacoma · Mariona Camps-Bossacoma · Mariona Camps-Bossacoma · Francisco J. Pérez-Cano · Francisco J. Pérez-Cano · Àngels Franch · Àngels Franch · Eva Untersmayr · Margarida Castell · Margarida Castell · Margarida Castell
A lipidomic study on the regulation of inflammation and oxidative stress targeted by marine ω-3 PUFA and polyphenols in high-fat high-sucrose diets Gabriel Dasilva · Gabriel Dasilva · Manuel Pazos · Eduardo García-Egido · José Manuel Gallardo · Sara Ramos-Romero · Josep Lluís Torres · Marta Romeu · María-Rosa Nogués · Isabel Medina · Isabel Medina
Improvement of cardiometabolic markers after fish oil intervention in young Mexican adults and the role of PPARα L162V and PPARγ2 P12A Aristea Binia · Carolina Vargas-Martínez · Mónica Ancira-Moreno · Laura M. Gosoniu · Ivan Montoliu · Elí Gámez-Valdez · Diana C. Soria-Contreras · Adriana Angeles-Quezada · Rocío Gonzalez-Alberto · Silvia Fernández · Diego Martínez-Conde · Brianda Hernández-Morán · Marisol Ramírez-Solano · Carlos Pérez-Ortega · Yanelli Rodríguez-Carmona · Isabelle Castan · Isabel Rubio-Aliaga · Felipe Vadillo-Ortega · Ricardo Márquez-Velasco · Rafael Bojalil · Juan Carlos López-Alvarenga · Philippe Valet · Martin Kussmann · Martin Kussmann · Irma Silva-Zolezzi · M. Elizabeth Tejero · M. Elizabeth Tejero
Zinc enhances intestinal epithelial barrier function through the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway in Caco-2 cells Yuxin Shao · Patricia G. Wolf · Shuangshuang Guo · Yuming Guo · H. Rex Gaskins · Bingkun Zhang · Bingkun Zhang
Comparative proteomic analyses of the parietal lobe from rhesus monkeys fed a high-fat/sugar diet with and without resveratrol supplementation, relative to a healthy diet: Insights into the roles of unhealthy diets and resveratrol on function Aaron M. Swomley · Judy C. Triplett · Jeriel T.R. Keeney · Govind Warrier · Kevin J. Pearson · Julie A. Mattison · Rafael de Cabo · Jian Cai · Jon B. Klein · D. Allan Butterfield · D. Allan Butterfield
Gene expression changes in colon tissues from colorectal cancer patients following the intake of an ellagitannin-containing pomegranate extract: a randomized clinical trial María Ángeles Núñez-Sánchez · Antonio González-Sarrías · Rocío García-Villalba · Tamara Monedero-Saiz · Noelia V. García-Talavera · María B. Gómez-Sánchez · Carmen Sánchez-Álvarez · Ana M. García-Albert · Francisco J. Rodríguez-Gil · Miguel Ruiz-Marín · Francisco A. Pastor-Quirante · Francisco Martínez-Díaz · Francisco A. Tomás-Barberán · Juan Carlos Espín · María-Teresa García-Conesa · María-Teresa García-Conesa
Down-regulation of fibroblast growth factor 2 and its co-receptors heparan sulfate proteoglycans by resveratrol underlies the improvement of cardiac dysfunction in experimental diabetes Celia Strunz · Alessandra Roggério · Paula Lázara Cruz · Ana Paula Pacanaro · Vera Maria Cury Salemi · Luiz Alberto Benvenuti · Antonio de Padua Mansur · Maria Claudia Irigoyen · Maria Claudia Irigoyen
Intestinal multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 is down-regulated in fructose-fed rats ☆ Ana Sofía Londero · Maite Rocío Arana · Virginia Perdomo · Guillermo Nicolás Tocchetti · Felipe Zecchinati · Carolina I. Ghanem · María L. Ruiz · Juan Pablo Rigalli · Aldo D. Mottino · Fabiana García · Silvina Stella Maris Villanueva · Silvina Stella Maris Villanueva
高度糖化最終産物の長期投与は,NLRP3インフラマソームと腎障害の進展をスパークの活性化を刺激する【Powered by NICT】 Yeh Wan-Ju · Yang Hsin-Yi · Pai Man-Hui · Wu Chi-Hao · Chen Jiun-Rong · Chen Jiun-Rong
