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-4.9 %

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The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.147, which is just updated in 2020.

Bone Impact Factor
Highest IF
Highest Journal Impact IF

The highest Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.461.

Lowest IF
Lowest Journal Impact IF

The lowest Journal Impact IF of Bone is 3.736.

Total Growth Rate
IF Total Growth Rate

The total growth rate of Bone IF is 3.1%.

Annual Growth Rate
IF Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate of Bone IF is 0.3%.

Journal Impact IF Ranking

Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
Physiology Q1 28/172

Physiology 84%

Histology Q1 6/60

Histology 90%

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Q1 33/217

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism 85%

Journal Impact IF Ranking

· In the Physiology research field, the Quartile of Bone is Q1. Bone has been ranked #28 over 172 related journals in the Physiology research category. The ranking percentile of Bone is around 84% in the field of Physiology.
· In the Histology research field, the Quartile of Bone is Q1. Bone has been ranked #6 over 60 related journals in the Histology research category. The ranking percentile of Bone is around 90% in the field of Histology.
· In the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research field, the Quartile of Bone is Q1. Bone has been ranked #33 over 217 related journals in the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism research category. The ranking percentile of Bone is around 85% in the field of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

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Journal Impact IF History

Year Journal Impact IF
Year Journal Impact IF
2019-2020 4.147
2018-2019 4.36
2017-2018 4.455
2016-2017 4.14
2015-2016 3.736
2014-2015 3.973
2013-2014 4.461
2012-2013 3.823
2011-2012 4.023
Journal Impact IF History

· The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.147
· The 2018-2019 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.36
· The 2017-2018 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.455
· The 2016-2017 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.14
· The 2015-2016 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 3.736
· The 2014-2015 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 3.973
· The 2013-2014 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.461
· The 2012-2013 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 3.823
· The 2011-2012 Journal Impact IF of Bone is 4.023

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications Citations
Year Publications Citations
1984 0 2
1985 256 27
1986 274 114
1987 121 248
1988 112 440
1989 142 729
1990 99 1072
1991 141 1246
1992 363 1446
1993 194 1913
1994 393 2156
1995 747 2624
1996 506 3276
1997 164 4889
1998 201 6514
1999 270 7770
2000 400 8443
2001 275 11425
2002 280 11863
2003 217 13696
2004 309 14906
2005 282 17713
2006 553 20134
2007 634 21525
2008 844 25575
2009 1603 27171
2010 1416 29422
2011 1218 32166
2012 1015 32909
2013 434 36806
2014 320 34831
2015 394 34662
2016 353 33091
2017 377 31958
2018 291 27497
2019 341 27986
2020 425 34254
2021 174 3002
Publications Cites Dataset

· The Bone has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1984.
· The Bone has published 256 reports and received 27 citations in 1985.
· The Bone has published 274 reports and received 114 citations in 1986.
· The Bone has published 121 reports and received 248 citations in 1987.
· The Bone has published 112 reports and received 440 citations in 1988.
· The Bone has published 142 reports and received 729 citations in 1989.
· The Bone has published 99 reports and received 1072 citations in 1990.
· The Bone has published 141 reports and received 1246 citations in 1991.
· The Bone has published 363 reports and received 1446 citations in 1992.
· The Bone has published 194 reports and received 1913 citations in 1993.
· The Bone has published 393 reports and received 2156 citations in 1994.
· The Bone has published 747 reports and received 2624 citations in 1995.
· The Bone has published 506 reports and received 3276 citations in 1996.
· The Bone has published 164 reports and received 4889 citations in 1997.
· The Bone has published 201 reports and received 6514 citations in 1998.
· The Bone has published 270 reports and received 7770 citations in 1999.
· The Bone has published 400 reports and received 8443 citations in 2000.
· The Bone has published 275 reports and received 11425 citations in 2001.
· The Bone has published 280 reports and received 11863 citations in 2002.
· The Bone has published 217 reports and received 13696 citations in 2003.
· The Bone has published 309 reports and received 14906 citations in 2004.
· The Bone has published 282 reports and received 17713 citations in 2005.
· The Bone has published 553 reports and received 20134 citations in 2006.
· The Bone has published 634 reports and received 21525 citations in 2007.
· The Bone has published 844 reports and received 25575 citations in 2008.
· The Bone has published 1603 reports and received 27171 citations in 2009.
· The Bone has published 1416 reports and received 29422 citations in 2010.
· The Bone has published 1218 reports and received 32166 citations in 2011.
· The Bone has published 1015 reports and received 32909 citations in 2012.
· The Bone has published 434 reports and received 36806 citations in 2013.
· The Bone has published 320 reports and received 34831 citations in 2014.
· The Bone has published 394 reports and received 34662 citations in 2015.
· The Bone has published 353 reports and received 33091 citations in 2016.
· The Bone has published 377 reports and received 31958 citations in 2017.
· The Bone has published 291 reports and received 27497 citations in 2018.
· The Bone has published 341 reports and received 27986 citations in 2019.
· The Bone has published 425 reports and received 34254 citations in 2020.
· The Bone has published 174 reports and received 3002 citations in 2021.
· The total publications of Bone is 16138.
· The total citations of Bone is 565501.

What is Impact Factor?

The impact factor (IF) or journal impact factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index calculated by Clarivate that reflects the yearly average number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher impact factor values are often deemed to be more important, or carry more intrinsic prestige in their respective fields, than those with lower values.

Bone | Academic Accelerator - About the Impact Factor

Impact factor is commonly used to evaluate the relative importance of a journal within its field and to measure the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular time period. Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs. Journals with higher IFs believed to be more important than those with lower ones. According to Eugene Garfield “impact simply reflects the ability of the journals and editors to attract the best paper available.” Journal which publishes more review articles will get maximum IFs. The Impact Factor of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Impact Factor are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The Bone Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the Bone during the two preceding years (2018-2019). Note that 2020 Impact Factor are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. New journals, which are indexed from their first published issue, will receive an impact factor after two years of indexing; in this case, the citations to the year prior to Volume 1, and the number of articles published in the year prior to Volume 1, are known zero values. Journals that are indexed starting with a volume other than the first volume will not get an impact factor until they have been indexed for three years. Occasionally, Journal Citation Reports assigns an impact factor to new journals with less than two years of indexing, based on partial citation data. The calculation always uses two complete and known years of item counts, but for new titles one of the known counts is zero. Annuals and other irregular publications sometimes publish no items in a particular year, affecting the count. The impact factor relates to a specific time period; it is possible to calculate it for any desired period. In addition to the 2-year Impact Factor, the 3-year Impact Factor, 4-year Impact Factor, 5-year Impact Factor, Real-Time Impact Factor can provide further insights and factors into the impact of Bone.


The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Impact factors are calculated yearly starting from 1975 for journals listed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). ISI was acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992, and became known as Thomson ISI. In 2018, Thomson ISI was sold to Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. They founded a new corporation, Clarivate, which is now the publisher of the JCR.


The impact factor is used to compare different journals within a certain field. The Web of Science indexes more than 11,500 science and social science journals. Journal impact factors are often used to evaluate the merit of individual articles and individual researchers. This use of impact factors was summarised by Hoeffel:

Impact Factor is not a perfect tool to measure the quality of articles but there is nothing better and it has the advantage of already being in existence and is, therefore, a good technique for scientific evaluation. Experience has shown that in each specialty the best journals are those in which it is most difficult to have an article accepted, and these are the journals that have a high impact factor. Most of these journals existed long before the impact factor was devised. The use of impact factor as a measure of quality is widespread because it fits well with the opinion we have in each field of the best journals in our specialty....In conclusion, prestigious journals publish papers of high level. Therefore, their impact factor is high, and not the contrary.

Eugene Garfield

In brief, Impact factors may be used by:
  • Authors to decide where to submit an article for publication.
  • Libraries to make collection development decisions
  • Academic departments to assess academic productivity
  • Academic departments to make decisions on promotion and tenure.
As impact factors are a journal-level metric, rather than an article- or individual-level metric, this use is controversial. Garfield agrees with Hoeffel,but warns about the "misuse in evaluating individuals" because there is "a wide variation [of citations] from article to article within a single journal". Other things to consider about Impact Factors:
  • Many journals do not have an impact factor.
  • The impact factor cannot assess the quality of individual articles. Even if citations were evenly distributed among articles, the impact factor would only measure the interests of other researchers in an article, not its importance and usefulness.
  • Only research articles, technical notes and reviews are “citable” items. Editorials, letters, news items and meeting abstracts are “non-citable items”.
  • Only a small percentage of articles are highly cited and they are found in a small subset of journals. This small proportion accounts for a large percentage of citations.
  • Controversial papers, such as those based on fraudulent data, may be highly cited, distorting the impact factor of a journal.
  • Citation bias may exist. For example, English language resources may be favoured. Authors may cite their own work.
Moreover, informed and careful use of these impact data is essential, and should be based on a thorough understanding of the methodology used to generate impact factors. There are controversial aspects of using impact factors:
  • It is not clear whether the number of times a paper is cited measures its actual quality.
  • Some databases that calculate impact factors fail to incorporate publications including textbooks, handbooks and reference books.
  • Certain disciplines have low numbers of journals and usage. Therefore, one should only compare journals or researchers within the same discipline.
  • Review articles normally are cited more often and therefore can skew results.
  • Self-citing may also skew results.
  • Some resources used to calculate impact factors have inadequate international coverage.
  • Editorial policies can artificially inflate an impact factor.
Impact factors have often been used in advancement and tenure decision-making. Many recognize that this is a coarse tool for such important decisions, and that a multitude of factors should be taken into account in these deliberations. When considering the use of the impact factor (IF), keep these aspects in mind:
  • IF analysis is limited to citations from the journals indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Currently, the Web of Science indexes only 8621 journals across the full breadth of the sciences, and just 3121 in the social sciences.
  • A high IF/citation rate says nothing about the quality -- or even, validity -- of the references being cited. Notorious or even retracted articles often attract a lot of attention, hence a high number of citations. The notority related to the first publication on "cold fusion" is one such example.
  • Journals that publish more "review articles" are often found near the top of the rankings. While not known for publishing new, creative findings, these individual articles tend to be heavily cited.
  • The IF measures the average number of citations to articles in the journal -- given this, a small number of highly-cited articles will skew the figure.
  • It takes several years for new journals to be added to the list of titles indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge, so these newer titles will be under-represented.
  • It's alleged that journal editors have learned to "game" the system, encouraging authors to cite their works previously published in the same journal.
Comparing Journals Across Disciplines? Not a good idea! Using Impact Factors within a given discipline should only be done with great care, as described above. Using impact factor data to compare journals across disciplines is even more problematic. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Disciplines where older literature is still referenced, such as Chemistry and Mathematics, offer challenges to the methodolgy since older citations (older than two years) are not used to calculate the impact factor for a given journal. (Five-year impact factor analysis, which can be calculated using the Journal Citation Index database, helps smooth out this problem only to some degree.)
  • Different disciplines have different practices regarding tendency to cite larger numbers of references. Higher overall citation rates will bump upward impact factor measurements.
  • Where it's common for large numbers of authors to collaborate on a single paper, such as in Physics, the tendency of authors to cite themselves (and in this case, more authors) will result in increased citation rates.

Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor


  • A vetted, established metric for measuring journal impact within a discipline.
  • Designed to eliminate bias based on journal size and frequency.
  • Individual articles makes an uneven contribution to overall Impact Factor.
  • Impact Factor does not account for certain things, things like context (postive or negative citaion) and intentionality (self-citation).
  • The metric is proprietary to and bound by the contents of the Thomson Reuters database.
  • Citations, on which the Impact Factor is based, count for less than 1% of an article's overall use.


Numerous critiques have been made regarding the use of impact factors. A 2007 study noted that the most fundamental flaw is that impact factors present the mean of data that are not normally distributed, and suggested that it would be more appropriate to present the median of these data. There is also a more general debate on the validity of the impact factor as a measure of journal importance and the effect of policies that editors may adopt to boost their impact factor (perhaps to the detriment of readers and writers). Other criticism focuses on the effect of the impact factor on behavior of scholars, editors and other stakeholders. Others have made more general criticisms, arguing that emphasis on impact factor results from negative influence of neoliberal policies on academia claiming that what is needed is not just replacement of the impact factor with more sophisticated metrics for science publications but also discussion on the social value of research assessment and the growing precariousness of scientific careers in higher education.
Experts stress that there are limitations in using impact factors to evaluate a scholar's work. There are many reasons cited for not relying on impact factor alone to evaluate the output of a particular individual. Among these are the following:

  • A single factor is not sufficient for evaluating an author's work.
  • Journal values are meaningless unless compared within the same discipline. Impact factors vary among disciplines.
  • The impact factor was originally devised to show the impact of a specific journal, not a specific scholar. The quality and impact of the author's work may extend beyond the impact of a particular journal.
According to Jim Testa, a researcher for ThomsonReuters Scientific, the most widespread misuse of the Impact Factor is to evaluate the work of an individual author (instead of a journal). "To say that because a researcher is publishing in a certain journal, he or she is more influential or deserves more credit is not necessarily true. There are many other variables to consider." (interview 6/26/2008 in Thomson Reuters blog entry)

Journal Profile


BONE is an interdisciplinary forum for the rapid publication of original articles and reviews on basic, translational, and clinical aspects of bone and mineral metabolism. The Journal also encourages submissions related to interactions of bone with other organ systems, including cartilage, endocrine, muscle, fat, neural, vascular, gastrointestinal, hematopoietic, and immune systems. Particular attention is placed on the application of experimental studies to clinical practice. None

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The ISSN of Bone is 8756-3282 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

ISSN (Online)
ISSN (Online)

The ISSN (Online) of Bone is - . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

Elsevier Inc.

Bone is published by Elsevier Inc. .

Publication Frequency
Publication Frequency

Bone publishes reports Monthly .

1985 - Present

The Publication History of Bone covers 1985 - Present .

Open Access
Open Access

Bone is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

Publication Fee
Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to Bone. Bone is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


The language of Bone is English .


The publisher of Bone is Elsevier Inc. , which locates in Netherlands .

