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ACS Energy Letters

The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 19.003, which is just updated in 2020.

ACS Energy Letters Impact Factor
Highest IF
Highest Journal Impact IF

The highest Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 19.003.

Lowest IF
Lowest Journal Impact IF

The lowest Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 12.277.

Total Growth Rate
IF Total Growth Rate

The total growth rate of ACS Energy Letters IF is 54.8%.

Annual Growth Rate
IF Annual Growth Rate

The annual growth rate of ACS Energy Letters IF is 18.3%.

Journal Impact IF Ranking

Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment Q1 5/179

Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment 97%

Chemistry (miscellaneous) Q1 1/31

Chemistry (miscellaneous) 98%

Materials Chemistry Q1 6/287

Materials Chemistry 98%

Energy Engineering and Power Technology Q1 3/216

Energy Engineering and Power Technology 98%

Fuel Technology Q1 3/98

Fuel Technology 97%

Journal Impact IF Ranking

· In the Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment research field, the Quartile of ACS Energy Letters is Q1. ACS Energy Letters has been ranked #5 over 179 related journals in the Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment research category. The ranking percentile of ACS Energy Letters is around 97% in the field of Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment.
· In the Chemistry (miscellaneous) research field, the Quartile of ACS Energy Letters is Q1. ACS Energy Letters has been ranked #1 over 31 related journals in the Chemistry (miscellaneous) research category. The ranking percentile of ACS Energy Letters is around 98% in the field of Chemistry (miscellaneous).
· In the Materials Chemistry research field, the Quartile of ACS Energy Letters is Q1. ACS Energy Letters has been ranked #6 over 287 related journals in the Materials Chemistry research category. The ranking percentile of ACS Energy Letters is around 98% in the field of Materials Chemistry.
· In the Energy Engineering and Power Technology research field, the Quartile of ACS Energy Letters is Q1. ACS Energy Letters has been ranked #3 over 216 related journals in the Energy Engineering and Power Technology research category. The ranking percentile of ACS Energy Letters is around 98% in the field of Energy Engineering and Power Technology.
· In the Fuel Technology research field, the Quartile of ACS Energy Letters is Q1. ACS Energy Letters has been ranked #3 over 98 related journals in the Fuel Technology research category. The ranking percentile of ACS Energy Letters is around 97% in the field of Fuel Technology.

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Journal Impact IF History

Year Journal Impact IF
Year Journal Impact IF
2019-2020 19.003
2018-2019 16.331
2017-2018 12.277
2016-2017 -
2015-2016 -
2014-2015 -
2013-2014 -
2012-2013 -
2011-2012 -
Journal Impact IF History

· The 2019-2020 Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 19.003
· The 2018-2019 Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 16.331
· The 2017-2018 Journal Impact IF of ACS Energy Letters is 12.277
The Journal Impact IF 2016-2017 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!
The Journal Impact IF 2015-2016 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!
The Journal Impact IF 2014-2015 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!
The Journal Impact IF 2013-2014 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!
The Journal Impact IF 2012-2013 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!
The Journal Impact IF 2011-2012 of ACS Energy Letters is still under analysis. Stay Tuned!

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications Citations
Year Publications Citations
1993 0 2
1994 0 2
1995 0 11
1996 0 8
1997 0 5
1998 0 7
1999 0 2
2000 0 4
2002 0 4
2003 0 6
2004 0 7
2005 0 6
2006 0 1
2007 0 3
2008 0 6
2009 0 4
2010 0 4
2011 0 6
2012 0 1
2013 0 4
2014 0 3
2015 0 13
2016 201 364
2017 404 4983
2018 419 9420
2019 414 17502
2020 469 27864
2021 59 3855
Publications Cites Dataset

· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1993.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1994.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 11 citations in 1995.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 8 citations in 1996.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 5 citations in 1997.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 7 citations in 1998.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 2 citations in 1999.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 4 citations in 2000.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 4 citations in 2002.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 6 citations in 2003.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 7 citations in 2004.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 6 citations in 2005.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 1 citations in 2006.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 3 citations in 2007.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 6 citations in 2008.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 4 citations in 2009.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 4 citations in 2010.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 6 citations in 2011.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 1 citations in 2012.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 4 citations in 2013.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 3 citations in 2014.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 0 reports and received 13 citations in 2015.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 201 reports and received 364 citations in 2016.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 404 reports and received 4983 citations in 2017.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 419 reports and received 9420 citations in 2018.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 414 reports and received 17502 citations in 2019.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 469 reports and received 27864 citations in 2020.
· The ACS Energy Letters has published 59 reports and received 3855 citations in 2021.
· The total publications of ACS Energy Letters is 1967.
· The total citations of ACS Energy Letters is 64097.

What is Impact Factor?

The impact factor (IF) or journal impact factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index calculated by Clarivate that reflects the yearly average number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher impact factor values are often deemed to be more important, or carry more intrinsic prestige in their respective fields, than those with lower values.

ACS Energy Letters | Academic Accelerator - About the Impact Factor

Impact factor is commonly used to evaluate the relative importance of a journal within its field and to measure the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular time period. Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs. Journals with higher IFs believed to be more important than those with lower ones. According to Eugene Garfield “impact simply reflects the ability of the journals and editors to attract the best paper available.” Journal which publishes more review articles will get maximum IFs. The Impact Factor of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Impact Factor are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The ACS Energy Letters Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the ACS Energy Letters during the two preceding years (2018-2019). Note that 2020 Impact Factor are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. New journals, which are indexed from their first published issue, will receive an impact factor after two years of indexing; in this case, the citations to the year prior to Volume 1, and the number of articles published in the year prior to Volume 1, are known zero values. Journals that are indexed starting with a volume other than the first volume will not get an impact factor until they have been indexed for three years. Occasionally, Journal Citation Reports assigns an impact factor to new journals with less than two years of indexing, based on partial citation data. The calculation always uses two complete and known years of item counts, but for new titles one of the known counts is zero. Annuals and other irregular publications sometimes publish no items in a particular year, affecting the count. The impact factor relates to a specific time period; it is possible to calculate it for any desired period. In addition to the 2-year Impact Factor, the 3-year Impact Factor, 4-year Impact Factor, 5-year Impact Factor, Real-Time Impact Factor can provide further insights and factors into the impact of ACS Energy Letters.


The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Impact factors are calculated yearly starting from 1975 for journals listed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). ISI was acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992, and became known as Thomson ISI. In 2018, Thomson ISI was sold to Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. They founded a new corporation, Clarivate, which is now the publisher of the JCR.


The impact factor is used to compare different journals within a certain field. The Web of Science indexes more than 11,500 science and social science journals. Journal impact factors are often used to evaluate the merit of individual articles and individual researchers. This use of impact factors was summarised by Hoeffel:

Impact Factor is not a perfect tool to measure the quality of articles but there is nothing better and it has the advantage of already being in existence and is, therefore, a good technique for scientific evaluation. Experience has shown that in each specialty the best journals are those in which it is most difficult to have an article accepted, and these are the journals that have a high impact factor. Most of these journals existed long before the impact factor was devised. The use of impact factor as a measure of quality is widespread because it fits well with the opinion we have in each field of the best journals in our specialty....In conclusion, prestigious journals publish papers of high level. Therefore, their impact factor is high, and not the contrary.

Eugene Garfield

In brief, Impact factors may be used by:
  • Authors to decide where to submit an article for publication.
  • Libraries to make collection development decisions
  • Academic departments to assess academic productivity
  • Academic departments to make decisions on promotion and tenure.
As impact factors are a journal-level metric, rather than an article- or individual-level metric, this use is controversial. Garfield agrees with Hoeffel,but warns about the "misuse in evaluating individuals" because there is "a wide variation [of citations] from article to article within a single journal". Other things to consider about Impact Factors:
  • Many journals do not have an impact factor.
  • The impact factor cannot assess the quality of individual articles. Even if citations were evenly distributed among articles, the impact factor would only measure the interests of other researchers in an article, not its importance and usefulness.
  • Only research articles, technical notes and reviews are “citable” items. Editorials, letters, news items and meeting abstracts are “non-citable items”.
  • Only a small percentage of articles are highly cited and they are found in a small subset of journals. This small proportion accounts for a large percentage of citations.
  • Controversial papers, such as those based on fraudulent data, may be highly cited, distorting the impact factor of a journal.
  • Citation bias may exist. For example, English language resources may be favoured. Authors may cite their own work.
Moreover, informed and careful use of these impact data is essential, and should be based on a thorough understanding of the methodology used to generate impact factors. There are controversial aspects of using impact factors:
  • It is not clear whether the number of times a paper is cited measures its actual quality.
  • Some databases that calculate impact factors fail to incorporate publications including textbooks, handbooks and reference books.
  • Certain disciplines have low numbers of journals and usage. Therefore, one should only compare journals or researchers within the same discipline.
  • Review articles normally are cited more often and therefore can skew results.
  • Self-citing may also skew results.
  • Some resources used to calculate impact factors have inadequate international coverage.
  • Editorial policies can artificially inflate an impact factor.
Impact factors have often been used in advancement and tenure decision-making. Many recognize that this is a coarse tool for such important decisions, and that a multitude of factors should be taken into account in these deliberations. When considering the use of the impact factor (IF), keep these aspects in mind:
  • IF analysis is limited to citations from the journals indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge. Currently, the Web of Science indexes only 8621 journals across the full breadth of the sciences, and just 3121 in the social sciences.
  • A high IF/citation rate says nothing about the quality -- or even, validity -- of the references being cited. Notorious or even retracted articles often attract a lot of attention, hence a high number of citations. The notority related to the first publication on "cold fusion" is one such example.
  • Journals that publish more "review articles" are often found near the top of the rankings. While not known for publishing new, creative findings, these individual articles tend to be heavily cited.
  • The IF measures the average number of citations to articles in the journal -- given this, a small number of highly-cited articles will skew the figure.
  • It takes several years for new journals to be added to the list of titles indexed by the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge, so these newer titles will be under-represented.
  • It's alleged that journal editors have learned to "game" the system, encouraging authors to cite their works previously published in the same journal.
Comparing Journals Across Disciplines? Not a good idea! Using Impact Factors within a given discipline should only be done with great care, as described above. Using impact factor data to compare journals across disciplines is even more problematic. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Disciplines where older literature is still referenced, such as Chemistry and Mathematics, offer challenges to the methodolgy since older citations (older than two years) are not used to calculate the impact factor for a given journal. (Five-year impact factor analysis, which can be calculated using the Journal Citation Index database, helps smooth out this problem only to some degree.)
  • Different disciplines have different practices regarding tendency to cite larger numbers of references. Higher overall citation rates will bump upward impact factor measurements.
  • Where it's common for large numbers of authors to collaborate on a single paper, such as in Physics, the tendency of authors to cite themselves (and in this case, more authors) will result in increased citation rates.

Pros and Cons of the Impact Factor


  • A vetted, established metric for measuring journal impact within a discipline.
  • Designed to eliminate bias based on journal size and frequency.
  • Individual articles makes an uneven contribution to overall Impact Factor.
  • Impact Factor does not account for certain things, things like context (postive or negative citaion) and intentionality (self-citation).
  • The metric is proprietary to and bound by the contents of the Thomson Reuters database.
  • Citations, on which the Impact Factor is based, count for less than 1% of an article's overall use.


Numerous critiques have been made regarding the use of impact factors. A 2007 study noted that the most fundamental flaw is that impact factors present the mean of data that are not normally distributed, and suggested that it would be more appropriate to present the median of these data. There is also a more general debate on the validity of the impact factor as a measure of journal importance and the effect of policies that editors may adopt to boost their impact factor (perhaps to the detriment of readers and writers). Other criticism focuses on the effect of the impact factor on behavior of scholars, editors and other stakeholders. Others have made more general criticisms, arguing that emphasis on impact factor results from negative influence of neoliberal policies on academia claiming that what is needed is not just replacement of the impact factor with more sophisticated metrics for science publications but also discussion on the social value of research assessment and the growing precariousness of scientific careers in higher education.
Experts stress that there are limitations in using impact factors to evaluate a scholar's work. There are many reasons cited for not relying on impact factor alone to evaluate the output of a particular individual. Among these are the following:

  • A single factor is not sufficient for evaluating an author's work.
  • Journal values are meaningless unless compared within the same discipline. Impact factors vary among disciplines.
  • The impact factor was originally devised to show the impact of a specific journal, not a specific scholar. The quality and impact of the author's work may extend beyond the impact of a particular journal.
According to Jim Testa, a researcher for ThomsonReuters Scientific, the most widespread misuse of the Impact Factor is to evaluate the work of an individual author (instead of a journal). "To say that because a researcher is publishing in a certain journal, he or she is more influential or deserves more credit is not necessarily true. There are many other variables to consider." (interview 6/26/2008 in Thomson Reuters blog entry)

ACS Energy Letters
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Energy materials, light harvesting assembliesEnergy conversion processes (catalysis and photocatalysis)Solar fuels (hydrogen production, CO2 reduction)Inorganic, organic and hybrid photovoltaicsPhotosynthesis and biofuelsFuel cells, storage batteries and supercapacitorsPlasmonics, OLEDs and light display systemsTandem devices, piezoelectric and thermoelectric processes None

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The ISSN of ACS Energy Letters is - . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

ISSN (Online)
ISSN (Online)

The ISSN (Online) of ACS Energy Letters is 2380-8195 . An ISSN is an 8-digit code used to identify newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals of all kinds and on all media–print and electronic.

American Chemical Society

ACS Energy Letters is published by American Chemical Society .

Publication Frequency
Publication Frequency

ACS Energy Letters publishes reports Monthly .

2016 - Present

The Publication History of ACS Energy Letters covers 2016 - Present .

Open Access
Open Access

ACS Energy Letters is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers.

Publication Fee
Publication Fee

There is no publication fee for submiting manuscript to ACS Energy Letters. ACS Energy Letters is Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles should pay by individual or institution to access the articles.


The language of ACS Energy Letters is English .

United States

The publisher of ACS Energy Letters is American Chemical Society , which locates in United States .