Salmosan, a β-galactomannan-rich product, in combination with Lactobacillus plantarum contributes to restore intestinal epithelial barrier function by modulation of cytokine production M.Teresa Brufau · Joan Campo-Sabariz · Sergi Carné · Ruth Ferrer · Raquel Martín-Venegas · Raquel Martín-Venegas
Changes in liver proteins of rats fed standard and high-fat and sucrose diets induced by fish omega-3 PUFAs and their combination with grape polyphenols according to quantitative proteomics Lucía Méndez · Sergio Ciordia · María Soledad Fernández · Silvia Juárez · A. Ramos · Manuel Pazos · José Manuel Gallardo · Josep Lluís Torres · M. Rosa Nogués · Isabel Medina · Isabel Medina
Down-regulation of histone deacetylase 4, −5 and −6 as a mechanism of synergistic enhancement of apoptosis in human lung cancer cells treated with the combination of a synthetic retinoid, Am80 and green tea catechin Yukiko Oya · Anupom Mondal · Anchalee Rawangkan · Sonthaya Umsumarng · Keisuke Iida · Tatsuro Watanabe · Miki Kanno · Kaori Suzuki · Zhenghao Li · Hiroyuki Kagechika · Koichi Shudo · Hirota Fujiki · Masami Suganuma · Masami Suganuma
Transcriptional response of skeletal muscle to a low protein perinatal diet in rat offspring at different ages: The role of key enzymes of glucose-fatty acid oxidation ☆ ☆☆ José Luiz de Brito Alves · José Luiz de Brito Alves · Ana Elisa Toscano · João Henrique Costa-Silva · Hubert Vidal · Carol Góis Leandro · Luciano Pirola · Luciano Pirola
Guava fruit extract and its triterpene constituents have osteoanabolic effect: Stimulation of osteoblast differentiation by activation of mitochondrial respiration via the Wnt/β-catenin signaling☆☆☆ Konica Porwal · Subhashis Pal · Kapil Dev · Shyamsundar Pal China · Yogesh Kumar · Chandan Singh · Tarun Barbhuyan · Neeraj Sinha · Sabyasachi Sanyal · Arun Kumar Trivedi · Rakesh Maurya · Naibedya Chattopadhyay · Naibedya Chattopadhyay
Marine fish oil is more potent than plant based n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the prevention of mammary tumours Jiajie Liu · Salma A. Abdelmagid · Christopher J. Pinelli · Jennifer M. Monk · Danyelle M. Liddle · Lyn M. Hillyer · Barbora Hucik · Anjali Silva · Sanjeena Subedi · Geoffrey A. Wood · Lindsay E. Robinson · William J. Muller · David W.L. Ma · David W.L. Ma
Effects of the dietary carbohydrate–fat ratio on plasma phosphatidylcholine profiles in human and mouse Mizuki Inoue · Nanami Senoo · Nanami Senoo · Tomoki Sato · Tomoki Sato · Yuri Nishimura · Takumi Nakagawa · Noriyuki Miyoshi · Toshinao Goda · Akihito Morita · Shinji Miura · Shinji Miura
Maternal protein restriction during lactation induces early and lasting plasma metabolomic and hepatic lipidomic signatures of the offspring in a rodent programming model A. Martin Agnoux · A. El Ghaziri · T. Moyon · A. Pagniez · A. David · Gilles Simard · Patricia Parnet · El Mostafa Qannari · Dominique Darmaun · Jean-Philippe Antignac · Marie-Cécile Alexandre-Gouabau · Marie-Cécile Alexandre-Gouabau
Protein malnutrition after weaning disrupts peripheral clock and daily insulin secretion in mice Patricia Cristine Borck · Thiago M. Batista · Jean Franciesco Vettorazzi · Rafael Ludemann Camargo · Antonio C. Boschero · Elaine Vieira · Everardo M. Carneiro · Everardo M. Carneiro
