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Current Diabetes Reports

The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.686, which is just updated in 2020.

Current Diabetes Reports Impact Factor
Highest IF
Highest Journal Impact IF

The highest Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.996.

Lowest IF
Lowest Journal Impact IF

The lowest Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 2.496.

Total Growth Rate
IF Total Growth Rate

The total growth rate of Current Diabetes Reports IF is 47.7%.

Annual Growth Rate
IF Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate of Current Diabetes Reports IF is 5.3%.

Journal Impact IF Ranking

Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
Internal Medicine Q1 18/128

Internal Medicine 86%

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Q1 39/217

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism 82%

Journal Impact IF Ranking

· In the Internal Medicine research field, the Quartile of Current Diabetes Reports is Q1. Current Diabetes Reports has been ranked #18 over 128 related journals in the Internal Medicine research category. The ranking percentile of Current Diabetes Reports is around 86% in the field of Internal Medicine.
· In the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research field, the Quartile of Current Diabetes Reports is Q1. Current Diabetes Reports has been ranked #39 over 217 related journals in the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research category. The ranking percentile of Current Diabetes Reports is around 82% in the field of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

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Journal Impact IF History

Year Journal Impact IF
Year Journal Impact IF
2019-2020 3.686
2018-2019 3.996
2017-2018 3.568
2016-2017 3.387
2015-2016 3.711
2014-2015 3.08
2013-2014 3.377
2012-2013 3.165
2011-2012 2.496
Journal Impact IF History

· The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.686
· The 2018-2019 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.996
· The 2017-2018 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.568
· The 2016-2017 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.387
· The 2015-2016 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.711
· The 2014-2015 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.08
· The 2013-2014 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.377
· The 2012-2013 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 3.165
· The 2011-2012 Journal Impact IF of Current Diabetes Reports is 2.496

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications Citations
Year Publications Citations
2000 0 5
2001 40 12
2002 83 28
2003 75 183
2004 71 563
2005 81 889
2006 78 1127
2007 75 1315
2008 78 1472
2009 76 1552
2010 77 1875
2011 80 2236
2012 93 2788
2013 105 3263
2014 116 3932
2015 128 4178
2016 134 4246
2017 138 5039
2018 147 4724
2019 162 5685
2020 82 7627
2021 3 564
Publications Cites Dataset

· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 0 reports and received 5 citations in 2000.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 40 reports and received 12 citations in 2001.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 83 reports and received 28 citations in 2002.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 75 reports and received 183 citations in 2003.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 71 reports and received 563 citations in 2004.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 81 reports and received 889 citations in 2005.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 78 reports and received 1127 citations in 2006.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 75 reports and received 1315 citations in 2007.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 78 reports and received 1472 citations in 2008.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 76 reports and received 1552 citations in 2009.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 77 reports and received 1875 citations in 2010.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 80 reports and received 2236 citations in 2011.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 93 reports and received 2788 citations in 2012.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 105 reports and received 3263 citations in 2013.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 116 reports and received 3932 citations in 2014.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 128 reports and received 4178 citations in 2015.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 134 reports and received 4246 citations in 2016.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 138 reports and received 5039 citations in 2017.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 147 reports and received 4724 citations in 2018.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 162 reports and received 5685 citations in 2019.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 82 reports and received 7627 citations in 2020.
· The Current Diabetes Reports has published 3 reports and received 564 citations in 2021.
· The total publications of Current Diabetes Reports is 1922.
· The total citations of Current Diabetes Reports is 53303.

What is Impact Factor?

The impact factor (IF) or journal impact factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index calculated by Clarivate that reflects the yearly average number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher impact factor values are often deemed to be more important, or carry more intrinsic prestige in their respective fields, than those with lower values.

Current Diabetes Reports | Academic Accelerator - About the Impact Factor

Impact factor is commonly used to evaluate the relative importance of a journal within its field and to measure the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular time period. Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs. Journals with higher IFs believed to be more important than those with lower ones. According to Eugene Garfield “impact simply reflects the ability of the journals and editors to attract the best paper available.” Journal which publishes more review articles will get maximum IFs. The Impact Factor of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Impact Factor are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The Current Diabetes Reports Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the Current Diabetes Reports during the two preceding years (2018-2019). Note that 2020 Impact Factor are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. New journals, which are indexed from their first published issue, will receive an impact factor after two years of indexing; in this case, the citations to the year prior to Volume 1, and the number of articles published in the year prior to Volume 1, are known zero values. Journals that are indexed starting with a volume other than the first volume will not get an impact factor until they have been indexed for three years. Occasionally, Journal Citation Reports assigns an impact factor to new journals with less than two years of indexing, based on partial citation data. The calculation always uses two complete and known years of item counts, but for new titles one of the known counts is zero. Annuals and other irregular publications sometimes publish no items in a particular year, affecting the count. The impact factor relates to a specific time period; it is possible to calculate it for any desired period. In addition to the 2-year Impact Factor, the 3-year Impact Factor, 4-year Impact Factor, 5-year Impact Factor, Real-Time Impact Factor can provide further insights and factors into the impact of Current Diabetes Reports.


The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Impact factors are calculated yearly starting from 1975 for journals listed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). ISI was acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992, and became known as Thomson ISI. In 2018, Thomson ISI was sold to Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. They founded a new corporation, Clarivate, which is now the publisher of the JCR.


The impact factor is used to compare different journals within a certain field. The Web of Science indexes more than 11,500 science and social science journals. Journal impact factors are often used to evaluate the merit of individual articles and individual researchers. This use of impact factors was summarised by Hoeffel:

Impact Factor is not a perfect tool to measure the quality of articles but there is nothing better and it has the advantage of already being in existence and is, therefore, a good technique for scientific evaluation. Experience has shown that in each specialty the best journals are those in which it is most difficult to have an article accepted, and these are the journals that have a high impact factor. Most of these journals existed long before the impact factor was devised. The use of impact factor as a measure of quality is widespread because it fits well with the opinion we have in each field of the best journals in our specialty....In conclusion, prestigious journals publish papers of high level. Therefore, their impact factor is high, and not the contrary.