Selected Articles

Full Title Authors
Full Title Authors
Factors that Determine the Length Scale for Uniform Tinting in Dynamic Windows Based on Reversible Metal Electrodeposition Jan Kosco · Iain McCulloch · Iain McCulloch · Iain McCulloch
Performance Evaluation of Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells for Application in Four-Terminal Tandem Cells Yuchi Tsao · Zheng Chen · Simon Rondeau-Gagné · Qianfan Zhang · Hong-Bin Yao · Shucheng Chen · Guangmin Zhou · Chenxi Zu · Yi Cui · Zhenan Bao · Zhenan Bao
Ion-Pairing Limits Crystal Growth in Metal-Oxygen Batteries Peijun Guo · Yi Xia · Jue Gong · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Kyle M. McCall · Grant C. B. Alexander · Zhiyuan Ma · Hua Zhou · David J. Gosztola · J. B. Ketterson · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Tao Xu · Maria K. Y. Chan · Richard D. Schaller · Richard D. Schaller
Highly Air-Stable Carbon-Based α-CsPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells with a Broadened Optical Spectrum Xinyue Zhang · Zhiwei Chen · Siqi Lin · Binqiang Zhou · Bo Gao · Yanzhong Pei · Yanzhong Pei
Effect of Intercalated Metals on the Electrocatalytic Activity of 1T-MoS2 for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Peter Lund · Bin Zhu · Bin Zhu · Yongdan Li · Sining Yun · Albert G. Nasibulin · Rizwan Raza · Markku Leskelä · Meng Ni · Yan Wu · Gang Chen · Liangdong Fan · Jung-Sik Kim · Suddhasatwa Basu · Tanja Kallio · Ibrahim Pamuk · Ibrahim Pamuk
In Operando Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Single-Ion Copolymer Electrolyte for Li-Metal Batteries Norberto Manfredi · Matteo Monai · Tiziano Montini · Francesco Peri · Filippo De Angelis · Paolo Fornasiero · Alessandro Abbotto · Alessandro Abbotto
Hybrid Perovskites for Multijunction Tandem Solar Cells and Solar Fuels. A Virtual Issue Xiaodi Ren · Yaohui Zhang · Mark H. Engelhard · Qiuyan Li · Ji-Guang Zhang · Wu Xu · Wu Xu
Dye-Sensitized Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation: Efficiency Enhancement by Organic Photosensitizer–Coadsorbent Intermolecular Interaction Haoran Lin · Chenkun Zhou · Yu Tian · T. Siegrist · Biwu Ma · Biwu Ma
Guided Lithium Metal Deposition and Improved Lithium Coulombic Efficiency through Synergistic Effects of LiAsF6 and Cyclic Carbonate Additives Huachao Zai · Cheng Zhu · Xie Hl · Yizhou Zhao · Congbo Shi · Zhenxin Chen · Xiaoxing Ke · Manling Sui · Changfeng Chen · Jin-Song Hu · Qingshan Zhang · Yongli Gao · Huanping Zhou · Yujing Li · Qi Chen · Qi Chen
Low-Dimensional Organometal Halide Perovskites Srinivas K. Yadavalli · Yuanyuan Zhou · Nitin P. Padture · Nitin P. Padture
Congeneric Incorporation of CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals in a Hybrid Perovskite Heterojunction for Photovoltaic Efficiency Enhancement Meng Yang Zu · Peng Fei Liu · Chongwu Wang · Yun Wang · Lirong Zheng · Bo Zhang · Huijun Zhao · Hua Gui Yang · Hua Gui Yang
Exceptional Grain Growth in Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite Thin Films Induced by the δ-to-α Phase Transformation Sipei Li · Alexander I. Mohamed · Vikram Pande · Han Wang · Julia Cuthbert · Xiangcheng Pan · Hongkun He · Zongyu Wang · Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan · Jay F. Whitacre · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski · Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
Bimetallic Carbide as a Stable Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst in Harsh Acidic Water Benjamin Lamm · Bartek J. Trześniewski · Henning Döscher · Wilson A. Smith · Morgan Stefik · Morgan Stefik
Single-ion Homopolymer Electrolytes with High Transference Number Prepared by Click Chemistry and Photoinduced Metal-free ATRP Seon Joo Lee · Seong Sik Shin · Jino Im · Tae Kyu Ahn · Jun Hong Noh · Nam Joong Jeon · Sang Il Seok · Jangwon Seo · Jangwon Seo
Emerging Postsynthetic Improvements of BiVO4 Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting G. Shiva Shanker · Ganesh B. Markad · Metikoti Jagadeeswararao · Umesh Pandharinath Bansode · Angshuman Nag · Angshuman Nag
Reducing Carrier Density in Formamidinium Tin Perovskites and Its Beneficial Effects on Stability and Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Yinghong Hu · Meltem F. Aygüler · Michiel L. Petrus · Thomas Bein · Pablo Docampo · Pablo Docampo
Light- and Temperature-Modulated Magneto-Transport in Organic–Inorganic Lead Halide Perovskites Jiaxin Zheng · Wenjun Deng · Zongxiang Hu · Zengqing Zhuo · F.S. Liu · Haibiao Chen · Yuan Lin · Wanli Yang · Khalil Amine · Rui Li · Jun Lu · Feng Pan · Feng Pan
Covalently Grafted Polysulfur–Graphene Nanocomposites for Ultrahigh Sulfur-Loading Lithium–Polysulfur Batteries Alessio Gagliardi · Antonio Abate · Antonio Abate
Asymmetric K/Li-Ion Battery Based on Intercalation Selectivity Anirban Dutta · Sankararao Mutyala · Aneeya K. Samantara · Suman Bera · Bikash Kumar Jena · Narayan C. Pradhan · Narayan C. Pradhan
Mesoporous Electron Selective Contacts Enhance the Tolerance to Interfacial Ions Accumulation in Perovskite Solar Cells Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Synergistic Effect of Inactive Iron Oxide Core on Active Nickel Phosphide Shell for Significant Enhancement in Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity Martín A. Mosquera · Bo Fu · Kevin L. Kohlstedt · George C. Schatz · Mark A. Ratner · Mark A. Ratner
Wave Functions, Density Functionals, and Artificial Intelligence for Materials and Energy Research: Future Prospects and Challenges Kazunori Takada · Takahisa Ohno · Narumi Ohta · Tsuyoshi Ohnishi · Yoshinori Tanaka · Yoshinori Tanaka
Positive and Negative Aspects of Interfaces in Solid-State Batteries Keun-Ho Choi · David B. Ahn · Sang-Young Lee · Sang-Young Lee
MAPbCl3-Mediated Decomposition Process to Tune Cl/PbI2 Distribution in MAPbI3 Films Daobin Yang · Hisahiro Sasabe · Takeshi Sano · Junji Kido · Junji Kido
Skutterudite-Type Ternary Co1–xNixP3 Nanoneedle Array Electrocatalysts for Enhanced Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Raphael Zahn · Marie Francine Lagadec · Vanessa Wood · Vanessa Wood
Compositional Engineering for Efficient Wide Band Gap Perovskites with Improved Stability to Photoinduced Phase Segregation Sjoerd A. Veldhuis · Yan Fong Ng · Riyas Ahmad · Annalisa Bruno · Nur Fadilah Jamaludin · Bahulayan Damodaran · Nripan Mathews · Subodh G. Mhaisalkar · Subodh G. Mhaisalkar
Barrier Design to Prevent Metal-Induced Degradation and Improve Thermal Stability in Perovskite Solar Cells Tingting Yu · Qiang Li · Xiangyu Zhao · Hui Xia · Liqun Ma · Jinlan Wang · Ying Shirley Meng · Xiaodong Shen · Xiaodong Shen
Rational Design of Hierarchical SnO2/1T-MoS2 Nanoarray Electrode for Ultralong-Life Li–S Batteries Jinbao Zhang · Tian Zhang · Liangcong Jiang · Udo Bach · Udo Bach · Udo Bach · Yi-Bing Cheng · Yi-Bing Cheng · Yi-Bing Cheng
Porphyrin Dimers as Hole-Transporting Layers for High-Efficiency and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Shengnan Duan · Chunxiang Dall’Agnese · Gang Chen · Xiaofeng Wang · Hitoshi Tamiaki · Yuya Yamamoto · Toshitaka Ikeuchi · Shin-ichi Sasaki · Shin-ichi Sasaki · Shin-ichi Sasaki
4-tert-Butylpyridine Free Hole Transport Materials for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells: A New Strategy to Enhance the Environmental and Thermal Stability Francisco Palazon · Carmine Urso · Luca De Trizio · Quinten A. Akkerman · Sergio Marras · Federico Locardi · Ilaria Nelli · M. Ferretti · Mirko Prato · Liberato Manna · Liberato Manna
Bilayer Chlorophyll-Based Biosolar Cells Inspired from the Z-Scheme Process of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Arava Zohar · Igal Levine · Satyajit Gupta · Omri Davidson · Doron Azulay · Oded Millo · I. Balberg · Gary Hodes · David Cahen · David Cahen
Layered Metal–Organic Framework-Derived Metal Oxide/Carbon Nanosheet Arrays for Catalyzing the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Julia Wiktor · Francesco Ambrosio · Alfredo Pasquarello · Alfredo Pasquarello
Realization of a Highly Oriented MAPbBr3 Perovskite Thin Film via Ion Exchange for Ultrahigh Color Purity Green Light Emission Xuehai Tan · Erik J. Luber · Erik J. Luber · Brian C. Olsen · Brian C. Olsen · W. Peter Kalisvaart · W. Peter Kalisvaart · Katherine L. Jungjohann · David Mitlin · Jillian M. Buriak · Jillian M. Buriak · Jillian M. Buriak
Role of Polarons in Water Splitting: The Case of BiVO4 Jinzhen Huang · Jiecai Han · Ran Wang · Yuanyuan Zhang · Xianjie Wang · Xinghong Zhang · Zhihua Zhang · Yumin Zhang · Bo Song · Song Jin · Song Jin
β-SnSb for Sodium Ion Battery Anodes: Phase Transformations Responsible for Enhanced Cycling Stability Revealed by In-situ TEM Shao-Ling Chang · Fong-Yi Cao · Wen-Chia Huang · Po-Kai Huang · Kuo-Hsiu Huang · Chain-Shu Hsu · Yen-Ju Cheng · Yen-Ju Cheng
Improving Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Using NixFe3-xO4/Ni Hybrid Nanostructures Formed by Solvothermal Synthesis Rebecca J. Sutton · Marina R. Filip · Amir Abbas Haghighirad · Nobuya Sakai · Bernard Wenger · Feliciano Giustino · Feliciano Giustino · Henry J. Snaith · Henry J. Snaith
New Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-Based Acceptor: Tuning Acceptor Strength of Ladder-Type N-Type Materials to Simultaneously Achieve Enhanced Voc and Jsc of Nonfullerene Solar Cells Yanmei Shi · Yifu Yu · Yu Yu · Yi Huang · Bohang Zhao · Bin Zhang · Bin Zhang
Cubic or Orthorhombic? Revealing the Crystal Structure of Metastable Black-phase CsPbI3 by Theory and Experiment Huang Zhang · Bingsheng Qin · Jin Han · Stefano Passerini · Stefano Passerini
Boosting Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation Activity and Stability of Mo-doped BiVO4 through the Uniform Assembly Coating of NiFe-Phenolic Networks Taejong Paik · Taejong Paik · Matteo Cargnello · Matteo Cargnello · Thomas R. Gordon · Sen Zhang · Hongseok Yun · Jennifer D. Lee · Ho Young Woo · Soong Ju Oh · Soong Ju Oh · Cherie R. Kagan · Paolo Fornasiero · Christopher B. Murray · Christopher B. Murray
Aqueous/Nonaqueous Hybrid Electrolyte for Sodium-Ion Batteries Wei Gao · Wei Gao · Tao Liu · Cheng Zhong · Guangye Zhang · Yunpeng Zhang · Ruijie Ming · Lin Zhang · Jingming Xin · Kailong Wu · Yunlong Guo · Wei Ma · He Yan · Yunqi Liu · Chuluo Yang · Chuluo Yang · Chuluo Yang
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Substoichiometric Colloidal WO3–x Nanowires Yu Bi · Santanu Pradhan · Mehmet Zafer Akgul · Shuchi Gupta · Alexandros Stavrinadis · Jianjun Wang · Gerasimos Konstantatos · Gerasimos Konstantatos
Asymmetrical Small Molecule Acceptor Enabling Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cell with Fill Factor Approaching 79 Martina Pantaler · Martina Pantaler · Kyung Taek Cho · Valentin I. E. Queloz · Inés García Benito · Christian Fettkenhauer · Irina Anusca · Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin · Doru C. Lupascu · Giulia Grancini · Giulia Grancini
Colloidal Quantum Dot Tandem Solar Cells Using Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene as an Atomically Thin Intermediate Recombination Layer Yongfei Zhang · Yongqi Liang · Yajuan Wang · Fengwan Guo · Licheng Sun · Licheng Sun · Dongsheng Xu · Dongsheng Xu
Hysteresis-Free Lead-Free Double-Perovskite Solar Cells by Interface Engineering Yang Shi · Gen Chen · Fang Liu · Xiujun Yue · Zheng Chen · Zheng Chen
Planar FAPbBr3 Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency above 10 Wen-Hui Cheng · Matthias H. Richter · Matthias M. May · Matthias M. May · Matthias M. May · Jens Ohlmann · David Lackner · Frank Dimroth · Thomas Hannappel · Harry A. Atwater · Hans-Joachim Lewerenz · Hans-Joachim Lewerenz
Resolving the Compositional and Structural Defects of Degraded LiNixCoyMnzO2 Particles to Directly Regenerate High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes Zhuo Cheng · Deven S. Baser · Sourabh G. Nadgouda · Lang Qin · Jonathan A. Fan · Liang-Shih Fan · Liang-Shih Fan
Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Device for Direct Water Splitting with 19% Efficiency Caleb C. Boyd · Rongrong Cheacharoen · Kevin A. Bush · Rohit Prasanna · Tomas Leijtens · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
C2 Selectivity Enhancement in Chemical Looping Oxidative Coupling of Methane over a Mg–Mn Composite Oxygen Carrier by Li-Doping-Induced Oxygen Vacancies Qiang Fu · Tao Wu · Gang Fu · Tangling Gao · Jiecai Han · Tai Yao · Yumin Zhang · Wenwu Zhong · Xianjie Wang · Bo Song · Bo Song
Tantalum oxide electron-selective heterocontacts for silicon photovoltaics and photoelectrochemical water reduction Ruizheng Zhao · Mengqiao Wang · Danyang Zhao · Hui Li · Chengxiang Wang · Longwei Yin · Longwei Yin
Current Status and Challenges in Printed Batteries: Toward Form Factor-Free, Monolithic Integrated Power Sources Tyler S. Hernandez · Christopher J. Barile · Michael T. Strand · Teresa E. Dayrit · Daniel J. Slotcavage · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Molecular-Level Heterostructures Assembled from Titanium Carbide MXene and Ni–Co–Al Layered Double-Hydroxide Nanosheets for All-Solid-State Flexible Asymmetric High-Energy Supercapacitors Divyaraj Desai · Eugene S Beh · Saroj Kumar Sahu · Vedasri Vedharathinam · Quentin van Overmeere · Charles-François de Lannoy · Arun Jose · Armin R. Volkel · Jessy L.B. Rivest · Jessy L.B. Rivest
Bistable Black Electrochromic Windows Based on the Reversible Metal Electrodeposition of Bi and Cu Johan Hofkens · Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
New Insights on Graphite Anode Stability in Rechargeable Batteries: Li Ion Coordination Structures Prevail over Solid Electrolyte Interphases Xia Long · He Lin · Dan Zhou · Yiming An · Shihe Yang · Shihe Yang
Four-Terminal All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells Achieving Power Conversion Efficiencies Exceeding 23% Sheng Chu · Srinivas Vanka · Srinivas Vanka · Yichen Wang · Jiseok Gim · Yongjie Wang · Yong Ho Ra · Robert Hovden · Hong Guo · Ishiang Shih · Zetian Mi · Zetian Mi
Enhancing Full Water-Splitting Performance of Transition Metal Bifunctional Electrocatalysts in Alkaline Solutions by Tailoring CeO2–Transition Metal Oxides–Ni Nanointerfaces Jie Xiong · Jing Li · Jiawei Shi · Xinlei Zhang · Nian-Tzu Suen · Zhao Liu · Yunjie Huang · Guoxiao Xu · Weiwei Cai · Xinrong Lei · Ligang Feng · Zehui Yang · Liang Huang · Hansong Cheng · Hansong Cheng
Solar Water Oxidation by an InGaN Nanowire Photoanode with a Bandgap of 1.7 eV Shuo Zhao · Renxi Jin · Rongchao Jin · Rongchao Jin
In Situ Engineering of Double-Phase Interface in Mo/Mo2C Heteronanosheets for Boosted Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Lin Chen · Filippo De Angelis · Song Jin · Yang-Kook Sun · Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Opportunities and Challenges in CO2 Reduction by Gold- and Silver-Based Electrocatalysts: From Bulk Metals to Nanoparticles and Atomically Precise Nanoclusters Chang Woo Myung · Saqib Javaid · Kwang S. Kim · Geunsik Lee · Geunsik Lee
Energy Research Outlook. What to Look for in 2018 Jun Mao · Yixuan Wu · Shaowei Song · Qing Zhu · Jing Shuai · Zihang Liu · Yanzhong Pei · Zhifeng Ren · Zhifeng Ren
Rashba–Dresselhaus Effect in Inorganic/Organic Lead Iodide Perovskite Interfaces Korina Kuhar · Mohnish Pandey · Kristian Sommer Thygesen · Karsten Wedel Jacobsen · Karsten Wedel Jacobsen
High-Throughput Computational Assessment of Previously Synthesized Semiconductors for Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Devices Kangli Xu · Xiaojing Liu · Jianwen Liang · Jinyan Cai · Kailong Zhang · Yue Lu · Xun Wu · Maogen Zhu · Yun Liu · Yongchun Zhu · Gongming Wang · Yitai Qian · Yitai Qian
Modeling the Interaction of Molecular Iodine with MAPbI3: A Probe of Lead-Halide Perovskites Defect Chemistry Jonas Scholz · Buğra Kayaalp · Anika C. Juhl · Daniel Clemens · Michael Fröba · Simone Mascotto · Simone Mascotto
Manipulating the Redox Kinetics of Li–S Chemistry by Tellurium Doping for Improved Li–S Batteries Naveen R. Venkatesan · John G. Labram · Michael L. Chabinyc · Michael L. Chabinyc
Severe Loss of Confined Sulfur in Nanoporous Carbon for Li–S Batteries under Wetting Conditions Daniel P. Leonard · Zhixuan Wei · Gang Chen · Fei Du · Xiulei Ji · Xiulei Ji
Charge-Carrier Dynamics and Crystalline Texture of Layered Ruddlesden–Popper Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite Thin Films Sharad B. Patil · Hyeon Jin Kim · Hyung Kyu Lim · Seung Mi Oh · Jiheon Kim · Jaeho Shin · Hyungjun Kim · Jang Wook Choi · Seong-Ju Hwang · Seong-Ju Hwang
Water-in-Salt Electrolyte for Potassium-Ion Batteries Won-Jin Kwak · Langli Luo · Hun Gi Jung · Chongmin Wang · Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Exfoliated 2D Lepidocrocite Titanium Oxide Nanosheets for High Sulfur Content Cathodes with Highly Stable Li–S Battery Performance Fu Sun · Markus Osenberg · Kang Dong · Dong Zhou · André Hilger · Charl J. Jafta · Sebastian Risse · Yan Lu · Henning Markötter · Ingo Manke · Ingo Manke