Selected Articles

Full Title Authors
Full Title Authors
Bone collagen network integrity and transverse fracture toughness of human cortical bone Meredith L. Zoch · Thomas L. Clemens · Thomas L. Clemens · Ryan C. Riddle · Ryan C. Riddle · Ryan C. Riddle
Exercise prevents high fat diet-induced bone loss, marrow adiposity and dysbiosis in male mice Guorong Lu · Mary Rose Tandang-Silvas · Alyssa C. Dawson · Trenton J. Dawson · Jay Groppe · Jay Groppe
Longitudinal changes in bone parameters in young girls with anorexia nervosa Laura R. McCabe · Regina Irwin · Arjun Tekalur · Christian C. Evans · Jonathan D. Schepper · Narayanan Parameswaran · Mae Ciancio · Mae Ciancio
Inverse association between sympathetic nervous system activity and bone mass in middle aged overweight individuals Wen-ting Cao · Fang-fang Zeng · Bao-lin Li · Jie-sheng Lin · Ya-yong Liang · Yu-ming Chen · Yu-ming Chen
Heterotopic Ossification: The Keys to the Kingdom Sheila Shepherd · Andreas Kyriakou · M G Shaikh · Helen McDevitt · Charlotte Oakley · Michelle Thrower · S. Faisal Ahmed · Avril Mason · Avril Mason
YAP1 is essential for osteoclastogenesis through a TEADs-dependent mechanism Elisabeth Lambert · Sarah E. Phillips · Ainura Tursunalieva · Nina Eikelis · Carolina I. Sari · John B. Dixon · Nora E. Straznicky · Markus P. Schlaich · Gavin W. Lambert · Gavin W. Lambert
Genetic inhibition of PPARγ S112 phosphorylation reduces bone formation and stimulates marrow adipogenesis Qiaoling Sun · Saba Choudhary · Ciaran Mannion · Yair Kissin · Jenny Zilberberg · Woo Y. Lee · Woo Y. Lee
Moderate-intensity 4 mT static magnetic fields prevent bone architectural deterioration and strength reduction by stimulating bone formation in streptozotocin-treated diabetic rats A.M. Galich · María Diehl · A.V. Kitaigrodsky · T. Ullmann · T. Ullmann
Ex vivo replication of phenotypic functions of osteocytes through biomimetic 3D bone tissue construction 福本誠二 · 福本誠二
Bone histomorphometry in transiliac biopsies from 48 normal, healthy men Frederick S. Kaplan · Robert J. Pignolo · Eileen M. Shore · Eileen M. Shore
Biochemical transformation of calciprotein particles in uraemia Liming Zhao · Hanfeng Guan · Chao Song · Yuting Wang · Changyu Liu · Cong Cai · Hao Zhu · Hui Liu · Libo Zhao · Jun Xiao · Jun Xiao
Commonality in the microarchitecture of trabecular bone: A preliminary study Robert R. Recker · Mohammed P. Akhter · Joan M. Lappe · Patrice Watson · Patrice Watson
Differential effects of high-physiological oestrogen on the degeneration of mandibular condylar cartilage and subchondral bone Edward R. Smith · Tim D. Hewitson · Eric Hanssen · Stephen G. Holt · Stephen G. Holt
A soluble activin type IIA receptor mitigates the loss of femoral neck bone strength and cancellous bone mass in a mouse model of disuse osteopenia Feng Zhao · Matthew Kirby · Anuradha Roy · Yizhong Hu · X. Edward Guo · Xiaodu Wang · Xiaodu Wang
Bone and blood interactions in human health and disease Tao Ye · Dongliang Sun · Tong Mu · Yi Chu · Hui Miao · M. Zhang · Hongxu Yang · Qian Liu · L. Lu · Xianghui Xing · Shi-Bin Yu · Shi-Bin Yu
A new open-source tool for measuring 3D osteocyte lacunar geometries from confocal laser scanning microscopy reveals age-related changes to lacunar size and shape in cortical mouse bone Andreas Lodberg · Andreas Lodberg · Marco Eijken · Bram C. J. van der Eerden · Mette Wendelboe Okkels · Jesper Skovhus Thomsen · Annemarie Brüel · Annemarie Brüel
Risk of fracture in transfusion-naïve thalassemia population: A nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study María L. Brance · Julio Norberto Miljevic · M. Lagrutta · R. Tizziani · B. Paradiso · G.P. Grossi · P. Toni · R. Parodi · A. Greca · E. Valentini · A. Trepat · J. Zaccardi · J. Moro · B. Finuci Curi · N. Tamagnone · M. Ramirez · Javier Martín Severini · P. Chiarotti · F. Consiglio · R. Piñesky · A. Guelfi · Jorge Kilstein · E. Street · Dino Moretti · V. Oliveto · M. Mariño · J. Manera · L.R. Brun · L.R. Brun
Higher dietary carotenoid intake associated with lower risk of hip fracture in middle-aged and elderly Chinese: A matched case-control study Melissa S. Putman · Melissa S. Putman · Tregony Simoneau · Henry A. Feldman · Alexandra Haagensen · Debra Boyer · Debra Boyer
Low bone density and fractures before and after pediatric lung transplantation Ingrid Bergström · Hanna Isaksson · Antti Koskela · Juha Tuukkanen · Claes Ohlsson · Göran Andersson · Sara H. Windahl · Sara H. Windahl
Development of a 3D bone marrow adipose tissue model Rodrigo J. Valderrábano · Joy Y. Wu · Joy Y. Wu
The effect of switching from teriparatide to anti-RANKL antibody on cancellous and cortical bone in ovariectomized mice Luciana Moine · G. Díaz de Barboza · Astrid Pérez · N. Tolosa de Talamoni · N. Tolosa de Talamoni
ALS-associated mutation SOD1G93A leads to abnormal mitochondrial dynamics in osteocytes Joel Jules · Yi-Ping Li · Wei Chen · Wei Chen
The study on polymorphisms of Sep15 and TrxR2 and the expression of AP-1 signaling pathway in Kashin-Beck disease Tore Bjerregaard Stage · Mette-Marie Hougaard Christensen · Niklas Rye Jørgensen · Henning Beck-Nielsen · Kim Brøsen · Jeppe Gram · Morten Frost · Morten Frost
Sclerostin vaccination mitigates estrogen deficiency induction of bone mass loss and microstructure deterioration Layal Abo Khayal · Johannes Grünhagen · Ivo Provaznik · Stefan Mundlos · Uwe Kornak · Peter N. Robinson · Claus-Eric Ott · Claus-Eric Ott
Osteopontin as a novel substrate for the proprotein convertase 5/6 ( PCSK5 ) in bone Christina M. Jacobsen · Christina M. Jacobsen
Prednisolone treatment reduces the osteogenic effects of loading in mice David R. Sinacore · Mary K. Hastings · Kathryn L. Bohnert · Michael J. Strube · David J. Gutekunst · Jeffrey E. Johnson · Jeffrey E. Johnson
Hypoxia-selective allosteric destabilization of activin receptor-like kinases: A potential therapeutic avenue for prophylaxis of heterotopic ossification Nicolas Verheyen · Martin R. Grübler · Martin R. Grübler · Andreas Meinitzer · Christian Trummer · Verena Schwetz · Karin Amrein · Hans Peter Dimai · Winfried März · Winfried März · Winfried März · Cristiana Catena · Dirk von Lewinski · Jakob Voelkl · Ioana Alesutan · Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer · Helmut Brussee · Stefan Pilz · Stefan Pilz · Andreas Tomaschitz · Andreas Tomaschitz · Andreas Tomaschitz
Dicer1 ablation in osterix positive bone forming cells affects cortical bone homeostasis Nieves Movilla · Carlos Borau · Clara Valero · J.M. García-Aznar · J.M. García-Aznar
Degradation of extracellular matrix regulates osteoblast migration: A microfluidic-based study V. Lezcano · C. Fernández · E. Parodi · S. Morelli · S. Morelli
Identification of a novel loss-of-function PHEX mutation, Ala720Ser, in a sporadic case of adult-onset hypophosphatemic osteomalacia Huan Wang · Jianxun Yi · Xuejun Li · Yajuan Xiao · Kamal Dhakal · Jingsong Zhou · Jingsong Zhou
Gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia: Severe atypical presentation with novel heterozygous mutation of the anoctamin gene (ANO5) Alanna C. Green · Victoria Rudolph-Stringer · Victoria Rudolph-Stringer · Andrew D. Chantry · Joy Y. Wu · Louise E. Purton · Louise E. Purton · Louise E. Purton
Bone turnover markers after the menopause: T-score approach Julia Mrosk · Gandham SriLakshmi Bhavani · Hitesh Shah · Jochen Hecht · Jochen Hecht · Ulrike Krüger · Anju Shukla · Uwe Kornak · Uwe Kornak · Katta M. Girisha · Katta M. Girisha
The paradox of marrow adipose tissue in anorexia nervosa Julien Paccou · Guillaume Penel · Christophe Chauveau · Bernard Cortet · Pierre Hardouin · Pierre Hardouin
Letter to the editor:Determinants of short term fracture risk in patients with a recent history of low-trauma non-vertebral fracture Swaroop D. Mistry · Gina N. Woods · Sigurdur Sigurdsson · Susan K. Ewing · Trisha F. Hue · Gudny Eiriksdottir · Kaipin Xu · Joan F. Hilton · Deborah M. Kado · Vilmundur Gudnason · Tamara B. Harris · Clifford J. Rosen · Thomas Lang · Xiaojuan Li · Ann V. Schwartz · Ann V. Schwartz
Rebound vertebral fracture in the dental chair during a tooth extraction whilst on a treatment holiday from denosumab to avoid ONJ Frederick S. Kaplan · Leonid Zeitlin · Stephen P. Dunn · Shira Benor · David Hagin · Mona Al Mukaddam · Robert J. Pignolo · Robert J. Pignolo
Corrigendum to genome-wide association study in East Asians suggests UHMK1 as a novel bone mineral density susceptibility gene Vanessa Scanlon · Bhavita Walia · Jungeun Yu · Marc F. Hansen · Hicham Drissi · Peter Maye · Archana Sanjay · Archana Sanjay
Sex hormones are negatively associated with vertebral bone marrow fat William R. Thompson · Sherwin S. Yen · Gunes Uzer · Gunes Uzer · Zhihui Xie · Buer Sen · Maya Styner · Keith Burridge · Janet Rubin · Janet Rubin
Novel variant in Sp7/Osx associated with recessive osteogenesis imperfecta with bone fragility and hearing impairment Fatma Gossiel · Hibatallah Altaher · David M. Reid · Christian Roux · Dieter Felsenberg · Claus-C. Glüer · Richard Eastell · Richard Eastell
Characterization of the bone marrow adipocyte niche with three-dimensional electron microscopy Pouneh K. Fazeli · Anne Klibanski · Anne Klibanski
LARG GEF and ARHGAP18 orchestrate RhoA activity to control mesenchymal stem cell lineage Katsuyasu Kouda · Kumiko Ohara · Harunobu Nakamura · Yuki Fujita · Myadagmaa Jaalkhorol · Masayuki Iki · Masayuki Iki
Novel familial mutation of LRP5 causing high bone mass: Genetic analysis, clinical presentation, and characterization of bone matrix mineralization Kara L. Holloway · Muhammad A. Sajjad · Mohammadreza Mohebbi · Mark A. Kotowicz · Mark A. Kotowicz · Mark A. Kotowicz · Patricia M. Livingston · Mustafa Khasraw · Sharon Hakkennes · Trisha Dunning · Susan Brumby · Richard S. Page · Richard S. Page · Richard S. Page · Daryl Pedler · Alasdair Sutherland · Svetha Venkatesh · Sharon L. Brennan-Olsen · Lana J. Williams · Julie A. Pasco · Julie A. Pasco · Julie A. Pasco · Julie A. Pasco
Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) attenuate changes in vertebral bone mass, architecture and strength in ovariectomized mice Rishi R. Gupta · Patricia Delai · David L. Glaser · David M. Rocke · Mona Al Mukaddam · Robert J. Pignolo · Frederick S. Kaplan · Frederick S. Kaplan
Fat mass is positively associated with bone mass acquisition in children with small or normal lean mass: A three-year follow-up study Ali Hamed Alomari · Ali Hamed Alomari · Marie-Luise Wille · Christian M. Langton · Christian M. Langton · Christian M. Langton
The epidemiology of hip fractures across western Victoria, Australia Xiaodong Li · Longchuan Yu · Frank Asuncion · Mario Grisanti · Shawn T. Alexander · Kelly Hensley · Chun-Ya Han · Qing-Tian Niu · Denise Dwyer · Kelly Villasenor · Marina Stolina · Charles Dean · Michael S. Ominsky · Hua Zhu Ke · James E. Tomlinson · William G. Richards · William G. Richards
Antibody-based inhibition of circulating DLK1 protects from estrogen deficiency-induced bone loss in mice Melissa Fiscaletti · Andrew Biggin · Andrew Biggin · Bruce Bennetts · Bruce Bennetts · Karen Wong · Karen Wong · Julie Briody · Verity Pacey · Verity Pacey · Catherine S. Birman · Craig Munns · Craig Munns · Craig Munns
Bone volume fraction and structural parameters for estimation of mechanical stiffness and failure load of human cancellous bone samples; in-vitro comparison of ultrasound transit time spectroscopy and X-ray μCT Takuya Ishimoto · Katsuhisa Yamada · Hiroyuki Takahashi · Masahiko Takahata · Manabu Ito · Takao Hanawa · Takayoshi Nakano · Takayoshi Nakano
Marrow adiposity and bone: Review of clinical implications Petar Milovanovic · Petar Milovanovic · Annika vom Scheidt · Kathrin Mletzko · George Sarau · George Sarau · George Sarau · Klaus Püschel · Marija Djuric · Michael Amling · Silke Christiansen · Silke Christiansen · Silke Christiansen · Silke Christiansen
Crispr-Cas9 engineered osteogenesis imperfecta type V leads to severe skeletal deformities and perinatal lethality in mice Elin L. Lundin · Martin Stauber · Panagiota Papageorgiou · Martin Ehrbar · Chafik Ghayor · Franz E. Weber · Christine Tanner · Orcun Goksel · Orcun Goksel
Fat-bone interaction within the bone marrow milieu: Impact on hematopoiesis and systemic energy metabolism Chelsea M. Heveran · Adam Rauff · Karen B. King · R. Dana Carpenter · Virginia L. Ferguson · Virginia L. Ferguson
Non traumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head is associated with low bone mass Murat Bastepe · Murat Bastepe
Familial resemblance in trabecular and cortical volumetric bone mineral density and bone microarchitecture as measured by HRpQCT Heather Fairfield · Heather Fairfield · Heather Fairfield · Carolyne Falank · Carolyne Falank · Carolyne Falank · Mariah Farrell · Mariah Farrell · Mariah Farrell · Calvin P.H. Vary · Calvin P.H. Vary · Calvin P.H. Vary · Joshua M. Boucher · Joshua M. Boucher · Joshua M. Boucher · Heather E. Driscoll · Lucy Liaw · Lucy Liaw · Lucy Liaw · Clifford J. Rosen · Clifford J. Rosen · Clifford J. Rosen · Michaela R. Reagan · Michaela R. Reagan · Michaela R. Reagan · Michaela R. Reagan
Cortical bone loss due to skeletal unloading in aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 gene knockout mice is associated with decreased PTH receptor expression in osteocytes C.P. Hawkes · Sogol Mostoufi-Moab · Sogol Mostoufi-Moab · Sogol Mostoufi-Moab
RNA interference therapy for autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type 2. Towards the preclinical development Yi Yang · Feng Pan · Feitong Wu · Kathryn Squibb · Russell Thomson · Tania Winzenberg · Graeme Jones · Graeme Jones
Bone toughness at the molecular scale: A model for fracture toughness using crosslinked osteopontin on synthetic and biogenic mineral substrates Takafumi Tajima · Kunitaka Menuki · Kayoko Furukawa Okuma · Manabu Tsukamoto · Hokuto Fukuda · Yasuaki Okada · Kenji Kosugi · Yoshiaki Yamanaka · Soshi Uchida · Akinori Sakai · Akinori Sakai
Pathological fracture risk assessment in patients with femoral metastases using CT-based finite element methods. A retrospective clinical study Antonio Maurizi · Mattia Capulli · Rajvi Patel · Annabel Curle · Nadia Rucci · Anna Teti · Anna Teti
Rescue of a cherubism bone marrow stromal culture phenotype by reducing TGFβ signaling Sacha Cavelier · Ahmad Khayer Dastjerdi · Marc D. McKee · Francois Barthelat · Francois Barthelat
The key role of proinflammatory cytokines, matrix proteins, RANKL/OPG and Wnt/β-catenin in bone healing of hip arthroplasty patients Kimberly J. Curtis · Thomas R. Coughlin · Devon E. Mason · Joel D. Boerckel · Glen L. Niebur · Glen L. Niebur
Dampening of the bone formation response following repeat dosing with sclerostin antibody in mice is associated with up-regulation of Wnt antagonists Charles Ginsberg · Ronit Katz · Ian H. de Boer · Bryan Kestenbaum · Michel Chonchol · Michael G. Shlipak · Mark J. Sarnak · Andrew N. Hoofnagle · Dena E. Rifkin · Pranav S. Garimella · Joachim H. Ix · Joachim H. Ix
Bone marrow mechanotransduction in porcine explants alters kinase activation and enhances trabecular bone formation in the absence of osteocyte signaling Haitao Wang · Eileen M. Shore · Robert J. Pignolo · Frederick S. Kaplan · Frederick S. Kaplan
The periosteum-like effect of fresh human amniotic membrane on bone regeneration in a rabbit critical-sized defect model Amir Sternheim · Ornit Giladi · Yair Gortzak · Michael Drexler · Moshe Salai · Nir Trabelsi · Charles Milgrom · Zohar Yosibash · Zohar Yosibash
Bone tissue aging affects mineralization of cement lines Yaling Liu · Tulika Sharma · I-Ping Chen · Ernst Reichenberger · Yasuyoshi Ueki · Yumna Arif · Daniel Parisi · Peter Maye · Peter Maye
Diagnostic strategies and genotype-phenotype correlation in a large Indian cohort of osteogenesis imperfecta Sahar Ghanmi · Moez Trigui · Walid Baya · Zoubaier Ellouz · Abdelfatteh Elfeki · Slim Charfi · Jean Christophe Fricain · Hassib Keskes · Hassib Keskes
Adults with cystic fibrosis have deficits in bone structure and strength at the distal tibia despite similar size and measuring standard and relative sites Frank Rauch · Yeqing Geng · Lisa Lamplugh · Bahareh Hekmatnejad · Marie-Hélène Gaumond · Janice Penney · Yojiro Yamanaka · Pierre Moffatt · Pierre Moffatt · Pierre Moffatt · Pierre Moffatt
TNFα blockade mediates bone protection in antigen-induced arthritis by reducing osteoclast precursor supply Ghada A. Otaify · Ghada A. Otaify · Michael P. Whyte · Michael P. Whyte · Gary S. Gottesman · William H. McAlister · J. Eric Gordon · Abby S. Hollander · Marisa V. Andrews · Samir K. El-Mofty · Wei-Shen Chen · Deborah V. Veis · Marina Stolina · Albert S. Woo · Panagiotis Katsonis · Olivier Lichtarge · Fan Zhang · Marwan Shinawi · Marwan Shinawi
Aortic vascular calcification is inversely associated with the trabecular bone score in patients receiving dialysis Rafael Pacheco-Costa · Hannah M. Davis · Emily G. Atkinson · Julian E. Dilley · Innocent Byiringiro · Mohammad W. Aref · Matthew R. Allen · Matthew R. Allen · Teresita Bellido · Teresita Bellido · Lilian I. Plotkin · Lilian I. Plotkin · Lilian I. Plotkin