摂食マウス高飽和fat/highコレステロール食におけるグルコース耐性,インスリン抵抗性および肝マーカーに及ぼす乾燥トマト果皮補給の影響【Powered by NICT】 Zidani Sofiane · Benakmoum Amar · Ammouche Ali · Benali Yasmine · Bouhadef Anissa · Abbeddou Souheila · Abbeddou Souheila
オレウロペインアグリコンはβアドレナリン作動性シグナル伝達を活性化することにより高脂肪食誘導性肥満ラットの褐色脂肪組織におけるUCP1発現を増強する【Powered by NICT】 Oi-Kano Yuriko · Iwasaki Yusaku · Nakamura Toshiyuki · Watanabe Tatsuo · Goto Tsuyoshi · Kawada Teruo · Watanabe Kenichi · Iwai Kazuo · Iwai Kazuo
炎症後のマウスにおけるうつ病様行動と樹状変化に対するスルフォラファンの予防効果【Powered by NICT】 Zhang Ji-chun · Yao Wei · Dong Chao · Yang Chun · Ren Qian · Ma Min · Han Mei · Wu Jin · Ushida Yusuke · Suganuma Hiroyuki · Hashimoto Kenji · Hashimoto Kenji
Dietary rose hip exerts antiatherosclerotic effects and increases nitric oxide-mediated dilation in ApoE-null mice ☆ ☆☆ Michele Cavalera · Ulrika Axling · Catarina Rippe · Karl Swärd · Cecilia Holm · Cecilia Holm
Dyospiros kaki phenolics inhibit colitis and colon cancer cell proliferation, but not gelatinase activities Rosa Direito · Ana Lima · João Rocha · Ricardo B. Ferreira · J. R. Mota · Patrícia Rebelo · Adelaide Fernandes · Rui Pinto · Paula M. Alves · Rosário Bronze · Bruno Sepodes · M.E. Figueira · M.E. Figueira
TNF‐αとフリーラジカルの抑制は系統的炎症性および代謝異常を減少させる:腸のバリア機能と抗酸化防御に対するオタネニンジンオリゴペプチドの放射線防護効果【Powered by NICT】 He Li-Xia · Wang Junbo · Sun Bin · Zhao Jian · Li Lin · Xu Teng · Li Hui · Sun Jing-Qin · Ren Jinwei · Liu Rui · Chen Qi-He · Zhang ZhaoFeng · Li Yong · Li Yong
Western diet enhances intestinal tumorigenesis in Min/+ mice, associating with mucosal metabolic and inflammatory stress and loss of Apc heterozygosity Mikael Niku · Anne-Maria Pajari · Laura Sarantaus · Essi Päivärinta · Markus Storvik · Anu Heiman-Lindh · Santeri Suokas · Minna Nyström · Marja Mutanen · Marja Mutanen
レスベラトロール補給のない高fat/sugar食を与えた,健康的な食事に関連したアカゲザルからの頭頂葉の比較プロテオーム分析:機能に及ぼす不健康な食事とレスベラトロールの役割への洞察【Powered by NICT】 M Swomley Aaron · C Triplett Judy · T Keeney Jeriel · Warrier Govind · J Pearson Kevin · A Mattison Julie · de Cabo Rafael · Cai Jian · B Klein Jon · Butterfield D. Allan · Butterfield D. Allan
Corrigendum to:Prunetin signals via G protein coupled receptor, GPR30: stimulation of adenylyl cyclase and cAMP-mediated activation of MAPK signaling induces Runx2 expression in osteoblasts to promote bone regeneration[ J Nutr Biochem 2015; 26 (12): 1491–501] Kainat Khan · Subhashis Pal · Manisha Yadav · Rakesh Maurya · Arun Kumar Trivedi · Sabyasachi Sanyal · Naibedya Chattopadhyay · Naibedya Chattopadhyay
Attenuation of obesity and insulin resistance by fish oil supplementation is associated with improved skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in mice fed a high-fat diet Amanda R. Martins · Amanda R. Crisma · Laureane Nunes Masi · Cátia Lira do Amaral · Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr · Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr · Lucas H.M. Bomfim · Bruno G. Teodoro · André L. Queiroz · Tamires Duarte Afonso Serdan · Rosangela Pavan Torres · Jorge Mancini-Filho · Alice Cristina Rodrigues · Tatiana Carolina Alba-Loureiro · Tania Cristina Pithon-Curi · Renata Gorjão · Leonardo R. Silveira · Rui Curi · Philip Newsholme · Sandro M. Hirabara · Sandro M. Hirabara
Microbial metabolites are associated with a high adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern using a 1H-NMR-based untargeted metabolomics approach Enrique Almanza-Aguilera · Mireia Urpi-Sarda · Mireia Urpi-Sarda · Rafael Llorach · Rafael Llorach · Rosa Vázquez-Fresno · Mar Garcia-Aloy · Mar Garcia-Aloy · Francesc Carmona · Alex Sánchez · Francisco Madrid-Gambin · Francisco Madrid-Gambin · Ramón Estruch · Ramón Estruch · Dolores Corella · Dolores Corella · Cristina Andres-Lacueva · Cristina Andres-Lacueva · Cristina Andres-Lacueva