Eugene Garfield

In brief, Impact factors may be used by:
  • Authors to decide where to submit an article for publication.
  • Libraries to make collection development decisions
  • Academic departments to assess academic productivity
  • Academic departments to make decisions on promotion and tenure.
As impact factors are a journal-level metric, rather than an article- or individual-level metric, this use is controversial. Garfield agrees with Hoeffel,but warns about the "misuse in evaluating individuals" because there is "a wide variation [of citations] from article to article within a single journal". Other things to consider about Impact Factors:
  • Many journals do not have an impact factor.
  • The impact factor cannot assess the quality of individual articles. Even if citations were evenly distributed among articles, the impact factor would only measure the interests of other researchers in an article, not its importance and usefulness.
  • Only research articles, technical notes and reviews are “citable” items. Editorials, letters, news items and meeting abstracts are “non-citable items”.
  • Only a small percentage of articles are highly cited and they are found in a small subset of journals. This small proportion accounts for a large percentage of citations.
  • Controversial papers, such as those based on fraudulent data, may be highly cited, distorting the impact factor of a journal.
  • Citation bias may exist. For example, English language resources may be favoured. Authors may cite their own work.
Moreover, informed and careful use of these impact data is essential, and should be based on a thorough understanding of the methodology used to generate impact factors. There are controversial aspects of using impact factors:
  • It is not clear whether the number of times a paper is cited measures its actual quality.
  • Some databases that calculate impact factors fail to incorporate publications including textbooks, handbooks and reference books.
  • Certain disciplines have low numbers of journals and usage. Therefore, one should only compare journals or researchers within the same discipline.
  • Review articles normally are cited more often and therefore can skew results.
  • Self-citing may also skew results.
  • Some resources used to calculate impact factors have inadequate international coverage.
  • Editorial policies can artificially inflate an impact factor.
Impact factors have often been used in advancement and tenure decision-making. Many recognize that this is a coarse tool for such important decisions, and that a multitude of factors should be taken into account in these deliberations. When considering the use of the impact factor (IF), keep these aspects in mind:
  • IF analysis is limited to citations from the journals indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Currently, the Web of Science indexes only 8621 journals across the full breadth of the sciences, and just 3121 in the social sciences.
  • A high IF/citation rate says nothing about the quality -- or even, validity -- of the references being cited. Notorious or even retracted articles often attract a lot of attention, hence a high number of citations. The notority related to the first publication on "cold fusion" is one such example.
  • Journals that publish more "review articles" are often found near the top of the rankings. While not known for publishing new, creative findings, these individual articles tend to be heavily cited.
  • The IF measures the average number of citations to articles in the journal -- given this, a small number of highly-cited articles will skew the figure.
  • It takes several years for new journals to be added to the list of titles indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge, so these newer titles will be under-represented.
  • It's alleged that journal editors have learned to "game" the system, encouraging authors to cite their works previously published in the same journal.
Comparing Journals Across Disciplines? Not a good idea! Using Impact Factors within a given discipline should only be done with great care, as described above. Using impact factor data to compare journals across disciplines is even more problematic. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Disciplines where older literature is still referenced, such as Chemistry and Mathematics, offer challenges to the methodolgy since older citations (older than two years) are not used to calculate the impact factor for a given journal. (Five-year impact factor analysis, which can be calculated using the Journal Citation Index database, helps smooth out this problem only to some degree.)
  • Different disciplines have different practices regarding tendency to cite larger numbers of references. Higher overall citation rates will bump upward impact factor measurements.
  • Where it's common for large numbers of authors to collaborate on a single paper, such as in Physics, the tendency of authors to cite themselves (and in this case, more authors) will result in increased citation rates.

Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor


  • A vetted, established metric for measuring journal impact within a discipline.
  • Designed to eliminate bias based on journal size and frequency.
  • Individual articles makes an uneven contribution to overall Impact Factor.
  • Impact Factor does not account for certain things, things like context (postive or negative citaion) and intentionality (self-citation).
  • The metric is proprietary to and bound by the contents of the Thomson Reuters database.
  • Citations, on which the Impact Factor is based, count for less than 1% of an article's overall use.


Numerous critiques have been made regarding the use of impact factors. A 2007 study noted that the most fundamental flaw is that impact factors present the mean of data that are not normally distributed, and suggested that it would be more appropriate to present the median of these data. There is also a more general debate on the validity of the impact factor as a measure of journal importance and the effect of policies that editors may adopt to boost their impact factor (perhaps to the detriment of readers and writers). Other criticism focuses on the effect of the impact factor on behavior of scholars, editors and other stakeholders. Others have made more general criticisms, arguing that emphasis on impact factor results from negative influence of neoliberal policies on academia claiming that what is needed is not just replacement of the impact factor with more sophisticated metrics for science publications but also discussion on the social value of research assessment and the growing precariousness of scientific careers in higher education.
Experts stress that there are limitations in using impact factors to evaluate a scholar's work. There are many reasons cited for not relying on impact factor alone to evaluate the output of a particular individual. Among these are the following:

  • A single factor is not sufficient for evaluating an author's work.
  • Journal values are meaningless unless compared within the same discipline. Impact factors vary among disciplines.
  • The impact factor was originally devised to show the impact of a specific journal, not a specific scholar. The quality and impact of the author's work may extend beyond the impact of a particular journal.
According to Jim Testa, a researcher for ThomsonReuters Scientific, the most widespread misuse of the Impact Factor is to evaluate the work of an individual author (instead of a journal). "To say that because a researcher is publishing in a certain journal, he or she is more influential or deserves more credit is not necessarily true. There are many other variables to consider." (interview 6/26/2008 in Thomson Reuters blog entry)

Current Diabetes Reports
Journal Profile


The goal of this journal is to publish cutting-edge reviews on subjects pertinent to all aspects of diabetes epidemiology, pathophysiology, and management. We aim to provide incisive, insightful, and balanced contributions from leading experts in each relevant domain that will be of immediate interest to a wide readership of clinicians, basic scientists, and translational investigators.We accomplish this aim by appointing major authorities to serve as Section Editors in key subject areas across the discipline. Section Editors select topics to be reviewed by leading experts who emphasize recent developments and highlight important papers published over the past year on their topics, in a crisp and readable format. We also provide commentaries from well-known figures in the field, and an Editorial Board of internationally diverse members suggests topics of special interest to their country/region and ensures that topics are current and include emerging research. None

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The ISSN of Current Diabetes Reports is 1534-4827 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

ISSN (Online)
ISSN (Online)

The ISSN (Online) of Current Diabetes Reports is 1539-0829 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

Current Medicine Group

Current Diabetes Reports is published by Current Medicine Group .