Reversal of loss of bone mass in old mice treated with mefloquine Ashish K. Sharma · Ashish K. Sharma · Nigel D. Toussaint · Nigel D. Toussaint · Grahame J. Elder · Grahame J. Elder · Rosemary Masterson · Rosemary Masterson · Stephen G. Holt · Stephen G. Holt · Patricia L. Robertson · Patricia L. Robertson · Peter R. Ebeling · Paul A. Baldock · Rhiannon Miller · Chamith S. Rajapakse · Chamith S. Rajapakse
A bone-targeting drug-delivery system based on Semaphorin 3A gene therapy ameliorates bone loss in osteoporotic ovariectomized mice Jyotirmaya Behera · Akash K. George · Michael J. Voor · Suresh C. Tyagi · Neetu Tyagi · Neetu Tyagi
Magnetic resonance imaging based assessment of bone microstructure as a non-invasive alternative to histomorphometry in patients with chronic kidney disease Jianfei Tang · Zeng Zhang · Xiangyun Jin · Huipeng Shi · Huipeng Shi
Hydrogen sulfide epigenetically mitigates bone loss through OPG/RANKL regulation during hyperhomocysteinemia in mice Karen Mys · Filip Stockmans · Evie Vereecke · G. Harry van Lenthe · G. Harry van Lenthe
miR-383 negatively regulates osteoblastic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in rats by targeting Satb2 I. Kyvernitakis · I. Kyvernitakis · Peter Herbert Kann · Friederike Thomasius · Olaf Hars · Peyman Hadji · Peyman Hadji
Quantification of bone microstructure in the wrist using cone-beam computed tomography Hongdong Chen · Yeyang Wang · Huaiqian Dai · Xinggui Tian · Zhong-Kai Cui · Zhenguo Chen · Le Hu · Qiancheng Song · Anling Liu · Zhiyong Zhang · Guozhi Xiao · Jian Yang · Jian Yang · Yu Jiang · Xiaochun Bai · Xiaochun Bai
Prevention of breast cancer treatment-induced bone loss in premenopausal women treated with zoledronic acid: Final 5-year results from the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled ProBONE II trial Jiancheng Yang · Xiaofeng Meng · Dandan Dong · Yanru Xue · Xin Chen · Shenghang Wang · Ying Shen · Gejing Zhang · Peng Shang · Peng Shang
Bone and plasma citrate is reduced in osteoporosis Vibha Singhal · Karen J. Campoverde Reyes · Brooke Pfister · Kathryn E. Ackerman · Kathryn E. Ackerman · Meghan Slattery · Katherine M. Cooper · Alexander Toth · Nupur Gupta · Mark A. Goldstein · Kamryn T. Eddy · Madhusmita Misra · Madhusmita Misra
Iron overload involved in the enhancement of unloading-induced bone loss by hypomagnetic field Cristiane Furuse · Aline Ferreira de Almeida · Sidnei Ferro Costa · Ana Claudia Ervolino-Silva · Roberta Okamoto · Doris Hissako Sumida · Mariza Akemi Matsumoto · Fábio Renato Manzolli Leite · Fábio Renato Manzolli Leite
Bone accrual in oligo-amenorrheic athletes, eumenorrheic athletes and non-athletes Stefano Zanotti · Jungeun Yu · D. Bridgewater · J.M. Wolf · Ernesto Canalis · Ernesto Canalis
Influence of weight gain on the modulation of wound healing following tooth extraction Maria Papageorgiou · Maria Papageorgiou · Daniel W. Martin · Daniel W. Martin · Hannah Colgan · Simon Cooper · Julie P. Greeves · Jonathan Tang · William D. Fraser · Kirsty J. Elliott-Sale · Craig Sale · Craig Sale
Mice harboring a Hajdu Cheney Syndrome mutation are sensitized to osteoarthritis Kun Wang · Shuai Li · Yong Gao · Xiaobo Feng · Wei Liu · Rongjin Luo · Yu Song · Ji Tu · Yingle Liu · Cao Yang · Cao Yang
Bone metabolic responses to low energy availability achieved by diet or exercise in active eumenorrheic women Eleonora Palagano · Giulia Zuccarini · Paolo Prontera · Renato Borgatti · Gabriela Stangoni · Sandro Elisei · Stefano Mantero · Ciro Menale · Antonella Forlino · Paolo Uva · Manuela Oppo · Paolo Vezzoni · Anna Villa · Giorgio R. Merlo · Cristina Sobacchi · Cristina Sobacchi
BCL3 regulates RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis by interacting with TRAF6 in bone marrow-derived macrophages Mariska Vlot · M. den Heijer · R.T. de Jongh · Marc G. Vervloet · Willem F. Lems · R. de Jonge · Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch · Annemieke C. Heijboer · Annemieke C. Heijboer
Mutations in the Neuroblastoma Amplified Sequence gene in a family affected by Acrofrontofacionasal Dysostosis type 1 Anne-Birgitte Garm Blavnsfeldt · Anne-Birgitte Garm Blavnsfeldt · Annette de Thurah · Annette de Thurah · Malissa Dawn Thomsen · Simon Tarp · Bente Langdahl · Bente Langdahl · Ellen-Margrethe Hauge · Ellen-Margrethe Hauge · Ellen-Margrethe Hauge
Fracture incidence and secular trends between 1989 and 2013 in a population based cohort: The Rotterdam Study K. Yang · R.J. Miron · R.J. Miron · Zhou-Yan Bian · Yufeng Zhang · Yufeng Zhang
Genome-wide association study of extreme high bone mass: Contribution of common genetic variation to extreme BMD phenotypes and potential novel BMD-associated genes Katerina Trajanoska · Josje D. Schoufour · Ester Al de Jonge · Brenda Kieboom · Marlies Mulder · Bruno H. Stricker · Trudy Voortman · André G. Uitterlinden · Edwin H. G. Oei · M. Arfan Ikram · M. Carola Zillikens · Fernando Rivadeneira · Ling Oei · Ling Oei
The effect of glucocorticoids on bone mineral density in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials Kyle P. Chadwick · Nicole M. Mueske · Rachel E. Horenstein · Sandra J. Shefelbine · Tishya A. L. Wren · Tishya A. L. Wren · Tishya A. L. Wren
BMD-based assessment of local porosity in human femoral cortical bone Jasna Aleksova · Jasna Aleksova · Samantha Kurniawan · Mirna Vucak-Dzumhur · Peter G. Kerr · Peter G. Kerr · Peter R. Ebeling · Frances Milat · Frances Milat · Grahame J. Elder · Grahame J. Elder · Grahame J. Elder
Brain to bone: What is the contribution of the brain to skeletal homeostasis? Megan Hetherington-Rauth · Jennifer W. Bea · Robert M. Blew · Janet L. Funk · Melanie Hingle · Vinson R. Lee · Denise J. Roe · Mark D. Wheeler · Timothy G. Lohman · Scott B. Going · Scott B. Going
Sex differences in the spatial distribution of bone in relation to incident hip fracture: Findings from the AGES-Reykjavik study J. Power · N. Loveridge · Heikki Kröger · Martyn J. Parker · Jonathan Reeve · Jonathan Reeve
Relative contributions of lean and fat mass to bone strength in young Hispanic and non-Hispanic girls Dariusz Pawlak · Beata Znorko · Bartlomiej Kalaska · Tomasz Domaniewski · Radosław Zawadzki · Paweł Lipowicz · Michał Doroszko · Urszula Łebkowska · Piotr Grabowski · Krystyna Pawlak · Krystyna Pawlak
Femoral neck cortical bone in female and male hip fracture cases: Differential contrasts in cortical width and sub-periosteal porosity in 112 cases and controls 藤田博曉 · 藤田博曉
LP533401 restores bone health in 5/6 nephrectomized rats by a decrease of gut-derived serotonin and regulation of serum phosphate through the inhibition of phosphate co-transporters expression in the kidneys Evan O. Vesper · Max A. Hammond · Matthew R. Allen · Joseph M. Wallace · Joseph M. Wallace
Integration of summary data from GWAS and eQTL studies identified novel causal BMD genes with functional predictions Deepak Balani · Henry M. Kronenberg · Henry M. Kronenberg
Inter-site variability of the osteocyte lacunar network in the cortical bone underpins fracture susceptibility of the superolateral femoral neck Kristin A. Kwakwa · Kristin A. Kwakwa · Nicole Putnam · Nicole Putnam · Alyssa R. Merkel · Joshua R. Johnson · James E. Cassat · Julie A. Sterling · Julie A. Sterling
Global deletion of tetraspanin CD82 attenuates bone growth and enhances bone marrow adipogenesis Catherine G. Ambrose · Miriam Soto Martinez · Xiaohong Bi · Juanita Deaver · Cole Kuzawa · Lindsey Schwartz · Brian Dawson · Angela Bachim · Urszula Polak · Brendan Lee · Christian M Crowder · Christian M Crowder
Preservation of type H vessels and osteoblasts by enhanced preosteoclast platelet-derived growth factor type BB attenuates glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in growing mice Jessica L. Pierce · Dana L. Begun · Jennifer J. Westendorf · Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence · Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence
Mechanical properties of infant bone Andrew G. Feehan · Andrew G. Feehan · Margaret Zacharin · Margaret Zacharin · Angelina Lim · Angelina Lim · Peter J. Simm · Peter J. Simm · Peter J. Simm
Defining osteoblast and adipocyte lineages in the bone marrow N.O. Elias · P. Young · N.G. Rella · M. Moran · M. Curria · M. Curria
A comparative study of quality of life, functional and bone outcomes in osteogenesis imperfecta with bisphosphonate therapy initiated in childhood or adulthood Kabsun Kim · Jung Ha Kim · In-Young Kim · Semun Seong · Nacksung Kim · Nacksung Kim
Regional variation of bone density, microarchitectural parameters, and elastic moduli in the ultradistal tibia of young black and white men and women Xiang-He Meng · Xiang-Ding Chen · Jonathan Greenbaum · Qin Zeng · Sheng-Lan You · Hong-Mei Xiao · Li-Jun Tan · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng
TRIM38 regulates NF-κB activation through TAB2 degradation in osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation Gianluca Iori · Frans Heyer · Vantte Kilappa · Caroline E. Wyers · P. Varga · Johannes Schneider · Melanie Gräsel · Robert Wendlandt · Reinhard Barkmann · J. van den Bergh · Kay Raum · Kay Raum
Bone microarchitecture, biomechanical properties, and advanced glycation end-products in the proximal femur of adults with type 2 diabetes Celia L Gregson · Felicity Newell · Paul Leo · Graeme R. Clark · Lavinia Paternoster · Mhairi Marshall · Vincenzo Forgetta · John A. Morris · Bing Ge · Xiao Bao · J. H. Duncan Bassett · Graham R. Williams · Scott E. Youlten · Peter I. Croucher · Peter I. Croucher · George Davey Smith · David Evans · David Evans · John P. Kemp · John P. Kemp · Matthew A. Brown · Jon H Tobias · Emma L. Duncan · Emma L. Duncan · Emma L. Duncan
Clinical utility of bone markers in various diseases Katarina Lindahl · Eva Åström · Anca Dragomir · Sofie Symoens · Paul Coucke · Sune Larsson · E.P. Paschalis · Paul Roschger · Sonja Gamsjaeger · Klaus Klaushofer · Nadja Fratzl-Zelman · Andreas Kindmark · Andreas Kindmark
Identification of asymptomatic frailty vertebral fractures in post-menopausal women Aiji Yajima · Ken Tsuchiya · David B. Burr · Daniel E. Minner · Keith W. Condon · Caroline Miller · Shigeru Satoh · Masaaki Inaba · Takashi Nakayama · Tatsuhiko Tanizawa · Akemi Ito · Kosaku Nitta · Kosaku Nitta
Identification of mutations in the prostaglandin transporter gene SLCO2A1 and phenotypic comparison between two subtypes of primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy (PHO): A single-center study Pieter-Jan Stiers · Nick van Gastel · Karen Moermans · Ingrid Stockmans · Geert Carmeliet · Geert Carmeliet
IL-6 trans -signalling mediates trabecular, but not cortical, bone loss after ovariectomy Gavin Tjin · Eugenia Flores-Figueroa · Delfim Duarte · Delfim Duarte · Lenny Straszkowski · Mark K. Scott · Mark K. Scott · Reema Khorshed · Louise E. Purton · Louise E. Purton · Cristina Lo Celso · Cristina Lo Celso · Cristina Lo Celso
Machine learning to predict the occurrence of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw associated with dental extraction: A preliminary report S. Pizzato · Caterina Trevisan · Paola Lucato · G. Girotti · M. Mazzochin · B.M. Zanforlini · Giulia Bano · F. Piovesan · A. Bertocco · F. Zoccarato · M. Dianin · Enzo Manzato · Enzo Manzato · G. Sergi · G. Sergi
Type 2 diabetes impairs angiogenesis and osteogenesis in calvarial defects: MicroCT study in ZDF rats Leah Lazzaro · Leah Lazzaro · Brett A. Tonkin · Ingrid J. Poulton · Narelle E. McGregor · Walter Ferlin · Natalie A. Sims · Natalie A. Sims · Natalie A. Sims
Association of High-resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT) bone microarchitectural parameters with previous clinical fracture in older men: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) study Dong Wook Kim · Hwiyoung Kim · Woong Nam · Hyung Jun Kim · In Ho Cha · In Ho Cha
Prevalence of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw-like lesions is increased in a chemotherapeutic dose-dependent manner in mice Guavri Caliaperoumal · Maité Souyet · Morad Bensidhoum · Hervé Petite · Fani Anagnostou · Fani Anagnostou · Fani Anagnostou
Changes in pediatric DXA measures of musculoskeletal outcomes and correlation with quantitative CT following treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia Howard A. Fink · Lisa Langsetmo · Tien N. Vo · Eric S. Orwoll · John T. Schousboe · Kristine E. Ensrud · Kristine E. Ensrud
CD105 is regulated by hsa-miR-1287 and its expression is inversely correlated with osteopotential in SHED S.E. Tahaei · S.E. Tahaei · G. Couasnay · Y. Ma · Nandina Paria · J. Gu · B.F. Lemoine · X. Wang · Jonathan J. Rios · Florent Elefteriou · Florent Elefteriou
A novel bone targeting delivery system carrying phytomolecule icaritin for prevention of steroid-associated osteonecrosis in rats Klara Maratova · Ondrej Soucek · Jana Matyskova · Zdenek Hlavka · Lenka Petruzelkova · Barbora Obermannova · Stepanka Pruhova · Stanislava Kolouskova · Zdenek Sumnik · Zdenek Sumnik
The reduced osteogenic potential of Nf1-deficient osteoprogenitors is EGFR-independent David Cholok · Michael T. Chung · Kavitha Ranganathan · Serra Ucer · Devaveena Day · Thomas A. Davis · Thomas A. Davis · Yuji Mishina · Benjamin Levi · Benjamin Levi
Muscle functions and bone strength are impaired in adolescents with type 1 diabetes Charlotte Mabille · Adeline Ruyssen Witrand · Yannick Degboé · Isabelle Gennero · Herve Avet Loiseau · Murielle Roussel · Benjamin Hebraud · Delphine Nigon · Michel Attal · Michel Laroche · Michel Laroche
Temporary inhibition of the plasminogen activator inhibits periosteal chondrogenesis and promotes periosteal osteogenesis during appendicular bone fracture healing Cyril Thouverey · Serge Livio Ferrari · Joseph Caverzasio · Joseph Caverzasio
Selective inhibition of Src family kinases by SU6656 increases bone mass by uncoupling bone formation from resorption in mice Rémy Gauthier · Hélène Follet · Max Langer · Evelyne Gineyts · Frédéric Rongieras · Françoise Peyrin · David Mitton · David Mitton
Children with myelomeningocele do not exhibit normal remodeling of tibia roundness with physical development Yanqin Lu · Xiuzhi Ren · Yanzhou Wang · Ghalib Bardai · Marc Sturm · Yunzhang Dai · Olaf Riess · Yao Zhang · Hu Li · Tianyou Li · Naixiang Zhai · Jian Zhang · Frank Rauch · Jinxiang Han · Jinxiang Han
The anti-epileptic drugs valproate, carbamazepine and levetiracetam cause bone loss and modulate Wnt inhibitors in normal and ovariectomised rats Jad G. Sfeir · Matthew T. Drake · Elizabeth J. Atkinson · Sara J. Achenbach · Jon J. Camp · Amanda J. Tweed · Louise K. McCready · Lifeng Yu · Mark Charles Adkins · Shreyasee Amin · Sundeep Khosla · Sundeep Khosla
Cumulative radiation exposure from medical imaging and associated lifetime cancer risk in children with osteogenesis imperfecta Sebastian Butscheidt · Tim Rolvien · Eik Vettorazzi · Isolde Frieling · Isolde Frieling
Novel WNT1 mutations in children with osteogenesis imperfecta: Clinical and functional characterization Rupal Mehta · Rupal Mehta · Xuan Cai · Alexander Hodakowski · Bharat Thyagarajan · Donglin Zeng · Phyllis C. Zee · William K. Wohlgemuth · Susan Redline · James P. Lash · Myles Wolf · Tamara Isakova · Tamara Isakova
Trabecular bone microarchitecture predicts fragility fractures in postmenopausal women on denosumab treatment Dongdong Zhang · Dongdong Zhang · Chu Hyun Bae · Junghak Lee · Jiho Lee · Zeyu Jin · Myeongmo Kang · Young Suk Cho · Jeong Han Kim · Weontae Lee · Sung Kil Lim · Sung Kil Lim
Sleep disordered breathing and fibroblast growth factor 23 in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Beom-Jun Kim · Mi Kyung Kwak · Jae Seung Kim · Seunghun Lee · Jung-Min Koh · Jung-Min Koh
The bone anabolic effects of irisin are through preferential stimulation of aerobic glycolysis Chao Liu · R. Carrera · Vittoria Flamini · Lena Kenny · Pamela Cabahug-Zuckerman · Benson M. George · Daniel J. Hunter · Bo Liu · Gurpreet Singh · Philipp Leucht · Kenneth A. Mann · Jill A. Helms · Alesha B. Castillo · Alesha B. Castillo
Effects of mechanical loading on cortical defect repair using a novel mechanobiological model of bone healing Yannick Degboé · M. Eischen · Delphine Nigon · P.A. Apoil · C. Mailhol · E. Tournier · Camille Laurent · Katia Hanssens · Olivier Hermine · C. Paul · Michel Laroche · Cristina Bulai-Livideanu · Cristina Bulai-Livideanu
GH prevents adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal stem cells derived from human trabecular bone via canonical Wnt signaling Tim Rolvien · Annika vom Scheidt · Kilian E. Stockhausen · Petar Milovanovic · Danijela Djonic · Jan Hubert · Thelonius Hawellek · Alexander Wacker · Volker Jebens · Klaus Püschel · Elizabeth A. Zimmermann · Marija Djuric · Michael Amling · Michael Amling
An osteopenic/osteoporotic phenotype delays alveolar bone repair Ginu Unnikrishnan · Chun Xu · Kristin L. Popp · Julie M. Hughes · Amy Yuan · Katelyn I. Guerriere · Signe Caksa · Kathryn E. Ackerman · Kathryn E. Ackerman · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein · Jaques Reifman · Jaques Reifman
Healing of fractures in osteoporotic bones in mice treated with bisphosphonates – A transcriptome analysis Michela Signo · Alice Spinello · GianLuigi Moro · Gianfranco Fraschini · F. Guidobono · Alessandro Rubinacci · Isabella Villa · Isabella Villa