Circulating levels of miR-7, miR-152 and miR-192 respond to vitamin D supplementation in adults with prediabetes and correlate with improvements in glycemic control Yury O. Nunez Lopez · Anastassios G. Pittas · Richard E. Pratley · Richard E. Pratley · Attila A. Seyhan · Attila A. Seyhan · Attila A. Seyhan · Attila A. Seyhan
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) or lycopene supplementation attenuates ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction through different mechanistic pathways Bruna Letícia Buzati Pereira · Patricia Pintor dos Reis · Fábio E. Severino · Tainara F. Felix · Mariana Gobbo Braz · Flávia R. Nogueira · Renata A. C. Silva · Ana Cláudia Vieira Cardoso · Maria Angélica Martins Lourenço · Amanda Figueiredo · Fernanda Chiuso-Minicucci · Paula S. Azevedo · Bertha F. Polegato · Katashi Okoshi · Ana Angélica Henrique Fernandes · Sergio Alberto Rupp de Paiva · Leonardo Antonio Mamede Zornoff · Marcos F. Minicucci · Marcos F. Minicucci
Dietary fatty acids modulate adipocyte TNFa production via regulation of its DNA promoter methylation levels Eva García-Escobar · Roberto Monastero · Sara García-Serrano · Juan M. Gómez-Zumaquero · Ana Lago-Sampedro · Elehazara Rubio-Martín · Natalia Colomo · Francisca Rodriguez-Pacheco · Federico Soriguer · Gemma Rojo-Martínez · Gemma Rojo-Martínez
The phytochemical 3,3′-diindolylmethane decreases expression of AR-controlled DNA damage repair genes through repressive chromatin modifications and is associated with DNA damage in prostate cancer cells Zoraya Palomera-Sanchez · Gregory W. Watson · Carmen P. Wong · Laura M. Beaver · Laura M. Beaver · David E. Williams · David E. Williams · Roderick H. Dashwood · Emily Ho · Emily Ho · Emily Ho
Ferulic acid, a bioactive component of rice bran, improves oxidative stress and mitochondrial biogenesis and dynamics in mice and in human mononuclear cells Cristina Perez-Ternero · Christian Werner · Alexander Nickel · Maria Dolores Herrera · Maria-José Motilva · Michael Böhm · Maria Alvarez de Sotomayor · Ulrich Laufs · Ulrich Laufs
High-energy breakfast based on whey protein reduces body weight, postprandial glycemia and HbA1C in Type 2 diabetes Daniela Jakubowicz · Daniela Jakubowicz · Julio Wainstein · Zohar Landau · Bo Ahrén · Maayan Barnea · Yosefa Bar-Dayan · Oren Froy · Oren Froy
腸管多剤耐性関連蛋白質2はフルクトース給餌ラットにおいて下方制御される【Powered by NICT】 Londero Ana Sofia · Arana Maite Rocio · Perdomo Virginia Gabriela · Tocchetti Guillermo Nicolas · Zecchinati Felipe · Ghanem Carolina Ines · Ruiz Maria Laura · Rigalli Juan Pablo · Mottino Aldo Domingo · Garcia Fabiana · Villanueva Silvina Stella Maris · Villanueva Silvina Stella Maris
Probiotics modulate gut microbiota and improve insulin sensitivity in DIO mice Renata A. Bagarolli · Natália Tobar · Alexandre G. Oliveira · Tiago G. Araújo · Bruno Melo Carvalho · Guilherme Z. Rocha · Juliana Falcato Vecina · Kelly L Calisto · Dioze Guadagnini · Patrícia O. Prada · Andrey Santos · Sara Teresinha Olalla Saad · Mario J.A. Saad · Mario J.A. Saad
トコトリエノールの天然混合物はヒト前立腺腫瘍の増殖を阻害し,サイクリン依存性キナーゼ阻害剤p21とp27の後成的修飾と関連する【Powered by NICT】 Huang Ying · Wu Renyi · Su Zhengyuan · Guo Yue · Zheng Xi · S Yang Chung · Kong Ah-Ng · Kong Ah-Ng