Publication Frequency
Publication Frequency

Current Diabetes Reports publishes reports Bimonthly .

2001 - Present

The Publication History of Current Diabetes Reports covers 2001 - Present .

Open Access
Open Access

Current Diabetes Reports is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

Publication Fee
Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Current Diabetes Reports. Current Diabetes Reports is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


The language of Current Diabetes Reports is English .

United States

The publisher of Current Diabetes Reports is Current Medicine Group , which locates in United States .

Selected Articles

Full Title Authors
Full Title Authors
Role of the Immune System in Diabetic Kidney Disease Daniel J. Rubin · Daniel J. Rubin
Cannabinoid Receptors in Diabetic Kidney Disease Marissa A. Feldman · Lindsay M. Anderson · Jenna B. Shapiro · Aneta M. Jedraszko · Meredyth Evans · Lindsey E. G. Weil · Kimberly P. Garza · Jill Weissberg-Benchell · Jill Weissberg-Benchell
Considering Culture: A Review of Pediatric Behavioral Intervention Research in Type 1 Diabetes Katia M. Perez · Emily R. Hamburger · Morgan Lyttle · Rodayne Williams · Erin M. Bergner · Sachini Kahanda · Erin Cobry · Sarah S. Jaser · Sarah S. Jaser
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Cardiovascular Benefits of SGLT2i and GLP-1RA Natasha Dave · Jiao Wu · Sandhya Thomas · Sandhya Thomas
Chronic Kidney Disease-Induced Insulin Resistance: Current State of the Field Mary Ellen Vajravelu · Joyce M. Lee · Joyce M. Lee
Identifying Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes in Asymptomatic Youth: Should HbA1c Be Used as a Diagnostic Approach? Lisa R. Letourneau · Siri Atma W. Greeley · Siri Atma W. Greeley
Congenital Diabetes: Comprehensive Genetic Testing Allows for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes and Other Associated Features Estelle Everett · Nestoras Mathioudakis · Nestoras Mathioudakis
Pathogenesis of Lipid Disorders in Insulin Resistance: a Brief Review Thomas Reinehr · Christian L. Roth · Christian L. Roth
The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) Study: 2018 Update Petter Bjornstad · Robert H. Eckel · Robert H. Eckel
Effect of Health Information Technologies on Glycemic Control Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Marian Rewers · Heikki Hyöty · Åke Lernmark · William Hagopian · Jin Xiong She · Desmond A. Schatz · Anette-G. Ziegler · Jorma Toppari · Beena Akolkar · Jeffrey P. Krischer · Jeffrey P. Krischer
Chronic Care Management Services for Complex Diabetes Management: a Practical Overview Yilin Yoshida · Suzanne Austin Boren · Jesus Soares · Mihail Popescu · Stephen D. Nielson · Eduardo J. Simoes · Eduardo J. Simoes
SGLT2 Inhibitors and Cardiovascular Outcomes: Current Perspectives and Future Potentials Kayla L. Del Valle · Marie E. McDonnell · Marie E. McDonnell
Revisiting the Diabetes-Heart Failure Connection Xiaoming Jia · Paras B. Mehta · Yumei Ye · Mahboob Alam · Yochai Birnbaum · Mandeep Bajaj · Mandeep Bajaj
Diabetes and HIV Markus Wallner · Deborah M. Eaton · Dirk von Lewinski · Harald Sourij · Harald Sourij
Beyond Statins: Who and When to Prescribe? Emile Camille Noubissi · Jean-Claude Katte · Eugene Sobngwi · Eugene Sobngwi
Who Will Win: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Versus Embryonic Stem Cells for β Cell Replacement and Diabetes Disease Modeling? Om P. Ganda · Om P. Ganda
Can We Re-Engineer the Endocrine Pancreas? Elena F. Jacobson · Emmanuel S. Tzanakakis · Emmanuel S. Tzanakakis
Pancreas Pathology During the Natural History of Type 1 Diabetes Antonio Citro · Harald C. Ott · Harald C. Ott
Epigenetics Variation and Pathogenesis in Diabetes Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo · Sarah J. Richardson · Alberto Pugliese · Alberto Pugliese
App-Based Insulin Calculators: Current and Future State Haichen Zhang · Toni I. Pollin · Toni I. Pollin
Ketosis-Prone Diabetes (Flatbush Diabetes): an Emerging Worldwide Clinically Important Entity Leslie Eiland · Meghan McLarney · Thiyagarajan Thangavelu · Andjela Drincic · Andjela Drincic
Biomarkers in Islet Cell Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes Revathy Carnagarin · Vance B. Matthews · Lakshini Y. Herat · Jan K. Ho · Markus P. Schlaich · Markus P. Schlaich
Rethinking Bile Acid Metabolism and Signaling for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Fatimah T. AlRashidi · Kathleen M. Gillespie · Kathleen M. Gillespie
Vegetarian Diets and the Risk of Diabetes Karolina E. Zaborska · Bethany P. Cummings · Bethany P. Cummings
Lifestyle Management of Diabetes: Implications for the Bone-Vascular Axis Bithika Thompson · Melinda Leighton · Mary T. Korytkowski · Curtiss B. Cook · Curtiss B. Cook
Branched Chain Amino Acids in Metabolic Disease Silvia Pieralice · Francesca Vigevano · Rossella Del Toro · Nicola Napoli · Ernesto Maddaloni · Ernesto Maddaloni
Glucose Targets and Insulin Choice in Pregnancy: What Has Changed in the Last Decade? Zoltan Arany · Michael Neinast · Michael Neinast
Inpatient Glycemic Management in the Setting of Renal Insufficiency/Failure/Dialysis Siobhán Bacon · Siobhán Bacon · Denice S. Feig · Denice S. Feig · Denice S. Feig
Adjuvant Pharmacotherapies to Insulin for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Ravi M. Iyengar · Jennifer Franzese · Roma Y. Gianchandani · Roma Y. Gianchandani
Designing the Glucose Telemetry for Hospital Management: From Bedside to the Nursing Station Laura M. Jacobsen · Brittney N. Newby · Daniel J. Perry · Amanda Posgai · Michael J. Haller · Todd M. Brusko · Todd M. Brusko