BBS9 gene in nonsyndromic craniosynostosis: Role of the primary cilium in the aberrant ossification of the suture osteogenic niche Chih Hao Chen · Chih Hao Chen · Liao Wang · Liao Wang · U. Serdar Tulu · Masaki Arioka · Masaki Arioka · Melika Maghazeh Moghim · Melika Maghazeh Moghim · Benjamin Salmon · Benjamin Salmon · Chien Tzung Chen · Waldemar Hoffmann · Jessica Gilgenbach · John B. Brunski · Jill A. Helms · Jill A. Helms
Pulsed electromagnetic fields inhibit human osteoclast formation and gene expression via osteoblasts Dominic Simon · Anja Derer · Fabian T. Andes · Patrick Lezuo · Aline Bozec · Georg Schett · Martin Herrmann · Ulrike Harre · Ulrike Harre
Changes in tibial bone microarchitecture in female recruits in response to 8 weeks of U.S. Army Basic Combat Training Michel Hauser · Mark Siegrist · Irene Keller · Willy Hofstetter · Willy Hofstetter
Evaluation of cross-sectional and longitudinal changes in volumetric bone mineral density in postmenopausal women using single- versus dual-energy quantitative computed tomography Marta Barba · Lorena Di Pietro · Luca Massimi · Maria Concetta Geloso · Paolo Frassanito · Massimo Caldarelli · Fabrizio Michetti · Stefano Della Longa · Paul A. Romitti · Concezio Di Rocco · Alessandro Arcovito · Ornella Parolini · Gianpiero Tamburrini · Camilla Bernardini · Simeon A. Boyadjiev · Wanda Lattanzi · Wanda Lattanzi
Relationships between human cortical bone toughness and collagen cross-links on paired anatomical locations Julie M. Hughes · Erin Gaffney-Stomberg · Katelyn I. Guerriere · Kathryn Taylor · Kristin L. Popp · Chun Xu · Ginu Unnikrishnan · Jeffery S. Staab · Ronald W. Matheny · James P. McClung · Jaques Reifman · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein
Signaling systems affecting the severity of multiple osteochondromas Hero Robles · SungJae Park · Matthew S. Joens · James A.J. Fitzpatrick · Clarissa S. Craft · Erica L. Scheller · Erica L. Scheller
Bone remodelling in vitro: Where are we headed?: -A review on the current understanding of physiological bone remodelling and inflammation and the strategies for testing biomaterials in vitro Florence Figeac · Ditte Caroline Andersen · Ditte Caroline Andersen · Casper A. Nipper Nielsen · Nicholas Ditzel · Søren Paludan Sheikh · Søren Paludan Sheikh · Karsten Skjødt · Moustapha Kassem · Moustapha Kassem · Moustapha Kassem · Charlotte Harken Jensen · Charlotte Harken Jensen · Basem M. Abdallah · Basem M. Abdallah
Trabecular health of vertebrae based on anisotropy in trabecular architecture and collagen/apatite micro-arrangement after implantation of intervertebral fusion cages in the sheep spine Jung Ha Kim · Kabsun Kim · In-Young Kim · Semun Seong · Keun-Bae Lee · Nacksung Kim · Nacksung Kim
Interleukin-6 deletion stimulates revascularization and new bone formation following ischemic osteonecrosis in a murine model O. Rohleder · P. Mudry · J. Neradil · H. Noskova · O. Slaby · J. Sterba · J. Sterba
The trabecular bone score: Relationships with trabecular and cortical microarchitecture measured by HR-pQCT and histomorphometry in patients with chronic kidney disease Dan Dragomir-Daescu · Timothy Rossman · Asghar Rezaei · Kent D. Carlson · David F. Kallmes · John A. Skinner · Sundeep Khosla · Shreyasee Amin · Shreyasee Amin
Changes in vertebral dimensions in early adulthood – A 10-year follow-up MRI-study Rocío Fuente · Rocío Fuente · Helena Gil-Peña · Debora Claramunt-Taberner · Olaya Hernández-Frías · Ángela Fernández-Iglesias · Francisco Hermida-Prado · Gonzalo Anes-González · Isabel Rubio-Aliaga · José Manuel López · Fernando Santos · Fernando Santos
Response to the Letter to the Editor Re: Pizzato S, Trevisan C, Lucato P, et al. Identification of asymptomatic frailty vertebral fractures in post-menopausal women LiXin Han · XiaoLi Yang · WenYan Sun · ZhaoFang Li · Hao Ren · BaoRong Li · RongQiang Zhang · DanDan Zhang · ZiYun Shi · JiFeng Liu · JunLing Cao · Jianjun Zhang · YongMin Xiong · YongMin Xiong
E3-ubiquitin ligase NEDD4 enhances bone formation by removing TGFβ1-induced pSMAD1 in immature osteoblast Fanxin Long · Fanxin Long
MicroRNA-155 induces autophagy in osteoclasts by targeting transforming growth factor β-activated kinase 1-binding protein 2 upon lipopolysaccharide stimulation María José Pérez-Sáez · María José Pérez-Sáez · Sabina Herrera · Sabina Herrera · Daniel Prieto-Alhambra · Daniel Prieto-Alhambra · L Vilaplana · L Vilaplana · Xavier Nogués · Xavier Nogués · María Vera · Dolores Redondo-Pachón · Dolores Redondo-Pachón · Marisa Mir · Roberto Güerri · Roberto Güerri · Marta Crespo · Marta Crespo · A Diez-Perez · A Diez-Perez · Julio Pascual · Julio Pascual · Julio Pascual
The study of GPX3 methylation in patients with Kashin-Beck Disease and its mechanism in chondrocyte apoptosis Zhe Cai · Yu Feng · Chentian Li · Kedi Yang · Tianhao Sun · Lei Xu · Yan Chen · Chunhoi Yan · William Weijia Lu · William Weijia Lu · K. Y. Chiu · K. Y. Chiu
Siglec-15-targeting therapy increases bone mass in rats without impairing skeletal growth Vibha Singhal · Landy P. Torre Flores · Fatima Cody Stanford · Alexander Toth · Brian Carmine · Madhusmita Misra · Miriam A. Bredella · Miriam A. Bredella
Variation of bone acquisition during growth hormone treatment in children can be explained by proteomic biomarkers, bone formation markers, body composition and nutritional factors Elsi Autio · Elsi Autio · Petteri Oura · Petteri Oura · Jaro Karppinen · Jaro Karppinen · Jaro Karppinen · Markus Paananen · Markus Paananen · Jaakko Niinimäki · Jaakko Niinimäki · Juho-Antti Junno · Juho-Antti Junno
Osteoblast derived-neurotrophin‑3 induces cartilage removal proteases and osteoclast-mediated function at injured growth plate in rats J. Ramalho · I.D.B. Marques · Didier Hans · David W. Dempster · Hua Zhou · Parth Patel · Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira · Vanda Jorgetti · Rosa Maria Affonso Moysés · Thomas L. Nickolas · Thomas L. Nickolas
Identification of TGFβ-related genes regulated in murine osteoarthritis and chondrocyte hypertrophy by comparison of multiple microarray datasets Dai Sato · Masahiko Takahata · Masahiro Ota · Chie Fukuda · Eisuke Tsuda · Tomohiro Shimizu · Akiko Okada · Yoshiharu Hiruma · Hiroki Hamano · Shigeto Hiratsuka · Ryo Fujita · Norio Amizuka · Tomoka Hasegawa · Norimasa Iwasaki · Norimasa Iwasaki
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and bone mineral density among children and adolescents in a Northwest Chinese city Jean-Gabriel Minonzio · Nicolas Bochud · Quentin Vallet · Yohann Bala · Donatien Ramiandrisoa · Hélène Follet · David Mitton · Pascal Laugier · Pascal Laugier
Age trajectories of musculoskeletal morbidities in adults with cerebral palsy Yufa Wang · Jieun Kim · Andrea Chan · Cari M. Whyne · Cari M. Whyne · Diane Nam · Diane Nam · Diane Nam
In vivo identification of Bmp2-correlation networks during fracture healing by means of a limb-specific conditional inactivation of Bmp2 Luyun Wei · Dehao Cao · Xiujuan Zhu · Yu Long · Chaoqun Liu · Shengzhu Huang · Jiarong Tian · Qingzhi Hou · Yaling Huang · Juan Ye · Bangzhu Luo · Ying Luo · Chunmei Liang · Mujun Li · Xiaobo Yang · Zengnan Mo · Jianfeng Xu · Jianfeng Xu
Bone cortical thickness and porosity assessment using ultrasound guided waves: An ex vivo validation study Aysha B. Khalid · Alexandria V. Slayden · Jerusha Kumpati · Chanel Perry · Stuart B. Berryhill · Julie A. Crawford · Iram Fatima · Marco Morselli · Matteo Pellegrini · Gustavo A. Miranda-Carboni · Susan A. Krum · Susan A. Krum
A two phase regulation of bone regeneration: IL-17F mediates osteoblastogenesis via C/EBP-β in vitro Anna Wędrychowicz · Krystyna Sztefko · Jerzy Starzyk · Jerzy Starzyk
High maternal osteocalcin levels during pregnancy is associated with low birth weight infants: A nested case-control study in China Bente Langdahl · Stuart Silverman · Saeko Fujiwara · K. Saag · Nicola Napoli · Satoshi Soen · Hiroyuki Enomoto · Thomas E. Melby · Damon Disch · Fernando Marin · John H. Krege · John H. Krege
GATA4 represses RANKL in osteoblasts via multiple long-range enhancers to regulate osteoclast differentiation Antonino Catalano · Saverio Loddo · Federica Bellone · Carmelo Pecora · Antonino Lasco · Nunziata Morabito · Nunziata Morabito
Sclerostin and its association with insulin resistance in children and adolescents Nicola Crabtree · Judith Adams · Raja Padidela · Nick Shaw · Wolfgang Högler · H. Roper · Imelda Hughes · Anjali Daniel · M.Z. Mughal · M.Z. Mughal
Real-world effectiveness of teriparatide on fracture reduction in patients with osteoporosis and comorbidities or risk factors for fractures: Integrated analysis of 4 prospective observational studies Corey M. Hoffman · Jimin Han · Laura M. Calvi · Laura M. Calvi
Pulsed electromagnetic fields modulate bone metabolism via RANKL/OPG and Wnt/β-catenin pathways in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis: A pilot study Ann-Kristin Picke · Lykke Sylow · Lisbeth L. V. Møller · Rasmus Kjøbsted · Felix Schmidt · Mikkel Wermer Steejn · Juliane Salbach-Hirsch · Christine Hofbauer · Matthias Blüher · Anja Saalbach · Martina Rauner · Lorenz C. Hofbauer · Lorenz C. Hofbauer
Growth, bone health & ambulatory status of boys with DMD treated with daily vs. intermittent oral glucocorticoid regimen David Simon · Arnd Kleyer · Matthias Englbrecht · Fabian Stemmler · Christoph Simon · Andreas Berlin · Roland Kocijan · J. Haschka · Simon Hirschmann · Raja Atreya · Markus F. Neurath · Michael Sticherling · Juergen Rech · Axel J. Hueber · Klaus Engelke · Georg Schett · Georg Schett
Impact of aging on bone, marrow and their interactions Christopher Dedic · Tin Shing Hung · Alan M. Shipley · Akira Maeda · Thomas J. Gardella · Andrew L. Miller · Paola Divieti Pajevic · Joseph G. Kunkel · Alessandro Rubinacci · Alessandro Rubinacci
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Energy Metabolism and Bone Ha T. Mai · Thach S. Tran · Thao P. Ho-Le · Thao P. Ho-Le · Thuy T. Pham · Thuy T. Pham · John A. Eisman · John A. Eisman · John A. Eisman · Tuan V. Nguyen · Tuan V. Nguyen
Maintenance low dose systemic glucocorticoids have limited impact on bone strength and mineral density among incident renal allograft recipients: A pilot prospective cohort study Marie Juul Ornstrup · Marie Juul Ornstrup · Thomas Nordstrøm Kjær · Torben Harsløf · Niklas Rye Jørgensen · Steen B. Pedersen · Steen B. Pedersen · Bente Langdahl · Bente Langdahl · Bente Langdahl
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Loss of Gsα in osteocytes leads to osteopenia due to sclerostin induced suppression of osteoblast activity Lyess Allas · Karim Boumediene · Catherine Baugé · Catherine Baugé
Macrophages in bone fracture healing: Their essential role in endochondral ossification Claudia Schlundt · Thaqif El Khassawna · Alessandro Serra · Anke Dienelt · Sebastian Wendler · Hanna Schell · Nico van Rooijen · Andreas Radbruch · Richard Lucius · Susanne Hartmann · Georg N. Duda · Katharina Schmidt-Bleek · Katharina Schmidt-Bleek
Quality of life in hypoparathyroidism Felicia Cosman · Jeri W. Nieves · Catherine Roimisher · Simon Neubort · Donald J. McMahon · David W. Dempster · Robert Lindsay · Robert Lindsay
Epigenetic dynamic during endochondral ossification and articular cartilage development David Henault · Tracy Westley · Sinziana Dumitra · Sue-Ling Chang · Richard Kremer · Nancy E. Mayo · Ari N. Meguerditchian · Ari N. Meguerditchian
The genetics of vitamin D Amy D. Nguyen · Nicola J. Lee · Natalie K.Y. Wee · Lei Zhang · Ronaldo F. Enriquez · Ee Cheng Khor · Tao Nie · Donghai Wu · Amanda Sainsbury · Amanda Sainsbury · Paul A. Baldock · Herbert Herzog · Herbert Herzog · Herbert Herzog
Administration of teriparatide for four years cyclically compared to two years daily in treatment naïve and alendronate treated women Mark S. Cooper · Markus J. Seibel · Hong Zhou · Hong Zhou
Divergence from osteoporosis screening guidelines in older breast cancer patients treated with anti-estrogen therapy: A population-based cohort study Gary S. Collins · Y Le Manach · Y Le Manach
Uncoupling protein-1 is protective of bone mass under mild cold stress conditions Lamya Karim · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein
Mendelian randomization in the bone field Mohammad Shboul · Paul Roschger · Rudolf Ganger · Lefteris Paschalis · Stamatia Rokidi · Shahin Zandieh · Jana Behunova · Christian Muschitz · Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer · Alvin Yu Jin Ng · Sumanty Tohari · Byrappa Venkatesh · Carine Bonnard · Bruno Reversade · Klaus Klaushofer · Ali Al Kaissi · Ali Al Kaissi
QCT of the femur: Comparison between QCTPro CTXA and MIAF Femur Yan Wu · Xue Yuan · Kristy Carrington Perez · Sydnee Hyman · Liao Wang · Gretel G. Pellegrini · Benjamin Salmon · Teresita Bellido · Jill A. Helms · Jill A. Helms
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Induction of Lrp5 HBM-causing mutations in Cathepsin-K expressing cells alters bone metabolism Shereen Nader Raafat · Shereen Nader Raafat
Aberrantly elevated Wnt signaling is responsible for cementum overgrowth and dental ankylosis Panxi Yu · Xiaonan Yang · Zuoliang Qi · Zuoliang Qi
The sole and combined effect of simvastatin and platelet rich fibrin as a filling material in induced bone defect in tibia of albino rats Joseph D. Gardinier · Salam Al-Omaishi · Niloufar Rostami · Michael D. Morris · David H. Kohn · David H. Kohn
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Low-trauma rib fracture in the elderly: Risk factors and mortality consequence Yuan Hu · Li-Jun Tan · Xiang-Ding Chen · Jonathan Greenbaum · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng
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Comparison of bone turnover markers in peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate Xiao Liang · Cuiyan Wu · Hongmou Zhao · Li Liu · Yanan Du · Ping Li · Yan Wen · Yan Zhao · Miao Ding · Bolun Cheng · Shiqiang Cheng · Mei Ma · Lu Zhang · Xiong Guo · Hui Shen · Qing Tian · Feng Zhang · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng
Vhl deficiency in osteocytes produces high bone mass and hematopoietic defects Danielle E. Robinson · Tjeerd van Staa · Tjeerd van Staa · Elaine M. Dennison · Elaine M. Dennison · C Cooper · C Cooper · C Cooper · William G. Dixon · William G. Dixon · William G. Dixon
Identification of novel variants associated with osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and potentially pleiotropic loci using pleiotropic cFDR method Smita Jha · Nicholas Laucis · Lauren Kim · Ashkan Malayeri · Abhijit Dasgupta · Georgios Z. Papadakis · Apostolos H. Karantanas · Miguel Torres · Timothy Bhattacharyya · Timothy Bhattacharyya
Assessing the genetic correlations between early growth parameters and bone mineral density: A polygenic risk score analysis Shebli Atrash · Isha Dua · Amy Buros · Fritz Van Rhee · Larry J. Suva · Sharmilan Thanendrarajan · Carolina Schinke · Faith E. Davies · Gareth J. Morgan · Maurizio Zangari · Maurizio Zangari
The limitations of using simple definitions of glucocorticoid exposure to predict fracture risk: A cohort study Anirudha Karvande · Priyanka Kushwaha · Naseer Ahmad · Sulekha Adhikary · Priyanka Kothari · Ashish Kumar Tripathi · Vikram Khedgikar · Ritu Trivedi · Ritu Trivedi
CT analysis of anatomical distribution of melorheostosis challenges the sclerotome hypothesis J. C. Alvarenga · Steven K. Boyd · Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira · Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira
FRAX is a robust predictor of baseline vertebral fractures in multiple myeloma patients Iris Boraschi-Diaz · Iris Boraschi-Diaz · John S. Mort · Dieter Brömme · Yotis A. Senis · Alexandra Mazharian · Svetlana V. Komarova · Svetlana V. Komarova · Svetlana V. Komarova
Glucose dependent miR-451a expression contributes to parathyroid hormone mediated osteoblast differentiation Anne Trinh · Anne Trinh · Phillip Wong · Michael Fahey · Michael Fahey · Peter R. Ebeling · Peter J. Fuller · Peter J. Fuller · Frances Milat · Frances Milat · Frances Milat
The relationship between estimated bone strength by finite element analysis at the peripheral skeleton to areal BMD and trabecular bone score at lumbar spine Christina Møller Andreasen · Jean-Marie Delaissé · Bram C. J. van der Eerden · Johannes P.T.M. van Leeuwen · Ming Ding · Thomas Levin Andersen · Thomas Levin Andersen
Collagen type I degradation fragments act through the collagen receptor LAIR-1 to provide a negative feedback for osteoclast formation Satya K. Kota · Coco Roening · Nehal Patel · Savithri B. Kota · Roland Baron · Roland Baron
Trabecular bone score in adults with cerebral palsy Qiang Zhang · Jonathan Greenbaum · Wei-Dong Zhang · Chang-Qing Sun · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng
Understanding age-induced cortical porosity in women: Is a negative BMU balance in quiescent osteons a major contributor? Niall J. Logan · Marie Camman · Greg Williams · Claire A. Higgins · Claire A. Higgins
Comparison of cyclic and impact-based reference point indentation measurements in human cadaveric tibia Lamya Karim · Lamya Karim · Miranda van Vliet · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein
Exploring the potential of tocotrienol from Bixa orellana as a single agent targeting metabolic syndrome and bone loss Yau-Hua Yu · Yau-Hua Yu · Katarzyna Wilk · PhiAnh Waldon · Giuseppe Intini · Giuseppe Intini