Revealing the Reaction Mechanism of Na-O2 Batteries using Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy James Bullock · James Bullock · Yimao Wan · Yimao Wan · Yimao Wan · Zhaoran Xu · Zhaoran Xu · Stephanie Essig · Mark Hettick · Mark Hettick · Hanchen Wang · Hanchen Wang · Wenbo Ji · Wenbo Ji · Mathieu Boccard · Andres Cuevas · Christophe Ballif · Ali Javey · Ali Javey · Ali Javey
Correlating Morphological Evolution of Li Electrodes with Degrading Electrochemical Performance of Li/LiCoO2 and Li/S Battery Systems: Investigated by Synchrotron X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography Rusha Chatterjee · Ilia M. Pavlovetc · Kyle Aleshire · Gregory V. Hartland · Masaru Kuno · Masaru Kuno
Stable Dopant-Free Asymmetric Heterocontact Silicon Solar Cells with Efficiencies above 20% Choong Sun Kim · Hyeong Man Yang · Jinseok Lee · Gyu Soup Lee · Hyeongdo Choi · Yongjun Kim · Se Hwan Lim · Seong Hwan Cho · Byung Jin Cho · Byung Jin Cho
Subdiffraction Infrared Imaging of Mixed Cation Perovskites: Probing Local Cation Heterogeneities Xin Song · Nicola Gasparini · Long Ye · Huifeng Yao · Jianhui Hou · Harald Ade · Derya Baran · Derya Baran
Self-Powered Wearable Electrocardiography Using a Wearable Thermoelectric Power Generator Kowsik Sambath Kumar · Nitin Choudhary · Yeonwoong Jung · Jayan Thomas · Jayan Thomas
Controlling Blend Morphology for Ultrahigh Current Density in Nonfullerene Acceptor-Based Organic Solar Cells Kevin A. Bush · Kyle Frohna · Kyle Frohna · Rohit Prasanna · Rachel E. Beal · Tomas Leijtens · Simon A. Swifter · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Modules by Scalable Fabrication and Interconnection Optimization Dewei Zhao · Changlei Wang · Zhaoning Song · Yue Yu · Cong Chen · Xingzhong Zhao · Kai Zhu · Yanfa Yan · Yanfa Yan
Effect of Cs on the Stability and Photovoltaic Performance of 2D/3D Perovskite-Based Solar Cells Jun Ming · Zhen Cao · Wandi Wahyudi · Mengliu Li · Pushpendra Kumar · Yingqiang Wu · Jang-Yeon Hwang · Mohamed N. Hedhili · Luigi Cavallo · Yang-Kook Sun · Lain-Jong Li · Lain-Jong Li
Operando Synchrotron Measurement of Strain Evolution in Individual Alloying Anode Particles within Lithium Batteries Mengjin Yang · Dong Hoe Kim · Talysa R. Klein · Zhen Li · Matthew O. Reese · Bertrand J. Tremolet de Villers · Joseph J. Berry · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest · Kai Zhu · Kai Zhu
Original Core–Shell Structure of Cubic [email protected] CsPbBrx Perovskite Quantum Dots with a High Blue Photoluminescence Quantum Yield of over 80% Michael C. Brennan · Sergiu Draguta · Prashant V. Kamat · Masaru Kuno · Masaru Kuno
Electrochemical Desalination of Seawater and Hypersaline Brines with Coupled Electricity Storage Sumit Verma · Sumit Verma · Yuki Hamasaki · ChaeRin Kim · Wenxin Huang · Shawn Lu · Huei Ru Molly Jhong · Huei Ru Molly Jhong · Andrew A. Gewirth · Andrew A. Gewirth · Tsuyohiko Fujigaya · Naotoshi Nakashima · Paul J. A. Kenis · Paul J. A. Kenis · Paul J. A. Kenis
Insights into the Low Overpotential Electroreduction of CO2 to CO on a Supported Gold Catalyst in an Alkaline Flow Electrolyzer Lu Ma · Dongzhou Zhang · Yifei Yuan · Tianpin Wu · Jun Lu · Khalil Amine · Khalil Amine
Electrochemical Lithium Doping Induced Property Changes In Halide Perovskite CsPbBr3 Crystal Ming Gang Ju · Min Chen · Yuanyuan Zhou · Hector F. Garces · Jun Dai · Liang Ma · Nitin P. Padture · Xiao Cheng Zeng · Xiao Cheng Zeng
High-Capacity Sodium Peroxide Based Na–O2 Batteries with Low Charge Overpotential via a Nanostructured Catalytic Cathode Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl · E. Tomas Barraza · Andrew Barrette · Kenan Gundogdu · Adrienne D. Stiff-Roberts · David B. Mitzi · David B. Mitzi
Earth-Abundant Nontoxic Titanium(IV)-based Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Halides with Tunable 1.0 to 1.8 eV Bandgaps for Photovoltaic Applications Ann L. Greenaway · Jason W. Boucher · Sebastian Z. Oener · Christopher J. Funch · Shannon W. Boettcher · Shannon W. Boettcher
MAPbI3 Solar Cells with Absorber Deposited by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation Wen Li · Yixuan Wu · Siqi Lin · Zhiwei Chen · Juan Li · Xinyue Zhang · Linglang Zheng · Yanzhong Pei · Yanzhong Pei
Synergetic Contribution of Boron and Fe–Nx Species in Porous Carbons toward Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Danielle A. Salvatore · David M. Weekes · Jingfu He · Kevan E. Dettelbach · Yuguang C. Li · Thomas E. Mallouk · Curtis P. Berlinguette · Curtis P. Berlinguette
Enthusiastic Discussions on Halide Perovskite Materials beyond Photovoltaics at Sungkyun International Solar Forum 2017 (SISF2017) Shixun Wang · Chenghao Bi · Jifeng Yuan · Linxing Zhang · Jianjun Tian · Jianjun Tian
Electrolysis of Gaseous CO2 to CO in a Flow Cell with a Bipolar Membrane Bettina Schafzahl · Eléonore Mourad · Lukas Schafzahl · Yann K. Petit · Anjana R. Raju · Musthafa Ottakam Thotiyl · Martin Wilkening · Christian Slugovc · Stefan A. Freunberger · Stefan A. Freunberger
Quantifying Total Superoxide, Peroxide, and Carbonaceous Compounds in Metal–O2 Batteries and the Solid Electrolyte Interphase Zongkui Kou · Beibei Guo · Daping He · Jian Zhang · Shichun Mu · Shichun Mu
Extremely Stable Sodium Metal Batteries Enabled by Localized High-Concentration Electrolytes Lior Iagher · Lioz Etgar · Lioz Etgar
Light-Induced Anion Phase Segregation in Mixed Halide Perovskites Giulia Longo · Cristina Momblona · Maria-Grazia La-Placa · Lidón Gil-Escrig · Michele Sessolo · Henk J. Bolink · Henk J. Bolink
Transforming Two-Dimensional Boron Carbide into Boron and Chlorine Dual-Doped Carbon Nanotubes by Chlorination for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Xiaowen Yu · Jun Zhao · Li-Rong Zheng · Yue Tong · Miao Zhang · Guochuang Xu · Chun Li · Jing Ma · Gaoquan Shi · Gaoquan Shi
Fully Vacuum-Processed Wide Band Gap Mixed-Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Yihao Zhou · Donghyeop Shin · Edgard Ngaboyamahina · Qiwei Han · Charles B. Parker · David B. Mitzi · Jeffrey T. Glass · Jeffrey T. Glass
Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media: Alpha- or Beta-Nickel Hydroxide on the Surface of Platinum? David Kiefer · Alexander Giovannitti · Hengda Sun · Till Biskup · Anna I. Hofmann · Marten Koopmans · Camila Cendra · Stefan Weber · L. Jan Anton Koster · Eva Olsson · Jonathan Rivnay · Simone Fabiano · Iain McCulloch · Christian Müller · Christian Müller
Efficient and Stable Pt/TiO2/CdS/Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Photocathode for Water Electrolysis Applications Tanmay Banerjee · Kerstin Gottschling · Gökcen Savasci · Christian Ochsenfeld · Bettina V. Lotsch · Bettina V. Lotsch
Enhanced n-Doping Efficiency of a Naphthalenediimide-Based Copolymer through Polar Side Chains for Organic Thermoelectrics Abhishek Swarnkar · Wasim J. Mir · Angshuman Nag · Angshuman Nag
H2 Evolution with Covalent Organic Framework Photocatalysts Anirban Dutta · Sumit K. Dutta · Samrat Das Adhikari · Narayan C. Pradhan · Narayan C. Pradhan
Can B-Site Doping or Alloying Improve Thermal- and Phase-Stability of All-Inorganic CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) Perovskites? Jianming Zheng · Shuru Chen · Wengao Zhao · Junhua Song · Mark H. Engelhard · Ji-Guang Zhang · Ji-Guang Zhang
Tuning the Size of CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals: All at One Constant Temperature Francisco Javier Quintero Cortes · Matthew G. Boebinger · Michael Xu · Andrew Ulvestad · Matthew T. McDowell · Matthew T. McDowell
Single-Atom Catalysts for Electrochemical Water Splitting Yu-Hsien Chiang · Hsien-Hsin Chou · Wei-Ting Cheng · Yun-Ru Li · Chen-Yu Yeh · Peter Chen · Peter Chen
Activating Kläui-Type Organometallic Precursors at Metal Oxide Surfaces for Enhanced Solar Water Oxidation Maoxu Wang · Lishuang Fan · Da Tian · Xian Wu · Yue Qiu · Chenyang Zhao · Bin Guan · Yan Wang · Naiqing Zhang · Kening Sun · Kening Sun
Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of FASnI3-Based Perovskite Solar Cells with Hydrazinium Chloride Coadditive Chengzhou Zhu · Chengzhou Zhu · Qiurong Shi · Shuo Feng · Dan Du · Dan Du · Yuehe Lin · Yuehe Lin
Highly Crystalline Methylammonium Lead Tribromide Perovskite Films for Efficient Photovoltaic Devices Yuanjun Shao · Yuanjun Shao · Hongchun Wang · Zhengliang Gong · Da-Wei Wang · Bizhu Zheng · Jianping Zhu · Yaxiang Lu · Yong-Sheng Hu · Xiangxin Guo · Hong Li · Xuejie Huang · Yong Yang · Ce-Wen Nan · Liquan Chen · Liquan Chen
Correction toIdentification of Killer Defects in Kesterite Thin-Film Solar Cells Wouter Vijselaar · Roald M. Tiggelaar · Han Gardeniers · Jurriaan Huskens · Jurriaan Huskens
Efficient and Stable Silicon Microwire Photocathodes with a Nickel Silicide Interlayer for Operation in Strongly Alkaline Solutions Xiao Liu · Xiao Liu · Yanbo Wang · Fengxian Xie · Xudong Yang · Liyuan Han · Liyuan Han · Liyuan Han
Improving the Performance of Inverted Formamidinium Tin Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells by Reducing the Energy-Level Mismatch Filippo De Angelis · Filippo De Angelis
Perovskite Solar Cells in the Public Domain as the Community Gears Up for Technical Advances Avik Halder · Hsien-Hau Wang · Kah Chun Lau · Rajeev S. Assary · Jun Lu · Stefan Vajda · Khalil Amine · Khalil Amine · Larry A. Curtiss · Larry A. Curtiss
Identification and Implications of Lithium Superoxide in Li–O2 Batteries Kazuhiro Sayama · Kazuhiro Sayama
Production of High-Value-Added Chemicals on Oxide Semiconductor Photoanodes under Visible Light for Solar Chemical-Conversion Processes Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
A Conversation with Sharon Hammes-Schiffer Shin-Ae Park · Kyu-Su Kim · Yong-Tae Kim · Yong-Tae Kim
Electrochemically Activated Iridium Oxide Black as Promising Electrocatalyst Having High Activity and Stability for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Sarah M. Rehn · Matthew R. Jones · Matthew R. Jones
New Strategies for Probing Energy Systems with In Situ Liquid-Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy Taesoo Kim · Yuliar Firdaus · Ahmad R. Kirmani · Ru-Ze Liang · Hanlin Hu · Mengxia Liu · Abdulrahman El Labban · Sjoerd Hoogland · Pierre M. Beaujuge · Edward H. Sargent · Aram Amassian · Aram Amassian
Hybrid Tandem Quantum Dot/Organic Solar Cells with Enhanced Photocurrent and Efficiency via Ink and Interlayer Engineering Xuesi Wang · Yihan Zhu · Anthony Vasileff · Yan Jiao · Shuangming Chen · Li Song · Bin Zheng · Yao Zheng · Shi Zhang Qiao · Shi Zhang Qiao
Strain Effect in Bimetallic Electrocatalysts in the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Sean P. Dunfield · Sean P. Dunfield · David T. Moore · Talysa R. Klein · David M. Fabian · David M. Fabian · Jeffrey A. Christians · Alex Dixon · Alex Dixon · Benjia Dou · Benjia Dou · Shane Ardo · Matthew C. Beard · Sean E. Shaheen · Joseph J. Berry · Joseph J. Berry · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest
Curtailing Perovskite Processing Limitations via Lamination at the Perovskite/Perovskite Interface Philip Schulz · Philip Schulz · Philip Schulz
Interface Design for Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Huaixin Wang · Na Yang · Wei Li · Wei Ding · Ke Chen · Jing Li · Li Li · Jianchuan Wang · Jinxia Jiang · Fengqiu Jia · Zidong Wei · Zidong Wei
Understanding the Roles of Nitrogen Configurations in Hydrogen Evolution: Trace Atomic Cobalt Boosts the Activity of Planar Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Ming Ma · Kai Liu · Jie Shen · Recep Kas · Wilson A. Smith · Wilson A. Smith
In Situ Fabrication and Reactivation of Highly Selective and Stable Ag Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Conversion Urcan Guler · Yanan Li · Anthony Rea · E. K. Tanyi · Yoonseob Kim · M. A. Noginov · Yanlin Song · Alexandra Boltasseva · Vladimir M. Shalaev · Nicholas A. Kotov · Nicholas A. Kotov
Plasmonic Biomimetic Nanocomposite with Spontaneous Subwavelength Structuring as Broadband Absorbers Samrat Das Adhikari · Anirban Dutta · Sumit K. Dutta · Narayan Pradhan · Narayan Pradhan
Layered Perovskites L2(Pb1-xMnx)Cl4 to Mn Doped CsPbCl3 Perovskite Platelets Kevin A. Bush · Nicholas Rolston · Aryeh Gold-Parker · Aryeh Gold-Parker · Salman Manzoor · Jakob Häusele · Zhengshan J. Yu · James A. Raiford · Rongrong Cheacharoen · Zachary C. Holman · Michael F. Toney · Reinhold H. Dauskardt · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Controlling Thin-Film Stress and Wrinkling during Perovskite Film Formation Ambra Pisanu · Arup Mahata · Edoardo Mosconi · M. Patrini · Paolo Quadrelli · Chiara Milanese · Filippo De Angelis · Lorenzo Malavasi · Lorenzo Malavasi
Exploring the Limits of Three-Dimensional Perovskites: The Case of FAPb1–xSnxBr3 Manoj K. Jana · Kanishka Biswas · Kanishka Biswas
Crystalline Solids with Intrinsically Low Lattice Thermal Conductivity for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Ryan J. Stoddard · Adharsh Rajagopal · Ray L. Palmer · Ian L. Braly · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Hugh W. Hillhouse · Hugh W. Hillhouse
Enhancing Defect Tolerance and Phase Stability of High-Bandgap Perovskites via Guanidinium Alloying Bryan H. R. Suryanto · Colin Kang · Dabin Wang · Changlong Xiao · Fengling Zhou · Luis Miguel Azofra · Luigi Cavallo · Xinyi Zhang · Douglas R. MacFarlane · Douglas R. MacFarlane
Phosphorus: An Anode of Choice for Sodium-Ion Batteries Sunghyun Kim · Ji-Sang Park · Aron Walsh · Aron Walsh
Extended Absorption Window and Improved Stability of Cesium-Based Triple-Cation Perovskite Solar Cells Passivated with Perfluorinated Organics Jiangfeng Ni · Liang Li · Jun Lu · Jun Lu
Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements in Perovskite Solar Cells: Device Stability and Noise Reduction K. M.Muhammed Salim · Teck Ming Koh · Damodaran Bahulayan · Padinhare Cholakkal Harikesh · Nur Fadilah Jamaludin · Benny Febriansyah · Annalisa Bruno · Subodh G. Mhaisalkar · Nripan Mathews · Nripan Mathews
pH-Dependent Catalytic Reaction Pathway for Water Splitting at the BiVO4–Water Interface from the Band Alignment Maha A. Alamoudi · Jafar I. Khan · Yuliar Firdaus · Kai Wang · Denis Andrienko · Pierre M. Beaujuge · Frédéric Laquai · Frédéric Laquai
Low-Temperature Nb-Doped SnO2 Electron-Selective Contact Yields over 20% Efficiency in Planar Perovskite Solar Cells Prashant V. Kamat · Song Jin · Song Jin
Semiconductor Photocatalysis:Tell Us the Complete Story! Annemie Bogaerts · Erik C. Neyts · Erik C. Neyts
Plasma Technology: An Emerging Technology for Energy Storage Jason A. Varnell · James S. Sotiropoulos · Therese M. Brown · Kiran Subedi · Richard T. Haasch · Charles E. Schulz · Andrew A. Gewirth · Andrew A. Gewirth · Andrew A. Gewirth
Revealing the Role of the Metal in Non-Precious-Metal Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction via Selective Removal of Fe Chao Han · Gangjian Tan · Tony Varghese · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Yanliang Zhang · Yanliang Zhang
High-Performance PbTe Thermoelectric Films by Scalable and Low-Cost Printing Muhammad Awais Abbas · Prashant V. Kamat · Jin Ho Bang · Jin Ho Bang
Thiolated Gold Nanoclusters for Light Energy Conversion Mingjun Bao · Ibrahim Saana Amiinu · Tao Peng · Wenqiang Li · Shaojun Liu · Zhe Wang · Zonghua Pu · Daping He · Yuli Xiong · Shichun Mu · Shichun Mu
Surface Evolution of PtCu Alloy Shell over Pd Nanocrystals Leads to Superior Hydrogen Evolution and Oxygen Reduction Reactions Lihao Han · Wu Zhou · Chengxiang Xiang · Chengxiang Xiang
High-Rate Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Monoxide to Ethylene Using Cu-Nanoparticle-Based Gas Diffusion Electrodes Yang Zhao · Xueliang Sun · Xueliang Sun
Molecular Layer Deposition for Energy Conversion and Storage Francesco Ambrosio · Julia Wiktor · Alfredo Pasquarello · Alfredo Pasquarello
Impact of Nonfullerene Acceptor Core Structure on the Photophysics and Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells Xiaoyan Cai · Liang Mao · Songqiu Yang · Keli Han · Junying Zhang · Junying Zhang
Pyridinic-N-Dominated Doped Defective Graphene as a Superior Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Ultrahigh-Energy-Density Zn–Air Batteries Didac Pitarch-Tena · Thi Tuyen Ngo · Marta Vallés-Pelarda · Thierry Pauporté · Iván Mora-Seró · Iván Mora-Seró
Ultrafast Charge Separation for Full Solar Spectrum-Activated Photocatalytic H2 Generation in a Black Phosphorus–Au–CdS Heterostructure Md. Shahinul Islam · Minho Kim · Xiaoyan Jin · Seung Mi Oh · Nam-Suk Lee · Hyungjun Kim · Seong-Ju Hwang · Seong-Ju Hwang
Bifunctional 2D Superlattice Electrocatalysts of Layered Double Hydroxide–Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Active for Overall Water Splitting Qing-Qing Ye · Zhao-Kui Wang · Meng Li · Cong-Cong Zhang · Ke-Hao Hu · Liang-Sheng Liao · Liang-Sheng Liao