リノール酸は雄マウスにおける視床下部炎症を用いない飽和脂肪より大きい体重増加を引き起こす【Powered by NICT】 J Mamounis Kyle · Yasrebi Ali · A Roepke Troy · A Roepke Troy
Astaxanthin inhibits inflammation and fibrosis in the liver and adipose tissue of mouse models of diet-induced obesity and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Bohkyung Kim · Callie Farruggia · Chai Siah Ku · Tho X. Pham · Yue Yang · Minkyung Bae · Casey J. Wegner · Nicholas Farrell · Ellen Harness · Young-Ki Park · Sung I. Koo · Ji-Young Lee · Ji-Young Lee
ラット骨格筋における緑茶ポリフェノールエピガロカテキン3没食子酸の急性血管および代謝作用【Powered by NICT】 L H Ng Huei · Premilovac Dino · Rattigan Stephen · M Richards Stephen · Muniyappa Ranganath · J Quon Michael · A Keske Michelle · A Keske Michelle
Dietary resveratrol confers apoptotic resistance to oxidative stress in myoblasts Satoshi Haramizu · Shinichi Asano · David C. Butler · David A. Stanton · Ameena Hajira · Junaith S. Mohamed · Stephen E. Alway · Stephen E. Alway
Chronic high-sucrose diet increases fibroblast growth factor 21 production and energy expenditure in mice Ryuya Maekawa · Yusuke Seino · Hidetada Ogata · Masatoshi Murase · Atsushi Iida · Kaori Hosokawa · Erina Joo · Norio Harada · Shin Tsunekawa · Yoji Hamada · Yutaka Oiso · Nobuya Inagaki · Yoshitaka Hayashi · Hiroshi Arima · Hiroshi Arima
Antioxidant properties of tea blunt ROS-dependent lipogenesis: beneficial effect on hepatic steatosis in a high fat-high sucrose diet NAFLD obese rat model Laura Braud · Sylvain Battault · Gregory Meyer · Alessandro Nascimento · Sandrine Gaillard · Georges de Sousa · Roger Rahmani · Catherine Riva · Martine Armand · Jean-Michel Maixent · Cyril Reboul · Cyril Reboul
Effects of delta-tocotrienol on obesity-related adipocyte hypertrophy, inflammation and hepatic steatosis in high-fat-fed mice London Allen · Latha Ramalingam · Kalhara Menikdiwela · Shane Scoggin · Chwan-Li Shen · Chwan-Li Shen · Michael D. Tomison · Gurvinder Kaur · Gurvinder Kaur · Jannette M. Dufour · Jannette M. Dufour · Eunhee Chung · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Nishan S. Kalupahana · Naima Moustaid-Moussa · Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Changes in the gut microbial communities following addition of walnuts to the diet Lauri O. Byerley · Derrick R. Samuelson · Eugene Blanchard · Meng Luo · Brittany N. Lorenzen · Shelia Banks · Monica A. Ponder · David A. Welsh · Christopher M. Taylor · Christopher M. Taylor
Obesity and malnutrition similarly alter the renin–angiotensin system and inflammation in mice and human adipose Thales de Almeida Pinheiro · Antônio Sérgio Barcala-Jorge · João Marcus Oliveira Andrade · Thaisa de Almeida Pinheiro · Emíllio César Neves Ferreira · Thaisa Soares Crespo · Gislaine Candida Batista-Jorge · Cássio André Vieira · Deborah de Farias Lelis · Alanna Fernandes Paraíso · Ugo Borges Pinheiro · Mariane Bertagnolli · Carlos Juliano Brant Albuquerque · André Luiz Sena Guimarães · Alfredo Maurício Batista de Paula · Antônio Prates Caldeira · Sérgio Henrique Sousa Santos · Sérgio Henrique Sousa Santos · Sérgio Henrique Sousa Santos
Vitamin D supplementation restores the blunted muscle protein synthesis response in deficient old rats through an impact on ectopic fat deposition Jérôme Salles · Christelle Guillet · Christophe Giraudet · Alexandre Berry · Véronique Patrac · Carla Domingues-Faria · Camille Tagliaferri · Katia Bouton · Justine Bertrand-Michel · Miriam van Dijk · Marion Jourdan · Yvette C. Luiking · S. Verlaan · Corinne Pouyet · Philippe Denis · Yves Boirie · Stéphane Walrand · Stéphane Walrand