Prioritising Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes: Causal Inference through Genetic Approaches Amelia J. Lake · Gwyneth Rees · Jane Speight · Jane Speight
Enteroviral Infections as a Trigger for Type 1 Diabetes Rani Polak · Rani Polak · Amir Tirosh · Barbara Livingston · David M. Pober · James E. Eubanks · Julie K. Silver · Julie K. Silver · Julie K. Silver · Kaya Minezaki · Roni Loten · Edward M. Phillips · Edward M. Phillips
Correction to: Metabolic Abnormalities in the Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo · Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo
Immune Mechanisms and Pathways Targeted in Type 1 Diabetes Shuyao Zhang · Clayton E. Mathews · Clayton E. Mathews
Renal Hyperfiltration in Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes: Physiology, Sex Differences, and Implications for Diabetic Kidney Disease Corinne Lee-Kubli · Andrew Marshall · Andrew Marshall · Rayaz A. Malik · Rayaz A. Malik · Nigel A. Calcutt · Nigel A. Calcutt
Fat Versus Carbohydrate-Based Energy-Restricted Diets for Weight Loss in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Vincenza Spallone · Vincenza Spallone
Family-Based Interventions Targeting Improvements in Health and Family Outcomes of Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: a Systematic Review Emilio Herrera · Henar Ortega-Senovilla · Henar Ortega-Senovilla
Introductory Overview of the Natural Experiments for Translation in Diabetes 2.0 (NEXT-D2) Network: Examining the Impact of US Health Policies and Practices to Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications Federica Barutta · Raffaella Mastrocola · Stefania Bellini · Graziella Bruno · Gabriella Gruden · Gabriella Gruden
Sleep in Type 1 Diabetes: Implications for Glycemic Control and Diabetes Management Ambreen Gul · Philip G. Zager · Philip G. Zager · Philip G. Zager
Does Altered Uric Acid Metabolism Contribute to Diabetic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology Fionnuala B. Hickey · Finian Martin · Finian Martin
Correction to: Hospital Readmission of Patients with Diabetes Laura T. Dickens · Rochelle N. Naylor · Rochelle N. Naylor
Emerging Role of AMPK in Brown and Beige Adipose Tissue (BAT): Implications for Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Type 2 Diabetes Una L. Fairbrother · Elliot Kidd · Tanya Malagamuwa · Andrew Walley · Andrew Walley
Clinical Management of Women with Monogenic Diabetes During Pregnancy Petter Bjornstad · David Z.I. Cherney · David Z.I. Cherney
The H-Reflex as a Biomarker for Spinal Disinhibition in Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Sabina L. Shaikh · Jyotsna S. Jagai · Colette Ashley · Shuhan Zhou · Robert M. Sargis · Robert M. Sargis
Underutilized and Under Threat: Environmental Policy as a Tool to Address Diabetes Risk Susan S. Braithwaite · Lisa Clark · Thaer Idrees · Faisal Qureshi · Oluwakemi T. Soetan · Oluwakemi T. Soetan
Hypoglycemia Prevention by Algorithm Design During Intravenous Insulin Infusion Ilse Vanhorebeek · Jan Gunst · Greet Van den Berghe · Greet Van den Berghe
Critical Care Management of Stress-Induced Hyperglycemia André Scheen · André Scheen
Implications of Lipids in Neonatal Body Weight and Fat Mass in Gestational Diabetic Mothers and Non-Diabetic Controls Frances Peterson-Burch · Hiba Abujaradeh · Nicole Charache · Andrea F.R. Fischl · Denise Charron-Prochownik · Denise Charron-Prochownik
Preconception Counseling for Adolescents and Young Adults with Diabetes: a Literature Review of the Past 10 Years Jennifer M. Yamamoto · Helen R. Murphy · Helen R. Murphy · Helen R. Murphy · Helen R. Murphy
Emerging Technologies for the Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy Deborah J. Wiebe · Cynthia A. Berg · Daniel Mello · Caitlin S. Kelly · Caitlin S. Kelly
Self- and Social-Regulation in Type 1 Diabetes Management During Late Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Frank M. Davis · Andrew Kimball · Anna E. Boniakowski · Katherine Gallagher · Katherine Gallagher
Dysfunctional Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot Ulcers: New Crossroads Tatsuhito Himeno · Hideki Kamiya · Jiro Nakamura · Jiro Nakamura
Is Regenerative Medicine Ready for Prime Time in Diabetic Polyneuropathy Ashley H. Noriea · Feenalie N. Patel · Debra A. Werner · Monica E. Peek · Monica E. Peek
A Narrative Review of Physician Perspectives Regarding the Social and Environmental Determinants of Obesity O. Kenrik Duru · Tim Middleton · Mona K. Tewari · Keith C. Norris · Keith C. Norris
The Landscape of Diabetic Kidney Disease in the United States Savitha Subramanian · Irl B. Hirsch · Irl B. Hirsch
Diabetic Kidney Disease: Is There a Role for Glycemic Variability? Andjela Drincic · Padmaja Akkireddy · Jon T. Knezevich · Jon T. Knezevich
Telemedicine in Complex Diabetes Management Laura B. L. Wittemans · Luca A. Lotta · Claudia Langenberg · Claudia Langenberg
Emerging Approaches in Surveillance of Type 1 Diabetes Usama Bilal · Amy H. Auchincloss · Ana V. Diez-Roux · Ana V. Diez-Roux
Neighborhood Environments and Diabetes Risk and Control Vishnu Swaroop Venkatanarasimhamoorthy · Adam D. Barlow · Adam D. Barlow
Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation Versus Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Alone: an Outcome-Driven Choice? Shivani Agarwal · Marisa E. Hilliard · Ashley M. Butler · Ashley M. Butler
Disparities in Care Delivery and Outcomes in Young Adults With Diabetes Osama Hamdy · Sahar Ashrafzadeh · Adham Mottalib · Adham Mottalib
Weight Management in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: a Multidisciplinary Real-world Approach Lili Yuen · Vincent W. Wong · Vincent W. Wong · David Simmons · David Simmons