N-Type Doping of Fullerenes for Planar Perovskite Solar Cells Bo He · Bin Yang · Matthew A. Kolaczkowski · Christopher A. Anderson · Liana M. Klivansky · Teresa L. Chen · Michael A. Brady · Yi Liu · Yi Liu
Molecular Engineering for Large Open-Circuit Voltage and Low Energy Loss in Around 10% Non-fullerene Organic Photovoltaics Fengyu Shen · Marm Dixit · Xianghui Xiao · Kelsey B. Hatzell · Kelsey B. Hatzell
Effect of Pore Connectivity on Li Dendrite Propagation within LLZO Electrolytes Observed with Synchrotron X-ray Tomography Yuljae Cho · Bo Hou · Jongchul Lim · Sanghyo Lee · Sangyeon Pak · John Hong · Paul Giraud · A-Rang Jang · Young-Woo Lee · Young-Woo Lee · Juwon Lee · Jae Eun Jang · Henry J. Snaith · Stephen M. Morris · Jung Inn Sohn · Jung Inn Sohn · SeungNam Cha · Jong Min Kim · Jong Min Kim
Balancing Charge Carrier Transport in a Quantum Dot P–N Junction toward Hysteresis-Free High-Performance Solar Cells Kelsey R. Brereton · Annabell G. Bonn · Alexander J. M. Miller · Alexander J. M. Miller
Molecular Photoelectrocatalysts for Light-Driven Hydrogen Production Vikash Kumar Ravi · Rebecca A. Scheidt · Angshuman Nag · Masaru Kuno · Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
To Exchange or Not to Exchange. Suppressing Anion Exchange in Cesium Lead Halide Perovskites with PbSO4–Oleate Capping Selwyn Hanselman · Marc T. M. Koper · Federico Calle-Vallejo · Federico Calle-Vallejo
Computational Comparison of Late Transition Metal (100) Surfaces for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO to C2 Species James Roscow · Chris R. Bowen · D. P. Almond · D. P. Almond
Rational Electrode–Electrolyte Design for Efficient Ammonia Electrosynthesis under Ambient Conditions Thomas J. Aldrich · Matthew J. Leonardi · Alexander S. Dudnik · Nicholas D. Eastham · Boris Harutyunyan · Thomas J. Fauvell · Thomas J. Fauvell · Eric F. Manley · Eric F. Manley · Nanjia Zhou · Melanie R. Butler · Tobias Harschneck · Mark A. Ratner · Lin X. Chen · Michael J. Bedzyk · R. P. H. Chang · Ferdinand S. Melkonyan · Antonio Facchetti · Tobin J. Marks · Tobin J. Marks
Drawing a Soft Interface: An Effective Interfacial Modification Strategy for Garnet-Type Solid-State Li Batteries Qingqing Cheng · Kun Mao · Lushan Ma · Lijun Yang · Liangliang Zou · Zhiqing Zou · Zheng Hu · Hui Yang · Hui Yang
Design Principles for Directing Energy and Energetic Charge Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Nanostructures Xiaokang Wan · Lu Wang · Chung-Li Dong · Gabriel Menendez Rodriguez · Yu-Cheng Huang · Alceo Macchioni · Shaohua Shen · Shaohua Shen
Encapsulation of Iron Nitride by Fe–N–C Shell Enabling Highly Efficient Electroreduction of CO2 to CO Shyamashis Das · Somnath Ghara · Priya Mahadevan · A. Sundaresan · J. Gopalakrishnan · D. D. Sarma · D. D. Sarma
Suppression Effect of Small Organic Molecules on Oxygen Reduction Activity of Fe/N/C Catalysts Nikolaos Droseros · Nikolaos Droseros · Giulia Longo · Jan C. Brauer · Michele Sessolo · Henk J. Bolink · Natalie Banerji · Natalie Banerji · Natalie Banerji
Origin of the Enhanced Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in MAPbBr3 Perovskite with Reduced Crystal Size Sigalit Aharon · Malgorzata Wierzbowska · Lioz Etgar · Lioz Etgar
The Effect of the Alkylammonium Ligands Length on Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Nanoparticles Chi Hun Choi · Kyungwha Chung · Trang-T. H. Nguyen · Dong Ha Kim · Dong Ha Kim
Plasmon-Mediated Electrocatalysis for Sustainable Energy: From Electrochemical Conversion of Different Feedstocks to Fuel Cell Reactions Anand S. Subbiah · Nripan Mathews · Subodh G. Mhaisalkar · Shaibal K. Sarkar · Shaibal K. Sarkar
Novel Plasma-Assisted Low-Temperature-Processed SnO2 Thin Films for Efficient Flexible Perovskite Photovoltaics Prashant V. Kamat · Gregory V. Hartland · Gregory V. Hartland
Plasmons for Energy Conversion Xin-Bing Cheng · Chong Yan · Xue-Qiang Zhang · He Liu · Qiang Zhang · Qiang Zhang
Electronic and Ionic Channels in Working Interfaces of Lithium Metal Anodes Dongxiang Luo · Qizan Chen · Yuan Gao · Menglong Zhang · Baiquan Liu · Baiquan Liu · Baiquan Liu
Extremely Simplified, High-Performance, and Doping-Free White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on a Single Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitter Majid Asnavandi · Yichun Yin · Yibing Li · Chenghua Sun · Chuan Zhao · Chuan Zhao
Promoting Oxygen Evolution Reactions through Introduction of Oxygen Vacancies to Benchmark NiFe–OOH Catalysts Biswajit Bhattacharyya · Amit Kumar Simlandy · Arunavo Chakraborty · Guru Pratheep Rajasekar · Nagaphani B. Aetukuri · Santanu Mukherjee · Anshu Pandey · Anshu Pandey
Efficient Photosynthesis of Organics from Aqueous Bicarbonate Ions by Quantum Dots using Visible Light Gilles E. Möhl · Gilles E. Möhl · Ezzeldin Metwalli · Peter Müller-Buschbaum · Peter Müller-Buschbaum
In Operando Small Angle X-ray Scattering Investigation of Nanostructured Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-Ion Batteries Weiping Wang · Baofeng Zhao · Zhiyuan Cong · Yuan Xie · Haimei Wu · Quanbin Liang · Sha Liu · Feng Liu · Chao Gao · Hongbin Wu · Yong Cao · Yong Cao
Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells Based on a Main-Chain Twisted Low-Bandgap Acceptor with Power Conversion Efficiency of 13.2% Alan Taylor Landers · Alan Taylor Landers · Meredith Fields · Meredith Fields · Daniel A. Torelli · Jianping Xiao · Jianping Xiao · Thomas R. Hellstern · Thomas R. Hellstern · Sonja A. Francis · Charlie Tsai · Charlie Tsai · Jakob Kibsgaard · Jakob Kibsgaard · Jakob Kibsgaard · Nathan S. Lewis · Karen Chan · Karen Chan · Christopher Hahn · Christopher Hahn · Thomas F. Jaramillo · Thomas F. Jaramillo · Thomas F. Jaramillo
The Predominance of Hydrogen Evolution on Transition Metal Sulfides and Phosphides under CO2 Reduction Conditions: An Experimental and Theoretical Study David Raciti · Chao Wang · Chao Wang
Recent Advances in CO2 Reduction Electrocatalysis on Copper Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Unsung Heroes of Energy Research Kailong Hu · Tatsuhiko Ohto · Linghan Chen · Jiuhui Han · Mitsuru Wakisaka · Mitsuru Wakisaka · Yuki Nagata · Jun-ichi Fujita · Yoshikazu Ito · Yoshikazu Ito · Yoshikazu Ito
Graphene Layer Encapsulation of Non-Noble Metal Nanoparticles as Acid-Stable Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts Yangyang Huang · Yuheng Zheng · Xiang Li · Felix Adams · Wei Luo · Yunhui Huang · Liangbing Hu · Liangbing Hu
Electrode Materials of Sodium-Ion Batteries toward Practical Application Min Lu · Xiaoyu Zhang · Xue Bai · Hua Wu · Xinyu Shen · Yu Zhang · Wei Zhang · W.T. Zheng · Hongwei Song · William W. Yu · William W. Yu · Andrey L. Rogach · Andrey L. Rogach
Spontaneous Silver Doping and Surface Passivation of CsPbI3 Perovskite Active Layer Enable Light-Emitting Devices with an External Quantum Efficiency of 11.2% Zhao Li · Wenhan Niu · Le Zhou · Yang Yang · Yang Yang
Reduction of CO2 to Chemicals and Fuels: A Solution to Global Warming and Energy Crisis Lanyong Yu · Longfeng Hu · Babak Anasori · Yi-Tao Liu · Qizhen Zhu · Peng Zhang · Yury Gogotsi · Yury Gogotsi · Bin Xu · Bin Xu
Correction toPhosphorus and Aluminum Codoped Porous NiO Nanosheets as Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting Steven Chavez · Umar Aslam · Suljo Linic · Suljo Linic
MXene-Bonded Activated Carbon as a Flexible Electrode for High-Performance Supercapacitors Md. Emrul Kayesh · Md. Emrul Kayesh · Towhid H. Chowdhury · Kiyoto Matsuishi · Ryuji Kaneko · Ryuji Kaneko · Said Kazaoui · Jae-Joon Lee · Takeshi Noda · Ashraful Islam · Ashraful Islam
Recovery of Shallow Charge-Trapping Defects in CsPbX3 Nanocrystals through Specific Binding and Encapsulation with Amino-Functionalized Silanes Yu-Cheng Wang · Yu-Jiao Lai · Li-Yang Wan · Hong Yang · Jiao Dong · Long Huang · Chi Chen · Muhammad Rauf · Zhi-You Zhou · Shi-Gang Sun · Shi-Gang Sun
Quantification of Ionic Diffusion in Lead Halide Perovskite Single Crystals Victoria González-Pedro · Sjoerd A. Veldhuis · Raihana Begum · María-José Bañuls · Annalisa Bruno · Nripan Mathews · Subodh G. Mhaisalkar · Ángel Maquieira · Ángel Maquieira
Evaluating the Stability of Co2P Electrocatalysts in the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction for Both Acidic and Alkaline Electrolytes Wei Peng · Wei Peng · Clara Aranda · Osman M. Bakr · Germà Garcia-Belmonte · Juan Bisquert · Antonio Guerrero · Antonio Guerrero
n-Type Ultrathin Few-Layer Nanosheets of Bi-Doped SnSe: Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties Yanbing Yang · Xiangdong Yang · Linna Fu · Mingchu Zou · Anyuan Cao · Yaping Du · Quan Yuan · Chun-Hua Yan · Chun-Hua Yan · Chun-Hua Yan
Designing a Lower Band Gap Bulk Ferroelectric Material with a Sizable Polarization at Room Temperature Xiaomei Wang · Xiaomei Wang · Hong Wang · Hong Wang · Hefeng Zhang · Hefeng Zhang · Wei Yu · Xiuli Wang · Yue Zhao · Yue Zhao · Xu Zong · Can Li · Can Li
Dynamic Interaction between Methylammonium Lead Iodide and TiO2 Nanocrystals Leads to Enhanced Photocatalytic H2 Evolution from HI Splitting Randi Azmi · Sunbin Hwang · Wenping Yin · Tae-Wook Kim · Tae Kyu Ahn · Sung-Yeon Jang · Sung-Yeon Jang
High Efficiency Low-Temperature Processed Perovskite Solar Cells Integrated with Alkali Metal Doped ZnO Electron Transport Layers Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng · Robert Hahn · Robert Hahn
Attainable Energy Density of Microbatteries Susanne T. Birkhold · Jake T. Precht · Hongbin Liu · Rajiv Giridharagopal · Giles E. Eperon · Lukas Schmidt-Mende · Xiaosong Li · David S. Ginger · David S. Ginger
Interplay of Mobile Ions and Injected Carriers Creates Recombination Centers in Metal Halide Perovskites under Bias Hao Wan · Hao Wan · Renzhi Ma · Xiaohe Liu · Jiangling Pan · Haidong Wang · Shuquan Liang · Guanzhou Qiu · Takayoshi Sasaki · Takayoshi Sasaki
Rare Cobalt-Based Phosphate Nanoribbons with Unique 5-Coordination for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation Fei Zhang · Fei Zhang · Shirong Wang · Hongwei Zhu · Xicheng Liu · Hong-Li Liu · Xianggao Li · Yin Xiao · Shaik Mohammed Zakeeruddin · Michael Grätzel · Michael Grätzel
Impact of Peripheral Groups on Phenothiazine-Based Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells Zijian Hong · Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan · Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
Phase-Field Simulations of Lithium Dendrite Growth with Open-Source Software Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Directions for True Development of Lithium Oxygen Batteries Sushmita Chandra · Ananya Banik · Kanishka Biswas · Kanishka Biswas
Two-Dimensional Flexible Bilayer Janus Membrane for Advanced Photothermal Water Desalination Xiao-Chen Liu · Yao Yang · Jingjie Wu · Miao Liu · Sophia P. Zhou · Barnaby D. A. Levin · Xiao-Dong Zhou · Hengjiang Cong · David A. Muller · Pulickel M. Ajayan · Héctor D. Abruña · Fu-Sheng Ke · Fu-Sheng Ke
Elucidating the Reactivity and Mechanism of CO2 Electroreduction at Highly Dispersed Cobalt Phthalocyanine Yue Zhang · Lu Gao · Emiel J. M. Hensen · Jan P. Hofmann · Jan P. Hofmann
Dynamic Hosts for High-Performance Li–S Batteries Studied by Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy and in Situ X-ray Diffraction Weijun Ke · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Ioannis Spanopoulos · Michelle Chen · Michael R. Wasielewski · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
Diammonium Cations in the FASnI3 Perovskite Structure Lead to Lower Dark Currents and More Efficient Solar Cells Ning Zhang · Ning Zhang · Yang Dong · Ming Jia · Xu Bian · Yuanyuan Wang · Mande Qiu · Jianzhong Xu · Yongchang Liu · Yongchang Liu · Lifang Jiao · Fangyi Cheng · Fangyi Cheng
Rechargeable Aqueous Zn–V2O5 Battery with High Energy Density and Long Cycle Life Dileka Abeysinghe · Sara E. Skrabalak · Sara E. Skrabalak
Toward Shape-Controlled Metal Oxynitride and Nitride Particles for Solar Energy Applications Qun He · Yangyang Wan · Hongliang Jiang · Ziwen Pan · Chuanqiang Wu · Mei Wang · Xiaojun Wu · Bangjiao Ye · Pulickel M. Ajayan · Li Song · Li Song
Nickel Vacancies Boost Reconstruction in Nickel Hydroxide Electrocatalyst Baicheng Weng · Corey R. Grice · Weiwei Meng · Lei Guan · Fenghua Xu · Yue Yu · Changlei Wang · Dewei Zhao · Yanfa Yan · Yanfa Yan
Metal–Organic Framework-Derived [email protected] Composite Nanowire Electrocatalyst for Efficient Water Splitting Jordan Snaider · Zhi Guo · Ti Wang · Mengjin Yang · Long Yuan · Kai Zhu · Libai Huang · Libai Huang
Ultrafast Imaging of Carrier Transport across Grain Boundaries in Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films Ibrahim Dursun · Yangzi Zheng · Tianle Guo · Michele De Bastiani · Bekir Turedi · Lutfan Sinatra · Azimul Haque · Bin Sun · Ayan A. Zhumekenov · Makhsud I. Saidaminov · F. Pelayo García de Arquer · Edward H. Sargent · Tom Wu · Tom Wu · Yuri N. Gartstein · Osman M. Bakr · Omar F. Mohammed · Anton V. Malko · Anton V. Malko
Efficient Photon Recycling and Radiation Trapping in Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Waveguides Koen H. Hendriks · Christo S. Sevov · Monique E. Cook · Melanie S. Sanford · Melanie S. Sanford
A One-Dimensional Organic Lead Chloride Hybrid with Excitation-Dependent Broadband Emissions Minghui Zhu · Ruquan Ye · Kyoungsuk Jin · Nikifar Lazouski · Karthish Manthiram · Karthish Manthiram
Recent Advances in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Supercapacitor Electrode Applications Sunghyun Kim · Ji-Sang Park · Aron Walsh · Aron Walsh · Aron Walsh
A Conversation with Frans C. De Schryver Qinglong Jiang · Xiaoqiao Zeng · Ning Wang · Zhili Xiao · Zhanhu Guo · Jun Lu · Jun Lu
Identification of Killer Defects in Kesterite Thin-Film Solar Cells Matthew R. Bergren · Nikolay S. Makarov · Karthik Ramasamy · Aaron Jackson · Robert Guglielmetti · Hunter McDaniel · Hunter McDaniel
Unconventional Relation between Charge Transport and Photocurrent via Boosting Small Polaron Hopping for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Jianghui Zheng · Hamid Mehrvarz · Fa-Jun Ma · Cho Fai Jonathan Lau · Martin A. Green · Shujuan Huang · Anita Ho-Baillie · Anita Ho-Baillie
Stability in Perovskite Photovoltaics: A Paradigm for Newfangled Technologies Kevin A. Bush · Salman Manzoor · Kyle Frohna · Kyle Frohna · Zhengshan Jason Yu · James A. Raiford · Axel F. Palmstrom · Hsin-Ping Wang · Rohit Prasanna · Stacey F. Bent · Zachary C. Holman · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Bistacked Titanium Carbide (MXene) Anodes for Hybrid Sodium-Ion Capacitors Thomas R. Hopper · Andrei Gorodetsky · Jarvist M. Frost · Jarvist M. Frost · Christian Müller · Robert Lovrincic · Artem A. Bakulin · Artem A. Bakulin
Minimizing Current and Voltage Losses to Reach 25%-Efficient Monolithic Two-Terminal Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Baorui Xia · Tongtong Wang · Xingdong Jiang · Tongmin Zhang · Jun Li · Wen Xiao · Pinxian Xi · Daqiang Gao · Desheng Xue · Jun Ding · Jun Ding
Ultrafast Intraband Spectroscopy of Hot-Carrier Cooling in Lead-Halide Perovskites Eytan Avigad · Lioz Etgar · Lioz Etgar
Ar2+ Beam Irradiation-Induced Multivancancies in MoSe2 Nanosheet for Enhanced Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Xiangjiu Guan · Xiangjiu Guan · Faqrul Alam Chowdhury · Yongjie Wang · Nick Pant · Nick Pant · Srinivas Vanka · Srinivas Vanka · Michel Trudeau · Liejin Guo · Lionel Vayssieres · Zetian Mi · Zetian Mi · Zetian Mi
Studying the Effect of MoO3 in Hole-conductor-free Perovskite Solar Cells Daniel Ramirez · Kelly Schutt · Zhiping Wang · Andrew J. Pearson · Edoardo Ruggeri · Henry J. Snaith · Samuel D. Stranks · Franklin Jaramillo · Franklin Jaramillo
Making of an Industry-Friendly Artificial Photosynthesis Device Min-Sang Song · Min-Sang Song · Geewoo Chang · Daewoong Jung · Moon-Seok Kwon · Moon-Seok Kwon · Ping Li · Ping Li · Jun-Hwan Ku · Jae-Man Choi · Kan Zhang · Kan Zhang · Gi-Ra Yi · Yi Cui · Yi Cui · Jong Hyeok Park · Jong Hyeok Park
Layered Mixed Tin–Lead Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells with High Stability Ghada H. Ahmed · Jehad K. El-Demellawi · Jun Yin · Jun Pan · Dhinesh Babu Velusamy · Mohamed N. Hedhili · Erkki Alarousu · Osman M. Bakr · Husam N. Alshareef · Omar F. Mohammed · Omar F. Mohammed
Strategy for Boosting Li-Ion Current in Silicon Nanoparticles Rahman Daiyan · Xin Tan · Rui Chen · Wibawa Hendra Saputera · Hassan Tahini · Emma Lovell · Yun Hau Ng · Sean C. Smith · Liming Dai · Liming Dai · Xunyu Lu · Rose Amal · Rose Amal
Giant Photoluminescence Enhancement in CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystals by Simultaneous Dual-Surface Passivation Xihan Chen · Haipeng Lu · Zhen Li · Yaxin Zhai · Paul F. Ndione · Joseph J. Berry · Kai Zhu · Ye Yang · Matthew C. Beard · Matthew C. Beard