Response to R. L. NevinConsiderations in the repurposing of mefloquine for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis Jing Li · Wenqing Ding · Juan Cao · Lijiao Sun · Shanghong Liu · Jianjun Zhang · Haiping Zhao · Haiping Zhao
Long non-coding RNA H19 mediates mechanical tension-induced osteogenesis of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via FAK by sponging miR-138 Robert R. Recker · Joan M. Lappe · Michael Davies · Donald B. Kimmel · Donald B. Kimmel
Bone, muscle, and metabolic parameters predict survival in patients with synchronous bone metastases from lung cancers Dzenita Muratovic · Dzenita Muratovic · David M. Findlay · F. Cicuttini · Anita E. Wluka · Yearin Lee · Yearin Lee · J.S. Kuliwaba · J.S. Kuliwaba · J.S. Kuliwaba
Circulating osteogentic precursor cells in non-hereditary heterotopic ossification Vibha Singhal · Miriam A. Bredella · Miriam A. Bredella
Computational and functional characterization of four SNPs in the SOST locus associated with osteoporosis Karen L. Troy · W. Brent Edwards · W. Brent Edwards
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Marrow adipose tissue imaging in humans Laura C. Ortinau · Melissa A. Linden · Rebecca K. Dirkes · R. Scott Rector · Pamela S. Hinton · Pamela S. Hinton
Practical considerations for obtaining high quality quantitative computed tomography data of the skeletal system Lauriane Chambard · Nicolas Girard · Edouard Ollier · Jean-Charles Rousseau · François Duboeuf · Marie-Christine Carlier · Marie Brevet · Pawel Szulc · Jean-Baptiste Pialat · Julien Wegrzyn · Philippe Clézardin · Cyrille B. Confavreux · Cyrille B. Confavreux
Cigarette smoking and hip volumetric bone mineral density and cortical volume loss in older adults: The AGES-Reykjavik study Ian Varley · David C. Hughes · Julie P. Greeves · William D. Fraser · William D. Fraser · Craig Sale · Craig Sale
SNPs in the vicinity of P2X7R, RANK/RANKL/OPG and Wnt Signalling Pathways and their Association with Bone Phenotypes in Academy Footballers Xuhui Zhang · Xiyu Liu · Zedong Yan · Jing Cai · Fei Kang · Shuai Shan · Pan Wang · Mingming Zhai · X. Edward Guo · Erping Luo · Da Jing · Da Jing
The relationship between bone turnover and insulin sensitivity and secretion: Cross-sectional and prospective data from the RISC cohort study Jin Shao · Yinghong Zhou · Yin Xiao · Yin Xiao
Variant BMP receptor mutations causing fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) in humans show BMP ligand-independent receptor activation in zebrafish Weiyuan Ye · Ya Wang · Bing Mei · Sasa Hou · Xinhong Liu · Guiju Wu · Longjuan Qin · Kehui Zhao · Qingyang Huang · Qingyang Huang
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Longitudinal changes in bone-testis axis and their associations with insulin resistance in 11- to 12-year-old boys Bettina E. Mucha · Bettina E. Mucha · Megumi Hashiguchi · Joseph Zinski · Eileen M. Shore · Mary C. Mullins · Mary C. Mullins
Age-related regulation of bone formation by the sympathetic cannabinoid CB1 receptor Matthew Amalfitano · Billie Fyfe · Sumi Thomas · Kevin P. Egan · Meiqi Xu · Andrew G. Smith · Frederick S. Kaplan · Eileen M. Shore · Robert J. Pignolo · Robert J. Pignolo
Effect of early nutritional intake on long-term growth and bone mineralization of former very low birth weight infants Saif Deis · Raj Kamal Srivastava · Inigo Ruiz de Azua · Saja Baraghithy · Beat Lutz · Itai Bab · Joseph Tam · Joseph Tam
Accuracy of MRI-based finite element assessment of distal tibia compared to mechanical testing Hong Huang · Hong Huang · Jue Wang · Yan Zhang · Yan Zhang · Guochun Zhu · Yi-Ping Li · Ji Ping · Wei Chen · Wei Chen
Cost-utility analysis of fracture risk assessment using microRNAs compared with standard tools and no monitoring in the Austrian female population Maryam Rahmati · Ali Mobasheri · Masoud Mozafari · Masoud Mozafari
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Zoledronic acid increases the prevalence of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in a dose dependent manner in rice rats (Oryzomys palustris) with localized periodontitis 遠藤秀紀 · 遠藤秀紀
PTH (1–34) and growth hormone in prevention of disuse osteopenia and sarcopenia in rats Virginia Piombo · Katja Jochmann · Daniel Hoffmann · Manuela Wuelling · Andrea Vortkamp · Andrea Vortkamp
Clinical hip fracture is accompanied by compression induced failure in the superior cortex of the femoral neck Haitao Wang · Edward M. Behrens · Robert J. Pignolo · Frederick S. Kaplan · Frederick S. Kaplan
Perimenopausal bone histomorphometry before and after menopause J.G. Messer · J.L. Mendieta Calle · J.M. Jiron · E.J. Castillo · C Van Poznak · N. Bhattacharyya · D.B. Kimmel · J.I. Aguirre · J.I. Aguirre
BCAP promotes osteoclast differentiation through regulation of the p38-dependent CREB signaling pathway Timothy R. Arnett · Isabel R. Orriss · Isabel R. Orriss
Osteopontin regulates dentin and alveolar bone development and mineralization Tengteng Tang · Peter A. Cripton · Pierre Guy · Heather A. McKay · Rizhi Wang · Rizhi Wang
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound promotes spinal fusion and enhances migration and proliferation of MG63s through sonic hedgehog signaling pathway Joshua T. Eggold · Erinn B. Rankin · Erinn B. Rankin
The different distribution of enzymatic collagen cross-links found in adult and children bone result in different mechanical behavior of collagen Corinne J. Thomas · Timothy P. Cleland · Deepak Vashishth · Deepak Vashishth
Young female patients with multiple myeloma have low occurrence of osteolytic lesion Anna Teti · Steven L. Teitelbaum · Steven L. Teitelbaum
The MEK5/ERK5 mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade is an effector pathway of bone-sustaining bisphosphonates that regulates osteogenic differentiation and mineralization Gonzalo De Luna · Brigitte Ranque · M. Courbebaisse · M. Courbebaisse · Jean-Antoine Ribeil · Djamal Khimoud · S. Dupeux · Jonathan Silvera · Lucile Offredo · J. Pouchot · J.-B. Arlet · J.-B. Arlet
The effects of estrogen deficiency on cortical bone microporosity and mineralization Remington L. Nevin · Remington L. Nevin
Bone marrow adiposity and multiple myeloma Hannah M. Davis · Rafael Pacheco-Costa · Lilian I. Plotkin · Lilian I. Plotkin
Use of high-dose intermittent systemic glucocorticoids and the risk of fracture in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease William D. Leslie · Ego Seeman · Ego Seeman · Suzanne Morin · Lisa M. Lix · Sumit R. Majumdar · Sumit R. Majumdar
Low bone toughness in the TallyHO model of juvenile type 2 diabetes does not worsen with age Divya Sharma · Adriana I. Larriera · Paolo Palacio-Mancheno · Vittorio Gatti · J. Christopher Fritton · Timothy G. Bromage · Luis Cardoso · Stephen B. Doty · Susannah P. Fritton · Susannah P. Fritton
Comparison of the effect of daily versus bolus dose maternal vitamin D3 supplementation on the 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 ratio Emma V. Morris · Claire M. Edwards · Claire M. Edwards
Validation of a novel, rapid, high precision sclerostin assay not confounded by sclerostin fragments Olorunfemi A. Oshagbemi · Olorunfemi A. Oshagbemi · Andrea M. Burden · Andrea M. Burden · Kimberly N. Shudofsky · Johanna H. M. Driessen · Peter Vestergaard · Andreas Krings · Frits M.E. Franssen · Joop P. W. van den Bergh · Joop P. W. van den Bergh · Frank de Vries · Frank de Vries
Joint study of two genome-wide association meta-analyses identified 20p12.1 and 20q13.33 for bone mineral density Amy Creecy · Amy Creecy · Sasidhar Uppuganti · Mustafa Unal · R. Clay Bunn · Paul A. Voziyan · Jeffry S. Nyman · Jeffry S. Nyman
Efficacy of anti-IL-23 monotherapy versus combination therapy with anti-IL-17 in estrogen deficiency induced bone loss conditions Hemamalini Ketha · Tom D. Thacher · Sara S. Oberhelman · Philip R. Fischer · Ravinder J. Singh · Rajiv Kumar · Rajiv Kumar
Fracture liaison services improve outcomes of patients with osteoporosis-related fractures: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis Matthew T. Drake · Jennifer S. Fenske · Frank Blocki · Claudia Zierold · Natasha M. Appelman-Dijkstra · Socrates E. Papapoulos · Sundeep Khosla · Sundeep Khosla
Development of a risk assessment tool for osteoporotic fracture prevention: A claims data approach Yu-Fang Pei · Wen-Zhu Hu · Min-Wei Yan · Chang-Wei Li · Lu Liu · Xiao-Lin Yang · Rong Hai · Xiu-Yan Wang · Hui Shen · Qing Tian · Hong-Wen Deng · Lei Zhang · Lei Zhang
Hypophosphatasia: Biochemical hallmarks validate the expanded pediatric clinical nosology Priyanka Shukla · Mohd Nizam Mansoori · Divya Singh · Divya Singh
Antagonists to TRPV1, ASICs and P2X have a potential role to prevent the triggering of regional bone metabolic disorder and pain-like behavior in tail-suspended mice Benjamin W. Hoyt · Gabriel J. Pavey · Benjamin K. Potter · Jonathan A. Forsberg · Jonathan A. Forsberg
Trends in calcium supplementation, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999–2014 Ifaz T. Haider · Prism Schneider · Andrew S. Michalski · W. Brent Edwards · W. Brent Edwards
Subchondral bone microarchitecture in ACL reconstructed knees of young women: A comparison with contralateral and uninjured control knees Soraia Macari · Lavanya Ajay Sharma · Amanda Wyatt · Janine Maíra da Silva · George J. Dias · Tarcília Aparecida Silva · Raphael E. Szawka · David R. Grattan · David R. Grattan
Heterotopic ossification and lessons learned from fifteen years at war: A review of therapy, novel research, and future directions for military and civilian orthopaedic trauma Kavitha Ranganathan · Xiaowei Hong · David Cholok · Joe Habbouche · Caitlin Priest · Christopher Breuler · Michael Chung · John Li · Arminder Kaura · Hsiao Hsin Sung Hsieh · Jonathan Butts · Serra Ucer · Ean Schwartz · Steven R. Buchman · Jan P. Stegemann · Cheri X. Deng · Benjamin Levi · Benjamin Levi
Influence of geometry on proximal femoral shaft strains: Implications for atypical femoral fracture Yeming Wang · Jian Li · Jianhua Yang · Jingming Dong · Jingming Dong
Lactation induces increases in the RANK/RANKL/OPG system in maxillary bone Anara Karaca · Vijayram Reddy Malladi · Yan Zhu · Olta Tafaj · Elena Paltrinieri · Joy Y. Wu · Joy Y. Wu · Qing He · Murat Bastepe · Murat Bastepe
High-frequency spectral ultrasound imaging (SUSI) visualizes early post-traumatic heterotopic ossification (HO) in a mouse model Ke Hong Ding · Michael Cain · Michael Davis · Clare Bergson · Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence · Crystal Perkins · Trevor Hardigan · Xingming Shi · Qing Zhong · Jianrui Xu · Wendy B. Bollag · William D. Hill · Mohammed E. Elsalanty · Monte Hunter · Maria C. Isales · Patricia Lopez · Mark W. Hamrick · Carlos M. Isales · Carlos M. Isales
Regional variations of cortical bone in the humeral head region: A preliminary study Christian Adam · Lucia Glück · Regina Ebert · Matthias Goebeler · Franz Jakob · Marc Schmidt · Marc Schmidt
Withdrawal of parathyroid hormone after prolonged administration leads to adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal precursors in vivo Elisa A. Marques · Julio Carballido-Gamio · Vilmundur Gudnason · Gunnar Sigurdsson · Sigurdur Sigurdsson · Thor Aspelund · Kristin Siggeirsdottir · Lenore J. Launer · Gudny Eiriksdottir · Thomas Lang · Tamara B. Harris · Tamara B. Harris
The effect of once-yearly zoledronic acid on hip structural and biomechanical properties derived using computed tomography (CT) in Japanese women with osteoporosis Jessica S. Coogan · Do-Gyoon Kim · Todd L. Bredbenner · Daniel P. Nicolella · Daniel P. Nicolella
C/EBPα and PU.1 exhibit different responses to RANK signaling for osteoclastogenesis Kelly L. Wentworth · Katherine Bigay · Tea V. Chan · Jennifer P. Ho · Blanca M. Morales · Joseph P. Connor · Erin G. Brooks · M. Shahriar Salamat · Henry Sanchez · Geoffrey D. Wool · Robert J. Pignolo · Frederick S. Kaplan · Edward C. Hsiao · Edward C. Hsiao
Determination of sex differences of human cadaveric mandibular condyles using statistical shape and trait modeling Kazuma Kitaguchi · Masafumi Kashii · Kosuke Ebina · Takashi Kaito · Rintaro Okada · Takahiro Makino · Takaaki Noguchi · Takuya Ishimoto · Takayoshi Nakano · Hideki Yoshikawa · Hideki Yoshikawa
Bone mineral density changes over time in diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis of the thoracic spine Erik J.M. van Bommel · Renate T. de Jongh · M. Brands · Annemieke C. Heijboer · Martin den Heijer · Mireille J. Serlie · Daniël H. van Raalte · Daniël H. van Raalte
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Coffee and tea drinking in relation to risk of hip fracture in the Singapore Chinese Health Study Jolanta Fertala · Machiko Arita · Andrzej Steplewski · William V. Arnold · William V. Arnold · Andrzej Fertala · Andrzej Fertala
Effects of metformin, rosiglitazone and insulin on bone metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes Jonneke S. Kuperus · Lima Samsour · Constantinus F. Buckens · F. Cumhur Oner · Pim A. de Jong · Jorrit Jan Verlaan · Jorrit Jan Verlaan
Transcriptional profiling of murine osteoblast differentiation based on RNA-seq expression analyses Aizhen Jin · Avril Zixin Soh · Li-Wei Ang · Jian-Min Yuan · Woon-Puay Koh · Woon-Puay Koh
Pharmacological inhibition of tankyrase induces bone loss in mice by increasing osteoclastogenesis J.L. Mansur · L. Ivankovic · F. Torchiari · F. Torchiari
The 24,25 to 25-hydroxyvitamin D ratio and fracture risk in older adults: The cardiovascular health study J.A.C. Guedes · J.V. Esteves · M.R. Morais · Telma M. T. Zorn · D.T. Furuya · D.T. Furuya
Low-1 level mechanical vibration improves bone microstructure, tissue mechanical properties and porous titanium implant osseointegration by promoting anabolic response in type 1 diabetic rabbits Masako Ito · Teruki Sone · Masataka Shiraki · Satoshi Tanaka · Chika Irie · Yuri Ota · Toshitaka Nakamura · Toshitaka Nakamura
Epiphyseal growth plate architecture is unaffected by early postnatal activation of the expression of R992C collagen II mutant Sogol Mostoufi-Moab · Andrea Kelly · Jonathan A. Mitchell · Joshua F. Baker · Babette S. Zemel · Jill L. Brodsky · Jin Long · Mary B. Leonard · Mary B. Leonard
Early TGF-β inhibition in mice reduces the incidence of breast cancer induced bone disease in a myeloid dependent manner Anna Idelevich · Roland Baron · Roland Baron
Homozygosity for CREB3L1 premature stop codon in first case of recessive osteogenesis imperfecta associated with OASIS-deficiency to survive infancy Amy Thorby-Lister · Wolfgang Högler · Wolfgang Högler · Kirsten Hodgson · Nicola Crabtree · Peter Nightingale · Nick Shaw · Nick Shaw · Vrinda Saraff · Vrinda Saraff
The osteoblast: Linking glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis and hyperglycaemia? A post-hoc analysis of a randomised clinical trial Shinichiro Kuroshima · Muneteru Sasaki · Kazunori Nakajima · Saki Tamaki · Hiroki Hayano · Takashi Sawase · Takashi Sawase
Age-related changes in female mouse cortical bone microporosity Bushra Parveen · Ambrish Kumar Tiwari · Moon Jain · Subhashis Pal · Naibedya Chattopadhyay · Manjari Tripathi · Divya Vohora · Divya Vohora
Osteocytic perilacunar/canalicular turnover in hemodialysis patients with high and low serum PTH levels Haniyeh Hemmatian · Haniyeh Hemmatian · Michaël Laurent · Astrid D. Bakker · Dirk Vanderschueren · Jenneke Klein-Nulend · G. Harry van Lenthe · G. Harry van Lenthe
Bone replaces articular cartilage in the rat knee joint after prolonged immobilization 萩野浩 · 萩野浩
Imaging methods used to study mouse and human HSC niches: current and emerging technologies D. Bravo · Anne M. Josephson · Vivian Bradaschia-Correa · M.Z. Wong · Nury Yim · S.S. Neibart · Sooyeon Lee · J. Huo · T. Coughlin · Matthew Mizrahi · Philipp Leucht · Philipp Leucht
Higher sympathetic activity as a risk factor for skeletal deterioration in pheochromocytoma 松井功 · 猪阪善隆 · 猪阪善隆
Differential associations between appendicular and axial marrow adipose tissue with bone microarchitecture in adolescents and young adults with obesity Anna Wędrychowicz · Krystyna Sztefko · Jerzy Starzyk · Jerzy Starzyk
Factors associated with proximal femur fracture determined in a large cadaveric cohort Emily E. Hohman · Joanna K. Hodges · Meryl E. Wastney · Pamela J. Lachcik · Chun-Ya Han · Denise Dwyer · Munro Peacock · Connie M. Weaver · Connie M. Weaver
Marked alterations in the structure, dynamics and maturation of growth plate likely explain growth retardation and bone deformities of young Hyp mice Gen Kuroyanagi · Gen Kuroyanagi · Naga Suresh Adapala · Ryosuke Yamaguchi · Ryosuke Yamaguchi · Nobuhiro Kamiya · Nobuhiro Kamiya · Zhuo Deng · Olumide Aruwajoye · Michael Kutschke · Elena Chen · Chanhee Jo · Yinshi Ren · Harry K.W. Kim · Harry K.W. Kim · Harry K.W. Kim
Sclerostin and its significance for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D) Michael P. Whyte · Michael P. Whyte · S. Deepak Amalnath · William H. McAlister · Radhakrishna Pedapati · Vivekanandan Muthupillai · Shenghui Duan · Margaret Huskey · Vinieth N Bijanki · Steven Mumm · Steven Mumm · Steven Mumm
Serum calcium concentration is maintained when bone resorption is suppressed by osteoprotegerin in young growing male rats Zhao-min Liu · Shelly Lap Ah Tse · Bailing Chen · Dicken Chan · Carmen Wong · Jean Woo · Samuel Y. S. Wong · Samuel Y. S. Wong