Raspberry pomace alters cecal microbial activity and reduces secondary bile acids in rats fed a high-fat diet Jerzy Juśkiewicz · Adam Jurgoński · Neil M. Rigby · Neil M. Rigby · Michał Sójka · Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk · Alan R. Mackie · Alan R. Mackie · Zenon Zduńczyk · Zenon Zduńczyk
成体ラットにおける食事性カルシウム補給は出生後早期栄養過剰によりプログラムされた褐色脂肪組織機能障害を復帰させる【Powered by NICT】 Conceicao Ellen Paula Santos · Moura Egberto Gaspar · Oliveira Elaine · Guarda Deysla Sabino · Figueiredo Mariana Sarto · Quitete Fernanda Torres · Calvino Camila · Miranda Rosiane Aparecida · Mathias Paulo Cezar Freitas · Manhaes Alex Christian · Lisboa Patricia Cristina · Lisboa Patricia Cristina
Linoleic acid causes greater weight gain than saturated fat without hypothalamic inflammation in the male mouse Kyle J. Mamounis · Ali Yasrebi · Troy A. Roepke · Troy A. Roepke
高分子量ココアプロシアニジンは小さいプロシアニジンと比較したヒト初代骨格筋細胞における強化されたインスリン‐促進とインスリン様活性を持つ【Powered by NICT】 M Bowser Suzanne · T Moore William · P McMillan Ryan · R Dorenkott Melanie · M Goodrich Katheryn · Ye Liyun · F O’Keefe Sean · W Hulver Matthew · P Neilson Andrew · P Neilson Andrew
濃縮乳カゼインからの栄養量以上のセレン摂取量はIRS/PI3K/AKTシグナル伝達を介して肝インスリン感受性を損ない,雄性Sprague‐DawleyラットにおけるPGC‐1α発現を減少させた【Powered by NICT】 Stahel Priska · J Kim Julie · R L Cieslar Scott · M Warrington Jenny · Xiao Changting · P Cant John · P Cant John
Longitudinal evolution of true protein, amino acids and bioactive proteins in breast milk: a developmental perspective Bo Lönnerdal · Peter Erdmann · Sagar Thakkar · Julien Sauser · Frédéric Destaillats · Frédéric Destaillats
ヒストン脱アセチル化酵素9は肝星細胞におけるアスタキサンチンのantifibrogenic効果において役割を果たす【Powered by NICT】 Yang Yue · Bae Minkyung · Park Young-Ki · Lee Yoojin · X Pham Tho · Rudraiah Swetha · Manautou Jose · I Koo Sung · Lee Ji-Young · Lee Ji-Young
食餌性スフィンゴミエリンは高脂肪食誘導性肥満マウスにおける脂肪肝と脂肪組織炎症を減弱する【Powered by NICT】 H Norris Gregory · M Porter Caitlin · Jiang Christina · L Millar Courtney · N Blesso Christopher · N Blesso Christopher
Human milk oligosaccharide effects on intestinal function and inflammation after preterm birth in pigs Stine Ostenfeldt Rasmussen · Lena Martin · Lena Martin · Mette Viberg Østergaard · Silvia Rudloff · Michael Roggenbuck · Duc Ninh Nguyen · Per T. Sangild · Stine B. Bering · Stine B. Bering
Trans-10,cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid (t10-c12 CLA) treatment and caloric restriction differentially affect adipocyte cell turnover in obese and lean mice Azadeh Yeganeh · Peter Zahradka · Carla G. Taylor · Carla G. Taylor
Conjugated linoleic acid and nitrite attenuate mitochondrial dysfunction during myocardial ischemia Patrick M Van Hoose · Natia Qipshidze Kelm · Kellianne M. Piell · Marsha P. Cole · Marsha P. Cole
Corrigendum toDiets enriched in trans-11 vaccenic acid alleviate ectopic lipid accumulation in a rat model of NAFLD and metabolic syndrome[J Nutr Biochem (2014) 692–701] M. Miriam Jacome-Sosa · Faye Borthwick · Rabban Mangat · Richard R. E. Uwiera · Martin J. T. Reaney · Jianheng Shen · Ariel D. Quiroga · René L. Jacobs · Richard Lehner · Spencer D. Proctor · Spencer D. Proctor