Electroreduction of CO2 to CO on a Mesoporous Carbon Catalyst with Progressively Removed Nitrogen Moieties R. Geetha Balakrishna · R. Geetha Balakrishna · Steven M. Kobosko · Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Impact of Layer Thickness on the Charge Carrier and Spin Coherence Lifetime in Two-Dimensional Layered Perovskite Single Crystals Wenrui Zhang · Feng Wu · Jun Li · Danhua Yan · Jing Tao · Yuan Ping · Mingzhao Liu · Mingzhao Liu
Mixed Halide Perovskite Solar Cells. Consequence of Iodide Treatment on Phase Segregation Recovery Quan Li · Hongyi Pan · Wenjun Li · Yi Wang · Junyang Wang · Jieyun Zheng · Xiqian Yu · Hong Li · Liquan Chen · Liquan Chen
Homogeneous Interface Conductivity for Lithium Dendrite Free Anode Michael R. Nellist · Jingjing Qiu · Forrest A. L. Laskowski · Francesca M. Toma · Shannon W. Boettcher · Shannon W. Boettcher
In Situ Passivation of PbBr64– Octahedra toward Blue Luminescent CsPbBr3 Nanoplatelets with Near 100% Absolute Quantum Yield Jeffrey A. Christians · Severin N. Habisreutinger · Joseph J. Berry · Joseph M. Luther · Joseph M. Luther
21.8% Efficient Monolithic Perovskite/Homo-Junction-Silicon Tandem Solar Cell on 16 cm2 Qian Xiang · Fan Li · Wenlong Chen · Yanling Ma · Yi Wu · Xin Gu · Yong Qin · Peng Tao · Chengyi Song · Wen Shang · Hong Zhu · Tao Deng · Jianbo Wu · Jianbo Wu
Potential-Sensing Electrochemical AFM Shows CoPi as a Hole Collector and Oxygen Evolution Catalyst on BiVO4 Water-Splitting Photoanodes Xiaohua Zhao · Brian Pattengale · Donghua Fan · Zehua Zou · Yongqing Zhao · Jing Du · Jier Huang · Cailing Xu · Cailing Xu
In Situ Vertical Growth of Fe–Ni Layered Double-Hydroxide Arrays on Fe–Ni Alloy Foil: Interfacial Layer Enhanced Electrocatalyst with Small Overpotential for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Caixing Wang · Zhen Yang · Yanrong Wang · Peiyang Zhao · Wen Yan · Guoyin Zhu · Lianbo Ma · Bo Yu · Lei Wang · Guigen Li · Guigen Li · Jie Liu · Jie Liu · Zhong Jin · Zhong Jin
Mixed-Node Metal–Organic Frameworks as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Xie Zhang · Jimmy-Xuan Shen · Wennie Wang · Chris G. Van de Walle · Chris G. Van de Walle
High-Performance Alkaline Organic Redox Flow Batteries Based on 2-Hydroxy-3-Carboxy-1,4-Naphthoquinone Jeffrey A. Christians · Jeffrey A. Christians · Fei Zhang · Rosemary C Bramante · Matthew O. Reese · Tracy H. Schloemer · Alan Sellinger · Alan Sellinger · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest · Kai Zhu · Joseph J. Berry · Joseph M. Luther · Joseph M. Luther
First-Principles Analysis of Radiative Recombination in Lead-Halide Perovskites Katherine J. Lee · Jillian L. Dempsey · Jillian L. Dempsey
Stability at Scale: The Challenges of Durable Module Interconnects for Perovskite Photovoltaics Chang Ki Moon · Hyun-Jae Lee · Kern Ho Park · Hiram Kwak · Jongwook W. Heo · Keunsu Choi · Hyemi Yang · Maengsuk Kim · Seung-Tae Hong · Jun Hee Lee · Yoon Seok Jung · Yoon Seok Jung
PCET2018 Highlights: Proton-Coupled Electron Transfers for Energy Conversion Strategies Ximeng Liu · Wenjie Zang · Cao Guan · Lei Zhang · Yuhong Qian · Abdelnaby M. Elshahawy · Dan Zhao · Stephen J. Pennycook · John Wang · John Wang
Vacancy-Driven Na+ Superionic Conduction in New Ca-doped Na3PS4 for All-Solid-State Na-ion Batteries Nie Riming · Bohyung Kim · Seung-Tack Hong · Sang Il Seok · Sang Il Seok
Ni-Doped Cobalt–Cobalt Nitride Heterostructure Arrays for High-Power Supercapacitors Fan Wu · Rajesh Pathak · Ke Chen · Guiqiang Wang · Guiqiang Wang · Behzad Bahrami · Wen-Hua Zhang · Qiquan Qiao · Qiquan Qiao
Nanostructured Heterojunction Solar Cells Based on Pb2SbS2I3: Linking Lead Halide Perovskites and Metal Chalcogenides Jun Peng · Jun Peng · Daniel Walter · Jin Xiang · Heping Shen · Dipankar Chugh · Mark N. Lockrey · Dingyong Zhong · Juntao Li · Klaus Weber · Thomas P. White · Thomas P. White · Kylie R. Catchpole · Kylie R. Catchpole
Inverted Current–Voltage Hysteresis in Perovskite Solar Cells Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Perovskite Solar Cells Employing Copper Phthalocyanine Hole-Transport Material with an Efficiency over 20% and Excellent Thermal Stability Stephen Exarhos · Alejandro Alvarez-Barragan · Ece Aytan · Alexander A. Balandin · Lorenzo Mangolini · Lorenzo Mangolini
Study of the Active Sites in Porous Nickel Oxide Nanosheets by Manganese Modulation for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Catalysis Narendra Kurra · Mohamed Alhabeb · Kathleen Maleski · Chueh-Han Wang · Husam N. Alshareef · Yury Gogotsi · Yury Gogotsi
Water-Stable, Fluorescent Organic−Inorganic Hybrid and Fully Inorganic Perovskites Tian Tian · Hong Gao · Xichen Zhou · Lirong Zheng · Jianfeng Wu · Kai Li · Yong Ding · Yong Ding · Yong Ding
Thermally Activated Second-Order Recombination Hints toward Indirect Recombination in Fully Inorganic CsPbI3 Perovskites Zhirong Zhao-Karger · Runyu Liu · Wenxu Dai · Zhenyou Li · Thomas Diemant · B. P. Vinayan · Christian Bonatto Minella · Xingwen Yu · Arumugam Manthiram · R. Jürgen Behm · Mario Ruben · Mario Ruben · Maximilian Fichtner · Maximilian Fichtner
Beyond PCE: Looking at a Big Picture in Photovoltaic Research Qing Zhao · Jingxu (Kent) Zheng · Lynden A. Archer · Lynden A. Archer
Toward Highly Reversible Magnesium–Sulfur Batteries with Efficient and Practical Mg[B(hfip)4]2 Electrolyte Xinghao Zhou · Chengxiang Xiang · Chengxiang Xiang
Crown Ethers Enable Room-Temperature Synthesis of CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting Diodes Sizhuo Yang · Brian Pattengale · Sungsik Lee · Jier Huang · Jier Huang
Comparative Analysis of Solar-to-Fuel Conversion Efficiency: A Direct, One-Step Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reactor versus a Two-Step, Cascade Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reactor Peirui Cheng · Zhuo Xu · Jianbo Li · Yucheng Liu · Yuanyuan Fan · Liyang Yu · Detlef-M. Smilgies · Christian Müller · Kui Zhao · Shengzhong Frank Liu · Shengzhong Frank Liu · Shengzhong Frank Liu
The Potential of Singlet Fission Photon Multipliers as an Alternative to Silicon-Based Tandem Solar Cells Hongning Chen · Yucun Zhou · Yi-Chun Lu · Yi-Chun Lu
Highly Efficient Ruddlesden–Popper Halide Perovskite PA2MA4Pb5I16 Solar Cells Aron Walsh · Aron Walsh · Samuel D. Stranks · Samuel D. Stranks
Lithium–Organic Nanocomposite Suspension for High-Energy-Density Redox Flow Batteries Yan Hao · Wenxing Yang · Martin Karlsson · Jiayan Cong · Shihuai Wang · Xing Li · Bo Xu · Jianli Hua · Lars Kloo · Gerrit Boschloo · Gerrit Boschloo
Taking Control of Ion Transport in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Voltages Exceeding 1 V Through Exploring Tris(4-alkoxyphenyl)amines Mediators in Combination with the Tris(bipyridine) Cobalt Redox System Jing Tang · Bo Gao · Siqi Lin · Xiao Wang · Xinyue Zhang · Fen Xiong · Wen Li · Yue Chen · Yanzhong Pei · Yanzhong Pei
ACS Energy Letters Makes Its First Impact Luis K. Ono · Taehoon Kim · Yan Jiang · Yabing Qi · Shengzhong Frank Liu · Shengzhong Frank Liu
Manipulation of Solubility and Interstitial Defects for Improving Thermoelectric SnTe Alloys Lucheng Peng · Anirban Dutta · Renguo Xie · Wensheng Yang · Narayan Pradhan · Narayan Pradhan
Heat Waveof Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Continues in Phoenix Wenjin Zhu · Lei Zhang · Piaoping Yang · Congling Hu · Hao Dong · Zhi-Jian Zhao · Rentao Mu · Jinlong Gong · Jinlong Gong
Dot-Wire-Platelet-Cube: The Step Growth and Structural Transformations in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals Lin X. Chen · Lin X. Chen
Formation of Enriched Vacancies for Enhanced CO2 Electrocatalytic Reduction over AuCu Alloys Jinlu He · Weihai Fang · Run Long · Oleg V. Prezhdo · Oleg V. Prezhdo
Increased Lattice Stiffness Suppresses Nonradiative Charge Recombination in MAPbI3 Doped with Larger Cations: Time-Domain Ab Initio Analysis Wei Li · Liujiang Zhou · Oleg V. Prezhdo · Alexey V. Akimov · Alexey V. Akimov
A Localized High-Concentration Electrolyte with Optimized Solvents and Lithium Difluoro(oxalate)borate Additive for Stable Lithium Metal Batteries Ye Wu · Changting Wei · Xiaoming Li · Yuelei Li · Shuangchen Qiu · Wei Shen · Bo Cai · Zhiguo Sun · Dandan Yang · Zhengtao Deng · Haibo Zeng · Haibo Zeng
Interphases in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Towards Deployable Devices with Competitive Energy Density and Stability Subramanian Natarajan · Vanchiappan Aravindan · Vanchiappan Aravindan
Spin–Orbit Interactions Greatly Accelerate Nonradiative Dynamics in Lead Halide Perovskites Claudie Roy · Reshma R. Rao · Kelsey A. Stoerzinger · Jonathan Hwang · Jan Rossmeisl · Ib Chorkendorff · Yang Shao-Horn · Ifan E. L. Stephens · Ifan E. L. Stephens · Ifan E. L. Stephens
Recycling Strategies for Spent Li-Ion Battery Mixed Cathodes Huai Qin Fu · Le Zhang · Chong Wu Wang · Lirong Zheng · Peng Fei Liu · Hua Gui Yang · Hua Gui Yang
Trends in Activity and Dissolution on RuO2 under Oxygen Evolution Conditions: Particles versus Well-Defined Extended Surfaces Daniele Meggiolaro · Filippo De Angelis · Filippo De Angelis
1D/1D Hierarchical Nickel Sulfide/Phosphide Nanostructures for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation Ian G. McKendry · Loveyy J. Mohamad · Akila C. Thenuwara · Tim Marshall · Eric Borguet · Daniel R. Strongin · Michael J. Zdilla · Michael J. Zdilla
First-Principles Modeling of Defects in Lead Halide Perovskites: Best Practices and Open Issues Weifei Fu · Jian Wang · Lijian Zuo · Ke Gao · Feng Liu · David S. Ginger · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Alex K.-Y. Jen
Synergistic In-layer Cobalt Doping and Interlayer Iron Intercalation Into Layered MnO2 Produces an Efficient Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst Cheng-Min Tsai · Yu-Pei Lin · Murali Krishna Pola · Sudhakar Narra · Efat Jokar · Yaw-Wen Yang · Eric Wei-Guang Diau · Eric Wei-Guang Diau
Two-Dimensional Perovskite Solar Cells with 14.1% Power Conversion Efficiency and 0.68% External Radiative Efficiency Yu Kyung Eom · Linda Nhon · Gyu Leem · Benjamin D. Sherman · Degao Wang · Ludovic Troian-Gautier · Soojin Kim · Jinheung Kim · Thomas J. Meyer · John R. Reynolds · Kirk S. Schanze · Kirk S. Schanze
Control of Crystal Structures and Optical Properties with Hybrid Formamidinium and 2-Hydroxyethylammonium Cations for Mesoscopic Carbon-electrode Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells Kyle M. Fransishyn · Soumya Kundu · Timothy L. Kelly · Timothy L. Kelly
Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Water Oxidation by a π-Conjugated Donor–Acceptor–Donor Chromophore/Catalyst Assembly Qiurong Shi · Chengzhou Zhu · Chengzhou Zhu · Hong Zhong · Dong Su · Na Li · Mark H. Engelhard · Haibing Xia · Qiang Zhang · Shuo Feng · Scott P. Beckman · Dan Du · Dan Du · Yuehe Lin · Yuehe Lin
Elucidating the Failure Mechanisms of Perovskite Solar Cells in Humid Environments Using In Situ Grazing-Incidence Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering Jérémie Werner · Florent Sahli · Fan Fu · Juan J. Diaz Leon · Arnaud Walter · Bjoern Niesen · Sylvain Nicolay · Quentin Jeangros · Christophe Ballif · Christophe Ballif
Nanovoid Incorporated IrxCu Metallic Aerogels for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysis Lu Yu · Shuru Chen · Hongkyung Lee · Linchao Zhang · Linchao Zhang · Mark H. Engelhard · Qiuyan Li · Shuhong Jiao · Jun Liu · Wu Xu · Ji-Guang Zhang · Ji-Guang Zhang
Perovskite/Perovskite/Silicon Monolithic Triple-Junction Solar Cells with a Fully Textured Design Atanu Jana · Kwang S. Kim · Kwang S. Kim
Most Cited versus Uncited Papers. What Do They Tell Us Daniel M. Kroupa · Joo Yeon Roh · Tyler J. Milstein · Sidney E. Creutz · Daniel R. Gamelin · Daniel R. Gamelin
Plasmonic Core–Shell Zirconium Nitride–Silicon Oxynitride Nanoparticles Wenyan Zhang · Koyel Banerjee-Ghosh · Francesco Tassinari · Ron Naaman · Ron Naaman
Quantum-Cutting Ytterbium-Doped CsPb(Cl1–xBrx)3 Perovskite Thin Films with Photoluminescence Quantum Yields over 190% Yun Liu · Lijian Zuo · Xueliang Shi · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Alex K.-Y. Jen · David S. Ginger · David S. Ginger
Light-Induced Formation of Pb3+ Paramagnetic Species in Lead Halide Perovskites Cao-Thang Dinh · F. Pelayo García de Arquer · David Sinton · Edward H. Sargent · Edward H. Sargent
[email protected] [email protected] Imidazolate Framework Nanocomposite for Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Yu Ding · Changkun Zhang · Leyuan Zhang · Haiyan Wei · Yafei Li · Guihua Yu · Guihua Yu
Impact of Surfaces on Photoinduced Halide Segregation in Mixed-Halide Perovskites Xinyi Zhang · Xinyi Zhang · Bingmei Huang · Chenghua Sun · Wei Lu · Zhi Qun Tian · Pei Kang Shen · Huanting Wang · Dongyuan Zhao · Douglas R. MacFarlane · Douglas R. MacFarlane
Insights into Hydrotropic Solubilization for Hybrid Ion Redox Flow Batteries Wenhao Li · Srinivas K. Yadavalli · David Lizarazo-Ferro · Min Chen · Yuanyuan Zhou · Nitin P. Padture · Rashid Zia · Rashid Zia
Hierarchically Ordered Nanochannel Array Membrane Reactor with Three-Dimensional Electrocatalytic Interfaces for Electrohydrogenation of CO2 to Alcohol Lianfeng Zhao · YunHui Lisa Lin · Hoyeon Kim · Noel C. Giebink · Barry P. Rand · Barry P. Rand
Subgrain Special Boundaries in Halide Perovskite Thin Films Restrict Carrier Diffusion Veeramani Rajendran · Veeramani Rajendran · Mu-Huai Fang · Gabriel Nicolo De Guzman · Tadeusz Lesniewski · Sebastian Mahlik · Marek Grinberg · G. Leniec · S.M. Kaczmarek · Yan-Shen Lin · Kuang-Mao Lu · Chih-Min Lin · Ho Chang · Shu Fen Hu · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu
Donor/Acceptor Charge-Transfer States at Two-Dimensional Metal Halide Perovskite and Organic Semiconductor Interfaces Wei Li · Jianfeng Tang · David Casanova · David Casanova · Oleg V. Prezhdo · Oleg V. Prezhdo
Super Broadband Near-Infrared Phosphors with High Radiant Flux as Future Light Sources for Spectroscopy Applications Kun Xu · Yiqiang Sun · Yuanmiao Sun · Yongqi Zhang · Guichong Jia · Qinghua Zhang · Lin Gu · Shuzhou Li · Yue Li · Hong Jin Fan · Hong Jin Fan
Time-Domain ab Initio Analysis Rationalizes the Unusual Temperature Dependence of Charge Carrier Relaxation in Lead Halide Perovskite Song Jin · Song Jin
Yin-Yang Harmony: Metal and Nonmetal Dual-Doping Boosts Electrocatalytic Activity for Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Emily R. Adkins · Taizhi Jiang · Langli Luo · Chongmin Wang · Brian A. Korgel · Brian A. Korgel
What Else Can Photoelectrochemical Solar Energy Conversion Do Besides Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction Rong Cai · Shelley D. Minteer · Shelley D. Minteer
In Situ Transmission Electron Microsopy of Oxide Shell-Induced Pore Formation in (De)lithiated Silicon Nanowires Hao Li · Jianfeng Lu · Tao Zhang · Yan Shen · Mingkui Wang · Mingkui Wang
Nitrogenase Bioelectrocatalysis: From Understanding Electron-Transfer Mechanisms to Energy Applications Silvia Colella · Michela Todaro · Sofia Masi · Andrea Listorti · Davide Altamura · Rocco Caliandro · Cinzia Giannini · Elisa Carignani · Marco Geppi · Daniele Meggiolaro · G. Buscarino · Filippo De Angelis · Aurora Rizzo · Aurora Rizzo
Cation-Assisted Restraint of a Wide Quantum Well and Interfacial Charge Accumulation in Two-Dimensional Perovskites Devendra Tiwari · Dominic Alibhai · David J. Fermín · David J. Fermín
Above 600 mV Open Circuit Voltage BiI3 Solar Cells Gaurav Assat · Gaurav Assat · Gaurav Assat · Antonella Iadecola · Dominique Foix · Rémi Dedryvère · Jean-Marie Tarascon · Jean-Marie Tarascon · Jean-Marie Tarascon · Jean-Marie Tarascon
Enhanced Electrochemical Water Splitting with Chiral Molecule-Coated Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Anoop Thomas · K. Sandeep · Sanoop Mambully Somasundaran · K. George Thomas · K. George Thomas
High Rate, Selective, and Stable Electroreduction of CO2 to CO in Basic and Neutral Media Lan Zhou · Aniketa Shinde · Santosh K. Suram · Helge S. Stein · Sage R. Bauers · Andriy Zakutayev · Joseph S. DuChene · Guiji Liu · Elizabeth Peterson · Elizabeth Peterson · Jeffrey B. Neaton · John M. Gregoire · John M. Gregoire
Direct Quantification of Anionic Redox over Long Cycling of Li-Rich NMC via Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy Wenhan Niu · Yang Yang · Yang Yang
Bi-Containing n-FeWO4 Thin Films Provide the Largest Photovoltage and Highest Stability for a Sub-2 eV Band Gap Photoanode Xinghua Liu · Kang Yan · Dawei Tan · Xiao Liang · Hongmei Zhang · Wei Huang · Wei Huang
Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Zhao Cai · Zhao Cai · Yueshen Wu · Zishan Wu · Lichang Yin · Zhe Weng · Yiren Zhong · Wenwen Xu · Wenwen Xu · Xiaoming Sun · Hailiang Wang · Hailiang Wang