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Hypoglycemia Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Prevention Strategies May Sanyoura · Louis H. Philipson · Rochelle N. Naylor · Rochelle N. Naylor
Clinical and Psychosocial Factors Influencing Retinal Screening Uptake Among Young Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Alexandra M. Smink · Paul de Vos · Paul de Vos
Therapeutic Strategies for Modulating the Extracellular Matrix to Improve Pancreatic Islet Function and Survival After Transplantation Dorrin Zarrin Khat · Mansoor Husain · Mansoor Husain
Inpatient Glycemic Management of Non-cardiac CVD: Focus on Stroke and PVD Melinda E. Chen · Rebecca Schneider Aguirre · Tamara S. Hannon · Tamara S. Hannon
Methods for Measuring Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) Shitaye Alemu Balcha · David I. W. Phillips · Elisabeth R. Trimble · Elisabeth R. Trimble
Type 1 Diabetes in a Resource-Poor Setting: Malnutrition Related, Malnutrition Modified, or Just Diabetes? Albert Hwa · Gordon C. Weir · Gordon C. Weir
Transplantation of Macroencapsulated Insulin-Producing Cells David Beran · Margaret Ewen · Kasia J. Lipska · Irl B. Hirsch · John S. Yudkin · John S. Yudkin
Availability and Affordability of Essential Medicines: Implications for Global Diabetes Treatment Ömrüm Aydin · Max Nieuwdorp · Victor Gerdes · Victor Gerdes
The Gut Microbiome as a Target for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Ashley M. Butler · Marisa E. Hilliard · DeLawnia Comer-HaGans · DeLawnia Comer-HaGans
Review of Community-Engaged Research in Pediatric Diabetes Chloé Sarnowski · Marie-France Hivert · Marie-France Hivert
Impact of Genetic Determinants of HbA1c on Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Diagnosis Richard Silbert · Alejandro Salcido-Montenegro · Rene Rodriguez-Gutierrez · Rene Rodriguez-Gutierrez · Abdulrahman Katabi · Rozalina G. McCoy · Rozalina G. McCoy
Monogenic Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Recognition and Treatment Options Naina Sinha Gregory · Jane Jeffrie Seley · Jane Jeffrie Seley · Savira Kochhar Dargar · Naveen Galla · Linda M. Gerber · Jennifer I. Lee · Jennifer I. Lee
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Cardiovascular Effects of Different GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Véronique Gingras · Marie-France Hivert · Emily Oken · Emily Oken
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Inpatient Glycemic Management of the Pregnant Patient Mark A. Yorek · Mark A. Yorek
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Sugar-Sweetened Beverage, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Policies, Taxation, and Programs Emily M. Miele · Samuel Headley · Samuel Headley
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Precision Medicine Approaches to Diabetic Kidney Disease: Tissue as an Issue Samir Malkani · Sheri A. Keitz · David M. Harlan · David M. Harlan
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Treatment of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)/Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS): Novel Advances in the Management of Hyperglycemic Crises (UK Versus USA) Caroline Gluck · Caroline Gluck · Yi-An Ko · Katalin Susztak · Katalin Susztak
Partnering with Insurers in Caring for the Most Vulnerable Youth with Diabetes: NICH as an Integrator Ketan Dhatariya · Ketan Dhatariya · Priyathama Vellanki · Priyathama Vellanki
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Should Side Effects Influence the Selection of Antidiabetic Therapies in Type 2 Diabetes Carlotta Bordignon · Adriana Canu · Aleksandra Dyczko · Serena Leone · Paolo Monti · Paolo Monti
Who Should Be Considered for Islet Transplantation Alone Patrick Wainwright · Eleonora Scorletti · Christopher D. Byrne · Christopher D. Byrne
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Reporting Severe Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes: Facts and Pitfalls Bithika Thompson · Curtiss B. Cook · Curtiss B. Cook
Glucometrics and Insulinometrics Natalie Mora · Sherita Hill Golden · Sherita Hill Golden
The Infamous, Famous Sulfonylureas and Cardiovascular Safety: Much Ado About Nothing? Sahana Pai Dongerkery · Pamela R. Schroeder · Mansur Shomali · Mansur Shomali
Current Therapies That Modify Glucagon Secretion: What Is the Therapeutic Effect of Such Modifications? Christopher H. Gibbons · Christopher H. Gibbons
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Social Determinants of Health and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Type 2 Diabetes in Youth Andjela Drincic · Jon T. Knezevich · Padmaja Akkireddy · Padmaja Akkireddy
Regulating Autophagy as a Therapeutic Target for Diabetic Nephropathy Carolyn McCabe · Wei Perng · Wei Perng
Metabolomics of Diabetes in Pregnancy Aaron S. Kelly · Claudia K. Fox · Claudia K. Fox
Pharmacotherapy in the Management of Pediatric Obesity Justin B. Echouffo-Tcheugui · Rajesh Garg · Rajesh Garg
Management of Hyperglycemia and Diabetes in the Emergency Department Claudia Luevano-Contreras · Armando Gómez-Ojeda · Maciste H. Macías-Cervantes · Ma. Eugenia Garay-Sevilla · Ma. Eugenia Garay-Sevilla
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Memory T Cells in Type 1 Diabetes: the Devil is in the Detail Margaret A. Stefater · T. H. Inge · T. H. Inge
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Biopsychosocial Aspects of Weight Management in Type 1 Diabetes: a Review and Next Steps Ashley M. Butler · Ashley M. Butler
Remote Monitoring and Consultation of Inpatient Populations with Diabetes Christine L. Chan · Christine L. Chan
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Adolescents Health Behaviors and Risk for Insulin Resistance: A Review of the Literature Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott · F. Pouwer · Jane Speight · Jane Speight
