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Acceptance Rate

The definition of journal acceptance rate is the percentage of all articles submitted to Nature Medicine that was accepted for publication. Based on the Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System database, the latest acceptance rate of Nature Medicine is 28.6%.

28.6 %
Latest Reviews
Year Outcome Editor
Year Outcome Editor
2020 Rejected -
2020 Rejected -
2019 Rejected -
2019 Rejected -
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2019 Accepted -
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Annual Publication Volume

Publications Cites Dataset

Year Publications
Year Publications
1994 1
1995 534
1996 567
1997 500
1998 555
1999 539
2000 511
2001 453
2002 434
2003 454
2004 490
2005 440
2006 436
2007 394
2008 372
2009 432
2010 498
2011 586
2012 553
2013 471
2014 386
2015 276
2016 272
2017 255
2018 334
2019 411
2020 485
2021 38
Journal Ranking
Subcategory Quartile Rank Percentile
General Biochemistry,Genetics and Molecular Biology 1 2/197

General Biochemistry,Genetics and Molecular Biology 99%

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for an academic journal is dependent upon the relative demand for publishing in a particular journal, the peer review processes in place, the mix of invited and unsolicited submissions, and time to publication, among others. As such, it may be a proxy for perceived prestige and demand as compared to availability. However, locating acceptance rates for individual journals or for specific disciplines can be difficult, yet is necessary information for promotion and tenure activities. Journals with lower article acceptance rates are frequently considered to be more prestigious and more “meritorious”. As an internal benchmark, most journals will not publish their acceptance rates on their website. From their perspective, a consistently low acceptance rate may prove to be a deterrent to future submissions. Moreover, the method of calculating acceptance rates varies among journals. Some journals use all manuscripts received as a base for computing this rate. Other journals allow the editor to choose which papers are sent to reviewers and calculate the acceptance rate on those that are reviewed that is less than the total manuscripts received. Also, many editors do not maintain accurate records on this data and provide only a rough estimate.

Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System

Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System provides an open, transparent, and straightforward platform to help academic researchers support informed decisions through the wisdom of crowds. Academic Accelerator displays the exact community-driven data without secret algorithms, hidden factors, or systematic delay. Let us improve the transparency of peer-review process together!

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Nature Medicine publishes research that addresses the needs and goals of contemporary medicine. Original research ranges from new concepts in human biology and disease pathogenesis to robust preclinical bases for new therapeutic modalities and drug development to all phases of clinical work, as well as innovative technologies aimed at improving human health.Current areas of interest also include, but are not limited to:-Gene and cell therapies-Clinical genomics-Regenerative medicine-High-definition medicine-Effects of the environment in human health-Artificial intelligence in health care-Smart wearable devices-Early disease diagnosis-Microbiome-AgingNature Medicine also publishes Reviews, Perspectives and other content commissioned from leading scientists in their fields to provide expert and contextualized views of the latest research driving the progress of medicine. The News section is editorially independent and provides topical and timely reporting of upcoming trends affecting medicine, researchers and the general audience. Nature Medicine is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal publishing research articles, reviews, news and commentaries in the biomedical area, including both basic research and early-phase clinical research covering all aspects of medicine. The journal seeks to publish research papers that demonstrate novel insight into disease processes, with direct evidence of the physiological relevance of the results.

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