Solvent Engineering Improves Efficiency of Lead-Free Tin-Based Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells beyond 9% Sangwook Park · Joonsuk Park · Hadi Abroshan · Liang Zhang · Jung Kyu Kim · Jiaming Zhang · Jinghua Guo · Samira Siahrostami · Xiaolin Zheng · Xiaolin Zheng
Unlocking Bifunctional Electrocatalytic Activity for CO2 Reduction Reaction by Win-Win Metal–Oxide Cooperation Tae Woong Kim · Myoung Kim · Ludmila Cojocaru · Satoshi Uchida · Hiroshi Segawa · Hiroshi Segawa
Enhancing Catalytic Activity of MoS2 Basal Plane S-Vacancy by Co Cluster Addition Won-Jin Kwak · Nam-Yung Park · Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Direct Observation of the Tunneling Phenomenon in Organometal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells and Its Influence on Hysteresis M. Anji Reddy · Helen Maria Joseph · A. Gross · Maximilian Fichtner · Holger Euchner · Holger Euchner
ICAC 2018: The First International Conference Focused on NCM & NCA Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries Chaowei Li · Chaowei Li · Qichong Zhang · Juan Sun · Taotao Li · Taotao Li · Songfeng E · Songfeng E · Zezhou Zhu · Bing He · Zhenyu Zhou · Qiulong Li · Yagang Yao · Yagang Yao · Yagang Yao
Insight into Sodium Insertion and Storage Mechanism in Hard Carbon Sichen Gu · Neng Xiao · Feng Wu · Ying Bai · Chuan Wu · Yiying Wu · Yiying Wu
High-Performance Quasi-Solid-State Flexible Aqueous Rechargeable Ag–Zn Battery Based on Metal–Organic Framework-Derived Ag Nanowires Huiting Fu · Yuming Wang · Dong Meng · Zetong Ma · Yan Li · Feng Gao · Zhaohui Wang · Yanming Sun · Yanming Sun
Chemical Synthesis of K2S2 and K2S3 for Probing Electrochemical Mechanisms in K-S Batteries Michael T. Strand · Christopher J. Barile · Tyler S. Hernandez · Teresa E. Dayrit · Luca Bertoluzzi · Daniel J. Slotcavage · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Suppression of Recombination Energy Losses by Decreasing the Energetic Offsets in Perylene Diimide-Based Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells Lizhou Fan · Peili Zhang · Biaobiao Zhang · Quentin Daniel · Brian J.J. Timmer · Fuguo Zhang · Licheng Sun · Licheng Sun
All-Inorganic Lead-Free Cs2PdX6 (X = Br, I) Perovskite Nanocrystals with Single Unit Cell Thickness and High Stability Rebecca A. Belisle · Rebecca A. Belisle · Kevin A. Bush · Luca Bertoluzzi · Aryeh Gold-Parker · Aryeh Gold-Parker · Michael F. Toney · Michael D. McGehee · Michael D. McGehee
Ameliorating Interfacial Ionic Transportation in All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries with Interlayer Modifications Zi-Cheng Kong · Jin-Feng Liao · Yu-Jie Dong · Yang-Fan Xu · Hong-Yan Chen · Dai-Bin Kuang · Cheng-Yong Su · Cheng-Yong Su
Electronic Properties of {111} Twin Boundaries in a Mixed-Ion Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Absorber Lei Zhou · Jin-Feng Liao · Zeng-Guang Huang · Xu-Dong Wang · Yang-Fan Xu · Hong-Yan Chen · Dai-Bin Kuang · Cheng-Yong Su · Cheng-Yong Su
Promotion of Ternary Pt–Sn–Ag Catalysts toward Ethanol Oxidation Reaction: Revealing Electronic and Structural Effects of Additive Metals Anirudha Jena · Anirudha Jena · Yedukondalu Meesala · Shu Fen Hu · Ho Chang · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu
Unexpectedly Slow Yet Efficient Picosecond to Nanosecond Photoinduced Hole-Transfer Occurs in a Polymer/Non-Fullerene Acceptor Organic Photovoltaic Blend María Privado · Cristina Rodríguez Seco · R. Singhal · Pilar de la Cruz · Fernando Langa · Ganesh D. Sharma · Emilio Palomares · Emilio Palomares
How Trap States Affect Charge Carrier Dynamics of CdSe and InP Quantum Dots: Visualization through Complexation with Viologen Juezhi Yu · Li Fan · Ruiting Yan · Mingyue Zhou · Qing Wang · Qing Wang
Reduced Energy Offsets and Low Energy Losses Lead to Efficient (∼10% at 1 sun) Ternary Organic Solar Cells Kyungeun Jung · Jeongwon Lee · Chan Im · Junghwan Do · Joosun Kim · Weon-Sik Chae · Man-Jong Lee · Man-Jong Lee
A Redox Targeting-based Aqueous Redox Flow Lithium Battery Zheng Kun Yang · Cheng-Zong Yuan · An-Wu Xu · An-Wu Xu
Highly Efficient Amorphous Zn2SnO4 Electron-Selective Layers Yielding over 20% Efficiency in FAMAPbI3-Based Planar Solar Cells Severin N. Habisreutinger · Nakita K. Noel · Henry J. Snaith · Henry J. Snaith
Confined Pyrolysis within a Nanochannel to Form a Highly Efficient Single Iron Site Catalyst for Zn–Air Batteries Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Hysteresis Index: A Figure without Merit for Quantifying Hysteresis in Perovskite Solar Cells Nicholas H. Bashian · Shiliang Zhou · Mateusz Zuba · Alex M. Ganose · Joseph W. Stiles · Allyson Ee · David S. Ashby · David O. Scanlon · L. F. J. Piper · Bruce Dunn · Brent C. Melot · Brent C. Melot
A Conversation with Emily Carter Xudong Fu · Xudong Fu · Zhangxun Xia · Ruili Sun · Ruili Sun · Hongyu An · Fulai Qi · Suli Wang · Qingting Liu · Gongquan Sun · Gongquan Sun
Correlated Polyhedral Rotations in the Absence of Polarons During Electrochemical Insertion of Lithium in ReO3 Xu Lu · Xu Lu · Yueshen Wu · Yueshen Wu · Xiaolei Yuan · Xiaolei Yuan · Xiaolei Yuan · Ling Huang · Ling Huang · Ling Huang · Zishan Wu · Zishan Wu · Jin Xuan · Yifei Wang · Hailiang Wang · Hailiang Wang · Hailiang Wang
A Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Power Device with High Specific Energy and Power Anthony Ruth · Michael C. Brennan · Sergiu Draguta · Yurii V. Morozov · Maksym Zhukovskyi · Boldizsar Janko · Peter Zapol · Masaru Kuno · Masaru Kuno
High-Performance Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Cells Based on Non-noble Metal Catalysts Guozhao Fang · Jiang Zhou · Anqiang Pan · Shuquan Liang · Shuquan Liang
Vacancy-Mediated Anion Photosegregation Kinetics in Mixed Halide Hybrid Perovskites: Coupled Kinetic Monte Carlo and Optical Measurements Chao Chen · Kanghua Li · Shiyou Chen · Liang Wang · Shuaicheng Lu · Yuhao Liu · Dengbing Li · Haisheng Song · Jiang Tang · Jiang Tang
Recent Advances in Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries Mu-Huai Fang · Julius L. Leaño · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu
Efficiency Improvement of Sb2Se3 Solar Cell via Grain Boundary Inversion Lianfeng Zou · Wengao Zhao · Wengao Zhao · Zhenyu Liu · Haiping Jia · Jianming Zheng · Guofeng Wang · Yong Yang · Ji-Guang Zhang · Chongmin Wang · Chongmin Wang
Control of Narrow-Band Emission in Phosphor Materials for Application in Light-Emitting Diodes Yonggang Xiang · Xuepeng Wang · Li Rao · Pei Wang · Dekang Huang · Xing Ding · Xiaohu Zhang · Shengyao Wang · Hao Chen · Yongfa Zhu · Yongfa Zhu
Revealing Cycling Rate Dependent Structure Evolution in the Ni-rich Layered Cathode Materials Sheng-Song Yu · Jie-Jie Chen · Xiao-Yang Liu · Han-Qing Yu · Han-Qing Yu
Conjugated Polymers with Sequential Fluorination for Enhanced Photocatalytic H2 Evolution via Proton-coupled Electron Transfer Carina Pareja-Rivera · Ana Lucía Solis-Cambero · Mireille Natalie Sánchez-Torres · Enrique Lima · Diego Solis-Ibarra · Diego Solis-Ibarra
Interfacial Electron Transfer from the Outer Membrane Cytochrome OmcA to Graphene Oxide in a Microbial Fuel Cell: Spectral and Electrochemical Insights Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi · Zahra Andaji-Garmaroudi · Andrew J. Pearson · Giorgio Divitini · Stefania Cacovich · Bertrand Philippe · Håkan Rensmo · Caterina Ducati · Richard H. Friend · Samuel D. Stranks · Samuel D. Stranks
On the True Composition of Mixed-Cation Perovskite Films Jinhua Huang · Zheng Yang · Zheng Yang · Vijayakumar Murugesan · Vijayakumar Murugesan · Eric D. Walter · Aaron Hollas · Baofei Pan · Rajeev S. Assary · Ilya A. Shkrob · Xiaoliang Wei · Xiaoliang Wei · Zhengcheng Zhang · Zhengcheng Zhang
Potassium- and Rubidium-Passivated Alloyed Perovskite Films: Optoelectronic Properties and Moisture Stability Aishuak Konarov · Natalia Voronina · Jae Hyeon Jo · Zhumabay Bakenov · Yang-Kook Sun · Seung-Taek Myung · Seung-Taek Myung
Spatially Constrained Organic Diquat Anolyte for Stable Aqueous Flow Batteries Benjia Dou · Benjia Dou · James B. Whitaker · Karsten Bruening · David T. Moore · Lance M. Wheeler · John Ryter · Nicholas J. Breslin · Joseph J. Berry · Sean M. Garner · Frank S. Barnes · Sean E. Shaheen · Christopher J. Tassone · Kai Zhu · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest
Present and Future Perspective on Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries Timo Bartsch · Florian Strauss · Toru Hatsukade · Alexander Schiele · A-Young Kim · Pascal Hartmann · Jürgen Janek · Jürgen Janek · Torsten Brezesinski · Torsten Brezesinski
Roll-to-Roll Printing of Perovskite Solar Cells Fangwang Ming · Hanfeng Liang · Yongjiu Lei · Sharath Kandambeth · Mohamed Eddaoudi · Husam N. Alshareef · Husam N. Alshareef
Gas Evolution in All-Solid-State Battery Cells Sumanta Sarkar · Xiaomi Zhang · Shiqiang Hao · Xia Hua · Trevor P. Bailey · Ctirad Uher · C. Wolverton · Vinayak P. Dravid · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
Layered MgxV2O5·nH2O as Cathode Material for High Performance Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries Bing Guo · Wanbin Li · Guoping Luo · Xia Guo · Xia Guo · Huifeng Yao · Maojie Zhang · Jianhui Hou · Yongfang Li · Yongfang Li · Wai-Yeung Wong · Wai-Yeung Wong
A Dual Alloying Strategy to Achieve High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit and Lattice Hardening in p-type Nanostructured PbTe Sheng Dai · Tzu-Hsi Huang · Xingxu Yan · Chao-Yu Yang · Tsan-Yao Chen · Jeng Han Wang · Xiaoqing Pan · Kuan-Wen Wang · Kuan-Wen Wang · Kuan-Wen Wang
Exceeding 14% Efficiency for Solution-Processed Tandem Organic Solar Cells Combining Fullerene- and Nonfullerene-Based Subcells with Complementary Absorption Keith P. McKenna · Keith P. McKenna
Can SHG Measurements Determine the Polarity of Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites Vaiyapuri Soundharrajan · Balaji Sambandam · Sungjin Kim · Vinod Mathew · Jeonggeun Jo · Seokhun Kim · Jun Lee · Saiful M. Islam · Kwangho Kim · Yang-Kook Sun · Jaekook Kim · Jaekook Kim
Aqueous Magnesium Zinc Hybrid Battery: An Advanced High-Voltage and High-Energy MgMn2O4 Cathode Moritz H. Futscher · Akshay Rao · Bruno Ehrler · Bruno Ehrler
Delocalization Drives Free Charge Generation in Conjugated Polymer Films Chenxin Ran · Jun Xi · Jun Xi · Weiyin Gao · Fang Yuan · Ting Lei · Bo Jiao · Xun Hou · Zhaoxin Wu · Zhaoxin Wu · Zhaoxin Wu
A Sulfonate-Functionalized Viologen Enabling Neutral Cation Exchange, Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries toward Renewable Energy Storage Priya Mahadevan · Priya Mahadevan
Phosphorus and Aluminum Codoped Porous NiO Nanosheets as Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting Jiaju Fu · Yu Wang · Juan Liu · Kaikai Huang · Ying Chen · Yafei Li · Jun-Jie Zhu · Jun-Jie Zhu
Defining Diffusion Pathways in Intercalation Cathode Materials: Some Lessons from V2O5 on Directing Cation Traffic Dong-Chan Lee · Danni Lei · Gleb Yushin · Gleb Yushin
Long Carrier Lifetimes in PbI2-Rich Perovskites Rationalized by Ab Initio Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics Sharada Govinda · Bhushan P. Kore · Pratibha Mahale · Anshu Pandey · D. D. Sarma · D. D. Sarma
High Photovoltage of 1 V on a Steady-State Certified Hole Transport Layer-Free Perovskite Solar Cell by a Molten-Salt Approach Zhao Li · Wenhan Niu · Le Zhou · Yang Yang · Yang Yang
Electrochemical Performance of All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries Based on Garnet Electrolyte Using Silicon as a Model Electrode Luis R. De Jesus · Justin L. Andrews · Abhishek Parija · Sarbajit Banerjee · Sarbajit Banerjee
Highly Defective Fe-based Oxyhydroxides from Electrochemical Reconstruction for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Catalysis Lukas Wagner · Sijo Chacko · Gayathri Mathiazhagan · Simone Mastroianni · Simone Mastroianni · Andreas Hinsch · Andreas Hinsch
HyPe-2017: A Discussion Meeting on Hybrid Perovskites Giulio Ferraresi · Mario El Kazzi · Lukas Czornomaz · Chih-Long Tsai · Sven Uhlenbruck · Claire Villevieille · Claire Villevieille
Correction toImpact of Open Access Papers in Hybrid Journals Qun He · Hui Xie · Zia ur Rehman · Changda Wang · Ping Wan · Hongliang Jiang · Wangsheng Chu · Li Song · Li Song
Solution-Processed Cu2S Photocathodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Charge Transport in Thermoelectric SnSe Single Crystals Jérémie Werner · Gizem Nogay · Florent Sahli · Terry Chien-Jen Yang · Matthias Bräuninger · Gabriel Christmann · Arnaud Walter · Peter Fiala · Philipp Löper · Sylvain Nicolay · Quentin Jeangros · Bjoern Niesen · Christophe Ballif · Christophe Ballif
Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Nitrogen-Doped Carbons: Insights from Isotopic Labeling Studies Camden DeBruler · Bo Hu · Jared Moss · Jian Luo · T. Leo Liu · T. Leo Liu
105 Cyclable Pseudocapacitive Na-Ion Storage of Hierarchically Structured Phosphorus-Incorporating Nanoporous Carbons in Organic Electrolytes Yu Xiang Yu · Yu Xiang Yu · Linfeng Pan · Min Kyu Son · Matthew T. Mayer · Wei De Zhang · Anders Hagfeldt · Jingshan Luo · Michael Grätzel · Michael Grätzel
Fundamental Limitations of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors for Light-Emitting Diodes Dorottya Hursán · Csaba Janáky · Csaba Janáky
Bilateral Interface Engineering toward Efficient 2D–3D Bulk Heterojunction Tin Halide Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Sul Ki Park · Sung Hyun Kwon · Seung Geol Lee · Min Sung Choi · Dong Hoon Suh · Purittut Nakhanivej · Hyunjoo Lee · Ho Seok Park · Ho Seok Park
Efficient and Selective Photocatalytic Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols with Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Materials Jun Hyuk Park · Dong Yeong Kim · E. Fred Schubert · Jaehee Cho · Jong Kyu Kim · Jong Kyu Kim
Perovskite/Colloidal Quantum Dot Tandem Solar Cells: Theoretical Modeling and Monolithic Structure Dongliang Bai · Jingru Zhang · Zhiwen Jin · Hui Bian · Kang Wang · Haoran Wang · Lei Liang · Qian Wang · Shengzhong Frank Liu · Shengzhong Frank Liu · Shengzhong Frank Liu
In Situ Synthesis of Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysts in Laser-Induced Graphene Haowei Huang · Haifeng Yuan · Kris P. F. Janssen · Guillermo Solís-Fernández · Ying Wang · Collin Y. X. Tan · Dries Jonckheere · Elke Debroye · Jinlin Long · Jelle Hendrix · Johan Hofkens · Julian A. Steele · Maarten B. J. Roeffaers · Maarten B. J. Roeffaers
Complex Refractive Indices of Cesium–Formamidinium-Based Mixed-Halide Perovskites with Optical Band Gaps from 1.5 to 1.8 eV Natalie A. Pace · Natalie A. Pace · Obadiah G. Reid · Obadiah G. Reid · Garry Rumbles · Garry Rumbles
Morphology and Phase Changes in Iron Anodes Affecting their Capacity and Stability in Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries Jingjing Qiu · Hamed Hajibabaei · Michael R. Nellist · Forrest A. L. Laskowski · Sebastian Z. Oener · Thomas W. Hamann · Shannon W. Boettcher · Shannon W. Boettcher
Low Overpotential for Electrochemically Reducing CO2 to CO on Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots-Wrapped Single-Crystalline Gold Nanoparticles Benjia Dou · Lance M. Wheeler · Jeffrey A. Christians · David T. Moore · Steven P. Harvey · Joseph J. Berry · Frank S. Barnes · Sean E. Shaheen · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest · Maikel F. A. M. van Hest
Thermochemical CO2 Hydrogenation to Single Carbon Products: Scientific and Technological Challenges Eline M. Hutter · Tom J. Savenije · Tom J. Savenije
Over 1% Efficient Unbiased Stable Solar Water Splitting Based on a Sprayed Cu2ZnSnS4 Photocathode Protected by a HfO2 Photocorrosion-Resistant Film Chuan-Jia Tong · Chuan-Jia Tong · Linqiu Li · Li-Min Liu · Oleg V. Prezhdo · Oleg V. Prezhdo
Interstitial Mn2+-Driven High-Aspect-Ratio Grain Growth for Low-Trap-Density Microcrystalline Films for Record Efficiency CsPbI2Br Solar Cells Yufei Zhong · Rahim Munir · Jianbo Li · Ming-Chun Tang · Muhammad R. Niazi · Detlef-M. Smilgies · Kui Zhao · Aram Amassian · Aram Amassian
pH Effects on the Selectivity of the Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction on Graphene-Embedded Fe–N–C Motifs: Bridging Concepts between Molecular Homogeneous and Solid-State Heterogeneous Catalysis Tao Wang · Zhixin Chen · Yu-Gang Chen · Lijun Yang · Xiao-Dong Yang · Jin-Yu Ye · Haiping Xia · Zhi-You Zhou · Shi-Gang Sun · Shi-Gang Sun
Blade-Coated Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells with Efficiency > 17%: An In Situ Investigation Liujiang Zhou · Amanda J. Neukirch · Dayton J. Vogel · Dmitri S. Kilin · Laurent Pedesseau · Marcelo A. Carignano · Aditya D. Mohite · Jacky Even · Claudine Katan · Sergei Tretiak · Sergei Tretiak
Identifying the Active Site of N-Doped Graphene for Oxygen Reduction by Selective Chemical Modification Jingyan Zhang · Yuchan Liu · Changqi Sun · Pinxian Xi · Shanglong Peng · Daqiang Gao · Desheng Xue · Desheng Xue