Higher insulin sensitivity in EDL muscle of rats fed a low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet inhibits the caspase-3 and ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic systems but does not increase protein synthesis Maísa Pavani dos Santos · Emanuele Batistela · Mayara Peron Pereira · Silvia Paula-Gomes · Neusa Maria Zanon · Isis C. Kettelhut · Christina Karatzaferi · Cláudia Marlise Balbinotti Andrade · Suélem Aparecida de França · Amanda Martins Baviera · Nair Honda Kawashita · Nair Honda Kawashita
Autophagy proteins are modulated in the liver and hypothalamus of the offspring of mice with diet-induced obesity ☆ ☆☆ Andressa Reginato · Thaís de Fante · Mariana Portovedo · Natália Ferreira da Costa · Tanyara Baliani Payolla · Josiane Érica Miyamotto · Laís Angélica de Paula Simino · Letícia M. Ignacio-Souza · Marcio Alberto Torsoni · Adriana Souza Torsoni · Marciane Milanski · Marciane Milanski
Cinnamon intake alleviates the combined effects of dietary-induced insulin resistance and acute stress on brain mitochondria ☆ ☆☆ ★ Karine Couturier · Isabelle Hininger · Laurent Poulet · Richard A. Anderson · Anne-Marie Roussel · Frédéric Canini · Cécile Batandier · Cécile Batandier
EGR-1 is an active transcription factor in TGF-.BETA.2-mediated small intestinal cell differentiation Zhang Man · Liao Yalin · Lonnerdal Bo · Lonnerdal Bo
アスピリン魚油に富む飼料への添加はApoE欠損マウスにおける炎症およびアテローム性動脈硬化症を減少させる【Powered by NICT】 V Sorokin Alexander · Yang Zhi-Hong · L Vaisman Boris · Thacker Seth · Yu Zu-Xi · Sampson Maureen · N Serhan Charles · T Remaley Alan · T Remaley Alan
Partial neurorescue effects of DHA following a 6-OHDA lesion of the mouse dopaminergic system Katherine Coulombe · Martine Saint-Pierre · Giulia Cisbani · Isabelle St-Amour · Claire Gibrat · Ariane Giguère-Rancourt · Frédéric Calon · Francesca Cicchetti · Francesca Cicchetti
高脂肪とエネルギー制限食で飼育したラットの脂肪組織におけるTGF‐β発現とシグナル伝達プロファイルの特性評価【Powered by NICT】 Sousa-Pinto Bernardo · Goncalves Laura · R Rodrigues Adriana · Tomada Ines · Almeida Henrique · Neves Delminda · M Gouveia Alexandra · M Gouveia Alexandra
Vitamin A status and its metabolism contribute to the regulation of hepatic genes during the cycle of fasting and refeeding in rats Yang Li · Rui Li · Wei Chen · Guoxun Chen · Guoxun Chen
Concentration-dependent effects of resveratrol and metabolites on the redox status of human erythrocytes in single-dose studies Marc Pignitter · Katharina Schueller · Alexander Burkon · Verena Knorr · Laura Esefelder · Daniel Doberer · Michael Wolzt · Veronika Somoza · Veronika Somoza
Dietary flaxseed modulates the colonic microenvironment in healthy C57Bl/6 male mice which may alter susceptibility to gut-associated diseases Krista A. Power · Dion Lepp · Leila Zarepoor · Jennifer M. Monk · Wenqing Wu · Rong Tsao · Ronghua Liu · Ronghua Liu
Preventive and therapeutic effects of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) extract against DSS-induced ulcerative colitis by regulation of antioxidant and inflammatory mediators Mehnaz Pervin · Md. Abul Hasnat · Ji-Hong Lim · Yoon-Mi Lee · Eun Ok Kim · Byung-Hun Um · Beong Ou Lim · Beong Ou Lim
A nutritional nonalcoholic steatohepatitis minipig model Sin-Jin Li · Shih-Torng Ding · Harry J. Mersmann · Chun-Han Chu · Chia-Da Hsu · Ching-Yi Chen · Ching-Yi Chen
Growth attenuation is associated with histone deacetylase 10-induced autophagy in the liver Galit Pinto · Biana Shtaif · Moshe Phillip · Moshe Phillip · Galia Gat-Yablonski · Galia Gat-Yablonski · Galia Gat-Yablonski