Sclerosteosis: Report of type 1 or 2 in three Indian Tamil families and literature review Rita Kral · Marit Osima · Roald Vestgaard · Elin Richardsen · Åshild Bjørnerem · Åshild Bjørnerem
Considerations in the repurposing of mefloquine for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis Daniel G. Whitney · Edward A. Hurvitz · Maureen J. Devlin · Zachary P. French · Elie C. Ellenberg · Mark D. Peterson · Mark D. Peterson
Dietary sugar intake does not pose any risk of bone loss and non-traumatic fracture and is associated with a decrease in all-cause mortality among Chinese elderly: Finding from an 11-year longitudinal study of Mr. and Ms. OS Hong Kong Caterina Trevisan · S. Pizzato · Giuseppe Sergi · Giuseppe Sergi
Letter to Editor: F.S. Kaplan, et al., Early clinical observations on the use of imatinibmesylate in FOP: A report of seven cases, Bone (2017) Seon-Ae Jeon · Ji-Hyun Lee · Dong Wook Kim · Je-Yoel Cho · Je-Yoel Cho
Women with fracture, unidentified by FRAX, but identified by cortical porosity, have a set of characteristics that contribute to their increased fracture risk beyond high FRAX score and high cortical porosity Ok-Joo Sul · You-Bin Sung · Monisha Rajasekaran · Ke Ke · Rina Yu · Sung-Hoon Back · Hye-Seon Choi · Hye-Seon Choi
Bone health evaluation one year after aromatase inhibitors completion Tamara Vokes · Tamara Vokes
Examining the influence of PTH(1-34) on tissue strength and composition Xia Jiang · Douglas P. Kiel · Peter Kraft · Peter Kraft
PRMT5 inhibition promotes osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells and represses basal interferon stimulated gene expression Karen K. Winer · Karen K. Winer
Age at menarche and osteoporosis: A Mendelian randomization study Di Du · Zhibin Zhou · Lei Zhu · Xianteng Hu · Jiajia Lu · Changgui Shi · Fangjing Chen · Aimin Chen · Aimin Chen
Accumulation of carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) in human cortical bone Aiko Machiya · Sho Tsukamoto · Satoshi Ohte · Mai Kuratani · Mai Fujimoto · Keigo Kumagai · Kenji Osawa · Naoto Suda · Alex N. Bullock · Takenobu Katagiri · Takenobu Katagiri
Development, regulation, metabolism and function of bone marrow adipose tissues Erica L. Scheller · Shaima Khandaker · Brian S. Learman · William P. Cawthorn · Lindsay M Anderson · Hoai An Pham · Hero Robles · Zhaohua Wang · Ziru Li · Sebastian D. Parlee · Becky R. Simon · Hiroyuki Mori · Adam J. Bree · Clarissa S. Craft · Ormond A. MacDougald · Ormond A. MacDougald
Bone matrix microdamage and vascular changes characterize bone marrow lesions in the subchondral bone of knee osteoarthritis Baptiste Depalle · Baptiste Depalle · Andre G. Duarte · Imke A.K. Fiedler · Laurent Pujo-Menjouet · Markus J. Buehler · Jean-Philippe Berteau · Jean-Philippe Berteau · Jean-Philippe Berteau
Spatiotemporal characterization of microdamage accumulation in rat ulnae in response to uniaxial compressive fatigue loading Toni L. Speacht · Andrew R. Krause · Jennifer L. Steiner · Charles H. Lang · Henry J. Donahue · Henry J. Donahue · Henry J. Donahue
Bone marrow adipocytes resist lipolysis and remodeling in response to β-adrenergic stimulation Xiao-Yi Zhou · Xi-Ming Xu · Sui-Yi Wu · Zi-Cheng Zhang · Fei Wang · Yi-Lin Yang · Ming Li · Xianzhao Wei · Xianzhao Wei
The diagnostic threshold for osteoporosis impedes fracture prevention in women at high risk for fracture: A registry-based cohort study Sok Kuan Wong · Kok Yong Chin · Farihah Suhaimi · Fairus Ahmad · Soelaiman Ima-Nirwana · Soelaiman Ima-Nirwana
Combination of hindlimb suspension and immobilization by casting exaggerates sarcopenia by stimulating autophagy but does not worsen osteopenia Danfeng Zhang · Jingcao Huang · Wenyan Zhang · Ling Pan · Dan Zhang · Pan Zhao · Fangfang Wang · Hongmei Luo · Jin He · Yu Qin · Ying Qu · Tingting Guo · Ting Niu · Yuhuan Zheng · Yuhuan Zheng
Erythropoiesis, EPO, macrophages, and bone Ranya Elsayed · Pheba Abraham · Mohamed E. Awad · Zoya Kurago · Balasudha Baladhandayutham · Gary M. Whitford · David H. Pashley · Charles E. McKenna · Mohammed E. Elsalanty · Mohammed E. Elsalanty
Osteocyte regulation of bone and blood Katrin Christiane Reber · Hans-Helmut König · Clemens Becker · Kilian Rapp · Gisela Büchele · Sarah Mächler · Ivonne Lindlbauer · Ivonne Lindlbauer
Estrogen receptor α- (ERα), but not ERβ-signaling, is crucially involved in mechanostimulation of bone fracture healing by whole-body vibration Michael P. Whyte · Michael P. Whyte · Stephen P. Coburn · Lawrence M. Ryan · Karen L. Ericson · Fan Zhang · Fan Zhang
High bone mineral density in sickle cell disease: Prevalence and characteristics Chih-Hsing Wu · Shih-Te Tu · Yin-Fan Chang · Ding-Cheng Chan · Jui-Teng Chien · Chih-Hsueh Lin · Sonal Singh · Manikanta Dasari · Jung-Fu Chen · Keh-Sung Tsai · Keh-Sung Tsai
Amino acids as signaling molecules modulating bone turnover Paola Divieti Pajevic · Daniela S. Krause · Daniela S. Krause
Constitutive stimulatory G protein activity in limb mesenchyme impairs bone growth Melanie Haffner-Luntzer · Anna Kovtun · Ina Lackner · Yvonne Mödinger · Steffen Hacker · Astrid Liedert · Jan Tuckermann · Anita Ignatius · Anita Ignatius
Effects of FKBP12 and type II BMP receptors on signal transduction by ALK2 activating mutations associated with genetic disorders Bing Li · Jie Zhao · Jianxiong Ma · Guo-min Li · Yang Zhang · Guosheng Xing · Jun Liu · Xin-long Ma · Xin-long Ma
Congenital disorders of bone and blood Megumi Hanaka · Kousuke Iba · Takayuki Dohke · Kumiko Kanaya · Shunichiro Okazaki · Toshihiko Yamashita · Toshihiko Yamashita
Removal of matrix-bound zoledronate prevents post-extraction osteonecrosis of the jaw by rescuing osteoclast function Mary R. Rooney · Erin D. Michos · Katie C. Hootman · Lisa Harnack · Pamela L. Lutsey · Pamela L. Lutsey
Overexpression of DNMT1 leads to hypermethylation of H19 promoter and inhibition of Erk signaling pathway in disuse osteoporosis Andres Kroker · Jennifer L. Bhatla · Carolyn A. Emery · Sarah L. Manske · Steven K. Boyd · Steven K. Boyd
Tissue expression and source of circulating αKlotho Georgia Colleluori · Georgia Colleluori · Lina E. Aguirre · Richard I. Dorin · David Robbins · Dean Blevins · Dean Blevins · Yoann Barnouin · Yoann Barnouin · Rui Chen · Rui Chen · Clifford Qualls · Dennis T. Villareal · Dennis T. Villareal · Reina Armamento-Villareal · Reina Armamento-Villareal · Reina Armamento-Villareal
Sclerostin stimulates angiogenesis in human endothelial cells Jennifer Walsh · Fatma Gossiel · Jessica R. Scott · Margaret Paggiosi · Richard Eastell · Richard Eastell
Effects of sclerostin antibodies in animal models of osteoporosis Jay R. Shapiro · Adele L. Boskey · Stephen B. Doty · Lyudmila Lukashova · Mary E. Blue · Mary E. Blue
Application of anti-Sclerostin therapy in non-osteoporosis disease models Angela Oranger · Giacomina Brunetti · Graziana Colaianni · Roberto Tamma · Claudia Carbone · Luciana Lippo · Giorgio Mori · Paolo Pignataro · Nunzio Cirulli · Roberta Zerlotin · Biagio Moretti · Angela Notarnicola · Domenico Ribatti · Maria Grano · Silvia Colucci · Silvia Colucci
A homozygous intronic branch-point deletion in the ALPL gene causes infantile hypophosphatasia Michael S. Ominsky · Rogely Waite Boyce · Xiaodong Li · Hua Zhu Ke · Hua Zhu Ke
The role of the progressive ankylosis protein (ANK) in adipogenic/osteogenic fate decision of precursor cells Betty Hoac · Delia Susan-Resiga · Rachid Essalmani · Edwige Marcinkiweicz · Nabil G. Seidah · Marc D. McKee · Marc D. McKee
Zoledronic acid improves bone histomorphometry in a murine model of Rett syndrome Hannes Olauson · Rik Mencke · Jan-Luuk Hillebrands · Tobias E. Larsson · Tobias E. Larsson
Effect of age and gender on serum periostin: Relationship to cortical measures, bone turnover and hormones Roger Zebaze · Ryoko Takao-Kawabata · Yu Peng · Ali Ghasem Zadeh · Kyoko Hirano · Hiroshi Yamane · Aya Takakura · Yukihiro Isogai · Toshinori Ishizuya · Ego Seeman · Ego Seeman · Ego Seeman
Higher bone resorption excretion in South Asian women vs White Caucasians and increased bone loss with higher seasonal cycling of vitamin D: results from the D-FINES cohort study Birgit Mentrup · Hermann Girschick · Franz Jakob · Christine Hofmann · Christine Hofmann
Magnesium, pH regulation and modulation by mouse ameloblasts exposed to fluoride Michael J. Econs · Michael J. Econs
Vertebral fracture assessment: Enhancing the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of osteoporosis A. L. Darling · K. Hart · Fatma Gossiel · F Robertson · Julie E. A. Hunt · Tom R. Hill · Sigurd Johnsen · J.L. Berry · Richard Eastell · Reinhold Vieth · S. A. Lanham-New · S. A. Lanham-New
Importance of prompt antiresorptive therapy in postmenopausal women discontinuing teriparatide or denosumab: The Denosumab and Teriparatide Follow-up study (DATA-Follow-up) Takeshi Minashima · Martin Quirno · You Jin Lee · Thorsten Kirsch · Thorsten Kirsch
Disruption of collagen/apatite alignment impairs bone mechanical function in osteoblastic metastasis induced by prostate cancer Celia L Gregson · Sarah A. Hardcastle · Aileen Murphy · B. Faber · William D. Fraser · Martin Williams · G Davey Smith · Jon H Tobias · Jon H Tobias
Topical bisphosphonate augments fixation of bone-grafted hydroxyapatite coated implants, BMP-2 causes resorption-based decrease in bone Ann M. Neumeyer · Natalia Cano Sokoloff · Erin McDonnell · Eric A. Macklin · Christopher J. McDougle · Madhusmita Misra · Madhusmita Misra
High Bone Mass is associated with bone-forming features of osteoarthritis in non-weight bearing joints independent of body mass index Doron Cohn Yakubovich · Uzi Eliav · Eran Yalon · Yeshai Schary · Dmitriy Sheyn · Galen Cook-Wiens · Shuting Sun · Charles E. McKenna · Shaya Lev · Alexander M. Binshtok · Gadi Pelled · Gadi Pelled · Gil Navon · Dan Gazit · Dan Gazit · Zulma Gazit · Zulma Gazit · Zulma Gazit
Bone microarchitecture in adolescent boys with autism spectrum disorder Hadi Seyed Hosseini · Ghislain Bernard Maquer · Philippe Zysset · Philippe Zysset
Sclerostin deficiency in humans A.L.J.J. Bronckers · Donacian M. Lyaruu · Donacian M. Lyaruu
Cortical bone deficit and fat infiltration of bone marrow and skeletal muscle in ambulatory children with mild spastic cerebral palsy Christian Faul · Christian Faul
Hypogonadal men with type 2 diabetes mellitus have smaller bone size and lower bone turnover Cristal S. Yee · Cristal S. Yee · LiQin Xie · Sarah Hatsell · Nicholas R. Hum · Deepa Murugesh · Aris N. Economides · Gabriela G. Loots · Gabriela G. Loots · Nicole M. Collette · Nicole M. Collette
Cardiac actions of fibroblast growth factor 23 Rafael Pacheco-Costa · Rafael Pacheco-Costa · Jay R. Kadakia · Emily G. Atkinson · Joseph M. Wallace · Joseph M. Wallace · Lilian I. Plotkin · Lilian I. Plotkin · Rejane Daniele Reginato · Rejane Daniele Reginato
Genetic diseases resulting from disordered FGF23/klotho biology Felix Schmidt · Elizabeth A. Zimmermann · G.M. Campbell · K. Püschel · Michael Amling · Simon Y. Tang · Deepak Vashishth · Deepak Vashishth
Connexin37 deficiency alters organic bone matrix, cortical bone geometry, and increases Wnt/β-catenin signaling Alexander G. Robling · Matthew T. Drake · Socrates E. Papapoulos · Socrates E. Papapoulos
Assessment of collagen quality associated with non-enzymatic cross-links in human bone using Fourier-transform infrared imaging Rebecca Pedersini · Sara Monteverdi · Gherardo Mazziotti · Vito Amoroso · Elisa Roca · Filippo Maffezzoni · Lucia Vassalli · Filippo Rodella · Anna Maria Formenti · Stefano Frara · Roberto Maroldi · Alfredo Berruti · Edda Simoncini · Andrea Giustina · Andrea Giustina
Sclerostin: From bedside to bench, and back to bedside Michael R. McClung · Michael R. McClung
Morphometric vertebral fractures in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant aromatase inhibitor therapy: A cross-sectional study Eleonora Palagano · Mary Slatter · Paolo Uva · Ciro Menale · Anna Villa · Mario Abinun · Cristina Sobacchi · Cristina Sobacchi
Clinical utility of anti-sclerostin antibodies Javier A. Neyra · Ming Chang Hu · Ming Chang Hu
Effects of suppressed bone remodeling by minodronic acid and alendronate on bone mass, microdamage accumulation, collagen crosslinks and bone mechanical properties in the lumbar vertebra of ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys Jørgen Baas · Marianne Vestermark · Thomas Jensen · Joan E. Bechtold · Kjeld Søballe · Thomas Jakobsen · Thomas Jakobsen
Vertebral fractures assessment in children: Evaluation of DXA imaging versus conventional spine radiography Aiko Sekita · Aira Matsugaki · Takayoshi Nakano · Takayoshi Nakano
CCL3 and MMP-9 are induced by TL1A during death receptor 3 (TNFRSF25)-dependent osteoclast function and systemic bone loss Tasuku Mashiba · Mitsuru Saito · Yoshiki Yamagami · Makoto Tanaka · Ken Iwata · Tetsuji Yamamoto · Tetsuji Yamamoto
Tgfbr2 is required in osterix expressing cells for postnatal skeletal development Jie Li · Jie Li · Shuang Yang · Shuang Yang · Xinle Li · Xinle Li · Daquan Liu · Daquan Liu · Daquan Liu · Zhaonan Wang · Jialu Guo · Nian Tan · Zhe Gao · Xiaoyu Zhao · Jiuguo Zhang · Fanglin Gou · Hiroki Yokota · Ping Zhang · Ping Zhang
Histone deacetylases (HDAC) in physiological and pathological bone remodelling Jakob Schwiedrzik · Mohammad J. Mirzaali · Suwanwadee Thaiwichai · James P. Best · Johann Michler · Philippe Zysset · Philippe Zysset
Corrigendum toSGLT2 inhibitor therapy improves blood glucose but does not prevent diabetic bone disease in diabetic DBA/2J male mice[Bone 82 (2016) 101–107] Gauri Dhir · Dong Li · Hakon Hakonarson · Michael A. Levine · Michael A. Levine
Response to the commentary on mechanical properties of cortical bone and their relationships with age, gender, composition and microindentation properties in the elderly Matthew T. Drake · Sundeep Khosla · Sundeep Khosla
Hormonal and systemic regulation of sclerostin Heyjun Park · Patsy M. Brannon · Allyson A. West · Jian Yan · Xinyin Jiang · Cydne A. Perry · Olga Malysheva · Saurabh Mehta · Marie A. Caudill · Marie A. Caudill
Time course of disassociation of bone formation signals with bone mass and bone strength in sclerostin antibody treated ovariectomized rats Robert Zura · Mary Jo Braid-Forbes · Kyle J. Jeray · Samir Mehta · Thomas Einhorn · J. Tracy Watson · Gregory J. Della Rocca · Kevin F. Forbes · R. Grant Steen · R. Grant Steen
Maternal vitamin D biomarkers are associated with maternal and fetal bone turnover among pregnant women consuming controlled amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus Sarah B. Peters · Ying Wang · Rosa Serra · Rosa Serra
Letter to the Editor in response to Drs. Safiri and Ayubi E. Michael Lewiecki · Neil Binkley · Neil Binkley
DXA: 30 years and counting: Introduction to the 30th anniversary issue S. Coupaud · M.K. Gislason · Mariel Purcell · Keisuke Sasagawa · K. Elizabeth Tanner · K. Elizabeth Tanner
Erratum toGenome-wide association study in East Asians suggests UHMK1 as a novel bone mineral density susceptibility[Bone 91 (2016) 113–121] Nicola Crabtree · Nicola Crabtree · S Chapman · Wolfgang Högler · Wolfgang Högler · Kirsten Hodgson · D. Chapman · N Bebbington · Nick Shaw · Nick Shaw · Nick Shaw
Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in disuse osteoporosis Elaine Yu · Logan Greenblatt · Alireza Eajazi · Martin Torriani · Miriam A. Bredella · Miriam A. Bredella
Patient-specific bone mineral density distribution in the tibia of individuals with chronic spinal cord injury, derived from multi-slice peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) — A cross-sectional study Kélig Pernelle · Kélig Pernelle · Laurianne Imbert · Laurianne Imbert · Catherine Bosser · Auregan Jc · Auregan Jc · Cruel M · Ogier A · Pierre Jurdic · Thierry Hoc · Thierry Hoc
Marrow adipose tissue composition in adults with morbid obesity Andres Kroker · Ying Zhu · Sarah L. Manske · Rhamona Barber · Nicholas Mohtadi · Steven K. Boyd · Steven K. Boyd
Microscale mechanical and mineral heterogeneity of human cortical bone governs osteoclast activity Hans Peter Dimai · Hans Peter Dimai
Quantitative in vivo assessment of bone microarchitecture in the human knee using HR-pQCT Saeid Safiri · Erfan Ayubi · Erfan Ayubi
Use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for diagnosis and fracture risk assessment; WHO-criteria, T- and Z-score, and reference databases Hyung Jin Choi · Hyojung Park · Lei Zhang · Jung Hee Kim · Ye An Kim · Jae-Yeon Yang · Yu-Fang Pei · Qing Tian · Hui Shen · Joo-Yeon Hwang · Hong-Wen Deng · Nam H. Cho · Chan Soo Shin · Chan Soo Shin
Bone fracture nonunion rate decreases with increasing age: Bias in the prediction model Fraser L. Collins · Fraser L. Collins · Jessica Williams · Anja Bloom · Ravinder K. Singh · Lauren A Jordan · Mike Stone · Laura R. McCabe · Edward Chung Yern Wang · Anwen Sian Williams · Anwen Sian Williams
A novel quantitative approach to the measurement of abdominal aortic calcification as applied to the Canadian Multicenter Osteoporosis Study (CaMOS) Ke Liu · Ying Jing · Wen Zhang · Xuejie Fu · Huan Zhao · Xichao Zhou · Yunxia Tao · Huilin Yang · Yan Zhang · Ke Zen · Chen-Yu Zhang · Donghai Li · Qin Shi · Qin Shi
The influence of α-actinin-3 deficiency on bone remodelling markers in young men Michael P. Whyte · Michael P. Whyte