Benchmark Study of Hydrogen Storage in Metal–Organic Frameworks under Temperature and Pressure Swing Conditions Florian Strauss · Timo Bartsch · Lea de Biasi · A-Young Kim · Jürgen Janek · Jürgen Janek · Pascal Hartmann · Torsten Brezesinski · Torsten Brezesinski
Unilamellar Metallic MoS2/Graphene Superlattice for Efficient Sodium Storage and Hydrogen Evolution Arfa Karani · Le Yang · Le Yang · Sai Bai · Sai Bai · Moritz H. Futscher · Henry J. Snaith · Bruno Ehrler · Neil C. Greenham · Dawei Di · Dawei Di
Density of States Broadening in CH3NH3PbI3 Hybrid Perovskites Understood from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations Jun-Dong Yi · Rui Xu · Qiao Wu · Teng Zhang · Ke-Tao Zang · Jun Luo · Yu-Lin Liang · Yuan-Biao Huang · Rong Cao · Rong Cao
Accelerated Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in CoS2 by Transition-Metal Doping Francisco Palazon · Daniel Pérez-del-Rey · Sergio Marras · Mirko Prato · Michele Sessolo · Henk J. Bolink · Liberato Manna · Liberato Manna
Degradation of Highly Alloyed Metal Halide Perovskite Precursor Inks: Mechanism and Storage Solutions Paula García-Holley · Benjamin Schweitzer · Timur Islamoglu · Yangyang Liu · Yangyang Liu · Lu Lin · Stephanie Rodriguez · Mitchell H. Weston · Joseph T. Hupp · Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón · Taner Yildirim · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha
Catalyst Deposition on Photoanodes: The Roles of Intrinsic Catalytic Activity, Catalyst Electrical Conductivity, and Semiconductor Morphology Pan Xiong · Renzhi Ma · Nobuyuki Sakai · Leanddas Nurdiwijayanto · Takayoshi Sasaki · Takayoshi Sasaki
Atomically Dispersed Iron–Nitrogen Active Sites within Porphyrinic Triazine-Based Frameworks for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Both Alkaline and Acidic Media Melika Mahboub · Pan Xia · Jeremiah van Baren · Xin Li · Chun Hung Lui · Ming Lee Tang · Ming Lee Tang
Coating Evaporated MAPI Thin Films with Organic Molecules: Improved Stability at High Temperature and Implementation in High-Efficiency Solar Cells Yiyin Huang · Rui Yang · Ganesan Anandhababu · Jiafang Xie · Jiangquan Lv · Xiaotao Zhao · Xueyuan Wang · Maoxiang Wu · Qiaohong Li · Yaobing Wang · Yaobing Wang
Midgap States in PbS Quantum Dots Induced by Cd and Zn Enhance Photon Upconversion Sung Joo Kim · Sung Joo Kim · Donghee Chang · Kui Zhang · George W. Graham · George W. Graham · Anton Van der Ven · Xiaoqing Pan · Xiaoqing Pan
Cobalt/Iron(Oxides) Heterostructures for Efficient Oxygen Evolution and Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation Reactions Nai-Hsuan Yang · Yen-Fang Song · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu
Accordion Strain Accommodation Mechanism within the Epitaxially Constrained Electrode Yahui Liu · Miao Li · Xiaobo Zhou · Qingqing Jia · Shiyu Feng · Pengcheng Jiang · Xinjun Xu · Wei Ma · Hai-Bei Li · Zhishan Bo · Zhishan Bo
In Operando Transmission X-ray Microscopy Illuminated by Synchrotron Radiation for Li-Ion Batteries Dingwang Huang · Kang Wang · Le Yu · Thi Hiep Nguyen · Shigeru Ikeda · Feng Jiang · Feng Jiang
Nonfullerene Acceptors with Enhanced Solubility and Ordered Packing for High-Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells Soumyabrata Roy · Arjun Cherevotan · Sebastian C. Peter · Sebastian C. Peter
Suppressed Ion Migration along the In-Plane Direction in Layered Perovskites Jibo Zhang · Muqing Ren · Yilun Li · James M. Tour · James M. Tour
Impact of Cathode Material Particle Size on the Capacity of Bulk-Type All-Solid-State Batteries Ana Sofia Varela · Ana Sofia Varela · Matthias Kroschel · Nathaniel Leonard · Wen Ju · Julian Steinberg · Alexander Bagger · Jan Rossmeisl · Peter Strasser · Peter Strasser
Steel: The Resurrection of a Forgotten Water-Splitting Catalyst Raymond A. Wong · Raymond A. Wong · Chunzhen Yang · Arghya Dutta · Minho O · Misun Hong · Morgan L. Thomas · Keisuke Yamanaka · Toshiaki Ohta · Keiko Waki · Hye Ryung Byon · Hye Ryung Byon
Ternary Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells with a Power Conversion Efficiency of 11.6% by Inheriting the Advantages of Binary Cells Venkata Yarlagadda · Venkata Yarlagadda · Michael K. Carpenter · Thomas E. Moylan · Ratandeep S. Kukreja · Roland Koestner · Wenbin Gu · Levi T. Thompson · Anusorn Kongkanand · Anusorn Kongkanand
Toward High-Safety Potassium–Sulfur Batteries Using a Potassium Polysulfide Catholyte and Metal-Free Anode Riya Bose · Aniruddha Adhikari · Victor M. Burlakov · Guangyu Liu · Azimul Haque · Davide Priante · Mohamed N. Hedhili · Nimer Wehbe · Chao Zhao · Haoze Yang · Tien Khee Ng · Alain Goriely · Osman M. Bakr · Tom Wu · Boon S. Ooi · Omar F. Mohammed · Omar F. Mohammed
Passivation of Grain Boundaries by Phenethylammonium in Formamidinium-Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Cyrille Costentin · Jean-Michel Savéant · Cédric Tard · Cédric Tard
Imaging Localized Energy States in Silicon-Doped InGaN Nanowires Using 4D Electron Microscopy Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Catalysis of CO2 Electrochemical Reduction by Protonated Pyridine and Similar Molecules. Useful Lessons from a Methodological Misadventure Mallory Clites · James L. Hart · Mitra L. Taheri · Ekaterina Pomerantseva · Ekaterina Pomerantseva
Impact of Open Access Papers in Hybrid Journals Helmut Schäfer · Marian Chatenet · Marian Chatenet
Chemically Preintercalated Bilayered KxV2O5·nH2O Nanobelts as a High-Performing Cathode Material for K-Ion Batteries Weinan Xing · Weinan Xing · Wenguang Tu · Zhonghui Han · Yidong Hu · Qingqiang Meng · Gang Chen · Gang Chen
Trimetallic NiFeMo for Overall Electrochemical Water Splitting with a Low Cell Voltage Andrew S. Hainer · Justin S. Hodgins · Victoria Sandre · Morgan Vallieres · Anabel E. Lanterna · J. C. Scaiano · J. C. Scaiano
Real-Time Visualization of Active Species in a Single-Site Metal–Organic Framework Photocatalyst Franziska Krieg · Franziska Krieg · Stefan T. Ochsenbein · Stefan T. Ochsenbein · Sergii Yakunin · Sergii Yakunin · Stephanie ten Brinck · Philipp Aellen · Philipp Aellen · Adrian Süess · Adrian Süess · Baptiste Clerc · Baptiste Clerc · Dominic Guggisberg · Dominic Guggisberg · Olga Nazarenko · Olga Nazarenko · Yevhen Shynkarenko · Yevhen Shynkarenko · Sudhir Kumar · Chih-Jen Shih · Ivan Infante · Maksym V. Kovalenko · Maksym V. Kovalenko · Maksym V. Kovalenko
Template-Induced High-Crystalline g-C3N4 Nanosheets for Enhanced Photocatalytic H2 Evolution Paul Andrew Kempler · Miguel Gonzalez · Kimberly M. Papadantonakis · Nathan S. Lewis · Nathan S. Lewis
High-Performance CuInS2 Quantum Dot Laminated Glass Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Windows Fan Qin · Zhenhuan Zhao · Zhenhuan Zhao · Kamrul Alam · Yizhou Ni · Francisco Robles-Hernandez · Luo Yu · Shuo Chen · Zhifeng Ren · Zhiming Wang · Jiming Bao · Jiming Bao · Jiming Bao
Critically Examining the Role of Nanocatalysts in Li–O2 Batteries: Viability toward Suppression of Recharge Overpotential, Rechargeability, and Cyclability Zhenghao Hu · Fujun Zhang · Qiaoshi An · Miao Zhang · Xiaoling Ma · Jianxiao Wang · Jian Zhang · Jian Wang · Jian Wang
Colloidal CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) Nanocrystals 2.0: Zwitterionic Capping Ligands for Improved Durability and Stability Jang-Yeon Hwang · Hee Min Kim · Chong Seung Yoon · Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Hydrogen Evolution with Minimal Parasitic Light Absorption by Dense Co-P Catalyst Films on Structured p-Si Photocathodes Sheng-Heng Chung · Liu Luo · Arumugam Manthiram · Arumugam Manthiram
Metal-Organic Frameworks as Platform Materials for Solar Fuels Catalysis Erlend Bertheussen · Thomas Vagn Hogg · Younes Abghoui · Younes Abghoui · Albert K. Engstfeld · Albert K. Engstfeld · Ib Chorkendorff · Ifan E. L. Stephens · Ifan E. L. Stephens · Ifan E. L. Stephens
Boosting Fuel Cell Performance with Accessible Carbon Mesopores Wentuan Bi · Changzheng Wu · Yi Xie · Yi Xie
High Thermoelectric Performance in SnTe–AgSbTe2 Alloys from Lattice Softening, Giant Phonon–Vacancy Scattering, and Valence Band Convergence Yanqiang Hu · Fan Bai · Xinbang Liu · Qingmin Ji · Xiaoliang Miao · Ting Qiu · Shufang Zhang · Shufang Zhang
MOF-Based Separator in an Li–O2 Battery: An Effective Strategy to Restrain the Shuttling of Dual Redox Mediators Xingfei Wei · Teng Zhang · Tengfei Luo · Tengfei Luo
Electroreduction of CO on Polycrystalline Copper at Low Overpotentials Gangjian Tan · Shiqiang Hao · Riley Hanus · Xiaomi Zhang · Shashwat Anand · Trevor P. Bailey · Alexander J. E. Rettie · Xianli Su · Xianli Su · Ctirad Uher · Vinayak P. Dravid · G. Jeffrey Snyder · C. Wolverton · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
Atomically Thin Two-Dimensional Solids: An Emerging Platform for CO2 Electroreduction Yu Qiao · Yu Qiao · Yibo He · Yibo He · Shichao Wu · Kezhu Jiang · Xiang Li · Xiang Li · Shaohua Guo · Ping He · Haoshen Zhou · Haoshen Zhou · Haoshen Zhou · Haoshen Zhou
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation Using Metal-Decorated TiO2: Sacrificial Donors vs True Water Splitting Da Seul Lee · Jae Sung Yun · Jincheol Kim · Arman Mahboubi Soufiani · Sheng Chen · Yongyoon Cho · Xiaofan Deng · Jan Seidel · Sean Lim · Shujuan Huang · Anita Ho-Baillie · Anita Ho-Baillie
TiS2–Polysulfide Hybrid Cathode with High Sulfur Loading and Low Electrolyte Consumption for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Marek B. Majewski · Aaron W. Peters · Michael R. Wasielewski · Joseph T. Hupp · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha
Copper Nanoparticles Installed in Metal–Organic Framework Thin Films are Electrocatalytically Competent for CO2 Reduction Elham Halvani Anaraki · A. Kermanpur · Matthew T. Mayer · Ludmilla Steier · Taha Ahmed · Silver-Hamill Turren-Cruz · Ji-Youn Seo · Jingshan Luo · Shaik M. Zakeeruddin · Wolfgang Tress · Tomas Edvinsson · Michael Grätzel · Anders Hagfeldt · Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena · Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena
Discovery of Manganese-Based Solar Fuel Photoanodes via Integration of Electronic Structure Calculations, Pourbaix Stability Modeling, and High-Throughput Experiments Chung-Wei Kung · Cornelius O. Audu · Aaron W. Peters · Hyunho Noh · Omar K. Farha · Omar K. Farha · Joseph T. Hupp · Joseph T. Hupp
Insulative Microfiber 3D Matrix as a Host Material Minimizing Volume Change of the Anode of Li Metal Batteries William R. Hollingsworth · Jongbok Lee · Lei Fang · Alexander L. Ayzner · Alexander L. Ayzner
Performance Enhancement of Lead-Free Tin-Based Perovskite Solar Cells with Reducing Atmosphere-Assisted Dispersible Additive Shoichi Matsuda · Yoshimi Kubo · Kohei Uosaki · Shuji Nakanishi · Shuji Nakanishi
Intermolecular Interactions in Hybrid Perovskites Understood from a Combined Density Functional Theory and Effective Hamiltonian Approach Tze-Bin Song · Takamichi Yokoyama · Takamichi Yokoyama · Shinji Aramaki · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
Direct Experimental Evidence of Halide Ionic Migration under Bias in CH3NH3PbI3–xClx-Based Perovskite Solar Cells Using GD-OES Analysis Liang Z. Tan · Fan Zheng · Andrew M. Rappe · Andrew M. Rappe
Ultrahigh Thermoelectric Performance in SrNb0.2Ti0.8O3 Oxide Films at a Submicrometer-Scale Thickness Heejae Lee · Sofia Gaiaschi · Patrick Chapon · Arthur Marronnier · Heeryung Lee · Jean-Charles Vanel · Denis Tondelier · J.E. Bourée · Yvan Bonnassieux · Bernard Geffroy · Bernard Geffroy
Solution-Processed Short-Wave Infrared PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot/ZnO Nanowire Solar Cells Giving High Open-Circuit Voltage Aniketa Shinde · Santosh K. Suram · Qimin Yan · Lan Zhou · Arunima K. Singh · Jie Yu · Kristin A. Persson · Jeffrey B. Neaton · John M. Gregoire · John M. Gregoire
Shear Thickening Electrolytes for High Impact Resistant Batteries Haibin Wang · Takaya Kubo · Jotaro Nakazaki · Hiroshi Segawa · Hiroshi Segawa
Slow Electron–Hole Recombination in Lead Iodide Perovskites Does Not Require a Molecular Dipole Yimao Wan · Siva Krishna Karuturi · Christian Samundsett · James Bullock · Mark Hettick · Di Yan · Jun Peng · Parvathala Reddy Narangari · Sudha Mokkapati · Hark Hoe Tan · Chennupati Jagadish · Ali Javey · Andres Cuevas · Andres Cuevas
Exciton Relaxation in Highly Rigid Conjugated Polymers: Correlating Radiative Dynamics with Structural Heterogeneity and Wavefunction Delocalization Gabriel M. Veith · Beth L. Armstrong · Hsin Wang · Sergiy Kalnaus · Wyatt E. Tenhaeff · Mary L. Patterson · Mary L. Patterson
Bismuth Incorporation Stabilized α-CsPbI3 for Fully Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells Xun Xiao · Jun Dai · Yanjun Fang · Jingjing Zhao · Jingjing Zhao · Xiaopeng Zheng · Shi Tang · Peter Neil Rudd · Xiao Cheng Zeng · Jinsong Huang · Jinsong Huang · Jinsong Huang
Direct Evidence of Permanent Octahedra Distortion in MAPbBr3 Hybrid Perovskite Kelsey A. Stoerzinger · Oscar Diaz-Morales · Manuel Kolb · Reshma R. Rao · Rasmus Frydendal · Liang Qiao · Xiao Renshaw Wang · Niels Bendtsen Halck · Jan Rossmeisl · Heine Anton Hansen · Tejs Vegge · Ifan E. L. Stephens · Marc T. M. Koper · Yang Shao-Horn · Yang Shao-Horn
Thermal Energy Transport across Hard–Soft Interfaces Min Jin · Zhiwei Chen · Xiaojian Tan · Hezhu Shao · Guoqiang Liu · Haoyang Hu · Jingtao Xu · Bo Yu · Hui Shen · Jiayue Xu · Haochuan Jiang · Yanzhong Pei · Jun Jiang · Jun Jiang
Defect Engineering for Realizing High Thermoelectric Performance in n-Type Mg3Sb2-Based Materials Daniele Meggiolaro · Edoardo Mosconi · Filippo De Angelis · Filippo De Angelis
Activation Energies for Electron Transfer from TiO2 to Oxidized Dyes: A Surface Coverage Dependence Correlated with Lateral Hole Hopping Nakita K. Noel · Nakita K. Noel · Bernard Wenger · Severin N. Habisreutinger · Jay B. Patel · Timothy W. Crothers · Zhiping Wang · R. J. Nicholas · Michael B. Johnston · Laura M. Herz · Henry J. Snaith · Henry J. Snaith
Strontium-Doped Low-Temperature-Processed CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells Renato N. Sampaio · Brian N. DiMarco · Gerald J. Meyer · Gerald J. Meyer
High-Resolution Study of TiO2 Contact Layer Thickness on the Performance of Over 800 Perovskite Solar Cells Cho Fai Jonathan Lau · Meng Zhang · Xiaofan Deng · Jianghui Zheng · Jueming Bing · Qingshan Ma · Jincheol Kim · Long Hu · Martin A. Green · Shujuan Huang · Anita Ho-Baillie · Anita Ho-Baillie
Enhanced Fill Factor through Chalcogen Side-Chain Manipulation in Small-Molecule Photovoltaics Laxman Gouda · Kevin J. Rietwyk · Jiangang Hu · Adi Kama · Adam Ginsburg · Maayan Priel · David A. Keller · Shay Tirosh · Simcha Meir · Ronen Gottesman · Arie Zaban · Arie Zaban
Low-Cost Approaches to III–V Semiconductor Growth for Photovoltaic Applications Timothy J. Barr · Gerald J. Meyer · Gerald J. Meyer
Advances in Environment-Friendly SnTe Thermoelectrics Kai Yuan · Stavroula Sfaelou · Ming Qiu · Dirk Ferdinand Lützenkirchen-Hecht · Xiaodong Zhuang · Yiwang Chen · Chris Yuan · Xinliang Feng · Ullrich Scherf · Ullrich Scherf
Evidence for First-Order Charge Recombination in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Hyun Suk Jung · Dong Geon Lee · Pil J. Yoo · Jong Hyeok Park · Duk-Young Jung · Nam-Gyu Park · Nam-Gyu Park
Breakdown in the Case for Materials with Giant Permittivity Dirk Hauschild · Dagmar Kreikemeyer-Lorenzo · Philip L. Jackson · T. Magorian Friedlmeier · Dimitrios Hariskos · F. Reinert · Michael Powalla · C. Heske · L. Weinhardt · L. Weinhardt
Impact of a RbF Postdeposition Treatment on the Electronic Structure of the CdS/Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Heterojunction in High-Efficiency Thin-Film Solar Cells Karl J. Kreder · Brian T. Heligman · Arumugam Manthiram · Arumugam Manthiram
Interdigitated Eutectic Alloy Foil Anodes for Rechargeable Batteries Arnab Ghosh · Swapnil Shukla · Monisha Monisha · Ajit Kumar · Bimlesh Lochab · Sagar Mitra · Sagar Mitra
Sulfur Copolymer: A New Cathode Structure for Room-Temperature Sodium–Sulfur Batteries Qichen Wang · Qichen Wang · Qichen Wang · Yujin Ji · Yongpeng Lei · Yongpeng Lei · Yaobing Wang · Yingde Wang · Youyong Li · Shuangyin Wang · Shuangyin Wang
Monitoring Methane from Fracking Operations: Leak Detection and Environmental Measurements Gang Liu · Lingping Kong · Peijun Guo · Constantinos C. Stoumpos · Qingyang Hu · Zhenxian Liu · Zhonghou Cai · David J. Gosztola · Ho-kwang Mao · Mercouri G. Kanatzidis · Richard D. Schaller · Richard D. Schaller
Colloidal Nanocomposite of TiN and N-Doped Few-Layer Graphene for Plasmonics and Electrocatalysis Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Direction for Development of Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries Subham Dastidar · Siming Li · Sergey Y. Smolin · Jason B. Baxter · Aaron T. Fafarman · Aaron T. Fafarman