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Academic and Government Partnerships to Address Diabetes in the USA: a Narrative Review Ping Zhu · Xiong-Fei Pan · Liting Sheng · Henggui Chen · An Pan · An Pan
Cardiovascular Outcome Trial Update in Diabetes: New Evidence, Remaining Questions Kyle J. Gaulton · Kyle J. Gaulton
Prioritising Causal Genes at Type 2 Diabetes Risk Loci Angeliki M. Stamatouli · Silvio E. Inzucchi · Silvio E. Inzucchi
Heterogeneity in the Beta-Cell Population: a Guided Search Into Its Significance in Pancreas and in Implants Sonia R. Isaacs · Jie Wang · Ki Wook Kim · Congcong Yin · Li Zhou · Qing Sheng Mi · Maria E. Craig · Maria E. Craig
Diet and Diabetic Kidney Disease: Plant Versus Animal Protein Ying Fan · Kyung Lee · Niansong Wang · John Cijiang He · John Cijiang He
Caveolin-1 in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy: Potential Therapeutic Target? Ranjani N. Moorthi · Colby J. Vorland · Kathleen M. Hill Gallant · Kathleen M. Hill Gallant
Management of Hyperglycemia and Diabetes in Orthopedic Surgery Richard Van Krieken · Joan C. Krepinsky · Joan C. Krepinsky
Early Pregnancy Biochemical Predictors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Funke Akiboye · Gerry Rayman · Gerry Rayman
Charting the Maternal and Infant Microbiome: What Is the Role of Diabetes and Obesity in Pregnancy? Camille E. Powe · Camille E. Powe
Interventions to Improve Rate of Diabetes Testing Postpartum in Women With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Sirtaj Singh · Margaret R. Karagas · Noel T. Mueller · Noel T. Mueller
Workplace Interventions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a Narrative Review Maureen S. Hamel · Erika F. Werner · Erika F. Werner
Diabetes in Patients With Acromegaly Dina Hafez · Allison Fedewa · Margaret R. Moran · Matthew N. O’Brien · Ronald T. Ackermann · Jeffrey T. Kullgren · Jeffrey T. Kullgren
Physical Exercise Improves Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review Loretta Vileikyte · Ryan T. Crews · Ryan T. Crews
The mTOR Signaling Pathway in Myocardial Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Carrie Tully · Caitlin Shneider · Maureen Monaghan · Maureen Monaghan · Marisa E. Hilliard · Randi Streisand · Randi Streisand · Randi Streisand
Peer Coaching Interventions for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Amy S. Shah · Elaine M. Urbina · Elaine M. Urbina
Vascular and Endothelial Function in Youth with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Shelley A. Jazowski · Aaron N. Winn · Aaron N. Winn
The Role of the FDA and Regulatory Approval of New Devices for Diabetes Care Maitane Izaguirre · Maitane Izaguirre · María J. Gil · Ignacio Monreal · Fabrizio Montecucco · Gema Frühbeck · Gema Frühbeck · Victoria Catalán · Victoria Catalán · Victoria Catalán
The Role and Potential Therapeutic Implications of the Fibroblast Growth Factors in Energy Balance and Type 2 Diabetes Riki Bergel · Riki Bergel · Eran Hadar · Eran Hadar · Yoel Toledano · Yoel Toledano · Moshe Hod · Moshe Hod · Moshe Hod
Interaction Between the Haptoglobin Genotype and Vitamin E on Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Dominik Pesta · Michael Roden · Michael Roden
The Janus Head of Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Diseases and During Physical Exercise Angelika C. Gruessner · Mark R. Laftavi · Oleh Pankewycz · Rainer W. G. Gruessner · Rainer W. G. Gruessner
Diabetes Secondary to Treatment with Statins Gul Bahtiyar · Gul Bahtiyar · David D. Gutterman · Harold E. Lebovitz · Harold E. Lebovitz
Metformin: New Preparations and Nonglycemic Benefits Michelle Magee · Michelle Magee · Joan Bardsley · Amisha Wallia · Kelly M. Smith · Kelly M. Smith
Diabetic Foot Infections: an Update in Diagnosis and Management Yoshihito Fujita · Nobuya Inagaki · Nobuya Inagaki
Medical Management of Diabesity: Do We Have Realistic Targets? van Floor Meer · Lisette Charbonnier · Paul A.M. Smeets · Paul A.M. Smeets
Letter to the Editor: Intranasal Glucagon for Hypoglycemia Joseph M Pappachan · Ananth Viswanath · Ananth Viswanath
Substance Use Disorders among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: a Dangerous but Understudied Combination Antonio E. Pontiroli · Antonio E. Pontiroli
Transitioning the Adult with Type 2 Diabetes From the Acute to Chronic Care Setting: Strategies to Support Pragmatic Implementation Success Markku Laakso · Johanna Kuusisto · Johanna Kuusisto
Tolerogenic Nanoparticles to Treat Islet Autoimmunity Emma Dahlström · Niina Sandholm · Niina Sandholm
Can Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Clinical Trials Close the Risk Management Gap Between Diabetes and Prediabetes Jeffrey T. Kullgren · Dina Hafez · Allison Fedewa · Michele Heisler · Michele Heisler
Application of One-Step IADPSG Versus Two-Step Diagnostic Criteria for Gestational Diabetes in the Real World: Impact on Health Services, Clinical Care, and Outcomes Sothea Touch · Sothea Touch · Karine Clément · Sébastien André · Sébastien André · Sébastien André
Intraocular Inflammation in Diabetic Populations Tobias Neef · Stephen D. Miller · Stephen D. Miller
T Cell Populations and Functions Are Altered in Human Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Ali Cinar · Ali Cinar
Multivariable Adaptive Artificial Pancreas System in Type 1 Diabetes Adham Mottalib · Megan Kasetty · Megan Kasetty · Jessica Y. Mar · Jessica Y. Mar · Taha Elseaidy · Sahar Ashrafzadeh · Osama Hamdy · Osama Hamdy
Weight Management in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes and Obesity Claire J. Hoogendoorn · Juan F. Roy · Jeffrey S. Gonzalez · Jeffrey S. Gonzalez · Jeffrey S. Gonzalez