SCD1 mediates the influence of exogenous saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in adipocytes: Effects on cellular stress, inflammatory markers and fatty acid elongation Jessica C. Ralston · Adam H. Metherel · Ken D. Stark · David M. Mutch · David M. Mutch
An assessment of molecular pathways of obesity susceptible to nutrient, toxicant and genetically induced epigenetic perturbation Jing Xue · Folami Y. Ideraabdullah · Folami Y. Ideraabdullah
Treatment with kaempferol suppresses breast cancer cell growth caused by estrogen and triclosan in cellular and xenograft breast cancer models Seung-Hee Kim · Kyung-A Hwang · Kyung-Chul Choi · Kyung-Chul Choi
High-selenium lentil diet protects against arsenic-induced atherosclerosis in a mouse model Regina M. Krohn · Maryse Lemaire · Luis Fernando Negro Silva · Catherine A. Lemarié · Alicia M. Bolt · Koren K. Mann · Judit E.G. Smits · Judit E.G. Smits
Olive oil prevents benzo(a)pyrene [B(a)P]-induced colon carcinogenesis through altered B(a)P metabolism and decreased oxidative damage in ApcMin mouse model Leah D. Banks · Priscilla Amoah · Mohammad S. Niaz · Mary Kay Washington · Samuel E. Adunyah · Aramandla Ramesh · Aramandla Ramesh
Daily sesame oil supplement attenuates joint pain by inhibiting muscular oxidative stress in osteoarthritis rat model Dur-Zong Hsu · Pei-Yi Chu · I-Ming Jou · I-Ming Jou
EGCG prevents PCB-126-induced endothelial cell inflammation via epigenetic modifications of NF-κB target genes in human endothelial cells Dandan Liu · Jordan T. Perkins · Bernhard Hennig · Bernhard Hennig
Resveratrol is equipotent to perindopril in attenuating post-infarct cardiac remodeling and contractile dysfunction in rats Pema Raj · Basma Milad Aloud · Xavier Lieben Louis · Liping Yu · Shelley Zieroth · Thomas Netticadan · Thomas Netticadan · Thomas Netticadan

Effects of intermittent dietary supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid and fish oil (EPA/DHA) on body metabolism and mitochondrial energetics in mice
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry | 2018
Camila Pederiva Rossignoli · Carlos R.P. Dechandt · Anderson O. Souza · Igor H. Sampaio · Tatiane M. Vicentini · Bruno G. Teodoro · Marinaldo Pacífico Cavalcanti Neto · Gustavo Duarte Ferrari · Carlos A. Couto-Lima · Luciane C. Alberici · Luciane C. Alberici
Maternal hypercholesterolemia enhances oxysterol concentration in mothers and newly weaned offspring but is attenuated by maternal phytosterol supplementation
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry | 2018
Jerad H. Dumolt · Sandhya Krishnan Radhakrishnan · Mohammed H. Moghadasian · Khuong Le · Mulchand S. Patel · Richard W. Browne · Todd C. Rideout · Todd C. Rideout
Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy prevents cognitive impairments and BDNF imbalance in the hippocampus of the offspring after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry | 2018
Bruna Ferrary Deniz · Heloísa Deola Confortim · Iohanna Deckmann · Patrícia Maidana Miguel · Loise Bronauth · Bruna Chaves de Oliveira · Sílvia Barbosa · Laura Reck Cechinel · Ionara Rodrigues Siqueira · Lenir Orlandi Pereira · Lenir Orlandi Pereira
Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cells premature senescence with rutin attenuates and stabilizes diabetic atherosclerosis
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry | 2018
Yi-hui Li · Ran-ran Qin · Hongdan Yan · Feng Wang · Shanying Huang · Yun Zhang · Ming Zhong · Wei Zhang · Zhi-hao Wang · Zhi-hao Wang