Promising Routes to a High Li+ Transference Number Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Batteries Yurii V. Morozov · Shubin Zhang · Michael C. Brennan · Boldizsar Janko · Masaru Kuno · Masaru Kuno
Crystallographic Data Support the Carousel Mechanism of Water Supply to the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II Maximilian T. Hörantner · Tomas Leijtens · Mark E. Ziffer · Giles E. Eperon · M. Greyson Christoforo · Michael D. McGehee · Henry J. Snaith · Henry J. Snaith
Acid-Scavenging Separators: A Novel Route for Improving Li-Ion Batteries Durability Garrett P. Wheeler · Kyoung-Shin Choi · Kyoung-Shin Choi
Transport in Lithium Ion Batteries: Reconciling Impedance and Structural Analysis Thomas Kirchartz · Thomas Kirchartz · Sophie Korgitzsch · J. Hüpkes · Cesar Omar Ramirez Quiroz · Christoph J. Brabec · Christoph J. Brabec
Nanoconfined Iron Oxychloride Material as a High-Performance Cathode for Rechargeable Chloride Ion Batteries Anjan Banerjee · Baruch Ziv · Yuliya Shilina · Shalom Luski · Doron Aurbach · Ion C. Halalay · Ion C. Halalay
Role of Dielectric Drag in Polaron Mobility in Lead Halide Perovskites Haiping Su · Chengyin Fu · Yifan Zhao · Donghui Long · Licheng Ling · Bryan M. Wong · Jun Lu · Juchen Guo · Juchen Guo
The Potential of Multijunction Perovskite Solar Cells Kyle M. Diederichsen · Eric J. McShane · Bryan D. McCloskey · Bryan D. McCloskey
Polycation Binders: An Effective Approach toward Lithium Polysulfide Sequestration in Li–S Batteries Bin Liu · Wu Xu · Jianming Zheng · Pengfei Yan · Eric D. Walter · Nancy G. Isern · Mark E. Bowden · Mark H. Engelhard · Sun Tai Kim · Jeffrey Read · Brian D. Adams · Xiaolin Li · Jaephil Cho · Chongmin Wang · Ji-Guang Zhang · Ji-Guang Zhang
Temperature Dependence of the Oxygen Reduction Mechanism in Nonaqueous Li–O2 Batteries Huilin Pan · Bin Li · Donghai Mei · Zimin Nie · Yuyan Shao · Guosheng Li · Xiaohong S. Li · Kee Sung Han · Karl T. Mueller · Vincent L. Sprenkle · Jun Liu · Jun Liu
Photochemistry and Light Energy Conversion Chi-Hao Chang · Arumugam Manthiram · Arumugam Manthiram
Photoluminescence Up-Conversion in CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals Brian Evanko · Shannon W. Boettcher · Seung Joon Yoo · Galen D. Stucky · Galen D. Stucky
Controlling Solid–Liquid Conversion Reactions for a Highly Reversible Aqueous Zinc–Iodine Battery Lin X. Chen · Lin X. Chen
Redox-Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors: Status, Opportunity, and Best Practices for Performance Evaluation Sebastian Z. Oener · Shane Ardo · Shannon W. Boettcher · Shannon W. Boettcher
From Photosynthesis to Photovoltaics: Finding Right Structures for High Photoconversion Efficiency Adharsh Rajagopal · Po-Wei Liang · Chu-Chen Chueh · Zhibin Yang · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Alex K.-Y. Jen
Ionic Processes in Water Electrolysis: The Role of Ion-Selective Membranes Lucy D. Whalley · Rachel Crespo-Otero · Aron Walsh · Aron Walsh
Defect Passivation via a Graded Fullerene Heterojunction in Low-Bandgap Pb–Sn Binary Perovskite Photovoltaics Filippo De Angelis · Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
H-Center and V-Center Defects in Hybrid Halide Perovskites Hanlei Zhang · Fredrick Omenya · Pengfei Yan · Langli Luo · M. Stanley Whittingham · Chongmin Wang · Guangwen Zhou · Guangwen Zhou
Photoelectrochemical Properties and Stability of Nanoporous p-Type LaFeO3 Photoelectrodes Prepared by Electrodeposition Mengliu Li · Yi Wan · Jing-Kai Huang · Ayalew H. Assen · Chia-En Hsiung · Hao Jiang · Yu Han · Mohamed Eddaoudi · Zhiping Lai · Jun Ming · Lain-Jong Li · Lain-Jong Li
Enhanced Cycling Stability of Sulfur Electrodes through Effective Binding of Pyridine-Functionalized Polymer Xiao-Min Li · Long-Zhang Dong · Shun-Li Li · Gang Xu · Jiang Liu · Feng-Ming Zhang · Li-Shi Lu · Ya-Qian Lan · Ya-Qian Lan
Metal–Organic Framework-Based Separators for Enhancing Li–S Battery Stability: Mechanism of Mitigating Polysulfide Diffusion Dibyajyoti Ghosh · Philip Walsh Atkins · M. Saiful Islam · Alison B. Walker · Christopher Eames · Christopher Eames
Synergistic Conductivity Effect in a Proton Sources-Coupled Metal–Organic Framework Cuiping Zhang · Cuiping Zhang · Zhipeng Li · Zhipeng Li · Juan Liu · Yunchuan Xin · Zhipeng Shao · Guanglei Cui · Shuping Pang · Shuping Pang
Building Comprehensive Networks to Address the Sustainable Energy Challenge with Focus on Rural India J. N. Driscoll · Jennifer Maclachlan · Jennifer Maclachlan
Heterovalent B-Site Co-Alloying Approach for Halide Perovskite Bandgap Engineering Min Kuang · Qihao Wang · Hongtao Ge · Peng Han · Zhengxiang Gu · Abdullah M. Al-Enizi · Gengfeng Zheng · Gengfeng Zheng
Promising Thermoelectric Ag5-δTe3 with Intrinsic Low Lattice Thermal Conductivity Neil Robertson · Sara Shinton · Priyadarshini Karve · Satishchandra Ogale · Satishchandra Ogale
Polar Fluctuations in Metal Halide Perovskites Uncovered by Acoustic Phonon Anomalies Ke-zhao Du · Xiaoming Wang · Qiwei Han · Yanfa Yan · David B. Mitzi · David B. Mitzi
In Situ Observation of the Formation and Structure of Hydrogen Evolving Amorphous Cobalt Electrocatalysts Liu Luo · Arumugam Manthiram · Arumugam Manthiram
Two Regimes of Bandgap Red Shift and Partial Ambient Retention in Pressure-Treated Two-Dimensional Perovskites Jimin Wang · Mikhail Askerka · Gary W. Brudvig · Victor S. Batista · Victor S. Batista
Form Follows Function: Warming White LEDs Using Metal Cluster-Loaded Zeolites as Phosphors Sisi Xiang · Zhongheng Fu · Weiping Li · Ya Wei · Jiaming Liu · Huicong Liu · Liqun Zhu · Ruifeng Zhang · Haining Chen · Haining Chen
6.5% Certified Efficiency Sb2Se3 Solar Cells Using PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot Film as Hole-Transporting Layer Nagaphani Aetukuri · Nagaphani Aetukuri · Gavin O. Jones · Leslie E. Thompson · Cagla Ozgit-Akgun · Cagla Ozgit-Akgun · Esin Akca · Esin Akca · Gökhan Demirci · Gökhan Demirci · Ho-Cheol Kim · Donald S. Bethune · Kumar Virwani · Gregory M. Wallraff · Gregory M. Wallraff
In Situ Optical Imaging of Sodium Electrodeposition: Effects of Fluoroethylene Carbonate Wouter Baekelant · Eduardo Coutino-Gonzalez · Julian A. Steele · Maarten B. J. Roeffaers · Johan Hofkens · Johan Hofkens
Gas-Induced Formation/Transformation of Organic–Inorganic Halide Perovskites Chao Chen · Liang Wang · Liang Gao · Dahyun Nam · Dengbing Li · Kanghua Li · Yang Zhao · Cong Ge · Hyeonsik Cheong · Huan Liu · Haisheng Song · Jiang Tang · Jiang Tang
Materials and Systems for Organic Redox Flow Batteries: Status and Challenges Rodrigo Rodriguez · Kathryn E. Loeffler · Sindhu S. Nathan · Jonathan K. Sheavly · Andrei Dolocan · Adam Heller · C. Buddie Mullins · C. Buddie Mullins
Low-Band-Gap Small Molecule for Efficient Organic Solar Cells with a Low Energy Loss below 0.6 eV and a High Open-Circuit Voltage of over 0.9 V Yuanyuan Zhou · Nitin P. Padture · Nitin P. Padture
Ni2P(O)/Fe2P(O) Interface Can Boost Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis Xiaoliang Wei · Wenxiao Pan · Wentao Duan · Aaron Hollas · Zheng Yang · Bin Li · Zimin Nie · Jun Liu · David Reed · Wei Wang · Vincent L. Sprenkle · Vincent L. Sprenkle
Rational Design of High-Loading Sulfur Cathodes with a Poached-Egg-Shaped Architecture for Long-Cycle Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Mischa Bonn · Kiyoshi Miyata · Euan Hendry · X.-Y. Zhu · X.-Y. Zhu
Good Vibrations: Locking of Octahedral Tilting in Mixed-Cation Iodide Perovskites for Solar Cells Peng Fei Liu · Xu Li · Shuang Yang · Meng Yang Zu · Porun Liu · Bo Zhang · Lirong Zheng · Huijun Zhao · Hua Gui Yang · Hua Gui Yang
A Conversation with Henry Snaith Elizabeth M. Tennyson · Chen Gong · Marina S. Leite · Marina S. Leite
Rock-Salt Growth-Induced (003) Cracking in a Layered Positive Electrode for Li-Ion Batteries Matthew Guttenberg · Shashank Sripad · Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan · Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
Imaging Energy Harvesting and Storage Systems at the Nanoscale Yunya Zhang · Frederick M. Heim · Ningning Song · Jamison L. Bartlett · Xiaodong Li · Xiaodong Li
Simple Donor–Acceptor Luminogen Based on an Azaindole Derivative as Solid-State Emitter for Organic Light-Emitting Devices Chengyang Xu · Guiyin Xu · Yadi Zhang · Shan Fang · Ping Nie · Langyuan Wu · Xiaogang Zhang · Xiaogang Zhang
Bifunctional Redox Mediator Supported by an Anionic Surfactant for Long-Cycle Li–O2 Batteries Jun Yin · Yuhai Zhang · Annalisa Bruno · Cesare Soci · Osman M. Bakr · Jean-Luc Brédas · Omar F. Mohammed · Omar F. Mohammed
A Conversation with Can Li Daniele Meggiolaro · Edoardo Mosconi · Filippo De Angelis · Filippo De Angelis
Intrinsic Lead Ion Emissions in Zero-Dimensional Cs4PbBr6 Nanocrystals Filippo De Angelis · Filippo De Angelis
Mechanism of Reversible Trap Passivation by Molecular Oxygen in Lead-Halide Perovskites Won-Jin Kwak · Jin-Bum Park · Hun-Gi Jung · Yang-Kook Sun · Yang-Kook Sun
Perovskite Solar Cells on Their Way to the Market Nuwan H. Attanayake · Akila C. Thenuwara · Abhirup Patra · Yaroslav V. Aulin · Thi M. Tran · Himanshu Chakraborty · Eric Borguet · Michael L. Klein · John P. Perdew · Daniel R. Strongin · Daniel R. Strongin
Controversial Topics on Lithium Superoxide in Li–O2 Batteries Wei Xiong · Zheng Guo · Hao Li · Ran Zhao · Xinwei Wang · Xinwei Wang
Rational Bottom-Up Engineering of Electrocatalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition: A Case Study of FexCo1–xSy-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Waqas Qamar Zaman · Zhiqiang Wang · Wei Sun · Zhenhua Zhou · Muhammad Tariq · Limei Cao · Xue-Qing Gong · Ji Yang · Ji Yang
Standardized Procedures Important for Improving Single-Component Ceramic Fuel Cell Technology Francesca M. Toma · Akihiko Kudo · Roel van de Krol · Lianzhou Wang · Lianzhou Wang
Ni–Co Codoping Breaks the Limitation of Single-Metal-Doped IrO2 with Higher Oxygen Evolution Reaction Performance and Less Iridium Juliane Borchert · Rebecca L. Milot · Jay B. Patel · Chris Davies · Adam D. Wright · Laura Martínez Maestro · Henry J. Snaith · Laura M. Herz · Michael B. Johnston · Michael B. Johnston
Addressing the Key Aspects of Photoelectrocatalytic Systems for Solar Fuel Production Gilles E. Möhl · Ezzeldin Metwalli · Renaud Bouchet · Trang N. T. Phan · Robert Cubitt · Peter Müller-Buschbaum · Peter Müller-Buschbaum
Large-Area, Highly Uniform Evaporated Formamidinium Lead Triiodide Thin Films for Solar Cells Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Growth of NaO2 in Highly Efficient Na–O2 Batteries Revealed by Synchrotron In Operando X-ray Diffraction Guanhong Wu · Chenkun Zhou · Wenmei Ming · Dan Han · Dan Han · Shiyou Chen · Dong Yang · Tiglet Besara · Jennifer Neu · T. Siegrist · Mao Hua Du · Biwu Ma · Angang Dong · Angang Dong
Multielectron Cycling of a Low-Potential Anolyte in Alkali Metal Electrolytes for Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries Chenjuan Liu · David Rehnlund · William R. Brant · Jiefang Zhu · Torbjörn Gustafsson · Reza Younesi · Reza Younesi
CuCoOx/FeOOH Core–Shell Nanowires as an Efficient Bifunctional Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Catalyst Benedikt Lassalle-Kaiser · Andrea Zitolo · Emiliano Fonda · Marc Robert · Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart · Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart
Impact of Rubidium and Cesium Cations on the Moisture Stability of Multiple-Cation Mixed-Halide Perovskites Masoumeh Keshavarz · S. Wiedmann · Haifeng Yuan · Elke Debroye · Maarten B. J. Roeffaers · Johan Hofkens · Johan Hofkens
Systematically Optimized Bilayered Electron Transport Layer for Highly Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells (η = 21.1%) Prashant V. Kamat · Prashant V. Kamat
Simultaneous Evolution of Uniaxially Oriented Grains and Ultralow-Density Grain-Boundary Network in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Thin Films Mediated by Precursor Phase Metastability Seulki Song · Gyeongho Kang · Limok Pyeon · Chaesung Lim · Gang-Young Lee · Taiho Park · Jongmin Choi · Jongmin Choi
Evaluating the Potential of Platooning in Lowering the Required Performance Metrics of Li-Ion Batteries to Enable Practical Electric Semi-Trucks Peng Fei Wang · Yu Jie Guo · Hui Duan · Tong Tong Zuo · Enyuan Hu · Klaus Attenkofer · Hongliang Li · X. S. Zhao · Ya-Xia Yin · Xiqian Yu · Yu-Guo Guo · Yu-Guo Guo
Supercapacitive Biosolar Cell Driven by Direct Electron Transfer between Photosynthetic Membranes and CNT Networks with Enhanced Performance Cristina Martin · Carlos Borreguero · Koen Kennes · Mark Van der Auweraer · Johan Hofkens · Gustavo de Miguel · Eva M. García-Frutos · Eva M. García-Frutos
New Insights into Mossy Li Induced Anode Degradation and its Formation Mechanism in Li-S Batteries Hanlei Zhang · Fredrick Omenya · M. Stanley Whittingham · Chongmin Wang · Guangwen Zhou · Guangwen Zhou
Honeycomb-Ordered Na3Ni1.5M0.5BiO6 (M = Ni, Cu, Mg, Zn) as High-Voltage Layered Cathodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries Joseph J. Berry · Jao van de Lagemaat · Mowafak Al-Jassim · Sarah Kurtz · Yanfa Yan · Kai Zhu · Kai Zhu
Formation of an Anti-Core–Shell Structure in Layered Oxide Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries Yedukondalu Meesala · Anirudha Jena · Ho Chang · Ru-Shi Liu · Ru-Shi Liu
Doped Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals for Reabsorption-Free Luminescent Solar Concentrators Ting Zhao · Hongbin Liu · Mark E. Ziffer · Adharsh Rajagopal · Lijian Zuo · David S. Ginger · Xiaosong Li · Alex K.-Y. Jen · Alex K.-Y. Jen
What Is the Mechanism of MAPbI3 p-Doping by I2? Insights from Optoelectronic Properties Jian Zhou · Yibo Dou · Awu Zhou · Lun Shu · Ya Chen · Jian-Rong Li · Jian-Rong Li
Postsynthesis Transformation of Insulating Cs4PbBr6 Nanocrystals into Bright Perovskite CsPbBr3 through Physical and Chemical Extraction of CsBr Francesco Meinardi · Quinten A. Akkerman · Francesco Bruni · Sungwook Park · Michele Mauri · Zhiya Dang · Liberato Manna · Sergio Brovelli · Sergio Brovelli
Perovskite Photovoltaics: The Path to a Printable Terawatt-Scale Technology Ya-Ping Deng · Yi Jiang · Dan Luo · Jing Fu · Ruilin Liang · Shaobo Cheng · Zhengyu Bai · Yangshuai Liu · Wen Lei · Lin Yang · Jing Zhu · Zhongwei Chen · Zhongwei Chen
Recent Advancements in Li-ion Conductors for All-Solid-State Li-ion Batteries Paul Gratia · Iwan Zimmermann · Pascal Schouwink · Jun-Ho Yum · Jean-Nicolas Audinot · Kevin Sivula · Tom Wirtz · Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin · Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin
Hierarchical Porous Double-Shelled Electrocatalyst with Tailored Lattice Alkalinity toward Bifunctional Oxygen Reactions for Metal–Air Batteries Joshua D. Wiensch · Jimmy John · Jesus M. Velazquez · Daniel A. Torelli · Adam Pieterick · Matthew T. McDowell · Ke Sun · Xinghao Zhao · Bruce S. Brunschwig · Nathan S. Lewis · Nathan S. Lewis
The Many Faces of Mixed Ion Perovskites: Unraveling and Understanding the Crystallization Process Benjamin K. Lesel · John B. Cook · Yan Yan · Terri Chai Lin · Sarah H. Tolbert · Sarah H. Tolbert
Comparative Study in Acidic and Alkaline Media of the Effects of pH and Crystallinity on the Hydrogen-Evolution Reaction on MoS2 and MoSe2 Caitian Gao · Seok-Woo Lee · Yuan Yang · Yuan Yang
Using Nanoscale Domain Size To Control Charge Storage Kinetics in Pseudocapacitive Nanoporous LiMn2O4 Powders Joel Jean · Thomas Stephen Mahony · Deniz Bozyigit · Melany Sponseller · Jakub Holovský · Moungi G. Bawendi · Vladimir Bulovic · Vladimir Bulovic
Thermally Regenerative Electrochemical Cycle for Low-Grade Heat Harvesting Mohamed Abdellah · Mohamed Abdellah · Shihuai Zhang · Mei Wang · Leif Hammarström · Leif Hammarström
Radiative Efficiency Limit with Band Tailing Exceeds 30% for Quantum Dot Solar Cells Dmitry Pankratov · Galina Pankratova · Tatiana P. Dyachkova · Peter Falkman · Hans-Erik Åkerlund · Miguel D. Toscano · Qijin Chi · Lo Gorton · Lo Gorton
Competitive Hole Transfer from CdSe Quantum Dots to Thiol Ligands in CdSe-Cobaloxime Sensitized NiO Films Used as Photocathodes for H2 Evolution Fuxiang Ji · Shuping Pang · Lin Zhang · Yingxia Zong · Guanglei Cui · Nitin P. Padture · Yuanyuan Zhou · Yuanyuan Zhou
A Highly Concentrated Catholyte Enabled by a Low-Melting-Point Ferrocene Derivative Hui Zhou · Ke An · Srikanth Allu · Sreekanth Pannala · Jianlin Li · Hassina Z. Bilheux · Surendra K. Martha · Jagjit Nanda · Jagjit Nanda
A Silicon–Singlet Fission Tandem Solar Cell Exceeding 100% External Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Stability Luis M. Pazos-Outón · Ju Min Lee · Moritz H. Futscher · Anton Kirch · Maxim Tabachnyk · Richard H. Friend · Bruno Ehrler · Bruno Ehrler
Orientation-Dependent Oxygen Evolution on RuO2 without Lattice Exchange Guangtao Cong · Yucun Zhou · Zhejun Li · Yi-Chun Lu · Yi-Chun Lu
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