How Low Can You Go? Reducing Rates of Hypoglycemia in the Non-critical Care Hospital Setting Leigh Perreault · Kristine Færch · Edward W. Gregg · Edward W. Gregg
Diameter Changes of Retinal Vessels in Diabetic Retinopathy Florence M. Brown · Florence M. Brown · Jennifer Wyckoff · Jennifer Wyckoff
Shared Dysregulation of Homeostatic Brain-Body Pathways in Depression and Type 2 Diabetes Madhur Agrawal · Philip A. Kern · Barbara S. Nikolajczyk · Barbara S. Nikolajczyk
The Immune System in Obesity: Developing Paradigms Amidst Inconvenient Truths Daniel Pipeleers · Ines De Mesmaeker · Thomas Robert · Freya Van Hulle · Freya Van Hulle
A Scoping Review of Behavioral Economic Interventions for Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Wajiha J. Kheir · Huda Sheheitli · Rola N. Hamam · Rola N. Hamam
Progress in Defining the Genetic Basis of Diabetic Complications Toke Bek · Toke Bek
T-cell Metabolism as a Target to Control Autoreactive T Cells in β-Cell Autoimmunity Julie A. Schmittdiel · Anjali Gopalan · Mark W. Lin · Somalee Banerjee · Christopher V. Chau · Christopher V. Chau · Alyce S. Adams · Alyce S. Adams
Understanding Cultural Influences on Dietary Habits in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latino Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Review of Current Literature and Future Directions Laurentiu M. Pop · Ildiko Lingvay · Ildiko Lingvay
Insulin and Its Cardiovascular Effects: What Is the Current Evidence? Magnus F. Grøndahl · Damien J. Keating · Tina Vilsbøll · Filip K. Knop · Filip K. Knop
Treatment-Induced Neuropathy of Diabetes Maria J. Redondo · Richard A. Oram · Andrea K. Steck · Andrea K. Steck
Genetic Risk Scores for Type 1 Diabetes Prediction and Diagnosis Sally C. Kent · Stuart I. Mannering · Stuart I. Mannering · Aaron W. Michels · Jenny Aurielle B. Babon · Jenny Aurielle B. Babon
Deciphering the Pathogenesis of Human Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) by Interrogating T Cells from theScene of the Crime Sarit Polsky · Halis Kaan Akturk · Halis Kaan Akturk
How Can Genetic Studies Help Us to Understand Links Between Birth Weight and Type 2 Diabetes Rowan Beck · Miroslav Styblo · Praveen Sethupathy · Praveen Sethupathy
Emerging Concepts on Disease-Modifying Therapies in Type 1 Diabetes Susan S. Braithwaite · Dharmesh B. Bavda · Thaer Idrees · Faisal Qureshi · Oluwakemi T. Soetan · Oluwakemi T. Soetan
Hypoglycemia Reduction Strategies in the ICU Jordi Merino · Jordi Merino · Miriam S. Udler · Miriam S. Udler · Aaron Leong · Aaron Leong · James B. Meigs · James B. Meigs · James B. Meigs
A Decade of Genetic and Metabolomic Contributions to Type 2 Diabetes Risk Prediction Chunxue Yang · Alice Pik Shan Kong · Zongwei Cai · Arthur C.K. Chung · Arthur C.K. Chung
Persistent Organic Pollutants as Risk Factors for Obesity and Diabetes Martin Röhling · Martin Röhling · Alexander Strom · Gidon J. Bönhof · Michael Roden · Dan Ziegler · Dan Ziegler
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cardiac Autonomic Function in Diabetes Amélie Bonnefond · Philippe Froguel · Philippe Froguel · Philippe Froguel
Disentangling the Role of Melatonin and its Receptor MTNR1B in Type 2 Diabetes: Still a Long Way to Go? Laura C. Torchen · Laura C. Torchen · Laura C. Torchen
Cardiometabolic Risk in PCOS: More than a Reproductive Disorder Ramfis Nieto-Martínez · Juan P. González-Rivas · Jose Medina-Inojosa · Hermes Florez · Hermes Florez
Are Eating Disorders Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Peter H Scanlon · Peter H Scanlon
Screening Intervals for Diabetic Retinopathy and Implications for Care O. Kenrik Duru · Carol M. Mangione · Hector P. Rodriguez · Dennis Ross-Degnan · J. Frank Wharam · Bernard S. Black · Abel N. Kho · Nathalie Huguet · Heather Angier · Victoria Mayer · David S. Siscovick · Jennifer L. Kraschnewski · Lizheng Shi · Elizabeth Nauman · Edward W. Gregg · Mohammed K. Ali · Mohammed K. Ali · Pamela Thornton · Steven B. Clauser · Steven B. Clauser
Health Benefits of Fasting and Caloric Restriction Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard · Birger Thorsteinsson · Birger Thorsteinsson
Autoimmune Responses to Exosomes and Candidate Antigens Contribute to Type 1 Diabetes in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice Saeid Golbidi · Andreas Daiber · Bato Korac · Huige Li · M. Faadiel Essop · Ismail Laher · Ismail Laher
Modifiable Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Children with Type 1 Diabetes: Can Early Intervention Prevent Future Cardiovascular Events? Yang D. Dai · Huiming Sheng · Huiming Sheng · Peter Dias · M. Jubayer Rahman · Roman Bashratyan · Danielle Regn · Kristi Marquardt · Kristi Marquardt
Minimally Disruptive Medicine for Patients with Diabetes Lucy Mudie · Xueyang Wang · David S. Friedman · Christopher J. Brady · Christopher J. Brady
A Review of Technology-Assisted Interventions for Diabetes Prevention Gerald Liew · Zhou Lei · Gavin Tan · Nichole Joachim · I-Van Ho · I-Van Ho · Tien Yin Wong · Paul Mitchell · Bamini Gopinath · Ben Crossett · Ben Crossett
Metabolomics of Diabetic Retinopathy Margaret Allman-Farinelli · Luke Gemming · Luke Gemming
Technology Interventions to Manage Food Intake: Where Are We Now? Olga Kordonouri · Thomas Danne · Thomas Danne
Pharmacological Properties of Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart Samuel T. Jerram · Mary N. Dang · R. David Leslie · R. David Leslie
The Role of Epigenetics in Type 1 Diabetes Alan Chait · Ira J. Goldberg · Ira J. Goldberg
Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Diabetes: Recent Advances and Remaining Questions Santos Villafaina · Daniel Collado-Mateo · Juan Pedro Fuentes · Eugenio Merellano-Navarro · Narcis Gusi · Narcis Gusi