Osteopetroses, emphasizing potential approaches to treatment Luisa F. Gonzalez Ballesteros · Nina S. Ma · Rebecca J. Gordon · Leanne Ward · Philippe F. Backeljauw · Halley Wasserman · David R. Weber · Linda A. DiMeglio · Julie Gagne · Robert J. Stein · Declan Cody · Kimber Simmons · Paul Zimakas · Lisa Swartz Topor · Lisa Swartz Topor · Sungeeta Agrawal · Sungeeta Agrawal · Andrew C. Calabria · Peter J. Tebben · Ruth Faircloth · Erik A. Imel · Linda M. Casey · Thomas O. Carpenter · Thomas O. Carpenter
Vertebral bone marrow fat, bone mineral density and diabetes: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) study Liping Wang · Liping Wang · Theresa M. Roth · Marcia J. Abbott · Linh Ho · Lalita Wattanachanya · Lalita Wattanachanya · Lalita Wattanachanya · Robert A. Nissenson · Robert A. Nissenson · Robert A. Nissenson
Unexpected Widespread Hypophosphatemia and Bone Disease Associated with Elemental Formula Use in Infants and Children Danielle A. Callaway · Manuel A. Riquelme · Ramaswamy Sharma · Marisa Lopez-Cruzan · Brian Herman · Brian Herman · Jean X. Jiang · Jean X. Jiang
Osteoblast-derived FGF9 regulates skeletal homeostasis Joohyun Lim · Ingo Grafe · Stefanie Alexander · Brendan Lee · Brendan Lee
Genetic causes and mechanisms of Osteogenesis Imperfecta Gurpreet S. Baht · Puviindran Nadesan · David Silkstone · Benjamin A. Alman · Benjamin A. Alman
Sclerostin measurement in human disease: Validity and current limitations Itamar Levinger · Xu Yan · David Bishop · David Bishop · Peter J. Houweling · Ioannis Papadimitriou · Fiona Munson · Elizabeth Byrnes · Daniele Vicari · Tara C. Brennan-Speranza · Nir Eynon · Nir Eynon
Pharmacologically targeting beta-catenin for NF1 associated deficiencies in fracture repair Geneviève Mailhot · Natalie Dion · Delphine Farlay · Sébastien Rizzo · Nathalie J. Bureau · Valérie Jomphe · Safiétou Sankhe · Georges Boivin · Larry C. Lands · Pasquale Ferraro · Louis-Georges Ste-Marie · Louis-Georges Ste-Marie
Impaired rib bone mass and quality in end-stage cystic fibrosis patients Jovana Kaludjerovic · Hirotaka Komaba · Beate Lanske · Beate Lanske
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-dependent CD11c-positive cells differentiate into active osteoclasts Anna Teti · Michael J. Econs · Michael J. Econs
Hypophosphatasia: An overview For 2017 Lee B. Meakin · Henry Todd · Peter J Delisser · Gabriel L. Galea · Alaa Moustafa · Lance E. Lanyon · Sara H. Windahl · Joanna S. Price · Joanna S. Price
Effects of klotho deletion from bone during chronic kidney disease Xuezhi Jiang · Xuezhi Jiang · Morgan Gruner · Florence Trémollieres · Elisabeth Sornay-Rendu · Piotr Adamczyk · Peter F. Schnatz · Peter F. Schnatz
Parathyroid hormones enhancement of bones osteogenic response to loading is affected by ageing in a dose- and time-dependent manner Jason C. Lim · Kang I. Ko · Marcelo Mattos · Miao Fang · Citong Zhang · Citong Zhang · Daniel Feinberg · Hisham Sindi · Shuai Li · Jazia Alblowi · Rayyan A. Kayal · Thomas A. Einhorn · Louis C. Gerstenfeld · Dana T. Graves · Dana T. Graves
Diagnostic accuracy of FRAX in predicting the 10-year risk of osteoporotic fractures using the USA treatment thresholds: A systematic review and meta-analysis☆ Michael R. McClung · Roland Baron · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein
TNFα contributes to diabetes impaired angiogenesis in fracture healing Louis M. Metcalf · Terry Aspray · Eugene McCloskey · Eugene McCloskey
An update on osteoporosis pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment Benjamin Z. Leder · Joy N. Tsai · Linda A. Jiang · Hang Lee · Hang Lee
The effects of parathyroid hormone peptides on the peripheral skeleton of postmenopausal women. A systematic review Meltem Zeytinoglu · Rajesh K. Jain · Tamara Vokes · Tamara Vokes
Women with type 2 diabetes mellitus have lower cortical porosity of the proximal femoral shaft using low-resolution CT than nondiabetic women, and increasing glucose is associated with reduced cortical porosity Yahtyng Sheu · Francesca Amati · Francesca Amati · Ann V. Schwartz · Michelle E. Danielson · Xiaojuan Li · Robert M. Boudreau · Jane A. Cauley · Jane A. Cauley
Quality in dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans Marit Osima · Rita Kral · Tove Tveitan Borgen · Ingvild Kristine Høgestøl · Ingvild Kristine Høgestøl · Ragnar Martin Joakimsen · Erik Fink Eriksen · Erik Fink Eriksen · Åshild Bjørnerem · Åshild Bjørnerem
Inhibition of osteoclast differentiation and collagen antibody-induced arthritis by CTHRC1 Sariya Wongsaengsak · Alaina P. Vidmar · Ananta Addala · Elaine S. Kamil · Paola A. Sequeira · Benjamin Fass · Pisit Pitukcheewanont · Pisit Pitukcheewanont · Pisit Pitukcheewanont
Wnt/β-catenin signaling in osteoblasts regulates global energy metabolism Raymond Yh Leung · Bernard My Cheung · Uyen-Sa D. T. Nguyen · Uyen-Sa D. T. Nguyen · Annie Wc Kung · Kathryn Cb Tan · Ching-Lung Cheung · Ching-Lung Cheung
Silencing miR-106b accelerates osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells and rescues against glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis by targeting BMP2 Matthew T. Drake · Michael T. Collins · Edward C. Hsiao · Edward C. Hsiao
A novel SLC12A1 gene mutation associated with hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, and nephrocalcinosis in four patients Elizabeth M. Curtis · Rebecca Moon · Nicholas C. Harvey · Nicholas C. Harvey · C Cooper · C Cooper · C Cooper · C Cooper
The Rare Bone Disease Working Group: report from the 2016 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Annual Meeting L.R. Brun · M.C. Maher · María L. Brance · D. Lescano · V.E. Di Loreto · Alfredo Rigalli · Alfredo Rigalli
The impact of fragility fracture and approaches to osteoporosis risk assessment worldwide Keith A. Hruska · Toshifumi Sugatani · Olga A. Agapova · Yifu Fang · Yifu Fang
The chronic kidney disease — Mineral bone disorder (CKD-MBD): Advances in pathophysiology S. Vennin · A. Desyatova · Joseph A. Turner · Patrice Watson · Joan M. Lappe · Robert R. Recker · Mohammed P. Akhter · Mohammed P. Akhter
Differential impact of glucose administered intravenously or orally on bone turnover markers in healthy male subjects B. Busamia · C. Gobbi · V. Rivero · M. Mariani · S. Fontana · L. Plavnik · M. Diomedi · E. Albiero · M. Yorio · M. Yorio
Intrinsic material property differences in bone tissue from patients suffering low-trauma osteoporotic fractures, compared to matched non-fracturing women Qianqian Yao · Caixia Yu · Xiuzhen Zhang · Keqin Zhang · Jun Guo · Lige Song · Lige Song
Abdominal aortic calcification on dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry: Methods of assessment and clinical significance Yan Zhang · Xiao-Li Li · Nannan Sha · Bing Shu · Yongjian Zhao · Xinluan Wang · Hui-Hui Xiao · Qi Shi · Man-Sau Wong · Yongjun Wang · Yongjun Wang
Trabecular bone score (TBS): Method and applications Nina Ruef · Silvia Dolder · Daniel Aeberli · Michael Seitz · Deepak Balani · Wilhelm Hofstetter · Wilhelm Hofstetter
Optimal vitamin D status and its relationship with bone and mineral metabolism in Hong Kong Chinese Guillermo Aramburú · Carolina Virga · Alejandra Aguzzi · S. Hubert · A. Rigalli · A. Rigalli
Differential response of bone and kidney to ACEI in db/db mice: A potential effect of captopril on accelerating bone loss Jennifer Hsu · Jennifer Hsu · Philip R. Fischer · John M. Pettifor · Tom D. Thacher · Tom D. Thacher
The relationship of maternal bone density with nutritional rickets in Nigerian children Shengye Zhang · Carlos Wotzkow · Anjan K. Bongoni · Jane Shaw-Boden · Mark Siegrist · Adriano Taddeo · Fabian Blank · Willy Hofstetter · Robert Rieben · Robert Rieben
Heritable and acquired disorders of phosphate metabolism: Etiologies involving FGF23 and current therapeutics Ilkka Vuorimies · Heidi Arponen · Helena Valta · Outi Tiesalo · Marja Ekholm · Helena Ranta · Marjut Evälahti · Outi Mäkitie · Janna Waltimo-Sirén · Janna Waltimo-Sirén
Timing of dental development in osteogenesis imperfecta patients with and without bisphosphonate treatment Patrick Martineau · William D. Leslie · William D. Leslie
Serum sclerostin decreases following 12 months of resistance- or jump-training in men with low bone mass Sarah L. Morgan · Ginnie Prater · Ginnie Prater
Increased cortical porosity is associated with daily, not weekly, administration of equivalent doses of teriparatide Jean-François Budzik · Guillaume Lefebvre · Hélène Behal · Sébastien Verclytte · Pierre Hardouin · Pedro Augusto Gondim Teixeira · Anne Cotten · Anne Cotten · Anne Cotten
Regulatory elements driving the expression of skeletal lineage reporters differ during bone development and adulthood Miura Masakazu · Sato Yuki · Sato Yuki
Bone marrow perfusion measured with dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging is correlated to body mass index in adults Aimy Sebastian · Aimy Sebastian · Gabriela G. Loots · Gabriela G. Loots · Gabriela G. Loots
Fructose produces oxidative stress and decreases intestinal calcium absorption M.L. Brance · Luis Agustín Ramírez Stieben · Raquel Dobry · Lilian Anca · Adrián González · María Isabel López · Salvador Bayo · Ariel Sánchez · L.R. Brun · L.R. Brun
Alterations on bone resorption of alveolar bone caused by lead poisoning. Study histomorphometric under different experimental conditions Jean Cassuto · Agnetha Folestad · Jan Göthlin · Henrik Malchau · Johan Kärrholm · Johan Kärrholm
Systematic search of femoral radiographic abnormalities in asymptomatic patients treated with bisphosphonates for more than 5 years Viet Q. Le · Viet Q. Le · Edward Anderson · Takuya Akiyama · Takuya Akiyama · Kristi A. Wharton · Kristi A. Wharton
Código: 41Trabecular Bone Score evaluation in postmenopausal women with or without fractures P.I. Mitre · J.A. Garat · J.A. Garat
Least significant changes for pediatric DXA body composition analysis are larger in females A. Sánchez · A. Sánchez
Código: 21Comparative study of the action of phytoestrogens and algae extract in tumoral cells A.M. Galich · Laura Maffei · V. Premrou · A. Frigeri · E. Vega · E. Vega
1alpha,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 effects in cellular cycle of Rhabdomyosarcoma cells F.D. Saraví · C.G. Uzuriaga Castro · C.G. Uzuriaga Castro
Código: 11Effect of different doses of zoledronate on bone growth in rats M.B. Bosco · T. Pasqualini · A.M. Galich · M. Diehl · E. Mazzaro · A. Jaen · L. Plantalech · L. Plantalech
Seasonal variation in vitamin D levels and relationship with obesity in high-risk pregnant M.A. Rivoira · Vianeth Martínez Rodríguez · G. Picotto · R. Battaglino · N. Tolosa de Talamoni · N. Tolosa de Talamoni
Drosophila models of FOP provide mechanistic insight Gill Holdsworth · Kevin Greenslade · Joby Jose · Zofia Stencel · Hishani Kirby · Adrian Moore · Hua Zhu Ke · Martyn K. Robinson · Martyn K. Robinson
Activin A amplifies dysregulated BMP signaling and induces chondro-osseous differentiation of primary connective tissue progenitor cells in patients with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) Dunmin She · Keqin Zhang · Keqin Zhang
Osteocalcin improves insulin resistance and inflammation in obese mice: Participation of white adipose tissue and bone ☆ Kyle K. Nishiyama · Sanchita Agarwal · Anna Kepley · Fernando Rosete · Yizhong Hu · X. Edward Guo · Claire L. Keating · Emily DiMango · Elizabeth Shane · Elizabeth Shane
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva in China Valérie Gangji · Muhammad Shahnawaz Soyfoo · Audrey Heuschling · Violaine Afzali · Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes · Joanne Rasschaert · Céline Gillet · Jean-Francois Fils · Jean-Philippe Hauzeur · Jean-Philippe Hauzeur
Obesity and type 2 diabetes, not a diet high in fat, sucrose, and cholesterol, negatively impacts bone outcomes in the hyperphagic Otsuka Long Evans Tokushima Fatty rat Ziru Li · Julie Hardij · Devika P. Bagchi · Erica L. Scheller · Ormond A. MacDougald · Ormond A. MacDougald
Bone resorption deficiency affects tooth root development in RANKL mutant mice due to attenuated IGF-1 signaling in radicular odontoblasts Sonja Soininen · Virpi Sidoroff · Virpi Lindi · Anitta Mahonen · Liisa Kröger · Heikki Kröger · Jarmo Jääskeläinen · Mustafa Atalay · David E. Laaksonen · Tomi Laitinen · Timo A. Lakka · Timo A. Lakka
CorrespondenceReply toComment on: Inflammatory mediators in osteoarthritis: A critical review of the state-of-the art, prospects, and future challenges Jaak Jürimäe · Evelin Lätt · Liina Remmel · Priit Purge · Vallo Tillmann · Vallo Tillmann
Erratum toPatterns of FGF-23, DMP1, and MEPE expression in patients with chronic kidney disease[Bone, 45(6) (2009) 1161–1168] Viola Christmann · M.E. van der Putten · M.E. van der Putten · L. Rodwell · Katerina Steiner · M. Gotthardt · J.B. van Goudoever · J.B. van Goudoever · A.F.J. van Heijst · A.F.J. van Heijst
ビタミンDとカルシウム・リン代謝update 3.栄養素としてのビタミンDおよびカルシウム・リン Chamith S. Rajapakse · Elizabeth A. Kobe · Alexandra S. Batzdorf · Michael W. Hast · Felix W. Wehrli · Felix W. Wehrli
The prenylflavonoid Icaritin enhances osteoblast proliferation and function by signal transducer and activator of transcription factor 3 (STAT-3) regulation of C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 (CXCR4) expression Evelyn Walter · Hanna Dellago · Johannes Grillari · Hans Peter Dimai · Matthias Hackl · Matthias Hackl
ホネのかたち 骨を見る立ち位置 3)―肩と重量― Renata C. Pereira · Harald Jűppner · Carlos E. Azucena-Serrano · Ora Yadin · Isidro B. Salusky · Katherine Wesseling-Perry · Katherine Wesseling-Perry
ビタミンDとカルシウム・リン代謝update 7.ビタミンD依存症 田中清 · 桑原晶子 · 桑原晶子
ECSIT links TLR and BMP signaling in FOP connective tissue progenitor cells Rzl Lim · L. Li · N. Chew · E.L. Yong · E.L. Yong
Metabolic properties of the osteoclast 北中幸子 · 北中幸子
Heterotopic ossification: Mechanistic insights and clinical challenges Brian L. Foster · M. Ao · Cristiane R. Salmon · M.B. Chavez · T.N. Kolli · A.B. Tran · E.Y. Chu · K.R. Kantovitz · Manisha C. Yadav · Sonoko Narisawa · José Luis Millán · Francisco Humberto Nociti · Martha J. Somerman · Martha J. Somerman
Etelcalcetide (AMG 416), a peptide agonist of the calcium-sensing receptor, preserved cortical bone structure and bone strength in subtotal nephrectomized rats with established secondary hyperparathyroidism Jiajing Wu · Jing Zhao · Lian Sun · Yongchu Pan · Hua Wang · Weibing Zhang · Weibing Zhang
Prevalence and risk factors for kidney stones in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva Ruoshi Xu · Ruoshi Xu · Jiajie Hu · Xuedong Zhou · Yingzi Yang · Yingzi Yang
Is fatty acid composition of human bone marrow significant to bone health Tao Lei · Zhuowen Liang · Feijiang Li · Chi Tang · Kangning Xie · Pan Wang · Xu Dong · Shuai Shan · Maogang Jiang · Qiaoling Xu · Erping Luo · Guanghao Shen · Guanghao Shen
Acute and chronic rapamycin use in patients with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: A report of two cases K.M. Roetzer · G. Uyanik · A. Brehm · Jochen Zwerina · Shahin Zandieh · T. Czech · Paul Roschger · B.M. Misof · Klaus Klaushofer · Klaus Klaushofer
Histopathology of periarticular non-hereditary heterotopic ossification Ana María Pino · J. Pablo Rodríguez · J. Pablo Rodríguez
Mesenchymal lineage cells and their importance in B lymphocyte niches Kristin L. Foley · Nader M. Hebela · Mary Ann E. Keenan · Robert J. Pignolo · Robert J. Pignolo
Automatic registration of 2D histological sections to 3D microCT volumes: Trabecular bone Alexandra Leaney · Shoshana Sztal-Mazer · Shoshana Sztal-Mazer
GNAS mutations and heterotopic ossification Hui-jie Fan · Shu-yin Liu · Zhi-Feng Sheng · Zhi-Feng Sheng
Hints on transcriptional control of essential players in heterotopic ossification of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva J. Mansur · E. Giacoia · P. Costanzo · P. Costanzo
Código: 51Parathyroid incidentalomas: New diagnosis, new problem. Our incidence Toshinobu Omiya · Jun Hirose · Tomoka Hasegawa · Norio Amizuka · Yasunori Omata · Naohiro Izawa · Hisataka Yasuda · Yuho Kadono · Morio Matsumoto · Masaya Nakamura · Takeshi Miyamoto · Takeshi Miyamoto
Prevalence and risk factors for fragility fracture in systemic mastocytosis Jie-Eun Lee · Kyoung Min Kim · Lee-Kyung Kim · Kyong Young Kim · Tae Jung Oh · Jae Hoon Moon · Sung Hee Choi · Soo Lim · Sang Wan Kim · Chan Soo Shin · Hak Chul Jang · Hak Chul Jang
Bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of the jaw: Risk factors. A case report Lamya Karim · Julia Moulton · Miranda van Vliet · Kelsey Velie · Ann Robbins · Fatemeh Malekipour · Fatemeh Malekipour · Ayesha Abdeen · Douglas Ayres · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein · Mary L. Bouxsein
Corrigendum toEven with rehydration, preservation in ethanol influences the mechanical properties of bone and how bone responds to experimental manipulation[Bone 97 (2017) 49–53] Ping Yang · Ping Yang · Shan Lv · Shan Lv · Yan Wang · Yi Peng · Yi Peng · Zixing Ye · Zixing Ye · Zhuying Xia · Zhuying Xia · Guoxian Ding · Xu Cao · Janet L. Crane · Janet L. Crane
A review of sarcopenia: Enhancing awareness of an increasingly prevalent disease RuiPeng Wu · RongQiang Zhang · YongMin Xiong · WenYan Sun · YuanYuan Li · XiaoLi Yang · JiFeng Liu · Yong Jiang · Hao Guo · XiaoYan Mo · JunLing Cao · JunLing Cao