Psychological and Biomechanical Aspects of Patient Adaptation to Diabetic Neuropathy and Foot Ulceration Valentina Serrano · Valentina Serrano · Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla · Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla · Kasey R. Boehmer · Victor M. Montori · Victor M. Montori
Crowdsourcing and Automated Retinal Image Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy Archana R. Sadhu · Archana R. Sadhu · Archana R. Sadhu · Amber M. Healy · Amber M. Healy · Shivajirao Patil · Doyle M. Cummings · Jay H. Shubrook · Robert J. Tanenberg · Robert J. Tanenberg · Robert J. Tanenberg
T Cell Receptor Profiling in Type 1 Diabetes Evgenia Gourgari · Evgenia Gourgari · Dana Dabelea · Kristina I. Rother · Kristina I. Rother
The Time Is Now: Diabetes Fellowships in the United States James C. Needell · Danny Zipris · Danny Zipris
Targeting Innate Immunity for Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Alfonso Galderisi · Alfonso Galderisi · Elise Schlissel · Eda Cengiz · Eda Cengiz · Eda Cengiz
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Should There be Concern About Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults? Current Evidence and Controversies Jakob Appel Østergaard · Esben Laugesen · R. David Leslie · R. David Leslie
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SGLT2 Inhibitors: Benefit/Risk Balance André Scheen · André Scheen
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Academic Detailing in Diabetes: Using Outreach Education to Improve the Quality of Care Michael A. Fischer · Michael A. Fischer
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Immune Intervention and Preservation of Pancreatic Beta Cell Function in Type 1 Diabetes Kimber M. Simmons · Peter A. Gottlieb · Aaron W. Michels · Aaron W. Michels
Surgery for Diabetic Eye Complications Maria H. Berrocal · Luis A. Acabá · Alexandra Acabá · Alexandra Acabá
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Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy in the Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Cristina Moreno-Castilla · Didac Mauricio · Marta Hernández · Marta Hernández
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Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy Anna Z. Feldman · Florence M. Brown · Florence M. Brown
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Post–Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia Chevon M. Rariy · David Rometo · Mary T. Korytkowski · Mary T. Korytkowski
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Social Support for Diabetes Self-Management via eHealth Interventions Ellen Swartwout · Ashley El-Zein · Patricia Deyo · Rachel Sweenie · Randi Streisand · Randi Streisand
Camp for Youth With Type 1 Diabetes Nalani Haviland · John Walsh · Ruth Roberts · Timothy S. Bailey · Timothy S. Bailey
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitors for Diabetic Retinopathy Anne Julie Overgaard · Simranjeet Kaur · Flemming Pociot · Flemming Pociot
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International Models of Care that Address the Growing Diabetes Prevalence in Developing Countries Kavita Singh · Harish Ranjani · Elizabeth Rhodes · Mary Beth Weber · Mary Beth Weber
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The Promise and Challenge of Therapeutic MicroRNA Silencing in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Praveen Sethupathy · Praveen Sethupathy
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The State of Diabetes Prevention Policy in the USA Following the Affordable Care Act Juleigh Nowinski Konchak · Margaret R. Moran · Matthew J. O’Brien · Namratha R. Kandula · Ronald T. Ackermann · Ronald T. Ackermann
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Putting the Genome in Context: Gene-Environment Interactions in Type 2 Diabetes Paul W. Franks · Paul W. Franks · Paul W. Franks · Guillaume Paré · Guillaume Paré · Guillaume Paré
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Prevention and Care Programs Addressing the Growing Prevalence of Diabetes in China Mark Horton · Paolo S. Silva · Paolo S. Silva · Jerry D. Cavallerano · Jerry D. Cavallerano · Lloyd Paul Aiello · Lloyd Paul Aiello · Lloyd Paul Aiello
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Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) in Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis Sherman S. Leung · Josephine M. Forbes · Danielle J. Borg · Danielle J. Borg
Immune-Modulating Therapy for Rheumatologic Disease: Implications for Patients with Diabetes Scott J. Pilla · Amy Quan · Emily L. Germain-Lee · Emily L. Germain-Lee · David B. Hellmann · Nestoras Mathioudakis · Nestoras Mathioudakis
Management of Hypoglycemia in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Dayna E. McGill · Lynne L. Levitsky · Lynne L. Levitsky
What Are We Learning from the FDA-Mandated Cardiovascular Outcome Studies for New Pharmacological Antidiabetic Agents? Dragana Lovre · Wynn Htun · Carly Carrion · Vivian Fonseca · Vivian Fonseca
Sleep Duration and Diabetes Risk: Population Trends and Potential Mechanisms Michael A. Grandner · Azizi Seixas · Safal Shetty · Sundeep Shenoy · Sundeep Shenoy

Cannabinoid Receptors in Diabetic Kidney Disease
Current Diabetes Reports | 2018
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Considering Culture: A Review of Pediatric Behavioral Intervention Research in Type 1 Diabetes
Current Diabetes Reports | 2018
Katia M. Perez · Emily R. Hamburger · Morgan Lyttle · Rodayne Williams · Erin M. Bergner · Sachini Kahanda · Erin Cobry · Sarah S. Jaser · Sarah S. Jaser