Body mass index and menopausical status effect on total and undercarboxilated osteocalcin in normoglucemic adult women S. Cepeda · M. Sandoval · Virginia Massheimer · Virginia Massheimer
Immobilization-induced osteolysis and recovery in neuropathic foot impairments Feng Sheng Wang · Feng Sheng Wang · Re Wen Wu · Wei Shiung Lain · Tsai Chen Tsai · Yu Shan Chen · Yi Chih Sun · Huei Jing Ke · Jui Chen Li · Jaulang Hwang · Jih Yang Ko · Jih Yang Ko
Effect of eplerenone on markers of bone turnover in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism – The randomized, placebo-controlled EPATH trial Eric Marty · Yi Liu · Andre M. Samuel · Omer Or · Joseph M. Lane · Joseph M. Lane
Structural basis for the potent and selective binding of LDN-212854 to the BMP receptor kinase ALK2 Mikkel Bo Brent · Annemarie Brüel · Jesper Skovhus Thomsen · Jesper Skovhus Thomsen
ビタミンDとカルシウム・リン代謝update 12.副甲状腺機能低下症とビタミンD治療 Frank C. Cackowski · Russell S. Taichman · Russell S. Taichman
Acute lung injury complicating acute kidney injury: A model of endogenous αKlotho deficiency and distant organ dysfunction Minagawa Masanori · Minagawa Masanori
Increased detection of genetic loci associated with risk predictors of osteoporotic fracture using a pleiotropic cFDR method E.E. Del Valle · A.L. Negri · E. Fradinger · Manuel Canalis · Pablo Bevione · S. Crucelegui · Marcelo Puddu · Alicia Marini · Jaime Ryba · G. Rosa Diez · Luis Sintado · J.R. Zanchetta · J.R. Zanchetta
LRP5: From bedside to bench to bone Connie C. W. Hsia · Priya Ravikumar · Jianfeng Ye · Jianfeng Ye
Novel therapeutic interventions for pseudoachondroplasia Jonathan Greenbaum · Ke-Hao Wu · Lan Zhang · Hui Shen · Ji-Gang Zhang · Hong-Wen Deng · Hong-Wen Deng
Validation of cortical bone mineral density distribution using micro-computed tomography Bart O. Williams · Bart O. Williams
骨粗鬆症リエゾンサービス III.骨粗鬆症リエゾンサービスの実践―OLS‐7の運用 1.骨粗鬆症のリスク評価ツール 竹下淳 · 竹下淳
骨粗鬆症リエゾンサービス III.骨粗鬆症リエゾンサービスの実践―OLS‐7の運用 7.循環型リエゾンサービスの構築―診療システム構築への取り組み P.A. Fontanetti · V. Interlandi · A. Bojanich · Rubén H. Ponce · R.V. Gallará · V. Centeno · V. Centeno
Hyperglycemia is associated with increased bone mineral density and decreased trabecular bone score in elderly Japanese men: The Fujiwara-kyo osteoporosis risk in men (FORMEN) study Robert J. Pignolo · Frederick S. Kaplan · Frederick S. Kaplan
Cartilage-derived retinoic acid-sensitive protein (CD-RAP): A stage-specific biomarker of heterotopic endochondral ossification (HEO) in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) T.M. Campbell · K. Reilly · Odette Laneuville · Hans K. Uhthoff · Guy Trudel · Guy Trudel · Guy Trudel
Variable signaling activity by FOP ACVR1 mutations C. Lugones · G.M. Brito · D.Z. Watson · B. Oliveri · L. Zago · J.C. Gonzalez Infantino · S.N. Zeni · S.N. Zeni
Multiple vertebral fractures following denosumab discontinuation Shunichi Fujita · Tomoyuki Mukai · Takafumi Mito · Shoko Kodama · Akiko Nagasu · Mizuho Kittaka · Teruki Sone · Yasuyoshi Ueki · Yoshitaka Morita · Yoshitaka Morita
Código: 22Beneficial role of alendronate on cellular and molecular processes involved in calcification/vascular remodeling Julia Haupt · Meiqi Xu · Eileen M. Shore · Eileen M. Shore
Mediastinum tumor such as cause of hyperparathyroidism primary persistent: Diagnostic challenge M. Buttazzoni · A.M. Galich · A.M. Galich
Código: 3Two cases of pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis successfully treated with denosumab P. Cutini · M.B. Rauschemberger · Virginia Massheimer · Virginia Massheimer
Atypical femoral fracture and primary hyperparathyroidism M. Guzmán · M. Musumeci · J. Salas · P. Rodriguez · E. Giacoia · M. Corino · M. Corino
Código: 24Bone involvement in Gaucher disease: Importance of early diagnosis and treatment A. Sánchez · M.B. Zanchetta · K. Danilowicz · K. Danilowicz
Clinical-pathological correlations in three patients with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva B. Oliveri · D. González · F. Quiroga · C. Silva · C. Silva
Ex vivo construction of human primary 3D–networked osteocytes Yanfang Hou · Yanfang Hou · Yuanyuan Lin · Xuan Qi · Lu Yuan · Ruoxi Liao · Qianqian Pang · Lijia Cui · Yan Jiang · Ou Wang · Mei Li · Jin Dong · Weibo Xia · Weibo Xia
Clinical staging of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Qiaoling Sun · Saba Choudhary · Ciaran Mannion · Yair Kissin · Jenny Zilberberg · Woo Y. Lee · Woo Y. Lee
Microdamage induced by in vivo Reference Point Indentation in mice is repaired by osteocyte-apoptosis mediated remodeling Kathryn M. Thrailkill · R.C. Bunn · Jeffry S. Nyman · Mallikarjuna Rettiganti · Gael Cockrell · Elizabeth C. Wahl · Sasidhar Uppuganti · Charles K. Lumpkin · John L. Fowlkes · John L. Fowlkes
Late-onset hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets with hypercalciuria (HHRH) due to mutation of SLC34A3/NPT2c Yanfei L. Ma · Matthew J. Hamang · Jonathan Lucchesi · Nicoletta Bivi · Qianqiang Zeng · Mary D. Adrian · Sarah E Raines · Jiliang Li · Stuart Kuhstoss · Victor H. Obungu · Henry U. Bryant · Venkatesh Krishnan · Venkatesh Krishnan
P2X7Rs are involved in cell death, growth and cellular signaling in primary human osteoblasts Oran D. Kennedy · Matin Lendhey · Peter Mauer · Peter Mauer · Anaya Philip · Jelena Basta-Pljakic · Mitchell B. Schaffler · Mitchell B. Schaffler
The obligatory role of Activin A in the formation of heterotopic bone in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Takeshi Miyamoto · Akiyoshi Hirayama · Yuiko Sato · Tami Koboyashi · Eri Katsuyama · Hiroya Kanagawa · Hiroya Miyamoto · Tomoaki Mori · Shigeyuki Yoshida · Atsuhiro Fujie · Mayu Morita · Ryuichi Watanabe · Toshimi Tando · Kana Miyamoto · Takashi Tsuji · Atsushi Funayama · Masaya Nakamura · Morio Matsumoto · Tomoyoshi Soga · Masaru Tomita · Yoshiaki Toyama · Yoshiaki Toyama
Gli1-labeled adult mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells and hedgehog signaling contribute to endochondral heterotopic ossification G.M. Campbell · S. Tiwari · Christine Hofbauer · Ann-Kristin Picke · Martina Rauner · Gerd Huber · Jaime Peña · Timo Damm · Reinhard Barkmann · Michael M. Morlock · Lorenz C. Hofbauer · C. C. Glüer · C. C. Glüer
Fracture during oral bisphosphonate therapy is associated with deteriorated bone material strength index Ariane Marumoto · Renato Milani · Rodrigo A. Silva · Célio Junior da Costa Fernandes · José Mauro Granjeiro · Carmen V. Ferreira · Maikel P. Peppelenbosch · Willian Fernando Zambuzzi · Willian Fernando Zambuzzi
Joint-specific risk of impaired function in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) Chen Kan · Lijun Chen · Yangyang Hu · Na Ding · Yuyun Li · Tammy McGuire · Haimei Lu · John A. Kessler · Lixin Kan · Lixin Kan · Lixin Kan · Lixin Kan
Body composition by DXA Xavier Nogués · Daniel Prieto-Alhambra · Daniel Prieto-Alhambra · Roberto Güerri-Fernández · Natalia Garcia-Giralt · Jaime Rodriguez-Morera · Lourdes Cos · Leonardo Mellibovsky · Adolfo Díez Pérez · Adolfo Díez Pérez
Sox9 positive periosteal cells in fracture repair of the adult mammalian long bone Robert J. Pignolo · Blythe Durbin-Johnson · David M. Rocke · Frederick S. Kaplan · Frederick S. Kaplan
Muscle mass is associated with incident fracture in postmenopausal women: The OFELY study John A. Shepherd · Bennett K. Ng · Markus J. Sommer · Steven B. Heymsfield · Steven B. Heymsfield
A serum metabolomics-based profile in low bone mineral density postmenopausal women Xinjun He · Sofia Bougioukli · Brandon Ortega · Eric Arevalo · Jay R. Lieberman · Andrew P. McMahon · Andrew P. McMahon
Phenotypic characterization of Grm1crv4 mice reveals a functional role for the type 1 metabotropic glutamate receptor in bone mineralization Elisabeth Sornay-Rendu · François Duboeuf · Stephanie Boutroy · Roland Chapurlat · Roland Chapurlat
A novel auditory ossicles membrane and the development of conductive hearing loss in Dmp1-null mice Ilaria Musante · Deborah Mattinzoli · Lavinia Otescu · Simone Bossi · Masami Ikehata · Chiara Gentili · Giuliana Cangemi · Cinzia Gatti · Laura Emionite · Piergiorgio Messa · Roberto Ravazzolo · Roberto Ravazzolo · Maria Pia Rastaldi · Daniela Riccardi · Aldamaria Puliti · Aldamaria Puliti · Aldamaria Puliti
The impact of SGLT2 inhibitors, compared with insulin, on diabetic bone disease in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes Chamith S. Rajapakse · Mugdha Padalkar · Hee Jin Yang · Mikayel Ispiryan · Nancy Pleshko · Nancy Pleshko
Longitudinal patient-reported mobility assessment in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) Dana M. Alessi Wolken · Vincent Idone · Sarah Hatsell · Paul B. Yu · Aris N. Economides · Aris N. Economides
Appendicular and whole body lean mass outcomes are associated with finite element analysis-derived bone strength at the distal radius and tibia in adults aged 40 years and older Kun Lv · Kun Lv · Haiyang Huang · Xing Yi · Mark E. Chertoff · Chaoyuan Li · Baozhi Yuan · Robert J. Hinton · Jian Q. Feng · Jian Q. Feng
IL15RA is required for osteoblast function and bone mineralization Frederick S. Kaplan · Mona Al Mukaddam · Robert J. Pignolo · Robert J. Pignolo
Splenomegaly, myeloid lineage expansion and increased osteoclastogenesis in osteogenesis imperfecta murine☆ Jenna C. Gibbs · Lora Giangregorio · Lora Giangregorio · Andy Kin On Wong · Robert G. Josse · Angela M. Cheung · Angela M. Cheung
The history of bone densitometry Emanuele Loro · Girish Ramaswamy · Abhishek Chandra · Wei-Ju Tseng · Manoj K. Mishra · Eileen M. Shore · Tejvir S. Khurana · Tejvir S. Khurana
Long-term effects of maternal calcium supplementation on childhood growth differ between males and females in a population accustomed to a low calcium intake Brya G. Matthews · Emilie Roeder · Xi Wang · Hector L. Aguila · Sun-Kyeong Lee · Danka Grčević · Ivo Kalajzic · Ivo Kalajzic
Utility of DXA for monitoring, technical aspects of DXA BMD measurement and precision testing Paul D. Miller · Paul D. Miller
Misdiagnosis of vertebral fractures: Unresolved but resolvable problem Kate Ward · Kate Ward · Landing M. A. Jarjou · Ann Prentice · Ann Prentice
Phosphoproteome analysis reveals a critical role for hedgehog signalling in osteoblast morphological transitions Kathryn M. Thrailkill · Jeffry S. Nyman · R. Clay Bunn · Sasidhar Uppuganti · Katherine L. Thompson · Charles K. Lumpkin · Evangelia Kalaitzoglou · John L. Fowlkes · John L. Fowlkes
Genetic sharing with coronary artery disease identifies potential novel loci for bone mineral density Hideaki Ishibashi · Daria B. Crittenden · Akimitsu Miyauchi · Cesar Libanati · Judy Maddox · Michelle Fan · Li Chen · Andreas Grauer · Andreas Grauer
30 years of DXA technology innovations Daniele Diacinti · Daniela Pisani · Claudio Vitali · Gualberto Gussoni · Carlina V. Albanese · Carlina V. Albanese
Vitamin D and calcium supplementation for three years in postmenopausal osteoporosis significantly alters bone mineral and organic matrix quality Katherine J. Motyl · Megan Beauchemin · Deborah J. Barlow · Phuong Le · Kenichi Nagano · Annika Treyball · Anisha Contractor · Roland Baron · Clifford J. Rosen · Karen L. Houseknecht · Karen L. Houseknecht
Application of human induced pluripotent stem cells to model fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva Laura C. Ortinau · Melissa A. Linden · Rebecca K. Dirkes · R. Scott Rector · Pamela S. Hinton · Pamela S. Hinton
Increased bone matrix mineralization in treatment-naïve children with inflammatory bowel disease Monica Reyes · Anara Karaca · Murat Bastepe · Nese Ersoz Gulcelik · Harald Jüppner · Harald Jüppner
Postmenopausal osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis: The estrogen deficiency-immune mechanisms link Emilie Barruet · Edward C. Hsiao · Edward C. Hsiao
Vitamin D regulates osteocyte survival and perilacunar remodeling in human and murine bone Barbara M Misof · Paul Roschger · Klaus Klaushofer · Frank Rauch · Jinhui Ma · Jinhui Ma · David R. Mack · David R. Mack · Leanne M. Ward · Leanne M. Ward · Leanne M. Ward
Early arterial calcification does not correlate with bone loss in pseudoxanthoma elasticum Rony Sapir-Koren · Gregory Livshits · Gregory Livshits
Treatment with neridronate in children and adolescents with osteogenesis imperfecta: Data from open-label, not controlled, three-year Italian study Tim Rolvien · Matthias Krause · Anke Jeschke · Timur Yorgan · Klaus Püschel · Thorsten Schinke · Marie B. Demay · Michael Amling · Michael Amling
A novel role for dopamine signaling in the pathogenesis of bone loss from the atypical antipsychotic drug risperidone in female mice Ludovic Martin · Emmanuel Hoppé · Gilles Kauffenstein · Loukman Omarjee · N. Navasiolava · Samir Henni · Serge Willoteaux · Georges Leftheriotis · Georges Leftheriotis
Effects of Abaloparatide-SC (BA058) on bone histology and histomorphometry: The ACTIVE phase 3 trial Luca Idolazzi · Angelo Fassio · Ombretta Viapiana · Maurizio Rossini · Giovanni Adami · Francesco Bertoldo · Franco Antoniazzi · Davide Gatti · Davide Gatti
Involvement of sphingosine kinase/sphingosine 1-phosphate metabolic pathway in spondyloarthritis☆ Carolina Aguiar Moreira · Lorraine A. Fitzpatrick · Yamei Wang · Robert R. Recker · Robert R. Recker
Non-destructive NIR spectral imaging assessment of bone water: Comparison to MRI measurements Tim Rolvien · Sebastian Butscheidt · Anke Jeschke · Axel Neu · Jonas Denecke · Christian Kubisch · Miriam H. Meisler · Klaus Pueschel · Florian Barvencik · Timur Yorgan · Ralf Oheim · Thorsten Schinke · Michael Amling · Michael Amling
Relationships among ultrasonic and mechanical properties of cancellous bone in human calcaneus in vitro E.P. Paschalis · S. Gamsjaeger · Norbert Hassler · Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer · Harald Dobnig · Jan J. Stepan · I. Pavo · Erik Fink Eriksen · Klaus Klaushofer · Klaus Klaushofer
Parathyroid hormone inhibits Notch signaling in osteoblasts and osteocytes Carole Bougault · Alaeddine El Jamal · Anne Briolay · Saida Mebarek · Marie-Astrid Boutet · Thomas Garraud · Benoit Le Goff · Frédéric Blanchard · David Magne · Leyre Brizuela · Leyre Brizuela
Mice maintain predominantly maternal Gαs expression throughout life in brown fat tissue (BAT), but not other tissues Keith A. Wear · Srinidhi Nagaraja · Maureen L. Dreher · Saghi Sadoughi · Shan Zhu · Tony M. Keaveny · Tony M. Keaveny
Premenopausal women with early breast cancer treated with estradiol suppression have severely deteriorated bone microstructure Stefano Zanotti · Ernesto Canalis · Ernesto Canalis
Crosstalk between kidney and bone – Bench to bedside Michael P. Whyte · Malachi Griffith · Lee Trani · Steven Mumm · Gary S. Gottesman · William H. McAlister · Kilannin Krysiak · Robert Lesurf · Zachary L. Skidmore · Katie M. Campbell · Ilana S. Rosman · Susan J. Bayliss · Vinieth N Bijanki · Angela Nenninger · Brian A. Van Tine · Obi L. Griffith · Elaine R. Mardis · Elaine R. Mardis
Kinetic reconstruction reveals time-dependent effects of romosozumab on bone formation and osteoblast function in vertebral cancellous and cortical bone in cynomolgus monkeys ☆ Stella G. Muthuri · Fiona R. Saunders · Rebecca Hardy · Av Pavlova · Kathryn R. Martin · J.S. Gregory · R.J. Barr · Judith Adams · Diana Kuh · Richard M. Aspden · Rachel Cooper · Rachel Cooper
Letter to the Editor concerningHajdu Cheney syndrome; report of a novel NOTCH2 mutation and treatment with denosumabby G. Adami et al. Bone 2016;92:150–156 Olof Sandberg · Love Tätting · Magnus Bernhardsson · Per Aspenberg · Per Aspenberg
Impaired WNT signaling and the spine—Heterozygous WNT1 mutation causes severe age-related spinal pathology Rogely Waite Boyce · Qing-Tian Niu · Michael S. Ominsky · Michael S. Ominsky
Earliest phases of chondrogenesis are dependent upon angiogenesis during ectopic bone formation in mice Riikka E. Mäkitie · Tuukka Niinimäki · Miika T. Nieminen · Camilla Schalin-Jäntti · Jaakko Niinimäki · Outi Mäkitie · Outi Mäkitie
Normal bone density and trabecular bone score, but high serum sclerostin in congenital generalized lipodystrophy Beth Bragdon · Stephanie Lam · Sherif Aly · Alexandra Femia · Abigail Clark · Amira I. Hussein · Elise F. Morgan · Louis C. Gerstenfeld · Louis C. Gerstenfeld
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FGF23-Klotho signaling axis in the kidney Marcus E. Cöster · Björn E. Rosengren · Caroline Karlsson · Magnus Dencker · Magnus Karlsson · Magnus Karlsson
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Clinical experience with microindentation in vivo in humans Ken-ichiro Tanaka · Ippei Kanazawa · Hiroshi Kaji · Toshitsugu Sugimoto · Toshitsugu Sugimoto
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Molecular bases of the crosstalk between bone and muscle Rheinallt Jones · Jennifer G. Mulle · Roberto Pacifici · Roberto Pacifici

Bone collagen network integrity and transverse fracture toughness of human cortical bone
Bone | 2018
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Bone | 2018
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Bone | 2018
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Bone | 2018
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Heterotopic Ossification: The Keys to the Kingdom
Bone | 2018
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